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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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September 15: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 07:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Mount Washington Game Crash
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San Marcos Glitches
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  • HarriL45 Harrison Lamb (@HarriL45) reported

    @Minecraft why does my game crash when I eat anything

  • MichaelAriRon Michael Ron (@MichaelAriRon) reported

    @AskPlayStation I bought Minecraft PS4 edition a few days ago, but when I go to play, it launches the demo version. If I click unlock it redirects me to the store with the error "Unable to purchase this content at this time".. after which I'm just stuck on an empty store screen

  • basgrime 𝐵𝒶𝓈𝒾𝓁 𝒥. 𝒮. (@basgrime) reported

    I'm downloading minecraft tonight even if Have to factory reset my computer who wants to play a completely unmodded world with me and watch me lag and die the whole time

  • grassadss grass (@grassadss) reported

    @grassynic No problem grass. You get out there ROFL. Get that minecraft *****

  • IMPULSIVE_6 亜冊戸廿し弓亜レモ (@IMPULSIVE_6) reported

    I have a problem. Yesterday i played minecraft for like 6 hours and the day before that i played it for like 8....

  • SkeppyhaloA6D Muffins (@SkeppyhaloA6D) reported

    I can’t be in sadly because I don’t have Minecraft at the moment (had it on a tablet but it’s broken) but If other people have the requirements then you should join :)

  • thewiggetry OVER IT OCTOBER (@thewiggetry) reported

    If pollution is such a problem why don’t u guys just throw ur trash in lava like minecraft 🙄😒 y’all too noisy

  • TweetIand 🔴todd🔴 (@TweetIand) reported

    Fix my game @MojangSupport @MojangSupport @MojangSupport @MojangSupport @MojangSupport @MojangSupport @MojangSupport @MojangSupport @MojangSupport

  • violetjed Du Schnozzle (@violetjed) reported

    I have no problem with Minecraft and video games in general. However, the associated music is going to ruin my life.

  • annix_xbl Annix (@annix_xbl) reported

    @TweetIand @mensurh0lic @XboxSupport Unfortunately because it’s a specific in game issue you’ll have to contact @MojangSupport for further help. All the best!

  • Deano58921451 Deano (@Deano58921451) reported

    @Minecraft new update on Xbox causes the game to crash when you go to eat something sort it out

  • TweetIand 🔴todd🔴 (@TweetIand) reported

    @annix_xbl @XboxSupport Minecraft. It freezes if i eat food and its been doing that since friday. Ive done everything I’ve been told to do to fix it

  • Niconicobanned1 Niconicobanned_ (@Niconicobanned1) reported

    @scrambolegg LMAO if that person looked at the Minecraft villagers and the first thing they thought is "wait these are jews" I don't think that the problem is with Notch PLEASE

  • Kxxsper Kxxsper (@Kxxsper) reported

    @cayisoncrack your friend keeps calling me Hurricane LingLing, I think we have a problem. I was playing minecraft with her and It felt like playing PubG but more intense.

  • jayzstanaccou THE Funniest Valentine (@jayzstanaccou) reported

    dude even with a gaming pc flans mod still makes my minecraft crash

  • b9llh_hna shity (@b9llh_hna) reported

    when i sign out then Sign In the problem is solved but it KEEPS showing to my friends online notifications and if i want to play minecraft it always kick me and saying (switching to offline mode) my internet connection is perfect I don’t think this is an internet problem pls help

  • BradCosmetics MB | BACB | Brad (@BradCosmetics) reported

    yo why does glitch got a Minecraft overlay

  • VutrixGraphics Vutrix (@VutrixGraphics) reported

    When your a Minecraft animator and your building your own set but you keep pressing 'Control Z' and wonder why its not working.

  • dannyfcndom 𝗺𝗮𝗶𝘀𝗲𝘆 (@dannyfcndom) reported

    my minecraft is broken cmon im just tryna build a world w/ my pals

  • OMG1tZYaNaN OMG 1tZ Ya NaN (@OMG1tZYaNaN) reported

    @Microsoft Fix the Minecraft realms for Bedrock addition they don’t work if you try and load into someone else’s.

  • Gladi98 Gladi (@Gladi98) reported

    Im trying to set up a minecraft server in linux. i tried so many tutorials, none of them work. im always stranded with an error message that leads to massive forum threads when i try to look for solutions. i wonder how people have so much patience for this counterintuitive shit..

  • RismyRblx Rismy (@RismyRblx) reported

    my minecraft audio is not working

  • Lalisa_Fan_Girl LalisaFanGirl (@Lalisa_Fan_Girl) reported

    @MojangSupport My friend cannot login on her laptop, not in the launcher, not on the website. When I try on her account it works fine, she enters everything correctly and changed her password several times. Nothing works. Help. Also no response to ticket after 5 days.

  • OnshoreYT Onshore (@OnshoreYT) reported

    @FuzionDroid Yes. Mojang does it because custom skins aren’t visible to certain players that could be on Xbox or something. Either that or it’s a glitch which in that case... @MojangSupport plllllsssssssss

  • IrfanAl66620159 Irfan Ali (@IrfanAl66620159) reported

    @BeastBoyShub Make 1 hrs video only minecraft . We don't have any problem .

  • dummelaksen Bi-mitri (@dummelaksen) reported

    so ik everyone is dying to know what my take on the issue is so here I go: minecraft bee trans

  • bruhdyisagamer Bruhdy (@bruhdyisagamer) reported

    @MojangSupport issues with realms again, I can’t connect to my realm and neither can some of my mates after we logged out, however people who are still on are playing fine.

  • SirChaosS Sir ChaosS (@SirChaosS) reported

    so awhile ago, i had a problem in Minecraft. I had this big area i wanted to fill with a house, but couldn't think of a suitable design that would adequately fill the space and look good. After a bit, it came to me. I could build Vercetti Estates from GTA: Vice City there...

  • xXTimeMast3rXx xXTimeMast3rXx (@xXTimeMast3rXx) reported

    So if you want to use it your gonna have to make a media fire account I’m so sorry I didn’t think it would make you I’ll try and fix that #minecraft #minecraftbedbrock #modminecraft #mediafire

  • hitchariide davis. (@hitchariide) reported

    Today I was in the club actively thinking about Pewdiepie’s minecraft series and I realized I might have a problem

  • ben_ausenbaugh Ben (@ben_ausenbaugh) reported

    @Mojang @MojangSupport hey y’all wtf is actually wrong w you guys creepers are ducking broken **** y’all 😤

  • BDEDB24 Dustin (@BDEDB24) reported

    @FortniteGame your game is so broken. And people wonder why BIG streamers are moving to minecraft.

  • TheStickz TheStickz (@TheStickz) reported

    Im just putting it out there. Minecraft Villagers really hate us. They just reel us in with their fancy goods just so they can drive us insane while we attempt to move or do anything with them. Ahhhhh! Plus my villager ******* is broken again!

  • ArkosPyre Arkos Pyre (@ArkosPyre) reported

    That fee when the guy who owns the group Minecraft server trolls you for like...30 minutes summoning shit to you making you think it’s a glitch And now you have at least 25 barrels full of tnt minecarts Fun for the first few minutes But the more nonstackable items showed up 🙄

  • AgentFebs Jace 💚 (@AgentFebs) reported

    I’m bored just going to see if my laptop works with Minecraft java edition. And see if it doesn’t crash.

  • bossymochi suni | young, dumb, and a broke gal (@bossymochi) reported

    lowkey have been trying to login for the past 30 minutes, and it keeps saying invalid email or password.. but I can login into the site 💀 #Minecraft

  • Vector_Overflow Joel (@Vector_Overflow) reported

    @notch I find it amazing that a mere coding error led to one of the most feared mobs in Minecraft: the creeper. My single player world is riddled with holes, no thanks to your coding goofs!

  • uhyoufoundzack UhYouFoundZack_Official (@uhyoufoundzack) reported

    Hey, @AlgorithmX2 currently playing BaconDonuts SF4 and I'm having an issue with import/export busses not extracting items from a regular Minecraft chest and throwing them into my ME Drives. The cards are empty, the machine is powered, and the pipes are connected.

  • GoatmanDotD Nicholas Wilson (@GoatmanDotD) reported

    @OpenPitPresents @polyphia #minegala #polyphia #minecraft You guys slay, and while I got booted from the server and the login server crashed, I had a blast and I'm still listening, thanks for playing with me for a bit Tim, I still remember meeting you in Sac with coheed

  • amazinephils rosalinda misses sav (@amazinephils) reported

    the last lovely world vid was for christmas but he said in it that lovely world be back but now i think the world would be broken bc of all the minecraft updates 🥺🥺🥺

  • xbbi_ Abs (@xbbi_) reported

    “my brother pointed out the flaw in my minecraft toilet so i had to fix it obviously because it made me insecure”



  • heonieIuvr 𝙈𝙄𝘾𝙃 is s/ia (@heonieIuvr) reported

    i cried then got and am still being ghosted and ignored and and then played minecraft for 8 hours today, now im gonna crash

  • sparklinggen Gen…✩ (@sparklinggen) reported

    literally all i do is play minecraft & overthink all of my problems 😂

  • PsuedoSmartZay $$60Bill Man (@PsuedoSmartZay) reported

    I was told to play minecraft for therapy the other day but it would be an issue if one of them zombies blew up my house

  • LiberatedOrange Orange 𖣔 (@LiberatedOrange) reported

    apparently lots of chinese characters lags the minecraft chat the first time you do it. after the first time your computer caches it and you won't lag anymore

  • PeterPanosYT Derptothekirb #LoveAndSupportForMadison (@PeterPanosYT) reported

    Dear @Minecraft Fix windows ten edition... For the love of bob...

  • GamerzXpic XpicGamerz (@GamerzXpic) reported

    Just got my browser cookies stolen, decided to download a Minecraft mod, after that a popup came up with the roblox website on my browser, I didn't enter my login info, and just click the x on the window, and it got closed, but I am worried that my account

  • claudinesaijo aldanlovemail 🌺 || 💙🦁 LINHARDTLOVEMAIL (@claudinesaijo) reported

    i jsut think bedithur play minecraft together to relax but everyone decides to get online when they do and gets on their world to crash the oarty althur likes to set fire to arthurs buildings

  • Alejandro_5044 .AleMartinez. (@Alejandro_5044) reported

    @App_Valley_vip Cannot install Minecraft, please fix it

  • BGikame BlackoutGikame (@BGikame) reported

    My PC plays High Definition games at a solid 60fps and even higher if the game allows it. No game chugs, no problem whatsoever. Its just Minecraft. Well and NoMansSky which I want to say is the Update cause it ran fine before!

  • SwordsHaver a for realsies skeleton (@SwordsHaver) reported

    i lost my minecraft wife in a crowd and got dc'd from lag 😢

  • P1K3L3 P1K3L (@P1K3L3) reported

    I had the crappiest glitch happen in minecraft today, when I turned on my survival map, the world reset itself, and I was in a jungle when I last saved so I ended up playing for about an hour before I went back to my house and found it gone, and my dogs...

  • cam_dres Cam (@cam_dres) reported

    @PrismAIO New restock method: Write password on a sign in Minecraft, upload the file to the world on mediafire, then send us the mediafire link.

  • 5een5ome5hit ... (@5een5ome5hit) reported

    @41Strange Minecraft chunk error

  • NikolasGlass boy with the seahorse tattoo🌊 (@NikolasGlass) reported

    Notch is trash but I'm glad Minecraft is making a comeback because the devs now behind it did the right thing by booting him off. Now, fix the villagers and their anti-Semitic nature please @Minecraft

  • mossboss08 Melissa (@mossboss08) reported

    @Minecraft yo WTF. I’m trying to pay, but it keeps giving me an error. I think your website is auto filling my zip as something from a different country.

  • Warnpce Warnpce (@Warnpce) reported

    A little late to streaming but we are on... i think i might switch to minecraft for the last hour. I'm not sure. Also, the stream is going to lag a little, have company over and piggy backing off the internet...

  • brettle69 brettle 👊🥺 (@brettle69) reported

    hey man i blew up a creeper right next to your house on the minecraft server i tried to fix it but i think i made it worse sorry man

  • brdzaldo Aldo (@brdzaldo) reported

    @LennyOmegaCraft @BobicraftMC @ElRichMC @KillerCreeper55 @Dinnerbone The problem with that, is that they reworked Minecraft almost from scrap (talking about commands) and undoing all of that work seems pointless