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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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December 08: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 06:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • arrydixon1 arry dixon (@arrydixon1) reported

    @XboxSupport I keep getting '' we were unable to get your last saved data '' it isnt my wifi aa i have reset it and everything else has been running fine its just this keeps popping up on xbox (mainly minecraft) any solutions or known issues

  • Daredevil245690 Mvxzzz (@Daredevil245690) reported

    @Marvin_b2 @Cozzerz @TyquiseW13 @Minecraft No problem

  • daddyfeet97 MysteryGirlGamer (@daddyfeet97) reported

    @PimpinellaPlays I’d love to as I am having the same problem I don’t have many friends with pc lol and I forgot I actually do have Minecraft not the windows 10 version though

  • NabbitFan730 Nabbit (@NabbitFan730) reported

    @tim_dude12 Minecraft, AC, Metroid and Crash

  • ignZack Zack (@ignZack) reported

    @MojangSupport @ImDarh I dont have my TID, I’ve had my account for well over 5 years with no issue so I got rid of it. 😡

  • Ryleyboutilieyt Ryley Boutilier yt (@Ryleyboutilieyt) reported

    @Minecraft PLEASE FIX your sea pickles beacse the texture is broken so fix it please @Mojang @MojangSupport @MojangStatus

  • TheOzurian Ozurian (@TheOzurian) reported

    But he doesn't play the game as much as he does before. He made a post earlier today that he's having more fun playing Roblox and Minecraft. He playing these games are NOT the problem here. The problem in the actual situation IS Fortnite.

  • tsarem_ Tsarem (@tsarem_) reported

    @Buuz135mods @ohaiiChun Game updates arent a problem when I play with mods. Contrary to popular belief, playing older versions of Minecraft isn't as bad as you think.

  • RiverReyes4 River Reyes (@RiverReyes4) reported

    @V_Kirihgato Bro this is making me mad, I can't even sign in to anything Microsoft related right now, including my Minecraft account

  • mochuah moi♡ (@mochuah) reported

    if only my laptop wouldnt lag every five seconds id be able to play minecraft peacefully

  • huniepopz dance to the plastic beat~ (@huniepopz) reported

    discord is ******* DEAD and like i get it bro you're having API issues but PLEASE I need to talk to my friendz,,, I'm internally 9 and need to plan my next Minecraft game w/ them PLEASE ! ! !

  • jcyr Joshua Cyr (@jcyr) reported

    Microsoft managed to ruin my kids Minecraft game on switch. So many bugs and errors with the new marketplace which we are forced to log into and make accounts. Unusable until they 'resolve'. Minecraft is such a bad UI already, amazing people still use/play.

  • Memorydao めも (@Memorydao) reported

    @MojangSupport i can’t login my mcaccount I need a help

  • BaddestShirt Baddest Shirt Co. (@BaddestShirt) reported

    @MojangSupport We'll, it's been two weeks. So I'm sure my credit card company will be able to get an official response from you guys instead of more of this "hold tight" bs. It's not my fault your company doesn't prioritize customer service. Two weeks. Jesus.

  • Leongwj1 Leongwj (@Leongwj1) reported

    @Mega_Spud On minecraft bedrock, the game will sometimes freeze when I tap on the 'Play' button. This has been a problem since minecraft bedrock1.12

  • kroverlv1 KrovTV (@kroverlv1) reported

    @MojangSupport @MicealMarkey1 Hello,i have a problem with my Minecraft account,i cant Play it, becase when I log in to my Minecraft mojang account in the site there says I need to verify my account when I do that It says email was dispatched to my email but verification never come to my email

  • hectorrodrigo89 Re'lar Héctor (@hectorrodrigo89) reported

    @MojangSupport hello, i tried to buy minecraft java for mac 3 times and was an error every time. Now i notice that theres 3 recevies in my bank like i bought it 3 times and i dont have the game yet.

  • walkthroughfox Mike Hamond (@walkthroughfox) reported

    Crash report - please help! #Minecraft #walkthroughfox #games

  • notaviantics Λviantics (@notaviantics) reported

    I died in Minecraft because of lag while swimming, and for some reason when ever I die my items automatically despawn, and now I’m super ******* sad :(

  • Maksiks3 Maksiks (@Maksiks3) reported

    @MrCraayfish I have an ideaS for a mod: Optimization mod which doesn't crash minecraft with mods.

  • ilysmoikawa 𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐳𝐲♡̷̷ (@ilysmoikawa) reported

    spent a couple hours playing minecraft i wish my computer was good so i could run shaders w/o lag

  • DarkyLewd Darky (@DarkyLewd) reported

    It is 10am. I have been awake since 0.00am Things ive done thus far: Played minecraft Watched ton of videos Eaten something Hid in my cave Listened neighbours and tried to guess what they were doing Planned next pictures Cleaned a bit Things i didnt do: Tried to fix my financ

  • duck1435 Duck1435 (@duck1435) reported

    @MojangSupport no inconvenience, i didn't even realise i was eligible until two days ago. Just curious since other people have had the same problem in the minecraft discord. thanks for the reply 👍

  • _EstrusFlask Rory, (when are old mufos going to refollow?) (@_EstrusFlask) reported

    It was also the only one that didn't have some kind of problem with it, aside from the Minecraft trial, though Minecraft itself is byzantine. I just loaded the game and it played. Seeing VR hands move with mine was exciting, as was figuring out when to twist and rotate things.

  • icar0ss invader zimothy (@icar0ss) reported

    @GeekSquad why cant i overclock my gpu. i have the amd radeon vega somethin or other and i just wanna play minecraft. its not a cpu or ram issue i swear. please geeksquad. i need yhis

  • UngodlySniper Sweat (@UngodlySniper) reported

    @MojangSupport So about 2 days ago i logged out for a short period of time and logged back in to to minecraft later on, i then tried to play minecraft and no matter what i did it told me "failed login: invalid session" i have restarted my computer, logged in and out of minecraft

  • ColinTDBM Colin The Boss (DJ Boss Trucker) (@ColinTDBM) reported

    @MojangSupport I can't login to my minecraft account in the launcher or the website.

  • Justininoo reformed egirl enthusiast (@Justininoo) reported

    @ughluci maybe if we went on a minecraft date it would fix it 😳

  • Zeer_hypu Zeer (@Zeer_hypu) reported

    @YungVanillaBar i think i found you from armando looking really disappointed at a sign in minecraft saying "armando kinda gay"

  • someweebu Someweeb (@someweebu) reported

    @thisshowirg Bro I could just say Minecraft, he won't sell my goddamn pc and I could always just not tell him the mojang account login

  • Aiden99431723 Aiden (@Aiden99431723) reported

    @Minecraft I can’t join my friends can you please just please fix your ******* trash ass game please every time I go to play realms it works perfect but when I wanna play with my friends nope this shit sucks and I’m done with it fix your game!

  • subwaywrapper no face (@subwaywrapper) reported

    @DolanDark @grandayy There's honestly too many good games to really choose a proper top 5, majority would probably be 1. Me 2. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 3. Minecraft 4. Batman: Arkham City 5. Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • prateek_k1999 Prateek Kalle (@prateek_k1999) reported

    @4JStudios I think there is a strange bug in Minecraft PS4: it didn’t have the new textures Mojang added in 1.14 don’t know if this is normal or not if not could you fix this bug pls

  • Coolcameron64xx cameron hedrick (19) [autistic] [Daemon] (@Coolcameron64xx) reported

    Sure minecraft bedrock 1.14 fix some issues we had in 1.13 probably not alot of it but at least some features we care about get fixed eventually hopefully

  • SylphOfRainbow Kanaya M 🌈 (@SylphOfRainbow) reported

    Spent my night throwing together mods that would make a cute mod pack The only issue would be then creating a server pack for a host to run It wouldn’t be hard but it’s work and I don’t know why I’m doing it since I play minecraft alone

  • dankeboi1 dankeboi (@dankeboi1) reported

    @Minecraft fix this glitch @Mojang please thanks

  • P_Orth P Orth (@P_Orth) reported

    @Minecraft can’t reset security questions unless I answer security questions WTF!!! Fix it fix it fix it, can’t log in! Why the F do I need security questions its just a fkn game not a bank account!!

  • JimAndrewClark Jim Clark (@JimAndrewClark) reported

    @MojangSupport I am trying to renew/extend a realms subscription, but your system won't let me save my Amex card, and it won't even attempt to process payment. Something is broken. I need some help, please.

  • dannydude64 Trainer Dan (@dannydude64) reported

    Discord is back but the search function on discord is broken and for what I do in our minecraft city it's somewhat infuriating lmao

  • cqllan walls (@cqllan) reported

    need suggestions on a cheap-ish pc, pretty much only needs to be good enough to run CS, Minecraft and Rust with no issues

  • gggChristopher Gregg Christopher (@gggChristopher) reported

    @Minecraft Help! The code generator for Minecraft for Windows 10 has been broken for a month now, for players that bought Minecraft originally and want to try Bedrock edition. Minecraft support isn't responding to tickets. XBox support says they have a ticket open with Mojang, but no answer

  • softgrime grimekid (@softgrime) reported

    Minecraft first failed to launch with a json issue and THEN preview stream outright crashed the game and refused to even let me view the crash log so that's about where I'm at

  • DolanDark Dolan Dark (@DolanDark) reported

    @grandayy There's honestly too many good games to really choose a proper top 5, mine would probably be 1. Portal 2 2. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 3. Minecraft 4. Batman: Arkham City 5. Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • Chief578 Rusta (@Chief578) reported

    @DHawkiin @grandayy I feel like people is just praising Minecraft now that it becomes more popular again. Yeah it’s a great game, but the developer does not update the game fast enough. The main problem with Minecraft is its lack of content. There are so many other games that surpass Minecraft 1/2

  • bustington Zack Harris (@bustington) reported

    @Trevor3327 @MojangSupport I found away to fix some of them, I still have a few that dont work. I got one of my backups moved to windows 10.

  • cittadinoEuro .someone. (@cittadinoEuro) reported

    @Minecraft trying to upload a world onto bedrock realms and it keeps saying “ failed an error occurred” please help me!

  • Sai_Xeno Sai_Xeno (@Sai_Xeno) reported

    @lotteje13 Discord needs to fix soon so I can play Minecraft with my crew properly =3=

  • Maxence_Caillet Kokoro 💔 (@Maxence_Caillet) reported

    @guillaumepley Minecraft, crash bandicount, grand Turismo, Stars Wars

  • gunner_bones GunnerBones (@gunner_bones) reported

    @Lythero Discord went down some months ago during a minecraft event I was in, we quickly switched to skype for our team call and it was hell using skype. For one problem it literally muted all other audio sources but the call 🤨

  • mr_will_m Will McKenna (@mr_will_m) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum @MojangSupport I can connect to all Minecraft servers apart from one of my friends, Idk if it’s an internet problem or Minecraft problem so I’m asking you both. Just let me craft.

  • FrostSnail FrostSnail (@FrostSnail) reported

    @thegimmybear i checked on the minecraft server and everyone on there have problems with it as well

  • zifyamc Zifya (@zifyamc) reported

    I don't think that people with mental illnesses should have such a huge social status and influence on young kids online, minecraft's targeted audience. ********** is a huge problem that needs to be combated accordingly. (4/4)

  • bobacupcake rob snowman @ i ✨💖✨ my gf (@bobacupcake) reported

    @DPokladek i believe so!! but the problem for me has always been figuring out where things go & how to access minecraft-specific stuff rather than how to write shader code

  • InfinityGuy3 Jesus Aladdin(Infinity Guy) (@InfinityGuy3) reported

    Hey do like #discorddown I have a Discord Server for my Minecraft Realm and it's kinda hard to tell people I crash every time when Discord ain't working. I'll just be here, building the new town and its districts...

  • DrSnake_Poggers Dr. Snake 🔥 (@DrSnake_Poggers) reported

    @OWartemis Not just your issue, me and lads too. Crashed mid Minecraft session :(

  • PastelTheUwU A psychopath (@PastelTheUwU) reported

    @discordapp fix it please i just want to play minecraft with a friendo

  • SpookleTrooper Sad Spookie (@SpookleTrooper) reported

    @discordapp yall better fix this cuz im tryna play minecraft with my friends

  • TechMan3942 🌳 Techy Gaming 🌳 (@TechMan3942) reported

    There is currently issues with @discordapp! We will post the updates to my Minecraft Server into my Discord Server once their magical team resolve the issue!

  • TechMan3942 🌳 Techy Gaming 🌳 (@TechMan3942) reported

    @discordapp is currently experiencing issues! We will post the updates to my Minecraft Server into my Discord Server once their magical team resolve the issue!

  • JustinMcCay Magic (@JustinMcCay) reported

    @okeebzo Disney Plus and listen to my problems is what I think of more, but I wouldn't be opposed to Disney Plus and Thrust with my Minecraft homies