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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • Rokko53981197 biggie cheese (@Rokko53981197) reported

    @MojangSupport I tried to enter my minecraft marketplace only to receive an "error" and cant sign into my account

  • Tomenheimer Tommy Tomenheimer (@Tomenheimer) reported

    @MojangSupport There is no transaction ID because the transaction won't take place. That's the root of my issue.

  • KingDickPin Dick Pin (@KingDickPin) reported

    @minecraftearth Yeah, I got a problem. Minecraft Earth still isn't available in my country... #disappointed #Minecraft #MinecraftEarth

  • Dustintank001 geekin (@Dustintank001) reported

    @HorchataTv @harharhabbo @XboxSupport No system error codes or in game failures, it just disconnects whoever isn’t the host. I’ve tried hard resetting my Xbox or quitting the Minecraft application to see if that helped, it didn’t

  • ASovietOnion The Onion of Christmas Past! (@ASovietOnion) reported

    @RosaLuxembae Gonna ddos their minecraft server now

  • Kreon0 Kreon (@Kreon0) reported

    Hey, @MojangSupport. I bought minecraft java edition, when I put the bank details and confirmed I got an error and did not let me download the final game. I did it a total of 3 times and I have been charged 3 times from the bank account but I don't have the game. Help.

  • MxTolvo Tolvo "Good Gamer Girl" Sekiro(She/Her) (@MxTolvo) reported

    Hey no DDoS’ing on my Christian Minecraft server

  • MixxKrix Kris Kringle (@MixxKrix) reported

    My pal @Antster may have broken his arm yesterday, but that didn’t stop him from announcing new merch just in time for Christmas! Check it out! @Roblox @Minecraft @YouTube

  • LordTRex5 LordTRex (@LordTRex5) reported

    @Geofcraze634 @rocketboy3005 damn looking good i gonna buy too a new computer so i can play minecraft better and edit video's because the first is bit lagging

  • DoctorAllanGrey Synthetic Matrix Grey (@DoctorAllanGrey) reported

    previously i would like, garunteed crash from certain things that tried to use a lot of vram minecraft would opengl out of memory MCC would not work with the enhanced graphics stellaris would sometimes crash unceremoniously

  • ReynaOwlan reyna❄VOTE FOR SKY @ TGA (@ReynaOwlan) reported

    dqb2 pc thoughts: i'm ok with they key mapping, it's not as simple as minecraft i'll tell ya that. but it works! however moving the camera around with the mouse felt horrible x~x i hope they fix that in an update, or hopefully i can fiddle with settings more

  • ZoidIT Andrew Pasco (@ZoidIT) reported

    @MojangSupport still experiencing connection issues, have reinstalled with no luck. Account related I suspect. zo1dy

  • n00ance THANKSn00ance🦃🥧🍲 (@n00ance) reported

    @Kulpie Fart: don't care Talk to other guys: don't care Uninstall Minecraft: now we have a problem

  • foxsyd Lone Wanderer Sherrie (@foxsyd) reported

    So @Microsoft @MojangSupport help me out here... I was signed in with the same login I’ve used for decades.

  • wenorg_red Wenorg (@wenorg_red) reported

    @UltorGaming @Minecraft @Windows @HelenAngel @Chupacaubrey @CornerHardMC In addition, there is another problem: the skin does not persist after exiting the game.

  • ZayneEinzbern Brian Thompson (@ZayneEinzbern) reported

    @MojangSupport I have 2 minecraft accounts that I bought back in 2010 and 2011 and I want to login and play with the Windows 10 version so I can play with friends. But every time I try to claim my copy, I get an error saying temporarily out of gift codes.

  • VanVelding VanVelding (@VanVelding) reported

    Hey, the convoy glitch where an APC throws itself over a cliff like a Victorian widow and tanks an hour of gameplay is the signal it's time to sleep a long sleep and switch back to Minecraft.

  • CAfflatus cognitiveAfflatus (@CAfflatus) reported

    @eternaljjongie @chippledipple yeah but at least other industries are trying to fix the problem, like chip plays Minecraft and some video game companies do overwork their employees but they're trying to fix that, the way kpop is built right now it isn't trying to improve anything because it can't or it'd fail

  • Tenntakkel tentacle [free Hong Kong] (@Tenntakkel) reported

    Minecraft bedrock on the switch is so broken and janky like honestly it shouldn’t be played til it’s optimized at least somewhat more

  • crisIronlion ElCris (@crisIronlion) reported

    @MojangSupport hello, I have a problem with my solo world, I turned my pc on and openned minecrafti noticed that my world is not in game but I did search the minecraft files and I found there the files of my world, idk how to get it back, please answer me, thanks.

  • thatonenyan Not a happy guy 55 (@thatonenyan) reported

    @Scar_2121 @IsaiahGonzalezH @Staartjom @awsumsas @Power2Dyna @The_LuzZ @Minecraft Switch can log in to Xbox live for minecraft but you have to use a separate device to going though the sign in prompts same thing will probably happen

  • RapturedPrince ║▌║▌║ 🆂🅸🅺🅺🆈 🅽🆈🆇🆇║▌║▌║ (@RapturedPrince) reported

    @xVileblood I’ve legit been playing minecraft for weeks due to 20 being broken 😂

  • LarissaBaylor Larissa Baylor (@LarissaBaylor) reported

    @Devilbusinesse1 No problem. Huge Minecraft fan so that would be my vote!

  • Gzyox1 Gzyox (@Gzyox1) reported

    @BADGEPLUG just so u know on the yellow and randoms court it’s not lagging it’s just frame skips like if you play Minecraft on a buns pc then it will lag when there is a lot of entities on the screen, no hate or sassy ness, just spreading information 😁😊👍

  • Gr33ntimer15 Gr33ntimer15 (@Gr33ntimer15) reported

    @Mojang @MojangStatus @MojangSupport @Minecraft is something going on right now i can't seem to login to any thing minecraft related and i was signed out when i tried to launch the game

  • bustington Zack Harris (@bustington) reported

    @Minecraft Last update destroyed our game, hopefully the next one fixes it. There is no help from mojang. Microsoft has already told me it is a problem with the minecraft servers. None of my worlds will sync, so we have the game but cant play. We spent 4 years on one of those world's.

  • jeffthedunker GREEN JEFF (@jeffthedunker) reported

    One of my first altcoin trades buy $DGB at 49 sats Polo. Got scared and sold it at 50 thought I knew what the h*ck was up. Then a year later two Lithuanian kids pumped it to 2k with a broken Minecraft server. The best of times.

  • HeejinCuteBunny Isaac 🐰 (@HeejinCuteBunny) reported

    i had like 4 bugs and 3 errors and i still haven't played yeah i like modding minecraft

  • CChrisiscrazy Chrisspy Chiss (@CChrisiscrazy) reported

    The Vatican's official Minecraft server just went down due to a DDOS attack and if that doesn't summarize the insanity of 2019, I don't know what will.

  • BisonUploads BisonUploads (@BisonUploads) reported

    @MojangSupport I have owned minecraft since 2014 and when I tried to redeem the code for windows 10 edition it gave me an error message stating that you ran out of codes. I was wondering if and when there will be more codes. Thank you.

  • MultiGamingGal ☃️❄️MultiGamingGal❄️☃️ (@MultiGamingGal) reported

    Hey, @MojangSupport I’m unable to login to my Minecraft account. I don’t remember my password but I have the email still. I can’t figure out what to do. I don’t have the receipt, someone bought me this account years ago. I can give the security questions I remember if that helps.

  • IsaiahGonzalezH Isaiah Gonzalez (@IsaiahGonzalezH) reported

    @Scar_2121 @Staartjom @awsumsas @Power2Dyna @The_LuzZ @Minecraft It's not gonna come out. The issue isn't crossplay itself, it's the fact that minecraft bedrock would require Xbox live on PlayStation, which isn't ever gonna happen.

  • ArkanHQ Arkan (@ArkanHQ) reported

    @MojangSupport I can’t join my friends on Minecraft I try everything and doesn’t let me join can you guys fix it .

  • interestingdan Social Justice Worrier (@interestingdan) reported

    ddos the Vatican's Minecraft server as a dry run for ddosing God

  • poisncow themathhatter (@poisncow) reported

    @Minecraft please fix the hand movement when holding items. It feels so wrong not to see it move

  • joblessadrian Adrian (@joblessadrian) reported

    @Minecraft Fix the shaders issue on Xbox

  • riquegeefitness Enrique Garcia (@riquegeefitness) reported

    Minecraft, music lyric, plane crash ,skateboarding, broken ankle

  • MrsSharolet Sharolet ⭐ (@MrsSharolet) reported

    @Minecraft Awww, I get a 404 error message when I click on the shirts in the teemill link in the article. *sad trombone sounds*

  • JustGaming09 Kendaf - M1Ö〽️🐐 (@JustGaming09) reported

    @AggroLixr BO2 / MW Minecraft Fifa (older ones) / GTA Crash Basndicoot Plants vs Zombies Anything else is wrong.

  • bustington Zack Harris (@bustington) reported

    @MojangSupport Two weeks of not being able to play a product I purchased. Everything was fine until the last update, I have been looking online and many others are having the same problem. All forms of supposed support from mojang are a joke.

  • sparklight0 Night (@sparklight0) reported

    @TrinityOffic1al @Minecraft Sony needs to fix that

  • AdahopAlex Adahop 🚀 (@AdahopAlex) reported

    I have this weird problem where my editing keeps distracting me from my editing. Instead of working on next week's Minecraft just now, I just found myself watching through 3 past episodes of it instead. 😅

  • theshoer theshoer (@theshoer) reported

    @minecraftearth Muy problem is that minecraft earth is not in Chile

  • storkton CruyffTurnt (@storkton) reported

    All I retweet are Star Wars and Minecraft memes, if that is a problem to you, you can get lost I am not even kind of sorry And also occasionally Tyler Joseph doing dumb things That one I am sorry about


    @SabharwalSamuel @Power2Dyna @The_LuzZ @Minecraft It’s completely up to Sony since Sony is the one saying no, 4j and mojang would probably love to give ps4 bedrock edition but Sony has security issues

  • Chocapioc Ric (@Chocapioc) reported

    @MCLeaksNetwork Hi MCLeaks team i have a problem with my alt xN6kJmfKbysyYjUN . When i try to log on the minecraft laucher it says email or password wrong but if i try a new alt it works please help me.

  • Shawnn1107 Shawn (@Shawnn1107) reported

    Dang dudes I wanna play minecraft so bad but my ******* launcher has some kinda problem and it won't let me log in I just hope Mojang is gonna reply to the mail I've sent them soon

  • Jimmysworlddd Uncle Jim Jam (@Jimmysworlddd) reported

    If I die in Minecraft I simply lie and say the game was lagging, then I start screaming and punching holes in the dry wall

  • BickleKun Bickle bork (@BickleKun) reported

    @SabharwalSamuel @Power2Dyna @The_LuzZ @Minecraft crossplay Is not the issue. No xbox live, no updates youll feel much better when you experience real achievements instead of a Sony’s knockoff

  • GJ_Doggy 💥 Garry 💥 (@GJ_Doggy) reported

    @KGadiel @fullykjellberg @EinfachNiggo @Minecraft Ya my friends kid plays Minecraft on switch 24/7 and never a problem. There’s something up with their switch version or game version I’d assume


    Anyone trying to get help from @MojangSupport /just @Mojang in general what they arent telling you is that its gonna take 1-2 MONTHS for a reply if youve EMAILED them this was CONFIRMED by their discord server like my issue was a code whats so hard to resolve about that #mojang

  • Chump_Stump 🦃Tye🦃 (@Chump_Stump) reported

    @Crazynood1 @GeriAngry @bosswizard1984 @WaddlerWaffle @fullykjellberg @EinfachNiggo @Minecraft Yea it's odd, most of my friends have weird problems like that as well. When I try contacting them about it they always give me the same answer and it never works. I just hope they can fix it soon cos I have been in the mood to do some epic mining lately

  • TamaraDevereux Tamara Devereux (@TamaraDevereux) reported

    @MojangSupport I have been sending email via support about the fact that I'm being charged every month for a realms account I've been asking to cancel for months. No one ever replies. My son forgot his login. I have his email and my email tied to the account.

  • UltorGaming Jay (@UltorGaming) reported

    @Minecraft @Windows @HelenAngel @Chupacaubrey @CornerHardMC Will this update fix the "You are out of data storage space and minecraft is unable to save your progress" but. Started happening in 1.13, still doesn't work in 1.13.1. World size 5GB. That is the only world on the hard drive. Win.10 & Xbox

  • LostAsriel513 Lost Soul (@LostAsriel513) reported

    @rhythmicartist @AndrawnStudios @PantslessPajama Rule 1 of Minecraft. NEVER dig straight down. But then again, I've also broken that rule so hey, it happens. XD Still, really funny you'd die right in front of them too.

  • HoundRagnarok Ragnarok (@HoundRagnarok) reported

    @PhilLB1239 @MrXBob @Relite7 @Minecraft @realmsplusmc The whole issue before was that the Xbox live thing or Microsoft account thing would have to be used by Sony. For example how the switch logs you into an Xbox account once you've logged in. My guess would be that Sony doesn't want the Xbox or Microsoft title in its console.

  • Furrtyx Furrtyx (@Furrtyx) reported

    🤨🤨 the power is back on, but that doesn't make any sense... no one came to fix it... bruh, imma just play minecraft and not care

  • intotheunknow18 intotheunknown456 (@intotheunknow18) reported

    @MojangSupport Hi Mojang I'm having an issue currently with the marketplace. It happens when I open the game on the Nintendo Switch and arrive on the menu screen. It is black with no text or animations. A notification keeps popping up and it said to contact you. Thank you

  • KGadiel Trashboat4444 (@KGadiel) reported

    @fullykjellberg @EinfachNiggo @Minecraft I have Minecraft on Switch and I never had that problem

  • Chump_Stump 🦃Tye🦃 (@Chump_Stump) reported

    @bosswizard1984 @fullykjellberg @EinfachNiggo @Minecraft It's the same problem for me and others as well, minecraft runs awfully on the Switch and I'm surprised its actually working decent for you. It takes like 10 minutes to load up the game and then it instantly crashes. I've reinstalled it a bunch of times but still nothing.