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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • Online Play (34.69%)
  • Game Crash (20.41%)
  • Glitches (6.12%)
  • Matchmaking (2.04%)

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  • flyoverslife FlyOver's Life (@flyoverslife) reported

    @MojangSupport I have a problem, yesterday i recieve email that i have some suspicios activity on my account and i get password reset link on my email. In that time i was away from my pc and only today i manage to check email but when i click on link it say "invalid token".

  • dekus_shoes Shades 😎 @ jhope (@dekus_shoes) reported

    @crushingblue Listennnnnnnn macs run games just fine. Just sayin. I’ve never had a problem with Minecraft or steam games


    Scaffolding's horizontal limit makes it inferior to dirt bridges. Let's fix that. (Video concept included!) #minecraft

  • jonahalisic jonah (@jonahalisic) reported

    @MojangSupport i’m trying to set up my own mc server and when i run the command from your website it says “Error: Unable to access jarfile minecraft_server.1.13.2.jar” i then thought that’s because the downloaded file is named ‘server.jar’ so i renamed it with no result change

  • BernabeRibera1 Bernabe Ribera (@BernabeRibera1) reported

    @Xbox hi, I just purchased an Xbox and when I finished downloading Minecraft. I tried to join my friends realm but a notification popped up saying something about how I am not able to play through Xbox live because of how my account is set up and I don’t know how to fix it.

  • Ravi34045395 Ravi (@Ravi34045395) reported

    @XboxSupport I recently have had problems where I try to update programs like Hulu and the Store, but it keeps saying installation stopped. This also is applicable to Minecraft, which I am unable to play due to it not installing. Please assist me in resolving this issue. Thanks

  • MahoganyIGuess MahoganyCrafter (@MahoganyIGuess) reported

    @DeadwaterMedia @gwillymusic i would just like to say that the declaration of independence and the nintendo terms of service are very educational. personally, i cannot wait until he reads the minecraft eula

  • akaillogical akaIllogical (@akaillogical) reported

    Dont drink and OP - deleted my inventory fixing a minecraft server issue...

  • xy0009 Xyris (@xy0009) reported

    All I want is to fix corrupted chunks in my Minecraft single-player world but I guess that's too much to ask now.

  • NoLoveDeepState 🇻🇪Bonegnash🌅 (@NoLoveDeepState) reported

    We're bringing the whole Minecraft server down

  • VideosTyler TylerPlushVideos (@VideosTyler) reported

    @MojangSupport Sorry for the ping but I couldn't find any of the #Minecraft Bedrock devs. PLEASE fix bedrock on #NintendoSwitch. Me and my friend @RbeeV3 were playing and it crashed on his end SO MANY TIMES, and it lags every second. Please get to work on fixing it SOON!

  • MattAlls Matt Alls (@MattAlls) reported


  • ariwannii Ariwa🌻 (@ariwannii) reported

    @crazyjackblox if my minecraft didn't crash every ******* boot up hell ******* yeah i got some nice shaders

  • AdreN221 AdreN (@AdreN221) reported

    @SaitainaMalfoy @Fallout @Cat_Cosplay No. This is not Minecraft. This is not a game with mods like minecraft. This is certainly not a fully building based game. This has sold almost nothing and has empty servers on PC. iMaGINaTiOn wont solve the problem of dry ass take item-bring back quest system. We want change

  • CYBERNightmare_ skrt (@CYBERNightmare_) reported

    @TCGToad Put down a sign in minecraft and ask herobrine to fix it

  • lohibohi dumb butch (@lohibohi) reported

    @GumbyV2 I still use ur Minecraft login lol

  • Chemicalex_ Chemicalex (@Chemicalex_) reported

    @ArcticCitadel oh don't listen to these guys then lol. I have a worse PC than you and I can run those two things easily (Minecraft with shaders, too.) Roblox will have no problem here and the only issue with Minecraft would maybe be the RAM, but only if you're rocking a higher render distance.

  • brightredlemon lemon✨open commissions✨ (@brightredlemon) reported

    this ****** version of minecraft makes me glitch against the stupidest things I CANT GO THROUGH A DOOR A D O O R

  • vedbex vedbex (@vedbex) reported

    @scandic300 @elgoofyTTV @NereusNetworkMC Regardless MC will continue to have the same problems and its too far down to rabbit hole now for leaks to stop happening. People should have seen this coming the amount of databases that have been leaked that are minecraft related is insane. Its been going on for years.

  • Aeverr_ Aever 🇫🇷 (@Aeverr_) reported

    @MojangSupport I want to give my Minecraft account to a friend with a minecon cape 2012 but the problem is I have no way to prove that this is my account, have you a way, even with the faq I haven’t found, if you have to buy something back, I can, but I just want to be able 1/2

  • Remihondayoo Remi (@Remihondayoo) reported

    @bubblywums @AaronLongstaff1 Yeah then i build u a minecraft pc so u can fix ark 😂

  • Marc7l Marcel ⚔️ (@Marc7l) reported

    @MKWiiBynt @Rheileyy Minecraft is a gay game anyways. When we have a 49 year old man raging and screaming over a children’s block game like a kids who’s parents who buy them a candy bar at the ****** grocery store, then we have an issue. @loolitsalex stop playing mc and play Overwatch 😂

  • MCNews7102 Minecraft News 🎅🏻☃️🎄 (@MCNews7102) reported

    Snapshot 19w03c is OUT NOW for Java Edition! Another bug fix snapshot! #MinecraftJavaEdition #Minecraft

  • JackTVYT Matthias H (@JackTVYT) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @woodyinho @Bundesliga_EN Fix your ******* Servers ffs 🖕🏾 Losing against a guy with minecraft picture because u cant do Anything

  • Realpvphacker1 Realpvphacker (@Realpvphacker1) reported

    @_fvox @DonaldMustard Its doesn't mean I have a minecraft profile pic means I am a 10 year old kid this was my profile pic from 2015 so what ******** is the problem

  • Mazuls Kristers TEKO (@Mazuls) reported

    @Mojang pm me please! I have issues with minecraft, some error

  • BrekiBreki1 BrekiBreki (@BrekiBreki1) reported

    @MojangSupport Hello guys I'm having issues with my Minecraft saves. I'm transferring to another computer and I did the transfer of the saves. However the saves don't appear on the new computer. On the old one they still worked.

  • Troy_prevost15 Troy (@Troy_prevost15) reported

    @Minecraft the mobs are broken in java they don't move and arrows don't work

  • SalekiJo SalekiJo (@SalekiJo) reported

    @Laerguldir @Minecraft Well, you can force the roght size by placing a few blocks around.. so that's not an issue.. and by doing so you only need to try a few times before getting the right motive... voila!!

  • SalekiJo SalekiJo (@SalekiJo) reported

    @Minecraft @Mojang link is broken...

  • wierdtanmay RiZe WierdCreations (@wierdtanmay) reported

    @Minecraft Link is not working

  • HSG_Dev HSG (@HSG_Dev) reported

    @Minecraft Link is broken

  • YoRHaw snida 🐍 @ dark soul (@YoRHaw) reported

    When you got stuck in one you would fall into their mouths forever much like getting stuck in a constant portal falling loop in portal and the only way to fix it was to reinstall minecraft

  • userTabby Tabby (@userTabby) reported

    @J31400 @KirbApple The only reason dell is on my hate list is because I had a G5 gaming laptop from them. The fans would go in full blast, no matter what. It would throttle to below 10 FPS speeds in games like Minecraft, and they have display problems.

  • Swayy945 Swayy | Nemesis (@Swayy945) reported

    I believe I have fixed my PC problem... imma try streaming tomorrow... Building on Minecraft on the @ShadowKingdom__ creative server

  • taciturasa adriene @ spider-verse (@taciturasa) reported

    minecraft has always been fundamentally broken, period. the fun thing about the game was the social interaction and community, not any of the mechanics.

  • ashmariehughes Ash (@ashmariehughes) reported

    @Mojang @Minecraft Trying to crossplay Nintendo switch with the windows 10 version and it’s not working pls help

  • MrSataana Jesper "Sataana" Driessen (@MrSataana) reported from Annesley, England

    I am totally not working with @nite97m on some things to make the @Minecraft streams on @WatchMixer more interactive and interesting, totally not.

  • JoelratResort Joelrat (@JoelratResort) reported

    Everyone has a ******* streaming service at this point, I'm just going to assume that Minecraft has one that exclusively hosts the CaptainSparklez parodies from 2012.

  • BanditLizer Lizer (@BanditLizer) reported

    My son " Can you buy minecraft for me" Problem " Do you have money" My son " I can just go pull out a tooth" 😐

  • YT_KOG KOG (@YT_KOG) reported

    @Minecraft Noticed there was a issue with pressure plates in the latest snapshot for servers. Issue being, they don't work. Also I am invisible with no explanation why.

  • bndugan1 Bailee Dugan (@bndugan1) reported

    @HaleyLouiseB @Minecraft We went there in order to get achievements that we weren’t getting for A THIRD TIME. Honestly that’s been a damn issue (ie the wither debacle)

  • emmag784 Emma 💫 (@emmag784) reported

    I have a lot of homework that’s due tomorrow but instead of doing it I’m ignoring my problems and playing Minecraft

  • OwOMachine Mr. Muffin (@OwOMachine) reported

    Wyoming is just a Minecraft chunk error

  • 12TLS29 CE (@12TLS29) reported

    wyoming is just a chunk error from minecraft

  • Honey_Catto Honey (@Honey_Catto) reported

    @MojangSupport fix Minecraft bedrock engine for switch cause since the recent update all its done is crash the game so it closes itself all the time as I get to the title screen or when I'm able to actually play it'll do so, plus that damn lag is terrible as well as the freezing

  • PixelHeadsTeam PixelHeads (@PixelHeadsTeam) reported

    @squirelummy That's an issue with Minecraft. I recommend that you try re-installing Minecraft. Just make sure to backup any worlds that you don't want to lose.

  • CinnaBunSupreme yeet (@CinnaBunSupreme) reported

    @MojangSupport That's the issue, I've already sent an email almost 2 weeks ago with no response.

  • LukeBillinton Luke Billinton (@LukeBillinton) reported

    Well I guess you could say I’m the rebellious type. I have broken number one rule... I have dug straight down in Minecraft.

  • cluedo97 Andreas Östlund (@cluedo97) reported

    @MojangStatus account and login processes for Minecraft seem to be down

  • BrickVoid geoff (@BrickVoid) reported

    @NillerMedDild There's the additional problem of Oracle's latest version of Java not being properly compatible with some versions of Minecraft. oracle keeps changing their programming structure a lot, this causes program incompatibilities for Java programs expecting a certain revision of Java.

  • YuYuisblack YuYu (@YuYuisblack) reported

    @Enixtwt @Broken_Shroomz @PizzMozz @I_TZ_I Oh yeah totally, Minecraft Steve, Crash & Spyro come to mind for characters I don't want. I'm thinking mostly meme chars like Sans. Anyone else is fair game.

  • bennes2004 Benjamin Nesbitt (@bennes2004) reported

    @imraphraph @MojangSupport Mojang isn’t doing anything about it I’m having the same issue

  • bennes2004 Benjamin Nesbitt (@bennes2004) reported

    @DStruta @MojangSupport I’m having the same issue

  • samuelpage_79 Samuel (@samuelpage_79) reported

    @discordapp My in game overlay isn’t working in minecraft windows 10 edition, tried everything I could think of, this is only a problem with this game

  • sympolite [COMS OPEN] New Year New Hannah (@sympolite) reported

    so my minecraft server is dead. on the other hand, i'm gonna buy some server space to run my NEW server on so lag and downtime aren't issues

  • BotlideOfficial Botlide (@BotlideOfficial) reported

    Minecraft could fix behind toilet karate . 🤢

  • VeejNeedsABreak YoutubeTrash (@VeejNeedsABreak) reported

    @Minecraft @Mojang..... Soo.. Has anyone else had this issue....i was playing on my laptop.. Blocks kept respawning.. Then the game froze.. I restarted my laptop... And my OS is gone... ...

  • lovezds Jackie May (@lovezds) reported

    Yo @MojangSupport can I cancel support request I resolved my issue.

  • OfficialPurple0 Daniel / Purple (@OfficialPurple0) reported

    @OziePlayz O_O imma fix it when I get home don’t talk about it or I ban your minecraft account jk