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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • Dynamite319 mw (@Dynamite319) reported

    @MojangSupport Hey. I try to sign in to my Microsoft account on my PS4 so I can play online on Minecraft but it will not allow me to sign in.

  • Bayleefium Bailey💫 (@Bayleefium) reported

    Killed my lady ***** to play Overwatch, so I go to login to Minecraft and my account as been locked for "suspicious activity that violates TOS", when I've literally only made the account, added one friend and haven't touched it since I just wanna play damn game.

  • vanillasonny amelia♡ (@vanillasonny) reported

    don’t waste your diamonds on a ***😪 just minecraft problems because ain’t nobody breaking my heart😎🧊

  • cc1010foxs1 cc-1010 fox's (@cc1010foxs1) reported

    @MojangSupport @abran920 Hey I have problems with my skins on bedrock the won’t load

  • casxanxra Cassie (@casxanxra) reported

    Why is minecraft customer service hitting me up like 2 months after i messaged first smh friendzoned again

  • zzBuLLeTzz zzBuLLeTzz (@zzBuLLeTzz) reported

    @seriouslyclara Recent games: Out of Space Crash Team Racing Death Road to Canada FFXIV Phantasy Star Online 2 Monster Hunter World Minecraft

  • mindcraftjoe Mindcraftjoe🇺🇸 (@mindcraftjoe) reported

    @JoseLovesNat @Bigwes101 @4JStudios @Minecraft For one, to transfer last-gen worlds onto modern consoles (which 4J will hopefully fix). There’s custom superflat & amplified worlds, leaderboards, official minigames, Java redstone, quit w/o saving, a faster, more organized UI, etc. Generally a more refined console experience.

  • rjboccomino Professor Dr. Rev. RJ Boccomino LXIX (@rjboccomino) reported from Detroit, Michigan

    Me avoiding all my problems by playing Minecraft instead

  • Mellineken Melina (@Mellineken) reported

    Dear @MojangSupport, unfortunately my Minecraft account is lost. I cannot login anymore. I got this account in 2011 and ist means very much to me. Your help would be appreciated.

  • levinferry 🍓 (@levinferry) reported

    minecraft uhc but i use admin powers until i crash the server

  • OsArctic Oli (@OsArctic) reported

    @TheSpiffingBrit Minecraft duplication glitch using only a sticky piston and furnace😔

  • alexmchale2012 alex mchale (@alexmchale2012) reported

    @XboxGamePass can you please get the rights for 7 days to die and fix the game and add it to game pass they have 0 clue on how console works this game would be better than minecraft if it worked

  • mindcraftjoe Mindcraftjoe🇺🇸 (@mindcraftjoe) reported

    @JoseLovesNat @Bigwes101 @4JStudios @Minecraft We’re just asking for the Switch Edition (and Xbox One Edition, for the same reason) to get updated to fix the issue.

  • TheKrazyKrow The Krazy Krow {APM} (@TheKrazyKrow) reported

    @HelenAngel @MojangSupport By "new content" I was also referring to much less severe bug or glitch fixes and trivial changes to they way various items work. The priority should be on what's destroying so much for so many people. Not a phantom water block by a fire and a sponge. 😕

  • mindcraftjoe Mindcraftjoe🇺🇸 (@mindcraftjoe) reported

    @4JStudios @Minecraft PS4 Edition players are able to transfer and play their PS3 and Vita worlds no problem, so I think it’s only fair if Xbox One Edition and Switch Edition players are able to do the same.

  • mindcraftjoe Mindcraftjoe🇺🇸 (@mindcraftjoe) reported

    @4JStudios @Minecraft PS4 Edition players can transfer over their PS3 and Vita worlds no problem, so I think it’s only fair that Switch and Xbox players are able to do the same.

  • Just_Captin Captin (@Just_Captin) reported

    @SpadesEnder Finding 5 diamonds in minecraft with an almost broken iron pickaxe

  • Sir_Mo0 King_mo (@Sir_Mo0) reported

    @KristoferYee Hey Kristofer I’m a huge fan and I currently have a chrome book and It can’t run any games I was wondering if u could please give me a gaming laptop so I can play Minecraft ik I’m asking for a lot and sorry if I have cause some type of problem.

  • RozicLuka Luka Rožić (@RozicLuka) reported

    @arcasticc @Minecraft its not a glitch he drinks an invisibility potion

  • aeonlamb Vivian!! (@aeonlamb) reported

    Like, I guess I could bring up the social issues of smaller minecraft communities to a CM or something. But sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in experiencing these issues. Simply because anyone else who would have run into them, simply ducked out of those communities.

  • the_honnor_13 antho mandon (@the_honnor_13) reported

    @Minecraft But **** but **** your ******* mom have to already this map crap get out our ******* serv on your ******* mother's mess ps4 and fix our ******* bug

  • Jordon_James Jordon James Eden (@Jordon_James) reported

    @OhOhJackarias Clearly the lack of Minecraft is the issue!

  • LovelySoftSnow Public Snow Friend 🌨 (@LovelySoftSnow) reported

    is it ok when doing minecraft pixelart to just say **** it when you see an error and build around it

  • Ryan14_J_Torrez LookAtMeNowMom (@Ryan14_J_Torrez) reported

    @MrTomWaffles @DexertoIntel Performance isn't the problem if Apex, battlefield, gta v, Minecraft, and even red dead redemption 2 has it.

  • Aflash1ofjoy 💛Royce Rose💛 (@Aflash1ofjoy) reported

    @realbuntyking Minecraft would make me motion sick very easily when I was little. I dont really have that problem too much anymore, but it'll randomly come back on just really simple games, and it sucks because I'm just trying to enjoy my life

  • zebusatur _Zenbu_ (@zebusatur) reported

    @BadlionClient2 I wanted to talk about the problem I have had for a long time and it is that badlion client blocked my minecraft account and does not let me enter the client and play quietly and nothing happens if I change the password or if I try something else and I wanted totellyouthisbecause

  • BishopLemmon Bishop (@BishopLemmon) reported

    @KonekoKittenYT My cousin told me about a cool building game. Since I loved Minecraft back then, I eagerly gave it a try. I loved it. I had so much fun with the games, including the gear that I bought. I loved gear back then cause they were so fun to use. It's so sad that they're broken now...

  • btsmytear 𝘴𝘬𝘺 ⁷ (@btsmytear) reported

    I can’t stop watching pewdiepies minecraft series and it’s becoming a problem

  • SnowVosn Thomas (@SnowVosn) reported

    @MojangSupport I know that I have to wait, but the problem is, that when the support answers my ticket, I will have to reply them. That means I will have to wait several months, again...

  • Mancypanda matthew (@Mancypanda) reported

    @MojangSupport my dads account is stuck in the beta mode (bedrock) we have tried leaving on the insider page and re-installing but nothing works and it seems other are having a similar issue please mojang support , your my only hope...

  • RebelJC_92 RebelJC (Dig Straight Down Podcast) (@RebelJC_92) reported

    @rodorenn @Failwhip I can't remember how many times I've tried to start and keep a forever world... I might have Minecraft commitment issues.

  • matt__enloe "successful" "entrepreneur" (@matt__enloe) reported

    @DealerUmbra @TabletopCrow The issue is something I've been thinking about lately w/r/t ranks on my Minecraft server. Coming up with good rank names is hard. What we have now is: Youngling -> Page -> Squire -> Apprentice -> Knight

  • V_Prime95 Vector_Prime (@V_Prime95) reported

    @Stealth40k ●Spyro 1,2 y 3 ●Crash 1,2 y 3 ●Tetris ●Okami ●Kirby 64 ●Bayonetta 1 y 2 ●Doom (2016) ●Super Lucky Tale ●Ori ●Star Fox Assault ●Bomberman Hero ●F-Zero ●Splatoon 1 y 2 ●Overwatch ●Minecraft ●Dead By Daylight ●Paladins ●Fortnite ●Realm Royale ●ARMS

  • Levi_1443 Levi (@Levi_1443) reported

    @Leejplatt @MojangSupport Took my money too. Been waiting 3-4 months now without a reply. Joke customer service.

  • Caitlyn_Flesh FLESH-CANVAS [commissions open] (@Caitlyn_Flesh) reported

    fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water fix minecraft water

  • kai_j_uwu 🏳️‍🌈 kaiiiii #AcesHigh (@kai_j_uwu) reported

    @MojangSupport hey, I tried to get a realm yesterday on better together but after I bought it the money was taken out of my account and I couldn’t access it. I’ve been refunded and I’m trying to get it again but it’s still not working. I’ve also already been charged

  • OnePlushyDud Plushy (@OnePlushyDud) reported

    @pizzaisgoodYa @OneyNG I've been having the same problem but it evolved into any word the resembles the color Brown and ending it with "In minecraft". Help us

  • ToxicAsylum115 Luke Taylor (@ToxicAsylum115) reported

    @MojangSupport @jenn79077508 I’ve been locked out of my account for 3 weeks. Emailed them the first day I noticed and still haven’t heard back. Horrible customer service

  • SmugWolff Bea best girl (@SmugWolff) reported

    i tried to get minecraft running on it but it had driver errors and thats too much work for me

  • cwrlkae 고딩 (@cwrlkae) reported

    @AppValley_vip minecraft not working!

  • Marwanou4 TheMarwanou (@Marwanou4) reported

    Shit. We got a problem 😭 If they really put it in Apex, I think I'm just gonna go back to Minecraft and cry. If you haven't played TitanFall, just imagine a permanent aimbot on a 80~ damage pistol. That hurts.

  • shadowking345 Alexandru Turcanu (@shadowking345) reported

    @Camerous1 @morvelaira I thought minecraft and other java applications have an issue with too much ram. That is why it is a bad idea for it to be more the 6GB of ram.

  • shadowking345 Alexandru Turcanu (@shadowking345) reported

    @morvelaira I thought minecraft and other java applications have issues with alot of ram

  • Kritigri Kristian (@Kritigri) reported

    Crash Bandicoot 2 Unreal Tournament '99 RuneScape Minecraft

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    Hi I'm not sure if i've ever had to write more shitty music. but sometimes an incredibly advanced botnet to ddos minecraft servers, kids would've

  • TheLethalForce Ash (@TheLethalForce) reported

    @TRAPWAlFU No problem, now time to buld up enough courage to ask if you wanna play Minecraft together sometime :’)

  • sarah_rose0121 Sarah (@sarah_rose0121) reported

    @MojangSupport Still freezing fix this already

  • GemmaMa62407463 Gemma Hicks (@GemmaMa62407463) reported

    Hey @Minecraft I play Bedrock edition and I noticed today that there's a glitch with breeding turtles. I tried breeding two turtles on their home island and the turtle that is supposed to lay eggs just freezes up. I tried with other turtles as well to no avail.

  • Blammmer dink man (@Blammmer) reported

    the thingies on my minecraft bee are coming off but im too lazy to fix ittt :( im sorry little bee

  • mantou_stell whipped stell 📌 SELLING ATEEZ PC + ALBUMS (@mantou_stell) reported

    @uncannymoon oh welp.... Idk if I can join but I want to, twitch launcher for Minecraft is broken for me so

  • equaaI equal (@equaaI) reported

    @Minecraft me and my friends made a chunk error, then filled it up with tnt

  • thechillgamermc The Chill Gamer (@thechillgamermc) reported

    wow. tfw both obs and Minecraft crash on you. Recovering now.

  • _aellaevelon snuggly kitten (@_aellaevelon) reported

    could finally change my name back to my original name on Minecraft since it got hacked a month ago; no thanks to Mojang support though. Never EVER got back to me about the issue.

  • skyantelope horsin around @ monhun (@skyantelope) reported

    @Krissi2197 oh i cant recommend any alienware ENOUGH. customer service is great and the pc can handle minecraft with shaders and barely makes a sound. mine is the aurora r7 i believe. we got it on sale for 1.1k iirc!

  • Momsomniac db mcneill (@Momsomniac) reported

    @gis_marauder The Crash. It’s a Minecraft book.

  • Analog_Shift Alex W. | DM me if you need a Video Editor🎬 (@Analog_Shift) reported

    @cum_xdddd You'd never know my minecraft login, i keep that shit on lock down

  • SpriglerChris Killerdragon (@SpriglerChris) reported

    @Minecraft i play on xbox one and now my second survival world I've spent a lot of time on has been deleted out of the blue and the game give me an error message and now i lost all my hard work idk what is wrong with it but im very done with it

  • antlerlad saint-14 please adopt me (@antlerlad) reported

    @ferrumnegative Ooo that sounds nice... The problem isn't even just destiny like. I can barely run minecraft on this thing I just need a better comp if I wanna play smth

  • hellooodakota dakotaFX| code dakota1020 #ad (@hellooodakota) reported

    I have been watching minecraft troll YouTube video for 5+ years seeing them geting banned is so heart broken becouse of it

  • MossyBlog Mossyblog (@MossyBlog) reported

    Minecraft Dungeons looks pretty damn nice .. I kind of want the top down view for Minecraft now ... sure their is some issues with camera to overcome but it aesthetically looks way better