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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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October 23: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 12:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • sir_kupo Sir kupo (@sir_kupo) reported

    Well not buying no more Bethesda games for while because I can't trust them for making games that was promised be good even tho 76 was the worst game I ever played that completely broken and 100$ for private matchs for year....... (I rather play minecraft)

  • the_terrorbilly The Terror Billy Goat Gruff Ⓐ (@the_terrorbilly) reported

    Let's not call this what it isn't. It's not a service, it's a feature. It's a feature they purposely chose to monetize. Minecraft has this same feature for free.

  • trivialattire In Extremis (@trivialattire) reported

    I don’t see what people take issue with the Fallout 1st subscription plan; Minecraft has been offering private servers for years.

  • HagravenGaming Hagraven Gaming 🤠🐎 RDRP OR BUST (@HagravenGaming) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout this is the most outrageous money grab to date. You're offering a service worse than Minecraft Realms to fans who are also part of the most prolific modding community to exist and already know the difference between actual technical limitations and a

  • imaneedari shasta (@imaneedari) reported

    @OneClickGameing @MojangSupport don't worry this is a bug they need to fix its like happening to everyone i know

  • KnowsNoir NoirKnows (@KnowsNoir) reported

    Aight so we started recording a #rlcraft series.. Issue is its ended up in an mkv file which we're working to convert so it can be edited. Stay tuned though bc it will be on its way as soon as possible! #newvideo #minecraft #youtube

  • mimitose_ MimicryMadness (@mimitose_) reported

    @Cennxx Soft core allows the pacing of the game to always go up no matter how bad you are!! Medium core.. given that lava isn’t a huge issue in terraria than Minecraft, is less of the issue of losing items, and more of a waste of time getting it back. It’s easy getting your stuff back

  • dudewtfikr Mychelle VanSchaick (@dudewtfikr) reported

    @MojangSupport @Mojang I would like to thank everyone who tried to help me with my issues/rants. I apologize for the rants I tweeted, directed towards y’all. It was my own stupidity that I had the issue in the first place. Again I would like to apologize.

  • AbstraitWolf CMDR Chubbbbsy (@AbstraitWolf) reported

    So, basically, it’s like that Minecraft subscription service.

  • ElAcordeonachi El Acordeonachi (@ElAcordeonachi) reported

    @garywhitta Price is high. But the idea of them selling private servers is a good one. I'd be curious to know why the number of players is so low though. Minecraft has a private server service (MinecraftRealms) that my family has used for as long as it's been available.

  • jaredjbrock generic halloween name (@jaredjbrock) reported

    @pewdiepie @CaptainSparklez ur days of having the #1 Minecraft music video might be over. Unless u fix that 👀

  • CakeAssault_ NVR | CakeAssault (@CakeAssault_) reported

    Minecraft Tip: • If a single chunk exceeds 1MB of data, something that can be done with books, it will overload Minecraft and the chunk will revert back to its original state. This Causes the well known duplication glitch.

  • BlakeTruran Balakay (@BlakeTruran) reported

    The service at my work is so terrible, how am I supposed to take a dump and play Minecraft when I can’t even log in

  • BlakeTruran Balakay (@BlakeTruran) reported

    The service at my work is so terrible, how I am suppose to take a dump and play Minecraft when I can’t even log in

  • ajaxduo Ajax (Chris) (@ajaxduo) reported

    But that is wherein the problem lies, everyone wanted full scale private servers (like ARK, Minecraft etc). Instead what we got was a very watered down version that is packaged into a sub model. A little too suspicious. 🤔 It's a solid no from me.

  • KarmaGotNothin Karmagotnothin (@KarmaGotNothin) reported

    @BethesdaStudios Second, if I'm feeling spicy, I can spend an additional $8-$10 for a Minecraft Realm. Which, arguably, at this point is more full of content and at least Mojang actually listens to its community. None of what you offer in this service, comes even close to-

  • MrNelson007 MrNelson007 (@MrNelson007) reported

    @boardgamebravo The subscription part is optional (it’s a ripoff I agree but thankfully is not necessary for the service. It’s just their equivalent of getting like a Minecraft private server)

  • crystalfoxdoom FoxDoomOnline (@crystalfoxdoom) reported

    @Minecraft fix your broken and dumb game

  • crystalfoxdoom FoxDoomOnline (@crystalfoxdoom) reported

    Can I just point out how terrible and broken Minecraft is there are so many glitches that ruin the game. 1). creepers they blow up even when something that has attacked it or the player is nowhere near it 2). elytras they just break at least make the elytra lower the player

  • yeri69420 bobby (@yeri69420) reported

    One time I stole a chromebook from my school for 4 days because my wii was broken and I was poor so I needed something to watch Minecraft videos on

  • Hive_HAWKER Haunter (@Hive_HAWKER) reported

    @ISG_Dux Dude the leak comes from some credible sources. We are getting a crash announcement in November, along with a Minecraft skin mii fighter pack, a fighter pack two announcement, and Ryu Hayabusa for the first fighter in that pack. Let’s pray to sakurai it’s true.

  • jessx6315 jess 🦖 (@jessx6315) reported

    anyone wanna loan me their minecraft login

  • ImNotOsiris 🎃 Zack but spooky (@ImNotOsiris) reported

    @Stickboy46 @RoonKolos @BethesdaStudios Yeah a lot of games like Ark or Minecraft do that. Though running the server with no lag and a world that big with that much content AND playing on it at the same time would probably not be ideal

  • AlexWeth7 Alex Wetherington (@AlexWeth7) reported

    @aiglos78 @NickChevalier @garywhitta @jasonschreier I totally agree that 3.99 seems about right for the type of service Bethesda is offering. Fallout 1st, which is the name of their sub, is a lot like Minecraft realms in a way, with the main appeal being the ability to host private servers.

  • Ryuutei 龍帝/Seb (@Ryuutei) reported

    @heelvsbabyface I'll be the devil's advocate here, most gamers don't know how networks works and don't know (or barely) how to use command line interface so devs are dumbing servers down since Steam(to the despair of geeks). Making them pay is for the infrastructure. Minecraft does it.

  • BetaBedrock Minecraft Bedrock 🎃 (@BetaBedrock) reported

    Minecraft Earth: issue is now resolved - signal GPS will be normal!

  • ElectriXite octobra (@ElectriXite) reported

    @MojangSupport It’s fixed for now, but when I ran the launcher I found that I had been signed out of my account. Attempting to log in gave the error “incorrect username or password” - I confirmed that both were correct as I was able to log into my Mojang account. When I restarted the (c)

  • Link_enfant Link_enfant (L_e) (@Link_enfant) reported

    @darealpyxlup @PrinceForSmash The problem is that everything of this is very true for Minecraft, the whole game itself, not Steve even if he's part of it. Also being important in all of this isn't enough, he needs to be requested a lot and he's not really the most popular pick for Smash DLC.

  • TLG_YOLO THE YOLO (@TLG_YOLO) reported

    @MojangSupport I've been waiting for two months for me to answer Mojang's technical support and they still haven't answered me and my problem is that I don't receive emails to reset my password and I'm tired of waiting 😡😡

  • BeardNBullets BeardNBullets (@BeardNBullets) reported

    @kilometresoflun I don't think it's the Minecraft capital that is the problem. I think it's that Minecraft city by the lake with that big tower that is.

  • angrysmashfan angry smash fan (@angrysmashfan) reported

    mii gunner's matchup with rosalina is terrible. I swear if Sakurai doesn't fix this matchup i'm gonna quit smash and go back to minecraft

  • MelvinDailyActs Melvin (@MelvinDailyActs) reported

    minecraft duplication glitch 1.04.5

  • AltaMech Friggin' Buddy (@AltaMech) reported

    @Mommafact1 @PerkyRT My daughter watches cheesy game personas play Mario and Minecraft. I personally don't see an issue, it's not like she believes any of it is real. Hell I grew up watching Muppets on strings... I think the kids will be fine. 😂👍

  • shreeder5 shreeder (@shreeder5) reported

    @Pixlriffs What is your main problem with Minecraft

  • Jacob77260762 Slpix (@Jacob77260762) reported

    @MackJackTwitch @mrfreshasian Congrats on making this I can barely make anything without having it all crash dien cause it ain't minecraft physics

  • _jaehoe_ gi̾gi̾🦇 (@_jaehoe_) reported

    I dont know what's wrong with the resolution on my latest comic update but its 3 a.m and I'm too tired to try and fix it. If you read my comic sorry for the minecraft quality:[

  • leviatan1928 Leviatan Kun (@leviatan1928) reported

    Minecraft com shader sem lag.

  • snelo85 Aaron aka (snelo85) (@snelo85) reported

    @EliteDangerous I have literally stopped playing since the beginning of the year due to and update that stopped me playing for weeks. Why don't you release snapshots like minecraft do so people can go and play the shit cocked up version an report back the issues in steas of launching a **** up

  • eveningsins nuna (@eveningsins) reported

    @khaliskhalili I play minecraft to get this fix lol.

  • keleki352 Maxi Kornja (@keleki352) reported

    @MojangSupport hallo i have a Problem with my Account. I forgott my Password and if i want to reset it i didnt get an email but im 100% sure that this is my email because on paypal i Can See that i buy with it Can u please help me sorry for my Bad english

  • 321HeroCreeper HeroCreeper SlimeFam (@321HeroCreeper) reported

    I don't know but I just thought of telling a bug here. For @Minecraft Bedrock Edition, please fix the armor stand that when you try turn them into invisible, the items turns invisible too. That does not supposed to happen. Thankyou! I also reported on the website!

  • jgeekw Jason Webb (@jgeekw) reported

    @BigEdley @Minecraft @MojangSupport I thought it was just because I play on different computers and they don’t all keep the same login token.

  • WolfManDynasty Sebastian WolfMan Sinister (@WolfManDynasty) reported

    @JesseOr26607754 @WWEgames @2K ******* Minecraft with Raytracing has better graphics, the only thing about the graphics in 2k20 that are good is from the lighting alone which has its own issues

  • Thy_lordth Big Daddy Stank Dick (@Thy_lordth) reported

    I’m really bout to beat Minecraft’s ass for not working

  • Thy_lordth Big Daddy Stank Dick (@Thy_lordth) reported

    Why ******** my Minecraft not working

  • RushHammer STM System 🎃 (@RushHammer) reported

    pain scale 1 slap 3 stubbed toe 5 broken bone 7 child-birth 10000 watching noobs play Minecraft in 2019

  • Yumi_Sparkles Spookymoth Yumi 🕸️ (@Yumi_Sparkles) reported

    I think my Minecraft world is lagging from too many mobs But I can just kill all these chickies and sheeps, that'd be cruel :(

  • katielozowski katie (@katielozowski) reported

    i am horribly saddened to say that aaron and i’s sheep on minecraft, philipe, has passed away. it was very suddenly. his service will be in 20 minutes. send prayers.

  • chwobin rikka @ 9 days !!! 💘💘 (@chwobin) reported

    @matman5321 yeah that's what i hope for!!! i rlly just. Want a good one that can minecraft n not crash with clip studio i jus wanna draw my friends stuff and finally be able to color my art......h my dad is gonna help me look into fast but affordable laptops luckily :DD

  • ZombieWolf098 Garrett Williams (@ZombieWolf098) reported

    @Minecraft I need help every time I open try and play my minecraft it crashes and dosen't work idk how to fix it I have tried ever thing I can think of

  • hanson_kahn Hanson kahn (@hanson_kahn) reported

    Guys I’d think there portel tomb door in Minecraft in real life problems ok

  • sngynist ً (@sngynist) reported

    my fav minecraft youtuber lost all his stuff on minecraft bc of a glitch 💔

  • sharpcarnival1 Lindsey Nichole (@sharpcarnival1) reported from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Hey @MojangSupport every other profile on the Switch except my daughter's will load, as soon as she opens her account it tells her there is a software issue and has to close

  • basic_yt BasicKronickzYT (@basic_yt) reported

    @MojangSupport My MINECRAFT world disappeared today but it wasnt lagging or it crashed yesterday so whats happening

  • GemstoneJester GemstoneSpecter (@GemstoneJester) reported

    @MojangSupport Hi, I'd like to know if you could help me reacquire a friend of mine's login. We tried contacting you through the mojang support site and that lead to no results and endless waiting.

  • yoogism ajᵒ̴̶̷̥‧⁺ (@yoogism) reported

    problem solved i just deleted minecraft and superstar jyp and some app that took up 5 gb for no good reason let’s update 🙏🏽

  • xEndeq xEndeq (@xEndeq) reported

    @Aviciifi It's doing this to me too it's worked everytime it's a minecraft thing to fix it I logged on the mojang website and it worked idk

  • King_INF3RN0_ Adam (King_INF3RN0) (@King_INF3RN0_) reported

    @discordapp I made a minecraft account in the early days of the game, lost the login, and wanted a memorable username. The one I wanted (INF3RN0) was taken, and "King_INF3RN0" was in the little suggestion box. I ran with a suggestion from a computer. Now I use it for Pretty much everything.

  • TeasheeAlien Teasha💫 (@TeasheeAlien) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    I wasn’t motivated to use the treadmill until I realised I can just set my laptop up to play #minecraft! Finally can lose the weight of the millions of carbs I consume while living vicariously through the game. Modern problems require modern solutions. #gaming #gamer #gaminglife

  • stxrboy ryan (@stxrboy) reported

    dyl gave me his minecraft login so i could see if i like it since i watch him play a lot and all i have to say is boy i'm gonna need a lot of time and a lot of energy to get good at this shit