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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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    @monsterhunter dude, fix the Long Sword parri. Fix it. There is so badly now, you guys kill the weapon.

  • Garretthanna Garrett Hanna (@Garretthanna) reported

    @albertaydin @monsterhunter Yeah! not a problem

  • thatkidkylee Kyle Garcia (@thatkidkylee) reported

    @RitzScythe @giodude1580 @monsterhunter Gears and halo are great exclusives but I suppose you can’t exactly count gears as an exclusive. Point is there’s still no reason why we shouldn’t even be able to do a beta test. When they first launched MHW there was matchmaking problems. We can’t address that if we can’t test

  • Boyd_Manchild Connor Boyd (@Boyd_Manchild) reported

    @monsterhunter The main (mostly network) issues with PC and Xbox at launch could have been avoided with a beta, but yet again we would rather get some extra money from Sony than ensure smooth performance on all systems.

  • HD_ProfJ Professor J (@HD_ProfJ) reported

    @monsterhunter You need to fix the duplicate drops in AT Kulve Taroth. I understand a game that requires grinding. I don't understand receiving duplicate weapons to the point you will never receive the weapon you are hunting for. It isn't fun anymore.

  • IntelCorn Bernard Fuddle (@IntelCorn) reported

    @ExitioRegem @monsterhunter I've got the same CPU and never really had issues. I think I turned down some of the less optimized options, but it's still miles better than when I played on PS4. I think people overreacted about the PC launch honestly.

  • ExitioRegem ExitioRegem (@ExitioRegem) reported

    @IntelCorn @monsterhunter Hope your right and they change them in G, and also fix PC version, i have PS4 version but paying for online is so bad, i heard that you need a really good CPU for the game, i have an i5 8600k btw, lots of frame pacing issues from what ive heard

  • ExitioRegem ExitioRegem (@ExitioRegem) reported

    @IntelCorn @monsterhunter Do you think its possible for them to fix the older weapons, i remember before i bought the game, i told myself that i would collect all weapons, like in 4U, once i found out the weapons looked like ass, i quit. Hope this brings me back to the game after more than a year of break

  • AberrantKapro Aberrant Kapro (@AberrantKapro) reported

    @saphireartist @Bobby2timez @PlayStation @monsterhunter No problem 👍

  • GreyWandererXD GreyWanderer XD (@GreyWandererXD) reported

    @Minion2Minogue @monsterhunter I can say yes, graphic fidelity makes the weapons look better. But in terms of designs it becomes lackluster and inferior to previous installations designs. Plus 2 whole years to fix that. Just minor tweaks to the model. You can say realistic, but MHW isn't realistic whatsoever.

  • TheDeaconCash Deacon Cash (@TheDeaconCash) reported

    @monsterhunter I couldn’t get into it. I kept getting errors. Now I want to die of frost bite.

  • Azybrah Azy (@Azybrah) reported

    @monsterhunter My foresight slash not working 99% of the time cause its so Different from world


    @monsterhunter You guys still didnt fixed the error code:50382-MW1 its been a year and my friend and i still cant play this damn game! I can join in other peoples sessions but my friend cant join to mine and i to him.

  • QuelquDeux Alfred Bernard (@QuelquDeux) reported

    @DoktorCoktor @BrianOyster1 @OneConfusedWolf @monsterhunter It's not a big issue indeed. Still, with over 2500 hours in the franchise, I will never call it perfect. We're not saying they should stop what they're doing. We're discussing adding more options, to fit the taste of more players. I don't know how that's "taking the fun out".

  • DoktorCoktor ~Sony Pony Stands With Vic Mignogna~ (@DoktorCoktor) reported

    @OneConfusedWolf @monsterhunter There's nothing wrong with fanservice at all. I've played Monster Hunter since the first game back in 2004, and I'm baffled by the amount of people here who have a problem with something that was always present in the franchise. Just choose a different armor set instead. lol

  • DoktorCoktor ~Sony Pony Stands With Vic Mignogna~ (@DoktorCoktor) reported

    @BrianOyster1 @QuelquDeux @OneConfusedWolf @monsterhunter It's people like you who really take the "fun" out of the video game medium. I'm not sure if you've played any of the previous titles before World, but this is tame compared to some of the older titles. I'm not sure why this is an issue though to begin with.

  • redding2890 Paddy2890 (@redding2890) reported

    @NickyWhat @Rayragalia @monsterhunter I feel the same! So many armor sets look cool, but are useless for my bow and Bowgun builds. Then there is the whole issue of builds mixing different pieces. I would do that more often if I could have a better looking layered set.

  • NobodySpecialul Nobody Special (@NobodySpecialul) reported

    @monsterhunter Unless youre a female lol I don't take issue with your other outfits because they look dope....but you bragged about the warmth while having the female version have no pants.....come on now.

  • Artist3VOLVE Henry Foster (@Artist3VOLVE) reported

    @Goji_2015 @Reshkrom1153 @monsterhunter That's true, but the Handler obviously needs character development and to learn to stop tagging along just to get attacked, saying we when she's at camp doing jack and stop inserting herself everywhere repeating phrases. She does that and I have no problems with the character.

  • Cropped_Porn Brekli (@Cropped_Porn) reported

    @azurlaneN01 @monsterhunter Nobody is calling for realism, it's just a horrendously boring design that is worse in every single way compared the male armour. World's female designs are uninspired and reliant entirely on fan service. Female sets in older MonHun games weren't nearly as bad.

  • BUSCHaGAME Screaming_Lizard (@BUSCHaGAME) reported

    @PlayStation @monsterhunter Your parasitic scam, PS-Plus, hurts your customers more than think, your greed cuts the circulation out of the meaning of multiplayer, preventing equal gameplay to people labeled as scrubs and those who blindly throw money at this fraudulent service.

  • RedmondStache Redmond Stache (@RedmondStache) reported

    @monsterhunter There was no option to wear this Tigrex Mantle, please fix

  • AbyssWraith Abyss Wraith (@AbyssWraith) reported

    @tds_Peppo @TwoSixNine @monsterhunter pls fix

  • Artist3VOLVE Henry Foster (@Artist3VOLVE) reported

    @Reshkrom1153 @monsterhunter BTW I wouldn't have a problem if I could ignore her but you can't. She's forced in your face and repeats phrases, and when she says we and pard while barely doing anything & what she does do is indirect I'll complain her flaws are so apparent PS Maybe I'll cure cancer like Biden

  • Artist3VOLVE Henry Foster (@Artist3VOLVE) reported

    @Goji_2015 @Reshkrom1153 @monsterhunter Broken record no facts. Sounds like a typical fanboy lol

  • Armazi_88 Armazi88 (@Armazi_88) reported

    @VampyBitme @monsterhunter I'm downloading the Beta now. My problem with twin blades was I kept going for the special move, but that should only be used when they are immobilized. Since I started just doing normal attacks I am doing better and living longer. Again thank you for telling me to stick to it.

  • Raijin6_ Byakko (@Raijin6_) reported

    @Angel19824986 @monsterhunter I mean he was never really that difficult. He got annoying when they made him stay in the air longer but that's about it. And if you use weapons that have at least some range even that is no problem

  • zarikunori Akki (@zarikunori) reported

    @BleachyCakes @monsterhunter *HG Earplugs has broken!*

  • Metaru_Raiden George Ordaz (@Metaru_Raiden) reported

    @5d168e395a41443 @asoproductions @PlayStation @monsterhunter Unfortunately. When it launched on Xbox and pc, it had lots of connectivity issues. Because they only tested the network out on PS4. I'm gonna guess there's gonna be content issue for Xbox and pc.

  • Danroleth Danroleth (@Danroleth) reported

    @monsterhunter Well that did not go as expected, for some reason the stream was lagging as hell, still we are up for Nergigante, if we could beat him under 2 hours i will do a Hollow Knight stream instead!

  • My_pineapple182 Ø (@My_pineapple182) reported

    @magitekgaymer @PlayStation @monsterhunter Thats a ps4 heat problem

  • Francis_FTW Francisco Cabral (@Francis_FTW) reported

    @PraxicWarlock @monsterhunter Not the point. What I mean is that there’s no real reason to build or focus on the looks of a completed armor set. Layered armor barely makes up for the actual variety in the game. MHXU had a good fix for this, letting people craft their own cosmetics.

  • Eliasdsiase Dsiase™ (@Eliasdsiase) reported

    @monsterhunter Amor looks ******* awesome but fix the weapons, they look awful

  • JoCoHo94 Jordan Holdsworth (@JoCoHo94) reported

    @monsterhunter Can one of the new key features be trading in the handler for another more capable handler, mine is broken

  • dankmemerboio Tyrell Smith (@dankmemerboio) reported

    @darkfliers @AlphaFoxWarfare @PlayStation @monsterhunter Ofc i definitely agree a little communication goes a long way, i think the main issue was that the mh devs are a bit in the past, they dont understand they can re use models and texture to remake the game, this would make for easy patches bit porting is a waste of time

  • darkfliers Miya (@darkfliers) reported

    @dankmemerboio @AlphaFoxWarfare @PlayStation @monsterhunter i'd have less of a problem if they just stopped ignoring pc players' concerns and just talked about it. but until they actually communicate abt it, i'm gonna nag them abt it.

  • omega_scythe Omega (@omega_scythe) reported

    @VerboseVagrant @hunteraero @monsterhunter People like you are the problem with the community. I have to wait till winter what with me being PC but, I'm not going attack a group of people just because they get a shiny new toy that I don't. That's just jealousy at it's finest. Grow up.

  • huckjammer Huckjam (@huckjammer) reported

    @monsterhunter dude come on why can't you release th pc version at the same time. Why is this an issue every release nobody else but you does this anymore.

  • Reshkrom1153 Reshkrom1153 (@Reshkrom1153) reported

    @DummyThiccPlant @monsterhunter It really didn't. The only issues Xbox had was server issues.

  • CrimsoneyeGames Benjamin DeLoach (@CrimsoneyeGames) reported

    @monsterhunter Most likely if they do an Xbox beta it would be after PS's. Gives them a chance to view reports and/or work out issues that arose. Just easier to focus on one platform at a time.

  • patrickviolence marx fucks (@patrickviolence) reported

    @monsterhunter i am getting an error code "you cannot play this save data until monster hunter world has fully downloaded" and i can't play my save file anymore.

  • Dead799 Dead (@Dead799) reported

    @swinney_darius @Reshkrom1153 @Cobaltios @monsterhunter THAT IS THE PROBLEM tigrex should be getting new moves and movement to deal with the new equipment and movement of the hunter, yet they kept him the same, meaning he'll be a punching bag, unlike in the demo we'll have all our items from high rank.

  • Dead799 Dead (@Dead799) reported

    @swinney_darius @Reshkrom1153 @Cobaltios @monsterhunter Yes he does and that's the problem, nergigante was not changed from demo to full game so what ******** are you getting that from. I doubt you even keep up with shit since you obviously were not bothered to read that ryozo acknowledged tigrex's shittiness

  • oggywankenobii Oggy-Wan Kenobi (@oggywankenobii) reported

    @monsterhunter I've been running around for 3 hours and no elder dragon tracks yet. Fix this quest or make it easier to find them.

  • minerjorge69 Brandon Harris (@minerjorge69) reported

    @monsterhunter My name is Brandon and I love your game but I ran into an issue a week or so ago. My PS4 crashed and my player data did not save after 2018. I had the full Witcher 3 set and had at least 100 hours more on my character. Is this fixable. I just want my earned stuff.

  • Vintendo45 🇨🇦Vintendo🇨🇦 (@Vintendo45) reported

    @monsterhunter can't connect to your server I keep getting this error code : 51-mw1 I'm in Canada and I never got any online problem before you star saying restart your router...

  • Sinorras Kaiser Rotbart Herr der 50 Zeichen und Symbole🇩🇪 (@Sinorras) reported

    @oliverbcampbell @monsterhunter sure hope so. I need my fictional biology fix

  • Denning0218 Dennis - SG42 (@Denning0218) reported

    @RidgeBoy50_Bam @monsterhunter I ain’t watching all that booty quality but I skimmed 😂 I don’t see the problem bro and this shit comes out May 2020 they got so much time to polish. No way the game isn’t gonna be touched up before then. Have faith.

  • ChronoPinoyX Chrono Pinoy X 🌀 (@ChronoPinoyX) reported

    Tried to help someone with the Super Saiyan Blue Kulu in @monsterhunter World then PSN services died... I got 2 shotted by Super Saiyan Blue Kulu mid error screen...

  • Soul_Reaperx089 SoulReaperx (@Soul_Reaperx089) reported

    @monsterhunter Hopefully you guys fix the horrible lip synching and the annoying and Weird looking handler. Also please have a better more interesting story.

  • GruffTheGryphon Griff Goetz (@GruffTheGryphon) reported

    @monsterhunter @Arekkz That would be, extremely broken if you could lol

  • katakanahunter kata (@katakanahunter) reported

    @monsterhunter will there be a Palico edit voucher in the future, when I start monster hunter wold for the first time I don’t look at my options because I just wanted to play the story now I regret what I did,wish I can fix that mistake

  • derekmcdaniel derek (@derekmcdaniel) reported

    @monsterhunter It’s not working for me 😞

  • Logetastic Logetastic (@Logetastic) reported

    @FisHLoC_87 @Darokaz @monsterhunter Anthem doesn't crash for me. It just refuses to connect from load up.

  • Russell__Aaron Russell Aaron (@Russell__Aaron) reported

    @ProteusXL @rage @monsterhunter is a prime example of that done correctly. As well as many others, I know I'm frustrated with games coming out short of all the needed "day 1" functionality - it's kind of infuriating! >;[ here, play our game until we fix it... thanks, guys

  • gamerartist19 Kristoff \[T]/ (@gamerartist19) reported

    @monsterhunter Here's my looks like a Kushala Daora reskin... 10/10 effort...

  • Mikazuki_IBO Abrase (@Mikazuki_IBO) reported

    @monsterhunter He'll be really hard to fight :) hopefully gives me more problems more than fatalis did in mh4

  • TManuspong Ter Manuspong (@TManuspong) reported

    @LeviGratton @monsterhunter This will sound stupid, but it's too realistic. And other armor have this problem too, compared to the older games, the fantasy of this game is really low

  • MHBlake b (@MHBlake) reported

    @monsterhunter can't wait for modders to fix it to make it not look like ass

  • marioman6444 M A R I O M A N 6 4 4 4 (@marioman6444) reported

    This will be the single reason why I'm not buying the game now... he gave me a lot of problems in Generations ultimate, particularly grimclaw, but i shall make an entire home out of tigrex material this time! if not it will be the other way around💀👌🏿 #Iceborne #MonsterHunter