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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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  • CelestialReapr 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 (@CelestialReapr) reported

    @withinthedevin1 @monsterhunter idk whats going on with the game. but it's messing up some stuff. i don't want technical issues near the variant releases.

  • xGen3s1sx Justin (@xGen3s1sx) reported

    Why does only @monsterhunter cause my external harddrive crash

  • ShadyFeras shady_feras (@ShadyFeras) reported

    @monsterhunter fix ur ******* 2 years old game

  • general_rauter General_Rauter (@general_rauter) reported

    please fix the server problems.. cant join anyone... @monsterhunter @CAPCOM_Germany @MHinfo_en #MonsterHunterWorld

  • rithfi Rizky T. Arliyatama (@rithfi) reported

    @monsterhunter After the game updated, there are always several error code issue, please fix it because it's kind of hard to go online

  • Dancap_p Daniel (@Dancap_p) reported

    @StreetFighter @Capcom_UK Hello @CapcomUSA_ and @monsterhunter I just want to say. I bought your games on steam and it's not yours ******* problem how and where I want to play PC or @NVIDIAGFN. So I just want to say **** you and your games.... I spend my money to play on @NVIDIAGFN and now I can't

  • RighteousTime Dawnethor (@RighteousTime) reported

    @monsterhunter had to uninstall world. Sorry to admit it, but the game didn’t give me the same magic that Tri did. The end game grind is very boring, plus adding the guiding lands was such a fatal error in game design.

  • Hiryuu_Honyaku Matthew (@Hiryuu_Honyaku) reported

    @qqavenger @monsterhunter I had a similar problem. I had to update to the Steam beta to get the game to load at all, try that. (Steam settings > Account > Beta Participation > Steam Beta Update)

  • Hiryuu_Honyaku Matthew (@Hiryuu_Honyaku) reported

    @NastyDoFy @monsterhunter Hey I don't know if you're still having this issue but I had a similar problem. I had to update to the Steam beta to get the game to load at all, try that. (Steam settings > Account > Beta Participation > Steam Beta Update)

  • LandrauNils Nils Landrau (@LandrauNils) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix error 50086-mw1 please, i can't play anymore

  • kalysss ♡ かぃす (@kalysss) reported

    @Nujaoo7 @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ #MHWアイスボーン we have a problem here

  • NastyDoFy Gyro...❄️ (@NastyDoFy) reported

    @monsterhunter Anyways it need so long to lunch the game and I hate it plz fix it

  • __Shulya Shulya (@__Shulya) reported

    @SHickey98 @KaiyeeK @monsterhunter Console issues. An update has been released for xbox but it has nothing to do with this one, this one for PC is meant to fix issues for AMD gpu users, as well as giving compensations for festival issues. If your xbox kicks you from a game for an update, it's stupid.

  • SanChiPL SanChi (@SanChiPL) reported

    @monsterhunter fix the dc's from sessions

  • adgamlin Gamalam (@adgamlin) reported

    @monsterhunter @Radeon AMD gpus and their drivers will crash your pc every 5-10 minutes, dont waste your money

  • Hazencruz 🔞 Can't Bruise the Cruz 🍿 (@Hazencruz) reported

    @monsterhunter please fix the ******* booting people out of multiplayer shit

  • SHickey98 Gramr (@SHickey98) reported

    @__Shulya @monsterhunter I'm pretty certain I was playing and know what I saw. Mission ended and on the screen back to HQ the disconnect message popped up. And I went to dashboard to install the update. I know it didn't save, because my box was in order and new deco wasn't there. Had 0 previously, 0 now.

  • __Shulya Shulya (@__Shulya) reported

    @KaiyeeK @SHickey98 @monsterhunter Weird, that’s a problem from steam then, it shouldn’t kick you just because of an update, never

  • __Shulya Shulya (@__Shulya) reported

    @SHickey98 @monsterhunter It doesn’t kick you out of the game, you probably had a crash. I still didn’t update the game and my game is still running.

  • IRuDoKaI Akodur (@IRuDoKaI) reported

    @monsterhunter This issue seems rare but I'm not the only one to have it. Please Capcom look at this steam thread, look at what we did over the pages and do something... I'm gonna link the save that is not working, I don't care, this is a corrupted save...

  • IRuDoKaI Akodur (@IRuDoKaI) reported

    @monsterhunter Please capcom, I lost my save data 2 days ago, it seems corrupted and I don't know why it is like this I just know that before the loss, I could not enter my room so I decided to reload the game and thats when I got the error message saying that my save data can't be read

  • TrueGlabsen Glabsen (@TrueGlabsen) reported

    like for real, since the patch with rajang came out, mhwi is crashing way too often, im playing it on high settings with an rx 580 8GB gpu and ryzen 5 2600x cpu. this is bullshit. get your shit together and fix your damn code @CAPCOM_Germany @monsterhunter

  • TyboldBSG Definitely a Goldfish (@TyboldBSG) reported

    Dear @@CapcomUSA_ & @monsterhunter #MonsterHunterWorld has been completely unplayable with constant freezing for several days now. Tried everything in my power to fix it. I just want to hunt monsters. Please help. Sincerely, AMD Hunter #MHWorld #MHWIBPC

  • Arcyon_ Arcyon (@Arcyon_) reported

    @BetterOffBlue @tahlexia @WolcenGame @monsterhunter Sounds like research went south. I killed the first boss in about 10 seconds with a hybrid ranged melee character with close to no gear. Basically starting equipment. If you are having a lot of issues you may need to check you stat prioritisation before face tanking.

  • tahlexia Tahlexia ☠️ (@tahlexia) reported

    @BetterOffBlue @WolcenGame @monsterhunter I am explaining that you would not be ranting about spec'ing in a game if you had ARPG experience. That is precisely what they are about. Respec and spec, trial and error. I have 1000 in PoE, I am considered a newbie...

  • H0uji cumnmrmpt (@H0uji) reported

    @monsterhunter please fix online servers. Every single room has about 1 person in them, it's impossible to play with people

  • aryawcksana Rizky Arya (@aryawcksana) reported

    @monsterhunter fix your goddamn pc server ffs

  • silverkingra Giorno Giovanna (@silverkingra) reported

    @monsterhunter there’s been an issue with long sword where the counter doesn’t proc properly when using it. There’s also the issue of “Spirit Helm Breaker” where when using it a monster could knock you out the air even if you’re higher than it.

  • Temonsenpai Temon (@Temonsenpai) reported

    @monsterhunter Can you please fix the online issues 😔

  • Supremesoobi Kevin Subijano (@Supremesoobi) reported

    Error Code: 50088-MW1. Y’all gonna fix this or naaa @monsterhunter

  • NSTgamerX Nishant Chouhan (@NSTgamerX) reported

    @monsterhunter Is PC Servers Down Right Now. Cant login, cant creat or join session. No problem of Internet, ofcourse.

  • NovaqueYT NovaqueYT (@NovaqueYT) reported

    @monsterhunter hello im getting a error code 50383-MW1 when im trying to join my friend

  • Tian_simbar Christian Simbar (@Tian_simbar) reported

    @monsterhunter Pleasee fix the "error 5038f MW " :(

  • PYoowi PlatinumYuri🔞🐝 (@PYoowi) reported

    @Slyngin @monsterhunter The thing is I can't play period because of my homeless issue.

  • GrimmHunter77 Doofenswards (@GrimmHunter77) reported

    @Bossano_v_a @monsterhunter It’s like Kulve Taroth so it will come back around every so often. Biggest problem is if it will only be out 4 times a year or not.

  • Slyngin Slyngin (@Slyngin) reported

    @PYoowi @monsterhunter Maybe we'll get some tickets for free for compensation. The servers had a problem and none of the events were showing up, it lasted I think a day or less. Maybe you'll be able to craft the set I dunno

  • SilentYeet ~Finally using the Clutch Claw properly~ (@SilentYeet) reported

    @monsterhunter Lavasioth and Rath are at it again. Poor Hunter. In a broken household. :<

  • Fatalis28 Fatalis The Unkind (@Fatalis28) reported

    @EVILXJUG @monsterhunter no problem!

  • Dayton890 Dayton890jay (@Dayton890) reported

    @JavierMc_Style @monsterhunter You're doing us a service dwindle their numbers

  • Felipee2507 Felipe2507 (@Felipee2507) reported

    @DAH_Chef_Artist @AGREATSWORDMAIN @monsterhunter 3ds has mh3u, 4u and Gen, I don't think it would be a problem for the switch receive a port of mh4u.

  • PogiPolice14 Chris (@PogiPolice14) reported

    @KuramaXOctoPOPS @Shwifty_Crota @MausPzkpfw @doodar64 @jormangander @Dimitris_Tzk @monsterhunter @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo @NintendoEurope @CapcomUSA_ Only if they fix the janky hitboxes. Pokke was the best village

  • SoxarS Soxar Shmellie (@SoxarS) reported

    @monsterhunter I'm still getting the error code. Nothing has been fixed on my end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • thatskho kho (@thatskho) reported

    @monsterhunter had silver rath “communication error” gg

  • ZFZumo Zumo (@ZFZumo) reported

    @monsterhunter Hey, as of lately I've been having this issue where around this time of night, loading screens start taking ridiculously long, and loading into the Guiding Lands is impossible, I sat through at 10 minute loading screen and nothing still nothing. I have about 1.5k hours

  • SamMcdo34923637 Kuromori052162 (@SamMcdo34923637) reported

    @Bramble31350051 @LovelyAmetrine @Kathy_E_J @monsterhunter It's skeleton wouldn't really work in worlds engine. It's the same reason the leviathans are in world. Not sure if this is true but I heard they had an issue with Lagiacrus's neck moving just like the wiggler helmet.

  • Shadowolf990 Shadowolf (@Shadowolf990) reported

    @monsterhunter I love everything about 4u, but my favorite memory is no doubt loading into a Gogmazios quest with a full party, having a connection error happen 5 minutes in, and still managing to finish the fight alone with just a few minutes to spare.

  • as_jhin A.S ✂️ (@as_jhin) reported

    @monsterhunter Non cuz im broken and i dont have the game give me one my dudes... 😭

  • Rayan_Valstrax Rayan #TransRightsAreHumanRights (@Rayan_Valstrax) reported

    @JavierMc_Style @MausPzkpfw @monsterhunter Because Sony refused to help to fund and localise MHP3rd. Following that issue Capcom had with them, they signed an exclusivity deal with Nintendo for MH games. That's why it took them so long. Sony themselves are to blame for killing the Vita by messing with their biggest game.

  • azlekayn Azlekayn (@azlekayn) reported

    @Joeynator3000 @victoravica @monsterhunter I tore mine out and put a PsP analog stick cap on it haha, but I also have really big hands so hand helds all cause me problems

  • CCCConrad Cory Conrad (@CCCConrad) reported

    @Azzbag7 @monsterhunter Magnanimous, but not appropriate given the problem.

  • Arron_Vince23 Arron (@Arron_Vince23) reported

    @monsterhunter The only issue I had is, after the first title update on PC, the CPU usage drastically increased. Still playable at 50-60FPS and very rarely freezes, but still worrying since it stresses my CPU a lot. Thre FPS also drops to 40 at some point for no reason.

  • bel_jens Jens Bel (@bel_jens) reported

    @monsterhunter O that explains why I couldn't view them yesterday. Glad to know its a problem with the game and not my wifi

  • Ahaki97 Akim (@Ahaki97) reported

    @monsterhunter Tq for fixing the issue with the event but im still missing yesterday gold melding ticket because of the steamworks was not updated

  • MysticTemptress Mysti ~ Legiana Tamer (@MysticTemptress) reported

    @monsterhunter Glad I'm on xbox. And don't tell me, it's better on PC or you have mods. I'm quite happy where I am xD I'm just thankful the only issues I have so far when it comes to xbox is not getting the invites when someone wants me to play. But that's solely Microsoft.

  • JamieMc68127761 Jamie Mcclelland (@JamieMc68127761) reported

    @monsterhunter please fix online session

  • AirisTheFox 🧪🧬 Crazy Airis 🧬🧪 (@AirisTheFox) reported

    Before updating your game with more content, better make sure the game works, @monsterhunter First the event goes down, now I keep getting the "D12 graphics device crashed" bullshit error anytime I am in an event mission, an error that was introduced since you released iceborne.

  • Br0k3n0ne Kevin (@Br0k3n0ne) reported

    @monsterhunter Got home from work and tried completing the dailies after they were broken last night but came up one quest short before they reset and missed out on the Celestial Wyverian Print. I wouldn't have minded if I missed out on the tickets but the Prints are a lot more important to me.

  • meowclure 💙 Robot Princess Clure 💙 (@meowclure) reported

    @monsterhunter Please extend the event; there are many quests I still wish to do, but this error was very poorly timed!

  • JaySchneider77 Jacob Schneider (@JaySchneider77) reported

    @monsterhunter I would if I could, but the events not working for me!

  • _Chartos_ Chartos_ (@_Chartos_) reported

    @monsterhunter come with converting games to another platform and it also seems like update gaps will be shorter or completely disappear in the future, as there's only a 1 month gap in the different platfrom release of the new update. Keep going, you're doing a great community service :)