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Namecheap provides services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties (also known as aftermarket domain names). It is also a web hosting company.

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  • Zeptars
    Zeptars (@Zeptars) reported

    @Namecheap Hi there, namecheap login page seems to be down in the UK right now, sometimes it's online but quickly goes offline again when refreshing or entering details. I sent a DM. Thanks.

  • mustmodify
    Johnathon Wright (@mustmodify) reported

    I want to move away from @GoDaddy. As a test, I registered some domains with @Namecheap. Went to renew today. Between confusing UX, odd programming choices (like refreshing when I update years in the cart) and some gateway errors, it's hard to move away from those jerks. :(

  • AdHoc8
    AdHoc (@AdHoc8) reported

    @Namecheap No, I never receive any notification for Private Email maintenances. And there’s been 3-4 of those in the last few weeks. Customers need to receive an email when a specific service is scheduled for planned maintenance! I don’t have time to check the status updates every day...

  • getstatusupdate
    Status Update (@getstatusupdate) reported

    🚨 Namecheap <​namecheap​.com> 🚧 Issues with host records management on BasicDNS/PremiumDNS/FreeDNS nameservers ⏰ October 17, 2018 at 08:27AM

  • AdHoc8
    AdHoc (@AdHoc8) reported

    @Namecheap Hi Namecheap. Please let us subscribe to email alerts on *individual support channels* on your Status Updates blog, we keep having unpleasant Private Email maintenances at 6:00 UTC without any warning, it’s a disaster for business.

  • AyePizzaBoy
    PIZZA BOY 🍕 (@AyePizzaBoy) reported

    @Namecheap Let Domain Support know I said get gud.

  • Winnipeg_21
    Winnipeg21 (@Winnipeg_21) reported

    @Floris @Namecheap Sounds more like they are closing down, and switch to some other company. Tbh

  • Floris
    Floris (@Floris) reported

    @mattkoshko @Namecheap The problem with big companies that feel successful is that they sometimes get new management, or sometimes pivot, or sometimes get acquired by others and "their" focus is then hosting, or they find out hosting is more profitable, and then announce "all domains free : with host"

  • OrestesCA
    Orestes Carracedo (@OrestesCA) reported

    Used to have domains on @Namecheap. Migrated them because no matter what I did I always ended up talking to their support. It was excruciating 😩. Now I bought two e-mail plans because I can redirect one address to many. It just stopped working and I'm on their chat again 😠

  • OrestesCA
    Orestes Carracedo (@OrestesCA) reported

    Esed to have domains on @Namecheap. Migrated them because no matter what I did I always ended up talking up with their support. It was excruciating 😩. Now I bought two e-mail plans because I can redirect one address to many. It just stopped working and I'm on their chat again 😠

  • 4csmedia
    4C's Media (@4csmedia) reported

    @Namecheap have to say that the site is very slow though, something is not working right here

  • TheManyFaced
    Business Plot (@TheManyFaced) reported

    @Namecheap my server is running extremely slow. You're going to give me a heart attack.

  • TheManyFaced
    Business Plot (@TheManyFaced) reported

    @4csmedia @Namecheap My entire server is down. Quite convenient when I have meetings tomorrow.

  • _fuzziluzzi
    Joe Luzzi (@_fuzziluzzi) reported

    @Namecheap Never mind I see I bought a .coffee

  • brentybh
    Brent, Bohan YANG (@brentybh) reported

    @Namecheap Your B-Day Promo Page is down... Too many redirects...

  • Techhelplistcom
    Techhelplist (@Techhelplistcom) reported

    . @coinbase hey i keep tryna log in to get support, coinbase, but your support site seems down. coinbase-support[.]net maybe @GoDaddy can look into it since they are hosting it, or @Namecheap since they sold the domain.

  • Alchemister5
    Jason Baker (@Alchemister5) reported

    @FishStix Namecheap is pretty good. When I was a sysadmin I enjoyed them the most. What I use for my domain I never bothered to do anything with.

  • AGreatDomain
    NamesThat.Win (@AGreatDomain) reported

    Integration of Namecheap as domain provider for users of Adobe Portfolio service program sounds like a win-win situation. Major coup for Namecheap. Read all about it @DomainGang post...

  • _fuzziluzzi
    Joe Luzzi (@_fuzziluzzi) reported

    @Namecheap Never mind, I just bought another domain name haha

  • themsaid
    Mohamed Said🐋 (@themsaid) reported

    @Namecheap You website is down, returns 500 internal server error.

  • _fuzziluzzi
    Joe Luzzi (@_fuzziluzzi) reported

    @Namecheap As long as you’ll help me come up with domain names if I have a brain fart :)

  • OpenBox3D
    OpenBox3D (@OpenBox3D) reported

    I only have myself to blame for not believing the negative user feedback about @Namecheap 2FA myriad of issues until I ran into issues with it as well and the advertised 2hrs ticket response time highlighted by other account holders, mine is over 24hrs, still awaiting response.

  • nathfreder
    Nathaniel Fredericks (@nathfreder) reported

    @Namecheap is down! 😿

  • shahtotus
    She7ta (@shahtotus) reported

    @Namecheap you are the worst customer service ever , it is a big mistake to buy domain or svcs from you

  • MikeKanakos
    Mike Kanakos (@MikeKanakos) reported

    @Ctmcisco @barbariankb @KevinMarquette @mick_pletcher @MS_dministrator I use @Namecheap . Never had an issue and always competitive on price. Called customer service/tech support a few times and always got people who knew what they were doing.

  • smokex365
    Michael Chamberland (@smokex365) reported

    @Namecheap It's working now but I find it troubling that there's so many issues that have cropped up. Between the lack of real 2FA, lack of support for 2048+ DKIM, poor API and other issues it leaves a bad impression.

  • opensourcesblog
    OpenSourcES (@opensourcesblog) reported

    @Namecheap @kilogram24blog Having the same problem even after reset password. Chatting with your Live Chat now but maybe it's a more general problem.

  • cryptradr
    Cryptotrader (@cryptradr) reported

    The website and all services are down because our DNS provider suddenly lost all DNS records for one of our domains.Thanks @Namecheap for ruining the day.

  • Ayeshlive
    Ayesh blockchain Karunaratne (@Ayeshlive) reported

    @hanno @Namecheap May I ask _Why_ they should take it down? The registrars shouldn't care about what the registrants do with their domains unless NameCheap is also hosting this JS file.

  • fredbaa
    Fred Baa (@fredbaa) reported

    Hey @Namecheap, got problems with your mail servers?

  • QuinnyPig
    Corpsey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported from Redwood City, California

    @nathankpeck @sntxrrtoo @tecnobrat I'll caveat that. I can buy a domain on Namecheap in 30 seconds from a bar. There's no streamlined Route53 process to do that from my phone without being really insecure. #awswishlist to help support my awful ideas.

  • clementsauvage
    Clément S. (@clementsauvage) reported

    @Namecheap / @Comodo_SSL WHAT THE F*** : D+8 and still no SSL issued … business completely down ! And @Namecheap support girl : stupid & incapable idiot !

  • WordSherbert
    Dean Owen Jones (@WordSherbert) reported

    @jess_a_turnbull Squarespace if you can afford it. Save your time/sanity from Wordpress with all its constant updates + plugins + hosting + templates + security + other endless hassles. NoDaddy (Never GoDaddy). + buy your own URL. I use NameCheap for that + they've been great.

  • BelmondoTech
    Al Belmondo (@BelmondoTech) reported

    @Namecheap @hollyphotobooth How do you call a 2+ day issue temporary? This has been absurdly frustrating

  • keremgo3d
    Kerem (@keremgo3d) reported

    @Namecheap I've found your recent prices pretty expensive. I saw the .tech domain name for $6.88/year - till too much for someone like me who's living in a country with terrible economy. I trust you and still hoping for even more budget prices.

  • pugson
    Wojtek (@pugson) reported

    @xdesro @_pretzelhands Namecheap never steals your money. Use Namecheap.

  • TechJournalist
    Sean Kerner (@TechJournalist) reported

    Really good customer service interaction with @Namecheap ; had a security concern and they dealt with it very responsibly.

  • Wecx_
    Wecx- (@Wecx_) reported

    @highsidecrypto @xcsler @jochemin @MeniRosenfeld As a user myself. I have had to move all my economic activity to BCH. None of the Venders I use, e.g. namecheap, wishosting, or newegg use Lightning network, it would be impossible for me to continue using BTC.

  • Wecx_
    Wecx- (@Wecx_) reported

    @highsidecrypto @xcsler @jochemin @MeniRosenfeld As a user myself. I have had to move all my economic activity to BCH. None of the Venders I use, e.g. namecheap or wishosting use Lightning network, it would be impossible for me to continue using BTC.

  • _abhayshah
    Abhay Shah (@_abhayshah) reported

    @jrhunt @Namecheap if there was only another service that allowed the ability to spin up VPNs ... hmmm....

  • jrhunt
    Randall Hunt in LAX (@jrhunt) reported

    Hey @Namecheap are you having issues right now? I can't login to my account if I'm on my VPN but it works fine if I'm off of my VPN. You might be erroneously blocking a large range of customers.

  • ianttaylor
    Ian Taylor (@ianttaylor) reported

    @NameCheapCEO @namecheap more problems with your site, charging twiceand refusing to refund.. whatever next?

  • kimadactl
    Dr Kim Foale (@kimadactl) reported

    @SendGrid just FYI your DNS setup instructions led me down a bit of a path! I selected NameCheap and the "host" settings all said to use my full domain, which doesn't work in NameCheap (should be subdomain only). Hope you can update it to save others!

  • TechDev_
    Adam (@TechDev_) reported

    Is down?

  • rsmck
    Ross McKillop (@rsmck) reported

    @wizpip @EE Yep, but easy to fix. Also worse case do it how namecheap and others do, display a “support PIN”

  • hotpickin
    hotpickin 57s (@hotpickin) reported

    namecheap- technical issues with their private email and their service is HORRENDOUS

  • Namecheap (@Namecheap) reported

    @mwr_dbm @delfuego @mwr_dbm Hey! The domain is neither hosted nor registered with Namecheap at the moment. Please reach out to its hosting provider so they investigate the issue.

  • hollyphotobooth
    Holly Booth (@hollyphotobooth) reported

    @Namecheap Hello! Trying to log into my email account but getting this error code LGI-0003. Can you help?

  • BKMawejje
    #Mawejje (@BKMawejje) reported

    @nbstv can't @Namecheap fix this server mess issues.. Why would they underestimate the poll.

  • senexng
    SenexNG (@senexng) reported

    Companies that accept Bitcoin: Microsoft Subway Wordpress Virgin Galactic Reddit Mint Bloomberg Dish Network Intuit Wikipedia 4Chan Braintree Shopify Stripe Overstock OKCupid Namecheap Zynga San Jose Earthquakes

  • pomy
    Abdul Rahman (@pomy) reported

    @UndiscoveredDev It takes 20 minutes only if you do live chat with namecheap to help you in domain transfer.

  • hanno
    hanno (@hanno) reported

    @Cryptomaeher @tibor_jager this panama registration is a standard feature of namecheap. They are very slow to react on abuse complains.

  • _maximkuzmin
    Максим Кузьмин (@_maximkuzmin) reported

    @Namecheap thanks a lot! By the way, tell your developers, that it's something strange with "live chat support" button in safari (on mac and ipad too), mozilla opened it, safari not.

  • Youngcrusade806
    ?️??Young??crusade?? (@Youngcrusade806) reported

    @divineimpactuk what did u do but this Twitter your website isn't even ready yet and was recently created with namecheap wtf bro

  • zefie
    zef (@zefie) reported

    @namedotcom @Namecheap (Side note, apparently the domain has been down since June 6th when they had a hiccup with gTLD and I apparently just happened to update the NS that day and it didn't go through. Rather than push all failed updates, they left my domain down until I noticed. 30 min in chat to fix)

  • zefie
    zef (@zefie) reported

    @namedotcom you guys still cool? coz @Namecheap got me a bit upset rn. suspends my domain pending ICANN Verification when they never sent the email, nor does it send now. Unnecessary downtime without warning. Support seems apathetic and keeps putting me on hold. Might xfer..

  • ProgrammerDude
    Arian van Putten (@ProgrammerDude) reported

    Hey @Namecheap , when is support for TOTP (Google Authenticator) coming? Installing your app is less than convenient :/

  • Sankofa_Adwoa
    Angela.B.Adwoa (@Sankofa_Adwoa) reported

    @Namecheap Hello. I have reached out to your DMCA department over a MONTH ago. After getting the run around about documents required to have an infringing site / page taken down, I now am getting NO follow up reply. Please advise

  • litecoingva
    litecoingva (@litecoingva) reported

    @BitPaySupport @BitPay ok... i just tried from a #ledger nano S and it's not working too. i scan the QR code and it say this is not a valid bitcoin address... no problem with my precedent wallet to pay coinbase or bitc ATM in switzerland or on every website that accept #bitcoin but with namecheap...

  • bsingbeil
    Brendan Singbeil (@bsingbeil) reported

    @Namecheap trying to log into your app on phone I use to verify 2FA. Currently stuck in a request/approve death spiral on my phone as I cannot approve my login. Not able to get live chat on the website as I cannot log in. What can be done?