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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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February 24: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 06:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • urxcch urich (@urxcch) reported

    Netflix kinda snapped on producing Crash Landing On You.

  • sheabutterfemme K (@sheabutterfemme) reported

    Quitting my job as a social worker to keep talking about an awful Netflix reality show. Will anyone fund this.

  • WallStPlayboys Wall Street Playboys (@WallStPlayboys) reported

    Buffet being negative on bitcoin is a *positive* he is the worst tech investor for those that followed his options. He missed: google, Facebook, amazon, Netflix, said VCs would “fail” You wouldn’t trust him to fix your computer so don’t trust his tech knowledge.

  • TheTatoDragon Tato🥔 (@TheTatoDragon) reported

    @TheSUACYside @Edward6660 @I_Am_Yakiti I know Nick's track record well. Like I said, Glitch Techs is a Netflix show now, so if anything happens to it, it's on their end.

  • SanjayGopinath7 Sanjay Gopinath (@SanjayGopinath7) reported

    @JiivaOfficial sad to hear about gypsy censor issues, maybe should have released it on Netflix straight.

  • buriedmysoul arianne ‎⎊ (@buriedmysoul) reported

    @andyinsley1 @che5ter666 @Sturgeyboy05 @dazinski90 doesnt seem like thats an issue with netflix.

  • cristiantonny80 cristian tony (@cristiantonny80) reported

    @iam_bett @CrazyNairobian @plugpoint_ke Konon login cheapo Netflix oh bett

  • annlau613 Annie (@annlau613) reported

    @MayetteFoster I find some stories so formulaic that I have trouble enjoying them (like Netflix Lost in Space is Problem, Solution, Obstacle repeat) but some stories are so well/interestingly written that my writing knowledge enhanced watching it, like Once Upon a time in Hollywood.

  • peyypeyy ♡ peyypeyy ♡ (@peyypeyy) reported

    One of the worst part of relationships is not being able to watch y’all Netflix show alone bc they’ll get mad. 😭

  • UjjwalMOfficial Ujjwal Mallick (@UjjwalMOfficial) reported

    @Yash_Mah02 @XiaomiIndia No bugs. From MIUI 11.0.1 to MIUI 11.0.3 There was Battery Draining Issue. But fixed in MIUI 11.0.4 Now everything is good. & Can't stream Netflix content on HD But will be fixed with next update Within 1 & half month I got 4 update. But Android 10 is late due to Coronavirus😭

  • UjjwalMOfficial Ujjwal Mallick (@UjjwalMOfficial) reported

    @Amerporio @XiaomiIndia No bugs. From MIUI 11.0.1 to MIUI 11.0.3 There was Battery Draining Issue. But fixed in MIUI 11.0.4 Now everything is good. & Can't stream Netflix content on HD But will be fixed with next update Within 1 & half month I got 4 update. But Android 10 is late due to Coronavirus😭

  • izzaticr 💜 (@izzaticr) reported

    Dah ada Netflix still x tergerak hati nak tgk ' Crash Landing on you' maybe I'm just not ready to land yet. The view when you're single is way better😏

  • shrillandchill Claudia B [Dems, Fall in Line: 2020] (@shrillandchill) reported

    @altamberrose I keep hearing about that one. Will have to try. I do tend to find better quality on HBO and Hulu. I always love the premise of Netflix Originals but they always seem to fall short of expectations

  • joeuncool Michael Miller (@joeuncool) reported

    @thebriandunaway The problem with so many big companies is they get bogged down and blinded by their size. You have to change with the changing market. Blockbuster is the perfect example. They had the resources to destroy Netflix but thought there was no future in mail rentals.

  • lazygirl89 Usha (@lazygirl89) reported

    @firerabbits @roseIemonade at most she has had to get a new charger or something. but she is also pretty careful with her laptop for hte most part even with it being mac. my issue is i stream tv shows too much and this was like before netflix and hulu when i couldnt find shit

  • MsAllisonBailey Allison Bailey (@MsAllisonBailey) reported

    @KammeArtGallery @CKnightWrites I had a friend tell me that vaccines caused my type 1 diabetes. I was born without a thyroid and the doctors told my parents there was an increased likelihood that I would have additional endocrine problems as I grew. But my friend saw a documentary on Netflix, so... 🙃

  • Manzanelli3 Manzanelli (@Manzanelli3) reported

    If you found Elena's presentation on make-up interesting, I recommend you to watch the first chapter of Broken on Netflix. It is very much related. #CyACartuja #CyACartujaEnglish

  • jooharas bárbara 🍞 (@jooharas) reported

    crash landing on you is finally available at netflix portugal 😭😭😭

  • stonekoldsoul Grey Witch (@stonekoldsoul) reported

    @Xfinity I have Netflix also. It is not working

  • tsxlynx smoothie (@tsxlynx) reported

    I cant stop watching netflix 😭 help..

  • faisalahmad8006 Faisal Ahmad (@faisalahmad8006) reported

    @JioCare In my area jio network strength is good but the internet speed is worst even I am unable to browse page on google stream Netflix,YouTube most of the time facing this issue.Since last month. I have complain several time but still facing the same. I was not expecting this

  • OxxBri xxBRIOxx (@OxxBri) reported

    @jamieizskye2 Which sucks cause lots of people myself included who found it on Netflix can't watch it live on NBC so we can't help ratings 😟

  • FutureMcGuives Future McGuives (@FutureMcGuives) reported

    @Merryweatherey We have those right now. The problem is, like Netflix, they don't have everything we're looking for. I think most people want an all in one app. Some services have XYZ, but miss ABC. Others only have ACEG... Used to use MangaRock and this deterred me from discovering new titles.

  • SpottedMynd SpottedMynd (@SpottedMynd) reported

    @GeekFurious @neiltyson Seems a bit wordy and uncreative for a movie title. Then again Netflix saw no issues with The Last Thing He Wanted.

  • iAm_Sangam Sangam (@iAm_Sangam) reported

    The worst show I have ever seen so far. So much boring from starting to end. No twists and turns is there in #BreakingBad . Why people love this show & gave it so much high ratings despite having so much troubleness is there. Absolutely pathetic to see this. @netflix

  • ABHIDVD Abhishek Dwivedi (@ABHIDVD) reported

    @NetflixIndia @netflix @Netflixhelps please help me. My account had been hacked.

  • kiIluavante idil 🦋 (@kiIluavante) reported

    crash landing on you!!! its on Netflix

  • AlanMcAuliffe1 Alan McAuliffe (@AlanMcAuliffe1) reported

    @gothicsushii thats the problem with these people they want to a character from a movie or tv to be gay they done it with most recent version of Voltron on Netflix

  • headspawn uʍɐdspɐǝɥ (@headspawn) reported

    @HeavenlyControl The abysmal Ironfist managed to get two seasons, probably would've had a third if Netflix wasn't butthurt about Disney+... They have that Stranger Things kid a terrible prank show nobody watched ; yet '7 Seconds' , probably their best show, never got a second season.

  • headspawn uʍɐdspɐǝɥ (@headspawn) reported

    @HeavenlyControl The abysmal Ironfist managed to get two seasons, probably would've had a third of Netflix want butthurt about Disney+... They have that Stranger Things kid a terrible prank show nobody watched ; yet '7 Seconds' , probably their best show, never got a second season.

  • aLtEcS Burim Thaqi (@aLtEcS) reported

    @viciouslady1 @kaminajsmith i can’t help you with Netflix

  • stonekoldsoul Grey Witch (@stonekoldsoul) reported

    @Xfinity can you fix my @netflix , and my voice control ,and my apps ,and ....WELL FIX IT ALL PLEASE.

  • DreamerinMaking LH (@DreamerinMaking) reported

    @JackPosobiec It’s awful funny how they promoted a series on Netflix called #Pandemic. All about needing funding for such. 👀

  • killjoy9147 curiouscat (@killjoy9147) reported

    Glitch on Netflix was lame. Waste of time!

  • mynnoj P.G. Chodehouse (@mynnoj) reported

    One of the worst things about Netflix is that shows no longer have to compete for airtime

  • fuckwithnasa 𝐸𝓂🌻 12 Days (@fuckwithnasa) reported

    I’m gonna make a list of the worst tv shows on Netflix • riverdale

  • CrepCheque ZR1 🍥 (@CrepCheque) reported

    Need something new to watch on Netflix but my issue is that I never commit 😂 Currently waiting for After Life S2

  • miraaanwar mira (@miraaanwar) reported

    Due to peer pressure, I will begin ti indulge in Netflix’s Crash Landing on You. 😅

  • DCEU_Huntress Huntress 🖤🦇🖤 (@DCEU_Huntress) reported

    @GTime78 Oh god, that's so ******* bad. That whole scene is 1970's TV crime drama quality. I just want to thank everyone for dropping these clips. Now, I don't have to waste precious Netflix time.

  • MercitheGreat Merci🇨🇩 (@MercitheGreat) reported

    @netflix is there a problem

  • TanookiMario12 Tanooki12 (@TanookiMario12) reported

    Glitch Techs looks wild too bad I don’t have a netflix

  • KonteDraco KonteDraco (@KonteDraco) reported

    @DANNYonPC And I have to login into the Netflix app every 2 days. Super annoying aswell 🙄

  • Clivemerritt clive merritt (@Clivemerritt) reported

    @dazinski90 @buriedmysoul 'Most people' on the internet do an awful lot of talking and stating this and that, they're likely all secret netflix and amazon customers and about to become Disney+ customers, but obviously it's much better to just be miserable in the comments and moan forever

  • annhoff Ann Hoff (@annhoff) reported

    @aprodrig77 @robvato @netflix I watched it and also thought it was terrible. Between it being set in the ‘80s but really giving a feel for the ‘70s to it swimming in confusion I can’t figure what else I hated, ah yes, Affleck, that was it. There’s more, but who cares😶

  • MackAttackk_ ☼☮Mackadellic☼☮ (@MackAttackk_) reported

    Just started watch the DEATH NOTE anime on Netflix and I’m intrigued. All the pulled in. Need recommendations for another show before I commit to finishing it. Please help me😌😔

  • blu_eyed_scream BluEyedScream (@blu_eyed_scream) reported

    @MisterAntiBully Great WHO is taking policy advice from Netflix. Ppl disliking a shitty stand up show....get rid of the voting system to promote who we want. Ppl getting wise to a pandemic.....get rid of that category. Problem solved. 🤦

  • Tiziano_Bot Tizinyano🐱 (& Talking Head Reqiuem) (@Tiziano_Bot) reported

    Hacking La Squadra’s Netflix account so that me and Squalo can watch terrible horror movies.

  • Ghaspermusic music man (@Ghaspermusic) reported

    Netflix’s Dracula is possibly the worst show I have ever seen. I’m actually horrified at just how bad the last episode was, it’s easily top 3 worst episodes in TV history. Completely absurd, please watch it 10/10

  • Dxlilith Nuh-Ville (@Dxlilith) reported

    @TheChrisKeeper @netflix Burt was always the star tbh. I think the worst one (but BEST one really) is the one that they set in the past & Burt’s ancestor (played by Burt) was a posh gentlement turned gunmen lol

  • ABHIDVD Abhishek Dwivedi (@ABHIDVD) reported

    @NetflixIndia I have paid money to you and unable to login. And, you are not replying to my tweets. This is your approach towards your customers. Guys your data is not safe with Netflix.

  • Novacane_1x Kandii 🇬🇾 🇺🇸 (@Novacane_1x) reported

    Glitch on Netflix is like that !!

  • Amerporio Amer porio (@Amerporio) reported

    @Yash_Mah02 @XiaomiIndia Android 10 Will add google swipe gestures which is far better than MIUI gestures better dark mode L1 is not working with Netflix or Amazon and fix some of the many bugs on my note 8 pro like YouTube over sharpening and improve the UI stability

  • afterbluelights ✝ijana🌺 (@afterbluelights) reported

    10mins into this baby documentary on netflix and i'm crying my eyes out because of my daddy issues wow 🤠

  • farahhhide 𝘪𝘭𝘮𝘢𝘯⁷ (@farahhhide) reported

    half the tl regarding the tun m issue: tun m genius! tun m pulled out the uno reverse card! the other half: TUN M NEEDS HIS OWN NETFLIX SERIES

  • Susanna_Taylor Susanna Taylor (@Susanna_Taylor) reported

    @FourRedShoes @carolinepennock I find the (fabulously melodramatic!) Spanish series on Netflix helpful. The quality of subtitles is variable - and some add a comedy element...;-)

  • ErymanthianThe The Erymanthian Boar (@ErymanthianThe) reported

    @neighbour_s @MayneReport You should watch American Factory on Netflix. Interesting what the Chinese really think about Westerners. They are emboldened by an endless supply of cheap labour who work 70/80 hours a week and have two weeks leave a year. Living to work. Not working to live. No thanks.

  • brown_womxn Why not (@brown_womxn) reported

    I just finished ‘Crash landing on you’ on Netflix. Crying.

  • imamienotamy amie || 295 days until JLS (@imamienotamy) reported

    i need a new netflix show to watch, send help & suggestions

  • undeadFaisal Steve (@undeadFaisal) reported

    I would have no problem quarantine myself with limitless internet and food and stay in my room and play music and video games and Netflix all day long for a year

  • curlydinasaur dina 🦉 (@curlydinasaur) reported

    hello netflix is not working 😡🤬

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