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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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July 20: Problems at Netflix

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  • McShosh
    McShosh (@McShosh) reported

    @GirlcraftWorld @liltrashb @nerdjpg @insatiable_ @netflix @DebbyRyan The stereotype issue is why I think this should be for adults

  • KdotJohnson_
    KJ (@KdotJohnson_) reported

    @1HonestAbe_ It's like Disney mixed with Lifetime with a little bit of "Netflix Original", just awful. And the fact that she agreed to do the role is sad.

  • Bumbelinabee
    Bumbelina (@Bumbelinabee) reported

    @NatashaKissaun @netflix I literally think about suicide every single solitary day and how it is a viable option for the fact that I can’t get my life on track but I’ve never ever thought that I’m going to make everyone else feel bad because they didn’t do anything to fix it.

  • myredtulips
    Afra (@myredtulips) reported

    This is the actress from rip tide right? Wow that movie was so shit- regardless of the fact that this is fat-phobic and portrays real life issues in a stupid way, the actress alone is putting me off. Netflix leave making tv shows and movies to big companies.

  • Scottish115
    Stephen/Agent Tanner (@Scottish115) reported

    @Itamar220 @SCPfoundationO5 I work for you and my hazard pay is not enough this will fix the issue till the end of the month also when my Netflix is up for renewal but that’s a coincidence

  • Bumbelinabee
    Bumbelina (@Bumbelinabee) reported

    @NatashaKissaun @netflix Literally. People get too upset to quickly over the dumbest things when they’re more important issues to be bothered about.

  • Bumbelinabee
    Bumbelina (@Bumbelinabee) reported

    @NatashaKissaun @netflix I don’t necessarily think that that’s the problem with 13 reasons why. it’s more so the fact that it was done by a bunch of people who genuinely never have experienced any of these issues so they pretrade in a very bad way.

  • Nemolimo
    Nemo (@Nemolimo) reported

    This new netflix show makes me feel terrible and i really cant deal with this bullshit right now

  • quenchhisdesire
    Michael Jackson’s Biological Daugter|| Daij 👾 (@quenchhisdesire) reported

    Netflix shows are terrible

  • LillianBustle
    Lillian Bustle (@LillianBustle) reported

    @iamdaniadriana @canweallgo @netflix @insatiable_ @DebbyRyan It’s awful and irresponsible

  • MicaR
    Monica Roddey (@MicaR) reported

    @TOCPE82 @netflix @StoryBots Troll Hunters, but that's for older kids. Many are really poor quality.

  • Bumbelinabee
    Bumbelina (@Bumbelinabee) reported

    @NatashaKissaun @netflix Exactly we aren’t getting to the actual root of the problem we just keep making Band-Aid like jokes that can assist with some of peoples issues by seeing that representation.

  • ErenEllis
    Eren Simpson (@ErenEllis) reported

    @QueSaraiSera Wtf - this is horrifying. Cuz girls don’t have enough image issues. Wtf @netflix

  • NatashaKissaun
    Natasha Kissaun (@NatashaKissaun) reported

    @Bumbelinabee @netflix I’m not saying they did it right and I’m not gonna lie this new insatiable seems to be a whole load of fuckery but the point is they’re getting people to talk about the problem.

  • superfst
    ᵗᵒᵒᵗ (@superfst) reported

    netflix loves to give neurotypical locals content to laugh about at the expense of people who actually suffer with these issues. first 13 reasons why and now this.

  • IISupermanlI
    z 🇭🇷🥈 (@IISupermanlI) reported

    is netflix not working on samsung tv for anyone else

  • TOCPE82
    Bryan (@TOCPE82) reported

    Are there any kids shows on @Netflix that aren't garbage besides @StoryBots? The quality just isn't there for so many of these shows.

  • dontcallmesatan
    Sun 🌟 (@dontcallmesatan) reported

    I'm watching this movie with a terrible poster on Netflix with mum called Beautiful Creatures

  • ZachUkens
    Zach Ukens (@ZachUkens) reported

    @GoldenLassoGirl @netflix Yeah, at least with 13 reasons why they seemed to be trying to do something good. This is just amoral and awful without any redeeming quality.

  • xserrano9
    Xavier Serrano (@xserrano9) reported

    @Electrothanasia Wtf. Im in China isolated from the world 10 days. Netflix not working is a SERIOUS problem.

  • avweisss
    amanda weiss (@avweisss) reported

    @netflix there’s so many things to unpack on how terrible this show looks and what it’s trying to say and I’m honestly shocked and appalled something like this could come out in 2018...

  • lukecas
    Luke Simmons (@lukecas) reported

    @virginmedia error message NW-1-19 and we cannot connect to Netflix/Prime. All cable check d and fine. Called helpline and a check was apparently done but no change. Chat facility online unavailable #CustomerService

  • clutterdumps
    beth 🦕 (@clutterdumps) reported

    can’t help to think that the netflix film plays on society’s implications towards body image and the whole body positivity discussion making something so obviously wrong and stupid that it’ll get attention and be involved in a greater circulation to make money for the platform

  • Electrothanasia
    Electrothanasia (@Electrothanasia) reported

    @xserrano9 Dude, no. Aside from Netflix, these are legitimate problems. Suerte, Xavi.

  • MarkSciubbaDoe
    Mark Sciubba (@MarkSciubbaDoe) reported

    Watch #LastChanceU season 3 if you wanna witness the worst coach of not just football but of any sport in history. Holy shit. #Netflix

  • without_legs
    Runs_with_slippers (@without_legs) reported

    @Toxik_Artemis @TheNightGallery @netflix @hulu @PrimeVideo But you know those wAHmens man, thy be all upstarty at the littlest thing. Can never trust a mHEHmenz. Specially during *looks around conspiratorialy and whispers* that time of month, or Chuck help you...

  • MuBha5
    Mukul (@MuBha5) reported

    @GabbbarSingh Actually we pay the same for any tv service providers ..and netflix is replacement for TV .So problem with our mentality if any content available online it has to be free !!one of our weekend party costs us min 500 rs. so it is not costly as it seems!

  • sacred_oasis
    Alex (@sacred_oasis) reported

    @gayawaycar13 I’m definitely not smart it’s just the problems are so obvious it’s like Netflix don’t even care about the audience of their shows and how it affects them as long as they make money, it’s why 13rw exists and it’s why they’re making this problematic show it’s just frustrating

  • Shka_Bob
    Bobby O. (@Shka_Bob) reported

    @AshleyJ @netflix Well the character is a little bit better now, Luke Cage season 2 made him less awful. But I swear to God if he say Q'un-lun one more damn time...

  • KaiHibbard
    Kai Hibbard (@KaiHibbard) reported

    @Alyssa_Milano @netflix This is a terrible idea. It’s a stupid trope fat girls have been subjected to our entire lives it’s not edgy or a fucking hot take it’s a tired bullshit sad fat girl trope.

  • mgable35
    ᗰᗩᖇIᗩ 🌻 (@mgable35) reported

    @germaism @netflix This movie looks awful

  • socksjpg
    joobs (@socksjpg) reported

    will netflix stop trying to act woke bc its not working

  • Iistenbeforeigo
    ‏ً (@Iistenbeforeigo) reported

    help what are some good Netflix shows

  • benisavirgin
    ben (@benisavirgin) reported

    @Cuxpz @66caIIum @Delta @flyPAL @AmericanAir @SouthwestAir @united @emirates @AirCanada forgot my netflix login so i use hers

  • Sister_MaryLou
    Louise Cochrane (@Sister_MaryLou) reported

    @virginmedia Also I didn’t ask for the ‘new high quality content’ you are offering. I want the content I signed up for in the first place. And before you suggest Netflix, I’m not watching these channels for BBC content

  • LiterateElf
    Elf🏳️‍🌈 (@LiterateElf) reported

    @Netflixhelps is it possible to email or DM you in response to one of your shows? I'd rather not call or live chat, as I don't feel it'll convey the severity of the issue. Thanks.

  • _jennaplot
    Jenna (@_jennaplot) reported

    @bakugoutohell @mimiprev_ @insatiable_ @DebbyRyan @netflix It’ll teach just ONE person that bullying kids around them is unacceptable and that it’ll help someone stop being bullied in the end. So I know how it goes, I’m not just a “fan.” I’ve been through it all. And I still happen to think it’s a good lesson

  • lifesbug_
    🥀 (@lifesbug_) reported

    Netflix is not working :( imma die, bye

  • MutherFukrJones
    Doug Attenborough (@MutherFukrJones) reported

    @RBReich Hey, your the guy from that awful Netflix documentary I watched. I found like 8 factual errors in it. Great work rob! Keep it up big man

  • aubreyolivias
    abby (@aubreyolivias) reported

    @fentyperalta fjdjs i tried my best im awful at explaining shows and it isnt on my netflix.. i watch it on amazon prime if u have that?

  • symbioticshe
    kris (@symbioticshe) reported

    this looks absolutely terrible smfh netflix shows are such hits and misses

  • samvsaran
    REST IN PEACE CHESTER. (@samvsaran) reported

    grooming tw // after i finish of what there is of wynonna earp on netflix, i'm writing a fix-it fic where bobo isn't a gross piece of shit who groomed willa from childhood despite him being a million billion trillion year old demon.

  • DHARAM7891_
    DHARMENDRA SAH (@DHARAM7891_) reported

    @netflix monthly rental Rs650.and you show.? Worlds worst bullshit series like ANJAM.....abe itna ghatiya to raaz reboot bhi nahi h.

  • hollieecollins
    hollie (@hollieecollins) reported

    Yeah no if shit like this makes it onto Netflix I will literally have no issue making it in the film industry, thank you hollywood!

  • bookemdanno4
    Andrew Moore (@bookemdanno4) reported

    @XboxSupport I'm still having problems accessing YouTube and Netflix on my 360!!!

  • AcrossNowhere
    Elisa Maffei (@AcrossNowhere) reported

    @TheMarySue I still wondering why they cancelled Everything Sucks... and they answer with things like this. Netflix originals were about quality once upon a time.

  • labiaphile
    prince georgi (@labiaphile) reported

    the movie I watched the other day on netflix where the lesbian couple's bachelorette bliss was ruined when one confessed to never having an orgasm. her fear of being "broken" relatable

  • RyanSherlock10
    Ryan Sherlock (@RyanSherlock10) reported

    So...this show is basically about fat shaming someone until they lose weight. Another trash show by Netflix. Would it kill them to stay away from serious issues like that? And enough with the teen movies already, that genre died a long time ago. So much for Netflix "originals"

  • Cammy1969
    Cambro (@Cammy1969) reported

    @JimWhite @AberdeenFC @SalfordCityFC @talkSPORT IMO Sky & BT are the problem, all finances are aimed at English football and Scottish football needs investment not the paltry amount that the TV money is now, SKY and BT forget they get a lot of revenue north of the border, hopefully Amazon or Netflix start to shake things up.

  • LunaDash8087LR
    Luna is furry trash (@LunaDash8087LR) reported

    @Machaizelli Hng I have an online boyfriend and our "romantic dates" are he streams shit from Netflix and we sit there eating chips and shit and I have no issues with it

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