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August 15: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

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  • HatokTalk
    Hatok (@HatokTalk) reported

    @NilkadNaquada @foolycoolyLDN also, if they were required why is only nintendo doing it, and why is it always timed with the release of stuff like the mini emulation boxes or now their online service

  • DeeplyDraconic
    Gazer Kamachi (@DeeplyDraconic) reported

    @PKM471 @kingkimochi @accelldraws I wouldn't call Glaceon an open character. It's a copywritten character owned by Nintendo. That's the problem I have with militant enforcement of OC's. Where do you draw the line? Because most folks are okay with people 'stealing' characters (who are original) from mass media

  • ShyGuy16056254
    Shy Guy (@ShyGuy16056254) reported

    Hell has broken into roblox again.... you know who I’m talking about... the big N! You know! The dudes who murdered Brick Bronze! They came to Paper Mario Roleplay... and destroyed it... it’s been 9 years... they found us... unfortunately... if you make Nintendo games. Your next!

  • ScytheIronclaw
    Sykes (@ScytheIronclaw) reported

    When Nintendo launches their paid online service, Nintendo should either reduce the price of Splatoon 2 from $60 to $40, or include OctoExpansion for free, or include an insert with a one-time use code that grants 1 free month of Switch Online.

  • HunterButtner
    HunterFTP (@HunterButtner) reported

    @NintendoAmerica If an internet browser, or at the very least a YouTube app, isn't added with the online service i will be so confused.

  • Scott_070
    Scotty Pup 🐕 (@Scott_070) reported

    @citrusygoodnes @Brauner02 @NintendoAmerica I think Its a problem with the first batch of them where overheating can make them crack near the fan

  • caiokendx
    Caio Coelho (@caiokendx) reported

    @OdysseyLuigi @NintendoAmerica Wow, they decided to put games with party and family appeal in a bundle. There's a reason for why you're not working in a company mate, your argument is stupid

  • boricua434
    NERO (@boricua434) reported

    @WireDeals That's going to be 60 dollars the game plus Nintendo's online service. Probably they delayed it because of that.

  • ejunkie2014
    Eli Sanza (@ejunkie2014) reported

    This article was fascinating. I am grateful for the existence of ROMs because I would have missed out on a lot of video games if they didn't exist. I understand the complexity of the issue but my opinion? Nintendo should let this go.

  • Fireballnhyrule
    Mr.64 (@Fireballnhyrule) reported

    @NintendoAmerica How will online work for Mario 3,is it like an online leaderboard thing or perhaps co op? I'm looking forward to the service ether way tho!

  • theanderson64
    theanderson64 (@theanderson64) reported

    @CartridgeGames Lots of information coming out today on Nintendo, but they can’t say anything about the Online service. Smdh

  • 110EVO
    FOXHILL (@110EVO) reported from City of Minneapolis, Minnesota

    @Blagsadsock13 @8BitBullcrap @TheBenAlder @NintendoUK Your point? Psn services are more than half the cost of Nintendo’s online service. Plus your excluding the possibility of games coming to it besides nes games...

  • FlightShift
    Flight (@FlightShift) reported

    @NintendoAmerica 1-2 Switch should have been packaged at launch. Too late for a tech demo like that. Let's focus on your promising online service instead for the following years. No Bayo 3, no MP4, etc.

  • Flompy98
    Salt (@Flompy98) reported

    @heckingmexican @_Cochu @NintendoAmerica Thats the problem tho the other games are to huge

  • AnXboxDude
    Xbox Dude (@AnXboxDude) reported

    @XboxJuan4K @Nintendo I just talked to Xbox Support yesterday about one of my controllers having an issue. They are sending me a brand new one and told me I could keep the faulty controller!

  • brandonh83
    Brandon (@brandonh83) reported

    The best case scenario with Nintendo is that they use the new online service to permanently keep adding games to it, and that's still subscription based and you still don't own anything and they can pull the plug any time. Game preservation is in a *really* shitty spot.

  • Tsukiyomaru0
    Tsukiyomaru Zero (@Tsukiyomaru0) reported

    We need someone to pick this case and put Nintendo and other companies against the wall in the court and ask them to solve the problem without erasure.

  • redhood240
    redhood420 (@redhood240) reported

    @t8styham Got what? The general public will always associate you with the pc community as if you are speaking for us. Just like Jaytech with PlayStation and the baron for Nintendo. I love how you had no rebuttal to how you attacked Smoove's character nor did you issue an apology to him.

  • DrFurball
    The Amazing Chris Godbey! (@DrFurball) reported

    Just woke up from a dream where .@PowerProsPod was a magazine and I kept wanting to show someone my favorite issue, but it had gotten lost in my collection of Nintendo Power, and I couldn't find it.

  • Spacepancakes91
    Ducky (@Spacepancakes91) reported

    Follow up to my previous tweet. I'm still trying to find someone to customize my Nintendo switch pro controller. I am now looking for someone to add lights and fix the D-pad.

  • frazzledjazz
    Richard Jasmin (@frazzledjazz) reported

    "life" inst a nintendo game -but we have some sega characters around here thad be mighty pissed....was waking up that eve-it was late-- a trap? not sure if I can fix that--humans might still blow em selves up wo me.

  • KachewPete
    Pete Kachew (@KachewPete) reported

    @speedygus23 See what I mean, how you're willing to defend Nintendo? They're not children, they can fight for themselves. They need to start giving new info on what this service provides. They've said the same thing for the past few months, and it's frustrating because I paid for this garbage

  • MarioMaster1985
    Thundrex (@MarioMaster1985) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Why would I do that when I could play super mario bros 3 on my 3ds virtual console WITHOUT paying for a garbage online service?

  • 4D4P7_70_CH4NG3
    Dinraal 🐉 (@4D4P7_70_CH4NG3) reported

    Hey guys at @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica @NintendoUK @NintendoCanada Since the Online service will launch at the ridicule good price of 20$/year I will happily pay TWICE that price just to be able to reorganize my games manually instead of the annoying default (last game first)

  • crecenteb
    Crecente (@crecenteb) reported

    This seems like a very significant problem and not just for Tencent, but Nintendo, EA, Activision, Valve, etc, etc, etc.

  • te_daddyy
    Uncle Kenny (@te_daddyy) reported

    Life was so much easier when your biggest issues were taking it out blowing it and sticking it back in. The Nintendo of course.

  • DjaliGoat
    DjaliGoat (@DjaliGoat) reported

    @KyubeyGAIka @Renegal Because Nintendo's is barely even a service. It's a literal paywall to nickle and dime online e games for absolutely no reason. No party chat, I 2018, on a played online service. Frigging a handful of NES games. No virtual console. It's absolutely trash.

  • RetroPrincess1
    Retro Princess (@RetroPrincess1) reported

    @rattyocaster @TheOrangeBison @TheMightyMartin @BoouyaReviews @matthew_goss @gamer_comix @Cripleh @kieran_119 @SabotageTheFool The issue is for a huge part is that Nintendo refuse to release a decent virtual console back catalogue. If they did this, not only would they save their IP and make money, but it would actually give the public what they keep asking for!!

  • DragonChester01
    DragonChestsr (@DragonChester01) reported

    @AVerMediaGZ Also does it no matter if trying capture Xbox gameplay, PS4, Pc , or even Nintendo switch. It’s either USB driver issue, your drivers or this is 4th avermedia device to fail. Not happy and very upset,

  • RufusHewitt21
    Smash Ultimate Game of The Year 🎮 (@RufusHewitt21) reported

    @Nashila_ Those things tend to sell out pretty quick thanks to scalpers ruining the chances, I think Nintendo fixed their stock issues now, they had a LOT of trouble with the NES/SNES Classics by scalpers selling them over their retail price which was ridiculous, they were a family thing

  • real_MikeBarnes
    Mike Barnes (@real_MikeBarnes) reported

    @ynakamura56 Maybe Nintendo was onto something with their "weak" monetization of games. Maybe it wasn't stupidity but part of some other strategy to avoid problems.

  • Jet_Piranha
    Jet_Piranha (@Jet_Piranha) reported

    @annueart @pwrlevel Sorry but from Nintendo's site "You need to join the service to play online in Nintendo Switch games such as Splatoon 2, ARMS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. ... There are Individual Memberships (one Nintendo Account) and a Family Membership (up to eight Nintendo Accounts)."

  • MDBCartographer
    🇪🇺🇬🇧 Proxima Centauri 🇬🇧🇪🇺 (@MDBCartographer) reported

    The only problem with @SEGA_Europe @SEGA #ValkyriaChronicles4 demo is that I have to wait until at least 25th September to play more of the story...... #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #ukgamer

  • HeyLonk
    Lonk (@HeyLonk) reported

    @FuriousRantz16 Probably because of networking issues. Also, Nintendo might treat this as a significant release, since October is empty for them lol

  • lordjonneale
    Jon Neale (@lordjonneale) reported

    @NintendoAmerica No intrest in over sold NES games, just fix the appauling voice chat!

  • CrowCuddles
    Vorona Art (@CrowCuddles) reported

    @devolverdigital Found a bug: Picking up the heart at the end of the running maze in the secret temple at exactly 00 on the timer will cause the game to crash on nintendo switch. I am not exactly sure what the window is for this but I think it is the frame before or on timer death.

  • OatmealDome
    OatmealDome (@OatmealDome) reported

    @Paladinknight12 funnily enough I already tried to give Nintendo suggestions and they just said "yeah we know cheating is a problem"

  • Cameron13H
    Cameron Hons (@Cameron13H) reported

    @sincespacies I used to get Hyper Magazines a lot. during the PS1 and dreamcast era especially. We had an official Nintendo magazine but that only lasted about 50 issues which was weird

  • metabret
    MetaBret (@metabret) reported

    @thegreatestcait @LethalJoke @AdamAbysswalker @OrSomeSayKosm @fromsoftware_pr In the same way that you need Xbox Live to play Xbox games online, I imagine Nintendo will require you pay for their online gaming service in order to engage in online gaming. Wouldn't make sense for this one game to not require it.

    SNN (@SARVETS) reported

    @WeeabooNinja nintendo already about to roll out they online sub service you see it coming miles away

  • Roughy762004
    roughy762004 (@Roughy762004) reported

    @NintendoAmerica You guys should just leave online play free. And seeing your service is suppoe to be the successor to Virtual Console. Why notwait till you have a full library of games and fuse in the eSHOP?

  • Roughy762004
    roughy762004 (@Roughy762004) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I just want you to know, You guys aren't offering anything appealing and seem to NOT have any confidence in it. Everything you've told people up to now makes it seem you are about to shoot yourselves in the foot. Why not just hire people to build your service?

  • speedygus23
    Speedygus (@speedygus23) reported

    @KachewPete @Firstaid223 @UnnamedLevel @evantheicon @playboimj_7 @NintendoAmerica How is it bullshit? Because you don’t want to pay $20 for online and games? Is it BECAUSE it’s an online service? Would you rather have none at all? If this is bullshit to you then I guess NES/SNES classic is too, since it costs money. Not like it sold extremely well, right?

  • MysticFatee
    MysticFate (@MysticFatee) reported

    If Nintendo is trying so hard to take down emulation why don't you they just give us the alternative... a Netflix-esque service for all of their old games. You know why they don't? because they themselves don't have ROMs for every single game

  • KuchingKing888
    Play Bullet Girls Phantasia (@KuchingKing888) reported

    Nintendo somewhat imitated D4 Enterprise's EGG retro game player and service for PC where you need to pay a monthly or annual fee in order to play classic retro games..NES & SNES Classic game service exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online is almost like that. #retrogaming

  • 1nsomn14
    GACHIBASS!!~~ ファック、私は来ている!~ (@1nsomn14) reported

    Nintendo is so fucking scummy, and all the fans of it are such bootlickers. Within time, the Switch will become just as obsolete as the Wii U, and paying 20 dollars a year for shitty online service will be all for nothing.

  • trenton0912
    Trenton (@trenton0912) reported

    My next relationship will be like a Nintendo 64 classic, fun to spend hours with, and in every issue we have easily fixed by blowing on it and shoving it back in.

  • JubilantOnion
    Lone Kums (@JubilantOnion) reported

    @DarkSoulsGame The replies to this tweet prove Nintendo fans are the cancer of the gaming community. Seriously, do you want a broken game?

  • Spoogymonkey
    Alan Baum (@Spoogymonkey) reported

    People forget that one of the major criticisms was that you didn’t go to Nintendo worlds or fight the enemies (save a few Mario ones). I enjoyed Subspace but it has some issues in fans eyes. Don’t think they will ever be addressed.

  • khalifnes
    Khalif (@khalifnes) reported

    Only few DS game can be downloaded, some fullset cannot be obtained. If it not working anymore, don't blame me, blame the fukin Nintendo to speeding up #emuparadise death. I managed to download GTA SA, Burnout, Pkmn Platinum, GT3 ASpec..

  • SaikoWaifu03
    SaikoWaifu03 (@SaikoWaifu03) reported

    @t8styham It's perhaps one of those few issues that would make diehard PS and Nintendo fanboys who're normally sworn enemies band together. How heartwarming..... NOT

    Kerry Boardman (@EVILCAREBEARKB0) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Also i wont be paying for the online service. I dont play online at all and i refuse to pay for nintendos online service so i can have cloud save. I am not a huge fan of handhelds anyways. No matter you see it, the switch is a handheld game system.

  • SenorPug26
    Señor Pug (@SenorPug26) reported

    @KyubeyGAIka @Renegal The only ones complaining are Nintendo gamers that never had to pay for an online service.

  • D12_iZoroark
    The Savage Lobo (@D12_iZoroark) reported

    @t8styham Maybe if nintendo didn't use cpus that are easily hackable and emulate easily then we wouldn't have a problem

  • mariokart
    cassie cage🌮 (@mariokart) reported

    @t8styham Love Nintendo games but this is the problem with them. So many people want to give Nintnedo their money but Nintendo doesn't want to give the people what they want to throw their money at.

  • NewGAMEandRODO
    New GAME&RODO i XL Lite Cube U & Knuckles (@NewGAMEandRODO) reported

    @NackDemWeasels If Nintendo is going to add a 3th party character, I think it will be Crash Bandicoot, using his spin attack and throwing crates and stuff like that

  • PartyMemeberss
    Party Memebers Alex (@PartyMemeberss) reported

    Ah yes Nintendo I can play Mario 3 for the trillionth time with your online service yet I still have to whip out my GameCube I have buried away just to play Sunshine again SAD!

  • XPNDLive
    XPND (@XPNDLive) reported from City of Burlington, New Jersey

    @SeamusBlackley @kobunheat No problem. This whole Nintendo vs ROM sites thing looks very much similar to Metallica vs Napster

  • Alaylarsam
    Alaylarsam (@Alaylarsam) reported

    @KyubeyGAIka @Renegal as well as Nintendo charging for their online service which has been notoriously awkward, so you can see why people would not want/trust it

  • ashleyrenaeyay
    chickennuggets (@ashleyrenaeyay) reported


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