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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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  • Online Play (68.75%)
  • Sign in (12.50%)
  • Glitches (12.50%)
  • Game Crash (6.25%)

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  • Wiikstrom
    #FaZe5 / SE Wiik (@Wiikstrom) reported

    @FortniteGame @NintendoAmerica fix the lag on switch version. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing to play in the tournament vs all platforms and I can’t even build because the game can’t even run at 12 fps

  • grady964
    Grady Shoemaker (@grady964) reported

    @Enderlucario @marionose1 You're right. Nintendo patched the glitch in the latest version of the game, 1.2.0, but the glitch is still possible on all previous versions. I'm running version 1.1.0 currently

  • Justice_Beckons
    Justice Maxin (@Justice_Beckons) reported

    @LolicOnion I'd still pick it up though. They might release some sort of patch for it. Who knows with Nintendo. It's not like them to drop a game with issues like that.

  • Eddie_Jay92
    Eddie P (@Eddie_Jay92) reported

    Be cautious when buying games digitally from Nintendo. I was told by a representative even if the game is broken, crashing, and its know, you only get 1 refund from Nintendo period per account

  • Deku_Fox
    Spoopy boy (@Deku_Fox) reported

    Nintendo really does have an issue of making accidentally extremely hot characters

  • GrG_AA
    G (@GrG_AA) reported

    @JayHooft @UbisoftToronto @NintendoAmerica The problem is - the best parts of those games are the on-rails sections.. This industry needs to take a step back from “open-world” everything..

  • dowcwow
    dowcwow (@dowcwow) reported

    @lilvodka7 @Jamescocker7 @KEEMSTAR oops I love you Nintendo switch sorry but online service sucks

  • Mikey7013
    [WUT]Mikey (@Mikey7013) reported

    @HeckinPixelled @FERbriBri Nintendo: Let's fix that with a controlled shock!

  • ChabeReyna
    Karina Isabel Reyna (@ChabeReyna) reported

    @jackal27 @CryWasTaken Augh.....geez nintendo fix your pricing 😂

  • la_calabacita_
    lizzy! @ team treat (@la_calabacita_) reported

    Nintendo fix your online you thotty

  • la_calabacita_
    lizzy! @ team treat (@la_calabacita_) reported

    I can’t believe Nintendo made me pay 20 dollars a year to get broken online...

  • BokuNoPika
    BokuNoPika (@BokuNoPika) reported

    @toastandbutter7 @Hottestboiii @NintendoAmerica Bayonetta has always been the problem Kappa

  • RyokaTx
    Ryoka (@RyokaTx) reported

    @cephalocaine we must give some good touches to Nintendo for such bad online service... I hope it gets fixed soon

  • jacobcakob07
    Jacob 🎃 (@jacobcakob07) reported

    @mcpexinfo I used the 7 days test when Nintendo released the service back in September

  • Spoogymonkey
    Alan Baum (@Spoogymonkey) reported

    @sonicristhebest @IncorrectKirby That’s THE reason because the issue is licensing. If Nintendo didn’t publish it, there would be no trophy at all.

  • Gurlsooner
    GurlSooner (@Gurlsooner) reported from Owasso, Oklahoma

    I'd rather stay in any S rank than to play w/laggy ass Japanese players. @Nintendo your game is broke. And I swear the creator of blasters only made them because they are lacking in other areas of their lives. #NintendoSwitch #lag #unbalance #sticktomario #peer2peer #bettergaming

  • jacobcakob07
    Jacob 🎃 (@jacobcakob07) reported

    @mcpexinfo I can only show in screenshots since I haven't bought the Nintendo switch online service yet

  • seekerrush
    saint 💡 (@seekerrush) reported

    oh hey connection errors. again. nintendo stop being so ******* awful before charging money for your unstable ******* online services

  • colder
    Alex Berten (@colder) reported from Coventry, England

    @NintendoUK @NintendoEurope fix your online servers. People are having issues seeing online friends and joining online games.

  • OwenInouye
    Owen Inouye (@OwenInouye) reported

    @MushroomDZN @NintendoAmerica @ASTROGaming Amazon has a few for the switch right now. It works ok, but has problems like overall signal for pairing and battery life of about an hour.

  • NintenPeterGame
    Peter The Cappy (@NintenPeterGame) reported

    @thenuttyone7 @Bandicoot9David @NintendoAmerica I never told them what to do! I just said I wanted it on Switch. There’s ZERO issue with that. I don’t know what you’re defending because I didn’t insult anybody, I didn’t demand anything, I just want the game on Switch. Crazy I know

  • Gladiator30n
    Gladiator50n (@Gladiator30n) reported

    @whyimDanNY @Ubisoft @StarlinkGame @BestBuy @NintendoAmerica Had same problem....I felt confused. I thought there be like a digital code or something but nope. There wasn't...

  • LonelyNepper
    SpookyNepper (@LonelyNepper) reported

    Unlikely. But if the Nintendo Online Service dies/gets removed, I will buy and play Luigi's Trash 3, and Luigi's Mansion on a crappy handheld.

  • doodlemancy
    doodlemancy with a knife 🔪 (@doodlemancy) reported

    i have nintendo online service now and i really like the idea of the NES Online, but please dear god nintendo -give us the ability to set our own control schemes omg this was available on the Wii U why do you keep leaving this out -pls more than just Sports Games

  • amaguji
    Some Bozo (@amaguji) reported

    NINTENDO SWITCH BE LIKE A communication error has occurred

  • JonnoPlaysCoC
    Jonno Plays (@JonnoPlaysCoC) reported

    @MooshyTV @DaddyGamerFred @PokemonGoApp They don't see any issues since they keep making profits. Worst game management company that I have ever seen in my many years of gaming. When I was a kid @nintendo could do no wrong. Today it'***** and miss.

  • Lucari017
    Espooksio (@Lucari017) reported

    ....controllers cost as much as an NES classic so yeah that sucks. But at least they make the experience more... authentic. But the price is BS. At least the service isnt $60, and the same. $20 is a bit much, considering how bad it is. Hopefully Nintendo sees this backlash and...

  • horu_royale
    Horu Royale (@horu_royale) reported

    @FortniteGame The issues are still not fixed... I play on Nintendo Switch but I constantly get matched up with pro pc players altough I just died like 10 times in a row without a kill...

  • Super_Caterina
    Caterina Corsini (@Super_Caterina) reported

    I think everyone who got love for Nintendo and got no problem to work with a lot of people, can definitively do that. If you see scheduled Nintendo events near your area, please check if they are looking for some help! 😉

  • PaperGemstone
    Gemmifer Splorpus (@PaperGemstone) reported

    It’s been a year and a half since the Switch launched and so far, Hulu is the only video service on it. Come on @NintendoAmerica and @YouTube give us a YouTube app on switch!

  • eightbitghost
    eightbitghost (@eightbitghost) reported

    @NintendoAmerica, partnering up online in Splatoon 2 is failing. Constantly. Please fix this.

  • KiNG_BORNi
    Aaaleeex (@KiNG_BORNi) reported

    @devolverdigital I bought Broforce for the switch and the nintendo customer service wants me to contact you, because the game is not launching...

  • MagiclBaconPant
    MagiclBaconPants (@MagiclBaconPant) reported

    @FortniteGame the points system for tournaments is broken on Nintendo switch. It doesn’t tell me the right amount of points. It just says zero

  • JetJagg
    Jet Jaghoul 🎃 (@JetJagg) reported

    @laphicetcrowe @FreezingInferno @Poeleveny Part of the problem is that nintendo doesn't wanna do upscales like sony did for Ps2 games on PS3 and PS4. It's either gotta be a full priced HD remaster or a 3DS port.

  • EdibleDragon
    Devin Gentry (@EdibleDragon) reported

    @Shigs83 @StarlinkGame @BestBuy @Ubisoft Yeah, you're right, but they'll try very hard to get you to fix the problem through Best Buy first since they're the retailer and probably where it went missing. I went through Nintendo's customer service (who are great) for my empty FE Warriors case and had to explain (1/2)

  • eruditeknight
    S.L. Ramsden (@eruditeknight) reported

    @Plutoburns I think the problem with the animals is the same reason the game got overlooked by most people - it was clearly aimed at kids. Apparently children *like* infuriatingly voice-acting animated animals. I'm a big Nintendo fan, so brightly coloured games don't scare me.

  • WizardIF
    Rebirth 3 (@WizardIF) reported

    I want a Nintendo Switch sooooo badly and play Octopath traveler, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the wild but they HAD to put online connection behind a paywall and i REFUSE to buy any console with online as a paid feature apart of a service WHY NINTENDO

  • ChloeRMey
    👻Spooky Chloë R. Meynardie🧛🏻‍♀️ (@ChloeRMey) reported

    Hot take: Nintendo replacing the Virtual Console with a subscription service is something that should have happened years ago. Granted, they botched the execution by all accounts, but the idea is solid.

  • Kooljo728
    SmokePuddingEveryday (@Kooljo728) reported

    @ExoticMario @Real_TheChecker @FortniteGame Good thing is that they're working with Nintendo to fix some of the problems with Fortnite Switch. What I really want though is the profile page like the other versions of the game :(

  • Capedcr82210140
    Capedcrusader (@Capedcr82210140) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I hope they patch the sound issues

  • Optimaximal
    Andrew (@Optimaximal) reported

    @failnaut I hope Nintendo issue a cease and desist for your use of Pikachu in this travesty...

  • michael_lyga
    Michael / Fiery Jr. (@michael_lyga) reported

    @TurtlesWithMilk I've been hoarding a 1'11'11 L since 2011 because I discovered a ultra glitch. I never told anyone because I was scared to death that Nintendo would ban me from WFC matches. If you want details message me.

  • koineguy
    Michael Cochran (@koineguy) reported

    Its been awhile since I’ve been that infuriated by customer support @NintendoAmerica Apparently @Minecraft local multiplayer is broken and requires an online family plan to play 4 people.

  • GoldGhastBuster
    Sam1AmN0t (@GoldGhastBuster) reported


  • GoldGhastBuster
    Sam1AmN0t (@GoldGhastBuster) reported

    I used to be okay with paying for Nintendo's online service because I figured Nintendo would use the money to make them better. I AM SO GLAD I HAVEN'T PAID FOR IT YET BECAUSE NINTENDO HASN'T DONE CRAP.

  • coremillionaire
    corey. (@coremillionaire) reported

    Nintendo once released a game in which Mario was wrongly convicted of painting graffiti on walls and was therefore sentenced to community service, cleaning walls with a pressure washer while trying to uncover the ACTUAL perpetrator on the sly. Let that sink in.

  • coremillionaire
    corey. (@coremillionaire) reported

    Nintendo once released a game in which Mario was wrongly convicted of painting graffiti on walls and was therefore sentenced to community service, cleaning graffiti off of walls with a pressure washer while trying to uncover the ACTUAL perpetrator on the sly. Let that sink in.

  • Crabkan
    Jeff lol (@Crabkan) reported

    if the online service for ultimate is as bad as the current online games that’s a ******* fat L from Nintendo

  • vrok_tan2401
    Vrok (@vrok_tan2401) reported

    @JoeSiggs @JoeMerrick The problem of Gen 7 is not because of being "too casual"; it's both the games and anime trying too hard to get children into Pokemon. Which is alienating both of those communities. That's why Pokemon should stop catering to children and grow up like Nintendo's other franchises.

  • RichLando
    Richlando (@RichLando) reported

    @SonyOfLastation Pretty much, both of them thought I could fix it. Both of their Nintendo's wouldn't load YouTube and certainly I know how to fix them. You have to fix them Daddy, you just won't, worst Dad ever! Stuff like that.

  • iTroll4Naija
    Undercover (@iTroll4Naija) reported

    It will be very appreciated if you released an update, for this Fifa title, Fifa 18 wasn’t so bad, it actually felt more realistic, now playing Fifa is like playing a game on a Nintendo DS, you guys missed it, so many errors and complains @EASPORTSFIFA @EA #FIFA19

  • xDMoNx
    xD.MoNx (@xDMoNx) reported

    @dawndelamuerta For some of the Nintendo Brand games that are multiplayer you are required to have the service to play online. Games like fortnite do not require it. In order to play some of the demos you need the subscription. But it's rather inexpensive. $34.99 for 8 people for one year

  • foxinkbox
    Nic.Brown (@foxinkbox) reported

    Wanting out of console locked games ... Even android library can be made under sega licensing.... Sega need to comb the best mooders and freelace developer's out the grove.... Sega will not own switch hardware rights.... More like a service are and licensing for Nintendo hardware

  • LaidFitness
    Arctic Raccoons Boolaid 🤠 (@LaidFitness) reported

    I really hope Smash Ultimate is good. It seems anything Nintendo announces can't be a bad game to some of you all. I've been told ARM's was good before and that's why I have trust issues. You don't know who's an undercover Nintendo Ambassador anymore 😔

  • dyksreg
    Dyka Regar (@dyksreg) reported

    @NintendoAmerica your switch has the worst console system, especially about the internet connection management. Thousands complaint about it but still no fix. Most disappointing console i ever bought. Idiot console.

  • T_W_A_Plus
    Vote November 6th (@T_W_A_Plus) reported

    Well @NintendoAmerica cloud save may not be as good as I would like it to be but at least their customer service is good. When I called for help they helped me set up my new Switch quickly.

  • sckwib
    abigail #TeamTreat (@sckwib) reported

    actually, nintendo's servers aren't bad the games that have problems with connection don't have servers, like splatoon

  • rem3_1415926
    Remo (@rem3_1415926) reported

    @Grippys_nephew @TheYJG @SpawnWaveMedia depends, Nintendo systems like to crash completely when storage is removed while running... if a safe file is being written at that moment, it's pretty much gone.

  • CowboyKarimov
    Chase📎 @ BRUH MOMENT (@CowboyKarimov) reported

    Yeah I don’t even care about Fire Emblem anymore so yeah I’m not buying Nintendo stuff here on out The problem’s been solved, I keep my Playstation for Japanese games and my PC for everything else

  • feministluthor
    brenda (@feministluthor) reported

    the audio lag on my nintendo switch is seriously making me not want to play anymore

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811