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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (61.90%)
  • Matchmaking (14.29%)
  • Sign in (11.90%)
  • Glitches (11.90%)

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  • tatianasaggio
    Tatiana Esse_Tarty (@tatianasaggio) reported

    @Diablo YES. Portable Diablo! :D Nintendo Switch costs less than a smartphone and has no battery life problems! Great for me, I have an hour of subway to go to work!

  • Trainwr01303685
    Normally Normal (@Trainwr01303685) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the random music cuts on the Nintendo Switch

  • nuckchorris1234
    Sam Holder (@nuckchorris1234) reported

    Snake is the worst character in super smash bros ultimate. His smash attacks are WAY TOO SLOW! FIX HIM @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo

  • BobbingheadYT
    Bobbinghead 🎅 (@BobbingheadYT) reported

    @REVERSALYOUTUBE N64 titles will probably come with the Nintendo Switch Online Service

  • jazonandes
    jazon (@jazonandes) reported

    maybe nintendo actually /did/ fix online, played six matches just now & only got 1v1s but granted it's 4 am est so there's probably only degens queueing for online rn

  • L4Cake
    Left4Cake (@L4Cake) reported

    @_Obsessor Getting completely stun locked is no fun no matter if your casual or competitive, but yeah the game is too new perhaps the method of eascape are just undiscovered and Nintendo seems like they are gonna fix any REAL issues regardless so people do need to just relax.

  • chrisgendo
    gendo🍍 (@chrisgendo) reported

    @bloodpine666 yea i prefer that setup far more. nintendo nails accuracy and quality. you might have some issues with hacked translated games tho and a handful of other games. its just par for the course

  • Garxer
    Garxer (@Garxer) reported

    Host Dcd, so we all got kicked out and it counts as a dc because the game thinks its your internet when its not. Great ******* service Nintendo

  • StormKing3970
    Storm (@StormKing3970) reported

    @NintendoAmerica yo fix the smash ultimate online

  • Ethanlejano
    e10 (@Ethanlejano) reported

    Leffen literally tore apart ultimates c stick flaws on GC Controlelr in 23 min LMFAO Nintendo fix your buffer pls

  • lgbtalucard
    yul (@lgbtalucard) reported

    99% of my problems come from not having a nintendo switch

  • SchwayGoose
    Швэй Гусь (@SchwayGoose) reported

    The only fan game Nintendo can't issue a cease and desist to is a remake of any of the CD-I games cuz that means that Nintendo will have to acknowledge their existence

  • Tsmith_Yinzer4L
    Tio Choko da 3rd (@Tsmith_Yinzer4L) reported

    @NintendoAmerica It has and is taking every bit of my restraint Not to throw my (now INITIALIZED & yet STILL not working) Switch through the wall & Traveling to 4600 150th NE Redmond, WA 98052 And getting hauled off by security for an act of Violence "Support" NEEDS improvement

  • GarrisonBpppg79
    Brandon Garrison (@GarrisonBpppg79) reported

    @gideonburkland @LuisRio88195715 Whil Senran Kagura on the other hand is harmed due the removal of intimacy mode because the fan service aspect is one of the reasons PEOPLE BUY THE GAME. Remove it and you remove the reason amny had to buy the game, especially when Nintendo

  • Monstermental
    Christopher Moxon (@Monstermental) reported

    It can’t be this hard to have an online service, that I’m paying for, to be up to code when playing with someone online in #SmashBrosUltimate. Fix your crap @NintendoAmerica. Use a server.

  • FrontlineFire
    Matthew Leigh (@FrontlineFire) reported

    Tonight I spent 15 minutes trying to get Super Smash Bros to refinished that I wanted to play it with one Switch controller broken in half. I couldn’t manage that. This is why I ******* hate video games. @NintendoAmerica

  • David00709605
    David (@David00709605) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Online mode blows. Fix your ******* game.

  • anotheryew
    max 🇭🇹 (@anotheryew) reported

    that nintendo switch is gonna cause dez so MANY issues

  • TheDonJulio1
    Chris Joseph Donny (@TheDonJulio1) reported

    Anybody in Minneapolis want to help me out and test my Nintendo games. If you have Super Nintendo I need help in seeing if my games suck or it’s my system that’s not working fully. Beginning part of my sports games work up until play time. Not so good.

  • Sharksa_Shivers
    ❄Sharksa Shivers❄ (@Sharksa_Shivers) reported

    @jcallmeinsane Let's see here... *Terminating channels for no reason *Copyright bullshit *Showing favoritism towards certain people *Subscribers not getting videos and being unsubbed... But yeah sure, playbacks on Nintendo Switch sure is a big ol problem of YouTube, gotta be the biggest one...

  • saltyttv
    SalTeh (@saltyttv) reported

    i refuse to play online smash until i see a stable fix. shit is awful @NintendoAmerica

  • JC_Kane
    JC Kane (@JC_Kane) reported

    (TBC) Because I mean they JUST got a Comic based "Netflix like" subscription service on it... so I'm pretty sure it's more Netflix than Nintendo. If not, I mean I'll just watch it (if I had it :'( ) on my 50 bajillion other devices it's playable on :P (TBC)

  • Souls_101
    Souls (@Souls_101) reported

    @AbyssSSB @Meeper12346 @paulthecesar @hero_ssbu @FalcoMain See now saying "the public asked them not to" is a bit misleading, the people complaining about it were the minority and Nintendo just did it to avoid it growing into a bigger issue (That's why they half ass'd the edit so much).

  • StitchBelmont
    Stitch ❄️ (@StitchBelmont) reported

    @ColgateVillager Idr but it asked if i wanted to send error data to Nintendo

  • dougweis789
    Doug Weis (@dougweis789) reported

    so i was just playing some quickplay matches, and i had 50,000 gsp for ike, and got paired with a ganondorf with 2.5 MILLION! nintendo, fix your online.

  • ActionCoaster
    Action-Coaster! (@ActionCoaster) reported

    @LoggoFrog @KingRui_yo If Crash were to make it tho I'd hope Nintendo would go with their own interpretation of the Charles Zembillas design rather than the watered down N. Sane Trilogy design

  • stuntmangene
    Hollywood Gene 🔜 PAX SOUTH (@stuntmangene) reported

    @unlmtbladewrks @PG_MVD @NintendoAmerica @hypehydreigon Trial & Error and eventually you’ll learn from your mistakes

  • PhxEthan
    EthanPHX (@PhxEthan) reported

    @Stealth40k Because sheeple like you gladly pay $20 to use your own internet connection. If Nintendo had actual dedicated servers then no one would have a problem paying $20 a year. But since that isn't the case, people are getting mad over paying $20 just to use their own internet.

  • loovelyy28
    Estrella:‘*•. (@loovelyy28) reported

    I want to buy a Nintendo swi-whatever it’s called just so I can play Crash Bandicoot one more time!#nostalgia #90skid

  • SkyRoss88
    ... (@SkyRoss88) reported

    @NintendoAmerica the only issue i came across with Super Smash Bros Ultimate is that when you choose which character you want Peach and Snake are off announcer wise like it sounds like Pea not Peach and when he says Snake it sounded like he was hiccuping when saying Snake.

  • siravidfone
    lagging_daze (@siravidfone) reported

    I would pay Nintendo $40/year or $5/month or more on a single subscription for a better Online Service, NES - Wii games in the Online catalog, native voice chat, and the full release of any game only for a week after their release as a trial period.

  • Mike_Dar_CO
    mike darco (@Mike_Dar_CO) reported

    The issue is the tv and the waste of money #cable bill. All you really need is wifi and a laptop and a nintendo #switch

  • OGWanCannoli
    The Undisputed Eric™ (@OGWanCannoli) reported

    Just learned Nintendo finessed us with the N64 Expansion Pak. Donkey Kong 64 only needed it because Rare couldn't come up with a cheap and effective solution for a game breaking memorly leak glitch. Not because of graphics or size.

  • soulctcher
    𝔰𝔬𝔲𝔩 𝔤𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔠𝔥 (@soulctcher) reported

    @jimjim150 @switchcarts @CapcomUSA_ Direct from Nintendo. You can buy them if you've subscribed to the Nintendo Online service.

  • TheBeatles_J
    Feto💚 (@TheBeatles_J) reported

    @that_iso_kid @IGN It’s not about a “morality” issue about letting exclusives be exclusives. Thanks to Nintendo Ultimate A 3 is happening and of course they want to sell their product (Switch). Same with Spiderman, they invest money to get more money.

  • AydanFox
    Hey it's Aydan! (@AydanFox) reported

    ******* Smash Ultimate online. It's ******* 2018, I have 200gb speed internet. And I can't play a match online without it looking like I'm flipping through a picture book... Slowly... Fix your shit Nintendo... #SmashBrosUltimate #NintendoSwitch

  • nbonura3
    Anglophile5 (@nbonura3) reported

    @IGN I will say it here as I screamed it in the Nintendo store. Crash is superior to Mario in general.

  • SabreMau
    Tresjin Charvanek (@SabreMau) reported

    @NoydTheKnight @EVO I doubt rule set is a major issue as they're likely going to run it anyway as a side event. Reason seems more to be with Nintendo and licensors not agreeing to contractual terms necessary to put it on with official support. Smash and ARMS didn't have a prize pot last time either.

  • MeesterTweester
    Meester Tweester (@MeesterTweester) reported

    @zerowondering Part of the problem is that Nintendo doesn’t make Ultimate, it’s Bamco and Sora Ltd.

  • HarbingerOfLuck
    Drunk Bird (@HarbingerOfLuck) reported

    Nintendo fix your ******* shit man. I went from rarely any lag in matches to literally lag in every single match. Come on. The hell is going on here.

  • alphafreddo
    alpha (@alphafreddo) reported

    Jesus **** everyone just disconnected, including me ): Nintendo please fix your online mode

  • MCNX24
    CallieIsAway (@MCNX24) reported

    I am literally the best smash bros player and if I lose to some loser playing the overpowered broken game destorying Mii Brawler it's obviously broken, Nintendo needs to nerf him to ******* hell

  • ShannonCanDraw
    Shannon! needs a job!! (@ShannonCanDraw) reported

    @HedgeMom the sad thing is Smash's controller settings being customizable at all is better than nintendo normally does. They have a real problem with accessibility in almost all their games

  • maverickuw
    MaverickUW (@maverickuw) reported

    @DragonNexus @LordBraska1999 @EpicBongZilla @NintendoAmerica Hypothetically sure. But when you don’t differentiate between the abandoned stuff and the very much not abandoned stuff then you have these issues.

  • pipexero
    Felipe Carvajal. (@pipexero) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix online #SmashBrosUltimate

  • pipexero
    Felipe Carvajal. (@pipexero) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix online #SmashBrosUltimate

  • Juanfra1108
    Juanfra (@Juanfra1108) reported

    @IceburstStone @SebasTheNerd @NintendoAmerica Oh yeah i have that happened to me too. Hope they fix it. Because pichu against link in Mario bros. Is not fun

  • john_303YT
    john_303YT (@john_303YT) reported

    @NintendoAmerica for some reason I did not get my Piranha Plant code in Super Smash Bros Ultimate even though I bought the fighters pass and the game digitally, can you please help me with this problem. That would be great.

  • GennaOcto
    Genna (SSBU player) (@GennaOcto) reported

    @AlwaysShawSSB Same thing happened to me. Nintendo is too strict with this. They really need to fix it in future games

  • OfficalBNS
    BeefNuggetStew (@OfficalBNS) reported

    It also happens on the Nintendo switch, which doesnt even have keyboard and mouse capabilities, fix your shitty game already

  • TFurstman
    Teddy Furstman (@TFurstman) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Sora_Sakurai Also, Fix Online and other Bugs as Free Updates. Thanks for your time. Merry Christmas.

  • IceburstStone
    Bains of Holly🐬 (@IceburstStone) reported

    @FishofNintendo @NintendoAmerica I've played 2 matches since, neither fixed the problem

  • MarcelSOLDIER
    Marcel (@MarcelSOLDIER) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Roses are red C'mon guys just fix the online matchmaking it's not that hard...

  • JamieMaloney80
    Jamie Maloney (@JamieMaloney80) reported

    @NintendoAmerica SNES games such as “Super Mario World” need to make it to the Switch’s online subscription service. #NintendoSwitchOnline

  • MattTheMan0829
    Chisaki Kai (@MattTheMan0829) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @MatthewSantoro Can someone help me with a problem I have on my game. Since before the new update I’ve been trying to get all the characters but they suddenly stopped appearing. I don’t know why but I’ve tried everything including playing classic mode, world of light, and doing multiple battles.

  • aiden_riffey
    Aiden Riffey (@aiden_riffey) reported


  • Artsy_GR
    ArtsyGamer (@Artsy_GR) reported

    @SparkStarry @momo_aab6a_bot I see, for my problem it is when I’m playing Splatoon2 and my character either just sits there, or walks away where I want to go I wish Nintendo would fix this issue for the new people buying a switch,so they don’t have to go through our pain 😞

  • veroicone
    Veronica Mars (@veroicone) reported

    Having some issues with my Nintendo Switch and the cap card (: Be live as soon as I can fix it

  • honeysanimeEN
    Honey's Anime (@honeysanimeEN) reported

    @NintendoAmerica if possible for next update, please fix the host issue in battle arena, where if the host leaves then the entire room is down. Make it so that if a host leaves, give the priority to another person in the room, in order to keep things moving smoothly.

  • EmilioLDP
    E.M.I (@EmilioLDP) reported

    @BrandonArcher10 @DBYT2018 @NintendoAmerica Maaaybe you should consider most big game companies use P2P and a lot of the people liking your tweet are haters or people who believe you without having gone through the issue themselves.

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811