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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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January 27: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 10:20 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Game Crash

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Lafayette Online Play
Gescher Online Play
Oberengstringen Online Play
Bolton Sign in
Salt Lake City Matchmaking
Villahermosa Online Play

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  • IsannKeket Isaiah / The biggest DooM 64 stan on this website (@IsannKeket) reported

    @UltimateViolet These have to be fake, no way Nintendo would actually fix the BS lol

  • SquidKitty1918 SquidKitty (@SquidKitty1918) reported

    I also know the "e" in the word nintendo looks closed srry its hard to write with small nd thin pen line on an art tablet nd im still learning So forgive me but i did fix the gamecube word cause the "c" was very screwed up Please bare with me nd my writing on my drawings

  • SquidKitty1918 SquidKitty (@SquidKitty1918) reported

    I also know the "e" in the word nintendo looks closed srry its hard to write with small nd thin pen line on an art tablet nd im still learning So forgive me bu i did fix the gamecube world cause the "c" was very screwed up Please bare with me nd my writing on my drawings

  • NewLevelAdrian Adrian Davis (@NewLevelAdrian) reported

    Last year I was paying monthly for the Nintendo Online Service. Now, I finally got the year membership. Something that should have been done a long time ago honestly. 😐

  • TheRonaldNess Rongetsu (@TheRonaldNess) reported

    @kratomking1974 @NintendoAmerica @TeamNINJAStudio @MarvelGames @KoeiTecmoUS @koeitecmoeurope @BillRosemann @Nintendo You've gotta be a spam bot. It's not a broken mechanic no matter how you feel about it. He just slides down and a petition isn't gonna change that. Get over it.

  • trippybutter dB | trippybutter (@trippybutter) reported

    @TDot_MN @NintendoAmerica It's kinda hidden but if you go to the bottom of the site in there where to buy section, there's a link to the online store. Great for picking up missing parts or replacing broken game cases!

  • GamerTP32 Sorisirm (@GamerTP32) reported

    @tapiocavania Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are both nearly dead series. There most recent games in the past 5+ years are remakes. I didn’t say Nintendo and Indie devs are the only ones, (I mean, you coulda just said “Game Freak” to prove your point), but they are the majority of them.

  • HatokTalk hatok (@HatokTalk) reported

    @mrfeelswildride @envinyonspoiler well nintendo pricing is only a problem because it never goes down in price Square Enix TRIES to do that but they're nowhere near as valuable as Nintendo so it doesn't work like their digital only stuff is stupid it stays full price forever and caps at 50% off

  • thetail_gunner dread pirate meegs ☠ (@thetail_gunner) reported

    @Jack0f0neTrade I think Nintendo’s fixing/replacing joycons that have the drift problem, I’d look into it!

  • Ebonscale Douglas Copeland (@Ebonscale) reported

    @Jack0f0neTrade You've got the joycon drift issue. Nintendo should replace them IIRC free of charge

  • vvvchi vchi (@vvvchi) reported

    Nobody is broken in super smash bros ultimate for nintendo switch

  • WiiManTweet WiiMan (@WiiManTweet) reported

    @ItionoBen Play that old ad from 1996 declaring Crash as Nintendo’s “nightmare”. XD

  • GZ1197 GamerZ1197 (@GZ1197) reported

    @atelierblanc1 I think I see the problem here seeing as doom is on the the Nintendo switch and maybe as I am not sure and will have to check pc and xbox its not console exclusive at all

  • AJMS_256 I wear sunglasses indoors (@AJMS_256) reported

    @Siegfried_SC @MyNintendoNews Time flies, Before you know it, the article "Nintendo will no longer service the Switch" will be here 😂

  • SMASHnewsBOT Smash Headlines BOT (@SMASHnewsBOT) reported

    Nintendo announces new DLC character from the Tom Clancy's franchise, and EE is already claiming the character will be broken

  • GgayMisi GgayMisi 🌸Comms closed(4/4)🌸 (@GgayMisi) reported


  • ninefoldrin ninefoldrin🔭🚀🌎 (@ninefoldrin) reported

    @LolicOnion Switch pro honestly just needs to be a pure console with better processing capabilities. It'll get the handful of people who don't want a handheld. Big issue that Nintendo needs to work on is cloud saving. Want my save data on multiple consoles.

  • MetalIguana DJReptile (@MetalIguana) reported

    @SanjibaratieArc I think is more a problem with the whole Star Fox franchise, at this point it seems Nintendo don't really know what to do with it.

  • StardustGyran ✨Lucy ✨ (@StardustGyran) reported

    @SpongeGasm I agree that splatoon has had some horny design problems like many other nintendo games in the past 5 years But thats...not a greenlight to be horny for inklings...

  • Brodie_S10 Brodie | Animal Crossing Propaganda (@Brodie_S10) reported

    @_Caderade174 That's a fantastic point, and I'm already getting the game too. I think the problem is just the neglegence. Like, it's so weird how Nintendo hasn't properly talked about it in 4 months now. It's just super weird to me

  • GregTheBlackFo1 GregTheBlackFox (@GregTheBlackFo1) reported

    Geez, every platformer seem to have a hard level like this. I always tough the problem were the chace levels in Crash Bandicoot... or these dark ones. #DonkeyKong #Nintendo #Platformer

  • ericschultheiss Eric Schultheiss (@ericschultheiss) reported

    @Sonicb00mHHE @Stealth40k The problem with Nintendo is they release new characters whenever they darn well please, rather than a set time.

  • _gorgonzales_ gorgonzales. (@_gorgonzales_) reported

    @allowthisfam @NintendoUK 1. Not every old mon will be in the base game. We just want the ability for them to be transferred. 2. Again, not every old mon will be in the base game. 3. >implies that competitive Pokémon was ever balanced 4.Non-issue. 5. DLC > 3rd version, but this DLC adds to a rushed game.

  • TehParalyzer Dean Federico (@TehParalyzer) reported

    @JonComms Games that we made to take advantage of the Wii worked great and felt great. Games that tried to be multiplatform were bad and they should feel bad The issue was Nintendo created (and still somewhat has) a gap between being able to play what's hot. Marketing is so very important

  • QueanErrant Probably today, Satan. (@QueanErrant) reported

    @AITA_reddit Also, tell the kids to go ******** to sleep, or mum will karate chop them into next week when she gets home. (Or you'll take away their Nintendo or whatever it is that kids like these days.) The problem isn't the kids; it's you refusing to parent, so you can blame your wife.

  • real_MikeBarnes Mike Barnes aka Cashcosts (@real_MikeBarnes) reported

    @RazorRuss The problem isn't phones IMO. The problem is Nintendo.

  • wyd_TJ King.sung (@wyd_TJ) reported

    @ce_sune Yea its a common problem for a while nintendo was and might still he accepting free repairs

  • ssorobo Dylan Durmeier エセソロボ (@ssorobo) reported

    @IGN Nintendo's had the same logo for like 50 years. Ain't broke don't fix it

  • Darkeshi Darkeshi (@Darkeshi) reported

    @MuzakMise @ottsymonster Yeah! It's because first batch of Nintendo joycons are kind of defective and Nintendo got demanded for that, so they're forced to fix them regardless of warranty time, not only on usa but Canada and México as well, not sure about Europe tho

  • kcjcannady K.C. (@kcjcannady) reported

    @HelloKarinachuu The problem with F-Zero is it should have at the very least had a game on the Wii if anything. The further we get into next gen games the harder it is to make and Nintendo missed their window long ago.

  • KingStarHunter Star Hunter (@KingStarHunter) reported

    Nintendo Switch Errors

  • TommoTheCabbit Untitled Cabbit Game (@TommoTheCabbit) reported

    Nintendo should honestly think about the durability of their products because I don’t want more broken controllers and systems

  • Evilcrashbandi1 Evilcrashbandicoot (@Evilcrashbandi1) reported

    @90sManiax Crash bandicoot he should say Nintendo sucks her lol

  • lonebengalsfan JasonLee (@lonebengalsfan) reported

    @brianwithani Yep, that sounds like 77. I dealt with the drift before Nintendo was fixing them for free. I just bought a new stick and fixed it myself. Like $5, 20 minutes. It wasn’t hard. Haven’t had a problem since.

  • JUPITER56687761 JUPITER (@JUPITER56687761) reported

    @ConcernedApe please fix the bugs of stardew valley on Nintendo Switch

  • PrValkyrie PrValkyrie (@PrValkyrie) reported

    @Doctor_Cupcakes @NintendoUK That's the problem with most open world games, all that space but very little is used. Time will tell if Pokemon spawn there or not.

  • CDdesignsUK CJ (@CDdesignsUK) reported

    @JenniferRidgway @NintendoUK Hi and thank you for your reply. As Nintendo off free repairs in the US for this problem as was hoping they offered the same for UK customers. I’m not the best at this stuff and will probably break it completely. Appreciate you advice though, thank you

  • SQEXCollective Square Enix Collective (@SQEXCollective) reported

    Last week we announced the Turing Test is coming to Nintendo Switch, however the price listed in our press release had a small error - the price at launch is £15.99/$19.99/€19.99 with 10% off until Feb 21. Sorry for the confusion caused.

  • aroshiiii aroshi (@aroshiiii) reported

    Minty 12 Euro Reflex out of stock Deep Freeze Nintendo Xbox 12 Euro Gta Services 40$ any money any clothing any modded outift any modded cars, any level, Gta Service 30$ 500mil 2 modded cars 2 modded outfits 75% any level, Honor 20$ Glow 10$ dm

  • EmTendoGamer NintendoGamer (@EmTendoGamer) reported

    @JCarro727 @NintendoAmerica It does now. There was a bug that Nintendo had to fix.

  • RedSamuraiNinja Red Samurai Ninja (@RedSamuraiNinja) reported

    I remember this Crash Bandicoot invade Nintendo HQ and calling out of Mario for showing his PlayStation console has 3D games.

  • UKMarkLeeds Mark-A (@UKMarkLeeds) reported

    Just looked at a Nintendo Switch game and at the bottom is an ad trying to get me to buy @Amazon New World. The only problem is that that is PC ONLY. It’s VERY misleading. #pitiful #crapads #dontyouhaveenoughmoney

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @WandererThunder @MojangSupport Seems to be a very common problem. Minecraft is just downright broken at the moment and Mojang aren't doing anything about it that we are aware of. I've contacted Nintendo too. I'm hoping if enough people complain then Nintendo will have to step in and speak to Mojang.

  • RealMagentaMan MagentaMan (@RealMagentaMan) reported

    Nintendo 64. I had to get my fix by either playing at a friends house or running up bills at hotels that let you rent N64 gameplay (if you remember those days, some hotels had them in the rooms to rent. Genius move)

  • treelax007 Treelax007 (@treelax007) reported

    Dude, I’m ****** done with the switch having problems. I’ve sent my old one back I believe two times, then it just straight fried. I get a new out of no where from my grandma (thank very btw), then this one wouldn’t do anything besides show me an error code screen. WTF NINTENDO

  • neenjaaa_ Matt (@neenjaaa_) reported

    You HAVE to use ballpoint man it's SO ******* broken like omg ******* NERF ballpoint Nintendo this is ridiculous at this point

  • treelax007 Treelax007 (@treelax007) reported

    Hey at @NintendoAmerica, I keep getting error code 2162-0002. I’ve only had this switch for week after having my old one fry like bacon, so could you tell me how I can fix this problem. And yes I’ve already done what the error code page says, including going to your website

  • Anime10121 Anime10121 (@Anime10121) reported

    @RaiohV I think for most anime games its more a budget issue than anything else since the "anime rpg" genre just doesnt sell as well these days no matter how good the game is unless its from Square, they'll be lucky to break 1 mil shipped. Monolith just lucky they got bought by Nintendo

  • _walta walta (@_walta) reported

    @badnew___ @PartyTimeShffl There are plenty of major tournaments that still exist without a Nintendo sponsorship. They only got on board with genesis fairly recently and tourneys ran w/o issues

  • DJParticle DJ Particle (@DJParticle) reported

    Nintendo has announced Wii repair service will end on March 20th.

  • Chicken_egg10 🐔にわとり🐓エラー&不具合調査中の為固定必読 アフィブログ転載禁止 (@Chicken_egg10) reported

    @NocturnBear @Jm9rqffNdgi1zpn If Game Freak and Nintendo don't want to make a backup, You should fix the bug that breaks the switch and the fatal bug that Pokemon disappears. Or I want to save the save data in the software itself as before. (Google Translation)

  • landonshaw Landon Shaw (@landonshaw) reported

    Really getting upset that NO one @RBIGAME has not got back to me about fact that #RBI19 on #Switch has issues. HR Derby does NOT work at all. Many forums about this issue, I have emailed 4 times-no response! @NintendoAmerica OR @RBIGAME please address!!

  • Inurantchan Inuranchan (@Inurantchan) reported

    @LimitedRunDoug Depends on the games for me. Nintendo for example, designs their games around their system. I'd prefer their energy to go into that, for a much more unique/special experience. For more generic games, I don't see a problem and I'd like more cross-saves as well.

  • Verde_SSB Verde (@Verde_SSB) reported

    😭 can Nintendo please give down guns some landing lag god damn I can’t wait for Tuesday

  • togkeycfl ™️ (@togkeycfl) reported

    @Sliverxx7 @Genesis_Smash @NintendoAmerica @Sora_Sakurai down gun cool down, arsene back air, tetrekarn KB nerf, gets ;ess arsene from getting hit, then fix his jab lol

  • bananhann hannah lee (@bananhann) reported

    @omegaflowey nintendo does free repairs for this exact problem now! it got so common that they changed their policy on it.

  • Sliverxx7 Sliver (@Sliverxx7) reported

    @togkeycfl @Genesis_Smash @NintendoAmerica @Sora_Sakurai Arsene may needs to be toned down a bit, i wouldn't change anything on Joker himself. The upair infinite (Leffoble) isn't that easy to execute multiple times and hard to setup i don't see the problem

  • WanderPhysicist ⛏️🏈🌧️🆗💥👨‍💻 (@WanderPhysicist) reported

    ARG! The other day, I wanted to get a cool BotW themed Switch messenger bag, but Nintendo wouldn't take my credit card and the card company rep was negatively helpful. Just now, I was able to order it no problem. At least I'm getting something really cool...

  • CRZYSPZ Alexander Barker (@CRZYSPZ) reported

    @VoretechzTwitch @AoD_D33pfri3d @IGN I just think people are just overlooking the fact that there are major territories that Xbox doesn’t sell well in. Nintendo and Sony don’t really have that issue. Blame exclusives if you want, but as we saw with 360, places like Japan still don’t buy the console.

  • Cheesemeister3k Cheesemeister (@Cheesemeister3k) reported

    Nintendo will no longer accept any #Wii consoles for service after March 31st this year in Japan.

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811