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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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June 19: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 03:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Game Crash

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
York Online Play
Cary Game Crash
Odense Online Play
Winchester Online Play
Sydney Online Play
Sherwood Glitches

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Nintendo Switch Online Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ALinkttPresent Nohr Noble Chase (@ALinkttPresent) reported

    "Error Code: 2813-0030 Your Wish List is full, so this item cannot be added. Please delete one or more items from your list." I knew this day would come. #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo

  • danny_devitoes 🦀Moe (@danny_devitoes) reported

    @ibock @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo @thetruebowser Never in my life did I think change dot org would be on a Nintendo related issue lmao

  • DaviVSTheGames ThePeopleVSTheGames (@DaviVSTheGames) reported

    @Pokemon_cojp @Pokemon @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo @Junichi_Masuda PLEASE stop working on #town and focus the team on #PokemonSwordShield and give us all our pokemon and megas back, or i wont be buying this game the problem with games is we cant return them if were unhappy

  • CarissaGamble92 Carissa Gamble (@CarissaGamble92) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Crash Bandicoot!!

  • 4evrbwoy i hate r kelly (@4evrbwoy) reported

    Tired of being me anyone want to buy my identity. I’ll give to u for a new Nintendo switch mines fan is broken. Gna move back to Mexico and do **** like my forefathers and those that came before

  • kami_no_youna Michael carney (@kami_no_youna) reported

    @LonelyGoomba they could've easily handled this with 1 announcement. 'as more pokémon debut on the nintendo switch, trainers will receive updates to the pokémon sword and pokémon shield games, supporting transfer from the pokémon home service into the region of galar for many years to come.'

  • Btharealest13 BJ (@Btharealest13) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica No problem!!! I like what your doing!!!!

  • reido90 David Reid 👨🏼‍💻 (@reido90) reported

    @stickermule @cleapatr4 @NintendoAmerica Crash team racing 😁

  • KouriCory CoryKouri (@KouriCory) reported

    @SciresM for those having black screen problem or stuck on Nintendo logo, there is a solution just simply delete the previous atmosphere folder located at your Sd card and replace it from 0.9.1 problem solve

  • Wandering_Dom 👾 Open Heart, Open Mind 👾 (@Wandering_Dom) reported

    I'm honestly tired of this Nessa controversy. The whole thing erupted after someone decided to lighten her skin to a great degree and say "Hire me Nintendo, I fixed her." That's where the issue lies. There was a clear intent to trigger people and a clear racial overtone to tweet

  • ChiDraws Chi (@ChiDraws) reported

    @Formula NRG. I probably would make it if I had a good computer. But instead I play on an Nintendo Switch at 30FpS. :(. Fix switch @FortniteGame

  • HankJ666 Hanki ❁ (@HankJ666) reported

    @abzbld @XanderStabbity @Polygon The problem with trying to be woke is that, the moment you do, you set yourself for failure, as a developer your ONLY job is to make a FUN game experience (wich is why Nintendo wins every E3)

  • TheJokester_MrJ The Jokester Mr. J🃏 (@TheJokester_MrJ) reported

    @MCDADDY1994 @PETAsnose @PlayStation Well sounds like you should game on PC because Nintendo and Sony will never allow there games on another companies platform when you own a company or an IP you protect your brand. A collaboration is about all you can expect. Xbox might be trying to be a live service

  • spacefunkyarp the giant nyah nyah of power (@spacefunkyarp) reported

    like u have three companies at odds with each other, sony is winning cuz the other two companies ain't know wtf to do, then you see sega crash bandicoot on nintendo there's a lot to unpack

  • TheJokester_MrJ The Jokester Mr. J🃏 (@TheJokester_MrJ) reported

    @MCDADDY1994 @PETAsnose @PlayStation Because we have no one to make us games it's not I or any PlayStation fan for XBox blunders Sony and Nintendo have there faults too like the stupid censorship every company has there faults it's not my fault that they won't fix that they had since the XBoxone launch to do so 🤷

  • TeamCorgiBrand Team Corgi (@TeamCorgiBrand) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Crash Bandicoot

  • ReptileGameplay Terrorbyte Cyber-Draco-Shark (@ReptileGameplay) reported

    Switch has a real issue with 0000 unlocks. Like how hard is it to have a game unlock around the correct time @NintendoEurope @NintendoAmerica

  • _MrStokes_ Mr.Stokes ◥θ┴θ◤ (@_MrStokes_) reported

    I get that Nintendo online is ass but at what point do we recognize that lag is apart of any online game.

  • CrystalDoran7 Crystal Doran (@CrystalDoran7) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Crash Bandicoot

  • levigmiller Mario_Lab 2 🔬 (@levigmiller) reported

    I hope Nintendo heavily prioritizes the creator tags for this problem 👀

  • GlRLSAREGOOD 21 T-Posing (@GlRLSAREGOOD) reported

    @QueensInferno yeah, plus like... porting formats isnt as easy as people put it. & even then the XY shit wasnt up to standard oooooooor more likely the higher ups, maybe even nintendo themselves, said that wasnt going to fly could also be a problem of Lets Go happening with updated models

  • ZhugeEX Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) reported

    @DanteAlJ It's similar. But the law isn't so much of an issue there. It's more that Nintendo is not directly distributing there so they use partners like Active Gulf etc...

  • birbybirbs Cel (@birbybirbs) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @BYG_Vancouver @BYG_Vancouver theres a glitch in cadence of hyrule were a heart piece has disappeared from the game for me and not reappearing so i cant get it. Please fix this

  • PBJArts 🏳️‍🌈PBJU89🏳️‍🌈 (@PBJArts) reported

    @segaman24 @Wiiknight678 @NintendoAmerica Mania is. I have no opinion on TSR besides going for MK8Deluxe or Crash Racing instead since the online play are much better there.

  • kissmesunlight_ ah no, es un elote. (@kissmesunlight_) reported

    im sorry that post really pisses me off and makes me sick this is NOT a "hURR ******* NINTENDO" problem i ask light skinned asians and white people to not act like this is the right take

  • kissmesunlight_ ah no, es un elote. (@kissmesunlight_) reported

    please dont reduce the problem concerning colorism and racism in japan/asia down to IT'S NINTENDO AND THEIR ******* FANS don't downplay the oppression and discrimination brown/black people face like this

  • kissmesunlight_ ah no, es un elote. (@kissmesunlight_) reported

    like i know ppl wanna say it's just nintendo it's not that's a really narrow minded view nintendo's content is part of the problem but it isn't the whole thing anytime you call anything made by a japanese company or artist out, this happens

  • PBJArts 🏳️‍🌈PBJU89🏳️‍🌈 (@PBJArts) reported

    @RealStevenator @cyberblur06 @NintendoAmerica Not just afraid but lazy. Look at their PS3 port of Adventure games. No effort whatsoever just like their recent string of games since 2011. Mario hardly ever has this issue (besides rehashing NSMB 4 times) because the quality and originality are all there.

  • StarksSraps Stark's Scraps (@StarksSraps) reported

    @PixelDan In case everyone hasn’t told you a million times, the Nintendo online service is only $20 a year.

  • Nestor12024 Nestor (@Nestor12024) reported

    Nintendo... can you please stop making weird and unnecessary decisions to your games. I'm getting quite tired of it. Please fix this @NintendoAmerica

  • KristyB25563376 Kristy Brewer (@KristyB25563376) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Anything Mario and crash bandicoot

  • danilynne1986 Danielle Patton (@danilynne1986) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Resident evil or crash bandicoot lol

  • RandomInkling Pixl the proud Bitchl💙💛💖 (@RandomInkling) reported

    I feel like in a few years when Nintendo is planning to shut off the switch's online service, they should make the upgraded hero weapons and grizzco weapons online playability on the switch's last year online.

  • VickyBloor2 Vicky Bloor (@VickyBloor2) reported

    @AsdaServiceTeam I eventually got a refund from Asda but only after an argument, I contacted Nintendo and they said it was Asda’s problem!!!

  • Slitterbox Slitterbox (@Slitterbox) reported

    Yesterday Kitty and I acquired an Elgato capture card and we are now able to play Nintendo Switch games on stream. Sadly, major issues arose while configuring the stream pc and we had to reimage it. The system isn't fully restored yet and we will have to cancel tonight's stream

  • SamuelDreemurr Samuel Dreemurr (PsychoticFoxProductions) (@SamuelDreemurr) reported

    @Thatonedude211 Cuz I do have sympathy and respect. And ok fair point, but Will’s main issue is people making stuff related to his work. If he’s just gonna forbid any use of his music regardless of a cover, remake, or the actual audio himself, and pull a nintendo, he should just say it.

  • crystanium Crystanium (@crystanium) reported

    I'm not getting anywhere in Elite Smash. I've lost more than I've gained today, and I've noticed that when you lose, you get pitted against players who aren't as good as you. Worse, you end up with players who have bad connection. @NintendoAmerica Please fix this problem.

  • RRRX1492 RRR X (@RRRX1492) reported

    @tacocat24101 1. It's a joke on those who want to 'fix' Nintendo characters. 2. It's also joking on those who are losing their tops over artists drawing Nessa in a slightly lighter shade. So these were made.

  • Annaliesewyld Annaliese Wyld 🇦🇺🦘😁 (@Annaliesewyld) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Spyro the ignites reboot trilogy or Crash Bandicoot wrath or cortex/ Nitro Cart

  • RyanDE15 Ryan (@RyanDE15) reported

    @THEREALRTU I’ve used the my official Nintendo Switch charger and haven’t had a problem with charging speeds. I’d recommend trying it out 👍👍

  • XXtadaZ XXtadaZ (@XXtadaZ) reported

    @MegaCrit Now all we need is patch notes, slowly but surely we may get some semblance of actual customer service. Lord knows why we need to ask for patch notes to a patch you pushed to Nintendo 2 weeks ago.

  • griimsley DEL! 🦑 (@griimsley) reported

    Why can't ppl acknowledge that Nessa is indeed a swimmer but Nintendo also has a continuous issue with putting their dark skinned girls in skimpy outfits and repeatedly exposing their skin (see: Olivia, Marina, the whole Gerudo)

  • i_bought_a_2ds Gemini is unholy (@i_bought_a_2ds) reported

    @EpicAnimeKidX @mystsprit @NintendoAmerica I don't agree about GHZ being used is a problem and i think Forces is flawed because of it's level design, physics and gameplay, plus the art direction is kind of boring in my opinion, but it's your opinion and i can see why do you think the hate is over-exaggerated.

  • jmagicd2 jmagicd2 (@jmagicd2) reported

    Seriously @Nintendo needs to fix this as the final updates come out. This is not the first time this has happened to me. Retweet if this has ever happened to you.

  • GStrovador Giv (@GStrovador) reported

    @StormOfBlood35 Agreed. He used Splatoon to met minors it seems, that's doesn't mean it's a "Nintendo problem". Nintendo is pretty good at protecting their customers usually. One case doesn't mean you should burn @NintendoEurope as a whole.

  • ArtKreekW sad and horny (@ArtKreekW) reported

    @Xaldel @eurogamer Splatoon on the Wii U had the same problem, where it didn’t have a lot at launch, and Nintendo supplied the game with free updates. Arms is most likely going to be the same case where the second one (if they make a sequel), will most likely have a lot more to do at launch.

  • scuffella Sigma Razy ✈️ (@scuffella) reported

    @FortniteGame you guys need to fix the controller settings in iOS my joy sticks can’t be used to switch to pic ax’s and also why do you guys team iOS controller players vs Xbox and PS4 keep it to Nintendo switch players bc they can the same comtrolls we do it’s not fair

  • monotonegent Monotone Gent (@monotonegent) reported

    @zenspath The Switch Versions of those games are enhanced ports there's no arguing that, but this is the hobby where you slap a few more guns on a fps and call it a sequel. Now Nintendo's doing it and its such a "big problem"

  • jeanmf69 Jean (@jeanmf69) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Mario and Crash, @FavreFan778

  • Ochakolate mizuki. 285/300! (@Ochakolate) reported

    I think the ps4 will be the last console I buy (not counting anything Nintendo). Baby will always buy a console and we honestly don’t need 40 of them lol. I still have my somewhat broken ps3 as well. 💦

  • MoonBlade19 DarkPhoenix (@MoonBlade19) reported

    @FortniteGame Hay I am still having these problems on Nintendo switch I’ve been kicked out more than once during a team rumble match not any other game modes just team rumble 😢

  • DestinytoMoon Moon🌛(she/they) (@DestinytoMoon) reported

    @fieldofsavages @strangeauthor Everysingle time i talk about Nintendo and their transmisoginyst problems IS SO TIRING

  • AcremanCarly Carly Acreman (@AcremanCarly) reported

    If you are thinking of purchasing a Nintendo switch for your child I would 100% recommend you DO NOT. £300 console lasted 5 months, broken charge port after carefully being used a handful of times is not covered and substantial payment expected for repair. @NintendoUK #poorshow

  • Shiver_Star Star (@Shiver_Star) reported

    I hate the majority of nintendo journalism because it's constantly petty garbage. the only one I have zero problem with is gonintendo.

  • SirKickass Charles Kickass III (@SirKickass) reported

    @SinamonLance A big theory I saw is that Nintendo's push for them to release games for new consoles caused the biggest problems. I.e having to go 3D models so they could have a selling point on 3DS tech. Now they can't just go back to 2D models which require way less effort

  • erichawkinson1 Eric Hawkinson (@erichawkinson1) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Crash Bandicoot Warped!!! Such a classic which, just so happens to have been re-released on the SWITCH!!

  • xoxowanits joannerocaf (@xoxowanits) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica CRASH BANDICOOT

  • Woomy_Boi Bruh (@Woomy_Boi) reported

    Nintendo is cool but fix your online

  • lorenzobertoia Lorenzo (@lorenzobertoia) reported

    @Jadenfire @BakedNova @NinEverything Well you gotta pay one thing for another, thats how it works and Nintendo will probably not take down the service

  • 8tATEHYE 8tATE HYE (@8tATEHYE) reported

    @stickermule @NintendoAmerica Ps1 crash bandicoot

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811