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  • DoomJudge Mike Wizowski (@DoomJudge) reported

    @BeastFireTimdog Nintendo will make big bank because Switch sales will skyrocket since the library is more expanded with xcloud and third party games can now all be played via the service. They no longer have to miss out. And Microsoft will benefit from the larger userbase to sell their games to.

  • MrLeonVWF MrLeonVWF (@MrLeonVWF) reported

    @NintendoUK left a game because of lag, the person then reported me and now im suspended for 20min.....i was doing good and was winning the games prior to the exit...sorry this is related to smash bros ultimate


    @WaDiRob The real problem is Nintendo needs an actual good way of desyncing them. Rn, your only option is to push the button on the controller and make sure no button is ever pushed again to resync it, or disconnect every controller by taking it out of the dock and going to Home menu

  • Devilcorpsdoc Clutch Rewind (@Devilcorpsdoc) reported

    If the rumors are true, that Microsoft is putting their Xbox #Gamepass service on Nintendo products, and considering they continue with their hybrid Switch model. Its a win/win for Microsoft fulfilling their lack of a handheld while expanding their market share & software sales.

  • nintendad Nintendad 🚁👑🐊 (@nintendad) reported

    @ThirstyNintendo Yeah, that’s your role in this. That and Manga. And the Nintendo thing isn’t a problem because I’m Nintendad and unless the misses, Mumtendo starts her own site and starts getting codes from Nintendo, my say is final!! See, no problems with egos.....

  • Dedede_King1 DSN_DEDEDE (@Dedede_King1) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix your online please...

  • bearloga Mikhail Popov (@bearloga) reported

    In that window where I really want to get a Switch but the original product has issues and there are rumors of a revision coming sometime in 2019 but Nintendo hasn't announced anything yet.

  • Lord_Mangoat Mangoat (@Lord_Mangoat) reported

    Searched the Switch eShop for “RPG” & in the 1st 10 listed, 3 are not RPGs. @Nintendo, please fix your stuff. @NintendoAmerica

  • Lord_Mangoat Mangoat (@Lord_Mangoat) reported

    Searched the Switch eShop for “RPG” & in the 1st 10 listed, 3 are not RPGs. @Nintendo, please fix your stuff.

  • octog4y miwa 🌸 (@octog4y) reported

    i've seen the complaints about the nintendo online service and the lack of games and the fact that they Still don't have servers all of this is (or was) Valid and i don't think i'e seen someone deflect them from criticism ever (not that they've needed it lmao)

  • Dio_reference Benjamin Giacobbe (@Dio_reference) reported

    @NintendoAmerica your online service is also a scam worse than EA lootbox system. You should be ashamed how bad it is and a lot of poeple won't buy another subscription with that quality for that price! We aren't in 2008 anymore and fix your goddamn online service. BUY SERVERS

  • Dio_reference Benjamin Giacobbe (@Dio_reference) reported

    @NintendoAmerica ******* fix your internet for smash it's a ******* mess! I'm fine for a subscription as long as the service is correct but it's not. I got kicked in online because your service couldn't bring a stable connexion and I'm now banned! wake up and get an update ****

  • CrimiiCrim Crim~ (@CrimiiCrim) reported

    Nintendo should really fix their online because as it stands eventually everybody will drop it

  • Liquid_Genome Liquid (@Liquid_Genome) reported

    @Jedi_of_Stealth @anchorstandard @notaxation @ChrisRGun MS won't be getting Nintendo games because this isn't a partnership, it's simply MS putting their service on another platform. It'll also be on mobile & PC. MS has been pretty clear about their intent to be a platform agnostic service. Sony won't be pressured by less competition.

  • _Indieverse indieVerse (@_Indieverse) reported

    Let’s be honest, Nintendo’s current online service is poor. XBox could add functionality to the Switch platform with the ‘play anywhere’ streaming service, expand the back catalogue and help Microsoft gain access to the Japanese market.

  • Chronic_Jetnoob YtChronic_Jetnoob 🅙 (@Chronic_Jetnoob) reported

    @plqne @Stratifylul He told me to sign in with nintendo

  • drybones_5 🇺🇸 Drybones🗽ム (@drybones_5) reported

    @KaijuKestral Microsoft is going to become a cloud gaming service where you can buy a subscription to play games on any device (Switch, Xbox, PC, phones, etc) and the "cloud" servers render the game for you Microsoft doesn't need to compete with Playstation or Nintendo consoles anymore

  • NowakVulpix ❄ Nowak @ ANE 2019 🦊 (@NowakVulpix) reported

    If it becomes more of a problem then I'll contact Nintendo about it

  • necro_aster Warp☆ #PlantGang (@necro_aster) reported

    @Cry0g0nal @NintendoAmerica Or maybe you cannot afford a Switch and you have to rely on old video game consoles and let's play of recent games because of some family or job problems

  • ChefSledg ChefSledg (@ChefSledg) reported

    @BeastFireTimdog I think MS and nintendo will partner at some point. Ms will have the console and nintendo will have handheld. I can't nintendo selling but it'll be a close relationship. I don't want MS to be just a service company and i doubt that will happen.

  • Nwanu E. (@Nwanu) reported

    @Remiferia Depends on the consumer. But uhh Nintendo isn't getting native Halo Infinite, Fable 4 etc either. Those would be streamed through Game Pass at best. The point is that Xbox is expanding as a service whilst evidently maintaining the Xbox hardware lineup.

  • GreedyMirusama LockOnHaru (@GreedyMirusama) reported

    @therealcliffyb @FINALLEVEL Reggie was able to leave Nintendo like a true man and hold his head up high. You buckle down like a pair of broken ankles the mere second you get criticism for your horrible attitude and things you’ve done in the past. You’re not nearly as manly as Reggie or Pat. 🖕

  • Jedi_of_Stealth Andrew Vinci (@Jedi_of_Stealth) reported

    @Liquid_Genome @anchorstandard @notaxation @ChrisRGun But having xbox games offered on a nintendo service will be huge for them. And the xbox isnt going anywhere, and it would make since with this partnership for microsoft to get something out of it too. I.E. Nintendo games. That puts a ton of pressure onto Sony.

  • StrangeKeith single cell organism 🦠 (@StrangeKeith) reported

    Ok so this lag has to be a Nintendo online issue

  • estradioI moon girl (@estradioI) reported

    @KantoPancakes not to mention nintendo, through the stress of the wii u's issues, managed to not lay off hundreds of employees unlike most game dev companies, and should be seen as the where the bar for game devs should be, not grouped up to be the same no matter what.

  • Iroquois_ Lotkwenyest (Philip) George (@Iroquois_) reported

    Just got off the phone with a Nintendo customer service agent who sounded like Dave Chappelle when he makes fun of white people. It was hilarious I can’t stop laughing... needed that....

  • novacarerx RxRenegade (@novacarerx) reported

    @rachel_me01 @theblondeMD Good points. I think he bashes crash carts against his head now instead of Nintendo controllers

  • stevedode stevedode (@stevedode) reported

    @ArmadaUGS The online is way too garbage to be used as anything close to serious practice for offline competition. More people need to bring awareness to this and Nintendo needs to fix their shitty implementation.

  • ajcub225 Arrington AJ Morris (@ajcub225) reported

    @gaymer_ositoXXX @FleetwoodSnac @NintendoAmerica Put Crash Bandicoot in there too

  • Jesuszilla1 Jesuszilla (@Jesuszilla1) reported

    @SnoopyG7 @XboxNintendo @XboxP3 One platform getting ignored is really the only issue I have personally. And that how it seems. I would be way more ecstatic if in return Xbox consoles got a Nintendo store

  • AUwrx78 Brian Miller (@AUwrx78) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @erwil9 @FortniteGame - In game voice chat no longer works since update 7.40 - Nintendo Switch - All the time - I use Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headphones. I can hear everyone fine but it is like I am muted in game. Have tried toggling on and off voice chat in settings and still not working.

  • AUwrx78 Brian Miller (@AUwrx78) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @erwil9 @FortniteGame Hey Sean I have had the problem of in game voice chat not working on the Nintendo Switch ever since 7.40 update. I use the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headphones. If you need any other info please let me know.

  • Agent7_Splatoon 💙✨Agent 7✨💚 (@Agent7_Splatoon) reported

    @Galaxy_SG_ That's why Nintendo should rename it as the poop bucket I mean the broken bucket

  • Pyrofrost Pyro @ FFXIV (@Pyrofrost) reported

    Rumor or not, anytime I see reports on cross-platform play between XBox and Nintendo, I remain baffled by Sony being the ones lagging behind on this, considering they are the company (with Squaresoft/Enix) that pioneered cross-platform play.

  • RandyLoss Randy Los (@RandyLoss) reported

    @SpawnWaveMedia @DirectFeedGames Is the service for Nintendo games also

  • HatokTalk hatok (@HatokTalk) reported

    the ps4 had a reputation for having no games for most its life if nintendo and microsoft hadn't comically failed that would've been a big problem even fewer sony games means a less diverse pool of system sellers

  • TheFantasticIan Ian Mutchler (@TheFantasticIan) reported

    When I was visiting the Xbox One sections would either be incredibly tiny or nonexistent. The Vita would have a bigger section than Xbox. Partnering with Nintendo and throwing their excellent Xbox Gamepass and a MUCH better online service on Switch could help them in the area

  • OursOuzbek OursOuzbek 🦁👑 (@OursOuzbek) reported

    I want Nintendo to remove Ryu from Smash Ultimate, then turn him into a DLC, so he can be broken again 😓 Bayonetta and Corrin mains, you are concerned too 👀

  • HotSoup19013297 Sinda (@HotSoup19013297) reported

    @ComeToFrostbite @NintendoAmerica @NintendoVS Thank god nintendo is doing some shit right now all we need is in game chat and better internet (even though I seem to be only one have little to no problem)

  • JarylGaren (@JarylGaren) reported

    it's been rumored that Square and Nintendo deemed KH3 unfeasible for a port, yes, but va the XCloud streaming service that Microsoft is working on, this could potentially happen after all

  • 108 tim rogers (@108) reported

    @RussFrushtick @pedrothedagger i played WAY too many slowdown-infested games on the NES. i got MAD at the slowdown in super ghouls 'n' ghosts for the super nintendo. i literally yelled: "i thought they were gonna FIX this!" i was twelve. so maybe my threshold for choppy frame rates is higher than some lol

  • jamarhero Jamar Bell (@jamarhero) reported

    @A_Davisseau @SMITEGame @HirezOps @HiRezSupport @HiRezStudios Yeah I’m having the same issue with unlinking my Nintendo Switch Account. I contacted them several times via support ticket and got no response. It’s extremely frustrating

  • WaterBlad64 Jacob Von Pringleton (@WaterBlad64) reported

    @PandasAndGaming Nintendo Switch Online isn't actually that bad of a service, though I agree that it could use some improvements.

  • Maria62640456 VeganMaria (@Maria62640456) reported

    @Netflixhelps I already know that , previously Netflix stated the star rating system still exist on other devices , it was never updated on the Nintendo Wii. And i know that @Nintendo switched the streaming service off when they shouldn't of @NintendoUK @NintendoEurope

  • thejorchard Jaison Orchard (@thejorchard) reported

    @MrXBob @hemartinez7896 @PutGameOnSwitch Again, I'll believe it when I see it, as I don't see any benefit for Nintendo of this service coming to the Switch. Xbox and Phil may want to do it, doesn't mean it will happen though. Regardless of what the fans want.

  • mistermegative FFVI is the best. Hi, I'm John. (@mistermegative) reported

    The Xbox Gamepass stuff on Switch sounds like it's probably true, and honestly fits with Xbox's apparent vision of turning the brand into a service as opposed to a box. But no. You're not gonna be playing Nintendo games on Xbox.

  • grimyire bitter squid (@grimyire) reported

    i completely agree this is getting annoying theres a lot of jp exclusive stuff but people are like Really throwing a fit over it and its becoming annoying seeing the same drama on my tl like can we just collectively email nintendo and tell them to fix it instead

  • Cptn_Alex CptnAlex (@Cptn_Alex) reported

    @raystrazdas @JoeySplats Nintendo does say on their website this won’t last forever though, and eventually you won’t be able to redownload them. Biggest issue is a Wii crashing, and not being able to redownload at some future date. Imagine losing your NES/SNES collection forever 😱

  • WWENintendoLAMB m a g e (@WWENintendoLAMB) reported

    @_16Bit__ I cant seem to find anyone having a similar issue may ask nintendo while im still under warranty.. I only play it in hand-held mode so this definitely shouldn't be happening.. 😭

  • Sloth_Hipster Coffee Uncle 🌊🏄🏼 (@Sloth_Hipster) reported

    Please make it so I don’t have over 1 second of lag in every match Nintendo. I just want to be able to play Smash

  • Motherearther1 Mother Earther (@Motherearther1) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the chat issue for nintendo switch. I paid extra for a headset that's wireless and now the only way it works is wired

  • SJaromsky Dr_Popcorn (@SJaromsky) reported

    @LonelyGoomba @RainbowFalcn_ Except for the fact that Nintendo's online service is utter bollocks at the moment. Hopefully they can change that.

  • SimielCat Simiel (@SimielCat) reported

    @shiccyoin Yes, exactly! The big problem is that nintendo stans don't seem to understand that saying that nintendo is like this too is not criticizing them, it's a fact.

  • dapporock 💮 simon epic style @ TEST PASSED ZINE (@dapporock) reported

    @lucielle_blue It is tragic a 16-year-old on the internet has to explain legal licensing issues to others that Nintendo should have covered, I agree. In the end, I feel, this is a "what is", not a "what if" situation. Rallying is fine, but I detest the pseudo-racism going on in the tag.

  • iowna______page Misha Quinn was unsuspended (9 days ago) (@iowna______page) reported

    i don't know if this is a problem for @EAHelp or Nintendo, but when im not connected to a network it brings up a message and then a screen to connect to a local, but the game, FIFA, doesn't pause.

  • The_CrapGamer ✖️The CrapGamer✖️ (@The_CrapGamer) reported

    @Andrew__Sell @MrMidLifeCrysis @MrboomstickXL @PMS_Jordan We've seen them invest in some service or app called Xbox that they want on every device, including Nintendo and PlayStation.

  • fonky_brewster Oscar de la Grouch (@fonky_brewster) reported

    You guys were all about Nintendo giving us a cute human Bowser a few months ago, and now we got it IDK what your problem is now just because it isn't female or anime. Buncha losers.

  • JoeMcsqueezy Joe Mc (@JoeMcsqueezy) reported

    Wouldn't want to bother with all the complications that would bring. And first parties don't count because they're already owned by Nintendo. But the problem with this argument and third parties is that it's already been proven that Nintendo and Sakurai can make deals with(2/3)

  • TheCvgun123 Fus Ro Dah (@TheCvgun123) reported

    According to a Direct Feed Games report, Microsoft is working on making its Xbox Game Pass subscription service available on Nintendo Switch

  • NewfNukem Newf Nukem (@NewfNukem) reported

    @Olari21 MS still makes a tonne of money selling it's games on XBOX hardware. They don't need Nintendo or anyone else. Their first problem was putting Xbox exclusive games on PC. This was the first downward spiral in my opinion.

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