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August 17: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 01:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • aratanahajimari Mike Haley (@aratanahajimari) reported

    I considered including my former hiking buddy John in a forthcoming chapter of Nintendo Rhapsody, but I don't know if the severe misunderstandings and resulting falling outs, time and time again, would make for very good story telling. It feels more like a broken record of sorts.

  • plantnetta Plantnetta (@plantnetta) reported

    @MightyKeef I think Nintendo should make wack/thwack not kill until 30%. And for the language barrier issue they should have down B show all the MP values for all moves that R currently on the menu. So players no matter what language they speak can memorize the values. Problem solved.

  • _Cute_Gizmo Gizmo (@_Cute_Gizmo) reported

    Guess that they don't know ya 'cause today, that was yesterday Yesterday is over, it's a different day Sound like broken records, playin' over, but you promised her Next time you'll show restraint You don't get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game, but you lied again

  • _vitown nao faço a mínima ideia do que estou fazendo (@_vitown) reported

    smoking broken windows, playing my Nintendo

  • gunbangs owen (@gunbangs) reported

    @neelammango I'm surprised by the amount of people replying to that that think taking shitty care of your electronics is a problem that Nintendo could resolve

  • GamerRebelMat Mat the Gaming Rebel (@GamerRebelMat) reported

    Crappy joycons keep DCing, back cover of the #Switch itself is falling apart, obvious kickstand issue of not staying in place. Real nice console you made, #Nintendo! They need to learn their lesson by replacing all of their crappy ones we bought with those new models, FOR FREE!

  • Dal56542713 Dal (@Dal56542713) reported

    @JoshSuperlink Unfortunately the series suffered from a lot of the same issues that the Star Fox series did, namely Nintendo's lack of any understanding of what fans wanted from the series. Although Park Patrol was pretty good.

  • Theogconti Ricky (@Theogconti) reported

    @nintendolife But shout out My Nintendo Gameboy SP it works better than my switch does I never had a problem with my SP... my Nintendo 64 controllers work better than My joycons wth

  • spikeopossum Spike🛡 (@spikeopossum) reported

    I haven’t had too many problems, but so far I’ve had: Circle pad drift on my 3DS (repaired for $$ by Nintendo), unresponsive Joy-Cons on my Switch and Switch not charging (repaired under warranty for free by Nintendo), & broken disk drive on my Wii (repaired for $$ by Nintendo)

  • MkLXIV MkLXIV (@MkLXIV) reported

    @micahpgomez @QuarterSwede @1uc45MH @stroughtonsmith Oh for sure. Larger companies usually just bow down to any and all DMCA claims; hence I've been helping a lot of artists recently who've fallen victim to fake claims sent by a troll impersonating Nintendo. Though it seems there usually aren't problems with many desktop emulators.

  • gnarology victoria (@gnarology) reported

    why ******** is smash online so terrible please fix this shit @nintendo

  • wild_man26 Shaun (@wild_man26) reported

    @nintendolife I don't think I've ever had a problem with Nintendo hardware... Lucky I guess.

  • Nick_Perezz Nick P (@Nick_Perezz) reported

    @AmazonHelp Your rep was rude. my issue was I have an old switch in return period I wanted to exchange it for the new switch which @NintendoAmerica told me to go through you to do it, but your rep said no, eventually lost their temper and started arguing with me when I just wanna exchange it

  • YangTheFox I'm Mungo's Boyfriend (Not Fox Sorry) (@YangTheFox) reported

    @barawerewolf If I remember Nintendo said that if you send them in to them because they have drift issues it would be for free. But if you want new joycons I know a website where you can order from to customize them if you're into that!

  • Theogconti Ricky (@Theogconti) reported

    @nintendolife Nothing but problems with the Nintendo Switch

  • NoDQ_Virtue Virtue (@NoDQ_Virtue) reported

    Nintendo needs to fix how Kaizo levels are integrated in Super Mario Maker 2. They also have to remove the Boo feature. Too many rookies/casuals are being jaded by troll and extreme luck based levels to where it negatively effects many difficult levels that are passable and fun.

  • cataquacks Mega Doodoo (@cataquacks) reported

    This is really bizarre because polygon confirmed the details of their report with Nintendo's own customer service lmao

  • all_average Above All Average (@all_average) reported

    @ArmadaUGS Only Char with a critical smash attack while every Char got a smash attack, **** the down-b. This is a fundamental mechanical issue that needs to be adressed and pray that Nintendo won't be like "ok everyone gets a crit smash" because that opens the door for other bs.

  • ElBenja_M ElBenja (requests open) (@ElBenja_M) reported

    @zzenzun Well, yeah. But it was kinda weird. I was dreaming that my Nintendo Switch gets broken after falling of the roof of a giant building. I have no idea of why i dreamed that

  • andyGamingMad andrew rosindale (@andyGamingMad) reported

    @Philsagamer Ill be getting my holiday pay and overtime pay for that week and got some long service money im going to use for Nintendo upcoming games.

  • Sanic41 Sanic41💨💎 (@Sanic41) reported

    @ADrucool @20GXhelios @SlothSSB @CatalystNB @KyleTheShort The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is my favourite controller in existence. However this controller comes with more designs, doesn’t need to ever charge & a weird controller has no input lag what so ever whilst wireless controllers do because the Bluetooth needs to travel to

  • ohItsPiKO1 PiKO (@ohItsPiKO1) reported

    Just finished my run at the Nintendo online open, had fun. However I have had so many problems that could’ve been solved with 2 person verification. Delayed my experience and so I couldn’t play nearly as much as I wanted though. @Battlefy

  • J_KULCHA Ubuntu (@J_KULCHA) reported from Barnet, England

    @NintendoUK nice however FIX OUR DRIFTING JOYCONS LIKE YOURE DOING FOR AMERICAN CUSTOMERS! We need a solution too it’s not fair.

  • NichollsOskar CCuppy (@NichollsOskar) reported

    @MrMockRock @RVA_Mako That’s what I mean, Nintendo please fix him

  • AnakhaSilver Ana (@AnakhaSilver) reported

    @biborig @ssbu_MGF @Nintendeal People were bitching about the battery life issues day one, dude. Nintendo gets away with a lot more than it should be able to because of nostalgia factor. They sold us a console released too early, and I only got it because I thought they'd never actually fix the root problem.

  • tayziken kors tay “euromix defender” (@tayziken) reported

    @theQuick_Man LMAO nintendo consoles have had far more issues than microsoft, 360 is the only exception imo

  • AnakhaSilver Ana (@AnakhaSilver) reported

    @ssbu_MGF @Nintendeal When it's not a manufacturing defect, but just a problem of the console being released too early to compete with other consoles, I don't expect it to ever get the core problem fixed. That Nintendo did is infuriating because they had two years to fix it.

  • AnakhaSilver Ana (@AnakhaSilver) reported

    @birbpal @FranSunstar @Nintendeal Because I figured, given Nintendo's history, they weren't doing to fic the actual problem.

  • NintendoEan NintendoSwitchEan (@NintendoEan) reported

    @MrCabanaNerd @Basketball3133 Of course that's not Nintendo's problem! It's indies and developers that want to promote their games for the Switch.

  • MrCabanaNerd 🌴🎮Ray _The Turquoise_ Cabana🎮🌴 (@MrCabanaNerd) reported

    @NintendoEan @Basketball3133 But that's your problem not Nintendo's LOL

  • NintendoEan NintendoSwitchEan (@NintendoEan) reported

    @MrCabanaNerd @Basketball3133 So basically, games like Astral Chain, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Octopath, Dragon Quest and some others are considered both 1st party AND 3rd party but the problem is is that all those AAA 3rd party games are all published by Nintendo which is why some people also consider...

  • TheLegendOfXela Alex (@TheLegendOfXela) reported

    @thisishypnotik @ronronscelestes @E_EmeraldBryce @Skulkap1 @nintendolife Nintendo needs to use their brain and enable cloud saving in this game. It’s a big issue! This is a game that people will spent hundreds of hours on, and the fact that we can lose all of that data if we lose our switch, break out switch, or corrupt our data is ridiculous.

  • Battlefy Battlefy (@Battlefy) reported

    @VinylicDot @FDrakeNY @NintendoAmerica @BearUNLV Hey, apologies for the lack of response on Discord. We are aware of the issues and are working to fix ASAP. Unfortunately our admin team is working through a long queue right now which is delaying matches. We expect things to be resolved shortly.

  • TaskerHarris ƎGC | G-made (@TaskerHarris) reported

    LMAO I JUST PLAYED THE BIGGEST **** EVER ON THE NINTENDO TOURNEY. Was a jerk in the *** on battlefy, and the worst wifi of my life. Never would it be lag free when I was in the s l i g h t e s t bit of a lead. It would start going ultra lag mode when I was just a few % lower LMAO

  • ChrisTheProf Chris Renshaw (@ChrisTheProf) reported

    Agreed. One or two games wasn’t a big deal, but if companies are expecting people to buy a bunch of these prices should come down. If Nintendo licensing is the problem, then people should push on them to be more indie friendly

  • slothsbesleepin amanda (bunny) 🔜 PAX WEST (@slothsbesleepin) reported

    Also remember your Nintendo login and PW! And don’t forget to remove any games you have in your Switch (I forgot to remove Fire Emblem but the employee gave it to me). Backup and save anything in your microSD card. I didn’t do this and lost all my screenshots and videos :(

  • TaskerHarris ƎGC | G-made (@TaskerHarris) reported

    i like how nintendo decides to make a tournament and @Battlefy decides to crash whenever you try to go to your match LMAO

  • __Bramz Bramz (@__Bramz) reported

    Sending my left joycon to John Nintendo to hopefully get the drifting problem repaired. I’m gunna be extremely angry if it has to be replaced and I don’t get a red one back.

  • Helios199718 The Prince of Pain (@Helios199718) reported

    @SmightLP Never in my life have I had an issue with Nintendo hardware

  • LasekiSP When's Megaman (@LasekiSP) reported

    i think i just got lag switched in nintendo's online tourney lmao

  • Tetris_Chemist Tetris (@Tetris_Chemist) reported

    @RuseAoi @NintendoAmerica Most cops are dogshit in today's societies and are riddled with institutional problems But this is a fantasy game so the cops are fine, unless it even tackles that sort of concept as a plotline

  • TyPlayed Typlayed (@TyPlayed) reported

    It would've been really cool for NES Online Service if Nintendo translated FE1 for other countries :(

  • smol_beanie7 🌺 Lou Lou 🌺 (@smol_beanie7) reported

    @VWsHr Don't worry the person is trying to fix everything with Nintendo's Copyright claim stuff

  • NintendoNic Nick (@NintendoNic) reported

    I mean if they don’t want ppl to rip music on YouTube why not prevent the problem and make like a thing we’re you could just type a game and choose the theme it could be apart of the service. It could be called as simply as Nintendo music kinda like Apple Music

  • Gamer4LIFEMB @🎮Gamer4LIFEMB🎮 (@Gamer4LIFEMB) reported

    Played a couple of hours of SYBERIA 2 on nintendo switch attending the plane crash and finding a radio to contact the pilot #NintendoSwitch

  • TotallyNotBatm1 Support 🇯🇵 Devs On XBox: Code Vein launches 27/9 (@TotallyNotBatm1) reported

    @AndrewCalebCol2 Of these four, I'd easily want to play Xenoblade 2 the most. It's too bad that running on the Switch, from what I understand, gives it a host of technical, graphical problems. If a Switch Pro ever hits the market, or Nintendo ever allows it on XBox One X, for sure. :)

  • GamerGibbons GamerGibbons (@GamerGibbons) reported

    So basically all of the people on Elite in 5.3M or above are basically: 1. Rage quitters 2. Lag switching 3. Boosting with troll rulesets. Good online game design Nintendo :)

  • thisishypnotik thisishypnotik (@thisishypnotik) reported

    @ronronscelestes @animalcrossing @SpawnWaveMedia @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica @NGameTheCube2 @ngamethecube @Stealth40k It's not a big problem lmao

  • thisishypnotik thisishypnotik (@thisishypnotik) reported

    @ronronscelestes @E_EmeraldBryce @Skulkap1 @nintendolife Also Switch isn't "old" it's 2 years old. If your console is breaking this early YOU are the problem. You didn't take care of your console. Even if it does break you send it into Nintendo, use your warranty or pay for repairs. The likelihood of the saves being corrupt is nil.

  • thisishypnotik thisishypnotik (@thisishypnotik) reported

    @ronronscelestes @E_EmeraldBryce @Skulkap1 @nintendolife This is the first time Nintendo has done an online service. The free online wasn't a service it was just playing games online. Not a service. We didn't get any features. So no that "MS/Sony did this since 2011" doesn't work. That argument is so tired and old.

  • FateZiggy Ziggy (@FateZiggy) reported

    First game against the Joker player had amazing connection and it was a close win. Next two games magically had a godawful potato connection and hardly any inputs go through. Battlefy can only do so much when Nintendo's online service is this ******* bad

  • gohstfan23 my mom (@gohstfan23) reported

    @brawlbrstms **** u nintendo for doing this again i thought u where out of their radar will u be making another channel or just goto bitchute instead since they have no control on the service

  • short_guy84 Adam Smith (@short_guy84) reported

    @scully1888 I had the clip break on a battery compartment on an original gameboy once. Only issue I ever had with a Nintendo product

  • Giowolvan Giovan ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ (@Giowolvan) reported

    @TheGreatSurf It's honestly my biggest gripe with Nintendo consoles. At least other consoles let users store game data on other devices, but not Switch. The 3DS almost let users do so with its save data backups. I wouldn't be mad if they didn't limit cloud storage to their paid online service

  • JackOakLeaf Jack O'Keeffe (@JackOakLeaf) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    @Joliedarrow "It's good but...the writing it's... It's not horny enough. " someone at @Nintendo localization headquarters right now who doesn't realize their problem could be solved with two phone calls.

  • trexler_logan Trex (@trexler_logan) reported

    Hey @NintendoAmerica something is wrong with my pro controller It keeps disconnecting from my Nintendo switch. I tried updating the pro controller thinking that updating it would fix the problem but it still disconnects from the switch.

  • juckle1 Juckle (@juckle1) reported

    Oof, I forgot the Nintendo online qualifier was today and didn’t sign in on time😭 I really wanted to participate too

  • Stealth40k Stealth (@Stealth40k) reported

    Mario, Zelda, Smash, Fire Emblem and other Nintendo series have all broken sales records on Switch but to me the most interesting of all is to see, after so long since a main game, what Animal Crossing is going to do in March.

  • N3cromaster426 N3cromaster (@N3cromaster426) reported

    @jchensor @jinkusiraga @FGC_Dad @TheBlueMajesty With Hero all the rng options are good though. No other character can do what he does, not even close. I am not saying ban it right now but Nintendo has a huge disconnect from the competitive scene entirely. Their world tour is a 4 man free for all with items...

  • ToddHoddd ToddHodd (@ToddHoddd) reported

    Remembering that time in 7th grade I rearranged my entire room so I could use my Nintendo Wii to piggyback off my neighbors WiFi and watch porn I went to lengths to watch porn back then, Ihad a problem lmao Anyway, I'm glad I'm not like that anymore lol

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