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  • talaa_diab Tala .🧝🏽‍♀️ (@talaa_diab) reported

    Yesterday is over, it's a different day Sound like broken records, playin' over, but you promised her Next time you'll show restraint You don't get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game, but you lied again🤫🔕

  • Aikakong1 Aikakong (@Aikakong1) reported

    @xinding0418 I hope we get 3rd party characters. I could see a character from KoeiTecmo, Level 5 or NIS. I wish Sakurai/Nintendo don't listen to fans at all or we'll get Waluigi, Crash & Gino 😔 I'm not that good at Smash but I like the game & hate the fandom, but I honestly hate all fandoms

  • bloodysmile DR.BS (@bloodysmile) reported

    @premydaremy inexperienced game journalist who most likely never liked or understood the sonic series to begin with, and Nintendo fans who in general have no problem with sonic abandoning his identity to become a subpar mario clone

  • bloodysmile DR.BS (@bloodysmile) reported

    @Cisco_Official inexperienced game journalist who most likely never liked or understood the sonic series to begin with, and Nintendo fans who in general have no problem with sonic abandoning his identity to become a subpar mario clone

  • _Hana_Shi SpoopyShi 🎃 (@_Hana_Shi) reported

    @ninfilli Oof But I feel like Nintendo should do more to fix the drifting problem than just letting people having to get new pairs every time

  • mcclure111 mcc (@mcclure111) reported

    Anyway currently trying to play "Kirby's Dream Course" on Nintendo's official emulator service, and miserably failing, because NINTENDO DIDN'T INCLUDE MANUALS AND THIS GAME IS BAFFLING WITHOUT A MANUAL I guess I'll have to pirate a manual, to play Kirby's Dream Course legally

  • GEEKnorway Ole Petter (@GEEKnorway) reported

    @FrowningVirus94 @AC_Isabelle @NintendoUK @animalcrossing Yeah, that’s really the problem with the game!

  • LeopoldTheBrave 💥LEO💥 (@LeopoldTheBrave) reported

    @PutCrashInSmash This has "my uncle who works at Nintendo" written all over it. I don't trust whoever said Crash was in, as well as those saying he's not.

  • MileHighParlay Mile High Parlay (@MileHighParlay) reported

    @SeanStevinson @Jmangh14 I remember blowing in it until I got dizzy, it still not working , and I’d just assume it was because I didn’t blow in it enough. My mom perfected the eye roll technique watching me huff and puff into Nintendo games.

  • doriyah64 KirbMario (@doriyah64) reported

    @NintendoAmerica You really should add the Fire Bro to all the game styles in Super Mario Maker 2, and not just in the 3D World style. It's baffling that they're not in the Super Mario Bros 3 style, the game that they ORIGINATED in. It's such an easy fix, so there's no reason not to do it.

  • jaysonbooth Jayson (@jaysonbooth) reported

    @paulashby3 @NintendoUK Alfie has broken his too

  • kunbreon dan dan 💕💕 (@kunbreon) reported

    okay i have some complaints about mario kart tour, first half is great but second half is so boring, fix it nintendo

  • etrotm12 Etrotm12 the Blue Wolf 🐺 (@etrotm12) reported

    Okay, so I submitted a nintendo Repair ticket describing my Joy-Con problem. Hopefully i can get it sent off and FOR FREE too.

  • ksen_otaku ksen (@ksen_otaku) reported

    @KimiNozoGuy One thing is pointing out, but you can see everywhere that people will just skip game on basis of that. Any censorship for them equals lost sale. And Nintendo changing things was mostly NoA/Treehouse issue. Not globally. After Sony people just assume the worst.

  • kenny__ee diabetikc (@kenny__ee) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix smash bros online now I’m tired of winning and not getting gsp because my opponent disconnects right after I get the finishing hit

  • TheSugarRay Primary for Bernie Sanders (@TheSugarRay) reported

    This rule is able to change in service of the first. For example, Nintendo used to make playing cards and transitions into videogames because it was profitable. They still see themselves as a toy company but they changed what they did.

  • ThisIsADictator Rafael Dark Sanchez (@ThisIsADictator) reported

    I honestly don’t have any issues with too many characters for one series, if anything Mario is Nintendo’s mascot franchise so...

  • FlatheadSSB FlatHead (@FlatheadSSB) reported

    Crash bandicoots trailer from smash needs to be the original crash commercial shit talking Nintendo and then the characters from the Smash 64 commercial come in and beat the shit out of him

  • TylerMerrifiel1 Tyler Merrifield (@TylerMerrifiel1) reported

    @Dandere_Laifu @NintendoAmerica NINTENDO will fix them for free

  • RuffyYoshi RuffyYoshi 🔪🎃 (@RuffyYoshi) reported

    @SupTheGamer @PushDustIn @HeroOfTime125 @enrico_cusimano And we're the customers. If Nintendo thinks Crash (for example) would make bucketloads of money, they won't cancel it cuz someone got annoyed at a few bad eggs in the fandom. Don't worry.

  • TheSocietyDude no more mr wife guy (@TheSocietyDude) reported

    Interesting how Bernie supporters can afford luxuries like campaign donations, Nintendo Games and food but have a problem with paying $800,000 per visit to the doctor's office 🤔

  • PBJArts PBJArts (@PBJArts) reported

    @AssassinHallow @Magical_Worker @eventhubs @ArloStuff The “oh it’s cheap. Stop complaining” is the most retarded defense any white knight would say because there’s NOTHING ELSE positive to note about Nintendo Switch’s online service. Compare to Wii U, the most hated console so far, the online is a huge 7 steps backward.

  • paulashby3 Paul Ashby (@paulashby3) reported

    @DizzeeStardust @NintendoUK Mine are just made of paper, the analogue stick has broken out on both sets I've had. Shocking build quality for £70 products.

  • josiahdt7 JTaylor (@josiahdt7) reported

    @ViewtfulHero @OneAngryGamerHD @AtlusUSA @Atlus_jp @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo That’s not a good reason to not fix the problem if you rerelease a game that flopped it’s the developers job to look into all potential reasons it failed, they should always try and rectify the problem. Like I mentioned it flopped in Japan due to be on a dead console.

  • DizzeeStardust Dizz (@DizzeeStardust) reported

    @paulashby3 @NintendoUK Issue with mine too, start scrolling through menus without even touching them. Not good.

  • _Ja__mes Jamer (@_Ja__mes) reported

    why ******** does my switch keep disconnecting from my internet for no ******* reason nothing else has this problem just this stupid piece of shit nintendo 4ds

  • OverexcitedBoyo 🏳️‍🌈 Elliot 🐉 Patreon launch @ Nov 1st! (@OverexcitedBoyo) reported

    @kei_leonheart Oh yeah @coffeelancelot has all the necessary tool ls so if your joy-cons ever start drifting it's a lot cheaper to ask them to fix them for you than to buy new ones LMAO Nintendo offers to fix them for free but 1) they use Purilator which is AN EXTREMELY SLOW AND (+)

  • paulashby3 Paul Ashby (@paulashby3) reported

    Hey @NintendoUK your switch controllers are dogs plop. Had 2 sets and both broken.

  • BobbyHi18136609 Bobby Hill (@BobbyHi18136609) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix the broke ass controller

  • williamzabka42 MLB Insider Satan 🧛🏻‍♂️ (@williamzabka42) reported

    There really is no excuse for how awful Nintendo’s online service is in 2019, especially since they now charge money for it. Ditto with continuing to charge $60 for 3-year-old games and making customers rebuy the same old games over and over.

  • MyNintendoNews My Nintendo News (@MyNintendoNews) reported

    @Dont_be_a_sissy That would be Nintendo customer service. In you live in North America they will fix for free regardless of when you purchased it.

  • GreenCheeae ꧁༒☬GreenGraves☬༒꧂ #Commissionsopen (@GreenCheeae) reported

    @Tylan76479017 @NintendoUK no shoes no shirt, but he still gets service eyyy

  • hugoprudente Hugo Prudente (@hugoprudente) reported from Firhouse, Leinster

    I connect a shit controller to a tablet and have better response than SNES o switch. I really think that I waste money! How @NintendoAmerica has courage to release almost 1s lag when you click a button. In the early 90s there was no lag! Shame

  • yuinausicaa Yui Nausicaa (@yuinausicaa) reported

    Supported by strong balance sheet, #Nintendo can afford to fail on new games release, get lost on mobile strategy /execution and even fail on platform. Maybe N will adopt game-as-a-service on some IPs like SSBU (well it's called ultimate...).

  • yuinausicaa Yui Nausicaa (@yuinausicaa) reported

    No matter what it is called, the gamer base on the IP will be re-set. #Nintendo has to migrate or reactivate the gamer base and hopefully acquire new audience. Generally this is not an issue for #Nintendo due to their strong IP portfolio and software & hardware capability.

  • Nerdherd2199 Nerdherd (@Nerdherd2199) reported

    @AEGRO Nintendos problem is they rely on tierd old used ips zelda Mario pokemon and ports of games that came out years ago, Nintendo cater to a niche group of people the ones who but the same game ip over and over again sure they got the odd new ip but it's not enough and when next

  • marko_kozlica Rockruffed ;) (@marko_kozlica) reported

    I am preordering SwSh now and I don't know what to choose:(I love Zacian from Sword but I also want galaryan ponyta from shield :( the problem is that you need nintendo online for trading and I eon't buy that and pay for it every month so idk what to choose

  • WINH4X WINH4X 🎮 (@WINH4X) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Lag in a match, and I get temp banned because the OTHER person has shitty internet, and then you give me ANOTHER ban when I exit before the match starts because I don’t want to deal with someone’s **********.

  • Kikis_8 𝔱𝔰𝔪_𝔘𝔠𝔥𝔦𝔥𝔞666 (@Kikis_8) reported

    @MeDebuff @Schimmy_G @NintendoAmerica Ryu & Ken’s design is literally super flawed to shit. I loved Ryu in smash 4 but, actually recently stop maining Ken in ultimate because I think it’s not worth putting the time/effort into practicing until they actually fix his small flaws that ACTUALLY matter imo.

  • ViewtfulHero ViewtifulHero (@ViewtfulHero) reported

    @josiahdt7 @OneAngryGamerHD @AtlusUSA @Atlus_jp @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo Here's the thing we don't really know how much better the NA/Euro version of the game would've sold without being edited which is problem 1. Problem 2 game bombed in Japan even with them getting an uncensored version of the game.

  • ChrisPerry1985 Chris Mike Perry (@ChrisPerry1985) reported

    @cndrxxxx @MarioKart8Pics I know battle mode in #MarioKart8Deluxe especially shine thief needs fixed it wasn't playable tonight but I didn't know racing on the tracks can take the track away that never happened to me @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo really needs to fix #MK8D & get the hackers out of #MK8D now.

  • ChrisPerry1985 Chris Mike Perry (@ChrisPerry1985) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo #MK8D always has online problems and hackers and people using bad words as names please fix the online in #MK8D now and please get the hackers and bad words out of #MK8D now so #MK8D can be fun & fair & family friendly & playable. #NintendoSwitchOnline

  • Robin_Keith Keith Richards (@Robin_Keith) reported

    @michaelkosta @joerogan @Apple 😆 out of touch. Think of haptics and how they COULD put app buttons all along the curve my thumb can reach but nah, play out the Nintendo controller problem they couldnt figure out for 20yrs. Shape it like the hand.

  • stllr_ Bearded mountain...? (@stllr_) reported

    @Drakodan_ yeah, after mkw and mk7 nintendo realized they had to be the fun police to prevent their games from having high skill ceilings or being cool *ahem* sorry, I meant "glitch-cheating".

  • Peppermint_Punk Triple-A Goat (@Peppermint_Punk) reported

    "Nintendo issues apology and offers refund to gamers upset that the game they pre-ordered isn't the version with half-naked children" Weebs get the guillotine. All of them.

  • acxisarealfknho Aurel. (@acxisarealfknho) reported

    I don’t see a problem with you playing my Nintendo switch but please just don’t play Crash Team Racing on it. Just this.

  • VinceDizzle vince (@VinceDizzle) reported

    i’ve been uncuffed from the twitter police for “H*te Sp**ch” towards nintendo’s terrible online service

  • Chahleybros KK (@Chahleybros) reported

    @BruhMomentos2 @OfficialMaxBox I can't imagine what has happened to either your disc or console for Melee of all games to not work. The Gamecube is nearly indestructible, so either your using a broken Wii or the disc is ****** up so bad even the Nintendo seal of quality can't save it. :P

  • HerielP48 Heriel (@HerielP48) reported

    P5 is in my lowest tier for megaten games, but things like mario odyssey had input lag which should be unthinkable for a mario/nintendo game (same as smash) or nier automata which is only half good because the first half is just a worse nier gestalt for dumb people.

  • sevengranddad92 🎃 Uncanny Grand Dad | #Crash4Smash (@sevengranddad92) reported

    @BreckinMathias This will be Nintendo's online service in 2013.

  • Neoxon619 Nabil #RepresentationForSmash (@Neoxon619) reported

    Again, most of the blame isn’t on Sakurai or Nintendo, but they still hold a decent share of said blame. I hope they recognize the issue & do better. And on that note, I hope Sakurai loosens up on his poster child first mentality, as it’s only making the problem worse.

  • bloomyoonoh jay! 🎱 ♥ (@bloomyoonoh) reported

    moots!! like for an indirect hehe i’m bored :DD if this flops umm my old broken nintendo ds tweeted it

  • TroutCloutGA Typo | Trout 🔜DHA! (@TroutCloutGA) reported

    Ok seriously Nintendo should fix parrying. I parried a D3 fsmash as Roy and tried to jab after and I got GRABBED like tf.

  • Beastly_Drohan 🐺Beastly_Drohan is Mataur the Beast@Furloween🐺 (@Beastly_Drohan) reported

    @CBBlackwell1 The UI was the biggest downgrade for me. Online subscription services have been the standard for a while so I expected Nintendo to hop on board. The problem is that nothing really changed or the quality of the online play had gone up

  • TheReiSpecial tbs | gREIve (@TheReiSpecial) reported

    @ESC__NE Please don’t ask him about mother 3. I’m sure he’s tired of spouting the same localization problems to people. Ask him how he got to where is he was. He used to work for Pizza Hut as their representative or something like that before he went to Nintendo

  • shadowblade1296 shadowsword (@shadowblade1296) reported

    @Shawn_on_Games @OtterInABowler @Crunchyroll Will have different versions the problem comes in with tms because it was censored during the time of Nintendo's over censorship, it suffered as a result because their have been somewhat conflicting reports that tms#fe didn't need to be censored because the ESRB would have rated>

  • shadowblade1296 shadowsword (@shadowblade1296) reported

    @Shawn_on_Games @OtterInABowler @Crunchyroll Money loss they lost money in Wii u sales do to the censorship policy back then, and for the Wii u that little money loss actually caused more of a problem then, games like fatal frame and tms#fe suffered as a result of the loss of revenue. So Nintendo had changed their policies>

  • decimowhite Sam (@decimowhite) reported

    - Nintendo shouldn't be regarded as "the good guys" developer. Their online service is not worth its price, their platforms only survive because of first party efforts that are only picking up steam in the past few years after a long drought. And their products are overpriced.

  • decimowhite Sam (@decimowhite) reported

    - Nintendo should be regarded as "the good guys" developer. Their online service is not worth its price, their platforms only survive because of first party efforts that are only picking up steam in the past few years after a long drought. And their products are overpriced.

  • megamda Kumar Palaniappan (@megamda) reported

    @Target let your exchange service team know, customers aren’t responsible to talk to your product suppliers. It’s you n treat your customers with an atmost service. Regards @NintendoAmerica switch game packed with a wrong seal. #policy #fail #Zelda

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