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Origin is an online gaming, digital distribution and DRM platform developed by Electronic Arts that allows users to purchase games on the internet for PC and mobile platforms, and download them with the Origin client.

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  • Sign in (73.53%)
  • Online Play (20.59%)
  • Game Crash (2.94%)
  • Matchmaking (1.47%)
  • Glitches (1.47%)

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  • RafaTonhao Rafael Santos (@RafaTonhao) reported

    @EA @OriginInsider please fix @PlayApex for phenom we have a lot of People who's using it, please

  • gdwarder Gary Warder (@gdwarder) reported

    @OriginInsider in the past I have purchased game on your service which I no longer have access to because you have created some BS monthly service fee. The way I see it that is theft. You have stolen over $200 and I want compensation or I will contact my attorney general. EA suck

  • hillbillycatz Esjay (@hillbillycatz) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider i'm having issues with origin. When i launch BFV or Anthem it keeps minimising the game randomly. Also when i quit anthem it doesnt fully close the game and i would need to use task manager to end task origin for it to fully close.

  • Nathaniaplays Buss it down Simiana (@Nathaniaplays) reported

    @KingJoshSimming @EAHelp @OriginInsider I was finally able to fix it. Thank youu

  • Bergner_Jan Jan.Bergner (@Bergner_Jan) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex Why there are so many funking problems in your platform,take sometime to fix it!

  • IzzyAllenHere Izzy Allen (@IzzyAllenHere) reported

    @AdrianWarner777 @EA @OriginInsider That sounds horrible. Guess for me it still runs at least, browsing the vault causes it to crash, fittingly

  • EzPzDizzy Pluck Boi (@EzPzDizzy) reported

    @OriginInsider please fix your god awful launcher

  • Sowdermania Sowderman (@Sowdermania) reported

    @OriginInsider fix your friend requests!!!

  • wernerechezuria Werner Echezuria (@wernerechezuria) reported

    @OriginInsider I bought Shift 2 and I demand a refund, the game crashes on windows 10, I create an Issue and you just ignore my problem, I demand a satisfying solution.

  • NaomiIsTakara Naomi (@NaomiIsTakara) reported


  • cry4sly Rob🥀 (@cry4sly) reported

    @JaaakeHill @OriginInsider rip hope you can fix it but yeah origins not a very good thing in general imo

  • CaptureTheGamer Tayton Troidl (@CaptureTheGamer) reported

    @JaaakeHill @OriginInsider Sounds like an EA "glitch"

  • lennyuk Glenn Blair (@lennyuk) reported

    @Lqkaas @EAHelp @EA @Respawn @OriginInsider @VinceZampella it's possible, but the better argument would be paying for a service they are not providing

  • Lqkaas Joachim Løkås (@Lqkaas) reported

    @lennyuk @EAHelp @EA @Respawn @OriginInsider @VinceZampella I haven't done anything, didn't even abuse the flying glitch. I paid for EA access, and I paid for ingame currency.

  • Lqkaas Joachim Løkås (@Lqkaas) reported

    @EAHelp @EA @Respawn @OriginInsider @VinceZampella I got an email from EA, and where it was going to say what I had breached, it said absolutely nothing. The email didn't even have my name in it! It was completely broken.

  • GummyGraveZ GummyGraveZ (@GummyGraveZ) reported

    @PlayApex I’ve been having this problem for a while now but I’m just bringing this up now. There’s a problem with the launcher ( @OriginInsider ) or with the game causing it to not be playable due to crashes. The error is a “DXGI Error” If you can look into it, that would be nice

  • thespidy314 Samuel Russell (@thespidy314) reported

    Anyone in the @TheSims community or @OriginInsider able to help me with a sims 2 issue, just loading times on a windows 10 pc, game seems to put 300mb into ram before dumping and booting, takes upwards of 5 mins and does it EVERYTIME #TheSims #Sims2

  • baz00ker RnD GetMoustache (@baz00ker) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAhelp FIX your damn launcher already, been stuck for a month on offline mode, can't even play @PlayApex or @Battlefield !! Its a serious problem, can't find nothing to fix it T_T PLEASE HELP <3

  • sumkindacrazii Bradley Knight (@sumkindacrazii) reported

    @OriginInsider your service is shitty @steam is better

  • Xavi_Ramone Xavi_Ramone (@Xavi_Ramone) reported

    @OriginInsider fix the ******* problem with Phenoms CPU in Apex!!!

  • LevelOnGaming LevelOn Gaming (@LevelOnGaming) reported

    @The_Real_Nox @OriginInsider @Cloudflare @EAHelp I know you reported this a year ago but I just had this problem. Commented on the EA board. So frustrating but I can absolutely confirm some weird Origin launcher / CloudFlare dns compatibility. Good catch!

  • the_k1ng_1994 the_stranger (@the_k1ng_1994) reported

    Hey @OriginInsider get your act together and let me purchase some stuff so I use it I’m sick and tired of using different cards in order to purchase and get @EASPORTS and @Respawn to help out as well I just wanna play games without a problem damn it just fix it!!!

  • imTyzn Tyzn™ (@imTyzn) reported

    @OriginInsider fix your launcher, I’ve been trying to download apex for 2 hours now and I can’t get past 0 percent when verifying files.

  • _deeeeeev Dev (@_deeeeeev) reported

    @micky508 @XboxSupport @Xbox @PlayApex @OriginInsider I hard reset my Xbox already. My roommate just purchased Apex coins w no problem. I can’t guess what the real problem here is. The only theory I have is that I bought it thru the battle pass screen and not the actual coins tab.

  • micky508 michael davis (@micky508) reported

    @_deeeeeev @XboxSupport @Xbox @PlayApex @OriginInsider I see reports of people having to wait. Another fix for somebody else was hard resetting their Xbox by holding the power button until the console is fully off. Then load the game back up once on.

  • AllNerdyMike Nerdy Mike (@AllNerdyMike) reported

    Can't even play @PlayApex anymore because of the "bad module info" crash preventing me from even completing a match. Wish someone would fix this, have heard nothing from support. @Respawn @OriginInsider

  • RaigornOriginal Raigorn (@RaigornOriginal) reported

    I hate @EA 's Origin downloader. The damn thing keeps resetting back to 70% after going up 5 for the past 6 hours, I've tried all their fixes and nothing works. PLEASE FIX THE DAMN THING!!! @OriginInsider

  • Saadi_Bear Saadi (@Saadi_Bear) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAHelp Worse game launcher ever. Fix your sh*t already. #ApexLedgends

  • buknpolisimoral Nugi (@buknpolisimoral) reported

    @OriginInsider please fix the @PlayApex server. Iam so tired with many cheater and crash while in-game. please give a report system and upgrade the security system of apex game.

  • BrentHarrington BrentHarrington (@BrentHarrington) reported

    @OriginInsider Hi Fix your shit ty. I can't add my friend. I feel like I should be able to add my friend.

  • strawberriemiki Danielle🖤 (@strawberriemiki) reported

    @ColKurtz7 @EAHelp @OriginInsider Me too. I thought it was just me when I try to reinstall it and then saw everyone else and was getting the same error

  • ColKurtz7 Connelly (@ColKurtz7) reported

    @EAHelp Trying to Install @OriginInsider and getting error code 20:403

  • RC1911 Robert C. (@RC1911) reported

    @OriginInsider Got a new HDD for my PC cant even re download I keep getting a error when running the Origin installer......

  • JXSnWp JXSnWp (@JXSnWp) reported

    @OriginInsider Hey, launcher won't update. Tried reinstalling but now I can't even download the installer from your site. Not the only one. People have posted about it over at ea /apex-legends-technical-issues-en

  • TonyKabooch TonyKabooch (@TonyKabooch) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAHelp @ORIGINPC I am unable to download the Origin client from your website. I receive the following error: Access Denied - This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.

  • ninjachristine 𝖘𝖎𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖊𝖞𝖊𝖘⚡ (@ninjachristine) reported

    Lol @OriginInsider keeps giving me error messages so I guess I wasted my money on a game I can't play 🙄

  • BillyPr32023860 Billy Price (@BillyPr32023860) reported

    @PlayApex wth is wrong with @OriginInsider I physically cannot download Apex without it giving me a DirectX error ive literally tried everything from deleting directx extra files to checking code input please help it says error: (4294967287)

  • Telocado @Telocado (@Telocado) reported

    @OriginInsider FIX YOUR ORIGIN LAUNCHER! WE purchase games that we later cant even launch on your APP

  • Joe_Gibson_1983 Joe Gibson (@Joe_Gibson_1983) reported

    @Lunar_childs @OriginInsider It was Origin Premier not a game, and I already had my bank resolve the issue

  • staffordmeister Stafford ◑ (@staffordmeister) reported from Cebu City, Central Visayas

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex Please solve the speed hacking problem

  • OGMicSherry Michael (@OGMicSherry) reported

    @EA @EAHelp @OriginInsider you guys have the worst account recovery process ever. will sell all my EA games if you can’t resolve my acc issues. SMH you’re a billion dollar company, have the customer support of a billion dollar company or I won’t contribute to your profit margins.

  • froyobones tal bachman (@froyobones) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex Trash service. Put the game on steam

  • jasonharper2004 jasonharper2004 (@jasonharper2004) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAHelp Need to fix sim city game fan fan kick in while playing the game

  • budgiesmuggle45 budgiesmuggler45 (@budgiesmuggle45) reported

    @OriginInsider I wouldn't recommend anything on Origin or EA/Dice ever. I tell people to buy other games. Fifa is dead and if you play FUT on pc you play all lag cheats. No answer from EA. @Battlefield is the most cheat infested game i've personally played. No answer from @EA_DICE EA is awful

  • ThatoDrop Chris clickner (@ThatoDrop) reported

    @Codzss @OriginInsider @PlayApex Litterally no issues with hackers. Havnt seen a single one. I think you just getting owned

  • TimedNormal97 ThePhantom (@TimedNormal97) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex Fix the game while you're at it

  • rneirad Ricardo Neira Donnay (@rneirad) reported

    @TMillo @velzanna @Lion_Tamer__ @OriginInsider @PlayApex The exploit Is fixed, the problem Is clear cheaters accounts

  • rneirad Ricardo Neira Donnay (@rneirad) reported

    @TMillo @velzanna @Lion_Tamer__ @OriginInsider @PlayApex The explot Is fixed, the problem Is clear cheaters accounts

  • TylerHouseStark Tyler Kozlowski (@TylerHouseStark) reported

    @YoirselfH @OriginInsider @PlayApex Believe what you want I guess.. but those things are usually uploaded on a preset timer..hard to **** that up unless they made a last minute decision to push it back to fix the exploit so they dont lose thousands of dollars.

  • aguarilles2d Les (@aguarilles2d) reported

    @Jens_Jie @OriginInsider @PlayApex Fix this pls

  • Ray_Backstabz ✌Rayyan✌ (@Ray_Backstabz) reported

    @idontfingetit @OriginInsider Homie, it ain’t rushed. It’s just that they need to fix the exploit. Check ur shit, SMH.

  • Ray_Backstabz ✌Rayyan✌ (@Ray_Backstabz) reported

    @OriginInsider Can we get an ETA of the fix.

  • MarquisMcfall ZENKETS (@MarquisMcfall) reported

    @Lion_Tamer__ @OriginInsider @PlayApex I think they don't want anyone to know there's an exploit they're trying to fix bc they don't want nobody doing that exploit

  • LKSavageBoi Low Kii Savage (@LKSavageBoi) reported

    @YWavyboy @OriginInsider @EAHelp Apex Legends is way more important to fix than some grindy ass Warframe ripoff made by EA of all people. You should feel ashamed for buying trash, you made your choice now live with it 😂😂

  • Lion_Tamer__ LionTamer (@Lion_Tamer__) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex You’ve said more about the issue in this one tweet than Respawn has at all

  • AdersonDreamzOn ♾❤Aderson♾❤ (@AdersonDreamzOn) reported

    I am pretty disappointed with BF5. It is the only game that causes my i5 8600k to go 100% usage and causes lagging. (Very annoying) @OriginInsider @EA_DICE

  • archibald_taner Taner Archibald (@archibald_taner) reported

    @WolfTSK1923 @GamingEthos @DBFig @OriginInsider Reload your save and fix that!

  • proceduralboy 「THE NO ONE」 (@proceduralboy) reported

    @OriginInsider not a good idea to use port 4200 for your help center service guyz :/

  • Dysfunc26713732 Dysfunctional (@Dysfunc26713732) reported

    @YankeeMN @OriginInsider @EA Same thing. It took destiny and destiny 2 over a year to not be broken (not EA btw). Battlefield is stripped bare, anthem is more hollow than destiny was and mass effect plus start wars have been ruined. Yes, polished. Like God of War or red dead. Not destiny.

  • dangzer7 Charlie Dang (@dangzer7) reported

    @OriginInsider i cant make game purchases, comes up as error [ref. #53002]