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  • shbkamal shoaib kamal (@shbkamal) reported

    @GovMaranga @ReformedBroker @The_5P Just for discussion sake ,would you remain invested tom if you are pretty confident market would be down by 3-5% by the end of week based on your long term outlook.

  • danibostick Dani Bostick (@danibostick) reported

    @kataplexis @victoriamoul @rogueclassicist BMCR had an almost entirely positive review, and Classical Outlook's review was entirely positive.... (and they refuse to run a second review or publish a note indicating the book was pulled because of these issues).

  • MGinvestor MG - investor (@MGinvestor) reported

    I am never good at picking the bottom so I am looking to add on the initial 25-30% move down from ATH (how expensive it is matters more though and then the outlook for it) for a stock and then every 5-10% move down - thats the theory part done now to the practise!

  • winnie73_ winnie73 (@winnie73_) reported

    @Barnacules Been doing this since forever, this literally is the best way. Only problem is Outlook doesn't download mails unless you click that button...

  • WessexSaint Charlie Harris (@WessexSaint) reported

    @tomhfh Problem with these tests is that they pigeonhole you based on someone else's subjective outlook on life. An outlook that you're likely not to agree with.

  • NEWS1130Weather Russ Lacate (@NEWS1130Weather) reported

    Lingering showers end early this am, allowing breaks of blue sky to reappear as the #wind dies down this afternoon, high 8 degrees. But the unsettled outlook continues this week, with scattered #showers redeveloping Tuesday afternoon. @NEWS1130 @BT_Vancouver

  • jsaysitall Jason Elliott (@jsaysitall) reported

    @BCCwx I mean, it's possible. In ER, we issue a "spring flood outlook" every two weeks for half the year, but almost never have any flooding in the spring. Maybe it's all down there now.

  • DeranaNicole ☯️ (@DeranaNicole) reported

    Told myself if I could make $100 a day.. push for $50 more! $150. If I could make $150 a day .. push $50 more. Making the money is not the problem. Saving it is. But ever since I learned the money game .. it gave me a different outlook on handling my money.

  • amitsuhwalbjp ब्राह्मण कुमार (@amitsuhwalbjp) reported

    The outlook has changed, but alas it is here that the spoon has not changed yet, let it change the comic drama that is used to bring down the dignity of the country.

  • dumpsterrubbish ireject (@dumpsterrubbish) reported

    @mallenbaker @doom37455413 @PeZzy @Tony__Heller @GregCoo85844909 @EcoSenseNow Scott Adams still agrees with everything else, problem is a lack of science education and a skeptical outlook made him vulnerable accepting all sorts of nonsensical rubbish, and pure anti science ignorance. He has made a time and effort investment in denial, so no changing now.

  • Anduman66 Andy Smart (@Anduman66) reported

    @AubreyCaptain @KTHopkins Yes but this was a particular issue pertaining to Pakistani men and so perhaps needed a different outlook, that does not mean ignoring other crimes. Solving crimes won't alienate any group as long as there is honesty and openness.

  • MBloodfencer Maxwell_Bloodfencer (@MBloodfencer) reported

    I regret having an outlook mail account. The spam filter is so terrible that I don't want to check my mail anymore, because 90% is spam.

  • AAAAo_0 AR (@AAAAo_0) reported

    @Chegg Hello I have a problem, I registered with my account Facebook and Emily changed from Hotmail to Gmail and did not receive a message to me knowing that I paid 🥺 Please reply

  • kaozp Aquila_Audax (@kaozp) reported

    @Telstra No there seems to be issues accessing my Bigpond account through outlook on android

  • Outlook Microsoft Outlook (@Outlook) reported

    @bkyh__ This was likely due to an issue with Outlook service over the weekend and should be resolved now, but please let us know if you experience this problem again.

  • NoorRazooky Noor Razooky (@NoorRazooky) reported

    @Outlook please stop putting important emails in my junk folder. This has been a frustrating problem recently and hasn’t happened at this rate for over 10 years of using outlook.

  • SimsBSims Ben Sims (@SimsBSims) reported

    @Outlook All ok now but it was a long outage 😢

  • blokeinthecrowd Bob Menzies (@blokeinthecrowd) reported

    @KarenHampson10 @gavmorris @InsidersABC @David_Speers @sclark_melbs @powell_robs @mpbowers @rabbitandcoffee Bias is pretty much in the eye of the beholder. Personally I reckon most of the ABC’s current affairs output esp TV and RN follows a textbook progressive left agenda. When it deviates from that left outlook, it looks like a swing to the right rather than a walk down the centre

  • jabconsl John Hitchens (@jabconsl) reported

    Is anyone else having constant problems with Outlook send/ receive and synchonise yesterday and today (24/02)

  • MichaelHolmanLR Michael Holman (@MichaelHolmanLR) reported

    @DissentientOne .... this does not look like a collective action problem, this looks a like you-are-all-less-popular-than-Bernie problem. Or "problem" depending on your outlook ;)

  • icathler icathler (@icathler) reported

    @zoidberg95 By that i ment my outlook on life, not anything to do with relgion. That all ppl were good deep down. Unfortunately life has taught me that not all are.

  • MarvelousMavros Mavros Ecstasy (@MarvelousMavros) reported

    @FortuneFiore When she spoke up he stopped in his tracks. It took a lot to make up lose his jovial outlook, thankfully this was not one of those times. With that characteristic smile he moved back and sat down behind her, reaching down and tilting her head back just enough for him to plant ->

  • FF_RyanB Ryan (@FF_RyanB) reported

    A mistake I see a lot are guys who go deep into prospect evals being slow to adjust to the year 2 outlook of prospects they didn’t like See it with Diontae and McLaurin. Their profiles were good enough to be 3rd round picks. Balled out their rookie years Accept the new reality

  • NaughtyDad6 NaughtyDad (@NaughtyDad6) reported

    @sheseemslegit I am so sorry to hear this. It is amazing how low some people will go to hurt others, I don't get that. I think you have a wonderful, optimistic outlook, and I think these lowlifes are not going to keep you down.🙂

  • That1ChickenBoi Alfredo Aceves (@That1ChickenBoi) reported

    @AmberIsAQT @TheFightVids The issue is that you start off by already having the outlook that you justify her hitting him. By saying "lightly slap" you already assume that the guy is in the wrong, when the thing is that she is still hitting him. Just how abuse is abuse, hitting someone is hitting someone.

  • adam_turner Adam Turner (@adam_turner) reported

    Problem solved - looks like someone didn't re-enter the email password in Outlook on the other PCs after the recent upgrade to Windows 10. Poor form by the tech person who handled the W10 upgrade for them

  • 31ma12rk88 Mark W 🏆🏆🐯 (@31ma12rk88) reported

    @LyleShelton What a truly Christian outlook Lyle, let the poor fend for themselves. You really are a terrible person

  • iVampyVampy Da Vampy (@iVampyVampy) reported

    @1InsaneAtheist Yeah, so, learn office while you're not working. Productive use of your time. Most jobs won't expect you to know more than the basics. Word: be able to edit basid documents, Excel: be able to fill out pre-existing spreadsheets, Outlook: be able to read your Email.

  • ohsixoneoh ohsixoneoh (@ohsixoneoh) reported

    @NBN_Australia Hi, whomever is responsible for settings on getting emails working in @Outlook #app would they please fix it, it’s been a week. I can send but not receive. It coincided with NBN update in my area @Telstra

  • mrjamesmoore James Moore (@mrjamesmoore) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @zollotech If you use gmail then gmail. If you use outlook then outlook. Otherwise stock Mail app. Spark looks great but slow and they store your data.

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @truhreno 1/2 Hi, Steven. We hope you’re doing fine while reading this message. We have discussed your issue about the Outlook app that keeps on crashing after the update. We have managed to inform you that our team is aware and fixing it immediately to resolve the issue. We also managed

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @BruceWyn006 (1/2) Hi Bruce. It appears that you're having concerns with the profile photo of your contacts are missing in Outlook(dot)com. It is possible that the server doesn't allow the image format/size, or there is no photo uploaded to their profile. Allow us to assist you on this issue.

  • amjvs_ 🪐 ⁷ (@amjvs_) reported

    @narc_isse I called the IT department, they had me changed the bitlocker pin, then they tried to fix outlook, they werent able to do it. Restarted pc again, enetered new bitlocker pin but didnt work. 😭

  • amjvs_ 🪐 ⁷ (@amjvs_) reported

    @narc_isse First, I had issue with the outlook. it keeps telling me it needs a pw but whenever i click it, it wont pop up any window to enter the password. Next, i was asked to changed my pc login & restart pc. After restarting, i was asked to enter bitlocker pin, didnt worked. +

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @tossnet1 1/2 Hi, Christopher. We hope you’re doing fine while reading this message. We have discussed your issue about the Outlook app that keeps on crashing after the update. We have managed to inform that our team is aware and fixing it immediately to resolve the issue. We also managed

  • Outlook Microsoft Outlook (@Outlook) reported

    @tossnet1 1/2 Hi, Christopher. We hope you’re doing fine while reading this message. We have discussed your issue about the Outlook app that keeps on crashing after the update. We have managed to inform that our team is aware and fixing it immediately to resolve the issue. We also managed

  • elllipsis Syed (@elllipsis) reported

    @tezzzing Look, all I am saying is... if you want to have a negative outlook on life, you can always do that. Having wealth or not having isn't the issue. You can have wealth and still be a pretty terrible person because you may compare yourself with someone with more wealth than you.

  • bmacs1024 brandon (@bmacs1024) reported

    @TwitchSupport I can't login into twitch because my outlook email got locked and i can't get the code, been like this for week+ no response and contact support isn't working

  • AndyWernham Andy Wernham (@AndyWernham) reported

    @bbcdanw @paullewismoney @Moneybox @Doubting_Ben @BBCRadio4 Get a non isp address like gmail, hotmail, live etc then it's not a problem.

  • AndyWernham Andy Wernham (@AndyWernham) reported

    @bbcdanw @paullewismoney @Moneybox @Doubting_Ben @BBCRadio4 Get a non isp address like gmail, hotmail live etc then it's not a problem.

  • AntoineYetts Antoine (@AntoineYetts) reported

    @TracePKs in a nutshell I’m not speaking for @TheReal_Calicoe at all this was my opinion outlook and facts. I just tried to break it down into layers. Point being if it don’t apply why feel a way if you’re on my side pull a “Bernie Sanders” in my opinion.

  • MicrosoftIndia Microsoft India (@MicrosoftIndia) reported

    @IndiaSpeaks01 (2/2)If the issue persists, we highly suggest that you uninstall the Outlook application and then reinstall it. Rest assured that it would work without problems after doing so. We hope that you have a great week ahead.

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @St_Seraph (2/2)If the issue persists, we highly suggest that you uninstall the Outlook application and then reinstall it. Rest assured that it would work without problems after doing so. We hope that you have a great week ahead.

  • rodeostore DPT (@rodeostore) reported

    @barryjgrossman @JPWard @BradOrme @SlackHQ @Microsoft @MicrosoftTeams @Outlook Kind of. I prefer the pc and Windows server (yes I use Linux, just use to Win) just seen them pull great product out of the line up because they were not immediately churning the cash machine.

  • rbairwell Richard Bairwell (@rbairwell) reported

    @bagwaa I've spent the last 8 months working on a 8Gb Lenovo Thinkpad (Windows) and Docker sometimes had trouble starting with memory issues when PhpStom, Outlook, Slack and MS Teams had all started. 16Gb is minimum I would say.

  • ioannhe lifes2short (@ioannhe) reported

    @Silent_Eyez13 You’ve been hurt I understand. At times heartbreak can affect our thoughts and outlook. It’s a terrible feeling. I’ve been there many times. I care too much, love to easy and usually wind up getting hurt. But I refuse to change. I hold on to hope🙌

  • kidguru Adrian Cauguiran (@kidguru) reported

    issues specifically on the Outlook for Mac client. The "Encrypt" button as a whole greys out randomly & only way to get the functionality back is to use your license removal tool, re-sign in & it works for a couple days till it eventually greys out. This is becoming a hassle

  • LonelyMeta Lonely Meta (@LonelyMeta) reported

    go ahead and boast about your naive positive outlook on instagram while all your friends with ideal lives hype you up for cutting off the “toxic” people which were really just friends with problems.

  • 4shade17 ꧁༒☬ Sнаdy [exam mode] (@4shade17) reported

    Ive observed relationships and the worst of them seem to be when they are of two different mentalities/tastes/moral epistemologies. Arguments are necessary and there is a method to it. But men/women with anger issues OR one with different outlook = dealbreakers.

  • RuthSampson11 Ruth Sampson (@RuthSampson11) reported

    @nadinebh_ And the outlook could be much longer than 4 years - there are no rules that cannot be broken!

  • johalifax Joanne Cook (@johalifax) reported

    @scoalegil I notice MS is nipping at Apple’s heels too. The Outlook app for iPhone beats Apple Mail hands down.

  • Batboy1989 The Batchild (@Batboy1989) reported

    @tvs_movies I keep seeing complaints about him killing. His life outlook was destroyed by the time we see him in this. Superman brings him back from the brink. I see NO problem with the story telling there. Just like Superman learns NOT to kill by killing Zod.

  • PeterPan3 J Luu (@PeterPan3) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps Hi the responses I am receiving are not sufficient. Is there a contact number or live chat I can call in the UK to resolve the issues! #microsoft #hotmailproblems #hotmail #slowcustomerservice

  • Amanda_kisses Amanda McWilliam (@Amanda_kisses) reported

    @DrJasonJohnson The Apology was a bit late, but glad you realize you crossed the line, however, maybe you should reevaluate your whole outlook in Life... Your Hatred of Bernie has clouded your Judgement. Unfortunately, it seems to be a MASSIVE problem at your place of employment @MSNBC !

  • StoriesSteph Steph (@StoriesSteph) reported

    And so I think Garrus grows the most not by wrestling with his guilt but when he admits that his instincts are what got him into that mess. He sees that the problem is him and that he needs to change his entire outlook. It isn't about trusting his gut or following his heart.

  • tallawah77 sam 💛✨ (@tallawah77) reported

    @gyalthemstn Nope. They never let up until I could fend for myself. But even tho I can, I still have issues with accepting compliments and having a positive outlook on myself so

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @KiarraTee (2/3) We shared an article to help to troubleshoot Outlook mobile concerns which includes a link to contact our Office support team. We hope you were able to contact them and, that your issue has been resolved.

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @KiarraTee (1/3) Hi there. We did not hear back from you yet. Just doing a quick follow-up. To recap, you’ve reached out to us because the Outlook app is not syncing your emails or contacts. However, there was no issue with Outlook on the web.

  • Tsebi_Mohlaloga 🌈Kgarebe Ya Moletjie (@Tsebi_Mohlaloga) reported

    @Siya_Dlaminii It's either you are surrounded by toxic people or you are broken to have such outlook on people

  • JCravence Jack Cravence (@JCravence) reported

    @AnimeBibleVerse @Basednord Well it probably wont work because you'll still have the problems, just you've surmised a different cause. So no you're outlook isn't what affects it, it's the action upon it that matters. Laws of the Universe.