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  • ashwin_baindur Ashwin Baindur (@ashwin_baindur) reported

    @CLILatIndia @htTweets @PrakashJavdekar @HRDMinistry For example, the National Education Policy which was to be formulated & made into law by this govt ran into trust issues including unwarranted emphasis on RSS ideology in the draft. The excellent article by Eeshani Kochhar & Deepti Sreeram in the Outlook is quite revealing.

  • TERAGRE01964783 TERRA GREEN (@TERAGRE01964783) reported

    @Microsoft may i know the reason why you blocked while we create new account at @Outlook . After creating new account i just tried to send 4 mails and i got message by your support team that you got blocked. About @Windows can you justify me !!! #Microsoft #problems #Outlook

  • csk377 Markiyan (@csk377) reported

    @richgel999 Part of that is because outlook search is unforgivably slow - sometimes minutes compared to under a second through OWA

  • NerdPyle Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) reported

    @0xdade Outlook O365 client is cute, once you paste and it tries to resolve, it says “hey you can’t do that” but just leaves it there for you to go fix it. Outlook iOS client just strips it out. Same company, same org 😂

  • HistoReWriter Gabriella-L-Garlock 🕊 (@HistoReWriter) reported

    @adriennemb001 @MichelleTSimon Really I'm just looking for statements on how specifically it gets in the way of writing, directly or indirectly. What if anything you can/do do to accommodate the problem; how a chronic physical problem influences your outlook & writing. And whatever you have to say. DM me!

  • mishacienfuegos Misha Coleman (@mishacienfuegos) reported

    @MorongJeremy @rickylee41 @becca_the_human Dang, I'm sorry Ricky! The internet has ruined my outlook on life and I should probably fix that.

  • NLbouncyknight NLbouncyknight (@NLbouncyknight) reported

    @BabyBearHS @FlixBus_FR Thats terrible :( i dont think you get it back either Dont know of your laptop is traceble maybe did you connect it with goofle or outlook also i hope that gamers asembly or someone have a solution so you can still play

  • livingichigo Living Ichigo (@livingichigo) reported

    @sethmptp I have a positive outlook on most things still. Just the stuff in my personal life is dragging me down bad. Working on leaving

  • Barack_McBush General Kanye_Trump. (Space Force)💎 (@Barack_McBush) reported

    @bdsams My Outlook e-mail gets WAY more spam than all my other e-mail providers combined. The most popular spam e-mails are that there is a problem with my bank account..from a bank I have never dealt with before.. 🤔

  • LeyTTV SoaR Ley (@LeyTTV) reported

    @Nerdperior THATS WHAT IVE BEEN DOIN and changing my outlook on life. Trying to focus on myself more. Broken people will stay broken until they realize they need to change for themselves

  • GaryBreakfast McWolf (@GaryBreakfast) reported

    Rachel Curran is a horrible human being with terrible ideas and a totally ****** up outlook. Goddamn.

  • LarsHano Lars Hanon (@LarsHano) reported

    plane problems and still the ball kept rolling off his "cox" and now Newsom wanted to know more about cosine and yet what was the 'sin" of it all when somebody had to get the blue book away from him before it ruined his outlook on the suffering that government shut down caused

  • ahardtospell Alex Muresianu (@ahardtospell) reported

    @JefferyLewisPh1 Maybe that's the right outlook. But I think ~80 percent of the people who were mercilessly mocking that guy either are the type of people who would be overdramatic about a sports team or don't have a problem with people who are.

  • MichaelHarmon4 Michael Harmon (@MichaelHarmon4) reported

    @CarolineLucas The problem is the rest of the world, outlook is very depressing.

  • WayneStateCIT Wayne State C&IT (@WayneStateCIT) reported

    Emails sent from Wayne State accounts to external providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, etc.) are receiving failed delivery errors. We are working with Microsoft to resolve the issue. Affects outbound email only, including those that set up forwarding. (cc: @waynestate)

  • MackGenZie yeehaw dad (@MackGenZie) reported

    other more urgent issues that have life and death implications, future generations and the bleak outlook and doubtful survival in some areas if we cannot intervene with the after-effects of anthropogenic carelessness. anyways i'm just pissed :(

  • KevinPagano3 Kevin 🤖🕵️🍺 (@KevinPagano3) reported

    @JimmyKoury Has pros and cons but Outlook is so buggy and slow client side, web side works fine

  • joshuaplummeruk Joshua Plummer (@joshuaplummeruk) reported

    I did. However, I experienced issues trying to insert it in emails using web browsers. No problem on desktop apps e.g. Outlook. Hopefully that should fix your issue too. 👍

  • JeffHaseley Jeff Haseley (@JeffHaseley) reported

    ICYMI from Feb. Good info on Newton's shoulder issue, recovery, and outlook.

  • keithgrinsted Keith Grinsted (@keithgrinsted) reported from Sudbury, England

    @Outlook I just find it frustrating people don't take responsibility for their own errors!

  • CryptoEcon_Li Victor Li (@CryptoEcon_Li) reported

    @MicrosoftToDo My mistake. Siri did add my new tasks to the reminders of my Outlook account on my iPhone. However, these new tasks didn’t appear in my Microsoft To-do app. Likely an issue on syncing among MS To-Do App, my Outlook account and my iPhone’s reminders.

  • Butterc49949700 Buttercup (@Butterc49949700) reported

    I feel like I'm in kindergarten again someone needs to take them out of the sandbox change their diaper and put them to bed for a nap maybe they will quit throwing a tantrum wake up with a better Outlook and get to work on what really matters to this country, broken immigration!!

  • depposi D (@depposi) reported

    I had to hit rock bottom for me to really start appreciating shit for what it is and I’m not even upset about it anymore. Being down change my whole outlook on life.

  • jbj jbj (@jbj) reported

    Since there’s nothing else going on Twitter today, I’ll just observe that the new icons for Microsoft Office + Outlook are next-level *terrible*

  • WWFsince1980 An American 🇺🇸 🌊 (@WWFsince1980) reported

    @Ironhorse76 I’m going down the rabbit hole on this one so brace yourself. This persons capitalistic greed has manipulated his outlook on the lives of these other beings he shares the earth with as nothing more than an object to abuse, taint, corrupt for his own monetary gain. #Hateforgreen

  • jaerachelle_ jaebaby. (@jaerachelle_) reported

    @thatsonly_dessy that’s understandable, the extent of the issue matters alot. i didnt have that problem per se so i can understand the different outlook.

  • Dracogen Steven Dengler (@Dracogen) reported

    @tennysonestead Yeah, not excusing him at all. I think I’ll take this down in fact. That smirk at the end as he walked off changed my outlook.

  • computingadvice computerbot (@computingadvice) reported

    Listen up, Computer Users of the World: Never shut down a .bat file with Microsoft Outlook. No thanks necessary!

  • ChrisWittry Chris Wittry (@ChrisWittry) reported

    @CoxHelp I tried 143 for IMAP incoming and Outlook won't connect to the server. It comes back with an error for no supported protocols on that port. Outlook grabs the SSL port as the default, so please let me know if that is going to change on 4/23. Thanks!

  • tdsb Toronto DSB (@tdsb) reported

    @DBrennanCYW Hi there - We sent out an all outlook message earlier this week as we are aware that access to the internet is slower than usual. As communicated, the vendor has identified the issue & is currently working to fix it. We have not been informed when this will be completed. @TDSB_IT

  • vazic Victor Zakharyev (@vazic) reported

    years have passed, but #Outlook for #OSX is still terrible CPU burner in comparison to #office365... if only later one can get all the right features :(

  • havanatweets Havana Nguyen (@havanatweets) reported

    I do work out, I am aware that diet and exercise are a thing. I’m coming to you to resolve the emotional/mental stranglehold these issues have on my self esteem, motivation, self worth, and outlook. By telling me I need to work out more, you ...

  • StrykerDawson Offensive Lumberjack (@StrykerDawson) reported

    1 thing I always think about is the circumstance of when it’s ok to judge or look down on others. Most say it’s not ok to do but so many ppl still do it. So I use this outlook. If you act better than me ,or one of my homies, then you gave me right to do the same to you, scum.

  • trevoramorris TM (@trevoramorris) reported

    @wheeliedealer I guess that should be a positive for the outlook for profits albeit a tad less for diluted EPS after all those options. Lack of news is an issue i agree, people get bored.

  • JordiMorris1 Jordi Morris🔥BW🦄USwap⚡LN (@JordiMorris1) reported

    @Schuldensuehner Zoom out... the euro has a terrible outlook, I don't know what will happen but it looks terrible to have savings there after a 30% decline since 2008 crisis

  • breeshasdad b n a's dad (@breeshasdad) reported

    Well, 1886 in Douglas.. tried out for family lunch, nice place and outlook but .. .. sat down, 20 mins for drinks, currently 45 mins no food yet 🙁🙁

  • DijaAbdul Aiya Abdul (@DijaAbdul) reported

    I cancelled all friends who considered my positive outlook too much in 2018. I have had alot of traumatic experiences in my life, I chose positivity because I have seen negativity weigh me down. Now all my 4 friends😂😂 are my cheerleaders/advisors & it feels nice😎

  • burstbawpodcast Burst Baw Podcast (@burstbawpodcast) reported

    Alex McLeish is gone. Failure lies with the board on that appointment as he was never going to turn Scotland down. Key now is to appoint someone with a fresh outlook, reinvigorate the fans and maximise the quality in that squad. Still two games away from Euro 2020... 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Rotoprofessor Rotoprofessor (@Rotoprofessor) reported

    LAD: Jansen allowed an unearned run, but still locked down the SV. It obviously has no impact on his outlook, as he isn't the same pitcher that he once was but he remains a solid option in all formats #MLB #FantasyBaseball #closers

  • enlitenit Enliten IT Training (@enlitenit) reported

    Outlook Mail Recall option only works if you use MS Exchange account and the recipient also does! Control is lost when sending to gmail/Microsoft/etc. or other email server accounts.

  • Cervazz Cervaz (@Cervazz) reported from Pedro Abad, Andalucía

    Come on, @Outlook. I tried to sign in in my hotmail account (which I been using since 2004) and then they told that there is an unusual activity so I need to verify my account. I can’t try the options of message or call ‘cause I don’t have my Mexico SIM card with me.

  • xLatin_Redx xLatinRedx - [Homesick™] (@xLatin_Redx) reported

    @schoolboyLAC @upnawff @kerseddd @ItsBassi i guess it just depends on the girl. as with an outlook like that, it only comes to show what kind of a ****** up and insecure person they're with. explains why they'd be rapists. (not saying those with insecurities are too, but rapists tend to have a fair share of mental issues)

  • crusaderella Lee (@crusaderella) reported

    @shaw_neill @AlexDJBurton @beccijohnson88 @Femi_Sorry It was meant as a slur against you. Candace Owens is the perfect example of someone cooning for a living, and, if you have the same outlook as her then you must also behave like a ****. I feel sorry for you. I'm mixed race myself, calling you a **** is no problem to me.

  • kindofstrange Tara J. Brannigan 🐺 (@kindofstrange) reported

    Today in 'finding weird bugs I can't seem to fix': So, every single time I paste something in Outlook or Word, even if it's an image, nothing to do with text, my default font changes to Times New Roman.

  • 1sthappysodme Happy (@1sthappysodme) reported

    If the church had information of ufos and alien contact would they tell the world 🤔 who knows it would sure change are outlook on life and maybe turn the world upside down ah well in meantime let's have a cuppa and see what's on TV over easter 👍

  • mannyengles Manuel Engles (@mannyengles) reported

    @ExorcistBishop @Twitter @jack Its his attempt to stealthily impose his biased outlook on life on the users of his platform. Only real problem I see with twitter. Toxic ppl are like sin, a constant battle in everyday life. They'll always exist in this current state of the world.

  • maradhimanni Sandhya (@maradhimanni) reported

    @Outlookindia I think I didn't write to you for the missing issues of Outlook for sometime now:) I am yet to receive current week's issue. Will email now.

  • Der_Geller Moshe Diehl (@Der_Geller) reported

    I love finding leftist communities online encouraging transphobia and shutting down any outlook other than the most orthodox Marx-Leninism (which lord knows even the regimes they look up to deviated from at times)

  • dndivinity DM Luiz (@dndivinity) reported

    @daltonedfisica faz login com twitter/discord/hotmail/xboxlive

  • ErnestWongCA Ernest Wong (@ErnestWongCA) reported

    Have over-weighed some NZ bonds this week when the price rebounds from below of the 20-day EMA. Short- to mid-term outlook is bond price will go up while NZX and NZ Pty are down for correction. These two have been all time high very long time!

  • ViiTristan Tristan @ Busted (@ViiTristan) reported

    I should probably fix my outlook on life. Living in a constant state of “everything can go wrong at any moment.” And “all good things are actually foreshadowing of bad things.” Is really unhealthy.

  • AndrewGifford98 Andrew (@AndrewGifford98) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum Hello, I am just wondering if there is an email outage. I can't log in the e-mail service on the website and it doesn't come through on outlook. Something about the Pop3 Server.

  • GlennaKScott Glenna Gill (@GlennaKScott) reported

    A8: #PubChat If I can make myself sit down and write only a single sentence, I feel better and more words start flowing naturally. Just one tiny action like that can change my whole outlook.

  • tweet_alqamar al Qamar (Karl) (@tweet_alqamar) reported

    @stealthpuppy @endi24 @VisualStudio @etguenni @AskWoody Issue: SolidCam 2018 insist on outdated 2015 redists, while Commvault Outlook plugin needs 2017 redists side by side isn't possible (thankfully*) . @etguenni @AskWoody @SBSDiva *I insist on the best for the customer using the latest secure redists globally. It's a war

  • tweet_alqamar al Qamar (Karl) (@tweet_alqamar) reported

    @stealthpuppy @endi24 @VisualStudio Issue Solid am 2018 insist on outdated 2015 redists Commvault outlook plugin needs 2017 redists side by side isn't possible. @etguenni @AskWoody @SBSDiva

  • lilshamilton lils (@lilshamilton) reported

    Dangerous tho bc now I wanna go back to old issues and tackle em with my new outlook.......bad idea

  • pharris667 Harris Market Trends (@pharris667) reported

    IBD Big Picture April 17, 2019 MIld Losses Current outlook Confirmed Uptrend Distribution days 6 S&P 2 on Nasdaq Leaders up in Volume $UAL United Airlines $ATHM Autohome $MCHP Microchip Technologies Leaders Down in Volume $IONS $SYK $A $ALXN $EW

  • liblarrian Larry Eames (she&he pronouns) (@liblarrian) reported

    @parody_bit My D&D groups schedule with whenisgood, which I imported from how I used to schedule production meetings, rehearsals & club meetings. In the office most everyone genuinely does use Outlook (except for me I'm terrible about updating mine because for so long it's been GCal or die).

  • CarlSetzer Carl Setzer (@CarlSetzer) reported

    @ChiquitaNissaa I can use Outlook at Shift to view emails, though. Seems to be a browser issue, but it's happening in Chrome and Firefox.

  • MorganLBrennan Morgan Brennan (@MorganLBrennan) reported

    $AA 2019 outlook: -projects global aluminum deficit of 1.5M-1.9M metric tons (down from previous est of 1.7M-2.1M met tons) -Global aluminum demand growth est. to range 2-3% (down from 3-4%) mostly due to lower demand growth in China, esp in transportation & electrical sectors