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  • tradermark017
    TraderMark007-A True Biden Dreg & Nationalist (@tradermark017) reported from Concord, California

    Skip, you just working means tour over paid! KNBR, you were terrible..just such a downer outlook & it’s just sports!

  • dragon1424
    🐉Talon🐺 (@dragon1424) reported

    This is a problem with almost all Microsoft office stuff. Word, outlook, etc. this is why I'm waiting for a Jfw license for work and don't just use nvda exclusively which I would if this didn't happen

  • ryan_hassett
    Ryan Hassett, irresponsible (@ryan_hassett) reported

    @mcpli Dunno. In 2016, a distribution list error at NHS Digital resulted in all 850k NHSmail users in England receiving an email. The reply all chain resulted in 500 million emails being sent in 75 minutes, users locked out of Outlook Web and some messages being delivered 6+ hours late.

  • ss_ssingh
    संजय सिंह Sanjay Singh (@ss_ssingh) reported

    @AppleSupport Its working with safari but not with mail, outlook, tweeter, etc. problem is with cellular network & hotspot. Working fine with wifi

  • TheCrimson_Fkr
    Alucard (@TheCrimson_Fkr) reported

    @Tom11271845 @rocketsurgeon76 @AtheisticSnail @FaithlessPheas1 @AiG @TheGodlessIowan @Can_Atheist @ABranesample @604Atheist @Renevelation @InaneDragon @SteveMcRae_ @PhadingDark @apetivist @Surisskeptic If you base your logic off of a draconian outlook, as you are doing. The problem here is evolution is not a logical process.

  • Tom11271845
    TBlu (@Tom11271845) reported

    @AtheisticSnail @TheCrimson_Fkr @FaithlessPheas1 @AiG Exactly. It doeydemand any particular outlook, so don’t be down on Hitler, Stalin and Mao for killing millions (from an evolutionary standpoint of course).

  • RRFlores84
    Dark Helmut Spiegel (@RRFlores84) reported from San Antonio, Texas

    Wagner block shown to be a 15 yd penalty would totally change the outlook of this game....but Vikes ain't playing to win tonight...just terrible

  • SpaciousWheat
    Living in A Wheaty Wonderland❄️ (@SpaciousWheat) reported

    @Nash076 I don't know your stance, so I am not assuming here. I just personally think someone who's social opinion is to obnoxiously berate people with the most basic outlook of "they did bad stuff and aren't on my side so they must be deplatformed they are terrible humans!" Are childish

  • Dave214_
    🇩🇴 (@Dave214_) reported

    It’s all about yo outlook on things. The word not gone end cause you failed a test or you down to yo last $10 , you gotta pray and just have faith that it’ll eventually work out.

  • JohanLysen
    Johan Lysén (@JohanLysen) reported

    @GoranssonMagnus I have seen the issue but didn’t solve it. (Users went over to Outlook app)

  • 1josh9Steven
    Steven Daniel Jensen (@1josh9Steven) reported

    They change a dog's outlook. Never put a good dog down.

  • markus_liz
    liz markus (@markus_liz) reported

    pps. It does NOT help when Outlook says there are no problems when the problems are monumental!

  • Llydis
    Comrade Chubs (@Llydis) reported

    There was this issue early on in the company I work for that because I existed in the same room as this other gay employee, the rumor was that we were *******. But, no we weren’t, and this guy’s personality and outlook on life would’ve been a huge turn off even if we weren’t-

  • mikaelronnback
    Mikael Rönnbäck (@mikaelronnback) reported

    It started yesterday but I ignored it, not knowing whether it was specific to that computer, but now I have the same problem on all 3 PCs. #Outlook version 1810 in #Office365 Personal, is unable to connect to my #iCloud #imap email account. This has worked fine until last update.

  • cshaw2014
    longshanks (@cshaw2014) reported

    @judah47 Hi Judah, have read your blog, as I do every week and normally get the gist of 60% of them! but this time I am down to 30% and that may be a reaction to a dissociative response to poor outlook for k!!

  • PbanChellyJelly
    November 08 (@PbanChellyJelly) reported

    Realizing what the problem was is something that needs to be addressed before bettering the situation or yourself. You can’t start over with the same old outlook on life !!!

  • essentialexch
    Michael B. Smith (@essentialexch) reported

    @BrianReidC7 @GThomas1970 @stevegoodman Not my experience. If you have hybrid and you have C2R - I think you are at a high likelihood of experiencing this issue. I'm waiting on the response from the @Outlook team about that, as I suspect you are too.

  • ChelanCountyEM
    Chelan County EM (@ChelanCountyEM) reported

    Updated Winter Weather Advisory and Hazardous Weather Outlook. Please take it slow and stay safe out there!

  • center_cloud
    Center Cloud (@center_cloud) reported

    Private Cloud Server Market Outlook to 2025 - #cloud_computing #PaaS

  • nikkio
    Nikki O (@nikkio) reported

    @outlook Took all day but fixed the issue...Thanks for not helping.

  • jessfraz
    jessie frazelle 👩🏼‍🚀 (@jessfraz) reported

    @shanselman @github The gmail validation is failing but I also think outlook is probably broken too...

  • storydorie
    Dorie Hagler (@storydorie) reported

    @OfficeNews @Office @Outlook your customer service sucks.... Been on the phone 2x with the Phillipines. wasted 2 hours of my time trying to get already paid for subscription to work. Still not working. Perhaps if you trained people in the US we'd have more jobs and less language barriers for customer service

  • hey_leia
    ʟᴇɪᴀ ɪɴ ʟᴀ ʟᴀ ʟᴀɴᴅ (@hey_leia) reported

    @GregBarrowman @Outlook I am having the same exact problem.

  • blowdart
    Barry Dorrans (@blowdart) reported

    @dylface2 @AndrewNathan05 The only reason I switched is that rather than try to diagnose their active sync problems my university turned off all email support except for outlook. Even windows 10 mail. Asshats.

  • markus_liz
    liz markus (@markus_liz) reported

    @jessicawelchh @Outlook @downdetector The squeaky wheel gets the oil . Social media tell everyone to register a complaint on the rt side of screen mark down the rating stars to 1 or zero. 54 days it gets worse as it goes on unless they receive the same headaches we have.

  • wwtimewarp
    TO (@wwtimewarp) reported

    $NVDA still has abysmal fundamental outlook. Even AFTER it's been cut in half. Problem is, on Fri it sent the Outside Day bat signal for the Momentum Bears that another crushing blow was imminent. So, today you have the Costanza 'Opposite' Algos trying to scare them. Good luck.

  • markus_liz
    liz markus (@markus_liz) reported

    @Outlook Something went tragically wrong with the new version update or whatever. Fix it or go back to the version so we can use it. 54 days no bounce back, client can't fix it!

  • letsdothehuddle
    The Huddle 🍀 (@letsdothehuddle) reported

    @HeartsRant @mattleslie74 Just keeping it in perspective because if you go down the ‘what if the ref’ didn’t have a mare’ road, the whole league outlook could change...not just one clubs.

  • GraceCRoberts
    Grace C Roberts (@GraceCRoberts) reported

    @MicrosoftUK not been receiving texts all day for outlook login (and I downloaded the app but need a text to authenticate that too!) Please advise. Thanks :)

  • westonpagano
    Weston David Pagano (@westonpagano) reported

    @antonioeffe I’m just previewing it in Outlook but it’s especially annoying because they already told me they resolved the issue themselves but did not.

  • westonpagano
    Weston David Pagano (@westonpagano) reported

    @DTenenbaum I’m just previewing it in Outlook but it’s especially annoying because they already told me they resolved the issue themselves but did not. I have never even heard of Edge.

  • rajasark
    raja sarkar (@rajasark) reported

    HFs long permian short other basins don't have a good outlook for 7 months. They'll use the tax selling to cover their shorts. WTI selling post NYMEX pit close will remain a feature. Object is to bring the Equities down without actually lowering WTI level.

  • Teacakemcpie
    Mo (@Teacakemcpie) reported

    @Outlook @Microsoft You need to sort yourself out. Why aren't the 2 step verification codes being sent to mobiles being received since yesterday! Fix it!

  • CapnNikkiSavvy
    NikkiSavvy (@CapnNikkiSavvy) reported

    I have a coworker who is not very fun to work with. Negative, not happy, overall pretty poor outlook at the workplace. I could choose to let this also bring me down, but ultimately I can't change HER attitude, only MY own. So today, I'm embracing #positivity

  • KarimLeVallois
    Karim (@KarimLeVallois) reported

    @pns3456 @MPalermiti @nikravesh @milesfitzgerald @AgentAkki @Outlook No, the change is being rolled out server side over the coming weeks…

  • CherylPrax
    Cheryl Prax (@CherylPrax) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps @BTCare Last email synchronisation with Outlook Friday 17.50. This happens all too frequently. Task 'Cheryl Prax - Receiving' reported error (0x8004210A) : 'The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server. If you continue to receive

  • nyehhhhhh
    nyeh... (@nyehhhhhh) reported

    @bwanket "Wow I hate my job, I have depression." "I'm filled with crushing emptiness and I have no outlook on the future, there's no reason to even try" "calm down kid lol"

  • ArchmageEternal
    Kuiper Vanrel (@ArchmageEternal) reported

    Outlook is down at work >w> I can’t do work.

  • betsysoderlund
    betsysoderlund (@betsysoderlund) reported

    My Outlook was upgraded & it keeps giving me blue squiggly lines & the “error” is Passive Voice. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT, OUTLOOK!!!

  • lakens
    Daniël Lakens (@lakens) reported

    My hotmail account was shut down by Microsoft around 2007 because I was sharing pictures from the International Affective Picture System through a public onedrive link with a colleague. I tried to explain 'but this is soft porn we use for science!' but they didn't budge.

  • HelloTomDyer
    HelloTomDyer (@HelloTomDyer) reported from Cardiff, Wales

    @Independent The referendum margin was so small this should have been the outlook at the beginning - and then see what lines should have been drawn. This issue had always been been bidder than what the government of the day had to say on the issue

  • PeterDraper3
    Peter Draper (@PeterDraper3) reported from City of Kingston upon Hull, England

    I have a million emails to attend, but ‘outlook’ is down. Sod it, I’m going home

  • PeterDraper3
    Peter Draper (@PeterDraper3) reported from City of Kingston upon Hull, England

    I have a million emails to attend, but ‘outlook’ is down. Sod it, I’m going home

  • lmldias
    Luís Dias (@lmldias) reported

    @jstevejmackie @tomwhx @DaveToke @PippaCrerar @PaulGoodmanCH Well then nobody said you'd be the one dismayed at it, just that a very large part of the population would, and that is indeed a terrible outlook.

  • LMayhewWriter
    Lauren Mayhew (@LMayhewWriter) reported

    @Outlook I'm having problems logging in. The two-step verification code isn't being texted to me. I asked support and they said I'd have a code in 30 minutes - that was about 4 hours ago. I need to access my emails!

  • Sulaiman57_
    Sulaiman (@Sulaiman57_) reported

    @Outlook @l_ollive Same issue here. I spoke to Microsoft support via live chat and the spokesman said 'We are experiencing world wide system issues getting a verification code using a phone number associated on a Microsoft Account'

  • MarinoV1
    Brad Lynch (@MarinoV1) reported from Macon, Georgia

    You know it’s gonna be a good Monday at work when you get an email letting you know Outlook is down.

  • kipu95
    kaspar (@kipu95) reported

    @Alina_AE i have a small problem i orderd my 2018 calendar withmy gmail while may main mail is hotmail, how can i get the ingame content 😅

  • valeria_younger
    Valeria, the Younger (@valeria_younger) reported

    @TwBookClub @OneJohnMitchell Reading the OBC review, I was struck by this, "It’s a very difficult thing to read about such disturbing issues such as child-molestation or abuse especially from young John's perspective because he had such an innocent outlook on things..." That's the clue I needed to see...

  • aNaughtyAngel
    ThePyratez Kydd (@aNaughtyAngel) reported

    The outlook depends on what's causing the problem. Most people do well with treatment to treat the symptoms & the underlying disease. People with severe hemoptysis (coughing up blood) may die.

  • ChrilleK
    Chrille Karlsson (@ChrilleK) reported

    @GoranssonMagnus @Outlook I have the same problem, some kind of formatting problem, my “solution” is to put in a Unicode dingbat in the signature forcing it to send the email in UTF-8...

  • thaipirate
    #BeMorePirate👌 (@thaipirate) reported

    @WeRWorld Its outlook. If it wasn’t broken it wouldn’t be outlook.

  • WeRWorld
    WeRWorld - Sean/LFE (@WeRWorld) reported

    Just what I want on a hungover Monday. There's an issue with Outlook in work

  • JaneLSumner
    Jane L. Sumner (@JaneLSumner) reported

    @stefansmr @cfattorewvu We had outlook in grad school and they wouldn't let us forward to Gmail and it was terrible.

  • KingsIITS
    King's College IITS (@KingsIITS) reported

    The web version of Outlook IS working correctly so we recommend using that until the issues is corrected by Microsoft.

  • vinodkumarmeht2
    vinod kumar mehta (@vinodkumarmeht2) reported

    @bainjal @PMOIndia His stewardship of the Imperial Bank won him recognition in banking circles in India. However, his outlook on policy issues like the exchange rates and interest rates was at variance with that of the Gorvt. He resigned prior to the completion of term. Check your facts first

  • AlonaJaye
    Alona-jaye Clark (@AlonaJaye) reported

    @rhys2006 Problem is, they end up with the same attitude as trained by the ones who have the care free outlook. They have a 2 week rollout - if Feedback is 💩 then I’m closing doors in the new year. 😞

  • shrikanth_krish
    Shrikanth Krishnamachary (@shrikanth_krish) reported

    So a man like Rajaji had problems not merely with License Raj or state bureaucracy. But also with the broader materialistic outlook that gives rise to big govt and the rhetoric of equality in the first place

  • hannahcurren
    hannah curren (@hannahcurren) reported

    Happy Monday! Hell week is over, I'm less sick, and outlook is down.

  • MWStory
    Michael Story 🔱 🇬🇧 (@MWStory) reported

    True of both companies and people: the easier their problems seem to fix, the *worse* the long-term outlook. If they can't even fix an easy problem themselves, there's something fundamentally wrong that an outsider can't solve. Expect little progress anywhere