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  • OshawaV OshawaVoter (@OshawaV) reported

    This is the truth! Every party has their black sheep who have done unfavourable things. Some people get removed, some step down, and some remain with promises of a new outlook. Regardless, this has never been a #PPC problem. It’s a people problem and there’s people in every party

  • OshawaV OshawaVoter (@OshawaV) reported

    @ouroboothkawi @skip_intro @MaximeBernier This is the truth! Every party has their black sheep who have done unfavourable things. Some people get removed, some step down, and some remain with promises of a new outlook. Regardless, this has never been a PPC problem. It’s a people problem and there’s people in every party

  • UgeneKrawec @HNLbeach (@UgeneKrawec) reported

    Last fri was another bullseye market call for decline,the 3rd such in last 2 weeks ,Earnings next week BA..Wed before open,Tsla after close ..AMZN Thurs.. outlook poor for BA following 2016 letter from 737Max test pilot saying plane has software under 300

  • therandyviger cruisin brodie (@therandyviger) reported

    Really working on my self talk lately.... I realized I’ll never have a positive outlook or self confidence if I’m consistently putting my self down. Really trying to be a better version of myself everyday.

  • lisa_charity_n Lisa Charity (@lisa_charity_n) reported

    these pads were being thrown off. it's so important to have a woman's outlook and space in the administration of any community however small. not many can tell or even realise our stories or our issues the like we do. sanitary pads really should be free. they really should be

  • Pythagasaurus2 Cuckleberry Finn (@Pythagasaurus2) reported

    @Jew_n_A_HalfMen They made the same essential mistake the SJW's made, which is to treat ideological system as distinct from human psychology, as bad plants, a more damning error considering that their epistemic outlook is at least ostensibly rooted in empiricism and enlightenment thought

  • OnlyAussie Sazón (@OnlyAussie) reported

    I’m really starting to hate unsolicited advice.... most people have a terrible approach and outlook on things

  • J77088 J. VALENTINE (@J77088) reported

    @Outlook I recently got a new phone with att. Did an update and it logged me out off off my emails on my phone. Now that I have a new number, I can’t receive the code via phone. Also the recover email is locked due to the same issue. I really need to access this email for work !

  • Duke_CN Baby Boy (@Duke_CN) reported

    @ladytiffs_ Already admitting that a person can't fix you before trying shows that you don't want to be fixed and have a negative outlook in life.

  • marxculture Mark O'Neill (@marxculture) reported

    I'm not saying that Catalina's security model is broken but I just had to type the same password 10 times to update Outlook...

  • CalamarCat CalamarCat (@CalamarCat) reported

    @syncopati0n Outlook worked, but links still didnt open. Tried to boot Chrome, nada. Noticed a second, third-party Chrome. Uninstalled that. Still nada. Uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. Nada. Restart computer and repeat. Nada. Check event logs, error every time I tried to open Chrome.

  • CalamarCat CalamarCat (@CalamarCat) reported

    @syncopati0n Yeeep. They killed Chrome and Outlook somehow. I only managed to fix the latter >_>

  • BeerAndPie Hope Roth (@BeerAndPie) reported

    @chris_neto I put my phone away in the evening, & turn off email alerts on vacation. Otherwise, that little red dot on outlook tempts me to check. My husband reminds me that staying on a job site past dinner time can be balanced with picking my daughter up early on a slow day #AVinTheAM

  • Darling_Marina_ Marina (@Darling_Marina_) reported

    I really don’t know. I didn’t stay long after that, I excused myself and left. I didn’t ask him about it. I was just thinking though... I ‘ve always had this issue with my dad... we are very different in our outlook and we get to disagree on most things...

  • nicht_weit nicht_weit (@nicht_weit) reported

    @Sillyshib If we had strict time limits on MPs it would cut down on this foolishness. These people are still in 1973 in outlook

  • sree sree sreenivasan (@sree) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @googlecalendar I love GCal and how y’all keep evolving. But I’m having issues w/invites I send and receive from iOS or Outlook. 1. Some invites to me only have my email in them. So later I can’t tell who invited me. 2. Some of my invites go thru w/out email notification. Thx.

  • DelphiDoggo Delphi Doggo 🤍 (@DelphiDoggo) reported

    I'm so far pretty impressed with my little Surface Go. Only 4GB RAM, tiny processor and slow as shit flash memory but currently driving 2 4K screens, coping with Twitter, Edge, Telegram, Outlook, OneNote and Word. Quite impressed for a tiny tablet.

  • SheeMeeHeer She. Me. Her. (@SheeMeeHeer) reported

    @AppleSupport Hello. Me again. Since I transferred to my new MacBook, I’ve been having issues with Outlook (office 365). Everytime I launch it, I’m prompted to enter my password - which I have done correctly several time’s, but I keep getting an error saying it is incorrect. I have also...

  • SirClementBanks Clem II, Esq. (@SirClementBanks) reported

    @RareLilyy I have a fundamental problem with this outlook & it’s “faith,” we’re (humans) not at our best operating in this realm

  • parisuans .。.:*☆ (@parisuans) reported

    @EXQUlS I’ve always thought America had such a weird outlook on race but I’m always shut down with the ‘everywhere has racism’ card, of course I’m aware of that I don’t live under a rock but their problems with it are something else.

  • Bajcz Bajcz (@Bajcz) reported

    I need a whole identity change and a positive outlook on myself to get better but i do it to myself most the time putting myself down i must enjoy doing it though.

  • saedee_ saed✨ @ comms & busking (@saedee_) reported

    @akio_momiji hhfwfw yeah starting and finishing are the most difficult to do i guess what's really important is your outlook when making art,, say your perseverance to improve. When I feel bad about my art, I critique my latest piece and write down which parts I need to work on more. 🤔💦

  • Pesos4Guns Peso (@Pesos4Guns) reported

    @wander_thewoods @NBCNews They don’t have private servers. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc archive emails unlike a server in your basement that you bleach bit.

  • ihateraymond goth brooks (@ihateraymond) reported

    @WestBombs that's very untrue but i think that's an interesting outlook. i hope putting down others makes you feel good for now

  • lefponk22 Josh Knopfel (@lefponk22) reported

    @GundelJeremy @TJMoe28 This rosy outlook bullshit is getting old. They lost twice this year to terrible teams, quit excusing them for it.

  • Georgthomas1947 George Thomas (@Georgthomas1947) reported

    ‘India’s outlook on the future is now much more uncertain’: ~ Pronab Sen, India’s first chief statistician, in October, 2017. We are two years down the line. And Nobel Prize winner, Abhijit Banerjee now says “Pray, Pray more”.

  • RobertM96197408 Robert Murphy (@RobertM96197408) reported

    In its latest World Economic Outlook, the IMF says Australia's economy will weaken to 1.7 per cent growth in 2019, down a full percentage point from 2.7 percent in 2018.

  • Dynamite242 Dynamite24 (@Dynamite242) reported

    @jeb_ I am having a problem with verifying my account. I am using a hotmail account so that may effect the process. Do I have to re-buy Minecraft so that I can properly play it. I want to play Minecraft Java Edition but I cannot, I bought Minecraft on a different account.

  • BSolo86 #VuesFam BSPhonix (@BSolo86) reported

    @BodyBy_Jake @everyoneh8Manny You have a pretty horrible outlook on life and how this society should heal... you seem like a dude that's part of the problem, not the solution.

  • KentGoertzen Kent Goertzen (@KentGoertzen) reported

    @Outlook You should be embarrassed. Once again outlook can't property save mail filters. How is it Microsoft who is suppose to be a leader in this product, can't even get that to keep working properly. That coupled with how slow it is running is making Outlook a joke to its competition.

  • SkySoDope Sky Louis 愛🇹🇹🇰🇷 (@SkySoDope) reported

    People can talk down a man;but when that man is truly a good person & character,actions & motives speak louder.Theres no throwing salt on his name.Just giving the person talking a bad taste & outlook on themselves.

  • pitbull30 Mike Culligan (@pitbull30) reported

    @Outlook Hi there,outlook has locked my a/c due to security issues,on the form to reactivate ye look for info that I cannot remember (old password)..I need it reactivated asap please

  • MishelleO1974 Mishelle (@MishelleO1974) reported

    @DougSides @EffingRep @USA_Anne711 Good to have a positive outlook. This is still very dangerous especially to the vulnerable! Those without 2nd Amendment rights however have their voter rights reinstated after a sentence. Lots, millions of families bcuz of our Criminal Justice system! Stripped down!!! Strategic

  • GNSensay Gerald Norton (βΣꞮ) (@GNSensay) reported

    @CoachGraemeG We aren't in "good times". Inflation remains stagnant, global economic outlook is weakening, and current rates support the spend argument. Canada is stable, but if the return on investment is compelling (as is the case), you act. There is ZERO good reason to pay down the debt.

  • vt_snowflake Rudy Camusliani (@vt_snowflake) reported

    @semubhatt @_woIfgang Ah yes, the giant corporations receiving tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money are “generating jobs,” but the family that wants to send their kid to school and not be bankrupted by routine health issues is “leeching.” Real healthy outlook ya got there, pal.

  • 13_paul_13 13paul13 (@13_paul_13) reported

    @AdriMCasique @i_rich @reneritchie I sent Apple a screen recording of Mail app issues on an open Support ticket. I have a gmail and hotmail account added to the app. I only have an issue with the hotmail account. Apple said as the gmail account works, there’s no issue with the Mail app. If there’s an issue with...

  • Barrywmagee Barry Magee (@Barrywmagee) reported

    Would be pretty awkward if Boris shut down his outlook before the extension letter email was sent and the letter sits in his outbox until Monday morning. #donethanonebefore

  • Barrywmagee Barry Magee (@Barrywmagee) reported

    It would be rather funny if Boris shut down his outlook before the extension letter email is sent and the letter sits in his outbox until Monday morning. #donethanonebefore

  • Jacquecoobo Claudio D (@Jacquecoobo) reported

    @Steve_Dangle @MrsDangle You're obviously not alone with a terrible hotmail handle. For the longest time I had cooljack..... When created I was neither cool nor named Jack 😔

  • wahidizm WahidaApplebomb iGottaPutYouOn (@wahidizm) reported

    @STEFisDOPE Yes. I kid you not it changed my whole life. Redefined my outlook on “never say never” It has to be THAT brand though. Other ones I tried were terrible

  • MJS3238 Temporary Astros Fan (@MJS3238) reported

    Team: Playing down to shit opponents who won't even make a bowl game Coaching: Running the same damn 6 plays when none of them ******* work QB: Still just as trash as every QB we've had since Russ. Outlook: Cant wait to get steamrolled by OSU and be 2 loss big ten west champs 🤡

  • DavidADaoud David A. Daoud (@DavidADaoud) reported

    30-Nasrallah: The problem is one of outlook. Now, officials are asking that only the poor make sacrifices to fix economic situation, when it requires that all make sacrifices

  • KatieInTheCLE katie. (@KatieInTheCLE) reported

    When this is your outlook instead of “why are student loan companies predatory” you have a ******* problem.

  • MrsMandyMayes Mandy Mayes 🍎 (@MrsMandyMayes) reported

    @alicekeeler I did exactly what you described and it worked just fine for me. I copied several cells on a Google sheet at once and pasted in the bcc all at once and had no problems. I was on web version of outlook.

  • Edie62802893 Edie (@Edie62802893) reported

    Dear God our’s makes for a terrible outlook when you only read newspapers!! Spend that time reading the Bible, you’ll find Jesus Christ is still in control!!

  • leahcarter97 Leah (@leahcarter97) reported

    I’m young, hip, down with the kids, and want a career in social media... but I will never ever ever call hotmail outlook

  • dwpfister Dave Pfister (@dwpfister) reported

    The fact that I had to send an email to users saying “don’t install iOS13 if you haven’t already because of all the issues with native mail” is just another reason I think it’s time to just move to the @Outlook mobile app and call it a day with the native mail app.

  • noorhashem kintsugi (@noorhashem) reported

    @lurker_numbers Alot of people who deal with tourists lack the professionality, the places lack the rules that regulates them and preserve them and the proper care to be presented as they deserve. We have a problem and it's not fair because it does affects the outlook of your culture & country.

  • Q_Element Scott S. (@Q_Element) reported

    @JHWeissmann @AndrewYang - If automation-robots were going to dissamate jobs, explain Japan’s 2.4% unemployment numbers. Japan uses the most robotics in the world for 40 years. I agree with the premise “....lies the real problem with Yang’s outlook. It’s not just unrealistic. It’s lazy”.

  • newblacktrump The New Black Donald Trump (@newblacktrump) reported

    @ptcherneva @SandyDarity "And therein lies the real problem with Yang’s outlook. It’s not just unrealistic. It’s lazy. " well, there you have it.

  • DoraBro48052347 Dora Brown (@DoraBro48052347) reported

    could be used to make sense of what the “issues” where. Wrong😤I found that both Microsoft outlook and Google Gmail, the latter being the one I now see was the email I was using to contact the Law Library of Congress; had locked 🔒 for lack of a better term my email account, sinc

  • JXESAID J🕸E (@JXESAID) reported

    @TheYoungGlow @notpixietit yeah my way of criticising someone who is engaging is aggressive homophobia is the problem here. my reaction to something that ruins my life daily. your outlook is ridiculous.

  • henrikblafield Henrik Blåfield (@henrikblafield) reported

    @timolaak Just use Outlook on the Web instead. Beats the desktop version hands down any single day.

  • kuriousmind Lisa Johnson, PhD (@kuriousmind) reported

    @alicekeeler Copy your addresses into a new column, use find replace to quickly add ; symbol after addresses (e.g. replace .com with .com;), paste those into outlook to, cc, bcc wherever... Should work, the issue is need for ; in my experience.

  • sameerbhangar Sameer Bhangar (@sameerbhangar) reported

    @8bitclassroom @michaelguzowski @michaelguzowski - so try clicking on a line or selecting multiple lines and pressing alt+shift+up or down arrow. I’m not a big keyboard shortcut user but use this one all the time. Works is OneNote, Word and Outlook.

  • stockiest91 Stockiest91 (@stockiest91) reported

    @leo_14aug85 #PSO will come down to 124 - 126 level in coming weeks, while overall outlook seems bearish while short term upside jumps expected.

  • elliefulcher Ellie Fulcher (@elliefulcher) reported

    Can’t wait till in 10 years when you are out there trying delete your TikTok accounts but forgot the login to your hotmail

  • RPMComo Roger Mitchell (@RPMComo) reported from Como, Lombardia

    2/ others did. Bernard tapi, Sergio cragnotti, tanzi. Silvio himself. That was football in the 90s. Folks burnt cash. All of these guys were pirates like SDM. I’m not a Ger but I don’t have this Puritan outlook on what went down with them. The Prince. So let’s move to the banks.

  • karemeradean Karemera Dean (@karemeradean) reported

    @isatitou 😂😂😂😂😂 you might want to go slow on official emails. Recently, my phone had issues and I couldn't open the outlook app....i was disturbed and some people couldn't understand why. Finally, I understood why I send an email only to call or walk over for a response. Very annoying

  • hilderstone02 David Cole (@hilderstone02) reported

    @Lancs_FireDCFO @LondonFire I vividly remember the terrible Stephen Lawrence murder and totally understand how it changed Doreen Lawrence's life and outlook. However , so disappointing she makes this accusation against our brave firefighters. An apology is required.