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  • IT_HelsinkiUni Tietotekniikkakeskus (@IT_HelsinkiUni) reported

    Disruptions in several @helsinkiuni data systems There are currently disruptions in several data systems VPN & VDI, Flamma, Efecte, Wiki etc. does not work Office 365 -services work (Outlook etc.) We apologize for the inconvenience and do our outmost to solve the issues!

  • _XtiaN8 Xtian A (@_XtiaN8) reported

    @Outlook I'm trying to connect my @msonenote with Outlook for the web but it keeps giving me an error: "an unexpected host was loaded when attempting to perform silent auth"

  • JoansKaye KayeJoans (@JoansKaye) reported

    @summerbrennan Not sure if cancelled yet but the outlook is grim. My best friend is down in Florida so I don’t see her often. She was gonna come up for a week late next month. I miss her!

  • anilagarwal671 Anil Agarwal (@anilagarwal671) reported

    @Javedakhtarjadu @Swamy39 @voxdotcom Swamy is a pure hindu and will defend all things possible in our country,what seems to be your problem. Also if you had a positive outlook towards life then at least Swamy was good enough to reach Harvard. You were excellent in making stories in movies so move on.....

  • pmarshwx Patrick Marsh (@pmarshwx) reported

    @MarcWeinbergWX @jroyed @WxStrong @Windspiriteagle You may very well have a legitimate issue. I simply don't know enough to comment about your specific area. I do know in aggregate our outlook areas and watches are getting smaller, hence my previous responses.

  • pmarshwx Patrick Marsh (@pmarshwx) reported

    @MarcWeinbergWX @jroyed @WxStrong @Windspiriteagle I cannot speak to your specific area as 1) I have not been able to keep up with the weather much this spring given issues related to the pandemic; and 2) I have not done sub-outlook-scale verification to see any trends there.

  • sconesandevil Bethany (@sconesandevil) reported

    @cuddlyfoxgirl I hate videos and advice like that with a passion. Like wow, I can't believe it's that simple, all I had to do to fix my biggest issues was just "change my outlook" or some bullshit

  • JaimeJones81 JJforestryguy (@JaimeJones81) reported

    @ADavidHaleJoint It must suck to live with a negative outlook all the time, but don’t try to drag everyone else down with you. If you really want to avoid being “tone deaf”, why don’t you go report on famine instead of sports.

  • PrabhatNigamXHG Prabhat Nigam #MSGoldPartner #CSP (@PrabhatNigamXHG) reported

    @MSFT365Status Do you know if defender caused any outlook, window and defender update outage. However browsers are working.

  • Mopaomokonzi200 Tyronne (@Mopaomokonzi200) reported

    @TimKipchumba @coldtusker Senator, resign. Don’t be part of the problem, reject your salary which is a yield of that dysfunctional government which you represent in senate. Resign and come back with new outlook

  • farrahananie 하나니 (@farrahananie) reported

    Am trying to fix my outlook problemmmmmm before 11am. Urghhhh cepatlaaaa i ada meeting kejap lagi, and i dont have the concall numberrrrr 😪😪😪

  • BilbarCooks Spectical, testicales, wallet and watch. (@BilbarCooks) reported

    @MagnetarGirl_ Omfg you disgust me you know you're wrong. Willing to sacrifice others just so you don't have to go without. So what now you're displacing the blame to other people. Accept responsibility for your terrible, terrible outlook.

  • NehyoRico 男姉ヨリコ (@NehyoRico) reported

    @emoviolent @DestinytoMoon Oof. Feathering that line really hard. Like I said, be careful with that outlook as most fascists are usually failsons and generally bogged down by certain aspects of masculinity or femininity. Most aren't Fuentzes or the likes and just need a little help working through shit.

  • BrahsWorld84 Adam (@BrahsWorld84) reported

    @DanOBrienPoker @MTGSnackattack Much of these issues are duration/trader or investor. I wasn’t an experienced +EV trader b4 covid thus I’m not now so I have an investing outlook. Buffetts favorite market follow Howard Marks is advising more offense & says odds are more in investors favor/less against them.

  • BennettConlin Bennett Conlin (@BennettConlin) reported

    No one: Absolutely no one: Outlook when I need to send an email under time constraints: I AM BROKEN I CANNOT FUNCTION I WILL NEVER FUNCTION

  • ITServices_UFV UFV IT Services (@ITServices_UFV) reported

    Service Notice: UFV employees have reported issues using MS Outlook, IT Services is currently working to resolve the outage. @goUFV

  • JacksonMatschke Jackson Matschke (@JacksonMatschke) reported

    @KHefferon I commented to a coworker that we are lucky, we don't have a special system, we just use @Outlook and our phones. And if Outlook goes down society is screwed anyways.

  • Kane_McLachlan Kane McLachlan (@Kane_McLachlan) reported

    For those interested, we may have found a solution to the problem. We set up a meeting via the Outlook Calendar(click on Teams Meeting). There’s a button you can click to open options and change Host to only you. #smallwin #WednesdayWisdom #teams #outlook

  • garrettmurphy Garrett Murphy 雲男 🐝 Staying the F @ (@garrettmurphy) reported

    @jdscher So that looks nice. My current issue with teams and dialling out is that it only accesses my outlook contacts. And lord knows, I don't have anyone in there, I need to connect my Gmail contacts from my phone.

  • DNel1285 Dustin Nelson (@DNel1285) reported

    @MarcWeinbergWX @ggreen1234 I just think SPC should time their outlooks for the times that the people they are trying to reach’s time matches closer to theirs and forget this UTC stuff. “Oh I must issue the Day 1 Outlook by 1630z!” Ask the next person you talk to if they know what 1630z means in EDT.

  • BwoyLdn 🏳️‍🌈 TheLdnBwoy 🏳️‍🌈 (@BwoyLdn) reported

    I put this all down to selfish people with spit-deep ideologies and a backward outlook on life. Of course this is what happens when you put people in because of a sentence made by committee and a history of failing in every single area. They striped everything bare. Everything.

  • GiuseppeMNJ Spark That (@GiuseppeMNJ) reported

    @learnaboutsam @WillVJones Actually commercialization of a safer alternative TO BOTH substances mentioned would make the AFOREMENTIONED less appealing to a more intelligent crowd. The risks are blatant you can kill your self with a car so lets shut down all the auto malls. Thats your dumbass outlook. Smh.

  • NealRLynch Neal Lynch (@NealRLynch) reported

    @gmxmail having not being able to login with the app on iPhonefor sometime, it now fails on iPad! Given up with your app #gmx and now use #Outlook #gmx you lose!

  • Syquus Syquus (@Syquus) reported

    @majorhayden @Azure There are various kinds of Ms accounts: AFAIK: Personal (Including all legacy shit: Hotmail ones, Xbox live ones) and the ones that are professional/educational. And on top of that, one email can exists on both worlds. (The SSO login should detect that). It's a mess.

  • TheDickBuick Dìck “You People” Buíck (@TheDickBuick) reported

    @QuillGroupEC @KFILE Old tweets are a problem only if they are superseded by a more informed outlook - which she does not have. These count against her u til she disowns their content and stones for the lies.

  • PennyStockMagi1 Conan, Defender of Capital, Buyer of Value (@PennyStockMagi1) reported

    That's because the news was already priced in. People know it's going to be terrible and the outlook is uncertain. That's why it's down 70% YTD. No position and not recommending this stock, but people seriously need to understand what priced in means.

  • TWillkom Tom Willkom (@TWillkom) reported

    @KSTP Isn’t if funny companies that make product for the general public (Zoom, Apple, Google, Outlook) has no problem with distance learning. But companies that make products for schools (schoology) have products that fail at the time of need!

  • lnskaye Ellen Kaye (@lnskaye) reported

    @Chip192203 @AOLSupportHelp @aolmail I'm using outlook. "the connection to the server was interrupted".

  • NailShawtiee Kittie 🧞‍♀ (@NailShawtiee) reported

    Being engaged for the wrong reason , " just because " , or it simply just not working out , can **** up your outlook on marriage altogether . I've seen too many people go through it .

  • NotGreatGale Galewing (@NotGreatGale) reported

    @etherealhowler @sunk1sed and now he's very likely the main catalyst for broken code's conflict because of this shift in perspective!! i do hope this comes with the authors having a more positive outlook on squirrelflight as well after all is said and done...

  • E_of_Justice E. (@E_of_Justice) reported

    @terror_studies The market is a big problem. There is zero leading indicators or data points that would even remotely form the basis of a lightening outlook. Not yet. So this 'melt-up' effect is irrational. ...Or, we're fools and the market is 100% rational; its exuberance a sign of

  • retainRepublic helen snyder (@retainRepublic) reported

    @DogDadDude1 Agree. RINO (dem plants, running as GOP w/dem outlook and/or just weak) are large part of problem (saw 1st hand as volunteer-they never push back). Have some strong GOP (many ex-military) but it's not enough--we need UNITED GOP to fight back dem corruption in all areas #VoterID

  • IlumsaIlorin We Are ILUMSA (@IlumsaIlorin) reported

    Solving a problem for which you know there’s an answer is like climbing a mountain with a guide, we can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them, that is why I deem it necessary to exploit the following resolutions to improve people’s outlook of

  • Lumina43927011 Lumina (@Lumina43927011) reported

    @JamesCantorPhD Great outlook; getting caught in an echo chamber on either side is a terrible place to be. Keep on being you Dr 🙂

  • WolfOf38Street DAVID-19 (@WolfOf38Street) reported

    @JJFromTheBronx you're freaking out too much. need you to come back down to earth. i miss optimistic, positive outlook JJ.

  • ManashGw Manash Goswami (@ManashGw) reported

    US crude output will average 11.76mn b/d this year, a 9.5pc drop from the previous forecast of 13mn b/d, according to the agency's monthly Short Term Energy Outlook. Domestic production will average 11mn b/d in 2021, down by nearly 13pc from the previous forecast.

  • CUBEWealth CUBE (@CUBEWealth) reported

    In a turnaround and sounding more bullish about the outlook than most, JPM says the U.S. passed its peak in new cases 3 or 4 days ago, and expects a limited reopening of the economy in one-to-two weeks. Noting global stocks down about 35% on average, they are overweight equities

  • CaroleAnn76 Carole Ann ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@CaroleAnn76) reported

    @ArmyBratt68 I don’t trust him...seems to always give a very grave outlook even when there are positive things going on. I know he has to report the issues but he could be more optimistic.

  • Spheron1 Edward Dore (@Spheron1) reported

    Wow, someone from the @Microsoft @Outlook deliverability team just responded to an email from January 2019. 😯 That's quite a backlog! Maybe in a couple of months they'll get around to my outstanding issue from May last year... 😡

  • BurntOutCase Burnt-Out Case (@BurntOutCase) reported

    @byndmike @MidwestHedgie I think we do not go back to 2019 GDP till 2022. So that way you could say it will be a slow recovery, but once market sees a path it will reflect 2022 and beyond outlook, not 2020 or 2021. That said, trailing multiples are high.

  • ryanrutan Ryan Rutan (@ryanrutan) reported

    @ricardo_iramar @synack If OOS due to RoE, then No. If OOS due to low-impact category(s) and impact is demonstrated for the chain, then outlook is good. Obviously comes down to report quality and other factors, such as Stop & Report, etc... Worth further conversations w/ VulnOps. @SynackRedTeam

  • potbelly79 Blame Kavanagh (@potbelly79) reported

    @DaninFortWorth People are dumb, panicky animals. I’ve found that not including “duh” information in your signature block causes more problems down the road. Plus, you know, Outlook signature blocks make it easy.

  • rindakoko Rinda Ko (@rindakoko) reported

    @chenyanqing This must be an outlook problem...

  • McFurkanMusic Samet Furkan Ergel (@McFurkanMusic) reported

    @Facebook Hello, I Can't Login To My Account E-Mail Hotmail I Forgot Password Because My Account Has Been Deleted

  • McFurkanMusic Samet Furkan Ergel (@McFurkanMusic) reported

    @facebookai Hello, I Can't Login To My Account E-Mail Hotmail I Forgot Password Because My Account Has Been Deleted

  • McFurkanMusic Samet Furkan Ergel (@McFurkanMusic) reported

    @fb_engineering Hello, I Can't Login To My Account E-Mail Hotmail I Forgot Password Because My Account Has Been Deleted

  • KBrookeGolisch Brooke Golisch, MD (@KBrookeGolisch) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @_JasonRyan I’m literally just bringing attention to this issue and hoping we can brainstorm ideas in the future. I’m sorry your outlook is that we cannot improve the system. Hope you have a good day and stay safe 🙏🏼

  • IronSharky @ironsharky Free the cashews !!! (@IronSharky) reported

    It has come to this and will get worse...every MAGA is getting an upside down history lesson and it's working, America is dumber than she's ever been. The outlook is bleak.

  • mcwm Mike Murphy (@mcwm) reported

    seems like outlook is down

  • shaydee_so Julie (@shaydee_so) reported

    @sebas_williams Its makeup and self expression. And people have done this millions of times before james. Im honestly tired of how offended people get nowa days! People who legit jump down other ppls backs over anything just sounds like you have a miserable outlook on life. Sorry i cant relate💯

  • nomakewan Nomake Wan (@nomakewan) reported

    @Regris_Kallen Wakaru. I don’t know what schedule I’m even on anymore. I really need some companies to hurry up and realize this isn’t a short-term issue and adapt to a long-term outlook.

  • CoastalElitesTG Coastal Elites Trading Group (@CoastalElitesTG) reported

    @loudanepro A lot of bag holders will average down and take it up before it dies on trips for good is my outlook on it.

  • badrepseokjin ishita 🐳 (@badrepseokjin) reported

    @gourmetseokjin I don't see any problem with it. Run bts is necessarily an entertaining show so if they chose to screencap a moment which they found funny it's not genuinely disrespectful. Also the second op stated jin's way of life and his outlook which he has shared with us why is that bad

  • Red_Stick_ Kooldude233💢 (@Red_Stick_) reported

    @HawXFox thats always my problem when drawing, i look at it too hard to purposefully find imperfections and then i end up with a overall negative outlook on my piece. I just want it to look good but i end up going way out of my depth

  • EricMann Eric Mann (@EricMann) reported

    @DaleReardon @Outlook They claim it's my server IP.

  • My_Lo JeffreyRHollandWRLD (@My_Lo) reported

    @The_Javs I think it is probably more a financial outlook than locker room fissure. But the latter problem doesn’t help someone stick through the first.

  • Marx8385 🏈 Marx8385 ⚾️ (@Marx8385) reported

    Here we go again. @Outlook and Hotmail junk mail filters have stopped working, again. Junk mail is pouring into the Inbox. Last time this was something that had to be rectified on the server-end @MicrosoftHelps

  • redlegtigger Sean Truax (@redlegtigger) reported

    @DisneyCPT Now I’m using my Gov laptop with a VPN and no issues getting to Outlook.

  • Nimicry Nimicry (@Nimicry) reported

    @we_luv_shidding My outlook is if I ridicule a problem, it might not be that bad. I hope to convince more people of that outlook

  • LoneWolfMusic44 LoneWolf (@LoneWolfMusic44) reported

    When it goes to trying to stain mating issues to that lvl we’re it’s not normal code and battle hostile uprooters making problems over nothing to solve get ready for the shredder as the power nap blaster clears out of any shredding hit the wall kick outlook out rigid heavyweights