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  • skeptipithecus Skeptipithecus (@skeptipithecus) reported

    @willlsgcreed See, this is part of the problem. I'm throwing out fairly reasonable alternatives, which we actually do see examples of in the real world, and you counter with this very stark, black & white outlook that it can ONLY be this one thing.

  • PineappleCGC Niggas Wit Abs Stan Acct (@PineappleCGC) reported

    @AishiaDeal Oh i didn't know she blocked you. I was opting for a positive outlook cuz you're one of my favorite followers so i can't imagine people taking an issue with your tweets. U NEVER negative.

  • EricMoothart Eric Moothart (@EricMoothart) reported

    @MojangSupport I have a huge problem. The e-mail to reset my security questions will not show up on my outlook inbox and I don’t know how to fix it myself please respond as soon as possible

  • cwebbeauty Charlotte's Web (@cwebbeauty) reported

    @Outlook Please help, I have not been able to access my email for the last couple of days ...all I get is a blank white screen and it seems LOTS of others have having the same issue!! I need it desperately.

  • kristan_k Kristan (@kristan_k) reported from Paradise, Nevada

    After 2 very long and terrible weeks, all it took was a good book and a Jack Daniels on a flight to Vegas to really turn my outlook on life around. #vacationmode

  • BrainGoblin Increasingly Cranky (@BrainGoblin) reported

    @mitchellvii @real_farmacist 46,488 votes and you're down 73 points. That should scream into your ear how pathetic your outlook on the world is.

  • antic2000 Paul O'Gnu (@antic2000) reported

    This is not obvious. You have a fundamentally different outlook to another party which means they won't vote for you but you have a narrow overlap on a single issue you both find important because it is. You should both compromise to find a way to make it work.

  • vaughan_k ken (@vaughan_k) reported

    By pushing a button to send template responses that has nothing to do with people feedback is evidence companies like @Airtasker, @Gumtree, @Outlook etc are not willing to admit there are bugs in their system and they are willing to fix it.

  • DouglasHespelt Douglas Hespelt (@DouglasHespelt) reported

    @chpspics @Viacom @ScorpionCBS @CBS It would be a great first step in renewing faith in CBS as an entertainment network. Everyone did their job, and instead of being rewarded we we all betrayed! Audience, cast, and crew. The negative outlook we have on all things CBS could be fix by one decent thing. #SaveScorpion

  • DewaynePerkins Dewayne Perkins (@DewaynePerkins) reported

    So while the right and left fight, I’m just sitting like “burn it all down.” Maybe growing up in a hyper segregated city like Chicago has given me a pessimistic outlook, but it’s hard to have hope when the fate of the country hinges on “I hope the good whites beat the bad whites”

  • phalanx30_ Andy (@phalanx30_) reported

    Correction: he has Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome. Characterized by thick, syrupy blood, causing a multitude of problems. Seemingly the outlook is good as long as treatment continues, but it is very severe. I'm very worried.

  • bcantoni Brian Cantoni (@bcantoni) reported

    My @TweetfaveApp service has been having trouble delivering mail to Hotmail customers so last night I switched to @Mail_Gun for delivery and now it's working again! (special shoutout to Mailgun support for quickly helping me fix one issue)

  • SteveOkubo808 Steve Okubo (@SteveOkubo808) reported

    Gmail/Google runs our university's email. Nothing but issues as we're bound to that crappy G Suite Sync, when using Outlook! We'd be far better off dumping Google and going totally with an all Office 365 solution.

  • Jlawhat Jelani Roy (@Jlawhat) reported

    @ajrod @RocNation @LZGranderson I agree w/the long view outlook in general, but funny he mentions the Johnson and civil rights, because one of the very incremental benefits like the votings right act was actively dismantled by this current administration/courts, so 50 yrs out the systemic problem not addressed

  • MaryTha42923130 🆘️Mary T🌊VOTE OUT THE NAZIs🌊 (@MaryTha42923130) reported

    @NanInKansas And, I dont care about the issue, or whether she has NA DNA or not. I care about her outlook for America and her plans for America.

  • NeitherExtreme Just Jim 🍕 (@NeitherExtreme) reported

    @mitchellvii Your outlook is the problem. But if your choices were the only two, **** your MAGA theology.

  • _miyahxo ʍʝ. (@_miyahxo) reported

    Hi I’m at work and y’all are making my job very hard right now. Fix it please 🙃 @Outlook

  • FLXJosh Josh Durso (@FLXJosh) reported

    @BrewCuse @cpclemens Village government was as broken as the Town government is now. It just wasn't talked about openly because there was no opposition or desire for transparency/betterment. Progress. The Town/County all need progress. Services, infrastructure, a positive outlook, and so much more.

  • tauridmeteorfan Tenguska2019☄️? (@tauridmeteorfan) reported

    @thedsggroup i would find it hard to settle down with someone who was fervently “green” (again, in practice, a difference of outlook has ramifications on a day to day basis); also, personally,i’d never date someone who was hostile to Israel

  • Laurrlaaur lauren.priscilla_ (@Laurrlaaur) reported

    Let me turn this frown upside down and have a positive outlook to attract positive things in my life, not negative

  • Matty0074 Matty007 (@Matty0074) reported

    @ritadmn @IbraarHussain @BBCNews how can any child or adult that cannot grasp the complexity of the issue ever bring anything substantive to the debate, why don't you follow and quote NASA scientists and their adversaries for a balanced outlook, why her, why this child.

  • pharris667 Harris Market Trends (@pharris667) reported

    IBD Big Picture August 16, 2019 Friday Action Upward Thrust Current Outlook Market Under Pressure Distribution Days 1 on Nasdaq 1 on S&P Leaders Up in Volume $CAE CAE $SHAK Shake Shack $PAGS PagSeguro $WEN Wendy's Leaders Down in Volume $GLOB Globant $AMAT Applied Materials

  • enduringdelilah edelilah 🦴 (@enduringdelilah) reported

    i gotta use Outlook for school and it keeps signing me out every time i visit the website with no link back to the sign in page. pls

  • cxllinsss epo9 (@cxllinsss) reported

    despite the empty outlook and how much one strongly believes it to be the only truth, deep down, there is this littlest hope that perhaps the universe might still offer a **** just to refute. deep down. there is.

  • jeffmcjunkin Jeff McJunkin (@jeffmcjunkin) reported

    @FixTheExchange It was DNS. And a separate receive connector issue was also DNS. Luckily an Outlook 2013 issue was _not_ DNS. I just needed updates.

  • piffedup Steinhäuser (@piffedup) reported

    If that happens I will have a completely different outlook on life, and problem will believe more things he explained to me.

  • vaughan_k ken (@vaughan_k) reported

    Good on you @facebook using @Outlook Android app to annoy Outlook users with the same unwanted and disruptive ads and Outlook allows this to happen even those it is harassing behaviour & sending template messages trying to sell subscriptions is not fixing the problem.

  • pnicastro1 Phil Nicastro (@pnicastro1) reported

    @ArizonaKayte @OrenIShiKiddo Gmail is pitiful compared to Outlook. Must have been using a cheap server and software.

  • Dollop_of_Mayo Dollop of Muyo (@Dollop_of_Mayo) reported

    @QahMolkoh @Silent_Bobbiez Fair enough, my point of view is very US-centric where we have a major ACAB problem. I genuinely don't care about the video game, I was mostly responding to Dr. Mario who appears to have an opposite, more authoritarian outlook.

  • BakoJason Jason M. Hodgson, Ed.D. (@BakoJason) reported

    How to solve Outlook email problems in 90 seconds or less... Nice job, @HansTullmann!

  • SeerSythe Sythe Seer (@SeerSythe) reported

    @Rinu_Chan115 You just wanted to spread alittle joy and there's no shame in that, if others have an issue with your positive outlook then just don't pay them any mind they're not worth the effort.

  • grkirwin Gerard Kirwin (@grkirwin) reported

    I like the data scrubbing and fixing site errors in CRM part of my job. I don't like the fighting with trying to make an event in Outlook part.

  • PeterVogel Peter Vogel (@PeterVogel) reported

    @sssuperbecca @DanBurritt Looks to be a web server issue as full-blown email through Outlook continues to run.

  • alabamamutant Shannon Howard (@alabamamutant) reported

    Am in the midst of clearing out more than 6000 deleted items from my work emails ( I have 2 inboxes due to clerical error). It was that or Outlook was shutting me down. And wow, I’m a bit surprised I stayed sane these past 5 years. It’s been a long, strange trip to tenure.

  • terry_tkcbevman Terry Casey (@terry_tkcbevman) reported

    @pulte Try to fix outlook on my computer...not too exciting.

  • LtCmdrKeene CmdrKeene (@LtCmdrKeene) reported

    @AdamFowler_IT @Alex_A_Simons @RossSmithIV @CliffordKennedy @MrTweetTastic @WinObs @ExchangeGoddess I'm still struggling with this issue too. I'm an abnormal user, I'm logged into 5 tenants on this device. But anytime I use Teams, Outlook app prompts for auth. If I let it, Teams starts having issue. Fix it, then Excel. It's like only one app can be happy at a time.

  • davidjseibuhr David J Seibuhr (@davidjseibuhr) reported

    Those whom using outlook com there is a noticeable editing glitch it does need a separation line-border underneath, I hope there developer reads this, from using. linux port debian, rpm called vivaldi (windows 10)

  • davidjseibuhr David J Seibuhr (@davidjseibuhr) reported

    Those whom using outlook com there is a noticeable editing glitch it does need a separation line-border underneath, I hope there developer reads this, from using. linux port debian, rpm called vivaldi

  • SteveHoller Steven Holler (@SteveHoller) reported

    @BrightSideSun @LockedOnPHXSuns @colezwicker @TheStepien Geez Cole, your outlook for this team that had TERRIBLE roster construction last year is crazy low, imo. Just by virtue of fixing these holes, they have enough talent otherwise to be way better. I'm blown away by this.

  • alaokayode Alao O'Kayode (@alaokayode) reported

    Serious problem created by past administration which can be a cog in the wheel of present administration development plan, especially now that general world economic outlook is going south.

  • OustFox OustFox 🦊☔🎥 (@OustFox) reported

    @Cozirs Best: You've got the beams and the IQ to make it to the big leagues. Worst: You start to lose hope when you come up short. I have the exact same issue. The way to overcome that is maintain a positive outlook. You can be disappointed, but dont lose sight of the goal. 🏆

  • 0987654321Id 0987654321 (@0987654321Id) reported

    @ghostofembed @Karren63312653 @IvanPentchoukov Correction: Microsoft Exchange 2010 email server, not MS Outlook email server.

  • FOWLAZULE I AM 🗯 (@FOWLAZULE) reported

    my outlook is down imma take that as a cue to just go home cause wtf

  • goofoffartiste the display name updater (@goofoffartiste) reported

    @pls_b_nice_2_me This is why IT can't fix your Outlook profile until you're back from lunch

  • headxcold wannabe targaryen (@headxcold) reported

    when customers give me their email and they have an aol or a hotmail i’m like do those even exist anymore how do you login

  • GossamerTearoom Betty (@GossamerTearoom) reported

    @Outlook All I see is the message [object ReadableByteStream] on a big white screen. Running Chrome on a MacBook Pro. I can't update the browser (so please don't ask) because my laptop is older, but I can't be the only person with this problem. Thanks for asking me to elaborate.

  • 0987654321Id 0987654321 (@0987654321Id) reported

    @ghostofembed @Karren63312653 @IvanPentchoukov Well, if she did, she must have had quite some knowledge of MS Outlook email server. Like a task for 1st or 2nd level support professionals up to admin level.

  • Hollymcc3 Holly M. 🇨🇦 ⏳ (@Hollymcc3) reported

    @snarkywhiteguy @CTVVancouver @globalnews I find Gmail very cumbersome and doesn’t have the same interface as Outlook - which of course depends on a provider. This is the 1st time since the inception of emails and having been a customer that long with Telus have I ever had a problem b

  • baketb Ted Baker (@baketb) reported

    @istaywithit93 Hotep! It must be terrible living in your terrible, terrible world!! Think! You need some kind of intervention! To help with your outlook on life, or the absence of one! Seek Professional Help!!

  • jcrossland Jonathan Crossland 🇿🇦 🇩🇰 🇬🇧 (@jcrossland) reported from Cape Town, Western Cape

    @Office your android outlook app crashing again.. thats the last 3 releases in a row with issues. @Outlook

  • alecrogers1968 Alec Rogers (@alecrogers1968) reported

    Well, this is a game-changer. 99/100 times when I read something promising to change my entire outlook on an issue or story, it's just clickbait. This was the 100th time.

  • nbells04 Nick (@nbells04) reported

    thank you for keeping a positive outlook on a terrible injury where all rooting for Cashman 🙌🏻

  • ayogithatlifts T.M (@ayogithatlifts) reported

    Stress ages people really fast 💨 I’ve seen it in action. It’s a road I refuse to go on. I like my youthfulness and optimistic outlook, it would sadden men to let someone break my spirit down just for the sake of an egocentric need.

  • snarkywhiteguy Ken Grierson (@snarkywhiteguy) reported

    @Hollymcc3 @CTVVancouver @globalnews This is why I have gmail and outlook email addresses They never go down and if I change Internet providers I don't have to go thru the pain of changing every bank, bill and contact to the new address

  • koengodderis Koen Godderis (@koengodderis) reported

    @outlook seems to be down at the moment. Grz Belgium

  • BecauseUAreHere Magic Whitney PetPro (@BecauseUAreHere) reported

    Let's hope this new install and app upgrade really works @Office365 . Wish my Outlook for Mac could let me sync and save message subject lines to server, like my PC colleagues can do. #someday Also, stop downloading all 33k emails all the time!!!

  • TheVeggieMD Danielle Belardo, MD (@TheVeggieMD) reported

    @dolfer I hate office 365 so much. Outlook is my arch nemesis. I hate outlook so much I’m literally considering whether that’s a deal breaker in my job search LOL. WHY IS IT SO TERRIBLE 😭😭

  • Wojadubakowske constitution is in writing for a reason (@Wojadubakowske) reported

    @AntonioBequer @paulkrugman 2008 feb: We're just in a slow patch jul: We are in a mental recession, not an actual recession sep: outlook for stocks is getting better and better (on Fukushima disaster: “The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll, and we can be grateful for that.”)

  • danm515 Danm500 (@danm515) reported

    @_CPOnline Hello, I would like to tell you that I was going to create a penguin and I could not because it says that my email is invalid my email in hotmail please if you can fix that

  • randypicker Randy Picker (@randypicker) reported

    "Reply all" is really a terrible exercise in interface design. I use MS Outlook and there is, I think, no plausible way in which the "reply all" button should sit right next to the "reply" button.