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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • DaltonSherm Dalton Sherm (@DaltonSherm) reported

    @Inciner8RL @delreylaa @Ken93994631 @PlayOverwatch The game isn't the problem. The triggered ***** players is the problem. Can't say words without people such as yourself getting triggered having your ***** hurt from words. Typical Overwatch players. It's sad. Don't see that in any other game.

  • Jhinzo_Toku Toku (@Jhinzo_Toku) reported

    Ok so I keep opening overwatch and it’s stays at like 9-10 FPS for some reason and idk how to fix it

  • pyrrhicbee 🌧⛈🌧⛈🌧 (@pyrrhicbee) reported

    overwatch being this broken atm is so funny tbh but also so sad lkjfdslk how did they manage to let this many bugs through

  • sylvieons sylvie (@sylvieons) reported

    i'll paypal the overwatch dev team one crisp dollar for them to fix their game

  • behinda_screen Elijah Blue (@behinda_screen) reported

    All day this has been happening no matter if I'm playing Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and even GTA online. Fix this because it's quite annoying. I've call my internet provider and everything is good on my end. FIX YOUR SHIT @XboxSupport

  • frootev froot 🥢 (@frootev) reported

    @aClxw123 same problem every time its overwatch

  • uwukayIee ĸaylee 🌸 (@uwukayIee) reported

    wait what “shop error purchases are currently not eligible from this account” how do i buy overwatch league tokens this is cursed :(

  • Markkymak #Overwatch 🇬🇧 (@Markkymak) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hi, “find a group” is not working since the new patch went live.... thought I’d let you know #Overwatch #Ps4

  • LindholmVegeta Genji (@LindholmVegeta) reported

    @LustfulEnigma69 I’d join you in Overwatch but my PC is broken

  • gugamafort Gustavo Mafort (@gugamafort) reported

    @Danielitou13 @AmbassadorDopey @XboxSupport Tried to do that. Tried to reset the router, tested latency on other devices and it was fine. On games ping is great (fortnite gives me about 20 and overwatch about 40). I assume this is a problem with how the MS servers are relocated in certain regions. But I don't know.

  • DarthKraytsSlut Darth Talon (@DarthKraytsSlut) reported

    @ST053_ //Overwatch. I've never had that problem in BF2

  • RatSalad31 Jacob (@RatSalad31) reported

    @carrotbanter If I were Orisa, broken tank of overwatch, I would simple get nerfed

  • NuggetBucketry Nugget Afterparty (@NuggetBucketry) reported

    Overwatch always wants to lag on my PS4. Don't get it.

  • UltimateMasher1 Robert 'Mash' Webster 📖 (@UltimateMasher1) reported

    @undead_84 I have been having that issue too, but when I go to play Destiny 2 or Overwatch now. My internet goes crazy, but not on other games 😬

  • Kentess_OW ˢᵗᵃʳ (@Kentess_OW) reported

    This new ghost glitch in overwatch just scared the shit out of me thanks

  • joel_bourget J03LTE0N (@joel_bourget) reported

    @PlayOverwatch I shouldn't have to hunt down specific outdated AMD drivers just to be able to play your game. I'm having 12-18 fps and even lower in high action scenarios. This NEVER used to be a problem with my rig and Overwatch is the ONLY game that has this issue.

  • MasterTeezy Dakashi (@MasterTeezy) reported

    Very weird day today. We got people gatekeeping mac millers music even after death, people upset at Em cuz he released an album (pretty sure he’s not the only one today that did) and I got DDOS attacked in overwatch......who even cares that much about comp in overwatch anymore😂

  • AntaresVriska Serenaquest is the Only Quest (@AntaresVriska) reported

    @turntechCatfish Overwatch is the same way, it's 8een so, SO 8ad 8ecause there's so much power creep and "fix this stale meta" 8uffing in the game (Mei Piercing, Doom, Sigma). These last 2 patches felt INCREDI8LE, cause they were 90% nerfs overall. 8ut every 8uff just feels a8solutely awful

  • moldyjellie moldyjellie ☃️ (@moldyjellie) reported

    @HairlessThoctar @Raffy32111 @MrSpoopy93 @SamitoFPS Reaper and bastion buffs happened BECAUSE overwatch team was balancing around lower ranks. The changes ****** with everyone at every level and even more so at the top because better players don’t make as many errors.

  • moldyjellie moldyjellie ☃️ (@moldyjellie) reported

    @HairlessThoctar @Raffy32111 @MrSpoopy93 @SamitoFPS Reaper and bastion buffs happened BECAUSE overwatch team with balancing around lower ranks. The changes ****** with everyone at every level and even more so at the top because better players don’t make as many errors.

  • PerfectPigott ³⁹🐽 (@PerfectPigott) reported

    @bcafcjack @EAHelp @EAFIFADirect It’s mad mate i play Overwatch with no lag and Fifa has speed up lag for me, so frustrating when it costs you a win

  • Raubrim Ghetto Crip Coma (@Raubrim) reported

    @BlizzardCS I’m having a problem on PS4 overwatch where I can’t open the find group menu

  • EnnyishQuil Enny (@EnnyishQuil) reported

    Overwatch has always been and always will be a mistake. An error. Flawed. Nothing will make it right again because it was never right to begin with. And that is despite the endless amount of work put into it.

  • pfossell Patrick (@pfossell) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent the GearStore is double selling this months Limited Edition Print again. The Overwatch 2 Rio print (150) sold out yesterday and this morning there are 150 available again. Clearly there is a disconnect between those who run the site and the warehouse...

  • pfossell Patrick (@pfossell) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent the GearStore is double selling this months Limited Edition Print again. The Overwatch 2 Rio print (150) sold out yesterday and this morning there are 150 available again. Clearly there is a disconnect between those who run the site and the warehouse...

  • Zerixes Zeric (@Zerixes) reported

    My main issue with playing Overwatch is that watching it, I understand how and why certain people do things at higher levels but when I'm in game, since I'm plat, my calls often get ignored. So now I'm just focusing on my own positioning and mechanical skill.

  • AtlantiCowboy A Cowboy Seal (@AtlantiCowboy) reported

    @ForHonorGame I just don’t want the same problem as overwatch ;-;

  • nadesey ATLAS • NADESEY (@nadesey) reported

    @star_overhead_ Fortnite is just filled with a bunch of toxic kids, Overwatch is filled with a bunch of people who ***** and whine, and Overwatch 2 is probably not really going to be fun, because it's probably going to have the same balance problems.

  • toomanysnipers Shimada (@toomanysnipers) reported

    @LonelyHotP0cket role queue is the problem yeah yeah in theory "they can balance 2/2/2" is an argument but the game is just so unenjoyable and restrictive since role queue :/ overwatch is my 2nd most played game this gen its heartbreaking

  • Phantaxus Phantaxus 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 (@Phantaxus) reported

    @zoeylyn01 @JoeNeate1 @RareLtd @SeaOfThieves If its lag sort out the server problem. If it hacking via third party tools the you need to go after the companies selling these third party tools. Take them to court for damaging your brand. Blizzard did for Overwatch hackers.

  • SkylarBartz2 emily anderson (tired and happy) (@SkylarBartz2) reported

    @BlizzardCS people that plays overwatch please fix the disconnection server please

  • TheShepPistols TheShepPistols🌻 (@TheShepPistols) reported

    @HawkwolfRL *cough* Overwatch *cough* But yeah basically the phrase "Don't fix what ain't broken" exists for a reason, But obviously some things /are/ broken so like many things in life we have to find balance.

  • Award4Tony Anthony Ward (@Award4Tony) reported

    @ColeEditsYT @Official_GDC @Nibellion Anything can be broken down to their basics,and explained as such. On top of that all games are repetitive,especially if you leave out the details of gameplay. I.e. "Overwatch is just shooting over and over".

  • KraftyLawrence Krafty (@KraftyLawrence) reported

    @Holo_on_twitch Difficulties that even driver updates and restarts couldn't fix because it's the Overwatch client being fucky after the new patch...

  • ahmcginnis McGinnis (@ahmcginnis) reported

    @BlizzardCS Find Group is not working on Xbox on Overwatch

  • _Space_monster_ OuterSpaceMonster (@_Space_monster_) reported

    Totally not getting a "applying update issue" for Overwatch 😔 First time I've wanted to play the game in months and this happens 🤧🤧

  • nadesey ATLAS • NADESEY (@nadesey) reported

    Overwatch 2 is going to have the same balancing problems.

  • kalebzaloga Kaleb (@kalebzaloga) reported

    @BlizzardCS The LFG feature in Overwatch on Xbox is not working for some reason, I press x and nothing happens, I can still play games just not access LFG

  • joshonthatsax Josh Mlodzianowski (@joshonthatsax) reported

    @PlayOverwatch my Xbox update won’t let me find a group to play overwatch!!! Help!!!! Thanks in advance #TechSupport #overwatch #bugs #glitch #Fixit

  • juanmiguelisimo juanmiguelísimo ⚡ (@juanmiguelisimo) reported

    @BlizzardCS Overwatch have some problem

  • RodsL7 Rodrigo Garcia (@RodsL7) reported

    Overwatch is a dead game Project A will get most of the player base when they release it and Ow2 won't save or fix the current state of the game. So here we are waiting

  • Chilly_Lich Julian K. (@Chilly_Lich) reported

    @BLAZINGKNIGHT50 It would be rad to get Spyro and/or Crash in Smash, but I have high doubts that Nintendo would want to work with Activision Blizzard on this, especially given some of ActiBlizz's more recent shenanigans and the lukewarm Overwatch port.

  • Freebies_TV Freebies or some shit. (@Freebies_TV) reported

    @ProbGarrett Played overwatch last night. Was surprisingly supportive in chat. Only one "play Apex" comment. Chat knows broken record gaming makes for a dull experience.

  • TLOU_Kirsty KᎥᏒᏕϮᎩ🧡⚙️💙 (@TLOU_Kirsty) reported

    New Overwatch update so far: lagging, shots not registering, being killed when round a corner but kill cam says I'm not round the corner. Overall, shit.

  • pensives_ pensive (@pensives_) reported

    i get its a good skin and all and GOATs was fun but it was still a major issue to the game’s integrity in total imo, seems off and disconnected from the community unless its Overwatch poking fun at their community.

  • narillan Narillan🎆🎆 (@narillan) reported

    Not ready for this. 8.3 just dropped. I'm getting three characters ready for raiding and m+s. Plus I'm still hunting down whatever random lag I get in Overwatch MH, but I've pushed that off for games I don't usually lag in. Guess I'll squeeze this in somehow.

  • Derpmourne Skullface McLongjacket (@Derpmourne) reported


  • Joshua_Gutman Josh Gutman (MegaManMusic) (@Joshua_Gutman) reported

    @xingtheli Not an OWL expert either, but I think the problem is that they just forced a very high stakes league onto overwatch and didn't really build it. LCS built up way more slowly and has lower valuations that some still think are too high (I think they're within reason).

  • CollaredDragon May! Sky! (@CollaredDragon) reported

    @ElliotExplicit This is the prime reason I'm not getting Overwatch on Switch (especially now they've apparently fixed the performance issues).


    @Blizzard_Ent can you please fix the issue with overwatch for Nintendo switch where the icon doesn’t change with the skin, thanks!

  • cygnatus Cygnatus (@cygnatus) reported

    @jackfrags @The_Poolshark @PlayApex Oof. Might try rolling your driver version back, I remember my AMD card hard that issue with Overwatch. Caused it to overheat or overvolt or something bananas.

  • MomoCreatiHero Momo the Creati Hero (@MomoCreatiHero) reported

    🍑So after talking to Timber alot I think there is a reason for yet another FE character in smash. Maybe either rights issues or they had a overwatch character planned but then Blizzard ****** up. Which explains alot #SmashDirect #SmashBrosUltimate

  • OneC3nt John Brock (@OneC3nt) reported

    @acidtabz @Cyael @PlayOverwatch The game has been dead for quite some time. Blizzard refuses to fix the engine, and instead continues to repaint characters and release them in loot boxes. There is no game here, just a burning trash can they hope to revive with "Overwatch 2" cause they can't fix "Overwatch".

  • TheGhostlyAngel The Masked Ghost Bear (@TheGhostlyAngel) reported

    @XingKazma Overwatch need to fix their community. It’s shit and they know it’s shit. Even having proof of shit like this happening barely makes anything happens.

  • LuiOW Lui (@LuiOW) reported

    @Surefour Overwatch was kind of that way during release, besides beta being streamed by a few select players. It was relatively new and unknown. Apex was the same way until lack of updates each season caused players to move away from it when there were problems with the game just like OW

  • jamieharvey1252 shadow ninja (@jamieharvey1252) reported


  • domrogers_ yessir (@domrogers_) reported

    @Critscan @OverwatchPD potentially, but there are still privacy issues about accessing memory like that, and overwatch would have to run at a higher level of authorisation than it currently does, which might require a huge overhaul of code

  • Atomicuss Atomicus (@Atomicuss) reported

    I would love for #Overwatch to go back to a more traditional FPS design however one of the issues with 1-3-2 is that a lot of heroes are a hybrid between at least 2 roles. They would need to drastically change most of the heroes so they actually belong to one role (Baptiste👀)

  • AdrianKakuja Adrian Kakuja (@AdrianKakuja) reported

    @whatyoucantlove @stealthuwu @jyeeii Yeah that's the problem that overwatch has but if it had a better company behind it would be a much better game, it has better mechanics, it's way more entreteining and skins actually matter Cuz you can see them unlike on LoL where the chars are so little it literally make 0 dif

  • h4ssett Josh! (@h4ssett) reported

    Espeon and umbreon from pokémon, a fox, a dog, junkrat from overwatch, JiJi from Kikis delivery service (a black cat) and strength rune from shadowhunters for me. Sounds good to me😂😂😂💪

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202