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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • juliexygg julie (@juliexygg) reported

    overwatch pls fix sigma :((

  • Pokatopia141 Poka | Officially A College Fur Now! (@Pokatopia141) reported

    So I'm planning on not streaming tonight due the fact that I've encountered a massive error on my stream. Apparently, when I'm in a group game like Overwatch, Fortnite, or GTA, my group have to be in an Xbox party with me in order to have their voices in the stream. >:(

  • rachri_ weed gang (@rachri_) reported

    why have 30+ characters in a game and like 6 of them are seriously broken and literally anything you'll see in a compettitive game. im ******* done with overwatch until jeff fixes his "game"

  • Wuffpaw Skunkpaw (@Wuffpaw) reported

    The Sigma patch on Overwatch is great but my goodness am I having some HUGE lag issues with the game now. It's making playing almost impossible.

  • LaTheHuntress ♡ 𝖍𝖚𝖓𝖙𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘 ♡ (@LaTheHuntress) reported

    Every time I almost bring myself to play Overwatch I get this issue where I get so full of anxiety because I cannot leave the game if I need to escape or calm down and that really freaks me out and prevents me from playing

  • Peterquill47 ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ (@Peterquill47) reported

    Man, this beam tracking fix in Overwatch has turned Mei into a real piece of shit.

  • ChapoTrapDen Morty's Trap House🌹 (@ChapoTrapDen) reported

    @jzayas7 @SamitoFPS i cant believe u think cause u play symm, a brain dead broken hero if there ever was one, and cause u dont see samito play symm... u can tell him about overwatch. when hes a professional and top player. lmao

  • ChapoTrapDen Morty's Trap House🌹 (@ChapoTrapDen) reported

    @jzayas7 @SamitoFPS this idiot. dude just cause u like to play symm... (the fkn easiest hero and most broken overwatch will ever make) doesnt mean u can lecture samito on what symm is or game balance. like hes top 500 semi pro wiht a coach brain. lmao u tellin him about symm cause "you" play her

  • Soesic_Clothing Soesic Clothing Co. (@Soesic_Clothing) reported

    "Error 404: Sarcasm module not found." – Orisa, Overwatch

  • Zevo_TV Zevo (@Zevo_TV) reported

    i just had one of the best games of my life in #Overwatch only to have my game crash the very next game to the stupid render device lost bullshit and have 50 sr taken away and a 10 minute ban >.< way to kill my mood @overwatchdev please do something to fix, its getting ridiculous

  • ashlebunny ♡ ashleigh (@ashlebunny) reported

    overwatch has officially broken me tonight. hasn't happened in a very long time.

  • Cyberpt1000 Cyber1000 (@Cyberpt1000) reported

    Since i had to RMA my mouse before the warranty ran out (wireless issues, fine on usb), which was onhold since i bought it cuz RMA takes 1month+ -_-, wont be able to play overwatch now which is the only game i could still sneak some time to play a match or 2. FeelsBadMan

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Violet_Voodoo Lukas Corriveau (@Violet_Voodoo) reported

    Role queue= worst idea EVER! You now cannot fix what’s broken... thanks, @PlayOverwatch #Overwatch

  • nottodayys8n . (@nottodayys8n) reported

    It’s 2 AM, I just finished playing overwatch and I’ve almost won 1000 games. Nobody can tell me I don’t have a problem

  • dps_moira czech hunter x hunter (@dps_moira) reported

    symmetra lowkey broken on overwatch with her new beam charge up omg everyone was always disrespecting the queen now the indian miss thing has all the tea

  • BendilinSpurr Punished Bendilin (@BendilinSpurr) reported

    Splatoon suffers from the same issue with Overwatch where if even one person drops out, the match becomes entirely one-sided. But the Splatoon series doesn't have things like overtime or individual punishments for your team performing poorly. It encourages you to keep playing.

  • lewdstar2 lewdstar (@lewdstar2) reported

    @Klyde113 I'll would rather play overwatch over both. They finally fix that damn game.

  • itsKalensLife GameOverz (@itsKalensLife) reported

    @SavvySamuraiGG i get rendering issues apprently because (from what ive read) Overwatch dosnt play nicely with newer GPUs. so i get crashes from time to time, and it strips me of them :(

  • yoruskii aren @ La 図書館 (@yoruskii) reported

    @BlizzardCS waht that isnt the problem i clicked to play competitve then instead i changed my mind and clicked cancel que and then i closed my overwatch and then i re opened it cause i changed my mind again and i saw that i had been suspened for not even entering a game

  • DBs_Best Dragonball’s Best (@DBs_Best) reported

    I’m waiting for him to send me the specs, but I know he runs fortnite, pubg, overwatch and other games on it, so it’s definitely worth more than $200. The issue is I want to buy a laptop for college and I don’t think I’ll be able to afford both of those on top of everything else

  • viiviicat Vivi Langdon 🏳️‍🌈 (@viiviicat) reported

    So far I'm somewhat frustrated with the Role Queue in Overwatch because it still seems to match me up with bad players, as a healer, and then I can't do *that* much to fix things

  • SuperbDonnie ♠️ (@SuperbDonnie) reported

    please fix overwatch. its too much cancer @Blizzard_Ent

  • Al_barquq ▲🌴 آل برقوق🌴▲ (@Al_barquq) reported

    Love how at every update Overwatch becomes unplayable because of the massive lag/framedrop issues you didn't have right before it. 🙃

  • meat Zack (@meat) reported

    the reason everyone wants to play DPS in Overwatch is because they have a far wider choice of damage heroes and all the in-game dopamine hits come from dealing damage/getting elims, not healing or blocking. Role queue is a temporary salve for this problem

  • BanterWipes Renegade (@BanterWipes) reported

    @PlayOverwatch The Orisa shield problem was bad, but sigma’s shield is 10x worse. I can’t play sombra anymore cuz y’all nerfed the bastard. Like fr I’m quitting overwatch till y’all do something about sigma or at least nobody plays him anymore.

  • desulatoryy Desulatoryy (@desulatoryy) reported

    @BlizzardCS Tried again. What you suggested didn't help. I tried uninstalling overwatch and then reinstalling and was met with the same error message. And the files were being scanned despite the game not even being on my computer anymore. If you can help it would be appreciated!

  • _sleba Josh Abels (@_sleba) reported

    @MaFortniteClipz @FortniteGame at least overwatch is trying to fix their game 😂

  • _Falconbox Falconbox (@_Falconbox) reported

    @VG247 problem being when one game is good and the next one is trash, but most of the community moves on to the new game, essentially killing the good game due to lack of players. Meanwhile games like Overwatch and Siege get better with time and GAIN players.

  • Giosndvl Giovanni Sandoval (@Giosndvl) reported

    Overwatch is rigged. I got a quadruple kill and still didn’t get play of the game. Smh #overwatch #broken

  • NAITSIRK_ELO_01 Ole Kristian (@NAITSIRK_ELO_01) reported

    @LayersZero @PlayApex All they did was letting people buy skins for 18$, they did not fix any problems with the fact that playing the game during the event wont give you shit. Make it like Overwatch events where the more you play, the higher the chances for you to get what you want.

  • steviewonder94 Certified Spastic (@steviewonder94) reported

    I am sick of these selfish wankers on Overwatch who pick a role, throw with the trole, spam at the rest of the team then disappear. You call them out on it and they go "ugh y just salty not my problem" WHY ******** ARE YOU PLAYING A TEAM GAME THEN

  • SealandGG Sealand (@SealandGG) reported

    @iamkeeferz ehh blizzard has their problems too. I got banned on Overwatch for a week twice from their automatic system because people report me for 0 reason.. and the Blizzard team just replies with, "Sorry we're going to ignore any replies to this ticket"

  • RahulAnbuKumar Rahul Kumar (@RahulAnbuKumar) reported

    overwatch ranking system is so broken. Literally played 1 game with multiple masters on the enemy team and popped ******** off. Still gets placed plat. Thanks for getting my hopes up Bliz

  • HRETNUH your longtime confidant hunter h (@HRETNUH) reported

    i never played the overwatch tutorial because i tried once when i got it and it just proceeded to crash my whole ps4

  • BurlapCatten BurlapCatten (@BurlapCatten) reported

    Has huge desire to play more Fire Emblem. Just keeps playing Overwatch despite not having role queue QP. Why is my brain broken

  • mulan2324 ♥FaMulanTheFearless♥ (@mulan2324) reported

    @BlizzardCS. I dont know whats wrong with overwatch on xbox 1 but its lagging hard. Ive done all the steps on my side. I think it might be on your side

  • karetluvspopunk (@karetluvspopunk) reported

    My pc cant even stream apex, but it will stream overwatch and fortnite no problem hmm ok cool

  • ninesofeight sad cowboy emoji (@ninesofeight) reported

    the lag on overwatch is so bad

  • EXOow12 EXO (@EXOow12) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hi, i would like to report a problem with Overwatch and battle net. I got disconnected and i can't log in to battle net again. My internet is working fine.

  • Crustymustard3 BringBackTiltedTowers (@Crustymustard3) reported

    The overwatch heros are still broken i cant even choose an attacker

  • jordynngroves chibi jo (@jordynngroves) reported

    @BlizzardCS The role queue beta for Overwatch is pretty cool :). The only thing I see as a problem is if teammates want to switch rolls if they’re performing poorly. It would be neat if there was an option to switch rolls between players if needed.

  • MurrRayan Rayan murr (@MurrRayan) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Hey i was playing overwatch and it kicked me deu too itactivity fix blease or i fiel lawesoot

  • IgorUnAsArt IgorUnas (@IgorUnAsArt) reported

    @PlayOverwatch I have played almost 30 matches but 222 doesn´t fix anything. The entire game is full of people that does´t care about wining or trying to play as a team. It´s a pitty because i love Overwatch. But i will never play competitive again. I'm so sad.

  • Uninorus Kry-El 💙❤️ (@Uninorus) reported

    I really want to play overwatch lately but no one will play with me because the game is toxic and broken and its so sad the state its in

  • bbyjonjon starboy 🤩 (@bbyjonjon) reported

    I’ve been searching 4 minutes for a competitive game as a DPS. OVERWATCH FIX THIS SHIT

  • Maranaemonesia mara louise (@Maranaemonesia) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent i can’t go through the menus in #Overwatch. it won’t connect with an LC-202 error. Help.

  • F0xcyborg FoxCyborg (@F0xcyborg) reported

    Damn @Respawn your just letting @EA destroy Apex with this event, wouldnt have a problem with this event if I got to choose a skin or better yet keep earning them. one thing Overwatch is the only one to get loot boxes right so far, probably done with this game after season 3 😟

  • Beeftipsy Beeftipsy (@Beeftipsy) reported

    is there an in game stutter issue on overwatch or is it just my pc

  • thatrabbidguy c a l e b g a g e (@thatrabbidguy) reported

    @BlizzardCS I’d like to report some sort of error about Sigma’s cute spray in Overwatch. I’ve gotten three killing blows with Gravitic Flux nearly four times in a row, and I’ve gotten no sprays or achievements. Thank you in advance!

  • Hylightt oB Hylightt (@Hylightt) reported

    @305SportsNet @youFamousEnough @YaBoyVickk Call of Duty made the switch years ago to avoid that issue along with many other multimillion dollar eSports like Overwatch and League of Legends. I personally don’t see 2k ever making that possible. Just because it’s more hassle than its worth.

  • AyaReina Aya Reina (@AyaReina) reported

    This isn’t an exclusively female problem - gamers in general, and Overwatch ones in particular are mostly toxic, bigoted clowns. But if I had a buck for every time I’ve seen hate directed at me because I’m female, or my mates for the same, I’d be v v rich by now

  • hidneki ella☆ (@hidneki) reported

    @heonieluvr i honestly have no idea it’s still somehow able to nicely run games like overwatch even with these tabs i swear one day it’s just gonna crash

  • RoyalFarron 🏳️‍🌈Farron🏳️‍🌈 (@RoyalFarron) reported

    people want lore in overwatch, but is the lore going to fix how horribly unrewarding this game feels when u win 5 comp games but you lose one and all your progress is consequentially lost

  • ZenoKagemaru Zeno Kagemaru (@ZenoKagemaru) reported

    What I wouldn't give to see Blizzard FINALLY do something right and fire the entirety of the Overwatch team. These ******* deliberately don't do anything at all about the broken heroes or the one-sided, maps. They're better off fired for neglect and malpractice. #FixYourGame

  • Raionik Raionik💚(rai) ‏ (@Raionik) reported

    @discordapp hello i am having problems geting the new streaming inside a server thing to work with overwatch, i dont konw how to get it to work pls help

  • Roborob93 RoBo Rob! (@Roborob93) reported

    Yup role que didn’t change one thing in overwatch.99 percent of the payer base still plays the game like it’s a round of team death match.theres nothing wrong with overwatch.its the players who don’t want to use teamwork and Common sense that’s the problem.

  • JupiterJackie Jackie Jupiter (@JupiterJackie) reported

    so nothing i tried to salvage from my old HP desktop worked at all and just caused problems, but everything else worked perfectly and my first PC started up like a champ! installing everything and hopefully testing out the temperatures & fps playing overwatch 🤤

  • mitchmp4 mitch (@mitchmp4) reported

    This just in: Role queue did not fix the fact that Overwatch is incredibly toxic

  • thenastynin justin (@thenastynin) reported

    i wanna get into ranked overwatch. how do i get used to being told to k*ll myself and other nasty insults. they added the report system but im positive that didnt fix the problem i know how gaming works

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202