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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • AnthonyLeBrun13 Anthony LeBrun (@AnthonyLeBrun13) reported

    @VultureX1998 Problem is that I already own Overwatch on a different console the Xbox One to be exact, I wanted to be on the Switch way in advance but couldn't wait that long until I heard the news about it back in September.

  • SlipperySegway Zachary Compton (@SlipperySegway) reported

    I wonder if Overwatch 2 is going to fix all the problems the first one had and if it even has a comp mode

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Messgorough Messgorough (@Messgorough) reported

    So #Warmongers I potentially have a hybrid game system at my disposal and by rolling the clock back I avoid the massive stat creeps/overwatch wutuf issues of the current version. Granted in PA we now have everyone being brought into line with teh spaces but I digress.

  • Farrier105 Guy Jordan (@Farrier105) reported

    @littlelisala @diana_west_ @MikeE5037 Check this out. The problem is whether or not Crowdstrike's Falcon Overwatch can detect exfiltration of emails. Either there was a Stand Down Order as Donna Brazile was told (See HACKS), or Falcon Overwatch does not work.

  • Mulannx3 ♡JENNIFER♡ (@Mulannx3) reported

    Overwatch switch is good so far only thing they need to fix is a couple of bugs but it feels so good on handheld and on the go. Was playing in bed all night trying to get to level 25 😂

  • starIesbian katiemine | 118 days! (@starIesbian) reported

    @CthulhuDisciple I mean it's not the Overwatch Devs that are the issue, most of them are working class people. It's the corporate heads who make terrible decisions.

  • oldassgeek OldAssGeek (@oldassgeek) reported

    Yeah, 2-2-2 forced teamcomp definitely killed the game. Instead of dealing with the real problem, @PlayOverwatch allows #trolls, #onetricks and #smurfs. No point in playing this game anymore with a 1/10 wr ratio thanks to mentioned problems. Good bye #Overwatch, hello #Paladins

  • LoupGamer LoupGamer (@LoupGamer) reported

    @EvilMojoMartini please please please fix ******* fps drops, this game runs like shit since the start of the year, even overwatch gives me better fps than this. You know people wont hold it much longer. Everyone is getting fps drops and will quit your game none wants to play30fps

  • jaxonnwebb Jax (@jaxonnwebb) reported

    Automatically reload when you wraith is straight up broken as ****. This is really annoying to talk about so I’m gonna stop venting about it. Just genuinely cannot be bothered with overwatch as a game right now and if things don’t change I’m gonna end up giving but up for good

  • catstielk mariana 🐢 || buff Zenyatta (@catstielk) reported

    now i'm sure people who have lag on Overwatch Switch just have a shitty internet because i can play Overwatch with my mobile internet lmao you really can play this game everywhere, i'm surprised

  • Forte_splat Forte (@Forte_splat) reported

    Overwatch on switch is terrible. I trie it at EGX and the gyro controls had at least 1/2 second input lag

  • CodieFrink Codie Frink 💛🦌 (Golden Deer!) (@CodieFrink) reported

    @mgiggsart Welcome to Overwatch, where McCree is like...100+ years old because we ****** up his Lore and don't care enough to fix it.

  • gorolesbian zarnelius warudington (@gorolesbian) reported

    @spacialesbian first year was hell because i would be ****** up every weekend and then have to go to my job as eric andre the next day and try to do customer service. imagine trying to buy a burger from someone who is physically holding themself back from making fun of your overwatch hat

  • Yeezus_crust Jesus FUCK (@Yeezus_crust) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yeah I have overwatch on the switch and whenever I try to launch the game and make it to the loading screen my game just crashes and I’ve retried dozens of times already but I get the same error message

  • ElibahLang ElibahLang (@ElibahLang) reported

    I think im like done with Overwatch. The game has been out for 4 years and it still has so many problems. The events suck, balancing is horrible, and this game is very repeated. Overall the game is just boring and unenjoyable right now

  • ToriMew_ Tori 🍬🦇 (@ToriMew_) reported

    @PiGuy24 if it works!! if it does this means I can very much play pc games well into the night this pc is still really good even by today's standards, last time I used it it ran Overwatch on max settings with little issue

  • leeza_pizza BEEZA (@leeza_pizza) reported

    I uninstalled overwatch yesterday and it feels surreal. 1,000 hrs was clocked in and real money was spent but there are more important issues that need to be heard (in supporting Hong Kong)

  • renton577 Ren (@renton577) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent fix your matchmaking system in overwatch, I shouldn’t be put in the same losing game 3 times in a row and then get warned I’m going to get penalized for leaving. One of the many issues of this matchmaking system.

  • nathanias Nathanias (@nathanias) reported

    @Xpiredsc Exceptions prove rules :) most games are very overly convserative with changes solely because of esports or do stupid things to try to fix perceived “imbalance” (the dumpster fire overwatch became)

  • Mulannx3 ♡JENNIFER♡ (@Mulannx3) reported

    Really disappointed in the Halloween event for @overwatch. I’ve been playing so much to grind for these Skins and came to find out that you get standard loot boxes. I thought it was a glitch but no. I guess you can only get Halloween’s ones if you play a certain role or game mode

  • Nerfnow Josue Pereira (@Nerfnow) reported

    Overwatch lore has this problem where a good deal of the media happens in the past when Overwatch was still together but the game happens in the future where Overwatch been closed. This won't be that bad IF both timelines had meet but the story moves so slow it may never happen.

  • jamesallengood1 King Piccolo Stan (@jamesallengood1) reported

    @Lyraxian While TF2’s lore is better than Overwatch’s, both games have the same problem of the lore not really having an effect on the actual game, so I find it hard to care about the lore.

  • jamesallengood1 King Piccolo Stan (@jamesallengood1) reported

    @Lyraxian @Hbomberguy While TF2’s lore is better than Overwatch, it has the same problem of the lore not really having any bearing on the actual game, so I don’t have much of a reason to care about it.

  • KDAAkaIi 👻🎃🚮 (@KDAAkaIi) reported

    Overwatch in switch still has major frame rate issues

  • RealSquarium Squarium (@RealSquarium) reported

    @PlayOverwatch We don’t care for Overwatch in the Switch. We want you to fix the China scandal.

  • _NightZone NightZone🔞 (@_NightZone) reported

    Man this Error 2005 0003 is more annoying that Symmetra on OverWatch..

  • EvilstuffGaming Evilstuff #boycottblizzard (@EvilstuffGaming) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey @BlizzardCS I need help, i'm getting a red error message when I try to log in to Overwatch. Please help, I want to get back to playing your amazing game!

  • Neobot21 Neobot21 (@Neobot21) reported

    @ActuallyIdk2 @maaarleeea @PlayOverwatch It sucks, bc otherwise it's a good game! Hopefully (what the community is calling) Overwatch 2 will fix a bunch of stuff.

  • RoseDratini 🎃🥀Rose🥀🎃 (31 Days🎂) (@RoseDratini) reported

    @said78951 @JokesterArcana @ShxdowMewtwo Dont judge the quality of a game by the company that made it, as none of the devs on Overwatch have any control over what the higher ups do. And if you think that you have to stop liking Crash Bandicoot, CoD, Destiny and All Activision titles.

  • Wackojacko1414 Jackson murphy (@Wackojacko1414) reported

    @SirSwagYT Overwatch... There is no guide good enough on this planet to help someone survive the absolute fuckery that is siege, it’s such a broken game and the people who play are making it worse by exploiting its broken aspects, I wanna see an overwatch guide plz

  • SkyTyrant SkyTyrant (@SkyTyrant) reported

    @ShxdowMewtwo competitively yes overwatch is surperior but i think as a game tf2 is better. valve doesnt patch shit though and blizzard adds broken mechanics which ruins the gameplay.

  • Buckleys_RL Buckley (@Buckleys_RL) reported

    @YourOverwatchYT Maybe the real problem of overwatch is the support role entirely. Having it be someone's job to keep your team alive makes for easy toxicity when your team dies. If your job was a lifeguard and you only 40% of the time you're able to save someone you might get flamed at irl

  • JayReichman Jay RIPman⚰️ (@JayReichman) reported

    Overwatch's problem isn't even not having "lore", because it has a **** ton of it. The problem is that the players that got pulled in soley by the fun characters and colorful world don't want to play a competitive shooter. They want to play an RPG.

  • ramen_honey HoneyRamen (@ramen_honey) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Ugh my switch is broken and now I can’t play anywhere I want and now Overwatch comes out..sad life

  • mweis100 mweis1 (@mweis100) reported

    Okay, for some reason setting my Switch‘s language to German (the region has always been Europe) fixes every single issue with Overwatch that I had. Even within the realm of really stupid shit, that one takes the crown.

  • YourMindAches Justin (@YourMindAches) reported

    @Runzi333 @shaun_vids Overwatch has also been pretty decent for representation (apart from aforementioned black women representation issue). I'm gonna have to disagree with Shaun on this one.

  • PrxnceKai ⚙️💎 Claudy 🔜MCM London (@PrxnceKai) reported

    I played Overwatch solely to see if the computer would crash

  • lofelofe22 Mohammed (@lofelofe22) reported

    @PlayOverwatch dear can you please fix the crap you have done on the game. If i pick a tank or a healer the dps always sucks and not changing option is not helping at all it make me hate the game and if picked a dps i will have to wait for 7 to 9 min to start the game #Overwatch

  • Tears_OW Tears (@Tears_OW) reported

    how does the ******* overwatch team fail to change the meta after every nerf they have to stop playing it safe with these ***** changes like oh shit let's make orisa's shield cooldown 1 second LOWER LOL that will fix the game!! **** you

  • A_D_R_I_A_N_C Adrian Candio (@A_D_R_I_A_N_C) reported

    @Wavaryen1 @ThisIsBlonded @RockstarGames Yeah, a “devs problem”. That’s not true, it only happened on PC 🤣 oh you are right I have a horrible PC and a PS 2 only, that’s why I’m saying this 🤣 and btw, I think anyone having a PC is very laughable. And I didn’t talk about balance on OVERWATCH, learn to read, brainless

  • jiamofficial Juan In A Million (@jiamofficial) reported

    Overwatch on the Switch is a good port, but many issues with death cams and play of the game cams where the camera is off and players are missing. 30 fps doesn’t bother me as much, but it can throw people off for sure. The XP bar goes really slow & Hopefully they can do an (1/1)

  • a_c0rnz a_c0rnz is a beer witch | Streamer & Voice Actor (@a_c0rnz) reported

    @tarioTV I’m a fat drunk ******* who’s awful at Overwatch. See, my phone is kinda busted right now so it’s not working correctly.

  • BraiselCoanel Branton 🏓 (@BraiselCoanel) reported

    Overwatch is in such a shit state. Literally the only way to fix it is to make drastic changes to the majority of hero’s but blizzard it to scared to because they think it’s fine even though the community is going to ditch this shit for Project A the second it comes out

  • bellabullets13 bellabullets13 (@bellabullets13) reported

    Gonna try stream tonight. Gonna check out some halloween events in games i own. So crash nitro kart, dead by daylight, possibly overwatch. Dunno what else, if i get bored of those ill make myself play something spooky

  • Nintend76301335 🎃SpookyMemeLord🎃👻 👻 (@Nintend76301335) reported

    @SSBUNews Most Wanted:Doomguy and Crash Bandicoot Least Wanted: Steve Overwatch Characters FE Characters accept for Edgelguard

  • DragonCobolt Dragon Cobolt (@DragonCobolt) reported

    I recently saw some tweets talking about how TF2 has more character and is cooler than Overwatch and I'm like, yeah, I do like white guy #1, white guy #2, white guy #3, white guy #4 and the black one. Basically, both games have big problems with their roster if you ask me

  • EquinoxPhoenix John Alzayat (@EquinoxPhoenix) reported

    @diamondbutters @GlitchxCity I have yet to hear a good thing about Overwatch. There seems to just be constant issues with it. Though with recent news I don't know anymore.

  • RikuEstia RikuEstia (@RikuEstia) reported

    @MsBlizzardTV Like my mouse was stuttering in Overwatch and on lower quality of audio my mic was breaking on stream like wth. Managed to fix it all tho and windows 10 is ass.

  • causticcoffin Mothman (@causticcoffin) reported

    I miss overwatch I miss when I would just come home from class and play overwatch with the boys having fun, no broken lore, no controversy, just dumb fun Now everyone hates it, everything in the game is changed and Blizzard is licking boots 😔

  • so_this_sothis Σothis😷 (@so_this_sothis) reported

    @MisterMundee (I understand that, but I still think Overwatch team should've made 'we retconned the story, please stand by' statement bigger. So that people understand the situation and wait more patiently. Instead they canceled their graphic novel book at the issue day and that was all...)

  • jayblanc Jay Blanc (@jayblanc) reported

    @korybing The whole Overwatch Lore started taking dings before the Hong Kong thing, when they decided to make a awful stereotype 'Mentally Ill Bad Guy' character. This has prompted a re-examination, rather expanded upon due to other ongoing issues.

  • ampersandle Leonard Frankel 🇦🇺 (@ampersandle) reported

    @Lyraxian I think the thing is that Overwatch takes itself seriously, while all the TF2 "lore" is built around *************** out of itself. It's compounded by OW'd characters being simple cliched stereotypes, but I think the core of the problem is that OW tries to play them straight.

  • frozenfroh david | HAPPY PAM DAY (@frozenfroh) reported

    @AgentBlocked @CalebBradley7 The same reason Team Fortress 2 bothered with the plot. People want to know more about the characters, the issue with Overwatch its that it has yet to explore more about them. It's unbalanced in terms of lore, some heroes have much more than others.

  • CorvidFightClub crow black dream (@CorvidFightClub) reported

    @HAEDRAULICS After blackwatch and Reyes, he's done. He strikes out on his own because his family has broken twice and he can't trust them anymore. When he comes back to overwatch, he's in it for that family aspect, but no longer with the gang mindset, because it's failed him.

  • DyIan_Raynor ferarihen (@DyIan_Raynor) reported

    @PlayOverwatch can you make it so that if you disconnect from a competitive game you have 15 seconds to join instead of ten. I know waiting awhole week to play overwatch just to get suspended for12hrs Becuase I have bad internet and can’t reconnect in time sounds fun, but its not

  • UnraveledKaneki Dillon Sheil 🌐 @ Policenauts (@UnraveledKaneki) reported

    Overwatch actually has a surprisingly high amount of lore, the problem is that it's literally ALL Backstory and not something actually happening in the game right now.

  • Chicagopaul2010 Paul (@Chicagopaul2010) reported

    @kniroid @LeGavoIsHere Whenever I think of overwatch, I think of wasted potential. I also think about how a character whose name is "soldier" has the shittiest trigger discipline ever. I wish they'd fix that.

  • SoulofSpaghetti Maxipoo (@SoulofSpaghetti) reported

    @weeabob Guys it's ok. Overwatch 2 will fix this

  • Ether101_Prime Ether101 (@Ether101_Prime) reported

    @Lyraxian @nomuru2d It would be nice if Overwatch had lore or even a serviceable story but that doesn't seem possible at this point. Maybe this prophesied Overwatch 2 with its so called PvE mode could fix it but I doubt it.

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  • lc-202