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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Bvega221 Bvega22 (@Bvega221) reported

    @Cybereli01 Overwatch was broken 😖

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • ZHollowayy Z/\K (@ZHollowayy) reported

    @StaceyWWFC Try collecting the Overwatch ones!! Im a broken man 😂😭

  • Ginja_Ninja1866 Scarab (@Ginja_Ninja1866) reported

    Dear @PlayOverwatch, Please cpnsider this message. In my friend group im known as the overwatch player/the best overwatch player and im in love with you game. But you need to fix it this is getting out of hand. Comp is a mess its full of dps one tricks and annoying comps...

  • eddyyyy_dgaf Eddy Manzanares (@eddyyyy_dgaf) reported

    @BlizzardCS Wtf. Every time I’m off, there’s always an issue with Overwatch and can’t play. Time to get a new game. Screw your severs

  • NJuju18 NinjaJuju18 (@NJuju18) reported

    Ugh, why is my Overwatch not working

  • PeteyDoe Petey (@PeteyDoe) reported

    @BlizzardCS can’t login to overwatch on xbox. Problem authenticating xbox live. any help

  • i_rubix IRubixI (@i_rubix) reported

    @BlizzardCS Overwatch is saying “There was a problem while trying to authenticate with Xbox Live. Please try again later.” Help...

  • BJ0NES B Jones (@BJ0NES) reported

    @AdamJWester @car0licious right i cant play dragon ball destiny or overwatch so their system has either been DDos'd or just a nationwide outage that needs fixed

  • MrNinjaBaz Barry McDonnell (@MrNinjaBaz) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN what is happening with overwatch, almost everyday I run into a new problem, LC-201 errors and infinite entering game screen, and it's not my connection I have playing BO4 today on xbox

  • theshape6669 Joshua Wiles (@theshape6669) reported

    Trying to get into Overwatch and it keeps saying it’s having a problem authenticating Xbox Live. @XboxSupport

  • Dreamer338 ET MAGA (@Dreamer338) reported

    @BlizzardWatch yea lots of people use aimbots to play overwatch because they have no level of human error in aiming. that was my experience; lots of people cheat in video games. especially on the internet.

  • ElderGodLoki Hunter Jones (@ElderGodLoki) reported

    As a Wrecking Ball (Hammond) main, I am SO sorry for everyone playing competitive last night on Xbox. I knew that something really weird was going on, but I had NO idea that I was the issue 😭 #overwatch

  • SomniumEU Somnium🐝 (@SomniumEU) reported

    I’d really like to understand why grown men make smurf accounts at diamond/masters just to stack and throw games. Then people wonder why Overwatch is a mostly dead game. Blizzard can change balancing and add gameplay features all they want but they won’t fix it’s retarded players

  • TheAnimeJoker TheAnimeJoker (@TheAnimeJoker) reported

    @XboxSupport All i wanted to do was play overwatch everytime i pressed A it said please sign in to xbox live yet i was in a party

  • OMGitsGrant_ Grant Foster (@OMGitsGrant_) reported

    @Complibur @DayZ I think xbox is just acting retarded rn. Its saying I can’t sign in and I’ve tried playing overwatch, DayZ, Rainbow, and heck even Titanfall 2 which never has had issues with servers. It’s on Xbox’s end.

  • GI_TYYouTube1 SuperTy16 (@GI_TYYouTube1) reported

    @PlayOverwatch European competitive servers are throwing out people with “unexpected server error” messages left, right and center! Overwatch, EXPLAIN!

  • OKellyrez Kelly (@OKellyrez) reported

    No internet issues but mainly overwatch was being super framey. Hopefully a restart will help and I can figure out all the things and have a proper stream soon(TM).

  • DonXShinobi DON 🦉🍥 (@DonXShinobi) reported from Reynoldsburg, Ohio

    Yo someone tag me when Overwatch fix the Hammond bug please

  • frogcadet ida 🦋 (@frogcadet) reported

    is overwatch not working

  • TH3GAM3150V3R Mark (@TH3GAM3150V3R) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent @AskPS_UK am having issues logging into my overwatch account on my ps4 with an error code LC-202 any ideas how to fix please

  • JetAlucard362 Oscar Mendez (@JetAlucard362) reported

    @BlizzardCS I have a problem: My skins from the legendary edition from the game Overwatch have been blocked😭 Please help me get them back

  • XxWolfGamerHDxX 🦔 (@XxWolfGamerHDxX) reported

    overwatch needs to fix Hammond 🥺🥺🥺🥺 my whole team disconnected 4 times

  • Jack_Ridsdale Jack Ridsdale (@Jack_Ridsdale) reported

    I know its gauche to rip on Overwatch but, holy crap, Comp Deathmatch is complete trash. An utterly broken, zero fun game mode that Blizz has decided to double down on. Would actually rather play fortnut

  • Alex27327426 Alex (@Alex27327426) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN hi, I have yet another problem. I have an xbox one and overwatch stopped working completely, it always says that I have the trial version but it’s on a disc. And i have deleted it time after time still to no use it still says that it’s a trial version.

  • Dragoneyes2510 DragonEyes (@Dragoneyes2510) reported

    DragonEyes2510 pressed the stream button, Cosplay and scrims! ;3 PS: forgive any lag due to stormy weather... #Motivation #Gamer #Overwatch #Scrims #afterwork

  • Kster91 Karl 🐢 (@Kster91) reported

    Overwatch's Wrecking Ball (AKA Hammond, because that's a terrible name 🙄) has been disabled on Xbox after yesterday's update! he's apparently causing the game to crash!

  • madingdingg You (@madingdingg) reported

    the new overwatch update.... ugh. please fix the crashing during comp i had to play so i wouldn’t decay and have to deal with this.... yikes @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS

  • Celestial_Vi Vi⚜️ (@Celestial_Vi) reported

    @BlizzardCS overwatch is crashing a LOT for people on xbox one since the new baptiste themed update, at least 1 or 2 are getting kicked out of comp games every single match, fix it please!

  • Jamie78166851 Jamie (@Jamie78166851) reported

    Fix your servers overwatch... it keeps on crashing @PlayOverwatch #Overwatch

  • TideZ27 Ariel (@TideZ27) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Yo you should totally fix the disconnect glitch. Free SR for the losses we took as compensation #Overwatch #twitch

  • EscrimaMusic escrima (@EscrimaMusic) reported

    Update: I found a solution to my overwatch problem! While my initial recording will still look bad, the future ones won't.

  • ThaaTrueRonin Ronin (@ThaaTrueRonin) reported

    Overwatch fix this wrecking ball bug that kicks u from the game every time

  • Stxndby Maurice (@Stxndby) reported

    I also ask anyone else that might be able to help me with this issue but I really want to play Overwatch and properly use my overlay! Please I am D E S P E R A T E @discordapp

  • g_willan gwillan (@g_willan) reported

    @LetsKillPing I guess don't trust Killping if you are looking for customer service. And definitely don't expect anything from their refund policy. #Overwatch @LeagueOfLegends @DOTA2

  • nickeedee1 Nickeedee🏳️‍🌈 (@nickeedee1) reported

    Man I am so hardcore split on either doing Overwatch or more Fallout 76 tonight (I might have a Fallout problem). Will let you all know closer to stream time!

  • jvjr123 Joey Vargas Jr. 🥀 (@jvjr123) reported

    @BlizzardCS FIX YOUR GAME i can’t even get through a normal game of overwatch without wrecking ***** ult crashing my game

  • FitriExtreme IWAE ! WAGA MAO ! (@FitriExtreme) reported

    Dk if it’s my network or Overwatch server is kinda lagging

  • itsahmedyall ahmed (@itsahmedyall) reported

    Unpopular Overwatch opinion: Blizzard should not release hero 31, specially if the rumor that the hero is a tank is true. It seems that Blizzard’s way to counter their GOATs issue is to constantly make new heroes with new abilities to stop it which CLEARLY doesn’t work 1/3

  • AngryFawnOW AngryFawn (@AngryFawnOW) reported

    @BlizzardCS fix overwatch for console you trashcans it’s been a day maybe 2 already and people have lost so much sr

  • Cobh_xbl Cobh (@Cobh_xbl) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS fix overwatch on Xbox, or disable Hammond. Every time he ults two people on the enemy team have their game crashed

  • The_ViperUS Dared ViperZ (@The_ViperUS) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent fix Overwatch the dumb wrecking ball thing is a joke Fix it

  • EmilyKrumlinde QueenE (@EmilyKrumlinde) reported

    So virgin media is confirming loss of connection at my postcode and that an estimated fix is at 19.05 today... so no more overwatch and over 100SR down from disconnects. LOVE IT! IT'S NOT LIKE I'VE BEEN WORKING MY ASS OFF TO GET BACK TO MASTERS OR ANYTHING. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • JustAZ_ myst (@JustAZ_) reported

    what can i play now that terraria broke my heart and i cant login to overwatch ;-;

  • Marexn Marexn (@Marexn) reported

    @RequiemWings_AE Overwatch has this system where you cannot see the exact player, most likely for harassment policies they've got in place for the fear that the person banned will be getting some shit. But i don't see a problem with it either way, guess the pro is just that now you know.

  • butters_pc Jack (@butters_pc) reported

    @BernieSanders @IATSE @GameWorkers bernie do you think role queue should have been added in overwatch by now, i mean the community is dwindling and most of them say that a lackluster competitive mode with toxic dps OTPs is the reason they left, and putting in a role queue really solves that problem

  • JazzyFroggo Angel and 304 others (@JazzyFroggo) reported

    @_Choragic Both are incredibly stupid. Decay is worth it if overwatch doesn’t fix their shit

  • Im_Ruka Ruka (@Im_Ruka) reported

    I ******* love overwatch like ball glitch that freezes the ******* game

  • norasuko_ Norasuko🔞 (@norasuko_) reported

    @Kai_Kazegami @MadamLaunch @KinkJimmy @Dentolsfm In Overwatch and Frozen's case it was a problem with search results for sure. The amount of SFM porn on those franchises was such it was getting in the way of the name getting first results on Google. It's rare to see companies other than Nintendo going against fanart like that.

  • iner_relico45 iner relico45 (@iner_relico45) reported

    @BlizzardCS currently there is a bug on Xbox for overwatch where if you use Hammonds alt the game freezes and you disconnect I've lost 100+ Sr because of this

  • FloydThePigTTV FloydThePig (@FloydThePigTTV) reported

    @RockLeeSmile Yeah the problem when i had with overwatch and just overwatch was a driver i just downgraded to the last version and used that but updating again still worked.

  • VexxedThorn Ɨ𝖟𝖟ɏ 😈 (@VexxedThorn) reported

    i genuinely thought my friends were getting a ddos in Comp; needless to say...a ******* hamster crashed their game. it was pretty upsetting to have our tanks disappear. #Overwatch

  • ZIONX007xTTV ZIONX007 (@ZIONX007xTTV) reported

    @Respawn fix overwatch you dweebs

  • H0TROD86 Joshua Blankenship (@H0TROD86) reported

    @blooddust_OW Overwatch just sucks anymore, and new heros, and balance changes aren't gonna fix it. The game is a shell of what it was.

  • QueenVeronicaOW Veronica (@QueenVeronicaOW) reported

    @Lyna_OW @Nemo_oce Lyna in every Eu game “****** widow broken hero good job blizzard. Of course they have a ****** Orisa nerf suck! I’m just hooking cause it’s broken. Get off Moira it’s a shit hero. Delete brig.If I was in charge of overwatch this game would be so much better”

  • AFKdubstep AFK (@AFKdubstep) reported

    Holy shit McCree is broken in Overwatch rn 😂😂😂 im gonna be top 500 if they don’t nerf this in a couple days

  • AFKdubstep AFK (@AFKdubstep) reported

    Holy shit McCree is broken in Overwatch rn 😂😂😂 im gonna be too 500 if they don’t nerf this in a couple days

  • ImNotAlim ~alim~ (@ImNotAlim) reported

    I don't care what anyone says 90% of the reason people say Overwatch is bad, is because of the players. Yeah okay there are a couple things here and there they can fix but that's just the basics. It all comes down to the players especially in comp. People ruin Overwatch.

  • Brandon_J225 B.😈 (@Brandon_J225) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent plz fix overwatch

  • REAkagainz Rea (@REAkagainz) reported

    Omg, did you just delete your fix your servers Overwatch video. I was about to reply and say I LOVE YOUR VOICE

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202