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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • Sign in (50.00%)
  • Online Play (22.97%)
  • Glitches (12.16%)
  • Matchmaking (9.46%)
  • Game Crash (5.41%)

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  • penyunne
    Sad (@penyunne) reported

    yeah its just impossible for me play overwatch anymore, idk if I need a new graphics card or a cpu but the frames dropping/freezing are awful. playing on the lowest possible settings and dont use any overlays, still no. I don't have this problem with any other game

  • Jackscarab
    Jack (@Jackscarab) reported

    I wonder whether I should administer an Overwatch shoot at Otakon next year. Teaching has prepared me well for such a thing. I can project clear orders very loudly. That was one of the two problems with the shoot I went to, the size of the venue being out of the host's control.

  • gregcant
    Greg Cantrell (@gregcant) reported

    @BlizzardCS Why do you treat console players of #Overwatch like 2nd hand citizens? "Find Group" button still broken, and group chat still screeching, almost a week after update. Can't help but feel that this would have been fixed on PC in hours.

  • ruby_ebook
    faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • ALI_N22
    ALI.PRIME 🤖 (@ALI_N22) reported

    Gonna solo comp in overwatch till I fix my rank up ...

  • KaiserBeamz
    Possum Terry Bogard (@KaiserBeamz) reported

    Reddit's TF2 sub responding with an article about the game's toxcity problems with jokes and "If you get offended by racism in chat, go back to Overwatch" is depressing yet unsurprising.

  • shyainista
    ЅHΨΔI (@shyainista) reported

    Overwatch feels so broken these days. Their matchmaking sucks.

  • CurtisGG_OW
    Curtis Fernandez (@CurtisGG_OW) reported

    @x50squidxx @virginmedia Yeah dude been happening to me since I moved into my gf's place. Got a friend that I met in overwatch who gets the same problem at the same time. Actually making me cry I just want to play without disconnection anxiety

  • CurtisGG_OW
    Curtis Fernandez (@CurtisGG_OW) reported

    @virginmedia Hey, wondering if you are aware of random disconnections? Usually comes back within a few seconds but Overwatch is an unforgiving game when it comes to connection issues.

  • PreciseRazi
    CursedRazi (@PreciseRazi) reported

    Going to attempt a stream today, My PC is broken but I will give it a go, Overwatch stream at 2PM be there.

  • MickLMZR
    i'm a little pea, i love the sky and the trees (@MickLMZR) reported

    Lucioball is so broken in Overwatch still, what the fuck

  • AndrewBarrance
    Andrew Barrance (@AndrewBarrance) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN I was checking out the new overwatch summer stuff and noticed that the new Lucio emote that costs league tokens cost 300 but I was talking to my friend and it costs 200 for him. Is this an error or is this deliberately priced differently?

  • molksik
    Amy misses mx | threading ❛ᴗ❛ (@molksik) reported

    angry rant about overwatch ASIDE I lov shownu and I ,,, miss him sO MUCH like I miss his voice and his broken English and [sobs]

  • shykit_
    CG | Shykit (@shykit_) reported

    @Allastom_SSBM idk how to fix my dumb head but whenever i go to play any game I'm like "smash? overwatch? speedrun? THOUSAND YEAR DOOR AGAIN?"

  • lgbtddl
    .... (@lgbtddl) reported


  • transkidcobra
    unlikely valentine 🐊 🏳️‍🌈 (@transkidcobra) reported

    idk tldr overwatch is stagnating from every angle and the team is trying to be blissfully "unaware" of all the problems and actual good critique by pumping out more and more content, acting like paving over the problems will make them disappear and it makes me sad.

  • jud5on
    wasteful delight 🚀🏳️‍🌈 (@jud5on) reported

    @kamilumin i'm so worried to start playing again, overwatch is great because i basically hate it, so it's no problem, but...

  • WaRIII
    WaR (@WaRIII) reported

    @BlizzardCS just had overwatch competitive game not join, was able to still chat with group while they were in match using in game group chat, no disconnect, no reason shown but I have ban. And 50 sr lost. Can I have a explanation?

  • TheMckittens
    Mckittens.TV (@TheMckittens) reported #overwatch problems

  • ahmedab00896705
    ahmed abdulla (@ahmedab00896705) reported

    @unitlostgaming no sty overwatch has been going this dark route lately like the rienhart olt change and like no new modes for the event it fells like they are trying to not fix the bug

  • super_colm
    colm (@super_colm) reported

    “Smurfing isn’t a problem.” Really? I had a smurf in every single game tonight. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. One was a TOP 500. There was not a single game tonight, over about 25 games, where the enemy team DIDN’T HAVE A SMURF. #overwatch

  • notadeer69
    Ryan (@notadeer69) reported

    @BlizzardCS how come in overwatch whenever I play competitive I disconnect but I can play quick play all day with almost no problem?

  • trucvlent
    (@trucvlent) reported

    Overwatch keeps lagging,,is this the end

  • Ethan_Maxson
    Ethan Maxson (@Ethan_Maxson) reported

    @MrMrsAnima @theodd1sout Im playing overwatch right now with a 4 minute queue time and still waiting amd have a 90%chance to face a cancer comp, but hey the devs are trying to fix the game instead of throwing more content down our throats. *wink*

  • vvvidowmaker
    Shorty (@vvvidowmaker) reported

    i really would like to be able to stream overwatch but my internet sucks and barely lets me do art streams lag-free :/

  • Tipsy4Play
    Tipsy4Play (@Tipsy4Play) reported

    Switched to Overwatch cuz Pubg is broken

  • iconmadman
    james gore (@iconmadman) reported

    Once again getting fucked over by smurff accounts and throwers again fix your game and make punishments more severe #Overwatch #Blizzard

  • venonats
    chris (@venonats) reported

    just read overwatch’s patch notes, sombra’s invisibility was broken so they’re making her play despacito when u get close to her

  • Shredda
    Shredda - #SupportSufferingStudents (@Shredda) reported

    dead by daylight servers down after 1 game.... GREAT, time to play overwatch :D

  • clara7cl1
    One Typical Mexican 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 (@clara7cl1) reported

    @BlizzardCS pls fix lfg on console for Overwatch, the main selection on the play screen doesn't work. We can only use it from the one next to our name.

  • REALTheMather
    The_Mather [TLM] (@REALTheMather) reported

    Ok, Overwatch is fixed however if I alt tab it crashes. I'll be back to OW streaming just no alt tabbing. My apologies for the lack of streams however technical issues are mostly sorted so we'll be back on next time!

  • awormsbecker1
    andrew wormsbecker (@awormsbecker1) reported

    @Metalleaf It is an overwatch/blizzard issue. They wrecked it with the last patch.

  • trintard84
    Trinity🙈💕 (@trintard84) reported

    Hey @PlayOverwatch on Xbox One in the Overwatch game I can’t seem to use find a group anymore. Will there be a fix on that soon?

  • thefoxqueen_xo
    The Fox Queen (@thefoxqueen_xo) reported

    No stream today, @Xbox is still working on party and game matchmaking issues. If it gets fixed soon, I'll try jumping into either a game of #fortnite or maybe some #Overwatch. Sorry lovelies!

  • gayfrnknstein
    serk ✦ PINNED! (@gayfrnknstein) reported

    my internet is beyond broken so i can't play overwatch enough to get a significant amount of lootboxes. so what am i gonna do? buy a shit ton, that's what

  • Papaisgay
    ◇ 《Pãpa》◇ (@Papaisgay) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Hey I'm still having a problem with Overwatch on my console I think it's a bug. It makes my character, teammates, and enemies invisible; also whenever I press start it makes my screen blurry.

  • thechaosgrenade
    The ChaosGrenade (@thechaosgrenade) reported

    Broke down and got #Overwatch (PS4) before last weekend. Enjoying it... but I gotta ask: Does everyone with a mic sound like someone screaming out of broken fast food speaker?

  • SrgntBallistic
    Brian R (@SrgntBallistic) reported

    Trying to understand why my roommate and I still have so many problems partying up and joining lobbies. Certain games I never have to worry about NAT type. Like Overwatch/Titanfall. Other games if we're not both Open/Moderate there's no chance. Other games it's inconsistent.

  • InsidiousPrey
    InsidiousPrey (@InsidiousPrey) reported

    Dont know about you but I love how fucking broke @PlayOverwatch is soo many bugs but they don't give a shit about fixing it Im fed up with #Overwatch abusing the community with constant bs from reworks to nerfs They say they listen they obviously don't Fix your shit @Blizzard_Ent

  • cinnajimrolls
    cinnajimrolls/AU📌 (@cinnajimrolls) reported

    The same routine every day. It becomes so normal that he hates it and he wants a change in the never ending system. Even playing Fortnite and Overwatch start to bore him. Which is an issue. After easily finishing his work, he stretches and then takes the last bite from his peach.

  • itsandrewgrace
    Andrew Scott Grace (@itsandrewgrace) reported

    i started calculating my own SR since overwatch's system is very broken. should be around 3340 but because of gameplay sabotage from random players, i ranked much lower. easy calculation to fix my score to what it really is though.

  • itsandrewgrace
    Andrew Scott Grace (@itsandrewgrace) reported

    gameplay sabotage is a MASSIVE issue in overwatch. refusing to switch heros when you're clearly being fucking useless is GAMEPLAY SABOTAGE. @PlayOverwatch gotta start punishing, its ruining the game.

  • peacheshow
    evie (@peacheshow) reported

    my overwatch is lagging so fuckin hard i have to uninstall some shit

  • LuvOverWatch
    Your Lord & Saviour Umaru-chan (@LuvOverWatch) reported

    @MindOverMana i left my overwatch sever because i got attacked for saying being a pedo is wrong they were trying to say its just like being gay (i am catholic but have no issues with gay people) but i found this really strange not trolling wot do u mean max gay power?

  • homme89001656
    homme (@homme89001656) reported

    I don’t wanna be wrecked by gm players, i don’t wanna get throwers. Right now, as it seems, the game is unplayable for me. Can you please respond and promise to fix? I really love overwatch.

  • homme89001656
    homme (@homme89001656) reported

    @PlayOverwatch hey overwatch, i want to tell you how bad overwatch is on console (ps4). First of all i have problems with speaking in game chat it honestly is too loud to understand and LFG isnt working so whenever i find game i only get smurf-dps and it is frustrating. Pls fix.

  • thegamingdiary
    thegamingdiaries (@thegamingdiary) reported

    For those interested Xbox One: Overwatch Ps4: Horizon Zero Dawn Nintendo Switch: Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy (but I did just get Picross S2 so that will be added in) Also I'm feeling like something else on Xbox as well but have an idea for that (and not just more Crash).

  • danieldaylight
    Daniel☀️ (@danieldaylight) reported

    @BlizzardCS hey, I just got suspended on overwatch due to the game not loading in. Anything you can do to fix? Second time this happened.

  • AStupidLion
    StupidLion (@AStupidLion) reported

    @BlizzardCS Here's my issue, I've bought overwatch quite a long and I've completly forgotten the email and password of my account, My friend that added me back then told me this was my battletag StupidLion#21310... is it possible that I could know what email linked to my account

  • diosexual
    BRAINWARP (@diosexual) reported

    @BlizzardCS hi im having a problem with my overwatch game, my equip button on hero select isn’t working since the summer games update.

  • SaintDarii
    Stevonnie (@SaintDarii) reported

    Is anyone else having audio issues in overwatch?

  • Bolt805
    Bolt (@Bolt805) reported

    @FancierArc4 @tryhardgrape @Kiraizuma @King_of_Cha0s @SlothSugar @overwatchleague @Spitfire People have no problem spending hundreds on fortnite skins but the second overwatch does something slightly similar people go nuts...

  • geemadsart
    maddie @ TIEBREAKER KINGS (@geemadsart) reported


  • pollolocogaming
    Luis Rivera (@pollolocogaming) reported

    I disconnect from an #overwatch comp game after rolling a team. I join back but my team had already won so i took a 50sr loss and a 30min suspension. #FeelsBadMan

  • NickJRow
    Obi Wan Emoji (@NickJRow) reported

    Yo Blizzard when yall doing this Update? Ima need yall to fix this damn group chat before I spend anymore money on this game #Overwatch

  • Timecrash
    Matt Velez (@Timecrash) reported

    I'm occasionally a little miffed that with character-based shooters, the character I like most design-wise I never like playing. Overwatch doesn't have this problem, but a few others do.

  • hanathecatgirl
    princess of sweater town (@hanathecatgirl) reported

    @TheAceOf_Maids overwatch server error but i couldnt rejoin... lost 50 sr and got a 10 min suspension

  • Youl44
    Chide Whiskers (@Youl44) reported

    Mother fucking Overwatch man every single time I try to play it something always is wrong with it and then they try to fix something but only make it worse and then with it still be broken they decide to add something new that makes it even more unbalanced and it only gets worse.

  • ericsmeric
    Eric (@ericsmeric) reported

    i love overwatch to death don't get me wrong it's the only game i ever play but they seriously need to fix the matchmaking on competitive.

  • brandishisbae
    Lady Brandish (@brandishisbae) reported

    //Is anyone having a problem with the mics in Overwatch? I can barely hear what the team is saying without static. Thought it was just that one guy, but it's been happening to every match I've played. Had to turn off my volume.

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • lc-202