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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • Online Play (11.96%)
  • Game Crash (6.52%)
  • Matchmaking (3.26%)
  • Glitches (3.26%)

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  • GxkuSan
    Kieran ッ #JirenHive (@GxkuSan) reported

    Also. Overwatch really doesn't want me to play with friends. I keep lagging and it makes me sad :(

  • QuakesGameSpot
    Mike (@QuakesGameSpot) reported

    @Vareforu I feel ya there. That's something I have to be careful about with my machine. Most big games like Overwatch and Fortnite are played at their bare minimum settings and even then I can sometimes get lag. If I had a PS4... oh boy... I'd be gamin' for /real/. XD

    Theo 🥧 (@LUNIQSO) reported

    Bc of my high ping and lag I stopped playing Overwatch. A game I almost spent everyday for 1 year playing. Maybe when I move I can start taking it seriously again but I don't think I wanna play comp until then.

  • will5bear18
    William Johnson (@will5bear18) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent fix overwatch bob is a joke. your game is broken

  • Luigifan129
    Albert Lambert (@Luigifan129) reported

    Overwatch has problems with it, but I think deleting brig and reworking Mercy are the least of its problems right now, make the game more competitive, take it seriously Blizzard.

  • NaruBrilu
    Brilu (@NaruBrilu) reported

    I really wanna stream my grandmaster rank games on overwatch, but not sure if i should. Dont know if people would want to watch and i also might lag and i dont wanna be the person responsible for losing my team the game

  • RC792
    caspase37 (@RC792) reported

    @HoshizoraOCE Freedo also did another video talking about a lot of the actual issues of Mercy and how she isn't as fun to play, and he wasn't even against mass rez per se. I don't think your overwatch is in the same camp as some of the other channels.

  • DailyMills
    cw harassment squad (@DailyMills) reported

    Guys, Josh (formerly 'Overwatch #1') is spying on Joey. We must fix this, hopefully with 16 year old

  • LinLupinseesyou
    chaotic neutral but tired (@LinLupinseesyou) reported

    I've run into a problem, I can't get a good look at KrampusRats' prosthetic leg :/ (or really his lower half in general) I'm still determined to finish this before the event starts #overwatch #KrampusRat #bestskin

  • dead_thomas
    Dead Photo Guy (@dead_thomas) reported

    @AccelHasGoodAim @FlyingfrogsES @pokelawls Overwatch is one of my favourite games, and I play it almost daily, Blizzard is consistently just making it worse and worse with terrible balancing and well I mean the fact that Brigette is still a character is a problem in its own. It's dying because it's just killing itself.

  • juniperhearts
    🌷juniper (@juniperhearts) reported

    when you're having issues in overwatch, ask yourself "WWJD (What Would Jayne Do)"

  • kyliekyte
    kyte🎄 (@kyliekyte) reported from Ross Township, Pennsylvania

    @Varsity_Designs well in the overwatch community where this situation is happening, many well known trans people have said it offends them. that’s when people need to stop using it & they don’t stop. that’s the issue no matter what

  • iTcoyne
    ㄒㄖ爪 🇦🇺 (@iTcoyne) reported

    @macawcaw123 That is a massive problem in Overwatch

  • kolokomiks
    kolo 👹 (@kolokomiks) reported

    Not very excited about Overwatch anymore. They keep adding unnecessary things but ignores the looming balance issues. It's hard to play the game and enjoy it; a burnout is an understatement. That said I haven't played since Ashe was released on the ptr

  • calangaeaf_
    wanheda (@calangaeaf_) reported

    playing overwatch while lagging is pure pain yikes

  • ryryhouse
    TaperSumo (@ryryhouse) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent my account got silenced for no reason and now its making me want to stop playing overwatch because i cant help my team and you take the whole reason of communication out the game and its frustrating FIX YOUR GAME

  • SwagoiPunk
    Desert Punk(🇹🇹) (@SwagoiPunk) reported

    Overwatch really is 3D awesomenauts half the cast got broken ass shit about them And I love it

  • SNARFow
    SNARF (@SNARFow) reported

    I love #blackops4, but man the hitreg is honestly unacceptable levels of bad for a AAA title in 2018. you're lucky if you go one whole game without any of your shots failing to register. compare it to overwatch for example, where you can play for an hour with virtually no problem

  • veIoure
    pussy galore (@veIoure) reported

    one of the main problems with overwatch - whether it be quick play or competitive - is that people refuse to fill a role even for one game. and when those ******** figure out that a team filled with dps isn't working, they get upset and leave to ruin another game for someone else

  • AngstAttack
    Little Lady, Katie🖕🏼|| [TSL][Stream AZ] (@AngstAttack) reported

    Moving problems. I went from Halloween to Thanksgiving in what felt like five days, suddenly we're at the beginning of Overwatch Winter Wonderland tomorrow and my brain is sputtering.

  • StrikerHLTVorg
    Milan Švejda (@StrikerHLTVorg) reported

    @CarbonDogma I did play Overwatch at the beginning, didn't stick to it even though it was kinda fun. The problem with those games for me (multiplayer in general) is that they're competitive and that makes me want to be good = spend way too much time on them.

  • VigilanteScars
    sᴏʟᴅɪᴇʀ ; 76 (@VigilanteScars) reported

    @Regretful_Death hold a grudge against someone so Jack doubts Gabriel will be an expectation. Things will go well. Loyalty is showed with actions and Jack is determined to fix things between them. They can get a new start now that there is no more Overwatch. He had to look away, because -

  • Atomucario
    Cookie (@Atomucario) reported

    @TeriosGaming I don't have trouble having fun in overwatch. I just go in, play arcade/quickplay, mess arouns, play custom games, and play one or two games of comp and that's it. Stop investing so much time since that seems to be a huge issue for people.

  • xcviiserin
    serin💕 (@xcviiserin) reported

    why are the Christmas overwatch skins so good I wanna play :’( I need to fix my game djaijdoaja

  • spidermash
    Spidermash (@spidermash) reported

    Overwatch comp logic. Has issue with pharah. Moans playing hanzo but won't switch to soldier 🙃

  • Sanic_Ow
    Jan (@Sanic_Ow) reported

    Sad to see how badly the Overwatch-Community is losing players. We have the main problem that too many casuals are posting issues that aren't necessary. We have to care about new content and comp-concepts, not about why the Hammond Portrait-picture isn't 3d.

  • _Visvaldis
    Visvaldis (@_Visvaldis) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hey Ive been having a lot of connection problems in the past few days. Today it took about 15minutes just enter overwatch. And after that, when trying to connect to quickplay (for example) i just get stuck in loading screen and get 'failed to connect to server'

  • _Visvaldis
    Visvaldis (@_Visvaldis) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hey! Ive been having a lot of connection problems in the past few days. Today it took about 15minutes just enter overwatch. And after that, when trying to connect to quickplay (for example) i just get stuck in loading screen and get 'failed to connect to server'

  • thatgirlslays
    [TSAN] ThatGirlSlays (@thatgirlslays) reported

    @Slip_shock @anthemgame I was able to resolve the issue. Installed a new CPU and cooler into my gaming system. The cooler wasn't cooling well causing my computer to shut off. After getting off Anthem it was doing it on Overwatch as well. Was able to play Anthem on Sunday after fixing the cooler.

  • kmhcobi
    blue slick skinny jeans (@kmhcobi) reported


  • CRT_Cricket
    Nova (@CRT_Cricket) reported

    I’m seriously not convinced that the Overwatch team looks at the numbers for console players because Pharah is STILL an OP problem after those changes they made to her.

  • Lele_Art
    🌟❄️鄭天雄 - LV 26 Winter Healer (@Lele_Art) reported

    Goddman i can't solve this random fps drops after change to ssd, not only overwatch, i even got a lag on monhun

  • SuccubusFiend
    Local Rabbit Went Ham🐇 (@SuccubusFiend) reported

    like whats your ******* issue, go outside for once you damn ingrates, instead of wasting your money on MORE Overwatch accounts, you could be doing literally anything else, ******* cucks

  • solflowerrs
    — 𝐿𝑒𝑒 🎄 (@solflowerrs) reported

    @DaniLmao “diversity in overwatch has never been a problem” imagine being so privileged that you can’t see overwatch’s blatant dodges on making a black women chatacter (not just a black coded robot women character) in contrast to all the white men with prosthetics

  • The_Beast_81123
    PersuAsian (@The_Beast_81123) reported

    @DaniLmao I mean, at that point you’re just forcing it, I’m all for representation, but diversity in Overwatch has never been a problem

  • CoryMidd
    AUZCOR (@CoryMidd) reported

    @OhIMissed @AffiliateRoad I don’t think people really want to watch crash bandicoot or overwatch nowadays

  • animeclubcutie
    cute bully (@animeclubcutie) reported

    @_fethers @unhaunting the problem is overwatch didn't have big enough titties. it didn't commit to the titty, whereas fate titties are above and beyond

  • SpectreRage
    SpectreRage (@SpectreRage) reported


  • UmbranxCrisis
    Nintendhoe (@UmbranxCrisis) reported

    @Giorch_ This is all a mess. It doesnt actually pair you with close pll and its different for everyone. So its the same issue as overwatch. Gsp doesnt matter. There’s obviously a hidden value

  • IsraelRSolano
    Israel (@IsraelRSolano) reported

    @ATVIAssist BO4 PS4 Wireless This is the only game I have problems with. Every other game (e.g. Overwatch, Destiny) works great. I’m tired of rubber banding around the map and getting kicked whenever I try to find a different lobby.

  • yuchigucci
    yuchi (@yuchigucci) reported

    Overwatch will fix all my problems !!! 😊

  • MidnightOW_
    Mike Ryan (@MidnightOW_) reported

    @ioStux In overwatch it's very easy to tell what the big change will be because you have to deal with stupidly broken shit for 5 months until it changes, so even when they do finally fix it you don't feel excitement

  • TheToxic_Kitten
    NattyCat (@TheToxic_Kitten) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hi, I’ve been having weird lag spikes on the overwatch , I’m on the PS4 that is wired connected thinking it would help but it got worst

  • DawsonDTH
    Dawson M (@DawsonDTH) reported

    fix overwatch or i will assassinate franz fernand the archduke on june 28 1914

  • BrothaDom
    D❄️M (@BrothaDom) reported

    Also, if we're gonna get more third party characters after Joker, I hope it's Crash Bandicoot or someone from Overwatch

  • Strongestbubble
    Strongestbubble (@Strongestbubble) reported

    Does anyone have a glitch on Overwatch where whenever you press B and the hud just disappears until you press it again.

  • Nitetail
    Nitetail ❁ (@Nitetail) reported

    Actually nah **** it that’s the last Overwatch game I’m playing this game has became so shitty I don’t care you have to run goats to win and if you don’t you lose it’s not ******* fun at all. Unless you are watchin. @PlayOverwatch fix your broken ass ******* game

  • _birthbysIeep
    shalott 🍃 (@_birthbysIeep) reported


  • Katsuki65194438
    Katsuki# (@Katsuki65194438) reported

    So there is a problem with ash, if you shoot her dynamite without missing 3 times you are guaranteed play of the game, this work's on total mayhem not sure about the other game modes. Please fix this blizzard >:( #Overwatch

  • GGTankful
    Duston Moore (@GGTankful) reported

    Another pretty good 3-0 win for the @OfficialnTice Overwatch boys again today. Made some mistakes out there but brought it home. So far 2-0 in Open Division. We begin to fix the mistakes and fine tune things this week.

  • neon_signs
    NeonSigns (@neon_signs) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent can you fix overwatch on the ps4 cant load into a game please and thank you

  • ruby_ebook
    faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • theheckdiditgo
    LOSTMOUTHFOODACCIDENT (@theheckdiditgo) reported

    I can't play a single video game without at least one group of retards screeching DEAD GAME DEAD GAME DEAD GAME like ******* chimps. Tf2 Overwatch League Dead Cells Melee FighterZ, even ******* nuclear throne because of ONE GLITCH on an old patch. Neck yourselves idiots goddamn

  • AleksaDunjic
    Akika7043 (@AleksaDunjic) reported

    @PlayOverwatch For me.... Overwatch is just gone i don't recommend this game anymore to anyone. I would play it again if like the season updates would have like more backstory or other game modes not just PVE or Snowball fights or Capture the flag. Plz blizzard fix your game.

  • Xovnnas
    Nick Antic (@Xovnnas) reported

    @RevertMercySays @DulcetRefrain The problem with mass res today is that it had even more potential to be overpowered. You can shoot revert + tweaks till the cows come home but no one outside of those who played mercy want to go back to the mass res days. Especially in today's meta of overwatch.

  • FrancisAlbertGN
    Francis Albert (@FrancisAlbertGN) reported

    @MaryIsHellaCool I like Overwatch too but I kinda prefer the gameplay that Paladins has especially that your permanently locked into one champion and you aren't able to switch until the whole game is done unlike OW where if you die, you can switch characters that can lead to many problems😬.

  • _DJLYM
    tired cephalapod (@_DJLYM) reported

    The problem with Competitive Overwatch: A thread

  • Lutional_
    Lutional • 루셔널 (@Lutional_) reported

    Just delete mercy, brig, doom, and dva, disable a hero from the player's hero selection screen with a one tricking sorting algorithm, and add like 11 avoid slots (to dodge the whole match). I just fixed overwatch xddddddddd~ Sigh... The only fix is to delete the game itself.

  • itsthabus
    yamcha is the best dragon ball character (@itsthabus) reported

    Overwatch hitboxses are so broken fr lmfao

  • LeCanadienAlexo
    LeCanadienAlexo (@LeCanadienAlexo) reported

    @BernadetteBagel I feel you 😭 I don’t have internet issues, but have had a lot of bad luck with bugs this season, lost around 150 rating due to bug within overwatch and 100 rating due to a crash and power outage

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202