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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • SavageCabbage32 ChristmasCabbage (@SavageCabbage32) reported

    @MaeveOfBlades2 Overwatch already makes itself look like a joke. Paladins will probably fix shit-feeling healers within a patch or 2, Overwatch hasn’t managed to do that in over 3 years since release.

  • herbalicious666 Herbalicious666 (@herbalicious666) reported

    @YoPlugPrincess @HiRezStudios @PaladinsGame Fix your TP to not be RNG

  • skalidey skalidey (@skalidey) reported

    @HiRezStudios @AlacrityAH @SMITEGame @PaladinsGame @RealmRoyale @RogueCompany Bro i cant launch pts it says mismatch all the time fix it pls

  • GFSound24 Graffiksound (@GFSound24) reported

    @LookGr8PlayGr8 @PaladinsGame I can't find a fix because it's the games problem but thx

  • LookGr8PlayGr8 OSheeshYall (@LookGr8PlayGr8) reported

    @GFSound24 @PaladinsGame Weird well good luck on finding a fix

  • GFSound24 Graffiksound (@GFSound24) reported

    @PaladinsGame Please guys fix your game before you fill it with champions and skins. The aim assist is so broken in this game that my champion started doing 360s when I am not even touching the controller....yes I am playing on controller and that's just one issue.

  • GFSound24 Graffiksound (@GFSound24) reported

    @PaladinsGame Please guys fix your game before you update it. The aim assist is so broken in this game that my champion started doing 360s when I am not even touching the controller....yes I am playing on controller.

  • Purrloxx Blue Thorpe (@Purrloxx) reported

    @Nichols9Aj @SMITEGame @MakeAWishGA Paladins has way more effects and a way higher animation quality. Plus the game size has nothing to do with adding mouse and keyboard support, and also has none of the current issues smite does with it

  • Furry_Nipples cannon_blaster3000 (@Furry_Nipples) reported

    @PaladinsGame Raum's Abyssal Lord skin is the only good looking season pass skin in my opinion. Just fix the weapons.

  • TakoyakiScrap yen (@TakoyakiScrap) reported

    That's a lot of disappointments in one day. - Deranked in LoL - 3 defeats in Paladins Ranked - Minecraft Server wont open - Asphalt can't link my account back - f, f, f, f issues dont wanna count em all, it's just sad xD

  • Furry_Nipples cannon_blaster3000 (@Furry_Nipples) reported

    @PaladinsGame They need to fix the "Rekt" weapons sound effects, they sound like the base gun. I could've sworn these weapons had their own custom sound but they don't. Also, Raum's gun for the Abssal Lord skin needs to be purple and have more detail, it's literally the base gun.

  • dukklord The Dukklord (@dukklord) reported

    @PaladinsGame I used to think you guys had great customer service. Then you guys closed my support ticket without actually responding to it.

  • WoofyWooflez Woofy (@WoofyWooflez) reported

    @PaladinsGame Yeah,i wont spend money on this game until we get a rock solid promise season 3 will be reworked in some way,the least you can do is revert the old VGS system,the best you can do is delay it and fix everything major 1.Revert vgs and third person 2.Revert the healing changes

  • scheul_marian Marian Scheul (@scheul_marian) reported

    @SavageCabbage32 @HiRezRomanova Well it's Paladins anything they add will cause many bugs, even when they add a skin something else is broken. If they add a second vgs that may cause sometimes to vgs not working or you input a command and does another command that you didn't input.

  • TheSakmaniac TheSakmaniac 🐿 (@TheSakmaniac) reported from Altamonte Springs, Florida

    Hey @PaladinsGame, I’ve been playing the Mac version for a couple weeks now. One question, the anti-aliasing doesn’t seem to do much. I’m using an 8gb RX580, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • blupp_bla MrRobinkun (@blupp_bla) reported

    @PaladinsGame Hopefully a fix for the ones who should receive gm border but have not yet

  • Ralsei27 Ralsei (@Ralsei27) reported

    @PaladinsGame No, not again, Double Battle Pass XP from Winter Event is not working...

  • Ralsei27 Ralsei (@Ralsei27) reported

    @PaladinsGame No, not again, Double Battle Pass XP is not working again...

  • SilentFlames907 Silent Flames (@SilentFlames907) reported

    @PaladinsGame Awesome! Aside from all the description errors, I notice She Lin missing 2 talents and field deploy not proccing at all. Fingers crossed for a Cauterize nerf!

  • ManyManMM Mohammad (@ManyManMM) reported

    @PaladinsGame I love the Coldsnap Furia spray so much! I would have gotten the skin in HRX if the stupid government didn't disconnect the whole country from the Internet for 15 days.

  • LookGr8PlayGr8 OSheeshYall (@LookGr8PlayGr8) reported

    @Mrs_Trottier @nunoveloso4 @PaladinsGame They chose not having to fix bugs over keeping the players that enjoyed it happy

  • BrokenGoddessIo 💫Io ,The shattered Goddess🌙 (@BrokenGoddessIo) reported

    @chivauk @JayFlare132 @SavageCabbage32 The problem is, you haven't made a single public suggestion on what you would like to improve in Paladins or even made it public(as far as i see from you recent tweet feed) that you are entering I remeber you saying about improving merch, could be more if so my mistake 100%

  • DreNerD510 DreNerD510 (@DreNerD510) reported

    @PaladinsGame I hope they fix the crystal bug

  • romanonico_ ROMAN (@romanonico_) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame I need to know for the scrim on pts, and if we can pick this champ/talents or he have a bug not fix

  • svensationalism Sven Michel (@svensationalism) reported

    @WittyPlacebo Yeah, that's the real problem with splitting full casters. Paladin/Sorc is nice because Paladins basically cap out at 5th Level Spells anyway. And yeah, Palalock is a fun time. Was thinking a Zariel Tiefling for the build, even.

  • A6GamingSixen Sixen909 🔜 PAX South (@A6GamingSixen) reported

    @bananawesTTV @PaladinsGame This ******* character legitamately made me rage the first night I played. Completely broken

  • punkisntdying John Mullan (@punkisntdying) reported

    @HiRezStudios I've been blocked as a deserter on paladins because of an error with switch, been blocked for 30 minutes.

  • BHashrate (@BHashrate) reported

    @mainmuffinman @BranndonnCombs @RealmRoyale @PaladinsGame Me too, I just flabbergasted that a game with so much potential gets moved to the back burner . With so many easy flaws to fix.

  • chiikoreto Julia ⛄️ (@chiikoreto) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @LookGr8PlayGr8 @DusterFox @PaladinsGame And like I said, if there is no way to fix the bugs without removing it then of course I am all for it.

  • chiikoreto Julia ⛄️ (@chiikoreto) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @LookGr8PlayGr8 @DusterFox @PaladinsGame I’m not trying to argue or debate, I just asked if it’s possible to fix the bugs without removing it and I think it’s a legitimate question considering a lot of people are upset about this.

  • blazetbd Blaze (@blazetbd) reported

    @DusterFox @PaladinsGame Third person was a clunky mess though lmao. Caused a ton of issues too. Good riddance

  • MrGGJay GGJay (@MrGGJay) reported

    @EvilMojoMartini Right now @PaladinsGame is looking good (Except the esports side of things) I was wondering if A) we could get Ranked looked at as well as Match making right now its one of if not the most undisputed issues in the Game and B) Get a Tab for Esports , like a

  • MeltingTunafish Melting Tunafish (@MeltingTunafish) reported

    @PaladinsGame Don't get rid of daily login rewards. They give me a reason to turn the game on even when it's a season I don't care for I'm not gonna slowly grind through the free lane of a season I don't like to get crystals that I used to get by just logging in and enjoying a few games.

  • nexusnie 🖤Nexusi (Bubble Butt Keith Lover)♥️ (@nexusnie) reported

    @Renkakirai @imoshen @goblinkeith Like, when you think about it look, the only hope he had gotten was Shiro, he even asked Everyone were they even friends, and it shows that they aren't(Nice the one with abandonment issues is addressing this), and he gets one of the shittiest endings of the paladins...

  • crunch_rock CrunchRock (@crunch_rock) reported

    My stream was terrible and I love it so we’re gonna keep going with it. Two broken food processors in a night! I got too drunk to continue! I banned the only active chatter! Paladins stream this week probably.

  • Miidor3 Miidor (@Miidor3) reported

    @ErosThatBadEvie @balllysss Thats what i was thinking, might have to give up paladins console because its just so damn broken lol(says the guy about to log onto xbox paladins) 😂😂

  • harshit_das Harshit (@harshit_das) reported

    @Forest11Mr @Gabox2269 @syberbolt more lime great concepts. I love Paladins because of how the game mech works and the concept and lore behind it. But the game itself is kinda broken. The amount of bugs and glitches is way too high. (I'm not talking about any balance stuff)

  • ShishMyKebab Zain (Kebab) Machaal (@ShishMyKebab) reported

    Barik is so broken... @PaladinsGame pls fix asap!

  • Doomblud2308 Doomblud (@Doomblud2308) reported

    @MrGGJay @Derp00100_ @CJ_Genu2000 @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames @schisam The problem lies in his trance thing. He can kill any non tank in 1.4 seconds. This is not easy to shut down Jay.

  • Quixidion Quix (@Quixidion) reported

    @PaladinsGame , Playing the PTS is great, I know you still have loads of fixes, but I think there are some champs, that are broken good. Sha lins cripple is unfair, so unfair. Idk, if it is a glitch, but when he cripples andro, andro can't use both Nether step and Reversal.

  • blupp_bla MrRobinkun (@blupp_bla) reported

    @Yuumeda_ If they dont fix it i think im done with Paladins

  • That1Fan_ Nothin (@That1Fan_) reported

    @PaladinsGame I’ve been experiencing a lot more crashes on PS4 since the last update, please fix this

  • Jusey01 Salju (@Jusey01) reported

    So, #PaladinsGame Community. Keep fighting the good fight and letting the developers of @EvilMojoGames know their mistake so that by the end of this PTS cycle, they will fix the problem and improve the game even more. The update overall has many improvements, and...

  • psilocybe157 Marco (@psilocybe157) reported

    @PaladinsGame Idk where to submit this so there ya go: Barik's "Field Deploy" card is not working at all. has been tested in shooting range aswell as in a normal match.

  • heithbars cacey💛❤️ (@heithbars) reported

    It’s a shame that basically all the writing issues with the paladins boils down to the execs being obsessed with having a sacrifice arc for one of them

  • patrick_tansley IWillKillGoats (@patrick_tansley) reported

    @PaladinsGame I'm having issues playing the PTS. It's installed on my PC and I can run it, I just can't get into any games. It won't let me join any of the waiting lists, please help if possible.

  • KrisLydell Kris Paz (@KrisLydell) reported

    @CICO_SFW @PaladinsGame That and nerf Damage (and even Flank) since it seems too full of burst damage. Idk I just checked out PTS, it helped but there's still a problem where I can't even survive and play solo-Support for 3-4 DPS crybabies.

  • SanicBoom4 Aɾιƙυȥυ🎮🐒 (@SanicBoom4) reported

    @CrocodogPippin @LookGr8PlayGr8 @WhateverrBoy @PaladinsGame The only somewhat "valid" reason I can see justifying its removal is due to bugs (such as Zhin being stuck in 3rd person when ulting or something like that). Even then, I don't think not being able to fix a bug should justify the removal of a viewpoint that many players use

  • KrisLydell Kris Paz (@KrisLydell) reported

    @mojicores I straight-up confronted a few people about the game's problems but suddenly, "it's just PTS and non-competitive" XD *sigh* I know Paladins has talents, cards, and items but this is just ridiculous to let it get this bad.

  • msferalstrike feral (@msferalstrike) reported

    @PaladinsGame, Atlas' card "Phantom Pain" is still broken in PTS. This card doesn't work currently in the live game.

  • WeirdoRolo R🔥L🔥 (@WeirdoRolo) reported

    @ThunderBrush @syberbolt There might be a lot of VGS commands, but when I 1st started playing Paladins, I didn't find learning VGS a problem. I learnt most of them and I use it a lot. You are just making it harder for all the existing players by finding a solution to the problem which was never there.

  • RealmAtlas Atlas, The man out of time (@RealmAtlas) reported

    @MrGGJay @PaladinsGame Or even worse, acid cloud, made Adhesive even more broken of an ability than it already was

  • ItsMrEnergy Mr. Energy (@ItsMrEnergy) reported

    @PaladinsGame You need to fix Raum, the character is ruining the game and either needs to be removed or massively nerfed. You have to play specific characters to "have a chance", no other character is so over powered and unbalanced.

  • scorponoks 🐍 (@scorponoks) reported

    i wish paladins wasnt like.... Broken for me like i would like to Actually play thr game please

  • SanicBoom4 Aɾιƙυȥυ🎮🐒 (@SanicBoom4) reported

    @BabeBro @EvilMojoAdanas @PaladinsGame technical issues

  • Lucas_Dannel Lucas Calderon (@Lucas_Dannel) reported

    @DustyFnMac @PaladinsGame They are rewarding playing instead of only login in lol and you can get a BP for free...

  • WickedSusanoo The black Susano'o (@WickedSusanoo) reported

    YES now I cant restart Paladins after a crash because nothing reacts 0.o like I press it 100 times but it jsut doesnt do annything cant even get steam in focus

  • KrisLydell Kris Paz (@KrisLydell) reported

    @BaeWulf95 @IceHedge @PaladinsGame Yup, looks noticable when you look at the amount of numbers. Wrecker and Cauterize was abused and apparently caused issues. So they nerfed them and brought everything down. (it basically nullified all Tanking and Healing ability)

  • zyalPladaT Amelia Altare (@zyalPladaT) reported

    @TheBlossomYing @JPrimal64 @PaladinsGame His problem wasnt his long range potential, hes supposed to have that, it was how easy it was to burst down flanks with your pistol that was the issue.

  • SanicBoom4 Aɾιƙυȥυ🎮🐒 (@SanicBoom4) reported

    @HikariNoErufu @PaladinsGame Even though I play almost exclusively in 1st person, I don't think the removal of 3rd person was really needed. I know there's a good amount of people out there that really like it and it's disabled in ranked, so I don't see the issue