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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • elroduke Elric Barkey (@elroduke) reported

    @pathofexile Fix ps4 fps pleaseeeeeeee

  • SKITZOPlays Allen (Play Kabounce) (@SKITZOPlays) reported

    @melkandor Path of exile looked fun, I think I had issues getting it to run on my Xbox so I never had the chance to play it

  • jyanhko Jon Yanhko (@jyanhko) reported

    @pathofexile And now it’s broken... instance crashes and disconnects repeatedly

  • CodeStarts Pcasemiro (@CodeStarts) reported

    @pathofexile hey guys, games is down, update broken the game

  • mexicanmarley47 MifuneMahn (@mexicanmarley47) reported

    @PlayDauntless Path of exile stole me away sorry dauntless but the amount of bugs/lag/grim onslaught changes made me not wanna play anymore.. Be back next year to see how much its upgraded.

  • Ch1cnStu Ch1cnstu (@Ch1cnStu) reported

    @pathofexile :( please fix the game or atleast keep updating it. PlZ

  • RdWarior IndiaKilo (@RdWarior) reported

    @pathofexile Updated to patch 3.7.3d last night and now keep getting error when trying to start the game. Game wont start, at title screen I get the msg 'There has been a patch that you need to update. Please restart POE'. But I updated already.

  • killerwindstorm KWS (@killerwindstorm) reported

    @pathofexile my game plays choppy and freezes for seconds at a time, is this a problem with my internet or game. I don’t have this problem with any other games I play. Plz help I love the game.

  • TheSlanyPirate GoldenPichu (@TheSlanyPirate) reported

    @pathofexile. When are you going to fix the blue screening problem on ps4. Both the ps4 pro's but the ps4 slims because a lot of us are getting sick of the blue screens.

  • lmberry2504 Liam berry (@lmberry2504) reported

    Ive been watching for 4 years now and you eventually bring poe to ps4 just it constantly blue screen and crash please sort something out about it im begging you guys @pathofexile

  • Ch1cnStu Ch1cnstu (@Ch1cnStu) reported

    @Neecytheartist @pathofexile No it's best to stay away from poe. Still alot of issues. Bew update soon but meh

  • Ch1cnStu Ch1cnstu (@Ch1cnStu) reported

    @pathofexile Starting to crash alot more on ps4 :( was working pretty decent for awhile there but hopefully update soon. Not trying to be negative.

  • ForgotTheNice Sugar & Spice (@ForgotTheNice) reported

    Hey @Xbox @XboxSupport @Microsoft , the game @pathofexile has updated and says I need to download the patch to play...but My Games and Apps is not showing any updates for me to download, not even if I check the game manually. FIX THIS!

  • JustaPhella ʝʊรtaקɧҽɭɭa👑 (@JustaPhella) reported

    @pathofexile Still can't login to my character tho

  • Trynant Trynant (@Trynant) reported

    Another difficult issue Path of Exile should really improve upon is teaching new players what stats they should prioritize gearing for and how to do so. So many important numbers are buried in character sheets.

  • roiidplays Richard © (@roiidplays) reported

    Internet has been utter shit lately, or its just Path of Exile so had to turn off the stream feelsbad cause I know ive been so unmotivated to stream because of the lag...

  • SeraChimera Sera Babemera (@SeraChimera) reported

    Internet here suuuuuuucks. I cant even play path of exile alone without lagging.

  • Exxo Rye Guy (@Exxo) reported

    @pathofexile twilight temple crashes consistently. Fix plz

  • eagleeyeperv Michael leadeham (@eagleeyeperv) reported

    @pathofexile You guys really need to look into the Blue Screening issue a lot of us are having. 3 times tonight and I’ve only been on 2 hours. It is a constant thing every time I’m online. Please sort it out!!

  • Errantsquire Charles Zammit (@Errantsquire) reported

    @TaniaUncensored @pathofexile Started playing it and didn't make it more than 30 minutes. The class system upgrades were pretty overwhelming. Also I'd like to be a bit further from my character like Diablo 3 I felt way to close. Then again I am a POE noob so I'm sure there are solutions to my problems

  • Martweetex Martex (@Martweetex) reported

    @gbrady4 @pathofexile The answer is never, just like they will never fix the optimization on PC

  • Martweetex Martex (@Martweetex) reported

    @IaMLegendMH @pathofexile Optimization problems have been there for years on PC too so don't expect much change. Fps drops, server dcs, game crashes, latency problems and many more. I just got used to loading 6 times to lioneyes watch and then waiting about 10mins for the game to stop freezing constantly.

  • Caster90644189 Caster (@Caster90644189) reported

    @pathofexile after the update game start to give some errors. exception unable to deserialize packet with pid18397. las pid was 304

  • bilaubr joao rafael (@bilaubr) reported

    @pathofexile patch fixed bugs and made me crash 3 times already = ( I wanna plaaaaaay reeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • AlexRZ2 Álex Ruiz (@AlexRZ2) reported

    @pathofexile Bugs 4.252.945.619 and 1.721.798.319 still not fixed, not on known issues list. #ShameOnYou

  • ByeBuyingPie ByeBuyingPie 🥧Mayda🥧 (@ByeBuyingPie) reported

    @Simon_Verhoeven @pathofexile send them a lot of data about a disconnecting issue i have and their answer is "oh just buy a SSD hard drive instead of yours" like seriously did these guys even get hired

  • RompeAss47 Emmanuel (@RompeAss47) reported

    @Karvarousku @pathofexile Have you play when the servers reset on ps4 it’s perfect the problem it’s when lots of ppl get on witch mean we have low amount of server space.Btw big fan of how you play.And it triggers me bc i die a lot bc of lagg. Like I get roll back 2Sec stuck in a pile of mobs -10%XP

  • Epileptic_Toad Epileptic Toad (@Epileptic_Toad) reported

    @pathofexile Hi, I've been having issues with bosses that get stuck on an invincibility phase (Core map boss, Cemetery skeleton). Now I paid 18c for Twilight Temple and the boss is unkillable :/ Even got a Legion general stay stuck in her dying phase (no drop). Using Ice Crash.

  • Sejwoonapiggle Sejwoonapiggle (@Sejwoonapiggle) reported

    @pathofexile || I'm using Steam and I keep getting an "unexpected disconnect occurred" error when trying to log in. If I do log in after 4 or 5 times, I'll get disconnected when going to a new area. Please help.

  • angercs anger (@angercs) reported from Burton, South Carolina

    Took 13 hours but I got a doctor card in @pathofexile. I have a problem.

  • Workshop_CoyoTe 💀Coyo.Te🔞 (@Workshop_CoyoTe) reported

    @refleksy @pathofexile this seems to be a common issue. ppl complain about the steam version of the game taking ages to unpack and install. all other updates run smooth as just @pathofexile is slow as hell. ppl switch to the standalone client cause of it. and i am considering too.

  • DantesSibling14 DantesSibling14 (@DantesSibling14) reported

    @pathofexile I have tried twice to get an email to reset my password cause i believe i never changed it from the temporary one and always used steam to sign in. Havent gotten to play all day :( #TechSupport

  • Paladine26 Don't Really Care (@Paladine26) reported

    @pathofexile For the love of everything unholy....fix your ******* servers. The game should not be crashing so ******* much on ps4. Hell, Destiny 2 servers are more reliable....and they are shit.

  • TheBakerLive Baker (@TheBakerLive) reported

    Had to play off stream yesterday due to upstream problems.. but I wasn’t lazy and got to lvl 86 so today we will push for 90+ and finally get the build to where it should be! Looking forward.. I’ll try to be around at about 10pm CET #pathofexile #twitch

  • Ch1cnStu Ch1cnstu (@Ch1cnStu) reported

    @pathofexile Updates are s'pose to fix the game, but every time you release one this game gets worse. If your on ps4 stay as far away from this game as you can.

  • Ch1cnStu Ch1cnstu (@Ch1cnStu) reported

    @pathofexile For the last week I was not having any issues. I had a small sliver of hope that you finally fixed the game. Lol its broke again.

  • TKVirus Jimmy Pruitt (@TKVirus) reported

    @pathofexile I'm having some very extreme lag and continuous disconnects on PS4 NA. Started late lastnite.

  • UE_UpperEchelon Upper Echelon Gaming (@UE_UpperEchelon) reported

    Path of Exile has the fastest customer support I have literally ever seen in my life. Talk about cultivating a positive reputation. I had an issue and LITERALLY 1 MINUTE after I sent my email a human being responded asking for a bit more info and saying they are on top of it.

  • Teiws3 Teiws (@Teiws3) reported

    @pathofexile Not neccesary but fossils tab can be nice. Fix the server problem please. When i choose Franfurt, I can't teleport to my luxurious hideout. If a choose Milan, i can. When i choose Amsterdam, i can't teleport to the Oriath. I can only teleport to Act9 Home.

  • warlockwolf04 Warlockwolf04 (@warlockwolf04) reported

    @pathofexile hey, love the game. why I keep getting kicked out cuz too many action inputs. I tried slowly,still kicked out. I'm taking a break from this game until the next fix comes.

  • RabbitBTW Rabbit BTW (@RabbitBTW) reported

    @pathofexile See you next league you mother ******. 3rd character down. I won't try again. Also fix Betrayl for the 10th time. LOL. See you in winter, not palying the next league ACTUALLY since WoW Classic. No more money for your gimmick buggy mess until winter. HAHA.

  • TheBakerLive Baker (@TheBakerLive) reported

    In the end I lvled yesterday offstream due to dropped frames and internet issues.. at 4 am shortly before maps it took a peak in instability and my character was taken in a disconnect.. rest in pepperoni. I hope we can relevel today #pathofexile #twitch

  • momichixx かばちん (@momichixx) reported

    @pathofexile I am a ps4 player. When I did twilight temple map, all portals closed with an error. The content of the error is that the poe becomes a blue screen by opening the inventory or entering the arena. I go to bed feeling lost. good night Sorry for translating English

  • LitGawdWillTV WillTv (@LitGawdWillTV) reported

    @pathofexile Need a leap slam fix 🙄 literally dying to it.

  • 5chmorgus Schmorgus (@5chmorgus) reported

    @pathofexile Still ignoring the crash problem...Guess you only care for people who throw money at you.

  • Techtronic Techtronic (@Techtronic) reported

    @pathofexile Cant use any mtx this league or I lag severely and crash from most monoliths. I just wanna use my blood guard armor and saw blade cyclone without my game crashing. Would've also liked to be able to use infernal blow in a party without crashing everyone in seconds.

  • Nzhealz robert broomhall (@Nzhealz) reported

    @bexchangewords @pathofexile whats going on with the servers i been lagging for the pass few days and its not only me

  • AlexRZ2 Álex Ruiz (@AlexRZ2) reported

    @pathofexile @bexchangewords Bugs 1.721.798.319 & 4.252.945.619 still not fixed, not on "Known Issues" post, not an answer. You have all the info on the forum.

  • KinGxRoH_kllr Robert Lemos (@KinGxRoH_kllr) reported

    @pathofexile Want to compete with diablo, but can not fix the server that is off the days

  • KinGxRoH_kllr Robert Lemos (@KinGxRoH_kllr) reported

    @pathofexile Want to compete with diablo, but can not fix the server that is off the days

  • KinGxRoH_kllr Robert Lemos (@KinGxRoH_kllr) reported

    @pathofexile Want to compete with diablo, but can not fix the server that is off the days

  • Vapid_Varyll Jacob Clifton (@Vapid_Varyll) reported

    @pathofexile Ahh, it seems everything using Cloudflare is having issues at the moment.

  • yuraconst Yuri (@yuraconst) reported

    @support_xsolla Seems back up, but still slow. I suggest adding some form of checking for Steam/QIWI to provide on-page status of the SMS bridge, to avoid future frustration. In the past, many Path of Exile users had similar issues (before it went to Steam)

  • TheSlanyPirate GoldenPichu (@TheSlanyPirate) reported

    @pathofexile. See your fixing minor bugs insted of the main problem of these blue screens happening for not god damn reason guess it is all about the money hmmmm fix this or I will pump my money into another game

  • Amotive Amotive (@Amotive) reported

    @pathofexile Still having login issues Xbox one.

  • a2b2k a2b2 (@a2b2k) reported

    so i think for my path of exile to not disconnect me, i need to wait wherever i spawned for 5-10 minutes.

  • ZaP_D_Ace 'ZǢP (@ZaP_D_Ace) reported

    @pathofexile I do have problems just in certain instances; getting back to my HO or joining a new map and my ping is at 30. Different map, my ping is between 250-2000. It is just frustrating not knowing when this happens when I do not have any problems with other online games :/

  • Zultarious96 Brandon Duncan (@Zultarious96) reported

    @pathofexile I have been lagging extremely bad on my PS4 pro, it's not my internet. I have a gig speed of comcast

  • golson1984 G Olson (@golson1984) reported

    @pathofexile please fix your servers! I dont know what you guys did to make them a $hit show today but undo it PLEASE!

  • Robson88307470 Robson (@Robson88307470) reported

    @pathofexile Hey! Pls restart the Server ;) there is a problem with the game. If we try to chat the game freeze. Thanks and love you