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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • JudgementalBear Matt is not funny (@JudgementalBear) reported

    @pathofexile fix map tabs.

  • Mholliday21Mike Dr fat finger (@Mholliday21Mike) reported

    @pathofexile fix the map stash in standard still can't put maps in increase sulphite spawns increase incursion spawn fix lag

  • StezNotStez Jake Secemski (@StezNotStez) reported

    @bestpinoza @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile The problem is that it's not a Stygian, Delve, Shaper or Elder belt so it isn't good enough to be someone's final-build belt, but it's way, way too good to be a stepping stone belt. So it won't sell for multiple exalts, but it's much better than belts on the market for less.

  • OtterSeaborne 2 dragons in coat (@OtterSeaborne) reported

    @anarchopupgirl I mean, I have addictive behaviour problems, as my 6K hours in Path of Exile prove. But substances aren't one of them, not least because most of them do weird unpleasant shit to my brain on even minor exposure. Still have to work out how the booze cravings started though.

  • osteej teej (@osteej) reported

    @YoniDoes Got Into this game on the Xbox version just to find It runs like shit near end game for console 😭 great game though but please @pathofexile fix the Xbox screen tearing

  • PZychedelic pZychedelic (@PZychedelic) reported

    @pathofexile Now fix the ******* trade system

  • StezNotStez Jake Secemski (@StezNotStez) reported

    @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile I'd be doing the same, if I could actually afford it. That's really the problem: while it's gotten cheaper to get better starting gear and easier to craft super endgame gear, the part in between has gotten worse. It's all about incremental chaos gains rather than lucky drops.

  • AsTraLGLiDe William Ium (@AsTraLGLiDe) reported

    methylphenidate blues fix = pain and pleasure over time (large amt). y'know, shit like star2 with mass mapchit or path of exile. by large amt i mean maybe 3 years. oh, and you get a crash in restoring function.

  • ysfduzgun Yusuf DÜZGÜN (@ysfduzgun) reported

    @pathofexile You should fix melee physical attacks gems. I have been try a lot of build but fails all of them. Ty for everything. Have a nice develops.

  • spit_pit 👁 Twentyeyes Isaac 👁 (@spit_pit) reported

    Instead of psychologically manipulating players to login for whatever time-exclusive event or to completely their weekly digital chores, studios should look at how Diablo II, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, etc., created systems that people would play solo for thousands of hours

  • SexySeth3 Seth (@SexySeth3) reported

    Path of Exile is so fun but my builds currently ass and the only way for me to fix it is use tons of resources, and then i get new gear and its a waste. ****

  • Mholliday21Mike Dr fat finger (@Mholliday21Mike) reported

    @pathofexile fix your broke ass game

  • Teebeutelsauger Mark (@Teebeutelsauger) reported

    @Sunshine5864 @pathofexile If you play it via Steam, unlink your Account from it and play on Standalone. No issues. You're only missing your hour counter.

  • Nelekets Kets aka Zack (@Nelekets) reported

    @Lykaios325 I’m not looking to spend too much more than around $200. I’d like a card that can handle Path of Exile. Current card would overheat and had massive FPS issues/stuttering on that game. I also play Dark Souls 3, GTA, etc. My PC isn’t the newest, so not looking for the latest GPU.

  • Tittenkalle NEXT GEN JUNGLER (@Tittenkalle) reported

    @klissGrafix @pathofexile Shrine Map is the Problem. syndicate member is always bugged. -.-

  • smol_demi demi (@smol_demi) reported

    @pathofexile i lag hard with this mtx >.<

  • DrZombo 1 Freund (@DrZombo) reported

    @Da7oomSaleh @pathofexile The one thing I had problems with was solved pretty easy. Well it was just a recipe for the t-shirt, 'cus it got stuck at customs. But often it's just misunderstanding on the supports site and feeling entitled as the customer.

  • palnai_videos Bloodsail Admiral Palnai (@palnai_videos) reported

    Got some more Path of Exile recorded though I'm puzzled on how to fix my character. She's starting to go down the same path of frailty that my Templar went down though she's a bit burlier than he was, maybe. Think I need to get more gear that has +health on it, might help.

  • gummbino dave rubb (@gummbino) reported

    @pathofexile 2nd part, the rng is by far the worst i've ever seen, i work 10-12 hours a day i don't have the time to keep up with the elite clowns in this game.What are you doing about that,just some issues i see. Good Luck

  • gummbino dave rubb (@gummbino) reported

    @pathofexile all i ever see is new cosmetics, when are you going to address the game. Alot of lag in areas tired of being 1 shotted trying to use a flask or skill, unless you live in this game progression is horrible and none.Lets talk about trying to link or change socket colors

  • NinDeca Strynia (@NinDeca) reported

    @pathofexile Fix FPS for Toaster Pls Thanks

  • stimie01 MrPg13 (@stimie01) reported

    get reminders why i dont play hardcore in @pathofexile some maps lag

  • Bel_Arispocrita Bel, Veritable Red Mage (@Bel_Arispocrita) reported

    Day 11: It's already been a week since I sent the e-mail to @pathofexile 's customer support, and the only answer I got from them, four days ago, was to prove that I'm the account's owner, which I already did. If this is a regular issue with microtransactions it's my last one.

  • 100Fromage Guerrier100ressources (@100Fromage) reported

    @pathofexile Hi, can you please explain me something, i just got a watcher eye with "You have phasing while affected by Haste" and my character is blue and white, can you please fix this, make the character without this effect or make the 1/2

  • AZ_Hiker_ Steve Bennett (@AZ_Hiker_) reported

    @pathofexile @bexchangewords Awesome patch - HOWEVER: Still need Niko spawning only 1/1 nodes fix. Still need Syndicate spawning outside of area fixes. Alva needs a mini-map icon. Top 3 requests for me. <3

  • pugca7 puGCat // pugca7 (@pugca7) reported

    Gotta fix the new "betrayal" aura style, after the patch it is now off when following the ground, the higher you go in an area the higher in the air the aura goes. And einhar got some problem with his aura too 😁 @pathofexile

  • germinathor23 germinathor (@germinathor23) reported

    was doing a temple of atzoatl and servers crash, then log on like 5 min before and my tp are gone GJ @pathofexile

  • Shuddertrix Shuddertrix (@Shuddertrix) reported

    i gotta fix my character's gear and shit... but i'm way too lazy to do all that... i think that's why i keep rerolling characters. path of exile

  • Klopzi Klopzi (@Klopzi) reported

    Waiting #PathOfExile to drop on PS4 and flirting with the idea of picking up #TitanQuest. I've heard Titan Quest is a little rough around the edges on console but $20 seems like a reasonable price for a quick ARPG fix. I'd play #Diablo3 but I'm still too disappointed with Blizz.

  • Bigolpanda1530 Jacob Williams (@Bigolpanda1530) reported

    @SirLarr I stopped playing WOW about 2 months ago. I feel like it is about the same except the end game armor progression. Still love overwatch and would like to play diablo again but I will just wait till D4 (path of exile is filling that void) Sry for grammatical errors lol.

  • ByeBuyingPie ByeBuyingPie 🥧Mayda🥧 (@ByeBuyingPie) reported

    @pathofexile 3 leagues and still no fix on the login crash issue....great work btw

  • LGG_Azazel Julius Reid (@LGG_Azazel) reported

    @pathofexile How about fixing the lag/crashes that are happening sometimes when using leap slam.

  • TwistedCadar Cadar Bogdan (@TwistedCadar) reported

    @pathofexile I can already imagine the lag 😡

  • ABSoldier1331 ABSoldier (@ABSoldier1331) reported

    @pathofexile This league blows. People on various builds have complained that fortress spawns big or small are bugged you do nothing to fix them. SInce the 3rd or 4th hot fix I haven't been able to kill syndicate members and pick my options most of the time. So nice to see my money wasted.

  • Razzereign Razzereign (@Razzereign) reported

    The rich get richer and it's a problem. I'm kinda ready to play other games, but I made 8.5 exalt yesterday in @pathofexile and I'll probably never be this rich again. I have to keep going! Maybe I do end up tackling Uber Atziri and Elder.

  • noisyboy2018 Lior Ammar (@noisyboy2018) reported

    @pathofexile Team please fix the rampage on xbox it is causing the game to freeze and crush.

  • Mholliday21Mike Dr fat finger (@Mholliday21Mike) reported

    @pathofexile fix the Damn game

  • Jetleo1 Hrx | Jet Leonix (@Jetleo1) reported

    I really wish Path of Exile would update to allow you to login directly to your Hideout. The epilogue Oriath town takes forever to load and considering I'm just going to ditch it immediately to go to my Hideout and hit the Maps it's a complete waste of time.

  • Natsirt152 Natsirt (@Natsirt152) reported

    @BellularGaming @YouTube I stopped shortly after launch and had hope for 8.1. Nothing really changed my mind, and with everything else blizzard is doing with all its other IPs I see no reason to see a bright horizon, I switched to @pathofexile for my Diablo fix, and @TESOnline for my MMO.

  • noisyboy2018 Lior Ammar (@noisyboy2018) reported

    @pathofexile @LaraEgitman Team I just want to inform on xbox you when you are running rampage and there is a lot of NPCs this can cause the system to freeze and crush to the dashboard please fix it.

  • mikkelgeorgsen Mikkel Georgsen (@mikkelgeorgsen) reported

    @pathofexile Your Amsterdam node is unstable again - please fix, people getting randomly disconnected.

  • Faucius Eric Barnett (@Faucius) reported

    Thanks to @Chef_Lu_Bu I am now One Punch Man in @pathofexile. This is going to be a problem for me.

  • KandyElmo Kandy (@KandyElmo) reported

    Gonna give Path of Exile a shot. Diablo III really gave me a fix of these kinds of games. That and I already finished Act 1 so

  • bexchangewords Bex (@bexchangewords) reported

    @RichJMoney @pathofexile I’m on vacation still for the next week and a half. I’m not aware of the issue sorry.

  • GoatTGirl Goats and moats (@GoatTGirl) reported

    @SleepySchori @pathofexile This reminds me of when I played Diablo 3 and there was a similar issue where you needed to get 3 things and one of them was missing

  • Qwii_ Qwii's Place (@Qwii_) reported

    @pathofexile i love sending in a tech/bug issue thru email only to get told, no one is in the office for another freakin' month to look at this. how can u run a game but have no one around to help ur customers. it's the holidays yes but 1.5 months of no CS is pure BS imo

  • xeridanus Xeridanus (@xeridanus) reported

    @Mholliday21Mike @pathofexile And to clarify, you're a moron for getting upset publicly rather than investigating this issue yourself.

  • Mholliday21Mike Dr fat finger (@Mholliday21Mike) reported

    @pathofexile fix your ******* game still cannot put maps in map stash in standard we should get some supporter pack for yall **** up

  • NaomiWolfTwitch AcirluTheTrue (@NaomiWolfTwitch) reported

    So guys, at noon I'll be streaming Path of Exile. We might try The Binding of Isaac:Rebirth. Or another game. Due to staying up late on New year's, my sleep schedule is ******, so until that's fixed I'll stream from 12pm to 5pm MTS. It shouldn't take long to fix. :)

  • subtract subtract (@subtract) reported

    Version 2019-01-02T03:36:39.726Z should fix the disappearing mods on mod deletion and bring back the functionality for new mod focus when adding a mod or mod group. #pathofexile

  • PixelWar5 PixelStratics (@PixelWar5) reported

    @pathofexile Majority of streamers & players are talking about facetanking all mechanics. No intel, just Max DPS. A clear balance issue, not theorycrafting. Certain builds do massive dps + near no chance of damage, while other builds are 80k dps. & low life. Inbalance is obvious

  • Hyperknux333 Chris Skorniak (@Hyperknux333) reported

    .@pathofexile there is no League mechanics in it. I would like there to be offline League but i would settle for offline standard. i have been having issues with the servers lately and i dont think its my internet. since i get 300 down 30 up and ive checked CA and TX servers

  • Hyperknux333 Chris Skorniak (@Hyperknux333) reported

    .@pathofexile can we please have a SSF only offline mode with no migration in order to stop cheaters if it happens. I would like to be able ot play this game without dealing with dying in HC due to server issues. I also think a SSF Offline mode would be a good addition even if

  • spartanalloy spartanalloy (@spartanalloy) reported

    @pathofexile been playing the game again and I realized why I can't stand the xbox version, the servers constantly lag and its just all rubberbanding lmao

  • RealSawcey Sawcey (@RealSawcey) reported

    @quinrex @pathofexile Even so man you should’ve thought that googling an RMT service on stream, no matter the context, wouldn’t be a good idea. You deserved it, as unfortunate as that is. Live and learn. Do hope it’s not permanent and that you can come back soon.

  • cesmode84 Cesmode (@cesmode84) reported

    @quinrex @pathofexile GGG has always been good with customer service concerning issues and requests. Im sure they will lift the ban soon. If they dont, its a ding in my book for them. Come on @grindinggear @pathofexile , you know he wasnt promoting. Undo the ban

  • Gungrave123 Gungrave (@Gungrave123) reported

    @quinrex @pathofexile There goes any chance of me ever spending a dime on your shop, GGG. The only reason i played that disaster of a broken game is because Quin and DatModz were streaming it..

  • Xentir2 Xentir (@Xentir2) reported

    @quinrex @pathofexile Well seriously every kid knows how to buy currencys in online games via google . Obv quin did a mistake by indirectly promotion the site, But the Problem is that the site exist in the first place and not that Quin showed it while not being aware of the consequences. #FreeQUIN69

  • ArobeeTV Rob (@ArobeeTV) reported

    @AdventureBobttv @quinrex @pathofexile No matter how you spin it, it comes down to Quin showed people how to find websites to buy currency on and showed one of the sites on stream. The context isn't important when he broke the terms of service either way.

  • AdventureBobttv (@AdventureBobttv) reported

    @ArobeeTV @quinrex @pathofexile I disagree. Context and facts play more of a role vs knee jerk reactions. Even when you're showing how broken a system is. Logically anyone that wants to make anything satire, ironically, or point out flaws in systems and what not, seems to be the wrong in illogical peoples eyes.