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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • DobsonTrevor Trevor Dobson (@DobsonTrevor) reported

    @pathofexile Looks like the blight has infected performance. I can't move in a map without getting screen freezes that result in death or disconnect...or both. Very disappointing.

  • GhhostWalking Tillar (@GhhostWalking) reported from Rowlett, Texas

    @pathofexile for real won’t servers I have ever ****** played on. FIX IT.

  • GhhostWalking Tillar (@GhhostWalking) reported from Rowlett, Texas

    @pathofexile I’ve never played a game the d/c’s me every 5 minutes. Can y’all fix your servers.

  • WFCBX 🅰 🆆🅸🅲🅺🅴🅳 (@WFCBX) reported

    @pathofexile Pls fix crashing in Xbox. Can't play with this

  • xhantus404 Kigufox (@xhantus404) reported

    @pathofexile At times I have close to 100 minions, especially in blight maps it's not that big of a surprise that the server catches on fire because of that. Add discipline aura and bone shield, that's a recipe for a disconnect :/

  • tanvirulislam46 Tanvir Ul Islam (@tanvirulislam46) reported

    @pathofexile Fix that god damn ping :3

  • DruidVandals TheDruidVandals (@DruidVandals) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the servers and I'll buy one ;)

  • lemantajuddin 🍋 (@lemantajuddin) reported

    idk if only me experience lagging issue with the new expansion, the blight league, or just my wifi is sucks #pathofexile #poemalaysia #poe

  • kelabukelala Hafiz Zakaria (@kelabukelala) reported

    @pathofexile Just.. Just please fix singapore realm

  • MattiasK_ Mattias Karlsson (@MattiasK_) reported

    @pathofexile Breaking out Legion with a ton of poison from Cobra Lash + GMP freezes the game. Several guildies stopped doing Legion encounters because of this because they play HC. Never had issues like that in Legion league.

  • JimmyAndersson6 Jimmy Andersson (@JimmyAndersson6) reported

    @javi137 @pathofexile Hey, I've been asking for the same fix for 3 years now, excuse me for trying to get through their thick support that doesnt even respond to emails when I need support. The way I see it, they put too little effort into support and bugfixing, not to mention how outdated forum is.

  • Udderfly Ben🌱Ⓥ☭ (@Udderfly) reported

    This comes simultaneously with Path of Exile's decision to launch a paid lootbox that would take your extra paid lootbox items and give a random reward, which was immediately pulled after negative reception. "Games as a service" seems to always require lootboxes sans subscription

  • AlmightyZing AlmightyZing (@AlmightyZing) reported

    The past few months I've struggled to find something I wanted to play. Right now I have the opposite problem... - Path of Exile just updated - Sea of Thieves just updated - Gears 5 just came out - Minecraft ideas are flowing. I need like a month off work to deal with this...

  • JustaPhella ʝʊรtaקɧҽɭɭa👑 (@JustaPhella) reported

    @pathofexile so wondering how long its going to fix the containment issues. I can't open anything up. Sometimes I can, sometimes I have to wait for whatever amount of time. Standing here trying to open this Abyssal Trove. Wtf is going on with this game lol

  • DOTR_YT DOTR_YT (@DOTR_YT) reported

    @pathofexile your game keeps crashing on PS4. Please fix.

  • Epicurwin Cody Rapai (@Epicurwin) reported

    @Gungrave123 @pigbilgrim @pathofexile @Gungeave123, there places where you can get help. The firsts step is acknowledging you have a problem.

  • Kamahl_Prime Kamahl_Prime (@Kamahl_Prime) reported

    @pathofexile Seriously. If I could get a stable not broken game and pay you $100 for it. I would. But I'm to the point where this free to play game isnt even worth my money. Every patch released on ps4 breaks more than it fixes.

  • Kamahl_Prime Kamahl_Prime (@Kamahl_Prime) reported

    @pathofexile That's cool. Ps4 is still broken as shit though.

  • Gorczy WE'VE GOT THE CUP - Jack Gorczyca (@Gorczy) reported

    @neverHealthy @pathofexile The people who make the art assets aren't the same people who fix bugs or performance issues. No need to be upset with them.

  • Pri83max1 Pri83max (@Pri83max1) reported

    @pathofexile We need a ps4 fix, Low fps crashes crashes. Pls fix that.

  • Vahnoob Thurne (@Vahnoob) reported

    been playing the new PoE league quite a bit, tower defense actually is alright. however, the performance issues are just getting worse and so far GGG has said nothing about them. it's unplayable. @pathofexile please fix your game.

  • 504ERROR2 Nasdrovia (@504ERROR2) reported

    @Anundir @pathofexile and now i deleted steam version to try on the standalone and my steam linking is not working lmao

  • 504ERROR2 Nasdrovia (@504ERROR2) reported

    @pathofexile like it, like ggg and poe, been playing this game for so long, spent so much monney, and idk why but this league the game doesnt work properly, stuttering every 2 sec make the game unplayable for me, i find the issue ( but no how to resolve ) 32bits client have no issue but crash

  • M_T_Vi Michel Theissen (@M_T_Vi) reported

    @pathofexile Hi! I keep getting an error while trying to connect my steam and poe account. gives me this code: 3a78c18f88ea8d956db918e0c26b8efb

  • BlazeKisiragi Zhane Stephenson (@BlazeKisiragi) reported

    @XKiraDatamining @Killbawx @Tatsuroko Holy **** honestly. Youre delusional. i dont give a **** about reddit at all. I barely even peruse it for path of exile. I have a problem with you because i have a problem with you. Thats it. You dont get to scapegoat something for your own shortcomings. Thats ******* stupid.

  • LanoomAES o.o (@LanoomAES) reported

    Slept through the Salvage Box controversy - Good on GGG for looking at ways to fix the horrendous duplicate MTX situation this ain't it chief and I'm shocked it went through to purchase (before getting pulled) Need a solution, but community should be involved #PathOfExile

  • justinsaneo Justin (@justinsaneo) reported

    @pathofexile not a mention of console issues. Its completely unplayable. You people are greedy pieces of human garbage and don't give a **** about a good portion of your players base. FIX IT. communicate. This is all I have and seriously want to hurt myself. HOPE YOU ******* BURN

  • BoeSmith Boe Smith (@BoeSmith) reported

    @pathofexile I tweeted you ealier about that weird crash that is top in support forums. Well, that brand new computer is dead now. The video card is unresponsive. I would look very deep into this issue because I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what I am now. RiP 1080 :(

  • Willettgoboom Willett (@Willettgoboom) reported

    @pathofexile Blight event + Beyond is an amazingly horrible ideal... but it causes major lag and frame issues :(

  • justinsaneo Justin (@justinsaneo) reported

    @pathofexile I want the hundreds of dollars I've supported you with back until this is ******* playable. Been playing since blight start and only 41 in mines due to crashes and rollbacks every 5 min and lose everything. Want to ******* kill myself. Shut it down and ******* fix it

  • Slavhreenur Kayla (@Slavhreenur) reported

    @TarkeCat @pathofexile Yeah very disappointed with GGG here, I hope they listen to the community which seems to share my thoughts largely. Duplicates need to be disabled or some such thing. Regardless this is not the answer to the duplicate issue though that’s for sure.

  • assenvik Assen (@assenvik) reported

    @pathofexile fix server, instances dying.

  • justinsaneo Justin (@justinsaneo) reported

    @pathofexile unfucking playable on Xbox you pieces of shit. Can't go 5 mins with a crash and rollback and takes 45 min to try and just run through a zone. **** YOU

  • Wingsofdeathx Daryl (@Wingsofdeathx) reported

    @scarra @CaptainFlowers it could also be like "On hit effects from this item do not apply using abilities that trigger on hit effects" it seems very path of exile-esque but it would solve the problem easily

  • MacleodKallin Kallin the reaper MacLeod (@MacleodKallin) reported

    I love the new #pathofexileupdate because I can find some items easily now and. It hardly crash much like the #lastupdate. I still can't find stuff for my #trapandminionbuild. If you play #pathofexile let me know if you willing to trade items for stuff on that #game.

  • ShayedOW Shayed (@ShayedOW) reported

    @pathofexile I can't load the game as of the patch last night. I get past the login to the character select but as soon as I choose a character the game crashes with no error message.

  • SamKemp3 Kempy (@SamKemp3) reported

    @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile It was the unplayable lag for me, like the ignite ice rain build level of lag 😅

  • Rami_LLD rami1239 (@Rami_LLD) reported

    @pathofexile Blight map lagy and unplayble fix this shi please

  • MalakED81 Emmitt Jay DeLong II (@MalakED81) reported

    @pathofexile Still having issues with Blight. Now I can't run the Blighted Pier Map the just dropped and I just anointed, Unexpected Disconnection Error. Really disappointed atm and overall the experience with the league has been bad. Good concept/ideas, very bad implementation.

  • FreezyPR Will (@FreezyPR) reported

    Really wishing a "Cast on disconnect" was a thing rn. #pathofexile

  • Kirk25497149 fletcher (@Kirk25497149) reported

    @GrnwitXP @pathofexile It's not just Microsoft there's a problem every single Xbox League don't get me wrong infinite love for the game it's just always Xbox getting the short end of the stick

  • joeyfresh989 Joeyfresh989 (@joeyfresh989) reported

    @pathofexile Fix poets pen!

  • Battistoli_ Mike ☕ (@Battistoli_) reported

    @pathofexile I can only imagine the fps issues on there

  • pomp10 Stech (@pomp10) reported

    @pathofexile Can't change the double keybinding from control + T to spacebar + T for example on pc. Please fix this. ctrl feels really uncomfortable to me and maybe others as well.

  • flyingsnerz FlyingThunder (@flyingsnerz) reported

    @_hitman16 @limixn321 @pathofexile i had a similar Problem, but i saw remaining mobs on the map that i couldnt kill... had to abandon the map

  • znnch Зигмунд Натанович (@znnch) reported

    @pathofexile thanks! hideout wp issue was the most annoying

  • NaGoyahZZ NaGoyahZZ (@NaGoyahZZ) reported

    @pathofexile This league sucks, and not because the mechanic of the league that's great, but I never had this bugs, laggs and performance problems before, pls fix that, it's unplayable for me and for most of my friends.

  • mrklocu Michał Ochman (@mrklocu) reported

    @AndrewAdomatis @DarkKinoto @GustaBeatTwo @pathofexile If it's issue with patch's certificate stop blaming GGG and start blaming Xbox.

  • SystemsReady assertEquals(SystemsReady); (@SystemsReady) reported

    first crash this league in Path of Exile....not even while doing a blight encounter

  • Elusivereasons Leo. (@Elusivereasons) reported

    @liquidswords9 @SandwichTheorys @pathofexile Happens with a small development team. The issue is that GGG is third party and can't release incremental patch fixes as quickly as they would like as Microsoft and Sony have has to approve things and approval times vary with how long their teams wish to poke around the data.

  • AndrewAdomatis Andrew Adomatis (@AndrewAdomatis) reported

    @pathofexile I appreciate y’all working hard, not blaming or upset with these Xbox console issue that seem to always happen, but it really would be great just to throw us a little love while we wait

  • AndrewAdomatis Andrew Adomatis (@AndrewAdomatis) reported

    @pathofexile Ok was being upbeat & positive & joking around on here, but kinda upset and disappointed when they have no problem posting about a new miracle MTX, and not any communication for their Xbox community. Totally get that stuff happens, but feel like we are being swept under the rug.

  • AndrewAdomatis Andrew Adomatis (@AndrewAdomatis) reported

    @DarkKinoto @GustaBeatTwo @pathofexile Bro, that was today——-Xbox has not launched yet lol it’s been an issue with the patch certificate

  • justinsaneo Justin (@justinsaneo) reported

    @pathofexile how bout info about CONSOLE you inept *****.. even removed your apology from Xbox login while PC is getting patches. what the actual ****

  • Alexchyyyy Alexander Alexandrow (@Alexchyyyy) reported

    My game crashes literally every 5 mins and everytime is either a completely different message from the last one or doesn't give me an message at all and its unplayable. It wasn't anywhere near like that in Standard. Please fix. ='( @pathofexile

  • NoOneSpecial175 NoÓnë Spëcíal (@NoOneSpecial175) reported

    @SuilenShintou @pathofexile Yeah, the performance everywhere in the game is horrendous since Blight was launched. Honestly this is my favorite League so far (only about 4-5 Leagues played), but the performance issues make the game unplayable sometimes

  • JulianKrer Julian Krer (@JulianKrer) reported

    @ShaneT404 @Dranrock @pathofexile But there is an problem with Microsoft I heard 🤔 Ps4 has start 3hours ago

  • YourCatfather Persian (@YourCatfather) reported

    @pathofexile blighted maps performance issue, pls. I can't finish even one of those even on low tiers

  • Dranrock Jonathan (@Dranrock) reported

    @pathofexile no balance hotfixes on blight yet 😔 I hope this fixes everyone or at least most of the technical issues some people were getting.

  • francog0508 Fran (@francog0508) reported

    @pathofexile No double smoke mine throw bug fix :(