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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • Udderfly Ben 😤🥑Ⓥ (@Udderfly) reported

    the problems with Path of Exile's new expansion "Synthesis" is that I don't think enough thought and playtesting went into its production, so you have gamebreaking bugs persisting for a few weeks, and content that punishes players for playing builds that are slightly too slow.

  • SMammoon Mammoon (@SMammoon) reported

    @pathofexile @bexchangewords This is the first league since Talisman that I haven't done 36+ challenges. While there are multiple new builds I want to try, I simply have gone broke trying to sustain high tier maps. This hasn't been a problem for me since before 3.0.

  • SamolonXD Samolon (@SamolonXD) reported

    @pathofexile Still waiting for your fix on intervention.... still cant play any HC spartens.... For the 3rd week in a row... But hey. I can throw more money at you for that MTX

  • IncredibleJ0ker TheIncredibleJoker (@IncredibleJ0ker) reported

    @pathofexile Instead of introducing more ways for you to make money, how about fixing the MAJOR issues with the Xbox One! Just a thought..

  • Bleentastic U can survive anything if u survive blackness (@Bleentastic) reported

    @pathofexile 1) login 2) select character 3) fails to connect to server 4) login 5) select character 6) finally connects to server 100% of the time since Synthesis

  • TarBedirhan Bedirhan TAR (@TarBedirhan) reported

    @pathofexile I think you should add an option that let us turn off betrayal invasions. I know you've been trying to fix betrayal fps issues but its still a headache.

  • isdnelson Isaac Nelson (@isdnelson) reported

    @bexchangewords @_CuteDog_ @pathofexile Thanks @bexchangewords My guild mate ran out of T16s and T15's today... was sustaining fine after the fix that updated the rate.

  • ruohie Iuke (@ruohie) reported

    path of exile community: (complains when the devs patch the game because it takes awhile to patch) path of exile community: (complains that the devs don't fix things fast enough, implying there should be more patches)

  • Sean8328 Sean Livengood (@Sean8328) reported

    @kuehnjs @axen_tea @pathofexile Didn't fix it i still super laggy and ive got a 1080 nvidia card shouldn't have these problems...

  • Sean8328 Sean Livengood (@Sean8328) reported

    @pathofexile Looks like good changes but still getting game-breaking lag whenever the syndicate members jump me. I know you guys have been working on it but its still super broken whenever they are in a map. Please fix!

  • gaterwal Gaterwal (@gaterwal) reported

    @pathofexile Hi guys, can you fix the Ravaged Square act 9, i can't reach the map from the Cathedral Rooftop, tried 3 times to go through the portal & game closed. Thank you 👍

  • KCWasTaken Pirate Queen Kacey (@KCWasTaken) reported

    @JrWill23 @pathofexile saaaaame and it fixes all my space issues super hard

  • smol_demi demi (@smol_demi) reported

    for me its the giant box that's the real issue. i dont mind the text. if we could control the darkness of the box it'd be perfectly fine imo @pathofexile

  • MrBillT MrBillT (@MrBillT) reported

    @pathofexile Instead you should fix the stash tabs you sold us

  • ZackHall7 Zack Hall (@ZackHall7) reported

    Bought a 250G ssd and installed it on Tuesday. I havent put my Win7OS on it yet but i have put a few games on it, namely Path of Exile. It feels so good to enjoy that game again with nearly instant load times. I dont crash when loading towns anymore. 😄

  • SoniexTwitch Soniex (@SoniexTwitch) reported

    @pathofexile The league is fine, just need to increase the rewards from it a bit to make it more worthwhile. It has very few similarities to Delve. The only thing about Betrayal that needs to change is the lag spike when an intervention comes in.

  • delila_cain 𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒞𝒽𝒾𝒸𝓀 𝒲𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝒞𝒶𝓉 𝐸𝒶𝓇𝓈 (@delila_cain) reported

    If you want to see how microtransactions & Games as Service can be done right, go check out Path of Exile. Seriously, this game is Awesomesauce & it has TONS of microtransactions but they're actually worth paying $ for & they don't bombard you with them on every ******* screen.

  • VertigoTeaparty Vertigo Teaparty (@VertigoTeaparty) reported

    Seeing as Anthem didn't really pull me in and they appear to be continually be having issues, I cancelled Origins Premiere. Meanwhile, I can't wait to get back to Division 2 or Path of Exile.

  • GabrielStuchii 👉🏻é o gabriel👉🏻 (@GabrielStuchii) reported

    @pathofexile pls fix the syndicate lag

  • AndyN0B Andy. (@AndyN0B) reported

    @wallace_richie @pathofexile Obviously I know, they should just have less staff working to add a new mtx every 8 hours and more to fix bugs, less and less desire to buy the supporters pack.

  • iqbaalmuhmd Arif Iqbal (@iqbaalmuhmd) reported

    @TheDracoruin @Skippsy @pathofexile Nope, the lag spike caused by Intervention encounter is sooo bad that it basically just guarantee 10% exp loss.

  • AndyN0B Andy. (@AndyN0B) reported

    @pathofexile please, fix the ******* game.. cant ******* level up cause the syndicate.. 2 weeks and 0 fixes, 2 weeks and 21838123812 mtx.. come on,

  • Traenix Traenix (@Traenix) reported

    @pathofexile "Further changes to address lag and client freezes during Intervention encounters." Omg already lost 3 characters on intervention spawn, really looking for that patch

  • _edson_ edson albino (@_edson_) reported

    @pathofexile cool. but fix the game, betrayal crash and drop frames the game.🙁

  • Blu3Sky24 Tran Anh (@Blu3Sky24) reported

    @pathofexile Nice but fix the current league bugs and improve the game prior releasing new mtx would be better, half of my friendlist gone off league or moved back to standard, i love the game and spent alot of money in it but this is the worst league ever, im so disappointed

  • kukuc1 TolarianDropout (@kukuc1) reported

    @pathofexile This is everything we have wanted from a fix patch. GGG does listen as it turns out. Now i really hope that the Betrayal fix truly fixes the freeze issues. And hopefully a fix for the similar but less severe issues for many mobs spawning at once in the future.

  • NanoCute9 hojohojohoojohi (@NanoCute9) reported

    Good ******* job @pathofexile The stream im watching is since the league start 75% loading screen because of disconnect and now i ripped the 3rd time because the intervention betrayal freezed ******* everything. Stop overloading these ******* lesgues holy shit

  • TuanHo12 Tuan Ho (@TuanHo12) reported

    @Saraphim_ @pathofexile Fix the crashes

  • mepheist0 Mepheisto (@mepheist0) reported

    @pathofexile hey guys it would be awesome if you could fix the problem with soul mantle + totem skin, i was so disappointed when i saw i couldn't use the skin i just bought because there's no gem to equip it. please please please!

  • cakepanFTW1 cakepanFTW (@cakepanFTW1) reported

    @pathofexile please fix your ******* loading screen sim

  • xAjido Charlie Keane (@xAjido) reported

    It's a little amusing how many people think Reddit mods are GGG employees. I get at least a few messages a week about various account issues. Good thing I'm not a scumbag, I have no doubt I could get their account info if I asked. #pathofexile

  • kevingowing1 kevin gowing (@kevingowing1) reported

    @pathofexile Screw ya modelling fix console play taking way too long not fair at all, if you can’t prioritise console don’t have the game on it, gl PS4 users

  • Ri_Baby_Seal Starry Midnight (@Ri_Baby_Seal) reported

    Died every map, Lag every day. Waste hard earned experience until it's 0% #PathofExile (eye rolled again and again like it's gonna pop out)

  • goodrich1970 Jeff Goodrich (@goodrich1970) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix lag spikes and instagibs from betrayal encounters before hawking the cosmetics. A working game us needed to have this sell

  • TheHiobs Werner B. (@TheHiobs) reported

    @Bax_cd @pathofexile Uhh, beware of the Casuals! If your afraid of People you have other Problems.

  • albertajnsztajn albertajnsztajn (@albertajnsztajn) reported

    @pathofexile Dear ggg, i have to wait until i spend money on mtxs, first Fix syndicate intervention frame bug. Much love

  • Killer7TV Killer7 (@Killer7TV) reported

    I have 900+ Hours in @pathofexile and the rare times I had to contact support I got help pretty quickly and without a big delay. But now I've been waiting for 7 days for a single response. Because its a "locked account" issue, it apparently gets pushed down a lot.

  • RainOfSteel Christopher Osborne (@RainOfSteel) reported

    @seraphicpetal [Looks at apps on phone. Utilities, service apps, social media. No games. Puts phone down. Sits at desktop PC. Double-clicks Diablo III, or World of Warcraft, or Path of Exile, or Civilization V or VI*.] I can't seem to fit them into my phone. * As bad as it is.

  • iSavastano sAVAA (@iSavastano) reported

    @pathofexile Fix map sustain!

  • IncredibleJ0ker TheIncredibleJoker (@IncredibleJ0ker) reported

    @pathofexile Fix your last update!!!

  • LunaWolve Luna Wolve (@LunaWolve) reported

    Really been enjoying the new @pathofexile Synthesis league! Could use another patch or two to fix some issues and buff some rewards (some of the reward nodes are beyond garbage, for example the armor chest rewards) but overall, it's been really enjoyable!

  • W84Mate W84Mate (@W84Mate) reported

    @ZeroVoidKiller @TwitchSharing @TwitchRetweetsU @TwitchShare @ContentPromos @SupStreamers @pathofexile Man I'm sure you will fix that problems...and if you need support on streams hit me up i will send you invite link to our streamer support community

  • NukaColaWasted NukaColaLover (@NukaColaWasted) reported

    @pathofexile was wondering if you guys knew if there is on a glitch (on Xbox) that makes it so jun never spawns I’ve looked everywhere and she’s nowhere to be found. So t know if it’s a glitch or if I’m doing something wrong.

  • TTShazy Sokee ku (@TTShazy) reported

    @pathofexile how long does it take for your support team to respond, i had a transaction issue 2 days ago still haven't got a reply 😣i want to open some chests.. ... ....

  • Validated_Virgo lRuinatioNl (@Validated_Virgo) reported

    @pathofexile Jesus this league fkn sucks unplayable..Took three trips through cell blocks to get to Templar courts now on my fourth attempt to get out of the torched courts and that's while waiting through 5-7 minute load screens if it doesn't crash that is..

  • Lora8e Лора (@Lora8e) reported

    @pathofexile @Xbox 1 day around 40 crashes... fix it or shut down the servers!

  • ZeroVoidKiller Void Denied (@ZeroVoidKiller) reported

    Sorry no stream. Problems with streaming program. Don't forget to press that follow button if you want to see next time me. #SupportSmallStreamers @TwitchSharing @TwitchRetweetsU @TwitchShare @ContentPromos @SupStreamers @pathofexile

  • thejasonbaker1 Jason (@thejasonbaker1) reported

    @pathofexile FIX your flippin game I disconnect every freaking second...

  • Konni Konni Winkler (@Konni) reported

    @djWHEAT @pathofexile Level 10 equip isn't a problem, if the rolls are ok. Blue gloves, well, you could have a better time with making them yellow. But as long as you get to mapping, it's fine!

  • DjinnerationTTV M̷H̷ ̷D̷j̷i̷n̷n̷ (@DjinnerationTTV) reported

    @pathofexile id really appreciate if your game didnt crash every 3 ******* load screens even after the 6 gig patch today its crashing even more and just as laggy so 5 min 1st load screen then it crashes within 30 mins come on we have put $$ to the company dont just focus on pc!!

  • IncredibleJ0ker TheIncredibleJoker (@IncredibleJ0ker) reported

    @pathofexile Fix your bullshit update on the Xbox one. Game has crashed 3 times in 30 minutes. #DontBeANoob

  • Validated_Virgo lRuinatioNl (@Validated_Virgo) reported

    @pathofexile can you please!! Fix the xbox one issues path of lag is really getting old!!!!!!

  • MattLiveUK WiTHaCK (@MattLiveUK) reported

    @pathofexile The current map drop rate is killing the game, pls change it back what it was before. I can't even go higher than T11. I'm saying this after 5K hours of gameplay. Fix it pls!

  • revwhyte 2019 tá zicado já (@revwhyte) reported

    @pathofexile Pls, fix Righteous Fire visual effects... Sometimes it turns into a Disco Party, other times it disappears, even though its is turned on. That kinda bug makes gameplay difficult.

  • Behrskie Lee Richard (@Behrskie) reported

    @pathofexile pleeeease release a fix for the crashes on Xbox. If I have to redo my Lab one more time because of a crash I'm gonna freak on this League.

  • Spiceboymoptop Dylan morgan 🐝 (@Spiceboymoptop) reported

    @pathofexile hello i tried buying points earlier through steam and it took my money but had an error so i havent recieved any points

  • iWustTeeVee iwust (@iWustTeeVee) reported

    @pathofexile Have both headpices, but cant combine, so u know that migth be more ppls with the same issue, or its cus i havent turned of poe or my pc the last 5 days basicly

  • AndrewAdomatis Andrew Adomatis (@AndrewAdomatis) reported

    @zash1p @RealStealth @pathofexile Lol but unfortunately you can’t use any mtx on Xbox right now if you don’t want your game to crash or freeze

  • Beprist Lucidity (@Beprist) reported

    @pathofexile There is still an issue with the Shettered Past quest, where after act 10, I can't seems to find Cavas in act 1 anymore, to invite him to the hideout.

  • HermanManly Herman Manly (@HermanManly) reported

    @Bilbolehobbit74 @pathofexile This is a problem with @steam_games if you want smaller patch use the GGG Launcher from website