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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • Sifudizzy Steven Henry (@Sifudizzy) reported

    @pathofexile Well I am certainly enjoying the game but on ps4 the console just can not handle all the effects. I cant do temple or delve without a guarantee of a crash. Just got atlas map and its useless to progress since crashing is a common thing!

  • PokemonEnslaver tristan (@PokemonEnslaver) reported

    @bexchangewords @pathofexile Please, just dont tease us with unachievable rares like you guys did with Synth league. Leave the broken OP shit out to be discovered

  • Wicky4734Greg Zalus(7) (@Wicky4734Greg) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the blue screen CE problem loading into maps and such. PS4. I rebuilt my data base and it still does it, that’s a YOU problem. Prioritize game issues and not micro transactions.

  • mack_jpg yea aight⚜️ (@mack_jpg) reported

    @pathofexile Should be taking a look at why the U.S. West server has been lagging on and off since yesterday afternoon, randomly booting me off the server mid-dungeon. I even got level today and it booted me and when I logged back in I had to re-level again. Hope it isn't like this patch day

  • NuttsRicockulus Kashu da Nutt (@NuttsRicockulus) reported

    @pathofexile awesome game but fix the bluescreens on PS4 FFS

  • BrotherBrev Lee Mcgill (@BrotherBrev) reported

    @pathofexile love the game but can no longer play on ps4 because of the lag I'm done

  • syllaband Mathieu (@syllaband) reported

    @JoshWComeau @elyktrix Play Path of Exile! It's one game I always come back to for each new expansion, binge for a week or two to get my arpg fix, burn out on, and leave satisfied. Until next time.

  • LIGHTenMAGIC (@LIGHTenMAGIC) reported

    Sad about sudden disconnect issues in @pathofexile as of this morning, but after 217 hours playing PoE I ask you: why can't we have the "Synthesis Flashback Event" way of playing all the time, it is so much fun around every corner!

  • StarvalGamers Starval (@StarvalGamers) reported

    @Bkop92 The last time i had that much of a problem was path of exile and i had to reinstall steam.

  • sirpaiva Arthur (@sirpaiva) reported

    @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile Awesome video! Just one thing, you talked about suphite cap but didn't talk about memory cap, for me the 10 memory hard cap is the biggest problem with synthesis.

  • Lord_Rheios RCJ (@Lord_Rheios) reported

    @BuddyBarlow33 @pathofexile Even then... I referenced a 90's game for a reason, since it feels, and is, *far* more dated and I don't see any issue with it.That's not to say they can't or never should improve it, just that I'm fine leaving it for dead last on the list. Either way they did say its a concern.

  • Menagese Menagese (@Menagese) reported

    @bexchangewords @pathofexile The servers are still pretty chunky with pretty bad lag spikes.

  • Carraway___ Carraway (@Carraway___) reported

    i reinstalled path of exile, leveled a ranger to 52, realized i made a critical build error somewhere in act 2, and uninstalled again

  • SouthernStar71 71 (@SouthernStar71) reported

    Internet issues made me switch games today. Hopefully tomorrow they will be gone and we can do all 7 hours with #PathOfExile...

  • scapenlair Scap' en l'air (@scapenlair) reported

    @CurseGamepedia @bexchangewords @pathofexile Fix your shitty website, ********.

  • matt_african African Matt (@matt_african) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix zombie aggressiveness! They are zombies, not timid poodles! 🙏

  • P4iNiS Pai Nis (@P4iNiS) reported

    @pathofexile How about you fix that lag so this game is playable again ... or get a staff for better support team

  • AbyssWithin LightHasNoShadow (@AbyssWithin) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the game on console or gtf outta here.

  • Akax1337 Akax Jenkins (@Akax1337) reported

    @pathofexile people saying they should 1shot eachother and/or freeze the screen may sound funny, but it's a serious issue. Kind of naive of your part doing this "Boss vs Boss" while this isn't fixed. Tried Betrayal content a couple days ago for the first time. 3 members. Froze for a second

  • caesarisDF Caesaris (@caesarisDF) reported

    I've ascended to godhood after wasting an hour to fix my build with the best skill + support gems combinations on Path of Exile 😂

  • Dominik_Reh Dominik Reh (@Dominik_Reh) reported

    @pathofexile The guild stash isn't working anymore, pls fix

  • DeadFishTTV DeadFishTTV (Formerly known as Wrathnarok) (@DeadFishTTV) reported

    Man @pathofexile launching new events and still havent fixed the ps4 connection issues.

  • AbyssWithin LightHasNoShadow (@AbyssWithin) reported

    @pathofexile And btw, next time FIX the game on ps4 before you start events...

  • Mr_Birdey MrBirdey (@Mr_Birdey) reported

    Not sure what’s going on. Freezing every 10 seconds while streaming gonna continue leveling off stream and let it fix its self. Will try again in an hour. #pathofexile #twitch #twitchtv

  • Detox043 Adam Wesley Currin (@Detox043) reported

    @pathofexile And Now im Stuck at Forest Encampent loading forever on PS4 also my level doesnt match with how mant points I have on the skill trer. So many issues with this event its almost not worth the trouble.

  • xiidarkiix xiidarkiix (@xiidarkiix) reported

    @pathofexile stop with the desperate posts about your shitty microtransactions. your game is broken on console and youre not fixing it. desperate as hell for that money tho

  • Detox043 Adam Wesley Currin (@Detox043) reported from Dallas, Texas

    @bexchangewords @pathofexile Kinda broken atm when I load into a new zone I cant move (PS4).

  • AniMe_Miyabi OhMyMiyabi (@AniMe_Miyabi) reported

    @pathofexile Failed to join any instances, pls fix

  • Detox043 Adam Wesley Currin (@Detox043) reported

    @pathofexile And its broken on PS4. Cant move my char just outside of town.

  • sub_net Florian AG Berthold (@sub_net) reported

    @RockaFaye @pathofexile Must have been balancing issues with baby zombies

  • LadyDembai Dembai (Tracy Hilliard) (@LadyDembai) reported

    Tonight I only wanted to do one thing. I just wanted to play some path of exile. instead my game is lagging cuz the internet's not working properly. is crushing my soul cuz I just wanted to play a game. everything's been so sad lately and I just wanted to have something to do.

  • BowNaRRowYerMum BowNaRRow (@BowNaRRowYerMum) reported

    @samwayCS @censorr_ @pathofexile Can you fix the bugs from your latest patch, please. Ps4 crashes everytime we attempt to accept a trade in the trade market..

  • BowNaRRowYerMum BowNaRRow (@BowNaRRowYerMum) reported

    @NateGamerMan @pathofexile Same exact issue, on ps4 pro as well. Ffs. UNREAL

  • NateGamerMan PSN: xGamer1980ManX (@NateGamerMan) reported

    @pathofexile wtf I can’t play with out 5 min then it crash come on not so if ya at oc players. #ps4pro #pathofexile

  • MarkBAR20 Mark BAR (@MarkBAR20) reported

    @pathofexile please fix trade crash on ps4

  • santicarvel Santiago (@santicarvel) reported

    @pathofexile Crash All time (ps4)

  • RealStealth StealthReborn (@RealStealth) reported

    @pathofexile The latest patch 3.6.4 on PS4 makes the game freeze/crash when trying to accept an offer from another player.

  • Rickrizor rick (@Rickrizor) reported

    @pathofexile Please stop updating things all it does is break shit... Please fix the constant blue screen

  • Kenlu72963886 Kenlu (@Kenlu72963886) reported

    @pathofexile Update 3.6.4 broke the Trade Market on PS4. Game crashes by accepting Offers. My friends get the same problem.

  • Rob_P_Little Robert Little (@Rob_P_Little) reported

    @pathofexile The update has broken PS4.... when you accept a trade from the market, you get an error and the game closes..

  • LenaAxios Lena Axios 🚫 E3 (@LenaAxios) reported

    @m00simus @pathofexile I'm ok with FTP, and i'm ok with PTP. My issue is when people ask if a game is free, then get mad when it isn't, like EVERY game is supposed to be free.

  • postwarporkchop Porkchoptv (@postwarporkchop) reported

    Preparing to return to streams this Friday for the flashback league in #pathofexile going to be testings a few things as well as setting up a green screen! Aiming for 24+ hours on the first stream back. Hopefully no technical problems either!

  • AbyssWithin LightHasNoShadow (@AbyssWithin) reported

    @pathofexile Another issue is the NON EXISTING explanations of many game mechanics. Best example - The Mine Encampment. Flares and Dynamite need to be bound to two of your skill buttons by pressing R3 while talking to Niko. But this is written or told NOWHERE, no hint anywhere.

  • MrGreaterGood Mr.GG (@MrGreaterGood) reported

    @CristianFerrar3 @_CuteDog_ @pathofexile immense. So if you sit there and say "this class is too weak" or "this boss is too hard" well that's your experience. To balance on that creates massive top end issues. I think at this point it's best to agree to disagree, I'm not going to try and convince you on an opinion.

  • iDabz710 iiDabzy (@iDabz710) reported

    @pathofexile cant login on xbox! get a disconnection error

  • AmphiEfx AmphiEFX (@AmphiEfx) reported

    @pathofexile please fix the PS4 crash issues :'( They seem to happen at the absolute worst times...

  • ItsPhazerLive Phazer (@ItsPhazerLive) reported

    The problem with switching genres is that I don't have any friends that play the same game. I need someone to play Path of Exile with.

  • BanticsTV BanticsTV (@BanticsTV) reported

    @god_harlequin My main Path of Exile character this season has just broken 300 deaths. I'm a god at this game. #pepehands

  • DevilsPunch Tyler Clark (@DevilsPunch) reported

    @pathofexile @bexchangewords Just read the Q&A. Thank you for that. Would like to add my own 2 cents. 1 of the major issues I have with the game is mapping & having to trade to get maps. Spending way too much time getting no responses. It becomes tedious trying to do maps.

  • mastapetz [TWNN]Mastapetz (@mastapetz) reported

    @Akax1337 @josems05 @CrazyMadCoder @USMCjarhead2011 @pathofexile Eh actually this semi manual thing doesn’t change anything of buying your best in slot pieces. The biggest problems I see right now is with batch buying of maps and response of sellers. I don’t exactly need an AH, just a better trading System. Mtx Ionly buy what I need anyway

  • Guarionexflores MrNex (@Guarionexflores) reported

    @pathofexile I only hope fix al the situation with ps4 blue screen. Thanks by the hard work guys.

  • NotRaafje Raafje💭 (@NotRaafje) reported

    @pathofexile i cant open my filter folder. The "show folder" in UI is not working. Nu filter folder is not in C:\Users\etc. It used to be on my D drive but that one broke. Where can I change the filter location. I really need to relax atm. And One is the best

  • Mifoevss Martin Marinov (@Mifoevss) reported

    @TwitchSupport Someone should really check the Prime Loot page for Path of Exile, it’s quite broken, there is literally no text in it. Tried on three different browsers.

  • Bergerbrush Bergerbrush (@Bergerbrush) reported

    @HanarashiTV @pathofexile Beex! Fix!!

  • RoleplayerAngry Angry Roleplayer (@RoleplayerAngry) reported

    @pathofexile Seriously... VERY STRANGE.. I believe some you guys ain't playing the game anymore Because if you don't play the game as often as we do, on multiple characters... then obviously you don't see a "problem"

  • Wicky4734Greg Zalus(7) (@Wicky4734Greg) reported

    @pathofexile It’s not packet loss, for stuttering, it’s an FPS issue , I am hard wired at 450 mbps and on maps with tons of enemies on PS4 the frame rate is bad, with 20-30 enemies it’s ok but add 60 more and it destroys the frame rate. Stop making excuses.

  • USMCjarhead2011 Brice Thomas (@USMCjarhead2011) reported

    @pathofexile Fix trading in your game. Cot damn

  • koffE0 koffE (@koffE0) reported

    @pathofexile I found the league was cool. Really rippy at times, but since you could get rid of the too insane stuff for your character with a mere rightclick, I didn't see any issues. Made lots of builds as usual, had lots of fun for at least 2 months 👍

  • Rikuvsrikku Poidevin Emilien (@Rikuvsrikku) reported

    @pathofexile Fix PS4 lag crash rollback must be the priority not thé ******* skin bug WE dont Care of cosmetic WE want a stable PS4 game --"

  • C_HG4MER Husam E.Al-Hwid (@C_HG4MER) reported

    @GregoryRamner @callmealex_ @pathofexile Honestly it wasn't high .. if anything a lot of people were expecting a smaller league .. yet they released a big one that's not polished thus the lash back .. also Betrayal lag and bugs didn't help either 😹💔