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PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

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April 08: Problems at Paypal

Paypal is having issues since 08:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Errors 45.15% Errors
  • Sign in 40.82% Sign in
  • Website Down 14.02% Website Down

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Brandon Errors
Puerto Ayacucho Website Down
Entrechaux Website Down
Bergantín Website Down
Paris Website Down
Provins Errors

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  • KilianPammer Kilian pammer (@KilianPammer) reported

    @Stelleiaa @BladeAndSoulOps If your trying to buy it ingame over the f10 and it says that your browser is outdated (for example when you use PayPal), try it over the website (search for BnS Ncoin, first website that coems up). Solved my issues. Only a suggestion to try if you haven't yet. 👀👍

  • KibuchiQelvo kelvin (@KibuchiQelvo) reported

    @Safaricom_Care This self care is annoying tried reaching you earlier on your customer care number about a paypal withdrawal I initiated yesterday and am yet to receive the cash yet its 1 day down the line, please advice on the way forward

  • y_nk Julien Barbay (@y_nk) reported

    @AskPayPal I don't have a problem, but i think you do. Being able to pass through security measures didn't block me but should be considered with the best care.

  • Red_Veleri Veleri (@Red_Veleri) reported

    @ProgDownTicket @PayPal @PayPal4Business @venmo I have a problem since March 1 and PayPal does not help to solve it. So I doubt anyone is home)

  • Red_Veleri Veleri (@Red_Veleri) reported

    @stealthz75 @PayPal @venmo @AskPayPal No. I have been tweeting them since March 19th. On March 26, they asked me for mail and that was all. They never wrote to me in the mail, they did not help to solve the problem. They don’t answer me anymore.

  • CrossExamiSan Cross-Exami-San✨Doujinshi is out on BigCartel!✨ (@CrossExamiSan) reported

    (5/5) So this would bypass issues with my local banks, as card payment made through Ko-fi goes straight into my Paypal acc instead of a bank acc. Hopefully this resolves some matters as a makeshift alternative payment method. My apologies for the hiccups!

  • MagpiePants Kirsty B (@MagpiePants) reported

    @DerbyshirePeter Suckered me in and were pushy to get money from me for “psychic energy clearing” when I was super down and vulnerable. Pretty sure the PayPal account I sent the money to was hacked by the scammers because the names didn’t match but they were so pushy I got sucked in

  • kristenLonn kristen (@kristenLonn) reported

    I uploaded images and the PayPal app took a RANDOM image from my phone and there is no way I can go in and fix the images as proof. Why do I have to ask the seller for a refund when they aren’t even answering my messages. I should be getting the refund from PayPal @AskPayPal

  • soteikat takie 🌷🌻 (@soteikat) reported

    my last resort is calling my credit card company, even though it's not the problem..... the only reason it was involved is because the charge drained the little bit that was in my paypal balance, then spilled over to my CC. it SHOULD have defaulted to my bank account though...ugh

  • zackmcdougall Zack McDougall (@zackmcdougall) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal Stopped using eBay and PayPal over a decade ago after the same issue when selling a laptop. Not worth it.

  • joshmalek 🇨🇦Josh Malek❌ (@joshmalek) reported

    @Maguz777 @DrStevenGreer It was free to sign up, I just used my google account to sign in. Then I bought the film with paypal. Credit card is also an option.

  • NABIIX1 NABIIX (@NABIIX1) reported

    @RiotSupport issue with recapcha for paypal purchase. I select all of the right pictures when i click "verify" nothing happens no error or anything. Ive triend multiple times on differnt recaptchas.

  • cosmicteesco CosmicTeesCo (@cosmicteesco) reported

    @flyPAL we rcvd the email for my mom's rebooking for April 14 flights for Canadians. We tried multiple cards but all are saying error, even the paypal option is saying error

  • Malkarii_ Kate Hall // Malkarii (@Malkarii_) reported

    @mtg_youngmage @terminallynerdy That's awesome! As long as you have a valid Paypal account, I don't see it being an issue 😊

  • jackT3264 jack (@jackT3264) reported

    @PayPal hi im getting sent a error message when I try transfer funds hope to hear back soon thanks

  • pixie_vegas VegasPixie (@pixie_vegas) reported

    @HorseNetwrk You cannot be contacted. Oh. I see. That tells me something about your company, too. No way to contact you to fix a mistake, to complain, or even to inform you of a problem. I bet you learned that from Paypal - because they are really good at that trick.

  • sexcyRomi Juilee (@sexcyRomi) reported

    @DaaNCSG If you have email Then Go and Changed Password while PayPal Login Click on Forgot password ..

  • runwithmiles Charlie Barkowski (@runwithmiles) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal If you did it through eBay for the shipping label, it should be no problem. Give them a call - I have had buyers do this before and eBay customer support always ruled in my favor when I reminded them that my part was done with the delivery. Shoot me a DM if you want some details

  • DaaNCSG DaaN (@DaaNCSG) reported

    Today is not the day for me, I’m down £700 because of coinbase ******* up my transaction and now my PayPal got hacked and payments keep getting made and money taken out of my bank. I don’t know what to do anymore...

  • rickycgarrett Ricky Garrett (@rickycgarrett) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal They are a dumpster fire of a company and I refuse to sell there anymore. Had too many issues where as a seller I was left hanging while the buyer got free money. Not worth the hassle

  • khxzzz 🌃 (@khxzzz) reported

    @Chaalky down for PayPal brother

  • Zlqa_ K (@Zlqa_) reported

    anyone selling a renegade raider or pink ghoul or purple skull hmu i only have $212 on cashapp/ paypal let me know if u down im not buying unless im able to login epic first #fortnite #fortnitetrades #fortniteaccountsforsale #fortniteaccounts #fortniteaccount #fortnitetrading hmu

  • GodessVixy Godess Vixy (@GodessVixy) reported

    @Davidsm15572228 - asked me to get a $100 Amazon Gift Card and he would add $2500 to the card and help me load it to my cashapp @Michael89516853- asked for a clerance payment to get it sent to my paypal @Zaddyigida- asked for bank login details to deposit a check

  • imogenpapillon imogen (@imogenpapillon) reported

    @AskPayPal pls can u fix the issue with depop payments 😭😭😭😭

  • MasterTylerD 👑 Master Tyler 4.1k 👑 (@MasterTylerD) reported

    @MASTER_UPDATES Not to mention subs that don't have PayPal or Cash App anymore.... because of too many charge backs. I see you scamming. Any legit sub I have dealt with through the years always has legit accounts able to pay. Only the scammers get shut down.

  • mymakeupismyart Crystal Fuentes (@mymakeupismyart) reported

    @PayPal I would be so so so grateful for any help for my family. I have 3 daughters, and my husband and I are currently not working due to the Covid 19. I have a disconnect notice from Excel Enegy, rent due 7days ago, and groceries are almost always needed.

  • errordagoatfr e (@errordagoatfr) reported

    Idk if I found a glitch in the system but I’ve ordered food through grubhub and doordash with PayPal and I’m not being charged from my bank. Maybe PayPal is paying for my meals on the low but it’s like woah

  • DailyTekk DailyTekk (@DailyTekk) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal No! That’s terrible. All I know is that EBAY IS THE WORST. They always, always side with the buyer no matter what. Always.

  • ludyg58 Ludy G. (@ludyg58) reported

    @AskPayPal suspend the paypal of @pif_org until they fix their site and respect user choice not to register. Checkout failed but @askRCBC bankard still sent an sms.

  • FnBcmd bcmd.fn (@FnBcmd) reported

    @Dety0 Dety I’ve put in so much money on my pc to try and fix my FPS it’s a a store atm I have no idea and have tried to fix it for a long time now can is there a chance u could take a look I can PayPal u money if needed

  • ZeusApolloA13 𝖅𝖊𝖚𝖘 (@ZeusApolloA13) reported

    @iCrazeiOS yeah and i just noticed paypal customer service is closed till further notice lol. i had the same issue ppl trying to scam me requesting money from nothing. They can’t do nothing without an actual proof.

  • GGiAmPR3sT0n 𝔾𝔾𝕚𝔸𝕞ℙℝ𝟛𝕤𝕋𝟘𝕟 (@GGiAmPR3sT0n) reported

    @pulte I dont have cashapp But I got PayPal.. if you or anyone is able to send me $120 so I can fix my ps4, it would be so much appreciated

  • GGiAmPR3sT0n 𝔾𝔾𝕚𝔸𝕞ℙℝ𝟛𝕤𝕋𝟘𝕟 (@GGiAmPR3sT0n) reported

    @jack I dont have cashapp But I got PayPal.. if you are able to send me $120 so I can fix my ps4, it would be so much appreciated

  • CCowponiesEq coldbrew_and_cowponies (@CCowponiesEq) reported

    @whathorses I’ve only used PayPal so I can’t speak for the others, and while I haven’t had a bad experience necessarily there’s a big learning curve (especially if you want to send invoices/set up a business acct). Once you get it down though it feels secure and easy to stay organized.

  • TwentyWitches 🦇 Nichole 🦇 (@TwentyWitches) reported

    I think I'm done with using paypal. 6+ months and they still haven't fixed the damn issue that I have had. So, for lack of a better way to say this... **** you paypal. Bye.

  • LuNaticBeaut 𝐋ü𝐍Δ ☽ (@LuNaticBeaut) reported

    Someone should lowkey PayPal me 20$ to buy bleach bc my mom ****** it up and I look terrible 🤣

  • warmgefroren SvenjaNeeIsKlar🏳️‍🌈 (@warmgefroren) reported

    If you want to support me, I'll put my Paypal and Amazon wishlist down below and donate as much as I can. The medical staff and marginalised people need us "more settled" people very much right now to overcome this crisis. Thanks if you read till here

  • mmofhollywood melanieofhollywood (@mmofhollywood) reported

    @peppertcanada @SSDRESCU @PayPal @AskPayPal I may be wrong & completely speaking out of turn, but I have my own concerns about money for animals. It's going to get harder & harder. They need a way to prove legitimacy. And without spaying & neutering this problem never ends.

  • TomDreisbach Tom Dreisbach (@TomDreisbach) reported

    One of the customers tells me she finally just got her refund. Others are still waiting, and say the company told them there have been issues with PayPal.

  • Collins_Cod . (@Collins_Cod) reported

    @NevsDW @Servirity not even bothered tbh cause i will get the money back no problem and he will get some sort of punishment im assuming as the bank know who he is and his paypal account ect

  • TheStormm John Stormm (@TheStormm) reported

    @honey You can't upgrade broken promises. Broken trust and my money never mixes well. Goodbye PayPal, and good riddance!

  • LadyNasse Lady Nasse 👩🏻‍🦽🏳️‍🌈 (@LadyNasse) reported

    can SEE my accounts with my bank tells me that it is able to access my account. BUT, it is not able to ADD the account. That is a problem on PayPal's end. Your answer was to confirm my information. I DID THAT. The data is correct. M 5:05 PM As what I am saying, the data that

  • LadyNasse Lady Nasse 👩🏻‍🦽🏳️‍🌈 (@LadyNasse) reported

    Months ago my PayPal had a weird error and disconnected from my bank account. I've repeatedly tried adding it using both the quick method (log in with user ID and password from my bank's site) and their slower method (two small deposits) but neither one works no matter what I do.

  • H2Risky H💲 (@H2Risky) reported

    @IvorianDoll_ I will Paypal you £50 rn if you got them twerking videos, my mates dying and wants to see them before he reaches that elevator going down. @MakeAWishUK please come through

  • perhapsitskira slug x (@perhapsitskira) reported

    fix my pain with a paypal transfer x

  • dotdiecast2017 john smith (@dotdiecast2017) reported

    @jack I owe paypal £330, i also need £1200 to fulfill orders for model cars, (what i sell) my jeep needs £600 of work, i have debts of £3000 but i don't have cash app, and i am proud, just wanted to blurt out my issues, thanks for listening, i'll get by.

  • ltxtweeter Sir Tweetsalot (@ltxtweeter) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal Yeah, had this issue years ago. eBay said I could take the people to court to seek a refund. Item was only $300 or so, not worth that expense.

  • Jorgevisbal Jorge M. Visbal (@Jorgevisbal) reported

    O never had a problem with @ebay or @PayPal one I had that problem and PayPal refund me my money

  • zollotech Aaron Zollo (@zollotech) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @UPS If UPS shows it as delivered and you can prove it then usually PayPal will just give your money back. Never had an issue with them.

  • karinahartley__ K (@karinahartley__) reported

    Listen that girl that put that long thing down her throat, what’s her cashapp, PayPal, onlyfans 😩😭

  • NaptownFizzle NaptownFizzle (@NaptownFizzle) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal I’ve had a couple cases where the buyer received the item but claimed it was broken or lost. USPS has been good about covering me with insurance.

  • nanadanon Nanadanon (@nanadanon) reported

    @CrackinWax Won’t let me sign in so ok I fill out billing shipping go to checkout. PayPal and it is not picking up the sale. Puts me in and asks who do I want to pay. Then won’t let me go back🤨

  • rawwccz Rawwccz (@rawwccz) reported from Stockton, California

    @ProjektMelody @PayPal They been doing it for years! They gave it back after my truck got towed instead of fix never again used @paypal

  • SelinaKyl MiSS FaT TiTS (@SelinaKyl) reported

    i’ve noticed a lot of newbies out there so here’s a couple of things: 1. always get payment before delivering product 2. i understand people gotta do what they gotta do but try to avoid using direct payment options like cashapp or paypal because they get shut down often

  • JustinTse Justin Tse (@JustinTse) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal it’s a bigger nightmare latley because eBay and PayPal split, had the same issue recently. They keep sending you to each side.

  • jmwilt17 Jason Wiltjer (@jmwilt17) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal Ebay is the worse, I had an issue last year where I sold a phone there and the guy wanted to return it. I approved the return and while I was waiting for the guy to ship the phone back eBay issued his refund while he still had the phone... (1/2)

  • CKidTech Devin (@CKidTech) reported

    @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal They legit closed down my paypal account because of it and I have to open a brand new paypal account and all that.


    @SnazzyQ @tldtoday @eBay @PayPal i have a stigma against eBay, i don’t trust it for some reason. I just use amazon, apparently scams happen there too but idk amazon’s pretty good at managing shit i don’t have any issues.

  • RonFromMontreal Ron Maskell (@RonFromMontreal) reported

    Hey @AskPayPal looking to get some help with an issue and I'm not sure how to proceed

  • NGerrick Nicole Gerrick (@NGerrick) reported

    @AskPayPal @AskPayPal are now ignoring all of my messages! £100 down. Absolute joke #moneygrabbers #paypalisnotmypal #paypalisshit