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PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

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  • Crypt0rlive Crypt0r (@Crypt0rlive) reported

    @PayPal your support team has been ignoring me for days on end, and I have an urgent problem with you!!

  • MarcoPoppe Marco Poppe (@MarcoPoppe) reported

    @AskPayPal Hi people of PayPal, I was just sending my thanks to you (in Dutch) for helping me twice with a dispute with a shabby seller. I also stated that you were more reliable than my creditcard company. They never helped me with any problems I had with crooked sellers.

  • iDOLL_Closet 아이돌클로젯 (@iDOLL_Closet) reported

    [NOTICE] Paypal Problems There's a problem with PayPal and it can't be paid. I'll fix it as soon as possible. Let you know when it's settled! I'm very sorry about your inconvenience. 😭🙏

  • ElonPosting ElonPosting (@ElonPosting) reported

    Started Zip2 with ~$2k & ~$100k of student debt, rolled proceeds into X/PayPal, rolled proceeds again into SpaceX/Tesla, but these are mostly separate moral issues.

  • AstraIbirthvoid cookierunhater69 @ 33 days!! (@AstraIbirthvoid) reported

    @LukaBooga "im going through personal problems rn".... girl and what does that even have to do with paying an artist lmao just press a few buttons on paypal my dude

  • DARTHJaWz Justin Whiteford (@DARTHJaWz) reported

    @Charalanahzard @WIRES_NSW @shotbyfinnegan Paypal was not working on my phone but it all worked fine on my pc and just got a hoodie.

  • zgirlsfancams zgirls fancams ☆ (@zgirlsfancams) reported

    MORE INFO: • The price accounts for EMS shipping from Gmarket to the US • Price will go down once 5 albums are claimed! • Payment is due immediately once 5 or more spots are claimed, I accept Paypal, Venmo, and Cashapp!

  • Bishops68454195 Bishopswalthambranch #TMRGUK (@Bishops68454195) reported

    Update on the re paints The individual involved has now shut his Facebook page down and personally blocked me on Facebook. Looks my only hope of getting any of my £165 back is paypal. Mentioned on Facebook groups one shut of comments. I have my theory why!!

  • Z81510121 Irish-Potato_God (@Z81510121) reported

    @MrBeastYT thanks for what you do i just was watching your videos to cheer me up after a terrible day a kid hacked my ps4 account got it banned and spent over 300 bucks out my moms paypal and i just have been crying and i was watching your video of how nice you are and it helped

  • JIFF01 JIFF (@JIFF01) reported

    @xosquare @AskeBay @eBay @AskPayPal been having the same issue since friday

  • julian_murray3 Julian Murray (@julian_murray3) reported

    @AskPayPal @PayPal You guys really sucked today 🤬 fix your security software 🤔

  • alliscnz ally!! (@alliscnz) reported

    would anyone like to donate $30 to my paypal so i can get my art reprinted since i got scammed at costco.......gas and food is so expensive so i’m literally down to 0 until next pay and i need it printed by tuesday so...

  • TX_Republican_ 🇺🇸 BornConservative 🇨🇱 (@TX_Republican_) reported

    I am not using cash app anymore. Too many technical issues and a lot of banks wont even deal with them period. PayPal is the most secure to use

  • TX_Republican_ 🇺🇸 BornConservative 🇨🇱 (@TX_Republican_) reported

    @Dongsi12_ @StaceyDizzle She did not have paypal and I had to go down to WalMart to send it to her, wow !

  • JoeyJojosWkyTrp JoeyJojo's Wacky Trip ★ (@JoeyJojosWkyTrp) reported

    The only details I got within the first year were claims of bandcamp and paypal causing issues, and then issues with the artist or their manager. Always something different or new causing more delays but promises that my order will be fulfilled.

  • FredySugiman Fredy-san (@FredySugiman) reported

    @AskPayPal Hello Paypal. I need help with my account. I know the old password of it. When I tried to login, it asked to reset password. I entered correct code from email and it asked either to call phone number which I don't have access anymore or answer question which I forgot.

  • tempted_by_you ˜”*°•. tempted by you .•°*”˜ (@tempted_by_you) reported

    @jjxxdvr @titlekplee Yes, I did. But it’s just a receipt of the trasanction. The only action button is ‘repeat this transaction’ . I’ve made various PayPal payment before and it’s always deducted/paid directly. I didn’t need to login and approve it ... so I was just wondering ...

  • saybeow 🗯 (@saybeow) reported

    @PayPal limiting all the features that I need especially when I need it the most and then taking forever with reviewing my account is frustrating af and delaying moves for me. I don’t work on your time, fix this shit ASAP

  • LadySariel666 LadyS🌊🌊🌊🆘️ (@LadySariel666) reported

    @bridgetsimonds0 Yep. Totally a scam. We just arrested a couple here in Toronto who were running a tax telephone fraud ring. The govt does not phone with a warrant! Dept of Justice does not issue warrants! Canada Revenue Agency does not accept PayPal or gift cards as 💰!

  • TheMostHighKID prod. by Most High (@TheMostHighKID) reported

    Sorry if you have had problems signing up for memberships this month! It was just brought to my attention that there was a problem completing the process. It’s fixed now and and you can also now subscribe with PayPal or stripe payments! Thanks for the great support @BeatStars

  • Slipalsy Charlie 🗡VS🗡 (@Slipalsy) reported

    DM me to buy GTA money. Accept PayPal Method is Doomsday heist the bogdan problem

  • Stratajem1 Stratajem (@Stratajem1) reported

    @JukoVon @EsuercVoltimand triple check and make sure the address is correct. i had this issue a lot myself. i had to go into my paypal to fix it too.

  • MentalCasanova Mental Casanova (@MentalCasanova) reported

    @homestead_smith @JDManly18 Well I'm hitting an error with the PayPal option, but once you get it worked out, I'll be ordering.

  • OsxiMain osxi (@OsxiMain) reported

    @RavenRestocks we seen it... of course paypal decides to ******* and loop login

  • JoeLopecell427 dacell427 (@JoeLopecell427) reported

    I just put up a vbuck gaw I'm working on a couple of codes so I can get a couple more gaws up but I'm having PayPal problems so as soon as that's fixed I will get them up

  • 3rdAvenueZine 3rd Avenue @ ❗PREORDERS OPEN NOW❗ (@3rdAvenueZine) reported

    We've resolved the issue with Paypal, so any orders going through Paypal should work now! Thank you all so much for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience!

  • 3rdAvenueZine 3rd Avenue @ ❗PREORDERS OPEN NOW❗ (@3rdAvenueZine) reported

    It seems Paypal is having some trouble, so any transactions trying to go through Paypal aren't going through. We apologize greatly for the inconvenience and are working as fast as possible to fix it. Credit/Debit cards seem to be working, however. We thank you for your patience!

  • Rose__Lotus Stay strong #Coronavirus (@Rose__Lotus) reported

    @BNODesk Supported your work via a small @PayPal PayPal donation. #coronavirus #COVID2019 @CDCgov and @WHO are slow and useless. Thank you for keeping us informed!


    @dazedheaven I’m down! Dm me details on how to pay you lmao cause I lowkey don’t have like PayPal or cashapp or anything

  • JO7893 Jordan olgin (@JO7893) reported

    @joshuacaldwell4 @richmond661 @RyDee90 I’m down who would I have to PayPal so we have the tickets together just let me know when you guys wanna get em

  • cdkeyscom (@cdkeyscom) reported

    @thegamernme Apologies. Pls use another web browser & make sure to disable ad blocker/VPN/proxy. Can also try incognito/private mode in web browser. Or change the payment method to Skrill/PayPal/Checkout/Card. For any issue, it's best to log a support req. @ ...

  • chocorofuru coco is closing commissions... 🍫💉 (@chocorofuru) reported

    now I have PayPal I should really wolf down on cosplay materials🤔

  • GoddessJ229 👑Goddess Jasmine💋 (@GoddessJ229) reported

    @Devandra708 So this is why your OF got shut down. Scamming girls with some stolen credit card probably. But getting cash sent to your paypal. Have fun in jail.

  • 7OF0 SEVEN of N0NE (@7OF0) reported

    @BreakinBoosters @MagicEsports @PayPal @wizards_magic Yeah no kidding. Now all of a sudden a "Queue It" pop-up told me I'm in line to order it and will have only 10 minutes to complete the purchase once my turn comes up. A few seconds later I'm in. And then I get this same shipping error again. -___-

  • OldMangyMutt Mani (@OldMangyMutt) reported

    @Aegisclaw @nicnak044 If you sent that money through PayPal it's too late to issue a chargeback. If I were you'd issue a beware about the artist so others know to look out. People like that don't deserve business.

  • D0N0 $100 giveaway @ pinned 🖤💫 (@D0N0) reported

    @OfficialTravlad claims he used it then now saying paypal issues IQ 0

  • JL3UK Josh (@JL3UK) reported

    @wolfyskyez @D0N0 Like I said I had issues with PayPal.

  • AP_MAQUINA AP (@AP_MAQUINA) reported

    LMFAO etsy's response to my issue was an automated "yeah so that seller bounced, you paid via paypal so ask them but, they might screw you too depending on how long its been."

  • dandy9797 rang2kong2 (@dandy9797) reported

    @HyperKVM I ordered 31th Jan. but he didn't send my server. now I opened paypal case. choose is yours.

  • gravity1046 gravity10.46@ FE’20 (@gravity1046) reported

    @nicnak044 This seriously is a common problem. I’ve been waiting on updates on a plush that was supposed to be finished before Christmas. PayPal protection runs out March 3rd. They haven’t responded to any of my messages. :/ Another plush maker took my money and ran. Been over a year too.

  • wingedpower Wing Wong (@wingedpower) reported

    @daz3d @daz3d oh and fix your PAYPAL contact number. You have an old employee's personal number. WTF.

  • DanielMicay DanielMicay (@DanielMicay) reported

    I've had nothing but problems with financial services companies like Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, etc. for years. I don't understand how things can be this messed up. They shouldn't expect to continue existing as businesses when the bar for replacing them is so ridiculously low.

  • alexhammerstone Hammerstone (@alexhammerstone) reported

    Please take this post down until you have PayPal’d the 3750$ and shipped me my extra crispy 6 piece

  • Stranded_Tacos Stranded_Tacos (@Stranded_Tacos) reported

    @SNoodle_JuJu The problem is that I don’t have PayPal

  • KSeibertAu Krystian Seibert (@KSeibertAu) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    On the legal complications with Celeste Barber’s bushfire fundraiser - very disappointed that the PayPal Giving Fund Australia rushed the funds out. Would’ve been much easier to address the legal issues had they held onto them and sat down with RFS/Barber to work things out.

  • polyphonetic ✨🏳️‍🌈𝚔𝚒𝚛𝚍💜🏳️‍⚧️ (@polyphonetic) reported

    :/ i had issues with my bank (it hates international payments for some reason) and had been trying to give money to this kickstarter to get tshirt / some pins, i was talking to the person before and they said if it didn't go through we'd work it through paypal 1/

  • TeamCoffeeGuy Dan Goldsmith (@TeamCoffeeGuy) reported

    @AskPayPal my account has been hacked. I'm trying to get into my account to stop it but it's not working. Can someone please help

  • AquariaSummer Aquaria Summer (@AquariaSummer) reported

    @dylan_blake_x I'd be down for paypal. Since you are selling an actual item people have to realize you need shipping information.

  • KSeibertAu Krystian Seibert (@KSeibertAu) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @gemcarey @nzherald Yep - very unfortunate. Was saying this would happen more than a month ago. Back then there was a much easier option to fix it, when the donated funds were still sitting with PayPal. But they were transferred to the RFS donation fund, too quickly and before the issue was sorted.

  • distractal Erik Johnson (@distractal) reported

    @ChristerEricson @mike_acton Twitter, Steam, Paypal, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, afaik all have similar mechanisms, with similar remediation issues. The problem is not one company. The problem is the tech sector's fixation on automation and believing that tech can solve sociology and bad actors by itself.

  • SimonKopaczz Simon - Rest in Peace Etika. ✝ 🇵🇱 (@SimonKopaczz) reported

    @XboxSupport Hey, I can't download SW Battlefront from Games with Gold... keeps on telling me that I don't have any billing info (I do, paypal.) and if I try to change that it tells me to put US info (I'm from Europe). Even if I put anything false, it shows an error. plz help.

  • zcashvr Zcash Users #z2z 🦓🦓🦓 (@zcashvr) reported

    @binaryFate Oh, right. Let me fix that- Fungibility, from greatest to least Zcash #z2z Digital cash (PayPal, Apple Pay, etc) Monero Bitcoin

  • popartland POP ART LAND GALLERY (@popartland) reported

    @Square I have already removed Square as a payment option from my website. I have used both Stripe and PayPal for years without an issue. Gave you guys a chance. Never again. I will be contacting an attorney within 3 business days if I don't receive a satisfactory response from you.

  • SerenaSousa Serena 🌸 PAX EAST (@SerenaSousa) reported

    Theres a problem with PayPal right now and I'm going to try to fix it sorry guys :(

  • RosiePosiePoni Rosie Posie (@RosiePosiePoni) reported from Cherry Hill, Virginia

    I've had this issue with 2 brony artists who are both well known for their work It's because of this, I'm tempted to either only give a down payment & request at least WIPS & communication for delays &/or a strict 5 month deadline before PayPal is involved. I'm done being nice.

  • MikeLoweO Mike Nice (@MikeLoweO) reported

    @BabyBearHS @AskPayPal Omg hopefully they help you ASAP! I can only relate a little bc I literally just went 7 days waiting to get back into my Twitch account and couldn't stream via authentication issues/new phone etc etc. Hope they get back to you today soon!

  • colorfulnoname_ ❌фукасе сосет (@colorfulnoname_) reported

    @TsuruRoach omg slkdskjds !!!! oh well free time isn't the problem but I just don't have paypal yet cuz my parents don't let me 🤕

  • richard_of_yore ℜ𝔦𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔡 𝔬𝔣 𝔜𝔬𝔯𝔢 (@richard_of_yore) reported

    @unsuckEBAY Sunday: eBay payment by PayPal problems persist.

  • KiraSells_ Kira 🔌 (@KiraSells_) reported

    okay,paypal account is ok,that transaction didn't work because the guy i was sending to had problems with his acc

  • richard_of_yore ℜ𝔦𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔡 𝔬𝔣 𝔜𝔬𝔯𝔢 (@richard_of_yore) reported

    @AkiraSakura2 @melissaannmeade @shawn_perera @lockatron @unsuckEBAY @AskeBay @AskPayPal My problems started last Thursday, eBay help desk said one or two users had reported a similar problem and that he would let tech support know. Seemingly tech support don't know the answer. Presumably some software, somewhere, has been recently updated.