Is Playstation Network (PSN) down?

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions.

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Playstation Network (PSN) Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • SpaceRaider_ SpaceRaider (@SpaceRaider_) reported

    @WGood04 @AskPS_UK I had this issue, press the little reset button on the back of the controller and the plug it into your console and try again 👍

  • SirMaximoose Max (@SirMaximoose) reported

    @PSACCESSFANS @JesseJoJon @PlayStation Well firstly you can just fix that bike up by taking it onto the elevator in Capital Knot, and yeah, you get blueprints later for another identical one and one with a larger battery bank but less cargo space.

  • FFOSofdeez 🍦 Sofdeez Official 🍨🍧 (@FFOSofdeez) reported

    Yes the issue will finally be solved on PlayStation when in my inventory it keeps going back to the start!

  • HeroOfTheChaos Kimsean (@HeroOfTheChaos) reported

    @AskPlayStation I'm trying to download an update for fifa 20 but when the download finishes it comes up error "The data is corrupted" (CE-36244-9)

  • AubieChica Anje (@AubieChica) reported

    @AskPlayStation so, my son says a friend of his messaged him a ***** pic & now my account is suspended. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth bc I can't sign in to see. Help!

  • ShayMosheDayan Shay Dayan (@ShayMosheDayan) reported

    @AskPlayStation I got my account stolen for more then a month ago. For some very odd reason your help is unable to fix the problem. I get an update every week that state you still working on it with no solution in hand. This is very poor support for your users! Paid one as well

  • BhogendroS Bhogendro Singh (@BhogendroS) reported

    @AskPS_UK i am not able to connect to psn for almost 5 days with my wifi followed all instructions of fix tool from PlayStation support but still I cannot connect. Getting error NP-40833-8 . Pls help me out ....

  • PlagueJesterSky Sky (@PlagueJesterSky) reported

    Oh and as far as the Playstation Camera I ordered is concerned, it is supposedly coming "by tomorrow" but the tracking is STILL ****** and doesn't show anything besides a error message so Amazon is gonna get a VERY angry side of me if it isn't here tomorrow. Unfuckingreal.

  • ShuckleMuckle Shahzad (@ShuckleMuckle) reported

    Crazy that if I don’t wanna lag I have to delete all my psn friends LMAOO

  • waynegraham86 wayne graham (@waynegraham86) reported

    @ContOutbreak @SonyXDevEurope @Sony @PlayStation @PlayStationUK @PlayStationEU Bit of a issue which is never good for a game just launching, even syren just had a 2nd launch on the PSN store and that's almost a year old

  • mansd101 Levi Marcum (@mansd101) reported

    @AskPlayStation I received an email 3 hours ago saying I changed my sign in ID, this wasn’t changed by me. Please help me get my account back

  • lbprofen camron † (@lbprofen) reported

    @NBA2KonReddit @RocEBK I did the badge glitch, vc glitch and the demi god glitch for over 399+ games. psn - CEOBax

  • Xotic16 John (@Xotic16) reported

    Literally just deleted 200 people off my PSN. PLZ NO MORE LAG

  • CamBBo Cam Boss (@CamBBo) reported

    @erecher @disneyplus @PlayStation Just get a better TV...problem solved

  • silly702 RØKKR Justin Fargo-P (@silly702) reported

    update: all psn friends gone and 0 lag or squares lol

  • CitizenVlogs Citizen Vlogs 🇺🇸 (@CitizenVlogs) reported

    @swisshakilla @BigEdaVillain @The_Real_Mikk @tariqnasheed Everybody has a DVD player or an XBOX or a PlayStation stop. You're just proving my point. You don't mind making the white folks and their investors over at Netflix billionaires but you got all kind of problems with a black man making a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

  • jdawn_90 David Ferglburger (@jdawn_90) reported

    @AskPlayStation Thank you, I disconnected my external hard drive and it let me download it. Not sure why this happened, I’ve had this hard drive for 2 years and I’ve never had this problem before.

  • ContOutbreak Contagion: Outbreak (@ContOutbreak) reported

    @waynegraham86 @SonyXDevEurope @Sony @PlayStation @PlayStationUK @PlayStationEU We are working with Sony to rectify the issue. We will make this right. Apologies for any delays.

  • silly702 RØKKR Justin Fargo-P (@silly702) reported

    For everyone getting the frame stutter/yellow squares DELETE ALL YOUR FRIENDS OFF OF PSN, it doesn't work for everyone but does for most. Should fix it

  • lepez_jorge Jorge Lepez (@lepez_jorge) reported

    @AskPlayStation id like to report a problem

  • lepez_jorge Jorge Lepez (@lepez_jorge) reported

    @AskPlayStation I have a problem

  • jdawn_90 David Ferglburger (@jdawn_90) reported

    @AskPlayStation After rebuilding the database I’m still greeted with the same message and error code

  • iiTanNude iTanNude (@iiTanNude) reported

    I think my PlayStation is broken and I actually wanna die bc of it 😂

  • jm_deutsch JM Deutsch (@jm_deutsch) reported

    @disneyplus FYI, you need to get your developers on fixing interface issues with @PlayStation 4. When shows are paused and you back out to the show menu, you cannot resume the show. You are forced to return to main menu, restart, and that restart begins from a random episode.

  • RHCPfanboi RHCP•ⓕⓐⓝⓑⓞⓘ🚀 (@RHCPfanboi) reported

    Dude! I'm on PS4 and the game keeps crashing. Please fix #NFSHeat! Already sent out several crash reports as it is... Thanks. @PlayStation @EA @NeedforSpeed @GhostGamesEA

  • Slim_Reaper18 Ajani Kennedy (@Slim_Reaper18) reported

    @PackBoyzDon Mine not working on the PlayStation

  • CkHorns Christopher Clowes (@CkHorns) reported

    @AskPlayStation There isn't a specific error code. It just says it cannot connect to the Disney+ service. But my Android app connects just fine over the same network connection.

  • chriscorpus Chris Corpus (@chriscorpus) reported

    @JakeSerafini I might be picking up YouTube TV for regular channels as well. I’ve been using PlayStation Vue and have absolutely loved it, but they’re ending the service in January. Gotta find a replacement 😭

  • _NYYFan27 . (@_NYYFan27) reported

    @AskPlayStation please do an update for the NBA app. When I’m watching a game sometimes the game starts to glitch/lag.

  • Angel2385701111 Angel_23 (@Angel2385701111) reported

    @FortniteGame Hi, I wanted to see if you can help me with a problem I had last night, I put a playstation card to my ps4 to buy turkeys and I bought the pack of 40 dollars in turkeys and then I bought the pack of 5 dollars and I only The pack of 5 dollars has arrived and I wanted

  • jdawn_90 David Ferglburger (@jdawn_90) reported

    @AskPlayStation Ok, I wanted to play a game, I got an error code and supposedly the solution was to reinstall the game, now that I’ve uninstalled the game I keep getting a message that says the application is already on the PS4 then gives me the error code CE-38605-2

  • Angel2385701111 Angel_23 (@Angel2385701111) reported

    @Fortnite_ESHi, I wanted to see if you can help me with a problem I had last night, I put a playstation card to my ps4 to buy turkeys and I bought the pack of 40 dollars in turkeys and then I bought the pack of 5 dollars and I only The pack of 5 dollars has arrived and I wanten

  • aingle39 andrew ingle (@aingle39) reported

    @ATVIAssist Activision’s game COD: Modern Warfare digital copy broke my PlayStation 4. Do NOT buy this game unless you want your entire PlayStation to crash. Unless PlayStation sends out a software update I think I have to send in my PS4 for maintenance.

  • IcOnicHD_LIVE sharePlay ® (@IcOnicHD_LIVE) reported

    Saddest thing ever just happen to me. My favorite game maker since i was 8years old @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @Kojima_Hideo and I’ve played every game he’s ever made but suddenly my @PlayStation 4 completely broke only 20min into playing #DeathStranding it is completely broken. I’m cryin

  • GoodGuyZacc 🔸 (@GoodGuyZacc) reported

    PlayStation Network has to be the shittiest service I’ve ever seen

  • CassieeRose_11 CassieeRose (@CassieeRose_11) reported

    I’m just trying to watching some movies with Disney Plus on the PlayStation and it’s not working 🥺😭 #Heaaaalllp

  • jeffblue19 Jeff (@jeffblue19) reported

    @DisneyPlusHelp English Closed Captions are not working for "Noelle" on our PS4. They work on our @Samsung Smart TV in the other room and my @SamsungMobile but not on @PlayStation.

  • succulentjewess Goldie (@succulentjewess) reported

    @AskPlayStation Hi yes sooooo my playstation keeps shutting itself off and it did it FOUR times in a row tonight, and it does it all the time randomly! My entire error history is ce-36329-3 and its like a mile long. I did a reset and the software is up to date. WTF!!!!

  • dfsram8727 dfsram8727 (@dfsram8727) reported

    @DailyRotoSharks @PlayStation @YouTubeTV Clear cache. Try a different browser. You may be having issues now, but the service/quality is night and day to PS Vue.

  • Vacurcy Nate -_- (@Vacurcy) reported

    @PlayStation what's wrong with the sign in

  • aingle39 andrew ingle (@aingle39) reported

    @ATVIAssist After talking to PSN for hours I found out the new update for the digital copy of MW has corrupted and crashed my PlayStation. If your support team can’t send out an update to fix this problem I will have to either send my PS4 in for maintenance or buy a new one.

  • waynegraham86 wayne graham (@waynegraham86) reported

    @ContOutbreak Hey @SonyXDevEurope @Sony @PlayStation @PlayStationUK @PlayStationEU fix it

  • JInmortallium Jack Inmortallium (@JInmortallium) reported

    @PlayStation So this is the delivery service for the PlayStation universe. Fed Ex Stranding.

  • Lil__Fucker Lil Fucker (@Lil__Fucker) reported

    @ATVIAssist Just spent 2 hrs on the phone with PSN. New update for MW basically broke my PlayStation. The entire PlayStation constantly crashes after the update this morning. Had to hard reset PlayStation, delete corrupted files, and delete MW digital copy to fix the problem.

  • kevinp1970 Kevin (@kevinp1970) reported

    @Serenade_az I thought it was a fluke, but it was a constant for me. I switched to PlayStation Vue and had no issues - except that they are ending service in January. Hulu TV + Live has had no problems for me. And I like the interface.

  • FordCook6 yes (@FordCook6) reported

    @AskPlayStation I have nothing else to delete and I have over double the storage when the only way I have fixed this issue before is to delete the game and completely redownload it extremely dissapointed in playstation

  • ContOutbreak Contagion: Outbreak (@ContOutbreak) reported

    @Retroradical I just confirmation as to why it occurred, the patch was not pushed in response to any specific issue, what was happening was that Playstation was not automatically installing the patch and would give users the blue screen. Reinstalling fixes these issues.

  • tazatom Adam (@tazatom) reported

    @AskPlayStation Also my timefall download failed three times due to authentication or authorization error and my code won't work. Thank you.

  • albinobuff albinobuff (@albinobuff) reported

    @AskPlayStation I’m trying to cancel my PSVUE service and it is a nightmare to do so. The fact that this cannot easily be done means I will never do business with any Sony related ever again. #stillgettingchargedbysony

  • ChooBlock Teddthademon (@ChooBlock) reported

    @AskPlayStation how come ever since the new update my NEW ps4 pro Keeps lagging and is just super slow in General and Ik I’m not the only one having this problem

  • FatihMehmedovic ABNET (@FatihMehmedovic) reported

    @AskPlayStation hello playstation I'm having a problem with signing in the reason is that I dont have a phone number and I need a code to verify and it sends the message to the text except mail please change it that it sends the code to the email Thanks

  • Papipride05 Papi (@Papipride05) reported

    @PlayStation I’m not happy with your Customer service. It should be 24 hours and I can’t find an answer to my problem

  • lilpoorstupid1 Lil Holds L2 (@lilpoorstupid1) reported

    @TBNRkenworth My whole PlayStation got potatoed during a power outage. This would be a blessing.

  • Godzilla_KOM Ninja FurryTrashBax (RIP Kristofur 🦊) @ MFF (@Godzilla_KOM) reported

    Wow. I am very disappointed with @AskPlayStation's customer service. It is not good at all.

  • Sonickr89 Sonia (@Sonickr89) reported

    @valdeasel @montsiee Yeah carina did have issues.: but it works now, idk if she had to use it though her PlayStation or what..

  • 327St3alth St3aLtH_327 (@327St3alth) reported

    @ATVIAssist I am still having issues unlinking my PSN account. I've already sent multiple DMs with absolutely no response.

  • jaackxx Jack (@jaackxx) reported


  • DeanMalcomx2k10 Dean Jones (@DeanMalcomx2k10) reported

    @AskPlayStation guys I’m bought the digital version of MK11 and the game keep freezing, I’m totally annoyed at this because it’s the game I play the most. Please send me a hard copy of the game. I’m fed up of re-downloading and encountering the same problem

  • FordCook6 yes (@FordCook6) reported

    @AskPlayStation storage glitch I have more than enough storage to download a very small update for modern warfare , second time this has happened I don’t want to delete and redownload the game because of a glitch again help

  • ACav704 Aᴀʀᴏɴ Cᴀᴠɪɴ (@ACav704) reported

    I tried to sign in to Disney+ this morning on my PlayStation and said it was having problems I said “well that makes sense” I turned everything off and continued with my day lol no reason to get upset this was expected lol

Playstation Network (PSN) Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • CE-30774-1
  • CE-32889-0
  • CE-33676-5
  • CE-33945-4
  • CE-33987-0
  • CE-34335-8
  • CE-34632-8
  • CE-34861-2
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-35287-5
  • CE-35406-8
  • CE-35486-6
  • CE-35489-9
  • CE-36244-9
  • E-80558337
  • E-8200002E
  • E-82000102
  • E-82000113
  • E-82000133
  • E-82000138
  • E-8200013A
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31739-3
  • NP-31952-0
  • NP-32062-3
  • NP-35000-8
  • NW-31194-8
  • NW-31201-7
  • NW-31205-1
  • NW-31246-6
  • NW-31247-7
  • NW-31250-1
  • NW-31253-4
  • NW-31294-9
  • NW-31297-2
  • NW-31374-8
  • NW-31453-6
  • NW-31456-9
  • SU-30696-4
  • SU-30746-0
  • SU-35931-1
  • WC-40382-7
  • WS-36782-6
  • WS-36812-0
  • WS-36855-7
  • WS-36856-8
  • WS-37337-3
  • WS-37338-4
  • WS-37368-7
  • WS-37397-9
  • WS-37432-9
  • WS-37501-6
  • WS-37504-9
  • WV-33898-1
  • WV-33899-2
  • WV-33907-2
  • WV-33917-3
  • WV-36450-7