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Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

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  • plantdaddio kenku w/ a gameboy (@plantdaddio) reported

    can't sleep & wanted to go on a walk & play pokemon go but i can't remember my login. i guess i could just go on a walk but like what's the point if i'm not abt to find a psyduck lurking around the streets at night.

  • FreConsBo Fre Cons Bo (@FreConsBo) reported

    @foxxylland @8BitCR @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp Appreciate the correction, but I was talking about the Slakoth one, the months before, as well as August 3rd... Then again, whether it's Saturday or Sunday, it's the Evening part that is the problem for me

  • NarutoRambhajue Some_Dude (@NarutoRambhajue) reported

    @KashOnlyPls They do but they own 1/3 of the franchise (may be wrong) but ever since pokemon go company (forgot the name) and gamefreak merged, half the team (or some) has been working for pokemon go. So in this case, Nintendo can't do everything this time. But we don't know yet

  • NarutoRambhajue Some_Dude (@NarutoRambhajue) reported

    Imma go on a little rant about pokemon sword/shield, but give gamefreak a ******* break. They're under a lot of pressure, making a game for us to enjoy just to hear fans ***** at them. I get it, it's frustrating but they are humans too and half or some are working on pokemon go.

  • kd7jkm KD7JKM (@kd7jkm) reported

    @PokemonGoApp FIX THE ******* TIME ALREADY YOU ********!

  • yt_otter OtterPlaysYT (@yt_otter) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix ur game

  • JoshuaWit1 joshua (josh) witt🇺🇸 (@JoshuaWit1) reported

    @PokemonGoApp The problem is that it being a Sunday evening, I can’t be out then I have something going then of why I can’t get out to do this one, I’ll have to skip this one

  • ButMadNNW ButMadNNW (@ButMadNNW) reported

    @Sir_Dark_ @dgh1804 @Corncobb64 @F3l1n3 @PokemonGoApp Yeah, my family retreated to a mall partway through Squirtle last July because my phone kept overheating at the park. Problem with California: lots of the malls are outdoors. 😆

  • PopeKingJoe Emily's Lil Croissant (@PopeKingJoe) reported

    A short nap did not fix headache. Maybe a walk will. Gotta go play some Pokemon Go anyway.

  • estevan_g Estevan Gonzalez (@estevan_g) reported

    @EmuWooloo @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp I don’t need to say what thousands of others are already saying. The old time worked better. There’s absolutely no conversation that needs to be had over how to “fix” it. Nothing needs fixing. Just don’t change anything.

  • estevan_g Estevan Gonzalez (@estevan_g) reported

    @EmuWooloo @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp Ok but you’re still missing the point. There’s nothing they have to do in this particular situation. The fix is is to not change anything. There is no conducive or productive opinion/suggestion that needs to be made. You’re reaching for an argument when there’s nothing to argue.

  • lindsaydemeola matt (@lindsaydemeola) reported

    shit guys i redownloaded pokemon go and my last login was 2016

  • EmuWooloo ꜱᴏʙʙʟᴏᴏ (@EmuWooloo) reported

    @estevan_g @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp If you think something isn't working, make a suggestion on HOW they can fix it or keep your mouth shut.

  • _Ace_san Ace (@_Ace_san) reported

    @_Leifa @jrhmtn @JasonCousins7 @PokemonGoApp I think the most huge problem here is some county park is already closed. Where can they catch their Pokémon.

  • xKombucha Mills (@xKombucha) reported

    @PkmnMasterHolly @PokemonGoApp Southern hemisphere gets to freeze their fingers off and try not to crash into anything in the 2+ hours of darkness this means. I'm very excited 😡

  • Pockets1980 Pockets (@Pockets1980) reported

    @DC5125 @PokemonGoApp Probably their plan, take pressure of their servers so game doesn't error as much 😂

  • jeremydadcock Jeremy Adcock (@jeremydadcock) reported

    In pokemon go is the location problem. It started last night after I started playing Harry Potter. When i went back to Pokemon Go, I couldn't get the location or the map wouldn't load.

  • tovartheawesome Tovar Perri (@tovartheawesome) reported from Villa Park, Illinois

    @PokemonGoApp The problem with those times is that for those of us who want to throw after event contests wont be able to because majority of the community will head home right after 7. And a lot of public parks/places close around that time too.

  • Peta_Puff_Pie Puff Pie (@Peta_Puff_Pie) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Seriously, I don't normally complain but you guys are making it difficult to actually do community days anymore nd even in the short time (+- an hour)I can get the shiny rate has decreased so much I generally am lucky if I even get 1 shiny in that time..just a bit broken by this.

  • nuchuujin 🔪 ㋐𝗅𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋 @ ATLANTA 🔪 (@nuchuujin) reported

    my pokemon go login wont work and im struggling to get the password from ptc guess i'll die

  • alphabetocean Ali Doppke (@alphabetocean) reported

    It would be better if it didn’t have the speed warning @HPWizardsUnite im mostly walking and it comes up when I am not in the game. I know this wa stone issue @PokemonGoApp as well

  • RuhRoweRarin Darin (@RuhRoweRarin) reported

    @GamerAura @amyleeforever @Eeveelien @PokemonGoApp When meds and dinner are the problem then maybe those things should just be made priority.

  • Cory5412 Cory "Data Storage" W. (@Cory5412) reported

    @colincornaby GOD. [pokemon go] this is made worse by SOME mobile apps handling network changes x-treemly poorly, and by there being no real way to tell why something's angry, esp. in situations where heat is a real problem [pokemon go + battery pack in a case]

  • classy_raven The Classy Raven (@classy_raven) reported

    @NianticLabs @PortkeyGames I’ve waited 2 years for Wizards Unite, and I’m so disappointed in it. The animations when expelling confoundables are so long that by the time I’m ready to move on to another area, so many more have popped up! This is a problem in @PokemonGoApp (1/2)

  • candice_neves Candice Neves (@candice_neves) reported

    @GNinja389 @NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp Not to mention the issues with the cold, what parent is going to take their kid for a Sunday stroll for 3 hours when the temperature is dropping as the sun sets. Not to mention safety

  • Pauleepee PaulyP (@Pauleepee) reported

    @GraysinAurora I couldn't get into it, found it slow and complicated so went back to pokemon go 😀

  • gamer_moustache Super Moustache Gamer (@gamer_moustache) reported

    @GamerAura @BrickJamal @PkmnMasterHolly @PokemonGoApp That still doesn’t solve the heatstroke issue

  • kangcc2 Chin Chong Kang (@kangcc2) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Give Community Day Pass. Throw it anywhere anytime and 3 hour countdown starts. Lure last for whole day. While everyone else is seeing normal pokemon, the CD pass holder see Mudkip. If server crash, timer then paused, and session can be continued later

  • Corncobb64 Corncobb (@Corncobb64) reported

    @HeyKakujo @PokemonGoApp But I dont get why now it's a problem, even if it was 2-5 or 3-6 we'd be playing in the hottest time of day anyway.

  • josh_mcyoung Josh Mcyoung (@josh_mcyoung) reported

    @lexicinofficial @TonyKord @PokemonGoApp The fact that it is on a Sunday so late is the main issue because 83% of people work mon-fri. If it were Saturday 4-7 it would be no big deal

  • GamerAura Aura🏳️‍🌈❤💜💙 (@GamerAura) reported

    @BrickJamal @PkmnMasterHolly @PokemonGoApp They need to realize that these set times are not working and the only fair way to do it is to just give everyone a token that once activated starts CD for them. Then people can do it at whatever time they want in a 24 hour span. No need to try and find a "good" timeslot then.

  • GamerAura Aura🏳️‍🌈❤💜💙 (@GamerAura) reported

    @BrickJamal @PkmnMasterHolly @PokemonGoApp They need to realize that these set times are not working and the only fair way to do is is to just five everyone a token that once activated starts CD for them. Then people can do it at whatever time they want in a 24 hour span.

  • GamerAura Aura🏳️‍🌈❤💜💙 (@GamerAura) reported

    @amyleeforever @Eeveelien @PokemonGoApp The world isn't just for people who can switch their meal schedule w/out problem either. People have meds w/ time restrictions, or small kids with set schedules. Niantic is never going to please everyone and they need to just give us a token to make CD whatever 3hrs works for us.

  • BrickJamal Goldust321 not @ Go Fest Dortmund (@BrickJamal) reported

    @PkmnMasterHolly @PokemonGoApp I don't like it, basically have to play at night as sunset is at 5pm, parks close at 5pm and my city is not safe so definitely a safety issue with it.

  • JenJankowski1 Jen Jankowski (@JenJankowski1) reported

    @PokemonGoApp People are always complaining about something! This time, the complaints are regarding the time of this mini event. Honestly guys, if you have a problem with it, don't play the event

  • Tigersfanjr Josh Rasler (@Tigersfanjr) reported

    @PokemonGoApp For ***** sake give east coast its 2-5 slot back... as some one that works at 5 am the very next day ending at 7 is pretty much go home and go to bed. No time for lucky trades no time for anything after.... yall love to fix things that isnt broke or should I say break things...

  • FLWvideos FLW Videos (@FLWvideos) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp Quick, someone at Niantic fix it quietly without notifying anyone lol

  • RezaWilde R.H.M.Wilde (@RezaWilde) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Still too hot where I'm at, and the temperature is only going to climb... I do appreciate @PokemonGoApp listening to what we've been saying, but there are still some issues to be worked out... In some places it's too dark already, or too cold... (1/2)

  • shineyhuntr Somebody (@shineyhuntr) reported

    @nanogomamon you can make your pokemon go plus clicking automatically by taking it appart and connect one wire. I did it with mine, it’s working fine.

  • Cian_Aidan Cian (@Cian_Aidan) reported from Fareham, England

    @HPWizardsUnite @wbgames @PokemonGoApp It is not working on my S10+

  • BinJLG 🦄Jess❤️💜💙Gee🦄 (@BinJLG) reported

    Downloaded #WizardsUnite last night. Game is really slow (as in laggy) and clunky, especially compared to Pokemon Go. And I haven't even walked around with it yet. We'll see how it goes once I get out, but I think I'll be sticking with PoGo.

  • sonic_blaster SonicBlaster® TL 40 ⚡#TeamParanoico (@sonic_blaster) reported

    @PokemonGoApp hi niantic this is to bad for some countries who have violence problems, for example my country El Salvador that hours are dangerous to go outside with your phone this is so sad thanks for your time reading my opinion :S

  • edenedge_ Eden🐝 (@edenedge_) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I'm gonna need you to fix the time slot and make it all day or don't call it a Community "Day"

  • Jonnoru Jonnoru (@Jonnoru) reported

    @DanIAm314 @PokemonGoApp My issue is it's too late, me and everyone I know will be at work by then.

  • bstpeach ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴀᴅᴏᴏᴋs (@bstpeach) reported

    It's like having an issue with Pokemon Go game mechanics and sending the complaint to Nintendo instead of Niantic

  • StayTech87 CrymeArlver (@StayTech87) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Good FINALLY listening to the working people moving this up to 4pm gives people who work on saturdays the chance to play during community day people complaining about it will be too hot 10am-2pm is the worst time to be out in the heat it starts cooling down after 2pm lol

  • DanIAm314 Dan Perruzzi (@DanIAm314) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Why does everyone have an issue with this time frame, this means more of the CD hours happen after the hottest point in the day. That seems strictly better

  • tabrahao Capitão América (@tabrahao) reported from São Paulo, São Paulo

    @NianticHelp I Just can't play Pokemon Go or Wizards Unite because I'm having connection problem every time and this is so annoying!#PokemonGo #WizardsUnite

  • CODsLucifer Donnie (@CODsLucifer) reported

    @Pokemon @PokemonGoApp @PokemonGOHubNet If anyone is having problems please get help Suicide hotline numbers 📞 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 116 123 United States 🇺🇸 1-800-273-8255 Canada 🇨🇦 1 800 456 4566 Ireland 🇮🇪 116 123 Philippines 🇵🇭 2919 Australia 🇦🇺 131 114 France 🇫🇷 01 45 39 40 00

  • TheNotDoctor Big Honking Clefairy 🏳️‍🌈 (@TheNotDoctor) reported

    It's even retroactively making me enjoy Pokemon Go less because it's exposing issues to me that I hadn't seen (or wasn't willing to see) through my nostalgia

  • dronniedarko alana (@dronniedarko) reported

    @PokemonGoApp im having troubles with the adventure sinc, please fix it, I need my candiiiieeess

  • dronniedarko alana (@dronniedarko) reported

    @PokemonGoApp im having troubles with the adventure sinc, please fix it, I need my candyyyyssss

  • adorkablymandy Mandy, More (@adorkablymandy) reported

    Pokemon Go says I walked 16.5 km last week but I know all that really means is I drove really slow for 16.5 km last week

  • victor_vilagran Victor Vilagran (@victor_vilagran) reported

    @NianticHelp Hello, I would like to do a report. You could put the harry potter game to download and have the option to disable the gyroscope. In the portal is having this problem for players who do not have it, does not have the option to disable, as in the Pokemon GO

  • H_Skee Heather Zasowski (@H_Skee) reported

    @PokemonGoApp how about you redo kyogre weeks since your app currently is not working. I cant even play for 10 minutes without a network error

  • shadowstar240 Sarah Marie Jones (@shadowstar240) reported

    @NianticHelp I was kicked out of @PokemonGoApp earlier and I haven't been able to log back in since. I have tried re-entering my credentials but it's still not working. Using a Pokémon Trainer Club account.

  • gkirkby1983 gavin (@gkirkby1983) reported

    @NianticHelp @NianticLabs is there any chance that adventure sync will be available for Harry porrwe once the issues with pokemon go have been resolved please. Also when will it be resolved please. Thanks

  • JessicaEsquibe5 Jessica Esquibel (@JessicaEsquibe5) reported

    @NianticHelp niantic I am very pissed off it's unfair that so many people can't play wizards unite but everyone can play Pokemon go not everyone can afford thousand dollar phones some of us are on a fixed income like me you need to fix your game so everyone can enjoy it

  • Jacquiarno Jacqui (@Jacquiarno) reported

    Oh my gosh, Pokemon Go, of all the times to do your freezing nonsense, this was the worst time! I was doing a sneaky run to the closest gym at 9:30pm, so it's all dark & creepy, I was also in my pjs & slippers... I did get it working & I got the gym! My poor anxiety though, haha.

  • Shogunmaster26 Shogunmaster (@Shogunmaster26) reported

    @NianticHelp I am here @NianticHelp because my pokemon go app crashes every 15sec -> all started today, I’m on iOS(v12.3.1) and whatever the current app version is. I tried uninstalling the app and re-installing it to fix, but no changes. Also seems to be eating up battery life quickly.