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  • RadeDRB Daniel - Gay Werewolf Extraordinaire (@RadeDRB) reported

    I need to get off social for a while, Reddit included. I'm struggling with a lot of anxiety about world problems I can't control and it's absolutely shattering my health.

  • micky18010 micky180 (@micky18010) reported

    Tried on Reddit to post "The lies of disgraced former prosecutor @Ken723Ken Ken Kratz" but just like @ZellnerLaw I was turned down when I requested an extra 6,000 word extension so I could fit them all in 🧐😜

  • triviaally beemo (@triviaally) reported

    edens reddit is so funny bc it’s full of people who look down upon eden stan twt i don’t wanna hear it from people who use memes from 2012

  • RosesofKnight96 The_Lancaster_Kidd (@RosesofKnight96) reported

    @lewdersheep **** why can’t these people have their own cancerous site to complain on or invade reddit...the moment they became refugees on twitter they’re now causing problems...

  • Therealbjergsen TonyNguyen (@Therealbjergsen) reported

    @YangDotVideo @sativaacidni @DontWalk___RUN This is problem I've been addressing, journalism and media like to hype things up. If you read the research papers or go on reddit for machine learning and find them, you will notice the hype isn't as close to the actual thing.

  • MasterArrow4 MasterArrow (@MasterArrow4) reported

    @lysereyes This is what I'm talking about. Like I said to the other guy, I was just going off of what the reddit picture said. If they're wrong, cool. Calm down.

  • JD_Horton14 James (@JD_Horton14) reported

    @reddit I got a comment reply and it won’t appear on the inbox or the comment thread. When I look on the person’s account I see the partial comment and when I select it it shows the thread without that comment. Please fix this shit.

  • topkaku tokaku (@topkaku) reported

    information/troubleshooting or even problem reporting videos are important! I got a dm on reddit twice this year about a problem I had with my screen that I posted a thread and a video about 2 years ago and helped those lads out your problem might be someone else's too

  • RokoMijicUK RokoMijic (@RokoMijicUK) reported

    @CovfefeAnon And Reddit has a problem because it's subject to top-down censorship based upon corporate interests etc.

  • CovfefeAnon Covfefe Anon (@CovfefeAnon) reported

    @RokoMijicUK Sure, but look at actual reddit for the counterexample - the most soybug site on the internet. Urbit is the bet that permanent pseudonymous identities is a solution to this problem.

  • JosGE5 JosGE - TL 40 (@JosGE5) reported

    @jcpics3 @jaykimdotnet @AlolanBunny Communication between devs and the player base, and visa versa. Niantic doesn't have a forum for their games, so communication is limited to social media and maybe Reddit. They still fail to offer dev insight on changes/issues.

  • g0thhyejoo milo ✨ (@g0thhyejoo) reported

    @romeofullcombo i feel you omg im in this server my friend made and the ppl there share reddit pics and say the n word all the time even tho they white

  • zakdude100 Isaac Marshall (@zakdude100) reported

    @DICE_FireWall On reddit when you talked about a Hero que system that wasn't a bad idea, you could get around the issue of one hero being really popular by allowing people to que for multiple heroes they like at the same time. When they pick one it would remove them from the other ques

  • fabiano_ben ben fabiano (@fabiano_ben) reported

    @blc @Emmanue50794093 @Pwn20wnd If you looked in to the tagged reddit thread, you would see it was already specified has an a12 only glitch

  • jdegoes John A De Goes (@jdegoes) reported

    @polaris_s0i Read my full Reddit response which addresses the issue from all angles

  • mattfwood Matt Wood (@mattfwood) reported

    @USRepMikeDoyle @EnergyCommerce @DorisMatsui @janschakowsky @changeterms @cathymcmorris @GOP @FrankPallone @repgregwalden @daniellecitron @cmcsherr @EFF @CounteringCrime @reddit @boblatta @RepDianaDeGette @USRepKCastor Ha, on cue, @RepBuddyCarter says he feels like a parent pleading with the kids! The question is, unlike me, does he have anything better up his sleeve than "fix this in ways I can't quite articulate, or else you're never allowed to go outside again!!!" #Section230

  • EFFLive EFF Live Tweets (@EFFLive) reported

    @cmcsherr @EnergyCommerce @cathymcmorris @daniellecitron @katieoyama .@RepBuddyCarter says his staffers found offers of fentanyl on online services. Reddit's Steve Huffman points out that he'd probably find the same if he searched his own email spam. Filtering can work, but it won't always be able to fix a social problem.

  • eileenmcarey Eileen Carey (@eileenmcarey) reported

    Reddit keeps saying in regards to opioid sales that section 230 doesn’t protect them from being held accountable for federal criminal law - that’s a pivot from the issue - Reddit is not held accountable for illegal fentanyl sales because of 230

  • milk4jacob JaCabob (@milk4jacob) reported

    I saw a Reddit thread about things that are considered normal in your country but weird in others and I really wanted to comment School Shootings, but I forgot my login info.😔 (I'm also surprised I didn't see it.)

  • ScottieDrama108 Scott Edward (@ScottieDrama108) reported

    @TrueEyeTheSpy @selffunded12 I saw proof of this when they banned Q threads on reddit. I had been following the Q threads there, then they shut it down because "they said" it was promoting violence, etc. I knew this was a lie because I was on there all the time. Once your eyes are open, they remain open

  • DivestTrump DivestTrump (@DivestTrump) reported

    @Dr_Strangejove @reddit From what I've been told, default mod slack is all but shut down. It was mostly garbage when I was there, but at least it was something. Sad it's gone even further downhill. Don't worry! Spez told Congress they're well positioned for 2020!

  • PANDAHEROTV ライアン (@PANDAHEROTV) reported

    @frandrowser There's a big difference between saving money & supporting a company that has a ton of fraudulent activities. Just go to their reddit & see how many people have made post about fraud & payment issues that occurs on their site. Literally filled with them.

  • LaterBeach Brad (@LaterBeach) reported

    @NegaPerere @ThresusHuggieyu @Knight96The @lca44die @DeadByBHVR No, im saying bhvr does the slightest changes to pig such as fixing a bug or making her dash not insta down with noed and every dumbass on reddit freaks out and says she’s completely useless now. The dash change doesn’t affect the good players anyway it only helps them with STBFL

  • datkidprince22 PrinceThaProdigy💯 (@datkidprince22) reported

    @haloda75 @Pwn20wnd There’s a fix, check the jailbreak reddit

  • EngineOrg Engine (@EngineOrg) reported

    Responding to @USRepMikeDoyle's question, @reddit's Steve Huffman says without 230, a platform would either stop looking to take down bad content or stop hosting "remotely problematic" content. "I'm not sure Reddit as we know it could exist."

  • CounteringCrime ACCO (@CounteringCrime) reported

    .@Reddit, The internet is broken, just because you don’t know what the fix would look like, doesn’t mean we should start the fix. Reform #CDA230

  • EngineOrg Engine (@EngineOrg) reported

    @EnergyCommerce @USRepMikeDoyle @janschakowsky @thehill @reddit @EFF @cmcsherr Responding to @USRepMikeDoyle's question, @reddit's Steve Huffman says without 230, a platform would either stop looking to take down bad content or stop hosting content all together. "I'm not sure Reddit as we know it could exist."

  • EngineOrg Engine (@EngineOrg) reported

    @EnergyCommerce @USRepMikeDoyle @janschakowsky @thehill @reddit @EFF @cmcsherr Responding to @USRepMikeDoyle’s question, @reddit’s CEO says without 230, a platform would either stop looking to take down bad content or stop hosting content all together. "I'm not sure Reddit as we know it could exist."

  • mattfwood Matt Wood (@mattfwood) reported

    @USRepMikeDoyle @EnergyCommerce @DorisMatsui @janschakowsky @changeterms @cathymcmorris @GOP @FrankPallone @repgregwalden @daniellecitron @cmcsherr @EFF @CounteringCrime Good open-ended question too from Chairman Doyle to @reddit about how it's a relatively small platform that has taken down controversial subreddits, but that relies on volunteers and couldn't exist w/o #Section230 since 100% of content is user-generated.

  • fabiano_ben ben fabiano (@fabiano_ben) reported

    @Emmanue50794093 @Pwn20wnd iPhone XS 12.4 b2. A lot of People on reddit seem to be having the same issue.

  • fryan_get ryan@spooky bitch disease_ebooks (@fryan_get) reported

    @remixstarts apparently s48's been having hella server issues so it just... died this morning. Someone made a fake reddit post that it was gone forever and then ti came back after the actual admin said 'nah we recovered it'

  • heykotel kotel! 🇦🇷🇩🇪 (@heykotel) reported

    @enbygremlin its deeper than that tho, for every eboy worshipped on tiktok there are 10 in a reddit cringe compilation. your tweet only scratches the surface of the problem and a word of advice, bud, would be to delete that app /:

  • RucksackGame 🎃 Body Bag Brothers 🎃 (@RucksackGame) reported

    Comment on reddit that stuck with me: There’s a lot of what I think of as 'toxic positivity' about now. The truth is you dont have to be at full speed every second of the day, you dont always have to feel motivated... Sometimes it’s just slow or difficult... and thats ok too.

  • _sirena_ako Rena (@_sirena_ako) reported

    Bye friends. Gonna go down the reddit hole.

  • Supertoast_GT SupertoastGT (@Supertoast_GT) reported

    @SpawnWaveMedia It seems that when Sony yanked Facebook integration, they broke PSN sign-in for anyone who used that function. Tons of people (myself included) got errors when logging in. Changing passwords or privacy settings on the PS site fixes it. Check R/PS4 on Reddit.

  • kea_hga kea (@kea_hga) reported

    @Pimp_Fada Some of consumer tech’s biggest influencers (including MKBHD) have called the $1,000 Pixelbook shite. There are so many Reddit threads about the issues and articles all over the web about it. I doubt that will influence a significant number of people to preorder

  • YelloDeville Truth Seeker (@YelloDeville) reported

    @ed_solomon This is the disease of the millennial, wannabe hipster, reddit culture. The hate and slow burning self-rightousness is disgusting.

  • KriddleKraddle Kriddle (@KriddleKraddle) reported

    @xSymantha The sad part is this has all been said before. It's the same song and dance that gets everyone so hyped and falls short. Having BR and STW share seasons has been a problem since the beginning. Oh and also posting ALL of their "updates" on reddit and nowhere

  • Hwilkes32 Harrison Wilkes (@Hwilkes32) reported

    @BrettRushing @TravisGafford The riot article read that they would be going over pre season patch notes for TFT and SR along with more. The problem was the article that made the front page of Reddit was the Inven one where they said it was just those two things.

  • AjaxRoxx AjaxRoxx ✈️ Dreamhack ATL (@AjaxRoxx) reported

    @RPBGreg Lol. For now. Almost raged yesterday. Idk why I keep getting beaver error codes. I can only load in tower 1/3 times. My worlds are empty so events are a slog and crucible and strikes take forever to find. All ports are forwarded and I did everything reddit suggested.

  • AdamP112 Adam Peterson (@AdamP112) reported

    @jazzjacob1 @JazzedPodcast @matt_theharper @mrbasso I don't think so. Every where has told me Reddit took down the streams this year.

  • vsTARDISES Brass Saturday (@vsTARDISES) reported

    @discordapp Image previews for reddit links seem to be broken now. As in, the the thumbnails simply do not load. This is happening on both desktop client and on mobile.

  • michelmcbride Michel (@michelmcbride) reported

    @hoskingc Yeah “Buck Angel Controversy” brings up a transphobic reddit subforum and a blog post from 2012 about some weird statements that are interpreted as victim blaming. “Problematic” is the google keyword that gets results. I don’t see how tearing down contra points is helpful

  • takunism 🌟 | not spoiler free! (@takunism) reported

    @mnlcvs one of the real admins posted on the reddit and apparently that post is fake so while it's down it's probably not forever

  • copaceticPQ pro bottom account (@copaceticPQ) reported

    @twitersgoodboy @keewa If it makes you feel any better I posted several Meandering paragraphs to Reddit about how they had better reveal the reason it's 500 years is because colonialism poisoned the world and the problem with the system is that the enemies of colonialism have been lumped in

  • twkdb17 TWKDB17 (@twkdb17) reported

    Her policy report is literary garbage! No help on housing problem, social welfare, living cost..... As calculated, she disappointed HongKongers again! #CarrieLam #FreeHongKong #government #carriefuckinglam @lihkg_forum @FreedomHKG @reddit

  • ShadowgateKDA ShadowgateKDA (@ShadowgateKDA) reported

    @BvtterNvtSqvash @dawholybirch @retro80sgrrl All the issues I have occutentered are reported by others on reddit. The app issues are noted in the patches.

  • IyneI dimitri’s psychiatrist (@IyneI) reported

    this person really stole someones fan animation and reposted it to reddit and when i tell them that the original artist says dont repost so they should prob take it down i get downvote spammed. wowww lmfao

  • fluffyzx 🌻🐝fluff💦💘 (@fluffyzx) reported

    @GooseworxMusic Everything creeps me out so I'm probably a terrible choice, but I like to watch real stories from reddit that are terrifying. like r/LetsNotMeet

  • MSTRMN_ George (@MSTRMN_) reported

    It's also a feeling of wanting to be involved, to make an impact, but at the same time I'm too distanced and have many internal issues... It just makes me sad that the only thing I have to show off is my karma on Reddit. It's really useless for me and I gain nothing valuable.

  • summerstarcoop 👻 (@summerstarcoop) reported

    @reddit 11. Still has to go to therapy because accomplishing a task list doesn't fix emotional problems.

  • sqaaakoi Sqaaakoi (@sqaaakoi) reported

    Opinion on the Reddit mobile app: back button should scroll down

  • B_warner3 Bilbo🤘🏼👽🤘🏼 (@B_warner3) reported from Livonia, Michigan

    My girlfriends snake just farted so ******* loud it woke me up. This happened at least 3 times, i thought someone had broken into my house. Turns out ball pythons fart extremely loud when they shit. Shout out to reddit for the quick diagnosis.

  • no_planet_c Luxury Posadism (@no_planet_c) reported

    Today I helped talk a Zootopia fan down from the ledge. They were upset that leftists on reddit thought ACAB, even the rabbit from Zootopia. They were threatening self harm because of the ridicule. It must be nice to care about something that much, even if its dumb.

  • aka_Borg akaBorg (@aka_Borg) reported

    @ExcaliburB7 Yup and for a lot of others, the audio fix didn't work. Reddit is full of people stating the same issue

  • TRUELoliconLord The Lord Of Lolicons👑 (@TRUELoliconLord) reported

    @smolbaka And I should also try to fix the numerous grammar errors I just typed, but this isn’t reddit so.....

  • WaybackBot Wayback Bot (@WaybackBot) reported

    Reddit to close down offensive/abhorrent content

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Vincent33094736 Vincent (@Vincent33094736) reported

    @BitCoinBanka @reddit I already experienced mistakenly sent huge funds to a wrong address. I really hate it. Maybe the time is now to avoid that kind of problem.

  • Jason_Dar Jason Courtar (@Jason_Dar) reported

    reddit/r/playstation has a few topics started around this. Some are claiming that PlayStation won't help them via phone or chat, because they're busy. Presumably with other instances regarding this issue