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  • FidoMaster1 Dan Davis (@FidoMaster1) reported

    @EcommerceBytes Best bet is repro / corroborating reports between EKG, eBay Technical Issues community sub-forum, & askeBay Twitter support queue (and beyond that of course FB, Reddit, etc.) $0.02

  • Vyriah Elite 5 | Rhyvia (@Vyriah) reported

    @FFsfia @FrostyTVstream I've been called an idiot by reddit for saying that for so much time. There is a problem with meta with burst phases happening so often they just become part of a bigger rotation cycle, but this the only thing that is clearly more job balance related than boss design related.

  • mbthecool19 MB (@mbthecool19) reported

    @_ronty_ If u don't let Reddit theories and the internet cloud your judgement then none of the episodes this season were bad. Some storylines are a bit rushed, less nuanced. Dialogue writing standards have gone down but there are satisfying arcs. Cinematography, costumes, music all A+

  • KalmenBarkin2 Kalmen Barkin (@KalmenBarkin2) reported

    @ChairmanButters @jcantera2 @SenatorMenendez @Twitter @YouTube @Google @Microsoft @reddit @facebook @spee_ch when you argue that they aren't a thing you accept the premise that if they were that would be a problem

  • Kenahan_ ⟠Kenahan⟠ (@Kenahan_) reported

    @lililashka @VitalikButerin I applied to @HumanityDAO and got verified without an issue. I also collected my $1 in DAI without issue. And I'm just some schmo who believes in ethereum and uses it almost every day. I did read the reddit post, and can def sense intense hostility in the tone of the writer.

  • FunGaming44 Fun Gaming (@FunGaming44) reported

    @Cities_PDX @J0nathanWhitley Please fix it so the CCP can be selected as a district theme like European Suburbia, so many people are asking for this on your forums, youtube, reddit, twitter, facebook. It's kinda crazy not to have it as a selectable theme. Not everyone wants to use mods you know.

  • alloycipher1 Alloy (@alloycipher1) reported

    @reddit The server's ******.

  • JoolsZB jools (@JoolsZB) reported

    @Jimmy_The_Waves @JKCorden @PeteButtigieg quick, go check out Coren's reddit AMA before they take it down. total train wreck wherein multiple people testify that he's a prick in person. hilarious

  • Killermeido Killermeido (@Killermeido) reported

    @AltersOnly I'm not white, but the colour of my skin, or anyone's skin, isn't relevant. Offense is also in the eye of the beholder, so I don't see any irony. The issue here, is being prescribed to by Albert and Reddit what is acceptable in a videogame or not, against his no change promises.

  • JtotheRain Rainy (@JtotheRain) reported

    @EamoV1 I thought I was alright till I saw the RL Reddit. I hover around plat 1 on Doubles and slightly better on Standard. I like to think I’m good with a disastrous error in me, Cooper-esque.

  • GreeneKangaroo Green Kangaroo (@GreeneKangaroo) reported

    I can think of no more damning fact re: the end of GoT than the fact that its reddit freefolk subboard took it so hard they changed to a LOTR subboard. I expect the curative members of that fandom to die and the transformatives to grim-facedly Fix It.

  • Tukka Jamie Tucker (@Tukka) reported

    @TomThorogood @DapperDan Half the problem is also fan theories and Reddit threads etc, where ideas and possible storylines are latched onto and developed on social media, usually ending up way more interesting/exciting than anything the writers thought about doing. So anything short of it is a let down.

  • ralphcstro_ Я (@ralphcstro_) reported

    Twitter for Issues Instagram for No Issues Facebook for Memes Reddit/9gag for More Memes

  • DarkwindLeaf Dark (@DarkwindLeaf) reported

    @FlamingoSam_ @SporadicAtBest well thats the problem, going brasso-mode and kitting out against phys has the opportunity cost of making u weaker against damage that actually kills you, the real solution is to not stand in giant telegraphed attacks designed to kill players like a reddit user does

  • Hanscholo_93 Coty D. Sanchez (@Hanscholo_93) reported

    @WifiSymbol @coolstarorg Honestly I’ve wanted to just give up on trying to jailbreak my new A12 device, I was going on reddit for weeks posting on there for help several times, and wasn’t able to fix absolutely nuthin’ getting half ass advices from people explaining my situation. But nobody helped.

  • SuperRoyalLand Tom (@SuperRoyalLand) reported

    “Why hotels are pieces of shit for not letting the homeless loiter in their lobby at night”. The epic 37,000 page thread closed down by the moderators on Reddit.

  • jiminshidae pancake enthusiast (@jiminshidae) reported

    I have allkpop blocked for 6 six now, damn i can hold a grudge. People were discussing it on reddit because of the yg issue, how mods let people use that trash as source and stuff~

  • bombsquad450r Mike Powell (@bombsquad450r) reported

    @KP8Design Problem number one its reddit. Problem two its the VGK reddit,

  • tooturntshaf ㅤschmani☠️ (@tooturntshaf) reported

    @hzq666 “Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members” - @Wikipedia

  • KingJason_31 KingJason31 (@KingJason_31) reported

    @EhhDannn @missyeney It happen in my experience and most people on reddit explain it to be the reason as well when I was having that issue try playing with just the 144hz monitor connected and play on 144hz

  • jumsbugs bug head's jums (@jumsbugs) reported

    @erniehotsauce Hacker news, which is like a stripped down single-board reddit run by a silicon valley startup incubator known as y-combinator. People post links and then programmers on a spectrum of center lib to bloodless libertarian write cool and smart stuff in the comments

  • trainersienna sienna (@trainersienna) reported

    @CountSackula if there's a specific interest a good tactic has been to use reddit/whatever to find the good people and then **** off with them into a discord server or something

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • KStreetHipster K Street (@KStreetHipster) reported

    @DopJon Reddit is a great way to hate any show. People did that with True Detective until they got so excited with theories that ANYTHING would have let them down. They all think they can write better than the writers. It’s maddening.

  • BooDev Boo | Get Scribble on Packix (@BooDev) reported

    @ZombJohn update coming tomorrow to hopefully fix this - if not I'll have a post on reddit explaining how to manually fix it

  • NealHatesMath RIP Barnacle Man :( (@NealHatesMath) reported

    @RiotSupport @ailurily Doesn't seem to be impacting every game, but does seem to be impacting enough for reddit threads and tweets to pop up (reddit threads get deleted due to no server posts allowed)

  • ThatGuyOfPlace Joaje (@ThatGuyOfPlace) reported

    Finals: coming up Tornado: coming down People on reddit: coming out

  • kalasangan_ Kat Alvarez (@kalasangan_) reported

    @aprilpaulyn Reddit (r/freefolk) has the leaked endings. There were two or three, including the one we did see, and all of them kinda terrible.

  • Perfexcellence JOSH (@Perfexcellence) reported

    @roestbeef Reddit really does have everything locked down. I love reddit

  • NadiaJPLE House of Stark (@NadiaJPLE) reported

    @artingkrusca Hot take and probably unpopular opinion but inspired by a reddit post were comic fans were complaining MCU Peter not growing quickly& not having a rogue gallery big enough yet: the problem with Steve was not just the refusal to move on/trauma that went unchecked it’s also

  • Gorgo2005 Gorgo2005 (@Gorgo2005) reported

    @OfficialPCMR I just joined reddit so I could post a response to this, but it got automatically taken down because my account is brand new. Hoping that it will eventually appear in the thread once my account gets a few days on it. Saved the post's text to Notepad in case it gets lost. LOL

  • Carais_ JOSUKE (@Carais_) reported

    The guy with the broken arms jk on Reddit took it to the nxt lvl WTH man looooooooooool

  • kalinah Калина (@kalinah) reported

    Someone just gave me Reddit silver (lol) for predicting that the Zaitsev contract would be terrible for the Leafs (lol), which has to be the easiest way anyone's ever earned a cryptocurrency transfer.

  • bengoerz Ben Goerz (@bengoerz) reported

    For those following the Salesforce outage on May 17, permissions were apparently wrong for AT LEAST 5.5 hours (first report on Reddit @ 06:32 CDT, service taken offline @ 11:56 CDT).

  • rileymachado1 Riley Machado (@rileymachado1) reported

    @chrisconnellxxx Nothing, it just takes longer to build up an audience of people who are down to hear you talk about random shit for a half hour on multiple occasions when you’re not rich as **** or already famous lol. But keep making them though! Do a livestream and post the link all over Reddit

  • SkiesR6 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@SkiesR6) reported

    @Rum__Ple Was happening to me for about 4 months, it’s a easy fix search it up on reddit mate

  • Shane_Seivert Shane Seivert (@Shane_Seivert) reported

    @tubbylicious593 That’s how I watch the Seahawks lol just search on google. “Reddit rams vs Seahawks” or whoever they’re playing. It’s a stream so it’s kinda hard to find a good one. But I haven’t had problems. Prob only missed like 1 or 2 last year

  • helena15041 Anastasiia (@helena15041) reported

    The more I read reddit, the more I realize that those guys with obvious problems that hate women on there, are just confused over what century we in and don’t understand that women now, has more opportunities than ever. I hate reddit:(

  • Voxelsaurus_Vex Voxelsaurus Vex (@Voxelsaurus_Vex) reported

    @DewX98 @g_carroll16 @GhostRecon @SiloTen Hopefully Splinter Cell dosen't go down the online only route too. The community managers on Reddit have well and truly passed on feedback regarding online only, AI teammates and Tiered loot to Ubisoft

  • MBShihab MB Shihab (@MBShihab) reported

    @NFSNL I searched the web if anyone having the same issue. It turns yes, most likely android users are facing the problem. Reddit, android central, even communities based on particular device users like oneplus, xiaomi, samsung reporting the same issue.

  • DAvallone (((David Avallone))) (@DAvallone) reported

    @apaige86 @finkelbuster @jess_mc Next, I figure you'll find some Youtube links, maybe a Reddit thread. You're literally drowning in bullshit, and gobbling it down like it was ice cream. Vomit it back at me all you want: the people reading this thread know a liar when they see one.

  • zedchuva zedchuva 🚜 (@zedchuva) reported

    @Momoka_Koizumi Reddit is the scourge of the internet. I was down voted for saying, in an opinion thread, "Nah, didn't care for it." I just go there for info and funny gifs. It's so elitist there.

  • skidacus Skidacus (@skidacus) reported

    @NightbotUHC @stevenshighway @gleemingknight @Criwix @UhcNoReddit @ZanyRIP @AtoxUHC @CyruxMC @MandownNW well when we pay close to $100 to have our server be posted you would be worried too, this is also some of our player base and if the guy who wants us off no reddit is making the rule what do you think is gonna happen

  • findingtheyum Ms Judgy Clipboard (@findingtheyum) reported

    I just giggled at something on Reddit and Possum looked me up and down as if to say "who are you!". Cause apparently, she's a supermodel!! #Catittude #Judgement #CatsOfTwitter

  • Cory5412 Cory "Effort Posting" W. (@Cory5412) reported

    @MallaganVloggs @MsMadLemon @AxelDominatoR @lionheart20XX One thing I will say, @NanoRaptor whose system is pictured on reddit, tells me that chemical bathing methods have worked for years without causing undue harm, it was just the sun-only UV de-yellowing that appeared to cause problems.

  • PDarigan Paul Darigan (@PDarigan) reported

    @SophieWarnes @MartinBelam @LevelTwoRogue I spent so long perusing reddit Red Dead subs not working out what it was that I almost felt I should have handed in my outlaw card.

  • Fuhoooheee Fuh (@Fuhoooheee) reported

    @ReadingPlus why you close down your reddit

  • LitAFDesignNews The Game Design Newsletter (@LitAFDesignNews) reported

    @THPlatformer Oh reddit. Obviously there is strategy, but lots depend on the people browsing new and their first few up/down votes lol

  • PhillipGeorgeIV Phillip (@PhillipGeorgeIV) reported

    saw somewhere on reddit wee man was originally cast for this but turned down the role due to creative differences

  • hovdog Jeh (@hovdog) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout As long as it doesn't let those cheating ***** back in with the 4:8:2000 error we're good. Let them continue to cry on Twitter and Reddit

  • noodlerama001 Dimitri (@noodlerama001) reported

    Reading Ask reddit stories about horrifying meet ups with people online and making the terrible descion to live with them and they turn out to be monsters, man I'm glad that's never happened to me.....or maybe it still can 🤔🤔🤔

  • xXxEDFxXx Edward Du feu (@xXxEDFxXx) reported

    @DavidVonderhaar You deserve all the bad press on Youtube and Reddit, which is still going a weeks after the Spectre update. Your silence is deafening on these issues. Pathetic leadership no chance BO5 will do well with Treyarch in charge

  • BeSoClassic Paradox (@BeSoClassic) reported

    @HappyPower bro I’ve been knowing that the BR reddit abuses power. One time a mod took down my post and I submitted a ticket but never got a response, I then dm the mod on twitter and he blocks me.

  • APirruris no one (@APirruris) reported

    The spoilers I read on Reddit were all true for the GoT final season The let down didn't hurt as much as it did for many others. Great work from the previous seasons just thrown away... Almost as a big "**** you" to the fans.

  • ScruffyJoe187 ScruffyJoe187 (@ScruffyJoe187) reported

    @RustedSteele It's a good idea but the fix was found on reddit and turned out to be the most random thing. It would not start because I had a USB headset plugged in! Unplugged and it started fine then plugged them back in and it carried on working fine. Mad!

  • MannyDMv2 Manny (@MannyDMv2) reported

    @JaysonnOfficial REDDIT ONLY LIST 5. Andromeda ( I’m biased) 4. I forgot the name but the EU server that Organized has 3. Harbored 2. Arctic 1. Cyburgh

  • ntechventures NIKATECH (@ntechventures) reported

    Apex Legends patch waves goodbye to Gibraltoad, addresses hit-detection issues It has been quiet for a while, but the Apex Legends developers are gearing up for a patch update in the coming weeks. A Respawn employee took to Reddit to share the planned changes for the next m…

  • HazeOG2 AOT_Haze (@HazeOG2) reported

    So exited for the fix. oh wait they did not fix pathfinder, Loot boxes loading loot right away, no ranked and no content. They just fixed things they broke in the months after the games release... Maybe its time to be smart and stop reading reddit and talk to content creators!!!

  • RastaAdvocate #Repeal162 ✊🏾🌈 (@RastaAdvocate) reported

    I’m so glad I read the Reddit spoilers Terrible finale 😂😂

  • TheresaEvelyn Theresa (@TheresaEvelyn) reported

    I jut went down a dark hole of conspiracy theories on reddit. My brainnn 😳 🤯