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November 18: Problems at Reddit

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  • FUT_Economist
    FutEconomist (@FUT_Economist) reported

    Imagine being the SBC guy responsible for the Sancho & Icon SBC goofs. You hit publish, Twitter/Reddit blows up, your phone/computer going off with messages from colleagues & your hearts sinks. I hate publishing tweets with grammar errors. So can't even imagine that feeling 🙃

  • Ollie_Cards
    Ollie Cards (@Ollie_Cards) reported

    Hey, sadly I'm no longer on Facebook. I've had some problems in the last few weeks. So, I've decided to delete my account. 😫 You can still purchase from my Zibbet and MyCrafts shop. Also, I'll be on Reddit too. #Facebook #nomorefacebook #cantlogin #nofacebook #goodbyefacebook

  • sharpanddapper
    sharp&dapper (@sharpanddapper) reported

    @rodlie @reddit That's the reason I started making and selling them. I loved the idea but something wasn't right. Regards to being cumbersome, it's just down to use and creating a habit like @RMRStyle says in a video. Once you get used to them, it takes no time and is actually very easy. Johan

  • GetRektByMeh
    レックちぁん (@GetRektByMeh) reported

    @Popushi @TheBarbarienne @gothhunny I'm sure she doesn't need to be validated to know an incel is scum, Reddit validated that by taking every incel sub down and banning any that cropped back up due to the stuff they post. Giving attention to something that isn't warranted is dumb, imo.

  • foxfortmobile
    Foxfort Mobile (@foxfortmobile) reported

    @karim_024 @BrianVS Ya it changed on my homescreen icon text but it does not solve the issue. I see many post about this on reddit but looks like no one has a solution😕

  • muffgoblin
    The Muffin Gaming (@muffgoblin) reported

    @Ninja That's not the problem. The problem is kids watch you report people for trivial things. Your attitude and ego is the problem my guy. I saw the reddit post. Doesn't change the fact of how you act

  • jimlink666
    Jimmy @ mch buffs in 4.5 ? (@jimlink666) reported

    @hiygay @Dninjafly @CMCompton3 maybe im just seeing the worst side but im half expecting new players to get tell "if you wanna raid, dont go to crystal" when asking what server they should start when asking on reddit/facebook/twitch etc

  • ElisiaHeartnet
    Elisia @VegasFanFest2018 (@ElisiaHeartnet) reported

    @AzzyFGC @mermaidere The thing that is stressing me out personally (other then us maybe losing one tank and healer from the move) is that I see a lot of posts on Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr and in discord groups of people deciding they are going to move to any server on aether because they don't think +

  • Airlk_
    Jason Yeung ☀️ (@Airlk_) reported

    @LiquidDominate Reddit kids has always been terrible people

  • cocodivemiri
    Co.Co.Dive (@cocodivemiri) reported

    Spotted on Reddit: Recycling old, broken/damaged gear | I help out with a university scuba group frequently, and recently we were cleaning out of gear room. We've now got a box of broken gear that is damaged beyond repair - fins with cracks, boots that are falling apart, ma…

  • HowlStrange
    🔜WreckItRalph2 🔚TheGrinch (@HowlStrange) reported

    @ManaByte Too much thing to fix around the beginning so I’m more focus on the one lately 😂 I remember there is a guy on Reddit who collect enouh evidence to pinpoint the timeline but I forgot which one is it

  • Gnurrgard
    Sin (@Gnurrgard) reported

    @McBeardCH @Kara__Lisa My 2 biggest issues with HC are overcorrecting regarding control and pointslam (reddit hated nothing more than pointslam) and shifting focus from passing to in game sequencing (The latter being something people on mid level value a lot, he former very abstract and rarely valued)

  • wonkybonkers
    Beth Raebel ⛄🎄 (@wonkybonkers) reported

    @Rosepins I looked up on Reddit, and the game updated cp on a lot of the monsters, and it could just be a glitch right now

  • Sharkspeer
    Sharkiest of Peers (@Sharkspeer) reported

    @ChezRolez2 That poor kid. He's gonna be on Reddit's /r/raisedbynarcissists in a couple of years, guaranteed. At least, I HOPE he can find some support, he'll need it. What a terrible mother.

  • LizyLewd
    Lizy (@LizyLewd) reported

    @snowgadyn @Austere_Rose Exactly this. It's probably one of the best NA servers, but people generalise the entire server off small amounts of people and most likely Reddit... It's super sad tbh

  • Rorifett
    Rorindiefett | [OFFLINE] (@Rorifett) reported

    @Ricker666 Terrible crash just saw it on reddit

  • PretentiousKnee
    Drink In The Sam, You've Only Got So Much (@PretentiousKnee) reported

    If you use kissanime/kisscartoon/kissmanga use adblock with tampermonkey (google for the scripts needed I think they're on a Reddit page or something), and only use the beta server as your video the other ones can give you viruses pirate safely, kids

  • CherrySnowGirl
    Megan R. (@CherrySnowGirl) reported

    @reddit unless you figure out what the heck is going on with your site and deal with the problem by fixing the problem, since I haven't been able to comment on ANYTHING at all in the last so many days and unable to visit my profile. I'll be a once in awhile visitor until then.

  • Eriz_Y
    Eriz (@Eriz_Y) reported

    @TheCampingRush yo thank you for clearing up the whole issue with what happened with ninja the FN reddit was becoming a hate fest towards @Ninja and like reddit is supposed to bring the community closer to the development of fortnite and I felt like people were falsely accused

  • wvfiq
    Asta (@wvfiq) reported

    @twt_malaysia I'm using Celcom and I don't have any issues with Reddit. Maybe the problem really is coming from TM.

  • Zavie
    Julien Guertault (@Zavie) reported

    @gpakosz @LiaSae I've spent a moment reading the different threads on Reddit before sharing the article. Note in particular my other retweet with screenshots showing that the problem was reported months before the update was pushed.

  • terrencejim
    Jim (@terrencejim) reported

    @twt_malaysia I am still wondering why Reddit & Twitch are unavailable atm ;( most people said it's TM problem now

  • Clem13thfloor
    Clement Peter (@Clem13thfloor) reported

    @helpmeunifi Hi, I'm having a problem with my internet. I can't seem to access certain websites like twitch, reddit, spotify and etc although I can access Facebook and Google to name a few. Tried on my mobile and restart my modem but the same thing happened. Already dm u guys.

  • Wayfast_OW
    Wayfast (@Wayfast_OW) reported

    Reddit loves blaming blizzard for issues but the truth is most of them don't even watch contenders

  • Bang_9411
    BangBang (@Bang_9411) reported

    @Decyferx Mata even said, "Bang is the ideal ADC for any support." Reddit is arguing about how their play style would be conflicting, I watched a SoloQ game where Bang & Mata played impressively. I am pretty sure it's a downgrade from Bang to Teddy, unless Bang himself wants to step down.

  • RealTaylorKing
    Taylor Australia (@RealTaylorKing) reported from Westfield, State of Western Australia

    -Vent with others on reddit about how bad FIFA is this year - Other redditors: “maybe it’s you that’s the problem” -Also them on other posts: “omg all people do is exploit META mechanics. FIX AI DEFENDING” I’m starting to feel the toxic community is just as bad as EA.

  • kokkyuri
    bea (@kokkyuri) reported

    we're playing a game on reddit and i had to list down three ults (so someone can guess who your fourth ult is) and guess what! they're all main vocals! and the one they have to guess is... not a main vocal. 😂

  • chaeronaea
    caitsgiving day parade (@chaeronaea) reported

    i read this post on reddit that was like, life hack for criminals, if you're hiding from a helicopter, remember they might start flying it real slowly so you'll think it goes slow and try to make a run for it but helicopters actually go really fast so don't let your guard down

  • dzulizzat_
    🤓 Dzul Izzat 🤓 (@dzulizzat_) reported

    Apparently I'm not alone. Same problem with me here in Kuching. Reddit, Twitch, Fantasy Premier League, NBA2k just refuse to load. So yeah, please resolve this issue @helpmeunifi @unifi

  • TooUglyToDie
    human wreckage (ixtab) (@TooUglyToDie) reported

    At least most people on ed twitter and reddit encourage others to get better and know that they have problem, unlike most locals that look down on us

  • ButterJiggy
    WDR/MH | ButterJiggy (@ButterJiggy) reported

    @Sickalaus Yknow, maybe it's like... GOOGLE, REDDIT, AND FORUMS EXIST. Like seriously, for people who play by themselves a lot constantly run into this issue in almost every game. It's not required. Stop going full small brain mode.

  • Postmangav
    Gav (@Postmangav) reported

    @RB6K Having huge issues with mine connecting to my Galaxy S7. Reddit tells me I'm not alone. Great when it works though!

  • HappyEloy
    Eloy 💙 (@HappyEloy) reported

    @LoyMosquito914 AH REDDIT. I've always wanted to sit down for hours to navigate Reddit huhu

  • Stimzn
    Stimz (@Stimzn) reported

    @DCDeacon Where can I send a 76 bug report, I found an infinite XP glitch, or what appears to be one, and I don't want to put it in a public place like reddit. -Thanks!

  • StateIsles
    (@StateIsles) reported

    This sub reddit is a mess of mental and emotional issues

  • Blue42Tweets
    Blue (@Blue42Tweets) reported

    whenever I have a problem I cant solve I just go to reddit and they solve it for me 👌👍

  • RockRolled
    JaximusBauer (@RockRolled) reported

    Guess I'm not finding a stream for UFC. letting me down Reddit

  • Gigabear_WoW
    G I G A B E A R (@Gigabear_WoW) reported

    It was a pretty serious issue when Intrepid took over their own reddit that they would use their powers to protect their own interests and not allow dissent. They have now done so. A preemptive ban, to prevent me from talking at all before I even said anything, is censorship.

  • CudgelNathan
    Nathan Cudgel (@CudgelNathan) reported

    @jake_kowal992 Try going to the tech support reddit. I’ve had problems before and they’ve been very helpful. Nice people there

  • crazyducksfan
    Dave'04Duck (@crazyducksfan) reported

    Reddit gets a 1st down

  • newsgroundsbot
    news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • browland1
    🍍🍕Sexy Ben🍕🍍 (@browland1) reported

    @PunkrawkBbob I believe it's locked at 30 fps. I've been reading on Reddit that others are having the same issue and the motion blurring appears to be the culprit.

  • linwoodsblog
    Devin (@linwoodsblog) reported

    @SimGuruNick @SimGuruIcarus @SimGuruArvin I cannot launch a lifestyle brand even though my sim has the perk. I’ve seen a couple of people on reddit and the EA forums talking about having the same issue.

  • may_gun
    Megan Lynch (@may_gun) reported

    It looks like the friend thought better of it and took the photo down, but what you post on Reddit can quickly go viral and I've now seen the photo copied & tweeted by several high profile Twitter accts. That poor kid.

  • Jrodbad
    Jared, The Card & Media Guy (@Jrodbad) reported

    You know there's issues when you're having to mute a wrestling text channel in a wrestling themed Discord. Almost worse than Reddit's wrestling side sometimes.

  • WhiteWineMami6x
    habitual line stepper. (@WhiteWineMami6x) reported

    I made a Reddit that I’ll never post from just to down vote Oakland fans every time they say something bad about Khalil or Coop. Name someone more for the culture than me. You cannot.

  • MangoorangeXD
    The Haymaker (@MangoorangeXD) reported

    @RadVEVO Nah, you can’t. The only eveidence to suggest that you can nab a ip is from a Reddit post that isn’t 100% confirmed and is likely already patched if it was a problem in the first place.

  • CorvoTheBlazer
    CorvoTheBlazerAttano (@CorvoTheBlazer) reported

    I think I'm taking a break from Reddit for a bit. I'm gonna make this post people were asking for at r/relationshipadvice and fix up my sub r/DimensionalShifting then I'm out for a while. I only got one day, so imma get that done tomorrow.

  • visoredavenger
    visoredavenger (@visoredavenger) reported

    @EmptyRedemption @JasonFuentes6 @PaladinsGame The Switch codes only lasted for 10 minutes. So you had to either keep watching or keep refreshing reddit hoping you made the 10 minute window Everyone on PC. PS4 and XBOX who have their accounts link are going to get them as soon as they fix mixer since the site kept track

  • kgal1298
    Assasin (@kgal1298) reported

    @KinkyCabbie @Postmates Yeah FB and Reddit reporting similar issues some are getting 500 error codes.🙄my last customer had to cancel me out and I took his food to him. I couldn’t even cancel on my end. 😩🙌🏻nice frigging job @Postmates_Help tonight’s a bust.

  • kgal1298
    Assasin (@kgal1298) reported

    @KinkyCabbie @Postmates Yeah FB and Reddit reporting similar issues some are getting 500 error codes.🙄my last customer had to cancel me out and I took his food to him. I couldn’t even cancel on my end. 😩🙌🏻nice frigging job @Postmates_Help tonight’s a bust.

    Eva "a bit more than minimum wage" Sparrow-Hunter (@0xCAFEBEEF) reported

    a google of "boymoder" has shown me that the only representation people like me have is like 4 reddit threads that's actually kind of terrible, i know there's more people like me out there

  • bokunofuture
    Boku (@bokunofuture) reported

    @LoliLover1488 It was always reddit. As soon as Chanology happened it went down the shitter.

  • IrrationalHawk
    Irrational Hawkeye (@IrrationalHawk) reported

    OK I pulled up a Reddit stream for ISU-Texas. The Big 12 should be ashamed at their terrible tv deal.

  • CheerfulRuby
    Ruby Rose (@CheerfulRuby) reported

    Dear whoever keeps downvoting my shit on Reddit. I don't know who ******** shit in your cereal but take a breather and don't take out your problems on my posts by constantly downvoting my posts and comments you ******* lowlife.

  • terrencejim
    Jim (@terrencejim) reported

    @aniqfakhrullah No wonder reddit load slow gg

  • elsnit
    spooky snit (@elsnit) reported

    Reddit nba streams letting me down

  • tajikku
    tajik (@tajikku) reported

    I finally caved a downloaded reddit on my phone. Lol down down down the rabbit hole i go 🐰

  • ninelivestealer
    ninelivesstealer (@ninelivestealer) reported

    @MonohDemon @Mach9Mr @RumFumbii @MisterAntiBully But increasing moderation slowly over time will give the site enough time to build up a new userbase that doesn't mind the moderation. It's a slow replacement scheme, and the saddest part is that it's going to work. In 2020 4chan will be 2014 Reddit.

  • sleepylazy2006
    CrazyKiller5150 (@sleepylazy2006) reported

    @nappean @wokeretard @reddit I made a post about what some troll accused me of having in my basement and I got banned. I live in California and we don't have basements here in California. I should not be banned. Child porn is sick and disgusting but I still got banned. Fix your system Reddit