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January 18: Problems at Reddit

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  • DemonJuice Mike (@DemonJuice) reported

    I broke down and picked up a pair of reading glasses at Rite-Aid. I had no idea how bad it had gotten. I can read memes on Reddit again instead of angrily scrolling past them while I mutter under my breath about their small font choice.

  • bayreagan Baiℓs❉ (@bayreagan) reported

    the Reddit thread i use to watch hockey is shutting down and im going to actually cry

  • tittyhaver critical thot (@tittyhaver) reported

    really wish reddit did not exist and the trans women who had deep issues with men could work through those in therapy instead of being encouraged, by scum of the earth men and other trans women, to validate themselves based on whether or not those men would **** them

  • WanderinDreamr Chihelenfuru (@WanderinDreamr) reported

    "My shower's terrible. My toilet doesn't work. I'm tired of plunging. And so on and so forth. Everybody is really annoyed by it." Sounds like some people need that "poop knife" from reddit

  • Synfralidro Synfralidro 🌐 (@Synfralidro) reported

    @puhothothot @MapleStory Yeah. On reddit there seems to be a few people as well. Says it's an authentication server issue.

  • NovalokHD NovalokHD (@NovalokHD) reported

    Damn I'm good.... even reddit couldn't solve the issue and i got them!

  • djco Dirkjan Ochtman (@djco) reported

    @hsivonen The Rust reddit is okay IMO. I don't have problems staying away from the rest of it, and it's not that big of a timesink for me.

  • AnthonyCobianco Anthony “Big Tony” Cobianco (@AnthonyCobianco) reported

    @ryan_s_clark NHL reddit streams have been shut down... with no altitude deal in place there is no way to watch the games anymore

  • Subscoops Scoops but in 2020 (@Subscoops) reported

    @MissClarice21 The big thing is that nsfw reddit is very broken up. Like while my audios do pretty well when posted on the right day and time, my photos don't. Also I don't really like the rr and gfd subs due to being very filled with do-me subs and the like.

  • drizztopher DW Gaming (@drizztopher) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the PS4 crap! One of the devs posted on Reddit you can still earn your items even though you can't see the tracker and that's not true. This is really not fun

  • FlokiDr Dr Floki (@FlokiDr) reported

    @GoatandWatch @Meowstyx Persona peeps contained that to reddit. Pokemon had a firestorm over the same issue on nessa.

  • the_antchrist Bathtub Toaster (@the_antchrist) reported

    @LincolnsBible Check out that comment down below. This Reddit user lists EVERY CHILD ****** in the GOP. ******* disgusting

  • IslesRW IslesRW - Trade Insider (@IslesRW) reported

    Reddit streams picked a terrible day to get taken down.

  • RollForSanity Roll for Sanity (@RollForSanity) reported

    @BethHarbison @AITA_reddit I know but I'm offering it up that he didn't say 20-30 continuous minutes. That's 2-3 smoke breaks if it's done in that way. I don't care enough to read the Reddit post to find out if someone asked. Short tricks are no less a problem than talking about their kids for 20-30 min

  • rc74925249 r c (@rc74925249) reported

    @LazerzZHD I spent some time on the AC reddit and most people agree with your opinion. It also has an very low metacritic user score. The main problem is that it very sold well and people often mistake that for quality.

  • waronweakness War on Weakness ⚡📈 💪 (@waronweakness) reported

    @_windowblinds Thanks man. I've never used Reddit, but I might just have to start! I'm scared of the rabbit holes I could go down!

  • cybigcheese Big Cheese (@cybigcheese) reported

    @rachelrae9 I cant lie I thought the guy would kill one of those group members. Anddd now im jumping down this reddit hole.

  • rachelrae9 rae (@rachelrae9) reported

    @cybigcheese And no please no more DFWC 😂 I went down a reddit k hole on it and it darked me out for like a week

  • astroxana xanthe 💕 (@astroxana) reported

    @acrotheuncanny true! most of the internet is like that, but reddit is a weirdly special breed of internet site it feels like. you say one thing and suddenly you’re a sub 70 IQ caveman with shit dribbling down your chin once someone decides they think you’re wrong, even if what you say is true.

  • jimbob73783407 jim bob (@jimbob73783407) reported

    @BethesdaSupport can't login to the NA XBOX server currently. There are multiple people on reddit reporting the same thing. Connection times out when logging in.

  • divinestride Winters Rain🕳️🐐 (@divinestride) reported

    @simongood999 @CaseyTheNormal @lonelylamee @ShaveWithTully @BernieSanders @AndrewYang Then there needs to be multiple versions of it. People can't rally behind something as an idea if they don't understand Healthcare. Anyway read the reddit post and you'll understand my issues with Bernie's M4A.

  • thackest2k Thackes (@thackest2k) reported

    @MintyMinute @BaronNobody Gotta agree with minty with reddit can be a toxic site But either way it is a very interesting concept of smeargle and let’s be honest that is a top notch drawing so don’t let the bar stewards get you down For aipom do it flipping the bird at the pillocks 🙂

  • ArisenDongus Bat Queen Maxine 🦇 (@ArisenDongus) reported

    >posts le infograph to a humor subreddit >Gets taken down for no humor >BRO IM BEING CENSORED! REDDIT MOMENT! REDDIT MOMENT!

  • EtwaOf [insert name] (@EtwaOf) reported

    @MemesBombs See, it's because of people like you that mens rights exist, why try to fix the hate against men that feminists have, thanks for the karma on reddit btw :D

  • therealjl77 J (@therealjl77) reported

    @MojangSupport @Minecraft issues logging in on mobile platform. IOS. Other users on reddit reporting same thing. Without live login works fine. Please investigate.

  • alvrod Alvaro (@alvrod) reported

    The good thing about @reddit trying to force me to login to browse is that now I waste less time browsing their website

  • A_GameOfTweets Christian (@A_GameOfTweets) reported

    Your most popular content creators aren’t playing your game right now cause it’s frankly bad. Fix it and you can’t afford to take months to do so and you can’t afford to not be engaging with the community. Be active on Reddit like you were the first few months @Respawn @PlayApex

  • SunsSolarPanel The Solar Panel ☀️ (@SunsSolarPanel) reported

    @CaryLackeyLaw @Espo Lol- I'm on those groups. Comment occasionally. Almost as terrible as Suns Reddit. -Tim

  • XboxAmbassadorN Noah - Xbox Ambassador (@XboxAmbassadorN) reported

    @LambroXBL @XboxSupport Hello, there was an issue with the Microsoft store which has been affecting other services yesterday. If many people are experiencing it and a reddit post been made about it hink that the relevant team are aware and will be fixing it.

  • DragonQueen107 Morgan 👑 (@DragonQueen107) reported

    Went down a reddit D&D hole and now I feel really motivated to start my own campaign.

  • AdorieDore Adore (@AdorieDore) reported

    @realShaePeach I had the same issue on reddit.

  • Pure__Gallus Callie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@Pure__Gallus) reported

    @neilhimself I had a book about Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett’s struggle to either finish writing a film, or issues with the budget etc. It was a really good read and I came across a guy on Reddit looking for a copy. I’d read it once, wasn’t that into it, but this guy was in love with it.

  • T_H_Caro T. H. Caro (@T_H_Caro) reported

    @marioma33087037 @Bishopdizzle @Antisquidburp @biggestjoel On youtube yes. Down votes on reddit do pull it down in the rankings at least for OPs.

  • iliketoeat4 Todd McKnight (@iliketoeat4) reported

    @umich98 @DaltonRoss I think it was on Reddit, basically this guy's explained that EoE wasn't a security net for players, but for CBS. Every single player gets $100,000 appearance fee, so it would be terrible if they payed 100 grand for that person to go home day one

  • persona_llytae eddie r u ok (@persona_llytae) reported

    @SUNNYV3NUS @satinsseoul @yaniwithIuv Excuse me i have so many issues and corrections for this random Reddit post I don’t even know where to start. Essentially BTS is a kpop idol group and they challenge the stereotypes of what that is ‘supposed’to mean or sound like.

  • sublime630 Eric (@sublime630) reported

    @gkeller99 @Bslayer71 @penguins @NHL the page that reddit suggests (I think sportsurge or something) was great. found bila sports down at bottom

  • Dougus Meatpopsicle (@Dougus) reported

    @phiebs @ring I’ve been following a few reddit posts that have been discussing the situation as well. @ring won’t respond to any complaints. They only suggest reinstalling the app and restarting the phone which is default fix for every iPhone issue. lol just turn on the feature geez!

  • goosecosplay1 ⭐️_Player Denis Gusev (@goosecosplay1) reported

    Some of TD cosplayers are really overexploiting reddit by posting photos too often. Problem is at some point reddit community will be feded up with this and riot against cosplayers. And then we all will be forced out. Overexploiting was never a good thing regarding any content.

  • passcod Félix Saparelli (@passcod) reported

    A concept that is starting to come out is that this is indicative of a wider problem. Firstly the finger was pointed at Reddit... I don't think that's entirely right. Then there's talk of culture and contempt culture around the use of unsafe in particular.

  • Kipkat07 OGK (@Kipkat07) reported

    @anapsid we should shut down reddit and every site where they congregate this filth.

  • Gowans007 Gowans 💾 (@Gowans007) reported

    @lllWormWoodlll @XboxSupport Looks like the there is issues downloading games, content and software updates for Xbox live, looking at twittter search and reddit. I’ll try again in an hour.

  • ntoskernelblog ntoskernel (@ntoskernelblog) reported

    @campuscodi Hey @campuscodi you don't have to 'go down' below to buy this clay Davies. It's available in the clear as well. I have actually commented on reddit questions where a user was going to buy a compromised VPN account. I can find a Web link if your interested.

  • mp911de Mark Paluch 👨‍💻&🎹 (@mp911de) reported

    Stats after one week without Twitter/Reddit/StackOverflow on my phone: Screen time cut down by 30%. Also: Calmer mood, less FOMO, better sleeping and no urge to grab the phone directly after waking up.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • firestormerc firestormerc (@firestormerc) reported

    @durrBubbles Other players are having the same issue. Some get one or two bundles others get more bundles. I saw this information on reddit.

  • lastboyalive lastboyalive (@lastboyalive) reported

    My **** is too large for the **** subreddit on Reddit. They took it down. Not a joke—told me to go to a different subreddit.

  • Kane40_Be Kane (@Kane40_Be) reported

    @imZehel @anapokemonfreak @Winshley @Elinchikaa I've seen ppl with that problem on sif reddit or fb group with Samsung phones since many years ago actually 😅

  • LCTRgames LCTR (@LCTRgames) reported

    @graemhoek Looks like he down-voted your reddit post tho

  • dgstillme DG still me. (@dgstillme) reported

    One actually gathered our bones and shipped them out for bone ceremonies. I saw this and was horrified. There was a group of us that proceeded to shut this shit down. My fb post went viral. Was on Reddit and Buzzfeed. I was assigned a hashtag. #boneghazi. Not my doing.

  • mrbigstevo mrbigstevo (@mrbigstevo) reported

    @AwesemoNBA @Awesemo_Com @reddit @bbb_us fix this

  • needyjouvert 💖Serene💖 (@needyjouvert) reported

    @departedprayer yeah oddly enough a main problem i have with stan Twitter carries over being that they hardly discuss the music. i expected reddit to be more discussion based but it's more promotional stuff for fans which is great but it's not super interesting to me lol

  • natendoe yo mans (@natendoe) reported

    @DeeniArgent They confirmed on the reddit page that it’s a glitch. You gotta back out of every match for it to be random.

  • StewartSmithTwt Stewart Smith, acknowledged sumbitch (@StewartSmithTwt) reported

    So apparently there’s a new Opie & Anthony Reddit, but there’s no images because they kept posting pictures of Ant’s ugly-ass cowheaded brother, and he hates being made fun of so much he’s been abusing DCMA to take down every unflattering pic.

  • Fay_the_Biscuit Fuchsia (@Fay_the_Biscuit) reported

    Not sure if it's because my deck was not updated, or if it was because I was playing Kuonshift, but reddit hated my post lol, got downvoted and thus garnered less view growth than my last portal video which actually had legitimate audio issues. I don't get people sometimes.

  • amantevia Victoria (@amantevia) reported

    I am going down a deep, dark rabbit hole that is reddit H E L P

  • manwithnolife78 Cary the Candidate (@manwithnolife78) reported

    I swear I sometimes forget I have a reddit account and a curious cat. Or that I'm in someones Discord server

  • MandiGun Mandison Gundam (@MandiGun) reported

    Honestly there are things I don't like heh >New Country ( pop country ) >Lolis >Reddit >Peanutbutter getting stuck in mouth >tall people looking down at me when they talk at me but actually I kinda enjoy it >mean dogs >Snakes >Snake Oils >and uhhh. . .thats all

  • weazoe Tobias (@weazoe) reported

    @rabiasquared Disney needs to fix so many things like get rid of reylo, no more space horses, bring back Darth maul, etc - wait, I thought this was a Star Wars reddit comment thread

  • Sally9258 Sally Wehner (@Sally9258) reported

    @BauerOutage @ReikCooka Yep I’m going to go down the rabbit hole and get a reddit account

  • stanleyfowl70 Kintama (@stanleyfowl70) reported

    @HeavenlyControl I said that Deku was an okay character on reddit, and I got swarmed by the MHA toxic fanbase. I barely made it our alive. Also, Deku as a character pales to the rest of the cast when he isn't getting a broken powerup moment.