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  • TPOliver07 Travis Oliver (@TPOliver07) reported

    @TheSeanWilson Expert, no assists. Checked telemetry for my wheel and the brake is being applied by the game at random. I fixed it by turning off Impact Forces in settings, so my best guess it's tied to that. On Reddit, heard from people with the same problem on G29, G27, pretty much all wheels

  • jayyyq14 Jacquie (@jayyyq14) reported

    @j8kfrmstatefarm You can login to their website or download their app and use my login. Reddit normally streams everything too!

  • SirStendec Mike @ Home (@SirStendec) reported

    This is a community that was started on reddit. Primarily exists on reddit. Their Discord server has reddit in the name. But they're exclusively posting information on Discord and not reddit. Yeah. Good job, @redditFFXIV.

  • vinnyhndez vinny (@vinnyhndez) reported

    @Jayoh30 I watched red zone on Reddit last week with no problems

  • SirCasablancas Josh Vasquez (@SirCasablancas) reported

    @_MZXD_ Bro there’s a Reddit video where he talks about the build and he doubles down and calling us nerds 🤣 you have to watch it.

  • Devin_gain Just Devin (@Devin_gain) reported

    @ahaf21 LiveTVLinks is the reddit source I used last week. They shut down the nflstreams reddit thread but they have a discord too with the stream links now. But the LiveTVLinks reddit source has all the streams now. Just gotta click on the NFL thread and it will bring them all up.

  • TPOliver07 Travis Oliver (@TPOliver07) reported

    @TheSeanWilson Do you know anything about a bug with wheels where the brake pedal is applied by the game for no reason. It occurs anywhere on the track and at any track. I talked to players on Reddit, and it seems to appear on all consoles. Basically just bogs the car down.

  • Manch3st3rCity Feed The Goat (@Manch3st3rCity) reported

    @Scorpiopt @alexjkmarshall @IWGB_CLB @Deliveroo @DeliverooHelp This from reddit.. Just contacted rider support as I have the same issue, basically their bank has updated its software or some such nonsense, this has caused a huge backlog of release fund requests and they will start releasing them either Monday or Tuesday

  • im_uname imaginary_username (@im_uname) reported

    @Cheirut @memobch There are two websites to access your content (up from one!). That's less than the number of outlets you can access Reddit from. Shut them down, and it's dead to 99.99% of people.

  • GatorCritic GatorCritic (@GatorCritic) reported

    I saw someone on reddit say "sports fans shouldn't be held responsible for the things they say during games" and I agree with that 100% so let's run with that approach and pretend I wasn't terrible last night.

  • andyseed80 Seedy (@andyseed80) reported

    @dirt_diver_ I posted it on Reddit and got shut down straight away haha

  • nachos1162 Jet Edge in 8k Ray tracing HDR (@nachos1162) reported

    I remember there once was a post on reddit called "A different type of Okuyasu meme" and when I clicked it the OP already took down the picture so it said "if you are looking for a picture it is not here". I was like, "woah, how meta"

  • AlleeCatTwos Alyssa Katze's Alt Account (@AlleeCatTwos) reported

    You know, I don't usually complain about site UI redesigns, but the latest Reddit redesign is absolutely terrible, especially for people with shit computers or shit connections. Plus, it makes it so that almost no-one actually reads more than 2 comments down a thread.

  • uberfrauens Übermensch (@uberfrauens) reported

    @MikanDoang I'm not asking for this anyway. I joined that discord server from reddit... I don't understand it myself.. Sebal juga ya lihat beginian... masih umur 25 padahal. Dia udh phd philosophy

  • earaspi Photobot (@earaspi) reported

    When I am not #tweeting I find #myself going down the #reddit #rabbit hole. #nerd the #internet is a #dark place

  • GhanayemNick Nick Ghanayem (@GhanayemNick) reported

    @CD12_baller @PlayApex Oh lawd someones got a stick up their butt. Havent seen anything on reddit or anything. Could be an issue within your system but who knows

  • dropssupreme Supreme DROPS (@dropssupreme) reported

    @Real_Neil_Patel No no even people who never went into the Supreme website before had this issue don't believe this is just for some people the whole reddit users had that issue aswell

  • ic3b34r ic3b34r (@ic3b34r) reported

    @FCE365 @Pwn20wnd Thanks. yes, I was thinking same problem, so I was try restore rootfs then restore origianl firmware(12.4) than jailbreak it again without any tweak, and it still drain battery very fast, and I find some people have same problem @reddit . Hope he can fix that problem.

  • eggfanatic Margaret (@eggfanatic) reported

    I only just found the arrow down (>>) button on Reddit that lets me skip comment threads. Thank goodness I'm so sick of the rambles

  • AbbieHollowDays 🏳️‍🌈 Betty Oop 🏳️‍🌈 (@AbbieHollowDays) reported

    @ab_deuces Sounds like one of those reddit throwaway posts. “My husband is a great activist. Apart from being a horrible husband & negligent father our relationship is amazing! The problem is people keep accusing him of being a scammer I’ve been too busy counting bills to figure out why”

  • TVirus61405956 T-Virus (@TVirus61405956) reported

    @reddit Damn... Whish I got that kinda support whenever I feel down 😞

  • myroomishot_ myroomishot (@myroomishot_) reported

    A legit stresser telling me he’s making a reddit post for me 🤡 @tabwire just take down your website lul,

  • ParryForte Richard Parry 👾 (@ParryForte) reported

    @milkysoul1982 @AMANOFGOD95 @TheSocietyViper @CoalitionGears I just queried on Reddit about this, because there’s nothing on the Support page. Be nice if they updated the support site with known issues :)

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • MoonzHaunted Moonz Haunted (@MoonzHaunted) reported

    @Echko16 @SkillUpYT You're super lucky then. Gearbox have acknowledged issues and are investing. One Reddit post about console lag has 12'000 upvotes. It's playable, it's just irritating as hell.

  • paighoe paige | like, follow, and obey ☠️ (@paighoe) reported

    it's at least comforting to look through the borderlands reddit and see everyone having the same issue because at least i don't feel like a fool

  • Vexeriss sentient meat (@Vexeriss) reported

    @wattpadcomment I'm sure this was what the reddit guy with two broken arms said the first time

  • janosauro 𝑱𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒔𝒂𝒖𝒓𝒐 (@janosauro) reported

    @lilweedbubble @Sanity4243 @not_PC_RN @Fruit_Loops18 @A_Dirty_Blonde @WOACrystalBall @TrollBeGoneNao Effexor is fine just don't use it for longer than 3 years, it stops working & it can build up in your liver, just important to'll be fine, every person responds differently. you can look up effexor sub on reddit. I take pristiq & people have issues with that too.

  • amourelalie amourelalie (@amourelalie) reported

    soooooo I'm deciding to use VPN because my region didn't allow me to access reddit.and the VPN server automatically chose America server. and while I surfing the reddit, I also using spotify but suddenly the ads. is ******* condoms ads

  • JuniorAutist Jr 🇯🇵 (@JuniorAutist) reported

    Lmao Soyderlands 3 is garbage asf, I knew it would be a disappointment. Reddit cucks will still gobble it up though despite being broken.

  • uhhWickud W i c k u d (@uhhWickud) reported

    @nativeDeez @ItzJoefire @FortniteGame @EpicGames Next small patch will fix it, epic dev confirmed on reddit

  • Damphotomas Koko (@Damphotomas) reported

    Shyrith: whats this.... "# ffrt" channel in the server now Me: i- Tman: its "Final Fantasy Reddit Translation" Me: Me: Me: Me: ...actually its supposed to be a fart noise, but that makes more sense!

  • arrrowwwcast alec / arrrowww (@arrrowwwcast) reported

    @BetterOffBlue @GearboxOfficial Wow! Yeah my frames are constantly skipping. I’m running on the Low setting on a 1070 and i7-7700k and can’t seem to get consistency. I’m not the only one either. There’s a mega thread on Reddit filled with people with the same issues.

  • JtotheEVON Jevon (@JtotheEVON) reported

    I fell down the rabbit hole of “what was a huge trend everyone forgot about” on Reddit 🙈

  • LJoyce11 El Jay (@LJoyce11) reported

    @cnkp1002 Heard they were cracking down on reddit streams this year

  • New_WabiSabi Sabi (@New_WabiSabi) reported

    @OneMoreRobert No, the URL for the server is /Reddit.

  • theunabeefer The Unabeefer (@theunabeefer) reported

    @Losing_Marblez I use Reddit for that. And I mostly use Discord for chatting... I admin a server and its corresponding Twitch streamer.

  • KMSReddit Kirk Minihane Show Reddit (@KMSReddit) reported

    @RichMandarin @rich_mandarin Lines have been drawn. You speak ill of the Reddit you get this. I am the storm Rich. Back down.

  • averybmiller Avery Miller🐶💣 (@averybmiller) reported

    just down voted on reddit for the first time I feel so... strangely powerful

  • Altimax98 Daniel@XDA (@Altimax98) reported

    @Timotato I saw that on Reddit as well... I wonder if there is some handshake issue going on with their chargers

  • Neuspiezer John (@Neuspiezer) reported

    @conorsvan1 @mattiebbb @RyanCaveman @Tesla Spent most of this year moving capital around for the Tesla. I want one and want the company to succeed. But if you review the reddit thread the issues regarding the way they set up their service issues in these circumstances is questionable. I only tweeted so @tesla could see

  • MyCatNameIsShad Ryan (@MyCatNameIsShad) reported

    @Brad_Glasgow @LysanderWrites Haven't been there in a while, but I saw mod dreams where gamerghazi mods somehow got on KIA. Reddit is amazing at kill good subreddit. Anyone that moderates more that a handful of subreddits has serious issues.

  • Reylo_Revan Sinead ✨ Star Crossed 💫 (@Reylo_Revan) reported

    @abby_reylois It was a mega lie. The only one that got me believing was the bothan spy. He said luke blew up the hut and he was right. His reddit post got taken down + his account was gone.

  • SopranoIII Frankie Soprano III (@SopranoIII) reported

    @mullafabz I watched it last time on Reddit. Can't find "Reddit Boxing Stream" anymore. I think it was taken down.

  • suujimatsus charlie (@suujimatsus) reported

    im looking into joycon modification bc mines joysticks are broken and reddit folks are saying they havent found a way you could mod it w a circle pad

  • teketayi_ Teketayi (@teketayi_) reported

    @ChanceAU_ They said they will fix it in next patch on reddit, they tried to fix a bug and made it worse lol

  • MoaVideos Nick (@MoaVideos) reported

    The ******* problems on Reddit Relationships are so cute. They're like, "I'm not sure if this girl I married, really likes me. She keeps showering me with gifts".

  • BillieRubenMake BillieRubenMakes (@BillieRubenMake) reported

    @mrhodes @FilamentFrenzy @crussty @grafitomi @wekster2507 @SBnger The newbie restrictions do wear off in time and as you get more Karma though, so they shouldn't be a permanent issue. Karma is like likes on twitter, kinda, and it's used by Reddit to assess how positive and interesting your interactions are, and thus how restricted you should be

  • ShaneeMc KD6-3.7 (@ShaneeMc) reported

    @redditships 75% of these issues could be resolved if one spoke to their SO, but they feel more comfortable asking reddit than an in-person confrontation. This one in particular could’ve just been the tl;dr too

  • Garciafifa Garcia (@Garciafifa) reported

    @Beluba Can you take a look into endorsements events. Ive played like 15-20 games since my last endorsement check. Some people on reddit are having the same issue.

  • MrJ1223 Mr J (@MrJ1223) reported

    @BesuBaru I haven’t seen the thread I don’t spend a lot of time on Reddit. But I haven’t had any issues in the 10 hours I’ve played so far.

  • BesuBaru Xx_🔞Ⓐ☭ BesuBaru ☭Ⓐ🔞_Xx (@BesuBaru) reported

    @MrJ1223 There's a Reddit thread on r/Games with 8K upvotes talking about performance issues and bugs on consoles, so there's definitely more issues. A lot of the BL3 controversy is coming from the whole Denuvo thing and bugs though. 2K also manipulating reviews.

  • OPElessCowboy amanda (@OPElessCowboy) reported

    @LunarRabbot @redditships Strt reddit problems are always like 27(m) boyfriend who I’ve (20f) been dating for 5 years yells at me and breaks something i own every Sunday but other days he’s great & I love him. It just comes off as inherently predatory. Where this sounds like just a lack of communication

  • brokencodebot Broken Code Bot (@brokencodebot) reported

    Reddit is currently broken

  • LeafyFan348891 SammieG🏒🏀⚾🇨🇦 (@LeafyFan348891) reported

    About to go down the #reddit rabbit hole. Wish me luck.

  • Warren_Tseng Warren Tseng (@Warren_Tseng) reported

    @ZG1788 @AndrewYang @genuinetan @reddit This is terrible!! 😂

  • Tranceaholic13 🤬♋ Sir Trance-A-Lot 🌈🔞 (@Tranceaholic13) reported from Fitchburg, Massachusetts

    @RedTalie @Infindox @SuikodenGR Christ, gimme a break. Okay, even if it was an RDM, BLM, SMN, etc that were off rotation, no need to yell at anyone. Maybe the player (like myself) is still getting the rotation down. Or maybe they are doing it in a way that works better for them with similar results. Ugh, Reddit

  • chitoiro Chito (@chitoiro) reported

    ok after reading some reddit uh oh if there's only one more episode, how ******** are they supposed to resolve all the shit that's gone down also i just noticed that stuff is kinda being rushed, like big time the last 2 episodes could have been spread out into 3 or maybe even 4

  • gayslashers michael myers updates (@gayslashers) reported

    reddit is such a terrible app we know that but one of the dumbest things about it that is actually kind of insidious is that when you block someone you don’t actually block them you just don’t see any comments or posts from them but they can still see yours and comment on them

  • ImTheSlyDevil Sly (@ImTheSlyDevil) reported

    @HardwareUnboxed but amd lied, false advertising. its all bad yields. reddit told me so. 😂 But seriously, I had 2 3700X work perfectly with the launch 0.1 agesa. It was pretty clear that it was a mobo/bios issue.