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  • Brad_Ry Brandon The Mole (@Brad_Ry) reported

    @TeamYouTube It only happens when I'm using a browser different from Google Chrome and when I click a sign in link on certain pages. I asked around on reddit and apparently this problem has happened to others as well long before I experienced it.

  • JCantanho Jacob Cantanho (@JCantanho) reported

    @brandon86213138 @gregorythickett @TheDivisionGame I dunno. I've seen at least 30% of posts, here and abroad (like FB or Reddit), that were either talking about how the entire game is one massive bug, or the PvE issues are as old as the idea of the game itself. It's almost evenly mixed. Also, punctuation and paraphrasing helps.

  • yjeongyeon111 yjeongyeon111 (@yjeongyeon111) reported

    I think OneHallyu has a list, but i cant seem to access it. I believe the site's down. Also, there are Reddit threads about this, but the last update was like 3 years ago. Any help is very much appreciated! 💖

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Thevesh Thevesh (@Thevesh) reported

    @ashvinmenon Might be even further down than 500 - it's difficult to say. I recommend the extensive Reddit and Quora threads discussing this. 😂 Serena herself has acknowledged she wouldn't beat any top man, and probably wouldn't win a single point playing someone like Andy Murray.

  • theworldscrazy7 Derek (@theworldscrazy7) reported

    @KittyTaurus @DirtFarmerJeff @x_therefore_y @MollyJongFast QAnon. For like half a day or so, I tried messing with them. Q did a “drop” (I think that’s when he thinks they tells them things), and it was some dude on reddit going “New York was the start” (when they had the power outage). But they didn’t understand that I was screwing (1/2)

  • NotDeezy ✨Deezy✨ (@NotDeezy) reported

    @DreamWasTaken I don't see why people are freaking out about other people spoiling anything. Pewdiepie is close to defeating the ender dragon anyway so it doesn't matter that much. Yes, he doesn't want spoilers but chances are that spoilers on reddit will get down voted to hell.

  • michikochloeann mich (@michikochloeann) reported

    reading weird glitch in the matrix stories on reddit and im 🤯

  • DuckWarrior1453 ardaduck 🇹🇷 (@DuckWarrior1453) reported

    at least 70% of the problems on r/reddit is what only westerners/atheists have prove me wrong

  • LogikEmily regrettably, homestuck (@LogikEmily) reported

    @DozingDreamers reusing animations isnt the issue, its reusing extremely outdated and low quality animations. and i havent seen any of this "conspiracy theory" stuff even though i see a lot of pokemon stuff on reddit, so idk what youre talking about.

  • LOVEHURTSCO Love Hurts Co. (@LOVEHURTSCO) reported

    @DirectedBy_fc @KeeseGoood just woke up out my sleep started cleaning and now I’m siting in the dark switching between here and reddit wondering no one warned me being an adult also means you might have a mental break down every day...

  • SingularitysHoe Julia misses Jimin🐯 (@SingularitysHoe) reported

    @joontopians Report the post for mentions of self harm. It should be taken down for breaking the rules of reddit

  • Jager_Bradley Best Boy Arthur (@Jager_Bradley) reported from San Francisco, California

    Tfw scrolling down the world’s longest comment thread on Reddit and forgetting to minimize when you had the chance but it’s too late and you have to commit and wonder if it’s worth it to continue

  • JohnWojnar John Wojnar (@JohnWojnar) reported

    @vitosauras @jday19 He was accused of it on reddit by a lone source and he denied it. Maybe he didn’t do it. If I didn’t do something I wouldnt be apologizing. And if he did & is lying well he’s gonna have to explain it to the Guy who created ALL of us at the end. God tends to look down on racism.

  • a_winnipeg_guy JG 🇨🇦 (@a_winnipeg_guy) reported

    @GrantsNewHandle @SWAIM_CORP There are mirrors on Reddit last I checked, since they keep getting taken down.

  • WombatKombat98 KombatWombat (@WombatKombat98) reported

    @THESEGAJORN @Heymynameiswhy1 @Pokemon My argument, is that gamefreak should fix their game. It’s not just me, I dare you go to reddit, and tell the Pokémon fans you like sword and shield, see how many death threats you get. Only about 10% of fans are ok with the lack of effort on this game.

  • MChevSSG Evan Morgan (@MChevSSG) reported

    I Will never use reddit again since they took all streams down

  • caitliiiinnnnn caitlin (@caitliiiinnnnn) reported

    @atypicalstudent Pinterest and Reddit have answers for everything, and thank goodness because I’m terrible at being an independent adult 😂

  • rayisonit Raymond Tseng (@rayisonit) reported

    @SonRaw @TastyInnit That mix is all her songs I think, but I don’t think Salem is as representative as how it was portrayed at time. There is dispute on Reddit and other forums whether Salem is actually Witch House... too slow tempo. I don’t like purity tests in music as Salem majn guy was producer

  • adamtaylor792 Adam Taylor (@adamtaylor792) reported

    @Mattoftheearth @cosmicbooknews All of his scoops are ripped off of lesser known reddit posts, 4chan posts, or youtube channels and stripped down to be the most ambiguous way possible so it's always able to be interpreted so he's right. Any time he gets too specific he's easily disproven.

  • NotCascadiaCoug CascadiaCoug (@NotCascadiaCoug) reported

    @SwooshMcDuck Shit, usually there’s a good free stream link on Reddit but yet to get one that doesn’t require a login

  • Carolineee_27 Caroline (@Carolineee_27) reported

    @Miss90s Oh yeah I’ve had no issues with it. The few pix games I find on Reddit

  • _adoborable aaron (@_adoborable) reported

    read this thing on reddit that said to reset your internal clock and fix your sleep schedule you have to fast for 8 hours then sleep for 8 hours i’m HUNGRY, it’s HOT, and i’M NOT TIRED aLL I WANT IS A BURGER

  • BigAng93 Angelo Rosado (@BigAng93) reported

    @TuckerToad @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS Saw on reddit that they are aware and working on a fix already

  • mattMONTANEZ Matthew Montanez (@mattMONTANEZ) reported

    My eyes hurt, my head hurts, and I need help figuring out this problem I’m having in swift! Ok it’s not swift it’s my coding ability it’s starting to fail me! Stackoverflow had no answers and reddit is dry like my snap 😩😩

  • melortweet R O B I N (@melortweet) reported

    Wow. I never know I've been awarded in Reddit. After so long I did not login to my Reddit.

  • AlbertPCoh APC (@AlbertPCoh) reported

    Quick look at reddit tonight: MSF would beat TSM 8 out of 10 games btw, big names in TSM shouldn't distract you from the fact that they are terrible

  • fisharnolds sarah (@fisharnolds) reported

    shockingly dwts reddit doesn't have super terrible opinions

  • Tacki16 Gian Derrick (@Tacki16) reported

    I myself can barely survive in Reddit, and definitely can't survive in 4chan and 8chan. But I don't go around and force my moral views down their throats because that's gonna be unproductive, not to mention stupid AF. LOL

  • lisadank420 elon musty ✨ (@lisadank420) reported

    someone on reddit said “if you only focus on astrology, you miss out on the other layer of reality” people become so obsessed with their placements and current transits they forget about their own free will. you can’t blame astrology for every feeling or problem you experience.

  • lesbianridley Momo’s omega (@lesbianridley) reported

    U know what. This guy is doing everything in this escape room while still holding that pipe i can respect it. He has a brand to keep up. He has to let everyone know hes a reddit user and he wont back down

  • Nioret_ Nioret (@Nioret_) reported

    @MilleniumY2K @Geist_SSB @darknakat you even posted in the damn reddit thread with 0 problems smh

  • Galchenyuk18 ryan (@Galchenyuk18) reported

    @connorjcris Reddit used to have every PPV on there but the page got taken down

  • UpLateGeek UpLateGeek (@UpLateGeek) reported

    @BenKrasnow My thought is it could be a combination of the way the comment ranking algorithm preferences newer comments, & the apparent hard limit on the number of comments it can load on a page. Really don't know why they don't just embed a fork of reddit instead. Would fix a lot of issues.

  • _cpay Cody Paysinger [+] (@_cpay) reported

    Everytime I'm like, maybe I should give @anthemgame another shot, I check Reddit for PS4 crashing or bricking issues. And everytime I see people buying the game and their systems getting messed up while they're playing it, so I'm still holding off on it.

  • Tripod_fay Cody Fay (@Tripod_fay) reported

    @Boozie_nV @DaBergerKingg Oh shit thanks. Not to nit pick the show already... but like.. that swords point down and away and is really low. My reddit karma and turbo virgin instincts tell me that it should be much higher to be useful while riding. 🤔

  • Zapuda Zach (@Zapuda) reported

    @DJMggot1 @dylan_217 @WrestleFigNews @Walmart @Dfreedom30 The problem is wal-mart acts like this isn’t the case and has people doing AMA’s on Reddit about addressing distribution but nothing has changed

  • Ivan_Vyakhirev Whereismymoney (@Ivan_Vyakhirev) reported

    @MikeKayamori That's very good. We're really excited. that's why we bought qash. but we don't feel part of it. please pay attention to what they wrote about qash. We've been talking about this in Reddit for a long time. This is a real problem.

  • JustinAlexP Justin Proulx (@JustinAlexP) reported

    @InvoxiPlayGames I use Safari, which has native user agent faking. The only issue is that I don't want to be reverted back to old versions of other sites, just Twitter and reddit if possible. Maybe I should build my own extension that does exactly that lol

  • BKHei_ Hei (@BKHei_) reported

    >27k upvoted reddit thread telling nintendo about the issue for the 200000th time >kotaku article gets written >ANNOUNCE NEW JOYCON COLORS THAT DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE ISSUE THE DAY AFTER THESE HAPPEN

  • IamCrago CraGOD (@IamCrago) reported

    @NOT_Trouba @NBK You don’t know shit about them outside the server kid. Go take that shit to reddit nerd

  • 69quietgirl Mandy the Mollusc (@69quietgirl) reported

    Much as I've gone off Reddit, r/aww is a good sub to browse if your nerves are frayed & you need a video of a cat riding a Roomba in order to calm down...

  • macydeez Oof Maloof (@macydeez) reported

    @NianticHelp Apparently returning users from 3 years ago, like me, are all suffering from the issue (friend list and fitness metrics unavailable, and egg hatching distance does not update.) I read a reddit page with over 200 people experiencing this. It's extremely frustrating.

  • laveIIans harriet ♡ (@laveIIans) reported

    honestly I hate the fact that whenever I login to reddit the freefolk sub gets recommended to me bc it's just such a hotbed of negativity at first the memes were fun and all but they're just so angry and unpleasant all the time that it just makes me so uncomfortable

  • lord_amoeba LordAmoeba (@lord_amoeba) reported

    Another follower down, i invite you all to leave. I will be posting my unrestricted train of thought from now on. this site is somehow worse than reddit

  • amaditalks Mx. Amadi (@amaditalks) reported

    I think that it’s just a given at this point that if you are writing a lengthy missive to a Reddit community about your relationship it is broken beyond salvation. Just pack up and get out. Go stay with whoever will be safe.

  • Joefresco Jcon559 (@Joefresco) reported

    @ThaGreatSaint When reddit got taken down for the streams, I found that one and it works. I watch all ufc fights from there

  • enderlink675 sack cat (@enderlink675) reported

    Update on the render problem: I was talking to a guy on reddit and he offered to render the video for me to see if it was a hardware issue rather than a software issue, because i feel like ive tried just about everything. We'll see how it goes tomorrow

  • Manny3H Manny (@Manny3H) reported

    @SoulKiddX @TheMaractusMan @NinWire You're kidding me. There are thousands of people in forums like Reddit, & GameFAQs that experience this problem. Nintendo can't blame their design flaw on the consumers. And yes it's a design flaw.

  • toridagod ReactionaryEmo (@toridagod) reported

    I think I’d rather remain permanently alone than be with someone who feels the need to post their relationship issues on reddit.

  • Mrparadis Poilu_Paradis (@Mrparadis) reported

    I hate Reddit. There are a couple subs that have decent communities, for example the Kratom community is really helpful and functional, but the vast majority of Reddit is terrible.

  • mrjanuary98 Ser Thomus of House Wilson (@mrjanuary98) reported

    @crypticjinx_ @reddit Jinx I would get a lawyer honestly. You deserve to do what you love without fearing for your safety. Reddit needs to monitor these harmful subreddits and shut them down. We're all rooting for you.

  • TransGirlTerra Terra Putman (@TransGirlTerra) reported

    @TransEthics @SignyTheSage She comes off to me like someone who masochistically reads Alt right bullshit and it's effecting her like she admitted to going on reddit pages where trans folks down each other

  • jaegravley jae gravley (@jaegravley) reported

    @lizzylemondrop Omg! I stay off Reddit because I'd never get any work done, but I hope someone told her to run, Run, RUN--as fast as her broken toe will let her--away from this guy and be grateful she figured this out before she married the dude. I made that mistake. It only escalates.

  • crypticjinx_ jinx (@crypticjinx_) reported


  • crypticjinx_ jinx (@crypticjinx_) reported

    @reddit you don’t care about the safety of people online. and the support system is terrible. I have been trying for months to get a clear response and get a moderator removed yet you continually ignore me or tell me to file a report which I have many times!! @reddit

  • JoeP931 Joe (@JoeP931) reported

    @NERevolution If this was posted on the #NERevs Reddit it would be taken down due to the Area 51 reference. The mods suck

  • reallyreddit [HUMAN] 𝘙𝘦𝘥𝘥𝘪𝘵 (@reallyreddit) reported

    Reddit sighs, looking down. " I-It's nothing. I'm fine. " He placed his hand behind his head.

  • ReelKaizerSoze When they see me♠🎲 (@ReelKaizerSoze) reported

    @PhellaDaFam Thanks man !! There was a link a while back of yandhi leaks on reddit, by the time I got to it, it was taken down. I'm sure something will come up

  • PhattGreg Greg Sully (@PhattGreg) reported

    @leonardjfrench @reddit The big problem with their choise not to impeach him, is that they are assuming they are in control of him. When in reality others like myself see the him winning the 2020 election not fairly but by crying foul and seizing power, supported by the groups and well connected -