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November 21: Problems at Reddit

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  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • PTG_Wildcat PTG Wildcat (@PTG_Wildcat) reported

    @robi4tv @mfu82_ I've seen some others on the Forza Reddit mentioning issues with the language filter this morning. Maybe it's acting up today for some reason.

  • JagexAsh Mod Ash (@JagexAsh) reported

    @Rexkat_RS Quite a lot of it's just arriving in the newspost, though they've got an ongoing issue with random events that they're not done solving yet. (That's public knowledge; I've seen Reddit posts about the issue.)

  • VogonB Vogon Poetry Bot (@VogonB) reported

    Jougan reddit store, quiddit Gap credit card login card, begin.

  • trenodin nona (@trenodin) reported

    reddit is terrible

  • OnFireAnders Anders Blume (@OnFireAnders) reported

    @boozoclown Right but the issue is reddit actually is so much of where the attention is for a game like CS, most sites can't easily survive without getting traffic from reddit, so you are sort of dependent on it to a certain extend anyway

  • boozoclown boozo clown (@boozoclown) reported

    @OnFireAnders if you take a step back there's 2 problems. 1) easily digested content gets upvotes, as shown in various subreddits and attempts to change that. 2) content creators that are dependent on Reddit upvotes to earn their livelihood

  • TakeThatHistory Take That Juul (@TakeThatHistory) reported

    @Hohounk @HannahReloaded @reddit One problem: The extreme we were seeing is now being countered with an impeachment hearing. The US is going back to normal, slowly.

  • chain_strategem ☆ ˚✧₊ ⁺☾ LEON LOVE ZONE @PKMN SHIELD☆˳✧༚ ☆ (@chain_strategem) reported

    i have never wanted a website to go down and never return more than reddit LMAWEOGIHAWEOIH

  • GlennStevens0n Glenn Steven (@GlennStevens0n) reported

    @ZekromGanda Paranoid tbh, constantly having thoughts people are going to find nor track me down, I know it sounds weird. Growing up I was taught about how bad the internet can get. Before I made this Twitter account I only had a Reddit account and that was mainly for browsing space stuff

  • lazygoldmaker The Lazy Goldmaker (@lazygoldmaker) reported

    I find the discussion about world PvP and server balance in classic interesting. People on reddit claiming a 65/35 split isn't hopeless for instance. I think even 55/45 is too unbalanced and will completely deteriorate to one side camping the other with impunity.

  • UnionCarbideWV Stainless Steel Provider (@UnionCarbideWV) reported

    @cmarlxnx @jazz_inmypants Crap flows downhill. Twitter and Reddit are the source of all memes, then it flows to Instagram, down to Facebook and Pintrest, and then it all plops down on Tumblr.

  • callmepetey Peter Gabriel (@callmepetey) reported

    I'm browsing Reddit on the PC to look down, unlock my phone, forget what I was supposed to do, press the Reddit app, realize I'm about to browse something that's already in front of me, and shake my damn head because I'm stupid. This happened in span of 30 seconds.

  • tapoutrightnow Michael J. Stanek (@tapoutrightnow) reported

    @2KSupport I understand that this has been a widespread problem. @RuggedRebelRon, advised me Reddit had several people having this same issue for AT LEAST a week, if not two. Please fix this. I don't want to have to start all over. PLEASE DON'T push me to buy @AEWrestling games from now on.

  • IssaJokeBreh rattpack (@IssaJokeBreh) reported

    Let me tell you guys, reddit is a terrible dating app. 17/10 wouldn’t recommend it.

  • ListMeAnimes Tatsumi (@ListMeAnimes) reported

    The @reddit app is broken. All subreddit icons have reverted back to the default icon. Subreddits I am subscribed to on another account have crossed over to my main account. When I click on them, Reddit realises I am not subscribed and removes it from my subscriptions.

  • ryankeszeg Kez (@ryankeszeg) reported

    @babyasianambs oh yeah reddit has the answer to all of life’s problems 😂 that’s always what starts the rabbit hole, looking for the answer to something

  • babyasianambs amber nguyen (@babyasianambs) reported

    @ryankeszeg issa trap, however can’t be too mad bc i spent like 30 minutes tryna fix some SQL and the reddit community fixed it in like 10 so 🤗

  • Blinkehyo Blinkehyohoho ❄ (@Blinkehyo) reported

    @blandy718 I saw it too. Gaia is a graveyard, Reddit is kind of a highway with very little slow pits to hop on, Facebook is out because you don’t want your ex to find out you’re still alive, and Amino really didn’t take off like they wanted it to. I guess, in my opinion, Twitter’s best

  • strawberryxtalk ʲ⁻ᵐᵉᵉ (@strawberryxtalk) reported

    @AshleyHarvelle @Centennial_2 @Riri19911 @LavaCastle Sorry I meant that Reddit dude fails to see the irony of his situation. If we judged him by his own lack of empathy he should be punished with losing her and nothing to do about it. But as a Kylo fan I’m not anti redemption (obvs) so yes I hope he sees the error of his ways

  • Papakahuna 🎅🏾Jewin Von’Trap🎅🏾 (@Papakahuna) reported

    Give it a year or 2 and you’ll hear the feds ran down on mad nikkas off reddit

  • TurtleOfAwesome Jarom Jenkins (#1 Hyperactive Knuckle Head Ninja) (@TurtleOfAwesome) reported

    @EcoEclipse @Twitchytango @ChrisRGun I don’t have the source but one of the reliable leakers for Pokémon said on reddit that the dex cut was due to problems with the engine on switch and the models crashing the game. They had every intention of having all of the Pokémon in but just couldn’t make it work.

  • TidesofTime TidesofTime (@TidesofTime) reported

    @ziyuedang do you want me to paypal you 30 subs worth of money, sorry this is why i don't normally do song requests - some songs ruins the experience for the majority of viewers. Also, if you want to make reddit threads about me attacking me i'm down to just copy paste your dms to me.

  • BenzeLtt BlizzBoy (@BenzeLtt) reported

    There are many people have same issue to me (my friends include), but some people on reddit said they can play. Some people said because nobody play this mode so I can’t find match. What happen, I just wanna play replacement match for icon

  • eBookRoulette eBook Roulette (@eBookRoulette) reported

    @THErealDVORAK Reddit use to have a deepfake subreddit and it was quite shocking... they even did iJustine - and then it got shut down

  • Crime_Wizard Cat Respecter (@Crime_Wizard) reported

    I feel so bad for the people who have to read the feedback on the Destiny Reddit. I love the game, and I do have problems with it, but looking at the reddit I often wonder if these people even like the game anymore.

  • paigeeeeann ✰ paige ✰ (@paigeeeeann) reported from Denver, Colorado

    yall mind if I eat turkey jerkey in my bed and google : ‘how to fix my trash life reddit’ until I fall asleep

  • alphatweaker alphatweaker (@alphatweaker) reported

    argine_ via @reddit ... its the break down in the system. Don’t hate the player, hate the game type shit

  • alphatweaker alphatweaker (@alphatweaker) reported

    argine_ via @reddit ... its the break down in the system. Don’t hate the player, hate the game type shit.

  • FemaleProducer M!Nx💋 (@FemaleProducer) reported

    Not even! Not sure if you use reddit but check out the marketing and promo community's on social media. Theres something HUGE going down with all these sites.

  • sunsets_swift annie🦋 (@sunsets_swift) reported

    @rainsoncornelia @Target I’ve seen plenty of bad reviews on reddit :( I think it’s the colored vinyl problem again

  • LochyR_ Lochy (@LochyR_) reported

    @auEntropy wasnt just customs for bo4 every server was running at 32 i think that was cos of some server issues they were having but yeah i found the reddit post 12 hz for customs is a joke

  • whitecoffeebun ★彡 кιкα 彡★ (@whitecoffeebun) reported

    @notcorrectjjba he gives the biggest gay vibes, what's not to like about this sassy lil *****. only reddit soy boys have a problem with him

  • purplerulez13 BobtheBromosapien (@purplerulez13) reported

    @Respawn There is a known glitch that needs patched. The Databank Entry for Bogano under "The Researcher" number 13 called Faded Mural. The game will not prompt the entry as scannable. I and many others on Reddit have stated that this glitch is keeping us from getting 100% on game. HELP.

  • purplerulez13 BobtheBromosapien (@purplerulez13) reported

    @EAStarWars @SunhiLegend There is a known glitch that needs patched. The Databank Entry for Bogano under "The Researcher" number 13 called Faded Mural. The game will not prompt the entry as scannable. I and many others on Reddit have stated that this glitch is keeping us from getting 100% on game. HELP.

  • purplerulez13 BobtheBromosapien (@purplerulez13) reported

    @cameronmonaghan @Respawn @IMDb There is a known glitch that needs patched. The Databank Entry for Bogano under "The Researcher" number 13 called Faded Mural. The game will not prompt the entry as scannable. I and many others on Reddit have stated that this glitch is keeping us from getting 100% on game. HELP.

  • SuperLobster06 Rob Goddard (@SuperLobster06) reported

    So, an update...I saw on reddit some people were having this issue fixed on its own. I went back to my orders and it now says I’m all good and it should be sent to me within a week. I reached out to customer service and canceled the cancel request. Let’s see what happens next.

  • Irishfootball11 HI MY NAME IS JARED (@Irishfootball11) reported

    @RunADZ_ @echavez000 I go month to month which about 31 bucks a month but found some illegal streams once reddit went down

  • EritreanExpress B.g 🇪🇷 (@EritreanExpress) reported

    @KV7wntrs 🙌🏾 We getting that login soon #reddit #🌹 😂😂😂

  • ChrisMorseJr Chris Morse Jr (@ChrisMorseJr) reported

    @JoshParker81 @Jdeeds007John @ThAbEaR_95 @red4424 From what I’ve read so far (nothing from 704) 704 is shutting down and the license is going to stay with Sean Wilson and his development team. But all the esports contracts and 704 itself are officially over. Can’t confirm but based on Zanes tweet and reddit that’s what I got

  • majitzu Majo (@majitzu) reported

    @mijottt_ @XiaomiMalaysia Hey I found how to solve it (thanks Reddit) "Open Security app and run optimization scan, it will tell you that some elements are not seen correctly - just fix it." It worked for me

  • Wadatahmydamie 📎Reverend Chapman (@Wadatahmydamie) reported

    @yote_girl @DefenestratorO @denno562 @_plant_daddy @sins_up @SouthPark It’s not offensive, it’s boring. Like Dave Chappelle’s new standup, the problem isn’t so much that they insist on punching down, it’s that from an objective comedy standpoint, their schtick was played out years ago thanks to MRA and incel communities on Reddit. They’re stale.

  • thexboxdrive The Xbox Drive (@thexboxdrive) reported

    @hypecaster @InsipidGhost Hmmmmm, it worked with Call Of Duty's punch card (I preordered it and it let me redeem) so I thought it work the same way here. I also see reports on Reddit saying the same thing as well. Since Twitter doesn't have an edit button I'll take this down, thanks for the info! 🦌

  • GreasedMonkey10 GreasedMonkey10 (@GreasedMonkey10) reported

    @pipelinegg Honestly, I have mostly everything down and feel confident, I just have a hard time getting people to just come to the stream. Once people are there, they generally like my style. I would post on all Socials, discord, reddit, everywhere, but not sure what else to do.

  • V3N4T0R Venator (@V3N4T0R) reported

    I honestly used to like going on Reddit but it's slowing become a cesspool of hate. Everything that gets even remotely popular or interesting immediately gets shut down by some **** with 1k upvotes and gold that complains that it's bad cuz (insert youtuber) said it was bad

  • he5834 hol (@he5834) reported

    Today a lady at work said she heard from other ppl in the company that I’m amazing at project management and can break down big picture ideas into smaller pieces and delegate Lol I literally spend 80% of my day on reddit

  • yatekii Noah Huesser (@yatekii) reported

    @MaherKh47239937 @spacekookie @rustlang Raw handler execution and latency is only relevant in very specific high frequency/performance stuff I think. For general page visitors this is not a criteria. Otherwise Reddit and the likes using Django would have shut down a while ago.

  • PKdeGallo Fraud Goblin (@PKdeGallo) reported

    @spatticus Have you tried port forwarding and shit like that, I’m guessing you have if you went through Reddit. I had the issue with the S once and had to dive into the router to get it to work fine.

  • TehSaak • TayZak / Thibault • (@TehSaak) reported

    Reddit est down :c

  • TweetOfUSA The United States of America (@TweetOfUSA) reported

    Reddit’s down. Probably the commies.

  • MusicManCan1 Eightball (@MusicManCan1) reported

    If me receiving the earliest work start time wasn’t bad enough #reddit is down

  • TheDalglishDink The Dalglish Dink (@TheDalglishDink) reported

    Ah, Reddit's down.

  • Doctor_Dray_ Dray (@Doctor_Dray_) reported

    Is ******* Reddit down again

  • daivd_exexd grayson (@daivd_exexd) reported

    Reddit is down :(

  • daviddzurisin david (@daviddzurisin) reported

    is reddit down

  • octopussyyy__ peace✨ (@octopussyyy__) reported

    reddit is down :///

  • okuyasu661 n/a (@okuyasu661) reported

    Reddit app Is down wtf

  • thesantijpg read daotf bro (@thesantijpg) reported

    so apparently all the translations were terrible judging from a reddit thread

  • WolfgangJT78 WolfgangJT (@WolfgangJT78) reported

    @jonny_romes @CAWmunityWW @reddit @WWEgames Don't let it bother you on this game. The mode is broken, and sure not the mode that everyone will be able to do what they could... Not worth letting opinions bother you. Do your best, and just be happy with what you can get.

  • thehansburger Daddy Level ✨ (@thehansburger) reported

    What I say: I'm going to bed. What I mean: I'm going to lie down and read the Blair Witch Project sub Reddit.