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  • DNaghizadeh Dennis Naghizadeh (@DNaghizadeh) reported

    @Jonathan_Witt @antihero_kate When I say Red Pillers I specifically mean the group over on Reddit. That claim to have the answeres to life and that women are all manipulating *******. Specifically those guys. Not people trying to fix their lives who might be curious about different ideas.

  • Sulidaesy Fat Slug 🐌⭐ (@Sulidaesy) reported

    Turning to Reddit to help me with my taxes because I ran into a problem I've never had to deal with before

  • Miss_Vexx MMXIX Vexx (@Miss_Vexx) reported

    @tdillzy It gets even better you can stack up to 100 encounters that way. The game is broken and being on the reddit helps

  • RycasterOnline Ryan, the Radical Redhead (@RycasterOnline) reported

    Found a Reddit thread suggesting to check out secondhand options for used Rock Band gear and...y'know, that's not a TERRIBLE idea. Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, etc.

  • RenosC26 Renos Constantinou (@RenosC26) reported

    @SypherPK Hey, about edit delay, there's a reddit post which says they reverted it due to issues like players jumping out of the bus and not being able to shoot. They said they will add it back in 7.30.

  • moiseschiu Moisés Chiullán (@moiseschiu) reported

    if she starts speedrunning Super Mario Bros an entire portion of reddit will literally melt down and explode

  • YoongisBottle Ebru (@YoongisBottle) reported

    me: ranting about obvious add signs reddit fcking users: iT‘s yOuR pHoNe aNd sOciAl mEdIa well guess what you ******* **** noodle looking ass worm, not onyl did I have this problem BEFORE the social media age but I can put my phone aside and STILL drift away

  • RwEvans1 RussellwEvans (@RwEvans1) reported

    @jack_p Well it should turn 1080p after it is "done processing". I've seen on reddit where a lot of people have had the same problem. The length of time varies.

  • kenobi427 Trucker (@kenobi427) reported

    @XRP_Featherfoot @HamEggsn I wish the Bear would’ve stayed on reddit, let the pros decipher as before and not gone to picking a tuber as self righteous as ck. Seems he’s also had to dum it down quite a bit so ck could figure it out too... lol. #notthesamebear

  • jumbatronic AC (@jumbatronic) reported

    @BenSpurr @blogTO as well as constantly stealing headlines from reddit cuz their “journalists” are too lazy to chase down an actual story.

  • csmit186 Craig S. (@csmit186) reported

    @shehackspurple @reddit Here goes: US Army -> Associates Degree In InfoSec/Network Admin -> Horribly Underpaid NOC Tech -> Reasonably Paid but expendable contractor NOC Tech -> Google IT Tech -> Linux Web Server Support Tech working on my CyberOps/Security Bachelor's

  • MartinMSx_ G H O S T (@MartinMSx_) reported

    @shineean @ballmanbrett1 @tyler_t_raw_8 @CommunityGONews Calm down it's a bug and it's confirmed by Niantic employee on reddit I don't know why this page is spreading lies smh. Totally agree tho don't spoof on main account and don't spend money on spoofed accounts. You never know even though they won't ban spoofers

  • patsfb patsfb (@patsfb) reported

    @PMKirsch @billbarnwell It's a terrible website, but there's a great reddit post about this myth somewhere

  • SwiftHitter Swift (@SwiftHitter) reported

    @FO_ScottKacsmar Yeah . My buddy @stevebell70 is down a rabbit hole on reddit. Think this season going be master piece

  • Battybuddy Maggie wants juicy-bars (@Battybuddy) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @PantyGremlin But then, nobody had any real problems with the ghostbusters 2016 until that trailer hit, and that one guy who supposedly worked on it dropped the script summery on Reddit.

  • AnAngryOpossum An Angry Opossum (@AnAngryOpossum) reported

    @RaccoonCentral On Reddit everyone assumes you're a guy. On Twitter everyone assumes you're your Avi. I'm down with being an O'Possum. No dudes slide into my mentions with dangledongs.

  • Ruhroe Robert (@Ruhroe) reported

    @RealSaavedra @benshapiro Hahaha, and reddit is now in a collective meltdown. Their dreams, their hopes, their frothing 'justice' fantasies all shot down as quickly as the BS that got them all hot and bothered to begin with.

  • Esnystarlight Boston⚡️ (@Esnystarlight) reported

    Did anyone play that reddit 50/50 game when they were younger cause every time my friend spent the night we would play that and I think that’s the reason I have so many issues tbh

  • NatoColes Nato Coles (@NatoColes) reported

    @MyLittleBloggie They're almost certainly not students there. When my pizza shop closed for Day Without Immigrants, we had people from Florida, Toronto, wherever giving us 1 star reviews claiming the pizza and service were terrible. It was obvious there was some reddit troll action going on.

  • KidSkys Alex (@KidSkys) reported

    Reddit arguing bout if nomad is broken or not is memes. Ty for the laugh today

  • Sirs0ri Maximilian Ertl (@Sirs0ri) reported

    @franciscof_1990 I just noticed I'm having issues playing gifs (and I think some videos) in apps like Flamingo (Twitter) or Boost (Reddit) on r45 on my 3t (OOS 5.0.8) When going back to r44 everything works fine again.

  • grubbs_w DoUrden (@grubbs_w) reported

    @WayneDouglas82 @ring Just look them up on Reddit many people have your issue. They don’t give a shit and won’t explain why, all my hard work on Their behalf is for nothing. What I understand is say you earned 510.00 in credit and one of those people you referred used a bad email address and all is 0

  • MHyper05 MainWolfHyper05 . (@MHyper05) reported

    @No0b3_tv I went on Reddit (reliable ;)) and people said there is a boost mode for pro which makes frames better but it can glitch from what they said, but tbh it will never be as good as PC :(. I play on ps4 and it is pretty garbage so idk

  • wdfgamingnet elStryfe (@wdfgamingnet) reported

    @Baundiesel @verum_libertas @Dexerto The thing that hurt Division 1 wasn't the casuals... It was the countless glitches, people exploiting Falcon Lost to get loot, the hackers on PC.. That's what hurt Division 1. Sure, reddit has some terrible ideas but one out of every twenty comments there is something good.

  • Reetesh Y. V. Reetesh (@Reetesh) reported

    Man, F2 had some really good situational comedy in the first half, but just 5min before the intermission it took an irredeemable turn to the worst & kept dragging itself down that path. Felt like it was written by someone who got relationship advice from reddit/YT #ReeMov

  • Tricia1026 Tricia1026 (@Tricia1026) reported

    @Hec27 @w0jnar @Ritchie2528 @St_Nik_ @Martin1250000 @Nina005Y @nutkeg @Andersenator @Bitspitter @Petitney00 @uschmueller @thatmikehuang @Val_Alexandre69 @TeddieSigma @Darkenzee @OmgJoshieBoi @Suzi_Ross @meireperisse @stargirl679 @kriswest33 @sermorott1980 @Charliepops1982 Just heard that @NorthwestAirGal got her account back and someone replied to my update on the Reddit thread too. A fix is coming!!

  • Mad_Dave69 DARK SUN DAVE (@Mad_Dave69) reported

    Got down voted on Reddit for saying I have a supportive dad. LMAO.

  • Waterrr__ Water (@Waterrr__) reported

    Reddit small is a dead server

  • OutThem3 SHAME! (@OutThem3) reported

    @GamerZakh @OvertoneApp @IGN People have demanded across FB, Twitter, Reddit and YT that Ubisoft apologise and fix it. No, they were right to expect that normal people would understand the reasoning behind the relationship. Unfortunately, the people in question are just out for any drop of blood

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • GrindyMcGrindy Tim O (@GrindyMcGrindy) reported

    @akhmourne At least it's not a broken arm, or worse, if this were Reddit, 2 broken arms.

  • aVT_II Ouranos (@aVT_II) reported

    @iceemperor_mh @bankaism Judging from reddit alone, the latter. At nearly 2k upvotes, which is a LOT compared to the usual numbers, many many people clearly has no problem with this development. It’s a loud minority crying wolf

  • Chickadee_Rev Christine Parker • Editor (@Chickadee_Rev) reported

    For me, the hardest part of writing (or editing, in this case) is the actual sitting down at my desk and opening the document and forcing myself to stay there for an extended period of time instead of surfing Reddit or taking a nap or cleaning the toilet. #nanonowwhat

  • GatorCritic Josh (@GatorCritic) reported

    @theceezy Maybe slightly but not a lot. Attendance is down just about everywhere. CFB atmosphere is pretty boring. Commercials don't help. Anytime I see this convo brought up on reddit so many people are like "copy what soccer does" and they aren't lying. Copy what soccer does

  • fl0mtv fl0m (@fl0mtv) reported

    Seeing this reddit thread about how Mouz need to work harder actually triggers me. The problem is not Mouz. It’s the fact that the major is the first tournament of the year for these teams.

  • JoeUchill Joe Uchill is at shmoocon (@JoeUchill) reported

    Amirezvani was sent a Reddit thread about a guy who was offered cash to plug in a sketchy Rasberry Pi to his network. Similar issues (inc. sell us access to your facebook account) date back to 2016. They say accounts will be used to place ads. #Shmoocon.

  • hurts_af Lit Smile (@hurts_af) reported

    @PIZOtv @reddit I never use Reddit worst platform time out after every comment , stupid karma for posting image and videos and also people purposely down votes

  • LynX_TTV TheTrueLynX (@LynX_TTV) reported

    @TTVMuhammadK @TreyarchPC @ATVIAssist Oh, well I know 6 people that this happens too and a lot of people on reddit have this issue, maybe 2080s are the only fix and amd cards work well with the game

  • xMugenYoruichix 🔥S S G S S M u g e n @ DBSMovieBroly🔥 (@xMugenYoruichix) reported

    @Jsilveira91 Like, if you wanna believe what you see posted on the internet all the time, especially Reddit & 4Chan, that's a problem.... overall, that shit isn't even true about him at all.

  • kitt3n V (@kitt3n) reported

    When you go down a wormhole on reddit reading about creepy things people have seen in woods and forests 😳

  • UmBacon24 UmBacon24 (@UmBacon24) reported

    @PIZOtv @reddit Reddit pisses me off. 9 out If my ten posts get taken down for no reason

  • WhoStoleHonno Matthew Barber (@WhoStoleHonno) reported

    @joepie91 @imzyhq Imzy was the best bet for an actually good Reddit and it failed (though hope lingers I believe). I don't think it's viable... that said the biggest thing I'd want is a strongly enforced global rules list that has a summary shoved down users throats when they first join haha.

  • PIZOtv Pizo (@PIZOtv) reported

    @sammanamm @reddit They made it seem like we "forced people to upvote", so they took it down lol wE bRoKe ThE rUlEs for having large platforms outside of reddit

  • mrjosh__ josh (@mrjosh__) reported

    New @twitter is like new @reddit, its ugly af and slow. Do not upgrade. #NewTwitter

  • ceebsbot ceebie bot (@ceebsbot) reported

    A BROKEN ANIMATRONIC tf2 players are you ever wondered what I’m doing and improve your ass would feel like the reddit is

  • JeffMirro Jeff Mirro (@JeffMirro) reported

    @MrsLaktash: "I feel like if i were a website, i would be sub reddit... something very specific shoved deep down where the general public cannot see it... and only a very limited group of folks wants to interact with it"


    The sound issue seems to be fixed in BFV. People actually make footstep sounds now. As good or better than sound in BF1 for footsteps. Many free kills from sound ******* last night. Also, shitters are upset about this on Reddit.

  • TheSwedishDevil Infelix (@TheSwedishDevil) reported

    @ScftestGamer “Office address, full name and a photo if you have one. Make it easy for me to identify her.” Infe shrugs, his attention shifting back down to his phone and scrolling through memes on Reddit distractedly. “If she ***** up, I want to be sure I’m going to kill the right *****.”

  • yvesweedsocks let me in (@yvesweedsocks) reported

    Why ******** is reddit always broken

  • succmin_ alex 🌨 (@succmin_) reported

    like I didn't do anything I was just freaking out internally and kept pretending to look down on my phone but looking at his instead anD HE WAS ON REDDIT LOOKING AT MEMES THE WHOLE WAY and that folks is the moment I fell in love ajsksja no but fr I'm so whipped he's so cute

  • princess_yosuke Ali Rose (@princess_yosuke) reported

    I went down a reddit conspiracy rabbit hole and now I feel like I’m gonna start coughing up miasma

  • AnonStoleMyBike Sweetie Squad 4 lyf (@AnonStoleMyBike) reported

    Crying about wamens issues like some sort of a 'hero' isnt gonna make you any less of an incel, stop browsing reddit and get a job and do some exercise before your arteries block up

  • aifendragon Aifendragon (@aifendragon) reported

    I'm kinda in the mood to write, having posted my stuff on reddit, but I'm genuinely so on edge that I can barely even sit down, let alone focus on putting words on paper :/

  • DciInt DCI INT in the New Year (@DciInt) reported

    I don’t understand @DCI’s thinking with @ArsenalCorps issue. Reddit post bothered Open Class lead. After this, it gets fuzzy. @DCI says they gave an opportunity to address the issue. @ArsenalCorps says no. #No_time. Maybe a couple of beers would lead to apologies on both sides.

  • Zakkeagle Keegle (@Zakkeagle) reported

    @_ItsColinn I’ve asked hosts politely to not overhost so many times this past year and they never listen or change their game. It’s absurd and I don’t think it’ll ever change as long as one server rules the reddit.

  • gloryToonami ★·.·´¯`·.·★ ᎶᏝᎧᏒᎩ ᏝᏗᏬᎦᏋᎩᏕᎧᏁ ★·.·´¯`·.·★ (@gloryToonami) reported

    I've been on reddit more lately but I don't know if I can login to my account from 2014.

  • ThisIsHabbb Hab (@ThisIsHabbb) reported

    Reddit has been cut down to 1 server at this point. I think it would be better as a whole if arctic took the badlion route and did their own thing apart from reddit. there are other good servers out there people just dont like change

  • Captain007_ C̴o̴r̷y̷ (@Captain007_) reported

    @zander1295 @JW_Bandit Yeah and most of the time it’s the users fault. I like going on Reddit and reading about parts they return and still having the same problem then they like oh sorry guys I had my PSU positive and negitive backward 🤣

  • The_Misfits_Inc The Misfits Inc (@The_Misfits_Inc) reported

    @Spaggie @DayZ @KJaggerX I agree, and there are a lot of bugs that need squashing, but I take great issue with this bug as it is truly game breaking and provides no end game for players. I have had a dozen or more tell me they are done until persistence is fixed, and many more on reddit/forums.

  • ScarletMinerva ScarletStar (@ScarletMinerva) reported

    Lol's reddit mods are all very either selfish, inconsiderate, or overzealous about what they do, considering a lot of the time they will just take something down and use vague rule interpretation to attempt to justify it Going on league meta, a lot of removals make no sense.