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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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February 22: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 12:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (38.92%)
  • Game Crash (21.56%)
  • Glitches (20.36%)
  • Sign in (13.17%)
  • Matchmaking (4.79%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.20%)

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  • amaya37653016 amaya (@amaya37653016) reported


  • TheGalacticEmpo TheGalacticEmporer (@TheGalacticEmpo) reported

    @EmberAPI Hey, so i just lost 500 levels 4 6mil pets all my swords all my auras and gems so can i get this check out cause i lost everything cause of the issues roblox was having yesterday

  • cvsmicvibes bunny (@cvsmicvibes) reported

    @Roblox roblox fix your broadcast bloxy 6th annual lol

  • lisa_playzz ~♡ Amanda Wilson ♡~ #WeCareAboutTiff (@lisa_playzz) reported

    @Galaxy09344560 I feel bad for everybody that has experience data's nobody fault its just a roblox issue that I'm pretty sure the RH fam hates that issue!..I hope @nightbarbie and her crew get that issue fix...BIG FAT OOOOOOOOF!!

  • PrincessRoyaleH Princess_Playz (@PrincessRoyaleH) reported

    @Mackenz40094999 I know you’ll get them back sooner or later! Barbie and Roblox are working on a fix right now!!

  • Alice_Everlong Rein Fletcher (@Alice_Everlong) reported

    @nightbarbie Good luck! I hope Ice gets a good rest after all of this.. my friend lost all 144 of their levels and it made them so upset they refuse to play.. curse that weird Roblox update making everyone lose a bunch of stuff!! Ice shouldn't have to fix this. 😥

  • Natalia24903447 Natalia (@Natalia24903447) reported

    @Roblox @ZachZaxor @AlexComedy ROBLOX i need this issue fixed. I play this game called royale high and I lost all my levels, which I was in level 68 and I lost all my diamonds due to an issue that was going on with you guys and I’m upset because I lost everything I had in the game

  • jessica95336030 ACSHZDSETC_GIRL (@jessica95336030) reported

    I just wanna say how thankful I am for @NintendoNL and @Roblox we’re able to fix the data loss! Idk when it’s gonna be fixed. I hope soon! 🤞

  • DangerDola DangerDola3 (@DangerDola) reported

    @Roblox @AlexComedy @ZachZaxor Hey @Roblox i had a problem with the site and it restarted all my progress on royale high

  • AndAlbertos AlbertosMotovationStorage (@AndAlbertos) reported

    @roblox fix this

  • Starma_P 🌟Star🌟 (@Starma_P) reported

    @Elvin_bab @HettySnazzy If you were on yesterday when ROBLOX had their issue on their website yesterday and you were on Royale High during that time you got the issues. If you weren’t on yesterday during that time your stuff is fine. I was affected by it and I went to my mom’s account today (she’s good)

  • lyiliarulez Vote Queen Naija (@lyiliarulez) reported

    @nightbarbie Barbie, yesterday roblox was having a little problems and I lost all my diamonds now j have 50😭 pls help

  • KonekoKittenYT KonekoKitten (@KonekoKittenYT) reported

    i think my biggest problem with roblox is that a lot of people just finds a reason to complain about virtually everything and anything. it's so downbeat for people to just be so entitled and negative

  • witches_hour grace ♡ (@witches_hour) reported

    its been like 5 days since SOMEONE on roblox stole broken parable & like 150k n roblox just locked my group 😩 i hope she lives

  • Aaran18869606 Aaran (@Aaran18869606) reported

    @KreekCraft the link for to join u on your group this doesn’t work for me can u fix it pls I’m on iPad telll roblox

  • brandonAV19 B (@brandonAV19) reported

    @Roblox I bet in my device it has a little glitch on roblox where someone talks in chat and my screen freezes for seconds, fix it now

  • Savanna18319070 Savannah (@Savanna18319070) reported

    It’s an glitching becames when ROBLOX was updating it glitched so if u have this happened to u just know that it’s an gitched right and barbie / callmehbob is going o be fixing if u login-Ed in at 3pm ( im pretty sure ) so if u didn’t see her tweet then now u know.

  • Adrian28311910 Adrian (@Adrian28311910) reported

    @robloxdevrel Thank you Roblox Dev, but i still have a problem in Electric State game i had lose all my data and progress could you help me or atleast give me the contact to one of the Electric State Dev, that would be nice.

  • robloxtdm321 Ari Leon O'Reilly (@robloxtdm321) reported

    @asimo3089 @zeuxcg @Roblox plz fix the lighting inside the gas station

  • PlebMleb Cᴛʜᴜʟʜᴜ (@PlebMleb) reported

    Roblox when are you gonna fix the bot problem

  • youchoc69 •-• Youchoc69 •-• (@youchoc69) reported

    @reynold_preap @CleanSkyFall @Roblox Green valk wasnt broken

  • PhantomSandbox KingOfPokemonBattles (@PhantomSandbox) reported

    @SallyGreenGamer NO BROKEN ROBLOX

  • talopnak talopnak (@talopnak) reported

    @TKRBLX I think the controller of Turkish Airlines ROBLOX, have serious mental issues due to causing drama and still having respect in this community, atleast pay the guy for his important work and his effort to contribute to your airline.

  • JusticeForRA RIPRoAviation (@JusticeForRA) reported

    @PakistanBuyuk @Aeirxl @TKRBLX Yeah because I totally said "ROBLOX is the cause for his problems".

  • Prismrunner Dylandacadoodle (@Prismrunner) reported

    @UziHussain_RBLX @Roblox no problem lol

  • Blu3wastaken heck is a bad word 💖 (@Blu3wastaken) reported

    @Roblox @AlexComedy @ZachZaxor ayo @Roblox doesnt it say in your terms of service that online dating is not permitted but both @ZachZaxor and @AlexComedy both make online dating videos now. its kinda stupid as hell smh

  • MrMohh_ Cringe :/ (@MrMohh_) reported

    The chat is so broken @Roblox

  • RobloxLeaks7 Roblox Rh❤💖💜 (@RobloxLeaks7) reported

    @imagamergirlxd @nightbarbie When roblox Was having issues I went on rh yo spin the weel and it said I must be on level 5 or higher I WAS ON LEVEL 73😭

  • helltress666 Lady Helltress (@helltress666) reported

    @Roblox Hey Roblox! Ever since your issue, I lost all my things in Royale high! I got really upset I wasted alot of my robux on the game and I also was on halloween and new years buying and hunting down items and I rejoined to find EVERYTHING IS GONE! Even my levels! Please HELP!

  • sylellya Tyler (@sylellya) reported

    Clothing designers should mass email roblox about the ongoing issue about designs being removed but stolen copies still being up. Maybe then they'll listen.

  • CabooseDcLegend Amanda (@CabooseDcLegend) reported

    @Roblox My friend bought my merch and I didn't get any funds in my group can you fix this problem please my user is Funnehawesome123


    @EmberAPI my girlfriend lost all her shit dude , i know youre working hard but you gotta fix this shit , especially when were just tying to have some fun. Her roblox username is littlestinty ; please help and get her data restored.

  • iamnormal87 Iamnormal87 (@iamnormal87) reported

    @kwelibob2347 @TheDevResource Roblox glitch, possible fix today.

  • VazquezJenae _*Jenae*_ (@VazquezJenae) reported

    Ok so i dont know HOW this happened. Please barbie help, i was playing roblox like i normally do in royale high and i aee that i had 52 diamonds and my character was reset so i was like maybe its a glitch and i went to the wheel and it said i had to be level 5 or higher

  • LeArmenti Armenti (@LeArmenti) reported

    @russotalks Make a video about roblox breaking. Sometimes the solution is the problem itself.

  • callmehbob10 callmehbob (@callmehbob10) reported

    I'm sorry that this is happening with some of the Royale players but the problem is with roblox and we are talking with him to solve it, since not only is Royale losing data, it is almost all games, this problem will be Resolved.💖💖💖💖

  • callmehbob10 callmehbob (@callmehbob10) reported

    @OmqItzDepressi1 I'm sorry that this is happening with some of the Royale players but the problem is with roblox and we are talking with him to solve it, since not only is Royale losing data, it is almost all games, this problem will be Resolved.💕💕💕

  • NeIIyLee Nellylee (@NeIIyLee) reported

    @Bloxburg_Homes I would but I'm having issues with my account I forgot my pin and roblox decided to chnage my password :/

  • Ravellycv Obey (@Ravellycv) reported

    @Roblox @Roblox fix legs please

  • Ari_The_Alicorn Ariana (@Ari_The_Alicorn) reported

    @cristalpony1982 @Antilique1 Yup, but I'm pretty sure everyone will prefer no lag but who knows Roblox could do something to do that maybe soon I hope

  • jrhino450 DJrhino450 (@jrhino450) reported

    @Roblox Two broken faces

  • LowweMixer Lowwe Mixer (@LowweMixer) reported

    Please, Roblox Royale High, this NEED to be fixed on your game. The glitch attach multiple players, including me. The glitch reset our level, usually the 100+ levels ( mine was 132) and the diamonds, some peoples clothes and acessories! Please fix this!!! 😫😓😨

  • Gilbert54437454 Gilberto (@Gilbert54437454) reported

    @BloxburgNews I know right roblox is broken

  • DDog_007 David Ndalamba (@DDog_007) reported

    Due to the connectivity issues roblox was experiencing yesterday, it appears that. Luckily using our backup server, we should be able to determine the users who were affected. Please reply to this tweet if your data was reset so that I can investigate claim by claim. thxguys <3

  • ArixJeri Agnes needs space (@ArixJeri) reported

    @MinnieLovesArt @nightbarbie it's a roblox bug. it happens most of the games, where your message delays sending. it'll be fix very soon or do i mean ASAP.

  • cristalpony1982 *+.|ℳ𝓪𝓽𝓽.ℬ|.+* (@cristalpony1982) reported

    @AngelWo00788882 @cybernova @LeahAshe @Lizzy_Winkle roblox has data issues , don't worry it will be fixed soon

  • angelaustria54 angelaustria (@angelaustria54) reported

    @robloxdevrel Please Fix A bug that keeps crashing my roblox studio. every time i get in roblox studio and i click my game. and then it takes me there loads and then crashes. Please fix it so i can make my game

  • Pirksaa iRaidOPTics (@Pirksaa) reported

    @EmberAPI Sorry, I quit slaying sim. It was too much data loss for me. I just wasted a week of my life just for my data to get lost because of an idiotic ROBLOX glitch in the system.

  • playsqq AlexPlaysqq (@playsqq) reported

    @SushiWalrus3D my vip server isnt working and it says its unavailible try again later , i bought 2 days ago . my roblox name is AlexPlaysqq11. Please fix it . and i suggest tatara getting new form

  • jcheino Jake Heino (@jcheino) reported

    @KobyballZ @MrMuselk @BasicallyIDoWrk But the problem then would become words in context and synonyms. With roblox and wizard101if a word it not aloud to be said we Ethier use a words that sounds similar or a word that mean the same thing. For numbers even worded cant be said in wazard101 so...3,three we say tree.ect

  • Sphinx751 Sphinx75 (@Sphinx751) reported

    @BloxburgNews Thats mean all the ROBLOX games have errors!

  • ItsTacoJay Jay (@ItsTacoJay) reported

    Guys my feed has been flooded with roblox error 260. Incase the news hasn’t got to you, it’s been resolved and you can go play now!

  • ChipsyTate ChipsyTate (@ChipsyTate) reported

    @Roblox Man just tried to buy obc and got an error my money was taken but I didn`t get obc xD

  • s6larium milo 🥰 (@s6larium) reported

    @nightbarbie the data loss is a recurring issue, so even if you try to level up or earn diamonds, roblox is not gonna save it after a couple hours

  • Mow_220 Mow!💙 (@Mow_220) reported

    @MinnieLovesArt @nightbarbie Ye roblox glitch

  • MadatakINC flybatmanxd (@MadatakINC) reported

    @Roblox roblox is lagging soo much!

  • HanXC60 Han (@HanXC60) reported

    Hey @Roblox @robloxdevrel I hope u fix the studio chat, it doesn’t work only if I click on “Play” or “Play Here” And then click / VERY VERY fast many times to let the Studio Chat works once or twice or else

  • FGamer756 KeyzGames (@FGamer756) reported

    @Roblox please fix your game also why you make me a late I wanna play Car Crushers 2

  • kreektakethe KreektaketheL (@kreektakethe) reported

    i have a video to proof that what happening to chat system BUT TWITTER DONT ALLOW ME TO SEND VIDEO pls roblox FIX THIS IT TAKES TIME TO READ SOMEONE REPLYS

  • fighetkiller fighetkiller (@fighetkiller) reported

    @EmberAPI MY name ON ROBLOX IS lolyouwillbetro PLS fix this shit I LOST a lot of stuff AND IF U DONT I WILL FIND U AND KILL U

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