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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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April 19: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 07:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Glitches (35.21%)
  • Online Play (33.80%)
  • Sign in (14.08%)
  • Game Crash (14.08%)
  • Matchmaking (2.82%)

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  • BLOXbros27 SubTresting (@BLOXbros27) reported

    Iron man egg is broken smh @Roblox

  • recentteen14 recentteen14 (@recentteen14) reported

    @DevUltraRBX @Roblox @robloxdevrel @EggtuallyRbx I've tried repeatedly to start a party with nobody else in it, yet it doesn't allow me to, ever. I'm on PC, the inability to click buttons or the inventory not appearing seems to be every attempt to get in. Can't reset to fix it without breaking more either.

  • jecmigsDG pewpew06 (@jecmigsDG) reported

    @Roblox @MarvelStudios Roblox please fix the platforms on the iron man minigame because i was suppose to jump to that platform but its not there. Please fix this bug my friends experienced this too

  • recentteen14 recentteen14 (@recentteen14) reported

    @DevUltraRBX @Roblox @robloxdevrel @EggtuallyRbx Problem is theres no way to start a solo multiplayer game, even though I would love to be able to. Plus, with buttons being unclickable, inventory disappearing, and not getting credit the one time I DID get to the end, because apparantly THATS a thing... Yeah. Glitched to hell.

  • lightwolf25 LightWolfGaming (@lightwolf25) reported

    @DevUltraRBX @Roblox @robloxdevrel @EggtuallyRbx the lag makes this unplayable :(

  • itsvoctor Vixtr (@itsvoctor) reported

    @Roblox hey, soooo myself and many others have been having a glitch while doing the obstacle course to get the iron man egg and I just want to know if it's being fixed. The glitch makes getting the egg literally impossible, and I just wanted to know if it is being handled.

  • KonekoKittenYT Kitten✨ (@KonekoKittenYT) reported

    @KreekCraft This is always the biggest problem with roblox events. Good concept, poor execution.

  • Neil66017868 fortnite king (@Neil66017868) reported

    @Roblox ok roblox you make an event but its broken on the iron man egg im missing some of the targets i tried leaving then coming back it didn't work the targets are gone and im here like how am i supposed to get the egg if i cant finish the puzzle please fix it thanck you latter

  • DevUltraRBX Dev Ultra (@DevUltraRBX) reported

    @kyzrow @Roblox @robloxdevrel @EggtuallyRbx This kind of thing doesn't help me. Feel free to DM me specifics on your issue and I'll be happy to get it fixed as soon as possible!

  • Ustozi1 Ustozi (@Ustozi1) reported

    @Roblox your event is broken

  • huet_jason The Darkness (@huet_jason) reported

    @Roblox bro, iron man egg glitched. PLS FIX ROBLOX!

  • JeremyPleitez TheCoolBoysBack (@JeremyPleitez) reported

    Bro @Roblox the Iron man level to get the egg is rigged. I can't get to it when I hit the target. Can u plz fix this problem because its becoming an issue to the community and its unfair. K SEE U soon #EggHunt2019 is LITTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • OfficialCraft_ Steven (@OfficialCraft_) reported

    @TheGamerBoiiYT @Roblox @InsideRoblox @robloxdevrel Pending sales normally take 3 days to transfer, looks like you may be having an issue of them not transferring. You may need to contact Roblox support using their email.

  • ErzaSca40268704 Erza Scarlet (@ErzaSca40268704) reported

    @Roblox Fix the ironman egg its glitched we cant obtain it

  • dat_aidan DatBoiAidan (@dat_aidan) reported

    @Roblox @MarvelStudios Roblox the iron man room is broken in the egg hunt you cant finish it

  • RainyDayzYT Some Wannabe YouTuber (@RainyDayzYT) reported

    @Roblox Iron Man Egg is so Broken FAT L man

  • Eiron124 Eiron Mendoza (@Eiron124) reported

    TODAY is the DAY we will be Egg Hunting 2019 on ROBLOX on DLive!! See you in a few hours. Note that in case we might be not live on DLive due to stream issues, we will be streaming on YouTube and Twitch.

  • travisgaming22 Travis Gaming (@travisgaming22) reported

    @Roblox hey im just playing your best game and i got something to tell u..... HOW DO YOU GET THE IRON MAN EGG THIS IS BROKEN TELL THE CREATOR TO FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • FredbearCrayon chicken nugget (@FredbearCrayon) reported

    @Roblox #EggHunt2019 is broken, it won't let me get the iron man egg

  • jackieonroblox jackie (@jackieonroblox) reported

    @Roblox @amazon @AppStore @GooglePlay @MicrosoftStore @Xbox YOU CANT CLIMB THE WALLS ON MOBILE! Please fix this!!!

  • greenlegocats Lord CowCow (@greenlegocats) reported

    It pains me to say this but I seriously think the 2019 Roblox Egg Hunt is the worst Egg Hunt we've ever had, and I'm sure most of us can unfortunately agree. Even 2015 at least had the overall feeling of an Egg Hunt. This doesn't, while having all the problems 2015 had plus more.

  • 3rr0rrs 3rror (@3rr0rrs) reported

    @HyperPhoenixYT @Roblox Maybe ROBLOX’s terms and service changed and probally u did something that was not weong in the past and when ROBLOX added a new terms of service you probally broke it i know this is confusing but i hope you get it. Yours Fatithfully, MintGreny

  • A__Ham_Sandwich Meme Virus (@A__Ham_Sandwich) reported

    @Roblox The boss battle for egg hunt 2019 is broken ,you are unable to wall up the walls nor able to move stuff around

  • Ramonalaniz13 Ramon.alaniz (@Ramonalaniz13) reported

    @Roblox @amazon @AppStore @GooglePlay @MicrosoftStore @Xbox this year's egg hunt sucks, and considering this will be the last event I feel sad idk what to do anymore how do you have fun when it's broken 😢💔

  • IamJosh26885377 Crypted Pandora (@IamJosh26885377) reported

    @Roblox theres a two-step verification glitch, when i did the two step verification, I didn’t receive an email. Please fix this glitch. From, DsEop (my roblox username)

  • MrRealHumor ☆ Gamez ☆ (@MrRealHumor) reported

    @greenlegocats @Dirk_CarEmoji They added Rthro support but the characters aren’t rthro. Idk why you have an issue with a roblox trailer showing their newest avatars.

  • K1llerNight dangermattehw (@K1llerNight) reported

    @Roblox Roblox I am having a issue thathat in the iron man tample the other two jumps close to the end doesnt show up

  • WoodysTweet1 The Clown.Net (@WoodysTweet1) reported

    @Roblox I had enough With my acount cruzycru your just useing the crash message so i cant play it. NOW LET ME JOIN THE EGG HUNT NOW *****

  • voresex soda (@voresex) reported

    matthew is having problems with roblox

  • my_chappie MyNameIsChappieRBLX (@my_chappie) reported

    @Roblox And yet, I have been receiving the lost connection error throughout the week despite my connection being good. This isn't a egg hunt, this is a play to win strategy game. If all the eggs were in 1 game, it would make sense. Now, we have to witness the last "egg hunt."

  • Adeer61295938 Mmss7 (@Adeer61295938) reported

    @Roblox @MarvelStudios Iron man egg is broken

  • vhilohsimmer michael (@vhilohsimmer) reported

    @Roblox @amazon @AppStore @GooglePlay @MicrosoftStore @Xbox can u fix the walls... literally nobody can climb..

  • SirKuno Kuno ♡ (@SirKuno) reported

    @MikeTheRawkstar I just don’t like the idea of having eggs in different games and that idea can cause problems for me. I mostly play Roblox on my phone and there’ll be games that can’t play on my phone or certain games will just cause my game to crash.

  • Porgilized tired (@Porgilized) reported

    @Roblox fix the thanos glove it doesnt fit on any arm

  • RL_Anti anti (@RL_Anti) reported

    iF pSyOnIx d.O.n.T FiX tHiS ******* fIrEwOrK gOaL sOuNd S.H.I.T.E wItHiN tHe NeXt WeEk iM GoNnA rEtIrE fRom mY rObLoX cArEeR @RLEsports @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague

  • beanoGeno10 beanoGenoYT (@beanoGeno10) reported

    AAAAAHHH @Roblox fix your game i cant go into any of the portals #EggHunt2019 in othee words i cant walk up the wall to get to the portal :(

  • _drimpetuous Drimpetuous (@_drimpetuous) reported

    @Roblox the egg hunt boss fight is broken, when i join the fight i get killed on the cutscene, then i cant climb the wall or do damage to the boss help please!!!

  • MrShiftize Shifty (@MrShiftize) reported

    Iron Man Obby is broken! #EggHunt2019 @Roblox

  • premiumkatt PremiumKat (@premiumkatt) reported

    @Hatelifeidiots @Greninja1329 @CenosityRBLX @Roblox It’s not the community, they’re fine. ROBLOX IS THE PROBLEM

  • asoulinthone asoulinthone (@asoulinthone) reported

    @Roblox in the egg hunt 2019 hub the iron Man stage does not spawn some of the platforms and one of the moving platforms don't even go all the way please fix

  • holopusheen_ ǝuıloɹɐɔ (@holopusheen_) reported

    @echowaterworks @Roblox I can complain if I want. Im used to using arrows. Roblox is game that uses ARROWS not W A S D. If you have a problem with my opinion. You can ignore. You ain't my mommy or daddy

  • Jojo94248788 Jojo (@Jojo94248788) reported

    @Roblox You Have To Fix The Iron Man Egg Temple. There Are 2 Platforms Missing

  • NorthernLaw2 NorthernLaw2 (@NorthernLaw2) reported

    @Roblox @MarvelStudios Too bad i cant get one egg because the game is broken

  • KkevSsu Ssu_kkev (@KkevSsu) reported

    @Roblox There is a problem some eggs are not compatible for me cause I'm on phone

  • DoodleDev1 DoodleDev (@DoodleDev1) reported

    @Roblox @amazon @AppStore @GooglePlay @MicrosoftStore @Xbox Roblox why do you change up everything! (You shove rthro in our face 24/7,you don't listen to the community, and you keep making dumb ways to get prizes in events) Fix yourself!

  • XxFaZexWolfxX FaZe Wolf (@XxFaZexWolfxX) reported

    @Roblox I’m Dogethesavage33 fix the bugs were heyyyy that number is used a lot and it’s mine and I can put my password plz I need help I don’t wanna lose this acount

  • Im_Cyablox nrika (@Im_Cyablox) reported

    @Roblox @amazon @AppStore @GooglePlay @MicrosoftStore @Xbox I they are.. but, Its broken.

  • mightybaseplate mightybaseplate (@mightybaseplate) reported

    @doorsaccouna @EgghuntRBX @Roblox yeah sorry i had to fix something

  • ixelated MAKEEMRUN (@ixelated) reported

    @Roblox @mightybaseplate @MarvelStudios Fix it first

  • Alam2313 Chip (@Alam2313) reported

    @Roblox How do you fix the problem with not being able to run up walls

  • EgghuntRBX Roblox EggHunt Helper (@EgghuntRBX) reported

    @mightybaseplate @EtherealViper @Roblox i think there is a new problem, it lets me get the egg, but it doesn't let me progress, like any new area n so on, and people are complaining about the portals not working + loosing progress (might bee on the different maps tho)

  • bogdanpasca3 bogdan pasca (@bogdanpasca3) reported

    @ScriptOnRoblox hi can fix the bugs of skins on prison royale roblox because the skins dont save later open de box

  • Karlawy12 💫.+*Karla*+.🌹 (@Karlawy12) reported

    😣😢😭 guys someone hack my roblox account I can't get in my account someone change the password :( I don't know if actually someone hack me or it is a problem of roblox I hope that is a problem that has roblox and that they repair it soon :(

  • bladeplaysgame1 Bladeplaysgames (@bladeplaysgame1) reported

    @Roblox In the Egg Hunt 2019 the second power egg doesn't let me collect it, I have 21 eggs but it says I "Didn't force my eggs" And that I need 20, I have tried this twice and it still doesn't let me. Please fix this.

  • JakeIsntHome JΔKE (@JakeIsntHome) reported

    Roblox has Egg Hunt games that are supposed to be available for all platforms (PC, Xbox, Mobile) BUT SOME OF THESE GAMES ARENT AVAILABLE ON MOBILE DUDE WHAT @Roblox PLEAAASEE FIX

  • ItzBHT ItzBHT (@ItzBHT) reported

    @Roblox your #ScramblingEggOfTime is broken.

  • Chew0911 ChewPlayZ_YT (@Chew0911) reported

    @Roblox Hey, there is a gamebreaking bug with the Iron Man Egg in the #EggHunt2019 Scrambled in Time Game. Two platforms that are suppose to be there somewhere in the parkour/obby, wont show up, leaving the iron man egg unobtainable ATM, Please fix this HR's.

  • chugnus Mr.Chugnus (@chugnus) reported

    @Roblox Its broken do not play when I go up to a ramp it wont let me walk on the walls making it impossible to beat floor 1

  • RobxSoft RobxSoft (@RobxSoft) reported

    @Roblox OK wall run glitch at the first level, cannot make it after 50 try and more....

  • crypticmuffin Sergey Lasagnev (@crypticmuffin) reported

    @FoggyDesigner @Roblox it's broken, you can't get it

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