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  • 3MtnBros ⭐Code: 3MtnBros (@3MtnBros) reported

    @KreekCraft YouTube should marked kids as <13 and then those accounts loose features (similar to Roblox's system) rather than video. I think that plus coppa revisions would solve a lot of the issues.

  • Paulo98683776 Paulo (@Paulo98683776) reported

    @Roblox I can't play Roblox. I already try to re-instal the game but it don't works. "An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit. We're sorry!"

  • Thunderbolt0411 Thunder (@Thunderbolt0411) reported

    @Goidlea @squidzyee @N00bieO It is against terms of service, but Roblox IS NOT allowed to do anything unless it actually happens on the roblox platform. So he would have to send a message in game or through messages. They can not refer to discord or twitter about anything as that crosses 2 platforms :)

  • Prestonwww1 Preston.www (@Prestonwww1) reported

    i saw what im assuming is your game called "In Loving Memory of Lizzy_Winkle" and ive seen it on roblox for a good week now. but ive noticed something. whenever i try to join the game,it kicks me. i thought maybe the game was broken. so i checked the player list @callmehbob12

  • sx_ll_RBLX Steel (@sx_ll_RBLX) reported

    Grass is now live on Roblox! the thing i dislike about it though is that it covers every single piece of grass you have in your game if you're using a terrain map, however the thing i like about it is that it apparently reduces lag, not entirely-

  • CavenPlayz CavenPlayz (@CavenPlayz) reported


  • nasty_dipsy Uhhh Meow? (@nasty_dipsy) reported

    @pancake16195517 @meconfusedalot @Robloxian25 @Nathorix @pewdiepie Your online history is a far more urgent issue than Apple or Roblox. Do not watch porn unless you want your parents to find out. If you think you can outsmart those FBI adults, you're very wrong. If you get caught don't say I didn't warn u

  • boyyeetsevil ً (@boyyeetsevil) reported

    first you built like a roblox n at your big age you want to fix your mouth to throw a childish ass tantrum over a music genre...i swear you nick gurrs would do anything for engagement on your dry ass twitter accounts,, i feel sad for you dude like..god rlly jus be making anybody

  • iArticsTweets iArtics (@iArticsTweets) reported

    @roblox fix your teleportation thingy I want to play circus trip

  • Simply_duck Edward Iron (@Simply_duck) reported

    @StarbuckscoCool @Roblox Either your mouse is broken or your playing a game that doesn’t let you zoom in and out

  • eggospectly Eggospectly (@eggospectly) reported

    @paradoxum_games instead of addressing it just ******* add a system like fantastic frontier, if someone leaves otherworld tower then they cant rejoin, but if they loose connection or crash then they can, for TDS it would be, if you leave through roblox then you will be charged 100 credits.

  • paulie1984 speedypaulie smith (@paulie1984) reported

    @LetsDoThisGames I was leveling afk yesterday and got lagged out as I was in a raid on destiny 2 , Then it come up with roblox needs to close becouse of an error, i shut laptop down last night , tryed to start it thismorning ..... 😐 so hopeing reinstalling will work but other then that idk 😐

  • Toon2400_ Toon2400 (@Toon2400_) reported

    @Roblox @Roblox this is a serious issue I would like to see resolved before Christmas.

  • SavagePlaysRB SavagePlayz (@SavagePlaysRB) reported

    @Roblox Pls fix ur ping i cant even play games anymore my internet is fine but u really need to fix ur god dam game ok

  • Noodlleizer Noodleizer (@Noodlleizer) reported

    @Roblox Instead of this, FIX THE ROBLOX PLAYER LIST, FIX HOW PEOPLE CAN CURSE IN GAME WITH LOOPHOLES. Promoting a game will not only make people play it, but just make people see this kind of problem. The Roblox community is disappointed, so fix your issues rather than promoting a game.

  • CelestiqueChan ʚ♡𝒜𝓇𝒾 𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓃♡ɞ (@CelestiqueChan) reported

    so it turns out theres nothing wrong with my charger but something wrong with my laptop's port. we dont have enough money to fix it. im sorry. i had fun with yall. i will still be online on roblox but not often. if any of my twitter best friends wanna friend me then do it. im sry

  • k00dkid trav (archive.) (@k00dkid) reported

    im close to moving back to the roblox and cc community at this point, shit hurts and i can’t fix the past.

  • ASkaggs123 AdrianSkaggs123 (@ASkaggs123) reported

    @Roblox Dear Roblox, Please fix the Player list on Jailbreak and other games. In my opition it should be normal because its looks wierd and i how much my money i have on Jailbeak looks Wierd Please fix thank You From,UseStarCode_Adrian2

  • sugarswirlx 🌈🦄🍋lemon🍋🦄🌈 (@sugarswirlx) reported

    @Roblox fix your player menu. its way too big and intrusive. Also its not connected to the corner anymore which is extremely bothersome

  • FluffyChop_s Fluffy Chops (@FluffyChop_s) reported

    @Roblox Fix your sever connections please, This has been going from around 8:25pm cording to downdetector site and am still strugeling to play anything even if i get in normaly about 15 mins in would get lost connection error when my internet is fine. FIX YOUR SEVERS!

  • MrOparu Nin☾ (@MrOparu) reported

    Ok update is out but roblox keep kick me out cause it was too lag

  • proclarkxd clarkratunil/Proclarkxd (@proclarkxd) reported

    @Roblox Hey Can You Fix This There Is A Random Guy Teleporting At Me And Saying Things About My Behavior And I Keep Rejoin But Hi Dont Go Away!

  • Carlos711F Carlos Manuel Ferreiro (@Carlos711F) reported

    @Carribbros @DuhUglie @Roblox @SWOALegacy Shut up and fix it

  • switchblaadess nah (@switchblaadess) reported


  • Mia31735254 Mia (@Mia31735254) reported

    @PurpIeCharmaine Can I have your account and plus I play Roblox so that I don't get stressed out from my family but whatever I try to do that's fun is a problem

  • BloxBusiness Business Blox (@BloxBusiness) reported

    @ThaGamer75 @robloxdevrel @Roblox The real issue here is not "it's ugly." The issue is that they claim they changed it because there was too much info on it. But now there's TOO LITTLE INFORMATION.

  • qlizzz qliz (@qlizzz) reported

    @HeadlessHorror @Roblox @robloxdevrel Like it a lot more than the old, but apparently there are some scaling issues on it.

  • CapunitanCasey XxHALLOWBOYxX (@CapunitanCasey) reported

    @Roblox Roblox, pls fix the catalog, it saids that no connection on app

  • weindeerRBLX weindeer (@weindeerRBLX) reported

    @InceptionTimeRB @phirettv One of my biggest grudges with 'new' ROBLOX is that the site is bland and colourless now. I really think that, if that issue were solved, it would make my experience so much better, as both a dev and a user. A site aimed at kids shouldn't be covered in different greys.

  • PurpleRBX_82 PurpleRBX_82 (@PurpleRBX_82) reported

    @asimo3089 @ArcticCitadel @ArtBlox_406 That was a roblox issue though! It should be fixed soon.

  • BurningDryIce ice but festive #TeamTrees🌲 (@BurningDryIce) reported

    @Bloxy_News im going to be honest this is probably the first smallish update that is kinda annoying only because that the leaderboard is too big and isn't connected with your username anymore but other then that it's cool but if roblox allowed you to scare the leaderboard that would fix it

  • yang_aliyah AliyahGamer (@yang_aliyah) reported

    Bro, idk if Roblox is okay or any games but I tried playing Adopt me and Royale high but they keep kicking me out or lagging and I’m getting sad and mad. I had a bad day and I’m in a bad mood. I thought Roblox would help but it made it worse. I just wanna play gamessssss T~T

  • DavidTcherkes1 David Tcherkes (@DavidTcherkes1) reported

    @Roblox Hi roblox, just a huge glitch that's happening to me. I can't join any game! reason: "lost connection due to error". can u fix this please! thx

  • FamedChris FamedChris (@FamedChris) reported

    @menoobyes1 roblox has released it but we cant release in mad city until we change leafy grass to some other material (most likely dirt or something) fix coming soon

  • FamedChris FamedChris (@FamedChris) reported

    Servers shut down for a grass fix. Roblox fr out out here making stuff look differently than it does in studio, thats crazy. Fix and cool grass coming soon SMH

  • DavoDucky Ducky.davo (@DavoDucky) reported

    @robloxdevrel @Roblox @InsideRoblox I just want you to know i have tried getting my roblox account back for the last week but your awful customer service NEVER answers! i have spent way too much money on the game for this to happen.

  • Eddie67304343 Eddie (@Eddie67304343) reported

    @AlbertsStuff Idea:Glitch the entire server and say that there is a virus on their computer and if they do not delete roblox in the next 24 hours their computers will be filled with malware

  • hattolo hatto (@hattolo) reported

    you open roblox the virus alert will come just ##### roblox or if you have mac or a PC just call mac or windows to solve the problem if you play the virus places they will come even if you don't wanna download roblox on your computer don't do it if roblox is bad for you don't pla

  • hattolo hatto (@hattolo) reported

    i saw a youtube video called is roblox is a virus but ####### just ##### the place THEN BOOM VIRUS ON YOUR PLACE so if you need ###### just download it then #### the virus BOOM! if this is the bad thing if your computer is ######### bad solve the problem what ######## because if

  • yumiikomp4 Yumiikomp4 (@yumiikomp4) reported

    @TeamAdoptMe I bought a sloth at 199 robux and it did not appear, I tried to disconnect but nothing. My roblox nickname: Yumiiko_mp4 Please help me as soon as possible.

  • peashooterman3 real peashooter from plant vs zombie game (@peashooterman3) reported

    @hoshpup yeah, for some reason the image used in the roblox explosion really likes to lag the game when you're near it

  • reyzackarank minigunner2 (@reyzackarank) reported

    Apparently my roblox is trash rn when i join a game an error connection pops up When my internet is fine Bruh.

  • hoshpup hoshpup (@hoshpup) reported

    @peashooterman3 Yep! There has been a load of updates recently, but the one that probably helped the most was using custom explosions instead of Roblox ones as they reportedly created a lot of lag.

  • KaceydiIIa 🌸 Kaceydilla 🌸 (@KaceydiIIa) reported

    @Codaniine @cm4sci__ @slnstrr No definitely!I don’t think it’s an issue to not want to publicly wear them.Just the amount of people who are literally tooembarrassed of something they are to be passionate about personally makes me a little sad Roblox is an amazing platform and I’ve never been embarrassed of it

  • Amelia73001830 Amelia (@Amelia73001830) reported

    @Roblox i have a problem getting roblox studio and it doesnt let me get it. i dont know if this is a problem with roblox or something else. im on laptop so i should be able to get it. please help if you can. thank you.

  • drugdealer22813 🦆kirby the duck face🦆 (@drugdealer22813) reported

    @RoyaleSyd_ I never had a good laptop or pc I can’t even play roblox without lags it’s so lagging xC

  • TheKasodus Kasodus (@TheKasodus) reported

    @KonekoKittenYT it was so stupid cause literally everybody (including actual news sites) were using meepcity as the scapegoat for all of roblox's problems, while parties were problematic at the start alex did all he could to fix that stuff

  • StuartSB13X Stuart SB13X 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧 (@StuartSB13X) reported

    @kek_rex @Undoomed Big State approach and liberty removing ID cards are definitely a no go. However as far as games like Roblox are concerned there are definitely issues around predators that have plagued that game. There is a middle ground to be found.

  • thefatagentkid Thefatagentkid (@thefatagentkid) reported

    @Roblox I have been having problems signing up because of the verafacation

  • Lagerhead9 Doughboy (@Lagerhead9) reported

    @PizzaBike20 @BuildIntoGames @prest4n I would hardly call roblox gaming, but mine is more than sufficient. The issue wasn’t on my end, because it’s been resolved.

  • RealJawadBazzi Jawadguest (@RealJawadBazzi) reported

    @Roblox Fix the catalog please it says catalog temporarily unavailable

  • MParkorman MR_studio (@MParkorman) reported

    @Dragon_Eye226 @Roblox same problem

  • RoyalePrince5 Prince Royale (@RoyalePrince5) reported

    @tyonius_ im having lots of breathing problems, at least i can play roblox here with my laptop

  • aalexllynn 🎄~Alex~🎄 (@aalexllynn) reported

    So my laptop is broken so i cant play roblox but i am getting a new laptop which turns into a tablet

  • EdgyMintyTicTac Mintys True form (@EdgyMintyTicTac) reported

    @Roblox although this seems more of a them problem but it would be nice for you to help my friend out please, they're awfully distraught from this, apologies.

  • Jennife44695649 Jennifer (@Jennife44695649) reported

    @Roblox I’m trying to log in to my account and I have the “2 step" thing and I have it with my email but the problem is it doesn’t want to send! 😭

  • agodlypancake agodlypancake (@agodlypancake) reported

    @Aquaventurer_ @ArchRBX Maybe if Roblox was a little more open on who they let me devs this wouldn't be an issue though... Actually this is a problem with the entire tech industry.

  • satichuplays satichuplays (@satichuplays) reported

    One of the worst problems in the RTC this year was because of cherrypaw imo. I cant help but feel like the roblox furry community was put in a bad light because of him. I don't have respect to furries or ANYONE who preys on kids. Period.

  • ImaHoloKingOwO HoHoHo 🎄 #WeLoveLizzyWinkle (@ImaHoloKingOwO) reported

    @Tijgerstorm I can't I forgot roblox is broken for me ;-;

  • lxb46603303 L3vii._. (@lxb46603303) reported

    @JB_Firebrand Fix your game for roblox, when I load in rocitizens in my Xbox and I went to load my house it says “House is loading” about few more minutes it says failed to load the house plzzz fix it thank u

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