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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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August 17: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 01:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Online Play
Game Crash
Sign in
Hacking / Cheating

Roblox Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Karabük Online Play
Birmingham Sign in
Cali Game Crash
Birmingham Sign in
Houilles Matchmaking
Saipan Online Play

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Roblox Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • mattoobrazy Yung.heartless.uchiha (@mattoobrazy) reported

    @ShinobiOrigin @Roblox Can u let us play shinobi story while u fix the bugs

  • ProjectSupremee ProjectSupreme | 260K+ (@ProjectSupremee) reported

    @TanqROfficial Because it isn't a roblox video, it wouldn't get sent to your subs. There is a way to fix that tho, next time you upload a non-roblox related video put "| Tanqr" at the end of your title. It works for some reason lol

  • PinkPoop14 PinkPoop (@PinkPoop14) reported

    @pastelgutzz @xmeme_lovex @Willow66443956 @ImaGamerGirI @cybernova @Keisyooo @LeahAshe @iamsannay @MeganPlays Yes it is Roblox needs to fix their data storers so Barbie can release it. Don’t go around telling people this because it’s not true

  • narioxrblx1 Nariox (@narioxrblx1) reported

    UGC is going to crash the Roblox trading economy, change my mind

  • RoyalHighUpdat3 Royal High Updates (@RoyalHighUpdat3) reported

    @awqwardkitteh I don’t have any official information from Roblox as we are just two random people running a royal High update account, so I can’t say if that is true or not, but logically speaking since Roblox is such a big site, it shouldn’t take 4 or 5 months to fix the data base problem.

  • BlueTwiter ツBlueTweet (@BlueTwiter) reported

    Another one! @Roblox should fix that!

  • RoyalHighUpdat3 Royal High Updates (@RoyalHighUpdat3) reported

    @awqwardkitteh I don’t think so, if it’s on Roblox’s side and their own database, it sounds like she either has to find a way around it, or roblox has to fix their data problem. and changing the whole games database sounds pretty tricky, and we could lose a lot of data.

  • RoyalHighUpdat3 Royal High Updates (@RoyalHighUpdat3) reported

    @awqwardkitteh I wouldn’t doubt if it was on Roblox’s side, everytime they change something creators have to go back to their games and fix what they broke.

  • Z3roTol3r4nc3 ZeroTolerance (@Z3roTol3r4nc3) reported

    @Jeeeeeffff I actually contacted Roblox technical support. It was a problem on their side not mine.

  • oharabill9 Wildbill (@oharabill9) reported

    @Roblox FIX THE DINO

  • RoyalHighUpdat3 Royal High Updates (@RoyalHighUpdat3) reported

    @awqwardkitteh That could be it, but other things are saving, and it may just be the trading that is broken, either it be on Royal Highs end or Roblox’s.

  • MagmaCube69 Magma Cube, Running for President of RedditGram (@MagmaCube69) reported

    @CampfireFromMC I was playing base wars on roblox and my team chat won't work so I have to use public chat and I told my team that I had the enemy flag and a spawn camper came to our base and spawn camped everyone. And instead of helping me fix the problem, they abandoned the entire team.

  • liveformusic111 xxxร†๏яý ๏ƒ ล и๏ร†ลℓφเ¢ ƒลиφเяℓxxx (@liveformusic111) reported

    It's a little laggy like Mark's Roblox. I'll still post it cause a promise is a promise BUT I will be recording more cause I think I found the problem buds.

  • CoryHorton Cory Horton (@CoryHorton) reported

    @Roblox Dear roblox I am having lots of issues with changing my account pin. NEED HELP!!!!😢😭😤

  • sickdaughter SickDaughter (@sickdaughter) reported

    @Roblox Hello Roblox,I accidentally clicked something that changed my Roblox password and I can't login back, please send me an security code, username, lilxent2223 thank you

  • CE2chorus edDIE (@CE2chorus) reported

    I forgot my roblox login info

  • warewolf090it warewolf090it (@warewolf090it) reported

    @Roblox fix your game

  • MattFragss Matt (@MattFragss) reported

    @Roblox cleared my cache and it still doesn't work.. fix ur site please and change the captcha

  • theloveofblack Death (@theloveofblack) reported

    @Roblox @Erythia_roblox please, fix the app right now. no one is complaining about the pc version but tons of people are complaining that the app is down.

  • leahcute8 leahcute (@leahcute8) reported

    @LeahAsheCrazyF1 @KittyGirlXD2 @RoyaleHannahRBX I may have to try again another day because I need an email attached to it before doing it so yeah I will have a go and try though and if it works it means you have been hacked if not it’s a problem for everyone so you don’t have to worry I miss playing with you on roblox.💖💖💖

  • bearcakeone Ryan (@bearcakeone) reported

    @Roblox fix your verification system, I can't log into my account!

  • MarkWasFound ob2n (@MarkWasFound) reported

    roblox password not working, account not showing on the reset password page.. shit

  • MARS5831 Bacon Dev (@MARS5831) reported

    @asimo3089 @Roblox Fix the handcuffs!!!

  • DiggingAcorn33 🎃𝗧𝗵𝗲𝗣𝘂𝗺𝗽𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗴🎃 (@DiggingAcorn33) reported

    @Roblox Good just fix the Dino package it is worth 50 dollars not 2

  • LeahAsheCrazyF1 LeahAsheCrazyFan (@LeahAsheCrazyF1) reported

    can someone pleaseeeee try the 2 step verafitication code and see if the code comes in ur email plss tell me if doesent work to you either i know that roblox has a problem but if urs work i might got hacked!!!! @leahcute8 @KittyGirlXD2 @RoyaleHannahRBX

  • Marshadxw1 Duolingo Bird 🦆 (@Marshadxw1) reported

    @zacismm I sometimes lag when I play ROBLOX now it wasn’t laggy before

  • iwonbelonely iwonbelonely (@iwonbelonely) reported

    @asimo3089 @badimo @Roblox Hey asimo can u fix a bug that's out there where you cant pick up airdrops please in the next jailbreak update

  • hes41056211 hes (@hes41056211) reported

    @SnakeWorl Snake I beat broke but did get any money also can I get a floating feather here my Roblox name HeartlessGod314 plz fix and give

  • zacismm zach (@zacismm) reported

    Me playing Roblox is the definition of Lag.

  • Reset4607082 Reset4607082 (@Reset4607082) reported

    @idkustoms @Roblox I got exactly same problem its so ******* annoying

  • mikeybo80224209 mikeyboy (@mikeybo80224209) reported

    @DylanHyper i i just hate my life i never get robux like never i just hace 4 robux i was trying and trying and its not working :( my name in roblox is yasoosuper :( have a nice day ;(

  • oaoe451 oaoe45 (@oaoe451) reported

    @robloxdevrel guys roblox studio is not working for me i mean i cant move thing and do nothing!!! please do something about

  • nsalas02 Nelson (@nsalas02) reported

    @Roblox i recently bought a $10-100 gift card from gamestop and when i redeemed it, i only got 1870R$. And i paid 25$, and in the website it said it costed $19.99. So i just paid $5 extra. This isnt very fair, so you guys should fix that if it happened to anyone else.

  • BubbIyGiraffe 🌸𝐻𝒶𝒾𝓁𝑒𝓎🌸 (@BubbIyGiraffe) reported

    @mangoofluff You get banned from the game, and you have to message coeptus on roblox, idk if this glitch is fixed or not I’ve been avoiding bloxburg but better safe then sorry! 😊

  • flarejung ʟᴜᴄʏʟᴀɴᴅ (@flarejung) reported

    @Roblox I can’t login back on my account wishflarex, my 2 step verification will not work, I keep resending the code and checking my email but theres no email.

  • ROBLOXMuff ROBLOXMuff (@ROBLOXMuff) reported

    what can I fix about this title ROBLOX Bloxburg Honesty! Test Will they FIX the HOUSE or DESTORY it

  • Lisa24233195 Roseispink (@Lisa24233195) reported

    @Roblox @hunicke @crystincox Pls add the normal theme for the website back, light theme makes me feel colourblind. Also please fix roblox studio, it's currently impossible for me to upload a model because the create button is below my taskbar. I know roblox most likely isn't going to listen, they never.

  • CyberCadeGaming Cade Austin Becker Houser (@CyberCadeGaming) reported


  • 480Gamer LionLegendEpic25YT (@480Gamer) reported


  • BellllTinker TinkerBellll (@BellllTinker) reported

    Roblox! No! Don’t fix what’s not broke! We should still be able to buy a yearly subscription and I do NOT like the lump sum payments ... not a fan !!! #RobloxPremium #Roblox @Roblox

  • BigChun13171112 BigChungus (@BigChun13171112) reported

    @Roblox hey uh I have a problem,so when I was playing,my roblox app crashed then I tried to open it,then it says"initializing device",i waited it for so long but it still"initializing device",i shut down my pc for a while then it still didn't work,pls fix it

  • SashShank Sash Shank (@SashShank) reported

    @PhoenixSignsRBX Hi Phoenix, the game strucid does not work for me. It keeps saying “you have been kicked from the game” even though i don’t exploit the game. My ROBLOX username is “Avicake16” and my ID for ROBLOX is “194951159” Please try to fix this so i can enjoy strucid please.

  • Bryson2jz Bryson Williams (@Bryson2jz) reported


  • samrodg03640532 sam rodgers (@samrodg03640532) reported

    @Roblox my daughters account wont let her login in although we are entering the correct password. I cant reset it as I dont think we have a mobile number or email address linked to it. I have spent a small fortune on her account and would like to get it back. Thanks

  • MNightmare5 MG_NIGHTMARE5 (@MNightmare5) reported

    @HelloItsVG @asimo3089 @Roblox FIX GLITCH

  • TricksThug Thug Tricks (@TricksThug) reported

    @Roblox I have problem. @RBX_Coeptus banned me permanently from his game Welcome To Bloxburg for NO REASON. He didn't even give my 3500 robux back that I have spent on the game. Please, can you let him give my robux back or ban him from roblox, because he banned fme for no reason

  • AlfermatiX AlfermatiX (@AlfermatiX) reported

    Beating Blue Moon Was Nearly Impossibel for me to record. I mean litteraly IMPOSSIBLE. My iPad Couldn’t hold that lag much longer so yeah and @Roblox Please Improve the Mobile thumbstick it always stops sometimes. And Thats all. U better go see other ppl tweets.

  • MrZolb MrZolb (@MrZolb) reported

    @BurningDryIce @Roblox @Midnight_Krys If you wanna say its the best FPS game on ROBLOX you should tell the developers to fix the backstab hit box and others (for example : It says you did 100 damage to an enemy but the enemy isn't dead yet.)

  • Brina_SanGgs ⚡️Brina San Ggs (@Brina_SanGgs) reported

    I don’t know if this happens to other people but Roblox keeps glitching on my alt acc. a few months ago and now all my alt acc. are glitching. @Roblox if you can fix this please fix it. My brother keeps shouting at me to make me fix it but I don’t know how.

  • godessofcandy starshooter(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ (@godessofcandy) reported

    @WebspaceRBLX and if it were really a problem to make a ******* fedora over someone just owning it then why doesn't everyone who owns a fedora sue roblox because "rip roblox made a fedora and its not original"

  • Soccerking7051 yevum (@Soccerking7051) reported

    @WebspaceRBLX Just say bye to trading on Roblox, UGC will probably crash a lot of good items

  • kingjack191 mcr fanboi (@kingjack191) reported

    @1iknow beautiful, roblox is fun but they suck for not having a good service.

  • CyberCadeGaming Cade Austin Becker Houser (@CyberCadeGaming) reported

    @roblox this "glitch" that is happening is really annoying. I can't find any videos about it or anything. Please help me, I have been playing since 2011 and switched from a guest to a player in 2013. But now I can't play Roblox at my home computer because of a glitch.

  • x_TsoROBLOX x_Tso (@x_TsoROBLOX) reported

    roblox decal images now seem to have a lower quality whilst pending. this didn't pair well with yesterday's issue where decals never left the "pending" state but it's fixed today. my decals are high quality again!

  • HellishEntity 𝚁𝙾𝚂𝙴 (@HellishEntity) reported

    @roblox I wouldn't be surprised if much of your pre-existing player base was gone by 2020 We had no issue with the old BC system. It probably worked just as well, if not better, for you guys monetarily.

  • robloxianparty robloxian (@robloxianparty) reported

    Roblox Shirt be like: shirt shirt shirt shirt shirt cause you know the shirt and pants in the catalog is a bit broken

  • robloxianparty robloxian (@robloxianparty) reported

    roblox shirts be like: shirt shirt shirt shirt cause you know the shirt and pants in the catalog in a bit broken

  • SamonteKharlo XoXoGamer Kyle (@SamonteKharlo) reported

    Guys this is it roblox app is not working please helpp @Roblox

  • lalonyx ally (@lalonyx) reported

    HELLO FRIENDS don't panic abt the rthro contest !! roblox didn't dm the winners of the FIRST contest until ~4 days after they said they would so i'm guessing that's the same issue here

  • TYhct3kS nhoj elttil aka HCTEKS (@TYhct3kS) reported

    @champagneeepap1 @Roblox that is so broken dude thats not a reason to get banned

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