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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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October 17: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 03:30 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Glitches (30.23%)
  • Sign in (27.91%)
  • Online Play (20.93%)
  • Game Crash (16.28%)
  • Matchmaking (2.33%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (2.33%)

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Roblox Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • AdamSkyThief
    AdamSkyThief (@AdamSkyThief) reported

    Trying to log into roblox on my phone but it keeps giving me a wrong password error message even though I'm using the right password. :/

  • Timothy59979484
    THL17 (@Timothy59979484) reported

    @greenlegocats Ye- the ROBLOX Moderation is so broken.

  • ii_sti
    StandStiII (@ii_sti) reported

    @iamysko @Roblox Only problem is it looks extremely ugly and roblox couldve done better tbh. Good premise and idea, just looks ugly

  • Verzical
    Verzical 🌩 (@Verzical) reported

    @SlipperyShards @imsandraRBLX @QueenKayain @DeveloperNorby @BloxBob @Roblox Also to get the boss fedora, you have to provide a solution to fix it

  • SlipperyShards
    🐰Lorne🐇 (@SlipperyShards) reported

    @Verzical @imsandraRBLX @QueenKayain @DeveloperNorby @BloxBob @Roblox lmao she's not gonna say because shes lying about the glitch. me and a couple of friends are testing every scenario right now and the only glitch we ran into has been submitted as of a few hours ago

  • CloutVal
    tyler and 1,000,000,000 others (@CloutVal) reported

    @btenner02RBLX @RobotzR @FuItrex @Roblox Guess it was a glitch

  • ThingzWeird
    WeirdThingz (@ThingzWeird) reported

    @RieskaRBLX @btenner02RBLX @Roblox it was a moderation bot glitch...

  • Lmeowmix_man
    [insert spooky name here] (@Lmeowmix_man) reported

    @Mudusad4 @greenlegocats It means terms of service violation. Basically when you do something that isn't allowed on roblox

  • Datboiforpres
    Dat Boi Bpi (@Datboiforpres) reported

    @fabuss254Dev @btenner02RBLX @RobloxRTer @Roblox I hate this glitch

  • EatSikk
    So why do good girls like bad guys? / EatSik (@EatSikk) reported

    @greenlegocats Roblox is so broken >kids company >allows softcore porn on the thumbnail for a game >bans thousands of people for nothing

  • kreeksgf
    (ART CONTEST PINNED🎃)Zak-🎃-Lantern (@kreeksgf) reported

    @btenner02RBLX @Roblox its a glitch your account will be restorted over 1000 people have gotten banned for the same thing at the same time don't worry

  • nirvana456RBX
    Spookay Mal 👻 (@nirvana456RBX) reported

    Guys be careful theres a BIG ban glitch on ROBLOX were not just idk “ban for 3 days” but terminate your account, Again try to be careful.

  • wargod279
    Wargod279 (@wargod279) reported

    Hey guys @Roblox Has been having a problem with falsely banning users a huge amount of people have been banned for no reason so at this time just watch what you are saying or doing on Roblox because one little bad thing could get you banned

  • wargod279
    Wargod279 (@wargod279) reported

    @DavidMa81656173 @KreekCraft it's not a website problem there is something wrong with the banning system so there would be no need for roblox to go down

  • __alejvndra
    𝖆 𝖑 𝖊 𝖏 𝖆 𝖓 𝖉 𝖗 𝖆 (@__alejvndra) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox Kreek, neutron didn’t get ban cause of the toy code it’s says “ToS violation” meaning “Terms of Service”

  • Bloxy_News
    Bloxy News. [👕 MERCH] (@Bloxy_News) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox You giving away toy codes isn't the reason. Tons of people are getting falsely banned right now. Roblox staff are working to fix the issue.

  • JosephTheGreatK
    Joseph (@JosephTheGreatK) reported

    Roblox is not working right now wth everytime I click on a game my screen turns black and it kicks me out.

  • RieskaRBLX
    Rieskaaaaaaaaaaaa (@RieskaRBLX) reported

    @btenner02RBLX @Roblox This ******* company is so strict with the ToS that if you had broken just one them it doesnt matter how loyal and nice you have been to the game and the community, you will get banned. Shit man I feel sorry for you.

  • CzePokec
    🦀🇨🇿 PoKec 🇨🇿🦀 (@CzePokec) reported

    @pigsneedlovetoo @NSithis @ebmchris I would ban fps games, horror games if under 13, banning those that play with your head like ddlt if ur under 15. But I wouldnt have problem with 9 yo Timmy playing minecraft, roblox or sims cuz that shit hurt nobody

  • Simon39436369
    Simon (@Simon39436369) reported

    @AvectusRBLX dosent fix His roblox glitch in the game Weight lindring simulator.

  • Resyncable
    Respookable (@Resyncable) reported

    @Explode_RBX @BeeismRblx For the past 3/4 ROBLOX events I can't remember how many times the teleport service just fails for universes for EU players - and the same problem for so many of my EU friends :(

  • DisneyParksRBLX
    Disneyland_Resort (@DisneyParksRBLX) reported

    Disregard the website using copyrighted images of Bloxneyland, I have contacted ROBLOX about the issue.

  • RoDisneyland
    Disneyland Robloxia (@RoDisneyland) reported

    The issues with the stolen games has been sorted by @Roblox. Reminder that leaking games is against ROBLOX T&C and does effect the developers who have spent a long time making a game.

  • KaiKapp
    Carmine 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #EndMEE6Bot (@KaiKapp) reported

    Imagine all the unneeded lag #Anthro is gonna create since they're like, 30 ******* pieces. #Roblox

  • MetalSpike_Matt
    MetalSpike ( Matt ) (@MetalSpike_Matt) reported

    @RBXLeaks @Heyits_aaron We need quackity to crash Roblox again

  • IsaacRBLX
    Isaac (@IsaacRBLX) reported

    @eelizo3 @bicosmo1406 @rumble_studios Unfortunately, this is a Roblox issue which we've been working on trying to get solved. There's nothing I can do to fix it. If you can write a summary of how to cause the issue, it'd be of great use!

  • OfficialExtorx
    Sp0-0ked Extorx 🎃🍂 (@OfficialExtorx) reported

    Well..I recorded the video, and then ROBLOX lagged, came back, and then my fan on my laptop was making the recorder lag and then I tried to fix it, tried to delete something, then accidentally deleted the video itself, so I'm too tired to record it again, so no video.

  • HomingBeaconRBX
    HomingBeacon (@HomingBeaconRBX) reported

    I was always afraid that Roblox adding pets was gonna make more lag for my already bad PC at the time

  • Zach25267794
    Zach (@Zach25267794) reported

    @Roblox fix ur dam games its bs how every one freezes an laggs an cant do crap fix it ty

  • RblxAcoo
    justin logan (@RblxAcoo) reported

    I'm in need of a scripter who knows datastores very well to fix a bug that i can't seem to fix reply bellow if interrested #RobloxDev #Roblox (the game is already late so this is urgent)

  • DjDannyG2005
    Daniel Gudgeon (@DjDannyG2005) reported

    @RedMantaStudio @Roblox I’m bothering you LOADS today but I just found a bug, I’ve tried multiple servers and I can’t see water on the edges of the map, you just fall through it, I’ve asked people to check to see if they can see water and they can, if anyone else is having this problem, reply with this!

  • RealXxJTxX
    Jonathan Macdonald (@RealXxJTxX) reported

    Due to a glitch. I have to remake my store in Roblox retail tycoon. Atleast I didnt lose everything

  • PolyroRBLX
    Polyro (@PolyroRBLX) reported

    @StompyDonut426 @Roblox @kevinedwardsjr @Fraser2TheMax @Blox4Fun Just in case you're interested, I just got a response and they said that they're already aware of the problem and are working on resolving it

  • Davilynn6
    Davilynn (@Davilynn6) reported

    Dear Roblox I am having issues with my games and i said i had 2 robuxs but i had 3K

  • AquareGhg
    SilentAqua (@AquareGhg) reported

    @BuildIntoGames Hello, i haave a problem and thar is that i can only equip 3 pets please help me my roblox name is "SilentAqua"

  • Fantasy_Dev
    Team Fantasy! (@Fantasy_Dev) reported

    The Weekly builds for project andromeda that get released at #sunday may be delayed to a two week build system due school. We are sorry to announce a small issue with the development of the game. #Roblox #RobloxDev

  • PickIeJars
    Pickle (@PickIeJars) reported

    Anthro is looking pretty ugly, but roblox might fix it up later, also keking over all the people quitting over it

  • robloxcrazyteam
    robloxcrazyteam (@robloxcrazyteam) reported

    @am_brick1 Hello um the code PETS is not working to THEGHOSTofok on roblox

  • iNonamus
    Nonamus (@iNonamus) reported

    @MemeJulien @LilyandGia She blocked me she called me a scammer even though I sold 11 roblox rainbow **** faces with no problem and she blocked me of embarrassment

  • MystifiedTruth
    Lightning7 (@MystifiedTruth) reported

    @NikilisRBX I've recently bought a new animation package on Roblox for the R15 model. The reason why I bought it was to try it out on Murder Mystery. Yet because of the model, I have experienced issues in Murder Mystery such as trying to climb up ladders or going through vents -Thenewmodel

  • MystifiedTruth
    Lightning7 (@MystifiedTruth) reported

    @NikilisRBX I've recently bought a new animation package on Roblox for the R15 model. The reason why I bought it was to try it out on Murder Mystery. Yet because of the model, I have experienced issues in Murder Mystery such as trying to climb up ladders or going through vents - The new

  • Zaenyxx
    Pumpnyx (@Zaenyxx) reported

    @ArctxicRBLX @PurpleFastbolt Dang it I really hope Roblox would try to do something to help with the issue

  • F8_The_Prodrigy
    Hunter S. Quillen (@F8_The_Prodrigy) reported

    @Roblox Please fix the issue with bots, for the past several weeks, I've been getting friend requests from scam bots. Fix the issue, not remove something that has a part of Roblox for years. Also, fix the issue with the exploiters, this issue isn't fixed and been 4 years.

  • Vraxtcle3
    Vrax_tcle (@Vraxtcle3) reported

    Im not tweet because I have some problem with my acc get hack on roblox

  • KnightOnRoblox
    ʇɥƃᴉuʞ (@KnightOnRoblox) reported

    @mooniejennaroon @TwiistedPandora i pretty much just quit roblox at this point since there's nothing i like that doesnt make me scream from anger (i have anger issues btw)

  • IronDemon04RBLX
    IronDemon04 (@IronDemon04RBLX) reported

    about time Roblox removes a stupid broken feature

  • bipin155guragai
    BIPIN GURAGAIN (@bipin155guragai) reported

    @RazorfishGaming @YouTube @Roblox NO ANTHRO IS UGLY.ROBLOX FIX IT PLS.BTW RAZOR Can u give me 1 robux im poor. PLS

  • LizzyCloud2
    🎃ToxicClouds🎃 (@LizzyCloud2) reported

    @Xfinity I have an Xfinity box at my home and for some reason it says connected to my house wifi but Not GIVING ME WIFI it also says to sign in witch i dont understand please tell me what to do to fix this i just wanna watch roblox and also this post will take a long time to upload.

  • JJfastGames
    Jordan Lee Moore (@JJfastGames) reported

    @AvectusRBLX Hey Avectus I really like this game, but after rebirthing the third time it said I would get a 15% multiplier, however when I left the game and joined again it stopped giving me the 15% please fix, thanks for reading. Sincerely Jmoo566 Roblox

  • PigeonLegionYT
    PigeonLegion_YT (@PigeonLegionYT) reported

    Just when I finish rendering a new video, YouTube decides to crash and not work for anyone. Perfect timing. NOT! #YouTubeDOWN #YouTubeBroken #roblox

  • HardyMicahel
    Micahel Hardy (@HardyMicahel) reported

    @Roblox There is something that makes me mad Roblox your game is glitched. I have Builders Club but im not getting my 15 robux please reply and fix this glitch

  • Theartistwanna3
    The artist wannabe (@Theartistwanna3) reported

    @Roblox yall gotta become the new youtube someone dropped the old one and now its broken

  • AniyahCampbel12
    FreeFlop (@AniyahCampbel12) reported

    @Roblox Is it only me who YouTube is not working

  • xKaiG13
    Kai Gibson (@xKaiG13) reported

    Had a fun time in Roblox with @ItsManduhh ! Finally paid the devil so I can get a chibi! Who knew hiding as random objects would be so fun... 🤔 Had a few issues with fashion show, it was rigged anyway.. then party chat was trippin! Ughh then my chatbot was trippin! Butt..

  • Kyxgre
    no you (@Kyxgre) reported

    @TakeYourLemons Back in 2017, I had this issue too, I got like, 400 or 450 followers, I don't remember, but these spam bots are just chaotic. ROBLOX should do an I.P ban.

  • wrapinn
    wrapin (@wrapinn) reported

    @YouTube fix your stuff or else ima be stuck with playing roblox

  • FluffyPupperMe
    FluffyPuppersTweeting (@FluffyPupperMe) reported

    @aaralynanderson @RedMantaStudio @Roblox @wreckitralph I’ve seen the “ghost” ball too. It might be just a glitch.

  • FluffyPupperMe
    FluffyPuppersTweeting (@FluffyPupperMe) reported

    @zeedoop @RedMantaStudio @Roblox I was gonna ask about that. I play on iPad and I have the same problem.

  • Ransy159
    Omgsweet145 (@Ransy159) reported

    That zane we anything people didn't telled me cheat this problem zane and i'm trouble break up rules against to you zane roblox on game say meam .

  • 9sKorw
    Korw 9S わーい (@9sKorw) reported

    @nightbarbie I want a toy. But I have two problems. 1. They don't sell roblox toys where I live so I have to get them shipped via Amazon, but COLLEGE IS TAKING ALL OF MY MONEY 2. I'm supposed to be a "mature adult" ;-; i just want to be a pretty pretty princess

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  • 404
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  • 501
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  • 906
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  • 918
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