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  • 33312Ash Ash_33312 (@33312Ash) reported

    @Roblox i cant play roblox it keeps saying connection error cannot contact to server please check your internet connection can you please fix it

  • paul4730 𝘾𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙭𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙤𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙁𝙞𝙧𝙨𝙩 (@paul4730) reported

    @rodrigocaeiro1 @Elements_RBLX You can already get diamonds by killing people, that's why they removed it. But, I think they mentioned a Roblox error a few years ago. So, I'm not really sure.

  • MeteYegin57 Hüseyin Mete (@MeteYegin57) reported

    @Roblox I can't play roblox my monitor is broken 😥

  • Adriann68776610 ♡𝔸𝕕𝕣𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒♡ (@Adriann68776610) reported


  • Angel98583284 TheDevilMaster (@Angel98583284) reported

    Lol so today I was a playing a game in roblox and I came across these I believe 15-17 year olds in mm2, and I shoot someone’s sister since she was the murder and these are going at me, I just resolved the problem by being nice and polite rather than fight, they said sorry later.

  • psykuk Spacial (@psykuk) reported

    if you have a problem wth roblox you have a problem with me

  • _lys_sama_ Lys-sama (@_lys_sama_) reported

    Also imagine not working or having a job because you use your drug addiction as a “anxiety” excuse but you pretend to be other people online and you make your mother and grandmother support you while you play Roblox and get high all day🤡

  • Jimincrush1 Jimin_crush (@Jimincrush1) reported

    @Roblox I think the premium is broken please fix it ;-;

  • DNewketchup Deh_newketchup (@DNewketchup) reported

    @LOGinHDi @osothebeast Hey login. If you quit gaming Pokémon on roblox, do Pokémon on Minecraft! I don’t want you to stop gaming. I love your vids! Please login hear me out, please, go back to gaming

  • BroUmmm The dogest doge (@BroUmmm) reported

    @Roblox just asking my roblox account maybe got banned or hacked if it did get banned I will fix whatever I did wrong

  • SSGCFINN xz hydro🔌 (@SSGCFINN) reported

    @asimo3089 @KhanovichLeBear @Roblox @asimo3089 on Xbox the deal a roadster max upgraded it ufos every 5 seconds its broken

  • LouieK22 LouieK22 (@LouieK22) reported

    If you haven't tried out Roact for Roblox UI design/programming, you really should. It's super powerful and reduces errors significantly. #RobloxDev

  • gta_company GTA (@gta_company) reported

    For some of you people out there playing Roblox the service is not going to shut down don't believe things yall read on the internet

  • Debuffz12 Debuffz (@Debuffz12) reported

    @Roblox roblox plz fix sign up its so dumb i got everything right but it wont work

  • five00lbpenguin Five (@five00lbpenguin) reported

    I decided to remake my Subnautica inspired Roblox game due to very many issues regarding PDAs and story. I have redone it adding a better PDA system and story. I hope to add more in the future but for now that is it.

  • ummidk87090484 Pete_Peterson (@ummidk87090484) reported


  • 2009Coach Roblox Coach_2009 (@2009Coach) reported

    Trying to glitch roblox lol. If i ever become the senate for The Society Of Quack, for sure going to raid roblox.

  • imanth_ imanth_ (@imanth_) reported

    @autoneting if you want a challenge and want to experience all of the fresh new roblox errors, try a plane. there are blueprints in the toolbox, just search up something like "boeing 747 blueprints"

  • whitebeard337 whitebeard337 (@whitebeard337) reported

    @Ansh54584871 @badimo @Roblox @asimo3089 need to fix this

  • DeveloperNorby Norberto A. (Norbunny) (@DeveloperNorby) reported

    @BuilditeRBLX Animations polish a game, but don't make a bad game, good. I went on texting simulator, and disappointment once more. You don't text someone by holding the mouse button. You use your fingers to click & tap keys. This is the issue with Roblox simulators, low effort,

  • Worldscoop1 World_scoop (@Worldscoop1) reported

    @chxcken_nxgget @SilverSilviaYt @CookieJess4 @EmBloxx @Mk06A @chxcken_nxgget i have, in Roblox My whole account was scammed last year... I have retrieved some stuff but I lost the elegant parasol and I’ve been trying to get it back, but it’s not working

  • fire9555001 CyDragonGM (@fire9555001) reported

    @asimo3089 @badimo @KhanovichLeBear @Roblox asimo some cops are doing exploit like arrests and some have said their on mobile which means a tap and a simple just tap arrest isn't as challenging than on PC or other platforms plus fix the mobile arrests since some cops can do quick arrests with that

  • DaltonS16209959 adalyn.doom (@DaltonS16209959) reported

    @Roblox Hi Roblox! Please fix the online daters, and bugs. Thank you!

  • RoyaleMaya ✨☁️мaya☁️✨ (ICE CREAM TRUCK GIVEAWAY CHECK BIO) (@RoyaleMaya) reported


  • Alt_Reflect Alt_reflection (@Alt_Reflect) reported

    @Roblox fix your vr already

  • NoobDudePlayz NoobDude (@NoobDudePlayz) reported

    @YouTube @ytcreators you messed up. Resolve this dude’s YouTube channel as he did nothing wrong at all. He does regular roblox streams just like other YouTubers but for some reason he’s banned. Please fix.

  • MrioMarcosMart1 Mario Marcos Martins De Souza Filho (@MrioMarcosMart1) reported

    @Roblox I liked the update, you didn’t fix the Android phone bug, my all is broken in the wrong programming ;(.

  • dil_nasx dil_nasx (@dil_nasx) reported

    @Roblox For some reason I'm having problems updating my profile description. My username is dil_nasx and I've tried saying "hi" and pressing save and the text doesn't update at all.

  • FireDev_RBLX Fire Dev (@FireDev_RBLX) reported

    Just finished a twitter code bug fix on #Roblox! The leaderboard should be fixed :)

  • PusheenqueenUwU (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Pusheen queen ♥ (@PusheenqueenUwU) reported

    me:*joins Roblox server* Roblox:same acc launched from different device my friends:it’s a glitch that one person:YOU GOT HACKED!1!!!1!!

  • roseydoes RoseyDoes Edits. (@roseydoes) reported

    @Roblox Speaking about mobile, Roblox i dunno if its a glitch or like you guys took it out but the Thumbstick with the circle in it isnt there when i go to select and click thumnstick its the other one when you strech your thumb out for it to move, pls fix it!

  • Trooperpilot1 Trooperpilot (@Trooperpilot1) reported

    @Rogue_Sats_101 @FlameDevRBLX @Roblox "How about instead of getting money you just play our game. Lel, that will fix everything "

  • B4KC4 potbound (@B4KC4) reported

    @Roblox @RickyTheFishy FIX THE ******* SIGN UP CAPTCHA ITS ******* BROKEN

  • poltargot91 Poltargot91 (@poltargot91) reported

    @SoryE17 @KonekoKittenYT that's actualy very interesting. pretty neat concept. [s] or maybe, screw it. we already have the broken roblox captcha. [/s]

  • LightningYT2 LightningShock ⚡️ (@LightningYT2) reported

    @KonekoKittenYT If Roblox adds this back, I’ll login all the time. But now I just leave my account logged in. 🙃

  • squids79 Nightmare Dragons&Squids Reborn (@squids79) reported

    That bridge and some of the bridges of friendship are so burnt to a crisp they cannot be fixed ever again like one time I was led to the roblox community the most toxic community on the internet that I deemed it I made friends but they all had problems so that bridge is going to

  • Reshyreum reshyreum 🌸 commissions open (@Reshyreum) reported

    The lag on cenozoic survival is unbelievable for roblox. Ark runs better than this game 90% of the time ffs 🤯

  • ElonMus82554863 Elon Musk (@ElonMus82554863) reported

    @badimo @Roblox Badimo, please fix the handcuffs. I use the arrest but nothing happens for a few criminals.

  • 1Noobest 1TheNoobestNoob (@1Noobest) reported

    @TheNickmaster21 I've almost ripped my hair out once because Roblox's code editor had so many bugs I couldn't fix. For example it creates extra pair of ")", it doesn't indent properly, and it just kills motivation and dev flow. I'm happy I made the change to roblox-ts, and I'm not going back.

  • Vik_Creations Viktoria_Creations (@Vik_Creations) reported

    Ok! Some of you might hate me for this but I will post the account in 1 hour due to private a problem at the moment! 😔 I'm so sorry! I have the timer set to 60 minutes starting now! I'll post when I'll be back! 😭✨ Check Pined post! x #adoptmetrades #adoptme #roblox

  • SaltyShio2 SaltyShio (@SaltyShio2) reported

    I've started another Hairstyle...and I like it so far.😐 I just hope It also looks good In Roblox Studio unlike the others. I will have to fix and remake a lot this week...😔😩

  • ArknicYT Arknic (@ArknicYT) reported

    @AprilVeganCutie @Roblox @Microsoft @Windows Same I keep getting that error

  • Zac123945 Zac Shin Zilla (@Zac123945) reported

    @gmkgoji No i been playing Roblox for about 3 to 4 years now but it’s just say that i last my first account by forgetting my password ummm yeah soo i Haven’t play it in about few months soo and i made a new account bc i was lazy to fix my Roblox my password soo yeah

  • alexxk51 alexxk5 (@alexxk51) reported

    @TheCraneStyle @RTRblxBot Roblox is for people that have learning problems

  • SultanlololoR sultan (@SultanlololoR) reported

    @Roblox please fix your tablet problem, my brother is so sad and he can’t enjoy playing roblox

  • boiiiiis1 Dio,The Hungry One (@boiiiiis1) reported

    @Roblox Imagine allowing turkish people to litteraly say every swear word for years and not fix it clowns

  • godessofcandy starshooter(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ (@godessofcandy) reported

    @TrustMeImRuski Nah the problem is that roblox took away the regular forums where people could talk about whatever. But some jack rabbits had to ruin that, so now developers have to deal with stuff like this

  • UwUGaviniaUwU 🌼 Gavinia 🌼 (@UwUGaviniaUwU) reported

    Got a plan for this year: Save up enough money to upgrade my Cpu, Gpu, Mother Board, Ram, and amount of fans... Reason of this is it seems to have issues recording games examples: Krunker, Fortnite, sometimes even roblox.

  • clumsyou yoojin @/80sjisoo 𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐠 (@clumsyou) reported

    @SerinJacobALT2 yes :v roblox wasn’t working in my browser and by the time i got in the app, I couldn’t login lol // So congrats to the winner

  • Dasinkiev Jake (Follow for a free cookie) (@Dasinkiev) reported


  • jem17601447 jem (@jem17601447) reported

    @Roblox Roblox can u fix the glitch i have when i play adopt me my glitch is when i load into game i cant see the blue background and when i load in it changes my skin color Into black and when i try to color furnitures in adopt me it does not show colors pls fix my problem

  • cevatanaz Cevat Anaz (@cevatanaz) reported

    @marmalados hey I just sent you a friend request on roblox and I’m having issues getting good stuff out of crates in your game anime fighting me and my friend have opened about 20 of the same crates and have gotten the worst things

  • hakanaing pretty little liar (@hakanaing) reported

    i found a way out of the maze in roblox where was a lot of coins and it said ******* CONNECTION ERROR

  • Shok_The_Fox Giant Asian Sticker @ Depression (@Shok_The_Fox) reported

    Yo @Roblox fix your chat filter. It's broken. It's broken because you guys made it to picky on which words it allows and doesn't allow.

  • XxEmmaPlayxX ItzEmmaPlayz (@XxEmmaPlayxX) reported

    @Rechills1 Hold on my roblox not working let me try again in a few minutes

  • rhyzoAir rhyzofan [en/JP] (tz:JST) (@rhyzoAir) reported

    The biggest problem is that there is 0 routes of blocking those kind of leaks. It then comes into point of Roblox’s unproper moderation. Hm, that reminds me of something else but not in game dev related. Great way of starting a year.... Dmt

  • AbstrakUsername Abstrak (@AbstrakUsername) reported

    @rbxpredicts2020 I predict that Roblox's servers is gonna crash 2hrs later permanently and they have to buy a new one

  • bskillz_149 bskillz (@bskillz_149) reported

    ugh having so many issues with my laptop im crashing in streams and the roblox app also fails way too often #chromebookfailure @CDTV_YT

  • MFlowershy 𝔉𝔩𝔬𝔴𝔢𝔯𝔰𝔥𝔶 (@MFlowershy) reported

    @bxby_sophiexxx Nope, that’s against roblox terms of service.

  • llShiNYlll ll___ShiNY___ll (@llShiNYlll) reported


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