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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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August 15: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 11:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (50.00%)
  • Glitches (20.97%)
  • Sign in (9.68%)
  • Game Crash (9.68%)
  • Matchmaking (8.06%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.61%)

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  • ShyGuy16056254
    Shy Guy (@ShyGuy16056254) reported

    Hell has broken into roblox again.... you know who I’m talking about... the big N! You know! The dudes who murdered Brick Bronze! They came to Paper Mario Roleplay... and destroyed it... it’s been 9 years... they found us... unfortunately... if you make Nintendo games. Your next!

  • Costin57954223
    Costin (@Costin57954223) reported

    @Roblox @ROBLOX, I found a weird glitch, when I play some games I like there is always a person who says s** with out getting tags. Please fix it.

  • _Bricked
    Quinn (@_Bricked) reported

    @GoodDays941 @Roblox I'm sorry, how is it broken?

  • Bryan70173415
    Bryan (@Bryan70173415) reported

    @badimo @badccvoid @asimo3089 @Roblox Can y’all fix the guns I sont like how they move and they take forever to shooot

  • ROBLOX83729680
    Napkin_Nate (@ROBLOX83729680) reported

    Yo roblox when i try to get into a game it keeps saying THIS GAME IS RESTRICTED so i hope you can fix roblox!

  • Mo7annad4
    Mo7annad (@Mo7annad4) reported

    @badimo Jailbreak so super lagy in phone and I'm in UAE and roblox is bannded ther so I use VPN is the lag cuz the VPN

  • Luca91055818
    Luca (@Luca91055818) reported

    @Nk83818370 @Roblox 100876 fcking years Later and it`s not working...

  • SlworxP
    Steven Lu (@SlworxP) reported

    @charlesmadals @Roblox Try messaging to the developers in the group StyLiS Studios. The Roblox team is for problems with Roblox itself or for moderation.

  • denas91010528
    denas (@denas91010528) reported

    @Roblox my Denasnoreika is hacked can you fix it

  • ireallydumb
    ireallydumb (@ireallydumb) reported

    @Alex62204865 @Roblox Roblox is aware of the issue and is working hard(?), to fix it(maybe)

  • Mohanad58367589
    Mohanad (@Mohanad58367589) reported

    @Jacky_RBX @TypicalRBLX Roblox will fix it Isaac the creator of mining simulation said it

  • BoIMaitCat
    Brody Becker (@BoIMaitCat) reported

    @RBX_Coeptus I have some problems loading in on my screen on roblox, the screen is stuck! could you maybe fix it in a update? Thanks!

  • charlesmadals
    Charlesmadals (@charlesmadals) reported

    @Roblox Roblox can u please contact the phantom phorces developers case my account on it is breaking and I'm level 70 every time I spawn I die instantly even if I'm not near any one please help me fix this

  • kinga4431
    kinga443 (@kinga4431) reported

    @BloximatorREAL i have one problem i dont have a model of myself... but my username is kinga443 in roblox

  • InsanelyPhoeni1
    InsanelyPhoenix (@InsanelyPhoeni1) reported

    Account Deleted Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at Roblox has been in violation of our Terms of Service. Reviewed: 8/14/2018 3:15:06 AM Moderator Note: Account has been deleted for unauthorized/disputed charges. Your account has been terminated.

  • shaheersuleman1
    Shaheer Suleman (@shaheersuleman1) reported

    @22Pilots_RBLX hi i love your game but i cant drive the vehicles unlocked from leveling ranks and my name on roblox is the4561 if you can fix this bug please let me know thx

  • shadowknight_70
    Lucas (@shadowknight_70) reported

    @Roblox It Just Keeps Saying Everytime I Try To Join A Server "Failed To Connect To Game ID=7" And Stuff Like That After It And I Don't Know How To Fix It.

  • AvocicYT
    Avocic (@AvocicYT) reported

    @Roblox I keep getting messages saying "Internal Server Error, 500 |An unexpected error occurred" what does it mean?

  • XenoDocteur
    Rikudo Senin (@XenoDocteur) reported

    @Roblox I still can not login to my roblox account

  • Robylox1
    Robylox (@Robylox1) reported

    @MrRoblox965 @badimo It's a feature that sadly causes a TON of lag and drains a lot of server memory so yeah if you play on a crappy server (98% of the roblox servers are crappy) the server will freeze

  • Robylox1
    Robylox (@Robylox1) reported

    roblox jailbreak keeps freezing after the update! @badccvoid @asimo3089 Guys please fix it it is my favorite game I don't want to give up on it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Guys please! I will give you robux I will give you real life money just FIX it PLS!

  • Robylox1
    Robylox (@Robylox1) reported

    roblox jailbreak keeps freezing after the update! @badccvoid @asimo3089 Guys please fix it it is my favorite game I don't want to give up on it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Guys please! I will give you robux I will give you real life money just FIX it PLS! I will spam if you don't fix!

  • thegamerhilal
    Hilal TheGamer (@thegamerhilal) reported

    @InsideRoblox My Roblox Studio Toolbox Doesn't Work At All When I Click On Something In Toolbox Nothing Show Up.. Please Fix That I've Been Struggling With It In The Past 4 Months

  • VrTesla
    VrTesla (@VrTesla) reported

    @Roblox Can't wait for the next error and glitches etc

  • xxDawsonAesthe1
    xx_DawsonAesthetics_xx (@xxDawsonAesthe1) reported

    @RedMantaStudio im trying to play the mega update but it keeps me on a white screen. Can you fix this??? My Roblox name: superzuma6. Thanks

  • nsikan1234
    KyleAnthonyplays (@nsikan1234) reported


  • Thebluefrost1
    Thebluefrost (@Thebluefrost1) reported

    @Roblox @Roblox I have a problem with people bullying noobs can you please do an update that says Your name tag and under its is when you joined so they can now that they are beginners

  • Nayl88092661
    Nayl (@Nayl88092661) reported

    And why is the freaking games in roblox just disspeared is it a glitch

  • David_WingItMan
    David L.B. (@David_WingItMan) reported

    @firemaana Remember, programming is 90% problem solving - and 50% of that is fixing mistakes. Don't get discouraged. Take regular breaks to give you clarity to solve problems. If you can't find a solution, ask someone (dev forum). Have fun. #robloxdev #roblox

  • jakeTDS4rea1
    jake. (@jakeTDS4rea1) reported

    you can get chocolate in prison life roblox!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2018 if you glitch!!!!!!!!!!

  • EnternalDev
    EnternalDev ➡️ Vacation On 18/8/18 (@EnternalDev) reported

    @jailbreak12344 I Had this Glitch maybe save it as a file first If not email roblox or appeal to em They said the Bug was Fixed Find methods that work

  • g_gukie
    bee :P (@g_gukie) reported

    .Gonna play roblox w Vee n forgetf abt allr my problems h

  • ArcticCitadel
    Arctic (@ArcticCitadel) reported

    @123Dialga Not a volume issue, it's the fact that when I click play, the button reverts back to it's normal icon as if I hadn't clicked it. I think it's a web issue that roblox has with loading the audio tbh

  • mrfakeone2
    mrfakeone (@mrfakeone2) reported


  • micki_vue
    ItsMe._.Mickivue (@micki_vue) reported

    @ZacattackAR Please fix the first Vampire Hunter game. I know you're just working on the 2nd and 3rd game now but I really miss the 1st game, it was one of my first Roblox games and my favorite. So please fix it.

  • EmilEscurel
    Emil Escurel (@EmilEscurel) reported

    @PopularMMOS Yea it's a bug Roblox will fix it in a couple of days


    @Roblox No Problem :)))

  • LilPampers
    Lil Pampers (@LilPampers) reported

    @IsaacRBLX also what my cousin did to fix it is just uninstall roblox and re install it

  • rocketboy3450v3
    Rocketboy3450v3 (@rocketboy3450v3) reported

    @FlameXArk @badimo I have mostly every car I’ve been on mobile since I started Roblox I need monster mclaren ufo and no dosent lag for me

  • SlworxP
    Steven Lu (@SlworxP) reported

    @POOKIEGOOGOO @Roblox Audio copyright is just as much of an issue as Pokemon games.

  • TheSeikirin
    Seikirin (@TheSeikirin) reported

    @Origin_Sea oops, let me fix it. seikirin: *exists* studio: YOU HAVE ACTIVATED MY FUCKING TRAP CARD "ROBLOX STUDIO IS NOT RESPONDING"

  • MaxGeee1019
    M A X ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@MaxGeee1019) reported

    the system for handling head meshes on Roblox is so broken lol

  • drii_ft
    drii_ft (@drii_ft) reported

    @Roblox roblox needs to fix their moderation system before they start fixin new posts of people that waste money

  • ToastedCarp
    Eugene Jacob (@ToastedCarp) reported

    @Roblox Excuse me @Roblox, I would like to mention about your Blocking System. I own a mac and when I try to unblock players, it won't work. Can any of you moderators try to fix that problem or make it Mac supported? Thanks! -lol12swag.

  • MeIsReallyToxic
    I’m really toxic (@MeIsReallyToxic) reported

    @critter14011 @badimo Because ur bad and can’t solve simple Roblox problems noob #brokenenglishreplyspree

  • Cutefluffykitt3
    Cutefluffykitten127 (@Cutefluffykitt3) reported

    @PopularMMOS No it wasn’t down for me, but some times ROBLOX has issues

  • Thiprey
    Thiprey (@Thiprey) reported

    @Roblox pls also fix the lost connection if possible

    Xd_map (@POOKIEGOOGOO) reported

    @Roblox Did you really have to copyright audio because it wasn't much of a problem only the Pokémon game was an issue really

  • NZakcky
    NZakcky (@NZakcky) reported

    @LanguidCactus @Santiag86190389 @OnettDev @Roblox Its a roblox problem,they will fix it soon

  • Ian00o3
    Ian00o (@Ian00o3) reported

    @InsideRoblox Hello Roblox solves a problem with hackers I hacked my account with robux and spent everything I had in games and they put a pin

  • shadowbendy3
    shadowwhite3 (@shadowbendy3) reported

    @TeraBriteGames I think roblox has issues

  • masteracestick
    Andy (@masteracestick) reported

    @Dakotaplume @lightiningswag @badimo You know I soul really like to see you develop and update THE MOST popular game on Roblox. They don’t have magic and they can’t tell the future so stop being impatient. Also i hope you realize there’s no reason for them to lie. Glitches are glitches and things they can’t fix.

  • Skullbuster15
    skull (@Skullbuster15) reported

    @Roblox A lot of roblox gear is broken some don't work and others don't do damage anymore

  • DivelMorales
    Divel Morales (@DivelMorales) reported

    @badimo @badccvoid @asimo3089 @Roblox Are you guys going to fix the guns for mobile users?

  • Leia62399580
    Leia (@Leia62399580) reported

    @Roblox I'm not having any issues :/

  • aaron_weiner13
    Humphrey (@aaron_weiner13) reported

    @ArcticCitadel Yeah when are they gonna fix that @Roblox

  • willingnerd
    Willingnerd (@willingnerd) reported

    @GamerSnake360 @Roblox Have you had the issue today I haven't since the fix of the error Discount for security key thing was fixed.

  • Dirt7
    Dirt (@Dirt7) reported

    @Roblox Umm audio is broken on Xbox one on servers too.

  • bacon_home
    HomeBacon (@bacon_home) reported

    @badimo @badccvoid @asimo3089 @Roblox While your at at it can you fix the cars on a mobile device

  • Cat2Im
    Bentley💦 (@Cat2Im) reported

    @IsaacRBLX “They will fix it soon!” Thats not true what so ever roblox doesn’t care about their players! They litterly steal/scam/ripoff kids!

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