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  • greenlegocats Lord CowCow (@greenlegocats) reported

    @Bloxy_News I think it has to do with people who didnt have the original items getting it. Roblox probably tried to fix that but ended up removing it from people who had the original items too

  • DevUltraRBX Dev Ultra (@DevUltraRBX) reported

    No errors or anything on my end -- after rejoining the game it worked without a flaw. I've never seen the entire roblox player just stop like that before. It was really strange. All of the panels in the dev console just said "initializing..." or "Waiting for ..."

  • MatterRealm meetermelon (@MatterRealm) reported

    @9sKorw it's not you fault, it's was roblox fault,they really need to fix the system, also i'm really sorry for you account too and thank you so much for being my friend too sherlock.,you always supporting me

  • marshydacatlol marshmallow da cat (@marshydacatlol) reported

    dark mode on roblox is broken rn :(

  • DozenLetters DL (@DozenLetters) reported

    @Roblox @DennisRBLX yo ur website broke again. everytime i go to settings, i get an error, and my dark theme for roblox randomly reset to light theme. i spoke to some friends, and this is happening to them as well

  • OfficialHecGam1 Andrew_SuckS (@OfficialHecGam1) reported

    @Koo_xie @PhoenixSignsRBX I Dont Really Know How To Fix It But I Think Roblox Is Fixing It

  • TheDevGuy2017 Dmadgsa5321 (@TheDevGuy2017) reported

    @CloneTeee1019 i hate how this impossible to update zombie uproad now this was amazing game on roblox, but this no longer cannot update it, this rejects to load workspace and everything! roblox needs to fix that.

  • yamikkumo iizuuki (@yamikkumo) reported

    @Roblox So, I wanted to change my username to “Yamikumo” on Roblox.. and apparently it’s “not appropriate for roblox” well, it’s a Japanese name that has nothing inappropriate, please fix this. >:(

  • DabossAk Lulz ^_^ (@DabossAk) reported

    @JackeryzTTV @MyUsernamesThis Privacy is the reason they do it, but sometimes you can glitch the Roblox chat filter.

  • jaysenplayz1 Jaysen_🏆 (@jaysenplayz1) reported

    Today me and @asimo5522 were suppost to upload prison breakout at 5 pm we have some bugs that we need to fix but in about 2 days prison breakout should be up on roblox!

  • asimo5522 Asimo5522🏆 (@asimo5522) reported

    Today me and @jaysenplayz1 were suppost to upload prison breakout ant 5 pm we have some bugs that we need to fix but in about 2 days prison breakout should be up on roblox!

  • itsbryce_r Bryce Ramirez (@itsbryce_r) reported

    @cina_roll @Orlando777RBLX @Roblox No problem.

  • AleAnosSurya Ale (@AleAnosSurya) reported

    Broken bones four Roblox game

  • Anarchy16260122 Anarchy (@Anarchy16260122) reported

    @Roblox sO I DONT KNOW IF THIS WAS A glitch but when i joined a game i saw emotes and the rejoined and it was gone so what is that about

  • PixGummy Pixel (@PixGummy) reported

    @PixelatedCandy Hello! Sorry to bother but I was playing Fashion famous and the game suddenly made me buy the V.I.P gamepass. Also when i tried to use to gamepass it did not work. I talked to roblox if they could refund my robux and they told me to message you. Please help me with my issue! Ty😁

  • raj_0623 Raj (@raj_0623) reported

    @badimo I found that bug in Jailbreak again. Whenever I attempt to load a save when I’m in a car, they don’t load. It’s just a blank screen. Please fix! ROBLOX acc. @raj_0623

  • JG_3245 TheJonGlasses3245 (@JG_3245) reported

    Wow looks like I just can't catch a break. First there was the Movie Maker virus, now a thunderstorm just destroyed my Ethernet connection and I don't know how to fix it :( Well, at least I can still animate and my little bro will probably stop playing Roblox

  • manthatsroux i am roux man (@manthatsroux) reported

    @_Remainings i was on the roblox discord in voice chat and they thought i was you but i dont sound like you i think they have mental issues

  • MbakuSean FudgeSquad (@MbakuSean) reported

    @_WeAreDevs For me even tho I disabled my VPN it still says roblox has updated wait for the developers to fix this

  • lajuancarney @LaJuanCarney (@lajuancarney) reported

    @Roblox plz fix hash tags its annoy8ng cant even say numbers

  • TheGayAnonymous GayAnonymous (@TheGayAnonymous) reported

    @Roblox I find it aggrevating after I put queue paths down and then got error messages when I tried placing a ride

  • latenightbrock tælór ♡ // 8 days (@latenightbrock) reported


  • patato579 pɐt (@patato579) reported

    @Roblox @theloudscreams @ErickThePrez We have a problem, we are giving this object and we do not participate in this event of 2016, we join in 2017,this to our perishing is a bug but we do not want problems,our accounts are of 2017, we even participate, HELP.The IGN:patato579

  • oliverfarias11 oliverfarias (@oliverfarias11) reported

    @Roblox I can’t join robloxian high school fix it please

  • Daxyzeus1 Daxyzeus (@Daxyzeus1) reported

    hey uhhh roblox just updated and Extreme injector doesn't work on it. please fix

  • AngelicLeo4 Angelic_ Leo (@AngelicLeo4) reported

    @cybernova I can't login to my account for roblox so I lost my whole royal high account. Im so sad I lost all my skirts, wings, and accesories. I have tried to login multiple times but it keeps saying its the wrong password

  • bluepikachulov1 bluepikachuloverr (@bluepikachulov1) reported

    @Roblox You Updated The game,but,It used to be Not laggy,Now,since you updated it,i can't even play now,I don't know what you updated,but it made my PC Lag.

  • kory_reimers Death_Wlsh (@kory_reimers) reported

    @Dued1_Roblox i sent you a message on Roblox that you WILL NOT want to miss bro please read it because if you don't it will cost you tons of money it's about a glitch in your game

  • AstraGames13 ShadowsDeclined (@AstraGames13) reported

    @Roblox I can't insert models in my game, please fix this bug.

  • RyanRBX2 Ryan (@RyanRBX2) reported

    @badimo **** u and fix ur ******* piece of shit you call a game. to get on the front page of roblox all u have to do is make a cops and robbers game. Doesn’t ******* matter if the game is broken like urs. I’m glad the people that made mad city exist

  • polskimilkshake Polskimilkshake (@polskimilkshake) reported

    @SerocruxTV I got banned for saying "gay" I can give you login credentials to that banned roblox acc if u want lol

  • Demonkane123412 Demon (@Demonkane123412) reported

    @Roblox fix roblox studio now when i click on prop it will not add

  • AstraGames13 ShadowsDeclined (@AstraGames13) reported

    ROBLOX in my games I am trying to insert models, but they wont be inserted. I ask you to fix this bug.

  • delfinekocze2 Delfinekocze2 (@delfinekocze2) reported

    @madattakRBLX Roblox is lagging now. :/

  • CrypticFireRBX CrypticFireRBX (Isaac) (July 25th, BDay) (@CrypticFireRBX) reported

    this might take me a few years to complete, but I want to move accounts (my Roblox account), mainly cause it date of birth is broken and Emailing Roblox never fixed it, I've gave up on trying to fix it, so in a few years I won't be CrypticFireRBX anymore, I won't wait till 2030

  • TimelessTim_ TimelessTim 🎉🎊2 days (@TimelessTim_) reported

    @Theprincess1320 @Samar_Roblox @SugarSauce2 Whoever gets this account will get banned for no reason because of that Sugar Sauce girl. Her account will also get terminated because it's against the Roblox Terms of Service. She's also fishing for followers. Followers get obtained slowly and she will not get to 500 or 600 1/2

  • Kallam_Biscuits Kallam (@Kallam_Biscuits) reported

    @FCBarcelona @Roblox My problems have been solved

  • jojaras giwrgos (@jojaras) reported

    @TeamAdoptMe adopt me has a glitch when you ride your motorcycle to the house area its sending you back to the main area my name on roblox is giwrg l hope you fix it

  • ex_rblx ExGreen Tro (@ex_rblx) reported

    @Roblox Roblox Im so laggy , fix it please i can't play any game im with 6 ram and i was playing normally when the game shutdowned Fix it please Roblox.

  • CarsonMay9 Carson May (@CarsonMay9) reported

    @asimo3089 could you fix the new bug on jailbreak cause its very slow and on a phone every time I open it up it closes roblox please fix it

  • Floor3k1 Floor3k (@Floor3k1) reported

    @Roblox @FCBarcelona Roblox i have issues with your newest update the issue here is that i cant load into a game it shows me a screen wa with "initialization error 4" please tell me what to do i had this issue before but today it occured

  • LegoNenen C.N.Gentle (aka LegoNenen) (@LegoNenen) reported

    @UnderMyWheel @Roblox Well, It's actually hard to remember now that I'm away from Studio. :P I'll try to write all my thoughts down next time LOL. One problem I had with the whole thing was that it didn't do anything with Scale. (Which is recommended to almost always use) Can't remember others now...

  • RealVitalious Vitalious (@RealVitalious) reported

    Hey, @Roblox. I've recently been having issues when attempting to switch tabs when I have Roblox open. Originally I thought it was just me, but I recently talked to a friend and he said he was having the same issue. Please fix this.

  • benhel05RBLX CreoleCraftYT (@benhel05RBLX) reported


  • Dimow2007 Dimow (@Dimow2007) reported

    @Roblox fix ur game

  • SoakySiezy Hal (@SoakySiezy) reported

    @SinisterSilas The problem is, I don't have a pc, and I suck at Roblox Studio, I don't know how to use blender, and I don't have a video editor.

  • JAMlMlE ジェイミー (@JAMlMlE) reported

    Hi, just to make it clear one more time. This is a restart and I probably won't post myth related stuff here anymore. Roblox is still a thing for me but the community makes it hard for me to enjoy it rn. If you have a problem with that, unfollow me. And now I'll take a lil nap ye

  • Fred_Bot_ Fred Bot (@Fred_Bot_) reported

    With a error with BIG savings on avatar size! Click here to survive #Roblox

  • aa2816playzz aa2816playzz (@aa2816playzz) reported

    @Simbuilder hey i was just playing on roblox then i joined Vehicle Simulator [Camera] [Beta] and i spawned on the tolet how did i do that i just joined the game could u fix that plz LOL

  • fulf37 lucas (@fulf37) reported

    @Roblox ur chat is having issues right now @roblox customer service

  • Daniel76800150 DanielCorbulo (@Daniel76800150) reported

    @Roblox Should take a look as the Filter system seems to be having a few problems.

  • nsikana10308395 nsikanabasi (@nsikana10308395) reported

    @BloxPiece my friend Raptar514 in roblox his blox piece account told him that he hack in the game and his lvl was altered his stuff is altered but he plays on tablet how does he hack. Like what did he do wrong please fix this on his acc his user name is Raptar514 fix it.

  • UnitedSeason Anagh (@UnitedSeason) reported

    @Rohandinho_ @isssacuIe Fix up pal, your club is making roblox videos

  • DespitefulD Despiteful Dog (@DespitefulD) reported

    @jasongamer12655 @greenlegocats Hey @Roblox Fix your goddamn platform

  • DoujinThief DoujinThief (@DoujinThief) reported

    @JoeBpng Ik you don't remember well but I used to talk to you alot on Skype my roblox was colonialuy and I just want to say that I'm sorry that you went through alot of this, I too have gone through many moments of hard work just to watch it crash, I hope good luck returns to you JoeDev.

  • ArnoldSerenity ❤️~bella~❤️ (@ArnoldSerenity) reported

    @Bethink_RBX @Roblox @robloxdevrel Hii bethink I have a problem I have been hacked and the person went in my acc and stole my unicorn griffin and horse and a scammer sold my dragon right in front of me :( I have proof of the scammer and hacker please dm me :( =n=

  • Rekkuwu Rekt-UwU (@Rekkuwu) reported

    @JackeryzTTV I can relate to the last picture, roblox needs to fix the Chat filter

  • Commander_Bubs LucyBubbles (@Commander_Bubs) reported

    @TalkTalk having issues connecting to some apps such as some of @steam_games services such as friends and also can’t connect to @Roblox but @discordapp and @YouTube work completely fine so why is some things limited and some not the only way I can get around this is using a vpn

  • 34rtkFanOfFive1 34RTK_HD (@34rtkFanOfFive1) reported

    @Roblox Roblox can you fix emotes for who people have <13 age to work i even have that age AND IT MADE ME CRAZY COME ON FIX IT

  • ReveniSama Reveni Sama (@ReveniSama) reported

    Still getting this god damned error. Honestly might quit at this point, until ROBLOX fixes this damn issue. I'm sick of getting this stupid error, when my internet connection is PERFECTLY fine.

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