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Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One, OS X, and Linux being released in 2016.

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  • Nocablabla Nocali (@Nocablabla) reported

    @ABirdsalll @RocketLeague Yeah, don’t argue with psyonix the ranked are completely broken, I have 1150 MMR in hoops, I face players with 1450MMR, ranks are useless you never play against people who got the same rank

  • ABirdsalll PhoenixRisingx (@ABirdsalll) reported

    @RocketLeague I just won my 5TH GAME IN A ROW as a platinum 1 division 4 without going up in division why would I want to play if I can’t even go up in rank fix ur shit man, yet I bet if I lose next game I’ll go down a division

  • HavokValor 𝙑𝙄𝘾𝙀|HavokValor (@HavokValor) reported

    Big thanks to @UhOhItsMatt for the gifted subs, it really turned around my stream when I was being pissed off about @RocketLeague’s crap tournament system! Fix your god damn tournament system @RocketLeague! Also while you are there add double elimination sheesh!

  • Mars_Marathon PPB (@Mars_Marathon) reported

    @chavez_pj1 @julie_hruby @ashthompson30 @BrunoMars Ain’t lying. I was “wtf is going on here.” How totally disrespectful. That ‘stache is not even in the same league. Ya’ know what I’m sayin’. Let sumptin’ happen to that carrot. Let that rocket peter out. That is a real issue!!!! I’m going to bed now.😘🤗😂

  • kirbywantstodie kirby (@kirbywantstodie) reported

    @RocketLeague fix the ******* ranking system or i will kms

  • Mr10acity69 Mr10acity (@Mr10acity69) reported

    Crash gets in and I guess Rocket League car does too

  • RonnyCook3 Ronnyxxriddlexx (@RonnyCook3) reported

    @SunlessKhan Just go for dope shots rocket league shouldn't be a grind for a higher rank when all it's become is a broken ranking system by Smurfs and more Smurfs.

  • ClayZig ZigRL (@ClayZig) reported

    Are the goal explosions for #luckylantern a login reward @RocketLeague

  • LokiMoo27 LokiMoo (@LokiMoo27) reported

    Rocket League is so broken sometimes, I have no idea how I could of scored a goal when I didn't even touch the ball 🤷

  • JacobLouxx Jacob louxx (@JacobLouxx) reported

    @Meendosahh @RocketLeague And I'm sure there will be syncing errors and people complaining/losing items, I really don't think they want to deal with the headache, and of what I've heard their support team has been pretty "inconsistent" as of late

  • JacobLouxx Jacob louxx (@JacobLouxx) reported

    @Meendosahh @RocketLeague I'm saying why would they recode every single item, just for cross platform syncing/, trading, you understand how many items there are yes paint a specific color counts as a different item, and they already have server issues that'll probably make it much worse, so your loss

  • PlutoRL Pluto (@PlutoRL) reported

    @Twoslot @PsyonixStudios havent tried yet, ill let you know if i have the same issue

  • KdashPri Kevin Price (@KdashPri) reported

    @PigletParker Just talking about it helps. Sometimes, I’ll be having a bad day and I’ll be super depressed and I’ll just tell the person I’m playing Rocket League (1 vs 1) with about my problems and even if they don’t give a shit, it helps. It just unloads what’s mentally weighing you down.

  • GlossyRL Glossy (@GlossyRL) reported

    @SirClassyYT @RocketLeague When it comes to recording a montage there is one problem that pops into my mind; Some of the boosts don't playback how they should when playing the replay in 5%-10% speed. The trails are too short, which makes it hard to get a good cinematic shot.

  • SNEAKYoSNEAKY ZC | Sneak (@SNEAKYoSNEAKY) reported

    So it was a rough night on Rocket League tonight. But I think I found my issue. I think hit a plateau with my car. I swapped to the Octane and feel so free with my movement. Havent lost a match yet. Was my car just not a good fit for me 🤔

  • Rockumus_N9ne Denny (@Rockumus_N9ne) reported

    I wish I had more time to play Xbox, Probably going to Cancel Ultimate game pass and go back to standard live to Play Rocket League only. Maybe I can use game pass more as a rental service when there is something I want to play

  • Lost_in_Beijing Lost in Beijing 迷失北京 (@Lost_in_Beijing) reported

    To clarify: Rocket League isn’t banned in China, BUT China has not allowed them to host servers in China because they are developing their own competing title. So the only way you can play in China is by VPNing into other countries which creates hella lag :/

  • aka_Senso Sensō LFT (@aka_Senso) reported

    fix the mmr system you dumb ***** @PsyonixStudios

  • houstonjustin14 imlarry (@houstonjustin14) reported

    @RocketLeague @RL_Support please fix the mmr's, I can't even get out of c1 rn because I get all these gc's on the other team. Its so unbalanced and unfair. I just faced 3 champ 3s and im only c1 but because 1 of my solo qued tm8s is c3 as well I have to put up with it.

  • HillhomeGaming HillhomeGaming (@HillhomeGaming) reported

    yo @RocketLeague @PsyonixStudios since the update the servers have been TRASH. Pls fix.

  • FrostRL3 Frost (@FrostRL3) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague Please fix yours in-game Tournaments. I have never seen a "joining" symbol spaz out so darn much. #rocketleague

  • Razor_brand Jas (@Razor_brand) reported

    This looks so fun. If only console could play workshop maps :,( rocket league should fix thaat.

  • RealWoodzy Woodzy (@RealWoodzy) reported

    @RocketLeague @RocketLeague Just a heads up, you have put the wrong items in the Golden Lanterns, You have put in impact,overdrive and victory items when its supposed to be cc1,cc2 and cc3 crate items you need to fix this asap.

  • vpronade v ProNade (@vpronade) reported

    @RocketLeague @RL_Support Tournaments are not working... Will not allow anyone to play


    @thatonenyan @RocketLeague Yeah they need to fix it

  • DodaHyper Sazu-Yt (@DodaHyper) reported

    @RocketLeague Bro I keep going against d3 evern more now in gc like wtfff yo someone fix the update

  • YettiYetto Nightmares (@YettiYetto) reported

    @RocketLeague Still can’t fix dfh stadium😂😂

  • JStarZ_RL JS (@JStarZ_RL) reported

    @SirClassyYT @RocketLeague Everyone may say this but ranking. It is harder to fix than just a hard reset, but I see it mostly in Champion where there are very good mechanically and mentally good players, but there are some very questionable people aswell xD.

  • kpopistrash6 stupidmancostume (@kpopistrash6) reported

    @ASDiscreet @Hthrhrh11 @RocketLeague dude accept ur internet is trash, i see a lot of ppl saying rocket league servers suck but ive never had any problems...

  • ASDiscreet ASDiscreet (@ASDiscreet) reported

    @Hthrhrh11 @RocketLeague Only thing I could guess is you being on console. I play PC. Also forgot to mention every time a lag spike occurs it literally shows the "server health" sign. Another reason im not the issue

  • Hthrhrh11 Rkna09 (@Hthrhrh11) reported

    @ASDiscreet @RocketLeague I dont know if its a issue for the game but i dont lagg so idk whats up then

  • Hthrhrh11 Rkna09 (@Hthrhrh11) reported

    @ASDiscreet @RocketLeague Trust its u because i aint lagging no one is 😂

  • RugbyMonster17 GeorgeMonsterClough (@RugbyMonster17) reported

    @FrostiGator @Lostmango3 Im so glad i dont have this issue despite bad internet! Managed to get a video on today from rocket league. Wasnt the best but some was really good...

  • Just_Wess Wess (@Just_Wess) reported

    @SirClassyYT @RocketLeague Servers lagging you even though you have 9 ping

  • The_JHan Joel Hanson (@The_JHan) reported

    @Liefx @ahrupting Absolutely. Everyone’s got their thing. I more meant what you said in your second point, but I didn’t expand on it. My problem with Corey isn’t how much he plays rocket league. My problem is him being a **** to his teammates who don’t share the same playing schedule.

  • FireAgghead FireAgghead (@FireAgghead) reported

    @SirClassyYT @RocketLeague Servers that won’t give me 120 ping while streaming. ( I have really good internet btw). I can stream legit any other game on my pc even COD MW with no problems.

  • Daevolo_ Pedro 🤝 Daevolo (@Daevolo_) reported

    @SirClassyYT @RocketLeague Not really a problem but a new and improved game UI would improve the game overall and it would change the look since we have been looking at the same screen for the past 3-4 years

  • roman_tit Death_Devil (@roman_tit) reported

    @RL_Support i cannot play at Nintendo Switch, game says "Error while communicating with to Rocket League servers, please try again later". It begins after downloading patch. And later, i delete the game and again download it, still have this message.

  • yochintohere YoChinto (@yochintohere) reported

    @GrimDarkflame @SeanMaffia @RocketLeague Yeah. They still wont have my penny. No play time. Nothing. They lost my respect with this decision of economy. I dont care its TW dominus or what... No money until they fix the system RL can rest in my library have 1000+ hrs of gameplay & i dont care about skins but this is bs

  • ZacharyAl3x Cookiemonstir (@ZacharyAl3x) reported

    Wish someone gave me a pair of Switch controllers mine are broken 😭😭😭 #NintendoSwitch #help #whataworld #whyme #RocketLeague #Controller #Nintendo #NintendoSwitchpro

  • BloodlustTV JPBloodlust (@BloodlustTV) reported

    @RocketLeague so when are you guys going to fix the server so I can stop going through the ball and getting server health lag...

  • kevmrales kevin m (@kevmrales) reported

    @PsyonixStudios For some reason I can’t play rocket league it says it has a problem connecting to rl servers

  • thekdence kdence. (@thekdence) reported

    I know it’s a broken record but damn it I love Rocket League where tf is the support at.


    @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague @RL_Support Having a dedicated button to push to get back into the same server would probably fix this issue. Adding something like that would probably make it faster and more accessible to join back.

  • STRUBzzz Josʜ 🌚 (@STRUBzzz) reported

    @ItsToxyk @DankiTheSnowMan @SidneyP02 @RocketLeague Alright dude, you’re just trying to trigger me and it’s not working lmao. I could case less. Well Played. One. More. Game.

  • LeonardLime Leonard Lime (@LeonardLime) reported

    HARDWARE RIVALS Tried to recreate the battle part of Mario Kart but switched the fun out for connection issues instead. Rocket League does it better. DELETED

  • LyonCollegeGG LyonEsports (@LyonCollegeGG) reported

    Our Rocket League team is experiencing frame drops in game whilst streaming. While we attempt to fix this issue we will not be streaming our #CRL qualifiers today. We hope you understand.

  • SiECraig Craig (@SiECraig) reported

    @Hoodyhooo @fluumpy90 @RocketLeague Oh shit I’ve been there. I was on drama alert once for the sub glitch back in 2017 and my channel blew tf up for about a week and it was maybe the best week of my life 😂

  • Ghst_RL NS Ghost (@Ghst_RL) reported

    @RocketLeague fix ur MMR

  • RealSloth_Jones Sloth Jones (@RealSloth_Jones) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague I just got kicked from a game for connection error and then banned for leaving a match wtf

  • Fluuma a disgusting weeb (@Fluuma) reported

    @Craftor92 @Thomas_beest @BluDYT @TiltKO @RocketLeague but because it's addictive it makes us pursue it more, usually that's a good thing like I said, but when instead of completing goals you're wasting money it then becomes an issue, *most* teens' and adults' brains have developed enough to know when to stop, but younger- (part3/4)

  • SteelDevil69 SteelDevil69 (@SteelDevil69) reported

    Fix your ******* servers!!! #RocketLeague #Epicgames

  • sharamall sharamall (@sharamall) reported

    @RocketLeague ur servers are shit, 1 in 3 games has a server issue. can you not be so cheap about ur cloud resource allotment

  • tray145 Travontay Sanders (@tray145) reported

    @RocketLeague when you guys have another update come out can you fix the lag server lobbies. Most people have strong internet connection but dealing with stupid lag for no reason

  • B4rfi Barfi (@B4rfi) reported

    @RocketLeague @PsyonixStudios playing rocket league is all about lag fest. Hard wired into PC. Its unbearable. Jump turns into backflip half of the time. Its crazyyy. Fix it.

  • whosnachostv whosnachos (@whosnachostv) reported

    @RocketLeague no thank you. fix your game maybe just maybe then u will get money again. - start with horrible delayed servers - outdated engine - outdated netcode - outdated items, still same old content

  • SwiftLilEagle SwiftLilEagle (@SwiftLilEagle) reported

    @Jay_RL_ @TheTacoVan @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague which you also posted publicly, thus are not eligible for a white hat. Regardless, as this was not a major/gamebreaking/security issue, it would most likely not have landed you one regardless.

  • Jay_RL_ jay (@Jay_RL_) reported

    @SwiftLilEagle @TheTacoVan @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague already reported it privately and provided a fix

  • NICK_VDBG NICK (@NICK_VDBG) reported

    @RocketLeague @EpicGamesFR @PsyonixStudios guys the eu servers have been really bad lately please fix this. We cant have a game without facing any lag this is becoming a threat to us being interested in playing the game...

  • BluDYT Dylan BluD (@BluDYT) reported

    @Thomas_beest @Craftor92 @TiltKO @RocketLeague Parents should also not be giving their money to their kids to gamble with and then wonder why they have a problem.