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Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One, OS X, and Linux being released in 2016.

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  • RlStrati Strati (@RlStrati) reported

    Love when I’m playing RL with friend and his game crashes as he joins then RL won’t let him back into the game. @RocketLeague fix ur ******* game because I’m tryna grind to 1600 and now it’s going to be harder to cause I just lost 10 mmr for no reason

  • BraggerKk24 Krish Kathpalia (@BraggerKk24) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @RL_Support hi are servers down on Xbox one na east other games function while ticket league says not connecting to servers

  • BraggerKk24 Krish Kathpalia (@BraggerKk24) reported

    @RocketLeague @RL_Support hi are servers down on Xbox one na east other games function while ticket league says not connecting to servers

  • Aika2D 𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 (@Aika2D) reported

    @RocketLeague I have zero audio on pc and cant find a fix online please help 😩

  • NicoNxi ▫️T10▫️NicoNii ✨ (@NicoNxi) reported

    @HalfwayDeadRL @yumi_cheeseman @BTSRocketLeague Its a placebo problem, and on a mental game as rocket league is, placebo is an actual factor

  • FlewsYt unban flewsyt (@FlewsYt) reported

    i’m not even 100% sure if that’s why i got banned i didn’t get any email saying why, the only shit i’m going off from is when i try to log in it says your psn acc has been banned for not following the tos (terms of service) well there goes 1000+ hours on rocket league with over

  • QuazArxx XK QuazArxx (@QuazArxx) reported


  • Blueth_ Blueth (@Blueth_) reported

    Rocket League on Switch. Day 1 (Also last day of the season for me): Grinded all the way to Diamond 3 Division 4, not many problems along the way. Got to 7 Platinum reward wins. Ended up ~20 MMR away from Top 100 Switch. Not much time left to play. last 4 games were wins.

  • Ishmael19981 NeonDragon98 (@Ishmael19981) reported

    @StrykerRed @Hoonigan_Tim @RocketLeague I'm not talking about myself not being Champ, stop with that generic line: Most people within the community says this while overlooking problems with the game. From what I've seen in Diamond, most players I've seen/versed has Champ rewards, are Champ players.

  • dean_of_dean Tyler Painter (@dean_of_dean) reported

    And then you've got the group of 3 on the other team, all with mics, all talking trash and being ******** on mic from before the match even starts. And I'll bet reporting them would do absolutely nothing. What a great game, @RocketLeague. FIX YOUR SHIT.

  • GoatPersistent PersistentGoat (@GoatPersistent) reported

    @PsyonixStudios Fix your ******* servers you cheap *****!

  • hunterst1996 crazy steve (@hunterst1996) reported

    I've put 150 hours on rocket league...I bought it in may...I may have a problem

  • t0rnup tiffany🦋 (@t0rnup) reported

    now im even more scared to check my bank account because i just bought wifi 😅😅 but now i can play rocket league without it lagging up the ass woo hoo

  • Jive_RL Jared (@Jive_RL) reported

    @RL_Support Im lagging so bad on rocket league. its like delayed sort of and not connecting with the server properly. please help

  • gabbbri58 gabbbri (@gabbbri58) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @EpicGames fix your ******* servers

  • RogerPowrTweetr Roger (@RogerPowrTweetr) reported

    @CthonianK @AngryJoeShow Joe gave #RocketLeague a nine out of ten AND his " Bad Ass seal of approval " & never looked back . Anyone who has played the PS4 version especially now knows Psyonix the company behind its creation not only put out a substandard game but has done NOTHING to fix the numerous bugs

  • WoJoePlays WoJoe (@WoJoePlays) reported

    Gonna stream @RocketLeague tonight peoples. Those streams usually don’t lag long cause I’m trigger trash but let’s try anyway

  • PhNxRL Phin (@PhNxRL) reported

    @amustycow Rocket league has the baseball problem

  • ImMeest Josh (@ImMeest) reported

    @PsyonixStudios you guys may not want to hear this. But even if your only interest is money...rocket League is gonna crash if you keep ignoring the community...the amount of people, including big names that are publicly saying what they want and being ignored...what the hell

  • WolfyCleric23 Luke Bennett (@WolfyCleric23) reported

    @Shakahron @RocketLeague You do realise that the team that deal with servers and the team that design/make new items are completely separate. They aren't ignoring the server issues, they just have different people doing different aspects of the game

  • Kyyrex Kyrex 🌐 (@Kyyrex) reported

    I login EVERYDAY and check the eSports store and theres been no C9 wheels for AGES, like bruh @RocketLeague

  • gnarlychey ❃ 𝔠 ❃ (@gnarlychey) reported

    my cousin asked me to watch him play on mixer last night so he could talk to me about his girl problems... it was a wholesome bonding moment and i learned so much about rocket league.

  • Meester_Bunny Entamer (@Meester_Bunny) reported

    Hey @RocketLeague fix snow day servers please...only game mode that players end up not connecting to fully once a match has been found...

  • Mattjn44 Mattjn (@Mattjn44) reported

    @PsyonixStudios please fix freeze in rumble when it’s frozen it shouldn’t keep falling/ rolling

  • SektorFire SektorFire (@SektorFire) reported

    After 45 minutes of fighting Streamlabs OBS, I have given up on streaming No Man's Sky. It's an issue with the game apparently since Rocket League is displaying normally. ffs

  • DanganPrime Dimmy 💚🐼💚 (@DanganPrime) reported

    Each time I get pitted against some team that way outranks me in Rocket League, the closer I get to just walking away tbh Just...fix your casual matchmaking algorithm. Half the games I’m in shouldn’t go 6-0 one way or the other. That should be a rare occurrence.

  • ChromeDome691 ChromeDome (@ChromeDome691) reported

    Just had a constant ping of 300 in a game of @RocketLeague and no one is even home to be on the wifi, @RocketLeague fix your goddamn servers

  • fizzybraiin Fizzo (@fizzybraiin) reported

    **** Fortnite im going back to Rocket League until they fix fortnite (if they ever do, or even try to. doubt it tho)

  • realasstoad assman (@realasstoad) reported

    @PrawnRL @Hoonigan_Tim @RocketLeague There would still be a problem because higher ranked players would still q with lower ranked players still causing boosting unintentionally

  • Shad0wzGaming Shadowz (@Shad0wzGaming) reported

    @RocketLeague Yesterday Rocket League was running absolutely fine, then my computer decides to install the latest Windows Update and now RL refuses to play, I've tried everything to fix it and nothing works. Any help would be appreciated

  • p1geon_rl P1geon (@p1geon_rl) reported

    @twotakeoff_ @Hoonigan_Tim @RocketLeague If you go 10 and 0 one season and 9 and 1 the next, the next season will be way higher because it preserves mmr, rank inflation is a problem no matter what and a hard reset is the worst solution (new or different ranks would solve that)

  • twotakeoff_ Israel Batista (@twotakeoff_) reported

    @p1geon_rl @Hoonigan_Tim @RocketLeague and the way you are arguing, you're just stating and explaining MMR Inflation, which is a problem that soft resets brings with it.

  • grimstv GrimsTV (@grimstv) reported

    slightly heart breaking that my last few streams where hardly good one and last night gor the 3 hrs i was live Dropped 371 frames playing rocket league the lag is getting so bad on my pc i can hardly even play games off stream 🥺🥺🥺

  • twotakeoff_ Israel Batista (@twotakeoff_) reported

    @kolarska123 @RocketLeague When people talk about wanting a hard reset, the main point is to fix the MMR inflation. Alpha54 has 2241 MMR right now. He's around 260 points away from being 1000 MMR above the GC promotion MMR. That's inflation. Either fix this, or add new ranks.

  • Hoonigan_Tim Hoonigan Tim (@Hoonigan_Tim) reported

    @mattchaz @RocketLeague I agree but the problem is if somebody is say diamond 2 and they get boosted to c2 then every single actual c2 they get teamed with is going to have to take an unfair loss. This is not fair to people that don't boost and put real time in. You have to lose a lot of games to drop

  • Ethan89275949 nom nom love peas (@Ethan89275949) reported

    @RLboostingg @RocketLeague shut the actual **** up to little tryhard little jew. Nobody wants to give you money for getting gold 3 in ranked from your "boosting" service starting at $100

  • Gispee_ mäţţ (@Gispee_) reported

    @Hoonigan_Tim @RocketLeague getting to gc isnt the problem. The problem is getting back into those 1800+ and top 100 spots. I'm nowhere near that but people who are agree with me. It's just not needed in general, you can ask other people for their thoughts, and I don't mean salty plats.

  • Scremyy Scremy (@Scremyy) reported

    @RocketLeague My problem is how repetitive this is. We've had boosts for 3 times now, including wheels and alike, when theres other types of items that haven't even been explored yet. For example, decals, antennas, paint finishes, avatar borders, and even car bodies. It can get stale

  • darealhenna Jan-Henrik Müller (@darealhenna) reported

    @amustycow had same issue. You have to go into big picture mode, go to rocket league in your library there and into the game settings. There should be an option "controller configuration", there you select search configuration and apply the (LEGACY) official Psyonix Bindings. Worked for me.

  • all_J_nogluten James Saldana (@all_J_nogluten) reported

    @RL_Support keep getting the error of not being logged in to Rocket League Servers. No issues with other games on PS4. Please help :(

  • MeZe_Maxim Maxim Alexandrov ❁ (@MeZe_Maxim) reported

    @RocketLeague Your servers suck, Everygame i play no matter what, no fps or ping issue at all. I play rocket league and instantly my frames drop to about 20 and ive got so much lag. fix pls

  • MeZe_Maxim Maxim Alexandrov ❁ (@MeZe_Maxim) reported

    @RocketLeague Fix your servers im laggin so much

  • SSolarRl SSolar (@SSolarRl) reported

    @wavyyrl @Oblivious_RL @PsyonixStudios I jad ghe issue like 1 month ago but fixed it, i forgot how to do it though sorry. Ill try to remember

  • SzM8s Dragon (Sz M8s) (@SzM8s) reported

    @RocketLeague I was super excited and had been waiting for the last week of the summer event so I could get the period two rewards and farm out the last items, I was extremely disappointed to find out I can no longer gain cassetes during this period please fix :( #RocketLeague

  • wavyyrl Wavyy (@wavyyrl) reported

    @MiaDyn @Oblivious_RL @PsyonixStudios I found a fix but its too annyoing to say

  • MiaDyn Dyn (@MiaDyn) reported

    @Oblivious_RL @wavyyrl @PsyonixStudios Easiest fix is to disable steam controller but that also means you can’t use square deadzone so if you don’t noflip on cross ur ****** unless there’s an alternative fix

  • Crimsonwolf3 Danny (@Crimsonwolf3) reported

    @CoryStylez If they do ever decide to fix your internet before you leave for tour we should play some rocket league sometime

  • YoutubeDragonn DragonRL (@YoutubeDragonn) reported

    Lmao my friend always says sometimes it’s boring to play with me cause all I want to play is Rocket League lmao I want to get better so I don’t see the issue

  • Dddsasul Dddsasul (@Dddsasul) reported

    @RocketLeague Please add loose prevention if your teammate just leaves without ff... I had 2 guys leaving after they mess up a save and leaving me 1v2 even if the score was very close and we had more than enough time... or randomly disconnect when we had 2 goals advantage

  • vizor01 vizor (@vizor01) reported

    @DicceRL @Oblivious_RL @PsyonixStudios i had this same issue and this fixed it, thanks

  • RKenkel96 RON 🌹 (@RKenkel96) reported

    @PlayStationUK @TwitterGaming PS1: Crash Team Racing PS2: Simpson’***** and Run PS3: Black Ops PS4: Rocket League

  • wavyyrl Wavyy (@wavyyrl) reported

    @Oblivious_RL @PsyonixStudios and for anyone thinking its fixable it isnt i haev the same issue and there is NO way to fix it that ive found

  • oEclipz Eclipz (@oEclipz) reported

    @PsyonixStudios For the past couple days I have had various problems with RL. 1st: When i get on the game it says im not logged onto the servers. It takes a couple minutes for it to connect. 2nd: Last night i could switch off the octane. I tried changing to any car and it....

  • HypaHowlrrz_YT Hypa 'Wolfy' Howlrrz🇬🇮 (@HypaHowlrrz_YT) reported

    My worst problem on rocket league is consistently performing, it’s painful😭

  • maytrick5 Maytrick Plays (@maytrick5) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash bandicoot PS2: Midnight club 3 dub edition PS3: Test drive unlimited 2 PS4: Rocket league or Tom Clancy The Division

  • Srioxx Ville Saario (@Srioxx) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash Bandicoot: Warped & CTR PS2: Warped and CTR 😅 PS3: Assassins creed Ezio saga(all 3 games) and Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars PS4: Rocket League

  • Orion_RL 𝙊𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙣 (@Orion_RL) reported

    PS1: Crash Team Racing/Spyro PS2: Star Wars Battlefront/LEGO Star Wars PS3: Uncharted 3 PS4: Rocket League

  • beth_acook Beth Cook (@beth_acook) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Guitar Hero 3 PS3: The Last of Us PS4: Rocket League

  • beth_acook Beth Cook (@beth_acook) reported

    PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Guitar Hero 3 PS3: The Last of Us PS4: Rocket League

  • Ahmad7AE Ahmad 🐺 (@Ahmad7AE) reported

    PS1: Crash bash + MGS 1 PS2: MGS 3: Snake Eater PS3: Uncharted 2 + AC 3 PS4: Rocket league