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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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  • kurtism8_ kurt (@kurtism8_) reported

    @JagexSupport help me guys, it could be happening to more people! let’s solve the problem

  • ayxera Ayxera (@ayxera) reported

    Australian servers are 200 ping for the majority of Australians as they moved their servers to Queensland, a place that is over 1000km away from Melbourne, where the majority of Runescapers live. pls fix @OldSchoolRS

  • roundboyjin pb&jin ₍ᐢ -᷅ ·̫ -᷄ᐢ₎✧ (@roundboyjin) reported

    ... @UrameshiMK just interrupted my bath to tell me there’s a “postmates” service on RuneScape

  • 9O4RS 9O4 (@9O4RS) reported

    Good news today: found out the ****** who scammed me didn’t even get my RSN that he tried to steal. Bad news: the guy who sniped it wants 1.75b lul so looks like it’ll sit on tutorial island forever. rip “off”@JagexWeath @JagexTyran @JagexSupport @JagexAsh pls fix this system

  • Angel_Gundam Angel Gundam (@Angel_Gundam) reported

    @Faux_Freedom @SparcmacLive @JagexAsh Just remove all Doors around runescape Problem Solved

  • NorthemlightzzZ NorthemlightzzZ (@NorthemlightzzZ) reported

    @OldSchoolRS please contact my I have a problem with my osrs account

  • DBT_Rusty Rusty (@DBT_Rusty) reported

    @StevenAscher Halo CE, Runescape, SWTOR, Crash Bandicoot Warped.

  • electricprog Electric (@electricprog) reported

    @Mr_G_W @ConcBlast @JagexJack @TheJunesongRS @Asagron @RuneScape Any slightly challenging combat. And I hope Jagex aren't going to shy away from adding content that includes combat where it makes sense in the future. But then again it wouldn't have solved any of the initial problems raised such as people complaining at reqs/updates (2/2)

  • Meka_Dragon MekaDragon (@Meka_Dragon) reported

    @iamkeeferz @RuneScape when its a scam and doesnt actually work, yes. Fix your shit @runescape

  • thegrandtwizz Jason Andrew Miller (@thegrandtwizz) reported

    @JagexSupport you guys really need to get a customer support team to help with financial issues. Paid for membership 3 days ago and still no return email on the issues I sent to jagex!

  • arannaOSRS Aranna (@arannaOSRS) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Ability to change login creds: Needs to be considered. The fact that IDs are stale and outdated can pose a multitude of problems. Especially when coupled with old passwords and weak policies.

  • arannaOSRS Aranna (@arannaOSRS) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Recovery process: Making accounts harder to recover is not the root issue Jagex. Players should find solace in knowing that their account is securely locked. If you are a player that doesn't agree with this you don't get proper security.

  • AJHEAT22 Aleks Jurhar (@AJHEAT22) reported

    @JagexSupport I have a major bug issue that breaks my game play - although submitting a bug report nothing happened. During the family crest game the game does not allow me to smith a perfect ruby ring/necklace. I have made sure everything is done as it should be.

  • Slayercyaan Slayercyan (Nico) (@Slayercyaan) reported

    @OldSchoolRS fix your servers.

  • brownie_jacob j (@brownie_jacob) reported

    @JagexSupport can you look into my account recovery I made a couple hours ago login name “gryphonmon”

  • SangRS3 Resonance Roulette in 8b debt (@SangRS3) reported

    @TheJunesongRS @RSchi_pa_pa @Dragy @DanielTribble @RuneScape Either way, reviving minigames might be more trouble than it's worth. I don't think it's a pressing issue and sometimes things die over time. You need actual rewards and I prefer investing that in new PvM or skilling content. Unlike you I don't care about principle as much.

  • March9th1989 Will (@March9th1989) reported

    Wish you could actually name the dragons you raise in RS. Fix this @RuneScape need my army of heechul.

  • JagexHelpElf JagexHelpElf (@JagexHelpElf) reported

    @Derekm8 @JagexSupport Hi Derekm, sorry that you are continuing to have problems with self recovery, this is the alternative option, but as these forms are manually processed by the J Mods, it may take up to 72 hours for you to receive a response. If you would like to try this instead, please 1/2

  • JagexIanT Mod Ian (@JagexIanT) reported

    @UploaderPaul @RsStormy @JagexSlippers @RuneScape @JagexShauny If the login music is still stuck in your head after 15 years I think my work there is done! 😀

  • Galvanox Klisa (@Galvanox) reported

    @JagexSupport @07izk Your twitter is practically useless when it comes to dealing with issues. There's no point with it if you're just gonna send them to a premade resource page. You can literally just make a community post with a permanent link there and save yourselves some lazy dev time.

  • Padlords Magikilla (@Padlords) reported

    @senpai @OldSchoolRS I don't play osrs ever so im not sure what is so bad about warding. It seems like an interesting skill what is peoples problem with it

  • ayxera Ayxera (@ayxera) reported

    @OldSchoolRS fix your aussie servers pl0x, theyre all at 200 ping, worse than some US servers.

  • Rumym8Rs Saying hi makes you thirsty (@Rumym8Rs) reported

    @LouffeVC @ColorblindRS @RuneScape tbh just put inferno into rs3 and people will do it can make us not require a familiar either only problem is i think the tzhaar story line is finished ini rs3 so they would need to re open it for this

  • S1Husky S1Husky (@S1Husky) reported

    So many people are salty about the Comp. rework on @RuneScape but I'll never understand why. "It's just a cosmetic now" yup, so is my max cape. So are my 120 capes. Yet, somehow, they still matter to me and I'm glad to have obtained them all. The rework fixed a broken meta.

  • Hawks_Will Hawks Will (@Hawks_Will) reported

    @RuneScape Comp cape is now a worthless cape to have that anyone can get with minimal effort. Put reaper back on and make people earn it by showing that they can do the content not just grind things out. Address the problems solak and other group only bosses are causing, not just remove it.

  • honk_honk13 Honk (@honk_honk13) reported

    @JafferGon @OldSchoolRS @senken12 @shaperka Never said it was but its an obvious fix that would be another indication that there account security is not up to par, really dont understand why you dont want this.

  • kvyleigh 𝖗𝖔𝖙 (@kvyleigh) reported

    why are some of my cosmetics missing @Runescape @JagexSupport fix your game

  • JafferGon Jaffer Gon (@JafferGon) reported

    @honk_honk13 @OldSchoolRS @senken12 @shaperka You say the community like it’s everyone when it’s not, they even stated only 50% of the players even use the authenticator stop acting like delaying it is the magic fix to a much bigger problem.

  • Neodragon315 Neodragon (@Neodragon315) reported

    @RuneScape I'm having an issue with the Umbral chests. I never got them, tried linking and unlinking my account. It says claimed, but they haven't shown in my invy or bank. RSN: Neodragon. Thanks in advance!

  • TheJunesongRS Allen | The Junesong (@TheJunesongRS) reported

    @SangRS3 @RSchi_pa_pa @Dragy @DanielTribble @RuneScape 5/4 In fact it might be worth pointing out that as the player count in rs3 drops, the percentage of active players who are completionists will probably rise, as the psychological tendencies that lead to that playstyle also deter people from simply abandoning a game over issues 🤔

  • TheJunesongRS Allen | The Junesong (@TheJunesongRS) reported

    @SangRS3 @RSchi_pa_pa @Dragy @DanielTribble @RuneScape 3/X the requirement that don't involve standing around afking, and even if that was really all it was, as we've discussed before, fix the minigame, give reasons to play it, remove it entirely, reduce game count for professional cape, or any of many other solutions that don't

  • TheJunesongRS Allen | The Junesong (@TheJunesongRS) reported

    @SangRS3 @RSchi_pa_pa @Dragy @DanielTribble @RuneScape Certainly true, between the BiS stats issue and jagex constantly betraying the meaning of the capes (not adding new reqs, nerfing old ones) its clear that a huge portion of comp/trim owners aren't even completionists. Now that they're cosmetic only I struggle to see a reason 1/X

  • Jordan78261160 Wayfindr (@Jordan78261160) reported

    @OldSchoolRS @GentleTractor @KempKor Its astonishing how little you guys actually listen to the majority of your playerbase when it comes to potential updates like these and instead opt to work with "content creators" who should have little to no input in these matters It's not working because your methods are wrong

  • TheJunesongRS Allen | The Junesong (@TheJunesongRS) reported

    @RuneScape Bad. Comp being BIS was a problem, and making it a cosmetic only was a reasonable solution to that. However now that it's cosmetic only there should've been no nerfs whatsoever - in fact you should've added old missed reqs. This solution is the worst of all that were proposed.

  • stefan5401 stefan lenasi (@stefan5401) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport I did the appeal thing. Mod Ash has told me multiple time that this is where I should post my issue. All I'm asking for is someone to take an actual look and see if my account deserved it's perm ban. No password reset or any of that.

  • ThatBranFlakes 🏳️‍🌈 Rsn: EldritchNox 🏳️‍🌈 (@ThatBranFlakes) reported

    @BitesZaDustoooo @RuneScape I can agree with you there. Kinda feel like "what a waste" especially poor art team who drew up all the cool designs. Current update isn't great and still leaves problems unfixed. I'm sure something new will be released though. Otherwise will be letting mods know at Runefest lmao

  • BitesZaDustoooo BitesZaDusto (@BitesZaDustoooo) reported

    @ThatBranFlakes @RuneScape everyone hated the design when it was proposed literally reddit filled with memes saying it was over complicated for a simple problem. Don't act like it was well received by the masses. Now that they did a simple rework everyone is now up in arms about wanting the tiered design

  • kingofp2p Its_LilRyan (@kingofp2p) reported

    @RSb1ack @OldSchoolRS @GentleTractor @KempKor The issue is it shouldn’t have had this many revists. The concept itself isn’t that great and is better off distributed among the pre existing skills. Making a new skill for the sake of it seems flawd.

  • BitesZaDustoooo BitesZaDusto (@BitesZaDustoooo) reported

    @DeiNomine @Dragy @RuneScape Everyone said this was a stupid idea when it was proposed for the max cape so it wouldnt be so far behind comp cape and everyone shitted on it and said who cares of kiln is better than max. Now that comp suffers the problem everyone cares about this problem

  • Dragy Dragy (@Dragy) reported

    @DanielTribble @RSchi_pa_pa @RuneScape maybe even, if this can be made into a unlock it could also be added to max cape to lower the gap and then just fix the reclaim cost

  • DanielTribble Daniel Tribble / Army Of One (@DanielTribble) reported

    @RSchi_pa_pa @Dragy @RuneScape The problem would return but in a *lot* less situations. Imo. And those who comp for the sake of comp should at least be rewarded with an item that isn’t worse than capes you can get by doing a few quests and the fight kiln a few times

  • RSchi_pa_pa chi🍃 (@RSchi_pa_pa) reported

    @Dragy @DanielTribble @RuneScape They don't want anyone who doesn't want to comp for completionism's sake going for comp. It's a comp cape, not a PvMer cape. Comp having stat and passive benefits was a major design flaw they wanted to address. Making it best for tribrid again would present the same problem.

  • MaulerOSRS Mauler (@MaulerOSRS) reported

    @SpellseyGG @i8_2_l8 @OldSchoolRS Just fix your screen to stay on for 5 minutes easy fix

  • Hummy_DF_Fan Hummy (@Hummy_DF_Fan) reported

    @ianspam @OldSchoolRS I know especially the world hopping issues are really killing things off at the moment friends will call out worlds unfortunately I can't hop to them until 30 seconds later by then the target has ran very frustrating

  • ianspam Ian (@ianspam) reported

    @Hummy_DF_Fan @OldSchoolRS Feel like I’m the only one complaining but it’s honestly horrible lately. The server will randomly miss a game tick which makes pking to the game tick or even 1t pray flicking impossible to do consistently. Then there’s the world hop issue, DC’s’s been this way for weeks

  • lukaseps lukas (@lukaseps) reported

    @JagexSupport Hi, my RSN is J0N SN0WY (the o's on name are 0's, by the way) the system won't let me revert to previous name, I think it is something about the new update to censorship list. I saw on forums a few players having issue with it too, I need some help with it please

  • lukaseps lukas (@lukaseps) reported

    @JagexSupport Hi, my RSN is J0NSN0WY (the o's on name are 0's, by the way) the system won't let me to revert to previous name, I think it is something about the new update to censorship list. I saw on forums a few players having issue with it too, I need some help with it please

  • DraguniRs Draguni (@DraguniRs) reported

    @116lul @JuliusJMJ @Asagron @RuneScape Scroll down this guys tweets, he is complaining about everything. Oysters apparently broken cause he isnt getting lucky etc

  • OldMateBlue Matt (@OldMateBlue) reported

    @OldSchoolRS @shaperka We really need something BEYOND email like a text service that you can ping online and an automated message gets sent to your phone so you could never have someone "hack" you through email. Could change password, buy membership, remove authen by text only. 2fa everything

  • RsTapir Pip - Tapir (@RsTapir) reported

    Dear @JagexAsh @JagexAcorn @JagexKieren @JagexWolf @OldSchoolRS, you guys have ruined my week. I had an amazing weekend with some girl, unfortunately ended up making her pregnant but that's besides the case, my bank has decreased by 50m in a week without touching it. Fix my game.

  • Jiggly_Moobs Dan (@Jiggly_Moobs) reported

    @RuneScape Made us wait a week for weapon switch fix and its still not fixed 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Phanatek Phanatek (@Phanatek) reported

    @JagexSupport hello I have no idea what my email address is my account is about 15 years old, I have used login and password and auth, no I cant cant login but have no idea why as i cant change password as i have no idea what email i used back then

  • JafferGon Jaffer Gon (@JafferGon) reported

    @honk_honk13 @OldSchoolRS @senken12 @shaperka No that’s all some people want, all it succeeds in doing is delaying the inevitable the whole point of this blog is to improve security as a whole the best immediate option is to add an auth login to the website

  • 63kgRS Mita (@63kgRS) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends hey pls release TTF before my summer holidays start so I can play that instead of @OldSchoolRS cuz they refuse to fix their account security

  • MH_Wishengrad Jeremy Wishengrad (@MH_Wishengrad) reported

    @OldSchoolRS One additional form of security I've seen suggested is having the bank pin lock features: 1. Login lock 2. Trade/GE lock 3. Inventory/Equipment lock I feel like that would help with reducing damages on accounts that have already been compromised as some people only lose equippe

  • ImJayKay Justin Keith (@ImJayKay) reported

    @JagexSupport My 2b xp ironman account was hacked and everything dropped while I had a brief lapse of activity due to irl issues. Not sure how just want my account rolled back so I can continue to play.

  • ohnonotthisshit Dusty Glass (@ohnonotthisshit) reported

    @JagexSupport Apparently my entire rs3 account got banned for an offence on OSRS. If that account was in fact macroing, then the account was compromised. My last login on that account was a few days after the app released on mobile. Already submitted an appeal, 1/

  • Liamblower1 Liam blower (@Liamblower1) reported

    @JagexSupport I today have recieved a message saying I disputed payment on a payment method which my membership ran out on so I cancelled the subscription and made a new payment on card, so there was no problem until today you have taken my membership off me

  • Uhrenium Mathias Thomsen (@Uhrenium) reported

    @x360_OSRS @OldSchoolRS Authenticator delay is not an actual solution tho, it is just a patch up. The real problem is account recovery, so fixing that should be the priority.

  • NibssOSRS Nibss (@NibssOSRS) reported

    @OldSchoolRS @shaperka Everyone wants a delay on auth. Your excuse is not locking original owners out. I'd rather be locked out for a few days than lose a few years of progess. Get with the people Jagex, this issue has been going on for too long.