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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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  • joshuabuddz
    Joshua st (@joshuabuddz) reported

    @OldSchoolRS I try to disable my authentication for my account because my old phone was destroyed and in the 30 seconds it takes to r log back into your website from the link i get in my e-mail it expires and then tells me the service is blocked because i tried to many times...

  • Irensky9
    isaac golindano (@Irensky9) reported

    greetings, dear support since a few weeks ago I could not enter my runescape account because as was banned by "rwt" however it is not like that, I do not sell gold nor do I need to do it, I love this game and do not and broken any rules, please ask them to review my in-game....

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Okay and I just checked, the password reset definitely did nothing to the account it was intended for. using Wimbleston as login the password failed.

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Okay keep this in mind, the other day, got the OS App (love it btw great job n hats off) and reset my password for Arcane Pk8 (OG account). Arcane Pk8 is RS3 so I had to name a character, Wimbleston, login problems, password reset, and somehow I have two characters now.

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport So theres the problem. Password reset isn't resetting characters, it buries them in the void and makes you start another.

  • JagexLyon
    Mod Lyon (@JagexLyon) reported

    @Psycho_VIII @JagexSupport @JagexHelpFrost @JagexHelpFrost has already provided the evidence that you have created two accounts inadvertently. Follow their advice and you will be able to figure out the correct login. You have already had mod assistance and the answers to your questions.

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexLyon @JagexSupport @JagexHelpFrost Alright well is there someone who'll take me seriously and work with me to check this? because it has 100% happened. I will never get my answer from that maliciously designed Contact Us page. This is going to take actual admin/mod assistance to fix and fully understand.

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexLyon @JagexSupport @JagexHelpFrost I mean besides how Right after my password reset all that happened and everything is consistent with the password reset having caused the issue. again, the character name was Wimbleston, now is Wimblestone

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexLyon @JagexSupport My characters name right now is Wimblestone because I couldn't name him the name I'd originally named him. I just reset the account password, but it has caused a full account reset, not merely the password. Your current password reset system on Runescape OS is massively broken.

  • johny3340
    Mark Malak (@johny3340) reported

    @JagexSupport Jagex, I've had my Runescape account for about 9 years and started getting really attached to the game once again. On the 13th of August, I got banned for botting, although I haven't ever touched a macroing device EVER. PLEASE RECONSIDER and aid with my problem.

  • SandwhichL0rd
    Froggy (@SandwhichL0rd) reported

    @Dan_H1992 @OldSchoolRS I don't remember using dialup back in 2004, but I too played then and my only problem was competing with my older brother for rights to be on the computer so we COULD play XD

  • Faylene7
    flash2:wave: revert my ban please (@Faylene7) reported

    FunOrb has better customer service than RuneScape GG

  • DaffoCS
    Daffo (@DaffoCS) reported

    @JagexSupport Hey so my account has been deleted for no reason? I've been inactive on it for what a few weeks max and I go back to login and then account has gone?

  • AgramRS
    Agram (@AgramRS) reported

    @JagexWolf @OldSchoolRS Can the def level requirement for Chivalry be lowered from 65 to 60? Whilst it is at 65 it is so close to piety requirements that nobody ever gets to use it, so it'd be a nice fix to make it less dead content.

  • JagexHelpStevie
    JagexHelpStevie (@JagexHelpStevie) reported

    @LadyAlicia1 @JagexSupport Wait a bit and then try again later or soon. Just might be one of those temporary unavailable issues.

  • HouseWeeb
    The Supreme HypeWeeb (@HouseWeeb) reported

    @RuneScape Fix your website. Why can't I login?

  • LadyAlicia1
    Alicia (@LadyAlicia1) reported

    @JagexSupport Hey guys check into the ability to log into the Forums saying that it is fact you can't log onto to anything off client service. Logging into the game is fine. Account, Forums, support, messages = no log in

  • bluephatflip
    bluephatflip (@bluephatflip) reported

    @Jagex @RuneScape @OldSchoolRS My friend is unable to claim twitch prime at the moment, the website keeps saying unavailable. Any ETA of fix?

  • LazerLatte
    Shawn Wilburn (@LazerLatte) reported

    @Reborn_DPK @veracsbunny @RuneScape Who the hell are you fighting that's able to one shot you? And binds are still unbalanced, might as well be a full stun if you even dare try melee. I guess they might be less of a problem for 99% of players though because spellcasters are overpowered.

  • Slaychotic
    aLex (@Slaychotic) reported

    @Realsk8erboi @ReaIHunter kid chall me on Dortio Crash Course for 100 monkey nuts in runescape

  • ryzephoto
    Ryan A. S. (@ryzephoto) reported

    @OMGitsfirefoxx @Warcraft Pffftt get on the Runescape tip the ultimate MMORPG.. Also rope Tom into doing stuff. Oh right, have they fixed the servers yet? It's been like 69 years since I've played but US to UK meant lag run lag run lag run dead

  • defil3d_rs
    defil3d (@defil3d_rs) reported

    I see pissing contests about @OldSchoolRS PvP DDoS’ing weekly. It won’t ever stop, because PvP revolves around gambling your items based on your skill. So expect to never change. You’re looking for solutions, but refuse the obvious answer. PvP needs a COMPLETE rework.

  • MatJose2
    Mat Jose (@MatJose2) reported

    @NeroTweets Don’t they have a subscription service like RuneScape?

  • voulcorn
    voulcorn (@voulcorn) reported

    @JagexSupport I want to add this this is like a 15 year old account that has never uses cheating programs as you can see please fix this

    Taylor Frisby (@FRISBINATOR) reported

    @JagexSupport account jeronimo214 was hijacked early December but I have finally got it recovered still unable to login.

  • I_Getto_I
    Getto (@I_Getto_I) reported

    @JagexSupport I can't change my email, it keeps giving me an error, maybe its because my account is older than 2010, can you please tell me the latest Jagex will respond to my ticket? its nearly 72 hours. Most people say they get a response within 48.

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexLyon Hey, I've run into a pretty big time bug with Runescape Old School that has resulted in my character being reset, almost definitely not intentionally by a mod, I can fully explain the cause as well, as it's pretty obvious what caused the issue due to multiple factors.

  • I_Getto_I
    Getto (@I_Getto_I) reported

    @JagexSupport I posted my ticket on Saturday, I was hacked 3 days before that and my account was locked on Saturday which is why I sent the ticket to Jagex, I cannot change my email address it just gave me an error (tried over 5 times) I assumed its because my character was created before 2010

  • JagexHelpChow
    JagexHelpChow (@JagexHelpChow) reported

    @BuckieOSRS @JagexSupport The login usernames of an account cannot be changed at this time. In regards to your hijacking, do you recall visiting any RuneScape websites that asked for your Login information, authenticator code and bank pin as confirmation that you're the account's creator?

  • JagexHelpChow
    JagexHelpChow (@JagexHelpChow) reported

    @KattenPisTV @OldSchoolRS @JagexSupport The login usernames of an account cannot be changed at this time. In regards to your hijacking, do you recall visiting any RuneScape websites that asked for your authenticator/pin outside of the official RuneScape client?

  • Elytrixi
    Lynn (@Elytrixi) reported

    @Jagex @JagexSupport @RuneScape @OldSchoolRS how can he have been banned for Botting in May when he hasn't touched the game since last year? You guys got a broken ass system, and don't even respond to any of his tickets. Like come on, no wonder half your player base quit.

  • KattenPisTV
    KattenPisTV (@KattenPisTV) reported

    Dear @OldSchoolRS @JagexSupport Someone hacked my account so i lost my T-bow. I've got an authenticator bust still they hacked it.. Its the second time now that this happend.. Now i know i wont get anything of it back but is it possible to change my username/login?

  • Psycho_VIII
    Cameron (@Psycho_VIII) reported

    @JagexArchie Hello. I've encountered a major issue with Runescape OS that has resulted in a character reset that I know for a fact wasn't done (intentionally)by a admin. Who do I talk to to resolve this?

  • Jojo81451223
    Jojo (@Jojo81451223) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport This is why I was requesting to speak to a mod. I’m not looking to tip off, I’m looking for clarification. It isn’t items being traded for irl money, it’s MARGINS for flippers. Can you clarify whether or not this is a service?

  • Jojo81451223
    Jojo (@Jojo81451223) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Just trying to clear things up, because he word service is in he very definition of RWT.

  • Jojo81451223
    Jojo (@Jojo81451223) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Yes, well it states that RWT is “activities that result in the real world sale or purchase of items or services... ect”. I recently came across a discord providing items margins for fees every month and am confused as to how this can be, as this should be considered a service.

  • JohnBro14191982
    John Brown (@JohnBro14191982) reported

    @JagexSupport The problem was some how you guys let them deactivate my Authenticator, bank pin and change my password with in the month I took a break.

  • FloogaRS
    Flooga (@FloogaRS) reported

    @ZuluOnly @JagexRoq @ThanksRS @Larss07 @Dan_S_OSRS @OldSchoolRS An increase in inventory isn’t much of an increase in power in regards to slayer. Maybe bossing. But not slayer. Slayer is already significantly broken xp wise due to barraging which already requires minimal inv space to achieve.

  • FloogaRS
    Flooga (@FloogaRS) reported

    @JagexRoq @ZuluOnly @OldSchoolRS An increase in inventory isn’t much of an increase in power in regards to slayer. Maybe bossing. But not slayer. Slayer is already significantly broken xp wise due to barraging which already requires minimal inv space to achieve.

  • JagexRoq
    Mod Roq (@JagexRoq) reported

    @ThanksRS @Larss07 @ZuluOnly @Dan_S_OSRS @OldSchoolRS As Much as its not really a problem with most tasks, saving invent space is technically an increase in power.

  • JagexRoq
    Mod Roq (@JagexRoq) reported

    @ZuluOnly @OldSchoolRS Can make it as fun and as accessible as you like. One of the problems is, what would you get from it? Unless the rewards are useful, large amounts of people do not play minigames. We can see that from the ones already in game that people want to give some love and attention.

  • i_plank
    Golf 7 & Butcher Bert (@i_plank) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Thanks, appealed! Didn’t do anything, my friends also said that my account was logged in while I was on vacation, so it might’ve been also hacked and then they tried getting it banned? Please fix it thankx

  • I_Getto_I
    Getto (@I_Getto_I) reported

    @JagexSupport its sad that im nearly 700 TOB KC, dedicated player since 2002, formed my own discord community / raid team and supported players/friends for over a year of playing, i posted my ticket saturday night and nothing from jagex, if this was any streamer they'd have their issue sorted.

  • Kacper58268554
    KacperDuniewicz (@Kacper58268554) reported

    @JagexHelpL0ne Hellow, i have a problem with email... rs told me that it is used, I dont have any message on my email about runescape at all and i cant get informations what account has this email... how can i check this and change?? I have no idea about username etc

  • Beefsquatcho
    keanu from yeehaw (@Beefsquatcho) reported

    Am I playing runescape or is this just borderline gambling issue idk

  • Crapgamer17
    JurryBurry (@Crapgamer17) reported

    @JagexSupport I received my ban appeal email today. Is this service automated? Macro ban has become appealable and i can prove it was not me who done this. Please look into this. I PK Moms to

  • DekuOSRS
    Deku (@DekuOSRS) reported

    @OSRS_Guard @JagexTitan @GroomySTARR @JagexMaz @OldSchoolRS Yeah same only login is small

  • mikikoppan
    Miklos Koppan (@mikikoppan) reported

    @JagexSupport Hey? I have problems with my Runescape account? I forgot my password, tried different formations for it, but you locked my account.I did this recovery stuff but you denied it.I don't remember what year did I sign up and in wich browser! Help me!

  • San4311
    Sander (@San4311) reported

    @JagexTitan @OldSchoolRS Not that I play a lot of OSRS, but would be nice for both OS and RS3 apps; Are there plans for allowing Fingerprints etc to work as login? (and stuff like FaceID on iOS).

  • Pidbullz
    Pidbull (@Pidbullz) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Pvp Championships was literally the only thing 'without' broken mechanics.. King of the Skill winners all broke said/set rules. Same for Deadman, no actions were ever truely taken. Wilderness wars was unbalanced asf. So yea make changes and stick to the rules or dont do any again

  • Zombie_Rift
    Zombie Rift (@Zombie_Rift) reported

    @OldSchoolRS got a problem with the mobile version that started 2 days ago. Every 2nd time I log in I can't tap anywhere to move or anything

  • SmithFunk
    Kovács Szabolcs (@SmithFunk) reported

    @JagexSupport Hi there. I am glad to finally find support. I've got an issue here with a false-positive Macroing ban, and I've learned it's going to be hard to find someone who believes me. But either way, i can sort of prove that I haven't used bots. Any chance you can help plz?

  • KrremlinDusk
    Kremlin Dusk (@KrremlinDusk) reported

    @JagexSupport I have an issue re stolen account that is too lengthy for your max allowed characters. Please get in touch

    J (@VERlOUZ) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport na man mine was gmail, never had that problem before. who knows what problem could be ahah

  • DigitalyImperf
    Catie B (。・д・)ノ゙ (@DigitalyImperf) reported

    @RuneScape no... cause its broken atm :|

    J (@VERlOUZ) reported

    @JagexSupport hey there, haven't played osrs in a while, had new phone/number since. my authenticator for my ironman, to disable it, it says it sent an email to my account, but im not getting the email? it's the same email as my login?

  • blazingheart720
    Blazingheart720 (@blazingheart720) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport I have done both of those things, but am unable to use a 2-step verification for Runescape, due to the ban. The problem is I wasn't the one using my account, I believe I have been hacked. I know how the appeal process works, but in this case, it may still find my account guilty.

  • Irensky9
    isaac golindano (@Irensky9) reported

    my account says to be banned by "rwt" but I have not broken any rules, I have not sold my gold sir, please I ask you to review my transactions in the game to arrive at a solution, I do not think it is fair because I love " Runescape "and I want to continue using my" Seikky "acc.

  • Irensky9
    isaac golindano (@Irensky9) reported

    @JagexAsh Greetings, good night emm good, mister ash I had a problem during my stay in runescape, I had an account called "Seikky" and because I played a lot with it and runescape it seemed very incredible a few weeks ago .. I presented a problem with her I could not enter

  • Quail_Feather
    Quail Feather (@Quail_Feather) reported

    @JagexSupport One of my accounts has been temp banned for macroing. I do not use third party software. Can I please make contact with someone to help me resolve this issue?