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  • p1vs_v1tra rbq Herzog 🇸🇪 (@p1vs_v1tra) reported from Westland, Michigan

    @smilinglion71 @Shazam I missed the one about the boots! But those guys completely shut those girls down!

  • RevGeraldPalmer Rev. Gerald Palmer, MSW (@RevGeraldPalmer) reported

    I watched the new movie Shazam and have some major problems with it. My major problem is its unrealistic body images and expectations for males. I can't explain fully without spoiling the movie.

  • st0neg0ssard laken knowles (@st0neg0ssard) reported

    @moontallica you can Shazam through Snapchat! just hold down on a random spot on the screen :)

  • Arminies Arminies of Solotollogy (@Arminies) reported

    It’s sad in many ways, I know a bunch of people who refused to see #Shazam due to the toxic behavior the fanbase Online was throwing at Brie Larson and the “she’s not the real Cap” bs, Shazam was a outstanding film that got dragged down by toxicity and a awful release date

  • Adam_Langdon Adam Langdon (@Adam_Langdon) reported

    Attempted to see Shazam with my father. Projector went down an hour ago. Still nothing.

  • babybabybun ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵍᵉᵗ ⁱᵗ 안녕하세요 ᵃʰᵍᵃˢᵉ 입니다 (@babybabybun) reported

    @ifnthgelseworks @GOT7Official Some people's shazam is not working too i wonder why🤔

  • JaninaManga 🍑 (@JaninaManga) reported

    The sad thing about this is that I don't even know why I'm sad, anymore. Like, one minute I'm fine, and then the next fckin SHAZAM! Surprise *****, you are sad again. And that will frustrate me even more 'cause idek why I feel so down, there is no reason, I just feel that way+

  • gotjjai7 E🌜 L I P S E (@gotjjai7) reported

    Shazam is still not working :'(((

  • ahga7phoenix 𝓟𝓱𝓸𝓮𝓷𝓲𝔁🌕🌘🌑 (@ahga7phoenix) reported

    @EraPresent @Shazam @bryanherz @GOT7Official Still not working 😔 @Shazam @GOT7Official #GOT7 #갓세븐 #GOT7_ECLIPSE #GOT7_SPINNINGTOP #GOT7_BETWEEN_SECURITY_AND_INSECURITY

  • JbGot7for7 GOT7for7JB🌕🌘🌑 (@JbGot7for7) reported

    @EraPresent @ifnthgelseworks @Shazam @bryanherz @GOT7Official I have the same problem too 😢

  • ImGoodNoThanks Issak Sainz (@ImGoodNoThanks) reported

    Finally about to watch SHAZAM!, I feel like I've let DC down by not going. I hope they remember me.

  • MultiLand93 Eclipse is my new reason to live #SPINNINGTOP | 🐣 (@MultiLand93) reported

    @GOT7onSHAZAM @Shazam @bryanherz @GOT7Official OMG so its really not recognizing it, god I've been freaking out thinking my app was not working for some reason #GOT7 #갓세븐 #갓세븐_이클립스_6시공개 #GOT7__SPINNINGTOP #GOT7_ECLIPSE

  • EtaAlphaTau1 EtaAlphaTau (@EtaAlphaTau1) reported

    @Bosco685 I believe #Deadpool2 had multiple cuts to tone down the violence and language, as an animation #IntoTheSpiderVerse wasn’t expected to bring in big box office (similar to its domestic run), while #Shazam was seen as a comedy which can have difficulty translating!


    30 mins left to beginning of #GOT7_SPINNINGTOP era . 30mins remainder Spotify Goal = 600K streams U can stream even without subscription just login and stream. Shazam Goal = 70k shazams This is to promote GOT7 on radio shows WORLDWIDE. So plz use it. @GOT7Official

  • davemontoya Dave Montoya (@davemontoya) reported

    @SubBeck Shaq. He can shut anything down. Or he can Shazam it away. 🤣

  • TWeirdling The Weirdling (@TWeirdling) reported

    @TommyDoyle47 If they take Batman down a Deadpool / Shazam route, Ackles’d be perfect. Otherwise... I don’t think so.

  • le_loudmouth King Fafa (@le_loudmouth) reported

    @FrancisTimeBomb It's terrible kai. It doesn't make sense how adult Shazam is more childish than teenager Shazam. The storyline is basic as hell too, and the acting isn't so great.

  • AllsportsTees iBugu (@AllsportsTees) reported

    @HardBoiledFilms @MrProduction8 I saw it mathematically broken down that it did not make money and on top of that I saw a photo of a list of movies ROI, Logan made money same budget as Shazam and went over 600 mil. I think shzm May have fallen just short of earning even $1

  • mayerdelrey Mariana ⚒ (@mayerdelrey) reported

    @daamiedwards Nothing 😜 I was thinking about sddc and I remembered that last year wb came with this worlds of dc nonsense and it was before am and shazam and now the new name makes sense to me cause dceu isn't terrible like am/sh

  • Rhys_munkee Reduce, Reuse, Rhyscycle (@Rhys_munkee) reported

    I used Shazam to discover that you a lil ***** that's got terrible taste in music.

  • TashJoi_708 Tasha (@TashJoi_708) reported

    The best part about live-streaming Sunday service is being able to Shazam the songs without feeling awkward

  • AgentBigfoot Michael Black (@AgentBigfoot) reported

    “Endgame is Oscar worthy!” “Shazam was amazing!” “GOT S8 is terrible!” “TLJ ruined Star Wars!” “Kevin Feige is a genius!”

  • thof727 Tom Hofmann (@thof727) reported

    @patronPapi720 @devfig15 I havent seen but heard Shazam is dope too. DCs problem was rushing like 5 heroes into justice league with no prior development

  • tatumsfluffer Neil Sharpie Sharp ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ Ϟ (@tatumsfluffer) reported

    @dyerAndie When shazam was an sms service lol

  • Romejohnson109 Nippin' on gin n juice (@Romejohnson109) reported

    Some dbag in Alabama not long ago asked why I put down Alabama all the time. I did that. And I figured the answer would come in due time. Well, SHAZAM! Idiots.

  • r0to00 robert alexander (@r0to00) reported

    mel".. ok cpt shazam summoning a giant electrical buildup in his punches down. like chewing on high voltage power line. think it's hurting superman classic who seems to be wearing thin.. " l1".. omg! superman did the lazer eye blind thing again. cpt shazam is blinded.. "

  • __OnnaBaby__ fat ass turkey neck bitch (@__OnnaBaby__) reported

    Okay, Shazam was terrible and I’m sorry if this offends you.

  • MrProduction8 Its.All.A.Joke. (@MrProduction8) reported

    so Wan directed LEAD ACTORS cast by Snyder. you noted it down. I figured you wouldn't have worked this out...unless bloggers told you first😂 like you didnt work out shazam was a flop two weeks ago🙈

  • strebby1 scott williams (@strebby1) reported

    I thought Shazam was going to be terrible. Other than Wonder Woman it's easily the best DC film

  • badassbhaskarjh Chowkidar Bhaskar Jha (@badassbhaskarjh) reported

    @HardBoiledFilms @Kayne_Martin @vinaldo7 @Ealexcantero @damiangoal30 @RTSnyderCut @fukujang0627 @NovaFrankly @BobDigi69 @Partizan_Niksic @truthlovefaith @xbatflecksx @BMoniquette @ManUnited0710 @FilmGob @arka2027 @ReduBro @Black__Gekikara @Batfleckfan @wbpictures No not power. He's being backed into a corner. Shazam's lackluster profit proved it. PR problems with twitter too. It's all getting worse for him but he still can cause a commotion before going. So we need to amplify our efforts

  • MWDanvers Mark Danvers 🌈 (@MWDanvers) reported

    @JackJacksharpe5 I think Johns is also a big reason with the delays and that's why Shazam has been delayed a few times nearly every issue

  • hwatford Heyward W 🏉 (@hwatford) reported

    @Superman0621 @BibikAleksander @wbpictures @warnerbros @ATT @RTSnyderCut @WarnerMediaGrp Emmerich is part of that group that monkeyed around with the cuts of films. He is part of the problem. They know Shazam will not replace Superman now though.

  • VGKLadies x-VGK Ladies (@VGKLadies) reported

    @Sumdood88 @VGKim29 @loveleelace The writing was terrible for Aquaman, but I thought Shazam was pretty good.

  • Agent_Dee Growing Boobs Fan (@Agent_Dee) reported

    @RobS06164106 don't need to record it my phone has Shazam on it but the problem is it never plays when I have my phone on me it plays when I am at work and my phone is in my locker when I work (no phones are allowed on the floor)

  • Robert_Merrick Robert Merrick (@Robert_Merrick) reported

    @Geniusbastard I enjoyed Shazam. It still has problems. I dislike Snyder (Bay 2.0) but liked parts of Man of Steel but everything else has been a disappointment. And I’m a DC guy. They gave the keys to the wort possible guy and all the Snyder fans can piss off. He’s a vfx supervisor at best.

  • jesseabrego Jesse Abrego (@jesseabrego) reported

    This guy just rolled his window down to Shazam the song I had bumping, lemme find out someone in Fort Worth don’t know who @MoneyBaggYo is

  • ProducerBlack ED Black 🎥 (@ProducerBlack) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @ThaRockerLife @SkywarpSaint DC Track Record is a roller coaster Superman up Dawn down Suicide Down Wonder Up Justice Down Shazam Up If I know diarrhea is coming, Robert is not Pepto.

  • ZainBokks Spicy McSpice (@ZainBokks) reported

    Looked at the solicits for August's issue of Shazam and I'm not really digging either of the covers. Hoping it looks better in print

  • smilingldsgirl Rachel's Reviews (@smilingldsgirl) reported

    @PinaforeGeek @KatamanP @RJDeal @mayhem_crimson Yeah I'd taken down my Shazam review so they commented on ironically a positive DC review 😂. These people are the garbage of the internet

  • Unphiltereddd Phillip [THE WAFFLESTOMPER] Barker (@Unphiltereddd) reported

    @TheFliteCast I think if he approaches it in the same way @PattyJenks did WW, James Wan with Aquaman, and @ponysmasher with Shazam, Reeves won't have an issue. Just embrace the character.

  • TheRealJQB Jalen Bell (@TheRealJQB) reported

    @follow_the_jo Yeah bro. Even Shazam wasn’t terrible. They’re going backwards with this choice though. I mean I wanna see a trailer but this is not good

  • ShavedSheev_ 𝐄𝐱𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐫𝐁𝐚𝐥𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞™ #FarewellMCU (@ShavedSheev_) reported

    @manu_bajpai13 @zzatarazz The thing is, WB definitely isn't using Superman anytime soon anyway. Should they ever want to, Henry is still down to don the cape. Recasting him would be a huge pain in the glutes. Most likely scenario I that he'll show up in Black Adam v Shazam.

  • manueltheeone OKADA (@manueltheeone) reported

    @kulkitten Aquaman was great, Shazam was average. They seem to be doing well with the other characters but have problems with their pilot heroes.

  • McAtheist 𝑔𝑜𝒹𝒮𝒲𝐼𝐿𝐿 (@McAtheist) reported

    This is a terrible line from a terrible review of Shazam* "who has powers of enhanced intellect, strength, lightning, immortality and other God-like abilities." *an OK movie.

  • BramhallPTGYM BramhallPTGYM (@BramhallPTGYM) reported

    @HelenLOHara @empiremagazine Because you keep writing about it & criticising it, 3 times in one issue !! & agreed about Shazam after JL but WW & Aquaman would always have been a different tone & I truly believe Zak was taking Bats & Supes in a different direction in his JL

  • mbgsfv Matt (@mbgsfv) reported

    @messyepicure @HangTheTJ We’ve had terrible Batman directors. Schumacher damn near killed the franchise. Affleck is out of his element. Matt Reeves is good, and Shazam showed DC and WB are capable of getting out of their own way.

  • MidWorldMo MidWorldMo (@MidWorldMo) reported

    @holleymckend Warners DC Universe is frustratingly bland and poorly executed. I agree new stories would be fun and fresh. Shazam had potential but was terrible in the end. Although in Matt Reeves abilites I have faith. Let Me In and the second two Apes films were spectacular.

  • ChefOpeyemi Food Police (@ChefOpeyemi) reported

    @patrick_ndoh @_JohnME_ Batman and Superman are the problem.. They want to milk the hell out of those characters.. Look at Shazam, stand alone with no affiliation with other characters(except at the quick end cameo). To me it was a success, dunno why critics are shitting in it

  • patrick_ndoh Ndoh Patrick (@patrick_ndoh) reported

    @ChefOpeyemi @_JohnME_ I actually feel the problem with dc is that there is no really in depth characterization of their characters in standalone movies....... They only started getting it right with wonder woman and aquaman.... Then shazam.. They shud go back to the drawing board and get others right

  • radzliam 𝕄𝕪𝕝𝕖𝕤 𝕄𝕠𝕣𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕤 (@radzliam) reported

    @slayinasha DC EU is trash, The only good movies weren't even a superman movie. Hands down to Aquaman, Shazam and Wonderwoman tho.

  • zeocrash zeocrash (@zeocrash) reported

    @padzor @stellacreasy Agreed, Batfleck wasn't bad. DC's real problem is that (with the exception of Shazam) their movies are an absolute slog that take themselves super seriously.

  • Stemot1978 Stemot Of The Dead • TFX Podcast (@Stemot1978) reported

    @Peter_Bilcik @MariaZamfiraP That's because Cavills was molded to his built and Affleck was mad in shape for that movie. The problem with Shazam was they just put muscles in that didn't follow Levi's built asfik. It shouldn't be an issue but they screwed it so terribly in Shazam! I put nothing past WB now.

  • gunnersformula Mashir.🌹 (@gunnersformula) reported

    @iainlaurie I've watched all these horrible DCEU flicks. They're all terrible aside from Shazam. Shazam is a tightly written story about a kid who gets the power of a God. It didn't take itself too seriously, and is delightfully cartoonist.

  • MissBreePhoenix Brenda Gonzalez (@MissBreePhoenix) reported

    @audrey__maria I personally had no issues with Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Shazam, but everything else didn’t really click with me

  • Andres_chivaboy Andy Diaz Lomeli 🚵🏼‍♂️ (@Andres_chivaboy) reported

    @quicken272 Yup agreed. Flash though I'm wondering what's gonna happen there. I figured they would scrap him too and recast it down the line.they have the right idea though with wonder woman aquaman n Shazam. They just gotta keep the same idea for batman etc

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @VirgilHawkins__ @Theos_Unfeeling #Shazam WAS a great film. Unfortunately, the marketing was terrible & misleading. People thought they were getting a fun superhero movie that they wouldn't have to think about, & we have too many of those, so no one saw it to learn it was just as complex as BvS. 1

  • BaltimoreLauren Baltimore Lauren (@BaltimoreLauren) reported

    @BJtheWebGuy @BJMendelson Shazam and Wonder Woman were terrific, and Aquaman wasn’t terrible either.

  • B_Nasty21 Bnasty (@B_Nasty21) reported

    @Terri_Schwartz @JimVejvoda Jeez. You know, I personally don’t care who plays the role anymore. I just want a down to earth, focused script that is faithful to the character. No set-up. Nothing. Just make a movie like Shazam.

  • StasiateEU MeltyHD when (@StasiateEU) reported

    @GibzFGC Aquaman was best DC movie hands down imo. Shazam is pretty good to but not as good. Wonderwomab imo was just hyped due to female lead and finally a WW solo movie. Characters weren't interesting, Antagonists wasn't really cool, story was meh.

  • BladdyCivilian 🇳🇬The Important Export🇺🇸 (@BladdyCivilian) reported

    How can you like this Shazam movie. It's terrible