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  • sh_ashannie maya | 🌱 | environmentalist (@sh_ashannie) reported

    my biggest nightmare is that if asher gets chosen for the role of prince eric, he'd have to let down that offer like harry styles did because asher'd be too busy with shazam 2 and new music -_-

  • EdwardWestSumm1 Ed West-Summers(He will meet you on that field DC) (@EdwardWestSumm1) reported

    @Real_Lance_Man @gmb992 With orders on future Shazam issues now cancelled I suppose It's safe to say that YOTV also killed the Shazam Ongoing.

  • DaniHaPunkt Dani HaPunkt 🖌📚 (@DaniHaPunkt) reported

    We’re watching the Shazam movie and it’s decent; the child acting is fine and even the CGI is not terrible but the pacing is so weird! It’s like jerking off and when you’re about to come you think of your grandma or that embarrassing thing you did in 3rd grade. But for 2 hours.

  • bitchsoloco 赤ちゃん (@bitchsoloco) reported

    shazam needs to finish up his assignmentsSssS. zu is on vacation mood (kinda). i'm a lonely n a lonely n loneliness THATS A PROBLEM HAHAHAHAHA

  • maxipaddmax Maxipaddmax (@maxipaddmax) reported

    Shazam is cap. It’s been three minutes and there’s been a wizard, a shitty daddy issues story, a kid getting lost and not finder his mom for 15 years and the classic kid steals cop car just to hack into the computer. Cap.

  • mikeyhayesowitz Mikey Hayes (@mikeyhayesowitz) reported

    @kylewaldrup Fair enough. Aquaman, to me, felt like a handful of cool action scenes that weren't tied together by any real story. Shazam is smaller, and has a coherent plot, with only a few minor issues

  • atomic_pixies Atomic Pixies💙Nouveaocean Enamel Pin KS (@atomic_pixies) reported

    @majingojira1 @ChecKtheCircuiT @SuperSuitShow @UpToTASK @Sinsorium @ZooeyDeschanel @ginacarano @MTFIII @MrNiceGuy18_58 @JamesGavsie @CBNostalgia @ComicCrusaders @Wh0Sa1dMyNam3 @Jay_aka_Jordan @Women0fTheMCU @3BlackGeeks But shazam is still a “normal” sized person. He wouldn’t have, say, a diffrent skeleton. She-hulk falls outside the range of “normal” human proportions. She’s like 10 heads tall. You CAN do it, but it would be such a waste of a cool character design to water her down

  • GodzillaWonkru GodzillaComWonkru (@GodzillaWonkru) reported

    @allidoisxwynne @nottooactive @Trevor56510778 @anthonyonmovies @Enemies_Allies Right now I'm willing to spend 20 dollars on it. I doudt it will be forgotten. They are already working on shazam 2. Shazam wonder woman Aquaman right now are the top DC movies . When the price goes down I'll get it.

  • TheHolyRisen The Risen (@TheHolyRisen) reported

    @AamirLiaquatPK @Partizan_Niksic ....It will further cement how ******* terrible movies like Shazam are with their bad vfx and terrible writing. Jokers gonna put DC black on the map so we can go back to having real DC films again and not this man child shit.

  • astrochicana Elizabeth Gutiérrez Mata #PROTECTMAUNAKEA (@astrochicana) reported

    Before Shazam but post World Wide Web, you have to either memorize the lyrics of the song you didn’t know or write it down to later search it online in hopes that you could find it just by the song lyrics you had.

  • GodzillaWonkru GodzillaComWonkru (@GodzillaWonkru) reported

    @BitikoferAustin @nottooactive @Trevor56510778 @anthonyonmovies @Enemies_Allies Dude I'm not against humor . I'm just saying MCU have way to humor . Shazam looks like it to. I have not ruled out giving it a watch down the line. Hell if I can give homecoming a chance I can do the same for shazam.

  • AngryBritain (@AngryBritain) reported

    Watching #Shazam. It’s pretty terrible. Imagine like if Deadpool wasn’t brilliant, it’s basically that. What a disappointment.

  • dustybuttongg Tee (@dustybuttongg) reported

    Perks of my Shazam not working is that it pushes me to ask real humans what a song is called. I’m still amazed people did this back in the day along with phone calls and handwritten letters.

  • RealReviews5 RealReviews (@RealReviews5) reported from New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi

    @Boibluu1 @duvetcapeman @Tdiym200 @mdzaid261 @CBR @MarvelStudios When did ww n shazam had problem

  • JabDhlamini JB (@JabDhlamini) reported

    Guys, my Shazam is not working 😭😭😭😭 #YMornings #TheYanoos

  • iDavey Midnight Green iPhone Stan (@iDavey) reported

    @OhUwantMoe Wonder Woman was amazing. Shazam was too. I haven't been able to stay awake for Aquaman. But I don't think it's awful. BvS and JL had so many issues that I'd be here all night listing them. I know some still enjoyed it and that's great. But there's a reason those two failed.

  • thorsleo lexi | lt archie hicox lovebot (@thorsleo) reported

    a part of franchises. i'm not going to sit here and be some hypocritical ******* and claim that i don't love marvel, and i don't count down to movies whatever, because i do. but not giving other types of movies like shazam (which was so ******* good) or ouatih the time of day

  • sohoastro sohoastro (@sohoastro) reported

    @EmpwrdDstny Last full moons I saw, in hospital, guy next was wearin those hospital front gowns, looking out the window at the full moon, my perspective, I saw two fullmoons. Terrible, shazam !

  • minhyutopia alaila (@minhyutopia) reported

    tryna shazam a song from this video i took n it’s not working :(

  • NocturnalEvent2 DJ Marky B (@NocturnalEvent2) reported

    @LancerLeighton tonight for @RockRollBingo free to play... Come on down... Don't forget to download @Shazam...

  • comicsandroses Ms. Bacardi (@comicsandroses) reported

    @Nick_Gear I can abide Sina. I didn't know he was writing King Shazam but I did like his first 2 issues of Ghosted in LA but I didn't pick up the issue from this week.

  • Fresherluke Fresherluke (@Fresherluke) reported

    @GPrime85 Can’t argue with that. I guess my issue with the book tho is some naive kid is going to read it, internalise all the rules without understanding their wider consequences, then Shazam! We got yet another covert maniac destroying others lives for self gain

  • jrtwardowski Oh Oui Captain Jim (@jrtwardowski) reported

    Hey guys, I've got another naive, stupid, and uninformed question thread for you. Cell phones/Smart phones are not my thing, so I got an LG Leon free with my service. It is so bad on resources that when I installed Spotify and Shazam it broke my voice mail app. It also has...

  • tatumblinn T A T U M (@tatumblinn) reported

    Shazam was the worst movie I’ve ever seen in theatres. Truly terrible and will never watch again

  • CtSmacey Smacey Stream HeroMV100M GA (@CtSmacey) reported

    @Kikichanie @OfficialMonstaX No I have the same problem for the last Wdul and Shazam thing

  • dxmazq Mahmoud M. Mansour (@dxmazq) reported

    @MhmdAbdElhady2 zodiac kingsman 2 parts the ugly truth unthinkable wazir upside down winters tale wild tales traning day the walk the son of no one the godfather 3 parts the note book the machinist the illusionist the green mile the devils advocate the fault in our stars shutter island shazam

  • gbbloom Gary Bloom (@gbbloom) reported

    @SchweitzerMan @boomstudios I haven't but maybe I'll take a shot. I've been cutting down on my @DCComics & @Marvel stuff lately, so I might have room. Green Lantern became unreadable (and now canceled), Shazam got pointless. And the Battle of Midgard was too damned sprawling for my tastes.

  • iotlarr larriot (@iotlarr) reported

    Shazam just let me down.

  • _LebzaH2O Lebohang (@_LebzaH2O) reported

    @__Tumelo Oh yes, that makes sense. I note them down if I'm not too busy. But the Shazam method seems more efficient

  • JayTheZoomster Jay (@JayTheZoomster) reported

    @_Waveee_ Literally all of the Disney remakes recently are rotten and WW and Shazam both have 90+ scores and Aquaman has a 60+ score. Also, RT isn't even the problem, it's an aggregator site for a bunch of other critics. This means 77% of critics gave Joker at least a 6/10 or higher.

  • doc_ido Doc Ido (@doc_ido) reported

    Similar to the Blu-Ray drop it’s down when Endgame came out. Shazam and CM fell 65% and Pikachu was down 69%. Hoping only a mild drop next week or even better would be going up slightly.

  • Slasher_Jason13 Slasher (@Slasher_Jason13) reported

    @rotovisor @GraceRandolph Actually, I've always been a bigger DC fan, until The New 52 started, and they screwed with my characters. I dropped many titles, until they started fixing the problem with Rebirth. DC movies just aren't any good, except Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam.

  • freelance616 Rick (@freelance616) reported

    @Casey_Brolo @RyanHigginsRyan Oh the Shazam’s way release the issue delay the newest then cancel it cancel it again, cancel again, one more time then resolict for some time later in the year

  • btouch B. Touch (@btouch) reported

    DC took down Fawcett, hires it’s key talent, and acquired Captain Marvel (Shazam!) because they figured out how to do Superman better than Superman. And they’ve suppressed him ever since up until April 5, 2019.

  • pxnki Sparty (@pxnki) reported

    I discovered Shazam when Vodacom made the premium version of it available for free to their customers with BlackBerries when RIM went down for the first time. A simpler time

  • bgdnr Bogdan (@bgdnr) reported

    @CaseyA Shazam in 2002: The service was launched only in the UK and was known as "2580", as the shortcode that customers dialled from their mobile phone to get music recognised. The phone would automatically hang up after 30 seconds. A result was then sent to the user as an sms.

  • potentash Rayhab (@potentash) reported

    You remove your shoes like I would do sometimes to dance and then Shazam you look down and they are gone

  • karly_jensen karly jensen (@karly_jensen) reported

    Instead of using Shazam, drunk Karly writes down random bits of lyrics into the Notes app on my phone, and leaves sober Karly on her own to solve the case and find the song.

  • DouchebagBatman Steven. (@DouchebagBatman) reported

    @ZachWWMovies I didn't think it was an issue but I did find it noticable. Found it more obvious on the kid that was in Shazam. That said I wonder if it wasn't announced before being released that they'd be doing it if I'd notice it as much.

  • 45_op_oper BiBek Flopnihotri (@45_op_oper) reported

    @essential @madrabit21 @essential Please look into the mic not working issue. I cannot use Google Now and Shazam because The mic doesn't take any input sound. Please fix this ASAP or I will return this phone

  • gaminghero1402 LastGambit #SaveSpiderMan (@gaminghero1402) reported

    @srxgrs idk y would i sit down ik all of those facts...and shazam came first lol

  • srxgrs (@srxgrs) reported

    @gaminghero1402 Bruh Carol Danvers has existed since 1968. Shazam is not even called captain marvel anymore. Sit down

  • KieranHolmes18 Kieran Holmes (@KieranHolmes18) reported

    @thordevils @parkerlucks Shazam has a shit ton of problems as well tho, that news broadcast but in the mall 💀

  • MarissaRMoss Marissa R. Moss (@MarissaRMoss) reported

    Check Martina's instagram to see her (rightfully fired up) about Spotify's terrible m/f ratios when it comes to country. Remember: Spotify's stuck in the same damn relationship hole as radio, w/the added benefit of less regulation & now radio uses Spotify/Shazam data to program!

  • MufcAmaan AmaanMUFC (@MufcAmaan) reported

    @UtdSalman Shazam is terrible 😂

  • MOVIESTVMAD Mick minas (@MOVIESTVMAD) reported

    The fantasy Warner Bros has had a terrible year now the reality Warner Bros has made less money than Disney. The fantasy #Shazam failed. The reality people love Shazam and it made a profit nobody at wb expected a billion dollar box office I have nothing further your honour

  • rainytyparun - Ren (@rainytyparun) reported

    shazam gave me the wrong song again and now I'm kinda heart broken... #rootofallmytrustissues lost so many good songs

  • Chorizort_ Bercute 🖤❤🦅 (@Chorizort_) reported

    @cupnooble Ah ok also yeah last good DC thing was shazam and even that has its problems. If you watch the trailer that just came out for black Christmas it spoils the whole movie lol

  • Theslasher411 The Slasher41 (@Theslasher411) reported

    @username_yeet I haven’t watched Shazam but that poster is freaking sick. Aquaman is a really fun movie too but it has its issues.

  • DanielCutler Daniel Cutler (@DanielCutler) reported

    @AdamLanceGarcia MoS was OK. SS was terrible with a couple of solid performances. WW was great with a weak ending. Aqua was overrated. Shazam was fun. BvS was underrated with a bad ending. JL could have been better, but it does let you see some of what Snyder was trying to do.

  • guiItyart 🍾 (@guiItyart) reported

    @moullinrouge it aint my problem if imams are not talented enough to be in shazam luv

  • IvanJBB IvanJB (@IvanJBB) reported

    @Michael17311045 @Gothamshatterax I mean don’t get me wrong but Shazam didn’t hit me as much as Endgame but I’ll be honest it was a fun movie definitely. Personally I think all CW shows went down in quality after S2’s. Hopefully the newer seasons next month will be better.

  • Luiz_Fernando_J Luiz Fernando (@Luiz_Fernando_J) reported

    @Saequann It’s a nice point that you made, and I can agree, as the momentum and the conversation has been dominated by Joker exactly when IT2 comes out. Almost the same problem Shazam had with Endgame ticket pre-sales. The irony here is that both are WB clowns this time hahaha.

  • starkstree saorsa (@starkstree) reported

    this is kinda hard. aquaman was a bit bored in the first half, only after aquaman finds his mother it gets a bit exciting. but on the other hand, shazam is a very simple movie with a lot of continuity errors, weak character building and overall basic script

  • obuza_ba undead one (@obuza_ba) reported

    Tried to watch Shazam, failed miserably, rewinded through half of the movie. Too teenager-y for me, too comedy. Generally, the same problem I have with Spider-man. Cool villain though, would love to get more of him.

  • _Khay__ Vlad Tépes (@_Khay__) reported

    @theZaram_ Do you know Shazam movie was actually really good , the nailed the character down to the marrow and I’m not playing , I’m sure you don’t like it because you’re going to say it’s childish but don’t forget Shazam and Spider-Man are the same age 🤓 They’re both kids

  • JimHughes301 James Hughes (@JimHughes301) reported

    @bloodlinemera The only issue with the Shazam cameo is that it was so obvious with how they were keeping the head out of frame. I do like that advert though.

  • primesuspect Brian Ambrozy (@primesuspect) reported

    I just watched "Shazam". DC movies just have no cohesiveness or theme or ... dare I say "branding". They're just random disconnected superhero movies. Some are okay. A few are amazing. Most are terrible. Shazam was... okay.

  • stargazer0118 Clau Balboa (@stargazer0118) reported

    @RonDiesel12 @BlackMajikMan90 @tothestars17 I didn't have that problem. I felt like Billy was so happy to have those powers so he acted his age when he was Shazam. When he wasn't, he was felt ordinary and alone. Until he accepted the love of his new family.

  • Mokutony fuutony (@Mokutony) reported

    @The_GeekyGator @GraceRandolph Yeah. Financially it's a big feat, but only if you don't take inflation into account. The movie has issues. There's no way around that fact. Endgame was ok. Shazam on the other hand was simply better. Also, I said the marketing gave the impression, not that it was the intention.