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  • JuDigitalbeats JuDigital (@JuDigitalbeats) reported

    I break down #shazam as: 25% Dark 25% heart 50% light/humor

  • shepherd_wood Eric Woodrum (@shepherd_wood) reported

    @RyanHigginsRyan Looking forward to your thoughts on the movie! Hoping for a revised movie ranking similar to the following: Way up at the top: SHAZAM! Go down a few feet or so... Everything else. Down another mile... Daredevil.

  • MMandOscar MikeMikeAndOscar (@MMandOscar) reported

    Biiiiiigggggg stuff going down @wbpictures odd timing of it too considering #Shazam is on the immediate horizon (#WB has distrib)

  • NeilWoods20 Neil Woods (@NeilWoods20) reported

    @arcticninjapaul @Qosli I've little interest in Shazam. It's another trivial CBM among many trivial CBMs. I'll most likely watch it down the line when it's on a rented deal.

  • genjidva esra🇹🇷🇵🇸 (@genjidva) reported

    @KaiElofKrypton anyways nothing can bring my mood down Shazam is so close 😌

  • oldmanbardas88 Team Brixton (@oldmanbardas88) reported

    @Lost789Boy @NovaFrankly Nah, I think a lot of people noticed. Plus Lex's "daddy issues". I did hear he'd tried to pitch Shazam and Teen Titans films but got knocked back, not sure how accurate that is.

  • ScribbledGuy ScribbledGuy (@ScribbledGuy) reported

    @Coop_de_Loop90 @ArmorOfHalo Shazam is serious hot shit garbage BUT Antman was great especially since it's 1st trailer was garbage and turned everything upside down in its 2nd trailer

  • BillMays1001 Austin Charlesworth (@BillMays1001) reported

    @SinemiaSupport @SinemiaApp I'm annoyed because I was going on to purchase tickets to see Shazam through Fandango for an early screening. Love how terrible this service has become to where you can't use anything anymore and I guarantee still have to pay you guys a convenience fee

  • _bluejumper Sam (@_bluejumper) reported

    My standard for music drops after 11PM and almost anything sends me into a deep state of serenity. Like, I've listened to some truly awful jungle radio mixes that sound like a piece of broken industrial machinery and been like "guys can someone quickly shazam this for me"

  • arc_blog The Arc (@arc_blog) reported

    @AquamAnder Absolutely. Marvel’s decent at having comics people can read after an MCU film and DC has a Shazam ongoing so idk what the problem is

  • TrippyRep 🦉 (@TrippyRep) reported

    Finally about to watch Crimes of Grindelwald for the second time. Shazam is on the previews. It still looks terrible.

  • TheGeekMember Thomas Lettich (@TheGeekMember) reported

    @emmanuelrocks20 One of my friends thinks that #Shazam has too much comedy in the film, prefers seeing more action than comedy and used Thor: Ragnorak for an example. But the one I work with just isn’t sure what to expect I think. He did thought Aquaman was good, but had a lot of problems with

  • AnimeJune ✨Elizabeth Vail✨ (@AnimeJune) reported

    I've been feeling like a bad feminist about something recently: I have 0 interest in watching CAPTAIN MARVEL in theatres and yet am eagerly counting the days for SHAZAM. When I sat down and thought about that, I realized it was about genre and marketing.

  • grayghost84 Chris 🦇I❤️ZS🦇 #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@grayghost84) reported

    Hot take: Let’s discredit Levi. He looks bad in the role tbh. But I’ll hold judgment until Shazam is on Netflix or something. Main issue is the kid he’s supposed to be is a better actor and more serious than he is. Like he’s playing a caricature of a generic child.

  • MOVIEFAN99_ ℹ️. Simon (MIDSOMMAR hype) (@MOVIEFAN99_) reported

    @metaplexmovies Tbh, I’ve hated every single DCEU film (except MOS, which I found to be mediocre at best). I want to be optimistic for SHAZAM!, but I’m tired of being let down.

  • warofhrmne ˖◛⁺⑅♡ (@warofhrmne) reported

    the fact that im seeing shazam only 6 days after captain marvel.. im ready to be let down

  • recutshaw rachel cutshaw (@recutshaw) reported

    his problem was he had to shazam “stairway to heaven”

  • Honchonothuncho Bos Honcho (@Honchonothuncho) reported

    Exactly like you gotta be omnipotent to put Superman down folks that should be on his level or higher like Black Adam Shazam Martian Manhunter etc still lose to him

  • franciscocr1983 francisco espinoza (@franciscocr1983) reported

    @Luiz_Fernando_J I think after in the 3rd weekend the movie was gonna down really strong, close to Shazam premier. But i think this movie make a lot of money 1.1b or 1.2b

  • dario2739 Dirty Turk (@dario2739) reported

    @MrProduction8 Firstly - only ever seen first F&F film, have no opinion on them, secondly always say each character should be treated different tonally - Shazam should be lighter, my problem with MCU is forcing dumb comedy on serious characters like Thor or Hulk

  • ThePonchoPunch Josh Malick (@ThePonchoPunch) reported

    Just watched Aquaman with @lizcloutier , it was alright. It wasn’t terrible and it wasn’t the greatest so it was just ehhhhhh. Jason Momoa is cool and it has a sneak peek of Shazam in the bonus features that movie is gonna kill it.

  • ChampionCalling ʙɪʟʟʏ ʙᴀᴛꜱᴏɴ ⚡ (@ChampionCalling) reported

    @TheWidowDrummer "Well gotta go officers bye!" Shazam quickly flies away and lands in middle of an alleyway. He shouts the magic word again. "SHAZAM!" The lighting bolt strikes down on Shazam transforming back into Billy. "Awe man, I wish I could ask of for her autograph."

  • xxhuevonaxx 😂💯 (@xxhuevonaxx) reported

    Using a public broadcasting service makes me wish i could Shazam movies and shows i get into bc it’s so hard to google these hoes

  • xxhuevonaxx 😂💯 (@xxhuevonaxx) reported

    Using a public broadcasting service makes me wish i can Shazam movies and shows i get into bc it’s so hard to google these hoes

  • rollnmovereview Roll & Move Kirk (@rollnmovereview) reported

    Dear lord this #Flash movie would be terrible. It's almost as if WB realizes it's about to earn a bunch of good will with #Shazam and is already lookin for ways to spoil it...

  • TalkingDCMarvel Shazam!⚡in less than a month (@TalkingDCMarvel) reported

    I see Shazam/Captain Marvel down there 👀

  • TreJustDoIt LeFlamee 🔥🔥 (@TreJustDoIt) reported

    @Kingshaw4 That’s why you Shazam it on the low face down against yo thigh n bingo new slaps

  • Robertdoc1984 Robert Dougherty (@Robertdoc1984) reported

    @adambvary Once Shazam is out, hopefully we can move the general conversation from the MCU's "villain problem" to the currently much more hopeless DC villain problem

  • WizardsChamp SHAZAM! (@WizardsChamp) reported

    -- destroying it before his and all the peoples very eyes. Billy, currently Shazam, had done it. He saved his city for the very first time and damn did it feel good. He wouldn't take any time at all to get down to ground level and having all the people thank him. It's too bad--

  • DT2ComicsChat David Taylor II™ (@DT2ComicsChat) reported

    @therealwallbie Yes. All of that exactly. I toned mine way down too. BUT that doesn't mean I have to auto-enjoy or accept what they do put out. Fan4stic: not them at all. The Dark Knight Rises: not Batman at all. Shazam: That's New 52 Captain Marvel not the original one. Mar-vell: was a him.

  • LetsTalkStar LetsTalkStargirl (@LetsTalkStar) reported

    @LetsShazamily @DarkGraysonII @SentryIsVoid that's the thing though in shazam issue 1 it was said that he was there for a year and was 16 but in issue 3 he said he was 15 but idk if that was a typo or something 😭

  • LePigeonBercy RenéeGarnier (@LePigeonBercy) reported

    good thing shazam exists to tell me this is Down the Road by C2C....bc this ancient one wouldn't have a clue otherwise. #worldjsynchro

  • TravisBSnell Travis Snell (@TravisBSnell) reported

    Not surprised at all. Terrible release date. Even if the trailers were good, places in between Shazam and Endgame is a mistake. Very few are going to care about this film. Don’t get how studios make these mistakes.

  • billorights2017 RealDonaldTrump4Prison (@billorights2017) reported

    @GraceRandolph "Well I gotta admit, deep down I'm a DC person" This is why Grace hates Carol Danvers so much. 1. She still sees Shazam as Captain Marvel. 2. Grace sees Carol as a rival to Wonder Woman so she feels she has to hate the competition. 3. Grace is just a shallow, catty woman.

  • Vnom307 Krishnan (@Vnom307) reported

    @theskybandit Sometimes I find it baffling that people who are rallying for Snydercut, choose to look down at Aquaman, Shazam just because it's not Snyder. Snyder way is not the only way to do cbm. Rant over. 😅

  • Rackedup10 Go home Roger (@Rackedup10) reported

    This Shazam movie looks terrible. Two Captain Marvel flops in 1 month lol

  • Pv040899 Tricko (@Pv040899) reported

    @Partizan_Niksic @Borys_Kit @HeatVisionBlog The only good DCEU movies are WW, Aquaman and Shazam is getting great reactions from critics. The depressing Snyder movies were terrible, he doesn't know how to make good dark movies.

  • myrrlyn Alex 🦀💻📡🛰 (@myrrlyn) reported

    Shazam looks like a DC movie I'd actually go see we're definitely in the upside down

  • waynesbats annika | 8 (@waynesbats) reported

    shazam having comedic aspects makes sense since hes. yknow. a child. but cramming goofy shit down everyones throats now since it worked with one or two other movies is such a pathetic tactic

  • Gavin_L_Ross TerraGav (@Gavin_L_Ross) reported

    @biggib21 @T1meTraveler01 Those movies ARE in the same universe & can still team up down the line, as they've said. They're just not having every film rely on each other through a building up storyline & just focusing on "let Aquaman be a movie about Aquaman". Shazam clearly is still in that same world.

  • SPlDEYPOTTER elisa | watched captain marvel (@SPlDEYPOTTER) reported

    don’t let shazam flop ok DON’T LET ZACHARY LEVI DOWN

  • onceapirate n o a ◼♥ (@onceapirate) reported

    @ponysmasher Yes, let's!! Sooooooooo looking forward to see this, I’m counting down the days! #Shazam

  • famiconsumer Geoff (@famiconsumer) reported

    I don't understand how Shazam can identify a song through a shitty phone microphone in a crowded bar, but every service that hosts video is "struggling" to remove mass shooting footage.

  • TheDrunkardCat TheDrunkardCat (@TheDrunkardCat) reported

    @Artyfakes Just yell out "SHAZAM!" problem solved

  • KlNQKYRO7 red sees shazam in 8 days (@KlNQKYRO7) reported

    ANYWAYS i watch shazam in 8 days, bow down the queen bitvhess

  • Stardust2187 Higher Further Faster 💥🌟💪 (@Stardust2187) reported

    Go ahead- see "Shazam". It does look like a great, funny movie. I'm not saying it's terrible JUST BECAUSE of the cripping. I'm saying- we should get outraged about it, and we should be talking about this instead of remaining silent hypocrites.

  • ChampionCalling ʙɪʟʟʏ ʙᴀᴛꜱᴏɴ (@ChampionCalling) reported

    @losingthmind "SHAZAM!" A lighting bolt strikes down on Billy to reveal himself as Shazam. He was super ripped and taller than Jane. He basically had the superman figure except he was wearing red and gold with a thunder symbol going down his costume. "I'm a superhero."

  • queenrudenation We Are Rudeness (@queenrudenation) reported

    Whatever. If you're legit mad about Cap Marvel and Shazam and Lawson or Brie or any of it you're just a grievance looking for a cause. Go sit down before you fall down, dummy.

  • wizdnb 🔥 Ⓥ W I Z Ⓥ 🔥 (@wizdnb) reported

    @Bay6Recordings @GLXY_OFFICIAL Same problem on @beatport @iTunes @Shazam etc....

  • willisink99 willis johnson (@willisink99) reported

    @tommeelopez @Marvel @DisneyStudios @ZackSnyder @wbpictures also the problem is NOT that they tried to be like marvel because aquaman . wonder woman and shazam are more like marvel films then justice league was so........ #DCEU

  • bizzarebrunette Mariah Kaercher (@bizzarebrunette) reported

    @PaulJPatane Fair point. DC movies can be really bad, so for DC this was a good hit. In general, I really loved it. I think shazam is a character that could either have been good or terrible. This movie does Shazam justice.

  • BTSCHARTSLAYER kushi Balthazar (@BTSCHARTSLAYER) reported

    @dianamizzou @namjooluvbot @BTSKingsIn19 @USBTSARMY @BTS_twt They really work , that is not the issue.They aint kind of special authority to claim they're super captain of Us fandom. This is pretentious & ridiculous Every army who stream/shazam/buy/request also work hard, maybe more than some FB. BTS is humble, we better act as them

  • Ryanlugo1 Ryan (@Ryanlugo1) reported

    Shazam looks like a ******* terrible movie

  • EdEnnis49306710 Ed Ennis (@EdEnnis49306710) reported from Watertown, New York

    @wbpictures it's disappointing that Shazam has been dumbed down to mot prove he's able to defeat or overshadow Superman

  • JCaifan Jorge Aguilar (@JCaifan) reported

    superman is broken bro, shazam got merked in injustice.

  • LazyAndroids Androider (@LazyAndroids) reported

    @wbpictures has turned off its fans so much that I don't care if #Shazam flops Deep down I won't even bother that a comedic marvelesque DCEU flopped..

  • Maurice_Suave 6'7 (@Maurice_Suave) reported

    Shazam looks terrible

  • ShaunStackhouse Shaun Stackhouse Reacts (@ShaunStackhouse) reported

    The DC streaming service is finally worth $8 a month, if you like classic shows like Lois And Clark, Shazam, and new shows like Titans. Doom Patrol looks a bit cheesy, but I'm going to give it a shot.

  • CdnCapedCrusadr Carlos Dm (@CdnCapedCrusadr) reported

    @colbyking97 @bluGrape2012 @THR Probably; which it will have no issue making after a week or so. If Captain Marvel was able to make double that $250 mark in 3 days I’m sure Shazam will be alright by the time all is said and done 😉 It was a “cheap” movie with insanely good early reviews & is family friendly

  • solidus__ Solidus (@solidus__) reported

    Was going to buy pre-screening tickets for Shazam! but @Fandango gives me an error when I try to select my seats. Great.