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  • Tswana_IronMan Nicholas J. Fury (@Tswana_IronMan) reported from Centurion, Gauteng

    Shazam...and bear in mind that Shazam is a very terrible movie...

  • scifichick25 GeekGirlForever (@scifichick25) reported

    @mvbrat91 I am sure they didn't mean to hurt my feelings but it just sucked to hear it from people I had let my guard down around. I didn't mean the question as a slam, just as area to try better for the next workshop. In the end I was the one who got emotional. Shazam cheered me up.

  • dh__32 darian targaryen (@dh__32) reported

    @joejoecomics @thtsms21 Lol for real! All jokes asides though, their tv series on their streaming service are really good and deserve a lot of credit. WW and Shazam are honestly the only good things going for them in regards to movies though

  • Excalibur415 Christian (@Excalibur415) reported

    just got done watching shazam. good super hero movie, terrible at almost everything else. i didn't like the message cause i can feel what some of the characters go through. there were total ******** that didn't get their just desserts. i did like the end scene though at lunch

  • BVP_23 V-patt (@BVP_23) reported

    @ZerepRotciv Marvel has this REAL problem with this shit. It was the same problem with Captain Marvel and the headache between Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau, Billy Batson AKA Shazam, and Carol Danvers. Then Kamila Khan taking up the Ms Marvel name after Carol Danvers let go of Ms. Marvel name

  • TheMrsHines Janetta. (@TheMrsHines) reported

    I slept on #Shazam for so long because DC has just let me down. But, my god, it’s such a good movie!

  • ThornyRose__ Gem❤️ (@ThornyRose__) reported

    DC really needs to catch up now cause Marvel ain't slowing down or holding back. With that said WATCH SHAZAM it deserved way more than it got

  • ImSkyywind Skyywind (@ImSkyywind) reported

    @dadarkknight80 Figure I might as well entertain this comment. Aside from Shazam, the DC movies are terrible. Plain and simple, they keep trying and keep failing. The Arrowverse is great, but unfortunately those are shows not box office movies. Marvel is light years ahead of DC in this aspect.

  • Naveensridhar26 Nav. (@Naveensridhar26) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @Dlund87 @sapphicgeek The main problem in Shazam was it looked like a low budget movie despite the various rich elements involved in it disney gave homecoming 175m how tough would have been for WB just to give more 40-50m

  • shadownlite shadownlite (@shadownlite) reported

    The problem with #Shazam....It was geared to emotionally stunted adults. Just my opinion but it would explain the bizarre "seems like it is geared to kids but it is not" feeling it has.

  • Naveensridhar26 Nav. (@Naveensridhar26) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @sapphicgeek If u had watched closely aquaman was watered down was added jokes to reduce the tension as much as possible and with shazam WB didn't trust the product everythough it had a terrific script

  • Ifeoluwa_A_ knight Fury (@Ifeoluwa_A_) reported

    Just saw shazam and it's really terrible

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @Naveensridhar26 @sapphicgeek I don't believe it has ended yet. I don't believe #Aquaman & #Shazam do anything to water it down. On the contrary, I think they are just as unflinching in every untampered with DC Film as they have been since MoS.

  • NTurnmire Nicholas Turnmire (@NTurnmire) reported

    Would like to get Shazam out of Redbox but would also like to go sit down for a drink somewhere. Decisions decisions

  • KendonC Señor Meseeks (@KendonC) reported

    The bullies in Shazam: 1. Hit a disabled kid with their truck 2. Hopped out of the truck and beat the shit out of the kid 3. Taunted his broken body in front of the entire student body They are some savages.

  • NemesisFC2 David 'Nemesis' Howard (@NemesisFC2) reported

    @DT2ComicsChat @Shadewing @DarkGraysonIII @LetsTalkCM @CarlShinyama @ThePrice21 @SentryIsVoid Honestly...I think a large part of the problem is the name. I love the concept and I love the stories but Shazam is a ridiculous name. I can deal with it for the wizard, I can deal with it for a catchphrase, but not as the name of the hero.

  • Mikey_hbk90 MikeyH.B.K (@Mikey_hbk90) reported

    @RICHARDLNEWBY See I will watch the movie by downloading it (yes I'll be petty as those that downloaded shazam to not give wb money). The problem with the whole thing are the endless hashtags on all WB posts or news about them and then the endless toxic members part of the TFX podcast

  • Shadewing Steve Sellers (@Shadewing) reported

    @DT2ComicsChat @DarkGraysonIII @LetsTalkCM @CarlShinyama @ThePrice21 @SentryIsVoid We're even getting this with "The Shazam Who Laughs". They just keep pushing this whole Shazam thing down our throats at every turn.

  • captaintrainor Will (@captaintrainor) reported

    @DanielKalban @ThatMarvelGal @SeanIzaakse @maguirekevin I don't know about that. I know Marvel has an issue knowing when to be serious and it can hurt the films like with AoU. I loved how Shazam was very much a kids film but had moments of straight up horror. I'd compare it to Joe Dante's work or Big Trouble in Little China.

  • ZacksonMaine #10, Double, large, with Dr. Pepper, please (@ZacksonMaine) reported

    Apparently it’s inappropriate when I yell “Shazam!” and my sweatpants fall down

  • _ahmedMajeed O! (@_ahmedMajeed) reported

    @Kassie_Usman Apple bought Shazam in 2018. So I'm pretty sure it's them offering the same service via text from iTunes

  • nekoewen ewen_cluney.txt (@nekoewen) reported

    Thinking about how in the Shazam Honest Trailer the point out that MCU characters tend to have daddy issues while DCEU characters tend to have mommy issues.

  • MichaelBuckelew Michael Buckelew (@MichaelBuckelew) reported

    @BrandonJRouth @RahulKohli13 Any chance your character from Chuck is on one of these Earths and then Chuck meets this Superman but then there’s a problem because on another Earth he’s Shazam and that guy knows the Cavill Superman and I’ll stop now.

  • NeoRuki_X 西島マキ⭐@ありがとう空知先生! (@NeoRuki_X) reported

    It's 3 am and I was about to watch for the first time Shazam, but guess I'll leave it for later, gotta sleep (but I'm an idiot and will probably do some Garupa before sleeping, I ain't tiering anymore but I don't wanna be down in the ranks, want to keep my top 2500 titles :3)

  • hesthingy beeta (@hesthingy) reported

    my shazam's not working fuckshshs

  • AdrianaGalayda Adriana Galayda (@AdrianaGalayda) reported

    Saw #Shazam in @Rebox. Terrible movie. Do not want.

  • Naveensridhar26 Nav. (@Naveensridhar26) reported

    @sapphicgeek The dceu took superheroes seriously it put them in a spot where a superhero can exist in a real world having the consequences but sadly that ended with ww.aquaman Shazam had some elements of it but it was watered down Just to appeal the critics

  • CarlShinyama Carl LaniʻKeha Shinyama (@CarlShinyama) reported

    @SZapper85 @Claylex1 No, I’ve not been reading it, but I’ve been given a lot of panels and scenes from all six issues. I know enough to see that it continues to make many of the same mistakes in Curse of Shazam and some new ones. The only thing that it corrects is that Billy isn’t a jerk anymore.

  • SL1CK_R1CK Slickerous Rickerous (@SL1CK_R1CK) reported

    @espn @SHAQ @killthenoise Bro I would be so down to hang with Shazam

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @SPIDERWOMNS "The LEGO Batman Movie" isn't part of the DC Films CU & the universe sucks outside of MoS, BvS, WW, #Aquaman & #Shazam. In other words, the only genuinely terrible DC Films are Trailer Park's SS & Frankenstein's Monster JL.

  • DasikCZ Michal B. (@DasikCZ) reported

    @ThwipnTDK @SpiderPunk2003 @MoeiZer @Da_PrplGam3r @ShowingJ380 @JayExci @DiamondSpiderP And actually, better look like a cartoon than like unrecognizable swamp monsters... 😉 I'm sorry, I really wanted love Shazam. But I only liked it. 7/10. If the sins looked well, it could be 9. But they were such let down it's undescribable...

  • Yazziie_xx mami (@Yazziie_xx) reported

    @abas_hussain1 Nah Shazam is acc terrible

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @Sharito742 I love how you went out of your way to avoid saying films, when three DC Films (BvS, WW & #Shazam are tops in that department) & they only have 2 genuinely terrible films (Trailer Park's SS & Frankenstein's Monster JL) out of 7.

  • arleigh arleigh (@arleigh) reported

    Shazam movie was funny and sweet. Started kind of dark. A few plot gaps, some continuity problems. Would have been better as a tv mini-series.

  • kkolyat solving issues with knives (@kkolyat) reported

    @gisewaaa Almost shazam style except he doesn't learn better and then all the truth comes out so mysterio doubles down and ta da evil continuing villain because they were close and Peter is reluctant to kill him

  • claytalian Clayton Piacentini 🇺🇸⛪ (@claytalian) reported

    @HarleyMovieNews WB could shut everyone up if they started marketing it. Its Roughly 6 months out and apart from the 20 second cast vid and a bunch of leaked photos we've seen absolutely nothing. Part of Shazam's problem was that they waited too long to push its marketing.

  • MsKRios Karina (@MsKRios) reported

    @AngieM1007 @GrandHotelABC @shalim No problem! Thought the same thing so I used the @Shazam app when it played

  • dubgetright HJ (@dubgetright) reported

    Ok. Shazam was slightly better than I expected and I thought it was going to be terrible.

  • Kythsharra Mama Bear (@Kythsharra) reported

    @ZacharyLevi I finally got to see Shazam! I wish I could've seen it in the theaters and was sad I couldn't. Finances were a problem (and still are; severely underemployed :( ). But renting it was much cheaper. And I loved it! <3 Thank you for making me laugh in a great portrayal!

  • JoebiWan94 Joe (@JoebiWan94) reported

    @Dave_K_Flynn Shazam has been an artistic mess tbh. It's had far too many pencillers on far too few a number of issues

  • yesthursday gEO (@yesthursday) reported

    @Shazam you are broken fix it

  • Bosco685 Nerdy Nix Nook (@Bosco685) reported

    @_BrooklynBatman @CNN Bingo! Even in Kingdom Come when taking on Shazam it became an issue. Or as CNN would report it, '...Superman, from Marvel Comics and a team-member of the Hulk...' 😋

  • MrWillis23 Mr. Willis (@MrWillis23) reported

    Shazam was a terrible movie .. except for the ending lol

  • AshMarieLewis Ashley Marie Lewis (@AshMarieLewis) reported

    @shazam4artists @AppleMusic @Shazam Hi! I got the Shazam For Artists e-mail today about verification on the Apple Music For Artists page. I’ve been approved on the beta for months now, but the verification hasn’t shown up, and I can’t do anything with my profile but login...

  • dakotahazel Dakotahazelll (@dakotahazel) reported

    @vinaldo7 You got Suicide Squad in your top 10 even with all that studio interference and they changed @DavidAyerMovies vision with goofy reshoots. you’re a hypocrite. you can’t talk down on aquaman or Shazam ever again 😂 your taste in movies is pure garbage

  • travis_lems Travis Lems (@travis_lems) reported

    @Care_ No problem 💥💥🔥🔥🔥 ⚡⚡⚡ #shazam

  • MicKat53 billy rae jepsen (@MicKat53) reported

    thankfully, i am inherently biased towards brainpuzzlers, such that even a masterclass in enjoyable celluloid popcorn like detective pikachu or shazam will probably stick with me less than even a fundamentally awful and broken film like serenity

  • K_Naouchi Khaled Naouchi (@K_Naouchi) reported

    Just saw #Shazam it felt like watching DC’s version of the power rangers. Just another terrible cringe movie from #DC

  • ShowYouSuck YOURE GONNA BE OK (@ShowYouSuck) reported


  • CarlShinyama Carl LaniʻKeha Shinyama (@CarlShinyama) reported

    @karaofargocity @SentryIsVoid (That is, when Captain Marvel's supporting characters have names that derive from his name theme, it creates logistical problems in what to do about their names if they call him Shazam instead.)

  • CarlShinyama Carl LaniʻKeha Shinyama (@CarlShinyama) reported

    @karaofargocity @SentryIsVoid Oh, there's nothing that legally prevents them from doing that. It's part of what I've been saying that using "Shazam" as a name instead of Captain Marvel causes more problems than it solves.

  • JackJacksharpe5 Jack Sharpe 🌈 (@JackJacksharpe5) reported

    @jared_webb1 I feel Shazam is also due to his choice of artist as well though. Eaglesham is great - but he can't manage a monthly. He lasted one full issue before getting a co-artist.

  • DarkGraysonIII Grayhold (REBIRTH) (@DarkGraysonIII) reported

    @SentryIsVoid @talkingarrow Metal was Bat-**** & HiC was crap to say the least. 😂 DClock was pretty much pointless story wise & was baically filler, till the recent issue when they finally starting explaining Dr. M's shenanigans. Shazam is hella rushed with stories packed on each other & copies movies.

  • CarlShinyama Carl LaniʻKeha Shinyama (@CarlShinyama) reported

    @DarkGraysonIII I assumed as much. This is really what I meant when I said that using "Shazam" as the moniker creates more problems than it solves, because it means that one of the options is to make them go nameless, and that's even worse.

  • ayumidah Dah (@ayumidah) reported

    Finished with Shazam and came back here to read about the arson at Kyoto Animation. That's terrible. Thoughts are with all affected.

  • ragnananarok Mark #Shazamily (@ragnananarok) reported

    This video is more upsetting to me than almost any other video I’ve seen. I had a minor panic attack because of it a few minutes ago and I’m still calming myself down so that it doesn’t get bad. I can’t take it, I’m gonna watch Shazam and try to calm myself more. Gn all :((

  • ChuckVStheMovie Richard (ChuckMovie) (@ChuckVStheMovie) reported

    1. Shazam 2. The Man Who Knew too Little 3. The Goonies 4. On Her Majesty's Secret Service 5. The Garbage Pail Kids 6. Shazam 7. Say Anything 8. The Man Who Knew too Little 9. Forest Gump 10. Shazam Reply with an Emoji and I'll send You the Questions!

  • kruperti Kevin Ruperti (@kruperti) reported

    @Evanod17 @Dman21658 @TheMarvelvsDC The story was weak and meandering. Black Manta can reverse engineer alien tech...who knew. The acting was terrible. The opening fight scene with Atlaanta was so poorly done you could feel the sped up film speed. Not even in the same league as Shazam.

  • JasonRussell1 Karate Dave (@JasonRussell1) reported

    @OU_Torgo The Shazam series was terrible anyway. Doomsday Clock will sell inevitably. But I agree that if he isn’t ready to return to writing, don’t give him writing assignments. Make him an actual editor instead of exec VP OR creative. Something’s clearly going wrong right now

  • ZainBokks Spicy McSpice (@ZainBokks) reported

    @SherazFarooqi_ Wish it was managed better with more issues in the bag before it's first release. Same with Shazam. But I guess it's good that 3 Jokers has extensive production before release