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  • Bisht_Mode Deepak Bisht (@Bisht_Mode) reported

    @high_by_the_sea Shazam will go down as one of the worst movies DC ever made

  • ppaul3 Paul Adams (@ppaul3) reported

    @Shazam tried register shazam for artists(my 12album). Now Apple.Used all correct login and pass (Triple checked), then tried sign in w/ google. After letting me in it said it was incorrect email. Tried again 3x. Can't use service if this difficult. If an easy fix good, if not..

  • ahnlak FaktCzech (@ahnlak) reported

    @gothick Although I now see that my main problem is that a lot of my listening these days happens in the car, which does not scrobble. So you have at least one buyer for your Shazam-integrating app!

  • HailSnydra frank castiglione (@HailSnydra) reported

    @PattyNest @TheNiceCast_ Shazam was ******* dog shit and a terrible movie. It was cheesey and overly comedic. U posers think that just because he’s a kid it’s a kids movie. Clearly never read the graphic novel.

  • EmmettMcKinney Emmett McKinney (@EmmettMcKinney) reported

    Put a BRT down all of these freeways, and Shazam! You have a well-connevted functioning transit network without having to cut any new right of way or obtain any land. Seriously @metrolosangeles. A studio at the @HarvardGSD shower how this could work last year!

  • DroopDogg865 DroopDadd (@DroopDogg865) reported

    @BigOrangeJB Shazam was incredible and Aquaman was fun as hell. I tried to watch Wonder Woman but fell asleep, I saw Man of Steel but don’t remember shit about it, Suicide Squad was obviously terrible and I didn’t see any of the other ones

  • lowheeledshoes reincarnation (@lowheeledshoes) reported

    i just remembered that a couple weeks ago i was getting my hair dyed and heard someone else in the salon saying shazam was a terrible movie and felt deep rage

  • creamonomics nance (@creamonomics) reported

    ive thought about those teens who shazam'd Dreams by Fleetwood Mac every single day since that tweet. its been months. i need an update. how far down the hole have they fallen so far. do they want more recommendations. please

  • WhatAFeeling_E ᴇɪʟᴀᴛ ◟̽◞̽ 𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖 (@WhatAFeeling_E) reported

    @EdTheErodian Shazam is broken unfortunately

  • MovieBuff100 Movies That Maher w The Viking (@MovieBuff100) reported

    @emraaann If David could of used the real Cavill he would of, it's not his fault and don't be presuming what you think I Mean, I don't follow you so I don't value your opinion. I love Shazam if you followed me you'd know that. Headless Superman is the problem not David.

  • DavidMa13974163 David Mayberry (@DavidMa13974163) reported

    @MovieBuff100 A headless freak. I still can't figure out why they thought putting a headless Superman into Shazam was acceptable, if you can't get Cavill you don't do the cameo. Terrible!!! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #afsp @warnerbros @wbpictures @hbomax @ATT

  • ReturnOfTheKool ReturnoftheParaDemons #44 (@ReturnOfTheKool) reported

    @BobDigi69 Looks like it's going to be a big issue down the line. But, Shazam flopped. So, they might feel the need to use a bit of a strong arm to get this down. I've already been thinking that they'll use Black Adam and the JSA tie in to soft reboot the DCEU. And, you know GJ is involved.

  • _BrooklynBatman Anthony (@_BrooklynBatman) reported

    Kinda like Supes in Shazam though but only from the waist down this time. Lmao

  • Reese1689 Reesie🎄 (@Reese1689) reported

    Superman isn't the problem. The whole DCEU is. For some reason the movies are straight 🗑. With the exception of Wonder Woman. Shazam and Joker were also great movies but I believe those are not part of the DCEU, I think...anyway, yeah DC come on man I believe in you!!

  • Goose__lol Goose (@Goose__lol) reported

    @Majd1LoL ur shazam is broken

  • pintofsimilar Alex (@pintofsimilar) reported

    @Grumpyrocker @OBiW4NSHiNOBi @Readitdaddy But people don't want to see a superhero film where the hero doesn't super his way about. Shazam! worked well because Billy was a flawed character. He's an equal hitter to Superman but not the complete package that Supes is. Superman needs his powers dialling down IMHO

  • toziertoe mia 🐻 (@toziertoe) reported

    everytime i say shazam is a valid christmas film im always shut down and im sick of it

  • EmmaHouxbois 🐾🔪the mandagetlowrian🔪🐾 (@EmmaHouxbois) reported

    the way the superman movie question is handled on here is mostly as a proxy for asking how to enact a reconstructionist agenda for superhero movies, and i honestly think the solution is to bypass superman altogether and double down on shazam as the face of the dceu.

  • Glennzell Ace Boogie (@Glennzell) reported

    Shazam is a terrible movie

  • MambaNicc Niccolo DG (@MambaNicc) reported

    Superman is the superhero of superheroes. Make him the superhero, not the dark god we have seen. Another problem is people see him corny even if he’s just as cheezy as Thor and Shazam.

  • _kidNplay_ Shazam Conner (@_kidNplay_) reported

    .... MamaShazam just dropped me off at the airport; tears rolled down my face as i checked my bag 😭 🗣 GROW UP SHAZAM, damn !

  • _kammy6 DeAngelo♍️ (@_kammy6) reported

    @Dee_ThaDon Man ts was a joke. That Batman was terrible and the only thing good they’ve put out is Shazam and Wonder Woman.

  • Knightmare6 Knightmare6 @ Katsucon 2020 (@Knightmare6) reported

    Just need @ZacharyLevi to seek help from Chuck in "SHAZAM 2" with a computer issue #ChuckTheMovie #SHAZAM

  • tbankssxo tyra banks (@tbankssxo) reported from Hamden, Connecticut

    I thought Shazam was gonna be a terrible movie but it actually wasn’t that bad

  • ahamednizar AHAMED NIZAR (@ahamednizar) reported

    Nothing worse that a dead phone battery whilst stuck in traffic, forced to listen to the radio which: 1. Ads 2. Terrible RJs 3. Good tunes that I can’t @Shazam 4. Christmas music.

  • Wholelotalove1 Wholelotalove (@Wholelotalove1) reported

    I knew my Shazam was not broken #supergirl #Supercorp

  • singram Mr Frostback (@singram) reported

    @ZacharyLevi There were issues of Shazam where he would use the magic word to change into a dress clothes. Get Warner Bros to buy it for your sequel! ⚡

  • doubting_tia Fuck🖕 Trump🤡 (@doubting_tia) reported

    Shazam is fuckn terrible 🙄🙄

  • avemight sawako’s mumther (@avemight) reported

    @cockmerchant_ @nickmongo no most of their live actions of superman have been trash. they make him solemn and unrelatable. shazam was good but thats never been clarks vibe, they just need to bring him down to earth and ******* smile

  • Charlie99567803 Charlie (@Charlie99567803) reported

    @_BrooklynBatman Yea exactly, wtf is up with the toxicity, im not a fan of the current movies like shazam but im not going to hate on a person, i personally dont like the campier dumbed down way things are going but whats the good in calling her a 🐍

  • GoldyHA Goldy (@GoldyHA) reported from Seattle, Washington

    Watching Shazam and had no problem suspending disbelief on the whole superhero thing, but then they bought beer in a Philadelphia convenience store and it ruined the whole movie for me.

  • SpyJamz James (@SpyJamz) reported

    @markhughesfilms I don’t know. I feel that Cavill won’t want to give up the Superman role. He could’ve done the Shazam cameo but had scheduling issues. It shows that if he was potentially able to do a cameo for Shazam then I’m sure he could do another Supes film.

  • Densuo Densuo el Salado (@Densuo) reported

    @Forbes *points to superman cartoon* *points to comic of superman mentoring Shazam* *points to superman cartoon again* Do a Superman Batman movie showing them as what the really are deep down. Friends. Let me see the REAL team up. Seriously. It's N O T hard.

  • NationalsLiker 🧅🥯 (@NationalsLiker) reported

    @dcuniverse My complaint about Shazam was that the villain sucked (perennial problem) and there wasn’t enough Shazaming/Marvel Family.

  • prademac Perrin (@prademac) reported

    I'm watching Shazam and when they're testing his powers one of the "failed" ones is "Matter Eating" which is clearly a reference to the hilariously terrible "Matter Eating Lad." whose power was he could consume anything.

  • Scorpio06061988 Scorpio (@Scorpio06061988) reported

    I say SCRAP the existing #DCEU. Reboot it. #DCComics/#WarnerBros should make BOTH #Shazam & #Joker official entries in the #NEWDCEU. Scrap the Flash movie with #ErzaMiller before they throw money down the toilet! The sooner they establish a NEW DCEU branding with what is working

  • ZachMacieI Zach (@ZachMacieI) reported

    I’ve read all the current issues of Geoff Johns Shazam but I wanna read Doomsday Clock and haven’t read any other current DC character runs, how do all the tie ins work

  • IcepackJack 𝙄𝙘𝙚𝙥𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙅𝙖𝙘𝙠 (@IcepackJack) reported

    @andymart098 @JustSomeGuy30 @alexber13075929 @markthaslump @DiscussingFilm Nope definitely that terrible Shazam movie, didn’t laugh once. Bad acting as well

  • CynicalDeadster Deadpan Deadstar (@CynicalDeadster) reported

    Reading the latest issue of Geoff Johns Shazam series made me wish the guy would fully commit to deviating from writing grand blockbuster epics and actually restrain himself to writing something small and intimate for once.

  • RickyRawls T. (@RickyRawls) reported

    problem with Superman isn’t what people usually claim (too powerful to be relatable, etc) cuz people liked Shazam and Dragonball fine. It’s that his most popular era, the Weisinger era, is creatively the stupidest and most embarrassing and they won’t just ever wholesale dump it

  • byclqrs jess (@byclqrs) reported


  • Bianca_Robinson Bianca (@Bianca_Robinson) reported

    @DonaldTheBatman I didnt go to sleep until about 445. I was trying my hardest not to watch Shazam. So I was laying down in the dark.

  • dbernick David Bernick (@dbernick) reported

    @AccidentalCISO Same happened to me last night and I noticed Shazam was free on hbo. That went down easy and took place during Xmas though Xmas plays no significant role.

  • Bry2Turner Bryson T. (@Bry2Turner) reported

    @panelstopixels I think the problem is that DC is mistaking "deep" with "dark." Even though Shazam was goofy, it had slower moments that examined Billy's resistance to being part of a family.

  • DeathByToilet Gabriel Gonzalez (@DeathByToilet) reported

    @CarlosAlonzoM Awhile back, I was trying to get my mind off things and calm my anxiety down. So, I watched Shazam, Us, and Pet Sematary all on the same day. One after another.

  • HYDRA_fan_90 HYDRA_90 (@HYDRA_fan_90) reported

    @Jjoker316 I keep hearing we won't see Shazam fight Black Adam until Shazam 3. But I could see Shazam just getting beaten down then Supes shows up and helps him beat Black Adam.

  • WayneG1939 WayneG (@WayneG1939) reported

    @AGeekForFun @BatmanFiles Yes, they use padding. But as we already saw with Shazam, padding that's used to compensate instead of enhancing an actor's physique looks terrible. Last thing I'd like is a super-padded batsuit.

  • geleta98 Geleta98 (@geleta98) reported

    @badrepttn @AlexRsa1997 You need to down load the app you can shazam the songs from anywhere radio or youtube

  • CristianSoriCR7 Cristian Sori (@CristianSoriCR7) reported

    @Skittyblock @Shazam not working for ipads,anw in my iphone i cant login,it looks like shazam is down

  • omoAgbetuyi オルミデ (@omoAgbetuyi) reported

    @Israel__lee Payment for Apple had once given me issue until I went to get an Alat MasterCard. Deezer has a better interface sha but Shazam gave my Apple Music app an edge.

  • T00muchF00D GameBuffet (#ReleaseTheSnyderCut) (@T00muchF00D) reported

    @underoos1995 @MindTrickz_ @DiscussingFilm You are terrible with context clues if you side with that dude. He and I were literally agreeing on Shazam but both YOU and him are too dense to understand that. And there was a neglect of labeling and stereotyping, yet still you both DONT GET IT.

  • fdf9ed M (@fdf9ed) reported

    @Shazam Your macOS application is weak and in need of help. It takes up to a minute sometimes of playing song to recognise. Come on now. You’re letting the team down.

  • blackhawk2306 Tyrion das Bot (Vossinator) (@blackhawk2306) reported

    @Skittyblock @Shazam Not working at all

  • Jdihen1 JD (@Jdihen1) reported

    @Skittyblock @Shazam Not working in Germany I guess (Europe) 😭

  • vishantbhole Vishant B Bhole (@vishantbhole) reported

    @Skittyblock @Shazam Not working for me

  • KurtBusiek Kurt Busiek Resists (@KurtBusiek) reported

    Alas, I did not pick this up new, but I did get it later. Gorgeous book. DC should do an oversized collection with this, SUPERMAN VS. SHAZAM, FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE and the JLA Treasury that got broken up into multiple issues of JLA, restored to its original form.

  • DaniiGallegos_ 𝔇𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔦 𝔊𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔤𝔬𝔰🍮 (@DaniiGallegos_) reported

    Not even into hour 2, but I believe one was so truly terrible, I couldn’t even Shazam it, before the powers that be skipped it.

  • Ms_EmJay_Cee Ogbenyealu (@Ms_EmJay_Cee) reported

    @MaleekOlalek @IamEtubo ShaZam and Aquaman aren’t in the same league o! The Aquaman movie was cliché but not terrible but you see that Shazam, naa I cant forgive myself for it

  • Ms_EmJay_Cee Ogbenyealu (@Ms_EmJay_Cee) reported

    @IamEtubo @MaleekOlalek I least, the shooting in John Wick was great and the acting too but you see that Shazam ehh, terrible waste of my time and eyesight... should be rated -2.5/10

  • jnodon 𝖆𝖏. (@jnodon) reported

    the Shazam on Snapchat wasn’t this terrible 😑