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March 27: Problems at Shazam

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  • RonDiesel12 Ron Diesel🎧💪🇦🇬 (@RonDiesel12) reported

    @stargazer0118 @Luiz_Fernando_J I didn't see the movie yet, but the trailers looked way too goofy. The first movie made money but I wonder what the DVD sales looks like. most people loved the first movie, but have issues with with actors playing billy and shazam.

  • CaptainPikeachu captain pike-a-chu🖖 ᐰ #ThePikannibalLives (@CaptainPikeachu) reported

    @RoJoHen Perhaps it’s less about people not knowing what Black Adam and Shazam are and more that the story universe they exist in has been a mishandled mess with a terrible reputation. Maybe it’s not the superhero genre that is fatigued but mishandled stories.

  • JoeGKushner Joe Kushner (@JoeGKushner) reported

    @DamndestBastard That was Shazam's biggest problem. It wasn't JUST John Wick, it's a nonstop flood of spring big budget movies hitting one after another. Ant-Man didn't have that excuse in the 2nd week with ******* Bear...

  • SageBigavelli Jesus Carry The Lakers 🙏🏿 (@SageBigavelli) reported

    My question is why even release Shazam 2 then directly after you reboot the entire universe lol? Why was that necessary? Just pissing millions of dollars down the drain

  • SageBigavelli Jesus Carry The Lakers 🙏🏿 (@SageBigavelli) reported

    My question is why even release Shazam 2 then directly after you reboot the entire universe lol? Why is was that necessary? Just pissing millions of dollars down the drain

  • SaiJonn SJ (@SaiJonn) reported

    @b4rath @EPM106 Exactly, it's mediocity fatigue, too many superhero movies are just eh and so the box office reflects that. If Black Adam, Ant-Man, Shazam, were bonafide studs in the CBM genre, but the general audience weren't clicking with it then it would be a problem.

  • EPM106 Max (@EPM106) reported

    Local cineplex has already moved Shazam 2 to the ******* dinky screen at the very entrance to building that they usually reserve for either specialty screenings or films with long legs that have been out for months but are down to one showing per day. Embarrassing

  • JamesDiMichele3 James Di-Michele (@JamesDiMichele3) reported

    @DrEZBrandasio @comicxbook You know this an old regime problem right? That’s Pam and abdie right and Hamada. Not gunn. Also rock didn’t want anything to do with Shazam

  • teambanzai Brett Lynn Papworth (@teambanzai) reported

    Lazy: reading on the couch listening to Apple Music on the television and using Shazam on you phone to figure out what is playing because it’s too much trouble to put your glasses on and look.

  • SupesBatsy •麦わらのマックス• ZSJL's Associate Producer (@SupesBatsy) reported

    @bigbuckzz__ That's the problem though: with Snyder they managed to push out movies that made a lot and are still beloved to this day. Without him the bar lowered so much we're about to witness Shazam 2 get less money than MORBIUS

  • visoredavenger visoredavenger (@visoredavenger) reported

    @LanceStLaurent Johnathan Majors' issue isn't a huge thing they can easily recast. Shazam is part of a dead universe and no one cared about Ant-Man in the first place. Wakanda Forever made nearly $1B and I am betting GotG3, Spiderverse and The Flash will do very well.

  • JACS1924 Jax (@JACS1924) reported

    @Itssan17 Shazam failed because even the previews showed terrible acting and special effects lol! It couldn’t even hide it. Plus DC decided to spite its own face and piss off a good portion of their audience that had been waiting for snyderverse to continue. Double whammy.

  • queeniiexo ܟܘܝܢ ܩܵܫܵܐ (@queeniiexo) reported

    Sometimes I feel like such a dummy because I watched Shazam 2 yesterday and really liked it and then I see articles/commentary mentioning plot holes, how terrible it was, etc. Meanwhile I’m in the theater like THIS IS GREAT.

  • dcverse_reigns DC Comics & Cinematics.🦸‍♂️ (@dcverse_reigns) reported

    @DarkPendulum @ScottMendelson Fleshing lesser known properties out while keeping heavy hitter properties on the sidelines was the exact problem. Shazam should have been introduced in the second installment of the Justice League movie before getting his own movie. There would’ve been some context of him


    @erix_thorn I’m talking specifically in terms of DC. BvS opened up to $167M, yes but it dropped to 51M in its SECOND WEEKEND. That’s why the percentage for that particular DC movie is so bad. Shazam opened up to 36M domestically and is now down to NINE.

  • zakueins zakueins (@zakueins) reported

    @TheTonicmole "Black Adam" was good but poorly marketed (i.e. the "Dredd" effect). "Shazam 2" was something that should have been a triumph, but wasn't. The rest were terrible and nobody wanted to see them.

  • MoviesSmoke Smoke and Movies (@MoviesSmoke) reported

    The reason Shazam 2 is failing is down to ONE reason and ONE reason ONLY!… WBD DC is getting everything it deserves.

  • dvntoo dvntoo (@dvntoo) reported

    @MaxCobain04 oh lol mb for not catching onto that sarcasm. And yeah, bro always has the worst take and has a terrible perception of **** like this. Mf said he disagreed when KJ said Avatar would've destroyed Shazam.

  • claire__mrcl Claire M. (@claire__mrcl) reported

    @MasterofpunsV13 I don’t think it’s just a poor marketing issue. Lots of things to factor in: new DCU announcement (which makes movies like Shazam II and Aquaman II pointless), Levi’s anti-vaxx comments and mockey of Heard + Spears (and he never had that leading man juice) and the reviews…

  • CrazyGirlVids sarie 🦖😇 (@CrazyGirlVids) reported

    I’m dressed in Shazam cosplay and Zachary Levi’s line has no people but it’s just too much money to throw down 🫠

  • SpaceCowboy9000 joseph (@SpaceCowboy9000) reported

    zachary levi will be hung upside-down and eaten by bears if shazam fury of the gods does not get one dollar and 2 cents

  • shakam77 Zannyverse 🦇 (@shakam77) reported

    @Kung_Fu_Cthulhu @snyder_all Take the BO out the picture those films still sucked. Birds of prey was terrible, WW84 was terrible, nobody cares about Shazam, and SS has no excuse as King Kong came out 5 month prior during the peak of Covid and still made 4x more lol

  • username0001013 Ryde¹³📚👩‍🎓 | FACE 24/03 (@username0001013) reported

    Is smthn wrong with my wifi or smthn? Shazam, YT, and Tweeter not working

  • PrimoItalliano First Serbian Youngboy Fan (@PrimoItalliano) reported

    John Wick 4 pushing Shazam 2 down 220 steps at the box office rn

  • SIM0NJESS 𓆩♥︎𓆪 (@SIM0NJESS) reported

    technically zachary's casting did work for shazam! (2019) but continuing to act like that in shazam fotg was the problem, it would've passed years ago but not now 😭

  • SIM0NJESS 𓆩♥︎𓆪 (@SIM0NJESS) reported

    technically zachary's casting did work for shazam! (2019) but continuing to act like that in shazam fotg was the problem.

  • squidias squid, from the internet (@squidias) reported

    Shazam 2 verdict: okay movie! Not as good as Shazam 1, the ending was kind of a cop out, and the emotional issues felt forced, BUT! For a dc movie, it was good

  • RatedPPodcast The 'Rated P' Podcast (@RatedPPodcast) reported

    Just got a Shazam trailer before John Wick. A week after Shazam came out. Can they do that??? How down bad is WB rn??????

  • OneTruePoster The One True Poster (@OneTruePoster) reported

    Zachary Levi is down bad I don't think they were gonna make Shazam 3 even if that thing brought in a cool billion, man

  • BlackDjinnArt Art Djinn 🧞‍♂️ (@BlackDjinnArt) reported

    I feel like the TL def talked people into not seeing Shazam 2 because it honestly isn’t a “bad” film. It just didn’t go the route most people wanted. They leaned a bit too fast into the Shazam “family” for sure but by no means was the movie terrible.