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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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  • hungbwc94 Hung alpha (@hungbwc94) reported

    I will start. I made a sub on skype eat a sandwich with his own *** and pubes on. Then he flushes it down with a cup of his own piss 😂🤢🤢

  • BUFFM0NA_BOT buff mona (@BUFFM0NA_BOT) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means.

  • LISTEN_2_BADGER Ned Badger (@LISTEN_2_BADGER) reported

    In 2004, North Carolina ISP Madison River blocked their DSL customers from using any rival web-based phone service (like Vonage, Skype, etc., underminding successful internet practices

  • PaulRMQ Paul Bateman (@PaulRMQ) reported

    @LozzaFox @EE If you have voip - (Skype or something similar) you might still be able to call out via wifi Laurence, either with your phone or your laptop using a headset. Apologies if that's not much help.

  • ConsultMCBA Matt Bates (@ConsultMCBA) reported

    @cgouskos LOL - I have exactly the same problem - I had to reset the predictive dictionary on the phone as I kept sending star wars references to overseas customers on Skype/FB messenger etc

  • DraikenTalkos ケビン Nguyen (@DraikenTalkos) reported

    @dory_tori To use Line Pay (among other functions) through the Line app, they want you to confirm via text, and the only phone number I currently have is the one through Skype. I'll go into Edion after school tomorrow and see if someone can help me break through this in person. >_<

  • heretobrowse99 TheyDidntHaveFlattopsinAncientRome (@heretobrowse99) reported

    @neontaster Or when that “expert” you call over Skype tried explain the exact paranormal or occult like problem you have.

  • kyleshorthouse Kyle Shorthouse (@kyleshorthouse) reported

    @Office365 Just so you guys know there appears to be some issues with Office 365 this morning nobody in the office can access Skype for Business and some people can't access Outlook a message pops up saying "The server is unavailable" might want to look into this.

  • demonzmagic DEMONZMAGIC (@demonzmagic) reported

    @Skype sucks ass and **** they refuse to help me

  • demonzmagic DEMONZMAGIC (@demonzmagic) reported

    @Skype @SkypeSupport **** you for refusing to help

  • nickholevas Nick Holevas (@nickholevas) reported

    @SkypeSupport the touch tone is not working when I need to press a number during a call.

  • Ice_Cream_Jones 🎄Lizzy (Baby Please Come Home)🎄 (@Ice_Cream_Jones) reported

    @orcastraw skype me into the panel to talk about doing all my web browsing on a java mobile emulator on PSP to run Opera when my PC was broken

  • demonzmagic DEMONZMAGIC (@demonzmagic) reported

    @Skype @SkypeSupport #skype sucks duck their customer support refuses to help me #shittycustomersupport #******** #dumbfucks #retards #epicfail

  • TriangulumAC Triangulum Galaxy (@TriangulumAC) reported

    @Its_Jaid honestly I like ****** with em, see how much of an iq the programmers have one time I got a skype bot when I was 12 (and not interested in dating at all) and I told it I was 12 and it said "that isn't a problem to me baby ;)" it is to the feds

  • JustinHowe The Other Justin (@JustinHowe) reported

    @LAGilman When I was in the USA teaching my skype classes at 3AM, it was button up shirt & cardigan up top, PJs down low. The weird bit is not leaving my block for a week and then taking the subway somewhere.

  • vettlune Diana (@vettlune) reported

    You ran skype on a potato, I never had problems. Only complaint was the limit on who can be on a call at a given time without paying for it

  • im_mayumii 🥶 (@im_mayumii) reported

    I’m sorry but I’m the creation of this fandom. Do u know how many theories I’ve seen since MAMÁ this morning. Also, I can’t help but recall the time YoonGi started with “the top secret information” and Namjoon took the kill shot and announced a possible tour over skype.

  • Mutsu_A125 Mutsu A125 (@Mutsu_A125) reported

    @PunishedSapph @UndeadedArchon I'd ******* kill to be able to strip discord down to it's bare bones, reminds me of back when I used Skype and it had ads on it which weren't particularly intrusive on their own but had about a dozen times the memory usage, once blocked it ran smoothly though.

  • SevinUnderHer Sevin (@SevinUnderHer) reported

    Face to face at the airport W/we came. O/our eyes met across the terminal. This was an awkward moment broken only by a hug. I pulled Her in so She could hear my beating heart. Then it hit me. No longer was She behind my phone screen. No more was She a voice on Skype.

  • Old_Trickster Schwann "Raven" Oltolrain (@Old_Trickster) reported

    if they post anything that has a remote level of risque nature to it, it's likely that RPers on Twitter will end up facing similar issues. Though, last time something like this happened, I attempted to invite RPers to add me on Skype (this was back in like...2013...), but to

  • sexxxangel01 Jeni Angel🧚🏾‍♀️✨ (@sexxxangel01) reported

    My friend is trying to sell me his car for $1000!!! I’ll be selling my camera roll, any content (new or old). And I might start doing Skype shows (still thinking about it lol). Dm me my luvs💕✨ Please support and help In any way possible😇💕🥺✨🦋💦

  • svtiz ً (@svtiz) reported

    i need help w my pcs does anyone wanna discord or skype 😁👍

  • Dwash320 Devon Washington (@Dwash320) reported

    @GiaPaige I would make a Skype just to help in any way I can. You're going to get that wallet back. You're going to make that flight on time. And your dogs are going to be licking your face before you know it!

  • BUFFM0NA_BOT buff mona (@BUFFM0NA_BOT) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means.

  • BorjaBalleste Borja Balleste (@BorjaBalleste) reported

    How to contact @tapairportugal to solve any issue: Phone: waiting list + they hang up Facebook & Twitter: no answer Skype: "the link doesn't work" Great job guys, 2 days trying to get my customer number and 0 results. SHAME.

  • The_PemPire Basement Dweller (@The_PemPire) reported

    @VGFGamers That was one of my biggest problems with skype. That, and the damn app doesn't work for shit on a windows phone

  • kkkitsune jiwwy (@kkkitsune) reported

    she then verbally abused me over skype messenger calling me a "stupid ******* *****" and a terrible person for using the word cancer in such a manner

  • thebiggestooof whiny baby brat 🥺 (@thebiggestooof) reported

    I just wanna lay down and feel my baby girl kick but I gotta get up and get ready to skype my professor for my exam and view the baby shower venue 😞 I know shes with me all the time I just wanna spend time with my girl lol

  • mightier_the The pen is mightier (@mightier_the) reported

    horny again... #buyingnudes or ideally a #skype.. need to verify due to previous issues.. hmu!

  • shoobe01 Steven Hoober (@shoobe01) reported

    @cydharrell My experience is that Skype, as relentlessly stupid as it is, at least works essentially every time. Constantly blowing whole meetings due to connectivity issues with literally every other service we’ve tried. Awesome to hear even this is not consistently reliable though.

  • prepaid_africa The Prepaid Economy (@prepaid_africa) reported

    I must close the tab. I'm using free level of Zencastr and I'm thrilled with in browser p2p VoIP quality. Audio had some challenges today but it was raining in Nairobi during our talk. Skype would have wilted in a terrible way.

  • berrieswinwin 昀昀 🍓 thanks for yours love ! thanks papa ! (@berrieswinwin) reported

    @SkypeSupport why is my audio not working help

  • bellesandbellas Lys (@bellesandbellas) reported

    @Lou_Premium Lmao they need to skype for help instead 😭

  • LouLouMason Lou-Lou Mason (@LouLouMason) reported

    @virginmedia Jane very kindly managed to find small discount for rest of my contract year, but this isn't enough compensation for lack of service. If i work from home & i'm logged into business skype & doing back to back skype calls & my BB drops out, it takes at least 10 mins to reset... /4

  • Queen_Caviv Queen_Caviv (@Queen_Caviv) reported

    My interview was terrible. All my devices decided to just misbehave. My PC became slow and decided to crash, now it won't come on. My Skype was misbehaving. It was terrible. Cried. Oh well, now I have to wait a month before I can apply again. I'm just so tired.

  • FeistyNita Netflix (@FeistyNita) reported

    @AshieAmbitious When it happened, I tried so hard to not cry. Mi rahtid!! Mi put down one piece of cow bawling on Skype. I felt so betrayed by the porridge.

  • woominchans v 💫 (@woominchans) reported

    hate myself for it but the start of that live made me think about fel¡x going down on ch.n under his desk while he’s on skype or smth,, trying to act normal like nothings going on while l¡xie tries to make him break and end the call because he can’t stay quiet

  • pavelgregory Mouth of Matuszak (@pavelgregory) reported

    @UnrealAllan @LostJavaCat With that last limitation, which inhibits collaboration with subcontractors, it is a step down from Skype for business.

  • FPL_Dave FPL Dave (@FPL_Dave) reported

    @Shadii_Mo @LetsTalk_FPL This is the answer ma man. When you go past the threshhold when speaking skype or whatever you're using turns your volume down to compensate. Most annoying thing ever. Also, I know we spoke about an external interface, thats a great way to control volume levels. Good ol' knobs!

  • SonOfGibbo Chicken flavoured pickle (@SonOfGibbo) reported

    Every single day tv interviews conducted by Skype/Facetime are ruined by terrible internet connections... yet media ppl still question the need to spend billions on broadband upgrades #GE2019

  • amateur_bro 👖Kris Kringle👖@I LOVE PANTS... PANTSFEET👖👣 (@amateur_bro) reported

    I drank an entire bittle of champagne in celebration of me submitting my thesis Bc nobody else liked it And then my professor told me i gotta be down in LA for my final oral exam during finals And i just I drunk-replied can we do it over skype pls guys i dont LIVE THERE ANYMORE

  • HuixiangSamZhu Katusha02 (@HuixiangSamZhu) reported

    @AskFrontier You can tell you moron CEO to kiss all our costumers ass! I am so piss right now, the internet is been outage right at the time I need to Skype my boss for job report. And is not the only time! I have no idea when was last time your internet is actually working!

  • _KennySoto Kenny Soto (@_KennySoto) reported

    Please comment or DM if you're down to get on a Skype call with me...I'm serious about this. I have both the time and the funds to get this done...

  • CoreyTheGamer01 Joker / Corey (@CoreyTheGamer01) reported

    @bxdder @iFireMonkey Convince your friends to get Skype or discord easy fix

  • FinalNeilz Final Neilz (@FinalNeilz) reported

    task manager can shut down skype so don’t even ******* mess with him

  • Amber_lafay God is Good💖 (@Amber_lafay) reported

    somebody download skype on their computer and call me since my phone is broken🙄 lmfao

  • balalaichnitsa Dr Clare Griffin (@balalaichnitsa) reported

    @skidwayy @SocHistTech @hssonline I don't know how those conferences have dealt with issues like this, but I have seen other conferences make remote participation possible, for example by having the presenter send in a video, or present over Skype/similar

  • ElSrdelTaco TacoTruck_on_sea🌮🔥🏦 (@ElSrdelTaco) reported

    @maggieNYT 100% certain he gets a friendly audience like he did after he got booed at the world series and ufc. Problem is he'll have to hang with Bolsonaro and Duterte, Bibi can join via Skype.

  • CorruptedTacos Just Another L.A. Divorcee (@CorruptedTacos) reported

    @gobypizza Just checked they shut down their twitter!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuckfuckfuck but discord has screen sharing you can do it skype style thats about it at this point

  • moderateRepand1 @moderateRepandDem (@moderateRepand1) reported

    @mauidiver1 Dear .@SpeakerPelosi, If you cared about #climatechange, IMO, you wouldn't have gone to Spain using FOSSIL FUELS YOU WOULD LEAD BY EXAMPLE AND USE TECHNOLOGY LIKE SKYPE INSTEAD OF ADDING TO THE CLIMATE ISSUE Just my humble opinion

  • therealsiennna 💙💎MistressSienna💦⚠️ (@therealsiennna) reported

    Actually compassionate and try to be a little different than other ******. I Skype I do fuxking everything right and I’m about to lose my home my pets have no food like I DONT NEED A SUGAR DADDY, *****. I know the difference. But I just need help man idek what to do maybe I’ll

  • DragutinMaric Dragutin Maric (@DragutinMaric) reported

    @Barnacules Slightly. 230lbs as of august. Binge eating combine with depression-induced low dopamine causes issues. Mom thinks I still look the same on Skype, so I am probably OK. Usually binge eating doesn't cause issues when I am really happy, but when I am depressed... Food is life...

  • NotYouRaps IAmNotYou (@NotYouRaps) reported

    I gave in and did one phone interview during TBB because of Skype being "unprofessional" and let me tell you it was the most awful, awkward interview I held down Didnt even bother posting it and I was really geeked to have the person on the show Shit was def a momentum killer

  • eissyrc cryssie (@eissyrc) reported

    @Wildsau @ericpet Its called video relay service. Yes, its app based. Similar to the idea of Skype/Facetime but w/ an interpreter. We can also do voice carry over for deaf folks who dont want to sign but speak. Basically they speak, and what you say will be interpreted in ASL by the interpreter.

  • ginkers Giancarlo Rinaldi (@ginkers) reported

    @NorthernWrites In fact, we could do it remotely via Skype - Wine 🍷 Down The Line...

  • dccmckay Deirdre McKay (@dccmckay) reported

    @KTeaiwa Some Filipino migrants I interviewed left their Skype or FaceTime on for many minutes, live-streaming a soundscape of TFL back home. Their kids would listen, ‘Yes, Mum’s getting down from the bus now..., walking to her employer.’ Together apart.

  • CMagdalenaHNW Cheryl Jeffries (@CMagdalenaHNW) reported

    @PurgeGaws I do . My crappy Samsung died in September and being on disability I can’t afford a new one...just using skype for calls but I can’t even call 911 if I have a fall or God forbid another stroke or seizure...please help me

  • LillithsGhost 🔪Ghost🌸Goddess🛸Lillith💕 Manyvids&OnlyFans (@LillithsGhost) reported

    Found out why Ive been in so much pain. I will be getting treatments done soon and they are expensive. If you would like to help, please check out my content for sale on @manyvids as well as my physical store. I also have @onlyfans & will be doing Skype Sessions for a lucky few.

  • MrMcSwiftface Swifty McSwiftface (@MrMcSwiftface) reported

    @scottsmithdev Thanks for this, it’s definitely a solution to my Xcode problem but then slack, Skype etc... will all open up on the wrong screen instead. I’ll make this change as I’m constantly open/closing Xcode but wondering if there’s a per app solution

  • Weeaboo__Bot Weeaboo Bot (@Weeaboo__Bot) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist girl! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘yaranaika’ means. Man I’m so horny today. Sorry.I’m sorry. I just came out and said it.