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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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  • AstrosCounty Thickie Don (@AstrosCounty) reported

    @the_tees_two My laptop crapped out, so I had to Skype in via phone, hence my terrible sound

  • SalAntithesis Salvatore Antithesis (@SalAntithesis) reported

    @jablan @ai_smq I’d be down to do a Skype or soemthing sometime

  • MeggyGarol Meggy Garol (@MeggyGarol) reported

    @onetwogee Always except it will be in down town. I’m thinking we should have people call in and do a Skype around.

  • cmutch91 Colin (@cmutch91) reported

    So many techincal problems Google wasn't working for some odd reason and then my skype recorder didn't want to pick the mic from my webcam 😡😡😡😡

  • VapourSyndicate RojoMono (@VapourSyndicate) reported

    @Vapelord999 Whoa bro, I surely hope that you're okay or at least on your way to being okay. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. We could DM, call, Skype, or whatever. I'm worried about you. Please take care of yourself first. We can worry about the rest afterwards.

  • Aleksandar0KING AK-OFFICAL (@Aleksandar0KING) reported

    @Skeppy, i wanted to say, that i could help you troll someone because im a perfect kid for troling. I want to have some job (not for money ). I just want to help, cause that would be funny on youtube (i think), so please answer if you accept me. Contact Skype: live:emailking07

  • johnthejack John Peters (@johnthejack) reported

    @PantheraSteven It's the disconnect between phone users and computer users. It would be so uch easier to chat on here or on Skype. It's the pick up phone, read, type, send, put down phone, go back to computer, pick up phone...

  • starrycove 💫𝓂 𝒶 𝓇 𝓎 𝓇 𝑜 𝓈 𝑒🌊🏳️‍🌈 (@starrycove) reported

    im so stupid oh my god the email used was adobedesk.usa and i was getting support help through skype idk how this kind of stuff works so im like ok cool i just wanted help to get what i had already owned (i was being stubborn cause my mother drilled in my head that cloud was bad)

  • snow_minhdy snowminhdy (@snow_minhdy) reported

    @Skype Uh how do I fix this

  • BUFFM0NA_BOT buff mona (@BUFFM0NA_BOT) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means.

  • snazel Jasmine Stairs (@snazel) reported

    @Cyan220 We have certainly run up against tech issues— the problem of how to deal with maps is one that is going to eat me alive— but fortunately so far it's run okay. I've had a lot of friends have issues with roll20 though, so we're just using Skype and I'm trying to figure out irl maps

  • MadDogEleven Crow Teej Robot (@MadDogEleven) reported

    @cellikeseggs Ughhhhhhhh. Even with friends, I have them either e-mail me or send a note on FA and we discuss commission details through only those means. Telegram/Skype/Discord conversations convolute the entire process and makes it harder to track down information.

  • ShootTheWendy Jade 🐍⭐️🦊 (@ShootTheWendy) reported

    my coworkers all use the abbreviation "otp" constantly over Skype--it means "on the phone." When will my broken brain stop wanting to correct them on its actual meaning, revealing myself as a ***** internet *******, from the depths of fandom

  • tapley_kate Kate Tapley Doesn’t Seem 5’9” On the Internet (@tapley_kate) reported

    Therapists: People who are chronically ill NEED a Skype/FaceTime web option for therapy. They need therapy desperately, but there will be days when they physically can’t get to you. My husband has been turned down as a client because he needs to be “committed” to therapy. He is.

  • Airspider23 Airspider23 (@Airspider23) reported

    This guy might be on to something. All the times Texas was shoving food in his mouth or playing with his facial hair or picking his hair for 15 mins of the show probably didn't help. The honeymoon ep hosted by him & Vic felt like i caught someone's Skype call. I like Tex Btw.

  • imipak John Steed (@imipak) reported

    @ellenjoyceauthr @pigletish Of course, that doesn't help much, other than to explain my total lack of astonishment and my complete willingness to agree with you. Getting help will be the hard part, with a 9-5 job, as therapists also tend to work 9-5. I could do Skype with a doctor in another time zone.

  • notyourdan Danny 🦄 (@notyourdan) reported

    @ThisIsMissEm @DominikFG @TaelurAlexis @dan_abramov Ohhhh, in America this is the norm. In fact, you're looked down on if you aren't avail 24/7 via phone/skype/email.

  • mbushong Michael Bushong (@mbushong) reported

    @naik_ameet SDN took forever to take off, largely bc the early days lacked specific use cases. Remember the early use cases were around network optimization for things like Skype (HP’s push). SD-WAN gave it a problem statement & a specific thing to buy, which moved it beyond science project.

  • FranzGsottbauer Franz Gsottbauer (@FranzGsottbauer) reported

    @SkypeSupport After a two hour support session the problem could be found. There is an error on the Skype website and several countries are affected (Austria, Germany and France). This is for your information.

  • jhaghkerdar Jess Haghkerdar (@jhaghkerdar) reported

    It’s important for people to try to be self-aware of noises they CAN help with little effort. Also, if you manage a group, consider having side rooms that people can take meetings/skype calls in.

  • hdz563 Laura Hernandez (@hdz563) reported

    I'm willing to help coworkers and clients when they are trying to learn. It frustrates me to help them when they refuse to learn how to do something when they've been shown how to do it multiple times. (e.g., presenting desktop on Skype and calling in) #workmeetings

  • beckett929 beckett929 (@beckett929) reported

    @JustinRockwell Slack is all other terrible things Skype could never get their shit together to be

  • McGuireDavid David McGuire (@McGuireDavid) reported

    @zoom_us I don’t really have much more detail for you. Every so often a client clicks the “join Zoom meeting” link, and try get an error message saying they are not permitted to use it. So then we have to rearrange on Skype, which sucks.

  • mattbrailsford Matt Brailsford 🇪🇺 (@mattbrailsford) reported

    @simonswiss @chriscoyier I can also chat all day on slack or twitter no problem, but face to face is draining. Whenever someone asks to Skype, internally I'm hoping we can get away with text chat 😁

  • HuskerFox Heckles H. Hyena (@HuskerFox) reported from Montréal, Québec

    @leimlion Yeah I just installed it for some fun. Bringing back memories. It's the only thing I could ever use again since Microsoft locked me out of my own Hotmail account and refused to let me back in unless I paid for a subscription service. I lost access to my Skype & Messenger.

  • SexyTeacherKaty 💎sexyteacherkatie 💎 (@SexyTeacherKaty) reported

    having tech problems today so no don't think I can cam or skype 😥

  • ronniemandias [nodding] 16 Days ✈️🏔 (@ronniemandias) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means. Man I’m so horny today. Sorry. I’m sorry. I feel so bad.

  • princenamdev786 Prince Namdev ✮✮✮✮✮ (@princenamdev786) reported

    @SeanPKelley We can only help you if the position is available complete remote PHP developer. Skype and other support will be provided.

  • k3vk4 ((( Kevin Karhan ))) 🛡️ #PNCHNZS 24/7! (@k3vk4) reported

    @My1xT @nblr @schmaennes @frank_rieger @Microsoft @Skype @Office @Windows @LinusTech @VisualStudio @intel @ImaginationTech Which I think isn't worth the hassle and issues with Windows 8.x

  • ladymarydivine Mary Divine - Phoenix 6/13-6/21 (@ladymarydivine) reported

    I’m not one to ask for help or favors. I work hard and hustle harder. I’m about to turn this small mishap, into a major moment. Custom Content. Companion Dates. Skype Calls. All of the Above. I’m here to serve those that serve my wallet. Cash App, Venmo accepted 👋🏼

  • Gerridwynn Erik Keller, Screw the GOP! (@Gerridwynn) reported

    @Kokomothegreat Secret Service agents, save me please. He a complete and total nut. I found him and Pence in bed together while McConnell pee'd on them both. And Kavanaugh was filming the whole damn thing! And I'm not sure, but I think Putin and Un were watching on Skype. I need the hell out!

  • Dwanesterrr Dwane Lauinger (@Dwanesterrr) reported

    Manny_Ottawa @manny_ottawa High priestess “yells” the scripture of the religion of Global Warming— if only @cathmckenna can show just 1 Act that her Boss #FakeEnvironmentalist did to help Climate emergency: 1. On his 98th Flight in2019 2. Mandatory Skype👇

  • OlBeezles Ollie Roberts (@OlBeezles) reported

    @facebook The last conversation I had with my dad before he passed was via Messenger Skype. I’m desperate to have that video so I can re-watch it. I can’t find anywhere that tells me how to download it. Please, please help me.

  • Scamwatch_gov Scamwatch_gov_au (@Scamwatch_gov) reported

    @hey_stargazer @Skype @hey_stargazer thanks for your tweet and sorry to hear this has been happening. We suggest contacting Microsoft’s online Skype Support to see if they can help.

  • IrishKinkstress IrishKinkstress (@IrishKinkstress) reported

    Well seems like @AdultWorkcom have made up their minds to remove the Skype cam option from the site. This means when i'm available for sessions i shall have to stay logged into Directcam constantly. Lets hope the connection issues are fixed by then.

  • soundadvice_pro Caroline Carswell (@soundadvice_pro) reported

    @Ournewears @DeafEdIreland Agreed, video for aurals would be a big help - like using #Skype, for instance. Makes context less random, with clues for decoding content.

  • justrightlinds ໊linda (@justrightlinds) reported

    @Skype @dovelydomas i sounded terrible annA oU

  • eclectic_soul "My man Joey!" (@eclectic_soul) reported

    @Skype It's Skype for Business and it won't let me sign in. I'm not the only one at work with this issue. It may be a server issue at my work. Thank you for checking in, though.

  • loumorcom Louise (@loumorcom) reported

    @JennyRudall @O2 I had this with O2, trying to charge me for calls to the USA that had been made in WhatsApp and Skype. In the end I solved the problem by just cancelling my direct debit and eventually they called me and we sorted it that way.

  • hestiakane Mistress Hestia Kane (@hestiakane) reported

    Cam not working but you know where I am for phone chat or Skype bookings #adultwork

  • FireflyKari Kari-Anne Liebling (@FireflyKari) reported

    "There was only one problem, the account on Facebook simply showed up as “Profile not found”. He immediately sent her an email telling her that he got hacked on Facebook and WhatsApp and to get on Skype instead."

  • rashiq Rashiq (@rashiq) reported

    @tiffany__q had a similar problem once :( ended up just buying skype credit to call

  • bellydncer nancy wallace (@bellydncer) reported

    @KatTimpf The issue was decided by the US Supremes many years ago. But I sort of want you deported because your Skype transmissions into Fox from grand Bahama island would be hysterical.

  • GambitTrash 🌴🌴 Del 🌴🌴 (@GambitTrash) reported

    @LadyAnnatar Thing is Ara and a couple of my others are in danger not because of **** but because of blood and gore. Like they enjoy torturing people of any age. It really sucks that I’m gonna have to tone them down for Twitter. I’ve started RPing on Discord and Skype is still good for RP, —

  • DarkWitch777 Grace Ndabananiye (@DarkWitch777) reported

    @DragonFyreFly For me, this person is talking to me online, on this site where you can exchange languages. However this person is so pushy, and really up for conversation (e.g. Skype) it's really off putting. I wish he could just find someone else. I know it's not really his problem, but still

  • ChrisTheProf Chris Renshaw (@ChrisTheProf) reported

    @kjrevia @425suzanne Yeah we kept running into issues with Skype for interviews/long distance players for RPGs. @ithayla reminded me of Discord's chat features, and you don't need to download the app - you can just use the web version.

  • justjanis Janis McCulloch (@justjanis) reported

    @mgshanks Say Skype is down ill vouch for you

  • StormMela Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER (@StormMela) reported

    3. Some have pointed to advances such as telemedicine to improve the healthcare in rural areas, but its utility has been largely as a diagnostic tool; you can't set a broken arm by Skype, nor can you remove an appendix.

  • alachite wondering stars (@alachite) reported

    My Outlook is not down, but both Skype and Word crashed in the last 2 hours, which is slightly more frequent than normal

  • ILikeCheapBeer I Like Cheap Beer (@ILikeCheapBeer) reported

    @CurtisWenis The shared screen of a Skype meeting goes blurry as shit when there's more than 15 people on the call. WebEx has no such issue.

  • AZiemak Amy Z. (@AZiemak) reported from Cleveland Heights, Ohio

    Skype won’t work, google calendar is dead, and my office WiFi is down. I think it’s time to leave. It’s basically a matter of national security at this point.

  • skyglowberlin Christopher Kyba (@skyglowberlin) reported

    I would love to know how many Zoom, Skype, Webex, etc. meetings are not happening right now because of Google Calendar being down...

  • smuoit SMU OIT (@smuoit) reported

    At this time, we believe that this morning’s Skype issues have been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP.

  • ryanminnick Ryan Minnick (@ryanminnick) reported

    @MicrosoftTeams There's also an issue with an external teams tenant showing up as a skype business contact in chat (thus with limited comms ability) but that's less pressing than the duplicate orphaned tenant.

  • scrltsky 小玉 @ お誕生日おめでとう、太宰治 ❤️ (@scrltsky) reported

    u would think that after YEARS of being in skype/discord gcs where ur every typo would go down in history endless and eternal as a generational meme i would make minimal typos during coding but no! i'm stupid! i'm dumb! i'm stumb

  • smuoit SMU OIT (@smuoit) reported

    Some users might experience issues with Skype for Business this morning. We are currently working on resolving the Skype issues related to this morning’s failover test. We apologize for the disruption and will update when we have more information.

  • CurvyZoe 🍑 Curvy Zoe Grace 💋 [18+] (@CurvyZoe) reported

    @ChchMaleEscort Yes, a subscription service maybe. It would save a lot of women from bad Tinder dates & make the world a bit less lonely. Even a service based mainly on SMS, with (for example) a weekly call or Skype. I have three clients who pay $10 per WWF game & we chat using the game portal.

  • itsmemikeyp mike patterson (@itsmemikeyp) reported

    @bbctms @bbc5live Missed a meeting watching that, said I said Skype issues 🙈

  • Mutaz_1983 Mutaz (@Mutaz_1983) reported

    @Skype there is a number when i try to call it says the number is blocked by skype , i have a monthly paid sub, and i can call other numbers but only one number i can't call , can someone please help

  • Mattstweets1 Matt Porter (@Mattstweets1) reported

    @JSatrape @zoom_us @homelaber Using @zoom_us here also. Having to use customers webex or Skype is painful. Wastes time waiting for tech issues.