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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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October 17: Problems at Skype

Skype is having issues since 04:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Messaging (31.25%)
  • Sign in (31.25%)
  • Connection (28.13%)
  • App Crashing (6.25%)
  • Multimedia (3.13%)

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  • andycaterer
    Andy (@andycaterer) reported

    @EE I’m struggling to make calls from my phone from USA right now and I need some help please. Can some one contact me please urgently and happy to use WhatsApp or Skype

  • MrRobRoberts
    rob roberts (@MrRobRoberts) reported

    @Skype okay so it clearly has something to do with the fact that i had an old razr kraken 7.1 headset that i had to replace with a 7.2 and now the audio cuts on my computer completely if i try speaking on a call. switching my mic input to my webcam will fix it but it's far from ideal

  • LinuxHedgieVA
    🎃Spoopy Linux The Hedgecat VA🎃 (@LinuxHedgieVA) reported

    @SkypeSupport Yes. I've used a Motorola Z2 Force since December of last year and I've never had these problems until the recent mobile update.

  • LinuxHedgieVA
    🎃Spoopy Linux The Hedgecat VA🎃 (@LinuxHedgieVA) reported

    @SkypeSupport I also just found another problem. Whenever I join an ongoing call, it automatically turns my camera on and keeps ringing even though I'll already be in the call or exit the call.

  • jewleesi
    Jewls Senesac (@jewleesi) reported from Indianapolis, Indiana

    @DYWTSB Thank you! I think my issue is that I have 3 inputs. Two microphones and then Skype. So confused about how to record that way! I’ve got the two mics on an aggregate input! Just don’t know what to do with the Skype input.

  • azelove
    fuckin chucky (@azelove) reported from Rancho Cordova, California

    @_cxrlo Do one of those generic Skype error messages and then if you run into her, tell her you’ve been unable to access your skype

  • MoonPlutoNYC
    Aliza (@MoonPlutoNYC) reported

    @Skype Well, Skype didn’t help me grow my business 😂 but I did use Skype to make phone calls

  • Mcilwain1st
    Staley McIlwain (@Mcilwain1st) reported

    @MrsWtech If you want some fellow Alabamians, we would be down! Haven’t done a mystery Skype with this group yet.

  • Pikampy
    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ When you 𝙒 𝘼 𝙇 𝙆 𝙄 𝙉 𝙂 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (@Pikampy) reported

    @ConstricterSTW @PndaaTweets *kicks down door* @Skype let's get it

  • pddneil
    _mnifrank (@pddneil) reported

    Our JUMP CONCEPT WORKSHOP will help you discover your true Product-Market fit before you spend months building the wrong product. It is designed to give you the confidence you need to either commit or trash your idea. Join me on Skype for a FREE consultation. Skype ID - expachino

  • josephdavis_nyc
    Joseph Davis (@josephdavis_nyc) reported

    @ReneeYoungWWE Just you and him dowload the Skype app. That should solve the apple and droid problem.

  • barnesemma56
    emma (@barnesemma56) reported

    @SkypeSupport yes she says she didnt know how to turn it on she is gonna ask christina deb to help with it over the #weekend maybe on #Sunday

    Jon Ferguson (@MMAFERGUSON1) reported

    @Skype Unistalled then reinstalled new Skype. Doesn't work still. 1 week without being about being able to do any media work not impressed. Billion dollar company and yet you still can't fix this mess. Easy solution admit you messed up and go back to the previous version.

  • RandallCAnders1
    R.C. Anderson (@RandallCAnders1) reported

    My own opinion is that the USA needs to CLOSE our borders. No more immigrants...period. At least for a few years, maybe 10, then take another serious look at the issue. And much less flying to other countries! Learn to use Skype or something.

  • notwaving
    spookworm (@notwaving) reported

    @natalyadell LOL the NHS agreeing to Skype therapy. One issue is that one of my two session is a group session and we can't ask the others to adjust. But that is the session I have the least trouble attending (it's Monday - by Wednesday's individual appt it's harder to drag myself out).

  • mockingbirdmimo
    Mimo (@mockingbirdmimo) reported


  • naughty_nerdess
    Rachel Edwards (@naughty_nerdess) reported

    @Pawkeshup I completely agree. I mean sure you can watermark things but that doesn't always work. Problem is people see services like skype or discord as something separate. There's a false sense of privacy.

  • lauragirardo
    Laura🌷 (@lauragirardo) reported

    Dear YouTubers, if you’re going to add a scene where you talk to a person on Factime, Skype or on the phone, PLEASE add your own captioning to it. The auto captions are incredibly terrible and they don’t capture those sounds. Sincerely, a frustrated deaf girl

  • barnesemma56
    emma (@barnesemma56) reported

    @SkypeSupport she says she is gonna ask #christinadeb how to fix it at the weekend my nan jackie says she doesnt know how to turn it on

  • sunsetseokie
    yui ♡'s el (@sunsetseokie) reported

    I really want to talk with el but my Skype is a lil btch and it's not working :')) please when I'm finally feeling comfortable enough and brave enough. Skype don't allow me to do this

  • va3ets
    Dan & Nuris forever (@va3ets) reported

    @grtdane Yeah i agree Dane. In my opinion, Skype as really gone down the tubes as far as audio quality, and accessibility as well. I’ve totally quit using it now.

  • dylandiamond1
    dylan (@dylandiamond1) reported

    @SkypeSupport help!

  • Bandito_Dawn
    ||-// Banditø Dawn🌻 (@Bandito_Dawn) reported

    to their skype,,... and started calling them..... When they answered, Mark and Jenna were playing with Jim on the bus, and Debby was coming out of the bathroom, and for some reason, Tyler was laying upside down on the couch. and they all said "HEY HEATHER." like.. in unison

  • Jamballam
    Jamie Is Lame (@Jamballam) reported

    I just noticed a continuity error with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. When she starts her fake Skype call, the Apple logo is lit up (because it’s always lit up when the screen is on) but the in the next frame, it’s off 🤔

  • whiskyd
    Nadeen S (@whiskyd) reported

    @Skype We are all using different devices- macs, windows, iPhone- the issue is device and release independent

  • luxe_strategist
    The Luxe Strategist (@luxe_strategist) reported

    @fivefeetsmall I so feel this. I recently got an e-mail asking to get on the phone and help them pick their 401k funds. That's like me asking Smitten Kitchen if she can Skype with me and check how my bread is rising 😂

  • naughty_nerdess
    Rachel Edwards (@naughty_nerdess) reported

    @Pawkeshup Yes but again notice how specifically worded Skype's Term's of service is. It implies that the user maintains ownership and that they are giving other people permission to use what is uploaded. While Discord's vague wording implies you are giving Discord itself permission.

  • VisibilityTech
    Visibility (@VisibilityTech) reported

    @QuidditchMachi1 We don't offer any international service. You do have the option to use third party apps like Skype, Facetime, and Whatsapp. -EDP

  • inthewildkngdom
    April Smith (@inthewildkngdom) reported

    My company has a new owner and my previous owners told me to ask him for a raise. But the problem is I’ve never met the guy, we’ve only talked via Skype. I’ve never met him in person. I don’t know what to do 🙈

  • horacijz
    Kārlis (@horacijz) reported

    @SkypeSupport No, login works fine (can authorize with first time), it is just that I have to login when I have never signed out myself, it just signed me out on its own. Windows 10

  • dropoutnation
    RiShawn Biddle (@dropoutnation) reported

    This is also an issue in #edreform, with numerous groups still having not figured out that Skype is great for diversifying panels. The underlying reason has nothing to do with Luddism. The reason is because those hosting the panels and conferences don't care to diversify.

  • KrisGrey_Darker
    Kristina Grey (@KrisGrey_Darker) reported

    c) sitting down with the cup in my hand on the couch when my cell rings and it's a Skype call from Adriana, taking a sip and answering her call with my free hand, my hair hasn't been brushed, I've no make up on, and I must look a complete mess, but with my c) @Adriana_Darker

  • dekkab75
    David Krzeminski. (@dekkab75) reported

    @SkypeSupport @womtvuk I mean for android. And I tried Skype for web, same problem. Messages aren't sent. I live in Belgium. I know i've had this issue sometimes in the past. Generally everything come to normal after a few moment.

  • MoneyIsMorality
    Money Is Morality💰💰💰 (@MoneyIsMorality) reported

    They offer brain picking sessions, strategy calls, or Skype consulting for free as a way to help get people on the right track. The sad part is the people who need it most are seeing those offers from a scarcity mindset. "He's probably too busy. I won't get anything out of it."

  • dekkab75
    David Krzeminski. (@dekkab75) reported

    @SkypeSupport @womtvuk I have the same issue, Skype 7 and for mobile too. It happens sometimes.

  • MasterCyclonis1
    Bella Scully 👽 (@MasterCyclonis1) reported

    Hey @Skype @SkypeSupport please fix both your desktop and mobile app. They're both just broke. Desktop just showing people offline when they're not and messages not being received. Mobile app I'm being forced to sign in and out to see new messages and get no notifications.

  • RavingPsychotic
    RavingPsychotic (@RavingPsychotic) reported

    Dear @SkypeSupport @Skype, FIX YOUR SHIT! Signed, Everyone

  • Bowser64ify
    Smug Ridley (@Bowser64ify) reported

    Hey @Skype my messages are taking forever to send looks like you need to fix something.

  • absolutstephane
    STEPHANE PASTOR (@absolutstephane) reported

    @SkypeSupport “No error message” sorry

  • absolutstephane
    STEPHANE PASTOR (@absolutstephane) reported

    @SkypeSupport Hello, version of the app is and I have error message, the call just cannot get thru

  • thedarkmist
    Francesco Canovi (@thedarkmist) reported

    @inkblurt Same problem here. Many people reported it. As far as I know the only solution is revert to Skype classic.

  • absolutstephane
    STEPHANE PASTOR (@absolutstephane) reported

    @skypesupport i there i cannot place calls from my Samsung S7, eventhoug i have 10 USD of skype to phine credita, can you help

    RETRO (@KYNG_RETRO) reported

    @MTNza Bought a 1gb Night Express that i never got to use because your network was down.Missed my Skype calls and it costed me a lot.Treat us your customers better.

  • delicatebix
    𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓪 (@delicatebix) reported

    my old skype acc had so many problems so i got a new one, drop your username 🤪

  • leoapiyo
    akush® (@leoapiyo) reported

    @SkypeSupport I need help recovering my skype account.i mis-spelt my recovery email address now am locked out

  • DavidTovey1975
    David John Tovey (@DavidTovey1975) reported

    @weareunltd TBH I was extremely lucky because @our_MoH helped with all the paperwork, I'm not very good at writing down my vision, but having the Skype process with @joverrent and also being able to submit a film of me explaining the piece really helped.

  • MilnesD
    David Milnes (@MilnesD) reported from Rotherham, England

    @LBC @NickFerrariLBC Don’t know why she is even going wasting her time discussing issues they are not going to budge on. Only allowed 10 minutes presentation time! All this could be sent via an email or Skype!

  • petertian
    PeterSaysYES! (PSY) (@petertian) reported

    My streamyx is down today 😕😤😣 sometimes up and down when I chat with my deaf friends countryside via Skype lag! #streamyx #unifi #SignLanguage #deaf #DeafSport

  • malefhl00
    Bad Boy (@malefhl00) reported

    I am horny 🍆 I need horny bottom gay who can help me 🍆 Dm for my Snapchat or skype #gay #سالب #gays #bottom #gayteen #teens #teen #youngay #gayteen #bottomgay #snapgay #gayskype

  • hubseb90
    hubseb90 (@hubseb90) reported

    @SkypeSupport Hello Skype Team, my Account got hacked couple days ago. It is locked for now. I haven't received any mail yet from you about which data maybe got stolen. Also someone called three different numbers and automaticly took 20€ from my bank account. Please Help!

  • asrulmm
    Asrul Muzaffar (@asrulmm) reported

    We wasted almost one solid hour just to get Cisco Webex connection to work. In the end we had to cancel the conference. I have video conferencing using Skype for Business with partners in Hong Kong, China and Europe before. Never once I had this kind of problem

  • donaldstafford0
    Game Trader (@donaldstafford0) reported

    @EricKim76862258 stop giving out my home address and tellingm me inprivet chat your coming to my hom town to kill me. stop trolling mer in real life. your are the worst store owner in the workld. leave me alow stop calling my skype stop c buning up my track phone for sport just to hlod me down

  • ElleMar00409450
    Elle Marie (@ElleMar00409450) reported

    @KorrieXo Mines down too. :’3 Probably a bug or something. Happened to Skype too.

  • haIIoweengray
    ghoulia (@haIIoweengray) reported

    i feel like whenever im on skype i always either say "im hungry" or "brb im going to go get food" uhhh i have a problem

  • Giantfirering28
    Cole (@Giantfirering28) reported

    @SrRyteAway Then Discord goes down, then skype, then facebook, then the world

  • Bernard888
    Bernard (@Bernard888) reported

    @SkypeSupport Error: skype uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown. The server might not be sending the appropriate intermediate certificates. An additional root certificate may need to be imported.

  • dredfulhapiness
    Dean Winchester is 40 (@dredfulhapiness) reported

    I hate my job it gives me migraines and the boss is never here so he has to give me orders through Skype and it doesn't make sense and I don't know how to do any of it and I'm going to cry I feel sick and I just want to go eat something and lay down

  • sdtyerim
    tcc a to the g to the u to the sdt (@sdtyerim) reported

    Okay legit can we plan a time when we can just Skype and catch up this is a serious problem, I miss you too much

  • zac_cleary
    Zac (@zac_cleary) reported

    @DOCisChief She didn't even have her skype for business login set all the way up. Still using "guest1234" as the standard password.

  • zac_cleary
    Zac (@zac_cleary) reported

    @DOCisChief She didn't even have her skype for business login set all the way up. Still using "guest1234"