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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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  • saltyfishboi Justin Colt Canterbury (@saltyfishboi) reported

    @CelticBrett And even then, I still didn't get any help at all. I have like one sketch, and the only reason I have that is because I was smart enough to take a screenshot during a Skype call. So the problem kinda made itself, and I feel like it might be an issue that I'm so picky now.

  • DavidBarckhoff David Barckhoff (@DavidBarckhoff) reported

    @rickfr01 @dianekaras @starwars @StarWarsUK I'm looking forward to hearing this Rik. A couple years ago ,I spoke with Diane via Skype about Elstree & it's Star Wars filming. We were thinking to doing some filming there until I stated it was mostly torn down & repurposed for other business.

  • _Rbot_ Rooben.avi (@_Rbot_) reported

    Im in a skype call called actual Mishas please help me

  • birdysinging Bernie (@birdysinging) reported

    Minister not trying to be funny. No. We should be using Skype instead. Coming together is a terrible idea.

  • bludnymph 🎈01/01 🎉 (@bludnymph) reported

    (by private i mean skype or any other video chattin service by da way)

  • HMusly بنت النَّاس (@HMusly) reported

    Omg when I was 16 there wasn't even whatsapp we barely had a Skype convo without spending the first 27 minutes figuring out if the problem was us or them and if it was mic or the audio set

  • wesome__ Veto (@wesome__) reported

    @Skype having an issue where the call overlay disappears on Windows when you click it if another program is fullscreen

  • BurntPopcorn5 BurntPopcorn (@BurntPopcorn5) reported

    @MacisBudLight @not_PC_RN Anywhere from the panhandle down on the right hand side, if you need someone I've got 1 or 2 free nights on Hotels .com & don't mind listening to you vent. Or Skype or text. Sometimes it's hard to talk to married people or happily coupled people. I'm STILL wavering. It's dumb.

  • BUFFM0NA_BOT buff mona (@BUFFM0NA_BOT) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means.

  • JohnHaagensen John S. Haagensen (@JohnHaagensen) reported

    @barclays shit poor customer experience when you block accounts simply for being abroad. Send a text to ask if transaction is ours don’t ask us to install Skype to chat. You may work on chatbot too as its full of spelling mistakes. I love @monzo no such issues with them!

  • TheMeynoush Meynoush (@TheMeynoush) reported

    @CioaraJeremy ... The last times that I was using Skype for a group chat with more than 10 people, just a couple month ago, my CPU usage could easily reach over 100%. But I didn't have the same problem with neither Zoom nor hangouts.

  • arcticdba Alexander Arvidsson (@arcticdba) reported

    @SQLAllFather @diverdown1964 @jasehimm Almost. * All hosts have mics feeding into *their own audacity* as recording over the internet sucks. * We have a teams call on a secondary headset for sync. * Remote guests - I refuse to record skype/teams due to quality and usually go for Zencastr, despite numerous issues.

  • Dave_Dent David Dent (@Dave_Dent) reported

    @skynewsSam Skype issue, my foot ! 🤔 He was just keeping mum ! 🙊😜

  • were_hamster Alex Stahl (@were_hamster) reported

    @sonyaism When I have problems starting something I do it with somebody else around. They don't need to help me, just sit there or be on a Skype call. I don't know why, but it makes it easier.

  • Omran__Ali Omran 🕋 (@Omran__Ali) reported

    @mirsmanhaj @SJWslayer786 Don't mess with Hanabila or they'll call their squad 😥 *Two guys login from Skype video chat*

  • fernwehkunst 𝚕𝚊𝚛𝚊 ! 🐀 (@fernwehkunst) reported

    anyone down to just hanging around and skype later ☹☹

  • Newsome_MMA Newsome (@Newsome_MMA) reported

    @RamzeyTheCat I'll have anybody come on as a co-host but the problem is they will have to be at my house on the Wednesday. I'm not doing these over Skype.

  • sc75300 SC75300 (@sc75300) reported

    @SCDrives I’m reluctant to drive without it. Very useful to have footage too for any potential insurance issues. There is a NIP template on the intranet but please have a chat with a Sarge or your line manager first, as there some gotchas to beware of. GL - Skype me if you need any help 👍

  • ViergelieJoseph Viergelie Joseph (@ViergelieJoseph) reported

    if you're trying to do anything any fraud to Skype the problem it will be worse just give up telling the truth you might have credit

  • Mustangman52 Ty Hansen (@Mustangman52) reported

    @Skype please fix your plate fore for business, always ends up crashing and won’t respond, everything else works on the internet

  • Anuluxe Anuluxe (@Anuluxe) reported

    @johnnygoransson @life_podcasts Honestly. I don’t know why people are so weirdly centric on other people’s ********. This wouldn’t be an issue at all if we just had, you know, basic human privacy. Feels like you’re in a weird bathroom Skype call when you’re in there at the same time as someone else.

  • MrVeritas Mr. Veritas (@MrVeritas) reported

    “The Rob Porter domestic violence fiasco seems to have turned more than just the White House upside down,” Bellatori told The Net Spies via Skype. “Not only has everything been turned upside down, but it seems that abuse victims are literally falling from the sky.”

  • concertgeek24 Rianne (@concertgeek24) reported

    @JXEKER Deadass, I was blackmailed into it and I’ll never forget it. I’ve never talked about it until now. I was told I had a Skype interview in a One Direction group I was in, it went on for months, I was told I’d get money to help my parents with bills and then they gathered my address

  • justmeamea ྉ BunMea ྉ ☕ 🐰 (@justmeamea) reported

    Skype is so broken

  • GFEChloeCummins Chloe Cummins... Pittsburgh (@GFEChloeCummins) reported

    @TNGuy9 if u wanna skype im down

  • basedtran97 Dylan (@basedtran97) reported

    @hrants18 I don’t know 🤔 Bloody hell tho,I don’t know how many people have gone to them but that is a real problem, I’m sure there will be a backlash in the next 5 years of people that say they didn’t get proper help from them, I mean how can these decisions be made over a few Skype calls

  • SpinVector Magnus Borgh 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇸🇪 (@SpinVector) reported

    @henrikj I don't use a headset for Skype, so that's not a problem, but I still like to use the computer for music rather than phone/tablet. I *can* listen to music w/o headphones, but only very low volume.

  • DarkMatterzine Dark Matter Zine (@DarkMatterzine) reported

    @riacheyne Thanks. If you want help with building, I might be able to be of help. FYI I use WP Prosperity theme, which does have a cost on top of the hosting... Look, if you'd like, we could skype for half an hour and I could run you through some things. I don't charge for my help.

  • BUFFM0NA_BOT buff mona (@BUFFM0NA_BOT) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means.

  • eleanordjane Eleanor J. Duchannes (@eleanordjane) reported

    also the rest of the family in Leeds," Eleanor added before she ended the video call. Right after Eleanor closed the Skype and shut her laptop down, her husband called her name. "Babe, Eleanor..." called her husband.

  • lundaziboi BLACKMANTAKINGNOLOSS (@lundaziboi) reported

    @Amardzw This is an African problem really. Asking for a Skype call is like an insult to them.

  • Ehubzim E-Hub Systems International (@Ehubzim) reported

    @Techzim This nefarious act by the Saudis has opened more than a can of worms in the usage of WhatsApp and all social media for work processes going forward. Guess many corporates are going to move over to Skype once again (Until issues resurface there too)

  • JustineShikomba Justine. (@JustineShikomba) reported

    i remember this happened to me too and the guy was my friend. i had asked him to help me with schoolwork on skype and then homeboy just started saying weird things. i even ended the call.

  • EnduringFan1 Ross Anonymous (@EnduringFan1) reported

    @ScottBaio Lucky guy! I am half a dozen years younger than you are but I went grey many years ago. It was better than losing my hair but still frustrating. The grey hair looks bad on Skype. I only noticed it as an issue why my GF scolded me for making it stand out by wearing a grey shirt

  • _Krizell_ Kriz (@_Krizell_) reported

    @KAClNE i bet you a million percent you can find someone who specializes very nichely into this area that you can do skype call sessions too maybe even like a few meetings could help resolve some of this conflict

  • caitsbait34 cate (@caitsbait34) reported

    just wanted to say @Apple the new macbook software blows and i’m pissed that it fails to support steam, skype, and origin. i’m just trying to play my games and i can’t. please fix this.

  • dominickevans Dominick Evans (@dominickevans) reported

    @JohnBrianKelly @SFdirewolf @AndrewPulrang I really liked using zoom myself. I've heard from friends that it's really reliable compared to things like Skype which are not. However, I don't know if it would be accessible to people that are blind, for example. I don't know that much about the service. .

  • QueenEDom1 ⚜️Queen E Your Majesty⚜️ (@QueenEDom1) reported

    @johnson_wander “Tribute” is not payment for Skype. Tribute is showing appreciation/tipping. PAYMENT for a service like Skype is totally different. Wander that Johnson.

  • sean_malaney Sean Malaney (@sean_malaney) reported

    @mistressnabiui I never had any problems with her. She always give me my video and did Skype session with me.

  • Wattiboi Ian Watson (@Wattiboi) reported

    @FortniteStatus is there an issue with Xbox chat, cannot get mic to work. Works fine on @Skype test mode #fortnitehelp

  • singlepayertom tim (@singlepayertom) reported

    mfs cancelled my skype interview because they wanted to fly me down to interview in person then after i agreed to it called me back and said they'd only cover half my airfare😂😂😂

  • Mi2terJama Mr. Jama (@Mi2terJama) reported

    fire's buying everyone in the skype group bloons td6 on steam send help

  • heidyghanem Heidy (@heidyghanem) reported

    @Just_s0me1 @Noor25j I think you gotta have both to have more of a "realistic feeling" ... Unless you can Skype or Video chat everytime...then problem solved 🤣

  • ahegaoyoonxgi кαвσσ∂ℓε ℓσωεү⁷♥ (@ahegaoyoonxgi) reported

    Kinda scared to Skype giselle and jaylene, Feel like they're gonna bully me😔 and my front camertis broken. Niceee

  • jenncox24 Jennifer🇺🇸Marie (@jenncox24) reported

    @atensnut HUH 🤔 what exactly is the problem, how do we fix something nobody can explain you flipping morons! 🤡 Demanding we pay you money & it goes away is not how things work ffs! You'd think these 2 would figure out we have the internet- Skype- vrs flying Pvt jets across the globe

  • hanzailar Jaanus Vogelberg (@hanzailar) reported

    Messaging apps have made this problem even worse. Most of them show you as "available" as soon as you log on. On Skype, you can be "busy", but that's routinely ignored. And as soon as you click on the message, you've "seen" it.

  • sirosenbaum S.I. Rosenbaum (@sirosenbaum) reported

    @JGulner I was going to call my phone using computer-desktop skype, which is the main reason I have skype, but I had to put the phone down to type, which is when I noticed I was holding my phone and talking on it

  • TraderJill77 Lj💎 (@TraderJill77) reported

    @raynetungsten My ex and I never went to court. I live in Fl and he's in MO, but he has her every summer, & he's free to come down & spend time w/ her any time he wants. He's flying in tomorrow to take her to the Father/Daughter dance on Sat, and he'll stay w/ me. They skype all the time

  • lunafoxmfc Luna Fox (@lunafoxmfc) reported

    Sleepy and groggy today I don’t feel like putting on any makeup. Anyone down for a lowkey skype (i’m still down to *** of course) duh lol

  • PumpkinPatch200 DR MEOW I can’t stand predators (@PumpkinPatch200) reported

    @Amy60860318 @KirstenKM @CrustedNerd @GeorgievnaKira @facepalmchris @iRlinzi @yanivconspiracy @tabrecorder @Ilovecanada13 @_Clairsey_ @Lolu83238111 @MandaPandaGrrr @itisirrelephant @Bralalalala_HQ @Bon_QuiGirl @a_sirup @ReadingQueen13 @Prissi_coffee @Indieanabones @MsBlaireWhite @chrishansen @HansenVPredator @Cdnwatcher @Censored_Alien @TheLegendOfMaku @YesThatAnna @AWGecko @bull_adora @BethKt1995 @TheRealKeean @egoholic3 @DontbanMurphy @dreadcircus @TheMenzoid @TML_LauraLee3xo @feralize @Genji_bow @SheilaGunnReid @trustednerd @sfusurrey Advice, help you with makeup etc. You could even do a Skype or something trying on session with us. You could take a sign, proudly presenting with the meows or...*******! No...better scratch that 😂 I can imagine you with that sign laughing your head off!

  • simonewrestling simone (@simonewrestling) reported

    for everyone texting or dming me about tegan’s skype call thing thank you & i really appreciate all of you for thinking of me but i’d feel terrible if anyone actually paid the $145 for that call. also there is NO way i would last five seconds on a phone call with her FJDJDK

  • lunafoxmfc Luna Fox (@lunafoxmfc) reported

    Sleepy and groggy today I don’t feel like plutting on any makeup. Anyone down for a lowkey skype (i’m still down to *** of course) duh lol

  • Zomblud Zombii (@Zomblud) reported

    @techny18 You randomly added people with solar in their name and found me on Skype and I agreed to help tronic for literally no benefit to myself

  • linzeestyle Linzee // Linda (@linzeestyle) reported

    I got my PhD almost five years ago but today I had a skype appointment with my advisor to help with a new job search. I wish everyone could have an advisor like mine. <3

  • HARJGTWO HARJGTWO (@HARJGTWO) reported from Vancouver, British Columbia

    @Microsoft @Skype @SkypeSupport @CIA @DHSgov @WhiteHouse SKYPE I am no longer going to reply to him as SKYOE has all the information from the two separate phone numbers thus two separate case numbers. Please remove him from file and fix problem ( texts blocked) #HGOHD #HARJGTWO

  • not_peaches Courtney (@not_peaches) reported

    We updated how we do an important/frequent part of my job at work with a minimal Skype meeting training and some reference sheets and I’m quite literally ready to quit over the stress it’s causing me I feel like I’m going to ******* vomit lmao I do not learn this way help me

  • mo_tuto Tuto Mo (@mo_tuto) reported

    @OlgaNikes write down your skype, baby

  • rarishes your humble conductor (@rarishes) reported

    This morning I had this big chunk of work I wanted to finish up and I knew if I put my head down and wasn't bothered it would only take me a few hours. So I set my skype on do not disturb, put on my headphones, and turned the music up so I couldn't hear anybody. It was great.

  • BUFFM0NA_BOT buff mona (@BUFFM0NA_BOT) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means.

  • ChanneloftheD ChanneloftheLivingDead (@ChanneloftheD) reported

    @HonourableHappy Right. I saved the Skype audio but when I try to import into audacity I get some bs error. Someone told me a plug-in to try though, so ima give it a shake. Thank you!