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  • rcwestlake Ryan Westlake (@rcwestlake) reported

    @instagram another example: @SlackHQ. there's a huge problem where esp in tech world people are connected 24/7. it takes courage to not even have slack on your phone. slack should give control to companies and people. let me set my status to "i'm gone and won't respond unless world on fire"

  • Salmaun Salmaun (@Salmaun) reported

    @SlackHQ is down ~50% since IPO... Top line growth accelerating, trading at a discount on a P/E basis relative to growth for a enterprise SaaS co. Looks like a buy imo

  • 86emawol awol (@86emawol) reported

    c'mon @Discord. This would never happen on @slackhq. Help me out. This is a Discord day, not a Slack day.

  • CodyKingham Cody Kingham (@CodyKingham) reported

    @SlackHQ @nicksergeant Same problem. Deleted and reinstalled app. Still not fixed

  • Zambini845 ⛈️🦆Zambini🥃🐟 (@Zambini845) reported

    When @discordapp is down on the weekend it is the equivalent of @SlackHQ being down during the work week.

  • wimgtr Wim Godden 🇧🇪 (@wimgtr) reported

    @skoop @SlackHQ Don't count on it. They can't even fix the channel mute functionality. It's been broken for weeks, they acknowledge it, but no fix...

  • phogan Patrick 🌆 Hogan (@phogan) reported

    @SlackHQ you've got to fix this. I can't apologize to another person for reacting to their post with 😗

  • kainosnoema Evan Owen (@kainosnoema) reported

    @dbsmasher @SlackHQ Oh, yes. Then have to completely kill Slack and relaunch to fix it.

  • CrapCarlaSays Carlala Sunshine (@CrapCarlaSays) reported

    @LittleMxSurly @Burp_Suite Product equivalent would probably also be @SlackHQ 's magic link login mechanism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • laurence Laurence Gonsalves🖖🏼 (@laurence) reported

    @emilygonsalves @SlackHQ @gitlab I have a Trello account, but I don't understand how it could be used to solve this problem. Our team is doing our development work in GitLab, and GitLab has a Slack integration that sends us notifications when things change in GitLab, but a large fraction of these are noise.

  • brianfrancis79 Brian Francis (@brianfrancis79) reported

    @stewart this makes me seriously question your judgement. Also it must burn you that the toxic communication environment made possible by @SlackHQ only made the problem more pervasive.

  • EdoardoTuo Edoardo Tuo (@EdoardoTuo) reported

    @SlackHQ please help me @SlackHQ

  • IgorFinkel20 Igor Finkel (@IgorFinkel20) reported

    @IntuneSuppTeam @duff22b @SlackHQ @Scottduf I should have specified - this is an iOS specific issue. Currently when we click on a link, it defaults to Safari, after auth get "you can't get there from here" message with button to launch Edge. Would be great to skip that step

  • danbowyer Dan (@danbowyer) reported

    @SlackHQ No. You have problems with your iOS app.

  • KingofK54029397 KingofKings (@KingofK54029397) reported

    @Abhishek_iTechS @Paychex @TecHRSeries @eBulletins_HR @TransformHRTech @hrbartender @HRdotcom @ZimyoHRMS @OracleHCM @UltimateHCM @SlackHQ @TechCrunch Terrible product. HRtech reviews are bought and paid for...but as bad as the technology is the add on HR services are all profit and provide little to no benefit to #paychex customers. It should be criminal. #paychexsucks

  • crunchyblake Blake C (@crunchyblake) reported

    @SlackHQ @eduardoboucas Having same problems with notifications appearing on mobile despite no unread messages

  • ARunningList Sarah Best (@ARunningList) reported

    @jremsikjr @SlackHQ We use Basecamp for daily what we’re working on updates, weekly 1:1s, and weekly team meetings. I’m very much of the “It Doesn’t Need to be Crazy at Work” (Basecamp book) school. Office hours and heads down time blocks.

  • nvk NVK (@nvk) reported

    @meeDamian @telegram @Twitter @KeybaseIO @SlackHQ @signalapp @reddit @Meetup @Apple @Skype @wire All you need is for impersonation scams to grow enough, these companies will start being named in lawsuits, the problems solving effort will increase.

  • johnny_everson Johnny Everson (@johnny_everson) reported

    Don't know who coined this, sharing because it is great, the new @SlackHQ feature is been called WYSIWYGBWYGINWYW(What you see is what you get but what you get is not what you want). They added an option to disable it but it is not working consistently.

  • adampiontek Free Reality Winner & Chelsea Manning (@adampiontek) reported

    @poliastro_py @matrixdotorg @RiotChat @SlackHQ Can't do custom emoji. This is actually a deal breaker for many. All issues related to it get put at the lowest priority. I get it, but I can't bother with a system that doesn't include that feature.

  • hugoBessaa Hugo Bessa (@hugoBessaa) reported

    It’s been a few months that @SlackHQ has the wrong time displayed besides messages for Brazilian users. Please fix it, it is an hour ahead.

  • Jomonster10 Jomy Mathew (@Jomonster10) reported

    @SlackHQ @SlackHQ we still have not received any response from your team on the issue. We have mailed them today too. Also, I hope there will be not any discontinuation in service due to this delay.

  • BitAlt2 BitAlt (@BitAlt2) reported

    @bsinkwa @SlackHQ Apparently not. The whole system is broken and they just attempted to polish the ****.

  • BitAlt2 BitAlt (@BitAlt2) reported

    @htbodin @SlackHQ It's still broken. They've tied too much of the parsing into this new system and now can't escape. Only way forward is back but they've got some management somewhere who are doubling down.

  • BitAlt2 BitAlt (@BitAlt2) reported

    @jchannon @SlackHQ They're A/B testing the fix for the feature they didn't A/B test. 😄

  • BitAlt2 BitAlt (@BitAlt2) reported

    @SlackHQ @ibc_tw You can improve it by rolling back and starting again. This type don't tie the whole infrastructure to this new parser but instead have it as something on top of a basic and functional text field. You can not fix this mess. There is no way forward. The only way is back.

  • BitAlt2 BitAlt (@BitAlt2) reported

    @brettless @SlackHQ That's because the structure they've used to implement this is "WYSIWYG first" so everything is broken with it off. You can't even paste markdown and have it parsed. Everything is tied to this garbage now, so there is no fixing it without rolling back.

  • BitAlt2 BitAlt (@BitAlt2) reported

    @SlackHQ This fix is broken.

  • SingularityIs Spencer (@SingularityIs) reported

    Oh @SlackHQ my bad. Mobiles can only do so much per minute, working on demand vs power - time - Internet connectivity and general availability issues. #InboxZero

  • drbrain Eric Hodel (@drbrain) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @heykitzy @SlackHQ I have zero faith that the App Store Slack version won’t have the same problem in another month. I’m currently following the guidance of my IT team and we’ll see what happens over the next few months before trying the App Store version

  • anthonysexton Anthony Sexton (@anthonysexton) reported

    @SlackHQ @brandonscript Another vote from me for this please @SlackHQ. It would be very handy during outages, once you know about the outage of course 😉. I turned them off during our most recent one and forgot to turn them back on.

  • washedgram gram (@washedgram) reported

    .@SlackHQ Please fix thanks

  • rsms Rasmus Andersson (@rsms) reported

    @kevgski @SlackHQ There’s nothing wrong with helpful GUI tools, the issue with this “HUD” or “hover” trend is that putting UI on top of content fails hard when I want to access that content. For instance, I wanted to read the text before I typed more text to replace my selection, but couldn’t.

  • gnumoksha cat /dev/urandom (@gnumoksha) reported

    @activelylazy @SlackHQ @Grumpydev I've a similar issue. Sometimes I can't leave the code block (i.e. ``)

  • lewilllma Will Marquardt (@lewilllma) reported

    @SlackHQ @philcrossuk @Piels FWIW, this is still an issue. Toggling it off and on fixed it for me, but before that DND was not activating despite being checked in the settings. I imagine this affect many who don't know to toggle on and off.

  • stbenjam Stephen (@stbenjam) reported

    Editing messages is randomly broken in my @SlackHQ desktop client, but only in one workspace. Editing is like the only thing I liked about it over IRC. 🙄

  • bponsot Beth Ponsot (@bponsot) reported

    Somehow @SlackHQ has started opening everything in Safari and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change it back to Chrome. I realize this is a very boomer of me but .... how do I fix this pls help

  • relsqui Finn 🐿️ (@relsqui) reported

    @roach @SlackHQ I meant what software but if that's the hardware I guess that doesn't help me anyway haha

  • anshublog Anshu Sharma 🌶 (@anshublog) reported

    3. E-mail is a broken system of external collaboration. Just the security challenges of figuring out whom you are communicating with result in billions of dollars in losses. A two sided opt-in system automatically prevents these issues. cc @SlackHQ @stewart

  • ryan_c_harris (@ryan_c_harris) reported

    @SlackHQ I can't login to a private workspace because the Android app throws an error when trying to send a 2FA notification 🤔

  • Draav_ Nicholas Devlin (@Draav_) reported

    @SlackHQ @burdzwastaken The setting does not indicate at all that messaging shortcuts are broken by this toggle. I use cmd+shift+. and cmd+shift+8 all the time to format large quotes or lists. It was amazing that the markdown I wanted was automatically added. now I have to copy/paste from vs code :/

  • wjlafrance wjl @ home (@wjlafrance) reported

    @jremsikjr @SlackHQ Saw FlowDock in the thread. We used it at Shopbop circa 2013. I don’t remember it being notable but that was an extremely long time ago. Discord is a great platform. It has central login and all your servers appear instantly on each client, but it’s hard to have 1/2

  • JeremieCarlson Jeremie Carlson (@JeremieCarlson) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks for the tip. For more unsolicited feedback: this update addresses a non issue. Developers are the ones that use this feature heavily and do not need the "assistance". The Venn diagram does not overlap

  • ElijahLynn 🌎 Elijah Lynn 🌎 (@ElijahLynn) reported

    .@SlackHQ I want to be able to double click a message to edit it. Too much friction to track down the three dots and then click edit. And/or right click and "edit message".

  • thechrisroberts Chris Roberts (@thechrisroberts) reported

    @SlackHQ Lo and behold, it was indeed user error. I kept reading "check that option" as "uncheck that option". Sure enough, check the option and the desired behavior returns.

  • Ash__V Ash V. (@Ash__V) reported

    @AustinLieb @wokecm @SlackHQ @RemindMe_OfThis I hope $WORK will pop. I bought back in September and am down 40% since then.

  • 52Swag Bish Bets (@52Swag) reported

    @hypercharts @SlackHQ and somehow its down AH $work

  • XestyTV Xesty (@XestyTV) reported

    @ObsidianDev @craigdaniel @SlackHQ @SlackHQ these are the exact issues why i reverted to the old format. If you are able to get these issues fixed, I would love to use your new system but it slows me down more than helps right now.

  • dmcnally David McNally (@dmcnally) reported

    @SlackHQ Yay... now if you could just fix the constant dropped calls and issues with screen sharing that’d be great. Also could you bring screen hero back because that was much better than the badly integrated version.

  • ObsidianDev Fergal Reilly (@ObsidianDev) reported

    @craigdaniel @SlackHQ Also, if you mark a section inline as code or italics, then go back to fix spelling in the block, better hope you left a space at the back, otherwise you ain’t getting out of that block.

  • ElanHasson Elan Hasson (@ElanHasson) reported

    @SlackHQ This is a "magic login link". I am on a ChromeOS (Pixel Slate) and have tried with the Linux .deb package and the Android App installed. When using the ChromeOS Browser to click the link, it just logs me in on the browser vs either of the apps.

  • watkinseandre Eric Andre アンドレ (@watkinseandre) reported

    @SlackHQ Thank you. The automatic markdown formatting was extremely annoying and slowed me down quite a bit.

  • joshhunt merry joshmas 🎅🏼 (@joshhunt) reported

    @SlackHQ The message is not formatted correctly/as intended once it’s sent. Before this new editor, these were not issues - regressions in the new editor.

  • tommorris Tom Morris 🏳️‍🌈 (@tommorris) reported

    @SlackHQ Slack when it started: either adopt Slack or employees will leave. Slack now: we'll just break shit for weeks on end and then reluctantly fix it after a Twitter pile-on. Sigh.

  • MadPipeline Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan (@MadPipeline) reported

    @SlackHQ Spellcheck is set to "Automatic by language". This combined with my OS being in Romanian, I guess is what gives this resulting behavior. Curious though that I don't have this problem in Firefox, Chrome, Telegram, KMail, Mattermost, all handling both languages pretty well.

  • wa7son Thomas Watson (@wa7son) reported

    @SlackHQ @esc___ Yeah there seems to be an issue with the update algorithm. Mine also said that I was on the newest version, but it wasn’t until I restarted that I got the update

  • timbunce Tim Bunce (@timbunce) reported

    @SlackHQ @2c75bn6qwtim For me the problem isn’t that the channel appears in the Drafts section, it’s that it also _disappears_ from where it usually lives. I’d be happy if a channel with a draft message simply appeared in both places.

  • karlbecker_com Karl Becker (@karlbecker_com) reported

    @SlackHQ @mgjesdal And having it move to the top *and* still be in the list would be fine, too. That way, we can have the cluster of "notes we started typing" at the top that are certainly helpful for some people (I like it), but we also don't lose context when scrolling down the list of channels.

  • jifa Shahar Tal (@jifa) reported

    I guess having this as an optional setting is a good response, but the problem here is the product manager not realizing this was mandatory on day 0 for a disruptive experience-changing feature. learning opportunity for @SlackHQ

  • thechrisroberts Chris Roberts (@thechrisroberts) reported

    @SlackHQ Not in my experience; it's unchecked, but inline formatting is still happening. The issue isn't a visible formatting bar, it's the inline formatting. When I wrap something in backticks and it updates the style in the input field.