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  • foxdan Dan Fox (@foxdan) reported

    @SlackHQ Example triggering a bot: $trigger do_something with these argd Turns out there's a typo there when the bot responds and I meant 'args'. Rather than a simple up and fix the msg now I've to copy/paste or retype.

  • CrimeLineLaw CrimeLine (@CrimeLineLaw) reported

    If you are using @SlackHQ you can connect to our dedicated customer service channel, DM for details

  • mediumpauly Paul Seidler (@mediumpauly) reported

    Just spent the last 30 min cleaning out my inbox (no, not to zero.. settle down) and unsubscribing from time-wasting newsletters. All notifications turned off (even you, @Twitter, and especially you, @SlackHQ). 1 week vacation begins.... NOW!

  • ourSERVICEBRAND Alan Williams (@ourSERVICEBRAND) reported

    @SusanDavid_PhD @MagmaEffect @SlackHQ A company’s success is no more than the success of the employees representing it. #values driven service for sustained performance

  • clayanderson Clay Anderson (@clayanderson) reported

    @SlackHQ My biggest persistent complaint (for myself and many others) is the tendency for the Slack Windows app to crash when docking/undocking. This has been a problem for months, and we've been told repeatedly "we're working on it."

  • MeaghsNKeaghs Meaghs (@MeaghsNKeaghs) reported

    @SlackHQ I'm so beyond impressed with your customer service! My team and I wouldn't be able to function without you! I emailed a suggestion and 2hrs later I got a customized personal response back! No AI Robots! Thank you! #FridayThoughts

  • CrimeLineLaw CrimeLine (@CrimeLineLaw) reported

    If you are using @SlackHQ you can connect to our dedicated customer service channel, DM for details

  • MVPJunkie MVPJ (@MVPJunkie) reported

    @SlackHQ @janjadud Slack user here. It came to our attention in the office that we can't upload multiple files at once consecutively while holding SHIFT, without making it into an album. Can you fix this, please, thanks!

  • LacaXhakaa Bharat (@LacaXhakaa) reported

    @Mr_Sanghvi @SlackHQ They keep losing money every year. Stock has been down since their IPO. Desperate times, desperate measures.

  • FlyanRoyd Ryan (@FlyanRoyd) reported

    @SlackHQ Only “issue” is that I’m on Do Not Disturb. I’m receiving DM notifications to my device like normal, but the Slack icon at the top-left does not show me that I have unread DMs like it used to.

  • fakecarlsagan 100% Star Stuff (@fakecarlsagan) reported

    @cpeterso @michielsikma @chordbug @SlackHQ I was being sarcastic. It’s a terrible idea.

  • donweigel Don Weigel (@donweigel) reported

    @SlackHQ No problem, slack rules.

  • daiyitastic daiyi! ✨ (chris) (@daiyitastic) reported

    hey @SlackHQ there's been a bug on web where I am shown "who is currently typing" notifications EVEN THOUGH I have that disabled in settings. I've cleared the cache/cookies to no avail. please help, the typing notifications give me anxiety, but I need to use slack for my job

  • dathanvp Dathan Pattishall (@dathanvp) reported

    I dislike only a few things @SlackHQ. The @ here feature is my number one gripe. It's so annoying getting message notifications, but to get them for messages you can't help with super annoying.

  • NoahBornstein Noah Bornstein (@NoahBornstein) reported

    @AKGreenberg @SlackHQ To clarify, that’s MacOSX DND, not Slack’s DND. I’ve had this issue for a few weeks now, where Slack still makes noise, even though the notifications don’t show.

  • AKGreenberg Amanda K. Greenberg (@AKGreenberg) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ - Have DND on and keep getting noise notifications from Slack. Been happening the last few days and now happening to other team members. Help, help, help!

  • JohnsonOnyero Onyero Johnson (@JohnsonOnyero) reported

    @SlackHQ .hello.please i am finding it difficult to log in and comment.please help

  • ericknopf Eric Knopf (@ericknopf) reported

    @SlackHQ Figured you would know. :) No problem. I will watch for an update, but you better have the same pithy / cheeky release notes or I am going to raise hell.

  • tpickelhaupt Trish Pickelhaupt (@tpickelhaupt) reported

    @sophiasipstea @SlackHQ hahahah . yes. # help #me

  • tgambee Tony Gambee (@tgambee) reported

    @SlackHQ For one, I would like to move up and down the left list pre/next convo and only stop on the unreads.

  • multikev Kevin Cannon (@multikev) reported

    @SlackHQ Having the "(edited)" thing is nice, but often I spot and fix a mistake within 10 seconds of sending a message, and the "edited" label just fills me with shame. Maybe if it's a small change with 10 seconds you might consider not showing it 🙏

  • CrimeLineLaw CrimeLine (@CrimeLineLaw) reported

    If you are using @SlackHQ you can connect to our dedicated customer service channel, DM for details

  • sharoz Steve Haroz 📊👁️🧠 (@sharoz) reported

    Come on @SlackHQ. If a message fails to post because of internet issues, just post it as soon as the connection works again.

  • pellyg Greg P (@pellyg) reported

    @mari4ju @SlackHQ Now that I'm at a heavily regulated company with locked down slack settings, I understand the case for admin features in a way that I couldn't imagine when I was at @slackhq. (AMA)

  • sgmyid sgmyid (@sgmyid) reported

    @SlackHQ search seems to be having an issue.

  • OhNoItsFusl Fusl 🏳️‍🌈🦊 (@OhNoItsFusl) reported

    @SlackHQ Looks like there's an issue where clicking the paperclip icon and then selecting "Create new..." -> "Post" will log you out of Slack. This has been confirmed to be an issue all over our workspace and some people aren't able to log in afterwards without clearing cookies.

  • Virishii sam mazer (@Virishii) reported

    @SlackHQ Ended up being a mac issue, was just seeing it on Slack. Thanks for the reply!

  • aloukissas Alex Loukissas (@aloukissas) reported

    @HarryStebbings @SlackHQ @NotionHQ @airtable @zoom_us Productivity-first variant of Slack (not an ASAP-focused distraction machine). Hard problem. @derrickreimer tried to do this with Level.

  • MediaSnarking Media snark (@MediaSnarking) reported

    @SameerPatel @SlackHQ Heaven forbid they actually make product that much more useful w/ those billions in cash instead of focusing on hypergrowth. Better to slow things down just a bit & make your existing customers much happier. Slack got lucky — others, not so much in taking user base for granted.

  • sasope sonia peterson (@sasope) reported

    @HarryStebbings @SlackHQ @NotionHQ @airtable @zoom_us Remote working brings the problem of quicker burnout for many. No community, socialization.

  • SanjicaS Sanja Sparica (@SanjicaS) reported

    hey @SlackHQ, your latest update is hurting productivity - the notifications take up too much of the screen and it's impossible to close/ignore messages without expanding them first. makes the chat REALLY annoying to use throughout the day. Needs a fix, fast!

  • CrimeLineLaw CrimeLine (@CrimeLineLaw) reported

    If you are using @SlackHQ you can connect to our dedicated customer service channel, DM for details

  • walshcreative David Walsh (@walshcreative) reported

    @SlackHQ please push an update to fix notifications. Desktop and Mobile.

  • 7xStrategy 7x Strategy (@7xStrategy) reported

    Yeah, are website is messed up right now...but remember @Twitter, @SlackHQ , @buffer, and a bunch of others have problems now and then...and they have engineers

  • realaxelfoley Benjamin Hart (@realaxelfoley) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks. The problem seems to happen almost exclusively with links from that outlet, which is weird.

  • jcc_fyi James (@jcc_fyi) reported

    @SlackHQ Strange. My language was set to US (haven’t changed it recently); changing to UK didn’t initially fix things, but after toggling the input options setting from Auto to GB, then back to Auto, it seems to be fixed.

  • imthu_ Thu Lavigne (@imthu_) reported

    @SlackHQ Problem seems to be fixed after I updated my mac (surprise surprise). I didn't mind at all. It was such a cute little bug.

  • The_Sprite Meghan (@The_Sprite) reported

    @SlackHQ Yup! After I saw you reply to other people with that fix I tried it - and also let people in my office know! Thanks

  • sblocksmith David Pierce GJJ (@sblocksmith) reported

    @SlackHQ @shamoons Adding this function to the desktop version would help us work quicker, with less energy.

  • LeviNunnink Levi Nunnink (@LeviNunnink) reported

    @ruiaureliano @SlackHQ Yeah, totally. The performance on Electron is a huge issue. The reason we used it was because it allowed us to write something native for Windows without having to hire .NET developers. I think it was the wrong choice in that circumstance.

  • levicole ⓛⓔⓥⓘⓒⓞⓛⓔ (@levicole) reported

    @SlackHQ Also, give the engineer that caused the bug a big hug for me. I've broken worse things 🤣

  • WhyAyeMac Iain Mc (@WhyAyeMac) reported

    @SlackHQ @FriendlyTester I love that the fix is not just to refresh, but to refresh *twice*. 🤣

  • RossDCurrie Ross Currie (@RossDCurrie) reported

    @BobaFaux @NikkiElizDemere @andco @trello @NotionHQ @SlackHQ @airtable @QuickBooks @Superhuman @usefyi Yeah - there are a few targeted at freelancers but they don't often seem to have the feature set I require. I'll need to sit down and brainstorm exactly what I need and see if there's something that meets 80%... And if not, maybe write a spec and build it for funsies

  • CrimeLineLaw CrimeLine (@CrimeLineLaw) reported

    If you are using @SlackHQ you can connect to our dedicated customer service channel, DM for details

  • controlhauspat Patrick Murray (@controlhauspat) reported

    @andrew_506 @HagaiFeiner @josiahway @MatthewArthur14 @tastefullykate @SlackHQ The other issue with decentralised is the control endpoints. Unless all your AV devices are #IoT enabled with a published API, you'll need a gateway on the local network to reach them.

  • itsloost no (@itsloost) reported

    @SlackHQ restarting didn't fix 😣

  • illmatic808 Notorious$ (@illmatic808) reported

    @SlackHQ I was able to fix it- I logged out, and once I logged back in the “true” was gone :)

  • beh_zod Behzod Sirjani (@beh_zod) reported

    @judvaughan @SlackHQ @UXRCollective 6. Researchers need to understand the business. Making suggestions that are impractical and/or impossible don't often help - and instead are often hurtful because they can hurt your credibility.

  • itsjakerobb Jake Robb (@itsjakerobb) reported

    @samtskins @SlackHQ Agree. I'd also settle for having the DM/channel continue to appear in its usual place while _also_ appearing at the top under Drafts. The biggest problem with this new feature is that it makes things disappear from where I normally find them.

  • nickisashkir nickisashkir (@nickisashkir) reported

    @namedotcom @SlackHQ I once had an intern/assistant help me clean silver nitrate film with tetrachloroethylene and propanol.

  • swkreed Shawn Reed (@swkreed) reported

    Hey Edu folks, has anyone use @SlackHQ to help@manage grade levels and school teams. Sometimes just hate sending an email for a text message worth of info.

  • halifaxbeard Logan Attwood (@halifaxbeard) reported

    @SlackHQ Sent with a title of "Tracking down Incoming Webhook URL - Redirection from Twitter"

  • TheMonopolyGuy Eric Vogel (@TheMonopolyGuy) reported

    @SlackHQ I have a quick question regarding a corporate issue. Can someone DM me please.

  • mrJARichard Jesse Andrew (@mrJARichard) reported

    @SlackHQ Having the same issue on the Mac app. Tried refreshing and still doesn't show up.

  • andrew_506 Andrew Davis 🇨🇦 (@andrew_506) reported

    @controlhauspat @HagaiFeiner @josiahway @MatthewArthur14 @tastefullykate @SlackHQ Disagree. Local gateways are expensive. Platform/Network issues are the modern day blackout. If I can get 99% uptime. The cost to maintain the remaining 1% may or may not be worth it for me.

  • rafaelmagu Rafael Fonseca (@rafaelmagu) reported from Auckland, Auckland

    @KylieJaySays @SlackHQ No, but venting about it does make me feel better about the terrible choices they’re making.

  • CrimeLineLaw CrimeLine (@CrimeLineLaw) reported

    If you are using @SlackHQ you can connect to our dedicated customer service channel, DM for details

  • jwymanm ree (@jwymanm) reported

    @bis_waz @SlackHQ @stewart You guys are trying to use a screwdriver to hammer something down. Switch to Discord.

  • stevegreenblatt stevegreenblatt (@stevegreenblatt) reported

    @rodeostore @josiahway @HagaiFeiner @MatthewArthur14 @tastefullykate @SlackHQ @controlhauspat Developing a solution comes down to defining requirements, writing a good scope of work, and predicting future needs. It doesn’t need to be a full platform, it just needs to work reliably and be serviceable. Access to programmers and resources can be boundless. #AVinTheAM

  • pravilz Pravil (@pravilz) reported

    Please help @SlackHQ @stewart @iamcal #keralarains2019 #keralaflood