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  • terreljonesjr TERREL (@terreljonesjr) reported

    @SlackHQ why fix something that’s not broken

  • markinct Mark Hennessey (@markinct) reported

    @SlackHQ Good lord, the icon for the app is double plus ungood. "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is..."

  • MatthewDeaners Matthew Dean™ (@MatthewDeaners) reported

    @TheAlizarinRed @SlackHQ That's..... terrible

  • CharlesLimmint CharlesLimmint (@CharlesLimmint) reported

    @SlackHQ The new logo is ugly, but the biggest problem is the ugly purple background for the application logo. It's the worst. Change it to a white background or something less scary. Everyone is telling you it's bad.

  • KrisColvin Kris Colvin (@KrisColvin) reported from Wade Hampton, South Carolina

    @Vonster @SlackHQ The purple doesn’t help this logo at all. The other one is far more visible on phone as app button. Still needs work.

  • i5Typical Jesse Darnall (@i5Typical) reported

    @KevinMandeville @ActionRocket @SlackHQ Simplicity is nice, not a fan exactly. But rebranding can be pretty scary.. looks like upside down Google.

  • c0ntr0llerface Coaxial Flutter (@c0ntr0llerface) reported

    @SlackHQ I read the post on the issues with the old logo, I really do fully understand the reasoning. I'm not one to give companies grief over stuff like this, and have given it a few days. No matter what, I just can't unsee it as "Rainbow Swastika" :-(

  • tclayton Todd Clayton (@tclayton) reported

    @SlackHQ the new purple sidebar color is terrible. It strains your eyes to look at it. Now I have to go through every workspace and manually change it back. Whoever thought that was a good color for the app, logo, etc. must be colorblind.

  • justinjdavies Justin J Davies (@justinjdavies) reported

    @SlackHQ @ianbroom I'm also experiencing this issue for a message (un) sent to user, not a channel. SAD

  • GravesDustin Dustin Graves (@GravesDustin) reported

    @SlackHQ It's too bad Twitter doesn't have a broken heart button... this looks awful.

  • blorentz38 Britton Lorentzen (@blorentz38) reported

    @robchristianson @SlackHQ I saw a LOT of people complaining about the redesign. However, the new direction is a much better way of aligning communication and branding across the board. It was a thoughtful redesign that solved a branding problem instead of doing it because "everyone else is doing it."

  • DrinkIPA Ken (@DrinkIPA) reported

    @SlackHQ @mhebrank Making a native app would help a lot. I'm referring to macOS here.

  • orffy Mike Hill (@orffy) reported

    @reyland @SlackHQ Solution looking for a problem

  • pretzeljones Sean Patterson (@pretzeljones) reported

    @SlackHQ your new icon is terrible. The old one was so much better.

  • kenchernoff Ken Chernoff (@kenchernoff) reported

    @vakas @SlackHQ While I agree the new icon is a bit crowded (and therefore scaling down would produce issues for things like favicons, etc.) I'm not sure this is the direction I would have taken. Very much appears to be pulling design notes off Google's style standards.

  • Vusys Bryan Channon (@Vusys) reported

    @SlackHQ To give some praise, I quite like it on a white background and when it's at least 48px or so in size. But I have my dock super small and icons in Finder can be tiny. I ended up migrating away from Dropbox prompted by their utterly terrible redesign, but I'll never leave Slack.

  • GerzerSoftware Gerzer (@GerzerSoftware) reported

    The new @SlackHQ brand identity really is terrible. It gives @Dropbox’s redesign a run for its money, and Dropbox uses a font that’s literally called “Grotesk”! (I know that “grotesque” has a different meaning in the font world, but it’s still quite funny.) #SlackLogo

  • fabiosbruun Fabio Santaniello B. (@fabiosbruun) reported

    @codydohertyy @SlackHQ Oh please, this is so banal and forced! I'm not saying that the logo is terrible and the redesign useless, but putting there a swastika...

  • FluffyPuffin Mark Biswas (@FluffyPuffin) reported

    @awertheim @SlackHQ The Mac app is so bad. A controversial logo is the least of their problems.

  • 3DPProfessor 3DP Professor (@3DPProfessor) reported

    @SlackHQ @codersplzaccept Seriously, tho. This logo is terrible, it fails on almost every bullet point that you outlined in your reasons for doing it, yes I've read your article, and I still think you're making a bad choice.

  • awertheim Andrew Wertheim (@awertheim) reported from Lake Buena Vista, Florida

    I have to admit, even though I don’t like their service, I do like @SlackHQ’s new logo

  • awertheim Andrew Wertheim (@awertheim) reported from Lake Buena Vista, Florida

    I have to admit, Even though I don’t like their service, I do like @SlackHQ’s new logo

  • jeffykao Jeff Kao (@jeffykao) reported

    Couldn’t find @SlackHQ this morning because of the logo change. Also I’m on grayscale which makes the problem worse. Gonna need the long weekend to come to terms with all of the changes.

  • sergio_101 sergio t. ruiz (@sergio_101) reported

    i can’t believe that a free service i use everyday - @SlackHQ - changed its icon and colors. now i am gonna have to go on a tirade on the internet all day about this. just kidding. i got used to it in about three minutes..

  • r0w r0w (@r0w) reported from Overland Park, Kansas

    @SlackHQ new icon is terrible

  • Naomi_Freeman Naomi Freeman (@Naomi_Freeman) reported

    I can forgive @SlackHQ for throwing their money away on consulting and rebranding and whatever - we all have nights like that. I CANNOT forgive them if they won't legacy sell OG Slack socks for some time still (store is down right now) 💔

  • gabe_t Gabe Tippery (@gabe_t) reported from Columbus, Ohio

    @jamiesontech @SlackHQ @instagram Wish we would have seen a similar rational from @ohiostate when adopting the Block O for academics. If they put it out, I missed it. Might help understand why academic units can’t lock up with it.

  • stuherbert Stuart Herbert (@stuherbert) reported

    I, for one, would have preferred @SlackHQ had put a little more effort into addressing their CPU-usage issues, and a little less effort into a new logo that looks too much like a swastika with a background colour that looks like a faulty screen.

  • imdsm Adam K Dean (@imdsm) reported

    I think we all need to let Joshua Goldenberg (@nodeone / Head of Design at @SlackHQ) know that it's okay to cut your losses, go back on a bad decision, and learn from your mistakes. The new @SlackHQ logo is a terrible departure from what was a solid brand.

  • RealRideout Thomas Rideout (@RealRideout) reported

    Right now there are dozens of highly paid executives at @SlackHQ trying to figure out how to deal with the "Penis Swastika" issue 😂😂😂

  • FoggyTheCamel Charlie (@FoggyTheCamel) reported

    @SlackHQ I despair. If there is a connection issue you declare messages as unsent (after I think they have done out) yet when I notice and tap to resend they get delivered and registered completely out of order of the chat .... hopeless and widespread mess I now rely on WhatsApp

  • kr428 Kristian Rink (@kr428) reported

    I really really wished there was a *lightweight* desktop client for @SlackHQ . Communication shouldn't be about consuming more of your system resources than your local IDE or a local application service, for f___s sake. :|

  • margusholland Margus Holland (@margusholland) reported

    The new @SlackHQ icon just doesn’t work in iOS notifications. No problem with the logo itself, but in small sizes and on dark background, it’s not distinguishable from other icons anymore. Old one was much better in that sense. #changeisnotalwaysgood

  • _conath CONATH (@_conath) reported

    I'm glad that I turned off auto updates a while ago because of unfortunate decisions like @SlackHQ's with their icon. (Originally, I turned it off after an app had an update with errors that had to be pulled - but my phone had already installed it)

  • kjmawdsley KJ Mawdsley (@kjmawdsley) reported

    Logo redesigns - Not being involved in the process means not knowing why decisions were made so it just comes down to subjective opinion, and - surprise, surprise - most people don’t like change So the new @SlackHQ logo is obviously getting flack...

  • Vusys Bryan Channon (@Vusys) reported

    New @SlackHQ icon is something. Looks terrible in my /Applications directory and in the dock. It doesn't scale down very well or work on non-white backgrounds. That red on purple is jarring. Considering that was meant to be one of their aims, I'd say this redesign is pretty bad.

  • Komibear Komi J (@Komibear) reported

    @Soeroah @lesterleesm @SlackHQ What I slightly take issue with is that in your first reply you wrote 'It doesn't matter'. It does. Why, when a suggestion is made to at least acknowledge the swastik origins and *relevant* meaning in the East, is it made out to too inconvenient or 'doesn't matter.'

  • srhtcn Serhat Can (@srhtcn) reported

    I wonder if @SlackHQ private message count goes down for remote companies 🤔 could be nice to compare the stats.

  • bobbybouwmann Bobby Bouwmann (@bobbybouwmann) reported

    @christophrumpel @SlackHQ Exactly! The only real issue here is that I need to order new @SlackHQ socks, but I can't access the store 😩😮

  • TrishulaEnt TrishulaEntertainment (@TrishulaEnt) reported

    @SlackHQ Constantly reconnecting after icon update... only on PC, mobile is fine. Help meeeee Slack you're my only hope.

  • NMdoglover LovesDogs🐕PeopleOK🌊 (@NMdoglover) reported

    @LeKappy @SlackHQ @migo315 Well, then you have crappy production designers. *They're* the problem, not the logo. Face it, this design is just bad & generic. When I first saw it, I really thought it was another Google app, that is definitely what you don't want. If you designed it, fix it!

  • StephenDillon7 Stephen Dillon (@StephenDillon7) reported

    @irlTopper @SlackHQ I think the older was nicer but they put a blog mentioning it was terrible on anything but a white background and really hard to work with

  • AltBagHolder 💰 (@AltBagHolder) reported

    @SlackHQ Terrible logo it looks like a swastika

  • mmpredmond CTRL+P (@mmpredmond) reported

    @blankenship @SmallBizLady Clear rationale, hard to disagree with. But a lot of the noise in the bad examples appear to be brand usage issues that need policing. Looks great though congrats! @SlackHQ

  • r0ckstardev Rockstar Developer (@r0ckstardev) reported

    @pierre_rochard @JeremyRubin @SlackHQ @shanev @pentagram I guess they were trying to incorporate texting bubbles... terrible execution. Especially since old slacklogo was sleek and communicated channel/room through #.

  • LeKappy Allison (@LeKappy) reported

    @NMdoglover @SlackHQ @migo315 When production designers are constantly rotating it incorrectly, using the wrong line width, trying to make the colors work when they don’t, and when it doesn’t translate across multiple mediums, it’s a problem.

  • adignan Andy Dignan (@adignan) reported from Merrionette Park, Illinois

    @usear @jdrosen2 @DaveMichels @blairplez @zkerravala @DomKent @PhilippBohn @codorniou @Graham_Walsh @SteffWatson @tomhadfield @jcampanini @kkieller @SlackHQ @MicrosoftTeams @Webex Too complex and costly (let alone security issues) for that. Sure, interop is fine - but not what IT will choose.

  • blorentz38 Britton Lorentzen (@blorentz38) reported

    Whether the redesign was a success or failure, the fact that @SlackHQ identified a branding problem and was able to articulate their needs for a future mark is something all business of all sizes can learn from. Minimal solutions are typically required for true consistency.

  • shaunw 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕦𝕟 𝕎𝕖𝕓𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣 (@shaunw) reported

    @petecurley @SlackHQ @stewart The American Way... buying up competition to shut it down. I thought we had regulations to prevent big business from doing this, maybe I’m thinking of some other country. Never good for the consumer.

  • isRoying Roy Chan (@isRoying) reported

    This should be a better evolution for the @SlackHQ #rebranding, still mostly fulfilled the project brief. I don’t think the angle is that much of a problem, otherwise all logos with a circular shape are bad.

  • chaoaretasty Chao Pup - bark bark - #SavedTheExpanse (@chaoaretasty) reported

    @SaraSoueidan @SlackHQ I generally agree, but their blog post made a good point in showing all the ways/places it doesn't work so well and I have to agree they needed to change. Regardless on thoughts of the new design I do commend them on their problem centric approach.

  • MaxZiebell Max Ziebell (@MaxZiebell) reported

    @SlackHQ This will be known in the design world as the "slack rebranding incident". And don't compare it to the Instagram rebranding. They keep at least the soul of the old logo in their mission for simplification. They wanted to ditch skeuomorphism... but slack didn't have that problem.

  • aoberoi Ankur Oberoi (@aoberoi) reported

    @erinspice @SlackHQ Good pt. I’m hoping folks in those industries are unblocked from using Slack as we get more regulatory certifications. To me at least, on-prem sounds like putting our ops problems on users. Let’s see what the future holds 🔮

  • imacashew218 yelling about YA (@imacashew218) reported

    @glitch_fish @SlackHQ Okay. That’s pretty terrible.

  • jeffgolenski Jeff Golenski (@jeffgolenski) reported

    Have to admit I was fairly discouraged w/ the design industry as a whole today reading all the harsh remarks about the @SlackHQ rebrand by @pentagram. We're all suppose to be working together to make better things for all. That sort of behavior does nothing but bring us all down.

  • renantmkahashi renan (@renantmkahashi) reported

    @SlackHQ you’re doing terrible, sweetie

  • FaatimaVasser FaatiUX (@FaatimaVasser) reported

    @6Gems @SlackHQ Oh yes, I didn't mean to dismiss the new color change. I agree with you. The colors help as well.

  • elmosquito12631 El Mosquito (@elmosquito12631) reported

    New @SlackHQ logo sucks, don’t understand why they felt compelled to mess with something not broken and damage their brand. Moreover, automatically changing everyone’s default avatars is total *bs*! #fail

  • LauraAlix Laura Alix (@LauraAlix) reported

    @JesseWaites @robinsongreig @SlackHQ Yeah, I’d be down to talk! Can’t seem to DM you, though, I don’t think...

  • fabiofranchino Fabio Franchino (@fabiofranchino) reported

    People still continue to blur what design is. It's not about making something pretty but working on a solution for a given problem. The @SlackHQ rebranding might not visually delight but solves a problem.