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  • iamjoyheron Joy Heron (@iamjoyheron) reported

    @codepitbull @zoom_us @SlackHQ @screenhero @PairWithTuple is trying to solve that problem.

  • DjevaLoperka Milana Cap (@DjevaLoperka) reported

    @HeikoMamerow @SlackHQ I'm on Kubuntu and having problems every few months or so. Could be KDE.. or maybe just Plasma.. it's always Plasma 😔

  • HeikoMamerow Heiko Mamerow (@HeikoMamerow) reported

    @DjevaLoperka @SlackHQ I use Slack on Ubuntu for years. Never had a problem.

  • LordXRT Lord XRT (@LordXRT) reported

    Hello @SlackHQ ! Since the last update of the app, it doesn't work anymore on IOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 5c). Crash at every opening 😩. Hope you'll fix it soon 😘

  • Peter_Tix Peter I'anson (@Peter_Tix) reported

    @m_prethero @SlackHQ @Inc @hackernoon Email is terrible and is often used for conversion. I am actually trying to push for more to be done by phone as something's just get lost in back and forth emails then follow up with an email. Slack is fantastic internal and external if it's an ongoing conversation.

  • TheRealRealRish Rish (@TheRealRealRish) reported

    @ashtron @SlackHQ I never knew the importance till the other day, I was tagged in a thread that had broken away from the initial post. Sooooooo frustrating!

  • Versace_cabbage Versace (@Versace_cabbage) reported

    @SlackHQ Notifications aren't "a week late" there is a delay receiving them up to 15 seconds of from them being delivered - and actually notifying me with a sound or pop up. This has been happening over a week, told by support you'll be addressing it in future patch. Please fix.

  • aimadnet MAD AI (@aimadnet) reported

    hey @SlackHQ u can save money by shutting down servers in sundays 🙏

  • PKaudiovisual Paul Konikowski, CTS-D (@PKaudiovisual) reported

    @derrick_kelly @mogabr @chris_neto #AVinTheAM in some companies, the emails can be quite burdensome, especially when email lists are used frequently. In theory, apps like @SlackHQ and Teams can help to aggregate messaging, but as @NJDavidD has stated previously, they only work when everyone on the team uses them.

  • gil_jaquez gil jaquez (@gil_jaquez) reported

    @SlackHQ my team is wanting to quit with you because messages don’t always go through mobile app, no problems with desktop app though

  • mbhups BSi (@mbhups) reported

    @SlackHQ I usually contact support through Twitter since I can get faster reply here. Anyway, I have sent the issue to email address. If I don't get a reply there, I might show up at Slack headquarters and you have you offer me cookies and donuts.Only that will make me happy then. Lol jk

  • bojanrajkovic Bojan Rajković (@bojanrajkovic) reported

    Ugh, yes. @SlackHQ really needs to fix this, it's infuriating.

  • jonathan_dejong Jonathan de Jong (@jonathan_dejong) reported

    @SlackHQ I'm mad at you! Because of your product I absolutely *hate* writing to my friends in messenger.. no markdown, no shortcuts, no proper emojis.. Damn you! You're ruining my social life! I'm not even sure a free pair of swag socks could fix it.. _hinthint_

  • nshred Nick Skelton (@nshred) reported

    @Triskyy @SlackHQ No never solved it... I think it's a Bluetooth + Slack Mac Native problem. I plug my headphones in with a cable now.

  • CatalpaDev Catalpa International (@CatalpaDev) reported

    If you've ever wondered what the 'random' channel in @SlackHQ gets used for, today ours was used to are our afternoon's awful efforts (@codelikeagirlau @getsentry @phat_controller @raybesiga pretty sure you should help us):

  • siosism George Siosi Samuels ⭕️ (@siosism) reported

    @rhappe @sorokti @SlackHQ Problem there is, still get taken out of the ecosystem if you need to edit docs, etc. but at least the data can be pushed/pulled.

  • Socialmediaite Alicia Mulvihill (@Socialmediaite) reported from Cliffside Park, New Jersey

    @JaysonElliot @SlackHQ It's a digital "open office plan"...another source of constant interruption and distraction. I'm showing my age, but I really miss being able to think during the workday. To focus. To contemplate the problem for which I am expected to solve.

  • maslowbeer Sean Stoner (@maslowbeer) reported

    @SlackHQ pasting snippets not working at all on Linux app starting today. Dialog populated with text, click "create snippet" and nada (dialog modal closes).

  • MeganTarnow Megan Genest Tarnow (@MeganTarnow) reported

    @QBOchat @AccountableJohn My team is remote, so we have a full team zoom once I week. I have one-on-ones most weeks, and we're on @SlackHQ all the time. And I get decent visiblility on things in @karbonhq (Issues probably mine.) #QBOchat

  • FabienRica Fabien Rica (@FabienRica) reported

    @Office365 @DMulholland_ Everything is on your feedback page, that you take so long to tackle. Looking at @SlackHQ and @Mattermost you're so much behind. Add the possibility to clearly reply, extra markdown formatting and fix the weird copy paste behavior would be alreday a good start.

  • singalen Victor Sergienko (@singalen) reported

    @SlackHQ @bshacklett Have the same problem. The emails are delivered instantly (office365 account).

  • val_to_string 👻 of 🎄 future (@val_to_string) reported

    Dear @SlackHQ Do Not Disturb does not work, still being disturbed, pls fix

  • sargun Sargun Dhillon (@sargun) reported

    @techwraith @rckenned @yammereng @SlackHQ But immutable infrastructure will fix it.

  • jonathanwmeier Jonathan Meier (@jonathanwmeier) reported

    @SlackHQ @Triskyy @nshred I'm having the exact same issue as well with the mac desktop app. Running macOS 10.14.3, slack app 3.3.8. Mic works fine with other applications as well as slack for chrome. In Preferences->Sound->Input the mic works fine.

  • RapidTheNerd George (@RapidTheNerd) reported

    @SlackHQ I'm trying to add my own app to a workspace but whenever I try to add it I get "OAuth Error: team_not_authorized" can't find anything online about this error, I do have permissions to add it in.

  • theseanodell Sean O'Dell (@theseanodell) reported

    @Joey_vm_Ware @daverdfw @jshiplett @vmtocloud @SlackHQ Won’t even log into the service!

  • theseanodell Sean O'Dell (@theseanodell) reported

    @vmtocloud @SlackHQ I will give you my login!

  • marcslove Marc Love 🏳️‍🌈 (@marcslove) reported

    It’d be awesome if @SlackHQ would fix their hash collision problem with profile pics. I’m tired of my team’s profile photos randomly changing to complete strangers.

  • yanex_ru Yan Zh (@yanex_ru) reported

    @SlackHQ Firefox 65.0.1. A single workspace. The current conversation contains no attachments, it's just a plain text dialog. Of course restarting will help, but it clearly looks like a memory leak – and I'm sure it will repeat after the restart.

  • kotakmakan Adityo Pratomo (@kotakmakan) reported

    I thoroughly agree with this. Had the exact same problem regarding @SlackHQ data retention, contacted the customer support and they couldn't do anything :(

  • lipmanb Brandon Lipman (@lipmanb) reported

    @SlackHQ My team has been having lots of issues with Slack Calls and Screensharing. One member of my team (@shakir260) is not able to connect at all. We are on a paid plan. Would appreciate some help thanks!

  • Hey_Dimps Dimple Patel (@Hey_Dimps) reported

    @SlackHQ Oops I meant Workspace, not channel. I’ll check out the help section.

  • DarkMuggle Ben Howard (@DarkMuggle) reported

    @SlackHQ please fix your Android app. If I freeze it, my battery only drains 2% overnight verse 15% unfrozen. Not cool.

  • iamstelian Stelian Mocanita (@iamstelian) reported

    @SlackHQ No, you had problems with the infrastructure, redirected users to a status page that said all services are up :) Problem has been solved since but the status page needs a revamp

  • nocturnalmonkey Sam Hardacre (@nocturnalmonkey) reported

    @liz_e @pentagram @SlackHQ Absolutely. People in general also need to chill out a bit. I remember when Instagram moved to the "flat" app icon, I read comments from people threatening to hunt down IG staff. Obviously, an empty threat but jeez, put your phone down, go buy an ice-cream and chill out! 😃

  • joelanman Joe Lanman (@joelanman) reported

    @subcide @SlackHQ user need - to find active channels to participate in, or inactive channels to possibly shut down

  • iamstelian Stelian Mocanita (@iamstelian) reported

    Cute how @SlackHQ is down, point you to their status page for updates where everything is green and working as normal. That is not the purpose of a status page @SlackHQ

  • bertugoymak Bertuğ Oymak (@bertugoymak) reported

    @SlackHQ @slacksupport Thanks. I've just sent an email with details & video of the problem.

  • bertugoymak Bertuğ Oymak (@bertugoymak) reported

    @SlackHQ @slacksupport Hey team, I've unread DM's. I see them on the Mac App but when I log in to my iPhone app, suddenly they're all marked as read. There seems to be a problem while updating the unread dm's. I can send a video of it if you want.

  • sparkyuk11 Sparky uk (@sparkyuk11) reported

    @SlackHQ No problem!

  • sparkyuk11 Sparky uk (@sparkyuk11) reported

    @SlackHQ No problem!

  • jasona Jason Alexander (@jasona) reported

    @jmbledsoe @SlackHQ Threads help, definitely. And having the option to publish the response to the room, or not, is useful.

  • JustinsHat Justin Williams (@JustinsHat) reported

    @jasona @SlackHQ I'm assuming there was a party, a **** issue, or booze-a-thon on March 16th

  • scott_wi scoπ wilson (@scott_wi) reported

    @jasona @SlackHQ DMs help keep conversations limited to the involved parties. We see similar ratios at our company, but I don't really see it as being an issue. Ad-hoc group DMs keep people focused. As a dev, there's no better way to distract me that the constant "ding!" of a busy channel.

  • imdsm Adam K Dean (@imdsm) reported

    @SlackHQ I think your designers must be engineers at heart. If it's not broken, we'll fix it.

  • MikulskaAnna Anna Mikulska (@MikulskaAnna) reported

    Nobody comes to work on Monday thinking "I wanna try this new tech tool". People want to solve particular problem and this is how they adopt technologies - says Cal Henderson, @SlackHQ. Obvious but worth reminding all the time #UNLEASH19

  • cnoanalysis Sergio Caltagirone (@cnoanalysis) reported

    @bbaskin @SlackHQ Yup - exactly, it leads to bad practice AND I now have 12 2FA tokens to update on a new phone for a SINGLE service 😠

  • kylemaxwell Kyle Maxwell at #FIRSTCTI (@kylemaxwell) reported

    @cnoanalysis I'm down to two. Also we tagged the wrong @SlackHQ

  • yanex_ru Yan Zh (@yanex_ru) reported

    @SlackHQ Slack is known for its RAM demands. As the problem lasts for years, I suppose it’s not caused by a couple of local issues here and there – otherwise it was fixed already. So for me it looks like a major architectural problem. If you’re at least working on it, it’s a good news.

  • bricin Paul Steckler (@bricin) reported

    Usually updates are good but @SlackHQ blew it with the latest. Channel font is now tiny. No setting to keep it the same as it was. "Consistency is the hobgoblin of foolish minds" as someone once said. Plus the new drop-down in *every* channel is wasted space.

  • MEF8000 Michael Erickson Facchin (@MEF8000) reported

    Big tech has a lot of problems. @SlackHQ not having the 🦡badger emoji🦡is a major one.

  • MEF8000 Michael Erickson Facchin (@MEF8000) reported

    Tech has a lot of problems.. @SlackHQ not having the 🦡badger emoji🦡 is a big one.

  • GaborBrs Gábor Boros (@GaborBrs) reported

    Dear @rethinkdb ex employees the existing community needs your help! If some of you still have access to @SlackHQ workspace please let me know. Slack can’t help us without a RethinkDB email address to get back the credentials.

  • bianca_kroese Bianca kroese (@bianca_kroese) reported

    @SlackHQ slack on my phone say I'm offline, while I'm online. What can I do about that. I don't have problems with my wifi or normal unternet.

  • Mr_Wind_Up_Bird Matt Holland (@Mr_Wind_Up_Bird) reported

    One great thing about @SlackHQ (on iOS) - clicking a link actually opens Safari and not some locked-down in-app “browser”.

  • anthonyjmuscat Anthony Muscat 🌈 (@anthonyjmuscat) reported

    @SlackHQ help! I need to mute notifications for a bot as sending me 100's of messages. I can't find any option anywhere to do it. It's the Bitbucket bot.

  • EvanMPeck Evan Peck (@EvanMPeck) reported

    Tiny UI annoyance of the day: - @SlackHQ puts the most recent channel messages at the bottom of the window. - When I click the "All Threads" button, the most recently updated threads are at the top. I can't tell you the number of times I've scrolled down into oblivion

  • dustymillerpa Rich Miller ⛵✍️ (@dustymillerpa) reported

    @SlackHQ Good to know. Though I'm confused since I can drop the workspace menu down in the browser and click on "Switch to..." to go to another workspace. No separate tab as long as I'm logged into both. Seems like the same experience as the app.

  • ewust Eric Wustrow (@ewust) reported

    Maybe the @SlackHQ "bug" that randomly steals focus was found to drive user engagement, and that's why they've been "working on a fix" for over a year.

  • _hp5 Benjamin Dubois (@_hp5) reported

    @SlackHQ Hello ! your new icon is badly sized on your linux apps, and it makes it look quite embarassing in the KDE task bar: it looks like a svastika. Tried on Ubuntu 18.10/KDE with both your .deb package and the snap pkg. A fix would be appreciated !