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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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  • MoistCheeseIts MoistCheezItz 🇲🇽+🇺🇸 (@MoistCheeseIts) reported

    @YaboiBucciarati Some clown reported it to the Spotify support and so it got taken down for a minute

  • shmagney1 Shane (@shmagney1) reported

    Spotify is just going to keep making the app incrementally harder to use over years and years until they just finally remove music from the service altogether

  • _lilurs Lilah (@_lilurs) reported

    I’m trying not to be that person but I’m gonna be that person. The Spotify update is so terrible I’d rather carry a CD player and my CD binder everywhere

  • sammie_harr E Whore (@sammie_harr) reported

    @Fuckit11_ @Spotify Broke boy problems

  • peterdaily Peter Daily (@peterdaily) reported

    @SpotifyCares @DenMcH It’s really disappointing that you have fobbed this off as a “developer question” - stack exchange is not the right platform for asking it. This is a potential issue with your product - own it!

  • joeralston3 Joe Ralston (@joeralston3) reported

    @GroovyKee19 Yeah I know MCHG is pretty low on his discography. Just all his previous albums I was never album to give them a good listen due to iTunes and shit like that. Then they all got taken off Spotify before I could really sit down and get back in to. Should have Watch the Throne tbh

  • JinQxFriday Andrewww🏳️‍🌈 (@JinQxFriday) reported

    My ex just unfriended me from Spotify but the fact that I care may also be an issue 🤔

  • georgiaethan Cameron Gorey (@georgiaethan) reported

    @mickyb273 Only down fall for Spotify is you can only listen to 1 deceive at a time even though you have the premium package, suck when you have 2 kids and a wife all trying to listen at the same time, with apple you can have up to 4 devices at once

  • ravenblad3 Raven Blade (@ravenblad3) reported

    @SpotifyCares It does not. It is not there, just "Liked Songs" i have full albums downloaded and so hard to track down. Especially with no internet

  • KLWgames53 KLW Team Corviknight (@KLWgames53) reported

    Hey @therealshockone Run wont appear on my Spotify @ShadowOfBuchko is having the same problem we're both in EST timezone and its passed Midnight and i wanted to hear Run before I go to sleep

  • manuel_arango Manuel Arango (@manuel_arango) reported

    @Spotify @RokuSupport I logged in with my iPhone into Roku but Spotify is not working. Seems like is playing my playlist but not sound at all

  • trash_kayleigh Kayleigh 🍋 (@trash_kayleigh) reported

    i have an issue with spotify’s so-called “guilty pleasures” playlist in that it is JUST the music i listen to like screw you for insinuating that i should feel ashamed for listening to this; if i want to jam out to pop punk, 2000s alternative and 80s dad rock then i ****** will

  • jet_black_calum 5sos trash • BABYLON (@jet_black_calum) reported

    I’m crying because @5sos are coming to Korea but so far no tickets are on sale and the only way people can go to their event is through a raffle from a music service here that I DONT USE because I’ve been using Spotify through a vpn because I wanted the songs to be successful.

  • colorlesszenith 🖤🖤🖤 (@colorlesszenith) reported

    I legit have Hulu + Netflix (only have Hulu bc of Spotify) and I’m considering the Disney streaming service but that’s it. With so many coming out, we’re basically going to see an online version of cable VERY soon, bundling everything together bc who wants to pay $10 twenty times

  • LeeSpencerMusic Lee Spencer (@LeeSpencerMusic) reported

    Is anyone else having issues with #Spotify @SpotifyCanada I can't seem to get the web player to load.

  • jaredmhirsch Jared ☾ (@jaredmhirsch) reported

    I don’t like this new “like all songs” option on Spotify:/ if it’s not broken, don’t fix it

  • darrendempsey73 Darren Dempsey (@darrendempsey73) reported

    @SiriusXMNHL @siriusxmcanada thanks for the offers, 1x bitten 2x shy. Horrible customer service and not a chance speaking with anyone north American unless I request french. And I speak French. Won't ever go back. #Spotify can have my money

  • Tea41118274 JenChuLiChaeng (@Tea41118274) reported

    @jhope_tvvt @starrykoo_ @wayvlalisa Wasn't even talking about the record broken but ok💀.......talking about when y'all faked a Spotify ad.

  • PhoenixTruths Hellhound Phoenix #AKF (@PhoenixTruths) reported

    @JENNRAES23 @SuchAngerLilSam @KimHanc99455350 @AtlasShrugged @GypsySmashley @MDSebach @The_Real_BiM @DementedMinx @PennyAxa @SeanTibbetts87 @zacslouisrr @MarkRPellegrino @debcameron60 *I* worked at MusicMatch when they became the first music streaming service on an app instead of a web page. AND *I* was one of the first subscribers to Spotify when it became available in the US. But *I* dropped that when *I* switched to AppleMusic. *Haughty laughing*

  • Scrubbing_Bublz sbm (@Scrubbing_Bublz) reported

    maybe i make a spotify to follow japanese artists getting too tiresome to hunt these down on youtube **** youtube

  • RichVee1 Rich Vee (@RichVee1) reported

    @ginavergel7 @Spotify Stop hating on #Pitbull. He's full energy on stage. Everyone knows all his songs. It's dance music so it's never boring. And he sells out shows. I don't see the problem.

  • ethan_josephson Ethan “cardi b serves justice” Josephson (@ethan_josephson) reported

    @jallergirl its legitimately why I made a private pirated version of dunk tank on sound cloud because at least there you can actually listen to stuff with the phone off without having to hear spotify jamming shit down my throat.

  • ASalvadorini Alessio Salvadorini (@ASalvadorini) reported

    @SkylledDev @Spotify Same here. It turns out that - at least from desktop - if you scroll down through the albums *before* you actually click the shuffle, all those will be included in the selection. Sigh! One more #ux antipattern to learn from @Spotify #UI

  • stschwartz827 stephen (@stschwartz827) reported

    .@Spotify who am I fighting due to this terrible update that no one has yet to enjoy Asking for a friend

  • h0rsemanship katie (@h0rsemanship) reported

    The new @Spotify set up is absolutely trash. I never complain about app updates but this is terrible. Probably switching to Apple Music

  • WMDLaotian Noy Chanthavisouk (@WMDLaotian) reported

    I wonder if @taylorswift13 knows about @Spotify and their shading customer service bait and switch when she finally allowed her music on the service. #baitandswitched #notgoingtostaysilent

  • steven_brix Steven Kirbach (@steven_brix) reported

    The fact that @waze and @spotify integration doesn't work in the most basic scenarios makes me feel better about all the terrible code I've written. I know I'm not alone!

  • allenholub Allen Holub (@allenholub) reported

    @agile_mercurial You're describing an open-office problem. Yes, having individual offices 200 miles apart will solve it, but so will having a office for the team with a door that closes, rather like Spotify does. Colocation is incidental.

  • crazycatrealtor Amanda Cotton (@crazycatrealtor) reported

    @SpotifyCares It does not. I've looked at the reviews on PlayStore, and it seems like a lot of us are having this issue.

  • catheternebula Tomas Wants A Blue Dot (@catheternebula) reported

    @ZakkWyldeBLS @Spotify @AppleMusic @amazon @WyldeAudio @DeathWishCoffee @LAWKSTARGuitars @drumcityguitar @JonPugh19 @jimdunlopusa Its so freakin dope see you throw down all these epic solos🤘🤘🤘

  • Polartechie Polartechie (@Polartechie) reported

    @SpotifyCares Thanks for getting back to me but I have already "un-liked" songs.. the problem is that unwanted songs now appear in my "Albums" view when before I had hundreds of curated albums now I have hundreds of annoying albums..

  • kpopweirdo20 Snowattic (@kpopweirdo20) reported

    @babiestan Just scrolled through all the replies, there are currently only 3 fancams from different fancams and 1 other spotify post, had to give me a few seconds to scroll down through all the replies 😂

  • Dat_Dalton dalton. (@Dat_Dalton) reported

    every time i look down and see spotify is on car mode and i have to deactivate it i contemplate just crashing my car just *** it

  • raff47 spiderman (@raff47) reported

    @Spotify please go back to before this update it is so ******* terrible

  • svnx0 * (@svnx0) reported

    i wish games would incorporate spotify into them but i think that would cause a lot of copyright issues

  • AdeliaChambo Adelia Chamberlain doesn't need to smile more. (@AdeliaChambo) reported

    @SpotifyCares starting yesterday afternoon, when streaming through my Google Home Mini, my music will just randomly stop and say it's being used on another device, which it's not. It's not a Google issue (I asked) so help, please.

  • DylansSwift Dylan ✨/ 2️⃣2️⃣ stan (@DylansSwift) reported

    Tried that; and when we broke up, The Last Time was playing on my Spotify and he said “my biggest problem is that you like this dumb white b*tch. I should have known.” And I haven’t spoke to him since.

  • GreatWhiteHoke Ryan (@GreatWhiteHoke) reported

    Pro tip: do yourself a favor and go download the last 4-5 singles on Carti’s Spotify/Apple music page before they get taken down. Rumor has it, they were leaked.

  • PYargar Patrick Yargar (@PYargar) reported

    @gingerrootmusic holy shit. I just discovered your music on reddit. Went down the spotify rabbit hole. You guys are fantastic.

  • A_G_U_S_ Agus (@A_G_U_S_) reported

    ******* pathetic that @nbc thinks they’ll get anyone to pay for their streaming service bc of this. This is why people pirate. Streaming platforms should all have the same shows just like Spotify/Deezer/Apple Music have roughly all the same songs. The streaming market is idiotic

  • PVo13 Polina Koroleva (@PVo13) reported

    @TamaraEvelyse But remind me to download my Spotify playlists because the service here is trash.

  • ap_thleen_price Amelia Price (@ap_thleen_price) reported

    @BrontMacklin Tbh I've never actually listened to her music before so now I'm listening to her on Spotify (This is not an advertisement or paid tweet) (but hey @Spotify if u wanna pay me I'm down) (I have like 20 followers so good publicity!) Sorry this tweet went off the rails I'm v ADD today

  • wiindoww window (@wiindoww) reported

    @angelbbgrrl420 @DistroKid It’s not even distrokid, Spotify is on some bullshit lately. You could try it with another distributor but you’d likely have the same or similar issues

  • oyewaffle Brandon (@oyewaffle) reported

    @Spotify the new update for iOS design is terrible Atleast give up the option to use the prior instead of this less optioned modern one that’s “prettier”.

  • namj00niie 𝐸xᴛʀᴀ+𝒪ʀᴅɪɴᴀʀʏ (@namj00niie) reported

    @BTSonthecharts @SpotifyCares Hello @Spotify please resolve this issue

  • jwavvy3 🤴🏻 (@jwavvy3) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Spotify is not working

  • JluvsVIC JLuv♡ (@JluvsVIC) reported

    @SpotifyCares nobody has been able to fix my issue only make worse

  • nethead Nethead (@nethead) reported

    @jeffdsummers No dev work here :) just for my content consuming; cursory testing most common used apps they seem okay; further use will develop a better understanding of any issues Used mostly for comiXology, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube & YouTube TV It was a cheap upgrade for iPad ‘14 model

  • cheeztroglodite Jess (@cheeztroglodite) reported

    Other things that have come out of this depressive episode: a really great (depressing) playlist on Spotify. But in general everything is terrible and I don't see it getting better anytime soon.

  • thetypicalmalay Burhan (@thetypicalmalay) reported

    Video game streaming services ala Netflix and Spotify make sense when you consider the upcoming implementation of 5G. One major problem for anything network-dependent is the differences in regional speeds. Most developing countries are still struggling to get even good 4G.

  • chloe72_ chloe (@chloe72_) reported

    @wullieboy78 Highly recommend Deezer, when I had spotify premium it still played adverts between songs but never had that problem with Deezer, they both have the same deal running just now with the first 3 months for 99p

  • goya_product Chainbo da Don (@goya_product) reported

    @SpotifyCares Android, all phones on my family plan having same issue. Randomly cutting out, pausing, restarting. Note 9 & note 8

  • I_Wear_Magnums Miike Miike (@I_Wear_Magnums) reported

    @Emus4you My Spotify still not working

  • Jula_Fatstash Jula Fatstash (@Jula_Fatstash) reported

    @TuneCore I distributed my new song Base. Its on Itunes and Apple Music but not on Spotify. I really need it on Spotify as soon as possible. i allready passed my release deadline. Can you please help me with this problem fast

  • _Khushbu_Patel 🌺 Khushbu 🌺 Mikrokosmos💜 (@_Khushbu_Patel) reported


  • _Khushbu_Patel 🌺 Khushbu 🌺 Mikrokosmos💜 (@_Khushbu_Patel) reported


  • JonnyZeFlow Jonny Tsunami 🔜 Rezz BK Mirage🔜Moonrise (@JonnyZeFlow) reported

    .@SpotifyCares my downloaded playlists are not working. They say downloaded then when I get off WiFi most "dedownload." and the ones the ones that stay download lag to play, like they're still loading. I've deleted the app, logged out, rebooted my phone, redownloded, with no luck

  • MikeNicolella 🇺🇸Mike Nicolella (@MikeNicolella) reported

    I remember when I had a PC that couldn't quite decode an MP3 in real time. Now spotify running in the background while web browsing and compiling is no problem.

  • iangbland Ian Bland (@iangbland) reported

    @sampsockwell I'm all in. Sonos speakers in the house. No CD player in the car. I'll look at CDs and albums on the shelf, then cue them up on Spotify. Which technically means they're earning more than if i just played my actual copy, so i'm performing a service. Ish.

  • jaredtbh jared (@jaredtbh) reported

    @SpotifyCares i have an iphone xs max running ios 13 beta 2 and spotify. i’m sure it’s just a beta issue but still very annoying at times 💀

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