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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

 Some problems detected at Spotify

Spotify problems in the last 24 hours

Spotify Outage Chart

April 10: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 08:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Playback Issues 37.04% Playback Issues
  • Errors 24.44% Errors
  • Sign in 20.74% Sign in
  • Buffering 11.85% Buffering
  • Audio Quality 5.93% Audio Quality

Spotify Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Santiago Playback Issues
Villaflores Errors
Caudry Sign in
Sydney Buffering
Ecatepec de Morelos Playback Issues
Kannapolis Buffering

Spotify Comments

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Spotify Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Star_Powerup Star (@Star_Powerup) reported

    Okay did this problem ever happen to anybody, you cancelled Spotify premium but they are still charging you

  • Sweetdestruxion MichelleWithLuv⁷💜💞 (@Sweetdestruxion) reported

    @BtsHome389 @BTS_twt I tried to tell one person and they swore up and down the Spotify song had Jimin singing.

  • KariExplains kari cullop (@KariExplains) reported

    I just slipped n fell down a two hour spotify ‘fans also like’ rabbit hole lol but at least it wasn’t online shopping tonight...

  • chaneeeee94 Sebastian Bell (@chaneeeee94) reported

    @CeasarBang @torylanez Get Spotify premium. Sacrifice your screenshots not gaining as much clout but get a much better service

  • Reyes___12 Coach Uli (@Reyes___12) reported

    My spotify is broken

  • CassandraRules Cassandra Fairbanks 🕊⏳ (@CassandraRules) reported

    I was trying to lay down and get ready to sleep, then disconnected by face to face came on my Spotify. I don’t even know how to listen to this song without dancing around my room.

  • EddieZensei Bryce the Renoite (@EddieZensei) reported

    @AppleMusic I constantly have to delete and redownload albums because your service splits them into two separate versions of the same album... can you fix this before I go to @Spotify

  • madn3sshan han (@madn3sshan) reported

    I can’t believe Chances don’t exist with popular kids isn’t on Spotify my 15 year old heart is broken

  • everythingoes15 soppy⁷// SPIT IT OUT 🔥 (@everythingoes15) reported

    i think @SerieTV46 has a problem with understanding things. maybe we should help them and point out how hwasa from @RBW_MAMAMOO has 1,959,906 monthly spotify listeners which makes her number 19 in that goddamn list @SerieTV46 keeps making

  • KeatenTarrant Keaten Tarrant (@KeatenTarrant) reported

    @SpotifyStatus @SpotifyCares When I click on a song in my liked songs it skips down a couple songs plays for a couple seconds and then pauses. I have Spotify premium. Also where are all these song coming from that are in random Languages. And how are people in Germany signing in to my acc. I live in Missouri

  • JumpsStockton Quirky Purple (@JumpsStockton) reported

    @commoncentz @Navjosh @CurrenSy_Spitta Can u send a Spotify link, I don’t have the login smh

  • timewrinkles sofia (@timewrinkles) reported

    @lobotomize__me it's np!! i have trouble w audio processing sometimes so on certain episodes i had to read along or i'd miss a bunch of thw plot + i listened on spotify so it was nice to have to ability to slow it down

  • nairgirish24 Girish Nair (@nairgirish24) reported

    Seems @spotify too has screen overlay app issues, doesn't work properly when the twilight app is on @SpotifyCares

  • crongite Crongite (shop: a pop opera appreciation account) (@crongite) reported

    @kickz_mcr @wormhaze ok spotify rapper no. 23485 no problem

  • crongite Crongite (shop: a pop opera appreciation account) (@crongite) reported

    ok spotify rapper no. 13458 no problem

  • Jayy_Tech J (@Jayy_Tech) reported

    @iRayanKhan @M3in_Fuhrer @9to5mac @ChanceHMiller Sound is all fine. The problem is the lack of intelligence Siri has, with it also only be tied to  ecosystem. No Spotify or 3rd music service without airplaying it from your iPhone to the HomePod from what I’ve heard. Makes it more inconvenient to use.

  • damareeese dama 🍚 (@damareeese) reported

    Saw that One Direction is trending. No choice but to open spotify and fall down a bottomless pit of nostalgia and hope

  • egodeathtrktwo stop touching your face (@egodeathtrktwo) reported

    i sweater g*d if my spotify is down

  • gaddy702 gaddy (@gaddy702) reported

    @Spotify @SpotifyUSA @SpotifyCares get ur shitty ass app together omg, I can’t play one song without it stopping or slowing down my phone or crashing

  • pjaspers_ebooks Red vs Orange (@pjaspers_ebooks) reported

    What makes Safari so dog slow and it finally happened: I found an email server that will reject any mail coming from Spotify in French.

  • selenascooch pumpkin (@selenascooch) reported

    terrible spotify placement, no banners, possibly no radio push, no hype outside of the stans, it'll be lucky to debut top 40

  • leeknelly NEXT🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 (@leeknelly) reported

    @selethereal Put on a playlist on Spotify of all three on loop and turn your phone down to an appropriate volume but DO NOT MUTE IT.

  • 4nay pod simp for america (@4nay) reported

    @krrishd I remember when Spotify was like that prior to the official US launch. I used to run through proxies and go down rabbit holes for days.

  • actualsoulmqtes ethan 🦕 (@actualsoulmqtes) reported

    tweak box is broken i have not had my free spotify premium for months i am slowly going crazy

  • rdornhart Richard Dornhart (@rdornhart) reported

    @SpotifyCares Hope you can help. I have two issues. First I cannot stream to my Apple Watch over 4G. This is nuts. Second I have multiple Amazon Alexas. I cannot have individual family accounts connected to individual Alexas. Only one account. Can you please help.

  • headlineplanet Headline Planet (@headlineplanet) reported

    Current Top 5 on US Spotify's New Music Friday: 1) @twentyonepilots - Level of Concern 2) @selenagomez - Boyfriend 3) @torylanez - Stupid Again 4) @Olivertree - Let Me Down 5) @Polo_Capalot - DND

  • liltinyhumann a human (@liltinyhumann) reported

    @keyofamyjor My phone service sucks for streaming and I don’t have wifi at my place 🙃 so I use spotify or iTunes for everything cuz I can download

  • astrolucidity aella⁷에일라¹²⁷☾ (@astrolucidity) reported

    @gosslilyy It's called apple music, pandora, and YouTube red luv, spotify isn't the only streaming service on earth

  • yoongsoju 🧃⁷ (@yoongsoju) reported

    @TAESHOBl i literally went and got spotify premium a week into stanning just so i could listen to their whole discography (wc would b a ***** pirate as was my way before lmao) and got it down in just a few weeks. once u start, there is no end

  • stalkervidz ★ ## 𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗟𝗞𝗘𝗥 ☆ (@stalkervidz) reported

    my spotify not working bye i’m finna off myself

  • uhflac flac (@uhflac) reported

    having problems w ride w me, i don’t think it’s dropping on apple music or spotify tonight...

  • pabsmalone Pabby (@pabsmalone) reported

    i actually have a shameful number of ed sheeran songs in my spotify. time to trim them down i guess

  • ClareEuteneuer clare euteneuer (@ClareEuteneuer) reported

    at this point the most exciting thing in my life is counting down till when spotify does 3 months premium for $.99

  • Wristlocks4All ForceofMortality 🥋🧢 (@Wristlocks4All) reported

    @JJist_ @gosslilyy @chlo_mx It's actually not bad. The sound quality is better for some songs. Other than that, Spotify wins hands down.

  • MRDOITMOVIN da Boi (@MRDOITMOVIN) reported

    @1MarcMadness @dannywjones_ Look at you 2 looking down on spotify and androids. That's cap. Yaw just putting the jimmy on when they got either. Naked head kings if she iPhone with apple music huh

  • Chinoble88 SouthEastern🇳🇬 (@Chinoble88) reported

    @repcornelia Never used Spotify tho but I don’t need any other music service with Apple Music

  • krupakarpasala Krupakar Pasala (@krupakarpasala) reported

    @Spotify hi, I've a premium Spotify account and I have lost my account login details. kindly help me with this

  • bbbending valor stealing bastard (@bbbending) reported

    just typed “title fight” into my spotify search and then experienced myself backspace in slow motion like wooooah not going down THAT rabbit hole

  • ThislsAnSOS jasmine (@ThislsAnSOS) reported

    @Lia_Marie92 there are maybe four songs on LVATT that i wouldn’t thumbs down if they came up on spotify radio 😭

  • melstonemusic Melon Stone (@melstonemusic) reported

    I think that working musicians should either take over Spotify or we should work to create a competing, worker-owned streaming service (the workers are the musicians)

  • yipe Michael Margolis (@yipe) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @sangster @Sonos @Spotify Yeah one of our speakers just refuses to play Spotify at all. Gunna try to disconnect and reconnect the service or something when I find time.

  • queennshae Bruja Mamí (@queennshae) reported

    @Spotify So y’all really still charging fees 🥺 i don’t even got a job rn. Kick me when I’m down why don’t you

  • shownutheist showho’s manager (@shownutheist) reported

    why is Spotify not working I wanna vibe

  • royaItrio NIKOLAI (@royaItrio) reported

    i’m listening i spotify on my laptop & if i turn my volume down on my phone it changes it on my laptop. god you’re crazy

  • ofwgdavid dmla (@ofwgdavid) reported

    Ok I’m down to make a select few a playlist, Spotify only 😡

  • Schlautropf Schonlängerhier (@Schlautropf) reported

    @Tony__Heller pityful to observe their broken alarmism record spinning helplessly on the turntable while everybody else has moved on to spotify.

  • chrisbateson Chris Bateson (@chrisbateson) reported

    @kellehhh pretty much stopped using spotify after my premium login was shared by hackers. one day my meticulously made playlists were replaced with nordic edm songs 🙃

  • horsager Alan Horsager, Ph.D. (@horsager) reported

    I figured Spotify was coming from my iPad so I decided to just turn off my headphones, which then started to blare Unwritten for everyone to hear as it started coming through my computer. I then shut down Spotify on my computer, which solved the problem. 4/n

  • rizkabukanriska ɐʞzᴉɹ⁷ (@rizkabukanriska) reported

    @agirlinthepark spotify better up their server game because k-armys and i-armys bout to crash their site

  • hamdullah_gamer adham shams (@hamdullah_gamer) reported

    hello @Spotify everytime i try to subscribe for premium not working you dont want my money or what

  • BuppYbaDdie Tarina (@BuppYbaDdie) reported

    @quenblackwell Tell her to summon up and down to Spotify

  • CrescentWhee Nae 🔥 o_o 🎤 (@CrescentWhee) reported

    i think @SerieTV46 has a problem with understanding things. maybe we should help them and point out how hwasa from @RBW_MAMAMOO has 1,959,906 monthly spotify listeners which makes her number 19 in that goddamn list @SerieTV46 keeps making

  • gedig_ebooks Dylan Gedig? (@gedig_ebooks) reported

    someone Spotify had gotten me twice where I've tried to unsubscribe through the website and it's just thrown an error.. and then I remember that Skyrim is a skill that can be learned and improved.

  • autistica6d mav! 🌈 (@autistica6d) reported

    @uhaveissues last time i was on call with a6d he left cuz i stated singing two trucks anyways that reminded me to tell you my server has a big collab spotify playlist everyones dumping songs on

  • guiltlessclouds mckenna 🎞 (@guiltlessclouds) reported

    this is probably a stupid question and definitely user error BUT HOW DO I CHANGE THE PHOTO FOR A SPOTIFY PLAYLIST

  • jspepper Jeremy Pepper (@jspepper) reported

    I think @Spotify is having issues over the pandemic. First it was "Alone Again Naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan and now it's "Lonely Days" by the Bee Gees. Way to hammer home the self-isolation and seders of one, evil bastards.

  • rothgar Justin Garrison (@rothgar) reported

    Looks like @Spotify has the same limitation. It's a problem with Google Home because you can only link 1 music account with all of the devices

  • checkback Path Defiant (@checkback) reported

    @SpotifyCares Where are the ... (3 dots) located for the playlist. The only ones I see are for individual songs. I’ve been using your service for many years and now they’ve disappeared.

  • leahgracemx leah (@leahgracemx) reported

    @SpotifyCares my account has been hacked and password changed therefore I’m unable to log into my account to get in touch with your contact form to receive help, who else can I contact in regards to this issue as I’ve been trying for 7 days now. Thank you

  • alexasworded anderson (SOUTHSIDE & MONTEVALLO ❤️) (@alexasworded) reported

    @ChrisLuvsAri_ @iamrontheregus @nickistatsyt @darkyonce92_ @chartdata @DUALIPA Not her solo song. We— it has two labels pushing it down our throat and plenty of payola and Spotify playlisting plus that fake relationship.

Spotify Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 101
  • 117
  • 126
  • 14
  • 17
  • 18
  • 2
  • 3
  • 403
  • 404
  • 404
  • 408
  • 501
  • 509
  • 52
  • 6
  • 8
  • 802
  • 909
  • 912
  • 914
  • 917