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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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February 22: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 12:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Playback Issues (51.64%)
  • Errors (27.70%)
  • Sign in (11.74%)
  • Buffering (7.51%)
  • Audio Quality (1.41%)

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  • johnd200 John Dixon (@johnd200) reported

    @Spotify will you now remove @rkelly from your service after his arrest. How can you support this vile excuse for a man any longer. #MuteRKelly

  • JerryToThisTay Jerry (@JerryToThisTay) reported

    365 is #85 on US iTunes... Radio is slowing down.. It's fallen to #90 on US Spotify. Katy it's time to reinvent yourself and throw out the "deep pop" because it's "ok" and not what the GP (or select fans) want. Your career is way too young to die now.

  • busha69 ㅁ🐾 (@busha69) reported

    and i mean, you can't do anything like this with the physical copy...that you just coincidentally lay down by it and you see this.....we didn't have spotify back then:,)

  • CallyBoy69 Stewie (@CallyBoy69) reported

    @SLOTHRUST @Spotify @allihagendorf Onwards and upwards, Double Up, don't just Double Down x @SLOTHRUST

  • ARealDmitri Dmitri Seredenko (@ARealDmitri) reported

    @tomfgoodwin We need an opt-in advertising model, a subscription service with curated brand advertising a la Spotify. Not product shots, dense descriptions, and limited selection as common with most e-trailers.

  • bellame41 Bella (@bellame41) reported

    @Badflower @Spotify I’m so down

  • dmvDon Donnie. (@dmvDon) reported

    @SpotifyCares @Spotify Hey can I please get somebody to fix my ******* account and stop ending the chat session before the issue is resolved. This whole process is really starting to make me look twice at Tidal...

  • erajorma3 Erajorma3 (@erajorma3) reported

    If youtube made it possible to play videos with phones screen closed and low battery usage spotify would lose 90% of their service users.

  • NepetaDev Nepeta (@NepetaDev) reported

    @xero8k Control center works for some devices and doesn't for other :/ As for Spotify: I'm working on this issue :)

  • erajorma3 Erajorma3 (@erajorma3) reported

    @lluvata @Spotify I pay for their shitty service

  • JKirkwoodly Janice Kirkwood (@JKirkwoodly) reported

    @SpotifyCares csv download of song streams is not working on Artist Insights desktop (iMac using Chrome).

  • KoloradoKaren Karen Kapusta (@KoloradoKaren) reported

    @Spotify I have disputed 2 charges on my Visa card for non-existent Spotify account. There is no way for me to contact someone to handle this as you don't seem to be in the customer service business. So you are it. The phone number provided in the charge is a fake number.

  • gaychodeslayer trevors not gay anymore 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠ (@gaychodeslayer) reported

    @Spotify i am having issues that need to be attended to urgently.

  • Nytrolizer Nytrolizer (@Nytrolizer) reported

    @Spotify why cant i sign into my spotify, everytime i login the app black screens and crashes

  • NavelowNation #DareNavelow (@NavelowNation) reported

    @Spotify @SpotifyCares Hey I tried finding a phone number to call for a problem I am having logging into my account. When I try to reset my password it says the account was never created while I have had it for around a year and made premium payments for proof.

  • dee_the_chosen1 Deshunny Delight☀️🍹 (@dee_the_chosen1) reported

    @Indigoldenchild @TayyyTheTruth His take is terrible cuz j cole go hard but still free this ***** and put purple summer back on @Spotify 😂😂

  • forevrtaehyung gin ♡ (@forevrtaehyung) reported

    @namjinheaven their listens used to be 11m and then they went down to 9m, spotify be screwing them over :/

  • Ijrodrock Jerrod (@Ijrodrock) reported

    @yoitsjase @Spotify @SpotifyUSA Well yeah lol but I had no idea this actually happens like I thought if you're paying for the service your shit is unlimited no matter how much you save.

  • kpsfred Kpowers (@kpsfred) reported

    @JohnMayer @Spotify It was not what I expected. It requires a deep dive, but I am down with that.

  • Shockodile Li Zard (@Shockodile) reported

    @SylvanFlux the issue is spotify doesn't actually let you choose which device it goes to. it just goes to your default device, which is my VAC headphone channel. i'm not sure if there's a way for me to finagle it to send it to a virtual input without removing my ability to hear anything :[

  • MsAwesomeLaurie Ms.Laurie (@MsAwesomeLaurie) reported

    @narelle @19nine78 No. It sounds like the name of a really tacky guy's spotify playlist he uses while ******* down Strathclyde Park. 🙃

  • PalmMuteAudio PalmMute (@PalmMuteAudio) reported

    @CheyenneYoutube i'd say they both have their own place. apple music is pretty good if u can be bothered to make ur own playlists and stuff, and exclusives that i care abt, spotify better in general as a 'background usage' service tho. They're also pretty good at hosting stolen music at spotify

  • odeblu Leandro (@odeblu) reported

    @MGarrettSteele Tbf I like the Spotify service, I was just hanging on to deezer because its a free service for my mobile plan

  • nataliespina99 Spina Got Robbed (@nataliespina99) reported

    @SpotifyCares @swmrs Terrible excuse. Give me Lose Lose Lose right now or I’ll RIOT

  • Fatman819 Anthony Scott Sr. (@Fatman819) reported

    @Change @rkelly @Spotify @YouTube @AppleMusic No, I pay for spotify. If.people stop listening to it that one thing. I don't listen to to, the company provides a paid music music service., don't like it don't pay

  • woobiesmum Naomi Mesbur (@woobiesmum) reported

    Instead of publicizing that ******'s name and giving him more hits on Spotify, why not celebrate something like this, which is dealing with the problem at the roots. That someone could even fathom manufacturing these makes me want to vomit blood.

  • searchresuIt umru (i got suspended) @ ANE (@searchresuIt) reported

    @singtoconley the only problem is it does this Only for spotify

  • jenniferthered Jennifer Le Roux (@jenniferthered) reported

    @SpotifyCares a couple of your pages on your website are broken, let me know if you want me to DM the links!

  • dreambastion Angie (@dreambastion) reported

    @SpotifyCares Can't login to my account - can't reset password because it says the email isn't associated with an account, but I can't sign up because it says that same email isn't available... (can't email you for support because I have to be logged in to do so)

  • Kantmotif Leo Tolstoy (@Kantmotif) reported

    My life must have been terrible before Spotify. You mean the world @Spotify

  • OkImGarbage Arielle (@OkImGarbage) reported

    @Badflower @Spotify Oh I’m so down

  • _OnGod_ La merda🥀☠️ (@_OnGod_) reported

    @nofeelingsjess Ctfu you might as well down load Spotify.

  • Tazman87501 TAZMAN (@Tazman87501) reported

    @SpotifyCares how can I contact someone to help with an account issue

  • summabis summer farah سمر فرح (@summabis) reported

    i pressed "play" on the GCF second service about god/girlfriend songs & sufjan started playing & i was so confused that my spotify played instead kalsdfjksld

  • softboysphan místч (@softboysphan) reported

    Word of advice: if you ever need to play catch up on writing just turn your Wi-Fi off your primary writing device, then put your phone face down and pretend that it is not even there. Added to that, you have no access to Spotify and just the music in your library.

  • cnorth3000 catherine (@cnorth3000) reported

    yo @spotify you are idiot fools for hiding the repeat button on this update. your service is worthless to me if i can’t easily listen to the same harry nilsson song 3000x in a row

  • ArthurHewitt Arthur Hewitt (@ArthurHewitt) reported

    @M0ng00se77 @Spotify I think neither of them has everything, but maybe the quality and service differ... I'll have to see

  • mgiraldo mgiraldo (@mgiraldo) reported

    @knowtheory I’m using spotify for that :/ I just don’t want to deal with the potential problem of losing all my music

  • movethrumee renaissance man (@movethrumee) reported

    spotify users and Apple Music user must come together and realize the real issue, SoundCloud users

  • DeeZeyDeeZe DeeZe (@DeeZeyDeeZe) reported

    @BitcoinDunny Legit got myself down to spotify family and discord subs only. Wife covers netflix and hulu because she uses them 90% more than me.

  • jovantaz Jovan Taswell (@jovantaz) reported

    @Spotify what is the issue with the automatic play stopping. This is getting to be very annoying! I have updated Spotify. Cleared cache. Forced stopped. Logged out everywhere. Got a new phone. Please fix this ASAP!

  • Spitfire719 Jason (@Spitfire719) reported

    @SpotifyCares That doesn't answer my question or solve my issue.

  • TheNomad95 Damon Hicks (@TheNomad95) reported

    Can't sleep after work last night. So, obviously I'm laying in bed serenading my dog with Plain White T's after jumping down the Spotify Throwback rabbit hole.

  • jeffcny Jeff (@jeffcny) reported

    I would love for @SIRIUSXM to not only be a subscription streaming service as it is today but also a subscription music service similar to Apple Music and Spotify. They would corner the market!

  • domchordfilm Dominant Chord Film (@domchordfilm) reported

    @women_want_more @GrlPwrCountry @adobeteardrops @BillsvilleHouse @Spotify @SpotifyUSA @KaceyMusgraves @DollyParton well it certainly isn't going to change if @Spotify doesn't step up to the plate. They are the largest and growing #streaming service. The lack of will is dumbfounding. The cycle will continue until it's broken.

  • domchordfilm Dominant Chord Film (@domchordfilm) reported

    @women_want_more @GrlPwrCountry @adobeteardrops @BillsvilleHouse @Spotify Wow just looked @SpotifyUSA #hotcountry list think it's gotten worse, they added @KaceyMusgraves finally but they are down to 4 female artists, yet have multiple songs from several of the guys. But they are teasing next week they are adding @DollyParton

  • theglamtommo ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ (@theglamtommo) reported

    spotify is such a superior streaming service gosh

  • camhamt Esmoo the Flying Cow (@camhamt) reported

    I've met the worst person in the world. In a hostel he plays his Spotify radio on phone speakers in the room all night. Every 20 minutes someone asks him to turn it off.. He turns it down faintly... 5 minutes later full volume again. Could just be god-level troll.

  • redefinedjack Jack Meta (@redefinedjack) reported

    @Spotify @SpotifyCares At this point, it's far more frustrating to deal with Spotify sync issues (not to mention, Spotify does not seem to work well with the most current Samsung S9 OS version) than it was to not have any sync capability at all with my last app.

  • woopy_t jo 🐸 andreil on main now (@woopy_t) reported

    i feel like spotify keeps putting less and less stuff on the new releases page. a year ago two years ago i would scroll down and see literally pages and pages of stuff and now its like 10 albums and some singles from mainstream ppl. shut up put the obscure stuff back on there

  • _HerMonologue 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕖𝕪 ✨ (@_HerMonologue) reported

    @SpotifyCares Nope, still have the same issue. I’ve even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it.

  • spicypanic tall ass leprechaun (@spicypanic) reported

    we had to put a cone on butterfly and she got super freaked out so i started playing classical music on spotify to calm her down bc she loves that shit and now im sitting in my bed with my cat playing gymnopedie no 1 on repeat so she doesnt murder me

  • campowl Cam (@campowl) reported

    I’ve been going down rabbit holes on @Spotify left and right.

  • GlydeW15 M. Da Glyde Woodrow (@GlydeW15) reported

    Hey, @Spotify! I realize I’ve canceled my premium service, but you’re giving me ads almost every two songs. AND that said service was supposed to end today, the 22nd. You ended it last night, around 8pm EST. On the 21st. Weird.

  • Iouvrekth zanji (@Iouvrekth) reported


  • chrisljones Cheesytots (@chrisljones) reported

    @SonosSupport @OlgaSpice Same problem, can’t do “Spotify connect” feature from Spotify app. cc:@SpotifyCares

  • _HerMonologue 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕖𝕪 ✨ (@_HerMonologue) reported

    @SpotifyCares I’ve just checked now and it’s happening on all of my devices. Same song, same issues across all of them.

  • masonbell28 M (@masonbell28) reported

    I have a lot of serious ideas on how to improve @Spotify (and other similar platforms I guess). I would love to sit down and talk to the devs about that kinda stuff but it'll never happen lol @SpotifyCares @SpotifyUSA fly me out

  • introchanges Geoffrih Lifestyle (@introchanges) reported

    I have poured all of my depression and anxiety for 10 months into Charli XCX Spotify this ship is going down

  • KarrizaM BTS Please come to SPAIN (@KarrizaM) reported

    @btsarmystats @ValeKC14 @BTS_twt My laptop is streaming without rest fam, please do the same😢😢😢 and also on spotify. Monthly listeners went down to 8.3 😭

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