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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • AnteSuroo Ante (@AnteSuroo) reported

    At this point I think there should be an update coming soon to fix all this hot garbage that is " VAC is unable to validate your steam profile etc. etc." @CSGO @steam_games

  • jestricker Joe Stricker (@jestricker) reported

    @Steam_Support Unable to login or reset my password. It says password invalid when I try to submit the change no matter the length or combination of characters.

  • Aridayy7 KS Ari (@Aridayy7) reported

    @Steam_Support this will be my second tweet. A lot of people have added DiRT to their library since it's 100% off right now but it's not showing it in their library to download and the sale is almost finished please fix this problem

  • NeoMontz NeoMontz (@NeoMontz) reported

    @steam_games please fix the DiRT Rally bug. Added to library for free because of the sale, but cannot download it.

  • hahbrilliant Karl (@hahbrilliant) reported

    @DeadHavik15 @steam_games It seems to be an issue for everyone right now. Just hang tight and wait for them to fix it. You do own the game now so don't panic

  • L_Orange12 Orange12 (@L_Orange12) reported

    @steam_games Please fix Dirt rally not appearing in peoples library :)

  • Yandi_Q Yandi (@Yandi_Q) reported

    I will wait until @Borderlands 3 come out on @steam_games , and all problem thats happening now will be resolve when they launch it on steam.

  • LOSCetHAWKS Lillois et Hawksois ⚜️🖐🏆 (@LOSCetHAWKS) reported

    @Beluba @Ronnie2K fix @NBA2K, it’s not loading on @steam_games !

  • Aridayy7 KS Ari (@Aridayy7) reported

    @Steam_Support a lot of users are having a current problem with the game DiRT not showing up in a lot of users library after claiming the game im one of the users can you check the problem out please

  • Aridayy7 KS Ari (@Aridayy7) reported

    @steam_games alright cool and all but a lot of users are having a problem with DiRT not showing up in their library after claiming and im one of them can you please check out the issue thanks

  • Machtyn Jeff Gosnell (@Machtyn) reported

    @K4YSTR @total_csgo 5. nVidia GeForce drivers up-to-date 6. continued to try the steamservice repair VAC still tells me there is problem. Realm of the Mad God works fine. CS:GO, L4D2 both fail @steam_games

  • charlyvm_ Carlos Vega (@charlyvm_) reported

    @rhetoric2 @thespeedster98 @dirtgame @steam_games Same here. A lot of other people with the same issue. Hope @steam_games fixes it soon

  • Ellectro_kingg Ellecto Kingg (@Ellectro_kingg) reported

    @steam_games Who gives a **** about steam. They are on the market for so long and still don't know how to fix their bugs. It's time to retire shitty gaben

  • FEARtheNOISE350 Sinister (@FEARtheNOISE350) reported

    @steam_games Eyy free dirt rally installer is broken. Won't do anything.

  • MarkWoodage30 mark woodage (@MarkWoodage30) reported

    @Steam_Support hi there theres a bug with dirt rally where u get it for free and u dont see it on ur games list and it dont play seems to happend to a lot of people that had the same issue

  • Zone15 Zone15 (@Zone15) reported

    @ViperDemon6819 @steam_games Same issue here.

  • xrpsam roffelkopter (@xrpsam) reported

    @steam_games Ye fix my login u lazy asses worst customer support i ever experienced . Ffs i cant log in and play my games worth around 1000 euros cause some ****** ignoring the tickets created

  • ViperDemon6819 Ryan Wright (@ViperDemon6819) reported

    @steam_games the free dirt rally download is bugged. it wont install or show up in library, only the green play button on store page shows up, but it is broken, many others having the same issue.

  • eQuiinox_67 Xpliciit 👽 (@eQuiinox_67) reported

    @steam_games Seems there is an issue on Steam's end on being able to actually see it, install it and play it but don't worry it will have been added to your library.

  • mardelcore Cristian Andrada 💚 (@mardelcore) reported

    @jjarko @steam_games +1 I have the same problem, it cannot be downloaded. It does not appear in the library!

  • NeoclassicGames Neoclassic Games (@NeoclassicGames) reported

    Looks like @steam_games with their latest update have broken the "Discovery queue" and "More like this" feature in the store. If you are an #indiedev your titles have pretty much vanished from those lists. Only dominating AAA games are now visible. Awesome!

  • NeoclassicGames Neoclassic Games (@NeoclassicGames) reported

    Looks like @steam_games with their latest update have broken the "Discovery queue" and "More like this" feature in the store. If you are an #indiedev your title has pretty much disappeared from those listes. Only dominating AAA games are now visible. Awesome!

  • Fat_Hamm Josh Hamm (@Fat_Hamm) reported

    @GearboxOfficial You keep redirecting Borderlands 3 players to reach out and create tickets through 2k support. I thought you would like to know support will link these players to a support article on fixing issues with @steam_games no with no article regarding @EpicGames

  • jjarko Blaze Shadowwalker (@jjarko) reported

    @steam_games Can you fix Dirt Rally, it's listed for free on sale, however nobody can download it, Would like to download and play it

  • HungoverCoder Robert Taylor (@HungoverCoder) reported

    @Jimminy @tha_rami @steam_games What you describe is still a mean average across all games and therefore still just as susceptible to the outlier problem I’m referring to.

  • haysb12 WetWillyBandit (@haysb12) reported

    @steam_games Ok so I got new hardware. I have updated all my drivers, windows IS activated and fully updated as well as I have tried every support option to fix this. I’m still getting the vac error when playing Csgo. it was happening way before I got new hardware as well.

  • StrawhatHaki 🏴‍☠️ AB SZN (1-0) (@StrawhatHaki) reported

    I open Six Siege after not playing it for ages. Updated it and all. It crashes my PC. Cool whatever I’ll reinstall it should fix it. I wait two days for my shitty internet to reinstall 66GB for it to crash my pc again. @steam_games My dinero. I want it back.

  • Issa201735 Issa (@Issa201735) reported

    @Thisis_Unix @UbuntuBot2075 @steam_games @ubuntu @linuxgamecons This is an error and it must be corrected

  • Oli_Beer Оlиvеr Гuзmаn||Oлiвeр Gуzмáн (@Oli_Beer) reported

    @Steam_Support Heeey! I have a problem! Please help!

  • TheShawnHAHA TheShawn 🦝 (@TheShawnHAHA) reported


  • AkselFully Aksel Fully (@AkselFully) reported

    @Borderlands @GearboxOfficial Love the game, bought the deluxe edition but can you guys please fix the lag. I have to run the game at very low just to get 60 fps...this is ridiculous. I think if this game was released on @steam_games it wouldn't have the problems listed above. Js🤔

  • IonescuLuci Ionescu Luci (@IonescuLuci) reported

    @AMO_Crate @UnboundTheGame @steam_games @tha_rami its very hard to say tho since they made a similar ''mistake'' back in october last year and they still didnt fully fix it but at the same time you have mistakes like the summer sale one so idk i pray for the best in 1 week we might find out

  • AMO_Crate Alex M-O (@AMO_Crate) reported

    @IonescuLuci @UnboundTheGame @steam_games @tha_rami I sincerely hope they screwed it up; that's the best-case scenario, because it means they probably have the intention to fix it. The question is how long it will take for them to fix it, or if they recognize it as a problem at all yet.

  • MrNotEinstein MrNotEinstein (@MrNotEinstein) reported

    @Nasbetti @Willkey87 @DatGuyNaCl @Borderlands @EpicGames @steam_games @MetroVideoGame That's epics problem. Not the problem of any of the developers who chose to use it. There isn't much the developers can do about that

  • Nasbetti Sasu Jokelainen (@Nasbetti) reported

    @MrNotEinstein @Willkey87 @DatGuyNaCl @Borderlands @EpicGames @steam_games @MetroVideoGame umm way smaller user base, poor security system, not working "Store". There are just few. Saying that it's childish to say the problems out loud at developers is so stupid. It's exactly the right thing to do, so they know where the problems are.

  • tyler03641295 tyler_choyce (@tyler03641295) reported

    tell me why steam doesnt help you when you get scammed or anything else. like fix this steam this has happened twice now and im not able to get the shit back that i lost @steam_games

  • Howling_Wolf85 Howling_Wolf85 (@Howling_Wolf85) reported

    @bitwitkyle I'm ok with it having big issues at launch...on @EpicGames, hopefully itll all be sorted in time for when it comes to @steam_games because that's when I'll be buying it.

  • de_almei6 Virosmortais (@de_almei6) reported

    @Steam_Support @steam_games I need your help I just got a scam the user still has my skins in the inventary I suppose you can recover for me, I have a problem of age and no more what is happening now, I can give the site the profile of the bot and from adm.

  • OldHunter10 Old Hunter (@OldHunter10) reported

    @steam_games seriously you banned a game because of a small problem as School uniforms.

  • ImAndreSilva André Silva (@ImAndreSilva) reported

    @UnboundTheGame @steam_games Nevermind, saw your previous reply. Hopefully they will fix it soon...

  • quickhakker Iain Lewis (@quickhakker) reported

    @DaxHyena @EpicGames @steam_games But they have had problems with the servers especially around big sales

  • DaxHyena Hyena Fun Dip (@DaxHyena) reported

    @quickhakker @EpicGames @steam_games Because they hardly have problems with releasing games

  • Willkey87 Willkey (@Willkey87) reported

    @MrNotEinstein @DatGuyNaCl @Borderlands @EpicGames @steam_games @MetroVideoGame I'm not saying you cant use it. I want customers to have an option to use different service even with higher price tag. Let them decise.

  • Willkey87 Willkey (@Willkey87) reported

    @DatGuyNaCl @Borderlands @EpicGames @steam_games I already completely passed on @MetroVideoGame for not having Steam option. I have all past @Borderlands and it would be a shame to pass on that too. I could even pay extra to be able to use the service i want to use.

  • FranQuarnolo 𝚏𝚛𝚊𝚗🔥 (@FranQuarnolo) reported

    @steam_games fix #CSGO pls


    @steam_games my id hacked please help captcha code invelid error

  • qinguim Anderson Pingüim Ferreira (@qinguim) reported

    @ChiLi_csgo It is regrettable that some envious people create such situations. At the same time it is very cool for @steam_games to admit the error and remove the lock.

  • games_yeah Pangtang (@games_yeah) reported

    @JimmieRamone @harisukirusu @_buchu @GearboxOfficial @steam_games It's a new service it will get there. Just needs time.

  • JimmieRamone Jimmie Mabe @ Golden Deer (@JimmieRamone) reported

    @games_yeah @harisukirusu @_buchu @GearboxOfficial @steam_games What most of us want is to choose where we purchase our games. Epic decided to spend its Fortnite megabucks on purchasing exclusives instead of attempting to match Steam's feature set. Honestly, it wouldn't even be as big of an issue if Epic didn't release a half-assed launcher.

  • Nyaparawr Emi - ♀Nyapano♀ (@Nyaparawr) reported

    @Steam_Support If it's not obvious, I am panicking somewhat. Because without an authenticator, I can't log into my account, and I'm pretty sure the steam support page requires me to be logged in to deal with authenticator issues. Which, you know, I can't log in to deal with without the code.

  • valkitrocity Valkitrocity (@valkitrocity) reported

    @streamlabs @steam_games Like 300 something :/ I have a problem.

  • Ragetrip Ragetrip (@Ragetrip) reported

    @streamlabs @steam_games 851....I may have a game hoarding problem.....

  • mastr5135 Matthew Strong (@mastr5135) reported

    @steam_games for some stupid reason when ever I launch siege threw uplay on my uplay purchased account steam tries to verify the launch then sees it's on the steam purchased account and makes it so I can't connect to ubi servers can you please fix that shit or refund me and acc

  • alexkluew Alex Kluew (@alexkluew) reported

    CS1.3 was what started my gaming addiction 🤤 #NationalVideoGamesDay unfortunately by now I forgot my @steam_games login, password, and the email used but like I totally had a 5 steam id so that’s cool I guess. awp no scope dust2 all day. 😎

  • distinct_kunle Kunle (@distinct_kunle) reported

    @Steam_Support what's your customer care handle I've got issues with a product of yours

  • JonHigginsNWI Jon Higgins (@JonHigginsNWI) reported

    @Y34RZERO @InsurgencyGame @FocusHome @steam_games When submitting the crash dump please also include your steam ID and a contact email so our team can reach out to you. 👍

  • zengsadi223 Sadi (@zengsadi223) reported

    @FatRedBird @steam_games Glad that enjoy this game. I forgot the 21:9 screen and next update will fix this and add option could control the volume. Apologize for these issues😰

  • MarkusKaer DwagonMNK (@MarkusKaer) reported

    @Yazdan272 @steam_games I’m having issues with steam that I don’t have on epic, which to me completely justifies it in my eyes. Especially after all the ****** troubleshooting I’ve gone through to no avail.

  • ______m4t______ m4t (@______m4t______) reported

    Hi @steam_games, I have an issue with a game bought in 2014 (Rust).It was Linux compatible, until recently, an update broke this support. Even with Wine, I still can not play because of very bad perf. My refund req are all rejected because nobody read the reason of the request.

  • RealPvtsam Saurabh Malviya (@RealPvtsam) reported

    @steam_games @DOTA2 Uninstalled dota 2 , because the mmr system is broken , the player conduct is broken . i will be back after you sort it out GABEN #Removecancerfromdota #badgamers