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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • DillonCain4 d.cain (@DillonCain4) reported

    @EpicGames RDR2 won't run. I never had this problem with games with @steam_games

  • mrdefender1983 Eric L. (@mrdefender1983) reported

    @gibbed @steam_games Honestly, I'm still waiting for the application to stop telling me to sign in everywhere even though I'm already signed in.

  • L00tPrime Jason Navarro Level 1 Squad Member (@L00tPrime) reported

    @ClaudiaBrown100 @steam_games I'm conflicted on the type of quality control Steam should have. Broken and unfinished games should obviously be out. Not really sure with flash games ,but if its fully fledge flash game where the developers actually put an effort on the game then yeah I will accept them.

  • danilogdc_ danilo (@danilogdc_) reported


  • Asoka_raj Karan - Amazon FC Overlord (@Asoka_raj) reported

    @steam_games why is the video player on your app so shit. please fix.

  • saradomian Saradomian (@saradomian) reported

    @gibbed @steam_games Okay so I just tried to get your issue myself, What I did find for me though, and this is weird! When I click a game and flick between them they load in a split second or so, obviously, they've got to load up the activity section too but it's LONGER when you use your Keyboard W/S

  • meloncholydolly Yumi (@meloncholydolly) reported

    @Steam_Support been running since 28th of October, please help me. Others have this problem too, please help us.

  • B00M_Button Boom Button (@B00M_Button) reported

    @steam_games Hey Steam, fix your UI. It looks like a bag full of Apple trash.

  • saradomian Saradomian (@saradomian) reported

    @gibbed @steam_games What issues, I have ZERO ISSUES. Though I do own a PC built for server research and is a workstation, and is one of practically the most OP builds you can buy, that isn't related too XEON grades and servers directly. Try reinstalling steam, try clearing the steam caches!

  • BakShii_bOy Anas (@BakShii_bOy) reported

    @steam_games I have a problem I need to talk your support please help me

  • gibbed Rick (@gibbed) reported

    @flatluigi @steam_games My problem is clicking a game and its info not popping up instantly like the old library.

  • lofi_villain v #GoINNOVA (@lofi_villain) reported


  • Vehementtoast53 VehementToast (@Vehementtoast53) reported

    @steam_games @CSGO hey you guys should fix your anti cheat I’m sick of having to play on 3rd party servers who actually have competent anti cheats that actually prevent cheaters It’s the biggest game on steam and has made billions and the anti cheat is Dollar store quality

  • aelophae aelophae (@aelophae) reported

    @steam_games ******* new library shit makes my games freeze and client error and more shit telling me i am running game when i am not, why you make this shit...

  • JorjjeG Jorjje Garcia (@JorjjeG) reported

    @steam_games why are all my games now running at 11 fps this wasn't a problem 13 hrs ago

  • realPOTUSWeaver Noah weaver (@realPOTUSWeaver) reported

    @DeadGreen @TESOnline @steam_games It should just find existing files for the game. I have this problem sometimes. Contact steam support about it. They’re really good about answering back quickly.

  • plusulter ult-bruh (@plusulter) reported

    @steam_games your loading bar is broke pls fix or i sue - this is a msg sponsored by @SirCurby

  • _kylesnooze kylesnooze (@_kylesnooze) reported

    @MetoF50 @THATGUY_ZESTER @steam_games for a lot of people, this isn't really an issue

  • jonathon_grossl Jonathon Grossl (@jonathon_grossl) reported

    @facebook Yeah privacy and security are good but nobody wants privacy or security to the point that they cant even get back into their own account. Some major offenders are @steam_games @facebook @Google. The only one that doesn't have issues is @Uplay.

  • __JfjekKkf__ __LvM__ (@__JfjekKkf__) reported

    @Steam_Support I can't sign in anymore to the steam client, nor to the website. (So that Twitter is the only way for me to contact the support.) Yet I changed my password THREE TIMES and still cannot succeed in login on. Contact me please.

  • JustAlex1997 Alexander McDonald (@JustAlex1997) reported

    @AdeptUnity @Nameless105 @TdotHelton @AdventurousChap @Xbox @PlayStation @Blizzard_Ent @steam_games @InfinityWard @ATVIAssist I agree, but that doesn't mean that someone who bought the game digitally should be forced to accept a broken product with promises of it being fixed later.

  • CircleOf14 CircleOf14 (@CircleOf14) reported

    @mysticsphere @FFI_Games @PlayStation @Xbox @steam_games It is November 10th now and the same issue is still happening with the demo.

  • CircleOf14 CircleOf14 (@CircleOf14) reported

    @DemeoBoston @FFI_Games @PlayStation @Xbox @steam_games It is November 10th now and the same issue is still happening with the demo.

  • ThyBossMan1 ThyBossMan (@ThyBossMan1) reported

    @steam_games You all need to fix Low Priority. Ban people for super poor behavior. Yea I have quit games out of rage which put me in lp, but this is ridiculous. There is no regulation in lp. It's like the wildwest of Dota2, it's the worst it's ever been, like the game in years.

  • hellxia Cat Hellxia (@hellxia) reported

    @steam_games @adultswim Jk i see my error

  • Dekuei deku (@Dekuei) reported

    @TdotHelton @JustAlex1997 @AdventurousChap @Xbox @PlayStation @Blizzard_Ent @steam_games I have the X and mine plays it fine, not saying yours isn’t since there’s many others with the same issue but it’s infinity wards issue with how the game works that’s causing the Xbox to crash but I got Xbox to refund gears 4 a month after purchase so it’s still possible

  • AdeptUnity AdeptUnity (@AdeptUnity) reported

    @JustAlex1997 @Nameless105 @TdotHelton @AdventurousChap @Xbox @PlayStation @Blizzard_Ent @steam_games @InfinityWard @ATVIAssist But he's talking about his game being broken, therefore the developer should fix the issue

  • TdotHelton Travis (@TdotHelton) reported

    @Dekuei @JustAlex1997 @AdventurousChap @Xbox @PlayStation @Blizzard_Ent @steam_games Xbox told me they’re aware of the issue that the game isn’t working right, they said Activision hasn’t provided them an explanation. But due to me waiting 16 days I can’t get a refund. My friend has a Xbox One X and S and S plays it no problem. X crashes every time. I have the X

  • UNSCBabes Steven (@UNSCBabes) reported

    @steam_games your latest UI update has not only made Steam less reliable, but it legitimately just caused an IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL crash on my machine. I get that y'all wanted to freshen your platform, but clearly bug testing wasn't done very well before launch.

  • Karen95746341 Karen (@Karen95746341) reported

    @steam_games Why is your gift cards from game stop not working

  • Ghotilicious Richard Hardcastle (@Ghotilicious) reported

    @JocePlays @steam_games Yeah have this problem too in the shadow isles I mean nz

  • jerk___waffle lemonlimenspuds (@jerk___waffle) reported

    @blazerball34 @Grapplerette @MortalKombat @steam_games Your going to be so heart broken when neither parasite eve characters get in

  • IceXIII_YT Jus (@IceXIII_YT) reported

    @steam_games why is it that half the time I wanna play rocket league I get this error code 51. I’ve done all the fixes and more and nothing. It’d be cool if steam would allow me to play.

  • AllyUnion Jason Lee (@AllyUnion) reported

    Dear @steam_games , your customer service automation is not very user friendly. Especially when cases close, they are permanently closed and unable to re-open at all.

  • posistress positive🌹stress (@posistress) reported

    just curious when @Steam_Support are going to fix the client freezing every time I open it and never unfreezing. been a few weeks now! I liked the older version better, the one that was functional

  • bossfarm Stephanie Young (@bossfarm) reported

    Hey @Civ5Mac @FiraxisGames this Mac user is still waiting for the 64 bit version of Civ5 for @steam_games. Also still waiting for the full screen with Metal API fix for Civ6. @AspyrMedia seems to have no clue when (or if) these will ready. #epicfail

  • JustAlex1997 Alexander McDonald (@JustAlex1997) reported

    @Nameless105 @TdotHelton @AdventurousChap @Xbox @PlayStation @Blizzard_Ent @steam_games @InfinityWard @ATVIAssist Xbox has complete control over whether or not they offer refunds on their own service.

  • Nameless105 Christopher (@Nameless105) reported

    @TdotHelton @JustAlex1997 @AdventurousChap @Xbox @PlayStation @Blizzard_Ent @steam_games Xbox is not the developer or the publisher, it’s not their responsibility to fix it. It’s @InfinityWard and @ATVIAssist

  • LifeMiracleof mydaysofLIFE (@LifeMiracleof) reported

    @ValveTime steam PLZ FIX THE NEW UI......@steam_games

  • TdotHelton Travis (@TdotHelton) reported

    @JustAlex1997 @AdventurousChap @Xbox Yes, I’ve definitely learned my lesson. Never trusting @Xbox or any company to do the right thing when it comes to refunding a broken item. I’ll be strictly physical copies from here on out. May even just buy from @PlayStation , @Blizzard_Ent and @steam_games starting now.

  • traaagiik Plague||TraaagiiK 🙌 Stay-Blessed🙌 (@traaagiik) reported

    @Steam_Support can you guys at steam support msg me or someone dm plz I have a huge issue my account was hacked on my birthday to add and whiever did it traded a ton of very valuable items of mine in rocket league I just wanna know if there is anything I can do plz msg

  • Felipegra182 Felipe (@Felipegra182) reported

    @steam_games seriously wtf has been going on with brazilian cs:go servers. It's has been a full week since I played on one. All I get are chilean servers with ping. Pls fix

  • VergeofLove BlackKat Magic (@VergeofLove) reported

    Hey @PlanetZooGame I took part in the beta and made & placed my avatar at that point. Now the game is out I can't get the @steam_games achievement for placing my avatar. Please fix.

  • Meyples Meyples (@Meyples) reported

    @Steam_Support you need to work on your customer service. your automated system keeps refusing a refund on a game that I haven't actually played, and even when I include notes in the ticket I just get a generic response. You can fix this or I can force a charge back.

  • TheTruth9683 TrueJuggle83 (@TheTruth9683) reported

    @IGN Wouldn't be an issue if @RockstarGames would've just released it on @steam_games butttt nope these greedy ***** want more money

  • MrMetlHed Charlie Szymanski (@MrMetlHed) reported

    @Microsoft @panos_panay The MS Store, as it is, is a disaster for finding just ARM applications (and so many things are listed that I know won't work.) And none of the other majors have ARM support (@Steam_games or @GOGcom for example.) I need to get my game fix from somewhere...

  • Terrible_Gamer1 The Terrible Gamer (@Terrible_Gamer1) reported

    @steam_games I fear you have an #atari problem. It's hard to find the gems through all the 💩. At one time I wasn't interested in @EpicGames . However, they give away quality games each week for free and have access to #Borderlands3 and #TheOuterWorlds at launch. DO SOMETHING!

  • SeanAKADeViLzzz Sean DeMarco (@SeanAKADeViLzzz) reported

    @SAPPHIRE_Adrian @steam_games With Steam everything has gotten worse over the years but on this issue here I have no strong feelings although actually I can say I prefer the old non tablet looking setup.

  • eliispie123 CorisI (@eliispie123) reported

    @kroshkaruiya1 @JoshuaP98282599 @steam_games @EpicGames Epic games probably realizing their bs buying exclusives isn't doing anything except harming their image across the wider PC gaming community. I had no issues with Epic but having seen their behavior there's no way I'm going to use Epic's store.

  • rathore_alex madhav_05 (@rathore_alex) reported

    @Steam_Support I have had a problem with games on steam for around a year now and i have no clue how to fix it. So my games have randomly unninstalled themselves without my doing it and i have to sign back into steam, then create local game files and then procced to reinstall

  • SiestaYonJyuGo Siesta 45 (@SiestaYonJyuGo) reported

    @R82829333 @steam_games That's not a justification. MGS4 had this problem too and it also had some of the worst, most repetitive, inhuman writing ever.

  • kirblapoop kaosa (@kirblapoop) reported

    @steam_games can u fix the library it always freezes

  • RBrodin Brodin (@RBrodin) reported

    @steam_games U should look into the server issue, its laggin all the time, not able to move like or aim. plz fix it🧐

  • Marc1975GER Marc Welberts (@Marc1975GER) reported

    @Steam_Support @steam_games Massive log in problems with Steam ( DE / EU ). Can not reach server. Error messages pile up heavily on relevant pages. Since your update, there are only problems.

  • pasSEANfruit Sean Gomez (@pasSEANfruit) reported

    @steam_games fix my account pls

  • Azmorzan Esia Nobles (@Azmorzan) reported

    @FFI_Games @PlayStation @Xbox @NintendoAmerica @steam_games Still having the issue I tweeted a few days ago about. Game says it's up to date but when I try to launch it tells me to update the game. PS4

  • RyuzakiRobinL RyuzakiRobinL (@RyuzakiRobinL) reported

    @Steam_Support My 1700+ Games Library is lagging and freezes very often and up to 2 minutes. I dont like the Update

  • InsaneMunro Fred Munro (@InsaneMunro) reported

    @steam_games I mean, I cap out at 29MB/s, so 25 is fine, but when I'm downloading and netflixing it can pose some issues... but would like to set it to 15 or 20 for long downloads while I'm away (sleep or work)... some finer control would be nice...

  • Buzeli2 Buzz sem ser o Lightyear (@Buzeli2) reported

    @Erdayastronaut @steam_games come on guys. U own valve. Fix the bug and let his dad live

  • Belskikh Bedeser (@Belskikh) reported

    @Steam_Support @steam_games After the new design appeared it launches only on 3rd or even 5th attempt. Otherwise it just "doesn't respond". So please, fix Steam.