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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • RubenSky_Twitch RubenSky (@RubenSky_Twitch) reported

    @Picles_Greek @TESOnline Dude, that wouldn't be neat. I will have an ingame and irl tavern problem

  • wolveman71 Mike Giuliani (@wolveman71) reported

    @TESOnline That's Bethesda for you no offense but the game had way too many issues practically it's broke according to most players to Begin with. I thought fallout 76 was bad Holly bat poops Batman ! You need to remove the cheaters botters from your game patch it .

  • DontDoFeelings Henrik Rainersson (@DontDoFeelings) reported

    @TESOnline This doesn't solve the issue. All this does, is put those ahead in tickets due to the event being cancelled, further ahead. Also, it doesn't change the fact the same Activity Finder issues were reported <three years> running, and you only acknowledged them when you were forced.

  • DaveJon82914532 Dave Jones (@DaveJon82914532) reported

    @TESOnline Zenimax should fix the game first before releasing more worthless dlc because your game plays like shit and is laggy as hell.

  • Witchgarm Brett Chilewski (@Witchgarm) reported

    @TESOnline So those of use that got cheated out of the opal motifs have to wait yet another month. It really feels like you’re hanging it over our heads for longer so we dont leave because of the lag. Im rage quitting and canceling plus i swear.

  • JaymeRattray1 Jayme Rattray (@JaymeRattray1) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Do you want to fix the issue with private servers!!!!you have made this game a absolute joke, we’re paying for a private server and can’t get friends on it.this is a joke Bethesda get it sorted or I want a refund!!

  • TroggyTrog TroggyTrog (@TroggyTrog) reported

    @EmmajLow88 You'd think streaming an Elder Scrolls game, "Nirn" wouldn't be so risque. Oh well. Hopefully, it's a temporary ban. If not, check out DLive or Mixer, if you'd like to stream again. Also, BitChute is talking about starting up a streaming service in the near future.

  • BatNici BatNici (@BatNici) reported

    @TESOnline Please fix our Groupfinder! It's just frustrating to play in BF against a group of 4 players while our own group only contains 3 players

  • Hrothgar_952 Hrothgar the Ebonheart Pact Scholar (@Hrothgar_952) reported

    Just had a mini heart attack whilst attempting to log in to @TESOnline . I kept getting an error where it said my account was already logged in😳. I figured I was hacked and getting robbed, so I immediately went and changed my password. Luckily, my coffers are yet overflowing.

  • BeastSpiker Spiker Beast (@BeastSpiker) reported

    @TESOnline any news on the housing editor fix, trying to place a mount and it goes in a completely different position

  • Lethallin_ Lethallin (@Lethallin_) reported

    @NickFirzen @TESOnline I mean ZoS has already broken so much lore, especially with the whole Elsweyr storyline, so I don’t see any of that as a problem.

  • aretteepls mads™️ @ sac winter (@aretteepls) reported

    The five pic in particular is great because all of my armor was broken and my feet were bleeding so I was just imitating elder scrolls faces and scenes w my SISTERS

  • kalitoslyme Kalito (@kalitoslyme) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Ok so the whole game isn't broken its only broken in cyrodiil it doesn't crash as bad when there's not alot of people online once we are in big fights we all go into blue screen on PS4 NA EP.

  • MaximusGoreham Maximillian Goreham (@MaximusGoreham) reported

    @pcgamer If the game goes live service, it's as dead as elder Scrolls legends.

  • redcapgordo Bring me giant robots, synth wave, and rum. (@redcapgordo) reported

    So getting back into Elder Scrolls Online has been a weird experience. It plays just enough like Skyrim and follows the usual TES conventions that it doesn't feel like a bog standard MMO, but if Im being honest I'm mostly just there to get a much needed fix of TES lore.

  • StuffPolar 𝕵𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘. (@StuffPolar) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Also, if you run into the "Cannot extract Patch error" re-launch the Launcher and it will do the complete patch

  • WhoLockMomof4 Vee (@WhoLockMomof4) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Can’t login. Gets hung up on logging in page

  • rtorres rt (@rtorres) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I seem to be trapped by "request login"... Pc/ steam

  • zi9ro Zi9ro (@zi9ro) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline im stuck in requesting login… GOOD JOB ZOS

  • wdesousa William D (@wdesousa) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Repair didn't fix it either lol... 1 step forward, 2 steps back...

  • Connor09081347 Connor (@Connor09081347) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Yup, same issue - can't force an update either.

  • Pymander33 Christodoulidis Ch. (@Pymander33) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline The launcher didn't seem to update and when I enter the game I stay stuck at logging in: Requesting login... for minutes...

  • EeraGames EeraGames (@EeraGames) reported

    @HellsbunniesTV @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Also having the same issue.

  • TubbyLee82 TubbyLee (@TubbyLee82) reported

    @TESOnline - Who is the brain trust that took the server down for maintenance during the last hours of the event ... That's really cool thing for a feller to do

  • william70444180 williamb (@william70444180) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Its not as though anything changes. I still wait forever in dungeon finder and have insane lag even with high end pc and dont get me started if i try to switch screens to check something online it slows your pc to a slug

  • Rykoth1 Rykoth (@Rykoth1) reported

    @ophelia_noir @Arkhaniir @Dawnwhisper @kayPOWXD @Ninja_614 @TESOnline Good cause I was having browser issues trying to watch >.>

  • xmetalearth Xmetalearth (@xmetalearth) reported

    @lagboot Right now... Call of duty modern warfare .. Battlefield 5, elder scrolls online... And lag, you're gonna hate me for this.... I gave up on classic WOW. I'm back on retail now...

  • Koko_works_art Koko-Works (@Koko_works_art) reported

    Pretty frustrating that Paypal issues me a refund, which in turn apparently makes @ZeniMax_Online ban my @TESOnline account, and then when I ask paypal to reverse it they tell me its not possible, while Zenimax is sending me the same copy and paste message instead of charging my

  • probablyawitch probablewitch (@probablyawitch) reported

    @Casual_Ranger @kattyjaxx I have a serious problem making too many Imperials in @TESOnline and yet I don't think I've played one in Oblivion or Skyrim...

  • MediaPopulist Populist Media (@MediaPopulist) reported

    I am so pissed @TESOnline . I pay for the prime service and been playing it since Beta, but ever since the last update, I cannot update and it freezes. Customer service hasn't help and waiting on them is like watching paint dry. I amm really disappointed

  • BrighTuatha Dorothea Lensink (@BrighTuatha) reported

    @TESOnline Oh, please fix the bugs first, and load times can be way too long.

  • Titancrazy1992 Veiled Nexus (Shawn) 🏈❄⛄🎁 (@Titancrazy1992) reported

    @TheXunseenTV @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online Exactly, bdo and what not is fun but eso is better and only lacks community and cosplay would fix that. Oh yea I fin hate guild traders, should remove them all and add a market place like normal mmo games because shits unfair.

  • QuinnTheRose18 Quinnci Qwothers (@QuinnTheRose18) reported

    @ShinyUmbreon360 @Greenjackspeaks @ExecuteOrder6d6 @HannahReloaded Yeah if anything Skyrim was the least broken buggy elder scrolls game, hell maybe elder scrolls 6 won't have game breaking bugs at launch at this rate

  • LouiseDiggy Louise Miller (@LouiseDiggy) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline @ElderScrolls Playing on Xbox we have a broken dragon, it has not died, but is not fighting anymore, and it is not loot able, so can't get daily ticket . Please help

  • _gmh_ Gideon Hallett (@_gmh_) reported

    @TESOnline It gets better. If I do as requested and try to change my account email address, I need to authorise it by means of an access code sent to the existing email account. The original problem was that the access code wasn't getting to that email. You can see where this is going...

  • deadpandick heretic fucker🏳️‍🌈 (@deadpandick) reported

    @BenKreitzer @IGN @BethesdaStudios Yeah, they either gotta make F76 FTP or get rid of that damn Fallout 1st service. That game is riddled with unnecessary monetization when they already have Fallout Shelter. Shocked they’ve yet to move onto the next Elder Scrolls though. That’s ******* odd. It’s been forever.

  • Casual_Ranger ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ (@Casual_Ranger) reported

    @BeerbongGinn @kyledempsterstu @TESOnline Fly in bro ... got a room already you can crash on the couch

  • Adaell90 Adam Holmberg (@Adaell90) reported

    Seems like Bethesda's continued attempts at games as service model is slowly falling apart. Hopefully this will continue so we'll see less of this stuff in Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield.

  • WhisperWalrusXY WhisperWalrus on Twitch! (@WhisperWalrusXY) reported

    I wish @TESOnline would fix the server problems in Alliance War. I really want to love that game mode but when you have a ping above 1 second and it's server side, it becomes so frustrating and unplayable.

  • LivingIncubus Inky the Rat ☠ 💣 💚 (@LivingIncubus) reported

    @LadyAzthreal Let alone Starfield the new project, but yeah I agree, i doubt Obsidian will lift a finger at this point but I do genuinely hope as a fan of both Fallout and Elder Scrolls, as jaded and cynical as am, that they fix themselves and focus on what matters

  • NCBill72 William Manning (@NCBill72) reported

    @TESOnline Fix your frigging game BEFORE adding new content and crap you don't need you lazy phucks! The battlegrounds have been screwed up for over a month now

  • lizottematthew matthew lizotte (@lizottematthew) reported

    @TESOnline Fix ur game ZOS!!!. Shure u take the fear animation off nightblade abbilities but yet you dont take it off doungon bosses. Like WTF i wasted 1 1/2 hrs queing for a random doungon. Get shoved into vet wayrest sewers. Continues

  • tortellandy Tortellandy 🎨 (@tortellandy) reported

    Nice job @TESOnline and @BethesdaSupport! Just completely ignore my ticket for a week, then close it without resolving the issue! I still can't log in to the game, but nice to know you feel satisfied with yourself enough to close my ticket after doing absolutely nothing!

  • moadam113 Mohamed (@moadam113) reported

    @TESOnline Please fix your game before releasing something else. Have a great holiday.

  • lizottematthew matthew lizotte (@lizottematthew) reported

    @TESOnline Who cares about new chapters with ur game unstable and broken. Fix game first.

  • Witchgarm Brett Chilewski (@Witchgarm) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Myself and friends are still experiencing horrific lag. Unable to switch bars in combat, abilities not working, etc. Every update degrades the quality of the game. Cancel the events. Give us our opal style pages we were cheated. Guaranteed no one cares about anything else rn.

  • CanadianDog Darrell (@CanadianDog) reported

    @TESOnline Sorry this tweet is lagging out as well.

  • TroggyTrog TroggyTrog (@TroggyTrog) reported

    @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online @GinaLBruno You are currently muted / mic is not working, on your live ESO stream. NO SOUND! hope that you get the message

  • bootyscarf T. Bean (@bootyscarf) reported

    @TESOnline Please fix guild finder!!!!

  • DodaDontae DontaeDoda (@DodaDontae) reported

    @TESOnline @AlcastHQ Or nah, fix your Got damn game first.

  • whitelupa Whitelupa(Jen Blohm) (@whitelupa) reported

    @TwistedSigma @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline BETHESDA FIX YO SHIT PLEASE I have so many problems with ESO smh

  • Chibi_Cosmos Chibz (@Chibi_Cosmos) reported

    @ShoesThunder @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline It's still an issue in PS4. Blue screen after blue screen. Sunspire especially is a pain. A guarantee wipe for our guild runs. Adds are invisible too

  • 25_gold3nging3 Chris wiseman (@25_gold3nging3) reported

    @TESOnline great update yesterday made the game even more unplayable maybe one day you will fix something without breaking the game even more but won’t hold breath the end for this game is near

  • AlistessaF Alistessa (@AlistessaF) reported

    @RPMoans Maybe its the verse im in Dnd and Elder Scrolls, but I never had this problem... I just can't comprehend someone who is a good, descriptive writer to get 0 partners. I went into this knowing 1 person. Maybe 2.

  • Voiceofdovah1 Voiceofdovah (@Voiceofdovah1) reported

    @TESOnline PC EU ******* awful tonight please fix this dumpster fire it's getting intolerable

  • GeAssHu Life of Ge (@GeAssHu) reported

    @lizottematthew @TESOnline Yeah. They really do need to fix dolmen groups, like, after 20-50 people, make it so that it's instanced, or like, make all of them appear in the tops of buildings or something. Lol

  • lizottematthew matthew lizotte (@lizottematthew) reported

    @TESOnline I dont blame yall 100% player numbers dont help any. With the dolmen runners in elswer its causing more problems. You got groups of 100+ players who group up and jump from area to area together fighting dragons. /dolmens. I was just at a dragon fight. From start to end 23 sec.

  • lizottematthew matthew lizotte (@lizottematthew) reported

    @TESOnline People wont buy anything with how broken us the players know the game really is.

  • Angrypunishment The Curt Locker (@Angrypunishment) reported

    PS5: 1) Elder Scrolls 6 2) Fallout 5 3) Red Dead 3 4) Halo V.S. Crash Bandicoot 5) Knack 3

  • ShoesThunder Thunder-Shoes (@ShoesThunder) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I got a frozen load screen while travelling from Dragonhold wayshrine to Senchal wayshrine once again. My ESO plus expires in a week. I'm not seeing a reason to renew it with these issues. If I'm not having fun then there is simply no point.