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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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October 23: Problems at The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is having issues since 12:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • TheDarkStu Stuart Brockie (@TheDarkStu) reported

    *sees Bethesda trending on twitter. *Goes to check why it's trending being hopeful some news about elder Scrolls 6 to find they're adding a subscription service to 76... Back to borderlands 3 I go.

  • The_Devious The Devious (@The_Devious) reported

    @SpawnWaveMedia I've lost all hope & interest for Elder Scrolls 6 & Starfield. I have no doubt both of them will end up just like Fallout 76 as broken online/service games filled with microtransactions for the most basic things

  • KristinRix The Ghost of Kristin Rix (@KristinRix) reported

    Fallout 1st is almost exactly the same as the Elder Scrolls monthly perks subscription service. The scrap stash looks tempting but not worth $100 & honestly it would make the game too easy and boring. Half my game time is spent on scrap runs. #Fallout76

  • Elkman369 Tomte 🔶 (@Elkman369) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @WesJohnsonVoice The biggest problem with the dumb premium member ship is that they are just trying to copy Elder Scrolls Online but without understandin why the premium system of ESO works. The things that

  • Elkman369 Tomte 🔶 (@Elkman369) reported

    @BristolianGamer @justcallmeplg @bethesda @theWellRedMage @RetroBoyJon @stewie55uk @7daysaweekblog @SideMissionBlog @Atom_Manhattan @BethesdaStudios @Fallout You mena from 1994-2016. (Fallout 4 was great in my opinion and had a lot of content). The biggest problem with the dumb premium member ship is that they are just trying to copy Elder Scrolls Online but without understandin why the premium system of ESO works. The things that

  • MaxwellDemonic MaxwellDemonic 🏳️‍🌈⚧️ (@MaxwellDemonic) reported

    @Gamingfanatic @AngryJoeShow I regret buying that game. It's also tainted my view of Bethesda as a whole. Can't wait for the next Elder Scrolls game to be always online, broken as hell, and require a sub.

  • Worthless_Bums Ω (@Worthless_Bums) reported

    The problem with Fallout lore is they don't have the Elder Scrolls LOLDRAGONBREAK excuse of just doing whatever they want.

  • harmonikah Harmonica (@harmonikah) reported

    Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 are never going to get done if they try this hard to fix something beyond fixing

  • CoolCasualGamer CoolCasualGamer (@CoolCasualGamer) reported

    Pardon me for what i am about to say but i am really tired of seeing shit like this. Bethesda is more about greed now rather than listening to the player base. Why the lies and broken promises. This worries me greatly for the future titles of Elder Scrolls and Fallout games.

  • Blakeheath54 Blake Heath (@Blakeheath54) reported

    @BethesdaStudios How are people shocked, it's the same for elder scrolls online....if you don't like the new service don't buy it. Simple

  • AAltabtabaee عبدالرحمن الطبطبائي (@AAltabtabaee) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Cant login crashed before entering the world

  • IWCNation iWc Nation (@IWCNation) reported from Santee, California

    @BethesdaStudios Why don’t you fix the game first before charging us. **** that I’m going to @TESOnline

  • dittto123 casper (@dittto123) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Login failed. This account lacks required entitlements 4:8;2006

  • NickRLC The Nickxorcist 🏳️‍🌈 (@NickRLC) reported

    I swear to GOD I am calling it right now that Elder Scrolls 6 will have loot chests and a subscription service for mods. #Bethesda are just ballsout horrendous

  • MaiqTehLiar M'aiq (@MaiqTehLiar) reported

    @Keekalakookoo @TESVerbose Same here. I'm thinking they wouldn't dare mess with Elder Scrolls too much, they've also got ESO for their lovely micro-transactions so hopefully TES6 will stay true to the previous games. I doubt we'll avoid the 'live service' crap entirely though...

  • 2Mini Miniature (@2Mini) reported

    @neracod everything bethesda has made starting with oblivion have tbh, just fo76 hasnt let modders fix it that said, i dont think it will be a shitfest on the scale of 76, i expect it will just be a mediocre game on a relatively extensible if buggy engine (like every other elder scrolls)

  • salisteanu Bogdan Salisteanu (@salisteanu) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I don't know what you pretend to have done, but the game is running a lot worse than before! A lot of lag spikes and disconnect. For sure ... you are "investigating" it ... again.

  • ffphreek ffphreek (@ffphreek) reported

    Goddamn. Seeing how much Bethesda is trying to milk Fallout 76 despite it being a ******* flop scares the shit outta me. My hopes are getting lower for Elder Scrolls 6 by the day. They're probably gonna slap a shitty subscription service on that too.

  • iyeru Fairy Boy "Ian Sea" (@iyeru) reported

    It shouldn't be surprising that Fallout 76's subscription service (Fallout 1st) is a thing. Considering @TESOnline has a subscription service. I also like how it's called "Fallout 1st," as if it's nodding to the fact people wanted to play the game for the world/etc.

  • brellom 9th Circle of Brellom (@brellom) reported

    Thing is, with a game like Elder Scrolls 6, we'll easily be able to fix within the modding community, since it's liable to be a single player RPG. But yeah.

  • IchisukeKurosak Andrew Pagel (@IchisukeKurosak) reported

    I really feel bad for people who still think Fallout 76 is a game worth saving or continue playing with this $100 membership bs. Just think about what will happen if your precious Elder Scrolls 6 turns out like this. A broken mess that has to be fixed through a membership program

  • EnigmaticFrog8 EnigmaticFrog (@EnigmaticFrog8) reported

    So, I'm not the biggest Fallout fan. I prefer Elder Scrolls in every way honestly, but my problem is these are the same developers and if they're willing to treat Fallout fans like this, I'm afraid of what they're going to do when Elder Scrolls 6 comes out.

  • adfoozsixx A.D. \Mikkhi/ Sixx (@adfoozsixx) reported

    @burnthegamer I fear for the fate of Elder Scrolls VI. The others listed are above my paygrade to fix.

  • DavidStevens78 @DavidStevens78 (@DavidStevens78) reported

    @BethesdaStudios I was eagerly anticipating Elder Scrolls 6, but now I'm dreading all the ways you're gonna try to wring pennies from my ******* pockets. You're turning into bastards like @EA & @Activision. I'm not giving you another cent until you fix yourselves. You're better than this.

  • OilersBlues OilersBlues#4thLineHockey (@OilersBlues) reported

    @DylanNowak I’m terrified of what @BethesdaStudios is going to do to Elder Scrolls 6. It’s going to be a mess of live service/microtransaction idiocy. Modding will most likely be banned for BS reasons, which is a big reason anyone played Skyrim for 10 years.

  • AlexWeth7 Alex Wetherington (@AlexWeth7) reported

    @garywhitta @jasonschreier Another game in the Bethesda family, The Elder Scrolls online, can be played for free and has tons of content included in that free model. I don’t know who thought changing $12.99 a month for 76’s empty and broken ass was a good idea. Please Bethesda don’t ruin ES 6 or Starfield.

  • TheSlyWolfy волк (@TheSlyWolfy) reported

    Can't wait for the next Elder Scrolls when Bethesda will ask for $20/month to not have your game crash every 5 minutes

  • RwbyArchangel RwbyArchangel (@RwbyArchangel) reported

    @GoddessNeo I'm just sitting over here becoming more and more worried for Elder Scrolls 6. Their multiplayer branching is not working out well.☹

  • Bobby_Digital81 Robert Rodrigues (@Bobby_Digital81) reported

    @beljan_rafolss @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline This was just maintenance on the servers. The next patch (in about two weeks) for consoles we’ll see the 1st of 3 patches that are focused towards “improvements” with lag/server performance.

  • beljan_rafolss Red (@beljan_rafolss) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Yay just in time I really hope the lag spikes are gone :(

  • morningowl40 morningowl40 (@morningowl40) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline There's a few friends of mine have the same problems signing in the USA too

  • LordPlastic Lord Plastic (@LordPlastic) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline 2. Instead of having teams constantly working at New ways to nerf us and break the game further please just fix what's broken... Some of this stuff has been going on for years now

  • LordPlastic Lord Plastic (@LordPlastic) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline 1. You guys should just pull this game completely offline for a week or two and make all the needed fixes thats been plaguing this game for so long. Cyro is unplayable for all the random loadscreens and disconnecting, there is so much lag in pve and PvP also. ➡

  • ACrackedSmile Chris (@ACrackedSmile) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline sload's has been broken for 2 patches now on xbox, doesn't work on players at all.

  • zergnub1 zergnub (@zergnub1) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Suprise attack doesn't land properly because of lag spikes.

  • beljan_rafolss Red (@beljan_rafolss) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline please fix the lag spikes im begging you T_T i cant play Cloudrest trial because my ping spikes to 999 at the last boss I just want a relequen gear :'(

  • namelessghouler CallMeKay (@namelessghouler) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Please fix the game chat

  • Neco251081 Neco (@Neco251081) reported

    @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport Took a week off work for my birthday and to play ESO with friends and the PC servers are less reliable than Baker Mayfields arm (sorry browns fans). On the odd occasion the ARE online, some part of them is usually lagging to hell. #sadbirthday :(

  • matheusgamer26 Matheus@gamer (@matheusgamer26) reported

    @TESOnline i can't play because i keep getting "connection with the server timed out", i did everything i could and could not , still can't login, what else in the earth i need to do "connection with the server timed out" btw this is happening a couple hours

  • itsViu Viu (@itsViu) reported

    @danieljhughes03 @itsdrewcook @jm_steger @TESOnline I'm willing to put time and effort into obtaining something rare but not to organise my life around a game. The problem isn't the time itself (doing one daily isn't really time consuming) but that it's so split up. And if you miss one event you're screwed.

  • jm_steger 🔪 Nightmare Daddy 🔪 (@jm_steger) reported

    @danieljhughes03 @itsdrewcook @TESOnline Im hearing you - but if you saw, my point was that unexpected life events happen - like issues moving and hospitalization in my case. Im hoping to catch the last one.

  • xLartza Lartza (@xLartza) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline But why is our dungeon still lagging :/

  • Jahlvardravito Jermaine (@Jahlvardravito) reported

    @dubsteppenwolf my problem with skyrim is i made multiple characters before I figured out what kind of one i really wanted to play and by that point I'd seen all the content in the game. i just basically need a whole new elder scrolls now.

  • obrestmarch Andrei Shkuro (@obrestmarch) reported

    @TESOnline first fix your games also fix this no-sustain meta

  • Neijek Neijek (@Neijek) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline been trying to login for 10 minutes, now it even says that my account does not exist (even logging into the online site).. major logging server issues.

  • Grimace221 Nicholas Gerace (@Grimace221) reported

    @JustinLamb33 @jm_steger @TESOnline They did the one in January, then skipped June for "technical" issues. Lame lol. I need AP lol.

  • jm_steger 🔪 Nightmare Daddy 🔪 (@jm_steger) reported

    @JustinLamb33 @Grimace221 @TESOnline thats what im hoping for, i got screwed due to issues with the seller of our house and spent 2 months in an airbnb and also ended up in the hospital with sepsis this year. so now i have a bunch of berries and its frustrating. *deep sigh* i do hope it makes a come around again 😕

  • ASilencedRaven Josef Richard (@ASilencedRaven) reported

    @TESOnline hey I'm having issues with the voice chat features on Ps4 everytime I attempt to join a channel it vanishes or it goes through a endless cycle of joining chat

  • landdon Don (@landdon) reported

    @TalesofTamriel @TESOnline The grind is the problem with MMOs. Grinding for motifs, grinding for gear, grinding for fish even. Just too much of a grind.

  • AlaskanCowgirl Teresa/Ralyxx (@AlaskanCowgirl) reported

    @TESOnline Sadly, thanks to internet issues, I never got to finish my black one. And I don't know if I'll get to start on my white one. Such a mood, but a beautiful mount.

  • ampersanderalex ᗩᒪE᙭ᗩᑎᗪᖇOS (@ampersanderalex) reported

    Oh great. Another @TESOnline download issue so "repair" = re-downloading the entire game. Come on, sort this out, happens far too often. #TESO

  • JonassenHenrik henrik jonassen (@JonassenHenrik) reported

    @JustinLamb33 @January1171 @silverbatwing @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport And I'm fully aware of the fact they most likely won't fix anything by the time it arrives on console, but at least they have some expectations regarding what problems will occur and then have chance to begin working on them sooner. Personally I agree that there should be simul--

  • JonassenHenrik henrik jonassen (@JonassenHenrik) reported

    @JustinLamb33 @January1171 @silverbatwing @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport Probably because this allows them to "jump-start" the gathering of information regarding issues, most of which will likely be server problems due to the whole game being based on an outdated server system that wasn't designed to handle the kinds of load put on it by the game now

  • OneAngryCat2 OneAngryCat (@OneAngryCat2) reported

    @TESOnline Just read patch notes and at loss. High costs + low dmg% = massive sustain issues, already a problem. Clearly, don't play their own game, as the feedback from PT says it all: you've no clue what you're doing. Scrap game already and work on ESO 2.0. This one can't be saved.

  • lizottematthew matthew lizotte (@lizottematthew) reported

    @TESOnline You done screwed up zinamax. Do whats best for all and fix the game. As people who want to get into eso go by word of mouth from vet players and as it stands your loosing ur (Whales) and player base.

  • azraelkrieg OozraelKrieg (@azraelkrieg) reported

    The problem with new story content is that it often doesn't survive me. @TESOnline more story please. I need more :D #ESO

  • Brianna84119346 Brianna (@Brianna84119346) reported

    @TESOnline why do I keep getting booted from the server with error code 307..... I just wanna play the game

  • razgaizdemon Susan (@razgaizdemon) reported

    @TESOnline So I’m getting a crash right when I open the game after downloading the patch 😅

  • Lewis_Medeiros The One True Nobody! (@Lewis_Medeiros) reported

    @JDs_Canvas They won't half-ass their flagship franchise, and they already flirted with disaster once with Elder Scrolls Online's early issues. They treat Fallout like some experimental test tube for the creation of mechanics to be used in Elder Scrolls, which is a shame, but we'll see.

  • TippyTapsMa Mom's Spaghetti 🎮 (@TippyTapsMa) reported

    @KellowaySG @TESOnline Thank you, yes that was the problem, it wasn’t starting after the update. Fixed now and running smoother than most post patch annoyances, all my addons seem to be working!