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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • Matchmaking (3.23%)
  • Glitches (3.23%)

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  • ramshacles Anne (@ramshacles) reported

    PSA: The EU megaserver is back up for @TESOnline and there is no login queue :D

  • RegenbogenRudi1 RegenbogenRudi (@RegenbogenRudi1) reported

    @TESOnline Fix the performance. Heaviliy invest in servers and error fixing. Your game will be great then

  • ramshacles Anne (@ramshacles) reported

    @TESOnline Thank you so much for pushing this fix so fast. Proof positive that the Devs care about their community.

  • SammiePaige2015 Samantha Paige Terry (@SammiePaige2015) reported

    @YeahBrahCadaBra @caseyraee Awesome She's an Elder Scrolls fan mostly plays those and is in need of some people to show her the ropes She does had a mic so communication wouldn't be a problem for her. I got in my PA though and took out the Fatman and just open carried it and it seemed to keep them away LOL

  • TastyBaconLive TastyBacon🥓 (@TastyBaconLive) reported

    @Klokworkk @AskJoshy @TESOnline The other major issue was that so many people expected it to be like skyrim, but multiplayer, when in reality it's an MMO, set in the elder scrolls universe.

  • XandurThePale Xandur (@XandurThePale) reported

    @TESOnline “LOGIN FAILED: Connection to server timed out. Please try again later.” over and over and over

  • ShaneLestan Shane🖤Lestan⚧ (@ShaneLestan) reported

    Overall, even though the game has left me pleasantly surprised when taking it for what it is, I'm not super excited about it. The Elder Scrolls games should stay on PC or PS4, or XBox (although they're best experienced on PC for mods that fix infamous Bethesda bugs).

  • ShaneLestan Shane🖤Lestan⚧ (@ShaneLestan) reported

    The Elder Scrolls: Blades isn't too bad. I don't think a mobile platform is good for an Elder Scrolls game though, but it is trying to be a full fledged ES game. There's a disconnect with the experience, but I'll keep playing. In truth, I was pleasantly surprised with some of it.

  • shiwhendi Whendim (@shiwhendi) reported

    @MewMayne84 @Tea_The_Khajiit @TESOnline Just so you know there is a problem with the Torchbug pets. You keep trying to pick them up to score some thorax and for a split second you think your game is having some sort of glitch.

  • Darth_Zeppelin DM Zeppelin (@Darth_Zeppelin) reported

    So, @TESOnline, I keep trying to make a character so I can play and see if I want to continue my sub or not and I keep getting disconnected with "An Error Has Occurred", This is super annoying. I can log in an run around fine, but if I take too long, creating a character, BOOT!

  • x_LadyChaos_x xLady Chaosx (@x_LadyChaos_x) reported

    @dixhelen @TESOnline Nope maybe not but I haven’t had a problem with mine on Xbox

  • TheOnlyMason1 TheOnlyMason (@TheOnlyMason1) reported

    @TESOnline The new bg map is broken on PS4. Game can’t start because green team will never fill up past 2 people. Just waited an hour of leaver penalty’s because of getting stuck in there😤

  • HardNetworkOut Scott Henderson Jr (@HardNetworkOut) reported

    @ThatMattDc @Fallout @TESOnline Obviously. Making a game predicated on playing with other players yet restricting players to 24-30 on a server is a problem. Its a dead spot in between. It’s a boring game where they encourage you to play with others, yet it’s not an MMO which makes it hard to play with others.

  • BladedMischief Nic (@BladedMischief) reported

    I’ve been having constant issues with the game since the latest update. It now takes 4+ attempts to load in to a character. And housing has started saying that my system is out of memory, despite there being more than enough space. I’m on Xbox One :( @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline

  • LockedownGaming Padlocke (@LockedownGaming) reported

    @TESOnline STOP IGNORING MY TWEETS! I cannot log in to the game i just paid $60 for and your website is useless and not helpful! I have multiple screenshots of emails showing my User ID and thr website says the ID either doesn't exist or the Login failed. CONTACT ME NOW

  • surfborting Can you say... magnetic? Charismatic? (@surfborting) reported

    I’m so excited for Elder Scrolls 6 😭😭 I need to invest in a gaming PC laptop so I can actually play on high setting w/o lag 🤧

  • LockedownGaming Padlocke (@LockedownGaming) reported

    @TESOnline PLEASE STOP IGNORING ME. I need help with an account issue and if something doesn't change I'm getting a refund

  • LockedownGaming Padlocke (@LockedownGaming) reported

    @TESOnline I need inmediate help! My account seems to be broken and nothing is working!!!

  • Bad_Dps Capt'n aoelord4 (@Bad_Dps) reported

    @AskJoshy Problem I've found with eso it still very much feels and wants to be a single player elder scrolls game 😔 It just... Doesn't work in an mmo form imo

  • kelseauxx Kelsey Ivy (@kelseauxx) reported

    @TESOnline pretty sure que is broken on ESO since this maintence y’all just did. 1 hour in que (still btw) as a healer....also, fix Cyro lag. It got worse w name change on PS4.

  • SirEtchwarts Chris (@SirEtchwarts) reported

    @ansem_ebooks I didn't know GoT had the Elder Scrolls Problem

  • GlitterGhosty GlitterGhosty (@GlitterGhosty) reported

    ESO News: TESOnline: dixhelen We've identified an issue with the Dawnwood Indrik on all platforms. The Nascent Indrik should be fixed now. If this isn't the case, please let us know!

  • dixhelen Lady Pensioner (@dixhelen) reported

    @TESOnline Nascent on the Ps4 and the Dawnwood on Xbox. The Nascent one on Xbox had the same problem. It doesn't sit level. Either the front or back legs are up in the air. I'll get a screen shot and send it.

  • Schloif Andy Stratos (@Schloif) reported

    @BethesdaSupport I purchased a sack of gems on elder scrolls blades and it hasnt credited my account. When I select the item it says 'error you already own this item' but I don't! Please help. My name in game is Schloif and my town is called Whoville. Thanks

  • RoxyDaTrippa Roxy Nebula (@RoxyDaTrippa) reported

    @Inklings_ESO @TESOnline @SlashLurk @thefinninator That name is broken OP hehe

  • Krethys Protus (@Krethys) reported

    @ElderScrolls Elder Scrolls Blades is now saying Resync Error and then now says "By the Nine! Please visit the support site for more information." Went there and saw no details that helped. Others are having issues too.

  • Krethys Protus (@Krethys) reported

    @BethesdaSupport Elder Scrolls Blades is now saying Resync Error and then now says "By the Nine! Please visit the support site for more information." Went there and saw no details that helped. Others are having issues too.

  • Pixelmusement Kris Asick (@Pixelmusement) reported

    @AStartShow The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall - Seriously, half the game is a glitch. XD

  • HellsbunniesTV HellsbunniesTV (@HellsbunniesTV) reported

    @TESOnline I used an oblique as it was possibly a login one.

  • FluffyFaceCYP Sir FluffyFace The Conqueror (@FluffyFaceCYP) reported

    @yungtxz @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport @GinaLBruno The reason I feel this is a fake queue is because I've been playing since 2016 (event period and normal period) and never had this much of an issue. Specially when the timer freezes and time passes and yet it still says 5 mins after an hour of waiting.

  • ricardogrilo191 Tremblewithbass (@ricardogrilo191) reported

    First time ever i try to login to #ESO and get placed in a queue! Im sad and happy at the same time. Glad people are enjoying this while i wait... 😒 @TESOnline

  • mouse_inhouse Mouse in the House (@mouse_inhouse) reported

    The Elder Scrolls. Bethesda is downright disrespectful with how broken their games are years after release, and TES is the bottom of the bottom of the barrel in how mind-numbingly generic its setting is. If your big innovation is "fighting dragons", DQ1 just lapped you.

  • jaekoohl Jonny K (@jaekoohl) reported

    @Xannziee @TESOnline Last weekend I saw the Q to get onto EU. Decided I didn't need to add to that angst for my EU friends so I'm staying away from that server until that issue is fixed. Miss ya EU pals. <3

  • Jimyzor Jimyzor (@Jimyzor) reported

    @Xannziee @SSW_Tussler @TESOnline They said they are increasing the server capacity and expected it to take around 2 weeks. So we'll have to wait and see, had the same problem yesterday,

  • Xannziee 🌼Xanzia🌼 (@Xannziee) reported

    @SSW_Tussler @TESOnline rofl! Imma paying customer and if I dont get what I pay for I would be daft if I continued paying if it gets worse (or they dont fix it in reasonable time) 😂 Though I love the game so I have a lot of patience... 🙈🙉🙊

  • opivali Michael David Kester (@opivali) reported

    @TESOnline @bethesda Please fix the Fallout 4 bug “The Operation Could Not Be Completed.” #PleaseFixTheGame

  • Arendiill Arendiill (@Arendiill) reported

    @TESOnline You're going to be short a server if you don't fix your problems.

  • Vaeltharin TheQuestLog/Vael (@Vaeltharin) reported

    @TESOnline At least her battlefields don’t lag >.>

  • themtilhan mtilhan (@themtilhan) reported

    @MuttleyGriffin @TESOnline I hope they added them soon. Otherwise I don't think I will be able to play the game for a while. I mean I have max 1 or 2 hours a day to play at the moment and with this 20 mins goes to waiting. Sorry but no. I will play something else until the fix.

  • Inncorpsse Innocent сorpse (@Inncorpsse) reported

    @TESOnline Awful disregard for the players. You should have taken care of the servers before holding events to entice new players. Players from Steam for several years suffer from technical problems. You seem to have forgotten that teso is not a free game.

  • Skelfarm Skeletonfarm (@Skelfarm) reported

    @TESOnline I would if I could get past the queues in the EU server. Waited 20 mins and then I had a server error and had to wait again, still haven't managed to play this at all today.

  • GodofcheeseSWE Godofcheese (@GodofcheeseSWE) reported

    @TESOnline Why solve the server issues when you can put everyone in a queue instead! Haven't been able to play for the whole day. Fun thing is that there is not problem connection to the US servers, even at prime time.

  • sunsimarge Natalie (@sunsimarge) reported

    @TESOnline It's a half of my free time for spending to this game in this evening. Absolutely awful service.

  • MuttleyGriffin 🌐 MuttleyGriffin 🇬🇧 (@MuttleyGriffin) reported

    @FatNAngry @TESOnline That doesn't sound good. Can't say I've had any issues with the queue timer; so you may want to force quit and queue again. It's at approx 20 mins right now.

  • Delongest_tv Delongest (@Delongest_tv) reported

    i cannot teleport to a zone because i am in a group @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online fix it or else


    @bombsfall elder scrolls interface is probably among the worst but has the hilariously broken results of making billion dmg swords and infinite levitation potions

  • yungtxz Yung Txz💔 (@yungtxz) reported

    @TESOnline Can you please help me, my login queue is stuck at 20 minutes and will not go down.

  • TheFrizzy95 Niamh HudsonFiorilla (@TheFrizzy95) reported

    @exploitinmymind @PlayStation It's letting me use netlix on the playstation which it won't usually if I can't sign in but I can't check my friends or play any online game :( I just want to play some Elder scrolls before I start my 9-6 job :( both 3 and psn have been totally unhelpful.

  • ilkeryuceler Starkregen (@ilkeryuceler) reported

    Got a hour to play ESO Sunday evening, 20 mins of login queue, login error, another 20 minutes of login quue. thanks ******* much guys im having a blast. @TESOnline

  • Corlis616 Corey Johnson (@Corlis616) reported

    Yo @bethesda Elder Scrolls: Blades still runs and looks really bad on Galaxy S7 Edge. The lighting is jacked. There are no shadows. It lags and glitches when I fight. Please fix!

  • C_Boochs Christian Boochs (@C_Boochs) reported

    @TESOnline No. Just rotting in the login queue like everyone else. Just glad I didn't buy Elsweyr yet. So now I can play ... well, elsewhere.

  • taha_wajahat Syed Taha Wajahat (@taha_wajahat) reported

    Well done @TESOnline, my login queue time is 18 minutes. **** You

  • _Goldrake_ Goldrake (@_Goldrake_) reported

    @DarkCisum @TESOnline Agreed, horrible, can't believe they are unable to increase server capacity. Like they are doing nothing for this big problem. Or they do not care, maybe they make enough money as it is. :-(

  • Elliz75 DAVIS🏳️‍🌈 (@Elliz75) reported

    @TESOnline My computer has been broken for the past few months ugh 😫😫😫

  • BlaiddD Blaidd Drwg (@BlaiddD) reported

    @TESOnline Guys, fix the server before its out. I'm an old player of ESO and every day I have to wait for about an hour to get into game though it says 15 minutes which is also not very pleasant! Imagine what its gonna be like when the chapter is out...

  • fasidduni Saf (@fasidduni) reported

    Biggest wish for the new Elder Scrolls game is to be able to have multiple people follow you cuz playing through Skyrim right now and its bullshit how you're only able to travel with one person unless you glitch/mod the game Please Bethesda let me travel with a goofy dnd party

  • GodofcheeseSWE Godofcheese (@GodofcheeseSWE) reported

    @TESOnline Maybe you guys should upgrade your "european" servers and star locating them in europe. Infinite Loadscreen, login queues and high MS. Really bad.

  • just_horvath Alexander Horvath (@just_horvath) reported

    @TESOnline SaturdayNight is the perfect time to fix the BG queue

  • GimmieYoShoez GimmieYoShoez (@GimmieYoShoez) reported

    @TESOnline Dizzying swing is a real ******* problem right now. Shit never works. Fix please!!!!

  • ArtsyCoko Coko (@ArtsyCoko) reported

    @SotaSweetie @honorary_doggo @Asmoden3 @TESOnline This low drop rate still is a joke. All my guild mates complain about & u can't just skip RL for a whole week to play all what's possible on all ur characters to only have to buy that last piece u still missed at the end of that week. Along with login q's it's super frustrating.