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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • Sasha_Dominique Sasha (@Sasha_Dominique) reported

    @JN_TT13 That’s what #Twitter & #Tinder are for....Durh In all seriousness I don’t see an issue w/folks selecting to have a woman driver if that’s what they prefer (and I don’t mean those who only identify as women to skirt around the issue) #Uber

  • aneladdd Lena (@aneladdd) reported

    @Remdelarem I’d be pissed and would never believe my man if he said he made a tinder “for fun.” But I guess if she has one too, there are bigger problems

  • xSlimz Todd Segel (@xSlimz) reported

    Is my tinder broken or am I really ugly because no ones swiped right on me in like 2 weeks😂

  • TUtternonsense #Nobody Nowhere# (@TUtternonsense) reported

    @GioGentileFan I guess the tinder world makes this more of an issue because the charisma factor doesn’t cut through on that platform and wahmins are just flicking past 95% of profile pics, whereas irl your personality etc can even things out. So it just serves up thots on a platter to chads.

  • Zephesta Zeph (@Zephesta) reported

    And this is why I tell people on my Tinder profile I'm 5'9. I personally don't give a shit how tall you are, however, it seems it's a way bigger issue for most people.

  • tgwilkinson T.G. Wilkinson (@tgwilkinson) reported

    What happens to this woman sucks. But the real problem here is hugging complete strangers at the beginning of a tinder date

  • vikygeek Vigneshwaran (@vikygeek) reported

    A person can ditch, So did @Tinder with my matches saying "<Match name> has sent you a message". P.S.: Logout and Login didn't resolve your shit..

  • LordGilmore Christian (@LordGilmore) reported

    Just saw that video about people ditching tinder dates because the other people is to tall Maybe its just me but height is just height to me I don't see the problem

  • xandriaaaaaa xandriaa❤️ (@xandriaaaaaa) reported

    My best friend told me to try Tinder since what I’m doing isn’t working... im like Bitchhhhhh.

  • boopiss bright eyed boophis (@boopiss) reported

    asked a wpi guy on tinder what's up and he said "Working on a project." somebody raze this school to the ground

  • califormulla christina (@califormulla) reported

    gave the hot reception guy at my gym my phone to fix the app because it wouldnt let me book classes and he goes “hows tinder goin for ya” when he saw my home screen :))))))

  • EXPENSIVE_HOE Daddie (@EXPENSIVE_HOE) reported

    tinder is part of the broken manhood apparatus

  • titibui_ suzanne (@titibui_) reported

    It’s 1:25, here am I crying over a heart broken on tinder

  • 318k8_ k8 $ (@318k8_) reported from Natchitoches, Louisiana

    every time i get on tinder it crash 🙁

  • anhudy andy cheeks (@anhudy) reported

    i spent more time working on my tinder profile than my resumé

  • AndrewPokorny Andrew Pokorny (@AndrewPokorny) reported

    I sometimes swipe right on the tinder ads to make sure the app is working 😂

  • syd_lady Syd Vicious (@syd_lady) reported

    My tinder bio says “I like beer, binging shows, and working out once a month” and someone messaged me saying “Hit me up if you ever want to work out more than once a month” 🤭😕 prolly not, sir

  • DisabledTimes Disabled Times (@DisabledTimes) reported

    Tinder conversation: Me: doing my thing, disclosing the disabilities Them: oh there's always someone out there with worse problems and everyone has something #AbledsAreWeird

  • DahlRandy Randy Dahl (@DahlRandy) reported

    Sitting on the ferry back to Copenhagen, watching too many awkard retarded stereotyped people. Don't know why, but most are actually Norwegians. Sorry to say. However, I do solve this emotional problem desperately switching my tinder #tinder

  • joelspishock_26 Joel Spishock (@joelspishock_26) reported

    You spend free time working on your resume. I spend free time working on my Tinder bio. We are not the same

  • AmmarAshbil Separa Berweebawa (@AmmarAshbil) reported

    No one takes tinder match seriously before (& even now) but we take it serious, you & me but... there there, the problem is me. We are that close to.... *sigh* Now... everything taste the same, Plain. Everything remind the same, Pain.

  • Mynamej71631895 Mynamejeff (@Mynamej71631895) reported

    @Tinder im trying to make a tinder account and it wont let me it keeps saying login with facebook or phone number.

  • ShadThaGoddd Rashad James رشاد جيمس 😈 (@ShadThaGoddd) reported from Sandy Springs, Georgia

    Since this Tinder shit ain’t working, who trying to grab a free meal, some cool conversation, and a free movie Friday night 🧐

  • IvanTheLight Ivan Copeland (@IvanTheLight) reported

    @tinder please help i have an issue

  • youglyshawty ف (@youglyshawty) reported

    no expectation tinder is working shshshshsbbs

  • GinaMarie0125 Gina Lewis (@GinaMarie0125) reported

    This guy on Tinder just shamed me for “only” having an Associates Degree. LOL I’m sorry that my driving to school an hour one way 4 days a week all while working full time & being a mom on no sleep AND making the Dean’s list in the end isn’t enough for you to respect me. 🙄

  • mandalyntyr Mandalyn (@mandalyntyr) reported

    i have 4 numbers and 6 emails and i forgot which one i used to sign up for tinder with and the app logged me out and i can’t sign in anymore and now random people are messaging me on telegram and i can’t delete my account cause i can’t sign in i-

  • 3_2_1_nothanks chloe (@3_2_1_nothanks) reported

    4.43 am scrolling on my broken tinder profile hating everyone in New York

  • MuhsiniSuhrab Suhrab Muhsini (@MuhsiniSuhrab) reported

    @cokernut_x Fix tinder++

  • Gabby_B_21 Gabby Bartnicki (@Gabby_B_21) reported

    Tinder is the reason I have trust issues. You got boys on there all the time lying about their age. It says he’s 22, but for the small % of people that read the bio can see that’s not true... “actually 20” smh

  • prettyasstaay Tay (@prettyasstaay) reported

    @luxymiaa Man **** him. Throw the whole app away. Tinder isn’t worth it. I had problems out of an ******* name Zac I wasted my 2019 on

  • acat_13 strega nona (@acat_13) reported

    i will literally beg someone to tell me why anyone would put “i never stop working” or “addicted to working” in their tinder bio

  • NhHuey Huey (@NhHuey) reported

    @Tinder can you fix the bug where no one likes me

  • Slow_Leafy Slow_Leafy (@Slow_Leafy) reported

    I am more obsessed about #iran it was actually the first thing I said about myself to my love on Tinder (Unfortunatly he has some issues with Shia in particular)

  • tmount Trevor (@tmount) reported

    @unaccompflyer @Tinder then get a google phone account! don't even need an actual mobile device, can forward it to your iPhone. Problem solved.

  • joimachine Joi Machine (@joimachine) reported

    @AdaOfLovelace @EdLatimore that could also just be that modern society and social media, tinder creates attachment issues in women this seems to be a growing trend generally once a women has been with 4 5 6 men she cant properly attach anymore & sociaty tell women now to rack up a hookers notch count..

  • _Muggage Ali (@_Muggage) reported

    The issue I think is like a lot of them try and focus around one trend in online culture (selfies, tinder, youtube pranks, hashtags are a big one too) but everything moves so fast now that no matter if the movies are decent flicks they're immediately outdated once they're out

  • sarahlillia sarah (@sarahlillia) reported

    ok so like my 12,000 time on tinder but this time around I'm getting literally zero matches. @Tinder are you broken or is this a confirmation that I'm not cute

  • solimancy sketchy grrls & lipstick bois (@solimancy) reported

    yeah, i have abandonment issues, but at least i haven't left a relationship because "i don't think i should be dating rn" and then IMMEDIATELY joined tinder looking for a new partner

  • Iesbianyoongie Jess ⚢ (@Iesbianyoongie) reported

    went on tinder the other night for validation and instead got my heart broken when i swiped on a hot girl and we didn’t match and fall in love immediately and go on to adopt six cats and tell people at our wedding how we met on tinder and-

  • _batbaby URLOCALHOTSINGLE (@_batbaby) reported

    im out for drinks and someone i talk to from tinder is working here ,,, i will kms

  • discocowboyy super sad and sexy (@discocowboyy) reported

    my demographic for tinder just isn’t working anymore. we gotta get weird. we gotta go to the early thirties: it’s time for dilfs

  • GreenCunt_ sam (@GreenCunt_) reported

    I am convinced that tinder is broken and not that no one likes me

  • dwvallance David Vallance (@dwvallance) reported

    Whenever IPART recommends fare increases I think of a tinder date I had with a girl working on opal pricing. She was 35min late, blamed it on Uber and explained that opal prices were “simple supply and demand - too many people using PT so prices go up to disincentivise using it”.

  • CamFantastic1 Cam Fantastic (@CamFantastic1) reported

    @ChrisChan_Dior what's the problem. grow and trim beard correctly to hide jowls, get nicer glasses, maybe hit the gym, sorted. he'll be a Hot Dad. tinder milf city

  • aswangakira i’d rather be two-stepping ! (@aswangakira) reported

    if i ever made you listen to my tinder boy problems, asked for your advice, and ignored said advice when i was between the ages of 19-21 you may be entitled to compensation

  • HeyItsMaz_ Marianne (@HeyItsMaz_) reported

    Lol a guy from tinder reset his profile because I was “slow at replying” I WAS WORKING YOU PSYCHO

  • ottawaa__ OTtawa (@ottawaa__) reported

    Crazy how tinder is actually working for people.

  • punkrobotica emo ex girlfriend (@punkrobotica) reported

    i swiped right on a guy on tinder just because he has a baby cavalier and he messaged me for the first time asking if i have daddy issues so

  • meta_sight MΣTΛSIGHT 🕶 (@meta_sight) reported

    @CCbucko The main issue imo is the fact it is a ubiquitous part of the adolescent experience in our society. All that use of porn is conditioning young people in multiple negative ways. Making them weak in the process and normalising the used up tinder lifestyle so many participate in.

  • kotie0 gay santa 🎅🏼🏳️‍🌈 (@kotie0) reported

    I’m so glad @harvardmed is working on Eugenics Tinder said no one

  • morganfoth MoFo (@morganfoth) reported

    The popular guy in HS who said you weren’t pretty enough to date him is still in your hometown working min wage with a shirt that says “Drink Drank Drunk” trying to get any action they can get off tinder

  • rose_snx Rose (@rose_snx) reported

    I was on Tinder with @rhyselizabethh and she saw the guys I was into and goes "woah wait do you have daddy issues" and nothing has ever summed up my life more

  • shakhrbanu Banu Bagheri (@shakhrbanu) reported

    bruv i know life is tough especially when you are single but looking through tinder while you are driving me in a taxi won’t solve the problem #yandextaxi

  • TW_Beckett A Father's Journey - TW Beckett (@TW_Beckett) reported

    And it's designed to work that way. Women are very picky in terms of men's value where men have more even tastes across the spectrum. If you are a chad, you'll have no issues with Tinder. After that, it's not worthwhile for men to use until they at least get their value up.

  • ccjc123 JC (@ccjc123) reported

    @Rachel_LTE @Tinder Well Joey I’m broken hearted 🎻🎻, there’s always grinder . Remember wrap up .

  • bt_sbb FelineFeral (@bt_sbb) reported

    So this ******* tinder asked me if I was a good cuddler and autocorrect told her I was an expert smuggler. And I sent it before caughting the error 🙃 #thriving #HappyTuesday

  • DominicaHurlock dom (@DominicaHurlock) reported

    @LeahtheMoon This one is from tinder. Commitment issues, probable drink problem and too many mixed signals for me. Red flags all over the place

  • alexanderawwr alex 😔 (@alexanderawwr) reported

    Tinder ain’t working so I think I’m gonna go back to 2D girls

  • sciliz Science Lizard (@sciliz) reported

    @szetoinsitu @bastard_robo @danitheroma @NyleDiMarco To be clear, I doubt a genetic tinder would've prevented that situation, but right now genetic info is too expensive, too much gatekeeping, and too late in the pregnancy. There are ways of addressing those problems responsibly, but I'd actually start with privacy law.