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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • _mikesouthard mike (@_mikesouthard) reported

    Think my Tinder’s broken Cus I’m not getting any matches. Has anyone else had this problem

  • its_noodles ex•tro•vert (@its_noodles) reported

    Made a tinder & I’m just getting a bunch of old white guys, I think mine broken😔

  • awktacolover CJ (@awktacolover) reported

    Tinder makes me cringe... yet I stay dating dudes off of it... I’m 100% my own problem

  • newromantiics 𝓢𝓿𝓮𝓷𝓳𝓪 🌸 (@newromantiics) reported

    those tinder guys who try to be mysterious by putting "i'll tell you about myself when we match 😏🙈😝"..... yeah, it's not working

  • Glorinsz FNESS Glorinsz (@Glorinsz) reported

    @acidsEU @FNESSPeecoh @Banks @TeamFNESS Tinder is my girlfriend these days with working 60 hours and team fness I got 0 time for myself let alone a girl

  • 93daeguboi ◟ᴍɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟᴀ◝ (@93daeguboi) reported

    OKay but it's really awkward working in a mall, giving people flyers just to realize that the guy in front of you is one of your tinder matches and start running as fast as you cna on the escalator

  • lafleurmtl Ambrose,baron of Cadillac,*Daniel Lafleur (@lafleurmtl) reported

    Québec possible issue Separatism Now dead But all parties in French Quebec are, or were ones With potential laicity law backlash Court challenges And Kenney s antics Dry tinder box Legault is not Couillard If he sees an opening He'll take it

  • Daragh2me Threemey (@Daragh2me) reported

    Haven't matched with someone on tinder in weeks I don't see what the problem is so what if I don't have any money or hair or a future or my own place or jawline or personality or oh

  • MsCharlotteX Charlotte Edwards (@MsCharlotteX) reported

    Imagine holding a whole day or a half a day for someone building your schedule around them & earmarking bills for payment. Then ending up w nothing just a “maybe catch ya next time”. That’s one of the biggest problems in the industry lack of respect for our time. I am NOT tinder

  • AlyLud baby leslie knope 💪🏻 (@AlyLud) reported

    I could have not downloaded tinder again (after having my heart broken the first time), I could have not swiped right or set a smaller radius, I could have bailed on our first date, or followed through on my insecurities and stopped dating him.

  • nicki23kelly nicki the barbie (@nicki23kelly) reported

    @Tinder @bi_unicorn_ It seems to be excuse after excuse and just copy and paste after copy and paste so you know there has to be an issue somewhere wether it be with the reporting/banning system or the customer support either way trans women are being banned in mass numbers and nothing is being done

  • nicki23kelly nicki the barbie (@nicki23kelly) reported

    @Tinder @bi_unicorn_ Back but yet when I logged in it still said my account was still banned and so I emailed again and got told that they would investigate the issue and then got yet another email saying that I’d once again broken terms of service and yet I hadn’t been able to log in

  • bi_unicorn_ Sammi Batman (@bi_unicorn_) reported

    @Tinder According to all the users that are wrongfully banned, it is made clear that there is no investigation and no appeals. And when we try to co@tact support, we all get the same copy and paste response. Fix. It.

  • punkwich baseball gay (@punkwich) reported

    i just met a ******* on tinder who is a) obsessed w the leafs and keeping up w/ me and b) coming to Mac for medicine next year and c) at my campus and d) working research and e) cute

  • stfuujay Jay $ (@stfuujay) reported

    @rivaaas__ @ohmelss @EsthefanyVasqz what you need to do instead of talking shit on Twitter is be on YouTube watching TUTORIALS on how to fix that terrible Smokey eye and them thick ass dark ass eyebrows that don’t match your white ass skin. Also get on tinder cause ur chick is ugly as hell as is your sister ho

  • caviles13 pocohontas (@caviles13) reported

    I have been sitting at work the past hour on tinder. I’m over this working life.

  • bethhxll 👑 (@bethhxll) reported from Bolton, England

    Got a match on tinder and I’m crying coz it ain’t working rn and I wanna ******* see who it is I’m actually dying

  • angeImorley Risa♡ (@angeImorley) reported

    why did starbucks just tell me i have a match waiting.. are they working w my tinder to make fun of me

  • ThisGingerSays Diane Brincat (@ThisGingerSays) reported

    @PetalGD @Tinder No it’s not 🙄 there are other apps that are better at matching based on values and interests - I think one of them is called plenty of fish. Problem is that people here tend to stick to one app and one app only.

  • RadioShorty Shorty on B93.7! (@RadioShorty) reported

    Legit was in the middle of a conversation with a ******* @Tinder and then the message gets an error. She either unmatched or Tinder is having some serious issues.

  • ThisGingerSays Diane Brincat (@ThisGingerSays) reported

    @PetalGD @Tinder I don’t think the problem is the app - just the culture that there’s nowhere for single people to mingle except clubs.

  • idliwithsauce giuseppe (@idliwithsauce) reported

    how i do tinder: just one pic no bio - swipe left demonstrates a functional understanding of the deeply flawed cisheteronormative patriarchal society that we live in and is adequately guilty for his male privilege in this broken world - swipe left parody account - superlike

  • yassine_elkihel Yassine.Elkihel (@yassine_elkihel) reported

    was broken it was literally a 48 hour or 72 hour day relationship as if it was a tinder date version in instagram and. She had some sentimental feelings for me. I’m not going to say so and so name I dated.

  • boo_ur_boo boo (@boo_ur_boo) reported

    I’m matching with people across the border and married men 😭 y isn’t tinder working for me like it used to

  • skumcunt69 skumcunt (@skumcunt69) reported

    day 2 on TINDER sugar daddy hunt and holy shitnits actually working....

  • idiaznamzar_ maman (@idiaznamzar_) reported

    if you create tinder account sebab you nak orang comfort you masa you broken kena reject, baik gi mampus!

  • TheFluffyAsian Fluff (@TheFluffyAsian) reported

    Using tinder is like playing on FD, it’s ******* broken and nobody should play on it. I’m a walking 0-2 😫

  • simpmamas ♋︎☉/ ♋︎☾/♒︎↑ (@simpmamas) reported

    this boy on tinder really said he’d break my heart and fix it again..... what does that MEAN

  • grumpyxgoat M (@grumpyxgoat) reported

    I want to fix my coworkers tinder accounts because they definitely don’t know what they’re doing on that app with their bad pics of themselves and horrible bios.... please let me help you, it’s painful for me at this point....

  • demonswithroses lil no name pop my ass out (@demonswithroses) reported

    @Tinder y’all better FIX it and give me back my tinder, i literally just used it for 2 days and now i can’t track the sweet guy that i matched with

  • badgalansariri amad (@badgalansariri) reported

    want to fall in lov + get my heart broken within the span of cancer season .. before i get w some oberlin girl from tinder or some shit to achieve that does anyone here wanna volunteer

  • Me_Vishal007 Why So Serious? (@Me_Vishal007) reported

    Either this Tinder thing is broken or everyone is wayyyyyy out of my league. I should have done plastic surgery when I had money ffs.

  • YellowDiamondKe MommYanna.🦂 (@YellowDiamondKe) reported

    listen i done had 4 people text me after seeing my tinder so im not even trippn 😂😂 it’s working

  • LucasMothaFucka Lucas (parody) (@LucasMothaFucka) reported

    Wait, this isn't Tinder sign in

  • MegannNorwood Megan Norwood (@MegannNorwood) reported

    My tinder isn’t working what ******** am I gonna do

  • reikokoyama79 Reiko Koyama (@reikokoyama79) reported

    Rural Canada. Where you pay top dollar for internet, with speeds slower than our cellular providers, and more broken connections than tinder.

  • DanielGehrke1 Daniel Gehrke (@DanielGehrke1) reported

    @candyinthesun My tinder match and I haven't spoken in a while, 😕. Whenever a match stops responding I give up and move on. She kinda seemed like it wouldn't be worthwhile to keep talking, since she is working in the UAE, rn. Thanks for the heads up, though!!

  • TeenSuccubus Elektra 🍓 (@TeenSuccubus) reported

    I had this infatuation/crush on this mixed portuguese guy (tinder/grindr) and I got up the courage to hhu and he was basically down to chill/hookup and I was so happy tht day. But he basically played me and said he was working on assignments* but was on grindr ALL day

  • YECC0 🅱️eter (@YECC0) reported

    Help I’m living out here in Columbia, MD and I’m so lonely and I don’t know anybody or have friends outside of my workplace so I try to go on bumble/tinder/hinge to meet girls but it’s not working and traffic sucks here but I’m making good money at my job but I guess I’ll keep tr

  • __zily z (@__zily) reported

    @shibcentral Yeah mines broken people are nice on tinder

  • LOTNorm John Elrod II (@LOTNorm) reported

    My wife said she's gonna help me fix my Tinder profile, so it's over for y'all.

  • fleursdemiel_ Jetters (@fleursdemiel_) reported

    pics of my puppy in sweaters + tinder= cute dates with other dog moms. the only math problem I care about this year

  • AmySharples94 Amy Sharples (@AmySharples94) reported

    @zawenaeb @Tinder Apparently it’s happening to everyone 😕 ive just logged out and back in on mine and it seems to be hopefully you have some luck with yours too!

  • mxtts17 DrMxtts17 (@mxtts17) reported

    @peachberriies @Tinder Same thing happened to me, they better fix this.

  • lol96398076 lol (@lol96398076) reported

    @Tinder @TinderSupport plz fix the app everything is wiped and I forgot to get numbers 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  • jxrdxn_wallace Jordan ✌️ (@jxrdxn_wallace) reported

    @GoddenTasha @starboyssk @Tinder wow assuming i’m gay cause i like guys wait that’s self explanatory and my tinder’s like workring now so yayy but i’ve had this issue before and when tinder stopped workign none of my matches received my messages :(

  • lucyyytaylor_ lucy (@lucyyytaylor_) reported

    @GoddenTasha @Gaia68869800 @Burgoa65770808 @Tinder Having the same problem! went on desktop and it kind of worked but could only see my last message with my matches and now it's not working at all 😬

  • edu948 edmay (@edu948) reported

    Fix @Tinder ffs! The app is ******* broke

  • halkendell haleigh (@halkendell) reported

    @Tinder you better fix this all my matches and messages are gone so uhm

  • Suuuuuuuuuuushi PHOkingAmy (@Suuuuuuuuuuushi) reported

    @Tinder Your app is not working

  • gotyugyeomie (@gotyugyeomie) reported


  • GrizzlyHayden Dan Hayden (@GrizzlyHayden) reported

    ARGH @Tinder you've broken my heart. I was messaging a super cute guy when his messages (and others) stopped showing. Nothing worked to pull them back so I reinstalled the app now I've lost all my matches! 😭

  • lizardlayton L8on (@lizardlayton) reported

    Tinder's servers are probably shitting themselves right now, nothing is working. Time to pass out!

  • geminioats caffeine queen (@geminioats) reported

    I’m literally on tinder and bumble instead of working oops

  • bence_csik Bence Csík (@bence_csik) reported

    @Vinguxx @Tinder They didn’t delete it dw. It’s a server side issue, probably will be fixed soon

  • shaakey_ ben (@shaakey_) reported

    @tinder why is your app broken I’m on the verge of getting so much ****

  • GoddenTasha Tasha Godden (@GoddenTasha) reported

    @Burgoa65770808 @Tinder I just logged out because it wasn’t working and now all my matches have gone and my messages

  • jxrdxn_wallace Jordan ✌️ (@jxrdxn_wallace) reported

    @starboyssk @Tinder that’s a mood lol and now the twitter app isn’t working for me omg... when i finally meet someone i like online and the app breaks :(

  • qubhomie qwib ツ (@qubhomie) reported

    @way2thegrave @Tinder same bruh same they’ll fix it

  • sarahahahno sarah (@sarahahahno) reported

    My @Tinder is not working omg