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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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December 14: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 06:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (51.37%)
  • Online Features (18.85%)
  • App Crashing (14.75%)
  • Glitches (14.48%)
  • Microtransactions (.55%)

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  • bombaywalee
    Sarover Zaidi (@bombaywalee) reported

    I wish i had normal problems - like that guy has not replied on my tinder - not that i have tinder ever - but if i did - have normal - i would love that kind of a drift to life- till then other shit of life

  • Luna_Azul13
    Luna (@Luna_Azul13) reported

    @bumble @Tinder @okcupid and @Uber All very accessible but def part of the problem. I’m walking into 2019 with 1 out of 4. I’m also bringing back rotary phones-Today ppl just suck!!

  • knight_0102
    Ricardo (@knight_0102) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Tinder ++ is not working

  • Somervilesavage
    M🇮🇪🇺🇸 (@Somervilesavage) reported from Lynnwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

    Log into tinder for the first time in WEEKS and women in my messages being creeps Allah fix it

  • BarbaraBCampos
    Barbara Campos (@BarbaraBCampos) reported

    The universe has been good to me today - I got a promising work opportunity & this super cute guy I saw while I was working (we kind of had a moment of like solid eye contact) just showed up on my tinder

  • mattcantsurf
    evil witch snacc (@mattcantsurf) reported

    You: sees a therapist Me: unloads all my problem on random tinder boys

  • knight_0102
    Ricardo (@knight_0102) reported

    @AppValley_vip Tinder ++ sus not working

  • katierains13
    Katie Rains (@katierains13) reported

    Keep getting banned. Made several accounts and still keep getting banned. Please fix this problem @Tinder #tinder

  • katierains13
    Katie Rains (@katierains13) reported

    @Tinder I keep getting banned, made several accounts, every account gets banned. Please fix this problem. Seen several other have the same problem

  • unicornsRalrite
    now more than ever (@unicornsRalrite) reported

    I think the margin of error where people make mistake swipes on tinder is what keeps it interesting

  • BraxtonYounts
    Braxton Younts (@BraxtonYounts) reported from Queens, New York

    @katefolk @Tinder should fix that

  • cordyhuett
    Cordelia Jane (@cordyhuett) reported

    95% of the time when guys flake on Tinder I assume it’s bc I’m trans and they just didn’t read until they want to meet up bc I put up no filter/no makeup shots so there’s no “attraction” issues.

  • gonesgr
    Gonçal Speirs (@gonesgr) reported

    @Fahrenthold App idea, Tinder but for jobs, won't fix the ghosting issue but hey, strong economy, lack of social skills, and all!

    BigShaq🐐 (@UKNOWSHAQ_) reported

    Need to get on tinder and find me a sugar mama tired of working

  • ThatOsvaldoKid
    Trap$)* (@ThatOsvaldoKid) reported

    Yo no lie that shit be working on tinder ******* like awww you so cute let’s **** like bih wtf I was joking

  • iamchloegraciz
    chloegracizhutcheon (@iamchloegraciz) reported

    Girls ******** lads off tinder baffles me, I won’t lie. How can girls get pleasure out of sleeping with someone they don’t really fancy, just!for a quick fix. It’s a no from me.

  • theresa_patriot
    Theresa Brexit means Brexit (@theresa_patriot) reported

    @Miserable_Bob @MikeBates04 @Kilsally You see the problem is Mike old Bobby here he’s not getting much action in the bedroom if you know what I mean. So he sits on here all day hunting down Tommy supporters for entertainment. Bob get off Twitter & onto Tinder do yourself a favour & get some action mate.

  • I_Speak_Date
    TeachMeToDate (@I_Speak_Date) reported

    @WhatLastsLasts They slept together at the beginning, after a few Tinder dates. I think they filled one another's loneliness. Maybe he doesn't want her as a romantic partner, but the problem is that she has feelings for him, and I think that would be unfair on me and on her if we proceed.

  • JustIndyGirl
    Robabesos (@JustIndyGirl) reported

    Tinder Issues!!

  • robynjnw
    rob 💘 (@robynjnw) reported

    also the issue lies with tinder as well because you physically can’t have less than 4 years age gap when looking for people so if you’re younger it’s automatically gonna go up to at least 20 which is awful but GUYS just at least make your age higher and stop this behaviour

  • robynjnw
    rob 💘 (@robynjnw) reported

    i don’t know how many times i’ve said it but it is absolutely terrifying that guys who are 20/21+ don’t see the issue with prying on girls who are 17 and under... please stop it, please raise your tinder age to someone that’s at least able to go the pub with you

  • sierraadeux
    Sierra❄️ (@sierraadeux) reported

    Anyways i hope the “new things” dnp are working on for 2019 include my ingenious idea of a phannie tinder like hello they already are the cause of so many wlw relationships why not profit off of it

  • marhar748
    Matt Harris (@marhar748) reported

    I think someone I matched with deleted tinder for me... he realized his error when I didn’t respond to his text for 4 days :(

  • bwaysoph
    soph (@bwaysoph) reported

    of course im working with the guy who swiped right on me on tinder today :)

  • alexvasquez101
    alejandro (@alexvasquez101) reported

    My cousin just matched with a guy on tinder who happens to be working on her car in the dealer ship 😂 and he messaged her which is very awkward

  • BadNewsBeres
    John (@BadNewsBeres) reported

    Been sending my bumble/tinder matches my promo code for Robinhood so I can get some free stocks but so far it isn’t working

  • OrugaHierofante
    Hookah Caterpillar (@OrugaHierofante) reported

    @Tinder hi guys, im having some troubles to open the app. Neither the app nor the website are working. When i try to open it, it just stays like if it is loading the page, but it never ceases and its getting a bit annoying.

  • pam_miles
    Pam Miles (@pam_miles) reported

    @SherylSandber14 problem with Account Kit fishing or hack. Got this message on my phone. Use xxxxxx as your login code for Tinder. (Account Kit by Facebook) Tried to report via FB site to no avail. #LeanintocustomersupportFB @facebook

  • AngelaPollex
    Angela Pollex (@AngelaPollex) reported

    For some reason tinder was charging my Apple account, so I had to fix it. I redownloaded tinder (I learned I didn’t have to do that) and now tinder boys keeps adding me on snap.

    G Money Benjamin (@GMONEYBENJAMIN) reported

    I don’t trust tinder because it ask me to put my location services on!! Trust issues deeper then rap 😩

  • jdesduarte
    ❈ love, laura ❈ (@jdesduarte) reported

    @nikolailantlsov also they send the most weird messages :| tinder is not working for them lmao

  • phmrtv
    Pedro (@phmrtv) reported

    @Tinder the version on web site isn't working since yesterday... i can't login

  • phmrtv
    Pedro (@phmrtv) reported

    @Tinder the version on web site isn't working since yesterday... i can't login

  • G00dWill_
    William Sexton (@G00dWill_) reported

    The main problem with Tinder is yeah you can swipe right if someone is attractive, but you have NO idea if your personalities will vibe.

  • UncuepaOfficial
    Uncuepa (@UncuepaOfficial) reported

    I'm gonna be honest.. my current tinder strategy is not working. I got no replies to "the mcrib is back" and I'm lost as to why.

  • Naif_Z53
    نايف (@Naif_Z53) reported

    @Tinder i have an issue I cannot recive the code of confirmation once I enter my mobile pls advise

  • deohothage
    so cool hage (@deohothage) reported

    i go back to tinder and i find the guys account, same mf bio. hes been working out or sumn cause i didnt recognize him at first. i blocked so quickly skskdjsksk

  • Agavenk
    honeysuckle(he or they)🌻🌸 (@Agavenk) reported

    @Tinder @okcupid he has had accounts with you and might have made new ones if old ones were deleted. He found me on okcupid so please make sure to keep an eye out. I don't want him hurting others like he has me. I reported him and I'm working on a restraining order now.

  • BrokenRailway
    Michael (@BrokenRailway) reported

    @AppleSupport hey I just brought tinder gold but it’s not working on the app

  • DanJetsfan087
    Dain Bramaged (@DanJetsfan087) reported

    @GigglesAndKush Not even close. Ive seen some 30 year olds on tinder with way more mileage on them. Im not gonna kiss your ass and say 30, but if you wouldve said 40 i wouldve called you a liar. Keep doing what youre doing, because its working.

  • nishnug
    nishi 🦙 (@nishnug) reported

    Tinder ain’t working. Time to hit the street corners.

  • eneaux
    Cowabi… but festive now🎄 (@eneaux) reported

    I’ve spent the last hour listening to Wham! And reading r/tinder when I should have been sleeping. I clearly have problems.

  • johnsmarstons
    𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗵𝘂𝗿 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗴𝗮𝗻’𝘀 𝗵𝘂𝘀𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗱 (@johnsmarstons) reported

    lrt is so ridic true im bout to delete my tinder nothing is working out

  • knjdvns
    (@knjdvns) reported

    @Tinder i have trouble when i try to login. pease help me.

  • noahvbuckley
    Noah Buckley (@noahvbuckley) reported from Seattle, Washington

    Grammatical errors are my biggest turn off on Tinder.

  • dani3yul
    dan (@dani3yul) reported

    im going to fix tinder bios (poem) so it doesnt sound like an inc*l manifesto send tweet

  • lishaaaah
    Ali (@lishaaaah) reported

    Tinder is like working out...when you find one guy you like, you have to force yourself to keep swiping or else if you stop your catch feelings. #tinderchronicals

  • izzyparryyy
    izzy (@izzyparryyy) reported

    I’ve come to the conclusion that if u look at the root cause of all my problems, it all comes back to Tinder

  • itsaudreyewers
    aud mod (@itsaudreyewers) reported

    the year is 2021: -all of my friends have graduated college -i’ve moved back in with my parents and lost all hope of getting my degree -i’m working full time as a shampoo saleswoman for a pyramid scheme i got dmed about on insta -my tinder date just stood me up life is good

  • catl4dy
    uncle mom (@catl4dy) reported from Louth, Leinster

    sorry WHAT theres a girl from school and I STAN her and her boyf and now they mustve broken up cos he's on tinder im DEVO

  • T64839070
    T (@T64839070) reported

    @Tinder fix your ******* shitty glitchy app NOW!

  • rics_bpereira
    Rics (@rics_bpereira) reported

    So I wasted 11 minutes of my life on tinder swiping ... mostly are hot but only a problem : hairless. I cannot do SMOOTH.

  • swampheart
    Horoscope Bitch♎ (@swampheart) reported

    Im gonna just start using tinder to fix these hoes bad haircuts

  • Ionic_Ayon
    Too Busy Boy (@Ionic_Ayon) reported

    I hate that tinder is not working on my phone for some reason

  • nicollemetz
    nikki (@nicollemetz) reported

    y'all tell me why josh's debit card stopped working because he put through 10 transactions for tinder 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • OlDirtyBradley
    Bradley (@OlDirtyBradley) reported

    I just matched w a guy on tinder whose bio said “I’m sad.” I’m deleting this app and working on my self esteem I think.

  • BrannonMc0
    Brannon 🏴‍☠️🌐 (@BrannonMc0) reported

    You ever seen a bad ***** on tinder and then you see them working as a host then realize you pulling way more money then her but she still not going to like you back cause she think you ugly 😂 ok ***** I don’t wanna spoil you anyways

  • fakecakoi
    Z (@fakecakoi) reported

    Install tinder nak cari poets, tapi takdapat update anything and error and keyboard lagging tetiba teruk gila well I guess I shouldn't do this then 😂

  • KrisJennerTD
    reesha (@KrisJennerTD) reported

    My internet is going real slow so I’ve been swiping through tinder based on people’s names for the last half an hour

  • lisasierra
    Lisa Sierra (@lisasierra) reported

    I was telling my friend how bored I was with my broken ankle and she said I should get on tinder...I’m bored, not ugly and horny 😂