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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • Online Features (20.05%)
  • Glitches (13.86%)
  • App Crashing (13.37%)
  • Microtransactions (.99%)

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  • ChresSSB Chres (@ChresSSB) reported

    Me: I'm gonna need places to stay for a few weeks if I keep working here after my housing contract runs out Coworker: you gotta work on your tinder game then 😳😳😳

  • JasonBryanTweet Jason Bryan (@JasonBryanTweet) reported

    @Kursat_C_Pekgoz @fidelbogen @ladies4pd @beachmuscles @MUlysess @DogeInCharge @RationalMale @the_skua @JaniceFiamengo @ironshrink @ElliottHulse @GadSaad @jordanbpeterson @WomensLiberati2 Dating has really become broken / obsolete in just the last few years, I would not want to be a young man in today’s world, I’m 40 and have been very successful with the ladies but none of my advice would fit today’s 20 year old, things like Tinder broke the old social contract.

  • SandraSalsbury Sandra Salsbury (@SandraSalsbury) reported

    Therapy is like venting to a friend, but your friend doesn't interrupt you mid-sob to tell you about how your problem is just like that terrible tinder date she went on last night. #kidlitart

  • JuicyJeremie Jeremie Childers™ (@JuicyJeremie) reported

    How many times do I have to get ahold of @Tinder to have them fix the issue I’m having. It says I have zero matches and I’ve had tinder over a year #wtf #fixtheapp

  • aaronphilipxo aaron (@aaronphilipxo) reported

    i don’t wanna lose anymore matches so i won’t do shite until Y’ALL @Tinder FIX ITTT 🤧

  • thevict0rious vic (@thevict0rious) reported

    Some guy on Tinder guess I was messaging back to slow cuz um I have a life and he goes “I can tell already you are dry and have no personality” BLOCKED

  • djspiewak Daniel Spiewak (@djspiewak) reported

    @LukeYoungblood @danveloper @stuartsierra @Tinder The DNS issue was their own fault and had nothing to do with kubernetes. If you try to do dynamic load balancing with DNS, you’re going to have a bad time.

  • LukeYoungblood Luke Youngblood (@LukeYoungblood) reported

    @djspiewak @danveloper @stuartsierra @Tinder I disagree. When you use tried and trusted services like EC2 and ALB/ELB/NLB you just flat out don’t have to worry about issues like “DNS queries are taking out our cluster” or “all our clients are stuck to the first few instances and the traffic isn’t load balanced...”

  • nathankpeck Nathan Peck (@nathankpeck) reported

    @ippem @Tinder Yeah in general one big cluster isn't the best way to do things. You run into a lot of otherwise preventable issues. I'm sure they have some reason for that choice though, and maybe they will explain that at some later time

  • annajewelya Anna (@annajewelya) reported

    @llekvas the problem is you’re on tinder

  • bad_girl_ope bathroom tweets (@bad_girl_ope) reported

    Yes👏🏾yes👏🏾yes👏🏾. Come on @Tinder please address this issue. You’re making it easy for assailants to prey on people!!! You’re giving them a catalogue of endless targets.

  • jakedenn23 Kathleen Dennehy (@jakedenn23) reported

    Looks like 'child-killer' isn't really working in George's favor on Tinder.

  • Kursat_C_Pekgoz Kursat Christoff Pekgoz (@Kursat_C_Pekgoz) reported

    @beachmuscles @JaniceFiamengo Yes, and we are very much concerned with issues like due process for the accused and divorce laws for that reason. Men ranting about their Tinder experiences generates exactly zero sympathy outside of their narrow circles. You are clearly too unintelligent for rational debate.

  • TheKevinBoyd Kevin Boyd🗽 🇺🇸 (@TheKevinBoyd) reported

    Since Tinder isn't working out, I guess I need a #wcw

  • emmaaafinn em (@emmaaafinn) reported

    you’d think that I’d have learned by now that tinder is never the answer to my problems but guess who’s about to spend the next hour swiping

  • brofiaa ratoncito (@brofiaa) reported

    midwestern mfs rly be ugly af on tinder and see no problem

  • Austendee Austen Delnicki (@Austendee) reported

    @Tinder fix your app I’m trying to make an account and every time you send me an SMS code it says there’s an error and something went wrong

  • aquaticgrl Aquagrl☔️ (@aquaticgrl) reported

    Okay I’m almost done ranting about tinder but why have I seen multiple white men post pics of them butt ass naked and they don’t do anything about it....but when a man tries to buy my ***** for 10,000 dollars in amazon gift cards IM the issue! @Tinder y’all ****** nasty

  • davontekh dontbelivethahype (@davontekh) reported

    @GrimdorkDesign The gay dating scene is kind of in a word messy especially hook up apps and more mainstream dating apps like tinder or okcupid one big problem is so many scam artists

  • iamtxny ʎuoɥʇuV (@iamtxny) reported

    @Tinder Tinder is honestly the worst. Every week there’s yet another bug fix. Just updated today. Stills bugs. Had 55 likes I have yet to match with. App glitches and now I only have 1. Some things in profile changed too. Dating app life

  • carlocavaluzzi ideas man (@carlocavaluzzi) reported

    @tvlertvlvn I’m lying I’ve been off tinder for like two months to fix my brain

  • immental1200 Alex Buckland (@immental1200) reported

    @Tinder your app is broken.

  • Itsalicc Fucc the police (@Itsalicc) reported

    Everyone see if their tinder is working

  • bad_girl_ope bathroom tweets (@bad_girl_ope) reported

    Hey @Tinder I’m finding you have no problem banning women for the simplest offenses but a friend just let me know that yet again she has seen someone she reported for assulted on your app. SHOW YOUR FACE U COWARDS. @ytinderbannedme

  • ComradeZaco Comrade (@ComradeZaco) reported

    There’s a dude who’s just seen his wife on tinder , if you think you have problems think again

  • WillEvans215 Will (@WillEvans215) reported

    I understand that many men have trouble starting a conversation on tinder/bumble, but there's a fix that works most of the time. If the person you matched with has a travel photo that's not instantly recognizable, reverse image search the photo to figure out where it is (1/2)

  • djspiewak Daniel Spiewak (@djspiewak) reported

    @danveloper @stuartsierra @Tinder Nothing in that post strikes me as unusual or in any way driven by Kubernetes. They would have had a very different set of issues with a different set of infrastructure choices, but I doubt they would have been much better or worse. Scale is hard.

  • _LilSadBoy Ciroc Obama (@_LilSadBoy) reported

    It’s baffling to me how younger people can support their friends being ****** going on tinder dates trying to constantly **** random people but as soon as someone wants to do something of actual importance with their life like get married then it’s a problem.

  • pauljessup 🕯labyrinth heart of delphi🕯 (@pauljessup) reported

    the biggest issue in the free market is that laissez faire capitalism rewards addiction in the long run and gambling in the short's not self regulating, it's like a tinder keg and corporations are the fuse

  • GhostHostLauren Depressed Piss Baby (@GhostHostLauren) reported

    @javi_draws @immatygrr This is my BIGGEST problem with Tinder. Like why don’t straight men know how to take photos of themselves. Take me on a date and I’ll take one for you JFC

  • naumenko_roman Roman (@naumenko_roman) reported

    @kents1 @danveloper @brunoborges @Tinder 2 years of engineering is A LOT of money (not to mention ongoing effort to keep solving problems, upgrades, etc). And it took two years because kunernetes is complex and they needed to do lots of heavy lifting (logs, metrics, special build pipeline, etc)

  • murni_awashie Nurul Murni Awashie (@murni_awashie) reported

    Camne nak main tinder ni. Line slow😌

  • michreitsma Michelle Reitsma (@michreitsma) reported

    I hate it when Tinder freezes or is slow and you can’t swipe the freaky away immediately 🤣🤣

  • jaetbeom Hanbin (@jaetbeom) reported

    Dear the poor girlfriend that knew about me but didn’t and still hasn’t left him...LEAVE HIM, he’s filth. You can come crash at mine and we can eat chocolate and discuss what tinder pics you should use.

  • EmilyDickens2 Emily Dickens (@EmilyDickens2) reported

    Dear the poor girlfriend that knew about me but didn’t and still hasn’t left him...LEAVE HIM, he’s filth. You can come crash at mine and we can eat chocolate and discuss what tinder pics you should use.

  • hotdogweenie THOTdog weenie (@hotdogweenie) reported

    the worst part about working at O*d N*vy is running into old tinder flings because EVERYONE shops there lmao

  • logan_fletcher7 Logan Fletcher (@logan_fletcher7) reported

    I don’t think tinder is working right because I have 509 matches and no boo

  • Purrrf3ction freelance ethical programmer (@Purrrf3ction) reported

    I don't think I'm the only one to have this problem cause ppl keep choosjng other dating sites like @Tinder @hinge and I'm starting to understand why everyone who wants a legitimate date does not use @okcupid lol I guess my loyalty towards OkCupid clouded my judgement

  • CatieTheKitty Catie Jo (@CatieTheKitty) reported

    My heart was broken so abruptly one morning while leaving for work. Tinder and hidden Snapchat’s. It hurt.. ripped me apart, but you bet I still went to work and finished my 16 hour shift💪🏻it’s our time to grind ladies, don’t let a stupid man set you back on your dreams

  • hpheisler hans / peter (@hpheisler) reported

    the other problem with dropping my phone in the toilet is that i am ghosting at least two boys on tinder

  • MadiLeJordan Madara Jordan (@MadiLeJordan) reported

    Girls on tinder say 'attitude problems' but they really mean 'yells at waiters like their mom'

  • talkrefined courtney !!! (@talkrefined) reported

    being bi is so hard i’m just trying to scroll through tinder and match with every girl ever and maybe like. four long haired boys and they keep giving me man w a barstool flag after man w a tb12 shirt after man holding a fish .... fix the algorithm im begging

  • weezeysem weezeysem (@weezeysem) reported

    @AttackOnSylveon Only problem is some games they get treated like a god its quite annoying like boy if you want a girl to talk to go on tinder at least LOL

  • notfuckoholic a (@notfuckoholic) reported

    I JUST CAME ACROSS A GUY ON TINDER AND HIS BIO WAS LITERALLY “i’m 15 but let’s not make it an issue” EXCUSE ME FBI

  • apoppunkfuckup Dumpster Northern Lights (@apoppunkfuckup) reported

    @mookiimaa Put in your tinder profile "can't be allergic to cats" problem solved.

  • TheLoganBryant Leeezy (@TheLoganBryant) reported from Moore, Oklahoma

    I don’t think tinder is working out for me

  • itsXannyPhant0m Subpar Goth (@itsXannyPhant0m) reported

    It’s 2019 y’all we really need to stop getting our hearts broken by dudes with a fish pic on their tinder

  • MollyBennettox Molls ☾ (@MollyBennettox) reported

    A boy on tinder asked me for 2 truths and a lie. I said I crashed my car the first day I got it, love **** and never broken a bone. He guessed incorrect so I told him the second one was the lie and HE ******* UNMATCHED ME 😂😂😂 soz **** isn’t my thing, was only having a laugh 👀

  • ecstasypolice stream 'lookin up your old address' on spotify (@ecstasypolice) reported

    @j_rosesacco nobody: white gay men: my horoscope app says I need to 'indulge more' so if that means go on tinder and drink 3 bottles of red wine than I guess that's what I do!!! real problems are fake :)

  • nlipchik Nik (@nlipchik) reported

    Me when anyone burdens me with their insignificant tinder boy problems

  • hxtton Alex (@hxtton) reported

    Ma Tinder must be broken. No getting any matches.

  • SHashtagger Sarcastic Hashtagger☀️🔬🧬 (@SHashtagger) reported

    Your tinder profile, but you are grammatical errors on Twitter, I'm swiping left

  • ChandlerTbh el (@ChandlerTbh) reported

    It was bad enough someone i matched with on Tinder came up to the bar last night and recognised me while I was working but what made it worse was the fact my manager watched the whole thing and laughed

  • generalissima_ 🌸misandry🌸mammary🌸 (@generalissima_) reported

    Phone data is so slow tinder can't even display the pics but honestly it makes for a much more radical dating experience

  • idk_m4n ℰ㏕ყ (@idk_m4n) reported

    the problem for me with tinder/bumble is that it’s mostly white dudes............ 😴

  • sophiadelsol sophie (@sophiadelsol) reported

    I just thanked my ex for leaving me for a reason i found just on tinder why isnt my lexapro working I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE SHARON TODAY LMFAO

  • JSAdkinsComedy Justin S Adkins (@JSAdkinsComedy) reported

    They need to make a Tinder App but just for pairing People that can fix whatever my neck and back are doing, and me. Or a Chiropractor. I might just need a Chiropractor.

  • akaarsirish akaar (@akaarsirish) reported

    @pouya_mirzaee W bro this issue is prevalent on Tinder and Facebook

  • hulknaps HULKS TITS IMAX HD (@hulknaps) reported

    my actual fear is that issue 11-12 was gonna be a sudden 'well since noh and fuse like eachother maybe they'll date while i date both of them' and then Kate Becomes the annoying white girl proposing foursomes on tinder

  • CaptainDave274 David Patrickson (@CaptainDave274) reported

    @GreyColton What is problems with #Tinder