Is Rainbow Six: Siege down?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Siege puts heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and co-operation between players through tactical movements, advancements, defensive positioning, calling out enemy locations and the operators chosen by the enemy team.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Jaden08655720 Jaden (@Jaden08655720) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport Just got an abandonment penalty for no reason has done this twice so far dropped rank twice very annoying pls fix

  • stuart_nate Nate Stuart (@stuart_nate) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I saw at least one other person in All chat reporting they were having problems as well

  • taehyungvt V (@taehyungvt) reported

    Rainbow6Game hi i have been facing a problem with the servers i have been disconnected but i wasn't able to reconnect to the game (ranked) and i got a ban 4 times please help me2019-10-20T18:07:23.000Z

  • a7mdogames مياو (@a7mdogames) reported

    @Rainbow6Game hi i have been facing a problem with the servers i have been disconnected but i wasn't able to reconnect to the game (ranked) and i got a ban 4 times please help me

  • XginLIVE Xgin (@XginLIVE) reported

    @skofoxx @utmostumbreon mostly retail wow and picked up rainbow 6 siege, same old. gunna get back into streaming soon since been issues that popped up

  • RSoaprice SoapLoe. (@RSoaprice) reported

    @TheGodlyNoob @RealRoyalG @Rainbow6Game In Maverick's gadget it also says inaudible and yet ubi has made it so loud now. Cav's ability isn't meant to be completely unheard at the first place but 3 speed being able to crouch walk with no sound is definitely broken af.

  • HawaibamTeju Teju Hawaibam (@HawaibamTeju) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix the damn servers

  • JeanAlex02 Jean-Alex Hachez-Cyr (@JeanAlex02) reported

    @Rainbow6Game FIX YOUR GAME PLZ

  • ExternxIs Externxls (@ExternxIs) reported

    @Rainbow6Game RFF is still broken. My teamate was smoke the bomb had been planted and he threw a smoke grenade to cover himself whilst he was planting but the smoke grenade killed me and I wouldn't have had time to deactivate the friendly fire. So he killed himself with RFF...

  • midiankai Midiankai arts (comissions open) (@midiankai) reported

    @Jaidenatoor11 @Rainbow6Game @Rainbow6GameDE But problem with lion is that I can't ******* find any real images of him other than bbunch of fanart to work on, also I don't understand why people portray him as a young redhead

  • NewsR6S R6S Glitch News (@NewsR6S) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @EGLXofficial maybe fix your fking unranked - bronzes vs diamonds... nice

  • MouhamedSnip MouHAmeD__Snip (@MouhamedSnip) reported

    @Rainbow6Game i will use ddos use cheat everything because you ban me for no reason all my games ddos you didn't give me my points back a lot of errors lot of glitches no not like that fix your game or i swear i will be a big cheater from a lot of accounts

  • Spaceowl10 Spaceowl (@Spaceowl10) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Rainbow six siege isn't working error code 3-0x0001000B hasn't been working for 5 days

  • t_pips 8K60🎮📚 (@t_pips) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix your matchmaking

  • Niki_301 R6Niki_301 (@Niki_301) reported

    Fix your game @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft

  • ot5TillIdie KahraKoma (@ot5TillIdie) reported

    Fix your queues @Rainbow6Game !!

  • mbias27 Mbias27 (@mbias27) reported

    Hey @Rainbow6Game , so i was playin ranked on orgeron, and i was defending laundry and the enemy planted the diffuser on a washer right next to laundry stairs, i could not see him from my mira and my friend tried to push but somebody was pixel peeking, please fix this spot

  • RogerGaming R. (@RogerGaming) reported

    @TheGodlyNoob @OGGABOGGA_YT @Rainbow6Game Lol I love it when shitters say 'there is no problem' with RNG. There is very little skill to popping off shots with the Luison because how random it is. You'd be better of with Kapkans PMM than the Luison. Classic Ubisoft over nerfing an operator because Golds cry 24/7.

  • NotMxllY NotMxllY🏆 (@NotMxllY) reported

    @xZsTeFY1 @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 See Ur Stats I Have More Than 10 Screen That U Freeze And Fix Your English 10 Matchs In OneDay Only 11 Kills WithOut Lose😂 Ok Ur Not Ddoser

  • taylorND14 네 반데르 (@taylorND14) reported from Florence Station, New Jersey


  • Adski91T Adski91 (TMDG) (@Adski91T) reported

    @archiegamer32 @Rainbow6Game was doing the same for us tonight too @ubi @Ubisoft @Rainbow6ANZ please fix

  • A11MiGHTTheHeRo HeRo (@A11MiGHTTheHeRo) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I cant reconnect after my game crashed they just showed me error mssg and now im in lobby after that i will get penalty any fix for this problem

  • AzmatKa87403482 Azmat Kamal (@AzmatKa87403482) reported

    @Rainbow6Game this game is shit ,, your servers are trash ubisoft is trash ,,, i tried to reconnect my rank 5 to 6 times but it showed an error has occured and i got abandoned saction you bastrds ,,,, F U fix your game or shove it up your asses fckin ********

  • AChillChilly1 AChillChilly (@AChillChilly1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Still getting error 3-0x0001000B...

  • jutsinbible67 Jutsinbible67 (@jutsinbible67) reported

    Fix your shit ubi I just lost 120 points because I couldn't reconnect to a ranked match. Goddamn this game is now 4 years old and we're still encountering these issues. And for fs quit asking stupid questions, its annoying af @Rainbow6Game

  • LBentley99_ schlopper (@LBentley99_) reported

    @Xkran3 @gortzx @Rainbow6Game It is an issue on their side when it's their servers

  • mielchor HTGAWM KILLER FINAL SEASON! (@mielchor) reported

    @Rainbow6Game yo, we still having server problems... eas and seas server.

  • ashton97241718 yeet (@ashton97241718) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix ur ****** game just joined a ranked game with 3 people on my team lost plat 2 ur shit is trash yo

  • tasosakoum123d tasos akoumianakis (@tasosakoum123d) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I've been banned 3 times the last few days because I'm being kicked from the match due to connection malfunctions and whenever I try to reconnect I get an error. 2of those time I got put in another match while my friends were still playing and I got banned mid match

  • lolnope163 lolnope (@lolnope163) reported

    @Rainbow6Game how about instead of adding duplicate ops, you fix the ******* game.

  • nabilhasnul nabil (@nabilhasnul) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Can't connect to the servers on ps4 , please fix it

  • paytonrmyers1 payton myers (@paytonrmyers1) reported

    @Ubisoft fix rainbow six siege on console there is always 100 percent chance of being on a shitty server and a 100 percent chance of having sound bugs client side debris oh and a a ******* cherry on top head shots don’t ******* exist unless ur aim is trash and get get recoil head

  • paytonrmyers1 payton myers (@paytonrmyers1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game can you for the love of god fix rainbow on console yeah we get it you get on ur knees for pc players but for one god damn update you “fix” but don’t actually do anything ur game is honestly trash I’m on the verge of ******* taking a shit on it

  • FadzliShafiq فظلي شافيق (@FadzliShafiq) reported

    @fipoch @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftUplay @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport Got the same problem here

  • fipoch Hafizi Zainudin (@fipoch) reported from Cheras, Selangor

    @dombiiiiiiiiiii @Rainbow6Game Facing the same problem on PC 😤

  • AGoodPerson6 A Good Person (@AGoodPerson6) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Y’all should make it so we lose less elo when it’s a 2v5. Fix ur game

  • GotToastYT Riddyck (@GotToastYT) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I queued for ranked. It said I got a match, didn't put me in the match. Restarted my game, said I wasn't in a match. Queued, put me in another match. Got DDoSed, got banned. 10/10 pro league ready. Instead of adding Cosmetics, how about you fix your ******* servers.

  • YTruguy tru-R6S (@YTruguy) reported

    Ok so it was my plat game, when the match started my whole squad got a matchmaking error and it would say error Everytime we started another ranked it said error, now im banned for 30 minutes along with my squad and 2 games away from plat. **** you @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game

  • IIspots IIspots (@IIspots) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix your god damn forsaken game crashes

  • LeandroDeMucio Leandro De Mucio (@LeandroDeMucio) reported

    @Rainbow6Game All 5 abandons this season are cause errors not leting me rejoin in ranked ps4

  • ayden_fleming GdsGftApollo (@ayden_fleming) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix you're hit boxes I hit people in the head and the bullet misses thanks rainbow

  • Danieledge360 Dannyboy (@Danieledge360) reported

    You guys need to fix your game. Got 2 bans from ranked for abandonment when i never found a match to abandon in the first place on rainbow six siege @Ubisoft #siege #fix

  • TrimmAustin Austin Trimm (@TrimmAustin) reported

    Ubisoft should fix Rainbow Six Siege

  • Myrdania Thaoh (@Myrdania) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Miltiple times, it did not resolve the issue. It seems to have resolved it self after a few hours of not being able to gain renown.

  • ReprobiR6 Reprobi (@ReprobiR6) reported

    @AdrenalR6 @Rainbow6Game I like the concept but there’s some problems about it

  • josh56213252 josh (@josh56213252) reported

    @SlickzAkA @PikaYupYup @G2Pengu Name a single game without a sound problem I’ll wait bc im pretty sure everyone talking down on @Rainbow6Game is just seeking for attention on a streamers chat log 😂 to hell with you

  • OGMURKDOG Jalen (@OGMURKDOG) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @seahawks4life88 Your team can barely fix the sound in the game

  • AdrenalR6 Adrenal (@AdrenalR6) reported

    If only @Rainbow6Game implemented the system everyone wanted, where the highest rank in the squad determines what rank you play in. It’d fix the boosting while avoiding splitting squads up because someone got some bad randies and lost some games

  • lionkongg Lionkongg (@lionkongg) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Bro wtf, i have been dealing with these bugs on console, This game sucks, I keep getting bugs like disconnecting from ranked matches that i dont even play, FIX UR GAME

  • TWB_SNIPERKILL I Snipxz I 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@TWB_SNIPERKILL) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport You guys need to do something about client side debris. When a window is broken, the debris remains, obscuring the view and it can be detrimental to a game.

  • Dinaplox Dinaplox (@Dinaplox) reported


  • SupremeSchmitt Schmitt🎃🍦 (@SupremeSchmitt) reported

    @Rainbow6Game so when you headshot people they don’t die it’s been happing to me for 2 weeks now can you not fix your ******* game. 1v5 I kill of them besides one and I hear I looked at where he was coming from headshoted him and didn’t die costed me my elo now I’m a ******* plat

  • BigMontyGaming BigMontyGaming (@BigMontyGaming) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix running out. Either add a death counter like THunt or let us know instantly when they run out not 3 seconds then we know. It’s genuinely unfair and not fun having to peak over your shoulder every second cause some downgraded plat takes advantage of low ranks.

  • Felipefourt Felipe (@Felipefourt) reported

    @UbisoftSupport ubisoft, the game @Rainbow6Game on console, is full of idiots using mouse and keyboard on the higher ranks sometimes its impossible to play... will you please fix it

  • AimzKiller22 Aimz_killer22 (@AimzKiller22) reported


  • its_JUS10 Jus (@its_JUS10) reported

    **** rainbow 6 lmfaooo don’t invite me to play that broken ass game

  • Clept0_34 Clepto34 (@Clept0_34) reported

    @Rainbow6Game the sound glitch is back and very annoying please FIX thanks

  • venom99325 VenomFLaws (@venom99325) reported

    @Rainbow6Game can you guys please fix the hitboxes in game kaid was peeking me with only his head ans i shot it and blood came out but it came out as a body shot not a head and also mute on oregon in dorms he was behind the bomb and i shot him but nothing happened please fix it

  • LeandroDeMucio Leandro De Mucio (@LeandroDeMucio) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Massive ISSUE, thats twice being kickeed for server errors and can’t rejoing showing eror screen on ps4 after patch, bye mmr

  • PWhritenour Payton Whritenour 95/99 (@PWhritenour) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix Kapkan you aren’t gonna walk after an explosion to the legs go back to the old kapkan

Rainbow Six: Siege Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0xc000009a
  • 2-0x00000041
  • 2-0x00000067
  • 2-0x00000068
  • 2-0x0000B005
  • 2-0x0000C003
  • 2-0x0000c004
  • 2-0x0000e000
  • 2-0x00019001
  • 3-0x0001000b
  • 4-0xFFF0BDDC
  • 6-0x00001000
  • 8-0x00000001
  • 8-0X00000052
  • CE-34878-0