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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • DjSlim156 DjSlimsEvent&Service (@DjSlim156) reported

    @TheDivisionGame How fix things in the game (ex: getting in conflict while a group) instead of asking for dumbass pictures

  • Br0k3n_M4N6o Rob/Br⭕k3n M4N6⭕ (@Br0k3n_M4N6o) reported

    @Sys0p_ @TheDivisionGame at the moment I disagree! The NBMB (assuming it would do the same as in *** 1) would only be needed if you are missing that piece of loot to complete a set. With the changes to loot coming in TU6 getting 4 pieces of a gear set shouldn't be an issue now. 1/2

  • Jdotosmith J-O (@Jdotosmith) reported

    Hey @TheDivisionGame I’m getting the Mike-01 error, please help.

  • BazzerBaz247 Bazzer-Baz (@BazzerBaz247) reported

    @jgerighty @Thylander @TheDivisionGame Server lag is terrible again guys, experiencing damage lag, players dealing huge damage before even seeing them and players glitching about, nothing to do with our connection as my whole clan experiencing it and some have 300mps connection

  • BazzerBaz247 Bazzer-Baz (@BazzerBaz247) reported

    @Ridercoms @DJayDizzle1 @Thylander @U4Arch @TheDivisionGame yeah the heals are the problem, end of day you shouldnt be able to have huge heals on a tank that also does good damage. berserk will work just Leeds a buff and the ar talent changed from damage to health

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    @BazzerBaz247 @DJayDizzle1 @Thylander @U4Arch @TheDivisionGame Exactly my point. It’s others that need a buff. Look at launch time to kill and now. Desync, sound, bullet reg. take skill power for specific skills out so 1700 base skill power doesn’t reach a 3000 skill power chem. then take a seat and watch what happens. 3117 is not the issue.

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    @BazzerBaz247 @DJayDizzle1 @Thylander @U4Arch ‘Fixing’ gearsets whilst the game mechanics are broken is just ........ fill in the blank to prevent people taking things personally... it’s a misdirection and not a fix. @TheDivision_UK @TheDivisionGame @RedditDivision

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    @BazzerBaz247 @DJayDizzle1 @Thylander @U4Arch I’ve said that multiple times baz and you have liked my comments. If they nerf 3117 and not heals then put a fork in it. The vector is an outlier in rpm maybe that needs a nerf 😒 they need fixes to bullet reg and server lag, desync, etc. @TheDivisionGame #fixesnotnerfs

  • BazzerBaz247 Bazzer-Baz (@BazzerBaz247) reported

    @Ridercoms @TheDivisionGame coming in tu6 I guess, seem to be very slow at changes at the mo. Guess they focusing on figuring out why they fix something then break it again a few weeks later, constantly revisiting issues must take up alot of time lol

  • RICKXJAMES22 Rick James (@RICKXJAMES22) reported

    @TheDivisionGame You guys need to think more than you have been to bring back millions of people to #TheDivision2 me included. Like said before... Until you fix this shit, see you in #Borderlands3

  • Aym_Anubis Anubis (@Aym_Anubis) reported

    @TheDivisionGame If u fix clan vendors we would have stayed in one clan

  • x55StarGeneralx amadeo marroquin (@x55StarGeneralx) reported

    @CommendationMr @TheDivisionGame You couldn't find me 1 person who played Division 1 hardcore that thinks that Division 2 is better. Division's 2 loot is trash and unforgiving, the DZ is too small and not enough players and the lack of ability to make bad loot good (optimization) is a serious problem

  • oONEMANARMYo Tony Joseph Guzzi (@oONEMANARMYo) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty They still not listening. SOTG just gave us targeted loot. I don’t think that’s the issue man. I’ve been trying to say it’s the rng on the attributes. We need to be able to max out the rolls we get.

  • Pompeo1264 David pompeo (@Pompeo1264) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @AmperCamper daily mission 9/14/19 Camp White Oak not working properly cant see the difficulty menus when selected.Requires Hard mode for daily so......./////

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    How it feels going through the checkpoint at the moment in the dz. any normal person would have given up given the current issues and not tried to help. Hope it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears and actual pvp players have been listened to, not reddit pve warriors @TheDivisionGame

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    I’m worried that when dealing with pvp and fixing a problem that isn’t an issue. The main and still unresolved issues are Bullet reg,no voip, sound or lack of, odz npc, and desync they may just cause another issue.... @TheDivisionGame #TheDivision2 #becarefulwithpvp

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    @SkillUpYT on this topic what do you think about @TheDivisionGame still having bullet reg, sound, massive desync (3seconds) issues still this long after launch. I’m fed up with paying for games that are over promised and underdelivered. This practice needs to stop.

  • ThaRugbyKid P Barack (@ThaRugbyKid) reported

    @Oginji_ Ahap, maybe when they (@TheDivisionGame) fix pvp then we’ll consider it...

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    @The_Spier @TheDivisionGame the biggest issue with pvp is not 3117 it is desync. It makes your game unplayable at times. 3 seconds between players in the same team is a deplorable state to be in. @Ubisoft

  • AtdheLuzha UnR34L (@AtdheLuzha) reported

    @TheDivisionGame if there is any thing that is actually grinding my gear is that Massive have to fix the server side lag, i hate dying behind cover it is really annoying. That and the fact that some of the hits wont register makes PVP frustrating.

  • Raz3rGamerTTV Raz3rGamerTTV (@Raz3rGamerTTV) reported

    @TheDivisionGame hi is their issues with the ZOO level can’t pick level and when you die it crashes !!

  • LtBuzzLitebeer 🐝Buzz (@LtBuzzLitebeer) reported

    @Smurf043 @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty @Patt3rson answered that a couple times on Twitter that it is a known issue and it should be corrected for TU6.

  • Patt3rson Nikki Kuppens (@Patt3rson) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @oONEMANARMYo @kenneth_lyon @TheDivisionGame @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty That is correct. That’s more a vendor item availability issue than an item generation issue, so we have some options for resolving that.

  • oONEMANARMYo Tony Joseph Guzzi (@oONEMANARMYo) reported

    @Patt3rson @kenneth_lyon @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty Ok because currently there is a issue that was not addressed where you have a greater chance to get better attributes by the level 15 clan vendor. This should not be where we get our better rolls.

  • raysmith24 Ray Smith (@raysmith24) reported

    @TheDivisionGame what is the problem with the game Elite squads are appearing out of nowhere

  • cool_geek_15 Luis Valentin (@cool_geek_15) reported

    @baundiesel @TheDivisionGame I have this problem now. I have a lower gear that had 16% critical hit chance and 13% weapon damage which is at 100% but my gear score is 465. And it’s so much better than anything I have dropping. I think the update will fix some of that

  • cpltalk (((cpltalk))) (@cpltalk) reported

    @NantzSgt @TheDivisionGame The ongoing texture streaming issues are most annoying as the brain processes late textures/drawings as if there is movement that need attentions. Very distracting.

  • PixelFoxtrot Pixel (@PixelFoxtrot) reported

    @JTEST1995 @shivers_raymond @TheDivisionGame It is too long, yes. But im just saying maybe these guys can fix the game they broke. Next sotg is next week a d they talk anout pvp. Maybe then because of how it affects pvp theyll talk about stat changes

  • Ms_Salami Howard C (@Ms_Salami) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty No, Nothing on weighted low attribute rolls, loot management (filtering and sorting), recal stat items wasting space, DZ contaminated loot not being better than you have, GS overlap and useless indicator. Unless you fix the above the extra loot only exacerbates the loot stuation.

  • Jacob_Stenning USE CODE LAZY (@Jacob_Stenning) reported

    @TheDivisionGame why does your game crash so much on pc like I have really good specs and it still crashes can someone explain or help me out

  • scotttreichel34 Scott (@scotttreichel34) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Please just fix your crappy servers; kinda hard to get loot when I keep getting Delta'd......just sayin......

  • EricClark Eric Clark (@EricClark) reported

    @NothinButSkillz @TheDivisionGame I don't say that, and I want this game to be great again ;) , but I also want to not go through the same broken process EVERY TIME to fix it. This game should have only lost 10% of its players this early on, not 90%.

  • xTriggerPointx TriggerPoint Gaming (@xTriggerPointx) reported

    @TheDivisionGame This doesnt solve some of the other issues with your loot after watching SOTG. You need a hard mini cap raised. So instead of getting targeted gear that has 1.5% weapon dmg with 5k health. You should be guaranteed 8% min on any of it and 12k min for others.

  • dkcollinge David Collinge (@dkcollinge) reported

    @JBisgaming @TheDivisionGame Yep, getting the same error here.

  • puneetpandeya Puneet Pandeya (@puneetpandeya) reported

    @TheDivisionGame After last maintainence, my PS4 Div2 multiplayer has gone bad. Joining someone's mission in Europe / America is just bad lag. Asia / MiddleEast servers are fine. Got my internet line checked, changed modem router with ISP but still same issue. No issue with other games. Help !!!

  • Fenazzzipam Fenazzzipam (@Fenazzzipam) reported

    update list 6.0 looks very cool, the main thing is that everything else would not be broken @UbiMassive @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame

  • FraVidocq V per Vidocq (@FraVidocq) reported

    @EEngll @TheDivisionGame @CommendationMr LOL , if they fix the diamondback glitch there is no problem , but the both together are OP

  • BazzerBaz247 Bazzer-Baz (@BazzerBaz247) reported

    @MARKOFBLADEZ @TheDivisionGame good start, worrys me that the server lag is never addressed or acknowledged though, can have all the changes in the world but if lagging like **** it will be useless. hoping they address that next week seeing as its pvps biggest problem

  • BillyBanter_G BillyBanterGaming 🐓🦁🦁🦁 (@BillyBanter_G) reported

    @jstaybizzy @TheDivisionGame No problem. Follow back and I'll DM you with details.

  • norkietiger 𝙉𝙊𝙍𝙆𝙄𝙀 (@norkietiger) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Raid matchmaking would be nice but I'm guessing you're continuing to focus on the dwindling pvp player base instead of people that actually enjoy playing the game and not shit talking 90% of the community because they have overpowered gear thanks to your broken gear system...

  • obbek_r Thomas Obbekær Thomsen (@obbek_r) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty There was a spreadsheet floating around with the number of what could actually roll on gear, I have never seen anything with a high number drop. And this is the problem plain and simple. But I have my own "conspiracy theory" of why we did not get this change.

  • Lealdo14 Alex (@Lealdo14) reported

    @Modernicide__ @ItsEpi @BikiniBodhi @TheDivisionGame Indeed. Game direction, Bug fix discussion, chats on changes coming to the TTS + any upcoming content (skins etc). Info around logic behind changes. Then you've got community content and Pro League to talk about each week. Plenty to fill an hour per week in my view.

  • RICKXJAMES22 Rick James (@RICKXJAMES22) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty Oooo wow! You got a new gun with a name on it! Ooo glorious day... **** off! Yall pathetic... you'd get excited over a backpack trophy... ******* kids ruined this game! Wow... look I got a stat up! **** you... This game is shit right now... ******* fix this bullshit!

  • AdamShumpisxXx Adam Shumpis (@AdamShumpisxXx) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Mentioned loot, didn’t tackle rolls. That’s a gigantic failure and general proof the issue of loot isn’t even understood. I don’t need MORE loot or even targeted general types of loot. I have enough. I need loot that isn’t TRASH! 99% of loot is pure garbage!

  • OnlyDzenDoge DzenDog (@OnlyDzenDoge) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty Still broken pvp-core of the game, no healers, no roleplaying, no clutch mechanics or something which can create a real skill gap, NOTHING. Still 4 braindead damage dealers running around and shooting each other. Comparing to Div1 pvp, it's not fun at all.

  • LtBuzzLitebeer 🐝Buzz (@LtBuzzLitebeer) reported

    @obbek_r @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty It has been suggested that it is. I have put myself into this position by asking for these changes and then attending ETF. TU6 will be strong in terms of changes, but I don't want to oversell it as the "everything for everyone" fix.

  • LtBuzzLitebeer 🐝Buzz (@LtBuzzLitebeer) reported

    @obbek_r @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty What I can say is that there are more info drops coming. More changes will be unveiled in the coming weeks and hopefully there is something that you can grab hold of. I don't want to misrepresent TU6 as the patch that will correct all of *** 2's issues, but it's a start.

  • Borrietheblade Boris Castillo (@Borrietheblade) reported

    @catclawzzz @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty @SITREPRadio I am concerned about 1 thing and hopefully it was discussed last week at ETF Echo. Loot quality overlap. As in, a 495 item having better stat value than a 500 like weapons and gear items. That's a big issue cuz your GS dictates what GS items drop.

  • FraVidocq V per Vidocq (@FraVidocq) reported

    @CommendationMr @obiadekanobi @Elites_Academy @TheDivisionGame @OllieNorris @NothinButSkillz @SITREPRadio @AgentPutt @jgerighty @JohanLnh @ROGUEGAMINGUK @DivCentralPod @EEngll Suggestion about dz- Pvp : fix the diamondback armour / reload glitch, it is a cancerous situation spreading . That is why people don’t come back to DZ

  • FraVidocq V per Vidocq (@FraVidocq) reported

    @TheDivisionGame So , no mention about “Diamond back “ armour / reloading glitch “ and overpowered M870 ... this is the real problem why people don’t come to the Dark Zone .. @CommendationMr @EEngll

  • alucardjin7 H.Y (@alucardjin7) reported

    @TheDivisionGame how the loot is a problem when you have nothing to do with it, every side of the game is boring, it clearly needs a complete redesign

  • JB_tm_Gaming JoHnnY-B TradeMark Gaming (@JB_tm_Gaming) reported

    @TheDivisionGame good changes to loot, however loot being a issue its not the underlying main issue, the stale & utter boring gameplay where everything is the same is! this game has not lived up to give me any wauw or mindblowing experience thus moving to breakpoint/other games that does offer it

  • Bgame1367 Gary scott (@Bgame1367) reported

    @PauseScreenMC @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty And why bother with loot hierarchies..... gear sets are supposed to be at the top, but they’re trash. So rather than fix them let’s just make them “cost” less. That while simultaneously devaluing the gear ppl grinded out of the raid by making it drop everywhere......sounds legit

  • dan555smith Daniel Smith (@dan555smith) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Well, I hope there is quality loot. There isn’t a shortage of loot, just not any good loot. Been looking for + 10-12% weapon dmg for ages. Same with 5% weapon dmg mods. Error 404.

  • PauseScreenMC Mountie Carl / #TheDivision2 (@PauseScreenMC) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty I am intrigued but I see past most things. Targeted loot just means more trash to deconstruct. The problem isn't loot ffs but they dont get it. Its that 99% of loot is trash. Making it targeted just means targeted trash. You still have the problem...

  • ABabyAtDennys Jonathan Tsalyuk (@ABabyAtDennys) reported

    @TheDivisionGame This still doesn't address the actual rolls on said loot drops. The range is to wide, I shouldn't be getting 11% DTE on a mask in WT5, it should be a minimum of 37% to whatever the max is, I think 49%. This doesn't really fix the problem. You need to guarantee stat rolls.

  • mfinite1 mfinite (@mfinite1) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @Praetorian117 @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty Not really. Clan vendor hopping is still a thing. Recalibration caps still exist. Gear score still doesn't mean anything. Don't get me wrong, this was nice, but I don't think they address the main issues of loot.

  • PaulAlbertSmit3 Paul Albert Smith (@PaulAlbertSmit3) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @PHXGaming_ @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty It's been a long time hasn't it buzzed Lieutenant Light beer, well I still don't have the game because this company takes too long to fix simple things. I've already watched 21 kilotons video on the truth, so with that being said glad that finally got to be lazy asses and,

  • BazzerBaz247 Bazzer-Baz (@BazzerBaz247) reported

    @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame @Patt3rson @Dweep_the_Sheep @ellahellberg @hamishbode @Dinusty pleased with changes, all positive and the names items sound cool. All irrelevant as a pvper if these lag issues continue though, hoping that will be addressed in pvp sotg next week as at mo seems like they domt acknowledge it as a priority alert

  • PixelFoxtrot Pixel (@PixelFoxtrot) reported

    @jeremyrdyson @TheDivisionGame Its not a hot mess, there are issues..but ghost recon has issues bruh