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Tom Clancy's The Division is an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Glitches (7.81%)
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  • GamerForLifePsn Blankman-95 went Rogue (@GamerForLifePsn) reported

    @TheDivisionGame ttk was not the problem in division 1 it's the healing skills don't nerd ttk

  • conranKstar conran (@conranKstar) reported

    @Iam_Frostyyy @TheDivisionGame Shocked for 3 seconds is kind of broken especially if everyin the dz has it.

  • redstag92gaming 🎮🕹️ RedStag92 🕹️🎮 (@redstag92gaming) reported

    @Boxpenshul @jumping_Sandman @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @Forbes Yeah I think that was it. That's the problem with getting games on release it takes them forever to be decent. I just recently bought Destiny 2 and it's only just now worth the $60

  • daiwebs Dai (@daiwebs) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @Forbes Bungie all I won’t you to do is fix crucible so out the lag

  • xESOSx_Ares . (@xESOSx_Ares) reported

    @pluralaces @TheDivisionGame Maybe the problem is you.... get your aim up😁

  • Sale_Freux Nephalès (@Sale_Freux) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbiMassive @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftSupport 34 months after the release of The Division, we still do not know why this game had a catastrophic development with a team of broken arms who coded the game with the feet...

  • TucJr82 Kevin Tucker Jr (@TucJr82) reported

    @N6Baker @TheDivisionGame That's what I do, I don't go in and won't in the 2nd game. I love playing the game and others like it but I'm not able to compete with better players due to my issues with my hands so I'm restricted to time I can play which means my levels never get high enough to compete.

  • AgentTED78 Richard (@AgentTED78) reported

    @obiadekanobi @Agent_Mab @TeeSturtz @The_Spier @jgerighty @ElitesGaming1 @Thylander @TheDivisionGame @UbiLeam Like I say I have a problem lol 😝 I will be happy with the addition of extra stash space buyable if silly enough 🥳

  • Minnesnowtadude JediFromDaBloc⭕ (@Minnesnowtadude) reported

    @TheDivisionGame My only hope is that they make sure pvp isn’t broken like the first 1 was and allowing ppl to haven broken gear sets and there’s a lot more to it as well

  • Fhenris Fhenris (@Fhenris) reported

    @kapt__obvious @TheDivisionGame Indeed, I am using the past tense because I stopped the Division 1, but it is still an issue, I agree :)

  • jimsayshi_Xbox Jim (@jimsayshi_Xbox) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I’m not sure ‘Normalised’ zones will remove the problems PvE players had with DZ, as I suspect it will still be possible for players to spec purely for PvP - still having a ‘geared’ advantage over PvE players who spec for PvE.

  • Storkinnn $torkinn (@Storkinnn) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @TheDivisionGame @EpicGames Can’t wait for you guys to fix fortnite, *****

  • N6Baker Baker (@N6Baker) reported

    @coreythedobie @Sale_Freux @TheDivisionGame I think they did all they could to avoid the Cronus issues in this game. The slower pace and the importance of using cover will limit the effectiveness Cronus might have in a bullet spongey face to face exchange

  • JpMaverick69 FORGED IN PAINx (@JpMaverick69) reported

    @SpartansTD @TheDivisionGame Dz is much smaller and narrow 16 would be a lag fest especially if you a broke ps4 player.

  • Fhenris Fhenris (@Fhenris) reported

    @TheDivisionGame 12 players small DZ is a great idea. I hope netcode will be strong this time (reducing lag impact on power/resistance). The immortal chicken runners were so annoying...

  • stevene13337376 Rogue Trooper (@stevene13337376) reported

    @NumskullDesigns @TheDivisionGame i want to get the steel mug but its coming up as error 404 guess uk not allowed again

  • GamerGrl73 XxxVIKZENxxX_HGG (@GamerGrl73) reported

    @SebestianThorpe @TheDivisionGame Both issues look to be resolved

  • jimsayshi_Xbox Jim (@jimsayshi_Xbox) reported

    @GamerGrl73 @Agent_Mab @TheDivisionGame The ‘Normalised’ zones won’t remove the problems PvE players had with DZ. I suspect it will still be possible for players to spec purely for PvP - still having a ‘geared’ advantage over PvE players who spec for PvE.

  • conranKstar conran (@conranKstar) reported

    @MumbaNoJutsu @TheDivisionGame 24 player dz is just too much..ttk is greatly increased, no way in a full server your making a MH checkpoint a live with max 20 players on your 4 team alive, + running into AI’s a long the way, just sounds really broken.

  • D4RKM4773R Sorry in Advance, Okies (@D4RKM4773R) reported

    @AMDGaming @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @xidaxpcs @AMDRyzen @Radeon What makes this worse is I just had to refund the game Div2 as now my PC can not ever play Ubisoft games with the latest windows and Nvidia patches that have crippled my PC That and a random game crash that happens sorry to say but I am benched for gaming this year!!.....

  • Mercury2P Mercury2Phoenix ♍♀️ (@Mercury2P) reported

    @needlessd @TheDivisionGame @Division_HGG Ah, well since I get stomped by Rogues regardless, doesn't matter. My issue is usually I'm "in combat" and have to manually change everything if I forgot to come into the dz with the right stuff to begin with. I will usually take cover however.

  • maz_gham Mazen (@maz_gham) reported

    @MarcoStyleNL I hope @TheDivisionGame doesn’t hang on your every word and change the game every time you disagree or have a problem with the way the game is but. No disrespect, but i feel you had a part to play in nerfs and changes to the first one that I wasn’t cool with.

  • shekio17 Sersh (@shekio17) reported

    I don't like that @TheDivisionGame will have a pvp mode. That only means they will struggle with weapon adjustments between pve and pvp. The same problems @DestinyTheGame has had since the beginning

  • LtBuzzLitebeer Buzz (@LtBuzzLitebeer) reported

    @xKingPredatorx @TheDivisionGame @MarcoStyleNL @The_Spier @TeeSturtz @hamishbode In the upper shot, the segmented bar is your armor bar. When you take incoming fire, that starts to be broken apart until it is completely destroyed. If that happens, the lower bar which is your health bar will start to deplete quickly.

  • Freak80Carlos Carlos Santos (@Freak80Carlos) reported

    @BlueLabrador2 @TheDivisionGame 4 people is enough man, there shouldn’t be a 5 man group. 4 on 1 is already tough but can you imagine 5 on 1. And I play with a squad bro there’s never a problem. I’m just saying if you’re bummed out on having 4 man squad then something is completely wrong.

  • MuttleyGriffin 🤠🐴 MuttleyGriffin 🌐🇬🇧 (@MuttleyGriffin) reported

    Having issues with @TheDivisionGame servers tonight. Trouble respawing and now just been completed disconnected. #division

  • Hefeydd_ Hefeydd (@Hefeydd_) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Okay I was right about one of the locations of f the DZ in Division 2. But I was absolutely bang on when I said back last year that the DZ would be split across separate zones. Because of the amount of players in one DZ the lag would just be insane.

  • PaulAlbertSmit3 Paul Albert Smith (@PaulAlbertSmit3) reported

    @SoSerious_G @GamerGrl73 @TheDivisionGame It's not going to happen because everybody who's everybody wanted this in the first place in the first division and I'm one of them as well so much problems balancing PVE and PVP it was completely insane but now that they're separate and have one extra we're both,

  • LoxyGmz LOXY (@LoxyGmz) reported

    @918_850 @PlayStation @Xbox Ha! Yeah - although from a gamer perspective it would be such a wonderful thing to turn on my PS4, play @DestinyTheGame or @TheDivisionGame with my PS4 friends, switch over to my XboxOne, sign in, play with Xbox friends and my hard-earnedstuffs is just there.

  • Gingerlette300 Gingerlette300 (Lee) (@Gingerlette300) reported

    @SWE_Motorizer @TheDivisionGame I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. I hope they learned with all the bugs and issues they were having the first game. I mean of course, there could be issues with the second game. At this point, until release, all we can do is speculate.

  • JonJonFPS JonJonFPS on Twitch (@JonJonFPS) reported

    @xXMacCoSXx @TheDivisionGame They had to fix the typo.

  • BluDYT Dylan BluD (@BluDYT) reported

    @RealLunarStar @AMDGaming @NellyFRyz @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @xidaxpcs @AMDRyzen @Radeon i dont see the problem with that. either way its still going to run through uplay. so just buy it there unless you want to support a creator and deal with having yet again another game launcher.

  • senatorkyle Kyle Miller (@senatorkyle) reported

    @FlakfireGaming @TheDivisionGame Hopefully they’ll see how the beta plays and fix any issues that arise. Unlike Bethesda with Fallout

  • TheBruhArmy TheBruhArmy (@TheBruhArmy) reported

    @Skellington977 @Xbox @TheDivisionGame @WatchMixer Mixer’s service and mods too sensitive so it’ll never happen even though they’re trying.

  • BinGhayth Faisal Bin Ghayth (@BinGhayth) reported

    @thegamezone_nl @MumbaNoJutsu @TheDivisionGame If they put all the good gears in DZ.. that would be a problem for solo players

  • finalecho_ FinalEcho (@finalecho_) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Please fix running animation, it is so extremely terrible

  • MumbaNoJutsu Agent Mumba (@MumbaNoJutsu) reported

    @thegamezone_nl @TheDivisionGame Connection issues for me wasn’t a issue.

  • mchops7 M Cat (@mchops7) reported

    @Xbox @TheDivisionGame @WatchMixer Looks like a similar problem from the first game - enemies dropping worthless loot and weapons

  • thegamezone_nl Houwie7000 (@thegamezone_nl) reported

    @MumbaNoJutsu @TheDivisionGame 3 zones and it'll make for less connection issues

  • JeffGale77 Jeff Gale (@JeffGale77) reported

    @OPM_UK @UbiMassive @TheDivisionGame Yeah, no... STILL no new @OPM_UK, today. (Last month's issue said it'd be out Jan 11th) An official update/excuse might be nice.

  • obiadekanobi #AgentObi (@obiadekanobi) reported

    @DissonantSubLT @Shauntillery @AgentTED78 @ElitesGaming1 @TheDivisionGame @EpicSlayerz1 @UberTimmeh @UE_MANNY @Baundiesel @Agent_Mab @P3T3TT @rxlyaT problem with London is we have no civilians with machine guns lol we would be left fighting with crumpets and cups of tea!!😂😂😂

  • obiadekanobi #AgentObi (@obiadekanobi) reported

    @Shauntillery @AgentTED78 @ElitesGaming1 @TheDivisionGame @EpicSlayerz1 @UberTimmeh @UE_MANNY @Baundiesel @Agent_Mab @P3T3TT @rxlyaT A main reason for the sequel also was they just couldnt fix the first game so they decided on a 2nd game in stead, a fresh start so to speak, which is needed imo, great stuff as usual dude 🧐👍

  • obiadekanobi #AgentObi (@obiadekanobi) reported

    @Shauntillery @AgentTED78 @ElitesGaming1 @TheDivisionGame @EpicSlayerz1 @UberTimmeh @UE_MANNY @Baundiesel @Agent_Mab @P3T3TT @rxlyaT i dunno, are they really going to sacrifice the bi yearly £60 - £200 they get from selling a sequel, also we need to see what state the game is in and how the new mechanics handle first, they have added alot more new systems to the game, that will lead to problems...

  • Shauntillery Shaun Tillery (@Shauntillery) reported

    @Agent_Mab @AgentTED78 @ElitesGaming1 @TheDivisionGame @EpicSlayerz1 @UberTimmeh @UE_MANNY @Baundiesel @obiadekanobi @P3T3TT @rxlyaT Yeah, it’s Software as a Service

  • HaanSolo21 HaanSolo 🔥 (@HaanSolo21) reported

    @Hixcap @TheDivisionGame It would be broken if the gear carried over lmao

  • KLB725 Kevin Belcher (@KLB725) reported

    @Ritchie12056 @TheDivisionGame but even watching it through someone's stream shows the title. Regardless, your the one taking offense and getting mad when. it was you who based that opinion off misinformation. I pointed that out (def could have been beter. Your the one throwing insults but hey, I'm the issue.

  • ItsBoomslangg Boomslangg (@ItsBoomslangg) reported

    @glugite @TheDivisionGame I just think it’s odd that the live gameplay videos looked better than that trailer. That’s why I think it has to do with the production, rather than the game itself that’s the issue.

  • Summerdylan2 Summerdylan (@Summerdylan2) reported

    @acidfiend @TheDivisionGame @EzBreezyTV So dont buy the pre order, dont come complaining that there is a issue only you encountered

  • Division_HGG Hardcore Girl Gamers ︻╦╤─ (@Division_HGG) reported

    @Angrychefguy1 @aemond @TheDivisionGame We have complete faith in the Dev team that any issues will be resolved quickly. There is no game that is bug free at launch. It’s all about to reveal so hang in there. 🤘

  • ImpactUKG iMPACT (Flex Fm) (@ImpactUKG) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @CreativeMike_ Took ubisoft 2 years to fix the original release, after they released won't be buying D2 ⚰ do yourself a favour this time ubi, postpone the release, test & balance it all FIRST then release a finished game. NOT just constant updates making previous time put in obsolete 👎

  • ProfessorJaw Brad Morgan 🤦‍♂️😑📦 (@ProfessorJaw) reported

    @TheDivisionGame First 2 months fun Major player loss Delay content drop Toxicity rises 5 months new content comes Resurgence of players for 1 2 months BROKEN METAS Glitches bugs unbalance Second content drop delayed Toxicity spreads People leave Pc TTS Update 2 boring Player counts remain Trash

  • MedicXGaming GhostXProtocol (@MedicXGaming) reported

    @AyeLuciid @TheDivisionGame @z3roxmercy Yep that’s live service gaming for you. Mmolites that severely lack in content on launch. The die hard fans get rabid over negative criticism. Then the game gets “better” throughout its life meanwhile the majority of the community is gone.

  • testarock Thiago Souza (@testarock) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Beta on February 7, please do not repeat the same error of delivering the bugged game in March again

  • ThreeFiveSe7en ThreeFiveSe7en (@ThreeFiveSe7en) reported

    @official_blrr @GamerForLifePsn @TheDivisionGame And there lies the problem. You are ok with buying an unfinished product from the beginning. We aren’t even on the same wave length with this. Sell me a finished game or **** off esp with your preorder.

  • Fried_Kimchi STIR (@Fried_Kimchi) reported

    @TheDivisionGame 3 years into @TheDivision and it is just as broken and flawed as it was in year 1 & 2 ......

  • Nenahz The last person (@Nenahz) reported

    @coreythedobie @JAYMANX7 @IamSylarr @TheDivisionGame First of all a BETA is not 1 or two weeks before launch. It's WAY before launch, so devs have time to actually FIX stuff. It's a DEMO. Just like the TD1 beta was a DEMO. Second: The term PRIVATE BETA makes me lol. A LOT.

  • MrMidLifeCrysis Van (@MrMidLifeCrysis) reported

    @CRIMS0NGUARDX @GOCubsGo1689 @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftCanada @Xbox @XboxCanada @Ubisoft Yeah it would be nice to make your character look more unique. That was one of the first Division's problems everyone basically used the same preset characters and the gear could have been more detailed like the gear in Siege is.

  • StygianGames Xaices Wrathborne (@StygianGames) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Beta testing should start further out than a month. Players need time to test and developers need time to change/fix. Private Beta should have started in December, Closed Beta beginning January, Open Beta (stress test/demo) February. We will still be beta testing after launch.

  • Angrychefguy1 angrychefguy (@Angrychefguy1) reported

    @Division_HGG @aemond @TheDivisionGame I want news on modes on pvp I want gameplay I wanted a beta not a demo coming out a month before launch so if there are issues they could fix them so I’m not blown away I’m concerned this is all we got !

  • McGuns17 McGuns17 (@McGuns17) reported

    @JpColdKiller @TheDivisionGame It's looking good bro 😉 my only problem its that we didn't see the DZ, but I'm expecting that from the youtubers to show up