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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • MarkFrancis007 Mark Francis (@MarkFrancis007) reported

    @dmpraider @TheDivisionGame Disk version. That's a bit of a bummer I hope theres no problems downloading it on the 3rd 🤞

  • kakarrot44 Kakarrot (@kakarrot44) reported

    @TheDivisionGame seriously ur bringing servers down again not cool that's what the maintenance is for

  • Denis_SunnyGo ThousandSunnyG7 (@Denis_SunnyGo) reported

    @WingNut621 @TheDivisionGame @jgerighty Same issue sometimes it's invisible. Also some of the sub menus in the game are too big, (clan cache stash) can't see the whole UI. Too difficult to explain but can send a pic if needed.

  • obiadekanobi #AgentObi2.0 (@obiadekanobi) reported

    @AgentPutt @TheDivisionGame @jgerighty @yannickbch @whatmjtweeted @imJanko @NothinButSkillz It's been like it for months, it's a pain in ass guys any ETA on a fix, or even if it's being looked at @Thylander @yannickbch @Patt3rson 👍

  • bill_diamond Bill Diamond (@bill_diamond) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Maybe take a deep dive on all the problems that have arrived since your update.

  • MsKatastrofic MsKatastrofic (HGG) 🏳️‍🌈🎮🏀 (@MsKatastrofic) reported

    @Uberstooks @PlayStationAU @TheDivisionGame Saw I think Hamish saying it was a song error now. Gah


    @jgerighty @WingNut621 @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftSupport There has been a few issues through the night @jgerighty UI freezing in the menu and I did notice the start screen being slow & the game closing down for me once tho I’m on Xbox, I’ve always noticed it on the eve of a content update usually

  • LousyGamerUK LousyGamerUK  (@LousyGamerUK) reported

    @Uberstooks @PlayStationAU @TheDivisionGame PLOT TWIST! I also had this error but i logged out and back in to the store on my phone and then it started working

  • 426kyt KJYT89 (@426kyt) reported

    @AAssault73 @NewcoDemon @TheDivisionGame We get NPCs stuck in rooms/behind doors. We just end up doing a nade suicide to wipe it. Sometimes the fire nades get them thru the doors but wiping is faster. As for the audio, Troy had to restart the console to fix it. Close app didn't work. I play on mute for the most part.

  • Yungangel2003 Gothboi Angel (@Yungangel2003) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @vitaobr92 I am already having problems with the level 30 boost reward after pre ordering the expansion on ps4 and have recieved no help

  • DROHUNG The Real DROHUNG (@DROHUNG) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Yet you expect us to pay more $$$ then the game itself knowing that the game bugs are still happening. So besides the invisible walls and sounds problems what else are you selling us....lag issues

  • vitaobr92 Vitão (@vitaobr92) reported

    @TheDivisionGame No problems. Just asking because is available on US and CA PSN stores

  • AAssault73 AggAssault73 (@AAssault73) reported

    @426kyt @NewcoDemon @TheDivisionGame I wouldn't have an issue with paying for it, but I still can't play a full mission right now without the sound glitching out, or enemies stuck behind doors. Had to end my livestream last night because it bugged during Skirmish and logging out wouldn't fix it.

  • TethisX Jeff Eaton (@TethisX) reported

    @ShadowBOT22 @danielpavlik @Cirbir @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft The marketing is good. I see no problem with how The Division 2 and Warlords of New York is being marketed. Just might be The Division games isn’t for you. As for myself, I am more than satisfied. The Division 2 happens to be the most improved sequel over the previous game.

  • DevilXjt66 Devil (@DevilXjt66) reported

    Starting To think they will never fix the AC down here. (be on in a few for some @TheDivisionGame !!

  • ShadowBOT22 James Smith (@ShadowBOT22) reported

    @TethisX @danielpavlik @Cirbir @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft The devs I agree have put a lot of work. In this I never have an issue with the devs. I do have an issue with the marketing department who time and time again make it look like something that it’s not

  • sdhorton63 Stuart Horton (@sdhorton63) reported

    @arthurferrick5 @slimjd @TheDivisionGame Believe me I'm disabled to and I've been ridiculed before in voice chat not just by leaving but their words.But chose their character and I just tell him I see that they are more disabled than me. My problem is they keep resetting it before I reach the point of getting that patch

  • thedivisionclub The Division Club (@thedivisionclub) reported

    @GaryDolling108 @TheDivisionGame Read about an issue like this on the game's reddit, where people who had the disc version couldn't purchase but there were a few who did, so hopefully a temporary thing and they'll fix it soon

  • danielpavlik Daniel Pavlik (@danielpavlik) reported

    @Cirbir @lien1221 @TheDivisionGame They can’t fix the DZ’s. That’s why they can’t fix the game.

  • Xanderrsss1 Xanderrsss (@Xanderrsss1) reported

    @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame You just released a new game called @GhostRecon Breakpoint that I payed over $100 for and @Ubisoft is completely ignoring with absolutely no communication what's so ever. Maybe update your new game or give me my ******* money back for this trash you promised to fix.

  • xGearFreakx Kevin Dempsey (@xGearFreakx) reported

    @Game_Revolution Thanks for posting a page about @TheDivisionGame 2 game, with the problem about Bravo 09, unfortunately I am affected by this bug and no one is seeming to want to help me on @Ubisoft side. Guess I just wasted money

  • lien1221 ATLien1221 (@lien1221) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Fix the DZ. quit revamping your 3 tiny DZ’s and give the players what they want....a bigger dark zone with more than a 12 player limit. Why do you continue to ignore the pvp player base

  • JamesBPlemons James Plemons (@JamesBPlemons) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame okay this is starting to really upset me I'm getting Delta-3 and Delta-4 once an hour now..and my internet connection is working great even called my internet provider no issues... 😡😡😡😡😡

  • AgentPutt Agent Putt (@AgentPutt) reported

    @obiadekanobi @TheDunph79 @EpicSlay3rs @TheDivisionGame @Elites_Academy @PlayStation @SITREPRadio @hamishbode @MARKOFBLADEZ @OllieNorris @rxlyaT @ULucipus @division_uk @PlayStationEU @LordJustice7 has the exact same problem

  • PHXGaming_ PHXGaming (@PHXGaming_) reported

    @ROGUEGAMINGUK @Thylander @KLB725 @liambutler6Bash @BazzerBaz247 @yannickbch @TheDivisionGame That would be intense!..and so broken haha

  • fettouhi MetalMan (@fettouhi) reported

    @TheDivisionGame so after season3 the game has been really unstable. I get right now daily crashes to the desktop. just playing today I have had 2 already 1 after each mission I have done. when is this going to be looked at. I have send crash reports 2 times

  • Zynergiized iiiLuxx (@Zynergiized) reported

    @wdfgamingnet @obanks_007 @TheDivisionGame They should fix the PvP aspect before expanding and creating a new zone with the same style of play we have now. A new PvP mode will probably drop later as we get used to these new gear changes etc....

  • IamKingNaim King 🏁 (@IamKingNaim) reported

    It’s not allowing me to upgrade my bench to 500 @TheDivisionGame 🤬. Fix that

  • Greg61324202 Greg (@Greg61324202) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame Is it going to fix the flame turret

  • TheReverendBJ Reverend Benji (@TheReverendBJ) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Bought @TheDivisionGame for £2.50 last weekend but there was some issue with sending the digital content to my account. After a week of emails, live chats and proofs of purchase, I've got a refund due to an error on Ubi's end. Shame on you, Ubisoft.

  • TheReverendBJ Reverend Benji (@TheReverendBJ) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Bought @TheDivisionGame for £2.50 last weekend but there was some issue with sending the digital content to my account. After a week of emails, live chats and proofs of purchase, I've got a refund due to an error on Ubi's end. Shame on you, Ubisoft.

  • XBLVoost Thomas Wust (@XBLVoost) reported

    @polacoselecto @TheDivisionGame @ahreggie @UbisoftSupport After state of the game I messaged them again and I got a reply that requested the same info that was already in my case. But I thought hey, they were going to actually do something. Nope. They told me thanks and that the developers are aware of the issue and investigating.

  • volante1985 Jon Volante (@volante1985) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame Hopefully fix the glitch

  • SignOfZodiac SIGNOFZODIAC (@SignOfZodiac) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame I now see what the problem or confusion is... “whatever” ... the 20% of your magazine back as free ammo is being put into the reserve and not the actual magazine itself like before! #SIGNOFZODIAC #THEDIVISION2 #PS4

  • MR_B_YT MR_B [OTSS] (@MR_B_YT) reported

    So it's rant time how @Ubisoft @UbiMassive announce a paid Expansion for @TheDivisionGame then turn round and say by the way ps4 won't be able to pre order it because of a issue with @Sony @PlayStationUK

  • TellarB TellarBalance (@TellarB) reported

    @cestro919 @slimjd @TheDivisionGame Endorsing really is a problem, most don't do it and it's annoying

  • TorpedoGnome TorpedoGnome_HGG (@TorpedoGnome) reported

    @Maverick__CW @TheDivisionGame I’m having the same issue. They are nowhere to be found. 😞

  • MiillerBotelho Müller Botelho (@MiillerBotelho) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame I thought about playing before I went to work, I got a game error mike-01

  • Dazation Darren (@Dazation) reported

    @Dan07456093 @Mahleeck @TheDivisionGame Fixing the armour glitch is the word on the vine. Live building and testing of the code while game is down.

  • odinsmoke Adam S. (@odinsmoke) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame I hope this will fix my Bravo-9 error code cause I'm haven't been able to play since I redownloaded it after buying the Warlords dlc

  • cestro919 cestro919 (@cestro919) reported

    @504hotboynick @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame Cheaters ruin the game,it speaks to their skill level, if you're any good, you shouldn't be using a glitch to help you during battle, don't @ me, if it's not true then play on and report any glitch that turns out to get exploited for an advantage.

  • xjayhx2 xjayhx (@xjayhx2) reported

    @GamerAngela911 @TheDivisionGame @Rainbow6Game Div2 is broken and they want to charge for a pre order of free dlc

  • OpaqueCypress Jens Hansen (@OpaqueCypress) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame I hope they fix unbreakable talent

  • Dan07456093 Dan (@Dan07456093) reported

    @TheDivisionGame why are the servers down for division 2 on PS4 bloody not happy right as I'm customising my weapons and putting stuff in my stash I get kicked off the game what's going on

  • 504hotboynick 504hotboynick (@504hotboynick) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame Good all them cheating ass ***** on the game ready to smash all them players see how there was cheating with armor glitch lol they going to be piss tomorrow

  • xxxxSuho Benny Liang (@xxxxSuho) reported

    @TheDivisionGame pls fix the ruthless unable to upgrade bs before doing anything else it’s a ripoff lmao

  • PlayaEinstein Lezil_Dark (@PlayaEinstein) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @Thylander - Weasel teleporting across the room.... Need to fix stuff like this, just started happening since last patch.

  • kvdgrift Kevin van der grift (@kvdgrift) reported

    @GamerAngela911 @TheDivisionGame @Rainbow6Game No problem. Everybody make mistakes😂 joke. Buy division is great

  • stevene13337376 Rogue Trooper (@stevene13337376) reported

    @GamerAngela911 @TheDivisionGame @Rainbow6Game far to many cheats and broken game R6 the division 2 is fun and the new dlc in 3/3/20 looks good

  • juantenorio1988 juantenorio (@juantenorio1988) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @chrisda98265027 I got from yestersay the delta 02 error and I cannot play the game :( please help me.

  • RayZigi Raw Sauce (@RayZigi) reported

    @TheDivisionGame please make a rule to suspend any account that uses any new glitch in the Division 2 on multiple occassions. This will help deter people from trying to use that to their advantage.

  • manmadegolf1 @manmadegolf1 (@manmadegolf1) reported

    @Maverick__CW @TheDivisionGame I had the same problem

  • PhxGamer24 Leo (@PhxGamer24) reported

    @baundiesel @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @UbiMassive Not a bad problem to have 🙃

  • TheEightBitDad TheEightBitDad (@TheEightBitDad) reported

    @sparkee0213 @Cirbir @TheDivisionGame Haha same here man. I hate background noise on the mic. If I have any I just disconnect mine.

  • Synsory_ EX Synsory (@Synsory_) reported

    @TheDivisionGame please fix your servers..! I wanna play your game soooo bad plzzzzzz

  • NWMPod Not Without Merit Podcast (@NWMPod) reported

    @PlayApex @TheDivisionGame And we think we've figured out most of the audio issues, so by next week's episode it should hopefully be cleaner and without any drop outs!

  • Yum_xren The cannoli God (@Yum_xren) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft I'm running in to en issue where I cant change my second skill slot and it keeps saying that my shield is active or on cool down and I've deleted and re downloaded the game and it still wont let me change it

  • abdualssalam2 abdualssalam (@abdualssalam2) reported

    @TheDivisionGame The division 2 don't worth the money full of glitches and lag in conflict and broken builds no need to farm one seeker min will kill

  • abdualssalam2 abdualssalam (@abdualssalam2) reported

    @TheDivisionGame The division 2 don't worth the money full of glitches and lag in conflict and broken builds no need to farm one seeker min will kill

  • kenneth_lyon Kenneth Lyon (@kenneth_lyon) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @yannickbch @hamishbode due to the damn patience glitch, and most (not all) #Division2YouTubers released how to do it. Conflict and the DZ are plagued with this bs. I refuse to play PvE only!! 🤬🤬 the DZ life flows in my veins!