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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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February 22: Problems at Warframe

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  • ioveyx hatsune peekink (@ioveyx) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays I mean yeah I can agree with that, I was more just making the point that it's tricky because people aren't making any initial investment with Warframe, if the problems are too much for someone who just picked it up they can stop playing without ever spending a dime

  • Aadrian1234 Chandler (@Aadrian1234) reported

    I get all of Anthem's issues, but anyone saying it's Warframe x Destiny has clearly never played any of those games for more than a few hours or is severely discrediting Anthem's core gameplay behind all the bugs and issues.

  • mmoescape Judge Reiter (@mmoescape) reported

    @FelipeLMoraes_ @Kotaku That quote isn't even valid anymore in the modern gaming scene. More games are being sold as a service now, with consistent updates and improvements. Division 1, Destiny 1&2, Warframe, NMS, D3, Elite Dangerous, Rainbow 6 Siege, For Honor, GTAO

  • sethcano2003 ❄️ Seth Cano 🏳️‍🌈 (@sethcano2003) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays Warframe on Switch isn’t having any issues, at least from what everyone else I play with says and from what I’ve experienced since launch.

  • Genitive_Case Genitive Case (@Genitive_Case) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays By the way, I'm not saying Warframe doesn't have its problems. That's a different story.

  • Genitive_Case Genitive Case (@Genitive_Case) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays Comparing Anthem to Warframe is unfair. Warframe is free to play and was essentially crowdfunded. When it was released it also got mixed reviews. Anthem costs 60 dollars, took 6 years to develop, and still shipped unfinished with technical issues that shouldn't exist.

  • AGayGuyPlays Soldier 69 🥂🍂🧡 (@AGayGuyPlays) reported

    LET ME CLARIFY, these tweets aren't directed to anyone SPECIFIC. There's LOTS of reviewers that wanna trash Game ONE for the same issues that Game TWO has/had. Anthem is a LIVE SERVICE, ever evolving and changing. I'm a LONG TERM Warframe player and I understand the gig.

  • AGayGuyPlays Soldier 69 🥂🍂🧡 (@AGayGuyPlays) reported

    So I see Warframe on switch is having some issues, the Division 2 is having some issues.. ALL IM SAYING IS: These "reviewers" and "critics" better keep the same damn energy when talking about these games as they did with Anthem. I SEE YALL; WE'RE WATCHING - WE'RE WAITING.

  • Voodoo_Bat VoodooBat (@Voodoo_Bat) reported

    warframe is not working on switch T.T

  • Zanagoth Zanacough (@Zanagoth) reported

    Not really sure what DE is trying to accomplish with all these melee changes. I mean yes, reworking the system is nice but I feel like Warframe has much more pressing balance issues for overall health of the game, vs focusing one just one aspect of combat

  • Bloco268 Nikolayevich (@Bloco268) reported

    @simplesardonic @ChadChamberlan1 @EA it still has potential... this is just like when warframe, the division, and destiny 2 came out shitty beginning but later on turned out pretty good. they said it was a fan service game so later down the lane I hope it gets better if EA doesnt pull them.

  • samuelmgalvao Samuel M. Galvão (@samuelmgalvao) reported

    @TheYamiks @PlayWarframe saved to watch it later. I find Warframe's visual convoluted... but is definitely a success as a service... lots of people seems to like it.

  • Big9869 Big9869 (@Big9869) reported

    Login failed™ #warframe

  • Laurelith Maisey 🌸 (@Laurelith) reported

    @Didact343 it's a game as a service, just like any online game ever, content gets added as the game progresses, a lot of the reviews seem to be comparing it to mass effect and stuff and frankly its not a game like that, it's a looter shooter, just like destiny, just like warframe

  • ForceCommander2 Joe Jury (@ForceCommander2) reported

    @ForceStrategy Doesn't surprise me. It seems that this is a repeat of a shitty launch to another looter shooter that we expect by now not to immediately ride the heels of Warframe or Borderlands. I hope to be cautiously optimistic and wait for BioWare to fix the game the best they can within...

  • zananeichan 💾🌎Zwitter Twiẗter👽 (@zananeichan) reported

    Society is broken , and the legal system treats people in poverty as profit... sound like the ******* corpus in Warframe

  • smugladies natalie (@smugladies) reported

    one thing i hate about warframe is the disconnect between "all the robots are proxies for ugly code lyoko kids" and "this robot is a clown with a big butt to ****"

  • Rizky_Deathwish BlessedDeathWish (@Rizky_Deathwish) reported

    @anthemgame This is completely utter bullshit, the patch did nothing but crash the game after launcing it. I had enough, the @bioware i know and love is truly dead, i'm going back to Warframe

  • tapu_cocoa logi 🐝 (@tapu_cocoa) reported

    @bowchkahonkhonk @Steven_GomezYJ @anthemgame @Halaste Like I keep saying, and have been saying, EVERY game that is a live service like this has launched “mediocre”. Even warframe did. If you can’t notice that the game evolves with player feedback then it’s kinda on the fault of the consumer.

  • tapu_cocoa logi 🐝 (@tapu_cocoa) reported

    @bowchkahonkhonk @Steven_GomezYJ @anthemgame @Halaste Borderlands was different. It never changed like a live service game. I mean live service games like Destiny, Warframe, Division, etc

  • MicahlSCC The Tzatziki Hammer (@MicahlSCC) reported

    @petexnasty I feel like I generally dislike the games as service model, so I’m probably not a great judge of its quality, but I do like Warframe more from what I’ve played

  • tobypinder Toby Pinder (@tobypinder) reported

    @GossiTheDog just play Warframe or Destiny, I'm so baffled by the AAA desire to recreate the MMO bubble with these live service trends

  • FaytHarkwind Taking Photos of Spider-Man with Sora's Gummiphone (@FaytHarkwind) reported

    Just learned they actually fixed the problem that lead me to customer support which made me quit Warframe in the first place. Space dogs can't die any more, so I don't have to worry about it bugging them out of stasis when I stop playing for a longer period.

  • AxiVaughn AxiVaughn (@AxiVaughn) reported

    @Brent21000 @yakityyakblah @WiqidBritt @JimSterling @EA I don't have an issue with MTs as long as they don't effect gameplay. So if I need to pay for MTs to get free DLC and avoid a Destiny 2 situation, I''m fine with that. Longtime fan of Warframe and I've probably spent like $200 on that game, but by choice.

  • TooDarkPark [redacted] (@TooDarkPark) reported

    @FoxTango6 @LilimObserver @Nephanor It could have been but you get too little actual loot. So much empty grinding in Warframe and so much stuff that gets gated off in events and other nonsense. It's the epitome of "game as service" and it got tiresome after a while -- too little reward for effort.

  • Infindox Torrie Starfrost (@Infindox) reported

    @ZodiakHunter @FinalPaige The problem people have is, with Warframe I have stuff to come back to and work towards with reasonable grinding. Anthem seems to lack any real plot or things to get without massive grinding, and load times look hella bad.

  • ZodiakHunter Zodiak @ Post-KH3 Depression (@ZodiakHunter) reported

    @FinalPaige I looove Warframe and I beat Destiny back when 1 came out and thought it was... fine, that was before the great expansions and stuff mind you The problem is that Anthem doesn't seem to be a very /good/ looter shooter in the sense that the looting and shooting aren't satisfying

  • chamo_lacra ChamoLacratututu98 (@chamo_lacra) reported

    @EAHelp We don't care about anthem there is warframe already, please fix Apex legends servers.

  • SpringSlasher Springwood_Slasher1428 (@SpringSlasher) reported

    @JimSterling @EA This kind of shit is why I'm put on edge as soon as I hear something is a live service. Plus you can't even have a homicidal cube friend like in Warframe

  • Eluvyel Eluvyel (@Eluvyel) reported

    @Gastoly @Boogie2988 I want to like Anthem but my whole time playing I was just thinking "Might as well play Warframe instead", which is a bit of an issue. We'll see where it goes from here.

  • youplebz Snek (@youplebz) reported

    @PlayWarframe I've been trying to play warframe again just now and I can't login because I'm not getting the verification code. so now I tried logging into the website and says I need to ensure I am a human (the check box) and now I'm blocked. Please help me.

  • JohhnyRidden1 The New Arbiter (@JohhnyRidden1) reported

    @tapu_cocoa @thesandman091 @AngryJoeShow @AJSAgaming I really love Warframe, but as a PS4 player I have to wait for any update or fix to undergo certification by Sony and drop weeks or even months after the original a release.

  • JohhnyRidden1 The New Arbiter (@JohhnyRidden1) reported

    @tapu_cocoa @thesandman091 @AngryJoeShow @AJSAgaming Anyway, if Anthem can really do the bulk of the updates server side, that could mean that not only they might be able to crank updates fast, but that they would be able to do so across all platforms, something which has been an issue for games like Warframe.

  • CiscamusMaximus Cisco (@CiscamusMaximus) reported

    @Los__Dos @FortniteGame @Plantronics @NintendoAmerica Have the same problem with Warframe on the switch since it's been out. It must be really hard to fix something like that.

  • Stats4Prez Don't Check My Stats (@Stats4Prez) reported

    @Darokaz Little too loose for the amount of problems the game has going on with it. A little more structure I believe is needed. I would check out how the warframe dev do there dev streams. It’s serious and fun without seeming like a frat party. Which how today came off sometimes..

  • mekilla17 Mekilla17 (@mekilla17) reported

    @SkillUpYT Here my issue that I don't care about the mistake because there is nothing better. Warframe has no end game at all for high end builds. Destiny cannot keep content fat enough and besides that there isnt anything. Nothing is perfect. Ive enjoyed the game oh well for those who dont

  • JerichoWing 🌠METEOR MASTER🌠 (@JerichoWing) reported

    but that's just my Onion, and I feel like it's a pretty rare one b/c people who are SUPER into Warframe have v.little problem with these things and love the game as is. That';s just the disconnect I feel though coming from other loot shooters.

  • Luktorce Luktorce (@Luktorce) reported

    Hi @PlayWarframe is there a fix in the works for the Flox Syandana (either market description or in game action) as the Flox doesn't open up in response to damage but only opens up after bullet jumping etc. #Warframe

  • A_Simiiforme Nathan Richard Wieczorkowski (@A_Simiiforme) reported

    @ByktorSnk @PCGamesN Heh, I think my original thought process may very well be the problem. Warframe was constructed as a desperate last-ditch effort by a dieing company. Plans for the future never existed in the manner of your teacher's educational style. Doesn't mean it won't exist in the future.

  • ByktorSnk victor (@ByktorSnk) reported

    @A_Simiiforme @PCGamesN No biggies, and as for warframe is it right now, is not hard to make endgame, they can take any game mode they already have, make it challenging and rewarding and that's it, but they biggest problem seems to be the fact that they don't want to reward us propertly

  • Valkian24 Matty M. (@Valkian24) reported

    @jasonschreier For this game, it should have been a free-to-play game from the very start if they're going the "live service" route but knowing how much effort and money EA has put into it, they're not gonna do that! *looks at Warframe for comparison*

  • engineeeeer7 Engineeeeer (@engineeeeer7) reported

    @jasonschreier That'd make a lot of sense. So much of these launch issues are expectations. Saying it's done is rough when it isn't. People who play these types of games may know what to expect but many don't. Warframe lives in beta.

  • FaytHarkwind Taking Photos of Spider-Man with Sora's Gummiphone (@FaytHarkwind) reported

    Warframe is still an absolute mess of a game. I can't believe its been what like 2-3 years since I last played and its still got all the same bugs and more. They just never fix anything and generate half working content constantly.

  • MalcoImm Malcolm (@MalcoImm) reported

    @redtieguy @ArtimusGG @JeremyPenter I moved it to my ssd and loading times were extremely random. The game seems ok to someone like me who loves warframe and the grinding, but it has a lot of issues I hope bioware fixes. Worried about some of the micro-transactions as well 😑

  • EdwardOutcast EdwardOutcast (@EdwardOutcast) reported

    Honestly I hope every bad/mediocre live service game does as good of a comeback as #RainbowSixSiege #Fortnite or #Warframe . Though you could make a case "these were good from the start", they obviously are much better games now, with millions of daily players.

  • Shwifty_Panda Shwifty_Panda (@Shwifty_Panda) reported

    @NURPP_ @Twitch @TwitchPrime Yepp...T U F F. I’ve been able to claim everything else from my Prime Loot packages. This has been the only one I’ve had issues with. I claimed Fortnite, R6 Siege and Warframe ones. But this one said nope

  • FaytHarkwind Taking Photos of Spider-Man with Sora's Gummiphone (@FaytHarkwind) reported

    Catching up on Warframe now that its actually got a plot beyond "Captain Vor is a guy and you are a space baby" and it suffers from the same problem XIV suffers from storywise. You are the sole protagonist who is super special in cutscenes but then in gameplay everyone else is

  • intelligenz_b Binge-telligence (@intelligenz_b) reported

    i do wonder if everytime one those big budget live service titles has a flop launch warframe gets a significant uptic in new accounts🤔

  • sneakymokey sneakymokey (@sneakymokey) reported

    @RussFrushtick Great review. I'm personally tired of the "live service " concept. Paying 60 dollars for a fraction of a game with the "promise" of free content down the road, doesnt entice me anymore. I dont see a diff between this and warframe tbh. Except 1 is free.

  • StaySaucey Sauce (@StaySaucey) reported

    Destiny 1&2 had a horrible release. The Division has a horrible release. Warframe started as a lackluster looter. All these games had huge downfalls and issues that plagued them and most are now top titles in their genre. I wouldn’t write Anthem off so quickly.

  • TheRealOGnick TheRealOGnick (@TheRealOGnick) reported

    With the level that free games are at, and how much content you get (Warframe, Apex, Fortnite, Paragon, ETC) and how much support these games get, it’s amazing to me that $60 games have an issue with content within games. Whole game series’s are going down. It’s a new age 👌

  • UberMunchkin Steve Mortimer (@UberMunchkin) reported

    @bamyleaf_ There is a good chance I'm going to be actually in Warframe tomorrow when you start streaming, I would love to join up and play a few missions, although I'm going to have to try and put together a Frame/Weapon combo that doesn't cause that exact problem :)

  • Flying__Gecko FlyingGecko (@Flying__Gecko) reported

    So #Anthem is yet another unfinished AAA title going live too early. If Respawns Apex Legends had not bail out EA, 2019 would have started just like 2018 ended, with rushed products and broken promises. And still I have not seen a good argument to choose Anthem over #warframe...

  • AGayGuyPlays Soldier 69 🥂🍂🧡 (@AGayGuyPlays) reported

    @Kliessen Some bugs need an entire community to find - I play Warframe, I know this better than anyone else. As for it being a slight to early adopters... Melee 1.0, Melee 2.0, Starchart 1.0, Starchart 2.0 - Login 2.0, Focus 2.0, Eidolons dropping Arcanes ..bby I'm used to being slighted

  • XtraJewrestrial SpaceJew ✨ (@XtraJewrestrial) reported

    I haven't been able to play Overwatch for like a year or more now because it just refuses to run without crashing midmatch, and I can only play Warframe on literally minimum graphics settings and still crash midgame at least once every few days if not multiple times a day

  • Martine_TTV MartineTTV (@Martine_TTV) reported

    @Trovinizard @SpawnWaveMedia Microtransactions that are all cosmetic and obtainable by playing as well. I can't refute the fact that they'll probably make "2" instead of doing like a smart online service, like Warframe, and continuing with the base game updates.

  • JohhnyRidden1 The New Arbiter (@JohhnyRidden1) reported

    @YongYea If that’s indeed the case I would expect Anthem to be updated not only more regularly than Destiny 2, but even than Warframe, whose console updates tend to lag behind due to certification. Still, we will have to wait and see, but the day 1 patch does seem a step in that direction

  • LadyCygnet R.L. Oaks Mason (@LadyCygnet) reported

    I would like to tell Nef Anyo that his days are numbered, but given my current work schedule, health issues, & current level of exhaustion, he'll be enslaving the Solaris for a long time yet. #Warframe #Fortuna #NintendoSwitch #WorstSaviorEver

  • calirex01 calirex (@calirex01) reported

    @Bl00di3knuckl3z @XboxQwik Many games run into the problem with lack of endgame swotor and warframe being my examples. Nothing for veterans to do sure they add content over time but it does nothing for veterans.

  • BestTeaMaker BestTeaMaker (@BestTeaMaker) reported

    @GoodGuyGun @AngriestPat No problem. I made it a point to not link to a character guide because of that. This is a game like Monster Hunter or Warframe where sometimes someone letting you know what a thing does helps.