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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • Ape_Hawk Ape Haunt (@Ape_Hawk) reported

    @AngriestPat "well, here's your problem. all this destiny x warframe porn is clogging your network speed."

  • zimbinator Zim (@zimbinator) reported

    @SeanBartley Taking breaks from games is important, it's why I usually rotate between destiny warframe and elite dangerous, but I think a lot of the complaining right now is due to legitimate issues with the game rather than player burnout

  • ShardArtel Screaming Mowtl Deathtrap (@ShardArtel) reported

    @TenebrisDrox @NotFlamm Payday2 is always such a joy to play, it's just utter chaos constantly and I love it. Also I thought I broke 1,000 hours on it but nope only 500 something. Only TF2 and Warframe have broken 4 digit playtime on steam

  • J_LFox_RFG J_LFox - RFG (@J_LFox_RFG) reported

    @ApexMandalorian @Porecomesis For service games. If anything, devs should copy a thing or two from warframe.

  • TheFearsomeRat TheFearsomeRat (@TheFearsomeRat) reported

    @Grummz Warframe's "out of suit" stuff is kinda boring in all due honesty, since they removed the "Supers" when they didn't need to and right now, I find it's in a situation where they tried to fix it but it wasn't broken to begin with, if they brought the "Supers" back into the system-

  • Pisthetaerus Aggh (@Pisthetaerus) reported

    @Cinders10122019 @AGayGuyPlays Warframe is p2p. The only thing actually hosted by DE on a server is matchmaking and login servers. It's literally the only way they could have got WF off the ground as a f2p game.

  • Pisthetaerus Aggh (@Pisthetaerus) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays It's a p2p game, there will always be host migration problems. The only real way to fix the problem would be to switch to a client server model. That would cost a lot more than a million yearly even for a f2p game like Warframe.

  • Cinders10122019 Graze Da Girl (@Cinders10122019) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays I "believe" the problem is that warframe is on one universal server, like a browser game. To fix this problem, DE would have to build or rent actual gaming servers. Warframe would have to be brought down for some time.

  • cakesfm 5 nights at mc donalds (@cakesfm) reported

    @ShadowLorddd it is my fault for sticking to only warframe but some of these are still issues even if you jump between multiple games, such as -meaningful content thatll only last a content starved player a week or month -useless rewards that can be sourced from other places in higher amounts

  • lZoe7i5 local nb reaper e-th0t (@lZoe7i5) reported

    @ChickenDraws destiny better boss, and enemies do act more different and fighting them isn't just nuking the whole room in seconds, bows are great, i need friends for end game :( i don't like titans Warframe has way better art style and weapons, i do have issue with 80% of mods being useless

  • asurachandra ASURACHANDRA (ˉ﹃ˉ) Lavender Zone🌼 (@asurachandra) reported

    Somethings in Destiny 2 makes me miss Warframe so much that why I always in Crucible or Nightfall (@_@) ps. I like Destiny 2 soundtrack ... It's very good (At this time I must fix my thesis again AWAHHHHHHHHHH)

  • Cram11991 Cristian Ramirez (@Cram11991) reported

    @TheReaperHunter The Issue with playing warframe as older player is that you come to the conclusion that this game doesn't like older players it's new aim is to attract new players. It's part of warframe's cycle to bring in new players. This game is so disrespectful to me. I feel abandoned by it.

  • QuirkyKirkPlays QuirkyKirk (@QuirkyKirkPlays) reported

    Always online games will become a huge problem in the future. I fear that Overwatch may someday end with the same fate as Lawbreakers if Blizzard does not release a LAN client or allow private servers. Similarly with LoL and Warframe. #MyUnpopularGameOpinion

  • Mossenstein 0LD_MAN_MOSSY (@Mossenstein) reported

    @l_Adamska_l @GuyKube @dad_ultimate @SoldierDelta @Kotaku The Switch handles warframe fine. Free to play, more users & more relivant than the forgotten overwatch. Its also more demanding & a much bigger world with more assets. Blizzard is lazy & in a publicity crap storm. If its product has a problem the issue is more likely theirs.

  • HolographicDoll Doll (@HolographicDoll) reported

    @annabunches Warframe is “beta” almost seven years after launch. That said I think the “perpetual beta” thing is a gesture, however fumblingly, at the nature of AAA service games, being in a constant loop of being torn up and rebuilt based on feedback and design whims. Except FF14 somehow.

  • _SVRGN_ S o v e r e i g n (@_SVRGN_) reported

    @DatLoonArt @Event_Horizon15 Yea you're 100% right, and I am fully aware that we have to wait. I've been playing since beta-times, and I know what it means to wait. Problem is when the wait becomes 1 year for meaningful content. This was never the case with Warframe. So they either expand, either collapse.

  • TelemicusR Telemicus Rodei (@TelemicusR) reported

    Warframe Stream starting soon!! Plz Be aware that sound setting got messed up earlier so it may sound weird or may be loud!! Let me know if its off or not working!!

  • bignoseagenda dark catholic conjurer (@bignoseagenda) reported

    I try not to talk about Warframe on main but honestly this issue appears everywhere. Instead of just putting "she's trans" ppl would rather come up with these weird invalidating ways to talk about us. This doesn't just happen with characters, in happens in media with real people.

  • JmanDD Jejuan Macfarlane (@JmanDD) reported

    @igniteover18 @ArcheAge Wasnt talking about classic. The last xpac they put out I got in on launch day with no issues. And I have never had issues loging in to warframe that were caused by que's.

  • JmanDD Jejuan Macfarlane (@JmanDD) reported

    @ArcheAge Guys you need to do something about these ques. Already seeing people quite the game and try to get a refund. People not being able to play with there freinds is also rediculas. Successfull games like warframe and wow dont have issues like this.

  • SkillUpYT Skill Up reviewing #DeathStranding (@SkillUpYT) reported

    Warframe side-steps this issue by making almost everything earnable in-game with plat (excluding Tenno-Gen and some accessories). Perhaps the answer is to be able to earn the items if you are a 'paid' customer, and they remain MTX-only for those playing free. Unlikely though :/

  • TwillitPrince ✨Haunted Twink aka Eli✨ (@TwillitPrince) reported

    Im gonna nap while warframe installs but if i nap my comp will crash because its haunted

  • corpusbonds corpusbonds [SENTIENT SYMPATHIZER] (@corpusbonds) reported

    If we really don’t have power for three days, it’ll be the first time I miss my warframe login 😭😭😭

  • Virtual_Warlock The Virtual Warlock (@Virtual_Warlock) reported

    @PlayWarframe Figured out the problem, and oddly enough it stems from the pumpkin head. If you equip it then unequip it, the appearance tab will think that it's a helmet. This will result in your 'Pumpkin' Warframe looking headless when you try equipping another Warframe.

  • phantomloki234 Legion (@phantomloki234) reported

    @sj_sinclair so i havnt bin able to play warframe for four days on xbox one cause everytime i try i get a "login failed check your info" but i checked everything and tried reinstalling the game and its still not working...

  • MichaelKisOk DerHisho (@MichaelKisOk) reported

    I'm getting a new PC in a week or so as my PC is RIP. Now I encountered a problem, I swear, since yesterday I can hear the sound of one of those hidden resource caches from #Warframe at work in my office at low volume and I can't find the origin of this sound. #crazy

  • ZakAntihero ToxZak (@ZakAntihero) reported

    @Vinn_Valor Well, @mittzy55 is a Borderlands 2 (and Borderlands in general) super-fan. I think she has Warframe, as well, but don't quote me. She and I play, although lately Ive been having internet and computer issues that have ****** me over.

  • RedHotBlaziken 🔥RedHotBlaziken🔥 (@RedHotBlaziken) reported

    @ProbablyNotCr1t Yes some games do look bad while others look fine or great. Crash looks good and Warframe doesnt look bad. It depends.

  • Zanagoth Zanacough (@Zanagoth) reported

    But apparently GGG thinks it has "resolved the majority of issues this league" which is sad, and won't run a race event either because they are too busy with ExileCon. I just hope this doesn't become a yearly trend like it is with Tennocon causing "content drought" for Warframe

  • Zanagoth Zanacough (@Zanagoth) reported

    Am actually kind of worried for GGG and @pathofexile development as a whole. It feels like they are repeating the Tennocon mistake of Warframe by putting too many resources into a con rather than ironing out actual problems in the game.

  • RedFoxGamingOrg RedFoxGaming (@RedFoxGamingOrg) reported

    @FearTheGrim @HOUNGOUNGAGNE @TheWarOwl Mr @HOUNGOUNGAGNE, you've been living a lie. Blame the horrendously bad new player experience. It's been a long time issue that causes misbelieves about many points. Maybe revisiting it, with a friend as a guide, will clarify some points and tell you the real story of warframe.

  • Winddancer_Lor WinddancerLor (@Winddancer_Lor) reported

    and my internet provider finally managed to fix my internet problem (after three weeks), I'm just going to play #Warframe now. Nothing else, for the rest of the evening. Oh baby, I missed it.

  • deerest_luca 🦌 New formula, same great Luca taste! 🦌💦 (@deerest_luca) reported

    Destiny 2 is a good game, and I like it, but boy is it a labyrinthian mess now as a new player after new light. It's kinda overwhelming to open up all content and tell you to have at it. Same problem Warframe has had forever.

  • TheREALUway Uway (@TheREALUway) reported

    @dead1ykitty if you still have an issue, got nothing bad to say, take care, and I picked Warframe

  • AhomelessBed Washi (@AhomelessBed) reported

    @TheWarOwl Warframe has'es many issues overall tbh but for the most part it's a solid looter shooter, it DOES get boringly repeatitive after playing it for a while but i mean most games do, so- (btw be ready to get hit by ALOT of confusion cuz there is gonna so much that u don't understand

  • dlbags Bags (@dlbags) reported

    @PaulTassi Literally people are convincing Destiny and Warframe players the game isn’t as awful as it is and it suffers from identical issues as Anthem. Persuasion of the human brain isn’t as complicated as many would have you believe.

  • dlbags Bags (@dlbags) reported

    @PaulTassi Anthem’s biggest issue was not paying partners to convince players a crap game wasn’t crap. Something Destiny and Warframe has mastered. People went in on BioWare and EA because they had no obligation not to.

  • xiFlynn iFlynn (@xiFlynn) reported

    @BackyardisTV @loots I called this way back when loots was first introduced to the Warframe directory, I tried to use the platform multiple times but was met with unprofessional practices and technical errors which were never resolved each time. Terminated my account long ago. Way too good to be true

  • phalcon29 ryan woodroffe (@phalcon29) reported

    @PlayWarframe that plus erratically moving enimies are jarring to see let alone engage, everyone complains but do not want to bring up the issue to developers, warframe is an excellent & I will be playing it for a while, but issues like these need to be addressed

  • b2_Plays (@b2_Plays) reported

    @Penju__ @FortniteGame I'm 50 days away from 1000 days warframe login 😎

  • CaptainperthTV captainperth 🇦🇺 (@CaptainperthTV) reported from Westfield, State of Western Australia

    @Herdy_TV Same old story with games like these; divert resources to sort out the early game or use them to continue creating content for current veterans. Warframe has the same issue I think!

  • MrsFlutterShy Mighty Kiwi (@MrsFlutterShy) reported

    @DarkShadows7538 @GameStop @FortniteGame Destiny 2 blows, overwatch 2 is sir need a lot, rainbow 6 is hey imma use this glitch in rank, no man's sky is not everyone's thing, dead by daylight not my thing, gears 5 be nice to find a match that's not full of AI, Wow hey let's suppress people, warframe I got nothing bad to

  • BorzoiAy Αmalie W (@BorzoiAy) reported

    That was a fun stream! Might do Warframe tomorrow as well unless i manage to fix the Overwatch lag 😁

  • Nocxia Nocxia (@Nocxia) reported

    @TwoBizarre I mean you're not wrong. They're symptoms of the same issue tbh. At least in warframe tho i can choose to do stuff on my own to avoid randos who do this, or to avoid new players when i just want to knock something out quick. D2 takes this agency away from me. I do not like that.

  • NeoNess007 NeoNess007 (@NeoNess007) reported

    ok, new update. though twitch was fixed. they are not, and are aware of issues. Current issue atm is I'm trying to go live with Warframe, but Twitch wont let me change my game from Dead by Daylight. So thats all I can play atm. Also, 6 Plat rewards going out today! Warframe FTW

  • SlashUnstuck /Unstuck (@SlashUnstuck) reported

    @aazxianar @MitchyR6 @T__Moneyzz @RockLeo1999 @Ruvin__ @airheadxx @SoodTheDude708 @FeverGG I’ve never had an fps issue on Warframe I’m over 3100 hours on Xbox ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • RokonVR Rokon (@RokonVR) reported

    @PjPhoenix62 Warframe has it's own slew of issues as well, I just don't harp on it because it's free.

  • CrossLy_er Lythander Crosswell (@CrossLy_er) reported

    @LilithLovett I remember warframe when every level looked the same & the two most broken characters were Rhino & Mag.

  • NezeruGaming Najel de Guzman (@NezeruGaming) reported

    Destiny 2 going free-to-play has some growing pains to go though. It's having the "Warframe Problem". It's a phenomenal game for the price point, but it's grown so complex and the new player experience is so bad that it's become impossible to play without external guidance.

  • enperrial Emperor 🕸️ @ プロメア (@enperrial) reported

    @STARNIV0RE @TwillitPrince 5 warframes. 3 windows. 2 leagues. Eli feeds his PC more warframe when it blows up to fix it

  • BombtailsTheFox Bombtails-The-Fox (@BombtailsTheFox) reported

    @DistantKingdom Also, Warframe (which is also in the switch) has good graphics and it's heavy as hell... And even on PC, it's marvelous to look at. However... I see that Sword and Shield needs some polishing. I already see framerate issues common on online, i don't want that on single-player.

  • AulynBlaze AulynBlaze (@AulynBlaze) reported

    @AskPlayStation I’m having trouble with a notification saying I have a corrupted save data for Warframe and I don’t know how to fix it.

  • Cheezieeee Cheez_XD (@Cheezieeee) reported

    @PlayWarframe I asked for help yesterday on a warframe account however 0 responses yet again im still getting login failed after 5 password resets what is causing this issue thanks

  • SgtPhoenix_HD Joey / Phoenix (@SgtPhoenix_HD) reported

    So it seems that D2 New Light suffers from the issues that Warframe used to (and may still) have: it doesn’t give a clearly defined path through the content. The campaigns themselves are hidden away with Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar with no indication of their existence.

  • AVexedVixen 🦊🌙🔞Therapy Lesbian🔞🌙🦊 (@AVexedVixen) reported

    I have like 4 tabs about warframe up at any given point and I feel like thats so much work. If the game cant readily give you information, it has accessibility issues.

  • Nocxia Nocxia (@Nocxia) reported

    I guess speedrunning syndrome is a problem here just as much as it is in warframe. Also can I just say I HATE player tethering/pulling people who fall behind along. That's where I had alot of my connection issues and I am so glad warframe doesn't do this!

  • Some_Racoon Marvin (@Some_Racoon) reported

    @SnuggleDrag0n @TheBeastAtWork1 On both controllers, the left bumper is broken... That's why I only play warframe now... Cuz it has keyboard and mouse support... And it's the only game I can play because of that

  • TlayoAD Hornwolf nahual 🐺🍆💦 (@TlayoAD) reported

    @barawerewolf In warframe for example, you can indirectly grind premium-currency through it's internal economy by grinding stuff that is tradeable in-game. Premium currency buys skins. The only problem is that you can't buy steam workshop skins this way, real money only :/


    @yoshisaura I usually have the issue with people that come in and have the same copy and paste "This is a rip off of Warframe" argument

  • CitrinaFyre CitrinaFyre (@CitrinaFyre) reported

    i'm heartbroken... i finally got the 75% plat coupon in warframe but there was an issue with the steam wallet so i couldn't buy it that night, and i only remembered to log in today and it had already expired ;~;