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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • ErisNyx_ Ami 💩 (@ErisNyx_) reported

    @PimpSlapReciver @WarmBabyGravy @MeliDraws Discord notifications broken > ignoring me and playing Warframe

  • TiroOhP HONORABLE MADISHA (hong) (@TiroOhP) reported

    @urulu_music Crash Bandicoot, Warframe, Spiderman

  • Phelix_Mu Phelix Mu (@Phelix_Mu) reported

    @_sunshineCHI I play primarily on ps4, especially when my PC is broken. My main gig has been Destiny since launch, but I also dabble in warframe, ffxiv, and the like. But mainly d2, happy it's been jumping these past couple weeks.

  • Comicstorian Comicstorian @Tennocon Then @SDCC (@Comicstorian) reported

    I currently play too many games that want daily log ins. Final Fantasy XIV Elder Scrolls Online Warframe Rainbow Six Seige I just returned to Destiny 2 & Black Desert Online. But I dont actually have the time for all of those.... I just login get rewards and log off lol

  • Zephyrsword Zephyr - 風 (@Zephyrsword) reported

    Warframe is 100% caught up with Nightwaves. Now, just for Shadowbringers on Friday. Going to be streaming that day for sure. Expect server issues.

  • wooongwooong Wong🎯 (@wooongwooong) reported

    I don't play warframe now but I login sometime to check my Excalibur's butt😤

  • 83Shieldmaiden Shieldmaiden83 (@83Shieldmaiden) reported

    Ok i am pissed now, Either Youtube is not working or my internet is bugging out. I like to watch vidoes on the side on my laptop while I play online games like warframe.

  • keyroand KeyroandLALO (@keyroand) reported

    @PlayWarframe I was trying to get the new update and when I restarted warframe it keeps saying "internet connection error" everytime and my Xbox is close to the router. Please I need help.

  • Super_Sealion ꜱᴇᴀʟɪᴏɴ (@Super_Sealion) reported

    @PraedythTweets @mjrtriphazard I'd be much more interested in AAA live service games if they didn't charge so much out the gate just to play it. I'm sure the gameplay loop is fun but for me, it has to be extremely fun or I won't stick with it. Thankfully Warframe's loop is extremely fun and the game is free.

  • Super_Sealion ꜱᴇᴀʟɪᴏɴ (@Super_Sealion) reported

    @PraedythTweets @mjrtriphazard Recently been getting into Warframe, so I can tell the live service model can work, so long as the people developing it actually care about the product and the product isn't either pay to win or you have to pay to play it

  • the_gaytriarchy Aidan 🤠🤠🤠🤠 (@the_gaytriarchy) reported

    @KATURATION The only "live service" I can stand is like Magic online and shit. MMOs bore me to death and Warframe seems good but didn't click.

  • bgh251f2 bgh251f2 (@bgh251f2) reported

    @MendlJohannes @Almancius @albiononline Also I had no problem playing Warframe, but Albion gets me disconnected all the time.

  • MintyBoi5 Wintergreen is here to c̵͎̈́ö̵̘n̸̰͌s̴̹̏ư̵͎m̴̝͐e̶̒ (@MintyBoi5) reported

    Yo anyone wanna play warframe with me uwu I'll be lagging like crazy n all but still

  • tennek127 (OP*7) Tennek127 (@tennek127) reported

    @VeiledNexus @anthemgame Let me know how you like it dude, its not bad just a slow start like every looter shooter (destiny 1, division 1, warframe 2013 etc) only issue i truly have is their loot drop rate needs work, makes the grind feel tiring & unrewarding come endgame

  • GbHaseo GbHaseo (@GbHaseo) reported

    @TerrNorr12 @QuiteShallow I mean, it's not no other game has issues with afk *****. I've dealt with that shit so much in Warframe. It's not an easy one to fix, you can make vote kicks, but then ppl abuse it. You can make timers, but then ppl rubber band controllers. AFKers and leechers just suck period.

  • H_covan HSW Snipi (@H_covan) reported

    I hate the Warframe login system 😠 @PlayWarframe #Warframe

  • AlexStinton Alex Stinton (@AlexStinton) reported

    @AdamRosserRadio Ha! It took me 30mins to work out where the “quest log” had been moved to. Joking aside, as these games as a service continue to age they need to sort this problem. Warframe is even worse. Last time I looked you couldn’t even start a new character.

  • IIllych irisillych 🏳️‍🌈 mrs.glitches💖💛💙TENNOCON🔜 (@IIllych) reported

    Found a weird maybe-glitch in #warframe where my PC account and switch account didn't get the primetime drop. My PC is hooked through my twitch My Switch is in through my mixer but both have the same name! So..I think that's why. Wish I could test this now that I changed names.

  • MoontouchedMog Moogs (@MoontouchedMog) reported

    Props to Warframe repeatedly giving me Affinity Boosters on login during a week when I actually have a bunch of new gear to level while Plague Star provides essentially free Forma for older gear It's like RNG is buttering me up or something

  • ChisdealHD [YouTube/Twitch/DLive]ChisdealHD (@ChisdealHD) reported

    I can still play Warframe just fine but my issue is I have wait near July or longer all depends my mum is yes or no I can go down and since 3h drive that be my main issue and my bday in 3 days from NOW so I have no clue happing right this moment and having very ruff time so bad


    Going into game design and wanting to work on video games is scary. With all the problems in the industry about the horrors of crunch and developers getting eaten alive by publishers, it's scary. But playing warframe and researching their devs, I get excited to make games one day

  • SerenePhoenix Serenity (@SerenePhoenix) reported

    @ItsAstrobiology I have mixer to watch warframe streams so no problem for me

  • wonderingraven Wondering RaVeN (@wonderingraven) reported

    Working on more stuff for some of my side hustle, I have been streaming lately if you have not noticed but it's been music flows and alot of warframe. If I didn't have a house full of people it wouldn't be a problem.

  • KokakTweets Alexei Rivera (@KokakTweets) reported

    @dark1x @DreamcastGuy The lack of multiplayer focus lets Switch devs make sure they have compelling games without forcing a "games as service" component to their game. And we all know these days "games as service" isn't enjoying a good reputation. The exception is Warframe and Switch does have it.

  • AurorahHarmony Aurorah Harmony (@AurorahHarmony) reported

    Its been almost a year since I got banned in #Warframe ..maybe I should give content creation a go with something else instead of trying to prove to zendesk that it was a mistake.Just havent found anything thats made me feel okay the same way helping others did.. I feel broken

  • SerMuupalot Muup (@SerMuupalot) reported

    I came across this problem with warframe as well. The power fantasy came true but I got so bored of one shotting a whole map that I had to use novelty builds to have fun. But then friends and other people my level were all still one shotting maps.

  • RubyRosette12 Ruby Rosette (@RubyRosette12) reported

    @soelloo @PlayWarframe I'm having issues inviting a friend right next to me. It either says 'Invite couldn' t be deliverd' or 'it appears they are not online.' We both closed and restarted Warframe and restarted our PS4s. It just started happinhg.

  • soelloo Danielle Sokolowski (@soelloo) reported

    Heyo PS4 Warframe Tenno! If you are having issues with matchmaking, relaunch your game to optimize your connection 🔌

  • jbx24x Jon Wood (@jbx24x) reported

    @XboxSupport Dude fix this asap I just lost 300$ because I got logged out in the middle of a trade on warframe

  • csaki01 Csaki (@csaki01) reported

    @MyNameIsByf Warframe wouldn't make you wait until fall to fix some microtransaction mess, if something exploitative slips through their radar, they take it down in mere days.

  • Chaosyn Chuck Adams (@Chaosyn) reported

    @DragonBae_Z @PETAsnose @TomHolland1996 I know, I just never got into this particular FF. My laptop has been broken for 2 years,and my ps4 is 1st gen so it has Conan Exiles,BL2,Xenoverse 2,Warframe,Diablo 3,Monster Hunter World,and Dauntless are my poisons, for now...

  • SixxWolves Sixx Wolves (@SixxWolves) reported

    @PlayWarframe can u fix the Companion AI have them stay close to the warframe

  • TJeffinator TheJeffinator (@TJeffinator) reported

    Due to technical problems I will not be streaming any graphics intensive games ie. Fortnite, Warframe... Untill I can afford a new monitor although there is a possibility that I will be streaming Minecraft with my wife!

  • MhaskeShreyash Shreyas Mhaske (@MhaskeShreyash) reported

    @SagirKhan_ @A_dmg04 Considering Destiny is going New Light, there might not be a D3... Probably live service game like Warframe...

  • Shadowhunte_r17 Ew (@Shadowhunte_r17) reported

    @rebbford Hey Rebb I really need your help with something- my Warframe data got corrupted and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to fix it but nothing is working. I’ve put in almost 3 years and I have spent a lot of money on the game. It would make me so very happy if you could direct me to a solution.

  • Eoc203 Eoc2.03 (@Eoc203) reported

    @PlayWarframe Weekend. Warframe. Double-Credit-Boost. Power outage, obviously.

  • Chantanawat Pee_lanwat (@Chantanawat) reported

    Warframe Login 493 Days #lanwat

  • jaymzr74 Jim (@jaymzr74) reported

    Good news! Warframe's Nightwave Intermission works as advertised. Last night, I finished the last of the current weekly acts for Nora, and then the remaining acts from last week were available. No bugs, no problems, it just worked. That made me happy. ...

  • Zacharylugo1 Zachary lugo (@Zacharylugo1) reported

    @PlayWarframe i got a problem in warframe that i cant move and all for my key bindings are set to default and i cant move so can you please help me out thank you.

  • missamr missamr (@missamr) reported

    @YeenBeans @PlayStation @PlayWarframe Thank you. It says on the PS website Warframe had a critical issue when changing names. I just dont want all of my platinum to disappear

  • YeenBeans Heckpup (@YeenBeans) reported

    @missamr @PlayStation @PlayWarframe I changed mine and warframe is fine. I think the main risk is old games that couldn't be updated with the new system, even then I've had no issues.

  • INTJ_Joe Joe (@INTJ_Joe) reported

    the XB1 Warframe community have had to endure. It's starting to feel like this issue hasn't ever been addressed and is being ignored. Hopefully that can be resolved because its gotten out of hand.

  • SavicParoxysmal Eric (Yoshissupport) (@SavicParoxysmal) reported

    @RumLockerArt That is my problem with warframe dificulty is it eventually is everything one shots

  • AvixiaVR Razi (@AvixiaVR) reported

    @RaulAcosta1172 @xoxoKaralee @joshhunt @AnonPig @Hands0meDrag0n Other people im sure have the issue but my joke was that in survival on warframe more than likely its a standstill with a whole ass army unfolding on you with guns knives and more with a max of 4 people to a point that sometimes 10 full clips wont kill one enemy out of the 100.

  • LoganKBarnett1 Logan Barnett (@LoganKBarnett1) reported

    @QuiteShallow No wonder you play Warframe. That game doesn’t single out people by breaking, it’s broken for everyone.

  • a_man_in_black Jay Allen (@a_man_in_black) reported

    Warframe has a different problem. While some warframes can have reasonable amounts of shields, relying on shield HP to survive is generally seen as a weakness.

  • hyperion5182 Hyperion (@hyperion5182) reported

    Alright...This week. I'm going to start recording videos for gaming content. I want to try to put together some Warframe stuff and some stuff to upload to @Bitchute. I've been working on a lot stuff outside of this. Streaming i still have issues with. BUT I'm getting there.

  • deepbluelugia Lugi Was Here (@deepbluelugia) reported

    warframe is a video game 3 is ready but youtube is having problems uploading it

  • Machinaweapon Ironmoney 2 (@Machinaweapon) reported

    So I broke down and bought Khora with the plat I'd saved up, and let me just say that Sanctuary Onslaught continues to be the worst mode in Warframe, and maybe in any prominent live service game today.

  • HoofHands Eli - SheepShifter🛡️ (@HoofHands) reported

    @AngryDraconequ1 @FirriApril I don't make excuses for companies based on location. If they want to throw their hats in the ring for representation, then they need to consult. Guild wars 2, destiny, warframe, and many others have done trans rep in positive ways without the issues cdpr had.

  • CalamityDeath 𝓒𝓪𝓵𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓽𝔂 is away💀🏵️🌈 (@CalamityDeath) reported

    It's been almost a month since I'm having this issue with Warframe, with that white screen on windowed mode and now, it doesn't work properly on fullscreen anymore too. I don't know what to do, the ticket I've sent seems useless. I apologize for the lack of activity there too...

  • LeonidasX666 LeonidasX666 (@LeonidasX666) reported

    @soelloo This is a VERY common issue with Warframe where everytime something new is added DE relies on 3th party (or other players) to help... I don't think this should be so, because it almost feels "half-baked". Interference is fine, because it bases itself on previous mechanics do. 2/2

  • Wrathoc Wrathoc (@Wrathoc) reported

    Sorry y'all, looks like something is not working on my end. Warframe is working, but I can't get broadcast to connect. Will keep trying to relaunch while we play.

  • LaLluviaPelada Javier G. (@LaLluviaPelada) reported

    @PlayWarframe And i cant even enter warframe because it crashes all the time when i click the play in the launcher pls DE fix it 😣

  • EdwardOutcast OUTCAST QUEST XI S Definitive Edition (@EdwardOutcast) reported

    I miss playing Warframe, there's a weird glitch/bug that isn't letting me connect on Switch.

  • GamingHoagie Toasted Hoagie Gaming (@GamingHoagie) reported

    @UE_UpperEchelon My only issue with PoE at present is that I can't seem to bring my characters into the new League, and I don't want to start new ones again. But it and Warframe are great examples for FTP games.

  • BaihuBandit BaihuBandit (@BaihuBandit) reported

    My schedule is Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm MDT Mostly playing Fortnite and R6. I’ll throw in some B04, Dauntless, Warframe, and Apex when I feel like it too. I’m going to be out of town July 15-31 for a service mission in Fiji! I’m so excited.

  • OutlawPete92 Fuzzy Eggo (@OutlawPete92) reported

    @CrankedClank @PlayWarframe I did a network connection test after tweeting and i think it was a psn problem more than warframe.

  • MattG559 Matt Garcia (@MattG559) reported

    @ZNumnum @moitoi Yeah me and a few of my friends have had the issue of hard crashes while playing destiny 2 could just be a software bug on bungie or microsoft who knows but I know warframe had confirmed their crashes was on their side. idk, technology is weird lol

  • technoabyss dee (@technoabyss) reported

    Warframe is so broken and they're never ever ever going to fix it