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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • Glitches (3.70%)

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  • Meil06
    Meil G (@Meil06) reported

    @PlayWarframe please fix the radiance relic thing. It doesn't work! Lol #Warframe

  • GendrisVilor
    GendrisVilor (@GendrisVilor) reported

    Sorry for no stream today, had some technical issues as well as it just turned out to be a really bad day... but we shall be back at it tomorrow with more #Warframe and #MonsterHunterWorld! #streamersconnected #SupportSmallStreamers #Streamer #Twitch #twitchtv

  • Atary77
    Acharky (@Atary77) reported

    @SharpWitYT I'm okay with Warframe, but the progression gap is always a problem to me when it comes to being late to the zietgiest or friends who grind constantly. Like, how can you play with them if you don't keep up?

  • GeronibroGames
    Geronibro (@GeronibroGames) reported

    I've grinded so much #Warframe the past month that I'm afraid to check Steam to see how many hours I have on PC now. I think I have a problem.

  • TheRRealSpartan
    Dave (@TheRRealSpartan) reported

    @PlayWarframe im having alot of problems with warframe that just piss me off really bad, where can i discuss and get some support?

  • ManansalaShawn
    ☯ Master (@ManansalaShawn) reported

    "Aw man I have so much stuff to do. I guess I could just get my login reward in Warframe" *gets a 3 hr resource booster "Motherf-"

  • Vecronix
    Vecronix (@Vecronix) reported

    Computer is freaking out after last windows 10 critical update. Cant get my damn #Warframe fix in or my free plat from twitch. Grrrrrr!

  • gingerwally12
    walter brampton-wood (@gingerwally12) reported

    @sj_sinclair please look into matchmaking for xbox as its broken wont load into games just says finding squad and doesnt load me into a match because of this i have had to stop playing warframe as its ruining my expierence wf3/10 atm 4 me please fix i beg plz

  • Silkylinks
    Trinity 192MBP/s (@Silkylinks) reported

    @nebelous_intent I had an issue with Warframe where it kept crashing to no discernible cause until I realized running web pages with heavy media and a CPU intensive game at the same time was causing it to overheat in the CPU and motherboard. Would recommend trying to cut down on intense multitask

  • 09396c9779034b5
    Pagan (@09396c9779034b5) reported

    @Androidheadline I play Warframe on it with no problem

  • AgentMulder86
    Bryan Mckie (@AgentMulder86) reported

    @XboxSupport boy needs his warframe fix, sort it out...haw BILL.....move it

  • PCE_Deadmeat
    Olly (@PCE_Deadmeat) reported

    @ST3ALTHSE7EN any word on warframe fix brah?

  • trigggatrev
    soft cancer (@trigggatrev) reported

    @ranquiqui @BlizzardCS horrible @BlizzardCS pls fix n also send me n this man 500k gold for our troubles. yes I do know thats the same price as the lf warframe I yea- what ur going through my chat history and seeing me brag about wanting to con the bliz staff out of a lf warframe pay no attention to th

  • Blind0bserver
    Max Phillips (@Blind0bserver) reported

    Here's the thing: despite pervasive comparisons between Destiny 2 and Warframe I ENJOYED my time with D2. A lot. It got me to do a raid all the way to completion, which NO game has ever gotten me to do before. The problem was how quickly the game burned out.

  • aoiculoun2525
    葵クライユン (@aoiculoun2525) reported

    @PlayWarframe having problem with Warframe homepage and twitch. I have twitch prime but cannot get my free warframe. I wanted to write it on the forums for help but it would logout when I go into the forums and when I press signin it tells me I'm already logged in

  • knowitallking
    Kai (@knowitallking) reported

    @NvidiaGFN The "Update Failed!" issue for Warframe still persists. I would love if you could fix it ASAP. Thanks!

    doorway (@IV_NUKE) reported

    @sj_sinclair so steve i see problems with the vauban "rework" and i may not be pc but i love vauban and ive seen tons of feedback. The charge up on tesla is way too long. And bounce and triplaser just need to be removed. To make vauban a warframe to be added into a squad

  • nuespacewaifu
    spaceCold (@nuespacewaifu) reported

    steam fucked again and didnt register warframe before it synced the registry and now i gotta "fix" it or reinstall another incentive to download just the launcher from their website instead of the steam ver

  • gingerwally12
    walter brampton-wood (@gingerwally12) reported

    @moitoi xbox one warframe not working wont load correctly and i cant purchase platnuim from the store please hurry amd save the day also end the event already its breaking the game

  • MissMANIA30
    💋DivaMarie (Mania)💋 (@MissMANIA30) reported

    @dbhands @PlayWarframe a stupid glitch happened while I was on a bounty on the plains! i completed the bounty alone because no one joined in. i get to the gate the game bugged out on me and i couldn't do anything. I'm done with Warframe and not playing it anymore

  • iLightOC
    Light 🐼🐱 (@iLightOC) reported

    Warframe update more content but the update is sometimes Big or small. Fixed some bugs and glitch when they released them not really auto but when the players send feedback about the glitch. They will start working to fix it.

  • wolcon_ebooks
    DexterBot (@wolcon_ebooks) reported

    How does he insist on waking me up when Warframe isn't broken

  • AisuValkov
    Aisu Valkov (@AisuValkov) reported

    Just had an issue and stream went down for a few moments. We're back up and running, though, with some Warframe!

  • childers00
    Austin (@childers00) reported

    only game I'm able to play rn is warframe... why these games so broken

  • truegaymessiah
    Carlos (@truegaymessiah) reported

    I know it's early access so it's prone to bugs but I feel like I wasted $40 on a game that never has any bugs patched. Expeditions freeze upon opening, constantly lag off of the map/across the map without even moving. Even the Warframe beta had less problems in its early days

  • Cormyre
    Cormyre ( Jason Groff ) 🐉 (@Cormyre) reported

    @gooperatives The Wife and I are staying away from the PC release, we spent too much time grinding it out on PS4. The games grind loop isn't for everyone, don't kick yourself for it. ..actually if it wasn't for Warframe we probably would've broken down and started from scratch on PC again XD

  • Darki147
    Darki147 (@Darki147) reported

    @PlayWarframe Your warframe android app doesn't work propably. You can't login with my xbox account. Wouls be awesome if you could fix it.

  • Danalln3Allen
    LovelessAllen (@Danalln3Allen) reported

    @PlayWarframe wow so many gliches on x box . Not being able to quit a squad. Not being able to get back in my warframe from teno mode after dieing and powers not working. Navigation takes forever to come back up . Help us Space Mom we need you!!

  • estaran
    ΞSTARAN ▪ エスタラン (@estaran) reported

    I know I sound like a broken record lately, but the more #Warframe I play the more I get frustrated with #Destiny2 being unfriendly for solo players. I can't even get my rare armor to legendary status in Solstice of Heroes because I have to complete a Nightfall strike. *sigh*

  • eccentric_loner
    Eccentric_Loner (@eccentric_loner) reported

    and by binge play WARFRAME I mean try to fix my sleep debt from over the summer which is probably 59 hours.

  • theflipzenith
    Flip Zenith (@theflipzenith) reported

    @kabbyTV I have this problem with Warframe. So much I still haven’t done but I find myself fishing.

  • flunkie
    jt (@flunkie) reported

    EA should have let BioWare “fix” Mass Effect Andromeda and provided healthy post-launch support. I mean, look at all the recent success stories of a dev sticking to their product and making something wonderful months post-launch. No Man’s Sky, Warframe, R6: Siege, FFXIV, Halo 5..

  • Hjaq_
    Stankle (@Hjaq_) reported

    i dont have a problem spending money on warframe im just supporting the devs, i swear

  • CourageousAmy_
    Cure Amy-ru (@CourageousAmy_) reported

    @yukospetcat i have thought about warframe a little bit, but i kinda want stuff that's like, pure shooty? with less people flinging themselves around the map (like overwatch) the problem is Pure Shooty tends to rely more on actual aiming skill and i suck at that hahaha

  • metalspidey
    Heero Hiuy (@metalspidey) reported

    @THEDOOMCANNON What about not login to play Warframe?

  • Superbun270
    Gareth Bushell (@Superbun270) reported

    So, finally got around to completing chains of Harrow in #Warframe... it's portrayal of a neuro-atypical child is questionable, but that's a common problem in horror. I'm still impressed they managed to wring a decently creepy quest chain out of Warframe's space ninja nonsense.

  • MiDaS1337
    Daniel Burrows (@MiDaS1337) reported

    @rebbford Any update on the Xbox one issues for Warframe?

  • Nyalruko
    Mari Onee-chan (@Nyalruko) reported

    Apparently Warframe has a problem with Ryzen CPUs right now. Well this sucks

  • Dezarath
    FriendSharkey (@Dezarath) reported

    @SkillUpYT I dabbled in some earlier Monster Hunter, but the constant loading between areas just made me quit....but, Monster Hunter World has been a blast...These days I just login to Warframe...then get out...and then it's time to answer some SOS flares...You'll have fun PC.

  • bene_vini
    Poderosowarframe (@bene_vini) reported

    @PlayWarframe After This Update My warframe Wasn't loading (stucked on 0%)my plataform Is ps4 ALSO I Needed to reset my router to Work, this Game needs A good Network For Play , fix it

  • SlothRebellion
    SlothyTTV [TeEm] 🇨🇦 (@SlothRebellion) reported

    @PlayWarframe I’m new to warframe on Xbox and ever since the update I’ve been having a lot of problems I can’t even start missions most of the time today

  • wittyguy91
    Witty GUY (@wittyguy91) reported

    just read the worst article from @Matt_on_tech i would highly suggest you see why warframe is doing better than destiny and the thing about and for your correction warframe listen to the community and once their are bugs they send patches to fix them unlike destiny (1)

  • DanDonkPls
    Dan (@DanDonkPls) reported

    @NvidiaGFN Can you guys fix the issue with Warframe? I try starting it up and it gives me an error saying that the content servers are down leaving me to restart it until it works. Sometimes it does and others it doesn't making me wait a few minutes before trying again.

  • Maxamii_
    Amy Tucker (@Maxamii_) reported

    One guy got in but others have not. We're playing Warframe with no lag

  • Husstopher523
    Christopher Huss (@Husstopher523) reported

    @PlayWarframe update screwed up all my warframe platforms... cant get past the update launcher since console update... please fix

  • Implxya
    Rodzhers Rozalin (@Implxya) reported

    @PlayWarframe Yo warframe I’m having an issue where every time I login the launcher says “Unable to Connect. Please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed” i re downloaded it , reseted my router nothing seems to be working for me.

  • axl99
    Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) (@axl99) reported

    Every time I open Warframe there's always one tiny little hot fix lol

  • THEBeatlejuice0
    Brian (@THEBeatlejuice0) reported

    Getting my caffeine fix then another warframe grind stream with some new weapons.

  • MorganFanning2
    Morgan Fanning (@MorganFanning2) reported

    @PlayWarframe I still get kicked every other game on warframe due to “network connection issues”. It isn’t die to my internet connection and I’ve even tried uninstalling the game and nothing has worked. Is there anything that can be done?

  • MafiaHitMan1210
    Jake (@MafiaHitMan1210) reported

    @sj_sinclair Just installed the new update for warframe on Xbox one, and I can’t start the game, do you have any tips on how to fix this?

  • jjdawkins30
    jj dawkins (@jjdawkins30) reported

    @H1Z1 @Enraged_Playz This game is so fucking broken its crazy. But the real question is DO YOU EVEN PLAY YOUR OWN GAME cause if you did you'll see what the hell the community is talking about and fix the shit. Got DAMN Warframe is a free to play and that shit looks and feel better then this ass 🎮

  • meatsack_gaming
    Meatsack (@meatsack_gaming) reported

    I may be switching to Warframe due to OW login issues

  • Kriegginator
    Kriegginator (@Kriegginator) reported

    Warframe developers plz fix the issue on defense missions where mobs get stuck. #Warframe #GamerProblems

  • SkyeTheTerrible
    Skye Mors #PetTheKitty (@SkyeTheTerrible) reported

    You ever make an angry tweet about something you love but don't 100% understand, look back on it and go "Damn, if only I knew what I know now". I learned: 1: Warframe login-bonuses are by total days, not consecutive, and 2: Using the Steam version's better because Achievements.

  • omgkrewlife
    ᴬˡᶦᵉⁿᵃ 🖖👽 (@omgkrewlife) reported

    Finally, i was just watching a video edit that i made with warframe cutscenes and it just really gave me a nostalgia and made me emo. It's almost been a year since i played Warframe cuz my PC is dead and for a few issues i can't get it fixed yet. (6/n)

  • patronilhor
    ̌҈ ͪ҈ ̚҈ ̽҈ ̆҈ ̔҈ ̓҈ ̄҈ ͒҈ ̓҈ ̽҈ ͋҈ ̎҈ ͗҈ ̅҈ ͥ҈ ̇҈ (@patronilhor) reported

    @BorzoiAy Syandana physics in warframe are broken

  • Zaperad
    Zap/Zack (@Zaperad) reported

    i think im going to uninstall and re-install all of my vr stuff and warframe as well and hopefully that'll fix the disconnecting and crashing issues if not ima have to take my pc in :(

  • TedPartyclothes
    Ted? (@TedPartyclothes) reported

    @DatLoon @PlayWarframe Warframe and Twitch still support Amazon and I wish to continue supporting Warframe. The issue remains.

  • ZenCupid
    ZenCupid (@ZenCupid) reported

    @TheTeawrex What an awesome problem to have though! I've been letting Dauntless go by the wayside due to Warframe and Destiny but I still want to get back into it. I can't bring myself to pickup MH on top of all that. So much to do!

  • iaMHypno
    Simon Lindberg (@iaMHypno) reported

    @assbadger @PlayStation IMO the grind in Warframe is just plain awful. Movement etc is top notch but damn it’s a boring game. I need my PvP fix and some real co-op stuff. And that Infinite Grind your talking about, thats the end game right there.