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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • Sign in (67.74%)
  • Game Crash (12.90%)
  • Glitches (9.68%)
  • Online Play (6.45%)
  • Matchmaking (3.23%)

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    josh from anime club and the dark brotherhood (@WARRIORSOFANIME) reported

    @prattprattpratt I was planning on remaking the original guardians of the galaxy trailer but using a game called warframe as the way to making it. the only problem I’m having is finding warframe that fit each character, I managed to find a frame for gamora, drax and groot but I

  • TheNiegezien
    Niegezien (@TheNiegezien) reported

    @TheMariaRamie Ouchie! Well i hope you can now enjoy warframe on the new computer without anymore issues

  • TheMariaRamie
    Maria (@TheMariaRamie) reported

    I finally got an answer from Warframe support, my account was suspended due to a "suspicious login" and since my computer at home broke and I was playing from a different IP I WAS the suspicious login. Could've just asked y'know 😐

  • ryuneke_anywhen
    Adrian (@ryuneke_anywhen) reported

    @PlayWarframe I am still getting a very annyoing bug that resets both my currently active warframe's coloration AND the favorites palette once a day on login. Switching and relogging after that works fine, but whatever is equipped for that first daily login gets reset >_>

  • Fatimus_Maximus
    Fatimus Spoopy Maximus (@Fatimus_Maximus) reported

    I'm sorry y'all, I need to cancel tonight. I'm having system issues, and I'm not wanting to fight an uphill battle just to go live. Viewers choice poll is going up tonight for Thursday's stream, plus tomorrow is a massive Warframe stream! GET HYPE!!!

  • amckie1986
    🌚🦉Andy Mac 🎮🎧 (@amckie1986) reported

    @Nintendad_ @xSTiCKFiGAx This whole thing started because of Sony’s cross play stance dude deflecting that back at Xbox live from gamers who have a PlayStation it’s childish shit, like I said before Warframe there are no issues what so ever for being a free to play game and Paladins the list will go on

  • Huvi123
    Huvvi186 (@Huvi123) reported

    @xSTiCKFiGAx If Microsoft didn't encourage f2p, they wouldn't be on the platform to begin with. The problem with the policy is you aren't punishing devs, your punishing consumers who don't want to pay for xbl but want to play f2p games like fortnite and warframe.

  • Sludge_K9
    Sludge_Puppy (@Sludge_K9) reported

    @ultr4nima @Prosebbyboy @JonShirley6 @IronicTikTok I play Warframe with a controller due to broken knuckles making it hard to play via keyboard.

  • cipher880
    cipher2035( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)凛fam (@cipher880) reported

    another problem,somehow my password is wrong on warframe

  • aurghyadip
    Aurghyadip Kundu (@aurghyadip) reported

    @PlayWarframe I can't seem to login to Warframe, I can log in to the website but just not in game. :/

  • rikiforov
    HAKUGARASU (@rikiforov) reported

    SEA players having a login issue again, it seems. #WARFRAME

  • maxdu1319
    Tauva (@maxdu1319) reported

    @Warframe I really need some help your game won't stop making my computer crash and even with the support "help " nothing change so if you have some ideas to help me I'm all yours

  • iPeer
    Chris 'iPeer' D. W. (@iPeer) reported

    Investigating the Warframe API outage.

  • walrdr
    Shanto islam (@walrdr) reported

    @PlayWarframe please have a look in #1446854 support ticket i cannot play warframe till now when the chimera update came out pls i wanna play warframe fix the connection issue pls i beg @DigiExConnor @rebbford @sheldoncarter @moitoi

  • CuddleofDeath
    👻 Kristen 👻 (@CuddleofDeath) reported

    Going to eat and then stream Warframe since Maplestory 2 NA East is laggy. This is the first time I've seen the server itself lag :3 Warframe stream will start @ 1:50-2:20am CDT [30-60+ ish mins from now]

  • elzielai
    Eh. (@elzielai) reported

    Having issues logging in to Warframe. That sucks. I've been wanting to get back to this game after my disappearance but I guess I have to wait a little longer.

  • Caim_mon
    Caim (@Caim_mon) reported

    @13dant @Fluffysbeans @IYBTainnoGaming @PlayWarframe I don't expect things in mere hours. I never have. This is actually my entire life, the problem is I have like six "entire lives" right now, and it's a little annoying when one of them demands extra attention. Warframe, Old School Runescape, APB Reloaded, AdventureQuest 3D...

  • 13dant
    skone (@13dant) reported

    @Caim_mon @Fluffysbeans @IYBTainnoGaming @PlayWarframe At this point in time, and if you know the update schedule of Warframe you know it's gonna take a while, the blade isn't neccesary at all, there's only sentient enemies on Lua and you probably already have excal umbra. I don't see your problem, adapt or stop playing honestly.

  • Nephilims_Shade
    Fishy-Nephilim (@Nephilims_Shade) reported

    @PlayWarframe when the operator finally gets control of umbra and Ballas voice over saying how the Tenno gets control of the Warframe. "It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly broken thing...and take away its pain"

  • shokol8
    Agent Provocateur (@shokol8) reported

    @Xbox should provide an MMO/Multiplayer game (destiny-like) with live service, and here to stay in the same concept than r6 siege, warframe, fortnite etc. The power of Xbox is multiplayer, and MS got the ressource to put out such a game.

  • blissy_sama
    Sama_Section.9 (@blissy_sama) reported

    You know what, I'm gonna do a Warframe build video for Revenant. I don't own Revenant and cba to do the quest. Dont worry, I know exactly how to get round this problem.

  • IcomtoChina
    Sorry my friends (@IcomtoChina) reported

    @PlayWarframe There is a bug here. If I name kuborw in the PE warframe, when I log in to the PC, the incubator will automatically exit. Hope to fix it

  • Nyalruko
    Strongest Witch (@Nyalruko) reported

    First login reward of the new Warframe login reward system and already wasted. I'm pretty pissed now.

  • DracoSafarius
    Easton Kluever (@DracoSafarius) reported

    Getting real tired of blocking just physically not working in #Warframe no matter where it's bound to. Keyboard, mouse, controller(s) no matter what button.

  • samerq123
    samer qarib (@samerq123) reported

    @moitoi @rebbford @PlayWarframe @AdamZwakk @FilthyCasualco megan plz help me i cant login my warframe it said acount suspended until jan 1 2035 i swaer i did nothing wrong no cheat no hack no bad chat i swear

  • samerq123
    samer qarib (@samerq123) reported

    @rebbford @PlayWarframe @DrawnTilDawn rebeca plz help me i cant login my warframe it said acount suspended until jan 1 2035 i swaer i did nothing wrong no cheat no hack no bad chat i swear

  • BitrantOnline
    🅱️it🇷ant (@BitrantOnline) reported

    I really wish I knew how to deal with #warframe issues with moving past the launcher "...content servers are unavailable", since my friends have no problem logging on and playing. There isn't a single solution I can google out that works. NOT. ONE.

  • BlackbirdFrost
    Blackbird (@BlackbirdFrost) reported

    @ldreamshifterl Its starting that's tough for me. I got fed up with Warframe so I'm taking time off from it for a bit. Started playing Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Once I get startes on a new game I have no problem playing it (if I like it).

  • buldanon
    Buldanon (@buldanon) reported

    @PlayWarframe "They had learned a way to see inside an ugly broken thing, and take away it's pain". Because sometimes warframe feels like that to me.

  • Kill5The
    ZerooG (@Kill5The) reported

    @TwitchPrime i has twitch prime and I didn't get my free warframe loot pls fix or tell me what to do.

  • BitrantOnline
    ?️it?ant (@BitrantOnline) reported

    Tried logging into #Warframe a couple nights ago, game said my login details were wrong, site worked just fine, waited. Logged in last night, new patch dropped, login reward gave me a 10 hour affinity booster, AWESOME. Did a mission, didnt count, can't login again. RIP Booster

  • Miss_Gunslinger
    MissMoonFirefly? (@Miss_Gunslinger) reported

    @Timesplitter_01 As long as D2, Warframe, F13 and DBD don’t get errors, don’t matter to me. :)

  • BentfieldVince
    Vince Bentfield (@BentfieldVince) reported

    @rebbford Fix your servers. Alot of the warframe players arent able to even update your game.

  • Keestak
    Trying my best to improve (@Keestak) reported

    I literally am unable to play warframe due to this error

  • RealTriat
    Form (@RealTriat) reported

    oh wow... 25 hrs boost on login. at day 743. Normal login booster timer is 3hrs. warframe hype

  • Keestak
    Trying my best to improve (@Keestak) reported

    Does anyone know how to fix the warframe "update failed" error?

  • archaeofuturist
    ⠇⠝⠝ (@archaeofuturist) reported

    @bitemyapp @blue_traveler Good lord, glad I haven't spent any money on these. My long in the tooth PC doesn't perceptibly lag input even when I have Warframe in a window and Firefox grinding away doing who knows what in the 30 tabs I always have open.

  • thegatethekey
    ????Skelly Dan???? (@thegatethekey) reported

    I am mildly* obsessed with Warframe *give me my broken ai frien and broken robot dad and my space ship

  • auliaackckck
    compulsive nail biter (@auliaackckck) reported

    @QuiteShallow I can't login to warframe for some reason :(

  • daManiacWolf
    ManiacWolf (@daManiacWolf) reported

    @ScorpDK It happened to me a weeks ago, I reached warframe support on the web page, mine was automatically blocked due suspicious login activity likely due a hacking attempt. They answered a week later and un banned my account, asked me to verify and change my password

  • TempestTribunal
    Tempest Tribunal (@TempestTribunal) reported

    @PabloPoon @sj_sinclair encountered an issue with some of the new effects for the Dojo. Unable to target this one to remove/contribute even after moving all decorations in it's path. The "grab point" appears to be in the floor. #Warframe

  • 911didtrumpxd
    coochieobtainer96 (@911didtrumpxd) reported

    @NvidiaGFN Having an issue with Warframe for the past couple days where the game can't update. Can't play at all.

  • ismarianda
    Rianismar リアン (@ismarianda) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hi, I cant login to warframe guys, a lot of people in forums too, what happened?

  • blip74
    blip74 (@blip74) reported

    @sj_sinclair I'm not sure if it is a problem with my PS4 or the PS4 or consoles or if the problem lies on PC as well but, when I was customizing my Kronen Prime the blades kept disappearing. I think you should look into it. #warframe

  • LaguThongX
    幻想殺し~Thong Song-X (@LaguThongX) reported

    I'm done with Warframe: The Sacrifice quest. Shit, is it infested hybrid Warframes like Umbra are real? Broken ExcUmbra helmer gibs me moar nightmare fuel #warframe

  • ChillNaga
    Chill Naga (@ChillNaga) reported

    WHOOPS :-D Good job I got that decent internet lol. Warframe and it 24 gigs weren't downloaded. Oh well, nothing an hour to 90 mins won't fix ;-D

  • Nedyyyy_
    Ned Pepito (@Nedyyyy_) reported

    @PlayWarframe just asking why cant i login into warframe right now i'm located in SEA region

  • _gingerdiepie_
    ?Clownfish♓ (@_gingerdiepie_) reported

    @MadCapsules @AGayGuyPlays @DestinyTheGame So you missed a bit of what Rob has been ranting about, it's not the login system, that just triggered this. Rob (and so many others) is upset at the fact that the warframe vets don't get anything exclusive or new because the new kids will bad

  • BanquetGuts
    Jeremy Read (@BanquetGuts) reported

    Oops capslock was on when I was trying to enter my password, lemmy just fix that aaaaaaand I'm locked out of my account for 24 hours. MMM!!! #Warframe

  • tmanplaysgames
    T-Man (@tmanplaysgames) reported

    I think I have a problem. I don't even PLAY Warframe but this looks so badass that I want to get it.

  • MoonPhyr
    ??Harvest Moon?? (@MoonPhyr) reported

    You wanna know what my thought was after that? "I should get my login reward for Warframe...." So I did that, and fell asleep as the game was still on. I didn't realize I fell asleep, but something told me to wake up. Messages from both my boyfriend and sister waited for me.

  • grungesege
    StreamHiro77 (@grungesege) reported

    You're not even listening to all the content creators when they bring up this issue and you just say play a different game and get pissed cause there not playing Warframe. This kind of argument is what kills great games and stop bringing up "will there's fortuna" --

  • Velumbra
    ? (@Velumbra) reported

    @PlayWarframe am i able to switch my warframe email, sign in with an amazon email, then twitch, and get all this stuff for free?

  • TheMariaRamie
    Maria (@TheMariaRamie) reported

    Still no reply from Warframe support. If the issue doesn't get resolve until Friday I'll have to wait till next week and I just wanna play the frames of war maaaaaan

  • ByteMyPixelz
    Byte My Pixels (@ByteMyPixelz) reported

    @RainwayApp I am having issues with Warframe. No matter what I do the mouse seems to be freaking out every time. I have used the CTRL+ALT+Z to lock the mouse, but doesn't seem to work. Is there something else I can do?

  • BriarLacroix
    DMmeBowsette (@BriarLacroix) reported

    @Hybrid210Gaming Ive tried using OBS before for Warframe and it just gives me mad issues. I usually do use it as a backup though for games that give me issues with Shadowplay and stuff.

  • axl99
    Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) (@axl99) reported


  • Luktorce
    Luktorce (@Luktorce) reported

    Mainly play PC & don't have issues with Corpus / Grineer hacking puzzles. That changes when I move to console #Warframe tho - I know how Corpus hacks play, but console controls are so finicky & hard to control during their hacks, it makes them the most difficult (on console) IMO.

  • DonCapo
    Humility (@DonCapo) reported

    @Cysero @AQ3Dgame @notdarkon Why there's multi MMO games with Multi Limited rare items for explain Elder scrolls online. DC universe . Final fantasy and Warframe all these are big platforms that all have tons of rares that never come back. What's the problem with this doing the same?

  • iPeer
    Chris 'iPeer' D. W. (@iPeer) reported

    FYI: I am aware that the API for the Warframe Worldstate tracker is broken. It's due to DE performing server upgrades. It will be back when DE bring their stuff back online!