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Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery platform. Xbox Live is available on the Xbox 360 gaming console, Windows PCs and Windows Phone devices.

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April 19: Problems at Xbox Live

Xbox Live is having issues since 12:20 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (65.76%)
  • Online Play (22.71%)
  • Game Crash (5.08%)
  • Glitches (3.73%)
  • Matchmaking (2.71%)

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  • HarukaTakahash3 Haruka Takahashi (@HarukaTakahash3) reported

    @WWERollins wwe 2k18 sucks on the nintendo switch & please just play the ps4 or xbox one version. Smack Down vs Raw 2011 on the ps2 is way better then this. Nintendo should't release this video game, should have fix all issues of the video game & should have made it 100% RIGHT

  • robIOIIOIO Robert Smith (@robIOIIOIO) reported

    @XboxSupport is minecraft still having issues. Wont play for me, keeps telling to wait a min

  • Brandonplayz12 Brandonplayz (@Brandonplayz12) reported

    @AmaZingClan1 and im in xbox do you have a problem with it

  • hlaurenbaker Lauren (@hlaurenbaker) reported

    And Ricky managed to fix the Xbox disc drive and I finally got to play Red Dead Redemption 2 and now I’m super happy 🥰

  • CobraStriker928 CobraStriker928 (@CobraStriker928) reported

    @BOUJEEBOl Watch out. I’m not sure if they patched it but Fortnite has been getting this problem where if you plug in and play with your k&m on Xbox you can only use your mic for the first 10-30 minutes. So I stopped once I saw that it was that what happened. 😢

  • Brandonplayz12 Brandonplayz (@Brandonplayz12) reported

    @clan_nuro can i tryout for the clan but im in Xbox do you have a problem with it

  • CybernetSYS John Connor (@CybernetSYS) reported

    @PlayStation No Problem! Playing with Xbox One Elite Controller...😆

  • BigMikeLilBike daddy’s girl (@BigMikeLilBike) reported

    @Xbox my Xbox one x is 4 months old and I’m constantly getting a error that says “there is a problem with your saved game, clear local saved data” and I’ve done this 20+ times, I’ve hard reset & factory reset. I still get the pop up message every 10 minutes telling me the same -

  • WokeDuelist Dalton (@WokeDuelist) reported

    On the Xbox One I forgot to add that in. I was just so furious to have made a character and not been able to even progress further than the Broken Highway. That is riduculous @ConanExiles

  • KindredSpirit43 Angel Parent-Perez (@KindredSpirit43) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX THE BUGS! I can't play with my family, they have xbox, I have PS4. I keep getting. Can't join Party, Error Code 98.

  • Master777Task TaskMaster777 (@Master777Task) reported

    So my plans for doing a playthrough of the first two Borderlands games in preparation for #Borderlands3 have been crushed because @Xbox wont let me stream or record gameplay due to licensing issues. I dont know if this will extend to Tales or to the new release but I hope it wont

  • rnilfs tori 🕷 (@rnilfs) reported

    70% of the eggs in the egg hunt isn’t supported on xbox platforms this is the worst egg hunt......all that hype for this broken ass game....😑

  • Falconnus Aj Maglio (@Falconnus) reported

    @SznBarkley @BlitzChandler @AdolfHello @PRS_Flux @Clayster Maps were good and aesthetically the game was good, but it played so bad and was terrible for snd because it was an xbox 360 game so they all had similar issues. Lowkey ghosts > bo2

  • okjoee (@okjoee) reported

    @BillGates @Microsoft why my Xbox 1 not letting my account sing in when I have WiFi on all my Apple products just curious if we can fix this so I can watch Netflix an play Apex 🤔

  • Cecil_234 CecilTheDarkKnight33 (@Cecil_234) reported

    @spic_viper hmm god the licensing issues for TMNT games is a nightmare.... that aside it would be nice I actually own physical copy of the Turtles in Time and Hyperstone Heist and Xbox Live Arcade download of TMNT arcade. Even if it's not included I'm sure the device will be moddable.

  • oshana55378568 oshana (@oshana55378568) reported

    @radonesports @EASPORTSFIFA damn man ea servers down for ps4. Bro shit game.# we should get a free flash back card pack or the ucl premium cause this ain’t happening for Xbox

  • Zvnkz Zunkz (@Zvnkz) reported

    Be warned everyone, aka Xbox mouse and keyboard players, sometimes the mouse inputs become choppy on Fortnite atm, just restar Xbox to fix whenever it happened, fix should come soon

  • danieljbrisbin 𝑾𝑬 𝑨𝑹𝑬 𝑻𝑯𝑬 dan (@danieljbrisbin) reported

    @danielkfriesen @Nintendo Cancel Xbox and Netflix problem solved

  • woodman_skip Skip Woodman (@woodman_skip) reported

    @Xbox When there are no problems with the party system.

  • Shark__Gaming Sharkgaming (@Shark__Gaming) reported

    @Xbox why does my Xbox one s constantly keep losing internet connection. My old Xbox one never had this problem

  • SpectzX XSpectz (@SpectzX) reported

    Ok, just released an update to get rid of some of the bugs. I fixed: Rocket Launch Spam Glitch Mission Popup after completion Xbox key on screen for other platforms Shield/Health Bars inaccurate/negative If you find any other bugs, please drop them below.👇 Thanks!

  • ObiWanWatson Obi-Wan Watson (@ObiWanWatson) reported

    See this is the crap I’m talking about...ok I have no problem re getting an XBOX real quick

  • DLoeblein Daniel loeblein (@DLoeblein) reported

    @Borderlands so the very first update you put out for borderlands game of the year edition for Xbox one is so you can promote your new game but the game is broken on Xbox one for the original borderlands. If I could refund this game right now I would.

  • dhooks0923 D-Hooks (@dhooks0923) reported

    @PlayApex need to fix the broken audio and laggy servers... EA makes some of the best games but run on the worst servers... I have a couple hundred hours in apex(xbox one) and still cant hear footsteps when an entire squad runs up on me SMH

  • notyb813 (@notyb813) reported

    @PlayApex please fix xbox one servers. #shittymctitties

  • modxfirefox modx_YT (@modxfirefox) reported

    @Xbox I tried doing the stuff it told me to do it’s still not working 😢

  • Strctly4MyNiggz Dolo93 (@Strctly4MyNiggz) reported

    @blueamcat I use same hdmi for my Xbox & ps4 pro I’m currently playing my ps4 no issues. Haven’t tried going back on my Xbox. This issue occurred last night it’s been disconnected ever since. It was happening on my monitor tho I’m playing on tv atm.

  • SickOfThisShit2 SickOfThisShitGaming (@SickOfThisShit2) reported

    What I thought was a dream come true but ninja gaiden 2 bc on Xbox one x has so much input lag I had to turn on my 360 to make sure it wasn't just me... It is unplayable on the Xbox one smh Microsoft idk why I keep giving yall chances

  • biglousnowman Luis Velasco (@biglousnowman) reported

    @Treyarch There’s a glitch with the sparrow in blackout in which it locks your ability to look anywhere on Xbox. Not sure about other platforms

  • sarahch1122 sarahschannel (@sarahch1122) reported

    Got xbox to work Wont let me sign in ****

  • mpzent michael perez (@mpzent) reported

    @Sazzziann @ChorizoBandit El Roshi is just mad cause he can’t stream anything with a broken computer and trash Xbox skills! His hate will bring more viewers!

  • _cambri33 𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝕭𝖗𝖔𝖐𝖊𝖓 (@_cambri33) reported

    @LeonJack298 @Mr_Pugsy @Xbox @XboxGamePass One year of Gold is 60$. One year of game pass is 120$. Both together bought separately is 180$. One year of this service is 180$. Costs the same.

  • thekeelo_g Kyle Christy (@thekeelo_g) reported

    @WCGamingTweets It's been like three years of arguing that the problem with the Xbox One was mostly Matrick, and with Phil at the helm, we wouldn't see any more embarrassing self-owns, and our reward is this travesty.

  • OltionZoto1 ♣️ M3tal Daz3 ♠️ (@OltionZoto1) reported

    @Strctly4MyNiggz @XboxSupport unplug the power cord and the HDMI cable. Wait 5 minutes and then plug in your console and HDMI cable. Power on your console and check to see if the issue is continuing. If the issue continues, I also recommend trying a different HDMI and plugging your console into a /2

  • OltionZoto1 ♣️ M3tal Daz3 ♠️ (@OltionZoto1) reported

    @Strctly4MyNiggz @XboxSupport Sorry to hear about the black screen issues! If the issue is continuing to occur, please make sure to try the following troubleshooting steps if you haven't already: Press and hold the power button on your Xbox One console for 10 seconds. Once your console has powered off, /1

  • MattByrnes1 Matt Byrnes (@MattByrnes1) reported

    @GamesTrailerzer @Dealer_Gaming @TheAshenLuca Couple of things. HDMI 2.1 basically dictates 8K capability. The Xbox One X is 8K capable. If the console does the converting, it minimizes TV input lag. That's all this is. Second, Scarlett is reported to be MORE powerful, so it'll do "8K" better.

  • Hyydde ♡♥️umu❤️♡ (@Hyydde) reported

    @Krewwz I played xbox on a tv and honestly idk how I did it, input lag was crazy!

  • Blackwolf0730 Wolfy (@Blackwolf0730) reported

    Im bored and lonely rn. All i do all day is watch youtube on my laptop because my xbox is ******* broken and my mother is never home so I dont do much but stay inside. I wish I can just run away and go be with @FrosttheIceFox1 and leave my past behind me~ 💔

  • Lucky13X Lucky13X (@Lucky13X) reported

    @Xbox @Xbox I have an Xbox One X All-Digital edition. It's my Project Scorpio Edition XB1X with a broken disc drive that you wouldn't repair because I was just outside the warranty. womp, womp.

  • jackieonroblox jackie (@jackieonroblox) reported

    @Roblox @amazon @AppStore @GooglePlay @MicrosoftStore @Xbox YOU CANT CLIMB THE WALLS ON MOBILE! Please fix this!!!

  • Jason51710 Jason Wilde (@Jason51710) reported

    Ok I'm just gonna uninstall the damn @Xbox app.... Doesn't load a thing.... Gives error messages every time I try to watch a video... Garbage app

  • TurokJr Joshua Fireseed 🕹🎮 (@TurokJr) reported

    @ColonelFalcon First time as a Xbox user + Controller + Game Pass and Gold + Third party support - Bad example in first party game management (I can't believe Recore) - Complicated (to me) interface - Update process to me had been really bad (error messages, alerts, etc) 7/10

  • Des_Awesome_Iam Mr. ManyFace (@Des_Awesome_Iam) reported

    Aye don’t think you hurting my feelings not ******* with me. I have no problem with avoiding human interaction, staying at the crib and playing Xbox.

  • szuniverse Sam (@szuniverse) reported

    Neat DC Universe is on Xbox One so if you have the service you can stream it on an Xbox if you desire

  • VicTheShadow Vic 🇸🇻 (@VicTheShadow) reported

    @Armando_gqi @Xbox They all say the same thing, "make sure it's plugged in all the way." Which is not my issue because they're always plugged in all the way. It's the controller not reading it for some reason. And I don't have the money for an adapter, which I shouldn't need these days

  • rflawhite Richard White (@rflawhite) reported

    @mrmondeller @XboxSupport The smaller keyboard design was introduced to give more screen space to other functions. It's been in the alpha and beta code for months now. I believe the are still working on any issues. Please let me know what's not working so I can try a test and forward to the /1

  • lvrksn Alex Morgenstern (@lvrksn) reported

    @masri_az @PUBG @PlayStation syncing the updates with PC wont be possible due update policies from Xbox and PS4,that only would delay the updates on PC to wait the console's one to be approved and they always test them first and correct errors on PC and deliver final updates on console

  • LamiaTamer4 LamiaTamer (@LamiaTamer4) reported

    @stankyguvner @SubnauticaXbox I can show you and list you 100s of games that run and look good on both xbox one and ps4 even close in feature set to the pc visually. The developers of subnautica are currently leaving a product broken like when just cause 3 was never fixed and more i could list.

  • Sisslethecat Rourke (@Sisslethecat) reported

    @hellpunk_ I seriously can't get over a game that ran as poorly as TWD Season 1 won game of the year back in the day. It's literally just because it made people cry. It's Sonic 06 levels of broken, and still is. Had to completey restart the XBOX ONE version three times because it bugged out

  • Ramonalaniz13 Ramon.alaniz (@Ramonalaniz13) reported

    @Roblox @amazon @AppStore @GooglePlay @MicrosoftStore @Xbox this year's egg hunt sucks, and considering this will be the last event I feel sad idk what to do anymore how do you have fun when it's broken 😢💔

  • JerryL187 ✵𝕵𝖊𝖗𝖗𝖞𝕷✵ (@JerryL187) reported

    @STAGES3V3N @Griffin_Gaming It's not like they don't offer Windows, they already are a service but they're brand is Xbox obv

  • Roosterze24 OOF (@Roosterze24) reported

    @BrianPoundtown @DuffFan1987 @Xbox If you get banned that’s your fault. As for servers that’s temporary, I’d rather have servers down than my console scratch my disc with a perfect circle (happened to my MW3 copy). Something about game sharing outweighs any benefit physical has without a doubt.

  • sus_ojos_negros christian ebner (@sus_ojos_negros) reported

    @Xbox Hi. Sorry to communicate here. We are trying by all means to solve our problem and there are not many options to communicate with people from xbox.

  • DianexElizabeth Diane (@DianexElizabeth) reported

    @TheSirenxo @DaMightyEcho Lmao dude I have all the leanbois on my pc then I’m watching on my phone tablet and Xbox.. I have a problem

  • EliottPlace Eliott Place (@EliottPlace) reported

    @YouTube fix your Xbox app super annoying having your video glitch out multiple times a video

  • White_Knight_A7 Alfredo Santiago (@White_Knight_A7) reported

    @Swearwolfe @XboxSupport Good night. Personaly I confront the same problem. I resolve just restarted the console and the games running normaly.

  • JaxnDuhBox Jaxnduhbox (@JaxnDuhBox) reported

    @Xbox biggest piece of junk. Constantly have hardware issues many which you know and don’t fix. Going back to PS

  • Yourboyjammy QK JAMMY (@Yourboyjammy) reported

    @TheGame_MarcosL I wish but there only 2 problems 1) I’m on Xbox and 2) I broke my laptop and it dosent work on my phone

  • captainkrack3n CaptainKrack3n (@captainkrack3n) reported

    @MortelElm @Xbox @Spotify No they are just trying to distract people from the fact that the app for pc is still broken.

  • josephnmhoyle josephnmhoyle (@josephnmhoyle) reported from Edinburgh, Scotland

    @Eloiselawrence_ By won't read discs do you mean it doesn't accept them cos if so try lifting the front of your xbox when inserting the disc and it should feed in just fine, if this isn't the problem please say.

Xbox Live Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 08x7de0017
  • 0x800080206
  • 0x8004804E
  • 0x80070102
  • 0x80072ee6
  • 0x80072ee7
  • 0x8013153b
  • 0x803f8001
  • 0x803f9007
  • 0x807a1004
  • 0x80820002
  • 0x80830003
  • 0x80bd0009
  • 0x838601e7
  • 0x83950001
  • 0x8540000
  • 0x87c40001
  • 0x87c40002
  • 0x87c40003
  • 0x87c40004
  • 0x87c40005
  • 0x87c40011
  • 0x87dd0004
  • 0x87de0017
  • 0x87df2ee7
  • 0x87e00005
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87E0000D
  • 0x87e107df
  • 0x87e107f9
  • 0x8ca50004
  • 0x91d70000
  • 0x91d7000a
  • 1
  • 800701e7
  • 80151103
  • 8015402b
  • 8b010007
  • 8b050033
  • E101
  • E200
  • E203
  • E204
  • E206
  • E207
  • E305
  • SVC60017