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Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery platform. Xbox Live is available on the Xbox 360 gaming console, Windows PCs and Windows Phone devices.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Xbox Live. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (58.02%)
  • Online Play (29.72%)
  • Glitches (5.66%)
  • Matchmaking (4.25%)
  • Game Crash (1.89%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.47%)

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  • Danieljames515
    Daniel walsh (@Danieljames515) reported

    @TheCrewGame @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport there seems to be an issue with the Ferrari 812 Superfast on the Xbox One version of the game. I bought the bundle, I can drive the car and everything but can't customise it without the game crashing.

  • thgamingdragon
    winter blue bitch energy (@thgamingdragon) reported

    American YouTube charity stuff is strangely ineffective a room full off people with like 50 million subscribers raise like 200 thousand and a group off German you tubers just raised 800.000 with sponsors like Xbox Bethesda a internet service provider etc

  • Wanzerfan
    William Wallace (Trying to avoid Krampus) (@Wanzerfan) reported

    @mundanematt My trouble is I'm so used to the Xbox 360 version of the game I sometimes have trouble with the button inputs. ;) Thankfully they remastered the PC version of the game, so there should be none of the framerate issues that plagued the 360 version.

  • Bi0haz4rd_j
    Justin Forsthoefel (@Bi0haz4rd_j) reported

    @tinyBuild So I downloaded Hello Neighbor on my PC and I can't play it. Every time I hit enter to start, I get this error code when the game tries to sign into my Xbox Live profile: 0x87DD0005. There's nothing wrong with my internet or Xbox Live itself right now.

  • MikalFM
    Mikal Lewis (@MikalFM) reported

    @XboxP3 new xbox experience is painfully bad. Simple // fix the pw keyboard allow show password as an option on password entry keyboard. Unique passwords are often hard to enter Complex Setup via confirmation code or xbox app like Apple watch or fire TV subscriptions

  • shaquan_tucker
    shaquan tucker (@shaquan_tucker) reported

    @Xbox @bethesda I'm playing fallout 4 I'm on the quest the first step at tenpines bluff and the question is still active but the talk to the letters is completed and I helped out but the question is still active and preston won't talk to me this is an annoying problem that should've been fixed

  • predictable
    sabbath dru (@predictable) reported

    @s_ora bro did u ddos playstation and xbox like 3 years ago wtf I couldn’t play bo2 on christmas why’d you do it pls don’t hurt me anymore ;(

  • moosa_alnafisa
    Moosa (@moosa_alnafisa) reported

    @XbaEddie @XboxSupport And I also used to different credit cards from the different banks it is still the same problem it says we have trouble processing your payment and we like to get it short out

  • kenny7386
    kenny (@kenny7386) reported

    @Treyarch Nice xbox update and leaderboards fix

  • AmbassadorDopey
    Ambassador 🎮 DoPeY 🎮 (@AmbassadorDopey) reported

    @atmusz @XboxSupport or service in Xbox Live Don’t promote prohibited Conduct. /11

  • AmbassadorDopey
    Ambassador 🎮 DoPeY 🎮 (@AmbassadorDopey) reported

    @atmusz @XboxSupport you’re allowed to share Use another’s intellectual property without permission (e.g., copyrights, trade secrets) Play any illegitimately obtained software or pirated games Play a game before it has been authorized for play on the service Don’t engage in fraud or unauthorized /7

  • ejss1988
    TMTito (@ejss1988) reported

    @Under_Ach1ever I hate to sound like a broken record but...if @Xbox. @XboxQwik @XboxP3 @aarongreenberg @majornelson. Could make this available to Puerto Rico, it would be amazing!

  • KolanDevik
    SageMark🍑 (@KolanDevik) reported

    @Caribbros Not trying to be a di#% or anything but fix Xbox period

  • XsirJoker
    Tyler (@XsirJoker) reported

    @SpotifyCares I installed Bing on my phone and Edge on my Xbox and it's not working on either one. I also tried with Safari on my iPad and I had no luck there as well.

  • moosa_alnafisa
    Moosa (@moosa_alnafisa) reported

    @XbaEddie @XboxSupport It is the same problem nothing have changed

  • Chiggy6ix
    Chiggy Del La Rosa (@Chiggy6ix) reported

    @Caribbros @NRPGBeyond omg fix Xbox dash

  • ShaunOttawa
    Shaun (@ShaunOttawa) reported from Ottawa, Ontario

    Turns out YouTube on the TV couldn't keep up and started stuttering on DVD quality. Booted up the xBox and watched my movie in HD no problem.

  • DeRsKeezY
    Sean Swidersky (@DeRsKeezY) reported from Redmond, Washington

    @Amplifyde_ This weekend I was playing online with three consoles at the same place. We noticed the one Xbox often loaded the maps about 15-45 seconds later than the rest of the consoles. This perhaps is the reason you see a 3v4. The fix here is that we may need to add a longer window of

  • DevanteBeasley
    Devante Beasley (@DevanteBeasley) reported

    @Ronnie2K hey Ronnie I have a big problem with my tattoos on 2k. I spent a good amount of money for my tattoos for them to be stripped of my CAC. I play on Xbox my gamertag is KingSimba357, plz contact me back on this matter please and thank you.

  • Lexxi_Luthorr
    lexxi. (@Lexxi_Luthorr) reported

    Alright.... my next purchase is an xbox/ps4 cause I have a problem

  • Brendon67549155
    Brendon (@Brendon67549155) reported

    @DayZ Can you fix the sound in Xbox one because it doesn't keep track with foot steps noises and other things that have sound thanks!

    Richard (@CRIBREK) reported

    @whom_brandon_ @XboxSupport UNPLUG POWER to ROUTER and CONSOLE and wait 2 mins, now plug ROUTER in and wait 2 more mins, then plug CONSOLE in, turn on and sign in, now test

  • whom_brandon_
    whom_this_nigga_ (@whom_brandon_) reported

    @XboxSupport so i have this werid problem so pretty much everytime i sign in to my account it says i am not connected to xbox live but it gives me the option to the store and my friends list and then if i want to play a game it wont work

  • BlodSvettAIK
    ALBIN (@BlodSvettAIK) reported

    @OltionZoto1 @XboxSupport "Thank you for contacting EA Customer Support. In order to summarize the issue you have contacted us regarding account creation limit into console issue and we directed you towards XBOX Customer Support. "

  • EmPlaysGames
    Humanity's Strongest Waifu (@EmPlaysGames) reported

    @DFizzlio i do fear this as well but anyone who is out in fromt will try to appease non gamers recthe censorship thing i want a strong xbox but i dont like the ideas microsoft has pushed since the og xbox online fee streaming games as a service etc

  • A_Scherman
    Albert Scherman (@A_Scherman) reported

    @EttVenter @Rbjacobs FNB's @Rbjacobs has turned into a call this number, email this person, I dont know type of service. I asked him about the XBox One X a while back and all I got was, smart devices are updated regularly, check back soon.

  • ok_fowl
    OKFowl (@ok_fowl) reported

    @Proxy_Designs @ScufGaming @XboxSupport @Microsoft I have heard nothing about any such issue. A google search turns up nothing about it. Seems like if there was an issue they would not be advertising them in the Xbox store or linking to the Scuf website either.

  • chrisbg99
    Insane Cultist (@chrisbg99) reported

    @nsarmoredfrog The first one is a definite pain to play. Future fixed a lot of problems. I need to get an XBox since I have a copy I bought a few years ago.

    Charles (@GAARAtheRED) reported

    @SubnauticaPS @UWEDev Damn, can you guys help out the Xbox team since you appear to be more on the ball. Almost a week and no fix for the "bad bug" in the 1.0 "official" release that wasn't in the preview version or any versions previous... Much love

  • NateTheGrape2
    NateTheGrape (@NateTheGrape2) reported

    @XboxSupport I have a problem with my Xbox and nothing helps. Please respond and help!!!!

  • 108
    tim rogers (@108) reported

    @docsquiddy @henheek serious reply tho: i don’t disbelieve that faulty xbox one elite controllers exist. i just personally have never seen one and the one i play with is amazingly sturdy. i have never experienced even one minor problem with it!!!

  • Proxy_Designs
    Proxy Designs (@Proxy_Designs) reported

    @ok_fowl @ScufGaming @XboxSupport @Microsoft I was informed by a few different people that they are experiencing legal issues regarding SCUFs license to produce Xbox Controllers being that they have been out of stock of Xbox Controllers for over a month.

  • JaureguiSam
    Bam💥Bam💥Sam (@JaureguiSam) reported

    @El_ReyDeTaco @Treyarch Xbox don’t got that kinda issues 👀

  • realspyshadow
    Spyshadow (@realspyshadow) reported

    @JohnMckinnon01 @TwitchSupport @XboxSupport Hello have you tried restarting the app, uninstalling and re-installing, and running a power cycle on your console. These are first steps to see if it fixes the problem -Spy #XboxAmbassador

  • ubi_fix
    UbiPlzFix (@ubi_fix) reported

    @UbisoftSupport i would like to report a problem about R6 Xbox one edition. After each match it says that I have been given renown but when I go to the main menu it does not add on to my renown I have been experiencing this since the update came out. Ubisoft please fix.

  • QwamanD
    Qwaman dbz (@QwamanD) reported

    @Caribbros Can you fix it on Xbox it keep on freezing

  • dogegothigh
    TacoMeat9000 (@dogegothigh) reported

    @WildDeveloper Ok I see why it can't come too xbox. But can't you like do a screen saying warning this game will not run on low end devices. Or prepare to lag. Because i don't care about lag just the game

  • FinalShadowW0lf
    Eric Butler (@FinalShadowW0lf) reported

    @firegodjr @JoulesTesla @BungieHelp Also on Xbox everything was all good until the release of black armory then all this error codes started to pop up none stop

  • SenninSage
    SenjutsuSage (@SenninSage) reported

    Weird. Only SOME gamepass titles are working. @xboxp3 @XboxSupport @majornelson Getting an error with others like Fallout 4, Ashen.

  • RDMxi
    Hype RDM (@RDMxi) reported

    My controller is broken so im buying a new one & a xbox one x tomorrow

  • ZachariahAbdu20
    Zachariah Abdullah (@ZachariahAbdu20) reported

    @TeamYouTube The app on my brother's Xbox One S that I tried using it and it's not working perfectly well as possible, like it's not loading up, the videos are not loading very well, and I can see the black screen going on.

  • ExposeHim__
    Alex (@ExposeHim__) reported

    @AdamRubinNBA got two xbox's going on the same wifi so i'd lag

  • ShatroFTW
    Shatro | Tim (@ShatroFTW) reported

    NICE, can't activate the lever in the first lab trial on Xbox One. Also, the keyboard to type stuff in closes randomly on itself and makes it hard to type in anything. Rough console league launch, @pathofexile. Never had any of those or similar issues before.

  • wowjason62606
    Jason Taylor (@wowjason62606) reported

    @pathofexile xbox one is so broken this patch, switches dont work and you cant progress to ebony barracks from sewers in act 3 so cant progress at all #pleasefixthismess

  • SenninSage
    SenjutsuSage (@SenninSage) reported

    Huge issue. My gamepass is not working. @XboxSupport

  • jasonjustjason
    Jay Bird (@jasonjustjason) reported

    @EA @Battlefield black screen after loading into a match, on Xbox One X. Hard reset my Xbox One X, restarted the game, not working.

  • TristanMuniz8
    Tristan Muniz (@TristanMuniz8) reported

    @Caribbros Plz fix xbox

  • theboychris868
    Theboychristian (@theboychris868) reported

    @PUBG_help I have pubg on Xbox and ps4, I can’t understand why the volume on PS4 is 10 times lower than on Xbox , but I guess you’re not gonna fix that ..

  • godliike_2016
    michael (@godliike_2016) reported

    @wolfofficially @XboxSupport Try removing your card from your account and then re add it should fix the problem

  • PandaCobainGG
    PandaCobain 🐼🐼 (@PandaCobainGG) reported

    @destomate This seems to be the main dilemma. xD Xbox One seems to be the cheaper option in the long run but like..... Exclusives that are wanted for PS4 are starting to outweigh the price issues. Lol. Plus for PS4 there's an absolutely adorable Little Dragons Cafe bundle.

  • JulioA2709
    Julio Frausto (@JulioA2709) reported

    @XboxSupport I'm a little YouTuber that have a fan that lives in Venezuela unfortunately due the economic problems there he can't buy a Xbox Live subscription, I'm from US and I want to help this gamer but I don't know if US codes works there :(

  • BenDenny
    Ben Denny (@BenDenny) reported

    @TychoBrahe After years of just having Nintendo consoles (kids, broke) I decided to buy an Xbox One S based entirely of the strength of this service. I am in the interesting position where I bought a console with no plans to buy games for it.

  • OltionZoto1
    ♣️ M3tal Daz3 ♠️ (@OltionZoto1) reported

    @BlodSvettAIK @XboxSupport For issues with logging up in-game you have to contact the game developer

  • Rick_Penor
    Rick Penor (@Rick_Penor) reported

    @Xbox Tried to do this but the page keeps having a load error.

  • psyopsisgaming
    PSYOPSIS (@psyopsisgaming) reported

    @Battlefield can you fix it so after each game I don't have to quit out of the app each time in order to play your game.. thanks.. playing on @Xbox i'll wait. #broken

  • laroooooosh
    Dr. Rooshington, MD (@laroooooosh) reported

    look bruh whoever hacked my xbox live to cause problems with a particular person please stop bruh I’m not tryin to have these problems anymore u really ****** me up the joke is over

  • Mholliday21Mike
    Dr fat finger (@Mholliday21Mike) reported

    @pathofexile fix the txt on Xbox plz it throws you out of txt mid way though txt

  • Darnee10
    Darnee (@Darnee10) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Is there anyway that you would be able to fix the ddosing problem on Xbox servers it's just getting ridiculous at this point

  • TrillInToronto
    ♚ TrippWithMe 🇹🇹☯ (@TrillInToronto) reported

    Trash servers no other games crash like that on Xbox 1 trash black ops trash

  • Jeffsmith5084
    Jeff Smith (@Jeffsmith5084) reported

    @MightyQu1nn75 @XboxSupport And the other issue is that, prior to the disk finally getting stuck, I tried feeding it in about 20 times, and every time it said that it couldn’t read it...

Xbox Live Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 08x7de0017
  • 0x800080206
  • 0x8004804E
  • 0x80070102
  • 0x80072ee6
  • 0x80072ee7
  • 0x8013153b
  • 0x803f8001
  • 0x803f9007
  • 0x807a1004
  • 0x80820002
  • 0x80830003
  • 0x80bd0009
  • 0x838601e7
  • 0x83950001
  • 0x8540000
  • 0x87c40001
  • 0x87c40002
  • 0x87c40003
  • 0x87c40004
  • 0x87c40005
  • 0x87c40011
  • 0x87dd0004
  • 0x87de0017
  • 0x87df2ee7
  • 0x87e00005
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87E0000D
  • 0x87e107df
  • 0x87e107f9
  • 0x8ca50004
  • 0x91d70000
  • 0x91d7000a
  • 1
  • 800701e7
  • 80151103
  • 8015402b
  • 8b010007
  • 8b050033
  • E101
  • E200
  • E203
  • E204
  • E206
  • E207
  • E305
  • SVC60017