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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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February 25: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 02:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • HooDiexBH HooDie (@HooDiexBH) reported

    @HundoTV @YouTube Link not working bro bro

  • Ricky_Retriever ⚜️Ricky Retriever⚜️ (@Ricky_Retriever) reported

    @YouTube please help him. I can assure you if he was a top content creator he would have his channel back in no time. PLEASE DO YOUR ******* JOB FOR ONCE!

  • sandravinci5 sandra vinci (@sandravinci5) reported

    @OANN @YouTube @PearsonSharp I would not help that state period!!!

  • Mr__Chomper Mr Chomper (@Mr__Chomper) reported

    Hey @YouTube a ton of videos from albums that you’ve been given the rights to put up on the site are being blocked in America and I think this is from the copyright claim system. Please fix it.

  • ChelseaAndrade9 Chelsea Andrade Martinez (@ChelseaAndrade9) reported

    @Prodigal_Son96 @YouTube This is literally the WORST video ughh i hate it 😭

  • crims0nbl00d Rebecca Land (@crims0nbl00d) reported

    @Deligracy @YouTube fix your shit, one thing you need to do is start telling people what’s actually “wrong” with the video so people can fix the “problem”. Delis videos are normally very family friendly and I can’t see any reason you need to suppress her monetization.

  • samharr34074099 Samco (@samharr34074099) reported

    @1dude_1 @John07123180 @primal1screams @phoenixzeus3 @YouTube No one here to help me😖😖😖

  • KristyStrauss kristyStrauss (@KristyStrauss) reported

    @TrustInGospels @maier_amsden @steeley8756 @OANN @YouTube Not all the homeless are drug Addicts. &last time I checked Wash. DC per capita has the worst homeless situation in the country per capita California isn’t even the worst it’s like fifth maybe lower I’m not sure I haven’t checked lately that was about a month ago I researched it

  • Marques72713827 Marques (@Marques72713827) reported

    @RBLXHelpers @YouTube I think my account got hacked, I was playing roblox and got logged out so I was going to log in and it sent my code to my email but I did not get a code.. what do I do because my account is worth a lot..I really need help. PLEASE.

  • Lidac1996 LIDA❤🌸🎀💕 (@Lidac1996) reported

    @YoYoWang13 @JPBrown5 @MThriving @teamthriver @YouTube Abuse is awful

  • StevenDJBaumann Steven Baumann 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇱 (@StevenDJBaumann) reported

    @Lead1225 @YouTube If the counselor is actually certified and with an education to do so, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s when you get the ones with a grade 3 education who never left their home town, I have problems with.

  • markmatthieu Mark M (@markmatthieu) reported

    @OANN @YouTube @PearsonSharp When Obama issues executive orders the right screamed all day. Now they seem to like them. That's called hypocrisy

  • M_Vella27 Michael Vella (@M_Vella27) reported

    @YouTube watching you tube with my daughter on our Sony smart tv. It logged us out when I go to sign back in I choose my google account to sign in and nothing happens. I keep repeating the process and nothing. I choose my gmail account and nothing.

  • TrustInGospels Garrett Hill (@TrustInGospels) reported

    @KristyStrauss @maier_amsden @steeley8756 @OANN @YouTube The people that he has removed from the house are ones that were not trusted and leaked false information in some circumstances and in many more they didn’t feel they were trusted. Much of that has been proven that Obama holdovers don’t like him and so that’s been an issue...

  • icomplexcarbs Adrian Gonzalez (@icomplexcarbs) reported

    @Patch_ehKo @exxorru @SugaShane1888 @AztecrossGaming @YouTube Everything that is banned is because its cheesy and broken lmao

  • InTheLittleWood Martyn Littlewood (@InTheLittleWood) reported

    @YouTubeLiaison @YouTube (for example: simple things like 'the featured stream carousel auto plays even when on mobile data' was I assume a simple fix but didn't happen) All that in addition to the fact that so much stays unfinished. Channel pages still require a back n forth to classic to edit in 2020

  • sathomas513 ST (@sathomas513) reported

    @simply_smiz @YouTube Bro this was so bad I feel like I need to do something to help him

  • LogannnnnnnnnWm WmLogannnnnnnnn (@LogannnnnnnnnWm) reported

    @Wandaspangler2 @carmindabrendel @YouTube What's really a mind boggler,.. How many times the word has gone around that a mask will not help you.,. Yet the herd continues to rustle...

  • nbodywanadonthn CheckMate45 ⭐️⭐️⭐️question everything (@nbodywanadonthn) reported

    @DigiDiva2020 @YouTube There trying to crash the economy

  • FixYouTubeBot Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • ClarkIsa Isa Clark (@ClarkIsa) reported

    @jerseyhotgurl @YouTube Hey! I am GloBot, a chatbot developed as part of a university project. It seems that you believe in the flat earth. I want to offer you some information that can help you understand why the earth is a globe.

  • Martha43320640 Martha (@Martha43320640) reported

    @MeganPlays @YouTube megan don't even bother with adopt me any more they NEVER say thanks to the MILLIONS im money that ALL youtubers help them get for promoting there game its bot even that fun ur just making them more money they probs don't even follow you

  • AnonymousTechG Anonymous Tech Geek (@AnonymousTechG) reported

    Yes, someday, if things workout, I will consider a @YouTube channel. Problem with that is I lose my anonymity - or it would require some editing to keep my #identity hidden. That can't change, sorry folks. That's the way it goes. #rules #secret #anonymous #youtube

  • Dorie62825958 Dorie (@Dorie62825958) reported

    @ThePatriotHour @YouTube OMG ... God help us.

  • TheCaptainSauce CaptainSauce (@TheCaptainSauce) reported

    @YouTubeLiaison @YouTube Communication is the only way to improve understanding. Creators spend a lot of time on the platform and see a lot of its problems. I could list a dozen infuriating issues with YT and I have no idea if YT is even aware of them. There's no feedback, just shouting into the void.

  • promotionofesc Daniela Eurovision (@promotionofesc) reported

    @AnnaOdulegend @YouTube Thank you very much, but the host I will be not. The most haters I have in my country, also one Slovenian singer send me offensive comment: "please dont shame us with this video and get help."

  • penny_a_pound Penny Dreadborne (@penny_a_pound) reported

    @BuckAngel @JolenesTrailer @YouTube **** you, man. You’re the making sure this kid isn’t okay with your bullying. Worst mistake folks made was thinking you weren’t an absolute manipulative piece of shit.

  • Ah_Science Doc Science! (@Ah_Science) reported

    @ReasonsSound @Lead1225 @YouTube Let me fix it for SJ- Depression is caused, for the most part, by Christianity.

  • lizzydarcy62 Christine D (@lizzydarcy62) reported

    @OANN @YouTube @PearsonSharp I’m sure there’ll be complaints about something. Too much, not enough, poor quality....just wait.

  • JokersGenius JokersGeniusTweet (@JokersGenius) reported

    @YouTube there is a massive sign in issue! I cant sign into anything @TeamYouTube #YouTubeDOWN

  • ChoudharyMuaaz MuaazC (@ChoudharyMuaaz) reported

    @Avxry @YouTube @KEEMSTAR can you address this so youtube fix it

  • auntsassyhook Aunt Sas (@auntsassyhook) reported

    @DigiDiva2020 @YouTube Sad that we actually question this. God help us.

  • aaronsaloman Aaron Saloman (@aaronsaloman) reported

    @TeamYouTube @adrevnet @YouTube Then @adrevnet deducts the $ amount from their next distribution to the 3rd party who illegally enrolled my material, since it was in violation of their terms too. You all have insurance for these errors, and could resolve it with a minimum of hassle.

  • laughterhill1 😈 (@laughterhill1) reported


  • 1AdamParadox ΛDΛM [the adam paradox podcast] (@1AdamParadox) reported

    @Lead1225 @YouTube I think you’re starting to loose it. Some points you were so far off on. Biblical counseling should only be about the Bible or god etc. not working with mental illness such as depression, schizophrenia etc. they should be referring out.

  • Smar_George George Smaragdakis (@Smar_George) reported

    @JordanPizza1 @KyleKulinski @YouTube I have and all of the ones I watched were on social issues where he lacks nuance.

  • george_buffalo Gen X (@george_buffalo) reported

    @GregMannarino @YouTube I guess clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper won't help much at this point

  • BigFatJonno Jonno (@BigFatJonno) reported

    @upgra3dd @AztecrossGaming @YouTube No i agree I think im probably overreacting. The problems it causes me are very niche and wont be experienced by a lot of people. It may be experienced by more when trials returns but im happy to see it through for a season and see what the consensus is.

  • SalamAlOmaishi Salam Al-Omaishi MD, MS BME 🇮🇶🇸🇾🇨🇦🇺🇸🇮🇪 (@SalamAlOmaishi) reported

    @CNBC @MikeBloomberg problem was that he underestimated the power of social media platforms like @Twitter and @YouTube. 20-30 years ago the average voter didn't have access to videos, documents, or his voting record. TV ads could drown out the negative publicity. Now we all know.

  • EyeWillPlay2 Eye Will Play (@EyeWillPlay2) reported

    @tewdin Just got this for the first time today. Trying to figure this out. I thought maybe it was broken. @youtube #youtube

  • charck1231 charck123 (@charck1231) reported

    @Visualizeee @Septimus_ii @ali_w0ndrland @SusanWojcicki @YouTube @forbes_india @RealDoctorMike @MamaDoctorJones Yeah, but YouTube hasn't done anything to help them

  • Greensheet6 Ralph F. (@Greensheet6) reported

    @fundstrat @ScottWapnerCNBC @ReformedBroker @HalftimeReport @YouTube Thomas, When is someone going to have the ***** to go on CNBC and say this it, this is finally where/when the dominoes are going to fall, and they are going to fall hard. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best!

  • NYMQnz D (@NYMQnz) reported

    @NJD107_ @yanksfan109 @YouTube Maybe @NYCsporty can help me out here..

  • MattTheMizfit Matt the Misfit (@MattTheMizfit) reported

    @SmackNetwork @YouTube the hair glitch going bat shit crazy doesnt only apply to Alexa Bliss it also does it to Asuka, i went to giver her NXT attire and Asuka's hair started to have seizure

  • TGlorph Microchip™ Fan Account (official) (@TGlorph) reported

    @SusanWojcicki @YouTube @forbes_india Step down and let a competent person take over, you're doing terrible #DiversityHire

  • RjSchlogel Raymond Schlogel (@RjSchlogel) reported

    @SusanWojcicki @YouTube @forbes_india If your judging how well your doing by India standards its no wonder you have no problem with treating your creators like shit, demonetizing, censoring, deplatforming, depersoning, pushing them like slave labor to make longer shittier g-rated content because you know ****** best

  • matthewmccraw Matt McCraw (@matthewmccraw) reported

    @YouTube Help me figure out how to search for worship music but limit it to songs under six minutes long. Sheesh! Hillsong, Bethel, and Elevation taking over my feed!

  • Fhkierton1 Fiona H Kierton (@Fhkierton1) reported

    @homelessfelon1 @YouTube Sorry, my error. Picked up lyrics and took them in the wrong direction

  • LukasNu37825707 Lukas Nunes (@LukasNu37825707) reported

    @DornerTV @SocialBlade @YouTube you offended me by doing that no one will trade with me and not even offer you are a terrible youtuber nor deserve this support because you show off too much and on top say that nobody will exchange with the person you are evil and a terrible youtuber shouldn't exist if only it

  • Ariadne143 Ariadne143 (@Ariadne143) reported

    @FernandoLeanme @YouTube So you have a problem with autocrats... you need to think that one through.

  • sipple_john1 John Sipple (@sipple_john1) reported

    @deanyb71 @Hrawli @BigMikeChristou @YouTube Big problem with 20 limits is police not keen to enforce. The saythe limits need to be enforced with road alterations like speed humps or chicanes or both. That then upsets residents through noise and extra pollution.

  • ltecato Jim Hankins (@ltecato) reported

    @conservemyjohn @YouTube "If your in the way because you choose pepper spray instead of a gun, that is your problem. Im not worried about your life." Yes, I know you don't care about "collateral damage." You've made that clear already.

  • Basit_Emo_Loke trhgfhf (@Basit_Emo_Loke) reported

    Hello @YouTube I have this really big problem here. Im trying to get in to one of my really old accounts and it won't let me in. If i could get some support, then it would be amazing. Grinende ansigt med smilende øjne

  • conservemyjohn ConserveJP (@conservemyjohn) reported

    @ltecato @YouTube Not sure what your point is. Your suggesting pepper spray. I am suggesting killing criminals who want to kill him. If your in the way because you choose pepper spray instead of a gun, that is your problem. Im not worried about your life.

  • AmberMyers21 Amber_Myers21 (@AmberMyers21) reported

    Hey guys, I need help on my YouTube channel I keep getting targeted by a bot that keeps ******* copyright claiming my videos before they get published or audio I didn’t use. I put a lot of work and time into my videos. YouTube needs to fix this. @YouTube #ContentCreator #YouTuber

  • SSBU_Modes_DLC Campaigning slight Smash Ultimate mode updates! (@SSBU_Modes_DLC) reported

    @asmanimator @YouTube @GameXplain @AllSourceGaming @PushDustIn @RogersBase Rogers "I think Sakurai would hesitate making Crash Bandicoot into a fighter but not this side character exclusively from the Europe-obscure 20 year old Mario spin-off" Base.

  • JestersTrix 🃏Jester's Trix🃏 (@JestersTrix) reported

    @NosyHausfrau @YouTube I appreciate the apology for its intent but really I think this racism thing is getting out of hand. The issue would (should) have been the same had she been white, or Asian etc. Everything isn't based on color and I swear people have forgotten that.

  • TeriLC TLC USA (@TeriLC) reported

    @RadioAndySXM @Andy @YouTube Still disappointed in your interview questions. The problem.... you were not invested in that show OBVIOUSLY. It’s time to get a new host who actually watches the show. Because you couldn’t have, or you would have had a better interpretation of how horrible this season was. 😡

  • PinkGiratina Rosé Giratina (@PinkGiratina) reported

    @Jerry_Blayze @KrimsonKreamer @TrainerSparks @YouTube U call it betrayal and I call it quality content🤣

  • 1AdamParadox ΛDΛM [the adam paradox podcast] (@1AdamParadox) reported

    @LisaMarieChoko4 @reverendjimbob @Ford_Ebling @ratthink @Lead1225 @YouTube Mother Theresa was a terrible delusional person. She thought suffering brought people closer to god. Instead of clean clothes and sterile equipment she used ***** clothes and let people sleep on hard floors.