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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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December 08: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 08:20 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Juárez Crashing
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  • bottleflipbitch sidney (@bottleflipbitch) reported

    Someone should copyright strike YouTube rewind to show @YouTube that their copyright system is ****** snd broken

  • danieldansku200 Daniel ❤️➡️💔 (@danieldansku200) reported

    @americanmcgee @YouTube @YouTubeGaming @EA @YouTube @YTCreators Fix this!

  • Amy_Mcurly Yma (@Amy_Mcurly) reported

    @cbear624 @Chicko0n @YouTube They're not going to care ,its all about money,because apparently the issue youtube has isnt that big to the point where it affects their company, whatever they are doing is sure making them lots of money so they dont really care

  • NYems305 V (@NYems305) reported

    @TheOfficerTatum @YouTube I have no idea what the issue is & idc lol

  • JeromeJB Jerome Burne (@JeromeJB) reported

    World%252527s%252520Big%252520Sleepout%252520on%252520The%252520One%252520Show via @YouTube Sleeping out in December is so shitty and shouldn't happen in rich UK. This event is over but issue not going away soon, so support the sleepover

  • thorn_lazlo Lazlo Thorn (@thorn_lazlo) reported

    @TeamYouTube Help @youtube @teamyoutube @vevo

  • TrevorHoneyman Trevor Honeyman (@TrevorHoneyman) reported

    @Missy3592 @YouTube And an awful name it is too. Surely could do better than the Reform Party. Yeuch!

  • XrpZaye zaye_xrp (@XrpZaye) reported

    @BakkupBradley @YouTube Obviously none of their information they are withholding is that serious I mean look at the price action. Let them have their fools club lol dai can share his kids drawings while they play with the sound quality n the if the sheep wanna pay 5$ a month for it let them.

  • MSTECH27 MS TECH (@MSTECH27) reported

    Hello @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @YTCreators @YouTubeFanFest @youtube Sir, today i will permanently delet my secondary youtube channel by big mistake So, u help me recovery my full channel with full delet data recover. Plz help sir plz plz plz sir plz Sir plz recover my channel

  • NMawuwoe Nii Flex Mawuwoe (@NMawuwoe) reported

    @sarkodie @YouTube Am having problems downloading the song

  • browneyedgrl386 Kristen Boswell 🍷💁‍♀️ (@browneyedgrl386) reported

    @The_AliH @YouTube MoeSargi says they are getting rid of some youtube channels in January. May be the cause of these issues. 🙄

  • madhaus Maddi Hausmann (@madhaus) reported

    @kowaikoyomi @benshapiro @YouTube That's not the issue people have with this ad.

  • blazeymc91 JackDarksky (@blazeymc91) reported

    @YouTube It is a DX12 bug with the UI, it can also crash on reporting bugs via the menu and then minimizing, that usually makes it crash

  • simonadams19821 simon adams (@simonadams19821) reported

    @BakkupBradley @YouTube You are in a position to concede this viewpoint at least and I hope you do the right thing ultimately. I have no issue with you having a paid group. This is the same issue we had last time I take an issue with how you market it with false hope.

  • sanchezerik559 Erik (@sanchezerik559) reported

    @youtubemusic @youtube needs to have a better customer support team. Couldn't get help for shit from these bums

  • Loucathwil loucathwil (@Loucathwil) reported

    @YouTube Oh man, I had VERY different (and somewhat less difficult) hair problems growing up (allopecia in puberty), and I'm not really into hair care because of that. But this really resonated with me. Mad props on keeping the Mum alive, and having a more relate able challenging outcome.

  • jazzybabs10 Jazz (@jazzybabs10) reported

    @ErikaRoot92101 @VeteransAlways_ @root92102 @carmindabrendel @YouTube My favorite picture 😆Now shes talking & has an attitude problem like her Mother. It’s down hill from here 😢

  • gnvrbyd Guinevere Boyd (@gnvrbyd) reported

    @capitalistparty @YouTube 15) Despite only 1/3 of people in unions, when they got the higher pay & benefits it created more jobs and drove other salaries up to be competitive with union workers. So unions didn't only help those in the unions.

  • FGLGW3C FG LG W 3C (@FGLGW3C) reported

    @4Lawson4 @YouTube Yes, terrible but encouraging his family did not give up on the game because of that

  • muppetsontour Tomred47 (@muppetsontour) reported

    @SimonHarrisTD @AdamPHarris @IrelandFundsAM @YouTube Not too many proud of you with your inept and incompetent performance as Minister. You know hold the proud record of being THE worst minister surpassing even Bottler Reilly

  • itispalkova Panda Palkova (@itispalkova) reported

    @bismivalaipechu @Pandaspox @YouTube @anavrittim @LemuraiWatanabe Could be. But VCK themselves don't care. So it isn't a big issue and this is what I've been saying since day 1

  • xbasstdm DMJ games (@xbasstdm) reported

    @YouTube Can you please fix the copyright claim services, because the smaller content creators are being acused for stealing content that they are allowed to use witch that destroys the revenue that their video gives them. So basically #fixyoutubecopyright

  • master_british Master_Australian (aka British) (@master_british) reported

    @ThirtyVirus @YouTube Continuing, The video seemed more like a post-production video rather than a full-fledged production like it's usually known for. The largest problem, in my opinion, was the still large influence of K Pop and other music franchises in the video. It still looked like an advert.

  • Ujuchinho 毋車卿賀@希灵帝国EN35节点柯依伯站 (@Ujuchinho) reported

    @yuzukichococh @YouTube I missed it…I've spent 2 hours to fix my network...

  • ThirtyVirus ThirtyVirus (@ThirtyVirus) reported

    @YouTube (2/2) a terrible COPPA response, false copyright claims, the algorithm neglecting small creators, rampant demonetization, forcing the studio BETA on creators before it was ready, the algorithm being so watchtime focused that creators cant take a break w/out their channel dying.

  • ThirtyVirus ThirtyVirus (@ThirtyVirus) reported

    Finally watched @YouTube #Rewind2019 & honestly: not bad. less cringe, less disconnected, a little meh. I'd recommend adding something similar to Spotify's "wrapped" for all users & creators in addition to rewind. Also, those dislikes reflect platform wide issues like (1/2)

  • mrau33 Michael Rauchmann (@mrau33) reported

    @low_faith @YouTube Unfortunately not able to watch it in Austria due to copyright issues.

  • CoownerShotgun ShotGunStudio-CoOwner (@CoownerShotgun) reported

    What @YouTube is doing to there website is absolutely ******* terrible. Some of my favorite channels have been suspended or terminated.And some of the things that COPPA do to make websites safer for kids make them targeted even more...

  • JenniferProff19 Jennifer Proffitt (@JenniferProff19) reported

    @TheOfficerTatum @YouTube These are probably the same people who say were awful when we say What In The Hell to a commercial that has a bunch of gays hanging on each other and grandma's helping their grandchildren dress in drag. Then displays Sprite at the end, & you didn't see 1 bottle of dang pop !

  • Kaytorahk Kaytorahk (@Kaytorahk) reported

    Lets list some garbage user interfaces 1. Windows 10 @Windows 2. The Epic games Store @EpicGames 3. Youtube @YouTube Fix your shit

  • IanChisolm Ian Chisolm (@IanChisolm) reported

    @LooseJointny @YouTube @Trace_AVP @stateofthenewy1 @TruePG718 @AJTheManChild @2ForgetUs @SquareBidness @Chuck1one This clip spent so much time talking about Dolan and ownership and yall still think just getting rid of Mills is gonna fix things. Dolan is the culture setter. If Dolan wasnt barking at Mills/Perry, Fiz is still here today.

  • RonSexsmith Ron Sexsmith (@RonSexsmith) reported

    @SweetMnM @YouTube Yea, I was 16 It was the most awful news RS

  • GreaterPhool Greater Fool🃏 (@GreaterPhool) reported

    @benshapiro @YouTube When Ben Shapiro is defending your ad, you’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake. Cc @onepeloton

  • shameonyou4ever Michael Irpino (@shameonyou4ever) reported

    @kowaikoyomi @benshapiro @YouTube Uhhh that’s not the issue with the ad....

  • Rahulthk4017 Rahul Thakur (@Rahulthk4017) reported

    @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @YTCreators Help Gyaani 2.O which is hacked help him and give his channel back to him #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @YTCreators

  • Rahulthk4017 Rahul Thakur (@Rahulthk4017) reported

    @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @YTCreators Help Gyaani 2.O which is hacked help him and give his channel back to him #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI

  • Rahulthk4017 Rahul Thakur (@Rahulthk4017) reported

    @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @YTCreators Help Gyani 2.O which is hacked help him and give his channel back to him #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI #HELPGYAANI

  • Ellington1977 Ellie-go-round (@Ellington1977) reported

    @YouTube If you can't completely take down, i.e. deplatform, Onision, please... PLEASE at least make it so he can't post any new content on as well as demonetise ALL of his channels while you address the legalities of this issue. He needs to be stopped.

  • Thessalonian416 ❌#TrumpOfGod2020❌ #KAG (@Thessalonian416) reported

    @YouTube The retweet button is stuck, twitter won't fix it, well let me rephrase that, they leave it like it

  • Meltedsnowflak2 Meltedsnowflake (@Meltedsnowflak2) reported

    @BlackGryph0n @YouTube YouTube is broken what can i say....

  • AshleyCuadra1 Ashley Cuadra (@AshleyCuadra1) reported

    @YouTube Fix your problem YouTube NO Coppaing others only the ones that are doing wrong things

  • JackTUG Jack (@JackTUG) reported

    @XboxAddictionz @YouTube fix this, XA is a mad lad, best channel.

  • Marks_Tech Mark’s Tech 📱 (@Marks_Tech) reported

    @CJKnowsTECH Its Killin me lol. I been waiting 45 min and my video upload is at 5%. My internet connection is fine, too. Pls @YouTube fix this 😭

  • RegexMC Regex (@RegexMC) reported

    @Pretunium @RazerSupport hey @TeamYouTube @YouTube I'm having trouble paying for YouTube premium porn it keeps saying unknown error when I try to pay

  • nsysean nsysean (@nsysean) reported

    @Ark_BrawlStars @YouTube @YouTubeGaming @SonyATVMusicPub @BrawlStars @supercell >_< btw i hate the ©copyright thing it causes so much issue

  • john31395076 john❌ (@john31395076) reported

    @AlexJonesWins @YouTube Well no i do not. In my search to find a way to keep informed without cellular I was looking into shortwave and saw that. i tweeted and did not research into it to see if that was still active. I apologise for not doing the leg work just trying to help.

  • kikipoldsamm kikiestelle (@kikipoldsamm) reported

    it is so strange when people put up 4K or 5K videos to @YouTube but all of those videos end up being in 360px quality ..

  • NSA_QIL2 NSA Child Crimes 💎 (@NSA_QIL2) reported

    @xUSAF_Patriot @YouTube Just someone who had broadband in Montana before 2006 Even if you were on dial up you’re still going to buffer a video to 100 faster than you can on YouTube now (They don’t do that anymore)

  • xUSAF_Patriot Terry Winchester (@xUSAF_Patriot) reported

    @NSA_QIL2 @YouTube In 2006, you couldn't buffer a video on a dial-up connection. You had to be living in or near a get broadband during that timeframe.

  • egemenflz Egemen FİLİZ (@egemenflz) reported

    You’re really pushing too hard to sell premium membership. Killing the expected service of the platform is not gonna help. @YouTube

  • NolefanpaG Chris B Horn (@NolefanpaG) reported

    @jdirt2004 @CheriJacobus @Rosie @robreiner @Alyssa_Milano @andylassner @HamillHimself @DebraMessing @cher @chrissyteigen @kenolin1 @YouTube Thanks for the offer, but you are the last person I would seek help from. Read the report. If you read the shit that went on and choose to ignore it, that is on you. I do think for myself. I read the report, gathered the information, and formed my own opinion. I stand by it.

  • TemitopeAdewoye Temitope Banks (@TemitopeAdewoye) reported

    @YouTube dear team my channel has been on review for 4 months. Please help

  • jdirt2004 Mueller Level Confidence (@jdirt2004) reported

    @NolefanpaG @CheriJacobus @Rosie @robreiner @Alyssa_Milano @andylassner @HamillHimself @DebraMessing @cher @chrissyteigen @kenolin1 @YouTube Cheri spelled nothing out, neither did Mueller. We need to talk about it like adults. I'm trying to reach out to you. There was no crime. Let's talk about it. Try pointing out a crime and I will help you understand.

  • Iinluvr x-vale 🏴 #OBSESSION (@Iinluvr) reported

    @minisangpyos @YouTube HELP

  • majidsattarfaz Majid Sattar (@majidsattarfaz) reported

    Bullying is a serious problem NATO%20Cafeteria%20Cold%20Open%20-%20SNL via @YouTube

  • imKarllouis Kaaaaaarl (@imKarllouis) reported

    @YouTube Another song to be broken this december! hahaha

  • HydraheadHunter AnDrew Cooper 🧢 (@HydraheadHunter) reported

    @green_for_ubi @Swaggaboywheelz But, beyond just the problems with the implementation of COPPA and the vagueness of it's guidelines, @Youtube is seriously passing the buck of responsibility off here. They 100% have the power to make every channel on their site COPPA compliant, but they won't because money.

  • awarrennn Al (@awarrennn) reported from Little Rock, Arkansas

    I got stuck going down a @YouTube rabbit hole two hours ago and I’m still at it... please send help.

  • Chariot9999 Chris Pham (@Chariot9999) reported

    @putthyasshoe @psychoduck92 @YouTube You don't seem to realize that without content creators, YouTube wouldn't function as a social media platform. The very people that help made YouTube what it is been constantly getting screwed over every day. But hey, I guess I'm "immature".

  • BStudieo BlackLoveStudieo (@BStudieo) reported

    @YouTube you still not getting it. And you did it wrong this year it been a hole decade. And you do not give you the right video to end the decade I'm so diponted I love this platform but from 2016 to know it's just have gotten worse and worse your. Not help the creatures.