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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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February 22: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 12:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (49.23%)
  • Playback Issues (21.15%)
  • Crashing (12.31%)
  • Sign in (10.38%)
  • Video Quality (6.92%)

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  • kleibmt simply a patriot (@kleibmt) reported

    @anglo13 @KathyDu04143480 @striderraven1 @YouTube Requesting any Patriot Attorneys to please step up and help us fight this on-slaught of attacks that are misleading the American People and discrediting us.

  • tartandfruity 🎊 LimeyKat🎊 (@tartandfruity) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators It does not matter how "CLEAR" you're being! You people are ridiculous!! You seek to PUNISH CREATORS FOR THE ACTIONS OF COMMENTERS!! BAN THE PROBLEM COMMENTERS INSTEAD!!!

  • KarenSweebella Karen Dagger (@KarenSweebella) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators What’s also terrible is these people wanting to claim a copy right, it was transformative! Does this mean thar anyone singing or humming a song is illegal. It was a funny video and should have been taken that way, humanity is going downhill.

  • _lucygreenaway Lucy Greenaway (@_lucygreenaway) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @PanicAtTheDisco excuse me Brendan please fix this atrocity

  • KenStipek Post Woke Ken (@KenStipek) reported

    @Google @YouTube @PhillyD @CaseyNeistat @rkyncl When someone random like @MattsWhatItIs can point out easily publicly available CP on the platform, but @youtube's thousands of content police doesn't it is an issue with leadership.

  • KamenGamerRetro KamenGamerRetro (@KamenGamerRetro) reported

    @EngineerDiese1 @PhillyD @YouTube @YTCreators The problem is people are being to unrealistic, compared to the scale that will be needed to fox all this crap. Spamming advertisers and getting them to bail wont help.

  • hviiixd HOLVIIIXLAND (@hviiixd) reported

    @Thebrothajones @YouTube Shoutout to you for any type of win streak on 2s. Between pushing and the op broken inbound plays I stay away from that cancer.

  • carmelo_nazario TheCreatorx3D (@carmelo_nazario) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD This shit right here makes me never want to upload another video to YouTube again. Why help you make money when all you keep doing is putting channels in danger with your idiotic decisions. #NotOnTeamToutube #melo #lito

  • Emily_Loves_BTS 💜I💜LOVE💜BTS💜 (@Emily_Loves_BTS) reported

    @YouTube I’m telling you this right now fix whatever shit you have that is happening right now since you already have unhappy people

  • KenStipek Post Woke Ken (@KenStipek) reported

    @Google @YouTube @PhillyD Right now we have the CP issue, we had the failure of #YouTubeRewind this year, and we found out (via a @CaseyNeistat video) that the CBO @rkyncl has never EVEN UPLOADED A VIDEO!! It is insane to imagine a C-level employee who has never even used their product in a meaningful way

  • deemonch Darren 〽️oney AFC 🎗 (@deemonch) reported

    @BeastFireTimdog @YouTube @bdsams Gamepass on switch would be a bonus for casual gaming on the go, and getting those achievements. I might actually use it more. Let’s not beat around the bush on a 55” graphics are awful. But on the go, small screen, it’s ok and would be welcomed.

  • KarenSweebella Karen Dagger (@KarenSweebella) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators What’s also terrible is these people wanting to claim a foot right, it was transformative! Does this mean thar anyone singing or humming a song is illegal. It was a funny video and should have been taken that way, humanity is going downhill.

  • xLynntendo Nova Lynn🍭🌈 (@xLynntendo) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators A lot of artists get copyrighted for using their OWN songs.. The system is so broken.

  • GaryPranzo Respected Conqueror (@GaryPranzo) reported

    @robertoblake @PhillyD @YouTube @YTCreators Advertiser's have no onligation to fix it. They do have an obligation to protect there brand and ********** kinda soils the brand so yeah they gotta pull adds. YT needs to take it more seriously.

  • Frost_1357 Frost (@Frost_1357) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators Trust me, they used to copyright claim my awful parodies. I had to scream email them every single time with the law regarding fair use of paradies and proof that the track was produced by an independent third party YouTuber and I was allowed to use that as well. 😂😂😂

  • Korvacs Jack Rowley (@Korvacs) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD So to summarise, you're shifting the problem with comments on your platform over to the content producers by demonetising their content for failing to tackle the issue which you've created, by effectively washing your hands of the comments section. Remarkable!

  • xLynntendo Nova Lynn🍭🌈 (@xLynntendo) reported

    @highoped @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators Yeah this kind of stuff happens so often.. Just shows how broken the copywriting system truly is.

  • tetxnu84967 Deb-Local Q Army QFD Banned (@tetxnu84967) reported

    @Josiegirlz5 @tammiesawakenow @1wTheForce_FIWM @Qunleashedforev @bkerb953 @930VM @HOXZGRL1 @Gem_WifeOfRhye @Donald06106186 @magnolia678 @Indianagirl9 @LoveBling6 @heidi_weigand @TheRightSideof1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @colgrove11 @Shug48 @JENsen4Truth @jenniferjsmall @RsdntFuturist @shilo1949 @fglaus @mindersue2 @GGal777 @casitapark @JuliansRum @T1gre9 @piratek73549479 @justiceville @oldmanluvsmineo @777KAB1 @StormIsUponUs @TheJenniferMac @ArvilsArk @nwmwmomma @freefrommatrix @GtimmermGarrett @LightworkerCain @MJustSaying4u @WWG1WGAchicago @big081574 @bigredwavenow @PatriotKeri @YouTube I have seen news change with tweet storms many times but anything you do could help

  • MitchellMerriam Mitchell merriam (@MitchellMerriam) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Fix your shit YouTube.

  • EngineerDiese1 Engineer Diesel (@EngineerDiese1) reported

    @KamenGamerRetro @PhillyD @YouTube @YTCreators I'm sorry if I've conveyed this being an over-night fix: it's not. And I'm not saying they need to manually review. All I'm saying is YT needs to stay on top of this; can't just consider this "done" after this whole shitstorm.

  • tetxnu84967 Deb-Local Q Army QFD Banned (@tetxnu84967) reported

    @Josiegirlz5 @tammiesawakenow @1wTheForce_FIWM @Qunleashedforev @bkerb953 @930VM @HOXZGRL1 @Gem_WifeOfRhye @Donald06106186 @magnolia678 @Indianagirl9 @LoveBling6 @heidi_weigand @TheRightSideof1 @DIXIEDOODLE12 @colgrove11 @Shug48 @JENsen4Truth @jenniferjsmall @RsdntFuturist @shilo1949 @fglaus @mindersue2 @GGal777 @casitapark @JuliansRum @T1gre9 @piratek73549479 @justiceville @oldmanluvsmineo @777KAB1 @StormIsUponUs @TheJenniferMac @ArvilsArk @nwmwmomma @freefrommatrix @GtimmermGarrett @LightworkerCain @MJustSaying4u @WWG1WGAchicago @big081574 @bigredwavenow @PatriotKeri @YouTube Ok that could help

  • MrUN1V3RS3 Mr.un1v3rs3 (@MrUN1V3RS3) reported

    @Lovely68lesabr1 @K_Wolstenholme @iR3J3CT_ @Dragondash12 @_ineedfood @donnnnnald @Jagexi @Th3Fir3Knight @youngbirds09 @KEEMSTAR @BallingerMom @TeamYouTube @YouTube The problem is that YouTube is too ignorant to actually find and stop the pedos and instead do stupid shit like what happened to the Pokemon Go channels. The **** problem has been here for a long time and it's still here because YouTube hasn't actually done anything.

  • gayjollyrancher Ashley🍓 (@gayjollyrancher) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @YouTube FIX YOUR BROKEN S Y S T E M

  • Pecgalzio1 Pecgalzio (@Pecgalzio1) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators That’s how broken the copyright system is.

  • _1nightchild (@_1nightchild) reported

    @YouTube needs to fix their system, you are TERRIBLE to your creators and you avoid it smh NEW CEO PLEASE

  • davon4L WagTV (@davon4L) reported

    @AlliexandraTTV @YouTube ya it’s pretty awful you ain’t lying

  • Miguelferraz96 MiguelFerraz (@Miguelferraz96) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators Labels stealing your money.... Youtube is broken

  • princessem414 Princess Emily (@princessem414) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @brendonurie HELP

  • The_RobotHam Ryan Robotham (@The_RobotHam) reported

    With all the issues at @youtube makes me kinda glad i did pursuit it seriously. It has be a constant state of anxiety for people who make a living on that shitty site. #youtubecompetitorwhen

  • ElCatrinSuave Jonny (@ElCatrinSuave) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators It’s funny too because they didn’t have a problem with this until just now. These videos came out a while ago...

  • bluemoon5388 Yeemo band trash (@bluemoon5388) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators I hate that the part I’m paying attention to is I write sins not tragedies - and not the problem but rrrrreeeeeee I love that sonnnnng

  • ThreeDailey 🄳🅄🅂🅃🄸🄽 🄳🄰🄸🄻🄴🅈 (@ThreeDailey) reported

    @TeaSpillYT @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators it’s such a bullshit broken system. @shanedawson start a new platform!!! we support you!

  • AlliexandraTTV FaZe Morgan 💖 (@AlliexandraTTV) reported

    @davon4L @YouTube I don't mean it like that cause that would be punishing content creators again more like a direct competition to a website that is in awful shape

  • hereticraidaa Bud Callahan (@hereticraidaa) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Translation: We can’t fix this with the Almighty Algorithm. We’ve made this bed and now refuse to lay in it. Get boned, ya buncha rats. There’s nowhere else to go because you’ve made damn sure to ruin your competition.

  • BoucheDagLife Bouche Dag (@BoucheDagLife) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD this is why your platforms ******* dead youtube fix this shit

  • techtalkhd2 jacob (@techtalkhd2) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators Youtube has to seriously fix these false copyright issues

  • CubanMissile729 Ryan soto (@CubanMissile729) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @YouTube what kind of crap is this. You need to fix the copyright system. Someone humming a theme shouldn’t be a copyright claim. They own the song not the beat and if he wasn’t humming in tune then how can yoh claim a theme that isn’t even on key correctly.

  • normitingala Normis (@normitingala) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators This is so appalling. When is YouTube going to help creators instead of making everything more difficult for them

  • Hilomilo787 //MARY//📼// (@Hilomilo787) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators So stupid YouTube fix ur crap

  • DanielleKoste Danielle Koste (@DanielleKoste) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @YouTube FIX YOUR WEBSITE

  • TylerOaktrees Whatsername (@TylerOaktrees) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @brendonurie fix THIS

  • _Yessitsjess_ 🍒 𝙅𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙘𝙖 🍒 (@_Yessitsjess_) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators Youtube really needs to fix their copyright system..

  • zackpelo crying in the club (@zackpelo) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators youtube is an absolute wreck rn and the regulations on copyright are literal garbage. creators need a fix NOW

  • chelseaaabee_ chels (@chelseaaabee_) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators yall gotta fix this @YouTube

  • wayneoflife Wayne Jones (@wayneoflife) reported

    @GaymerExtofer @YouTube Youtube ****** up by not having a system in place to remove/ban abusers in the comments section. So now, Youtube is typical Youtube and trying a bandaid solution to the problem.

  • Courttotheknee Courtney-crank (@Courttotheknee) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @YouTube YOU ARE BROKEN

  • weewoo421 Ryan (@weewoo421) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators Help Pewds

  • patthegymnast2 ℙ𝔸𝕋ℤ𝕀𝕃𝕃𝔸(ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜 𝕄𝕒𝕔𝕃𝕖𝕒𝕟) (@patthegymnast2) reported

    YouTube is starting to get toxic now... like copyrighting people for no reason... for @BallingerMom and now @shanedawson.... like come on @YouTube like stop... STOP AND GET SOME HELP!😒

  • grandesblueside 𝘦𝘮 ˚₊· ➳♡ SEES ARI IN 95 DAYS! (@grandesblueside) reported


  • CentimeterMunro Connor Munro (@CentimeterMunro) reported

    @YouTube your system is broken. Listen to @MatPatGT to learn how to fix it

  • ARCTICDOLS emma (@ARCTICDOLS) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators youtube needs to fix their shit

  • Dumbtweetsguy Tom (@Dumbtweetsguy) reported

    @YouTube this is unfair, fix this and then start talking to us about article 13

  • christinar626 christina rosario (@christinar626) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @brendonurie fix this

  • undrscorehalley Halley (@undrscorehalley) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @ Youtube u needa fix this asap. this is BS🙄

  • amemeduhh amanda jean (@amemeduhh) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @brendonurie @PanicAtTheDisco fix this king

  • alix_crist Alix Crist (@alix_crist) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators YouTube really needs to fix this. I keep seeing creators getting copyright claims for no valid reason! This keeps happening to people and it’s so unfair

  • Jessiesworld6 Jess ~🦞🖤 (@Jessiesworld6) reported


  • haylxylouuise hayley 🌿 (@haylxylouuise) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators yo @PanicAtTheDisco pls fix this x

  • HelloAg81994179 HelloAgain (@HelloAg81994179) reported

    @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators @brendonurie Please help Shane. This isn't right.

  • kaylen9joyce 지우 (@kaylen9joyce) reported

    @issylippis @shanedawson @YouTube @YTCreators YouTube has issues😳🙊