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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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January 18: Problems at Youtube

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  • khhsocratica (((Socratica Kim))) (@khhsocratica) reported

    @keaoli @Supernova_Style @YouTube I think that could help. The silence surrounding this kind of talk on our channel is deafening. I try to remove as much as I can, b/c we don't want our viewers to associate that kind of talk with our channel. It's damaging to everyone who sees it.

  • Derkil3 Derkil (@Derkil3) reported

    @YouTube @maggierogers Eminem is not on trending ... fix it 🙃

  • GazCStokes Gary Stokes (@GazCStokes) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube This sad individual has real mommy issues

  • zoey302 zoey302 🙏🇺🇸 (@zoey302) reported

    @glennkirschner2 @YouTube Not working. America knows the Dem playbook well by now.

  • djdonnell danny jay donnell (@djdonnell) reported

    @waltmossberg @YouTube I couldn’t agree more, the YouTube app is terrible. Google is messing up a real opportunity here.

  • SteeleMan829 (@SteeleMan829) reported

    @TeamYouTube @VsauseMichael @YouTube That is their problem, not ours.

  • GageGipson7 Deathstroke (@GageGipson7) reported

    @lewisburgtn @westhillstigers @YouTube @marshallcotn @MarshallCoSch Worst town in america

  • reversechapter lee h. alderman (@reversechapter) reported

    @keithbrownmph @rlamartini @masonis_marilyn @tinwisc @PainPtFightBack @YouTube I'll have to revisit all of these Tweets when I'm wide awake, but I'm glad I pissed people off, and I think this kind of discussion is crucial to finding the answers to real problems.

  • ShiroRexco Rexco 🦋 (@ShiroRexco) reported

    @Kabi_Kun @YouTube See that is the problem, I dont feel like the stories are shallow at all, for me they all feel like full completed stories on their own

  • Whoatthetardis Harry Callahan (@Whoatthetardis) reported

    @EvHBrown @bowlestrek @TheCriticalDri2 @YouTube If you actually ever watched Doctor Who, you would know it’s been used plenty of times before. Hell Matt Smith even used a head butt to do it. There in lies the issue. People constantly attacking the show who haven’t even watched it before. It’s not even close to being worst ever

  • vul_garrett_E garrett-t-shore (@vul_garrett_E) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Twitter is both a drinking fountain and a toilet. Chris treats it as the latter. Chris has issues in his own life that he is not dealing with but manifest when he is sitting on his toilet and reading. He knows not what he does

  • keithbrownmph Keith Brown (@keithbrownmph) reported

    @rlamartini @masonis_marilyn @reversechapter @tinwisc @PainPtFightBack @YouTube You can’t decriminalize a disease, only the substances related to it. So it doesn’t matter whether you call addiction a disease or health issue. And people get arrested for using one time. That’s not addiction.

  • last_comic Last Crusader (@last_comic) reported

    @Friended4Ever @YouTube The worst thing about being an Atheist, is all the other arrogant Atheists. No man, whatever he calls himself, knows the answer, he can only claim, through ego, that his guess is correct.

  • rick56866268 obi-bane (@rick56866268) reported

    @RealClownfishTV @YouTube I wouldn't call it the worst But it was a very heavy handed ending that made me feel 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • HandlinSimon alfieloyal (@HandlinSimon) reported

    @PF_86 @LozzaFox @YouTube i agree, that woman was on there with an agenda to push the race issue, and got totally shut down and they cannot stand it,

  • LeeannM1982 Lee-Ann Miller (@LeeannM1982) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Maybe one day that God-awful tweet will come back to bite him in the ass. Plus he would probably faint -at best- rather than laugh and laugh...

  • divinempowermen DivinEmpowerment 🅥 (@divinempowermen) reported

    Please HELP 🙏 yesterday I had 3,474 watched hours on my YouTube channel, today I have 3,458 watched hours. Last email from YouTube with hours watched update was 12/5/19 with 3,760 watched hours. I have added content since &made no changes to public hours. @YouTube @ytcreators

  • onewayo30275579 onewayoranother22 (@onewayo30275579) reported

    @ReignOfApril @glennkirschner2 @YouTube That's the problem, you believe what someone tells you instead of checking it out yourself. It's more BS.

  • keithbrownmph Keith Brown (@keithbrownmph) reported

    @rlamartini @reversechapter @tinwisc @PainPtFightBack @YouTube I think we get to the same place by saying it’s a “health issue” rather than disease- ie criminalizing a health issue (replacing disease) doesn’t make sense and harms ppl.

  • onewayo30275579 onewayoranother22 (@onewayo30275579) reported

    @lc1_summit @glennkirschner2 @YouTube Would have been nice to see some evidence of all these terrible things, but like usual there isn't any

  • ejames500 Elle J (@ejames500) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube That's terrible!

  • Sriram_Lakshman Sriram Lakshmanan (@Sriram_Lakshman) reported

    @waltmossberg @YouTube And the search function and how it stores search history is amazingly terrible. If I search for say, dire straits using my phone or remote, the search history is like this - “di, dir, dire , dire st, dire str, dire stra, dire straits”. So annoying

  • MonkeyFlop MonkeyFlop 🦧 (@MonkeyFlop) reported

    Anyone having issues with Google chrome on PC with @YouTube I click on my avatar to go to studio & nothing happens. I click to add cards & end screens and it brings me to my other channel..

  • mariusmule mark.n.daniels (@mariusmule) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Lol what a total ******** the mans got serious anger issues.😂

  • JonDerricott1 Jon Derricott (@JonDerricott1) reported

    @jerrydree @YouTube Glad you like it - I agree, the production is almost as good as the playing! Hope they don't wreck Americanah! Hollywood can make a terrible mess of good things sometimes. I'll watch with great interest.

  • Wonuola_48938 Wonuola Yomi-Odedeyi (@Wonuola_48938) reported

    @GearBestES @YouTube #SN20011900011 Ordered Mi Watch world edition  in Nov 2019  promise delivery Dec 21. Seller  shipped in after I involved Paypal.  Item was delivered 17 Jan but, Chinese NOT worldwide version as advertised. I cannot read Chinese so watch is useless to me. Please help

  • Castang09 Terry Groves (@Castang09) reported

    @ASK_des @YouTube On my "worst record of all time" list.

  • AutistAwareness cyggy (@AutistAwareness) reported

    @zaptiee @YouTube I'm having an issue with YouTube Premium

  • marykni95408881 mary knight (@marykni95408881) reported

    @powergenetics1 @slay4ever007 @LozzaFox @YouTube I'm not judging you, not my place, you might have had a terrible upbringing and lack capacity. But I judge that tweet, and make some assumptions about you and your ability to engage in civilized debate and understand subtlety. Piss poor all round.

  • Rohittawani Rohit Tawani (@Rohittawani) reported

    @ios_authority @YouTube @ytcreators @TeamYouTube guys help @ytcreators @YouTube @YouTubeIndia what is happening many channels are getting hijacked you have to make u r privacy more strong and atleast reply something

  • Shade_Nocturne Shade Nocturne (@Shade_Nocturne) reported

    @AspinRed @YouTube @Pornhub I tried 2 others. Both had an issue rendering/uploading. This was both a humorous and successful alternative. Let's see them go after me there. They'd have to admit in requesting it be taken down that they visited a porn site to view it, and that would be amazing XD

  • tinwisc Tam (@tinwisc) reported from Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

    @reversechapter @rlamartini @keithbrownmph @PainPtFightBack @YouTube Right now we are using a police state and mass incarceration. And its NOT working

  • Doug24Seven Doug (@Doug24Seven) reported

    @waltmossberg @YouTube I also found that YT used less bandwidth than DirecTV and I agree the recommendations by YT are terrible.

  • Kabi_Kun Kabi (@Kabi_Kun) reported

    @ShiroRexco @YouTube the issue i am talking about with replaying half the game is the first 12 chapters are effectively always the same, just different units

  • Doug24Seven Doug (@Doug24Seven) reported

    @waltmossberg @YouTube I used both DirecTV and YouTube TV and after almost a year of using both I finally settled on YT. DirecTV has voice command which is nice but the DVR terrible and they kept raising prices. Apple needs to add more channels to compete on live TV front. The Apple remote sucks.

  • Uncle_bigstuff my dick is long, I know you want it 😎 (@Uncle_bigstuff) reported

    @VectorThaViper @YouTube Baddest... Boss help me with 10k 😭😭

  • Kabi_Kun Kabi (@Kabi_Kun) reported

    @ShiroRexco @YouTube But they are better designed, balanced, have a better story and actually characters with personality Three housed did actually fix some of the issues i have with awakening but now i have to replay half the game 4 times to get the full story and spend 50% of the time not playing

  • schizzy3 Name cannot be blank (@schizzy3) reported

    @HappyPower @YouTube The worst idea ever we would have vsco and e girls the "renegade" dance smh

  • LTrutter Larry Trutter (@LTrutter) reported

    @waltmossberg @YouTube I really hate having to manually turn on captions *every* *single* time a video plays on that @YouTube on Apple TV!! Their website doesn’t have that issue. I can only assume Alphabet /Google hated the deaf and hard of hearing community for using Apple TV! 🤬


    @YouTube @maggierogers Help @pacpacboy his Channel are hacked!!!!

  • Comeonmurray12 Angie Baby 🐰🌹 (@Comeonmurray12) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Bloody awful man tbh

  • keithbrownmph Keith Brown (@keithbrownmph) reported

    @spec_mil @PainPtFightBack @YouTube I missed the part of my own words where I talked about bread lines. Help me out here.

  • Kabi_Kun Kabi (@Kabi_Kun) reported

    @ShiroRexco @YouTube Also watching playthroughs of fire emblem games just sounds like an awful experience in general

  • LauraBkernow Laura Searis (@LauraBkernow) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube He’s definitely got issues

  • rwilson43392778 r wilson (@rwilson43392778) reported

    @ShaneRapp17 @OANN @YouTube Seek help

  • thickett_shaun Shaun Thickett (@thickett_shaun) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Seek help oddball

  • michelledelonge Michelle Delonge (@michelledelonge) reported

    I hate that so many of the channels I am subbed to on @YouTube have had their comments shut off because of COPPA a problem that @YouTube @Google created but its the creators once again suffering for the problem caused by google/youtube.

  • eilvaz ⁷.+ (@eilvaz) reported

    @lilkookk @Bangtan04672516 @BigHitEnt @YouTube @BTS_twt @bts_bighit @hitmanb @youtubemusic mostly it’s kpopie*s who watch this kinda of videos cuz they don’t want to give bts views.. the real problem here is the fake bh channel :)

  • MountainDanDan Danny (@MountainDanDan) reported

    @waltmossberg @YouTube I always thought the android UI on iOS strategy choice to be terrible long term. Particularly now that they have premium services and offerings within YT.

  • reversechapter lee h. alderman (@reversechapter) reported

    @tinwisc @PainPtFightBack @keithbrownmph @YouTube No, giving one group of people preferential treatment DOES harm others. But I'm not arguing against your larger position. I'm saying we don't have to make ****** legal to help pain patients, and the way pain sufferers have been dragged into this is disgusting.

  • tinwisc Tam (@tinwisc) reported from Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

    @reversechapter @PainPtFightBack @keithbrownmph @YouTube Until recently weak codeine was available otc in UK, Australia and other countries. It was never an "issue" until #opiodhysteria started

  • smyth_lord Lord GOochy Ov England. MBE 🇬🇧 (@smyth_lord) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Yea, this one has a few anger issues.

  • tinwisc Tam (@tinwisc) reported from Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

    @reversechapter @PainPtFightBack @keithbrownmph @YouTube No its not. It leads to less death. Prohibition is harming them. If ****** was produced by Kraft and made safe no more or less people would use it. Plus addiction would not be criminal so they could seek help wo fear.

  • waltmossberg Walt Mossberg (@waltmossberg) reported

    I like my Apple TV. A lot. Apple’s TV app does a decent job of bundling shows on many other apps. But my big gripe is the @YouTube Apple TV app. Not only is the UI terrible, but its recommendations for me are bad, and different, from those on other devices with the same account.

  • stelee28 Stephen Robinson (@stelee28) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube That's awful

  • alanmaynard11 alan maynard (@alanmaynard11) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Worries he got one like, ******* nounce , if someone .....don’t want to do it himself call him out fix up a meeting see if that would be hilarious

  • muzza456ao muzza (@muzza456ao) reported

    @BrenTaylor79 @YouTube John squire. Hair. Quality.

  • Midland55 Midland55 (@Midland55) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube Most lefties are awful people, one opinion....their own. Vile

  • BrunoCorraCast3 BruninCastro (@BrunoCorraCast3) reported

    @SubZeroGamer_ @TeamYouTube @YouTube Please help Sub Zero

  • BrunoCorraCast3 BruninCastro (@BrunoCorraCast3) reported

    @SubZeroGamer_ @TeamYouTube @YouTube help Sub Zero please