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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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  • notez2bweezy Weezy Jefferson (@notez2bweezy) reported

    @LindaKWalker5 @kaykay924 @YouTube Meh. I find them boring honestly. I didn't have a problem with Mandi until she started in with a friend, and I didn't particularly dislike Nikki Rev until she started in with another one. I honestly don't know anything about Sam, though.

  • SonkeiYT Sonkei (@SonkeiYT) reported

    @YTCreators @YouTube @YouTube I am glad YouTube that you guys are doing this but I feel that there is many youtubers that doesn’t many subscribers (10k-100ksubs)like me that would wish to get the training thing. That could really help other smaller content creators.

  • SonkeiYT Sonkei (@SonkeiYT) reported

    @YTCreators @YouTube @YouTube I am glad YouTube that you are doing this but I feel that there is many youtubers with not so many subscribers like that me that would wish to get the trainings thing that could help me grow my channel.

  • baxitweets ronak (@baxitweets) reported

    @ManuWriter @YouTube It based on the user cookies, location. and browsing history, then related to video. Relation with the video is the lowest priority only when browser doesnt have any data. Try removing everything from browser and dont login on youtube.

  • _iiReal iiReal (@_iiReal) reported

    @TruSchoolSports @YouTube I just don't feel Rigo was bailed out, Ceja was softening he took some massive head shots throughout even if he survived that round Rigo was probably scoring a knockdown or 2 before it ended. Ceja ate too many clean head shots. It was a terrible stoppage though on that we agree.

  • SparklingCactus Sparkling Cactus (@SparklingCactus) reported

    @heckyessica Then he's going to be able to live stream on @YouTube for the next 90 days without issue.

  • Thrillhouse2246 Thrillhouse (@Thrillhouse2246) reported

    @Anubis2k15 @LayersOfFear2 @AllAboutUSC @YoutubeCommuni3 @TwitchRetweetMe @YouTube No problem man, sorry I dident get back to chat, I was a bit busier then I thought. But I'll try stop by next time 😊

  • overton_sam Sam Overton (@overton_sam) reported from Benbrook, Texas

    @jjuantwothree @YouTube The biggest problem is how much it costs to play here in the states. All to often the best young players in this country cant afford the outrageous fees that select soccer clubs charge to play so you miss out on generational talent because of the cost.

  • Yung__nibba Yung_nibba (@Yung__nibba) reported

    @IAm8BitRyan It's 360p so I can't watch it, please fix this @YouTube

  • JongewardShanna Shanna Jongeward (@JongewardShanna) reported

    @shannon55322198 @YouTube @AimeeSorensen1 Great point, Trust! I have never thought about putting trust into a leader but essentially it is important because you have to be able to take issues to them with the trust that they will handle it properly!

  • Lord_of_Edge666 Foster Plant (@Lord_of_Edge666) reported

    @Chaosforged @shadowedfox @ZoeCatfu @YouTube True, it would help greatly but not everyone is completely comfortable putting their card info online and all that or a lot of people’s viewer base could be children who of course don’t have cards

  • KristiCapek KristiCapek (@KristiCapek) reported

    @okrapickles @hulu_support @hulu @YouTube I signed up for @YouTubeTV tonight instead -- 5 day free trial. Haven't had any lagging issues all night, clear picture, it's amazing. Think I'll be cancelling Hulu in 4 days.

  • RealClayDoh ClayDoh 🏳️‍🌈⃠ (@RealClayDoh) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Fix your platform.

  • BRYZORD Bryan Bonadurer (@BRYZORD) reported

    @YouTube I am having an issue with another YouTube user. I need to talk to staff. @YTCreators

  • MissRavencrest Julie Ravencrest (@MissRavencrest) reported

    @YouTube fix this. You claim you care, show it.

  • DAndreotti62 David Andreotti (@DAndreotti62) reported

    @slaimanandkate @YouTube Worst one yet

  • zerg539 Michael Bergeron (@zerg539) reported

    @shoe0nhead @YouTube @YTCreators @YouTubeInsider Commentary is fair use you should know that if you have Copyright school. Your Copyright system is broken as **** its almost as bad as your "unbiased" decision making

  • clammyODDParke Mr. GEM Iacono ☮️🏳️‍🌈🗿🚶🏾‍♂️ (@clammyODDParke) reported

    @dante23570212 @YouTube I love you It isn’t my fault you can’t call me again and tell me he broke his phone the night you did call cause my phone was broken

  • saviitar__ ya boi (@saviitar__) reported

    @YouTubeGaming @YouTube @YTCreators major issue, a "creator" on your platform named ImJayStation has managed to collect 4.5 million subscribers making profit off of celebrities who have touched people. Etika is the last straw. Take action Youtube.

  • lgillen Lee Gillen (@lgillen) reported from Austin, Texas

    @apostraphi @YouTube That people are terrible. That an advertisement can make a funny juxtaposition. Some things are better to be read.

  • HitMarxist Cultural Marxist Hit Squad (@HitMarxist) reported

    @AnNguye31270629 @YouTube @benshapiro @prageru No, the label is accurate. But it's the hate that's the issue

  • RavioliU Ravioli In An Anime Universe (@RavioliU) reported

    @YouTube please fix your system. I like your platform it's just that you need to fix it. People are getting claimed for copyright when they have the author of that song, game, ect. says that person can play it. I'm not typing this to hate, I like your platform and all, but fix it

  • spencercoin spencercÓin (@spencercoin) reported

    @TopGlassCleaner @YouTube @YouTubeInsider @YouTubeGaming @YouTubeTV This happened to me too sadly, if you check my tweets you can see what happened, they banned me then unbanned me and now are just ignoring me, pathetic tbh. Worst part is, I did nothing!

  • scotiebee Scott Michael (@scotiebee) reported

    @YouTube @washington :::TheBalance Is Our Oath Of Office,So ThePeople Have The First TooSay By A>DemocracyPry,,,YourSavior&Lords WhoAre @GodsKingdom Can't Say A God Damn Thing Till Oath Issue's 4Any One Given ManOrWomen Is Reached,ScrewAmericansOver&PayThe>PRICE TOO>>>YouBetterBelieve*THAT Is True,,,

  • EarnestWalkerJr Earnest Walker Jr (@EarnestWalkerJr) reported

    @GorovMusic @YouTube This perfectly illustrates why the quality of pop music has dropped to the gutter. I just hope that jazz music doesn’t follow the trend.

  • lisapiglett Lisa Nguyen (@lisapiglett) reported

    Hi @YouTube @YTCreators PLEASE SAVE MY RELATIONSHIP! I deleted my boyfriend’s Adsense account because he was trying to link the correct one & his monetization status went away. His channel is VINO SONG and I don’t know what to do to help 😭😭😭 #youtubesaveslove

  • StormIsABandito Størm misses the boys (@StormIsABandito) reported

    @FatherSuplex @YouTube Omfg leave are you talking about the problem no do we care no so leave

  • TrumpTheStorm Promises-AngeleStar (@TrumpTheStorm) reported

    @CaliConserv1 @YouTube I know...the fix was in....

  • fgjoslem fGjOSlEm (@fgjoslem) reported

    @ShyBookwormYuri @Depressed_Doki @TeamYouTube @YouTube That's legit ******* awful. I haven't even watched and I disliked it. It's one thing to continue on with your life and content and keep him in your heart. It's another thing to literally ******* mock his death in your content. Not to mention that it's fake. #NoFakeSwitchNiggas

  • faetyl12 F҉͡͝͡a҉̸̷̨̕e̴̕͡͞t̵y̶̨̛ļ͟-̛́͟͞F̀l̵̛͢҉a̴̛͝͡w̴̛̛̕͘s̢ (@faetyl12) reported

    @YouTube Theres an issue with content i was watching and was wondering if yall could help

  • SillySatanKitty Mattie (@SillySatanKitty) reported

    @YouTube #FreeVaush fix your algorythim pls

  • PinkyUnderling PinkyUnderling (@PinkyUnderling) reported

    @youtube stop it. Get some help.

  • jjmid04 Jeffrey Middleton (@jjmid04) reported

    @FrancBiss @KyleDaters @TomAWillis @CapFriendly @YouTube Gallagher is just as much of a problem as Subban. He wasn’t a problem in Nashville at all.

  • Freekeith Keith R. Gill (@Freekeith) reported

    @Trace_AVP @SquareBidness @JerrelXL @AJTheManChild @0oty_Mac @stateofthenewy1 @Woodshed_1914 @Rick__War @Chuck1one @2ForgetUs @TruePG718 @Knickstape2005 @MacksJulien @rahmmagick @sethtapper @BigFreezie @IanChisolm @TMal761 @LooseJointny @FahimInsurance @DonaldP47082631 @forevershinin @Byrons360 @net_steven @ed_tsunoda @ShuaibA12 @_METE0RA_ @PreZnyc621 @NoActionJackson @juice33nyc @shwinnypooh @Nykterryandtray @eski225 @stalling_e @Jaelin_Taylor @RTaylor2283 @Marxman35 @MrAlexCollins @_CK2K @PennStateThor @BX2GROSS @zion_mvp @racerbluegold @Knickaveli @KnaledgeNC @Btruetolife @ginisangpepe @mvp_zion @the_process101 @YouTube That's not my gripe. He can leave I really dont care. But it's the People who act like hes trash that kinda tick me off... it wouldn't be so bad if yall weren't riding for someone that wasnt trending towards absolute worst player in the nba while hating on Manny.

  • 2ForgetUs Southside's Finest (@2ForgetUs) reported

    @MacksJulien @Rick__War @AJTheManChild @Trace_AVP @stateofthenewy1 @Woodshed_1914 @0oty_Mac @Chuck1one @TruePG718 @Knickstape2005 @rahmmagick @sethtapper @BigFreezie @JerrelXL @Freekeith @IanChisolm @TMal761 @LooseJointny @FahimInsurance @DonaldP47082631 @forevershinin @Byrons360 @net_steven @SquareBidness @ed_tsunoda @ShuaibA12 @_METE0RA_ @PreZnyc621 @NoActionJackson @juice33nyc @shwinnypooh @Nykterryandtray @eski225 @stalling_e @Jaelin_Taylor @RTaylor2283 @Marxman35 @MrAlexCollins @_CK2K @PennStateThor @BX2GROSS @zion_mvp @racerbluegold @Knickaveli @KnaledgeNC @Btruetolife @ginisangpepe @mvp_zion @the_process101 @YouTube Dudes who want Cousins think Mudiay is a “quality” PG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rick__War Rick__War (@Rick__War) reported

    @JerrelXL @AJTheManChild @2ForgetUs @Trace_AVP @stateofthenewy1 @Woodshed_1914 @0oty_Mac @Chuck1one @TruePG718 @Knickstape2005 @MacksJulien @rahmmagick @sethtapper @BigFreezie @Freekeith @IanChisolm @TMal761 @LooseJointny @FahimInsurance @DonaldP47082631 @forevershinin @Byrons360 @net_steven @SquareBidness @ed_tsunoda @ShuaibA12 @_METE0RA_ @PreZnyc621 @NoActionJackson @juice33nyc @shwinnypooh @Nykterryandtray @eski225 @stalling_e @Jaelin_Taylor @RTaylor2283 @Marxman35 @MrAlexCollins @_CK2K @PennStateThor @BX2GROSS @zion_mvp @racerbluegold @Knickaveli @KnaledgeNC @Btruetolife @ginisangpepe @mvp_zion @the_process101 @YouTube I have no problem with throwing the money to vets as long it’s to the right players

  • Big_Brain_Ideas Big Brained (@Big_Brain_Ideas) reported

    @YouTube is nothing without it's creators. You will fail as a company and crash and burn once they all move to a better platform that actually cares about it's creators.

  • EvansDavydd Davydd Evans (@EvansDavydd) reported

    @Project_Veritas @YouTube The future isn't all doom and gloom, regardless of what these big tech companies do 👍. Blockchain is on the scene, it will take time and education on it is biggest problem - said tech monopolies know it as well. It can't be stopped unless you kill the internet completely.

  • 2ForgetUs Southside's Finest (@2ForgetUs) reported

    @SquareBidness @JerrelXL @Freekeith @AJTheManChild @0oty_Mac @Trace_AVP @stateofthenewy1 @Woodshed_1914 @Rick__War @Chuck1one @TruePG718 @Knickstape2005 @MacksJulien @rahmmagick @sethtapper @BigFreezie @IanChisolm @TMal761 @LooseJointny @FahimInsurance @DonaldP47082631 @forevershinin @Byrons360 @net_steven @ed_tsunoda @ShuaibA12 @_METE0RA_ @PreZnyc621 @NoActionJackson @juice33nyc @shwinnypooh @Nykterryandtray @eski225 @stalling_e @Jaelin_Taylor @RTaylor2283 @Marxman35 @MrAlexCollins @_CK2K @PennStateThor @BX2GROSS @zion_mvp @racerbluegold @Knickaveli @KnaledgeNC @Btruetolife @ginisangpepe @mvp_zion @the_process101 @YouTube 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭If he’s that good the Knicks won’t be able to afford the “quality” PG Mudiay😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • M_A_D_Caaaat 💥🔥SpicyMeat-a-ball🔥💥 (@M_A_D_Caaaat) reported

    @theserfstv @vadimnewquist @OfficialDLive #FreeVaush Vaush needs our help. He's been banned for TOS for streaming the DEM Debate. It's CRAZY!! @YouTube

  • tergunto Tergunto (@tergunto) reported

    @BryceHa45828431 @derangedcrowd @nbh1883 @NYPDnews @YouTube @NYPDTips @NYPD84Pct @Slasher @KEEMSTAR @xD1x @Anti @visecs @YouTubeGaming You helped kill etika. You smothered him when he needed help. You're sick in the head.

  • caseyoakdale81 Dano (@caseyoakdale81) reported

    @RandomMnky @YouTube That's terrible

  • KlNGCANDY Jay (@KlNGCANDY) reported

    @DaveStansberry @1jcmaxwell @redlettermedia @YouTube I think part of the reason they don’t have as many subscribers than they should (other than Youtube being a content creation void run by terrible algorithms) is that they used to use Blip as their main site for uploading videos, but that shut down in 2015.

  • DAGG_YouTube DAGG (@DAGG_YouTube) reported

    Fix this now @TeamYouTube @YouTube

  • Freekeith Keith R. Gill (@Freekeith) reported

    @2ForgetUs @AJTheManChild @Trace_AVP @stateofthenewy1 @Woodshed_1914 @Rick__War @0oty_Mac @Chuck1one @TruePG718 @Knickstape2005 @MacksJulien @rahmmagick @sethtapper @BigFreezie @JerrelXL @IanChisolm @TMal761 @LooseJointny @FahimInsurance @DonaldP47082631 @forevershinin @Byrons360 @net_steven @SquareBidness @ed_tsunoda @ShuaibA12 @_METE0RA_ @PreZnyc621 @NoActionJackson @juice33nyc @shwinnypooh @Nykterryandtray @eski225 @stalling_e @Jaelin_Taylor @RTaylor2283 @Marxman35 @MrAlexCollins @_CK2K @PennStateThor @BX2GROSS @zion_mvp @racerbluegold @Knickaveli @KnaledgeNC @Btruetolife @ginisangpepe @mvp_zion @the_process101 @YouTube "Quality" by this definition means : "Better tha Frank".

  • TopGlassCleaner BBN X ReJeCt (@TopGlassCleaner) reported

    @YouTube @YouTubeInsider @YouTubeGaming @YouTubeTV My Yt Got Banned For No Reason I Don’t Understand Like What Did I Do I Only Had 1 Video Posted On My Channel If That Was The Problem Y’all Could’ve At least Told Me To Take It Down If It Was Offensive To Anyone

  • _kimster silence_I_block_u (@_kimster) reported

    @HYIMJEN @YouTube This wont help your brand tho.

  • FixYouTubeBot Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • naturalrights23 Udynasty🙌🏽 (@naturalrights23) reported from Lutz Country Estates, Florida

    @notgoodelephant @gio_jmartinez @CanesEDIT @jase_c_king @prageru @benshapiro @RubinReport @scrowder @Google @YouTube @AndrewYang @PeteButtigieg Right Because of religious reasons and Rubin understood, Because diversity of thought does not mean that you hate the other person. So outside of a religious ceremony where in Judaism marriage is a sacred vow between man and woman, Shapiro has no problem chilling with Rubin.

  • TopGlassCleaner BBN X ReJeCt (@TopGlassCleaner) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YouTube PLZZ help my yt got banned for no reason idk what to do

  • Stankmaster420 Homeaux (@Stankmaster420) reported

    @pukicho @YouTube He did the same thing with Mac Miller when he died. I honestly can't imagine how broken as a person he has to be to exploit the deaths of anybody for money.

  • HiMAT60i I'm coming up, woah (@HiMAT60i) reported

    @YouTube so many other people are streaming and didn't get banned. Please fix this

  • RealDeraMemes Daddy (@RealDeraMemes) reported

    @RealDera @YouTube I haven’t really experienced California, but Cali and Hawaii have an extremely bad homeless issue from my experience. It’s quite sad how it’s gotten this far and little to nothing has been done to stop the % from increasing.

  • eca227 Lainey 🔥 (@eca227) reported

    @TruTrishaXO @YouTube Get help.

  • fddnm fddnm (@fddnm) reported

    @Allonsyyy_ @YouTube Right, he deserves backlash, just not for what most people think it is. It would have been even more terrible if he actually did what he said in the title. The longer he keeps the video up the more of an ass he makes out of himself. Hope he grows a bit of sense soon :/

  • CyberneticHusky Cybernetic Husky (@CyberneticHusky) reported

    @PopCulturePb @YouTube @Skynet_TX hey man don't blame skynet for Youtube's problems skynet just wants to destroy humanity that is why I am part machine I will be unaffected

  • AlexEKimball Alexandra Kimball (@AlexEKimball) reported

    @Advo_Kado @jskinforte @YouTube What a terrible metaphor, the other side of the rainbow is even better, it has a pot o gold

  • sithkryptoyt Sith Kryptonian 🎥 (@sithkryptoyt) reported

    I wish there was a tool that would allow you to monitor your algorithm help on @YouTube

  • cswitz32 Caroline Switzenberg (@cswitz32) reported

    @RealDoctorMike @YouTube My scoliosis is getting real bad that one I sleep I have so much pain that I can't even turn when I want to roll over on the other side it hurts so bad that it's it almost act like I got a broken back and I can't move my spine I don't feel anything what

  • _Fulla_Malarkey Fulla Malarkey (@_Fulla_Malarkey) reported

    @Ranting_Monkey @YouTube got slapped so hard it won't even let me sign back in to @YouTube fix yo shit!!!