Is Youtube down?

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 Some problems detected at Youtube

Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

Youtube Outage Chart

October 17: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 03:30 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (36.65%)
  • Crashing (25.62%)
  • Playback Issues (24.88%)
  • Sign in (9.84%)
  • Video Quality (3.02%)

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Youtube Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • CrystalClemmer1
    Crystal Clemmer (@CrystalClemmer1) reported

    @HippieBookkeep @YouTube No problem!

  • Storyboos
    Jenny (@Storyboos) reported

    @NorthernlionLP @YouTube GREED GLITCH THO

  • IrvinReyes013
    Irvin Reyes (@IrvinReyes013) reported

    @HawksNestYT @YouTube Help me get my account unbanned 😭

  • KB67622281
    KB (@KB67622281) reported

    @YouTube I understand it was down completely but now that it’s back up the premium membership I paid for is not working! 😡

  • FlabbxzGaming
    Flabbiest Seven (@FlabbxzGaming) reported

    @youtube fix your flipping app! This is getting ridiculous

  • JohnTweddle3
    John $ Tweddle (@JohnTweddle3) reported

    @Madelyn48447252 @YouTube #login For the past 14years 1000 Israelis killed 7000 Palestinians killed. Palestinians live in concentration camps tortured by Israel. Countless Palestinians are purposely crippled for life by the sadistic Israelis.

  • catus_f
    Felis F. Catus (@catus_f) reported

    @birdcatcher9 @MorganeOgerNDP @confirmedterfs @KHCReal @Buttinghill @vestigia33 @swjohnston2 @BarbaraRKay @BanGendrUnicorn @LauraLynnTT @HanlonMike @idpetition @stevjo9 @BaileyJonesAB @jpaulson49 @YouTube @pauldirks @ACPeds @ARPACanada @4th_WaveNow @jordanbpeterson @JCCFCanada @SheilaGunnReid @ChrDisabilityTF @JurisCameron @CHPCanadaLeader @ParentChoiceAB @mumtears1 @PAFE4 @JoyPullmann @JVanMaren @DrMichaelLBrown @vote_Rosch @627river @AndrewLawton @manny_ottawa @ZUCKERKJ @helenapatrikiou @CharterFreedoms @mdmartinowen @FemalesLikeUs @TransCriticalMo @jonkay @LilyLilyMaynard @InTouchMin @Rob_Fleming @TrishEstabrooks @michaeljanz @jkenney @fakeezzie He did them a little bit of help so they gave him a middle. I promise you though middle authorships in low impact journals sure aren’t how he got tenure. He must have bagged a first or last in JAMA or something along the way since unremarkable middle won’t sustain a career.

  • TCompooper
    TheSuperCompooper (@TCompooper) reported

    @YouTube is broken again. Help please.

  • Jellymad1
    Jellymad 🌟nurmagomedov (@Jellymad1) reported

    @TeamYouTube @slogoman Slogoman I know joey error fixed! What is true 🤔 like what seeing To @YouTube

  • LadyReverb
    Lady Wraithy Reverb 👻 🍞🌹🏴🚩 (@LadyReverb) reported

    @ASterling @richten47 @Mokum_Misfit @LTrotsky21 @stlwrkr4889 @garden_heidi @scapelliti @LibrulAzzole @walter_ghost @VryKranky @mattwsm @DireMakerBand @mwholmes1980 @ShaunHensleyCA @GhostAnneBoleyn @50linesonly @nonnie7696 @Matt_Read_NZ @Landorcan @LumpyLouish @ActifyMG @MissJules5x @lmorihouse @wilwin94 @JonStall2009 @JackieHardCoreG @BradleyRBloom @Of_the_People7 @DoctorKropotkin @PlainOldWaffles @Queeroolant @volkskrant @YouTube @NOS @AramRoston I’m so sorry! I worked volunteer hospice mid to late 80’s in SF - it was so horrendous then too. I quit and started volunteering w/ Food Not Bombs because after four years of that, it had broken me.

  • MicahTillman
    Pumpkintide Advocate (@MicahTillman) reported

    @YouTube "Oh look! It's the people who are making the world safe for fascism talking to me when all I wanted to do was listen to a remix of a video game soundtrack." @YouTube, delivering a quality customer experience, one paid advertisement at a time.

  • TomDoncaster
    Tom Doncaster (@TomDoncaster) reported

    @Josh__1867 @YouTube Had so many problems with my laptop tonight 😩

    SHEEHAN (@VOIDMAN1) reported

    @UavSwift @McJuggerNuggets @YouTube I so very much wished you would of saved it bro..i just wish i would of watched it when it first posted instead of waiting to watch while i ate dinner...i guess its a cheat night 2 help me get over keep up on your positive weight loss my friend..

  • iamdouglasray
    DouglasRay (@iamdouglasray) reported

    @MattiHaapoja @YouTube They must have updated to Adobe 2019 - that’s causing all kinds of problems in my world at the moment

  • GamerThumbTV
    GamerThumbTV (@GamerThumbTV) reported

    @SmashJT @YouTube I think YouTube is all sorts of messed up right now. I can't get any videos to finish processing and people are telling me my channel is giving them an error 503. YouTube "support" copy and pasted a help article about uploading videos -_-

  • LadyReverb
    Lady Wraithy Reverb 👻 🍞🌹🏴🚩 (@LadyReverb) reported

    @richten47 @Mokum_Misfit @ASterling @LTrotsky21 @stlwrkr4889 @garden_heidi @scapelliti @LibrulAzzole @walter_ghost @VryKranky @mattwsm @DireMakerBand @mwholmes1980 @ShaunHensleyCA @GhostAnneBoleyn @50linesonly @nonnie7696 @Matt_Read_NZ @Landorcan @LumpyLouish @ActifyMG @MissJules5x @lmorihouse @wilwin94 @JonStall2009 @JackieHardCoreG @BradleyRBloom @Of_the_People7 @DoctorKropotkin @PlainOldWaffles @Queeroolant @volkskrant @YouTube @NOS @AramRoston Oh man - I’d love to see that! I bet the hair is awful! 😂

  • dshuffman4229
    Debra Huffman (@dshuffman4229) reported

    @OmarGoshTV @YouTube Have been having Omar withdrawals. Totally understand. We have to fix ourselves before we can take the next step forward

  • Mirodemorte
    Stevie (@Mirodemorte) reported

    @Christopher_Odd @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YTCreators Ah then my suggestion wont help. That is really strange, im sorry :(

  • JohnTweddle3
    John $ Tweddle (@JohnTweddle3) reported

    @Madelyn48447252 @YouTube Israel is surrounded by hate and death because they are creating it every day. If You happened to be born in Gaza; I'm sure you would hate Israel too. Most people that live in Israel just want to live, free and happy but can never be by theft, murder, terror and lies. #login

  • mike___louise
    Mike (@mike___louise) reported

    @YouTube I'm still having a problem with my YouTube app. Specifically YouTube Red

  • TrakBoss
    TrakBoss (@TrakBoss) reported

    @YouTube i dont think it’s associated with any particular email. “OfficialLuckyEnt”. I need help getting into this account.

  • arkindle
    Ryan Kindle (@arkindle) reported

    @tampabaytimes the body cam video you posted on @YouTube of the dead guy getting dragged out of his car after a crash is repulsive. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This isn’t journalism. This is just cheap.

  • Daugherty01
    Daugherty🎃 (@Daugherty01) reported

    @McJuggerNuggets Great! Was in the middle of watching earlier and it just disappeared! @YouTube fix your broken system! #downloadstoryfire

  • JaaayDrippy
    Drippy.Jaaay (@JaaayDrippy) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube YouTube is still not working

  • Mauricio_69_
    Maurici (@Mauricio_69_) reported

    @OMGitsAliA @YouTube I’ve been playing sebse season one and tried to join and it keeps error honestly this is so dumb you give you money and time to this game and you can’t even play it

  • kingrexboss1
    LIL REX (@kingrexboss1) reported

    @OMGitsAliA @YouTube Not working for me

  • OMGitsAliA
    Ali-A (@OMGitsAliA) reported

    @FaZeAdapt @YouTube You have the worst bro 😞

  • TjLestina
    Tj Lestina (@TjLestina) reported

    @YouTube I am confused to how you allow someone to film a dead body and not cancel his show. But the biggest creator, the most subscribed creator on your platform you rip the content from him and give him no return. Seems fair, should have just shut down YouTube yesterday. Awful.

  • JohnTweddle3
    John $ Tweddle (@JohnTweddle3) reported

    @Madelyn48447252 @YouTube #login The other major problem with Israel is they can only exist by stealing land, destroying homes, destroying peoples olive groves and murdering children, parents and creating hurt and angry people for generations to come. This behavior is not to be accepted or condoned.

  • Subjectbeats
    Subject Beats (@Subjectbeats) reported

    @illmindPRODUCER @YouTube I've taken all the music down and the videos too. The only issue is that in over two years I still haven't thought of a name. What do you suggest. I'm sitting on heaps of material but no name or brand to release under. It's taking too long.

  • NezLover
    Nez Lover (@NezLover) reported

    @JamesTheFAM @YouTube I did NOT experience an interruption. I went from being a mod in Mark Fun Jones' live stream like I do every night and then watched the replay of your sweet cuz's live stream. I made a buttload of comments. Did not have a single problem.

  • Jacques12601791
    Jacques (@Jacques12601791) reported

    @YouTube so I had this video with did really well for a small channel like mine and then after few weeks of being uploaded it had pricing video so I deleted it so I can get rid of it then after I check that my video also got deleted. Please help

  • Leila98051571
    Leila (@Leila98051571) reported

    @FaZeAdapt @YouTube When I saw this I only saw the my car got broken into and I was like wait... wtf again. I'm stupid I thought you were gonna say my car got broken into again. I was thinking, Damn 2 times already this week😂

  • angelburgos95
    Angel Burgos (@angelburgos95) reported

    first @youtube now @Wix is not working! :(

  • JohnTweddle3
    John $ Tweddle (@JohnTweddle3) reported

    @Madelyn48447252 @YouTube #login I care who America supports because I love this country and was born and grew up here. I don't hate Israel, I just think they are screwed up and run by cold hearted con men and they don't belong there just because some manipulative Englishman put them there (Balfour)

  • gkdude1999
    fandom-trash-child (@gkdude1999) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube can i speak to someone in messages please, it seems i and some others noticed major problems

  • gary_kai
    🇨🇦Free Education🇿🇼 (@gary_kai) reported

    Yesterday it was @YouTube today it @Rogers with an outage

  • uff56
    S7UFF56 (@uff56) reported

    @youtube plz fix

  • KarenWe44853431
    Karen Weber (@KarenWe44853431) reported

    @jaxinn @YouTube Agreed, but knowing it isn’t the same as fighting it, and they count on our fatigue from being bombarded daily with so many issues and distractions. We cannot become accustomed to all this and assume mueller will get him, or the blue wave is coming. We need constant resistance.

  • AskAlice321
    Alice King (@AskAlice321) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Hi You Tube, while I am able to view videos, I am unable to view my account details (there was a problem with the network 400) or like or leave a comment(network 400, again). I have not left any offensive comments, so I know this must be a tech issue.Thanks!

  • eb3th
    Beth Rudolph Snyder (@eb3th) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Not working in Los Altos right now

  • Kenwar950
    Kenwar (@Kenwar950) reported

    @keenanyoutube @YouTube No problem my dude.

  • kanyonatic
    Mary (@kanyonatic) reported

    @BillieNavarre @JamesTheFAM @YouTube No hack just s glitch ppl will believe anything

  • kanyonatic
    Mary (@kanyonatic) reported

    @Halcie2 @JamesTheFAM @YouTube Just a glitch not hacked

  • kanyonatic
    Mary (@kanyonatic) reported

    @JamesTheFAM @YouTube Just a glitch nothing else

  • SmashJT
    Monster Mash JT (@SmashJT) reported

    @Emceemur @YouTube Don’t let the wonkyness of YouTube’s broken algorithm and process ever prevent you from doing what you want. Hell who knows it may be even worse tomorrow anyways lol.

  • samsanthana
    sampath santhana (@samsanthana) reported

    @peerlessdeepak @YouTube @netflix Actually my dad only found abt the outage when he was trying to cast for the kids :-)

  • skatingkids
    skating kids (@skatingkids) reported

    @iamkristinamay @YouTube Not working

  • MrNightfoxx
    NightFoxx (@MrNightfoxx) reported

    @amandagray240 @YouTube Had an upload issue. I'm fixing the video and reuploafing in 30 minutes.

  • SargeantSweety
    Fantasy Fanatic (@SargeantSweety) reported

    @KrendarAdventur @YouTube Well it seemed someone threw a phoenix down at it. I wonder how long they'll last till they crash again lol

  • grumpEmunchkins
    The Grumpy Munsters (@grumpEmunchkins) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @TarksGauntlet @SmashJT @YouTube Netflix is doing something very similar. If I don’t click on a movie, I’ll often see the thumbnail to the movie regularly change. Oddly, if people don’t initially click on the video, I think youtube is trying to help us by making thumbnails vary.

  • fieryflux
    fieryflux (@fieryflux) reported

    @RanaHarbi @YouTube I have issues with watching music videos with males in focus.

  • iDxpes
    iDxpes (@iDxpes) reported

    @Kazlic @YouTube Help me sale my acc

  • LukasMood
    LilaLauneBär[NET] (@LukasMood) reported

    @LieutenantEddy EZ. Was faster than the crash. Suck it @YouTube

  • CoreyJohnston8
    Emmanuel Goldstein (@CoreyJohnston8) reported

    @airoderinde @BenjaminPDixon @YouTube I agree with you that this is a problem, but saying he's on the way to being Alt right is a bit much.

  • faifarkeren
    Faisal Rahman (@faifarkeren) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube I hope youtube service member able to read my message and find the solution for my current problem.

  • WorkoutMike_
    Michael “WorkoutMike” Jordan (@WorkoutMike_) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube What caused the outage. We want to know!

  • faifarkeren
    Faisal Rahman (@faifarkeren) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube I'm sorry. But i think the app still down, especially in android device. Where i still unable to update my youtube app through playstore with error code -501. I have already followed the instruction for error in google playstore, but still failed.

  • MrMikeBB
    Mike BB (@MrMikeBB) reported

    @YouTube just updated to IOS12, & cant upload any videos to YouTube from my iPhone, is this a setting on my phone or is it a problem with IOS12 @AppleSupport

  • faifarkeren
    Faisal Rahman (@faifarkeren) reported

    @YouTube Through this forum, i want to tell some problem. Currently, my android is unable to update youtube app through playstore with error code -501. I'd like for youtube service team to take this case. I have tried to follow to the solution from playstore. But still failed