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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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  • AfroCubanLatinJ AfroCubanLatinJazz (@AfroCubanLatinJ) reported

    @KimbaMutanda @YouTube No problem at all Kimba, you put the hard drive, I'll inite the beers! Regards!

  • webdoood webdude (@webdoood) reported

    @jkobopoli @Google @YouTube Great point. Part of the issue is that the videos are self categorized by the uploader so the category might not be accurate. Would be good if you could create an exclusive playlist that allows only those videos.

  • FAINTCOLT760 ART (@FAINTCOLT760) reported

    @xXChampersXx @Lightstream @FFinch82 @Botisimo @gR_Ninjaa @youtubemusic I agree with you 💯, I rather just hear music for my computer and go back to my old streaming ways with no overlays!! Then rather pay for something That’s @Lightstream not fixed!! Its a bummer😔,but i will cancel my @WatchMixer Pro by the end of the month😢 @YouTube please help!

  • BespokeSpeakers Bespoke Speakers (@BespokeSpeakers) reported

    I want to start a business because I can only afford to spend £18 a week on food and so far @facebook @instagram @YouTube have not agreed to help me prove my business idea could work. I would been an advertising customer if I secured investment. #Facebook #instagram #YouTube

  • ADanielHill Alberto Daniel Hill - Hacker Infosec Cybersecurity (@ADanielHill) reported

    @TheHaraClub @tyler_casper @YouTube noooooooo thats the worst turn off everrrr ..... argh!

  • outroseungwoo angie🌸 (@outroseungwoo) reported

    @musesdiary @YouTube i watched all of njttw and kang's kitchen and he literally MELTED everytime he mentioned her, and called her EVERY NIGHT and spoke to her in such a disgustingly cute manner I'm broken

  • DanCaliendo DanTweetsDaily (@DanCaliendo) reported

    @YouTube Leme know why Ads don’t freeze ever but my video has a stuttering problem.. #how

  • plumberoverlord The Real Alien Reptile (@plumberoverlord) reported

    @NoraHeuer @YouTube Lamo! Sorry its Twitter. I read that and assume the worst. That you were agreeing on the post not the fact they got banned. Nevermind. 😂

  • ocomar O.C.Omar (@ocomar) reported

    @LaetitiaJoyce @YouTube Terrible 😉

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    I’ll never have to worry about getting blocked, unfollowed nor having my DM’s disabled on @Twitter at all once they release 5G Augmented Reality Technology and I’ll be able to do whatever the hell I want to on social media @Google and @YouTube etc. without issues nor punishments

  • AislygnEliyan Ashlynn Baldwin 🎃 🇨🇦 (@AislygnEliyan) reported

    @Phoenix42505497 @Thagraysentinel @magnetronmagne1 @remnantofisrae1 @SailorKees @DustinWheelerLW @AllAlongCross @Phildidgee @ToddW29538160 @dogged46 @claps_for_cats @BurakHikmi @CriticalCripple @OwlbearArmchair @AiG @JoeMDodd85 @BootsRnecessarY @YouTube @HuffPostScience Then you're going about it in a terrible way. You've been beligerent frombword one, condescending, closed off to actual discussion and attacked the stupidest things for no reason. I seriously hope they teach you to be better at this wherever you're taking seminary.

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick


  • FixYouTubeBot Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • PhilipWinchest1 Philip Winchester (@PhilipWinchest1) reported

    @FIFACareerGems @YouTube This would be cool if it’s not a glitch even if it is I hope they keep it in. You can imagine in the patch notes they say they’ve removed the glitch lol

  • TSwiver Chris Oleson (@TSwiver) reported

    @IanHagues @YouTube I'm going to help.

  • BeMulbs BeMulbs (@BeMulbs) reported

    @AshlyeKyle @YouTube Someone throw a toner on that child’s hair! Looks awful!

  • abdulahadmali10 Abdul (@abdulahadmali10) reported

    @YouTube my youtube account got banned can you help

  • MayonaiseJd JDMayonaise (@MayonaiseJd) reported

    @shyaav2 @kaisasefi @LegoYoda4 @brizj0an @venomJ23 @UncleR1y @ItsMeChris_A @mazoiwnl @R1X1real @noheadass @beingabhinav07 @Aliakee21451240 @slinityyt @LeninKaku @_jackalope @unenfermito @haylieoof @kachogaming @FaZeKay @KEEMSTAR @brookehouts @peta @YouTube @FBI @jesus @RuPaul @chrissyteigen @s8n @jakepaul @BarackObama @SpongeBob @ZenStreaming @TheTweetOfGod @WhiteHouse @Pornhub @Mongraal Can I help destroy China

  • l_jxson ljxson (@l_jxson) reported

    @leene50 @YouTube We DO NOT have a pure capitalist society, as you so often point out. And, while you are blaming this purely on capitalism, I think the problem comes more often from those, who file FALSE CLAIMS, rather than those with justifiable medical concerns, that were missed.

  • shyaav2 Shyaav2 (@shyaav2) reported

    @kaisasefi @LegoYoda4 @brizj0an @venomJ23 @UncleR1y @ItsMeChris_A @mazoiwnl @R1X1real @noheadass @beingabhinav07 @Aliakee21451240 @MayonaiseJd @slinityyt @LeninKaku @_jackalope @unenfermito @haylieoof @kachogaming @FaZeKay @KEEMSTAR @brookehouts @peta @YouTube @FBI @jesus @RuPaul @chrissyteigen @s8n @jakepaul @BarackObama @SpongeBob @ZenStreaming @TheTweetOfGod @WhiteHouse @Pornhub @Mongraal Can I help destroy China

  • Catwoman69y2k Kat the Leopardess (@Catwoman69y2k) reported

    @motorbikematt @YouTube @Vimeo Yeah. I have been trying to think on this for a while, both related to the webcast and for my own damn self. I dont want to demand anything (bc I have no money to throw at the problem) but I go with the "ditch YT if you can" crowd.

  • coolsweetgroovy Donyel Lil Wendy C (@coolsweetgroovy) reported

    @YouTube @DudePerfect I'd share the video but can't because youtube won't allow me to share fix it please

  • l_jxson ljxson (@l_jxson) reported

    @leene50 @YouTube 3) rid of our own system. I think we look at what is working within our own system, and where there are problems, look to other countries for better solutions to solve those individual problems. I believe in a blended solution on health care. You only believe in FORCING MFA on us

  • RagicalTweets Ragical the Unhallowed Knight (@RagicalTweets) reported

    @LaikaAndYuri Had it happen on PC, now I just switch on the app only, I mean it's made for it whereas on PC you need to manually log in and out to switch between accounts... @Twitter you might want to have a look at how @YouTube does things, comments and login system outclasses your nonsense!

  • l_jxson ljxson (@l_jxson) reported

    @leene50 @YouTube 2) There are problems with Big Pharma. Absolutely, there are! But, there are ALSO problems with the way other countries do things, too. You are always saying we can learn from other countries. I agree. But learning from other countries does not mean that we have to completely get

  • KeigenM Keigen Martz (@KeigenM) reported

    @YouTube please fix this with a human- reviewer...wrong kind of "shot"

  • HorseRaceBetWin Horse Race Bet Win (@HorseRaceBetWin) reported

    @youtube I need to reclaim video content that is still public but somehow no longer part of the Google account I was forced to create to manage it. Someone help please.

  • The1Shez OP Neptune Spear (@The1Shez) reported

    @TheBlessedDead @YouTube What a load of shit! If that’s the plot of the movie then god help us! JJ sucks giant donkey ****! He ruined Star Trek and Star Wars claims he was a fan of both turns out he’s just a gonk

  • jjbreakstone JJ Breakstone (@jjbreakstone) reported

    @FranklinsonJd @YouTube @SusanWojcicki Relax, yeah youtube has a ton to fix but this is really the least of the issues

  • Cody_vlog Cody Averett (@Cody_vlog) reported

    @YTCreators @YouTube FIX THIS!

  • l_jxson ljxson (@l_jxson) reported

    @leene50 @YouTube 5) of people, like me, who are HAPPY with their health care off of their insurance plans. Make better government run or private insurance options for people, who don't currently have insurance. Fix what's broken. Stop forcing MFA down my throat. I don't want it!

  • ApplesStatic Static Apples (@ApplesStatic) reported

    @HappyPower @YouTube Can you get me pc joined Landon thing but haven’t won and been watching for 3 almost 4 years now but if you can get in contact with him and see if he can help

  • l_jxson ljxson (@l_jxson) reported

    @leene50 @YouTube 4) There are other factors, of course, and some of these do need to be addressed and fixed. I am, by no means, saying the system is perfect. I AM saying that there should be CHOICES in a free society. The ACA was based on a broken model. Get that right, before you FORCE MILLIONS

  • GoonerCraig41 CB (@GoonerCraig41) reported

    @RealMichaelReed @TroopzAFC @YouTube Quality game .

  • MandiB_ Red-it💫 (@MandiB_) reported

    @emmagraney @YouTube 😱my worst nightmare

  • Afriyie__ Efi (@Afriyie__) reported

    @byKevinTucker @YouTube Lmaooo you’ve always had terrible taste in everything except women

  • NunnleyJr Master Dracul (@NunnleyJr) reported

    @LifeofRio @YouTube Yes Night wolf is broken so let's keep it that way

  • KamranA19613179 Kamran Abbas (@KamranA19613179) reported

    @ZakaWaqar @YouTube Gossip dies when it hit the ears of Wise man. Patwaris are the worst creature you can find in Pakistan.

  • kgamez26 lil INTRO VERT (@kgamez26) reported

    @cassie_s83 @YouTube @TheYTForum @YTCreators @YouTube @YTCreators plz help her out this isn’t right !!!

  • FredSim06656137 Fred Simpson (@FredSim06656137) reported

    @cher @YouTube by 50% or more and when they die there will be no one there to take care of them as in a zoo. So I want to be careful not to play into the hands of the radicals and follow them blindly, if the zoo is the problem then fix the zoo. Get who ever is in charge and is doing such a

  • guosupper zzzzzhainan (@guosupper) reported

    @jyotiray @NicoleChen_NZ @Arlen_Tsao @CGTNOfficial @YouTube I admit that China has many shortcomings, and we are trying to change them. Escape will never solve any problem.

  • FredSim06656137 Fred Simpson (@FredSim06656137) reported

    @cher @YouTube Certainly I don't want to see any animal in a zoo suffer but a one minute video doesn't necessarily mean he's suffering there are probably a dozen other reasons why he's doing what he is doing. The problem I'm having is that this could be the work of animal rights radicals who

  • ShadesFN tony on 60 ping (@ShadesFN) reported

    @hgani87 @TJCobainx @YouTube bruh it’s YouTube the app is broken with the views and comments and people could have skipped on the video

  • zursly legalizes (@zursly) reported

    @TJCobainx @YouTube who here is from uk i need your help badly

  • rbutla Dat dude RButla 🎗💫 (@rbutla) reported

    @AlfredW38818347 @tonetalks @dash_radio @YouTube No one is above critique that being said Jay Z also said dont stop protesting either... He is an extremely loud voice he always speaks up especially for our issues... I think ppl need to take a step back just like what Rizz Islam said... folks are to eager to hate on black men

  • Mike07395472 Mike (@Mike07395472) reported

    Amberlynn should be demonitized @youtube. What a terrible influence. #alr #amberlynn #AmberlynnReid

  • Yourmom66714002 HydreGod (@Yourmom66714002) reported

    @FranklinsonJd @YouTube @SusanWojcicki Big ******* problem. Literally unuseable.

  • Daniel33975807 Daniel Alfredo (@Daniel33975807) reported

    @YouTube fix the YouTube algorithm

  • MissusSnarky Queen Snarky (@MissusSnarky) reported

    @karlabreu @YouTube I feel sorry for the trans people and other vulnerable groups who have hurt by a community of atheists who deny wrongdoing by prominent members. Not only are these ppl not held accountable, they get shouted out for their awful behaviors. It’s a frightening grift they’re running.

  • HanburyJane Jane Matthews (@HanburyJane) reported

    @auntyshmooo @YouTube He was. My friend was dying of the same illness at the same time so it was a much talked about thing. We all lived in the same house, in very snazzy flats, and helped care for him. He was the landlord, but an awful lot more than that.

  • GarrettSanner garrett sanner (@GarrettSanner) reported

    @SpiderHarris @YouTube @ThePolstonator @kayleeeaaannn Lol I had forgot about this. Nothing a few years of therapy can’t fix😂

  • General_Keyz7 General_keyz (@General_Keyz7) reported

    @Dougbwest1 @BossHogg31320 @DebbieDebbieDe2 @YouTube Doug let that shit go I understand you,but u and @DebbieDebbieDe2 need to talk off this shit and quit explaining shit to these muthafuckers unless each individual going to help you with your bills otherwise you don't owe anybody an and Debbie talk that shit out.

  • YorkshirePalaeo The Yorkshire Palaeontologist (@YorkshirePalaeo) reported

    @PownallAlex @YouTube Love seeing people advocating for talking rather than fighting (might be a good idea since that's what we're evolved to do). Discussing issues and solutions rather than focussing on labels and identities will get us much further

  • royalsmidris Sayyed Idris (@royalsmidris) reported

    dear youtube team why no view on my videos please help me and please help me to grow my gaming channel @YouTube @YTCreators

  • Peace14853604 Peace (@Peace14853604) reported

    @sharifzada86 @Ajain68652380 @majorgauravarya @YouTube U know the problem with Pakistan is,u guys hold a term and keep it repeating it on loop while it was on a loop our chandrayan 2 already preparing for a landing on moon.Well keep on repeating about toilets.

  • jclarekneebone Gilet Jaunes and the Direct Democracy (@jclarekneebone) reported

    @uk_ecology @wardaler @BreitbartNews @JamesDelingpole @YouTube Thanks for pointing out the last video, 2 minutes in and the interview is clearly not going to be about MMT which explains so much about the LIAR thatcher. Brown sold gold to attempt to rescue UK from Banksters/ economists like this damn woman. Thatcher/Banksters caused the crash

  • 2008Itsjustin ItsJustin_2008 (@2008Itsjustin) reported

    @TJCobainx @YouTube I didnt get it but i still luv u,u help alot of people out

  • kofash123 NEOTANK FOR NOVEMBER (@kofash123) reported

    @YouTube Fix your platform...

  • RakeshS93675393 Rakesh Singh (@RakeshS93675393) reported

    @sharifzada86 @majorgauravarya @YouTube How many times indian poop in ur mouth I guess that's the reason u have problem with indian

  • EtsukoSaia Sai (@EtsukoSaia) reported

    @YouTube @antoniiogarza21 Pleas youtube staff whoever did this and caused this.. fix this before it's too late you have 14 hours left she isn't joking "No one jokes about that" Plus this is fcking serious so fix this you do not want to be the reason for her suicide and also not reason for Ferals hatred