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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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October 20: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 09:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • IrishPride44 Joshua Patterson (@IrishPride44) reported

    @SallyMitch1 @YouTube Bench was awful. Players celebrating a draw. Disgusting.

  • momedic9019 Ryan Ziegler (@momedic9019) reported

    @KeithKevelson @MorbidMaddi @YouTube Also ... vertebral dissection also another common issue. Regardless ... it’s not safe, has no demonstrable benefit and should not be considered “care”

  • MaitSkhemlon maitphang skhemlon (@MaitSkhemlon) reported

    @jjeffrose @YouTube Hello sir i saw you on youtube and i need help, i have multiple apps ideas but i don't money to build it so i am planning to sell few of my ideas what should i do and sorry for my broken english thank you

  • DouaihyLea Lea Douaihy (@DouaihyLea) reported

    @FrecoWang @YouTube hope that I can win one of this iPhone cause I really need it 😢 I have a broken phone 💔 please let me win 🙏 💗

  • Night_Mare_1444 CXnightmareYT (@Night_Mare_1444) reported

    @YouTube content that they spent hours on and I cant give them there views and suns because I cant watch the content so please fix this so I can have a better experience with your app.

  • Night_Mare_1444 CXnightmareYT (@Night_Mare_1444) reported

    @YouTube can you guys please fix this bullshit I cant run a single videos with 240p or higher and when I change the quality to 720p it freezes the video and it runs better on 144p I want this fixed so I can enjoy this app but until it gets fixed I I will not enjoy other people's

  • luisrealg250 Luisrealg (@luisrealg250) reported

    @YouTube My Friend @Tyreck_YT Is Having Issues Logging Back to His Account Can You Please help him get his account back Its Been Over A Year Now Sincerly,Luis

  • BenWitt33 Ben Witt (@BenWitt33) reported

    @Rhabby_V @YouTube I thought this was a thing that everyone had, bright lights help me sneeze

  • OMGFuziion #DareFuziion ❖ (@OMGFuziion) reported

    @Dqphyy @YouTube I used freestyle which has 300m views by him on a highlights video with no copyright issues.

  • Christalso Starte Christ (@Christalso) reported

    @YouTube Tteam, let's be sure we distinguish them apart. No errors on this because it's critical. Our detection and prevention system must be fail-safe . . .

  • liz695150 Liz 💜 (@liz695150) reported

    @OfficialNadi @YTCreators Totally sucks. Getting demonized and now poor quality control. Thx @YouTube

  • Jeffrito97 Jefferson Mendoza (@Jeffrito97) reported


  • Dynasty_DxGfL Rolo_Cs:Go (@Dynasty_DxGfL) reported

    @YouTube i have an issue with my account iw as blocked out of it for jo reason at all ! I do not use my youtube for upload and yet you guys locked me out for spam , scam etc , help !!!!

  • smallmthbass RestoreThe2ndSmallmthbassCurt #SteveKerrIsACuck (@smallmthbass) reported

    @RealTylerMorgan @SMadurski @Sara4Republic @777_baum @sabes84 @AmieWohrer @BeJamesMadison1 @joural81 @Muffersquish @BsMariani @shoregirlem @JeffreySluder @libertarianinja @NanaPatHead @Dutchman1789 @michaelnp1701 @Rator03 @3GandaJ @LaughTrackItsT1 @maksim605 @windkbba @Just2Mucknfutch @OopsAllBarrys @ArkBuildersPa @jamila_jb @FreedomDisciple @Noone86595893 @MarjorieJarbea2 @YinzerPhoenix @BDebodine @SheenIve @Brian_Bokenyi @neurodexter @nonsubscriber1 @KeithMalinak @mada1971 @The_Dreamshaper @Anthony_John171 @Puppymo89920170 @iamqmcgds @glennbeck @jack @sabes @PatUnleashed @JeffyJFR @WorldOfStu @YouTube Hate to say it but your sister has some issues it seems.

  • not_taticql ןbɔıʇa⊥ (@not_taticql) reported

    @YouTube theirs this vid of this guy shooting him self in the head it’s called 1444 please fix it cause I just want to watch Fortnite but I don’t want to see this creepy shit

  • NadjaFriedel Nadja (@NadjaFriedel) reported

    @ReginaGutgemann @MarkRPellegrino @twisted_words @gnvrbyd @debcameron60 @AprillePark @MRPellegrinoFan @YouTube And that could be the problem at least. That they dont care about pension insurances or other important thinks if they are young and if they getting old they will be poor people. But of course, it would be their free decision.

  • DeCharlus11 De Charlus (@DeCharlus11) reported

    @YouTube At first, the Countess tries to apologize andf to calm down her husband, fearing the worst from her enraged husband, but the Count is infuriated and won't listen to any of her pleas, calling her all sorts of names.

  • batheja_raj CA Raj Batheja (@batheja_raj) reported

    Because it's india, we have not to comply with #GSTR3B #gstr1 #ITC 01,CMP08, computation of ITC 80: 20 ration department.,rather than Planning, Income tax, EPF, ESIC. Etc. Why not @YouTube get problem. Govt only want #latefee.

  • mahaanambd0 Mahfuz Aanam (@mahaanambd0) reported

    @CopyrightsMusic @YouTube Just saw your youtube video and channel . Your content is good but unfortunately it lacks views and subscribers . If you need help for video promotion then please contact with me .

  • Rozziii86 SJ ~15 🕊 ARAB ELF⌬ #999hours (@Rozziii86) reported

    @VotForSJ @SJofficial we should talk to @YouTube about this issue!

  • McGoo1888 McGoo1888 (@McGoo1888) reported

    @nutpotc @YouTube Somebody oan here said the other day....Prince's biggest problem was he couldn't equal or better Purple me thinking...he/she was a hunner percent correct

  • FUp2020 FedUp2020 (@FUp2020) reported

    @ReasonableYang @_marymiao @EricMarrapodi @AndrewYang @NPR @YouTube Yes, this morning was the first time I’ve NOT been attacked by followers w/opposing views. Calling us names, trashing us in the MSM, telling ppl 2scream in our faces or attack us, not being able to actually address issues bcuz your trying 2 invalidate my vote, WONT get my vote.

  • 2ARights_John John (@2ARights_John) reported

    @thatstarwarsgrl @YouTube It's woke, it's just not as obnoxious about it as the trailers suggested. Not that it's not obnoxious about it, it is... very. But, yeah, this show has a lot more problems than just being obnoxiously woke.

  • KPar2ival Par2ival (@KPar2ival) reported

    @MrAndyNgo If you think this madness is going to stop it's not. This is only going to allow @facebook, @twitter, @youtube, an @Google to go full on censorship on people who oppose the views of Canada. Canada has now made it illegal to speak out against its govt. We have a problem here.

  • HiImJorge1 HiImJorge (@HiImJorge1) reported

    @YouTube i keep getting unsubscribed from my favorite creators and missing the videos they uploaded please help

  • jjtherocket5 seanruddy (@jjtherocket5) reported

    @GregMannarino @YouTube I think if everyone just stopped paying their debt for a week or two, that might solve the problem. Just stop engaging with the bully.

  • TessWildflower TessWildflower (@TessWildflower) reported

    @SheepDogSociety @YouTube Terrible, that guy is traumatized.

  • JankovZeljko Željko Jankov (@JankovZeljko) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube I don't know if i have too many subscriptions or there is some other problem. Thank you in advance.

  • x1Sirius x1Sirius 🎃🦴🎃🦴 (@x1Sirius) reported

    @GregFPS @YouTube well I did TERRIBLE on this quiz!!!!! bery ashamed in myself lol

  • JankovZeljko Željko Jankov (@JankovZeljko) reported

    Hey @TeamYouTube @YouTube I have a problem and i would like to ask you a question about it. So randomly my youtube profile gets unsubscribed from some youtubers that i watch. And its happening daily i don't know if someone has access to my account or is this problem with youtube.

  • TheUnknown43434 ً (@TheUnknown43434) reported

    @GlexServices_ @YouTube I already saw and there are worst videos than that

  • joyty315 JoyceTse (@joyty315) reported

    @YouTube @SJofficial Please help to fix the youtube views. The view number is freezed. #fix_SuperClapViews

  • mangeksushi w key sushi (@mangeksushi) reported


  • JayeshBachu Jayesh Bachu (@JayeshBachu) reported

    @robertoblake @charles_leroy @leonhouse @YouTube Yeah, this happens a lot. When this happens, I just go the channel and reload. Then it resolves the issue. I always brush it off a a bug because of too many subscriptions.

  • linkneuro5 linkneuro5 (@linkneuro5) reported

    @YouTube Reading the mind would help us avoid murders, thieves, and rapists, besides fires, and anyone who wants to do something wrong.

  • Mooch1978 🎃TheMooch🎃 (@Mooch1978) reported

    @AKrelapse @FreeJDubs @YouTube @The_CrapGamer @Guddang775 Last week I lost power and this week is just bad with schedules and technical issues. We’ll be back next week AK. You can count on that 🙏🏼👍🏼

  • robertoblake Roberto Blake #VIDSUMMIT2019 (@robertoblake) reported

    @JayeshBachu @charles_leroy @leonhouse @YouTube The issue that I’ve seen that has been acknowledged is the opposite problem, a VISUAL bug that makes you think you’re not subscribed to a channel you know you are. This is a syncing issue from being logged in on multiple devices.

  • JayeshBachu Jayesh Bachu (@JayeshBachu) reported

    @charles_leroy @leonhouse @robertoblake Haha, yeah. Maybe it's a bug. Or some issue like that. Maybe @YouTube can tell us.

  • MoorishBrooklyn Moorish Brooklyn 🇲🇦🇯🇲 (@MoorishBrooklyn) reported

    @facebook @YouTubeSpaceNY @YouTube @Google @instagram @Twitter After six years of dealing with these issues I have given up hope that @Twitter especially will do anything to remedy it. @paraga @leslieberland @kayvz @dantley @derella @jack @boo @vijaya @michaelmontano @nedsegal @omidkordestani @btaylor @TwitterNYC @TwitterSafety

  • Stephen_7777 Stephen Cervantes (@Stephen_7777) reported

    @thatstarwarsgrl @YouTube That’s the problem. CW does not know what they are thinking

  • TrilluXeCS TrilluXe (@TrilluXeCS) reported

    @TeamYouTube @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YouTubeGaming fix pls

  • AveryhamLincoln sapnu puas (@AveryhamLincoln) reported

    i keep getting recommended videos that I have already watched @YouTube please fix its so annoying

  • LookJoeSays Joseph Torpy (@LookJoeSays) reported

    @AB84 @YouTube Seek help man

  • george14861152 he dude of grey skull (@george14861152) reported

    @EvilEyes_VII @YouTube This is awful

  • brothrstrawbrry brother strawberry (@brothrstrawbrry) reported

    @cici18480257 @LRBitisnot @SithOtaku @G4S @YouTube @multco @dyannleroy @freeanons @action_4assange @USHEMP @franvarjagstar @philipjwolfe @waltdog4 @worktwohard @stevebait @ABC @NBCNews @CNN experience suggests that local, state and federal government are all involved in ******/crack sales, dog fighting and child trafficking. If they weren’t, they would help stop it.

  • birdsong113 birdsong11 (@birdsong113) reported

    @SantaSurfing @Tinktweets45 @YouTube We need to make this get to POTUS. We are John’s army, we have to help him! He has suffered so much and he can help put those corrupt in government, where they belong!

  • gnvrbyd Guinevere Boyd (@gnvrbyd) reported

    @MarkRPellegrino @twisted_words @debcameron60 @AprillePark @MRPellegrinoFan @YouTube In fact, some professors only really know the world of academia, and have never really worked outside of it. That was an issue with some of my professors. They know a lot about things in theory, but they didn't have much knowledge about the practical applications of said theory.

  • BeJamesMadison1 Christopher D (@BeJamesMadison1) reported

    @SMadurski @Sara4Republic @michaelnp1701 @777_baum @sabes84 @AmieWohrer @RealTylerMorgan @joural81 @Muffersquish @BsMariani @shoregirlem @smallmthbass @JeffreySluder @libertarianinja @NanaPatHead @Dutchman1789 @Rator03 @3GandaJ @LaughTrackItsT1 @maksim605 @windkbba @Just2Mucknfutch @OopsAllBarrys @ArkBuildersPa @jamila_jb @FreedomDisciple @Noone86595893 @MarjorieJarbea2 @YinzerPhoenix @BDebodine @SheenIve @Brian_Bokenyi @neurodexter @nonsubscriber1 @KeithMalinak @mada1971 @The_Dreamshaper @Anthony_John171 @Puppymo89920170 @iamqmcgds @glennbeck @jack @sabes @PatUnleashed @JeffyJFR @WorldOfStu @YouTube They passed a law that says if enough states join this Interstate Popular Vote Compact, they will. The problem is, such a compact is required to be approved by Congress (I'm guessing they did not read the Constitution when they started this)

  • KCA207 AnyoneButTrump2020 (@KCA207) reported

    @facebook @Twitter @YouTube etc. You are a huge part of the problem Allowing lies and misinformation to be disseminated will be your fault. We need your help in protecting the security of our elections. You don’t take sides when you refuse to run lies and conspiracy theories.

  • SokolovNicholas Nicholas Sokolov (@SokolovNicholas) reported

    @YouTube You have a problem with some video’s audio being out of sync!

  • Maxknits Resistance is vital (@Maxknits) reported

    @VicedRhino @YouTube Family friend just died a few weeks back. probably cause of death was a broken rib puncturing her lung after a chiropractor visit.

  • JeCahPglyn Je Cah (@JeCahPglyn) reported

    Am frustrated with @YouTube. We believe we reached more than 5M views but the number of views arent increasing that much. WE WANT YOU TO FIX IT. THE EFFORTS WE GAVE ARE WORTHY ENOUGH TO BE RECOGNIZED. #fix_SuperClapViews

  • FixYouTubeBot Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • oliviiiiaah thisisOrik (@oliviiiiaah) reported

    Dear @Youtube PLEASE HELP #fix_SuperClapViews the views are actually freezing and we don’t know what to do

  • teuksphere rara💫 (@teuksphere) reported

    We want to give them a win. Please help us @YouTube :( #fix_SuperClapViews

  • xClina Clina (@xClina) reported

    @YouTube Please fix the views of Super Clap-Super Junior. It doesn't make sense. #fix_SuperClapViews

  • FirasWA1 Firas W.A. (@FirasWA1) reported

    The fact why @YouTube just abbreviated sub counts, so livestream is broken like dis

  • tonywendice1954 TonyWendice (@tonywendice1954) reported

    @freedomtrombone @kitkoz @YouTube I don’t completely agree with that. Many great directors have a particular style and it’s noticeable. I have no problem with that unless it gets in the way of the story. There isn’t just one right way to be a director.

  • willismurYT willismur (@willismurYT) reported

    @KingFlipper_ @YouTube @YTCreators Tag @TeamYouTube hope they can fix this messy situation!

  • oliviiiiaah thisisOrik (@oliviiiiaah) reported

    @YouTube PLEASE fix the views of SuperJunior-SUPERClap music video #fix_SuperClapViews