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Sasktel (Saskatchewan Telecommunications) offers mobile and landline based communications services to businesses and individuals in in Saskatchewan. Services include mobile phone and mobile internet as well as broadband internet, dial-up internet and internet TV (IPTV).

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9, Saskatoon, Orcadia, Regina, Edmonton and Calgary.

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  • KitchenKC Coach Kitchen 🇨🇦 (@KitchenKC) reported

    @darceysare @SaskTel It is bad. I tried it for 1 month and got my refund. A good idea in theory, but was very disappointed in it. The restart idea was great, until I found out you can't pause, rewind, fast forward. A VCR is more functional than Max TV Stream.

  • mich_crane Michelle Crane (@mich_crane) reported

    @incugneto @SaskTel @incugneto I think it’s more of an Apple issue. In your wifi settings make sure they are turned to off and never. Hopefully that helps.

  • kycorpCanada first and last (@kycorpCanada) reported

    @Notyour79002872 @2012_suzy @JerryPDias @reginapolice @CoopFCL When Sasktel was on strike Unifor workers were given jobs at Elections Canada. I lost 4 days being bumped by Unifor members. I'm disabled and was banking on that cash big time. Pay me for my losses and maybe I'd support your piece if ********.

  • incugneto Dan Cugnet (@incugneto) reported

    Hey @SaskTel Forcing me onto your wifi network after I have gone onto my phone & disabled the wifi a half dozen times is beyond intrusive. I don’t want it. I’m paying for cellular service & don’t need a bunch of data fences being sold to 3rd parties to sell me a sweater. #BackOff

  • darceysare Darcey Sare (@darceysare) reported

    @SaskTel 2/2 Channels is near zero. Can’t rewind. Remote loses pairing. Video stutters with regularity. The boxes are fully updated and are configured correctly. It’s just a bad bad service.

  • darceysare Darcey Sare (@darceysare) reported

    @SaskTel The problem isn’t wholly technical, although the absolutely lousy android boxes are part of the problem. We have two. They lock up daily. They go to sleep while you’re watching them. You can’t pause programming. The number of “restart” 1/2

  • sinbinzebra J Greer (@sinbinzebra) reported

    @Bertrand_SK It’s one thing to find enough parking spaces. It’s another to have efficient traffic flow in and out. Sasktel Centre has plenty of parking, but horrible flow.

  • MisterTristerTV MisterTrister (@MisterTristerTV) reported

    @SaskTel Lowering my cell phone bill by like $50 would actually help me, a loyal customer of over 5 years, de-stress 😊👌🏽 #stress #phonebill #expensive

  • Shmavis Shmavis (@Shmavis) reported

    I think SaskTel needs to open up one of those Smash Rooms to make money off people who have to deal with their services and support. I'd suggest they offer a discount to long term customers, but let's be real, they'd probably charge them double.

  • darceysare Darcey Sare (@darceysare) reported

    @SaskTel Or don’t. Because I have it and I’ll be getting rid of it after less that two months. Awful awful service.

  • TPilon22 Pilly (@TPilon22) reported

    @dponticelliTV @NLL @brlive @SaskRushLAX @MammothLax @SaskTelCtr It's redemption time, we all remember what happened the last time these two faced off at Sasktel Center, I just don't see it going down like that again... For a looooong time. Church will lead the way. #LetsGo

  • indraneez Indra (@indraneez) reported

    @jonkay Sorry to hear about that, Jon. Ive had unlim data for years now with @SaskTel for years. Ive used 60-80 gigs of data some mos a phone. U/l data, u/L North America call/txt for $95/moThey tell me at 15gigs that they’ve slowed me down, but I don’t think they’ve done that.

  • Joe_Widdup Joe Widdup (@Joe_Widdup) reported

    @NilsSorensen @BrianFergusson @tammyrobert @macphersona @SaskTel Sasktels legacy iron is a factor. Towers built far apart for CDMA have influenced every decision made since on subsequent technology. Not sure if there is a good solution because we can't change physics. Huawei radios on LTE channel 12/13 were okay. No idea how 5G will work.

  • Hawezer Hawezer (@Hawezer) reported

    @MyAccessCA @AdmiralSpeedy Thank god I switched to Sasktel 😂 that shit happened way to much with access

  • MaryDanroth Mary Lorraine Danroth (@MaryDanroth) reported

    @JnxOuaquaga I know all about Hughes. Fortunately never had it. I just had to sell it for those areas that couldn’t get anything else. In fact I even told people to use their cellphone instead. SaskTel has truly unlimited overage charges they just slow down the speed.

  • dcramps dc (@dcramps) reported

    @toddcrunched @equifaxcanada TransUnion has everything correct but that is no help when I’m immediately rejected for every credit card (I even got denied when signing up for SaskTel Internet and had to put down a deposit) because they use Equifax.

  • mcphee66 Dan W McPhee (@mcphee66) reported

    @KelsDutts @SaskTel Kelsey I switched to access. Twice as fast and about same price plus 3-4 months half price to sign up. Haven’t had a problem since switching like intermittent shit with Sasktel

  • tammyrobert Tammy Robert (@tammyrobert) reported

    @NilsSorensen @macphersona I get your point & understand 5G transition will be cumbersome, but if we know already SaskTel won't be ready for it, and we have the Huawei issue to factor, I think it's going to be broader issue. Hopefully dealers will be supported in advance to deal with consumer frustration.

  • NilsSorensen Nils Sorensen (@NilsSorensen) reported

    @tammyrobert @macphersona Agree that phone technology is outpacing network infrastructure spending across the world. But SaskTel isn’t the only one dealing with it. Apple launches, the networks try to catch up. Cellular Watches won’t be ready until later this year, they’ve been out for three years.

  • rscragg Ryan Scragg (@rscragg) reported

    @tammyrobert @macphersona It will be an interesting read, especially since Sasktel sells the iPhone 11 Pro and it definitely does work on their network.

  • NilsSorensen Nils Sorensen (@NilsSorensen) reported

    @tammyrobert @macphersona It works just fine (I’m on one now), manage a SaskTel dealership and Apple Service Provider. The issue is when an optional feature is enabled (VoLTE), basically using data to improve phone call quality. The SaskTel network hasn’t launched it yet for iPhone.

  • cloakatious cloak (@cloakatious) reported

    @SaskTel your internet is terrible

  • cel3381 Marcel Gaddie Jahnke (@cel3381) reported

    8. Also I had to return the equipment myself. So to recap I literally paid Sasktel to work for Sasktel for an hour, I had to waste my own time and gas to return your equipment, I live in White City and had too drive it to downtown Regina, and had 2 employees treat me like crap.👍

  • cassidyanine Cassidy Cook (@cassidyanine) reported

    @SaskTel This happened Sunday morning, I was told a tech would be out Sunday between 6-8 and then later called back to say “oopsies, can’t come until Monday afternoon now”. Luckily the tech that they sent (Dustin) was phenomenal and made sure to do the permanent fix that we had been told

  • ca666idy Cassidy W (@ca666idy) reported

    While I'm at it I'd also like to give a shoutout to @SaskTel @SaskTelSupport they need to get their shit together also like RIGHT NOW. I don't pay $140/month for my cell service and wifi to work like PURE SHIT.

  • tellbee Tellbee Louise. (@tellbee) reported

    Canceled all the shit in cold lake taboot then called power, SaskTel and still.. everything is kinda falling into place but still Once I’m done everything. It will be dandy 😅🙌🏽

  • DinoRancho (Fake) Pastor Dino Den Esau, Fluffalo Wrangler (@DinoRancho) reported

    @Pepperfire You know, I think I got it. My business I originally had with them that morning was moving a payment off an old Sasktel account that she had over to me, (Cancelled landline but because of some stupid rule we were paying 2 bucks a month for MY internet address.) I gave he acc #.

  • DinoRancho (Fake) Pastor Dino Den Esau, Fluffalo Wrangler (@DinoRancho) reported

    @Pepperfire The thing is Sasktel has my email as a contact. We have never changed this. Like I said weird.

  • DinoRancho (Fake) Pastor Dino Den Esau, Fluffalo Wrangler (@DinoRancho) reported

    "Never. You look after the phone bill." So, all I can think of is that she used her phone number when she activated the new G-Mail, and somehow Sasktel used that to override my previous contact info. Like I said, weird! If you read this and have any ideas please comment. 6/6 End

  • MaryDanroth Mary Lorraine Danroth (@MaryDanroth) reported from Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9, Alberta

    @KevinBarhydt @YouTube @verizon @sprint @sprintcare @VerizonNews @ATT @ATTNEWS @TMobile @TMobileNews I laughed at this one...I was a SaskTel rep and I was always worried about good customer service. If I didn’t see notes on the account I would phone into my rep and work out a deal anyways. ‘The customer is always right!’

  • AlbersBrody Brody Albers (@AlbersBrody) reported

    Tl;dr Sasktel sucks and if your speeds are slow it might be because they give you 💩 hardware. And I found an unnecessarily convoluted way to keep using a 10 year old printer.

  • AlbersBrody Brody Albers (@AlbersBrody) reported

    It’s been a big week for the home network. Purchased a new 5ghz @TPLINK router to actually take advantage of our 50mbps speeds no thanks to @SaskTel for the garbage equipment they send with internet service (2.4 is theoretically able to handle it but it doesn’t in the real world)

  • matt20theisen Matt Theisen (@matt20theisen) reported

    Top notch customer service by “Christian” today servicing my always breaking sasktel @SaskTelSupport

  • LheureuxConrad Conrad (@LheureuxConrad) reported

    @SaskTelSupport Next time your service tech is in town he can run tests with his phone at , subway, Rona, Weatherford, mrc, petrocan ,and coop. At about noon. There are reasons why sasktel has lost over half of the internet in this town and cell data service is poor.

  • Oneusefarmersas Oneusefarmer (@Oneusefarmersas) reported

    @SaskTel upgrades are actual service towers so we get reception....

  • o2farms_sk Danny Ottenbreit (@o2farms_sk) reported

    @RoryNussbaumer @tsrandall @Tesla @SaskTel I worked a bit in this space about 10 years ago and it was quite cost effective to do but there’s a whole big issue with bandwidth limits and how much can be shared from a single point. That was the messy part getting connecting rural customers wasn’t that hard.

  • MTN180 MTN Nigeria Support (@MTN180) reported

    @OkewumiOluwagb1 Kindly inform him to manually search and select any of the following networks which are our preferred network partners. Bell, Sasktel or TELUS network. Thank you. ~IO

  • SaskTelBusiness SaskTel Business (@SaskTelBusiness) reported

    @audrey_zettl 1/2 Sorry to hear your unhappy with our service Audrey. We consider our Business interNET to be pretty great in regards to speed options and reliability. Feel free to contact our support team at 1-844-SASKTEL so they can run some tests with you to make sure all is working as it

  • Swooce316 Austin Gardiner (@Swooce316) reported

    @SaskTelSupport @antach @SaskTel A BS excuse, I've never sat on hold with you for less than a half hour, your reps are frequently rude or straight up don't have a clue what they're doing. I'd have jumped to another internet provider if it wasn't for the fact that you have a total monopoly on the town of Osler.

  • l_oakman Lesley Oakman (@l_oakman) reported

    @SaskTelSupport @SaskTel please don't get rid of the old dtvr app. The new Sasktel app is so slow and clunky, and I can't figure out how to delete existing recordings. Basically the pvr manager portion sucks compared to the old app.

  • SaskTelSupport SaskTel Support (@SaskTelSupport) reported

    @aarongmoore @SaskTel @CraveCanada 1/2 Hi again Aaron, apologies for the delay on this, a lot of folks were away on holidays while we were tracking this info down for you. Unfortunately it sounds like the issue is that this movie is only available on Stars On Demand. maxTV only has the Stars channels, not the

  • antach AT (@antach) reported

    Hey @SaskTel @SaskTelSupport when I'm calling in to give you guys a chance to retain me as a customer, having me on hold for 40+ mins now isn't helping your cause.

  • akorvemaker Andy Korvemaker (@akorvemaker) reported

    @Pinboard @pearwaldorf Down for me in Canada (ISP: Sasktel)

  • LloydSeymour Lloyd Seymour (@LloydSeymour) reported from Orcadia, Saskatchewan

    @SaskTel wow what a great way to never get me back into your store. Stop taking my payments in the store.

  • stirwhipbeat Magical Mr Mindfreak Cat (@stirwhipbeat) reported

    "yeah well my isp said it was good enough" (sir your isp doesnt provide support for us so why would they know what our requirements ****** are) (also its sasktel, why is it always ******* sasktel)

  • Tylerharvey2 Tyler (21-15-4) (@Tylerharvey2) reported

    @SaskTel id really love if your tv boxes werent such a piece of shit to restart after the power goes out

  • valleyfield2008 Don Williams (@valleyfield2008) reported

    @Jakeoilfarm @Plantmore1 @perrin_05 @Shortnyk Xplornet lte 25 has been our only option other than Sasktel fusion. We had a bad antenna at first but once we solved that its been more than good. There service department wasnt very helpful on the antenna part. #Ruralsaskproblems

  • DontWriteDown C.A. Printup (John Wayne’s Teeth) (@DontWriteDown) reported

    @kmnikita @akister_terry @m_kayladawn @SaskTel Especially seeing as a) she deleted her whole account b) nothing was mentioned when the stuff was going down

  • den5588 Darren Anderson (@den5588) reported

    @SaskTel @Apple #iPhone11ProMax has known voice issues with no fix , why are you selling this garbage

  • smilingsandra Smiling🎅🏼Rider🍉Fan (@smilingsandra) reported

    @JordanZapp_ The line was never tunnelled through my yard because we had brand new concrete sidewalks and patio installed and they wanted to jackhammer them out. I try to explain this to the person at sasktel but I don’t think they understood.

  • lpunkari Lucas Punkari (@lpunkari) reported

    Sudbury Saturday Night just played at the SaskTel Centre I have never been more offended in my life

  • JenDeppeler Jen Deppeler (@JenDeppeler) reported

    @SaskTel @tarahackl The chat people can’t help and the email people don’t have chat so ....

  • JenDeppeler Jen Deppeler (@JenDeppeler) reported

    @SaskTel @tarahackl I’m pretty sure the issue isn’t specific to my account as I’m hearing the same thing from different people. The only change to my account was that I changed my filter to aggressive from standard when this started last week.

  • rider_fan21 Doug Schmidt (@rider_fan21) reported

    @SaskTel Sasktel Max and internet down in Warman suddenly.

  • kalexpoof Kelly Alexander (@kalexpoof) reported

    @SaskTel can you please fix the spam filter for email. For the last 3 weeks my inbox has been flooded with spam. I am not the only one suffering.

  • cadburybunny Cadbury D. Bunny (@cadburybunny) reported

    The farm which is serviced by @Bell and _0_ issues ... come home to the city and @SaskTel has shit the bed, the floor, the walls and fingerpainted with it all over the walls. Maybe it is time to cut @SaskTel and find a provider that can ... Provide a service that I paid for.

  • char_collinge Charmaine Collinge (@char_collinge) reported

    @SaskTel @Bell Yes, the amazing @SaskTelSupport were able to resolve this.Unlike @Bell_Support who refused to help me at all the first 4 times I tried (both in person and over the phone). On the 5th try I finally found out they left the fraudulent account open so @sasktel took on the 6th try.

  • AndrewVancha Andrew Vancha 🇨🇦 (@AndrewVancha) reported

    If you are considering @SaskTel @SaskTelSupport MaxTv Stream don't bother, it is slow, glitchy, and stalls regularly, won't even turn on this morning. Have only had it a few days and nothing but frustration, internet and wifi work fine, but the MaxTv Stream just does not work.

  • mmgulka Michelle Gulka (@mmgulka) reported

    @Shabba_Rocks @SaskTel @SaskTelSupport I thought it was just me! So terrible!

  • char_collinge Charmaine Collinge (@char_collinge) reported

    @Bell and their new Lucky Mobile service could not have been more difficult to work with after someone fraudulently used my information to setup an account. It's good to know they won't even try to help or provide support. Thank goodness for @SaskTel's help!