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Xplornet is a Canadian wireless carrier and rural internet service provider. It is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country. Offers wireless internet services using satellite or 4G technology.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Montréal, Mississauga, Carrying Place, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Belleville, Saskatoon, Brockville, Ottawa, Guelph, Moncton, Surrey, Concord and Halifax.

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  • MarkC_Avgi Mark Carruthers (@MarkC_Avgi) reported

    Okay...after endless struggles with my @Xplornet internet connection &, through their customer support, finding out that they too discovered some issues in their service, I have now replaced my faithful (older) @Cisco router with a newer @Linksys router. Early results are good👍

  • seacan2 S Delaney (@seacan2) reported

    @Xplornet @SucksXplornet how can we be getting 5 dollars more charged in February when the service is getting worse...piece of crap service!!

  • CPComm Campbell Patterson (@CPComm) reported

    And very common problem. But ISED continues to dole out hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Xplornet and ILECs to provide lousy service. These complaints go unheeded by the CRTC and CCTS.

  • modernfarmer Stewart Skinner (@modernfarmer) reported

    @Schweepsy @Xplornet Not always this bad, never fast but it's the unpredictable outages that are frustrating.

  • matsevad Dave Stam (@matsevad) reported

    @modernfarmer @Xplornet I just got rid of mine about a month ago. Switched to a local business, better service, better products and for less than I was paying...

  • ccmk85 ccmk (@ccmk85) reported

    Just spent ANOTHER hour on the phone with @Xplornet and basically been told my speed issues and disconnects are due to their "traffic management policy" and to basically deal with it. There ya have it folks, throttling at it's finest! #xplornet #pei #ruralinternet

  • joshyoung247 josh (@joshyoung247) reported

    @Xplornet why is your internet so slow

  • Xplornet1 Xplornet (CEO of shitty internet) (@Xplornet1) reported

    I bet the Xplornet Tech Support team watches porn 24/7 and that’s why the wait time is so ******* long

  • HRF_KS HRF KS (@HRF_KS) reported

    @ccmk85 @Xplornet Still faster than mine with Bell :P I had xplornet satellite for a year, was terrible customer support and service. Every support call started with it being my fault, even when I couldnt connect to 1/3 of the US it took them a month to acknowledge maybe it wasnt me

  • lexmark66 lexmark66 (@lexmark66) reported

    @Lazarbeam Holy god that’s worse then mine and I have @Xplornet which is the worst internet provider I’ve ever had

  • MarkC_Avgi Mark Carruthers (@MarkC_Avgi) reported

    I then had to call back & spoke with Tyler who, with her help we were able to resolve some final email issues. Good customer service is not provided by everyone in every biz, but when it is, I believe it to be important to acknowledge. Thank you to Ryan & Tyler @Xplornet !👍👍

  • MarkC_Avgi Mark Carruthers (@MarkC_Avgi) reported

    The 3rd time is the charm...or it appears to be. I contacted @Xplornet again today, the 3rd time this week, & think that I finally got a support person who made some changes to my connection that, upon first impressions, has improved long-time connection issues. #CustServ 1/

  • cdn_cowgirl534 Canadian Cowgirl (@cdn_cowgirl534) reported

    @ANequestrian @Xplornet Xplornet is the worst!!

  • ANequestrian AN Equestrian (@ANequestrian) reported

    @canadianeqanon @Xplornet ooo 👀 the service has been so bad lately, from about 7pm to 10pm every day I get basically no internet. And like, that's prime work-from-home-and-netflix time.

  • canadianeqanon Coco Bongo (@canadianeqanon) reported

    @ANequestrian @Xplornet Also didn’t help their case that they LIED to us and we ended up with satellite when LTE was available, when they originally said it wasn’t available

  • the_ag_kid Lauren🌾 (@the_ag_kid) reported

    @ANequestrian @Xplornet Me @ Rogers: the internet is completely out Rogers: oh it looks like there is a service outage for maintenance Me: ok but it's Saturday Rogers: yeah that must be really annoying Me: thanks

  • ANequestrian AN Equestrian (@ANequestrian) reported

    Me @ @Xplornet : The internet isn't working at all. I know it's peak hours but this is ridiculous. Xplornet: well, it's peak hours... Me: But I'm paying for a service that I use, mainly, in those hours... Xplornet: well, it isn't going to change Me: Xplornet: Me: ok cool.

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    Maybe Xplornet will shut down after 2019 if they fail to provide us with 5G cause their plans will likely fail then some other company will compete against them and give us 5G Technology right after New Years 2020 @Xplornet1

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    Maybe I’ll have to wait till I get to Glen’s House on Saturday December 7 2019 and if it turns out that Xplornet provides him 5G Service then I might not be a customer and if not then I’m just being ripped off by Xplornet @SucksXplornet

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    New Brunswick should of had 5G Service by the end of 2019 and if not then Xplornet might be ripping us off

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    I just realized that Xplornet should already be having 5G Service by now at the end of 2019 and I see nothing and it’s already the end of 2019 for God’s Sakes cause it’s December so that’s a sign that I’m being ripped off by Xplornet over my @Twitter Posts @SucksXplornet

  • reveyone Debbie Moore (@reveyone) reported

    @wesley_davidson @MichelleRempel Let me guess, good ole xplornet. Yeah we are stuck with it too. Funny how the few businesses in our Hamet of 90 have access to high speed but not the public. Telus offered their hub and then took away the service stating they made a mistake.

  • Guitar_Broker TheGuitarBroker (@Guitar_Broker) reported

    @XplornetES terrible service so far. 2 major outages, slow slow service and 1 hr on hold for customer service #xplornet #badcustomerservice #theworst #internet

  • plrsTweet Pamela Ross (@plrsTweet) reported

    @xplornet wait time for tech support is 71 minutes lol. Gee, good thing they thrive off tax payers subsidies. #nbpoli

  • dailydairydiary Cam Houle (@dailydairydiary) reported

    @Zakofthenorth I am on the xplornet kind of upgraded high speed version. It’s perfect. Never goes down. Never really lags. Runs all our internet. The basic xplornet sucked donkey nuts, it this upgraded one is untouchable.

  • BoxallIan Ian Boxall (@BoxallIan) reported

    @Zakofthenorth You take the worst service you’ve ever had in your life. Multiply that by 10 and you have @Xplornet @XplornetSupport

  • ccmk85 ccmk (@ccmk85) reported

    @The1TrueBioWolf @Xplornet Dealing with the same crap in Millcove, PEI

  • ChrisBeaudry9 Chris Beaudry (@ChrisBeaudry9) reported

    @Chris_bauer_LL I'm sure xplornet has an answer for that just like they answered all our on farm slow internet service issues.

  • EatBuildPlay EatBuildPlay (@EatBuildPlay) reported

    @SucksXplornet I don't know why Agent First Name and Initial doesn't get his act together and do a better job, but he never sends the money #Xplornet owes me, he just sends me blank support templates.

  • EatBuildPlay EatBuildPlay (@EatBuildPlay) reported

    @SucksXplornet Xplornet owes me $77. They don't deny it, I canceled my service, final payment was drawn in full and they put a credit on my account. So I make tickets asking to have the money refunded... 12 tickets or more so far. Everytime they send me a blank template signed Agent First Name

  • GlowingBeauty01 GlowingBeauty (@GlowingBeauty01) reported

    @AdeleAwright @Xplornet @telusmobility They are terrible! Luckily I was able to get out of our contract. The internet is down more than it’s up & they told me 1 for an upload speed is standard. Like in what works!

  • Balls_94 balls (@Balls_94) reported

    @BradyCaldwell At LEAST you can say **** bell and people are like oh yeah I hate bell too, I say **** XPLORNET and People are like sorry WHAT is that 🤠

  • DealWit79925749 Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk (@DealWit79925749) reported

    @Xplornet this is bullshit. You send me an email yesterday stating you're going to raise my bill by $5/month to continue superb service. I haven't had a connection all day today. This happens 2-3 times a week!

  • SynysterGaming1 ❄️~ SynysterGamingOfficial | #TwitchFam Lead!~ ❄️ (@SynysterGaming1) reported

    @Infamous_Chef Xplornet.... Supposed to be, SUPPOSED to, be 100gbs of data, plus 150 extra a month, for 99.99, but his ******* women, who is supposed to be here, to help me around the house due to my knee, has been SITTING on the laptop, doing nothing but video watching at 4k...

  • maddogtweets maddog t jones (@maddogtweets) reported

    @SucksXplornet @BernJordanMP @Bill_Morneau @JustinTrudeau @APLenehan @EORN_CA @ISCC_Canada @KE_Watson @ciranews @CanadianIGF @MobileSyrup @CBC @natnewswatch @kady @cbcmarketplace Absolutely, having a limit on your service does not make it unlimited. I don't understand how @Xplornet can advertise and sell a package that is capped and call it unlimited...

  • marty_mcgyver Martin Baxter (@marty_mcgyver) reported

    @osstf @Sflecce Try e-learning when you live in rural Ontario and your only internet service is Xplornet and that is horrifyingly slow to nonexistent.

  • FrankReardon1 Frank Reardon Photos (@FrankReardon1) reported from Iqaluit, Nunavut

    @Delaunay_Mic @Xplornet Only NWT is affected by rain. Unless that has changed. It gets so slow I can’t even open google. The service is like waves on a beach

  • MisterListerin1 Mister Listerine (@MisterListerin1) reported

    @Xplornet I'm not getting speeds as advertised, you claim up to 25 mbps with unlimited and I'm not even getting a quarter of that. It's been like this for a week please fix soon

  • shannbil Shannon Bileski☈ (@shannbil) reported

    @ccmk85 @Xplornet We got 0.02 download speeds last night! Time for them to do something instead of loading more people on the network!

  • shannbil Shannon Bileski☈ (@shannbil) reported

    @WillGoodrich_ @Xplornet @XplornetSupport 100% agree! Moved from @NetSetOne to Xplornet (not by choice). Huge issues! Had to get up at 4am in order to download a file this morning!

  • baibaum_ B🕊 (@baibaum_) reported

    Had I of known the only internet provider available at the new place was xplornet I never would have agreed to move

  • lafonh Hamzah 'lafon' Mostafa (@lafonh) reported

    Love to have work, time with friends, entertainment and more held hostage by @xplornet and the government of Canada because they refuse to help rural Canadians. gg @CRTCeng and @CCTS_CPRST I give up.

  • kismith Kirsten Smith (@kismith) reported

    Not sure what’s worse, being told the wait time for customer support at @Xplornet is 66 minutes or having “Patio Laterns” as the first hold song.

  • WillGoodrich_ Will Goodrich (@WillGoodrich_) reported

    @Xplornet @XplornetSupport @APLenehan Fix your company and stop misleading customers. Been having issues for over a year.

  • tegan4618 Tegan (@tegan4618) reported

    @lammy9661 @WeatherLandG @PattiBailey05 @Bell_Support @CraveCanada @Xplornet @Bell @TELUSsupport The only problem I run into on the parkway is around Brown's Bay, get my "welcome to the US", 2 seconds later, "Welcome back to Canada" then a few minutes later, "welcome to the US" , then back to "welcome back to Canada". Not nice to fool an old lady, where am I 😂

  • stu_neatby Stuart Neatby (@stu_neatby) reported

    Minister Matt MacKay said two service agreements with Bell, Xplornet in the works. Saying due to be signed as early as Friday. "Within the next two weeks will see this rolled out and away we go." #peipoli

  • tegan4618 Tegan (@tegan4618) reported

    @WeatherLandG @lammy9661 @PattiBailey05 @Bell_Support @CraveCanada @Xplornet @Bell @TELUSsupport Have Telus, only 2 places I can not get service, Hwy 416 around Spencerville, loose momentarily, and Hwy 15 at Sweets Corners even if outside dancing and waving phone about. Anyone else I know has everything but Telus and have awful time w/service. Think I'll keep Telus

  • 747_s DEPLORABLE CDN 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 (@747_s) reported

    @lammy9661 @Bell_Support @CraveCanada @Xplornet I have started a group on Facebook xplornetruralinternetenoughisenough, over 1200 members, file a complaint with @CCTS_CPRST , it’s unacceptable we in rural areas are being passed by for fibe.

  • lammy9661 Kevin Lamacraft (@lammy9661) reported

    @PattiBailey05 @Bell_Support @CraveCanada @Xplornet @Bell Try @TELUSsupport for your cell phone... they have MUCH better rural service than any of the other carriers....

  • PattiBailey05 🇨🇦 👩‍🚒Patti Ramsey (@PattiBailey05) reported

    @lammy9661 @Bell_Support @CraveCanada @Xplornet I think that will be my next step – ditch my landline. The only thing holding me back is the fact that cell service here really sucks. Unfortunately, @Bell only seems to be in business for the big bucks. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, and has for a long time.

  • PattiBailey05 🇨🇦 👩‍🚒Patti Ramsey (@PattiBailey05) reported

    @lammy9661 @Bell_Support @CraveCanada @Xplornet I hear ya!. Whenever we have a rain storm, I have such bad static on my phone that it’s impossible to have a conversation with anybody. And like you, I also fork over a lot of 💰 to @Bell_Support for what I can only describe as extremely crappy & unreliable service! #timetoswitch

  • seeteegee Chris McGee (@seeteegee) reported

    Test run of Bell Home Wireless service is going well. Just put my Xplornet service in suspension until next spring in case the tree leaves start interfering.

  • MultitaskMumma Leighann (@MultitaskMumma) reported

    Just received an email from @Xplornet that our rates will go up $5 in feb 2020. I don’t like what I pay now for this terrible internet service. I won’t pay another $5. Looking now for another provider. #horseshit

  • FrankReardon1 Frank Reardon Photos (@FrankReardon1) reported from Iqaluit, Nunavut

    @tinammorrissey @Xplornet @Delaunay_Mic I don’t understand if most everyone is having issues with @Xplornet and the @XplornetSupport say there are no issues. @CRTCeng you should really look I to this please.

  • Irngutaq2 Gordy Kidlapik (@Irngutaq2) reported

    Wow! Ever fast app updates this morning, both downloaded and installed in less than 10 seconds. Xplornet was never that fast before, I'm gonna warm up my laptop

  • rosecathy8 cathy rose (@rosecathy8) reported

    @Xplornet my daughters internet has been down since a storm on Nov 1st. She was with Xplornet for less than a month-She STILL does not have internet. Keep promising, but cannot seem to comit to repairing-Want your business but if something goes wrong, forget customer service.

  • Knickelbein Mat K. (@Knickelbein) reported

    @Xplornet @Xplornet - I have been a customer for over 10 years. Your email gave zero explanation for the fee increase. I am requesting a detailed response.

  • mikofox 🦊 Mikofox 🍁 (@mikofox) reported

    We know you have a choice for ISP's [nope]... blah, blah, blah... In order to deliver the best possible service quality, we will be increasing the service fee... by $8.00 per month, plus applicable taxes... Current service 80GB, 5Mbps/1Mbps - $119.69 month @xplornet #xplornet

  • winstarvander Chris Vander Doelen (@winstarvander) reported

    Crap: internet out again, since at least 6 am. Satellite just re-aimed a few days ago. Xplornet says 49-minute wait just to register service fail. Double crap.

  • FrankReardon1 Frank Reardon Photos (@FrankReardon1) reported from Iqaluit, Nunavut

    @CCG_Retired @Xplornet @Delaunay_Mic I think I am going to end my service with them after 10 years on the day of increase.