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Xplornet is a Canadian wireless carrier and rural internet service provider. It is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country. Offers wireless internet services using satellite or 4G technology.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Montréal, Toronto, Regina, Stirling, Belleville, Hampton, York, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Red Deer, Stewiacke, Sherwood Park and Halifax.

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Toronto Internet
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  • brian_wiggy123 Brian Thomas (@brian_wiggy123) reported

    @Xplornet I feel bad. I cancelled my service with you guys tonight. It just wasn't reliable enough. It worked great for a while then it would just buffer like crazy. Thanks to everyone I dealt with! You guys were great there are just too many bugs I'm thinking congestion!

  • 747_s DEPLORABLE CDN 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 (@747_s) reported

    @fordnation @AMOPolicy well will you please ask @Xplornet to stop using the expression "up to" on their promised delivery of service- many of their customers are not getting anything like they are paying for.

  • DjCarter_Lee Carter Lee (@DjCarter_Lee) reported

    @DealWit79925749 @CBCNews @Xplornet @CRTCeng Mmm, supply and demand, low demand with a large area to supply equals higher costs, pretty much why we all pay higher rates, double our population and rates should go down accordingly

  • DealWit79925749 Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk (@DealWit79925749) reported

    @CBCNews Yet I still pay $90/month for a 5Mbps plan with @Xplornet because where I live that's my only option. The @CRTCeng needs to start cracking down on companies like them that take advantage of rural customers...

  • samanthajlawson sam (@samanthajlawson) reported

    @Sarah1Helm @Xplornet @Xplornet easily the worst company I’ve been involved with

  • aliciaderrough Alicia (@aliciaderrough) reported

    @Xplornet - Internet down yet again. 24-48 hours for a call to make an appointment with a technician and no internet service until then... #ruralinternetsucks

  • Devo289 Brannon Devos (@Devo289) reported

    @Xplornet has such great customer service that their solution to complete crap slow internet is to hang up on their disgruntled customers rather than try work with them to solve the problem. Called Monday . On hold 1.5 hrs to get a call back...on Wednesday

  • Ruihu7 Ruihu (@Ruihu7) reported

    @XplornetSupport xplornet is literally the worst company I’ve dealt with, I keep getting the run around for 2 and a half months, no one can help me apparently.

  • bonecarving Stan Hill (@bonecarving) reported

    @Xplornet Installed our new home phone kit as per instructions. Received my email with phone number and activation confirmation . Of course the phone does not work. Spent 1:20 waiting to speak to service and another 1/2 hour only to be told we can’t fix the problem. Not fit

  • furbabies_mom furbabies mommy (@furbabies_mom) reported

    @LuisAllegretti @MithuValika @CanadianGreens options IF we could get sat xplornet 100 gigs for $100 ( a down grade from our old one slightly cheaper for 100 gigs $75 or so), cell service which net would have been a couple of hundred a month. w our expensive tower we were able to get unlimited via teksavvy for under $50.

  • painting_albert I fight for freedom #BernierNation (@painting_albert) reported

    Beware of @Xplornet . It sucks and must be destroyed. !!!!

  • LornaU73 Lorna Udholm (@LornaU73) reported

    Desperately seeking a rural internet network other than @Xplornet So tired of this unreliable network!

  • highptdesigns High Point Designs (@highptdesigns) reported

    @XplornetSupport Hi @Xplornet, when you call me back this will get done. I was only on hold today for an hour, spoke to a representative who put me on hold for another hour who told me only a technician could help, where I was transferred and told I could only leave a message at this time.

  • Kymoha04 Kmhv04 (@Kymoha04) reported

    @NorthofSeven @Xplornet Ugh! @Xplornet is the worst. So much $ for it and zero reliability here. Glad it’s back up and running for you!

  • ScottGreen1989 Scott Green (@ScottGreen1989) reported

    @Xplornet Your customer service is terrible, my parents will not have internet or phone until Sept 5 because you can't properly install your product. My dad has a heart condition. Suppose he has an issue in the middle of the night and can't call 911. @john_vanthof @AnthonyRota

  • chriswtburke Chris Burke (@chriswtburke) reported

    Hey @MaximeBernier I assume the @peoplespca won't be giving bribe money to companies like @bell and @Xplornet their service sucks, and customer service is even worse.. let's open up Canada to other isp's so we can actually get some quality, affordable internet

  • chriswtburke Chris Burke (@chriswtburke) reported

    Hey @MaximeBernier I assume the @peoplespca won't be giving bribe money to companies like @bell and @Xplornet their services sucks, and customer service is even worse.. let's open up Canada to other isp's so we cab actually get some quality, affordable internet

  • chriswtburke Chris Burke (@chriswtburke) reported

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet I appreciate that you say "call back when the internet drops again" but it takes over an hour to get through to you, and Everytime I finally get a person, it's working again. This is NOT good customer service, and I'm getting really annoyed

  • kellneale Kelly (@kellneale) reported

    @Xplornet been having a lot of problems with my internet lately. Every time I try to call I’m hit with an astonishing wait time. I don’t have 73 mins to wait on the phone. I just want my internet to stop crashing out on me. I put a heck of a lot of money for it every month.

  • integralpr Integral PR/ Hi it’s Annette! (@integralpr) reported

    @XplornetSupport Nope. Not downloading your app. And the website is not easily navigated. Also hoping once @Xplornet fixes its mistake I’ll never have to deal with this company again. Such a nightmare of customer service.

  • ShiDuncan Shi-Ann Duncan (@ShiDuncan) reported

    @DeniseMiller76 @XplornetSupport @Xplornet I called today and they had the option for a call back so I didn’t need to wait on hold. They called back in about the same time the estimated wait was. Awesome customer service!!

  • chriswtburke Chris Burke (@chriswtburke) reported

    Ok, now I’m mad… 42 minutes on hold, and @Xplornet hung up on me.. how do I fix my internet if I can’t get through to you fools.. @XplornetSupport

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    @Xplornet doesn’t deserve the customer service reps they have working for them. Hannah in Woodstock New Brunswick deserves a raise. Great service.

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    Another great day to be an @Xplornet customer. Service is non-functional. 38 minute wait to speak with customer service due to “higher than normal” call volumes. It’s not higher than normal if it’s the norm. 38 minute wait coming up.

  • AlpineResort Jodi (@AlpineResort) reported

    @GaryMooneyPEC @Xplornet We're paying for lte service that's supposed to give us up to 25 mps and we rarely get more than 5.

  • GaryMooneyPEC Gary Mooney (@GaryMooneyPEC) reported

    @xplornet Continuing very poor download speeds from the Consecon location. Often one-tenth of the contracted speed of 5 Mbps. Tried to watch streaming video last evening of a sports event. Got only sound, and only sometimes. As soon as we have an alternative supplier, we're gone.

  • SSamatte Shann (@SSamatte) reported

    @Matthew_Dyck3 @Bell_MTS good luck! We've had fiber in our area for years but it's not connected. I finally switched to xplornet out of pure frustration. If BellMTS ever get their shit together I'll maybe switch back. So far it's been much better speeds for us.

  • KKoolyk Keldon K. (@KKoolyk) reported

    @landon707 @BaldurBarons They’ve got as good of customer service at Xplornet 😂

  • LucasMenold Lucas Menold (@LucasMenold) reported

    @bigbushelsag @XplornetES We were on netset too. Had a few issues with net set but never was on hold more than ten minutes and they always got it fixed right away. Wait for close to an hour with Xplornet unless you call at 4 am. Never fixed it and switched to VISP now after 2 months of issues

  • smilesjam jm (@smilesjam) reported

    @CBCNews The reason satellite internet is slow. 1. install 3 dishes a day - this is a sat for the whole north america. Its overloaded. 2. People stream at peak hours = serice unuseable 3. Xplornet needs to throttle streaming to share the bandwidth!

  • Sjacobs420 Scott Jacobs (@Sjacobs420) reported

    @RogersHelps my buddy with xplornet has the ability to play all of his games on ps4 why is this company such a joke give us some kind of time frame to fix the problem and refund me some of my bill

  • luvlambs Marion Greveling (@luvlambs) reported

    Rural internet would have meant that internet never really caught on as a thing. #xplornet

  • willston77 William Seaton (@willston77) reported

    @CRTCeng We need more competition for WSP, @Xplornet has a monopoly with their over priced, saturated and generally poor service.


    @AndrewGagnon @Xplornet When we receive a complaint, we review it to determine whether it falls within our mandate. You can call us at 1-888-221-1687 for further clarifications.

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    25 minutes in with @XplornetSupport. Surprisingly, still no resolution. I’m not actually surprised. This poor guy won’t be able to fix it unless he comes out and fixes the over subscribed towers. @Xplornet must be so frustrating to work for.

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    13 minutes into an @XplornetSupport call. I don’t know how many times we must go over the same troubleshooting. The problem is @Xplornet hardware, not user side.

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    @CCTS_CPRST @Xplornet Been having the same issues for several years. Apparently this falls outside of the timeline for complaints.

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    Two minutes of pre-recorded messages about all the current issues @Xplornet has. After that, another prerecorded message about higher than normal call volume (that plays every time I have called them). 35 minute wait to talk to tech support. I hate @Xplornet service.

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    @CCTS_CPRST must deal with a lot of frustrated @Xplornet customers. Service is unreliable and not as advertised.

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    Would be really nice if @Xplornet could provide a level of service where more than one device could use the internet at a time. Always upgrading “early next year” (for the last three years). #slow #expensive #useless

  • ChibiLenne Chibi Lenne @ CR Live Show 🏳️‍🌈 💖💛💙 (@ChibiLenne) reported

    Y'know what's great @Xplornet ... get a promo email saying 'new and better service' is in my area with a promo code and then being told "sorry this isn't actually available for you" way to get my hopes up :| #XplornetSUCKS

  • adenakoehler48 Adena Koehler (@adenakoehler48) reported

    Future Of Internet Power Over 1 million Aussies select Optus as their internet service provider. A static IP address with Xplornet helps you entry the Internet with a dedicated IP handle that doesn’t change. Dan program kehamilan ini telah di dukung dan direkomendasikan ole…

  • Richard55773229 Richard LaRoche (@Richard55773229) reported

    @bjmedeiros @Xplornet Getting really slow service in Notre dame du laus service cuts off

  • ottawaspends David Akin (@ottawaspends) reported

    .@FP_Champagne , @INFC_Eng , @BernJordanMP , Xplornet Communications to expand fixed wireless Internet service , St Martin's , NB , $40 000 000 , NB , #Ottawaspends LPC Riding M

  • garrymfoster Garry Foster (@garrymfoster) reported

    @APLenehan @BernJordanMP @BlaineHiggs @Gov_NB @cib_en Your internet service in Muskoka doesn’t deliver what is promised. It is very disappointing. The speed is so slow it is practically useless! #xplornet

  • zainichijapan ҉在҉日҉日҉本҉人҉@相互フォロー100% (@zainichijapan) reported

    @SeanMor27198990 @Twitter @YouTube @Google @Xplornet @Nin_SmashBros @Sora_Sakurai @kirby @NintendoSwitchC @Makiko_Ohmoto @TamamoNoMeemoo @FateEXTELLA I will support you

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    @zainichijapan @Twitter @YouTube @Google @Xplornet @Nin_SmashBros @Sora_Sakurai At least my guilt over Smash Bros isn’t as bad as the youtuber felt towards Ramar Larkin Jones as long as my parents and caregivers don’t notice the Twitter Activity that’s all that matters or if I get @Xplornet to sell autonomous RV to my house with 5G then I can be fine

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    @zainichijapan @Twitter @YouTube @Google @Xplornet @Nin_SmashBros @Sora_Sakurai I sometimes feel a sense of guilt over Smash Bros because a fake user blocked me just like when a YouTuber said that he will never support the Pokémon Company ever again after they sue one of their fans for copyright infringement ©

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported from Hampton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    @zainichijapan @Twitter @YouTube @Google @Xplornet At least one Smash Bros Fan on Twitter used his Tamamo Twitter Account to take advantage of me and then he blocked me which was kind of rude even though I wanted to take a break from Sakurai after getting blocked on Sakurai’s Parody Twitter Account called @Nin_SmashBros

  • garrymfoster Garry Foster (@garrymfoster) reported

    @APLenehan @Xplornet @BernJordanMP @NavdeepSBains @MarcSerreMP @ISED_CA I’ve been an @Xplornet customer for a number of years in Muskoka. You constantly over-promise and under-deliver. The speed is so slow that it is practically useless.

  • fearless504 Fearless (@fearless504) reported

    @alKaszL @fordnation @Xplornet Xplorenet doesnt get a dime from me because they "cant provide service". My neighbours can get it but i cant

  • brian_wiggy123 Brian Thomas (@brian_wiggy123) reported

    @Xplornet I sure wish that lte service would come to 52 French village rd York county n.b. I'd hook it up immediately!

  • AndrewGagnon Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    @harrislemon @Xplornet @Bell The people of @XplornetSupport are fantastic, but the hardware is shit. I really feel bad for them having to listen to people complain all day because their employer is bad at their job. #prayforsupport

  • harrislemon Harris Lemon (@harrislemon) reported

    @AndrewGagnon @Xplornet @Bell That’s a whole different level of terrible

  • captainbyliner Donald McArthur (@captainbyliner) reported

    @postie242 @Xplornet No problem, Jim. I know it's frustrating. I'm in McGregor, too, and have to wait as well. I have Bell now. I can watch Netflix OK but trying to upload video is almost impossible.

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported

    @Xplornet I think it’s gonna go down from the last 10% to the last 5% rating NO ZEROS ALLOWED cause I’m slightly inappropriate and imperfect and innocent 😇 as a human being 👨

  • BradleyFord1974 Bradley Ford (@BradleyFord1974) reported

    @CBCAlerts Xplornet satelite internet already exists (overpriced). I am tweeting this on their network right now.

  • BruceWi05449513 Bruce Williamson (@BruceWi05449513) reported

    @LaurieScottPC @fordnation @MonteMcNaughton @erniehardeman Seeing is believing is all I can say. After years of Xplornet I'm sick of the outrageous prices and very very poor internet!!

  • XboxKaneda XboxKaneda (@XboxKaneda) reported

    @mrcraigbeckett @SteveClarkPC @Xplornet I heard they were bumping ppl to cheaper unlimited services but damn that traffic shaping is horrendous.

  • sgtbeans5550 Steve Hoyland (@sgtbeans5550) reported

    @SteveClarkPC Well @xplornet wasn't good for me one of the worst companies I have dealt with