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Xplornet is a Canadian wireless carrier and rural internet service provider. It is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country. Offers wireless internet services using satellite or 4G technology.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Caledon East, Ottawa, Edmonton, Montréal, Stirling, Toronto, Brampton, Val-d'Or, Vancouver, Frankford, Calgary, Belleville, Richmond, Allenford and York.

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  • JamarTheGay JamarTheGay🌈 (@JamarTheGay) reported from Caledon East, Ontario

    Don’t ask me why I chose @Xplornet for the internet. They have the worst service ever. EVER!!!!!

  • jm_mcgrath John Michael McGrath (@jm_mcgrath) reported

    Interesting tidbit from this ROMA panel: biggest customer base for Xplornet's satellite internet service is still within the GTHA - because broadband service falls off a cliff outside of even large cities.

  • jboileau1967 🇨🇦 J.B. 🏳️‍🌈 (@jboileau1967) reported

    @Xplornet service has been beyond awful lately. Can't stream anything from Netflix, Amazon, disney+. Speeds under 5mbos yet pay over 100.00 for so-called unlimited with speeds up to 25.. Time to file another complaint with @CRTCeng and BBB.

  • GingySenpai Marnie is Love, Marnie is Life (@GingySenpai) reported

    Getting rid of my internet tomorrow, the thing doesn't work have the time, so if you have no other option besides xplornet or nothing at all, choose nothing it's the same thing and free.

  • BradModel2000 Brad 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿™️ (@BradModel2000) reported

    @Xplornet you have the worst country internet out! I’m not even going to call in anymore do to you shitty customer support and stupid ******* same shit “well how many people on at your house” “ well it’s a busy time on tower” don’t care not my problem #fixit

  • 76Drey Dean Rey (@76Drey) reported

    @rpbrunel @DTimchishen Since xplornet took over from netset it's been shit. We've had xplornet before and they were terrible. Looking for a new provider but not finding anything yet for our area. Something needs to change for internet service for rural.

  • DefinitionHolly Holly Campbell (@DefinitionHolly) reported

    Dear @Xplornet, it’s absolutely nuts that I pay you every month for such crappy service. It’s 2020 and I can’t watch a movie on Netflix on a Friday night with my Husband because your service sucks so badly. You better look out for the day when options come to rural people.

  • ladiebug_8 Bobbi-Lynn MacDonald (@ladiebug_8) reported

    Anyone having trouble with #xplornet in #Stratford #PEI I unplugged my modem to move it and now it's not working.

  • tmacgean Tanner MacGean (@tmacgean) reported

    @DauphinChamber @XplornetES @Xplornet Lol y'all ain't doing NOTHIN. Worst ISP in the whole solar system

  • furface42 Doug MacDougall (@furface42) reported

    @Xplornet … Just getting this tweeting thing figured out... I will be posting daily watch for updates on how bad my service is … actually have video of Xplornet home page taking 40 seconds only to load half the picture at the top.

  • furface42 Doug MacDougall (@furface42) reported

    @Xplornet I can't believe that I was told Xplornet could not have a manager call me about my lousy service and basically I was just going to have to live with it when they promised me the moon to get me to sign up!! I have been patient but to NO avail … THX for nothing Xplornet!

  • Justjohnwang Wanger (@Justjohnwang) reported

    Man @xplornet does your service ever stay up for more then 12 hours what quality service and a nice 70 minute wait for support sweet

  • candleman67 Winston Smith (@candleman67) reported

    @kenzigb @CFRAOttawa @cherylgallant @JustinTrudeau I too am on xplornet, and while weather poses a problem, it is far from unreliable. The quality of service has NEVER stopped me from banking.

  • shanechurch Shane Church (@shanechurch) reported

    @Xplornet I got service one week ago. It worked for one day and hasn't since last Thursday. I have called 3 times to support with no help. Sales rep hasn't returned my many emails. I want to cancel my service if this is not resolved by today

  • kbcmc kbcmc (@kbcmc) reported

    @Gingermommy @Xplornet Ridiculous. I was on hold so the tech support could speak to her "senior staff" on the issue and got hung up on, gave her 15 minutes to call me back, of course she didn't. They just keep getting worse.

  • Gingermommy Ranting Ginger (@Gingermommy) reported

    Spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with @Xplornet for customer support. Having rural internet sucks as is. Now having to call back since line went dead. Crappy system!

  • my1000islands Shelly Gibson (@my1000islands) reported

    @lammy9661 @Xplornet I left Xplornet years ago due to poor speeds and poor service.

  • DDippiN506 DDippiN (@DDippiN506) reported

    @iQTelekinesis I know the struggle my guy, Xplornet is the most dog shit Internet I’ve ever seen

  • lammy9661 Kevin Lamacraft (@lammy9661) reported

    @WeatherLandG @Xplornet Try to use any streaming services and it quickly becomes apparent that the promises made about speeds and availability are hollow and empty.... sadly, no competition exists so, like all monopolies, price goes up, service goes down and questions are answered with platitudes...😡

  • WeatherLandG 🌤 L&G Weather, News & Traffic ☃️ (@WeatherLandG) reported

    @lammy9661 @Xplornet Unfortunately even the Eastern Ontario Regional Network promotes Xplornet which means that any funding they get for the feds will go to them. Not sure where it ends up getting spent because their service has been crap for years

  • danielmullen Daniel Mullen (@danielmullen) reported

    @Peigirl1985 @kerrywcampbell Actually, the 'promise' was that for the people who will get service, they will get that speed by then. This deal with Bell & Xplornet does nothing for the thousands of homes that are 'not economic' (also known as too hard) for Bell or Xplornet to reach! Everyone not included!

  • fanCRTCProfling Commissioner Miner (@fanCRTCProfling) reported

    @FrankReardon1 @Xplornet @XplornetSupport Xplornet, to my knowledge has had issues in the past with their throttling. It would take a phone call, it would take tests. One could file at the CRTC under ITMP's, but takes some proof. Will try and figure out a test this afternoon for you.

  • FrankReardon1 Frank Reardon Photos (@FrankReardon1) reported

    Anyone else having issues with Amazon Echo DOT using @Xplornet Worked all the time now it only worked early in the mornings. @XplornetSupport @fanCRTCProfling I think they are blocking it

  • lammy9661 Kevin Lamacraft (@lammy9661) reported

    @WpgMootz @Xplornet Sadly, I do... a shame that no other providers would be willing to step up... Bell abandoned us a few years back - ancient copper lines that will never be replaced.

  • breabeck Breanna Beck (@breabeck) reported

    @Xplornet unbelievably poor service. Countless wasted hours trying to get internet back working for our business.

  • JeffGauci Jnl (@JeffGauci) reported

    @elonmusk I can’t wait for Starlink! I live 30 minutes from the Capital of Canada (Ottawa) and the only internet I can get is some bullshit internet provided by #xplornet which is over priced and sucks!

  • NAPESSXO isaac 🐉 (@NAPESSXO) reported

    @Xplornet why u gotta make slow ass wifi expensive af 🤕🤕 so unfair

  • zeagan Eagan (@zeagan) reported

    @AndrewMacKay8 @DerekMacEwen @kerrywcampbell After a year or two of the same entirely useless customer service and gouging we switched to xplornet. It’s definitely not perfect but the customer service has been high quality and personal with our speeds around 4x faster than bell for $20/month less.

  • kbcmc kbcmc (@kbcmc) reported

    @LotSixteen @stevecurious2 @kerrywcampbell Decent service and Xplornet don't belong in the same sentence.

  • stevecurious2 Steve (BoSox fan in Blue Jay land 🇨🇦) (@stevecurious2) reported

    @LotSixteen @kerrywcampbell To be clear by service I meant speed of internet not customer service... I agree I seem to be the exception rather than the rule to Xplornet. Whatever your metric, they are far superior to Bell thus far. Bad vs. worse is an accurate statement!

  • ChaseClarkson9 Chase🇨🇦 🕸 (@ChaseClarkson9) reported

    @justatmethough @Xplornet You should get the TELUS smart hub , I live in bittern lake and use to have shit internet out now get 5-15mb/s

  • sclarkeOville Sarah Clarke 🌟2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣🌟 (@sclarkeOville) reported

    I was on hold with @Xplornet for an hour and gave up. #CustomerServiceFAIL #Fail We are actively looking to switch, any suggestions for better internet service north of #Orangeville @TownofMono

  • sn_pwrs Sean Powers (@sn_pwrs) reported

    Customer service fail @Xplornet. Waited over 90 mins on hold last week only to be hung up on. Emailed 7 days ago only to receive no response. You sure make it hard to add additional service to an account. #fail #silence

  • karla_morford karla morford (@karla_morford) reported

    @kerrywcampbell @CBCPEI yes. very much so. I work from home, but am required to have a "wired" connection, so Bell is my only option. (I have xplornet for my personal internet, which is better but still suffers from slow downs in busy periods, and lag that disrupts gaming)

  • stevecurious2 Steve (BoSox fan in Blue Jay land 🇨🇦) (@stevecurious2) reported

    @kerrywcampbell Frustrated and angered by Bell so switched to Xplornet. Went from horrific customer service and even worse internet to much better service and aprx. ~40 mps. Not ideal considering the cost but MUCH better overall. There is still room for improvement though...

  • nwcalhoun Natalie Williams Calhoun (@nwcalhoun) reported

    @kerrywcampbell Switched from Bell to Xplornet about a year ago... it’s better but still not great and difficult as 2 small business owners to struggle with slow speeds! I know... #firstworldproblems but still!

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CBCTheNational @CHCHTV @CP24 @CBC xplornet internet speed & service is absolute trash. they have zero competition in many area's. Under deliver, throttle & lie to their customers. While stealing millions from the government & Canadians. CRTC CCTS doesn't do shit about it. lmao

  • rferschy Russell Fersch (@rferschy) reported

    @Xplornet have been trying for the past 2 days get through to your tech support. Both days over an hour on hold and nobody picked up.

  • chzballs4life1 Sam Lazarevich (@chzballs4life1) reported

    I hope that maybe one day @Xplornet could get it’s shit together one day and actually give me the internet the promised. #xplornetsucks @SucksXplornet

  • iamjessicajade ☕️Jessica Jade🍷 (@iamjessicajade) reported

    @SRT4OwnzU88 @Eastlink Yes I had XPlornet when I lived in the middle of nowhere... it was awful, especially in bad weather, I do not recommend it.

  • SRT4OwnzU88 Vitamin J (@SRT4OwnzU88) reported

    @iamjessicajade @Eastlink Unfortunately no there isn’t. There’s Xplornet which is satellite internet but that’s even MORE expensive and has data caps (kinda like cellular data plans) and you have to contend with no signal in bad weather. Not feasible for anyone using the internet these days! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Xplornet1 Xplornet (CEO of shitty internet) (@Xplornet1) reported

    Xplornet sucks major ass

  • Eddie4th Eddie Phillips (@Eddie4th) reported

    @paytonrose16 @Alannabrown12_ We need to start the #XplornetChallenge If you pay$60/month for xplornet, you need to tie up tech support for at least 4 hours per month. Assuming their techs make at least$15/hr, we start making them lose money until they improve service.

  • Eddie4th Eddie Phillips (@Eddie4th) reported

    @kbcmc We need to start the #XplornetChallenge If you pay$60/month for xplornet, you need to tie up tech support for at least 4 hours per month. Assuming their techs make at least$15/hr, we start making them lose money until they improve service. Nothing else seems to work.

  • Eddie4th Eddie Phillips (@Eddie4th) reported

    @Xplornet @codeman_02 There is nothing Tech Support can do when you overload your towers with too many subscribers.

  • tod_wilkinson tod wilkinson (@tod_wilkinson) reported

    @codeman_02 @xplornet Contact the crtc complaints, and the CCTS-CPRST. The only way they will do anything about long term terrible service issues is if they are forced to.

  • paytonrose16 pay (@paytonrose16) reported

    @Alannabrown12_ @XplornetSupport we literally only have xplornet & bell as options, when we moved 2 years ago, xplornet was the only option, bell just recently got brought out here, so without a doubt were switching. bell even offered me 100$ to get out of xplornet but im not paying the 300$ cancel fee LOL

  • paytonrose16 pay (@paytonrose16) reported

    xplornet sucks, up to 25mbps & i dont think weve gotten that ever

  • shakeyB65 *Shakes* (@shakeyB65) reported

    @DerekMacEwen @PEIGuardian She should call Xplornet. They now offer wireless internet. I currently have their regular internet and have never had a connection issue (unlike with Bell that I could not connect with at all)

  • harrislen44 Len harris (@harrislen44) reported

    @Xplornet I signed up with you again a few weeks ago. I have had to call in far too many times 🙄. As far as customer service goes big improvement very friendly. But the actual service has gone way up in price. But same issues with speed and reliability of a stable connection,

  • MarkC_Avgi Mark Carruthers (@MarkC_Avgi) reported

    @realColinMac @Xplornet However, my wife is getting more miffed by the hour as her only internet access is over the home service. 😡

  • Slanglie1 Slanglie (@Slanglie1) reported

    @slayrager @Xplornet @Xbox @XboxSupport @netflix Turn off Xbox and pull out power cord and press power button. Then plug back in and try again . If not , uninstall and reinstall Netflix. Could be issue on their end also

  • justin_saulnier Justin Saulnier (@justin_saulnier) reported

    Thanks @Xplornet for the New Years outage. I got an idea for a resolution.

  • MarkC_Avgi Mark Carruthers (@MarkC_Avgi) reported

    Interesting that the @Xplornet telephone line admits the internet service outage & states that they are working diligently to resolve the issues. Hmm...🤔

  • JennExCa Jennifer Whitford (@JennExCa) reported

    @XplornetSupport Contacted Xplornet multiple times over the past 2-3 yrs. I’m sure you can read the account notes. Nothing can be done other than monthly bill credit for last couple years for “my inconvenience”. Last call with tech support 2-3 weeks ago...poor girl just kept apologizing.

  • MarkC_Avgi Mark Carruthers (@MarkC_Avgi) reported

    Really disappointing that our @Xplornet internet has been out since this morning & is still not working. I do not buy that the issues in our area are at all weather-related as it has been a relatively nice day here since this morning. 😠

  • vagrantwalker Vagrant Dead (@vagrantwalker) reported

    @kbcmc @vmittelstet @XplornetSupport @netflix @Xplornet @CRTCHearings Well after about my 8th call @XplornetSupport finally did something and it's working. That said I was hung up on, told I didn't have the equipment I do.... I work tech support for a living... I'm on LTE and your reps wanted me to reset Sat equipment.....

  • tgenereaux Terry Genereaux (@tgenereaux) reported

    @Xplornet still waiting for over 2hours for a call back so I called back in and it still has me in the que this is terrible customer service This is my 3rd time calling in 2 days still NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT

  • vmittelstet Valentin Mittelstet (@vmittelstet) reported

    @vagrantwalker @kbcmc @XplornetSupport @netflix @Xplornet @CRTCHearings They are clearly aware of the issues. Signing more people on then their network can handle, just to be so sorry that we experience issues. When we call customer service, being in line forever will already make us hang up. And it continues.

  • vmittelstet Valentin Mittelstet (@vmittelstet) reported

    @JoeyGallardo93 @Xplornet Ok, it’s not just us. Been going through some tweets, seems to be the same experience/ answer for everyone. Apparently it’s not @XplornetSupport fault in any case! Unbelievable that you are using peak time as an excuse. We pay for a service, it should work...