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Xplornet is a Canadian wireless carrier and rural internet service provider. It is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country. Offers wireless internet services using satellite or 4G technology.

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  • Internet (74.32%)
  • Total Blackout (12.16%)
  • E-mail (6.76%)
  • Wi-fi (5.41%)
  • TV (1.35%)

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  • EcoLogAudio
    EcoLogAudio (@EcoLogAudio) reported

    @megleigh35 You may be surprised where DSL service is available now. Contact @TekSavvyCSR & see what they say? nothing 2 loose. Xplornet is total junk

  • CrazyCdn01
    CrazyCdn (@CrazyCdn01) reported

    @Xplornet Does your service allow for online gaming? Another one I tried does not.

  • Dubbloseven
    Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @Xplornet constantly disconnecting.....can this be fixed pls ..... on/off/on/off/on/off/on/off/on/off............................. ???? Why are you guys having so many network issues lately and constant down time.

  • saskatoonGord
    Gord Hiebert (@saskatoonGord) reported

    @rgstone1 @xplornetretweet @Torlugic @tilott12 @ajspe @Xplornet @Bell My xplornet I called them ..they wanted me to pay service call and equipment repair..problem is I rented their equipment .it wasnt even mine so I cancelled

  • Torlugic
    Torlugic (@Torlugic) reported

    @tilott12 @xplornetretweet @ajspe @rgstone1 @Xplornet Look you'll never get anything good from @Xplornet. Every night they throttle their customers. From 8pm to 1am (states it on their website so they can get away with it) with @Bell fiber internet BASE speed is now 150/150 it's probably cheaper to sell your house and move.

  • SpeakTheTruth55
    CriticalMind (@SpeakTheTruth55) reported

    @Roosterinchains @xplornetretweet @NetSetMB @Xplornet 1 support guy admitted they oversold the network. But after the next satellite went up things were supposed to be normal again. DIDNT HAPPEN !! Crooks

  • AndrewGagnon
    Andrew Gagnon (@AndrewGagnon) reported

    The only redeeming quality @Xplornet has is the people they have working in customer service. Tower is having issues, so I saved a whopping two bucks on my bill. That won’t pay for the extra cell data I have to use, or the hour I’ve spent on the phone with them. #xplornetsucks

  • dean_erickson
    Dean Erickson (@dean_erickson) reported from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    @Beattie_14 @rgstone1 @Xplornet Where does the signal come from? I have my place at sandy shores and xplornet only choice

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet @NetSetMB Yeah, sure. Xplornet which is notorious for ripping people off and throttling everyone IP starts showing up and service stops working. But “no changes were made” A change will be made. That is me giving $250 a month via two accounts to somebody else.

  • BearPawChris
    🇨🇦Christoff🏈🎸🎤 (@BearPawChris) reported

    Maybe this is the reason @Xplornet service is so lousy. @xplornetretweet

  • tilott12
    Trent Ilott (@tilott12) reported

    @ajspe @rgstone1 @Xplornet Well thats expensive. I pay $100/month taxes in for 500gb data cap which i never come close to. One of there new lte towers.

  • dondavey3
    don davey (@dondavey3) reported

    @XplornetSupport @jcalder1983 @Xplornet @NetSetMB I to am waiting for another service provider in our area

  • rgstone1
    Rob Stone (@rgstone1) reported

    @ajspe @Xplornet That’s why I was hoping to continue with my existing service that was working fine looks as though that desire may not be shared.

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet @NetSetMB Bullshit. If no changes were made then why is my IP address issued from Xplornet now instead of netset like it used to be? Before that happened my service was good. Now it sucks. I highly doubt that’s a coincidence.

  • Beattie_14
    beats (@Beattie_14) reported

    @rgstone1 @Xplornet Had yourlink and xplornet both waste of money got wood river controls to get me Sasktel high speed less money works great @xplornet sucks #woodriver

  • rgstone1
    Rob Stone (@rgstone1) reported

    @hamiltondw2 @oldmangord @Xplornet @SaskTel Our cell service has been dropping calls like crazy lately.

  • hamiltondw2
    David Hamilton (@hamiltondw2) reported

    @rgstone1 @oldmangord @Xplornet @SaskTel Our cell service still is a hit and miss but the fusion is a different tower.

  • ClavelleJean
    Jean Clavelle (@ClavelleJean) reported

    @rgstone1 @oldmangord @Xplornet And given your location, you would think service would be better.

  • rgstone1
    Rob Stone (@rgstone1) reported

    @oldmangord @Xplornet Trouble I have is paying for a premium service and not even getting basic

  • oldmangord
    Gordon Moellenbeck (@oldmangord) reported

    @rgstone1 @Xplornet Yes it would. We got rid of our Xplornet because it was poor! Hard to have or use modern tech without it. Limits business! They could be a leader in rural service but I’m guessing the money isn’t there to provide anything but basic service!

  • thecanadianeh
    I hate winter (@thecanadianeh) reported

    @rgstone1 @Xplornet That's too bad, they are very reliable and relatively fast for Saskatchewan. They will come out and check for free. We were on the fringe and it worked

  • KowalchukFarms
    John (@KowalchukFarms) reported from Trochu, Alberta

    @rgstone1 @Xplornet That is bad!! @Xplornet unleash the bandwidth for crying out loud

  • tilott12
    Trent Ilott (@tilott12) reported

    @rgstone1 @Xplornet They upgraded towers in my area. Actually pretty good speeds now for not a bad price. 25mbs download. Kids are able to stream which is important i guess. #dora #pawpatrol

  • rgstone1
    Rob Stone (@rgstone1) reported

    @thecanadianeh @Xplornet We will resort to that yet. This is stupid.

  • Playwfiret0day
    WORM (@Playwfiret0day) reported

    @thecanadianeh @rgstone1 @Xplornet sigh. God damn Canadians.

  • KP1760
    Kirby Poirier (@KP1760) reported

    @rgstone1 @Xplornet @Xplornet has only got worse since they bought out Poor Link. Reminds me downloading music on dial up to burn a CD.

  • KKoolyk
    Keldon K. (@KKoolyk) reported

    @rgstone1 @Xplornet Oh man, used to have that. Gave it up, pay more but actually have service now.

  • KonTroL_306
    KonTroL_306 (@KonTroL_306) reported

    Well the day has come. Internet is so shit that i can't even play multiplayer games without lagging. The worst thing is- is that Xplornet LTE is the best thing out here which we all know is garbage. So not only can i not stream, I can't game either. F......M.....L

  • AvelosFloof
    Avelos (@AvelosFloof) reported

    @traediras My ping has been pretty stable on the positive at least compared to old ISP. My old ISP however, I feel dreadfully sorry for the people who work at @Xplornet support because they're usually nice people but the company itself is a massive flaming pile of shit.

  • botterillsales
    Todd Botterill (@botterillsales) reported

    @jcalder1983 @Xplornet @NetSetMB I hadnt realized netset had sold. Makes sense now , our service has been decreasing too

  • mprshane
    random-shane (@mprshane) reported

    @JustinSimard @DerekMacEwen We had the xplornet installer out but he couldn't find a signal. This was in the spring

  • hammer4974
    Chris Hammer (@hammer4974) reported

    @Xplornet is the internet down in some areas still since the storm? We are on Keeley Road, South Frontenac Twp. We have lost our signal.

  • Andrew_Dalgarno
    Andrew Dalgarno (@Andrew_Dalgarno) reported

    @KevSab12 @jcalder1983 @Xplornet @NetSetMB Local RM set up a broadband co-op. Just got hooked up last week. Definitely a great option if available. 60 down, 30 up. Could get higher but am in line with a TV tower causing interference. Parents are 90 down, 40 up.

  • JohnWBere
    John Beresford (@JohnWBere) reported

    @Xplornet why are you not updating customers on service outages? Really poor customer relations... 3rd time this year now with no info after a storm. Now news means you don’t care? An update even a bad one still says more then no news

  • Pad_Stack33
    Chris Stephens (@Pad_Stack33) reported

    @Xplornet when will 25 Mbps be available for me in the Craik, SK - Eybrow, SK service area? Installer keeps saying soon but soon never seems to come. #ruralproblems #letsgo

  • BaldurBarons
    Nyles Desrochers (@BaldurBarons) reported from Argyle, Manitoba

    @jcalder1983 @steeves11 @JeremyRamsay @Xplornet @NetSetMB Yep. Couple buddies have it too. Said the exact same thing. Went to absolute shit the last little bit

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @bigbushelsag @Xplornet @NetSetMB Netset rarely passed the buck like that. That is 100% xplornet. They are just terrible.

  • steeves11
    Kevin Steeves (@steeves11) reported

    @JeremyRamsay @jcalder1983 @Xplornet @NetSetMB Cancelling our Xplornet next week. Always have an excuse why they’re down, “your signal is affected by weather, your router is crap” but never “we suck and don’t care about the customers because we basically have a monopoly on rural internet”

  • JeremyRamsay
    J Ramsay (@JeremyRamsay) reported

    @jcalder1983 @Xplornet @NetSetMB Ya they crap here too

  • thecanadianeh
    Greg Petryshyn (@thecanadianeh) reported

    @jcalder1983 @Xplornet @NetSetMB That's too bad. They are the worse. I'm lucky to have an old plan with unlimited data so I just use my phone

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @thecanadianeh @Xplornet @NetSetMB I know. We had them via fixed wireless and satellite a few years ago. This is all too familiar. Terrible, terrible company. So disappointed because netset was good.

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    Well it’s happened.I said when @Xplornet bought @NetSetMB everything would go to hell in a few months and here we are.When I run a Speedtest now it says provider is Xplornet and speeds are always intermittent and poor. Guess I’ll be ISP shopping again. Fastnet is in the area now.

  • Xplornetsuppor1
    Xplornet Support parody (@Xplornetsuppor1) reported

    @Roosterinchains @NetSetMB @Xplornet Yes about the same time we tell them our customer satisfaction is about 10%.....

  • Roosterinchains
    Ron Short (@Roosterinchains) reported

    @NetSetMB @Xplornet Is there anywhere during the sales pitch you ask them to tell customers that the network is oversold and you get nowhere near the speed advertised?

  • therealcpr83
    Christopher Rogers (@therealcpr83) reported

    @NetSetMB @Xplornet Is the course titled "how to screw the customer with sub par service"

  • SpeakTheTruth55
    CriticalMind (@SpeakTheTruth55) reported

    @Xplornet Dont use Xplornet people. Very poor service !!

  • HeyXplornet
    HeyXplornet (@HeyXplornet) reported

    Hey @Xplornet and @XplornetSupport service is slow! Current Speeds: 1.86 Down & 5.05 Up. Current Plan: 5 Down & 5 Up. High River, AB Area. #xplornet #speedtest

  • NotEsemes16
    Ben Gaudet (@NotEsemes16) reported

    @notCIB You were talking about internet in rural Ontario on the last BTP podcast, let me guess: Xplornet. I just wanna say, most of Ontario isn't like that, but it is bad out there. (Also it's gotten a bit better, but prices aren't really going down.)

  • josh_decaire
    Josh Decaire (@josh_decaire) reported

    If I had a dollar for every time my internet went down or I had to reset my hardware after a "service interruption", @Xplornet would owe me money each month. Can't wait until there's some competition in the rural internet market.

  • MarkMacKenzie
    Mark MacKenzie (@MarkMacKenzie) reported

    Does anybody know if there is an #xplornet outage? In Renfrew County Ontario with a 27 minute wait time for technical support

  • Xplornetsuppor1
    Xplornet Support parody (@Xplornetsuppor1) reported

    @Rpw01 @XplornetSupport @Xplornet If you rip it down with ropes and a truck we will have to come repair. I mean it would probably improve service lying in the field.

  • Xplornetsuppor1
    Xplornet Support parody (@Xplornetsuppor1) reported

    @XplornetSupport @PEIYAMAHA @Xplornet @Bell_Aliant How about we just stop advertising? We can't support the customers we have now. I'm getting really depressed working here, all the lying and blame deflection really gets to you!

  • revjackal
    John Lovering (@revjackal) reported

    @Xplornet Can't seem to find your support email. We are cancelling soon so not a concern for us, but speed has been poor lately. In case you get a future customer, you may want to check connections as they hook up Our account relates to 6134222330 You are welcome

  • outforehrip
    JJ Allan (@outforehrip) reported

    @Xplornet honestly can you get your crap together. I’m so tired of paying premium prices for absolutely brutal speeds. I’m close to driving over this equipment and calling #kos @xplornetretweet #fedup

  • mingo59
    Marci Girling McPeak (@mingo59) reported

    @Xplornet You’re at least in our area!!! Please @Xplornet do something about your crappy service in NW RockyView/GoldenRod. Trying to run a business here!

  • Holeinoneboy
    Naro Yurethrah (@Holeinoneboy) reported

    The biggest misleading statement in advertising & marketing today is by @Xplornet. Regularly they promote “high speed” internet. There is nothing true about their claims. Hypothetical & Actual are never close. #xplornet

  • AlisaAndersen
    Alisa M. Andersen (@AlisaAndersen) reported

    @Xplornet our internet has been unusable....what is going on and is anyone trying to fix it? The last time it was usable was September 3rd. (In Redvers/Wauchope, SK area)

  • Dubbloseven
    Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @Xplornet am i in limited state atm or are you experiencing problems along north shore of lake erie?? if its limited state, its throttling me to the point of not working and disconnecting a dozen times with 0 upload speed. my neighbors are not experiencing issues atm???

  • tlmurray2010
    Tammy L. Murray (@tlmurray2010) reported

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet No big deal to provide good service when you're the only one!

  • tlmurray2010
    Tammy L. Murray (@tlmurray2010) reported

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet All your techs will do is take up my time and tell me it's my router. I just got done with 6 months worth of $10 discounts designed to shut me up about your crap service. Stop throttling. That'd be good.