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Xplornet is a Canadian wireless carrier and rural internet service provider. It is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country. Offers wireless internet services using satellite or 4G technology.

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  • E-mail (5.08%)
  • Total Blackout (3.39%)
  • TV (1.69%)

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  • NotFazzy
    Gabe (@NotFazzy) reported

    @XplornetSupport @David36483741 @Xplornet Exact same problem with me

  • EwolKaz
    Water Trainer Kaz (@EwolKaz) reported

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet We've contacted the support a bunch of times, and there's nothing your support team can do, other than offer $10 discounts for the next 6 months and tell us that theirs nothing they can do, due to the ridiculous "policy" that allows you to sell more bandwidth.

  • WyattPerreault
    Wyatt Perreault (@WyattPerreault) reported

    @No0b3_tv Yeah i had shaw it always went down and the only other wifi i could get was xplornet and that was way worse like at the highest speed i got was like 15 mgbs it was the worst internet ever

  • EwolKaz
    Water Trainer Kaz (@EwolKaz) reported

    So I guess my internet is crap again for a few hours, thanks a lot @Xplornet for the crappy internet quality. Right in the middle of a stream, as if the internet wasn't bad enough, it crashed completely.

  • missiehackett
    Melissa Dawn Hackett (@missiehackett) reported

    @Xplornet @XplornetSupport I sent an original message 2 months ago and 2 more over the last 3 days. Calling your support also unsuccessful. An existing CX starting to get frustrating with no #CustomerService 😡

  • missiehackett
    Melissa Dawn Hackett (@missiehackett) reported

    @Xplornet - I sent an original message 2 months ago and 2 more over the last 3 days. Calling your support also unsuccessful. Starting to get frustrating with no #CustomerService 😡

  • EwolKaz
    Water Trainer Kaz (@EwolKaz) reported

    The fact that it's almost 9pm EST and I still haven't been able to even launch Let's Go, let alone stream it, due to @Xplornet's terrible internet service is an abomination to all internet companies...

  • EwolKaz
    Water Trainer Kaz (@EwolKaz) reported

    @Xplornet Just so you know, I'm not alone in my unimpressed state of your internet service. I pay a ridiculous amount every month ($110+tax), and i'll be lucky to get 2 down and 1 up during a period when anyone would actually want to use it (I should be getting 10 down).

  • WellingtonWard7
    Kevin Johnson (@WellingtonWard7) reported

    Hey @Xplornet internet in West #Puslinch (east of Cambridge Ontario) is DOWN again. No connection.

  • staciez
    StacieZ (@staciez) reported

    @Unaapik @northwestel I just had the same happen to me today! After a month of crappy, intermittent service too, So frustrating, time to give xplornet a chance. 😡

  • windypopfarm
    🌾 Windy Poplars Farm (@windypopfarm) reported

    @dennydenny1020 @jcalder1983 @elkridgefarms @xplornetretweet @DallasWeicker @Xplornet $80 for 5 Mbps up 1 Mbps down, no cap. The speeds are stable all day. We use around 500 GB a month.

  • dennydenny1020
    Dennis Clarke (@dennydenny1020) reported

    @jcalder1983 @elkridgefarms @xplornetretweet @DallasWeicker @windypopfarm @Xplornet Jesus. No wonder u hate them. I pay $80 for 10 down and 1 up. I know it’s not cheap but it’s been flawless.

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @dennydenny1020 @elkridgefarms @xplornetretweet @DallasWeicker @windypopfarm @Xplornet $150 a month for 15 down and 2.5 up with a 250 gb cap. Not uncommon to struggle to surpass 1 mbps on many evenings though.

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @elkridgefarms @xplornetretweet @DallasWeicker @windypopfarm @Xplornet They did. And when they did the service went to hell.

  • realDonaldCarr
    Donald Carr (@realDonaldCarr) reported

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet @CRTCHearings @Xplornetsuppor1 But you ARE aware that your service IS terrible

  • PixelPrinny
    PixelPrinny (@PixelPrinny) reported

    Watched two movies last night while my internet was down (Thanks again Xplornet!) - Coco and Insidious. Coco was a cute little Disney movie, although the concept of the land of the dead is kind of crazy.

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Stanley, Manitoba

    @windypopfarm @Chris_bauer_LL @thecanadianeh @Xplornet @xplornetretweet Well I live in the middle of nowhere and my service is terrible.

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Stanley, Manitoba

    @Chris_bauer_LL @windypopfarm @thecanadianeh @Xplornet @xplornetretweet It’ll depend big time on how many others are on the tower. Xplornet oversells like crazy. It’ll be slow during the day too if other businesses are on it.

  • Allisonfarms
    Allison Farms (@Allisonfarms) reported

    @windypopfarm @Xplornet Terrible, don’t even try.

  • drafoss
    dr (@drafoss) reported

    @windypopfarm @Xplornet Had them to our place down Davidson road and for $85 they told me wouldn’t work. Need line for of sight to tower in Touchwood Hills....I have 0 faith in them....but all I got

  • tilott12
    Trent Ilott (@tilott12) reported

    @windypopfarm @Xplornet Peak times 6pm-2am could be slow. And all they will say is “peak” time. I got it almost a year ago. Have been happy with it other than the odd slow time they call peak. Didnt go unlimited. Went 500gb.

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @windypopfarm @thecanadianeh @Xplornet @xplornetretweet The LTE idea is good. But xplornet is notorious for overselling their towers and doing nothing about it after. They are just a shit company. They buy all the rural providers they can. I am with netset in mb and my service was stellar until xplornet bought them and ruined it.

  • windypopfarm
    🌾 Windy Poplars Farm (@windypopfarm) reported

    @jcalder1983 @thecanadianeh @Xplornet @xplornetretweet Ok. I was never interested in the satellite option due to latency but I was hoping delivery through LTE would be solid. Thanks for the input.

  • foxfie_ca
    Richard Dallaire (@foxfie_ca) reported from Clarence-Rockland, Ontario

    @beausoleilWise @xplornetretweet @Xplornet You don’t need bell get the same service cheaper by using a reseller try cik there lots of others Teksavy for one

  • smlk4
    Sarka 🍻🇨🇦 (@smlk4) reported

    @windypopfarm @Xplornet Was with them for years with no issues until the last couple of years. So many excuses and blaming it on me. They wouldn’t even deliver 1/2 the speed in my plan. They became garbage.

  • ZoePEI
    Zoe Hewison (@ZoePEI) reported

    @charlenewight @angee_pants Xplornet keep spamming me, and have helped my friends. Unfortunately I live in a black hole. Their website shows if they can service you.

  • TaniaNorthwind
    🖤North.Wind🖤 (@TaniaNorthwind) reported

    No WiFi until tomorrow morning! Guess our tower went down... #xplornet #yourlink 😒

  • postie242
    jim oneill (@postie242) reported

    @xplornet PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE deliver the service I’m paying you for!!!

  • SharplyMe
    T. Sharp Dopler (@SharplyMe) reported

    Hey @xplornet... before expanding your non-existent ‘service’ to more communities, how about ACTUALLY providing service for the communities you currently supposedly ‘serve’ #notservice #highspeedBS

  • adeninesangel
    Jennifer Oliver (@adeninesangel) reported

    @Xplornet I am wondering if you service the Port Alice BC area

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    @dennydenny1020 Xplornet sucks in Saskatchewan too Denny.

  • luckycangus
    Lucky C Farms (@luckycangus) reported

    @Xplornet Your internet is ******* horrible

  • JasonPedersen75
    Jason Pedersen (@JasonPedersen75) reported

    @Xplornet To bad you don’t have great internet. I’m a subscriber but won’t be for much longer. Internet is so slow it makes dial up look fast

  • AnnieOakley123
    Sheep Farmer (@AnnieOakley123) reported

    @FCM_online Make the absolute minimum speed 3Mbps download speed or refunds will be required and contracts are considered broken. CRTC allows Xplornet to provide practically no internet service (1Mbps or less), so long as they post the disclaimer on their website about traffic management.

  • AnnieOakley123
    Sheep Farmer (@AnnieOakley123) reported

    @FCM_online And just for clarification, I am not with xplornet and never will be despite their aggressive ad campaign trying to get me to try them for 30 days. I'm sure they can play nice for the 1st 30 days, just to oversell the Tower later, but I would be stuck in a 2 or 3 yr contract.

  • Irngutaq
    Gordy Kidlapik (@Irngutaq) reported

    My family shared me Northwestel announcements of their internet packages. Unless its different, I’d rather stick with Xplornet since they slow down when your monthy data is used up instead of keeping it normal and surprise charge you for extra gigs.

  • alKaszL
    alkaszl (@alKaszL) reported

    @P_D_Dunlop @xplornetretweet @Xplornet Hot damn.. can’t wait to upgrade from my abacus and smoke signals

  • Xplornetsuppor1
    Xplornet Support parody (@Xplornetsuppor1) reported

    @henryboomac @XplornetSupport @Xplornet It's because the tower we've placed you on can handle 550 customers.....and your the 2164th customer. #welovetooversell

  • josharnold94
    Josh Arnold (@josharnold94) reported

    If you’re in market for a internet provider do not I repeat do not go with @Xplornet only one person can use at a time, 10mbps turns into 667kbps due to them over selling. Absolutely pathetic service stay away from these crooks.

  • Barking_Digits
    Barking_Digits (@Barking_Digits) reported

    @theemilyjackson @nationalpost Xplornet is horrible !! Had their tech service # on speed dial. It’s service levels are disgusting & continually oversells bandwidth. You never never get download speeds as promoted. AND contract holds you hostage so you cant escape without paying huge penalty Recommend AVOID

  • atomgoodwin
    Adam Goodwin (@atomgoodwin) reported

    Hey @Xplornet it would be nice to have consistent internet service. Our service has been intermittent for the last week.

  • chadhip
    Chad Hipolito (@chadhip) reported

    @theemilyjackson @nationalpost @Xplornet P.S. and forget gaming, their horrendous lag issues and strict NAT type will drive you to throw your controller at the t.v. during the final boss in Dark Souls 3 for the 100th time and failing yet again. If you have cell service check out smarthubs instead. Life is good now.

  • chadhip
    Chad Hipolito (@chadhip) reported

    @theemilyjackson @nationalpost Yah it's too bad @Xplornet charges $1 per gig for data, unreliable internet on cloudy days, (most days) and they'll hose you bigtime when you cancel service. Oh and you're on the hook to remove and recycle their enormous satdish afterwards. "Not my problem" said their installer.

  • alexbbraun
    Alex Braun (@alexbbraun) reported

    @jcalder1983 Our netset service went to shit when xplornet took over... and we went to netset to get away from xplornet

  • jcalder1983
    Jeff Calder (@jcalder1983) reported from Montcalm, Manitoba

    Fancy that. Xplornet/netset can’t even stream a movie without buffering. 15mbps down my ass.

  • sydmac79
    sydneypershaw (@sydmac79) reported

    @xplornet your customer service is the worst. Internet has had no signal in Lanark for two days. When I call there is a long wait and when I request a call back nobody calls me back !!!! 😡😡😡😡😡 so much for Friday night relaxing 😡😡😡#biggestjokeever #xolornetisascam

  • CaptainDick12
    Captain Dick (@CaptainDick12) reported

    The CEO of Xplornet told the CRTC the Government investing in Xplornet was worthwhile because those other guys only provide 1.5 mbs download. Xplornet sells you "up too" speeds faster than that, but she didn't say Xplornet never ever provide speeds close to what you pay for.

  • CaptainDick12
    Captain Dick (@CaptainDick12) reported

    In her argument to the CRTC the CEO of Xplornet says that those other guys only provide 1.5 mbs download. Xplornet sells you "up too" speeds faster than that, but they never ever provide speeds close to what you pay for. Xplornet is a SCAM provider.

  • Tina20350307
    Tina (@Tina20350307) reported

    @Xplornet No internet connection due to communications issues here in Quinte West when will this be resolved it been over 12 hours

  • sydmac79
    sydneymackinnon (@sydmac79) reported

    @XplornetSupport @Xplornet @FCM_online @CRTCHearings @CRTC @APLenehan @ScottReidCPC thanks for the suggestion but I have had this issue since day 1 with xplornet and have called many times but their ‘solutions’ are ridiculous and expensive #letmeoutofmycontract

  • ziggychuck
    Diane Larson (@ziggychuck) reported

    @Xplornet It is so bad there you have experience it to believe it. Absolutely no reason for it in this day and age. Cell phone coverage is also unacceptable

  • douggomex
    Doug Grandel (@douggomex) reported from Earl Grey, Saskatchewan

    @KelvinHeppner @Xplornet We have Sasktel Fusion and it isn’t in and out like the others we have tried however is seems to be slow at times internet in rural Sk. Sucks for the most part

  • rgstone1
    Rob Stone (@rgstone1) reported

    @Lyonseed @KelvinHeppner @dailydairydiary @Xplornet Decent service yes. Just don’t like the data cap

  • Sandi_Knight
    Sandi Knight (@Sandi_Knight) reported

    @KelvinHeppner @Xplornet Good luck. Rural internet is an issue that needs to be addressed by all levels of government. Lack of competition, overpriced, slow & unreliable in so many areas. #mbpoli #cndpoli

  • motordes47
    Des Cartier (@motordes47) reported

    @KetchesonDale @MaizeingPete @KelvinHeppner @Xplornet Try Eh Tel. We are out in rural, had same crappy service from @Xplornet . Switched to Eh Tel and never happier. Went years with bad internet out in #belwood.

  • KetchesonDale
    Dale Ketcheson (@KetchesonDale) reported

    @KelvinHeppner @Xplornet Did that to us too. 3 weeks no service, 3 different techs came out, last one “Oh the tower you’re pointed at doesn’t have our equipment on it anymore”. No notice, no refunds or credits, not a word

  • dailydairydiary
    Houle Family Dairy (@dailydairydiary) reported

    @KelvinHeppner @Xplornet I’m waiting impatiently for my horse shit service contract with them to end so I can switch to something better. Anything has to be better.

  • brianleis7
    Bear (@brianleis7) reported

    @XplornetSupport I call xplornet to ask why my internet is so slooooooow and i did the call back because of i call volume. They said it would be 18 min. 45 min later i caked back to cancel my call back. Internet still sucks. Done a system reboot, still sucks.

  • CrookedWT
    Crooked (@CrookedWT) reported

    @CallofDuty I bought Black Ops 4 and was super excited to play it. Then I saw the 18 gb update and noticed my wifi from @Xplornet was being throttled. Wont be able to play until tomorrow. I am paying for 25mbps down 1 mbps up and currently am getting 1.4 mbps down no upload tho😤

  • CrookedWT
    Crooked (@CrookedWT) reported

    @Xplornet Yeah you arent slowing down. Thats bwcause you havent overloaded this tower, YET! Or are you transferring people from/ to this tower to handle the current overloads. Good thing my phones data is on Sasktel so I could actually send this tweet.