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Xplornet is a Canadian wireless carrier and rural internet service provider. It is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country. Offers wireless internet services using satellite or 4G technology.

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  • Internet (90.24%)
  • Total Blackout (4.88%)
  • Wi-fi (2.44%)
  • E-mail (1.22%)
  • TV (1.22%)

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  • KayytieH Kayytie Hatcher (@KayytieH) reported

    @cherrybomb78 @OjandMjsmom They told me today that because my internet went out completely that I would have to pay a third party to come and take pictures of where my stuff is located before they will send a tech to fix it. Bye bye Xplornet

  • ACaitlyn14 A.Caitlyn (@ACaitlyn14) reported

    @canadianeqanon @SaskTel @Xplornet 😳 that's so bad

  • SpclSquirrelNo7 Brad (@SpclSquirrelNo7) reported

    My @xplornet internet service came up for a while but it's down again. Tue Jan 15 2019 4:54pm Georgina Ontario

  • Ponder41 Neil Pond (@Ponder41) reported

    @viewfromspace @postie242 @Xplornet @XplornetSupport My service is up and down all the time. I have complained several times and nothing better comes from it. I would love to change providers... but not sure where to turn. Not a lot of options living in the country

  • alKaszL alkaszl (@alKaszL) reported

    @lynnmabrown @xplornetretweet @SpclSquirrelNo7 This issue is that it is @xplornet

  • SpclSquirrelNo7 Brad (@SpclSquirrelNo7) reported

    My #xplornet internet service is again not working. Jan 15 2019, 10:39am. Thanks Xplornet for providing a support #. I have called and been told there is nothing that can be done to improve my service although it had worked perfectly in the past.

  • viewfromspace Roger Rempel (@viewfromspace) reported

    @postie242 @Xplornet @XplornetSupport I’m on week 3 of zero functioning Xplornet internet service since outage started over holidays... If you are in rural Canada looking for an ISP and want to discuss Xplornet reliability, happy to help inform and warn!

  • postie242 jim oneill (@postie242) reported

    Just received an email from @xplornet announcing a 5 percent price increase! As long as @xplornetSupport plans to keep my service from the McGregor tower working I can except that prices go up, otherwise when my term is up in a few months I am out!

  • CommodorStephen Commodore (@CommodorStephen) reported

    @Xplornet @netflix Xplornet is too slow for Netflix!

  • tryoung Mind over Matter (@tryoung) reported

    @Kaputz77 @MobileSyrup Agreed on rural. Xplornet is usually slow and expensive.

  • lynnmabrown Lynn Brown (@lynnmabrown) reported

    @SpclSquirrelNo7 My #xplornet service in southeastern Ontario hasn’t been working since last night. Though it was just us but sounds like a much bigger issue.

  • SpclSquirrelNo7 Brad (@SpclSquirrelNo7) reported

    My #xplornet internet service is not working. Jan 13 2019 4:24pm

  • Richard555 Richard Kenyon (@Richard555) reported

    @Xplornet Unless this is fixed I will have no option but to submit a complaint to CCTS. I have been extremely patient; but now I am at breaking point.

  • Philipearle Philip Earle (@Philipearle) reported

    @RayVautier @sydmac79 @Xplornet That’s interesting information about Service Call. :-(.

  • RayVautier Ray Vautier (@RayVautier) reported

    @sydmac79 @Philipearle @Xplornet No I’m serious. I have Xplornet. Hardly ever goes off unless there’s real heavy rain or covered in snow of course but I lost the lnb in a windstorm and they wanted a fortune to do a service call.

  • RayVautier Ray Vautier (@RayVautier) reported

    @Philipearle @Xplornet Hope you never need a service call unless you’re close to a tech.

  • centralsatelite Central Satellite (@centralsatelite) reported

    @chriswtburke We are the dealer, your service is with Xplornet. I never got the email for my own account either. I’ll look into this.

  • kulmanis Karen Ulmanis (@kulmanis) reported

    I challenge @Bell_Aliant to put @Xplornet out of business in NB!! We are in desperate need of actual internet service in rural NB.

  • cherrybomb78 Cherrylee Gillis (@cherrybomb78) reported

    Xplornet service sucks for rural coverage cant provide service I pay for and then try to make you buy things that you dont need

  • HeyXplornet HeyXplornet (@HeyXplornet) reported

    Hey @Xplornet and @XplornetSupport, Speed is so slow a speedtest couldn't be performed. *Outage*

  • CaptainDick12 Captain Dick (@CaptainDick12) reported

    @AndrewGagnon @xplornetretweet @Xplornet I was informed by an Xplornet employee that when you call in to complain the "service tech" give you priority for 3 or 4 days on the overcrowded tower that you are on. After that you fall back into the slow service lane again.

  • Desmen19 Desmen (@Desmen19) reported

    @NeoCrimson01 @xplornetretweet @discordapp @Big_Roush There is your first problem... Xplornet

  • viewfromspace Roger Rempel (@viewfromspace) reported

    @ItsMelissaHopf @xplornetretweet @ShaunSlat @Xplornet My Xplornet in rural Manitoba has been down for over two weeks now. I have a case #, yet no promised calls from local service contractor to fix so far... if only there was better competition in rural Canada.

  • kyle_seaton84 Kyle Seaton (@kyle_seaton84) reported

    @FieldTalk @modernfarmer @Xplornet @rgstone1 Most nights ours is down to .8mbs in Breslau, paying for 10mbps, few other options around us now I'm exploring, @XplornetSupport is awful, cant even tell me how they recommend checking speed other than "can you watch a YouTube video"

  • modernfarmer Stewart Skinner (@modernfarmer) reported from Belleville, Ontario

    @FieldTalk @Xplornet @rgstone1 Ya, the last two times we've had support out they just end up resetting the modem. I haven't seen anything over 2.5mb and normally we are 300-700kb I know there are weird things with our tower. It is in Ethel yet Twitter seems to think my location is Belleville, ON right now

  • AdamJPfeffer Adam Pfeffer (@AdamJPfeffer) reported

    @modernfarmer @Xplornet @rgstone1 I had them too and it was terrible, switched to air card with Rogers 100 GB for 150 a month. Cellular data has gotten better over the last few years.

  • sherrileyden1 Sherrielaine (@sherrileyden1) reported

    @Nuliayuk I have android devices and can confirm this issue with xplornet as well. We upgraded, at first it was fine, recently they started throttling speeds again for updates. None of our devices can update unless its from midnight to 7am.

  • Irngutaq Gordy Kidlapik (@Irngutaq) reported

    @FrankReardon1 @Nuliayuk I also have Xplornet. The one thing I dint like late though...when I first called to subscribe was told that for sure I should get faster service with more gb within 6 months. So I called again and was told the upgrade is only for further north. Oh well

  • NeoCrimson01 Joshua Fenner (@NeoCrimson01) reported

    @discordapp @Big_Roush My ISP is Xplornet Communications and it's satellite. Not sure if that's relevant. (my discord is down also)

  • HeyXplornet HeyXplornet (@HeyXplornet) reported

    Hey @Xplornet and @XplornetSupport service is slow! Current Speeds: 1.5 Down & 3.92 Up. Current Plan: 5 Down & 5 Up. High River, AB Area. #xplornet #speedtest

  • FalichaKarr Falicha Karr ™ (@FalichaKarr) reported

    @Xplornet hey your Internet is crap ! Slower then a snails ass all weekend . How can I get any work done ! SMFH #Garbage

  • wetlapwillie Jeff Wilson (@wetlapwillie) reported

    @aprilmerritt1 @Bell_Aliant We don’t have bell on the Warwick...have to go with xplornet...and it’***** or miss....slow in the evening

  • LeperMessiah56 Evan (@LeperMessiah56) reported

    @Xplornet how is your service this awful. I've gotten better speeds from a wire waste basket.

  • CaptainDick12 Captain Dick (@CaptainDick12) reported

    Xplornet really really sucks, and they lie, and they cheat... Just beware the small print "UP TOO" and "two year contract". Run away as fast as you can and do not sign up with Xplornet under any circumstances. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  • foxfie_ca Richard Dallaire (@foxfie_ca) reported

    @kelemvor79 @Jeff7943 @xplornetretweet @XboxSupport Does not matter xplornet closes most ports on their severs. They themselves says they support Netflix most. You have a hard time to even download windows updates.

  • NSRasta Rasta ™ (@NSRasta) reported

    @ThisTimeTruth @matthunking @xplornetretweet @Bell @Bell_Support @Xplornet Only if you take free install. We had one year obligation only, and there was nothing else available. As soon as there was, I just cancelled, never even needed another visit. I would have gone much worse, to avoid #Bell

  • ThisTimeTruth Father Time (@ThisTimeTruth) reported

    @matthunking @xplornetretweet @Bell @Bell_Support @Xplornet No no no Don't do it. Stay away from Xplornet. They really really suck. And they want a two year contract. So you will be stuck with two friggin years of their shit.

  • matthunking Matthew Hunking (@matthunking) reported

    So because I wasn't home when the dor2dor (is this 1975) salesman came by I missed out on Service that @Bell claims isn't available. Even though my next-door neighbors get. @Bell_Support #fail I used to love Bell. #notfeelingthelovenow Have to see if @Xplornet can #help

  • missiehackett Melissa Dawn Hackett (@missiehackett) reported

    @Xplornet -Your customer service is just as horrible as your quality of service! #DontGetXplorenet #XolorenetSucks

  • TCass44 Tanner Casselman (@TCass44) reported

    @Xplornet your awful

  • tammyclough2 tammy clough (@tammyclough2) reported

    @XplornetSupport @oshlam1 @Xplornet We are sorry you provide the same lame excuse to every complaint

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "DAVINCI - Xplornet Communications Inc." (AS3397) is located in Canada and has been created the 2009-09-03 by ARIN.

  • postie242 jim oneill (@postie242) reported

    New Years resolution for @xplornet and @xplornetSupport That they resolve to treat their paying customers with respect and provide the service we pay for.

  • mardic123 Marky.D, Charter of Rights is my Bible. (@mardic123) reported

    @CWTAwireless Canada's wireless is totally robbing ppl because we have no competition. I'm paying 80$ for 50gb with Xplornet, the only server available in my area and it's real slow, garbage.

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "CHATHAM-INTERNET-ACCESS - Xplornet Communications Inc." (AS15127) is located in Canada and has been created the 2007-07-06 by ARIN.

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "AS-PLATINUM-COMMUNICATIONS - Xplornet Communications Inc." (AS40473) is located in Canada and has been created the 2007-02-28 by ARIN.

  • Millenport Rachel Devenport (@Millenport) reported

    @MrBruceco @Xplornet @XplornetSupport @xplornet just sent you a message about our non-service for the last 4 years. I do not believe 0.04-0.16 download speeds are acceptable on a daily basis for over $100/month. Seems to be a trend with your customers....

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "YOURL-AS - Xplornet Communications Inc." (AS19792) is located in Canada and has been created the 2006-11-28 by ARIN.

  • jyflimo J Yorga Farms (@jyflimo) reported from Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

    @AnnexAgro @SaskTelSupport Switch to xplornet... the new service is coming down over 25mbs...

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "BARR-XPLR-EVRST-ASN - Xplornet Communications Inc." (AS36505) is located in Canada and has been created the 2006-01-20 by ARIN.

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "I-NETLINK - Xplornet Communications Inc." (AS32584) is located in Canada and has been created the 2004-06-09 by ARIN.

  • TheEsportsProf Shaun Byrne (Saints) (@TheEsportsProf) reported

    Would actually love to pay $80 for this service rather than the garbage options I have with @WaveDirect1 and @Xplornet

  • rgstone1 Rob Stone (@rgstone1) reported

    @WheatGeerJJ @AAmmeter @XplornetSupport Ha. I should have waited longer to be happy with the Xplornet service

  • willieiqaluq willie iqaluq (@willieiqaluq) reported

    Xplornet is trying to make us pay more just for more $ 🤑 I wonder why it’s so slow, no need to ask why becuase they want more 🤑 #xplornet

  • Mtm4646 Matt (@Mtm4646) reported

    @Xplornet @netflix Your service is so slow theres no possible way to enjoy Netflix

  • alKaszL alkaszl (@alKaszL) reported

    @CaptainDick12 @xplornetretweet @Xplornet I tired that and they told me to get a different ISP. Only problem is, there aren’t other ISPs available to me. The CRTC is just a shill for Robelus.

  • Mtm4646 Matt (@Mtm4646) reported

    @Xplornet Ya happy holidays my ass your crap service is down again on xmas . Bunch of unhappy kids in our house that cant use their xmas gifts on xmas #xplornetsucks #cctscomplaint filed again

  • Mtm4646 Matt (@Mtm4646) reported from Ottawa, Ontario

    @Xplornet your garbage service is down again on xmas day .time for another ccts complaint #scammers

  • Old_man_coyote CMW (@Old_man_coyote) reported

    When @Xplornet slows my service down because I have reached my data limit, it doesn’t really slow my service down at all. Suckers!

  • the_uncanny13 The Uncanny (@the_uncanny13) reported

    @Fluffernutty @xplornetretweet Take all xplornet equipment, throw it the garbage...get any other isp... problem solved!