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Xplornet is a Canadian wireless carrier and rural internet service provider. It is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country. Offers wireless internet services using satellite or 4G technology.

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October 23: Problems at Xplornet

Xplornet is having issues since 12:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Calgary, York, Merritt, Carrying Place, Moncton, Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Regina, Acton, Saskatoon, Mississauga, Belleville, Chatham and Cavan.

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Carrying Place Internet
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  • ripplingflame55 ann (@ripplingflame55) reported from Merritt, British Columbia

    @Xplornet Who cares in the west you charged for lte and we were not getting it I disconnected your service for my rule area I went telus

  • Ida_hyphen_Mae Ida-Mae Tracey (@Ida_hyphen_Mae) reported

    .@Xplornet @XplornetSupport that Xplornet will be out of service when it's pouring rain in #PontiacQC is as certain as death and taxes. #XplornetSucks

  • CircularLogic89 CircularLogic (@CircularLogic89) reported

    @Dubbloseven @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @Xplornet I'm not defending them. I merely suggested it was possibly a technical issue rather than deliberate action.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CircularLogic89 @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @Xplornet and besides they admit they do it. just not as much as the policy leads you believe. I've been a customer and lived here long enough. Even debated moving or living some where else due to the limitations of the technology.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CircularLogic89 @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @Xplornet Last time I filed a formal complaint in 2017; when the complaint closed xplornet happen to shut my connection off the day of my friends funeral. I went 3 months with no internet as xplornet told me it was unavailable in at this location. ppl in my community were still connected.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CircularLogic89 @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @Xplornet The last thing I wanted is to complain about my internet as often as I do. Nor have a twitter account dedicated to it but here we are. The fact is they are throttling&using traffic management to the extreme. Xplornet hides behind a wall of tech support they train to lie for them

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CircularLogic89 @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @Xplornet I was a land surveyor for years working with GPS satellite years ago. I have been living at this location since 2007 and have been thru periods of time they weren't using Traffic management&throttling. When I have filed formal complaints, have ZERO problem during that time.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @JustinTrudeau xplornet would you kindly stop screwing with my service, making it slower than dial-up speed. Throttling. Traffic Management. Manipulating the speed. I had a better connection at this location in 2007. #CanadianElection #BREAKING #ElectionDay2019 #SlowISP #Dialup #RuralCanada

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @JustinTrudeau I would never buy a house in Canada or live where Xplornet is the only ISP ever again. Cant wait til xplornet goes out of business or has some healthy competition. they are capable of delivering but refuse #CanadaVotes #FederalElection2019

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @Xplornet @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST the more i post about my slow service the slower xplornet throttles the service. Beyond dialup speeds. I have filed a formal complaint before&was targeted and harassed more by xplornet. The telecom bully has even shut my connection off for months.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @xplornet will tell you speed test sites are not accurate. which they may not be; but Xplornet throttles and manipulates the speed & service so badly it takes most web pages 5 mins to load when Traffic management kicks in. @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST this tower&area is not overloaded.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST how in the hell does @Xplornet get away with selling this internet service to Canadians. Absolute garbage. They are capable of delivering a better product but get away with selling shit to rural Canada. Not being fooled or lied to but ripped off no doubt

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @Xplornet @CCTS_CPRST @CRTCeng I was targeted and harassed for filing an actual complaint before. Even shut my connection off for a few months&was lied too it wasn't available here anymore. targeted for complaining&posting results to the end user on twitter. Beware and be careful

  • 7enseiga (@7enseiga) reported

    HHAHAHAHAHA @xplornet U stupid ***** can suck my **** man making me wait a ******* hour for a 5 minute phone call you can actually suck my ****

  • Tacolovero SB (@Tacolovero) reported

    @StephenRLee @Xplornet @CRTCeng @SteveClarkPC @MikeBarrettON I am using my data to read these tweets. Been very bad all weekend.

  • hostile_bean bean🔪 (@hostile_bean) reported

    @Xplornet @XplornetSupport i hate you. i hate you so much. we’ve been using ur service for probably over 10 years and it’s been absolute shit the entire time. GOD I HATE YOU

  • hostile_bean bean🔪 (@hostile_bean) reported

    wow @Xplornet has to be the WORST internet provider. and we’re only with them because they are literally the ONLYYY provider that’s available here.

  • shannbil Shannon Bileski☈ (@shannbil) reported

    @Vanessa04781278 @StephenRLee @Xplornet @CRTCeng @SteveClarkPC @MikeBarrettON I was a @NetSetOne customer and ever since the merger to Xplornet our service has SUCKED! Constantly down during peak hours...50% of the customer support people have been rude and unhelpful! I have been told that they only provide "upto" 24mbps download speeds so dont except it.

  • ShulSolutions Shul Solutions (@ShulSolutions) reported

    @Xplornet your fixed wireless in Ontario for those north of the 401 is absolutely horrible. It’s comparable to dialup in the afternoons and basically non existent from 4pm to midnight. For 120 a month it’s time to get your act in gear. There’s no excuse for 1990’s technology.

  • mikeaberean Mike Lapierre (@mikeaberean) reported

    @Xplornet I’ve been on hold for 1 hour and 55 minutes! No fixed wireless service. Corinne, Sk tower.

  • brown_brendan6 brendan brown (@brown_brendan6) reported

    @SteveArdiel @Xplornet I waited for 94 minutes to be told it’s a network issue in Manitoba if for some reason you disconnected it can’t reconnect. And won’t until it’s fixed. Basically shit outta luck for now

  • SteveArdiel Dr. Steve Ardiel (@SteveArdiel) reported

    @Xplornet “connect to what matters” is what your bio says. Yet, I don’t ever seem to have connection. And when I call I am on hold for 30 mins. Beginning to wonder why I don’t cancel.

  • Vanessa04781278 Vanessa (@Vanessa04781278) reported

    @StephenRLee @Xplornet @CRTCeng @SteveClarkPC @MikeBarrettON I have no service either

  • Cassandrasaskt1 Cassandra@sasktel.net (@Cassandrasaskt1) reported

    @XplornetSupport really shaw/xplornet or whatever I waited 22 mins just now and last week they said it would be 86 mins i just hooked with you guys but it wont last much longer with the way you reply to service people

  • freakindelight 🦇🦇𝔄𝔫𝔫 𝔅𝔬𝔫𝔫𝔢𝔶🦇🦇 (@freakindelight) reported

    @DinoRancho We had them in Stavely. Horrible service. They kept bugging us to try them here, saying they could get us faster service than what we have now. Had the installer come out, hook us up, it was no better than what we have so we sent Xplornet on their way.

  • DinoRancho (Fake) Pastor Dino Den Esau, Fluffalo Wrangler (@DinoRancho) reported

    OK children. I need to swear. I'll edit it, but you will not need to use your imagination to figure out the words. If you are easily offended, or have children in the room, it might be a good idea to click on The Weather Network for a bit. Swearing in Tweet 2. Subject XPLORNET

  • jimmuskoka Slapshot (@jimmuskoka) reported

    @SucksXplornet I had satellite internet and speeds were awful. Now have LTE but would ditch Xplornet in a second if I could

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCS thank you very much. I reached out to xplornet yesterday and gave them a call to double check. The agent was very polite and helpful :) but I hit a wall with their technology available, customer service and traffic management. Still hopeful that will change soon.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCS thx for the swift reply. Its likely my ISP traffic management. Im with xplornet ISP in Canada. They have switched the technology a few times on me. and have a stop order on any upgrades at my location on LTE service and will not upgrade, tho my neighbor has LTE. lol.

  • mingo59 Marci Girling McPeak (@mingo59) reported

    @Xplornet only used 10% of my package this month ... amazing ... because our internet is constantly cut back or down!!!!!

  • 4thandJorts Travis (@4thandJorts) reported


  • CannibalHoliday Schrödinger's Canadian. Sorry, not sorry. (@CannibalHoliday) reported

    So our @Xplornet internet connection is basically unusable from 6am to 2am every day. 20 hours of only being able to use it for text based social media. *Maybe* netflix if lucky. 1 megabit most of that time, 8 megabits during the 4 hour decent window. This sucks.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @crtceng @CCTS_CPRST don't be fooled; xplornet is capable of delivering far better internet speed and customer service. Xplornet has become pro at manipulating the speed. I had better ping/speed at this location in 2007.Was harassed for complaining.Even shut off. Under delivering

  • SucksXplornet Xplornet Sucks!!! (@SucksXplornet) reported

    Well, for most IPs they would tell you it's down. For Xplornet, this is just business as usual. @CRTCeng lets them get away with it, so it's, Too Bad, So Sad! It sucks to be you. But 1 thing 4 sure, these ppl won't respond @CanadianPM @Bill_Morneau @BernJordanMP @APLenehan

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST @JustinTrudeau xplornet is pro at manipulating internet speed&service.Ive been lied to&harassed several times by xplornet.Had faster internet&better service at this location in 2007.I would never buy a house or live where Xplornet is the only ISP ever again

  • lcmacewen LorMac (@lcmacewen) reported

    @Thornzy @KarenLudwigNB @Xplornet I'm in the same boat, but in ON. I have ZERO alternative to Xplornet, and they stink. I don't understand how the government continues to throw money at this company that provides no service to so many people. The only reliable thing is the monthly bill.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @Xplornet @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST so xplornet has gotten pretty pro at manipulating internet speeds and throttling beyond what is allowed. nice speeds and service you sell to Canadian's while lying to the CRTC and government to allow to you to continue to be Greedy as anything. Sad

  • seeteegee Chris McGee (@seeteegee) reported

    @Xplornet FYI there’s an outage at the Metcalfe, Ontario tower.

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported

    I’m not gonna support Xplornet anymore cause they blocked me on Twitter and my mother has specifically told me not to make any more calls unless when I find that it’s absolutely necessary to do so and the Bible says honour thy mother and thy mother #FuckXplornet

  • BrodyWatmough Brody Watmough (@BrodyWatmough) reported

    @APLenehan @Xplornet Your company is garbage. Had 5 internet issues the past 8 days. thanks for that

  • StephenRLee Stephen Lee (@StephenRLee) reported from Athens, Ontario

    Another day another over saturated tower on @Xplornet , i'd call again but all they tell me its over saturated and no idea when it will be fix. Not bad for $90 a month huh. Not able to process our shipping again today. @MikeBarrettON

  • saran_smn Sara (@saran_smn) reported

    if anyone is considering moving out to the country my recommendation is to increase the data on your phone. Do not get rural internet from @xplornet it will disappoint you. It will last months after you move as they take their precious time to cancel and continue to bill you

  • Camehdian Cam (@Camehdian) reported

    @xplornet For the past week my speeds haven't topped higher than 8mbps down and 1 up. Not bad, kind of annoying. However, i have friends in my area with speeds of 700kbps down and 37kbps up with my same plan (25mbps down 1 up) WTF is going on.

  • Evbroman1 EvnEssnce @ OWL Grand Finals (@Evbroman1) reported

    @lafonh @Xplornet I'll be home at 9, I'm totally down but I gotta move my setup

  • upbeat2k upbeat❄️ (@upbeat2k) reported

    @mariss Same. One ISP and it’s so bad that if I’m gaming on open Facebook I’ll disconnect completely. @Xplornet are a bunch of crooks.

  • Thornzy Derek Thorne (@Thornzy) reported from Springfield, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    @KarenLudwigNB Thank you for this, but we need faster and unlimited internet plans for rural NB. @Xplornet does not meet our needs. We live 8 minutes from Belleisle High School and we have no options for basic internet. Please help.

  • re_carter Reid Carter (@re_carter) reported from Mississauga, Ontario

    @XplornetSupport xplornet has over sold our tower so I am paying a ridiculous amount of money for a service I am not receiving as a consumer this is aggravating. 24mb/s is my plan on any given day we are only getting 1-2mb/s. Get it together you need to be doing better.

  • Dubbloseven Dubbloseven (@Dubbloseven) reported

    @Speedtest @Xplornet @CRTCeng @CCTS_CPRST so they turned my speed up immediately after this post but still throttling the shit out of it. ffs. I would never buy a house in Canada or live where Xplornet is the only ISP again. I was targeted and harassed for complaining before too. even shut the connection off.

  • joanlemmesmash Lexie. (@joanlemmesmash) reported

    would love if @Xplornet wouldn't just suddenly cut out mid-game. at least it wasn't a competitive round of Apex Legends but, i feel bad for my teammates now. I hate my ISP.

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported

    @OliverHackett one time accused me of spam and then I found @hakuno_bot and a bunch of @FateEXTELLA fans started giving me more love 💕 and support and that’s why I no longer have to deal with trolls anymore and @Xplornet was the last user to troll me on @Twitter then @caster_bot

  • re_carter Reid Carter (@re_carter) reported from Oro-Medonte, Ontario

    @xplornet surprise surprise my internet is down again, Actually it's been down all day... By far the worst internet provider I have ever had.

  • SeanMor27198990 Sean Morrison (@SeanMor27198990) reported

    Xplornet also doesn’t seem to care about their customer service unlike @HuaweiMobileCAN which seems to care more about their customer service with 5G At least I can speak negative 👎 about Xplornet after getting blocked just like for @Nin_SmashBros and @OliverHackett etc.

  • JWinslowAB Horse Guy John (@JWinslowAB) reported

    @Xplornet @XplornetSupport Poor netset customers.

  • JWinslowAB Horse Guy John (@JWinslowAB) reported

    @Xplornet I took the day off work and waited for your dealer to come, as per your instructions, to install internet service. Now I find out it isn’t happening until next week, yet no email or call to inform me. It seems to me you owe me $550.00 in lost wages. #WorstServiceEver

  • lcmacewen LorMac (@lcmacewen) reported

    @XplornetSupport @ANequestrian Be ready for an upsell, AN Eq. No better service, but more money for Xplornet.

  • lcmacewen LorMac (@lcmacewen) reported

    @Xplornet Does it come with a guarantee that you will actually be able to stream video, considering your track record of poor service.

  • ShivR03 Siobhan (@ShivR03) reported

    @s_rich27 @Xplornet Problems all year, regular phone calls. Aug turned into 1h support wait times. Back from 1mo holidays..works In the am, no service in PM.. can’t even get Netflix. 94 min wait for support at 22:45 pm EST. When i doget through told the tower is oversold . #overselling #poorservice

  • Biztang Biz (@Biztang) reported

    @BaldurBarons @SassyFarmWife_ @dontbeahosereh @OOrsak @Xplornet I thought @Xplornet was the best internet service in Western Canada 😂😂 I hope they keep pissing families off until @JustinTrudeau is re-elected 😂😂#makingcanadagreatagain #voteoneforTrudeau

  • SassyFarmWife_ Chantal (@SassyFarmWife_) reported

    @dontbeahosereh @BaldurBarons @OOrsak I have ******’ @Xplornet as a god damn internet provider... & it’s the only option we have. But yes, on a good day, I can. We have Netflix & Amazon Prime TV but it buffers a lot more when I try to watch Amazon.

  • euroyardservice Rudi Roeder (@euroyardservice) reported

    @Holeinoneboy @Xplornet @XplornetSupport It’s an absolute disgrace what they’re offering and calling it Service. At least one outage per day and it’s always the same bla bla bla...disconnect your Router this, reconnect that...oh wait...it maybe the beautiful blue and crystal clear skies causing trouble...