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Freedom Mobile Inc. is a Canadian wireless telecommunications provider owned by Shaw Communications. With 1,181,483 active subscribers in urban areas of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, it is Canada's fourth largest mobile network operator with 3.7% market share.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Toronto, Hamilton, Peterborough, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Brampton, Pefferlaw, Cambridge, Edmonton, Ancaster, Ottawa, Calgary, Thornhill, Hagersville and Vancouver.

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Toronto Phone
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  • HINTmusic HINT (@HINTmusic) reported

    @FreedomMobile what is up with the service today. I tried make a call like four times and only one connected. I had full bars/lte! Also on that note 9 out of 10 calls I make it drops out! Figure it out!!!

  • yoggie5 yoggie (@yoggie5) reported

    @FreedomMobile Deceitful network

  • keyvan_golestan Keyvan Golestan (@keyvan_golestan) reported from Newmarket, Ontario

    @freedomsupport today I finally got rid of your crappy service after 8 years and joined @virginmobilecan family. The move I should have done a long time ago.

  • FNan93140655 FNan (@FNan93140655) reported

    @freedomsupport I just signed up $60 plan with friends and family which would give me $15 off per month. Just got the first bill and i dont see that promo applied. Called customer service, they said it will apply from second bill. Cant belive this..noone said anything like this when signed up.

  • iamtejas___ TP (@iamtejas___) reported

    @richardhimself_ @FreedomMobile reach work next weekend I’ll fix up ur deal

  • ssj4hassan HASSANYE (@ssj4hassan) reported

    @FreedomMobile Me texting and then remembered i have Freedom so i don’t have any signal

  • miss_daniibabii Daniii🐼 (@miss_daniibabii) reported

    @freedomsupport I’m having trouble removing my auto pay. I don’t even see on the option on the app or on my computer. Help 😅

  • jjt609 J T (@jjt609) reported

    @freedomsupport @ibrahimorich Don’t feel bad. I’ve been with Wind/Freedom 95% of the last ten years and have “never” been offered a fnf invite. Many of us stayed with Wind/Freedom through the good and the bad, and it was very bad in the beginning. Loyalty doesn’t seem to matter much!

  • Hafiz_A1 TripleA (@Hafiz_A1) reported

    I just had the worst customer experience with @FreedomMobile over the phone. The guy was extremely rude and unhelpful, when I asked to speak to a manager he said I'd get a callback 'eventually'. Do better

  • zoidbergererer Zach (@zoidbergererer) reported

    @40thStFrancis @xl1tey @FreedomMobile Used to be with them but needed more reliability with my business. Worked ok sometimes, but every metal roofed building = no service, pockets of really poor service everywhere in the GTA. Had to prop my phone in a corner in my house and use a Bluetooth headset to get it to call.

  • 222DawsonsDad John (@222DawsonsDad) reported

    @FreedomMobile Lol, sounds more like a “ so what if I didn’t pay for my service, you shouldn’t turn it off “🤣🤣

  • mdlyonga Kito Out Now!!🇨🇲🇳🇬🇬🇭🇨🇦 (@mdlyonga) reported

    @FreedomMobile You are startinh to annoy me. Get your shit together!! 😠

  • Ken_Alguire Ken Alguire (@Ken_Alguire) reported

    @freedomsupport Hey Support, having an issue where I can't call my home line from my cell. Twist: it won't work on freedom's network but it works when i'm nationwide.

  • Eric__YYC Eric (@Eric__YYC) reported

    @FreedomMobile To be honest with freedom, we had 4 lines with you and we ended up switching because your customer service kept telling us one thing and then the store would not help us with getting new phones. 3 years of loyalty and you get nothing! Be careful of freedom.

  • EarthmanJames Mad Twitman (@EarthmanJames) reported

    @FreedomMobile My 8 plus is the most disappointing phone I have ever purchased. Never iPhone.

  • VergeMMA Austin Verge (@VergeMMA) reported

    @maureensmith232 @FreedomMobile @freedomsupport @Fidomobile @koodo @virginmobilecan @Rogers @TELUS @Bell They’re all not very nice at all in my opinion, and it wouldn’t hurt any of them to at least act like decent human beings, they just won’t because they feel they don’t have to. #norealcompetition #mobile #issues #Canada 🇨🇦

  • VergeMMA Austin Verge (@VergeMMA) reported

    @maureensmith232 @FreedomMobile @freedomsupport I’m sure that all of the discount networks @Fidomobile @koodo and @virginmobilecan are trying to improve, but they are still a part of @Rogers, @Telus and @Bell and I’m not interested in any of them, they’re all the same, indifferent. - #mobile #customerservice #issues #Canada 🇨🇦

  • Bigtasstic Chris Martells (@Bigtasstic) reported

    @freedomsupport Love being lied to and being made to pay more money when your customer service operatives decide to be deceitful

  • heykoop10 Brad Heykoop (@heykoop10) reported

    @freedomsupport No thanks I’m just counting down the months

  • jaytheredneck1 🇨🇦Jay🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@jaytheredneck1) reported

    @FreedomMobile Fair warning, XR owner on freedom here, this probably still holds true for 11 also. iPhone XR(and probably 11 too) doesn’t support regular 4G. So if your LTE signal drops, welcome back to 3G, which is completely unusable in 2019.

  • heykoop10 Brad Heykoop (@heykoop10) reported

    @gabayre @FreedomMobile The worst this company is a joke

  • TC92640658 TC (@TC92640658) reported

    DT and connection still crap. Bunch of waggers @freedommobile #toronto

  • gimli_cat Gimli Cat (@gimli_cat) reported

    @freedomsupport Never again will I use your services. NEVER.

  • TC92640658 TC (@TC92640658) reported

    Thanks freedom mobile for making my phone even worst. Great support team. Bunch of smurfs. @freedommobile #toronto #canada

  • TC92640658 TC (@TC92640658) reported

    Made phone even worst after freedom mobile support said they fixed my sim card. @freedommobile #toronto #canada thumbs down

  • TC92640658 TC (@TC92640658) reported

    Freedom mobile worst network in Canada. @FreedomMobile #toronto #canada services cant be trusted

  • TC92640658 TC (@TC92640658) reported

    **** you @FreedomMobile your services suck

  • TC92640658 TC (@TC92640658) reported

    Freedom mobile shit services again today. Tried to get uber, damn thing didnt even connect. Restarted phone a few times still doesnt work. @FreedomMobile #toronto

  • lenkeydan Bobby P (@lenkeydan) reported

    @cavemAndrew @virginmobilecan @freedomsupport News flash, Bell don’t price match or give a shit about customers because they have enough already and the reason I said Bell is because virgin mobile uses Bell services.

  • 40thStFrancis Fortieth St. Francis (@40thStFrancis) reported

    @xl1tey @FreedomMobile Right. Had em once. Was really bad.

  • jenniferhaufler Jennifer Haufler (@jenniferhaufler) reported

    @FreedomMobile worst customer service! I was on hold for over an hour!! I’ll resolve the issue by canceling my service. I’ve been a customer for nearly ten years.

  • VergeMMA Austin Verge (@VergeMMA) reported

    Great @Apple #iPhone, terrible #CustomerService - #mobile #phone #issues #BC #Canada @FreedomMobile 🇨🇦

  • krzyabn Chris (@krzyabn) reported

    After 10+ years and getting crap service, I'm switching over from @FreedomMobile to @_MintMobile (owned by @VancityReynolds!) for a plan almost unheard of! $15/mth for 3m for 12GB then $25/mth annually.. I'm on hold w/ Freedom to see what can be done to retain me, be4 I switch.

  • sapi3nt ALEJANDRO (@sapi3nt) reported

    @freedomsupport Too bad I got burned by data overage on your plan.

  • TC92640658 TC (@TC92640658) reported

    Either my phone is garbage or freedom mobile service towers are shit. Data is slow AF. @FreedomMobile #toronto

  • RandalAmy Amy Randal (@RandalAmy) reported

    @FreedomMobile Hi your app never seems to work. I just get a constant blank orange screen. Can't pay my bill....😑

  • cavemAndrew Andrew @well (@cavemAndrew) reported

    @virginmobilecan can't believe the csr encouraged me to cancel my service and go to @freedomsupport And after you raise my bill. #retention

  • cavemAndrew Andrew @well (@cavemAndrew) reported

    Wow @virginmobilecan I call in as a 2 year customer about matching @freedomsupport offer and told you're too big to match. CSR puts me through to cancellation dept no questions asked. Guess my business is not worth it. #badcustomerservice

  • StanWms Stan Wms (@StanWms) reported

    @TyroneSluymers I’ve found that if I buy my phone outright I can screw with them more than they screw me as they can’t use legal mumbo gumbo because I’m locked into a contract. Then again I’ve never had that issue @FreedomMobile They also let me keep my grandfathered service

  • ohrigeeta iFLyS🅾️lO (@ohrigeeta) reported from Ajax, Ontario

    @freedomsupport Yup...won't get another one now! Bad move like I said!

  • elichai019 🐼 Eli Jah 🐼 (@elichai019) reported

    You sucks #freedommobile. Your customer service really sucks. 🤬🤬🤬

  • Golfguy3601 🏌️Golfguy360🏌️ (@Golfguy3601) reported

    @FreedomMobile How about just getting better cell service in Niagara region I don't care about data if my phone has no cell service

  • the905guy Matthew Dunn  (@the905guy) reported

    @freedomsupport Yeah, I’ve done that. Doesn’t work. Face ID would be a great addition. For that matter having the app take you directly to “my account” rather than shopping and network coverage. Those should be gone. I’m already a customer.

  • _Cee_Squared Nobunaga Soda (@_Cee_Squared) reported

    ****. I'm stuck with my phone until I move to Picton unless I buy a phone outright. I'm sad there's no coverage there on @FreedomMobile

  • rikayla Wendy (@rikayla) reported

    Jumped ship to @FreedomMobile over the weekend and only just remembered that they offer LTE service in the subway tunnels. 👏🏻🎉

  • inquiringminds9 inquiringminds (@inquiringminds9) reported

    .@freedomsupport your retail price of the Motorola One Action makes no sense at $499. Regular in store price at @costcocanada is $299 & totally compatible with your service.

  • adymitruk Adam Dymitruk 🇨🇦 (@adymitruk) reported from Vancouver, British Columbia

    @freedomsupport @sfeldman Just implement the damn auth app 2FA. These generic, BS Twitter responses just make you look like idiots.

  • VergeMMA Austin Verge (@VergeMMA) reported

    @freedomsupport Don’t need to “chat” in your DMs, tried that yesterday with absolutely no success. Your coverage may have improved, but it still isn’t good enough to be truly competitive. #mobile #issues #Canada 🇨🇦

  • nmorganelli Nick Morganelli (@nmorganelli) reported

    @Skufty @FreedomMobile It they’re not lying it is unlimited they just slow down the data after you go over the amount included in your plan you don’t pay if you go over whatever amount you have so it’s unlimited

  • juligandhi Ravi (@juligandhi) reported

    @freedomsupport I have been with freedom for long time and it seems to not care about old customer

  • zeeshan21 Zee (@zeeshan21) reported

    @freedomsupport Not wasting my time again. Wasted enough time already by falling for that trap. Customer Service means truly resolving issues. Not just repeating a non solution and portraying it as solution.

  • zeeshan21 Zee (@zeeshan21) reported

    @freedomsupport Issue still not resolved. All talk.

  • AneleNtshulana Anele (@AneleNtshulana) reported

    I enjoy being a @FreedomMobile customer literally both in store and on the phone their customer service is just amazing !

  • gkatsuras84 G (@gkatsuras84) reported

    @FreedomMobile Might not upgrade though cause I love the plan I have now with I Gb of data in USA cause I live in a border city and am there often. Too bad too cause I brought my GF to switch over today too at the mall

  • Original_Cheech Frank Rende (@Original_Cheech) reported

    @FreedomMobile is a complete joke! They promise you the world and make fun of the Big Cellphone providers but do the exact same things. We need the American companies to come in and show them how it's done, as they understand customer service! @sprint @verizon @ATT @TMobile @CP24

  • Papa_Bibs Papa Bibs (@Papa_Bibs) reported

    @FreedomMobile Looks like I'll be waiting till boxing day. C'mon freedom. Drop the pixel 4xl down to $15 and we've got a deal

  • Ndea1999 N'Dea Edison (@Ndea1999) reported

    @freedomsupport I have been and the problem has yet to be resolved

  • servysays Servysays (@servysays) reported

    @FreedomMobile please improve the signal at costco winterburn im Edmonton. I can barely use the internet here.

  • SatnamGrewal Satnam Grewal (@SatnamGrewal) reported

    Long time @FreedomMobile customer, u guys gave us the 35% F&F and now don’t give us any opportunity to upgrade to a tab! I got the cold shoulder when I asked to upgrade to a last year model, is this how u treat clients who have stood by u while u grew. Rep said give up discount.

  • Veiya21 Robert Der (@Veiya21) reported

    @freedomsupport hi there! I'm not receiving expected text messages (from @PayPal specifically) and freedom live agent customer support has been giving me the run around, being no help at all