Is Freedom Mobile having an outage?

Freedom Mobile Inc. is a Canadian wireless telecommunications provider owned by Shaw Communications. With 1,181,483 active subscribers in urban areas of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, it is Canada's fourth largest mobile network operator with 3.7% market share.

 Problems detected at Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile problems in the last 24 hours

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October 17: Problems at Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile is having issues since 06:30 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Phone (78.57%)
  • Internet (7.14%)
  • Total Blackout (7.14%)
  • E-mail (4.76%)
  • TV (2.38%)

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  • yellowgerbil
    YellowGerbil [knock 3 times on the ceiling] (@yellowgerbil) reported

    @thereal_QueenJ @FreedomMobile @TekSavvyCSR @Rogers Hang on a little bit longer.. I just got my service back with another isp but others are saying theirs are up too now.

  • thereal_QueenJ
    Jessica (@thereal_QueenJ) reported

    Well, I've used my @freedommobile cell phone data as a hotspot for long enough. I'm guessing since this internet outage hasn't been resolved in the last 4 hours, @TekSavvyCSR and @rogers will be down for a while.

  • Joannant
    Joanna Nguyen-Truong (@Joannant) reported

    @jhdyck @freedomsupport @TELUSsupport I'm at home with bad chest cold and no wifi 😵. My Telus data is depleting. @TELUSsupport to the rescue!

  • ribkss
    ribks (@ribkss) reported

    @FreedomMobile can i get some of that extra data hotspot 👀 @TekSavvyNetwork has left me feeling broken and tired

  • Kempton
    Kempton Lam 🇨🇦 (@Kempton) reported

    Getting some horrible @freedomsupport on its poor network right now. Calls did not come through and got forwarded to voice mail right away. And the telephone support and his supervisor Jeff were both very unhelpful stating "company policy". #fail

  • devtonypro
    Devon Thompson (@devtonypro) reported

    @MichelChartrand @TekSavvyNetwork @FreedomMobile Sigh, if my freedom mobile worked in New Tecumseth, then I’d have no problem too. I’m using @Bell from my work phone to stay afloat. :(

  • BeanBaddy
    BEANBADDY (@BeanBaddy) reported

    @freedomsupport I'll let them know J.V from the social media support team convinced me too when i go to the toronto location for sure.

  • Cherrim
    🌸 cherrim @ TWEWYプレイ中 🌸 (@Cherrim) reported

    @freedomsupport @ComedyBromo Hey, same here, I'm still struggling to even connect to data on freedom during this cable outage. It's very inconvenient.

  • BeanBaddy
    BEANBADDY (@BeanBaddy) reported

    @freedomsupport @russellbecker1 Wow I'm switching to freedom. Koodo is never this chill.

  • WasabiTDi
    Donny Chau (@WasabiTDi) reported

    @freedomsupport I hope that FM will enable these features for the Pixel devices. I have a self imposed deadline by year end of 2018 then I will go the the carrier that has these features enabled for the Pixel2XL. I want to support FM but I don't want to settle for 2nd rate connectivity.

  • Tandersbeach
    Trevor Anders (@Tandersbeach) reported

    @freedomsupport @MichelChartrand We should get @FreedomMobile ... love the service of @TekSavvyNetwork but their @Rogers network is absolute garbage

  • ComedyBromo
    Tricky Dick 🏳️‍🌈 (@ComedyBromo) reported

    @freedomsupport @h_tothe_D Be so much more awesome if I had the data someone from freedom promised me over the phone. But the outage just wiped out full speed data.

  • russellbecker1
    russell becker (@russellbecker1) reported

    @freedomsupport @h_tothe_D @freedomsupport maybe some free data to hotspot while @TekSavvyNetwork gets this outage sorted. Just think of the PR!

  • Invincibear
    Invincibear (@Invincibear) reported

    @freedomsupport Seem to be losing 4g around Nanaimo SkyTrain station too, headed westbound to Vancouver. No internet and poor signal.

  • meniac604
    WB (@meniac604) reported

    @freedomsupport Wow, your tweet and link didn’t mention anything about not supporting iPhone right now. If it doesn’t work for iPhone, you basically upgraded the network for only 30% of your customer base.

  • meniac604
    WB (@meniac604) reported

    @FreedomMobile Nope. Coverage is still bad in Richmond! I can’t even use this in my apartment.

  • teambringit86
    Daymon4u (@teambringit86) reported

    @samobirieze @FreedomMobile Oneplus 5t doesnt support band 13 i believe anyway

  • carpetfortwo
    Kemal Ahmed (@carpetfortwo) reported

    @fstrdr @80sgirlforever @FreedomMobile @freedomsupport Lol i made a call in the subway yesterday and when i go to my cottage i enable wind away and pay low rates. Also Rogers Telus Bell Fido don't own their own network-they paid Huawei, i.e. Chinese spying govt, to built a network that they share.

  • highlandgirl63
    Senga Lapointe (@highlandgirl63) reported

    @freedomsupport Um. A little tough to do when you don't have cell signal.

  • highlandgirl63
    Senga Lapointe (@highlandgirl63) reported

    @freedomsupport . Never mind he turned the phone on and off a couple of times and finally got a signal

  • seanorigins
    Sean (@seanorigins) reported

    @freedomsupport No I left that $35 plan for a $60 bell for plan a while ago, paying almost double but at least I can get service

  • fstrdr
    fstrdr (@fstrdr) reported

    @80sgirlforever @FreedomMobile @freedomsupport Wait until you see the numerous pockets where you can't use your huge data plan or your conversation drops while you simply drive around GTA, AND you start swearing at this so called Telecom who didn't first build their network properly then sell a product.

  • dandapanda
    Danda Panda 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈 (@dandapanda) reported

    @GlynnP75 @FreedomMobile I know how upsetting this is. Used to happen to us a lot. We disabled Roaming in the Settings & now the phone holds onto the Home network like for dear life. The downside is that if there is no Home network at all you may lose coverage altogether. Please let me know if it helped.

  • seanorigins
    Sean (@seanorigins) reported

    @freedomsupport Why is your service so shit

  • DarkShame2
    Henry Suen (@DarkShame2) reported

    @freedomsupport credit card verification failed still happens when paying with a Visa Credit Card (using a family member's card); unless it's a browser issue (chrome).

  • tedbutler9
    Ted Butler (@tedbutler9) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    @badbrad888 @TrafficLA_ @JustinTrudeau @Bell @Rogers @TELUS @FreedomMobile Chinese phones are a Trojan horse of viruses intended to take us down

  • Killyson786
    Killyson (@Killyson786) reported

    @FreedomMobile Your customer service is complete and utter garbage. Your company should be ashamed of themselves for not being able to help a customer. Porting both my numbers to a competitor and will advise all family and friends how I was treated with you guys.

  • catekustanczy
    Catherine Kustanczy (@catekustanczy) reported

    @johnsemley3000 @FreedomMobile I did, I have, a long, long time ago; apparently "suspended" in Canada (/Freedom mobile) = paying the full monthly fee even if you are not there. Unbelievable. And bald, blatant rudeness from the contact person on Messenger too. Freedom just lost a longtime customer permanently.

  • VivekAh39974242
    Vivek Ahuja (@VivekAh39974242) reported

    @freedomsupport At my home beeton. Network changes from away to away.. No stable coverage that's why I use WiFi calling....

  • VivekAh39974242
    Vivek Ahuja (@VivekAh39974242) reported

    @freedomsupport Just to let you know that on roaming the network keeps on changing automatically..

  • VivekAh39974242
    Vivek Ahuja (@VivekAh39974242) reported

    @freedomsupport Just to let you know that on roaming the network keeps on changing automatically..

  • CompeterG
    CompeterG (@CompeterG) reported

    Calling with voice over LTE #VoLTE from @SamsungMobile s9 to @cibc 800 toll free credit card services doesn't work on @FreedomMobile @freedomsupport. Works after disabling VoLTE in phone settings.

  • Killyson786
    Killyson (@Killyson786) reported

    @freedomsupport @FreedomMobile Your twitter rep is allowing a customer of 4 years to walk over a simple change. Great customer service you got there. I hope other carriers don't treat customers like dirt.

  • Killyson786
    Killyson (@Killyson786) reported

    @freedomsupport I have been a loyal customer for years, but it may be time to look at different carriers due to how I'm being treated.

  • Killyson786
    Killyson (@Killyson786) reported

    @freedomsupport I am extremely disappointed with your service. 1st off I was speaking to a rep on twitter and he was extremely rude and went MIA on me after trying to rectify a situation. 2nd my plan (s) changed without my knowledge and I've been paying more for months.

  • Kittyburgers
    Kitty Burgers (@Kittyburgers) reported

    @badsquishy86 @freedomsupport @SamsungMobile I just find it a bit odd, as I can't imagine this would be device specific. It's a Google app, not a Samsung app. Messages already has the feature, so there must be something on the network side that tells it to add the capability.

  • newwest4life
    Sebastien (@newwest4life) reported

    @FreedomMobile Great experience at the Yonge/Dundas location on Friday. Was served by a woman but I didn't catch her name. Quick and efficient service!

  • badsquishy86
    Nicholas Burke (@badsquishy86) reported

    @freedomsupport @Kittyburgers What freedom is trying to tell is us - because @SamsungMobile is notoriously slow with it's updates we may see the second coming of Christ before we see RCS or even Android Pie lol. I have an S9 as well...I feel your pain.

  • Jerome_JonesIII
    jerome jones (@Jerome_JonesIII) reported

    @vbelegrinis @FreedomMobile ..... expect the worst in global history fro #freedommobile #petitionToThemOFFMarket

  • Jerome_JonesIII
    jerome jones (@Jerome_JonesIII) reported

    @FHasan82 @FreedomMobile #FreedomMobile = despicable service, Ebisu is ethics and as of this day wish they have license revoked @CRTCHearings

  • Jerome_JonesIII
    jerome jones (@Jerome_JonesIII) reported

    @FANEXPOCANADA @FreedomMobile I have a important testimony ! Stay far away from @freedommoble and all affiliations !!! #reprehensible #errors #offshorephonecenterGingShow

  • Jerome_JonesIII
    jerome jones (@Jerome_JonesIII) reported

    @alecrmunro @FreedomMobile Freedom mobile is in 35 years of business the WORST companybkg any kind ever globally . Watch YOUR selves out there ! #freedom = #incompetence

  • michelle_rissa
    Michelle Rissa (@michelle_rissa) reported

    @freedomsupport Theres 7 of us that use freedom mobile at work including my managers and all of us are regretting that we switch to freedom mobile coz theres no signal.. its winter now and super cold and we cannot keep going out just to have a one bar signal

  • michelle_rissa
    Michelle Rissa (@michelle_rissa) reported

    @freedomsupport I hate to say this but i have a feeling now that i regret switching from fido to freedom. God most areas in vancouver has no signal.. especially at my work place on 8th and cambie the signal is super poor!

  • Jerome_JonesIII
    jerome jones (@Jerome_JonesIII) reported

    @FreedomMobile - with offshore reprehensible customer service as a major #fail. You have breached , you have failed. #fail #thisISehwrwitwtarts #stops !!!

  • onnimikki
    James Andrew Smith (@onnimikki) reported

    @jasonnolan Not surprising. I stopped using the big phone and internet providers years ago and switched to @TekSavvyBuzz (internet) and @FreedomMobile (cell). Have been paying less for better service since.

  • Jerome_JonesIII
    jerome jones (@Jerome_JonesIII) reported

    @freedomsupport Your customer service puts an new spin on #metoo and your undiagnosed call Center's and are they legit call Center's reprehensible . #Metoo @crtc you freeDOOM have breached ! How DARE YOU !

  • Jerome_JonesIII
    jerome jones (@Jerome_JonesIII) reported

    @freedomsupport @freedom ! Just a heads up !! Your tactics are Slimey . YOU Will be seeing a courtroom !! I don't care what the article says ! #freedommobile you make #usacell look fantastic. Never have I seen such ugly customer liacknof service that would rival #metoo as YOU !

  • DeyrdreSzyndrow
    Deyrdre Szyndrowski (@DeyrdreSzyndrow) reported

    @Iniciativamundo @freedomsupport @FreedomMobile Don't hold your breath. But if the HD thing is appearing, I did FINALLY get the fix for that.

  • Iniciativamundo
    Iniciativa Mundo (@Iniciativamundo) reported

    @DeyrdreSzyndrow @freedomsupport @FreedomMobile No, no luck as of now. They have escalated the issue to the IT department. I hope that this gets solved really quick.

  • alecrmunro
    Alec R Munro (@alecrmunro) reported

    If you are thinking of switching to @FreedomMobile heed my warning DO NOT! Worst coverage ever! How is that I am in the city of Toronto proper and have no data connection and my phone drops nearly every call! Otherwise it doesn’t ring at all and I get a voicemail #bell #rogers

  • Graham42x
    Graham (@Graham42x) reported

    Frustrated with Canada's cell network situ. big 3 providers are non-competitive. Each has a "budget" subsidiary that is also non-competitive, just at a lower level. Only @FreedomMobile offers competitve rates, but is hamstringed by CRTC not mandating seamless network hand-offs

  • gajco
    GajCo (@gajco) reported

    @freedomsupport Nope...I’m not going to sit there on hold trying to re-explain the issue that I’ve already complained about SEVERAL TIMES now!! You have my phone number in file.. YOU have your supervisor call me with the facts. WARNING: they’d better do their research on my file before that call

  • iCr3ative
    Orane (@iCr3ative) reported

    Thank you @FreedomMobile for being the first phone company to give me false information on getting me a new phone. Very close to losing a customer.

  • Humdrumoleab
    Rip van winkle (@Humdrumoleab) reported

    @PaulatCPM @freedomsupport Thier rates really aren't all that special. I'm. Paying less than freedom prices with virgin (bell) right now for a much better network, I started at $65 for 10 gig and unlimited voice/text and negotiated it down to $57 and again a MUCH better network.

  • Mysterie_Guy010
    A.P (@Mysterie_Guy010) reported

    @FreedomMobile If I was offered free service and free cel. I’d turn it down.

  • Mysterie_Guy010
    A.P (@Mysterie_Guy010) reported

    @Lovein3s @donk_316 @TELUS @FreedomMobile Now travel more then 30 mins. No signal

  • Iniciativamundo
    Iniciativa Mundo (@Iniciativamundo) reported

    @musicloverhan I've been having issues with incoming and outgoing calls since 3 days ago. Cant receive nor make phone calls. @FreedomMobile

  • musicloverhan
    MusicLoverHan (@musicloverhan) reported from Vancouver, British Columbia

    If anyone using #freedommobile, please disable volte for lower mainland area in order to resolve receiving call issue. It works on 4g wcdma.

  • bullionbuy3r
    Bullionbuy3r (@bullionbuy3r) reported

    @FreedomMobile Misleading & false advertising FREEDOM sucks you liars!!!!