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Vidéotron is a Canadian integrated telecommunications company active in cable television, interactive multimedia development, video on demand, cable telephony, wireless communication and Internet access services.

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  • Internet (72.86%)
  • TV (10.00%)
  • Total Blackout (5.71%)
  • Wi-fi (4.29%)
  • Phone (4.29%)
  • E-mail (2.86%)

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  • Nate_Kappa
    N̜̣̹͗ͬͫ͗ã͓͕͔̟̓̑̔t̺͎͕͔̂͋ͦë̙̉̽👨‍💻 (@Nate_Kappa) reported

    @mel_gilbreath @EBOX_CA Sadly Ebox doesn’t do the installation. For me it had to be a Bell technician, terrible experience. For ma father it had to be a Videotron tech: even worse experience.. But when it’s all setup, everything is great about @EBOX_CA

  • Milnoc
    François Caron 🇨🇦 (@Milnoc) reported

    @jfmezei Right now, I'm with Videotron's roaming for the first day. I'll see about getting the Optus prepaid epic data $40 10GB 28 days plan, or maybe just the $20 5GB (?) 7 day plan. Videotron's partner network here doesn't appear to support my phone in 4G.

  • jubei25
    Guy Demers (@jubei25) reported

    @Videotron24_7 There is a down cable line where I live. Someone from Videotron might want to come over and have a look as cars and children could get injured. Pls msg me for address. Thank you.

    Alberto D. (@ADECICCIO75) reported

    friends please stay away from @Videotron . Probably the worst service ever. When you need to call them every 2 months for technical issues you know there’s a serious issue.

  • BurtonKorning
    Burton Korning (@BurtonKorning) reported

    Hey #videotron what's going on with super mediocre network speed tonight. I'm paying the big bucks and expect better performance on the Web.

  • SensDuguay
    Christian Duguay 🦋 (@SensDuguay) reported

    @CJWarner @NFL Me its @Videotron Gatineau,Qc I wish they stoped blocking the programming>Tons of NFL games tonight & with all the chanels we pay for > cant get 1 game>This cable compagny is trying to sell us there the best + these deals they have with the CRTC are often crap Tks anyways friend

  • TheDividendGuy
    TheDividendGuy (@TheDividendGuy) reported

    @AllAboutTheDivi Sorry Matthew, I'm currently with Videotron and thinking switching over to Bell (because they offer more upload power for my internet as I do lots of webinars). If I swith my internet service, I will most likely switch my cel phones too... Never looked into Koodo...

  • HavanaSimp
    Havana simp (@HavanaSimp) reported

    @Videotron By far the worst customer experience I have ever had. Your sales person, Samir Alam or something, sold me a package for 54.95 per month with a free phone. When I activated the account when I got the phone, the billing tells me its 67.95. You guys are crooks.

  • Ewoks33
    Ewoks30 (@Ewoks33) reported

    @BlizzardCS same here bell canada montreal is down fuck bell im going back to videotron

  • Angelleena
    🇨🇦 Pascale 🇨🇦 (@Angelleena) reported

    Goodbye @TELUS...Hello Videotron.....16 years down the drain with Telus.

  • yassinm_tw
    Yassin Mohamed (@yassinm_tw) reported

    @Videotron The fact that your payment goes through one month *after* your billing period is not clearlystated on your site nor is known by your support .. IT and customer support just failed me !

  • 1DDevil
    Just Allie (@1DDevil) reported

    Videotron has the worst customer service. Never seen anything so bad. Guarantee they will never have us as customers again.

  • lcshears
    Lisa C Shears (@lcshears) reported

    Although barely known; these companies are always lower cost than your huge companies like Bell Rogers and videotron/shaw media etc and usually cannot compete give them a try. the worst that can happen is they go our of business....

  • WearySky
    WearySky (@WearySky) reported

    @tinkpoop @FreedomMobile From what I hear, the 3G network is still not very good in many parts of the GTA (so it still affects calls and SMS). But at least they bought all that spectrum from Videotron so now their LTE network is somewhat usable for data.

  • PaulVance63
    Paul Vance (@PaulVance63) reported

    @bennypoupou89 @Teg_Qc Yes, I was thinking that regards Videotron. Fido is now suggesting to me, it's a case of the Bell towers providing a better/stronger signal to the part of the stadium I sit in, that n the Rogers/Fido, hence Bell users get internet, we don't .... I still get a 4-bar signal though

  • 51_legault
    Dominic Legault (@51_legault) reported

    @TELUSsupport Hi. Yes after 2h39 minutes. The guy was very nice. Told me they cut a lot of jobs. Short staff. You should not cut on customer service. When i call Videotron they always respond on the spot. Always.

  • cocci100
    Daniel Pinel (@cocci100) reported

    @JoeSantagato @WingTel_ If you get Wing up here in Quebec, @Videotron will lose a customer! Please, the contracts up here are WAY too damn expen$ive!

  • qprcanada
    Simon Bevan (@qprcanada) reported

    @CBCOttawa No. I’m on Videotron with a 613 number and an up to date iPhone 7. I’ve never gotten an alert since the alert system began.

  • Scottsblock
    André (@Scottsblock) reported

    @Videotron24_7 @qprcanada Same here with Videotron and I have a IPhone 8 plus and I have never once received an emergency alert........ sigh

  • EricPaulhus
    Eric A. Paulhus (@EricPaulhus) reported

    @BenKlass Went Taksavvy about 10 years ago after cutting all links with videotron. The only thing that happened: my Teksavvy bill went down. Never looked back!

  • qprcanada
    Simon Bevan (@qprcanada) reported

    @amkfoote I'm on Videotron with an 613 number and have never received any type of alert since the phone alert system was announced.

  • kenhass
    ken hass (@kenhass) reported

    @jonjerkone @bellcanadalies @Bell_Support @Bell @Videotron This happens quite regularly. I know a few Sup’ss at Bell who would never do this but they are in the minority. As a former Bell Sup I can’t count the number of escalations I took. If the cust wanted to speak with me it’s their right as a cust.

  • ehusband
    Husband (@ehusband) reported

    @Videotron your coverage on Highway #7 from Ottawa to Toronto is terrible. At least 2 hours of the 4 hour drive are left without any service at all. Consistently. Whoever PRTNR1 is, you’ve got some work to do!

  • scott_sgauthier
    Scott Gauthier (@scott_sgauthier) reported

    @pconwayMONTREAL @Bell @Videotron I currently am paying for 300 up 300 down and I am getting about 75/75. They can’t see to fix it. Driving me nuts

  • jackie418263
    Jrose (@jackie418263) reported

    @virginmedia This all seems so petty. Surely a sensible agreement can be reached in no time. After all, it's the public that keeps companies such as VM going and in your defence, you have provided many years of tv service to me and mine (I remember Videotron!!!!)

  • azzask
    Azza Skhiri (@azzask) reported

    @Videotron24_7 last week videotron removed the mobile and i’m Abroad without any notice I can not even call the support service

  • YannMack
    Yann Mack (@YannMack) reported

    @Videotron garbage, at least give us a heads up if you drop wi-fi at night for whatever reason. No clue what's happening but West Island has no internet. All "24/7" chat is disabled and I cant even call. Bullshit service guys... not cool

  • somecanuckchick
    somecanuckchick🇨🇦 (@somecanuckchick) reported

    Set PVR to record all 3 EPs of Castle Rock. PVR records 1st EP 2x and skips the next 2... FUCK YOU, @Videotron.

  • NoraNorqdo
    @noranorqdo (@NoraNorqdo) reported

    @gloomcookie0898 Are u sure? If ur hotel has Videotron as its supplier it should be there on ch. 99. Damn. What about on your computer? Let me see what i can do.

  • vCenterNerd
    Nigel Hickey (@vCenterNerd) reported from Dorval, Québec

    Dear Canada, cellular services like Telus, Videotron, etc are so horrible. 3G feels like dial-up! Not sure how you do it. Rogers, not too bad thou. #ThatIsAll

  • TotallyDan08
    Dan🇨🇦 (@TotallyDan08) reported

    Hey @verybravo.. how come you don't include @Videotron as a service provider for your online content?? I can't stream your shows online. I pay extra a month for your channel! Maybe I should cancel because obviously you don't value Videotron customers. @CRTCeng #BravoTV

  • westwelc
    Craig Westwell (@westwelc) reported

    @Videotron24_7 Problem with remote for videotron receiver

  • dave_mac609
    David MacIntyre (@dave_mac609) reported from Laval, Québec

    @Videotron What the hell?? My internet is down and yet when I call your supposedly 24/7 technical service number all I get is “Our customer service is currently closed.” Can someone please help me?

  • BiancaPorp
    Bianca Porporino (@BiancaPorp) reported

    @Videotron why is it every time I call I never get the same answers, your customs service is terrible. I am always frustrated. You need to train ur employees better #terriblecustonerservice #fedup

  • muddybike
    (((b McPherson))) a 🚲'ng dad (@muddybike) reported

    @bikeviewca @MichaelSuddard I'll look int Videotron too We're currently Telus pay as you go & v/ light voice users Everyone seems bad for different reasons 0_*

  • MTLCity
    MTLCity (@MTLCity) reported

    Is #videotron internet down in central/north end #montreal?

  • Denito311
    Denis Gagne (@Denito311) reported

    Call @Videotron @Videotron24_7 to see about switching networks and giving them me business only to have their customer service rep. Rudely tell me I can't have it and when I ask to speak to his manager he hangs up on me? This is how you get new customers? Good luck!

  • BordianDima
    Bordian Dumitru (@BordianDima) reported

    @Videotron24_7 I am a customer of videotron, for 2 months now, and i want to know if i need a ethernet cable for my PC, can i have it? (i just bought one PC and it's in another room than rooter) Thanks!

  • BordianDima
    Bordian Dumitru (@BordianDima) reported

    @Videotron24_7 I am a customer of videotron, for 2 months now, and i want to know if i need a ethernet cable for my PC, can i have it? (i just bought one PC and it's in another room than rooter) Thanks!

  • Bantourakis
    Basile Bantourakis (@Bantourakis) reported

    @NickC0327 @EffieInMtl They have become greedy. I own a food service establishment. I will never forget the letter I received from videotron from stating that I had to fork over an additional 500$/ month in order to continue receiving TSN/RDS/SPORTSNET/TVASPORT. I said Ciao

  • michelsakr
    Michel Sakr (@michelsakr) reported from Laval, Québec

    Looks like #Videotron has issues with its MSCs .. lots of random calls in and out from my no

  • BillyCA82
    🇨🇦 Brynn A 🇵🇭 (@BillyCA82) reported

    @Videotron24_7 hi guys, my friend is in Toronto with me, she has a Videotron cellphone, but she has no phone service, only when she turns on data roaming her phone works. Is this normal?

  • _ItsDouble
    Double 😴 (@_ItsDouble) reported

    @NickEh30 @Bell_Aliant @NickEh30 videotron is a better service

    Jacques 🇪🇺 (@OSSYULYYZ) reported

    @Videotron24_7 Is it Videotron policy to refund a credit via cheque? I paid for a service back with my credit card in Feb. While I did get the money back by cheque, I originally did request the refund by credit card.

  • marithua15
    Mar S. (@marithua15) reported from Laval, Québec

    @Videotron24_7 TSN live isn't working for via Videotron login.

  • jarrybarclay
    Jarry Barclay (@jarrybarclay) reported

    @TSN_PR @CTV @TSN_Sports Looked at my cell phone to check tennis score and saw Croatia 0 England 1 pop up a full 20 seconds before the free kick goal. Serious lag in CTV broadcast on Videotron, usually not this bad. Lesson: Leaving phone down

  • hfiguiere
    Hubert Figuière (@hfiguiere) reported

    When the service is a monopoly, there is no incentive for @videotron to fix it. And given how the @CRTCeng has ruled recently, we don't see a regulatory approach coming.

  • EugenieRobitail
    Eugenie Robitaille Ⓥ (@EugenieRobitail) reported

    Why do I always have connection problems with #videotron ? When is #internet going to be back #videotron ? Montreal is not a remote area!!! And Videotron support is not awake yet. :(((

  • tditchburn
    Tannia Ditchburn (@tditchburn) reported

    @Videotron24_7 My 20 years of uninterrupted loyality, @Videotron all comes to an end because of your poor, smug & patronizing customer service. I just loved the part when I was told I am "crying over spilled milk"and that managing a budget is hard. WTF! @Videotron24_7

  • Videotron24_7
    Videotron24_7 (@Videotron24_7) reported

    @LeelouMartin There are two departments at Videotron, Customer Service is for administrative issues and there is also Technical Support for technical issues. Customer Service is closed for the night however Technical Support is always open and will take your call. -sms

  • daphatves
    Phil V (@daphatves) reported

    @Videotron @Videotron24_7 - will I be able to use your travel pass roaming service in Hawaii?

  • 0nionskin
    Pierre-Alexandre Renou (@0nionskin) reported

    @Simonunger @virginmobilecan I’m probably stupid but I’m at videotron. They say « it’s expensive cause Canada is BIG! »...

  • Smartyz
    Smartyz (@Smartyz) reported

    Sorry no show tonight because Videotron's router sucks sh*t.... I will try to make another one soon... sorry again

  • tommyfongmac
    Tommy Fong (@tommyfongmac) reported

    @Videotron If I called to cancel my service weeks ago, removed my pre-authorized payment option, returned my equipment days before required. And you still charge me, isn’t that FRAUD??? Now I have to wait 6 wks for a cheque?!!

  • degetel77
    Gigi Riva (@degetel77) reported

    @Videotron24_7 @m_sim55 Except my Videotron is down since aprox 2pm, so about the same time. My point is this happens everywhere

  • _rayy
    Ray (@_rayy) reported

    @Videotron just had the best customer service experience with an ISP. Didn't have to wait on hold despite speaking with two different reps and had my issue resolved to my satisfaction. You guys put @Bell and @Rogers to shame!

  • Butt68Mtl
    Lolya (@Butt68Mtl) reported

    @Videotron, hi! Is there service interruption? No internet service along St. Antoine street? Thanks

  • Andy_Ekins
    Andy Ekins, Ph.D. (@Andy_Ekins) reported

    Fun fact: you can pay $20+ a month for The Movie Network, but not be allowed to watch online. #videotron

  • djlckdwn
    DJ LCKDWN (@djlckdwn) reported

    However... 4. Right there on the map, @Videotron "DJ lab". Flash drives were rekordboxed. I never do that, but I did it. Sleep was lost. Earbuds and quarter adapters were purchased. Cell phone charging station, nothing else. WTF Man. let's add @EscapadeMF and @DNAPresents

  • maximepaiement
    Maxime Paiement (@maximepaiement) reported

    @WinterLions @Videotron Wut? Let me check wtf. (My team did that mailing so I kinda wanna know)