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Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular service provider offering mobile phone and mobile internet service. Fido owned by Rogers Communications.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Toronto, Ajax, Waterloo, Victoria, Richmond Hill, Barrie, Kentville, Montréal, Burnaby, London, Vancouver, Pickering, Surrey, Ottawa and Kingston.

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  • roberts_cassian Cassie (@roberts_cassian) reported

    @Fidomobile In this day and age, fido should be able to roll over unused data to the following month. But i get profit always comes before customer service.

  • beatricejkiddo ladymacbeth (@beatricejkiddo) reported

    Dogs literally grow the hardest nails ever and their blunt edges bruise me every time Fido hasn’t been taught how to sit ******** DOWN

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the obstinate pointer loves to shit on my skunk

  • SheikhMustaali Sheikh (@SheikhMustaali) reported

    @fidonasir Fido, hang patutnya Who Looks like Grandpa but is not

  • SheikhMustaali Sheikh (@SheikhMustaali) reported

    @fidonasir Fido, hang patutnya Who Looks like Grandpa but Now

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the inquisitive pointer loves to shit on my cat


    @GbaconRobert @iampamalee @DSSdeltona @Jamesmasen1 @Tweetin_jackleg @NotEvenMissy @Andrea3andreaM1 @rowen316 @JodiLynne11 @italiangirl7286 Damn, Fido missed😫

  • _Redfield_ H (@_Redfield_) reported

    @iPhoneinCanada They went from the least expensive to the most expensive provider in a year. WTF @Fidomobile Telus, Rogers & Bell give you 15 gb (+ « unlimited » data) for 105$ while Fido gives you 10GB or lte for 115$. Same phone price. Hard to see how they’ll be able to compete

  • 305Neffew ®️ (@305Neffew) reported

    Fido felt so betrayed lol, I hope she gave it a treat.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the obstinate german shepherd loves to shit on my dinner

  • Shamrock1970 ☘️ Shamrock (@Shamrock1970) reported

    @guardian Then you are stupid aren't you paying for that bullshit. You could have just grabbed a banana and mashed it into Fido's face. Hopefully he'd bite you.

  • league2734 League1 (@league2734) reported

    FIDO wants attenrion soooo bad 🥴🥴

  • DhindsaNick Nick Dhindsa (@DhindsaNick) reported

    @fragileheart @FidoSolutions @Fidomobile Can’t be real.i was with fido for over 15 yrs never ever was treated with appreciation

  • sexisash666 LEE-SA NESH (@sexisash666) reported

    @jamaicanbear I'm so eager to get on that plan 50gb data n after it slows down 5mbps unlimited for 100 bucks I just have to pay fido then I can have Roger's

  • sexisash666 LEE-SA NESH (@sexisash666) reported

    @showmefatcat I'm so eager to get on that plan 50gb data n after it slows down 5mbps unlimited for 100 bucks I just have to pay fido then I can have Roger's

  • demifiendd 🌙 vergil from the dmc series (@demifiendd) reported


  • _liclac embr ✨🐉 (@_liclac) reported

    @Escap3st I disabled the NFC interface and just use it with my laptop, I've never actually seen anything on iOS that supports FIDO

  • eyecantina Gustavo Turner (@eyecantina) reported

    @thekatyjayne I’m slapping the first ******* who comments “Fido *****”

  • ghostpepper77 Ghostpepper77 (@ghostpepper77) reported

    @BetoORourke Never getting our guns Fido!!! Never

  • nicksimmons24 Nick Simmons (@nicksimmons24) reported

    @FidoSolutions My bad: $50 for 4GB in email. $55 for 4GB on web. I was logged in to your site when I originally compared prices. Still not tempted: match my wife (Fido customer) $40 for 5GB then I'll change plan.

  • MartinSwollen 🦝Trollin Martin (Parody)🦝 (@MartinSwollen) reported

    @ananavarro Poor dog. Run Fido run!!!!!! Ana is looking hungry again!

  • dnaltews Brian Swetland (@dnaltews) reported

    @whitequark This is a big reason I prefer webauthn/fido hard tokens (yubikey, etc) where correct implementations allow you to attach multiple tokens to an account so you can keep a backup or two in a safe place. Had some awful experiences with dedicated mobile apps.

  • colehenry19 Cole Henry (@colehenry19) reported

    Joe Biden just stumbled into my backyard shouting for his dog “Fido.” He’s in a robe and his upper dentures are gone. Spit is flying out of his mouth as he yells for his dog. I ask him to calm down and he told me that “it’s 1973 and gas is too damn much.”

  • ghostpepper77 Ghostpepper77 (@ghostpepper77) reported

    @BetoORourke Never ever ever ever happen!! 3%.... expect them Fido

  • itsmetsforme I.M. Forme (@itsmetsforme) reported

    @HoarseWisperer He wants to **** your Fido

  • Thomas98765432 tom west (@Thomas98765432) reported

    TDameritrade has no technology to show your account performance relative to any index (S&P) etc. I have requested this four times over the last year and so far, a total disregard for clients who don't like driving in the dark without lights. Fido, Schwab, ISRG better. Bad tech!

  • Fan83Toronto TorontoFan83 (@Fan83Toronto) reported

    @Casual_Mats Nope. You must get Bombatv (IPTV) where for 24 a month you literally get everything. 500 u.s. channels, all the canadian channels, all of the sports packages etc.... best thing i ever did was cancel Rogers (even tho my Net is now Fido which Rogers owns)

  • allisfulloflust RUDE GYAL ELLE (@allisfulloflust) reported

    Fido’s service is sooooo shit, I’m switching phone companies.

  • tinkushal Kushal (@tinkushal) reported

    @Fidomobile Can't access Data bytes on my new Fido connection. Please provide support.

  • tinkushal Kushal (@tinkushal) reported

    @FidoSolutions Can't access Data bytes on my new Fido connection. Please provide support.

  • Xinze6 Xinze Yin (@Xinze6) reported

    Fido recent messages some seem not too bad .too lazy to put here.

  • AGhostMachine 𝔾𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕥𝕀𝕟𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕄𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕖 (@AGhostMachine) reported

    @indieannatv Wtf Fido score. Your dog poops and it goes on its permanent record. This is so open to abuse.

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @_samle Hey there Sam! The best way to protect yourself is by not sharing personal information. That said, we do provide different ways to protect your account to make it more secure. Don't hesitate to send us a DM if you need any help with your Fido account. -Saad

  • crissforrealz Crissforrealz (@crissforrealz) reported

    My coworker thought that ***** was a service provider but she was thinking about fido 😳😳

  • JessroopRupim 'Nucknation (@JessroopRupim) reported

    @TELUSsupport wondering what is with your help desk.i called ,waited 30 mins, and was told they can't port my number from Fido, and techs are too busy. No like.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the inquisitive labrador loves to shit on my shoes

  • zabedaoh zabeda (@zabedaoh) reported

    @rajeshsankat I honestly hopped on the best deal i got. Fido was offering Fido customers 50% off for 12 months. If you're a Fido or Virgin Mobile customer call them and see if they're offering deals for current customers. I think I have the unlimited download speed up to 150Mbps works fine🤷🏽


    @Fidomobile @FidoSolutions @CRTCHearings highway robbery. Cant wait to go to another provider. 900 of data charges and I have never consumed that in my life and they can clearly see that. Was to be taken care of...but they left it till it got this far!Way to go Fido!

  • TheImmortalFate 🔥 Theimmortalfate 🔥 (@TheImmortalFate) reported

    @LevelUpRob @giinagiigaming @kodofwar It already went down and she knows what she did. Rip fido

  • ConstantineXVI Andrew Paulin (@ConstantineXVI) reported

    @SwiftOnSecurity We're moving from Duo to MS MFA, and I'm less than thrilled that MS's a) doesn't natively support any sort of U2F/FIDO/whatever tokens and b) their push notifications don't give any context *at all*

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @percystinson Hey Percy, if it's unlocked it should work on our network! We'll be happy to have you as a Fido customer 😉. -Ranya

  • structuralecon John Moser (@structuralecon) reported

    @Rutledge9494 @Ilhan FIDO U2F authentication is practically unbreakable: your credential doesn't get cracked and you can't replay an authentication; the authenticating service has to have a flaw. That lets us end things like identity theft and credential loss (from database spills). No passwords.

  • cfjr03 Charles Forrest Jr. (@cfjr03) reported

    @RuthieKetchup @AOC I always hate arguments like this. Fido can't help you when you're old and can't work anymore. Sooo, rely on everyone else to birth and raise the generation that will support your old butt. So selfish and short-sighted. Think bigger


    All I can hear is a dog marking & a man losing his shit, chasing Fido 🤣🤣🤣🐕

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the obstinate greyhound loves to shit on my bike

  • BarBeQueMan4POT BarBeQueManNewMedia4LegalWeed (@BarBeQueMan4POT) reported

    @The_real_cbd @PharmaKaz Not A damn thing! My veterinarian said, "keep that crap away from any cat or dog!" So, I'll listen to my veterinarian! Put you chance it on FIDO...

  • sgfeige 💧 Steve Feige (@sgfeige) reported

    @LesStonehouse @nobby15 @azahynes He needs to be taken for walkies more often. Poor Fido isn't getting enough exercise to loosen up the bowels, so the shit comes out the wrong end.

  • Smalls2233 Meg @ Scuttlebug Jamboree (@Smalls2233) reported

    @coywaren ******* PEOPLE WHO HAVE OFF LEASH DOGS ALWAYS HAVE THR WORST TRAINED DOGS. Like sure Fido might be a nice dog but my dog might not be dog friendly! Or just get nervous because some other dog is running around in her space Keep your damn dog on leash

  • TygerbugGarrett Garrett Gilchrist (@TygerbugGarrett) reported

    @SolidRoar @IndieGamerChick @OriginalPSP Poor Fido Dido was unreleased. He was an all purpose mascot for 7up etc.

  • Lizzie_Barr lizzie (@Lizzie_Barr) reported

    @AnishPatel3006 @Fidomobile @virginmobilecan Don’t do it!! Fido deleted my account and refuses to fix it, saying my name doesn’t match. I’m the only person on the account!! They’re scammers. Go with @TELUS or literally anyone else. Fido’s idea of “helping” is saying the same crap over and over without ever actually helping.

  • morganfreakingP morgan (@morganfreakingP) reported

    “My fido can bark the alphabet Linda. Your ugly mix breed Spike could never.”

  • arabgoId b2o (@arabgoId) reported

    fido has the worst lte ever tf

  • Danbo Dan Atkinson (@Danbo) reported

    @capdesk Financial organisations using SMS as a form of two-factor authentication is extremely poor given its exposure to SIM swap attacks (ask @Jack how that went for him recently). A starting point would be TOTP, or FIDO U2F.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the crazy pitbull loves to shit on my cake

  • dmdopwm Pappa Bear (@dmdopwm) reported

    @ReformedBroker @PeterMallouk Peter never mentions taking an advisor from fidelity w a billion $ book to poach 100s of millions then from being kicked off fido and then gaining access to ad platform at TD to custody there. Other than that... It's people

  • geoffsmith55 geoff💧union thug (@geoffsmith55) reported

    @SkyNewsAust Woof woof can’t help him self another low blow from Fido

  • jfmezei Jean-François Mezei (@jfmezei) reported

    @CircularLogic89 @FidoSolutions Because the 320-370 still exists for the Rogers SIM cards labeled as “Fido”. But those SIMs exist in the same way as any MVNO that has its own SIM cards. There is no ground network that “emits” 320-370 signals. 302-370 was a network and SIM whenFido was owned by Microcell

  • jfmezei Jean-François Mezei (@jfmezei) reported

    @CircularLogic89 @FidoSolutions Not quite. Fido retains its MNO code for its own SIMs, but permanently roams on the Rogers network. No tower emits the old Microcell MNO signal. During the merger integration, we saw our phone move from “Fido” to “Roaming on Rogers” till new SIMs got issued to customers.

  • CircularLogic89 CircularLogic (@CircularLogic89) reported

    @jfmezei @FidoSolutions Fido isn't a MVNO. They had their own network (Microcell) which they now *share with Rogers when they were acquired by them. While owned by Rogers, Fido remains a separate entity.

  • BillTieleman BillTieleman (@BillTieleman) reported

    My online access on cell is through Rogers/FIDO - no problem. My #TELUS email for work is not working.