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Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular service provider offering mobile phone and mobile internet service. Fido owned by Rogers Communications.

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  • Internet (81.25%)
  • Phone (9.38%)
  • Total Blackout (6.25%)
  • Wi-fi (3.13%)

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  • tinecuanan tine (@tinecuanan) reported

    fido really charge us so expensive tho their service are sucks! 👎🏼

  • iamaaliyahjewel AALIYAH JEWEL (@iamaaliyahjewel) reported

    You literally have an asscrack in your forehead, never talk to me again Fido

  • Gunny997 Ken (@Gunny997) reported

    @RealJamesWoods Not funny to poor Fido.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the obstinate greyhound loves to shit on my sister

  • SayB SayB (@SayB) reported

    oh my God! ... #FIDO your #BRIGHTSTAR insurance are CRIMINALS - I will NEVER EVER get #FIDO again. Worst experience with insurance.

  • Rootbrian_ The Rooty's Tweeties (@Rootbrian_) reported

    @TheeGravedigger @RogersHelps @TELUSsupport @FreedomMobile @CRTCeng I hope they consider these options. It targets and impacts every customer of every carrier (bell/virgin/lucky, telus/koodo/public, rogers/fido/chat-r). It's a major annoyance for sure.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the loyal pointer loves to shit on my car

  • InkLikeDragon 爪丹ㄥ∪ち (@InkLikeDragon) reported

    "I never thought you'd ask fido to sate them." Teasing her, that grin still hanging on her lips.

  • boomfmmadrid Boom FM 98.6 (@boomfmmadrid) reported


  • Nduarteporretta Nucha (@Nduarteporretta) reported

    Fido app is the crappiest💩 Every time you go to use it, it never has updated information and always tells you to wait for the next billing cycle. #Shittycustomerservice

  • lkweb54 LK (@lkweb54) reported

    @w_terrence Oh I love this guy he hits them on the head everytime, never misses a lick! Sickem Fido, ya got a big bite that time!

  • Dave3Young David Young (@Dave3Young) reported

    @DigitalTrends until they let go of the rope and it flattens Fido who's watching down below

  • Bad2thebonezz Bonez (@Bad2thebonezz) reported

    I want go to the Alexis y Fido concert next month in Glendale but nobody is down

  • DJJonniM Jonni Martinez 🇪🇨 (@DJJonniM) reported

    @TekSavvyCSR @rushkatea I currently have the same issue with instagram.. it only works with Fido Data and stops loading with home internet

  • PowrdByPancakes Happy Pancake 🏳️‍🌈 (@PowrdByPancakes) reported

    @BlairBraverman Never struggle to walk Fido again! The all new Anti-Gravity Dog Booties can be yours for the low, low price of $99.99 per set - get yours now! Send your check or money order to BraverMountain, c/o the frozen tundra, or call 1-800-BLO-HOLE today!

  • boomfmmadrid Boom FM 98.6 (@boomfmmadrid) reported


  • CampbellGraham7 Campbell Graham (@CampbellGraham7) reported

    @FloozieBiscuit It probably was the cat but poor Fido is getting framed

  • MukiEX57 Menny Drives (@MukiEX57) reported


  • WeaponX_78 Wolverine (@WeaponX_78) reported

    @cryptocalliba @sergiogarciafer @binance @cz_binance Weirdest shit I have seen. Hopefully it’s just a temporary solution until the real Bianance gets fido via a Malta bank.

  • Skystaff2 Skystaff (@Skystaff2) reported

    @chevyJr @fishygod666 @BryanDawsonUSA @Dsparky120 Thank the gods he doesn't have a dog! He's cruel to people- imagine how he'd treat Fido 😥😱!

  • My1xT My1 (@My1xT) reported

    @Serianox_ @alexseigler @_conorpp @Yubico I got a yubi5 so fido 2 is no problem. Passwordless iirc is resident keys for auth, and not needing to enter any username/password just click the button/link to, do whatever is needed with your key and you're in.

  • DaveIrving99 Dave Irving (@DaveIrving99) reported

    @chriskkenny Just embarrassing to see Fido beclown himself publicly over and over and over, by ignoring the facts, and the report into the blackout, and every other bit of actual evidence. Actually, it's not embarrassing: it's hilarious.

  • ShaneHerbertAU Shane Herbert (@ShaneHerbertAU) reported

    @chriskkenny Don’t strain your poor little brain, Fido. Just keep bleating Rupies message. You middles flog.

  • Scriblit Scriblit (@Scriblit) reported

    OK, Bad 80s stuff chat has moved on to dog shit, which in turn has moved on to a dog owner practice of the 2010s that utterly baffles me. They take fido for a walk, bring their poobag, fido does a shit, they scoop & bag it, thank you owner, and then HANG IT OFF A FENCE.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective labrador loves to shit on my car

  • MikeRic27003677 Mike Richardson (@MikeRic27003677) reported

    @HuaweiMobileCAN still waiting for Android Pie update promised to arrive by Jan 14th by my carrier (Fido). Phone is CLT-04 and purchased new from Fido. Not happy with the support for a flagship phone.

  • niffgirl Jennie Latto (@niffgirl) reported

    @VodafoneUK #verymerewards I want to learn to scuba dive, been wanting to Fido it for years but never had the opportunity #Vodafone

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the inquisitive greyhound loves to shit on my shoes

  • Delalolee Delali S. (@Delalolee) reported

    @fido customer service is trash

  • boomfmmadrid Boom FM 98.6 (@boomfmmadrid) reported


  • rbpothier Robert Pothier (@rbpothier) reported

    @sketchdoge Sorry for your problems, Fido.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective mutt loves to shit on my car

  • Jimmer_James James Gingrich (@Jimmer_James) reported

    @FidoSolutions Make it right and waive the fee. I used to love you but now I feel let down my Fido. Hurt actually.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective mutt loves to shit on my dinner

  • PCLawBoston PCLawBoston (@PCLawBoston) reported

    @gsdev90 @LastPass Now that Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all support FIDO/U2F, and Apple has a approved a Lightning Yubikey to resolve concerns about mobile cross-compatibility, I hope @LastPass will act swiftly to implement this standard as promised.

  • CapriJas I Aint responsible for ya feelings (@CapriJas) reported

    I love dogs. But its mad disrepectful to force someone to be around a dog and you know they dont **** with them. Yall rude asf and have no basic respect. If that was me everybody getting smacked. You and Fido can catch these hands

  • jksweeterman lil jicky’s y/n (@jksweeterman) reported

    bruv i use fido.. **** they data plans tbh HNNNG

  • FelNez63 Tv Geek (@FelNez63) reported

    @ClassyO1ne @Bravotv He went for who he thought was the most defenseless. Not expecting Tara to fight back. Fido was no help whatsoever.

  • dareal_doamatto ドアマット (@dareal_doamatto) reported

    @FidoSolutions I'm curious if my S8 that's currently with Verizon could work on Fido. I compared the bands on both Samsung and the Fido Support page for supported bands: but I just want to double-check with y'all.

  • digitaltrader digitaltrader (@digitaltrader) reported

    @Cernovich There’s probably a lot of truth in this statement - BUT - vegans that own dogs and cats are the worst - they chastise meat eating humans, but don’t think twice about factory-farmed animals to feed Fido and Mittens. Perhaps we are all just massive hypocrites in one way or another.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective pointer loves to shit on my sister

  • azrael_oOo Azrael (@azrael_oOo) reported

    @Spaziotwat @drivethatfast shit, it’s like that now, the mountain lions have no habitat left, now they snack on city wildlife, like fido, or that guy steve with the bum leg

  • MajerTomasz Tomasz Majer (@MajerTomasz) reported

    Hi @AppleSupport, please open up your iPhone #NFC to support FIDO #U2F for developers and users #2FA @FIDOAlliance @Yubico

  • Faucher97 Matt Faucher (@Faucher97) reported

    @EliseLaurenne Bell in general sucks. Rogers seems to be better. Fido is cheaper plans (owned by Rogers though)

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the loyal irish wolfhound loves to shit on my bike

  • JimGardiner2 Jim Gardiner (@JimGardiner2) reported

    @kieron19571 Probably with his wallet Fido. He can never find that either............. Good day then!

  • adspeer 𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚢 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎™ (@adspeer) reported

    worst dog names, in order from least 2 most awful: - spot - fido - zalthor the undying, may his reign of terror never cease - *guttural scream while gurgling small rocks* - kathy

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the loyal mastiff loves to shit on my cake

  • BitsDud DudBits (@BitsDud) reported

    @KoroushAK @teddycleps Nah man, that article got me! Another level. Be interested in your thoughts. I was looking at YubiKey and now google has launched Titan... however from what I can gather few Crypto exchanges support the better 2FA approach of FIDO (Kraken one I think)... surprising really

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the loyal pointer loves to shit on my dinner

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective labrador loves to shit on my bike

  • boomfmmadrid Boom FM 98.6 (@boomfmmadrid) reported


  • SuneelaEss S (@SuneelaEss) reported

    @__angelaaaaaaa @Fidomobile the service is pretty good it’s like Fido’s, my plan is $45 unlimited calling Canada & U.S wide, unlimited international texting & 5gb of data. They’re so much better than Fido! I would always get overcharged so much when I was with Fido

  • Jramma3 Jramma (@Jramma3) reported

    @steve37341 @pnkhippo Yuppers. I’m getting a dog! She’s a service dog in training and 18 months old so she’s got a lot of skills already. I’ve learned that Hawaii Fido moves the dogs every four months or so to generalize them. Her name is Faith. She’s going to meet my Max on Monday.

  • NewJerzeyBoy Stephen (@NewJerzeyBoy) reported

    Fido's working those streets for a fix.

  • DebWalls Deborah Walls (@DebWalls) reported

    Dear God... 😱 Poor Fido...

  • Miller_Geek Scott Miller (@Miller_Geek) reported

    @tanner4a46 @st33med @RvLeshrac @geoffbelknap @SwiftOnSecurity Need to push service providers to move to FIDO/Webauthn ASAP

  • JoelBennett Joel (@JoelBennett) reported

    Someone else I know with Fido also in #YQL was having the same issue. It seems to be working now. So it definitely wasn't just me. Restarting the phone earlier this morning didn't fix the issue.

  • dinodaizovi Dino A. Dai Zovi (@dinodaizovi) reported

    @esizkur The fake keyboard output mode of a Yubikey doesn't support U2F/FIDO/WebAuthn, which are much better protocols. Those all normally go over USB.

  • samitrash sam (@samitrash) reported

    Man. I've been a Fido customer for 9 years but the amount of hoops I had to jump through the past 4 days have been unbelievable. Absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced. I do not recommend joining Fido. @Fidomobile @FidoSolutions