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Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular service provider offering mobile phone and mobile internet service. Fido owned by Rogers Communications.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Toronto, Concord, Mississauga, Burnaby, Scarborough, Edmonton, Montréal, Calgary, Waterloo, Kitchener, Vancouver, Lethbridge, Ottawa, Blainville and Oshawa.

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  • moose_neck Nick Moosehead (@moose_neck) reported

    @vincestaples Vince please, just release your album so my family can eat properly. They’ve already feasted on our poor dog, Fido. I beg you, for I predict that I am next, for I am the weakest of the pack. I am uncertain of tomorrow.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the territorial pitbull loves to shit on my bike

  • jtispoindexter john thornton (@jtispoindexter) reported

    @kimmykm @psychdr100 Jims air conditioned dog house was a treat ... send more money ... fido needs a Jacuzzi

  • IboBone CB (@IboBone) reported

    I'm poor but we need to get NASA going....long way off but a whole system..can't sit like Fido forever

  • geoffsmith55 geoff💧union thug (@geoffsmith55) reported

    @SkyNewsAust When will Fido realise it dosnt matter how much the coal people pay him to talk shit people’s homes are burning and the science says different he should stfu and apologise

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the active irish wolfhound loves to shit on my skunk

  • damienmiller Damien Miller (@damienmiller) reported

    @ProgrammerDude ahh - thanks. I don't have any insight into the workings of the FIDO standardisation work, but if they add x25519 as a key exchange and libfido2 gains support for it then OpenSSH will probably pick it up automatically.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the active mutt loves to shit on my sister

  • gaddzook Gaddzook 🇺🇸 (@gaddzook) reported

    @bennyjohnson @HelpDrainSwamp @JesseBWatters She became wealthy living the life on our tax dollars! I still Fido the believe we need embassy's I. country thst don't contribute or bad mouth America or Americans after all its those that pay taxes should have a say!

  • caitlynbuzzi Cait Buzzi (@caitlynbuzzi) reported

    Fido just gave me an extra 5gb of data for free. **** yaaaaas

  • jeanb12278 Jean Brown (@jeanb12278) reported

    @postyswhxre Omg I fido the same shit

  • Stephanie_9826 Steph (@Stephanie_9826) reported

    Despite the impending doom i feel with all the deadlines i have coming up this week I somehow keep ending up reading FB dog group threads where people argue about stupid things. No Karen, Lucky cannot eat sticks and it's dangerous. And Susan, Fido's docked tail won't grow back.

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @MittyMat Hey Mitty! You can send any spam SMS they receive to 7726 (SPAM). This will submit the message to be audited then blocked from the Fido network. It's also important to not clock on the link. :) -Vanessa

  • itskeshnie Kesh (@itskeshnie) reported

    Fido is legit the worst company Ive ever been with😭

  • brakhrage pvnkfairy suspensa (@brakhrage) reported

    nice fido dido shirt you ******* piece of shit

  • honkmydogsnose milfs rights advocate (@honkmydogsnose) reported

    @Chrizamo1 You're not even the real Blake. The real Blake would never call me lang lang 😡😡😡 it's fido

  • RhinoAK RhinoAK (@RhinoAK) reported

    I'm trying to migrate as much as possible from TOTP 2FA to U2F (Fido) hardware keys. Authy is the legacy dumping ground for any service that can't do hardware 2fa. Important: Always always immediately disable the multiple devices option as soon as done porting! — Andreas ☮…

  • aantonop Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 (@aantonop) reported

    @triketora I'm trying to migrate as much as possible from TOTP 2FA to U2F (Fido) hardware keys. Authy is the legacy dumping ground for any service that can't do hardware 2fa. Important: Always always immediately disable the multiple devices option as soon as done porting!

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective irish wolfhound loves to shit on my skunk

  • JBeezYBabY_AvaB JBeezYBabY @ ArcRevo (@JBeezYBabY_AvaB) reported

    @S_x0x_ HUNNY! Whats even more scary is they're doing that for Amazon deliveries now! Unmarked cars w/ strangers coming to your house n shit. LIke nuh uh hunny. Fido about to bite that ass off!

  • The_habeel Bob👷 (@The_habeel) reported

    @Sakinah_Bawa @Mohd_abdul_ Fido was never nice 💔😅

  • OpenBSD_ports OpenBSD ports Change (@OpenBSD_ports) reported

    kn@ imported security/py-fido2: Import py-fido2 Provides library functionality for communicating with a FIDO device over USB as well as verifying attestation and assertion signatures. This library aims to support the FIDO U2F and FIDO 2.0 protocols for communicating with a USB...

  • BenorJames Ben James (@BenorJames) reported

    @FidoSolutions @Fidomobile I keep getting automated calls from "fido Chinese department" with a message I can't understand. I used to be with your service years ago and I want to know why these people are calling my number using your name. Dm me and I'll send the number.

  • GoogleStadia Stadia (@GoogleStadia) reported

    @ludechris31 Down fido.

  • Nolbertos Carlos A (@Nolbertos) reported

    @annanamshirin Yeah I’m with Fido. Been happy with them for along time. Bought my last phone though in the US on sale and was a new model at the time. Canada sucks for buying new phones and paying a phone fee

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the territorial mutt loves to shit on my car

  • DennisLB_ Dennis Burnette (@DennisLB_) reported

    Don’t know how I used up 5gs of data on my old fido plan so quick, but my new 10g plan, cycle over in 4 days got like 7gs left 🧐🤔...Wtf was i doing....

  • DCFurs_Bot dcfurs_bot (@DCFurs_Bot) reported

    Isn't FIDO U2F keys on the show is bad, it's just amazingly better than the real world

  • ygini Yoann Gini (@ygini) reported

    @Serianox_ @Yubico The issue is different: on my Yubikey manager, I've a PIN option that I've enabled. If I use my Yubikey with FIDO for Okta via Chrome, it ask me for the PIN, if I do it from Safari (which does not support PIN), it succeed anyway…

  • LoginLlama Login Llama (@LoginLlama) reported

    Chrome had the same problem initially. CTAP2/Fido 2 requires a pin be used to make a credential if a pin is set on the key. Google and Microsoft worked around that by using U2F to make non resident credentials if the pin is set. I should probably file that issue.

  • sinner_here 李先生 (@sinner_here) reported

    @PMC_Ahab Hon. I cannot die till you kill me. I won't let you down, Fido. You know that.

  • SimranK78492205 Simran Kaur (@SimranK78492205) reported

    @Fidomobile I am beyond disappointed with Fido. This network provider is really bad. I got a bill of 500 dollars. I am international student i can not afford that but they didn't solved this. I would suggest people to go for freedom. This is worst company. I will change my network provider.

  • serge_billy Billy (@serge_billy) reported

    @Fidomobile @RogersMobileCa @FidoSolutions #badcustomerservice #worstsupervisor I am a former employee of Fido with a data issue. I upgraded 5 lines in my account on November 17-2019. I am being told that one of my lines wile I was in the store, used 11GB in 4 minutes.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the active german shepherd loves to shit on my cat

  • xraiderv17 marshall margaritell (@xraiderv17) reported

    @VerizonSupport the my fios app works. the fios tv app works, both apps however just refuse to operate on the 2ghz channel on the router, I had to switch to the 5ghz...something's going funny as it were. eh FIDO...fix it in the morning.

  • SARAXBREEANNE gingylocks (@SARAXBREEANNE) reported

    I switch to @rogers after being with trash ass lookin’ ass @fido for nearly 8 yrs. I signed up in May 2019. TELL ME Y. I HAVE NEVER ONCE. RECIEVED A BILL. VIA MAIL. NOR VIA EMAIL. SINCE MAY 2019. I call & speak with customer care in June to have it fixed. WELL HERE WE R. ON HOLD.

  • jnp709 Jasmine P (@jnp709) reported

    I am going to try to make something with the cloth and the trawls. Maybe put the cloth on a canvas and use the line to frame it. Or just roll the line up and hang it like that. I remember that Fido character, but not sure from what!

  • TheRealSophie1 Sophie #Villain ☔️ 🇨🇦 (@TheRealSophie1) reported

    @CareyTheTorch My mom's with Fido for her cell, always had good service. This is why I'll always stick to Videotron. Their customer service is good. Their employees aren't rude and insulting when you call. Their service is good.

  • CareyTheTorch Mike ☠️ (MTL 11-5-4) (@CareyTheTorch) reported

    @TheRealSophie1 I've had a similar experience with Telus out here. Not so much that they were rude, but that they kept giving me the runaround. Returned a Pixel 3 to them and it took several months to get it off my account. Bought my iPhone XS Max outright, went to Fido, and haven't looked back.

  • Twopaw1 Twopaw (@Twopaw1) reported

    Oh, now this is priceless: just got one of the Chinese Embassy Scam robocalls, and I had to share it: "This is the Fido Chinese Voice Fido Calling..." ...and I hung up. They were stupid enough to misprogram a robocaller command as something actually mean to be said.

  • wordjunkie84 Jessie (@wordjunkie84) reported

    @Govt_Issue_Joe @Vermilion_Sun The fact that I have to explain any of this to you is truly sad. But fine, let me dumb it down for you.... You are a pathetic troll so desperate for attention that you seek to insult people with Kindergarten antics. Long story short, go ******** someone else's leg, Fido.

  • skeepy_twist twisty (@skeepy_twist) reported

    I made ops get money my ****** wining #drop #umc #3% went broke my girl still by my side s/o fido and paypal yall my best friends 😂😇 this year me and @1plutocash going ligite thx u god 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾btw sorry mama/papa i never meant to hurt you..but your son is almost done with that bs

  • NickCla34372211 Nick Clarke (@NickCla34372211) reported

    @ProfTimNoakes @FructoseNo This stuff doesn’t even appear to have ANY phyto-nutrients, never mind good old-fashioned fido-nutrients - NOT fit for a dog!

  • dennisgreen666 dennis green (@dennisgreen666) reported

    @FidoSolutions No I have FREEDOM so I don't need anything from crappy company like FIDO/ROGERS with terrible trash service

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the crazy irish wolfhound loves to shit on my sister

  • SamanthaxxRose sam (@SamanthaxxRose) reported

    @_homogay Yea I’m getting mason to switch over from Fido during Black Friday if there are any good deals because they are just as bad!

  • SirYoung2 SirYoung (@SirYoung2) reported

    @annabrading Long time listener of the podcast. 1 some vpns do more than just marketing I had a talk w/ the tech department of Azirevpn and he went thru what they do on different scenarios On irc a while back will try to find it 2 Fido is a 2fa protocol not bad name for security

  • dennisgreen666 dennis green (@dennisgreen666) reported

    @FidoSolutions your great new feature is simply TURNING OFF A SERVICE - ridiculous FIDO is SHT

  • NunoMAguiar Nuno Aguiar🇨🇦🇵🇹🇦🇴 (@NunoMAguiar) reported

    @FidoSolutions I used to be a Fido customer and I know better, your service now pales in comparison to before Rogers bought you out.

  • SavoieLabrador Shawn Savoie (@SavoieLabrador) reported

    @FidoSolutions what in the hell is going on with Fido network everything all screwed today goes to Fido ext and back Fido coverage

  • cStreeks Chris Streeks (@cStreeks) reported

    @kathampy @andrewsyjun @github @Twitter If a service has implemented passwordless FIDO, the "something you have" factor is the FIDO device in tandem with either a biometric (something you are) or a PIN (something you know). Having two separate memorized credentials is annoying to a user.

  • ProgrammerDude Arian van Putten (@ProgrammerDude) reported

    @Serianox_ Yeh that's a huge difference. More than I expected. That immediately explains why it can only store 3. However instead of P256 I would love the support of Ed25519 and X25519 in FIDO

  • PassionatObsrvr D M (@PassionatObsrvr) reported

    @Fidomobile has no customer service — just a sophisticated voicemail actuated customer abuse system designed to waste maximum time while providing no actual contact. **** you, @FidoSolutions and kiss this account goodbye. @HuffPostCanada #Fido #CustomerService

  • openmindsrule WatsonandCrick (@openmindsrule) reported

    @CBCNews For those that support DC - cancel your Rogers subscriptions - Fido is part of the Rogers group as well.

  • TprBill Mr. Trooper Bill CD🇨🇦💂‍♂️⚔️🥃🇮🇱 (@TprBill) reported

    Good idea. I recommend that Rogers Comms, owner of Sportsnet, be added to the shit list too. Same for another Rogers asset: Fido.

  • celebinsiderbot Celeb INsider 24/7 (@celebinsiderbot) reported

    News just in... Travis Barker thinks Jenna Ushkowitz is set to play Fido the '**** dog' in a rumoured Furries biopic!

  • Summer4Luv1 Summer (@Summer4Luv1) reported

    @AUasylum @Fidomobile No, because that was way too early. They have to make too much profit first. Now some idiots will cancel their other plans with other phone companies and go for Fido. They’ll have more customers, more profit...

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the inquisitive pointer loves to shit on my car

  • vagrantwalker Vagrant Dead (@vagrantwalker) reported

    @fido #NoDataOverages is garbage, worst customer service ever. I'd rather have no cellphone at all than be a customer of Fido

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the active labrador loves to shit on my cat