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Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular service provider offering mobile phone and mobile internet service. Fido owned by Rogers Communications.

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February 27: Problems at Fido

Fido is having issues since 07:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, Oshawa, Concord, Thornhill, Brampton, Brantford, Markham, Nepean, Edmonton, Mississauga, Barrie, London and Richmond Hill.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Tufster Mike Bechely (@Tufster) reported

    @Fidomobile once again Fido has lied to me. The credit I was promised on this month billing never showed up. Just more excuses. Think twice before you give this company your business!

  • sanzoidy sandy hoarder 🍳 (@sanzoidy) reported

    fido mastercard becoming shit now so now i have 3/3 shit credit cards need reccs for no annual fee, high cashback

  • TriangleDeltas Delta (@TriangleDeltas) reported I read further, I'm recalling: The initial state of EVERY dog in this comic except for Peanut and Fido is that they're AWFUL. XD #DeltaHousepets

  • mildmojo mildmojo✈︎ (@mildmojo) reported

    @ragzouken Kinda like offline mail packets for old BBSes, or the FIDO network that forwarded mail from BBS to BBS by having them periodically call each other. But like mixed with the feeling of dead drops, since there's a proximity component.

  • jerclarke jer clarke (@jerclarke) reported

    @melissajclark_ I use it on my iPhone XS! It’s amazing. I have both my Fido (to keep my Canadian number) and Mexican sim (for dirt cheap data and service that works across North America). Worst part is a phone reset deletes your esim, no backup possible.

  • jfmezei Jean-François Mezei (@jfmezei) reported

    So Telus places an ad admitting its flanker brands are on same network as Telus. And now Rogers says that they’ve never hidden the fact that Fido/Chatr are on same network. In the past, they have gone out of their way to hide the association. #CRTC

  • tacboi69 Tac (@tacboi69) reported

    @Anziris @Kociator And you keep trying to shove a 3 inch **** in fido's butt but he doesn't want it because hes a dog he doesn't like things in his butt. But like a little ******* retarded kid you just keep trying to touch the dogs *******. What a sad ******* life you live

  • MonikaKovacs MONIKA KOVACS (@MonikaKovacs) reported

    @RogersHelps I've been asking for over 1 month to review and rectify issues Re my account,only to have been repeatedly refused assistance. As business customer this is unacceptable @EdwardSRogers @Rogers @Bell @CTV @City_tv @virginmobilecan @BTtoronto @fido @telus @NavdeepSBains @CRTCHearings

  • guifenerich Guilherme Fenerich (@guifenerich) reported

    Hi @Fidomobile My wife and I have cancelled two mobile lines and left Canada for a while. Last Fido email We received said our last bill was a correction of -55.48 dollars, but we never got the money. I cannot access Fido website to verify how to get my refund, please help.

  • 0xMatt Fourteen macaws in a trenchcoat (@0xMatt) reported

    @marwenjadla @johndburger @KevLasher FIDO/U2F prevents effective phishing for login passwords. OAUTH Gatekeeping (i.e, whitelisting) prevents effective phishing using third party apps. etc, etc, etc.

  • arekfurt Brian in Pittsburgh (@arekfurt) reported

    @markmorow Tangentially, I will point out I'm looking forward to the new version of OpenSSH matriculating down into Win10 with it's new built-in FIDO 1/2 support. That's going to be a nice, easier, secure remote admin for some scenarios I care about.

  • TempesToast JP JacksonPratt (@TempesToast) reported

    @AloColbeck @zeebap2 @colbertlateshow I got worried Monday. Last night, I deleted the streaming app altogether. It was the second time they’ve showed a sound byte out of context to make him look bad. I hate to see it go, but oh well... FIDO

  • A_Milewski Anthony Milewski (@A_Milewski) reported

    @humenm @FinancialTimes At the BMO conference ESG and decarbonozation are major themes this yr at the talks. Much of the burden is going to come from inst shareholders to push change. Regulators will be slow to act. But there is hope of BR, Fido etc won’t hold names without more aggressive targets.

  • ayOreohead Chris (@ayOreohead) reported

    Lol first of all Fido you not paying no bills in here to be throwing shit

  • reishiebealsxo __itsreishb (@reishiebealsxo) reported

    If Fido is having another service outage I’m gonna be pissed .. I don’t pay for 20 gigs for fun 🙃

  • SarahFrumento Sarah Frumento 🧘🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🗣💚🚸 (@SarahFrumento) reported

    @Chris20702939 @juliankolsut @CHEK_News @SD63PLake Oh no! That’s too bad. Hope it gets fixed soon. Cell service with Fido/Rogers is good but Telus/Bell did not work at our place.

  • BoringLisaP JustLisa (@BoringLisaP) reported

    @FidoSolutions ......I've been with @Fido for like 4 or 5 years. I've never been offered anything. I won't hold my breath.

  • dts0012 Boonie 'Dog-Faced' McFishsticks (@dts0012) reported

    @landpsychology I'm seriously considered Spot, Rover, or Fido for my next dog. I've never seen a real dog with any of those names.

  • jfmezei Jean-François Mezei (@jfmezei) reported

    re: Winbacks #CRTC: When my contract with Cancel was up, I called and asked if I could get a deal when renewing, especially getting a new battery for my flip phone. I was told no, you get standard”. So I switched to Fido. Cantel called me to offer deals, told them “too late”.

  • Scottor S'Cotto (@Scottor) reported

    @WCCO No. Aside from the messes on the floor there are the issues of noise and allergies. Keep Fido and kitty at home where they’ll be happier.

  • Fazzzz19 Fiona Blake (@Fazzzz19) reported

    @Fidomobile If I could give Fido customer service 0 stars I would. Do not purchase Device Protection - it is a scam

  • Teal_Sparks Nat Sparky (@Teal_Sparks) reported

    @apaulboyd @Outlook What ended up working is clearing my cookies again, closing down Chrome completely, and terminating all processes related to Chrome by using the Task Manager in Windows. It seems to be something about the FIDO protocol when using a physical authentication key like Yubikey.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the crazy mutt loves to shit on my cake

  • Erfogaming ErFO (@Erfogaming) reported

    The service rep @Fidomobile said "oh wow youve been with us for 16 years!"... Thanks fido but you can't offer me 20 gigs/mo with no overages. We're in the age of streaming.... Music, Video, and Video games. Your best plan is archaic and it's time for you to upgrade, like I did.

  • antiestab101 Stop The Establishment🇨🇦 (@antiestab101) reported

    @LucyVagasi @PeterMacKay Rogers & Fido are the only ones stating they will not use Huawei technology in their 5G network. We are still waiting for Bell's pending decision.

  • Magnosaur2 Magnosaur11 (@Magnosaur2) reported

    Bout to run up in Fido, Bell, Rogers, Virgin and Koodo and do this shit! 😂😂

  • byteben Ben Whitmore | 🇬🇧 (@byteben) reported

    @michael_mardahl Im off to beg for some FIDO keys. Ben = Poor 😂

  • JohnBrxx mrjohntolentino_ (@JohnBrxx) reported

    i’m using my old phone rn because my other phone is charging and damn! i missed having a big ass phone!! after my fido contract will definitely buy a bigger phone

  • IT_Digital_AC André Claaßen (@IT_Digital_AC) reported

    @Carnage4Life Fido, a hierarchical Dial-In Network. I was a point and wanted to be a node.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the crazy visla loves to shit on my dinner

  • hmeisler Helene Meisler (@hmeisler) reported

    FIDO website down

  • genyosha_ca Eugene Hernandez (@genyosha_ca) reported

    @FidoSolutions If this can't be resolved, then this phone is going back and I will cancel Fido since you're disabling phone features and locking users out

  • genyosha_ca Eugene Hernandez (@genyosha_ca) reported

    @FidoSolutions Update: there's no option to add an esim to the Fido pixel 3xl. Apparently you have this feature disabled. In network settings there is no "+" option to add another carrier and if I remove the Fido sim, "mobile network" is greyed out

  • MidwestProle Midwest Prole (@MidwestProle) reported

    @brucefenton @nntaleb Same - bought these masks and a solar panel and power bank, already have food & water stockpile, self defense, med supplies. Don’t forget Fido everyone! Get some extra cans of food for them, bad news tho, they don’t make puppy n95 masks.... I looked 😬 . (Jk)

  • jaysonrogue Jayson Rogue (@jaysonrogue) reported

    My size. I was skinny AF. And tall. They called me dongo yaro and Titus and fido dido. My nature too. They said I reasoned like a lunatic. Cos of the crazy thoughts I had. I was never allowed to speak and contribute to stuff. Now that I think of it, I was a depressed child.

  • AntMalbec54 Trump Hater ! (@AntMalbec54) reported

    @Sqwonk1 @ObamaMake @JanaBlade1 That’s what she is a damn dog 🐕 come here Fido 😂😂😂

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the territorial visla loves to shit on my skunk

  • RigaCasje Caspar Frederik Riga (@RigaCasje) reported

    @CocaCola_EU I never got to do Sprite. *Fido Dido

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @BurntEarth72 Hey! At this time, Fido will not offer customers access to a 5G network. If that changes, we'll announce it on our website! -Julien

  • jmf Jordan Friedman (@jmf) reported

    @rob_sheridan @threadless @Steph_Sheridan_ Holy shit Fido Dido!

  • destish98 Des. (@destish98) reported

    Fido cut my ass ******** off **** THEM!!

  • CTron20 Ctron the cat mage (@CTron20) reported

    @TerraWolfDawg This coming from someone that wants to **** fido

  • malloreigh malloreigh.png (@malloreigh) reported

    @Jeremy_Baker At first I believe it was just Rogers/Fido that offered service underground in the SkyTrain, but it seems like they’ve finally welcomed Bell! I had felt pretty smug, it was my only Fido perk.

  • markpmakey Mark P Makey (@markpmakey) reported

    ..down Fido !

  • chris_iannacone chris iannacone (@chris_iannacone) reported

    @S_S_1983 Aww poor pooch, whats Fido’s name

  • vpikhur Volodymyr Pikhur (@vpikhur) reported

    @epakskape I myself started with articles on $CRACKS.RU$ on FIDO network which was still pretty active in early 2000s die to lack of widespread internet access

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective irish wolfhound loves to shit on my skunk

  • Benito66123304 Benito Tulsi-Bernie2020 or Trump (@Benito66123304) reported

    @grumpybirdieS My pit bull got loose and took down a home invader. I applaud his actions. Good job Fido but I still won't vote for a nasty dog.

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @4FrQ You opt in Fido Roam as soon as you activate a plan with us, but if you don't want to use it you can always contact us and opt out. The message is only sent for information purposes and to remind you that you would be charged if you use the service. -Alex

  • PatchFNPainted PatchFNPainted (@PatchFNPainted) reported

    @TheZootopiaWolf Thats not something a handler wants or needs their Service Dog to do during public access. This post addresses those that bring fido with them simply because they want to. Handlers that have real Service Dogs NEED them to function and survive.

  • FoodProcessing Food Processing (@FoodProcessing) reported

    Let's try that last bit one more time: We help make sure Fifi & Fido aren't formulating a plot to ruin your shoes 👍

  • Dragonl33149697 Dragonlee (@Dragonl33149697) reported

    Call ur baby body snatchers tell em stand down fido

  • Serianox_ Thomas Duboucher (@Serianox_) reported

    @TheBTCGame @cybergibbons Not part of the current specification, maybe next one. We do however have mechanisms to probe for and revoke security keys that have vulnerable firmware (see FIDO Metadata Service).

  • Krisyourgoals KrisYYC (@Krisyourgoals) reported

    @kk_in_AB I’m with Fido(Rodgers) Hopefully they don’t go down this road but I’m not holding my breath

  • RealPerfectLife kitsu吉 (@RealPerfectLife) reported

    @Rob_Sonic Yo, we need a fifth person in our game... you can name yourself whatever... my guy is Gaylord Gaston and we have a lizardman we call Fido cause we can't pronounce his stupid lizard name.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective pitbull loves to shit on my face

  • S1dTR0tt3r147 S1dTR0tt3r147 (@S1dTR0tt3r147) reported

    Geezer down Moons reckons that Elon Musk was in last night calling Fido Dido a 'pedoguy'.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective mastiff loves to shit on my sister

  • slaqqy ikea clown dimitri (@slaqqy) reported

    I keep saying i dont wanna do shit i just wanna vibe w this commission and yeah. yeah [i chew on it like its a dog bone and i am fido]

  • herrjemand Ackermann Yuriy 🇳🇿🇦🇪🇪🇺 (@herrjemand) reported

    @pml0pes Main session encryption is done by your private key. GPG agent can be used for SSH. FIDO does not support encryption so it will always be a second factor.