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Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular service provider offering mobile phone and mobile internet service. Fido owned by Rogers Communications.

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  • BMoulinneuf Robert B. Moulinneuf (@BMoulinneuf) reported

    @AshCatherwood @mileslunn @tanfo_40 @DalphondPierre @Docs4GunControl Fact don't change by he day ... unless new real data show them as wrong ... wich it never happen in your lies and case ... That's a cellphone provider , cellphone company make the phone FIDO make no phones ... YOU are the ARMED JOKER I will do neither

  • BMoulinneuf Robert B. Moulinneuf (@BMoulinneuf) reported

    @AshCatherwood @mileslunn @tanfo_40 @DalphondPierre @Docs4GunControl Yes fact and that's me ... should not be using fido it's crap as shown by your bar numbers ..

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the crazy mastiff loves to shit on my shoes

  • tesla_tours Tesla Tours (@tesla_tours) reported from Victoria, British Columbia

    @EmmaCParston @Google People complain that high quality electronic products by companies like Apple and Tesla are overpriced until they waste valuable time on the alternatives. For my part, I’m wishing I’d stayed with Fido & Shaw instead of getting duped into Telus’ marketing-first service-last model

  • MuKaoKai ☠ SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN Adrina Chrom ☠ (@MuKaoKai) reported

    This is where attempts at reasoned debate with people who want to assert the primacy of an unwanted fetus over the woman being forced to carry it always end up. "WELL, JUST YOU WAIT TILL YOU'RE _DEAD_! _THEN_ YOU'LL BE SORRY!" Down, Fido, stop ******* my leg. BAD DOG.

  • boomfmmadrid Boom FM 98.6 (@boomfmmadrid) reported


  • CarsonsArmy_ Calling Out "Call it Out" (@CarsonsArmy_) reported

    @theresaglasgow1 @STVNews Get well soon Fido. Help is out there.

  • jasmeen_barring Jasmeen Barring (@jasmeen_barring) reported

    Wtf is up with Fido

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective greyhound loves to shit on my grass

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective german shepherd loves to shit on my curtains

  • joey_soolo جوي (@joey_soolo) reported

    @VerizonSupport Man this is about my cellular service not no damn Fido

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective irish wolfhound loves to shit on my shoes

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the territorial labrador loves to shit on my dinner

  • finnegansreader Finnegans Wake (@finnegansreader) reported

    come leinster’s even, true dotter of a dearmud, (her pitch was Forty Steps and his perch old Cromwell’s Quarters) with so valkirry a licenc e as sent many a poor pucker packing to perdition, again and again, ay, and again sfidare him, tease fido, eh tease fido, eh eh tease fido,

  • apollo_50th Apollo 50th (@apollo_50th) reported

    Young: "[The something out there] Shaft is 947 and trunnion is 387 right now." CAPCOM: "Roger. We copy, 10. We're copying down your attitude and shaft and trunnion, and it will take us a while to run it out. The FIDO's are busy with the midcourse right now." #Apollo10 #Apollo50

  • boomfmmadrid Boom FM 98.6 (@boomfmmadrid) reported


  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective labrador loves to shit on my shoes

  • JeffintheBowtie Jeffrey R. Villines (@JeffintheBowtie) reported

    @PissCastle @pixelatedboat It’s a terrible pun. Since Foucault is pronounced close to “foo-KO.” the joke was that this is how this Foucaultian dog would spell Fido. What I should have said was nothing.

  • timotestikoola Timo Testi Koola (@timotestikoola) reported

    come leinster’s even, true dotter of a dearmud, (her pitch was Forty Steps and his perch old Cromwell’s Quarters) with so valkirry a licenc e as sent many a poor pucker packing to perdition, again and again, ay, and again sfidare him, tease fido, eh tease fido, eh eh tease fido,

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the protective mutt loves to shit on my skunk

  • dmacpat chicago black king (@dmacpat) reported

    @QueenKong180 Trust me I am older; in 1 month this week won’t matter. Learn to say FIDO! **** it and drive on!!

  • marrkszabo Mark Szabo (@marrkszabo) reported

    @Jespertheend @BenSullins @Teslarati @Tesla Yup. 2FA token can also be phished sadly. FIDO hardware security key would help, but you cannot quite force it to the users. Using your Tesla as the 2FA hardware security key would be a perfect solution IMHO. When adding a new phone, you'll need to confirm it from the car.

  • iAmFsk1 F Sk (@iAmFsk1) reported

    @FidoSolutions Now comparing the experiences, even though fido made a mistake at least fido is responsible enough to fix it. Whereas koodo customer representative just hung up. I think I will ignore koodo and take a new line with fido.

  • iAmFsk1 F Sk (@iAmFsk1) reported

    @koodo extremely angry and annoyed with your customer representative who hung up without understanding the problem when I was trying to resume a account which was canceled by mistake. This is extremely disappointing. I will just ignore and go to fido. Keep losing customers.

  • Serianox_ Thomas Duboucher (@Serianox_) reported

    @cornelinux @herrjemand @thorsheim @FIDOAlliance Yes, I was talking about the key generation process of the user key pairs: allowing users to control the process brings a lot of issues which contradicts with FIDO security properties.

  • glenntongue Glenn Tongue (@glenntongue) reported

    @iFinance7 @AfghanVet2012 Shorts have a thesis why stock is overvalued based on financials, operations and poor leadership. Longs have a thesis on why the stock is declining based on fud. T Rowe and Fido are not selling because of fud. R hoodies are not buying based on fud.

  • iAmFsk1 F Sk (@iAmFsk1) reported

    @Fidomobile wish you trained your staff on how to port number properly. My decision to take extra fido line screwed up my entire day and it feels so insulting to get a $10 offer for my lost day. I think fido is very bad at understanding customers time value. Really shameful.

  • KBthaflyer_ bigBuddha (@KBthaflyer_) reported

    cats be annoying when they try to show affection n rub on ur legs n shit, like number 1 ima gangsta don’t be gently caressing me and number 2 back tf up fido wtf

  • doylie45 doylie45 (@doylie45) reported

    @eliza_crispin @pinklippy Let Fido out for a crap! Dogs are beautiful, they wouldn't cause the crap (no pun intended) that people do. Leave dogs alone!

  • herrjemand Ackermann Yuriy 🇳🇿🇪🇺 (@herrjemand) reported

    @cornelinux @thorsheim @FIDOAlliance Like with everything, its a balance of risks. FIDO does not guarantee that you wont be ever hacked. FIDO guarantee that while everything is setup as it should be, phishing technically not working. If you screwed up your TLS, this is not something we can defend against.

  • herrjemand Ackermann Yuriy 🇳🇿🇪🇺 (@herrjemand) reported

    @cornelinux @thorsheim @FIDOAlliance I think its pretty hard problem to solve. Long term I think hybrid FIDO + Federated service would most likely be solution for everyone. Regarding "untrusted" hardware, I think you dont realise that majority of authenticators are anyway using Gemalto, HID, NXP hardware

  • PhDiva15 AfroerotiK (@PhDiva15) reported

    @DV14512 @democracynow They would never treat animals like that. If a video came out with someone choking a dog, you can be assured that all of America would be holding candlelight vigils for poor Fido.

  • donna_trenton Donna Trenton (@donna_trenton) reported

    @AWearne He killed my son get it right. Fido ain’t got shit against me. #Isurvived

  • PhobosAnomaly14 PhobosAnomaly (@PhobosAnomaly14) reported

    @SaharaWolfe @indecisiveop466 @DonutOperator **** YOU FIDO

  • adamsonsl Scott Adamson (@adamsonsl) reported

    @MarinaAmerica5 @thistallawkgirl @ManlnTheHoody I'm from Alabama, but never considered marrying a dog. Casual dating was as far as it ever got with Fido and me. #StillFriends

  • subach Don't care, moar naked $TSLA calls! (@subach) reported

    @CovfefeCapital It must be FIDO clearing out whatever they have left, cause borrow is down to 20k there

  • MustBeAdam Adam Campbell-Schmitt (@MustBeAdam) reported

    Nobody named their dog Fido. Ever. Never happened.

  • MzNyc426 TheMost1908 (@MzNyc426) reported

    This woman talking to this man about how to register your pet as an emotional support animal. And he gonna say, oh I'll just get my friend (therapist) to write a note. So your ass doh need it, you just gonna bring flea bag Fido on the plane. Selfish

  • BongripCapital Bongrip Capital (@BongripCapital) reported

    havent looked in a week or two but looks like Fido retail order slowly moving back to neutral... 57pct buy yest, 43pct sell. my two cents from a technical standpoint, when this flips 60/40 to sell on weakness forna few days maybe a good signal to take a few tradearound chips off

  • emilbordon Don't bother (@emilbordon) reported

    @tnewtondunn @qeensdale There are no savours of the Tories. It’s the ‘brand’ that’s not in step with the zeitgeist, not individual personalities. Every dog has it’s day and now poor Fido is on his last trip to the vets after his hind legs have gone. It’s kinder just to say goodbye.

  • FRYTG Daniel Freytag (@FRYTG) reported

    @Box @boxSupport Would be cool to have support for 2FA that does not include a phone number, because that doesn't really make it secure. Something like FIDO would be awesome!

  • Rwolfcomms StealAllTheHuskies (@Rwolfcomms) reported

    Gawd today sucks. Another detective cintiq. Wasted the last 3 hours trying to set up a new modem. Stuck 2 hrs on hold, only to get DC's BC my airtime ran out. Wasting $30 of airtime. To also find out fido charges airtime on voicemail from telemarketer spam I've been getting.

  • rikkibobbi420 rikki bobbi (@rikkibobbi420) reported

    @ZuluPanther Fido like shit

  • DrWriteIsIn Dr. Write (@DrWriteIsIn) reported

    @GratuitousSax @JamesonCal @tristen_just I don't care what you buy. Stop projecting like a broken etch-a-sketch, and find something else to do. You're the dog with the bone here, Fido. Let it go.

  • Blaxlinde J Blaxlinde (@Blaxlinde) reported

    @superfasty @RitaPanahi If I get home & the dog's gone I call friends & say "My dog run away come help me find Fido" People come, search the streets, 2 hours later, I get home & Fido's been asleep under the bed No-one calls me a liar, I'm not a liar I gave a credible opinion we all believed

  • Desnigha 🆔🆑🅰️🅿️ (@Desnigha) reported


  • zendallamc Mary Cleary (@zendallamc) reported

    @tyler_casper I’ve never meta dog named Fido but think it would be cute.

  • mactavish mactavish 🌎 🏳️‍🌈 💙💜❤️💛❄️ (@mactavish) reported

    @drvox @darth Forest is lovely. We had an election like that for a family dog when I was about five. I wanted Fido, everyone else chose Ambrose. I promised to never play with that dog because I didn't like the name. I broke my promise.

  • Zeelpatidar1211 Zeel (@Zeelpatidar1211) reported

    @paytmcanada one of fraud payment app because 2 days ago my brother done $246 payment of fido but he received mail from paytm that your account on hold and payment is on pending, if paytm will not solve my problem I will legal file charge to your company

  • DiamondTrailz Carbon Footprint (@DiamondTrailz) reported

    Fido is down

  • Atif_abd yung atif (@Atif_abd) reported

    @fido @FidoSolutions I'm so glad I left fido, **** y'all for constantly charging me for data overage and US roaming when I've quite clearly never used it.

  • zeelp868 zeel patel (@zeelp868) reported

    @paytmcanada I was done transctions of 246 dollar of my fido bill and after 1 days you send mail of my account on hold and transction on pending and my money debited and not successful my transction if you not solve problem then I will do legal file to company

  • gazza_d Real Gaz of Trumpton #fbpe (@gazza_d) reported

    @PompeyCyclist @Bqnter_ @John_Clarke_79 Not a problem if to one side of path and mutt on short lead. I encounter plenty of dog walkers more interested in phone and oblivious to Fido and the rest of the world. Stop blaming someone else for you being an idiot.

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the active labrador loves to shit on my skunk

  • a3row 🌱 newt 🌱 (@a3row) reported

    I'd probably lose my shit if I ever actually met a dog named Fido

  • Fist0fStone Gathiin Ordos (@Fist0fStone) reported

    @The_Cold_Winter I will call you Fido! *He's too stupid to feel fear...*

  • LiamPierce Crimean River (@LiamPierce) reported

    @corbinasmith I just want at least a caption to help me ease into the dog voyeurism. "This is Fido—he is majestic," etc. etc.

  • alexstamos Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) reported

    This seems like an example of a protocol (FIDO) failing gracefully. Bluetooth issues are creating a possibility of a physically proximate relay, but FIDO anticipates transport security failure and this can’t be turned into token cloning. Bravo to Google for replacing for free.

  • SINice Lil Gas X (@SINice) reported

    @Im_sooo_chilll Me and Fido ain’t going out like that, we just gone accept that all of them ain’t shit 😂

  • fishin4stories T. Furrows (@fishin4stories) reported

    If it's a matter of me staying alive or dying, Fido can **** right off. Call me insensitive, but I also don't get why people empty their retirement savings to give their dog or cat three more years of life after surgery. Love my pets, but my human family comes first.