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Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular service provider offering mobile phone and mobile internet service. Fido owned by Rogers Communications.

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March 25: Problems at Fido

Fido is having issues since 04:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (89.66%)
  • Wi-fi (5.17%)
  • Phone (3.45%)
  • Total Blackout (1.72%)

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  • hungtru Hung Truong (@hungtru) reported

    @Criccicav @gillianwhichelo ...Fido, the Rogers low cost mobile sub, is now charging 10 bucks if you have to call in. Hopefully everyone improves their online help. Some have community help that rewards people who help out other customers. Fizz, Koodo, and others do this.

  • MotherCabriniNY MotherCabriniPreys (@MotherCabriniNY) reported

    @JTSEO9 I checked Fido over the weekend. According to them retail BUYERS outnumbered sellers 5-1 on Friday. So we are seeing tutes selling, retail seduced by ARK sucking down more $TSLA like an open chest wound.

  • omnitriumphant Q from V-Ger (@omnitriumphant) reported

    im sorry young girl im not troop since im above that age i wish i was tho you seem so divine so fine its a mint condition song id want make a white picket fence with you have love a dog named fido too and if i get too down please excuse my brews im with you

  • uniquegeek1 UniqueGeek (@uniquegeek1) reported

    @FidoSolutions @MG74ca Hey, whoever's working for the corporate overlords on Fido support, hit me up if you need help getting a job in sysadmin or infosec. You don't deserve the hell they've made for themselves. You can do better, and I believe in you.

  • michaelmcgary Michael McGary (@michaelmcgary) reported

    Hi @AppleSupport, please open up your iPhone #NFC to support FIDO #U2F for developers and users #2FA @FIDOAlliance @Yubico

  • skwirly christopher allen (@skwirly) reported

    Never known a dog named Fido. Nor have you.

  • kosovobear Gjergj Kastrioti (@kosovobear) reported

    White women will put peanut butter on their crusty vag so that little fido will **** them but then declare that they cant drink milk because its cruel to animals

  • arianaaasoul Ariana Soul (@arianaaasoul) reported

    Annoying af that dog treats & food have so many pieces of packaging Fido doesn’t give a **** about the holographic resealable bag inside the box it’s all getting thrown out take a chill pill Dentastix

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @haque_txt Hey! Sorry about any confusion, hardware upgrades won't be charged a $10 fee. As a Fido customer, you benefit from very competitive pricing on rate plans as well as great perks such as Fido XTRA, 5 EXTRA Hours of data and a great digital experience! -Nick

  • Marmalady12 Marmalady (@Marmalady12) reported

    @FidoSolutions @alenppc “Actually” Fido, that doesn’t matter, doesn’t help! This is taking advantage of the non-technology inclined population, most of whom tend to be elderly! So why not gouge them when they need assistance on a service they already pay for! It’s a form of elder abuse!

  • Marmalady12 Marmalady (@Marmalady12) reported

    @alenppc “Actually” Fido, that doesn’t matter, doesn’t help! This is taking advantage of the non-technology inclined population, most of whom tend to be elderly! So why not gouge them when they need assistance on a service they already pay for! It’s a form of elder abuse!

  • JohnDonaldsonF Rookie_CDN_Investor (@JohnDonaldsonF) reported

    Paid off Fido phone as reliable customer after 2yrs contract. They said I will be deemed a new cust and to choose new cust pkg. I look at new cust deals. They won't let me have them. 2yrs of dedication and a slap in the face... @Fidomobile #fido #cdnpoli #onpoli @FidoSolutions

  • Serianox_ Thomas Duboucher (@Serianox_) reported

    @FlxMgdnz @LoginLlama @Miller_Geek I'm not really sure key sync violates some FIDO principles. It has been subject to debate, but iirc it is even mentionned as one solution in a whitepaper about authenticator loss/recovery.

  • Krazy_Krisss Krazy Kris (@Krazy_Krisss) reported

    @FidoSolutions Oh fido I am aware, thanks for the response though. I just think this is a terrible strategy at encouraging self serve options. Maybe providing a incentive to your employees to encourage clients to use the self service options could help drive adoption (1/2)

  • solomonchik solomonchik (@solomonchik) reported

    @FidoSolutions I'm not a Fido customer but friends, relatives especially young people are. Further, I didn't tweet Fido Helps.

  • Jessica00469341 Jessica (@Jessica00469341) reported

    @SamsungCanada Got my beautiful I phone 📲 XR.. inBlue. This phone is so fast 💨 love it .0 dollars 💵 down from Fido and Apple 🍎 ✅👍🏻

  • maureensmith232 D.P.C (@maureensmith232) reported

    @FidoSolutions There woman who work for Fido Solution complain, but they are afraid of losing their job. So they keep quiet

  • zdravko_g Zdravko Gunjevic (@zdravko_g) reported

    @FidoSolutions Fido used to be better. Fido once won the JD Power award for customer care. Nickel and diming your customer assures that Fido won’t win that award again.

  • InfinityHale Jason Hale (@InfinityHale) reported

    Fido Execs: We need a quick way to shed some of our customer base. Fido M&P: I got you fam 👌🏾 #fido

  • Eli73956294 Eli (@Eli73956294) reported

    @DailyHiveVan @theJagmeetSingh My fido cellphone service is invaded by bogus calls and voice messages in a language not known to me. Terrible service...

  • ErtlAnthony Anthony Ertl (@ErtlAnthony) reported

    Bad look for Fido.

  • MoggyBee Moggy Bee (@MoggyBee) reported

    @michaelnugent Rogers owns Fido, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this approach to customer service comes to your neighbourhood next. 😕

  • jasonharris80 Jay Harris (@jasonharris80) reported

    @FidoSolutions If you're looking for ways to charge us even more: - Fee to pay our bill (AMEX tried this a few years ago) - Fee to receive a paper bill (Oh wait…) - Fee each time we reboot our phones (Network reconnection fee) - Lock our phones so only accessories purchased from Fido will work

  • TheMartinNguyen Martin Hoang Nguyen (@TheMartinNguyen) reported

    A big yikes. It’s not like Canadians don’t already pay a high premium for cell phone plans as it is. Curious to see how this will impact Fido/Rogers with this extra charge implemented on consumers for customer support.

  • MvdLonely Tom DeLounge (@MvdLonely) reported

    I am just an icon living I am just an icon sleeping I am just an icon eating breakfast I am just an icon walking my dog Fido Damn Jaden Smith goes hard

  • Xaxxus Brent (@Xaxxus) reported

    @koodo Don’t do what Fido is doing above and we won’t have a problem :)

  • AndImPo Po (@AndImPo) reported

    Wtf cellular service is FIDO😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @theonecid Tech support isn't charged, billing inquiries & most account updates aren't either. We're only talking about the a few transactions that can already be done from your account. You'll also have the option to pass by a Fido store, since that'll also be free of charge. -Rachel

  • the_cellarboy cellarboy (@the_cellarboy) reported from Calgary, Alberta

    @MobileSyrup My god Fido really are becoming bottom feeders. Well I say that but they still charge as much or more for their services as anyone else. Probably just a ploy by Rogers to reduce the amount of support staff they employ.

  • RFeininger Robin Feininger (@RFeininger) reported

    @lenny_phil I'm in Alberta. Fido and Koodo are not too bad.

  • snegacanuck snegacanuck (@snegacanuck) reported

    @MobileSyrup Lol $10 fee, glad I'm not a fido customer and never will be

  • ShaunOttawa Shaun (@ShaunOttawa) reported

    Me: quote-tweets a news article about a telco's bad idea. Telco: shows up in my mentions unprompted. Yeah... that'll make me switch to Fido... not.

  • AceHudsonJr El Trigueño (@AceHudsonJr) reported

    You Dog Owners better keep your Dogs on a leash in public/around people. I got no problem putting a Bullet in Fido if he moves like hes about to attack me..

  • ShaunOttawa Shaun (@ShaunOttawa) reported

    @FidoSolutions You're forcing a certain choice, no doubt to Fido's/Roger's financial benefit. (Either customers pay, or use the support method that costs you less.) Nickle & diming your customers over support is ridiculous, and IMO, poor customer service.

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @danwoo91 Hey Dan, in case customers don't have data, or are not familiar with the service, they can visit Fido stores where these transactions are free of charge. -Rachel

  • John_Ka4y John (@John_Ka4y) reported

    @oldhollywood21 Frankly Fido I don’t give a damn!

  • LarryStax08 CALL ME BIG DOO DOO (@LarryStax08) reported


  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the loyal greyhound loves to shit on my grass

  • Bukamania Tank Time Baby!! (31-40) (@Bukamania) reported

    You should've put that drink down man!! R.I.P fido

  • Fido_writes 🔞Fido Barkin🔞 (@Fido_writes) reported

    I got up, found a picture of my fursona, Fido, on my phone and showed it to him saying, “Here. Since you want to start rumors and shit. Here the character that I came up with.” For the next hour after that I answered questions from him and some other folks and now ...

  • CreditAnnie Ann Estes (@CreditAnnie) reported

    Beto’s new name should be FIDO. He’s like an untrainable dog - you keep saying DOWN but he keeps jumping up and on furniture. Bet he always wanted bunk beds and never got them.

  • Millsy013 Andrew Mills (@Millsy013) reported

    @Bell expressed how I would like to move from @fido to bell and they responded with that bell is a premium service which is why they charge more. I asked about the 65$ for 10 gigs which is what I currently have. Internet with bell is still broken and they refuse to fix it.

  • NympheSama Nymphe 💋 (@NympheSama) reported

    @biteme28 Lmfao The thing is, he seems to think that a girl saying "hello" is the all clear, green light, good to go - lets jump in bed signal. I was like.... bibbity bobbity back ******** up there fido. Not happening. Always with the, would you meet me if i came over shit too

  • Franquillo Francisco Jiménez (@Franquillo) reported

    @adrianadesala Bad bunny, Plan B, Alexis y Fido...

  • DBDexecproducr Chris Ksoll (@DBDexecproducr) reported

    @AAnon_QArmy Amen. Imagine the light side makes an error, truly an error and corrects it. While the Dems lie about everything, every day. And never admit when they get caught. As my friends in the military say: FIDO. F It Drive On.

  • chantelleee95 chantellevictoria🌼 (@chantelleee95) reported

    @Fidomobile is charging me every month for services that i dont even fricken have. Like wtf fido.

  • FidoSolutions Fido Solutions (@FidoSolutions) reported

    @Crownjewellz Hey Jules, it wasn't sent from us! Please forward the content of the SMS to 7726 (SPAM), to register it for investigation and blocking from Rogers/Fido network. -Saira

  • jaaytu Jeremy Tu (@jaaytu) reported

    **** Fido man I'm going back to Virgin ... In 15 months

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the loyal mutt loves to shit on my shoes

  • ArianDekoning Arian de Koning (@ArianDekoning) reported

    Poor Swedes..., Already dead before the opportunity to live a free life. “Zomcon has created the domestication collar, when activated and placed on a zombie makes the zombie controllable and thus an eternally productive creature within society.” (Movie: Fido - 2006)

  • SuchBadDogs Bad Dog (@SuchBadDogs) reported

    Fido the skittish visla loves to shit on my skunk

  • reillyusa Christian Reilly (@reillyusa) reported

    @bsplittg @crod Can’t help but think that missing WebAuthZ out of the FIDO equation is a glaring omission

  • intagent007 DGandyRP (@intagent007) reported

    @chimericide shit, fido is even more competition then numales

  • jonllast Jon (@jonllast) reported

    @DanCrenshawTX So the same crap that got them kicked out of the White House. Ok SNAFU FIDO.

  • AiyazNasser Aiyaz Nasser (@AiyazNasser) reported

    @FidoSolutions very poor customer service on phone very disappointed 40 minutes bargaining Fido can't decide unbelievable.

  • AnagramBot Anagram Bot (@AnagramBot) reported

    The solution to the last anagram (Fido Marbly) was formidably

  • EMargor1 E. Margor (@EMargor1) reported

    One of your unique features I miss @Fidomobile is the 'who called'. It was a unique feature of #fido that I valued when the phone was turned off. It would alert when I turned the phone on who tried to contact me. Wish you didn't remove it. That made the service special. I miss it

  • queencharrr charlotte (@queencharrr) reported

    wish y'all would stop voting fido when their site has been down the last two days !!

  • kalvanoo Connective Tissue Injury Man (@kalvanoo) reported

    @FidoSolutions @crtceng I'm in an area serviced by a fido and two fido-ext networks. The fido network has no internet connectivity. The only way to access LTE or any internet is apparently through the extended networks.

  • kalvanoo Connective Tissue Injury Man (@kalvanoo) reported

    @fido @crtc you've disconnected me from access to your extended network, which is the only network of yours that works where I am. I no longer have access to LTE or any internet connectivity. This is a service that is part of my plan, one that I pay for.