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Rogers offers mobile phone service, broadband and dial-up internet, home phone service and television to individuals and businesses.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (65.91%)
  • TV (11.39%)
  • Phone (7.23%)
  • Wi-fi (6.16%)
  • E-mail (4.76%)
  • Total Blackout (4.55%)

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  • RogersHelps
    RogersHelps (@RogersHelps) reported

    @Mumin_Dervi @Rogers If I can help with anything Mumin, please send us a DM. –Tracy

  • MDrizzy1999
    MDrizzy (@MDrizzy1999) reported

    @RogersHelps please fix the internet in ottawa im just trying to watch my game of thrones! :(

  • ohtyresa
    Teresa (@ohtyresa) reported

    @RogersHelps It’ has been slow. I’ve contacted Rogers a few times and still no changes even with a new modem. I’ve been going over my data usage because my WiFi would either be too weak or would disconnect from my phone. Not only am I paying for internet but also extra data usage.

  • JayDipalo
    Daddlife (@JayDipalo) reported

    Shout out to @Rogers customer service rep, called back with a problem she went the extra mile got me a great deal, then days after followed my order to make sure it was sent and followed up with me to inform me. Very happy with the service. #customerservice #rogers #Pixel3XL

  • A_Dads_Tale
    Jeff Wood (@A_Dads_Tale) reported

    @jamesrcs @CaseP @JennAndTheCity @Rogers @googlecanada @madebygoogle @adadintheburbs I have zero minis, don't really understand them either.... Casey, I will never stop!!!😂

  • CaseP
    Casey E. Palmer (@CaseP) reported

    @jamesrcs @A_Dads_Tale @JennAndTheCity @Rogers @googlecanada @madebygoogle @adadintheburbs It's my homie @JennAndTheCity giving away a #GoogleHomeMini. But I never play by the rules and end up taking things away on a tangent. @A_Dads_Tale has to stop giving me those openings 😂

  • delgado_michael
    Michael Delgado (@delgado_michael) reported

    @Rogers nothing shocking, but what miserable customer service you have. Terrible wait times and I’ve called three times wasted over 2 hours and have yet to resolve my issue. #pathetic

  • A_Dads_Tale
    Jeff Wood (@A_Dads_Tale) reported

    @CaseP @jamesrcs @JennAndTheCity @Rogers @googlecanada @madebygoogle @adadintheburbs Casey, start asking questions for later! You'll need them😂😂😂😂 James, yes it was a bad idea! My kids have destroyed theirs already...

  • linda_coach
    Linda Reid, CFRE (@linda_coach) reported

    @rogers twice in a week your #CustomerServicefail 1st cancelling the wrong service then setting up a new account to fix it and charge set up fee now sending business account information to my home address and saying you will bill me for a service I don’t have

  • ATripathy1
    AnshumanTripathy (@ATripathy1) reported

    @RogersHelps no internet service in bramptonia

  • Jennjo22
    jenny🌻 (@Jennjo22) reported

    @AmandaEnsing @ReaC79254468 This exact same thing happened to me in canada with @Rogers i now owe them 1500 for a phone i never used that was sent back to them the next day..must be something phone companies do

  • Kirtan74553110
    Kirtan (@Kirtan74553110) reported

    @Rogers @RogersHelps Just had a crazy experience with your CSR department. They offered me something and delivered little to nothing. Please help. This not the kinda service I expect with Rogers. I kinda feel stuck with your contract now.

  • HiltonSacks
    HiltonSacks (@HiltonSacks) reported

    @RogersHelps quite a joke. Rogers non discloses to upsell the Ignite box. Their response is to send you to a store to find out about the services offered. So much for being leaders in the digital era. Now investigating other options as Rogers don't care about a 16+ year customer

  • CanadianGuy2018
    CanadianGuy2018 (@CanadianGuy2018) reported

    @RogersHelps It’s a poor design!!! It should warn you or give you the option NOT to wipe everything out! I’ve been in IT for over 25 years! Never have I seen anything this poorly designed!

  • Milka_Ran
    Milka Randjelovic (@Milka_Ran) reported

    @Rogers @RogersHelps upping a customer's charge by three times for no apparent reason is #badservice and crappy business practice. Better fix this asap

  • CarlynServices
    Lynne/CarlynServices (@CarlynServices) reported from Aurora, Ontario

    @RogersHelps any idea why when I tape a show it freezes during playback and locks the whole TV down

  • GenuineHoser
    Genuine Hoser (@GenuineHoser) reported

    Just completed a phone survey regarding my last experience with @Rogers call centre. I could not answer any question honestly because "**** off" was not an option provided to answer any of the questions. For ***** sake they're incompetent.

  • Donnoula
    Donna K (@Donnoula) reported

    @RogersHelps our tv and home phone are still not working.

  • CanadianGuy2018
    CanadianGuy2018 (@CanadianGuy2018) reported

    Spent days configuring my new @SamsungMobile Galaxy S9 Plus and then I insert my new SIM card from @RogersHelps and my phone gets wiped out back to factory settings! What a stupid design! Why would you rest the entire phone just because a new SIM card is inserted! #Samsung

  • trzef
    Z E F🎅 (@trzef) reported

    @RogersHelps my speeds are fine it's literally only a problem on rogers' end. tons of customers have complained about routing from rogers to twitch and how it doesn't work properly, but the company consistently ignores this. dont even bother dude lmao

  • russ_KS
    Russell Stirling (@russ_KS) reported

    @RogersHelps @RogersHelps internet still not working in Kitchener

  • Murcut
    Mike Murray (@Murcut) reported

    @RogersHelps Still not working here.

  • Amelia_RH
    Amelia Howard (@Amelia_RH) reported

    @RogersHelps Ours is still not working at all...

  • jillianshef
    Jillians (@jillianshef) reported

    @RogersHelps my internet etc is still down in Etobicoke

  • robinson4206
    Anna Roszak-Robinson (@robinson4206) reported

    @SassyModernMom @Listen2Lena @Rogers Oh no! I wish I didn’t have to miss this. I promised to help out a friends grandmother. She has no one else to help her or I’d definitely cancel for this party.

  • SophiaCybulski
    Sophia Cybulski (@SophiaCybulski) reported

    @RogersHelps Rogers would never be jealous so now I’m getting strange messages

  • WOutages
    WhitehavenOutages (@WOutages) reported

    Internet just went down for Whitehaven residents for 0:09:59 again. Please look into this @Rogers @RogersHelps

  • bmlaps
    bri (@bmlaps) reported

    @Rogers has the worst customer service my godddd

  • konacq
    Alex McPhail (@konacq) reported

    Unbelievably inept service @Rogers phoned me to upgrade my service, but the salesman cannot tell me if their new modem supports both my 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi appliances. The salesman never heard of those technical terms. It's like a car salesman not understanding air bags.

  • chelsooon
    chels 🕊 (@chelsooon) reported

    @FidoSolutions @Rogers so we have been paying for service for TWO weeks with you and have yet to have our internet online. We have been given troubleshooting solutions over and over, told our modem is the issue when it wasnt, and have had technicians in TWICE and yet still we

  • darrenricher
    Darren Richer (@darrenricher) reported

    @RogersHelps So 1.5 hours, 6 agents (2 different retention agents) and the best answer was wait until your bill blows up in 3 weeks and then see if we can do anything for you. How to lose a customer 101 !

  • Fs94520629
    F s (@Fs94520629) reported

    Hi @RogersHelps I’ve been incorrectly billed for my data usage this month. Please help!

  • WOutages
    WhitehavenOutages (@WOutages) reported

    Internet just went down for Whitehaven residents for 0:09:58 again. Please look into this @Rogers @RogersHelps

  • ByteMightDan
    Daniel Ku (@ByteMightDan) reported

    @RogersHelps Internet seems to be down in Markham.

  • roysrants
    Kevtastic! (@roysrants) reported

    Customer Loyalty Department @Rogers shows no loyalty. They are happy to let me switch to another provider

  • JPogubila
    Jakub Pogubila (@JPogubila) reported

    im going into a @rogers store right now on ellesmere and victoria park,if they can’t help me out for being such good cutsomers i’m gonna cancel my contract,’s disappointing getting no deals that i want after being so loyal. @RogersHelps

  • JPogubila
    Jakub Pogubila (@JPogubila) reported

    i been to @rogers stores and none of them can give me a new contract for cheaper then 90 bucks and i can’t even get the phone i want,me and my family pay 1000’s of dollars a year for rogers service,i think i’m gonna cancel my contract with rogers. @RogersHelps

  • siimpllycee
    The Book over the Movie 🌈👩‍👩‍👦📖 (@siimpllycee) reported

    @Rogers asked me to pay my Bill..I do that and the employee is still being very rude... Unhelpful and refusing to reinstate my internet... Although the amount is off my credit card...

  • lisamaccoll
    Lisa MacColl (@lisamaccoll) reported

    Hey @Rogers our cable had been down since Friday. Internet MIA. Multiple calls to CSR. Upgrades in neighbourhood ongoing. I work from home. You are officially costing me income. Never thought I would miss Bell. And yes, I have rebooted modem. Ready to boot it out window.

  • AnimeOscen
    Anime Oscen (@AnimeOscen) reported

    @RogersHelps Even if it was a different issue each time. That’s a lemon.

  • AnimeOscen
    Anime Oscen (@AnimeOscen) reported

    @RogersHelps The first issue was pretty much the same but more drastic so they had it for six hours. They acknowledged that the system itself needed a forced update. Things happen randomly now. My biggest issue-investing in a repaired phone.

  • WOutages
    WhitehavenOutages (@WOutages) reported

    Internet just went down for Whitehaven residents for 0:19:35 again. Please look into this @Rogers @RogersHelps

  • mandamaek
    miss maeee** (@mandamaek) reported

    @Rogers is the worst company to deal with- laaaack of customer service

  • jeff_a_monaco
    jeff monaco (@jeff_a_monaco) reported

    @aromaverona @MikeCrisolago @BlueJays @Rogers They should spend the next 3 years increasing their payroll taking on bad contracts and acquiring assets from teams trying to shed contracts. Use Rogers’ assets for good for once.

  • AnimeOscen
    Anime Oscen (@AnimeOscen) reported

    @RogersHelps The brand new phone has been once repaired. You want me to have it repaired again and continue to pay into the balance of this then twice repaired #iPhone As a customer you would demand better. I’m beyond #disappointed @Rogers #rogers @AppleSupport this represents you! #apple

  • waterlilyto
    waterlilyto (@waterlilyto) reported

    @jmely @Rogers @RogersHelps I never thought of that but that is a very good idea

  • WOutages
    WhitehavenOutages (@WOutages) reported

    Internet just went down for Whitehaven residents for 0:19:54 again. Please look into this @Rogers @RogersHelps

  • WOutages
    WhitehavenOutages (@WOutages) reported

    Internet just went down for Whitehaven residents for 0:09:54 again. Please look into this @Rogers @RogersHelps

  • robinson4206
    Anna Roszak-Robinson (@robinson4206) reported

    @Listen2Lena @Rogers I’m so sad I’ll miss this. I have already agreed to help someone out & I’ll feel bad as they have no one they can count on or believe me I’d cancel all plans to join this party #HolidaysWithRogers

  • AnimeOscen
    Anime Oscen (@AnimeOscen) reported

    @RogersHelps But @Rogers provided me with this #broken #phone. Rogers has done nothing but insult me during this process. I paid for the upgrade and a connection fee. No compensation.

  • MsArounsack
    Cindy Darasouvanh (@MsArounsack) reported

    @RogersHelps yet another billing issue. $322 in data overage but account says 3GB remaining!!!! #unhappyrogerscustumer

  • NinaJoy12
    Nina Joy (@NinaJoy12) reported

    @RogersHelps This isn't fixed - we are still having problems in M6S. Please look into this ASAP.

  • The__Phil
    Phive 'O' Phil (@The__Phil) reported

    @RogersHelps I have been on hold for 15 minutes. I canceled and erased it. Because what's the point in having 75% of shows. Seriously. I am livid as to the level of service. The woman I'm taking with said 3 minutes. That's was over 15 ago. I'm seriously sick of the sub par service

  • AnimeOscen
    Anime Oscen (@AnimeOscen) reported

    @RogersHelps I had it repaired already. For @Rogers to expect me to continue investing in a faulty device is #outrageous!!! I’m going to tweet about this daily until someone at @Rogers actually #helps me. Stop telling me how #inconvenient your #service is and #solve my #problem! Do your job.

  • andyhullbone
    Andy Hull (@andyhullbone) reported

    @waterlilyto @Rogers @RogersHelps Oh it absolutely is the worst.

  • waterlilyto
    waterlilyto (@waterlilyto) reported

    @andyhullbone @Rogers @RogersHelps I’ve spent so much time hours and hours dealing with their *** ups and non functioning equipment and shitty service and I’m so over it. I just have to find another option because this is the end for me.

  • AnimeOscen
    Anime Oscen (@AnimeOscen) reported

    My sister has been with @Bell for 3 years. They gave her a #free #tablet. I have been with @Rogers for 20 years. New #iphone8 doesn’t work but it’s 20 whole days old so they refused to replace. #sos I need out of my contract so I can go somewhere better. #bad #CustomerService

  • fraserjames06
    James Fraser (@fraserjames06) reported

    I haven't had any problems at all with @Rogers. The price I'm paying is fair, and the customer service has been great.

  • CantankerousVet
    Cantankerous Vet (@CantankerousVet) reported

    @RogersHelps I have been unable to login, on my Mac, for two days (Rogers NHL) the login page comes up but there is no place to enter login and password. I called, they seemed quite concerned right up until I was transfered to a line that disconnects!

  • charlie_mcevoy
    Charlie McEvoy (@charlie_mcevoy) reported

    @RogersHelps seriously tired of horrible internet connectivity. Changed our hardware a month ago but hasn’t helped a bit. Every few minutes the internet cuts outs for 10 seconds to a minute.