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Rogers offers mobile phone service, broadband and dial-up internet, home phone service and television to individuals and businesses.

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October 17: Problems at Rogers

Rogers is having issues since 03:30 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (71.21%)
  • TV (10.94%)
  • Wi-fi (5.02%)
  • E-mail (4.69%)
  • Phone (4.46%)
  • Total Blackout (3.68%)

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ShayKilleen
    ShayKilleen (@ShayKilleen) reported

    @rogers when your phone is stolen and you file a police report how can you continue to charge your customer when they have communicated it to you. #shady #BBB #poorservice

  • frenchiefrank
    Francis Cloutier (@frenchiefrank) reported

    @RogersHelps lmao imagine lying to your whole customer base

  • alice0spider
    Alice Kat McReynolds (@alice0spider) reported

    @RogersHelps @Rogers @Fido @FreedomMobile This is exactly why tomorrow I am walking myself over to the Freedom store and cancelling my mobile line with you @Fido. Plus you know, they're cheaper, and have service on the subway, and they have yet to claim that thousands of people are lying.

  • underhillrobyn
    Robyn (@underhillrobyn) reported

    Kudos to @RogersHelps for dealing with the swarm of angry people who came along complaining that their internet was down, when they weren't even customers... When us customers had no issues at all 😂

  • jprestera
    Joe (@jprestera) reported

    @RogersHelps Not just Markham, I'm in Ottawa and was down for about 4hrs!

  • alice0spider
    Alice Kat McReynolds (@alice0spider) reported

    Yep. SMH. Every provider leasing space on the network is literally confirming it and @Rogers is here copy pasting nonsense.

  • smatharoo
    Sap (@smatharoo) reported

    @RogersHelps Still not resolved in the Markham area. Internet is not working.

  • scidhuv00
    Paul Arbour 🇨🇦 (@scidhuv00) reported

    Interesting that everyone knows @RogersHelps @Rogers has a full fledged outage across the entire province, but Rogers doesn't seem to have the ability to acknowledge it. @TekSavvyNetwork knows there's an outage, @startca knows there's an outage...

  • Chumplet
    Sandra Ready For Her Closeup (@Chumplet) reported

    @RogersHelps @CorkeBen @MeowLillian Dear Rogers: I think you need to dial back the flippant, cheerful canned responses and provide more professional ones when you direct unhappy customers to your service people via DM.

  • frankdacosta
    Frank da Costa (@frankdacosta) reported

    The @CRTCeng should investigate the Ontario wide outage with @TekSavvyCSR and @Rogers fingerpointing - does nothing to communicate and inform their customers. Take accountability for your organization @natale_joe and @TekSavvyNetwork #teksavvy #rogersdown #rogersinternet #CRTC

  • reversemagician
    heeby jijis (22/300) (@reversemagician) reported

    @RogersHelps hello! I'd like some help unlocking my current wireless device.

  • sirkCSGO
    Christopher Rogers (@sirkCSGO) reported

    @BrittanyMedcalf @CoppericTV @RogersHelps @laurenkgardner Same in Toronto. But obviously our issues were separate and had nothing to do with eachother... Must have just been coincidence.......

  • jehanzeb_zafar
    Jehanzeb Zafar (@jehanzeb_zafar) reported

    @mel_t19 @TekSavvyCSR @TekSavvyBuzz @TekSavvyNetwork @Rogers I have been with them for 10 years (at my business location) n was with them for 8 years at home. No issues/outages ever.

  • Michael54314745
    Michael Patterson (@Michael54314745) reported

    @RogersHelps Only Rogers would deny any outage like this on their end and try and blame the resellers. They all went down at ~3:50pm. Only common denominator is the resellers use the Rogers network. But of course it all must be a coincidence and not Rogers fault.

  • mengke1
    Steve (@mengke1) reported

    @RogersHelps @BradLomanto Still down here In Markham...

  • frankdacosta
    Frank da Costa (@frankdacosta) reported

    @TekSavvyCSR disappointed in @Rogers telling everyone that it was the third party ISP and not Rogers for the outage and a dashboard not working Take accountability for your organization @natale_joe moving to @TekSavvyNetwork tomorrow. #teksavvy #rogersdown #rogersinternet

  • mel_t19
    melanie thomson (@mel_t19) reported

    @jehanzeb_zafar @TekSavvyCSR @TekSavvyBuzz @TekSavvyNetwork I was with @Rogers for years. Constant prolonged outages. Every time I called, they’d blame my router even when my neighbor’s “router” was coincidentally down at the exact same time.

  • TFCLeafnation
    biag (@TFCLeafnation) reported

    @bgnewf @RogersHelps 0 out of 10 in customer service.

  • LaurenceJeuness
    Larry Jeuness (@LaurenceJeuness) reported

    @RogersHelps @moosenosquirrel Internet is down in Ottawa. Teksavvy says its province wide for all Rogers cable customers and resellers... Ottawa has no listed outages in the link you posted above...

  • frankdacosta
    Frank da Costa (@frankdacosta) reported

    If I was @TekSavvyCSR I would sue @Rogers for them telling everyone that is was the third party ISP and not Rogers for the outage. Disgusting! Take accountability for your organization @natale_joe What a joke! #teksavvy #rogersDown #rogersinternet #startca

  • yellowgerbil
    YellowGerbil [knock 3 times on the ceiling] (@yellowgerbil) reported

    @thereal_QueenJ @FreedomMobile @TekSavvyCSR @Rogers Hang on a little bit longer.. I just got my service back with another isp but others are saying theirs are up too now.

  • SylvietheBunnyT
    Sylvie *WANTED: The Free People dress of my dreams (@SylvietheBunnyT) reported

    Signal-boosting because I share the cost on this cable. Come on @Rogers 🤨@RogersHelps

  • ekiledjian
    Ⓔⓓⓦⓐⓡⓓ Ⓚⓘⓛⓔⓓⓙⓘⓐⓝ (@ekiledjian) reported

    @JeffAlyanak @RogersHelps @TekSavvyCSR I choose to spend my money with Teksavvy because I believe they are more honest,customer centered and a better defender of privacy. I just wish TS would give us more info.

  • FedoraMedia
    Trent Sluiter (@FedoraMedia) reported

    @RogersHelps So let's not let this slide once we are up. Make sure to message @cbcmarketplace and the @CRTCeng about to make this issue know. This is not a fair marketplace when you force the TPIA's like this. Childish and disgraceful. It's these reasons why I left as a customer.

  • darkgreendesk
    Chris Redmond (@darkgreendesk) reported

    And hey, I think my @Execulink internet is back! Presumably @RogersHelps has fixed whatever their massive problem was for the last four hours.

  • thereal_QueenJ
    Jessica (@thereal_QueenJ) reported

    Well, I've used my @freedommobile cell phone data as a hotspot for long enough. I'm guessing since this internet outage hasn't been resolved in the last 4 hours, @TekSavvyCSR and @rogers will be down for a while.

  • drfyzziks
    Mike Kelly (@drfyzziks) reported

    Hypothesis: today’s southern Ontario internet outage was caused by a @Rogers router melting under the load of today’s online **** sales.

  • gourmandtario
    Dustin Hyde (@gourmandtario) reported

    @RogersHelps Judging by tweets in this thread, this outage is indeed province wide. Rogers and third party customers out all over Toronto

  • 2chevronsback
    keep (@2chevronsback) reported

    @TekSavvyCSR @RogersHelps why did rogers say it was just markham and not report other areas of outage.

  • MattTHEmarkiest
    Matt the Mark (@MattTHEmarkiest) reported

    @RogersHelps This is a terrible response... Assuming this is what frustrated customers want is ridiculous. Get a human, I'm not dming a bot anything

  • 73rhodes
    Darren DeRidder (@73rhodes) reported

    Major @Rogers province wide internet outage on first day of legal #****. 🤪 💨

  • steviepeters
    Stevie P. (@steviepeters) reported

    @LadyScorcher @Rogers I’m on @TekSavvyCSR thankfully! But this outage. Ugh. I’m back online suddenly!!

  • cwl_cc
    Kevin Costain @ CWL 🇨🇦 (@cwl_cc) reported

    It seems clear also that @Rogers has prioritized its own network over third party networks like @TekSavvyBuzz that piggyback on them. This is generally why third parties are bad news (even if they look appealing). Look tonight at how much "passing the buck" happens.

  • zombiecyndaquil
    Adan de la Peña (@zombiecyndaquil) reported

    @RogersHelps @Benoit__Balls I just got service back on vmedia. It seems anyone routing through Rogers was affected. The internet really is one big broken telephone. And anyone along the way that breaks makes it impossible to communicate

  • Simpson_Ian_D
    Ian Simpson (@Simpson_Ian_D) reported

    Glad to have been a @TekSavvyCSR customer and not a @RogersHelps customer during the great Ontario Cable outage of 2018! Internet is back on in Brantford.

  • goldzeoranger
    gold zeo rager (@goldzeoranger) reported

    @flameboy84 @TekSavvyCSR @Fluttershy89 @breathe_fire_ @RogersHelps I know just sucks

  • LizardRumsfeld
    Doritos for Women (the doritos are haunted) (@LizardRumsfeld) reported

    Please @Rogers can you remedy this outage, I desperately need to steal revenue from mlb

    LJD (@LJDEM) reported

    .@RogersHelps please figure out the problem: all tpia's running internet on Rogers lines in Ontario are DOWN (please don't say Rogers lines are not experiencing a problem, if you provide the service to tpia, it is defacto a Rogers issue). 4 hrs now. Serious issues out here.

  • frenchiefrank
    Francis Cloutier (@frenchiefrank) reported

    @RogersHelps @Benoit__Balls Sure, but we're all dependent on your piss poor excuse of a network for our services regardless.

  • Nightshade0303
    Nightshade (@Nightshade0303) reported

    @Rogers fix your shit, Ontarians need there ASMR and wifi in general. the past two day have been shit for the internet #rogersDown

  • cwl_cc
    Kevin Costain @ CWL 🇨🇦 (@cwl_cc) reported

    Man oh man. The replies in this thread really make @Rogers look like they don't understand social media. Condescending, flippant talk and zero transparency are going to get you in hot water anytime, not just when people need you. This outage is hopefully a teachable moment.

  • FishersThoughts
    FishersThoughts (@FishersThoughts) reported

    @TekSavvyCSR @Fluttershy89 @breathe_fire_ @RogersHelps So what I'm hearing is we should switch to Rogers for more reliable service.

  • MelRule
    Melanie Grondin (@MelRule) reported

    @RogersHelps how long are you going to insist that is issue is limited to Markham.

  • centristsanity
    Canadian Centrist (@centristsanity) reported

    @RisdonDarwin @FaithGoldy @JohnTory @Bell @Rogers Oh give it up. Poor faith. Everyone is out to get her. Wake is all bullshit. She is just losing.

  • iainpaisley
    Iain Paisley (@iainpaisley) reported

    @RogersHelps yeah because all of southern and eastern Ontario reseller customers having sync but no route for hours totally isn't an outage.

  • frenchiefrank
    Francis Cloutier (@frenchiefrank) reported

    @armedwithjello @OWRandom1 @RogersHelps I dream of a day where Toronto doesnt have third world internet infrastructure. Rogers is the worst. I can name 5 third world countries off the top of my head with better infrastructure.

  • steviepeters
    Stevie P. (@steviepeters) reported

    Fix your mess @Rogers

  • micheller_24
    Michelle (@micheller_24) reported

    @RogersHelps @KimberDeeS Your so incompetent. Stick to your lane @Rogers fix the internet! So we can track the Nylander contract situation NOT trade!

  • goldzeoranger
    gold zeo rager (@goldzeoranger) reported

    @TekSavvyCSR @Fluttershy89 @breathe_fire_ @RogersHelps That's fine just frustrating when you have stuff do you got to do for a livelihood in the main source to do it is cut down from you

  • debbyuuu
    lil bork bork (@debbyuuu) reported

    @RogersHelps pls fix asap my brother is streaming the raptors game on data 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • bclarke77
    bclarke77 (@bclarke77) reported

    @DavDelZo blame @rogershelps, not @TekSavvyCSR. Rogers is denying there is even a problem and almost all of Southern Ontario is out

  • TekSavvyCSR
    TekSavvy Assistance (@TekSavvyCSR) reported

    @goldzeoranger @Fluttershy89 @breathe_fire_ @RogersHelps We have escalated the issue with the appropriate team. Sadly there is no ETA as of yet. -BP

  • MacneilKevin
    Kevin Macneil (@MacneilKevin) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    Spent most of my time at home doing tech support after spending all day at work doing tech support. Should have checked if there was an outage with #teksavvy first. At least they are addressing it. Not like @rogers.

  • queerdykekylie
    Kylie Brooks - trans woman, she/her (@queerdykekylie) reported

    @RogersHelps Internet is down here in Toronto. I demand that you acknowledge that this is Ontario wide.

  • lizabutcher
    Liza Butcher (@lizabutcher) reported

    @RogersHelps because of this outage, I’m using my cell phone data. I expect to be reimbursed for all data used from 5 p.m. until whenever outage is over.

  • queerdykekylie
    Kylie Brooks - trans woman, she/her (@queerdykekylie) reported

    @RogersHelps Internet is down here in Toronto. I demand that you acknowledge that this is Ontario wide.

  • AndrewCanadian
    Andrew FromCanada (@AndrewCanadian) reported

    @Rogers cable internet is down all over Ontario. @6Foot4Honda is probably going to lose his shit. Haha. Sorry dude I am down too. @TekSavvyNetwork

  • steeltoronto
    Mark Steel (@steeltoronto) reported

    @RogersHelps @StitchingLotus You are outright lying to your customers right now. Ontario outage confirmed by multiple sources.

  • goldzeoranger
    gold zeo rager (@goldzeoranger) reported

    @screamnseagull @umbeIliferae @TekSavvyCSR @Fluttershy89 @breathe_fire_ @RogersHelps Call Common Sense in business sense dam I'm labeled manary retarded Queens of government I'm not smart enough to figure this shit out and understand it

  • screamnseagull
    Screaming Seagull (@screamnseagull) reported

    @My_Own_Opinions @TekSavvyCSR @Rogers You should look at commercial service if you really on it for income to the point of losing money if you're without for a couple hours. Or at the least, a second connection.