Is Telus having an outage?

Telus offers phone, internet and television services, as well as mobile phone and mobile internet service through Telus Mobility. Telus internet service uses DSL technology. Telus TV relies on satellite or internet television (IPTV). Telus' mobile phone network supports CMS, HSPA and LTE.

 Problems detected at Telus

Telus problems in the last 24 hours

Telus Outage Chart

December 14: Problems at Telus

Telus is having issues since 07:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (50.31%)
  • Phone (26.38%)
  • TV (9.82%)
  • E-mail (4.91%)
  • Wi-fi (4.91%)
  • Total Blackout (3.68%)

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Telus Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • cheryl_rhodes
    Cheryl Rhodes (@cheryl_rhodes) reported

    Now @TELUS Internet is down too. Do NOT sign up for the shitty service Telus provides and their lack of staff to fix the constant problems

  • cheryl_rhodes
    Cheryl Rhodes (@cheryl_rhodes) reported

    Phoned and yelled @TELUS again for their piece of shit Optik TV and they’re sending someone out on Saturday. We have no TV more than we do have TV!

  • TwiggJohn
    John Twigg (@TwiggJohn) reported

    Stupid Telus Optik system isn't smart enough to know when @Canucks games go into overtime (unless it's warned beforehand). Thankfully I started a new recording when game ran past 8 pm so now I just got to see Boesser then Horvat score amazing late goals to tie it up! OT loss OK.

  • harrislarryd
    Honu (@harrislarryd) reported

    @poulmark We switched to Telus over a year ago and service has been far superior.

  • dearmrjack
    @dearmrjack (@dearmrjack) reported

    @TMobileHelp help! I’m in #Toronto and when connected to #telus I cannot connect to the internet. Only works when connected to Bell

  • spacecowboyjojo
    whatsername (@spacecowboyjojo) reported

    @Paynedeer my mom wants to switch to telus and I keep telling her it's a bad idea lmfaooo this is further proof for her

  • Paynedeer
    ❅ ϮᏒᎥᏕᕱᏒᕱ♅Ϯ☻ᎵᏕ ❆ (@Paynedeer) reported

    UGH. My TELUS wifi is absolutely the worst. That’s why my phone bill is always over $250 I rack up my data to compensate for poor wifi. “High speed” right.

  • JLewisTrading
    J. Lewis Trading (@JLewisTrading) reported

    @TELUS worst internet provider!!!

  • DrewCarlson53
    Drew Carlson (@DrewCarlson53) reported

    @TELUS glad we pay $200.00 a month for crap service that keeps stalling @TELUSsupport can’t seem to fix it. We have had a tech over multiple times. Home boosters keep failing and modem keeps stalling. Why can’t you guys fix this. #telus #optiktv #fail #overpriced #upsetcustomer

  • kingdubbled
    Doug Lypka (@kingdubbled) reported

    @DaynaBramston @TELUS @TELUSsupport @TELUSBusiness @TomasiaDaSilva @GlobalCalgary @CalgaryBBB @DeronBilous @BrianMalkinson @CRTCeng Service is a totally different story with Telus.

  • Fyrstz
    Stephen Grand (@Fyrstz) reported

    @TELUS trying to upgrade to fiber talked to agent to make appointment she told me to hold 1 min now stuck back in line waiting for a new agent 20 minutes and counting been on hold entire time. maybe it's time to look at other options if this is the service long time clients get

  • jmely
    jme (@jmely) reported

    @waterlilyto @TELUS @Rogers It has been over 6 years since I've left Rogers as my cellphone service provider and I've never been happier.

  • RJBrasilcdn
    Rick (@RJBrasilcdn) reported

    @waterlilyto @TELUS @Rogers If only they gave a shit you are no longer a customer.. #next

  • ifballlisife
    ball isl ife (@ifballlisife) reported

    @TELUS I have tried to reach you Through customer service so many times Yet 3 months of trying to get to you I am done. **** you!! do not get @TELUS ever. Shaw is way better

  • understormysky
    angie (@understormysky) reported

    It's really weird the games your ISP customer service reps play. One of these days I'm going to upload all those chat logs to a blog! #Telus

  • RyanGJ8
    Ryan 🎄 Faith (@RyanGJ8) reported

    @DJ_Biff_WPG @TELUS 2/2. We talked for a bit more and I decided to make the deal and was ready to sign the papers that second. The worker than says that there will be better deals in a couple of weeks and I should wait instead. Now that $0 phone carries a $165 bill for the same plan. Bad move.

  • RyanGJ8
    Ryan 🎄 Faith (@RyanGJ8) reported

    @DJ_Biff_WPG @TELUS The deal that was on two weeks ago would have gotten me an iPhone X for $0 and then $115 per month for unlimited Canada wide calling and 10GB. I asked the Telus employee how we could get closer to $95 per month and he said no problem we can make that work and get you a deal. 1/2

  • RyanGJ8
    Ryan 🎄 Faith (@RyanGJ8) reported

    Went to @TELUS two weeks ago to switch from Rogers and buy a new phone. I was ready to do business that day when the sales guy talked me OUT of a sale because he said the upcoming deals are a lot better closer to Christmas. Today those “deals” are out. Lost yourself a customer.

  • gremisch
    Gregor Schwayer (@gremisch) reported

    @Wer_ko_der_ko @andraswf @almostconverge @Nicovel0 @mpollaud @TELUS i dont know tbh - need to check their language relations. interesting they never came up in my research in that matter. Basque is the only language positively not related to anything indogermanic and that cannot be traced to have come from outside. Albanian might be

  • andraswf
    András Forgács W. (@andraswf) reported

    @almostconverge @gremisch @Wer_ko_der_ko @Nicovel0 @mpollaud @TELUS no. never.

  • antic2000
    Paul O (@antic2000) reported

    @CountrySkills @andraswf @paperghost @Nicovel0 @mpollaud @TELUS I can only use one network to get signal at a local beach. This doesn't sound like it's a big deal, but it's a big deal.

  • suziedharrison
    Susan Harrison (@suziedharrison) reported

    @TommyEurope @TELUS @ShawInfo I have been with Telus for about 15 years and have found their customer service to be very good. Good luck! :)

  • almostconverge
    Peter Ellis (@almostconverge) reported

    @Wer_ko_der_ko @andraswf @gremisch @Nicovel0 @mpollaud @TELUS Given the terrible queueing habits of most of us, I feel the opposite. But I'm fiercely proud of many things Hungarian, just not the people I usually bump into abroad.

  • Bruce_Toews
    Bruce Toews (@Bruce_Toews) reported

    Canadian cellular provider to improve service in the Rockies. The new program will be called Go Telus on the Mountains.

  • andraswf
    András Forgács W. (@andraswf) reported

    @gremisch @Nicovel0 @mpollaud @TELUS Like I know that the men of London are really bad when it comes to urinating on the street, but my God I never smell that strong smell of piss as you get at the Arrival side of BUD.

  • ashifmawji
    Ashif Mawji (@ashifmawji) reported

    @kellytrain @Rogers Let me know if you want to switch to a company that gives where you live and has the best customer service record. @TELUS I know someone there that can "hook" you up.

  • paperghost
    Little Drummer Boyd 🇬🇧🇵🇭 (@paperghost) reported

    @Nicovel0 @mpollaud @TELUS was always great to return to the uk after a few months in manila to see something along the lines of YOU'RE ON SHITNET, CALLS WILL BE CHARGED AT SOME DUMB PRICE AND YOUR TEXTS ARE BROKEN LOL

  • speedytrackbike
    Seldom Seen (@speedytrackbike) reported

    @bikeasana Yeah, @ Telus has never looked great. Even worse when a couple share it.

  • mtylerb
    Tyler Beckett (@mtylerb) reported

    This isn't a device issue, this is literally TELUS blocking IPv6 for the Smart HUB because I have a geo-locked 500 GB plan. Same for blocking ICMP making it impossible to setup a tunnel. Device shows unknown IPv6 address. Huawei B612.

  • TruPlaya1870
    Mathieu Gagnon (@TruPlaya1870) reported

    @TELUSsupport That's ok. Well you suggested we could post in the forum for any questions like RCS. I did post a while back and got one answer at one point. Then I continued the forum discussion but since then, the Telus employee have never replied and it's been more than 2 months now.

  • robiwan4s
    Jer Robitaille (@robiwan4s) reported

    @PattyOLimerick @TELUS @Comwave Because Comwave is shitty service.

  • albertarabbit
    albertarabbit (@albertarabbit) reported

    @CrankyCentrist @koodo Telus is the network. Koodo is owned by Telus.

  • BreakfastnBesos
    Ella (@BreakfastnBesos) reported

    @TELUS Hi. I have an issue with the fiber obt. line that was installed into my property. Could you please provide me with the correct person/department to follow up with.

  • kayla_mcquaig
    kayla (@kayla_mcquaig) reported


  • yyzrush1
    yyzrush (@yyzrush1) reported

    @Jade8132 Have a feeling somehow Shaw or Telus will be involved and may need an email/cell no to sign in like it is in Japan . Moore emails means more junk adverts to send.

  • boejurt
    boejurt (@boejurt) reported

    Hoping that @TELUS is giving this hard working and committed employee overtime and time and a half! Especially around the holidays! To just be sitting on the phone waiting for your support team must be agonizing! #DontGiveUpMaria

  • essferg
    Sarah F (@essferg) reported

    I will remain a @TELUS customer if for nothing else but their adorable panda wifi ad at the #NHLFlames game. #PHIvsCGY

  • always_vote
    always vote (@always_vote) reported

    @PattyOLimerick @TELUS @Comwave someone may have suggested this already but call and tell them you want to cancel. They'll offer you all sorts of discounts. Unless youre like many in strata bldgs who HAVE TO take Telus or **** because of 'contract' that was signed by developers or before strata got up/running.

  • Nur_Osman27
    Nur Osman (@Nur_Osman27) reported

    I cannot BELIEVE that I got another bill from Telus today. I'm going to take a minute to calm down #PrayForTelus

  • Riders28
    Kelly McCheyne (@Riders28) reported

    @oh_shart @TELUS Tells SUCKS!

  • Cazzy
    Cazzy Actually (@Cazzy) reported

    @SpicyTunaRo One time I tweeted that in Hell all thr wifi is provided by Telus and support @ ed me asking if I need help lol

  • CoolIndian101
    Roger R. Smith (@CoolIndian101) reported

    @TELUS - all of Klumtu BC is without cell service....

  • von_funk
    Brig Jason Jordan (@von_funk) reported

    @PublicMobile I have been with @FreedomMobile since the first day when they were Wind. I was customer #13. You are owned by Telus. Happy where I am unless you give me a free phone and match/beat my current grandfathered plan forever, then I would consider it

  • bogeywheels
    Bogeywheels (@bogeywheels) reported

    @TELUSsupport Yes, you do. But I've tried to resolve issues for srs, told Telus I wasn't the client, just helping, & did not get immediate we won't talk to you shut-down that Walmart gave. All I wanted to know was when her kitty litter, for gawd sake, (I had all the details) would be delivered

  • JayPetersen16
    🇨🇦Jay Petersen🇨🇦 (@JayPetersen16) reported

    @karenyyc1 @PattyOLimerick @TELUS @Comwave @ShawDirect I liked Shaw Direct when I was using their service. But my current apartment has subsidized Telus, sooooo...

  • karenyyc1
    Karen Radke (@karenyyc1) reported

    @PattyOLimerick @TELUS @Comwave I just renegotiated @ShawDirect and was very pleased with a $75 a month reduction in high speed internet, phone and cable as a long term customer.

  • RDemeurichy
    Richard Demeurichy (@RDemeurichy) reported

    @TELUS **** your service

  • ronorosco2
    🏆TH3CO113CTOR🏆 (@ronorosco2) reported

    @iMegzer @TELUS Oof, that is crazy stupid long Megz

  • geodug
    Doug (@geodug) reported

    @TELUSsupport I will try but I have not directly used that account for years after I redirected all mail to my Gmail account. Also I never get mailbox full msgs from Telus so it could be set up to delete mail after it redirects. I will try though.

  • ScottNotInVAN
    Scoots (@ScottNotInVAN) reported

    Get ******, @TELUS. You and your last 5 password bullshit can **** right off.

  • MarilynYKing
    Marilyn King Nowak (@MarilynYKing) reported

    Koodo. Bell. Rogers. Telus Mobile. Wind, Cable Cable, Freedom mobile. cogeco have all had me on accounts. PUC & Hydro One. Yet the Health System treats me as invisible. Banks... Nova Scotia, Royal, Montreal, TD. Never Banked with maroon coloured bank except drive through. Cost $3

  • daisyface1
    Donna (@daisyface1) reported

    @PattyOLimerick @TELUS @Comwave Cause Comwave service sucks, or so I'm told. I'm not a Telus customer (happy with Shaw) but I know that sometimes, you get what you pay for. 🤗

  • InderjitChahar
    Inderjit Chahar (@InderjitChahar) reported

    @Allabyb @TELUS @ShawInfo To be honest, never had issue with @TELUS customer service but definitely @shawinfo is providing alot more with in same price range. Therefore i probably will switch to Shaw unless Telus decide to give me better price for Internet 75.

  • dlw94
    Don (@dlw94) reported

    @TELUSsupport @TELUS TELUS is the worst. Don’t ever get a TELUS phone unless you want a phone bill that’s over double what it’s supposed to be. Back to @Bell I go...

  • ArashArghavan
    Arghavan (@ArashArghavan) reported

    @PattyOLimerick @TELUS @Comwave You are just funding harper party, switch to shaw, you will get more respect better service and better price. Just recently it double the internet service without any charge.

  • Dink10321629
    Dink (@Dink10321629) reported

    @TELUS People need to teach their children to fight back. Stop being the victim. A bully only picks on the weak. And that will never change look at our government they bully us everyday

  • deprevatt
    Demetri Prevatt (@deprevatt) reported

    @RtoodaB @mikesbloggity @TELUS Never really noticed them when I worked in the tower.

  • ajjewell22
    princess jewells 💎 (@ajjewell22) reported

    When Telus tells you they can’t have someone come out to fix your wifi in your new place for 2 weeks. So you decide to go get a Shaw box and set it up; to find that there’s now a problem with the outlet itself and they need to take 2 weeks to send someone out..#firstworldproblems

  • kraslovision
    Kraslin (@kraslovision) reported

    .@speedify I legit want to hear you guys defend yourselves here. These failures are at the VPN level as all 3 cell providers had really good ******* throughput. I would love to blame @Rogers @Bell and @TELUS but despite my country's shitty cell service, you ****** me here.

  • KentMadden
    cpkdme (@KentMadden) reported

    @TekSavvyCSR @TekSavvyBuzz @TELUS The false hope of a solution from a company that clearly doesn't care for their customers. @TekSavvyCSR #customerservice in a nutshell. We keep grasping to the hope you will make it right, especially being the #christmas season. @TekSavvyBuzz: the corporate embodiment of #scrooge